How tall is Michael Caine

Michael Caine's Height

6ft ¼ in (183.5 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 1 ¾ (187.3 cm)
British actor best known for roles in films like The Italian Job, Alfie, Get Carter, The Ipcress File, Sleuth, The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Prestige, The Man Who Would Be King, Hannah and Her Sisters and The Cidar House Rules.
I put on a stone for this role. And I humped myself down so that I looked about 5ft 9ins - actually I'm 6ft 2ins
At fifteen I was nearly six feet and as skinny as a rake.
I was six feet two and weighed a hundred and seventy-five pounds.

How tall is Michael Caine
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I think Ewan McGregor, Stephen Dorff, Joaquin Phoenix, Ryan Phillippe and Tobey Maguire are wonderful actors. There are many other fine actors in Hollywood. But... I've never seen a tall one. It seems to me that there's a generation of very talented small people... maybe they are more ambitious because they are more angry because they are short.
To be taken to the country in the fresh air, with exercise and everything, I sprang up. By the time — I'm 6 feet, 2 [inches], but by the time I was 14, I was 6 feet tall.

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Average Guess (124 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 1.63in (187cm)
Current: 6ft 0.26in (183.5cm)
Gavin v said on 27/Nov/23
Rob, is a current height necessary? Michael announced that he is retiring from the cinemas like a month ago
Editor Rob
Maybe he should be, if he's retired now.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Sep/23
Green at 6ft2½ is arguable, Arch. More feasible if Caine was the full 6ft2 (still not impossible).

I think overall a weak 6ft2 for Michael and Nigel at a strong 6ft2 makes the most sense. I think The Ipcress File is an underrated classic...
Arch Stanton said on 3/Sep/23
I had Niger Green at 6'2.5 I think. Caine mostly looked 6'2 flat in the 60s too Rampage!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Aug/23
More evidence of Nigel needing an upgrade. Seriously, he makes Caine look barely 6ft1 in these

Click Here
Click Here not sure about ground level here
Click Here
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Aug/23
Watching Zulu, Ipcress Files and Play Dirty....

Michael Caine: 6ft1¾(187.3cm)
Nigel Green: 6ft2¼(188.6cm)

Has to be....
Arch Stanton said on 30/Aug/23
A full 6 ft 2 was believable in the 1960s, but most comparisons later on it, there are some instances where it's difficult to argue over 6'1.5. 6'1.75 is OK I think, given that he could look a full 6'2 in his early years.
Gerald S said on 2/Jun/23
Rob, could Caine get 6'1.5" peak, and Green 6'2.25" peak? If you see 19:05 below, Nigel Green has a noticeable amount of height on Caine.

Click Here
Editor Rob
There has been a case for strong 6ft 2 for Nigel.
Henrik said on 27/May/23
Peak Connery: 188cm (6ft 2) before bed, maybe 188.5cm (6ft 2 1/4)
Peak Caine: 187.3cm (6ft 1 3/4) before bed
pov said on 27/May/23
I think he was a full 6”2 in his prime, and today 6”0.5. Still looks taller than Vin Diesel in his monstrous lifts.
Slim1.75m said on 22/May/23
My mistake
Rory said on 21/May/23
He's looking taller than 6ft1 there Hong. I'd say 6ft1.5-1.75 was how he looked with Von Sydow in Escape to Victory. I thought a solid 1.5 inches shorter but not 2 inches.
Hong said on 20/May/23
Click Here He's looking a couple of inches shorter than 6ft3.25 listed Max von Sydow here,looking 6ft1 there.
Arch Stanton said on 19/May/23
Caine does look a bit shorter than 6'2 Michael Gothard here, though we can't see footwear: Click Here
Slim1.75m said on 18/May/23
Yeah @Rob 6'2 felt like a round up height and in his 1992 autobiography "What's it all about" he gave his height as 6'1
Editor Rob
I just skimmed that book online and he described himself as 6ft 2 on about 4 occasions, also said 175 pounds at one stage.
Rory said on 16/May/23
@Gerald, yh but Caine was basically within a hairs width of 6ft2 listed guys like Connery,Michael Gothard and David Warner. I think he had more than just a faint edge on those mentioned 6ft1 guys too. He also looked taller than Anthony Quinn in Marseille contract, so whilst 6ft1.5 isn't impossible, I think this 6ft1.75 suits him nicely. Not completely convinced he'd clear six foot today though at 90.
Arch Stanton said on 16/May/23
I actually missed the kiss between him and Reeve as I had taken a screenshot and was looking at it and missed that part of the film haha!! The question is whether Reeve had footwear advantage, if he did it wouldn't be much I think.
Gerald S said on 15/May/23

Malden, Moore and potentially Gray were all 6’1” flat, so 6’1.5” for Caine’s peak still fits. Caine also looked more or less the same height as Michael Lonsdale in The Holcroft Covenant, sometimes Lonsdale even seemed taller than Caine!
Arch Stanton said on 14/May/23
Caine was actually wearing a big heel in the film with Reeve too, sent a screenshot to Rob, which he revealed near the end, so I doubt Reeve had an advantage in his boots. Definitely more than 1.5 inches between them, even accounting for footwear!
Arch Stanton said on 14/May/23
Rob I sent you an email of a photo diff between Caine and Reeve, can you upload it to a viewable public platform so the others can see? Reeve was wearing quite a big boot, maybe an inch advantage.
Editor Rob
Here was the Clip
Arch Stanton said on 14/May/23
A full 6'2 Caine also looked less likely with Christopher Reeve in Deathtrap, about 2.5 inches between them, though Christopher had boot advantage.
Arch Stanton said on 14/May/23
There's some pics Rampage where it does look like 6'2.5 and 6'1.75 but in the film it looked like a bigger diff between them. I think Poitier was wearing some sort of boot though so maybe he had the edge with footwear too.
5'7 and a fraction said on 14/May/23
I think the slight downgrade to 6'1 3/4 for Caine is perfect. A guy who fell just short of the 6'2 mark. Out of bed would have cleared it easily. Probably 183 - 184 max today.
Rory said on 14/May/23
I support the downgrade to 6ft1.75 but I wouldn't really go below that. Caine was always visibly taller than solid 6ft1 range guys like Karl Malden,Roger Moore and Charles Gray on screen.
Gerald S said on 14/May/23
Rob, I agree with Jtm that 6’1.5” is more appropriate for Caine’s peak. 6’2.75” Sidney Poitier did have over an inch on Caine in The Wilby Conspiracy, and 6’2” Nicol Williamson notably edged out Caine.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/May/23
This has been hotly debated I think since the beginning...good to see it finally come to fruition.
Jtm said on 13/May/23
he was more than just 3 quarters shorter than gregory peck and this is a 70 year old peck we are talking about. i personally thought peck's 6'3 listing here was more accurate but for some reason many didn't agree with it. either way, he was most likely not over 6'2 at 70 so i think a further downgrade for Caine is necessary
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/May/23
Arch, I think 6ft1¾ is the sweet spot for Caine with 6ft1½ as an all-time low (reluctant to give it to him as he edged out Brosnan and Moore who were arguably that mark themselves in their heyday). Poitier maybe had a shot at 6ft2¾, not below 6ft2½ anyway. Could be some shoe action there because he certainly did not look that in other films.

I mean here he is struggling with 6ft2 next to an older, frailer Clark Gable in Band of Angels Click Here

Probably a more realistic difference between him and Caine
Click Here

Nicol Williamson I'd rate as a more robust 6ft2er than Caine, not under it and might've been a little over. Not sure about there being near 2in between them though! He was looked 6ft2-3 range in Excalibur with Neeson (strong 6ft4 then)

This is more like it Click Here

I think the verdict is that Caine was most likely an almost 6ft2 guy whilst Williamson, Nigel Green and Connery were more solid-to-strong 6ft2 since they edged him out
Gerald S said on 10/May/23
Rob, could Caine please get a downgrade from 6’2”?

I completely agree with Arch; there was more than an inch between Caine and Poitier in The Wilby Conspiracy, and Poitier was mostly under 6’3”. Caine was also shorter than 6’2” listed Nicol Williamson. 6’2” goes out the window for a peak Caine.
Editor Rob
He is one of those actors which could have fallen just shy of the 6ft 2 mark at his peak. I think I could go with that 1.75 figure for him.
Arch Stanton said on 10/May/23
No chance of just half an inch between Caine and Poitier in the Wilby Conspiracy. If Caine was 6 ft 2, Poitier was 6'3.5!! Seriously there looked 1.25-1.5 inches between them, diffs at 17 minutes and 1 h 09. Caine barefoot was also 1.5-2 inches shorter than 6'2 listed Nicol Williamson in shoes (who looks a legit 6 ft 2 with Pleasence in The Jerusalem File). I never thought Poitier looked 6 ft 3 but he actually looks it with Caine, unless Caine was struggling with even 6'1.5 or he had footwear advantage..
Rory said on 13/Apr/23
I very much doubt Caine said he was only 6ft1 in his autobiography because A, he literally never looked as low as 6ft1 peak,even 6ft1.5 I'm doubtful of and B, he's repeatedly claimed 6ft2 throughout the years. 6ft1.75 is very possible but 6ft1 ? Zero chance. If he was 6ft1 then Roger Moore was 6ft0.25,Sidney Poitier was 6ft1.5,Sean Connery was 6ft1.25,Karl Malden was 6ft0.5 tops and on and on we could go.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Apr/23
Rob, could Stanley Baker get a page?

He was in Zulu with Caine. I've seen 5ft11 listed for him which looks about right
Editor Rob
Sometimes could pass for taller in film, but at worst 5ft 11. He is one British actor of note still missing, so I shall rectify that!
Jtm said on 11/Apr/23
hackman is taller than caine in most pictures in 2003 and I have seen a picture of those 2 together in the 1970s and Hackman still looked slightly taller. Hackman and Connery wee both closer to 6'2 peak than Caine imo and again Caine even mentioned in his autobiography that the 6'2 was not accurate and he was really 6'1.
Andy Cash said on 10/Apr/23
Just a genius actor and brought the best out in Connery. Two A stars. If he is still over 6ft, then at his peak he would have been 6 2. Easy to drop two inches at his age.
Gerald S said on 10/Apr/23
Rob, who might have been a stronger 6’2” at peak out of Caine and Gene Hackman?

Both men looked 6’1.5” at peak to me but I think Caine was potentially a stronger 6’1.5” than Hackman in their prime years.
Editor Rob
Both of them could be argued to be a weaker (than stronger) 6ft 2. I could see the 6ft 1.75 case for them.
Gerald S said on 3/Apr/23
Rob, would you concur with 5’11” for Stanley Baker? He is often listed as such.

I thought 6’1.5” Caine had 2-3 inches on Baker in Zulu. Patrick McGoohan had a similar height advantage on Baker in Hell Drivers.
Editor Rob
Sounds like a plausible range.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Mar/23
"I think Ewan McGregor, Stephen Dorff, Joaquin Phoenix, Ryan Phillippe and Tobey Maguire are wonderful actors. There are many other fine actors in Hollywood. But... I've never seen a tall one. It seems to me that there's a generation of very talented small people... maybe they are more ambitious because they are more angry because they are short. "

Note he is saying never seen a tall *great* actor, sorry Seagal hehe!! Tim Robbins is an amazing actor, so is James Cromwell, I guess he means the "younger" generation, though Ewan McGregor (born 1971 I think from the back of my mind) can no longer really be consider that young. Perhaps the quote was from late 90s or early 2000s.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Mar/23
Yes, no chance of just 6 ft 1 peak. He looked the full 6'2 in numerous films, including Alfie. The average guess is arguable though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Mar/23
Caine was described 6ft1 in his career as well as 6ft2 but for his peak is definitely too low. Nearer the latter for sure
Lenad 5ft9.75in said on 28/Mar/23
At peak, he was at least a fraction over the 6'1 mark.
Lenad 5ft9.75ins said on 12/Mar/23
Rampage clover, I agree with you on that. Connery 188 and Caine 187? I can't see caine ever being over the 6'2 mark, but just 6'1 for him when younger still seems a bit low.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Mar/23
Moore: 188cm out of bed, 186cm evening
Caine: 189.5cm out of bed, 187.5cm evening
Hackman: 190cm out of bed, 188cm evening
Connery: 190.5cm out of bed, 188.5cm evening
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Mar/23
Lenad, for me Connery was the more solid 6ft2
Rory said on 7/Mar/23
Yh i agree,I think on the whole peak he looked either 187 or 188, but never as low as say 186 for me. In Man who would be King I think there is an argument to say Connery had the faintest edge, but you'd be looking at a 1cm difference at most I think. 6ft2 Connery and 6ft1.75 Caine could be a goer.
5'7 and a fraction said on 5/Mar/23
I wouldn't go any less than 6'1.75 for Caine. He could look a weak 6'2 often (187) but not as low as 6'1 1/2 imo. He could definitely pass for 6'2 in a Muppet's Christmas Carol though.
Lenad 5ft9.75in said on 30/Jan/23
Rampage connery and caine were definitley close in height but if anything connery was fractionally taller?
Rory said on 23/Jan/23
Rob, how tall does Caine look here in the first 40 seconds of this video with 6ft Nigel Davenport?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Could be in that weak 6ft 2 range.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jan/23
Lenad, those are definitely arguable figures. Connery was a more solid 6ft2 than Caine
Lenad 5ft9.75in said on 16/Jan/23
6'1.5-6'1.75 for caine and 6'2-6'2.25 for connery??
Rory said on 16/Jan/23
In the film Without a clue he's barefoot next to Jeffrey Jones and Nigel Davenport who are in shoes, and he looks no less than 6ft1 in comparison so you can rule out that range,certainly nearer 6ft2 than 1. Peak Caine..189.5 out of bed,187 at his worst,so weakish 6ft2 guy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Jan/23
Strong 187cm is likelier, if not weak 188cm. Connery was a strong 188cm
Lenad 5ft9.75in said on 12/Jan/23
I'm watching dirty rotten Scoundrels and caine seemes 1.5-2 inches taller than steve martin. So caine probably was 187cm.
Lenad 5ft9.75in said on 10/Jan/23
Weak 187cm peak? He seemed the same as sean connery if not marginally shorter.
Lenad 5ft9.75in said on 10/Jan/23
I suspect he was closer to 187cm than 188. Like 6'1.5-6'1.75 would be bang on for him when younger. If he was a legit 6'2 that means steve martin was between 6'0 and 6'1 as caine looked definitley not more than 2 inches taller than him. Martin was surely a weak 6'0 so I think caine was a good 187cm at peak.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Dec/22
Always a weak 6'2, hard to see him as over 2 inches taller than Steve Martin.
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Dec/22
I just walked into an interesting programme on Sky Arts about Michael Caine.

I’m now close to buying some more of his films….,

6ft2 peak, and 6ft1.5 for today hit.

💰hit! He’ll be familiar with the same music that I like!
Herbert said on 10/Dec/22
Rob, Caine could use a downgrade to 6’1.5” peak and Sidney Poitier an upgrade to 6’2.75” (like he claimed; why else would he bother with a 3/4 figure?).

Please see the below photos to understand me.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Nov/22
Interestingly enough he was Peter O'Toole's understudy in the late 50's and by Caine's admission they socialized regularly....but there's not single photo of them together over the years!

I'd probably give O'Toole the edge judging by how he's appeared with co-stars that they've shared....
Hong said on 13/Sep/22
Click Here Here's Caine with 6ft4 listed Director Phillip Noyce.
Rory said on 17/Aug/22
I'd rule out 6ft1.5 for prime Caine,I think that's undercutting him slightly,I think 6ft1.75/6ft2 was his range. He's done very well though at 89,still working,still walking and still no less than 6ft.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Aug/22
I felt he could still look strong 6ft1 range in the Batman movies w/h Bale...
Slim1.75m said on 28/Jul/22
Hey Rob was he 6'1 range in dark knight trilogy I thought he looked a inch tall than bale.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Jun/22
Could be heading to 6ft now
Black Noir said on 21/Jun/22
Do you think he lost the right amount of height for his old age? He looks quite young too, how old would u day he looks Rob? He’s aged well
Editor Rob
I did watch King of Thieves (2018) not long ago and would have said about 80
Black Noir said on 20/Jun/22
Hey Rob how tall do u think he is now?
Editor Rob
He might now be heading to 6ft flat.
5'7 and a bit said on 15/Jun/22
I still think he could stretch to 6'0 ½ if measured today.
5'7 and a bit said on 21/May/22
Weak 6'2 peak, I still think he would clear 6'0 today (183 - 184).
Also i really don't think John Cena would look any different.
You would literally be comparing a WRESTLER who gives that "larger than life" impression to a man in his 80s. Of course it would be easier to assume the former was taller than the latter, doesn't always make it so when it comes down to heright.
Sinclair said on 19/May/22
Rob, maybe 6’1.5” peak?
Editor Rob
Sometimes I think could weak 6ft 2 be a good fit!
Rory said on 18/Apr/22
It should be quite clear that a picture of a celeb at an acute angle, draped down a wall without footwear/ground in the shot, probably isn't the best one for guessing their height.

Of course there might be some pictures out there of Caine looking 6ft1 or even less, but I think anyone who has seen half a dozen or more of Caines films from the 60s and 70s will know he was easily over 6ft1. I think 6ft1.5 is the least you could sensibly argue and 6ft2 the most. I've always thought 6ft1.75 might be a decent fit for peak Caine.
Hong said on 18/Apr/22
Click Here the guy beside Michael is 6ft4 listed Paul Hubschmid,there are a few more pics of both guys and Hubschmid looks more ha 2inches taller than Michael.
Sinclair said on 15/Apr/22
Rob, how tall does Len Deighton look in comparison to Caine?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Depends if Caine was losing more height, which might be possible. Hard to tell from the one photo but I'd have thought close to 6ft there.
Hong said on 11/Apr/22
There's no terrain advantage from what I can see both guys are standing similarly,Caine always looked 6ft2 range to me so maybe Law was more 6ft4.5 range than 6ft4 flat.
Tall Sam said on 8/Apr/22
Interesting find. Hong, Law could look between 6’4” and 6’5” a lot but even then Caine looks at best 6’1” but might be at a slight terrain disadvantage.
Hong said on 7/Apr/22
Click Here Michael is not looking even closer 6ft2 here with 6ft4 listed Jonathan Phillip law,unless law was 6ft5 caine is struggling with 6ft1 there.
Sinclair said on 26/Mar/22
Rob, who do you think was taller at peak, Caine or Bill Clinton?
Editor Rob
I think both could be argued to be just shy of 6ft 2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Mar/22
berta, two of the least likely people to ever be pictured together lol. That being said, Caine could be sitting on 6ft flat now
berta said on 7/Mar/22
rob he cant really be 184 now can he? Imagine him and jocn cena stand back to back, i think cena would have atleast 1 cm on him. i think he is scraping 6 foot at best by now.
Editor Rob
Probably 183cm today, though is he given up acting now?
Sinclair said on 17/Feb/22
Rob, what peak height would you put author Len Deighton at? 6’0”?

In photos with Caine and Deighton, Caine seems to be about 1.5 inches taller than Deighton.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Oct/21
I saw Michael at the pictures in a film called 'Dressed to Kill'. He was indeed very tall on-screen, and as he had to dress as a women, his height kind of gave his little 'secret' away; 🤭 it's not often that you see 6-foot-something women cavorting around in blonde wigs -very suspect indeed! I was only a teenager, but I sussed him right out. I'd like to see it again some time....

My favourite movie of Michael's is definitely the revenge thriller, 'Harry Brown'. If you haven't seen it yet, I thoroughly recommend it. It's an essential film to add to your collection, of that I can assure you. Last time I watched it was on TV and when it had finished, I went straight upstairs to retrieve my own copy and I watched it again - twice!

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Sep/21
I've read that Michael hasn't been too well of late, and hope and pray this treasure of an actor is feeling 💯% very soon.

6ft2 peak; 6ft0.5 today. 💐🤗 XXX
Stinky 186 cm said on 29/Aug/21
His height story kinda reminds me of my own I was always the tall kid even before I started puberty I was about 4’ 11” at 11 years old by the time I was 12 I was 5’ 3” when I was 13 I was 5’ 7” when I was 14 I was 5’ 9” when I was 15 I was 5’ 11” when I was 16 I was 6’ 0 1/4” and I stopped growing at 17 I topped out at a little over 6’ 1 1/4” but anyway I think he’s about 6’ 0 1/4” now and about 6’ 1 1/2” at peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jul/21
Rory, I'd say Warner was a stronger 6ft2 than Caine...but like you said just had terrible posture. I haven't seen that movie of them together but just generally David gives the taller impression. He was also an inch taller than Jeff Bridges in Tron (also a solid 187cm guy peak)
Rory said on 22/Jul/21
Might be lucky if he still clears six foot today, i think 6ft0.5 could be more a 5 yrs ago type measurement.

187.5 peak
183-183.5 today
Rory said on 11/Jul/21
In the film silver bears from the 70s, he looked 187cm with Louis Jordan, Joss Ackland, Jay Leno and Charles Grey but then looked at least 189cm with 188cm David Warner, so go figure. David Warners posture wasnt so good though which might explain it.

Id say he could potentially have been a height twin with Andy murray, 187.5.
Slim 6'1.5 said on 18/Jun/21
187 peak
183 current

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Jun/21
183cm: ridiculous peak but is looking it today
184cm: might still get that
185cm: too low peak
186cm: still a bit low
187cm: dropped to it at worst peak
188cm: still a reasonable listing, spent a good part of the day there but probably didn't hold on to it at his low
Rory said on 9/May/21
6ft peak? Way, way off. Even at 88 now id say hed have a shot at clearing 6ft still. Id rule out 186 too, its not an outrageous guess but I cant rly think of too many instances of a 60s/70s Caine looking that low. 187-188cm guy peak I think is very fair. 6ft2 at say 11am,but around 187 after a long day of filming. Similar to guys like Hackman,Lazenby and Dalton.
stiggles said on 17/Apr/21
Caine's Peak height was 6ft.. which in the 1950s / 60s was considered to be tall. in the barefoot - bedroom scene with 5ft 6 Jane Asher in Alfie.. he is no more than 6 inches taller than her..
stiggles said on 17/Apr/21
Caine's Peak height was 6ft.. which in the 1950s / 60s was considered to be tall.
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 11/Apr/21
Young 186 cm
Today 183 cm
Jug said on 23/Mar/21
I think Caine really was the full 6'2 actually, now that I am comparing him to Roger Moore and Sean Connery. Of the three of them, Caine was the tallest for sure. Probably a strong 6'2 at peak--and never really lost much height.
Jug said on 23/Mar/21
I think Caine really was the full 6'2 actually, now that I am comparing him to Roger Moore and Sean Connery. Of the three of them, Caine was the tallest for sure. Probably a strong 6'2 at peak--and never really lost much height.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Mar/21
Caine 88 today, Happy Birthday indeed! I still think slightly under 6'2 peak.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Mar/21
🎁🎂🎊 Happy Birthday Michael! 🎊🎂🎁

Here's wishing the great Michael Caine a fabulous 8️⃣8️⃣th Birthday today!

6ft2 peak; 6ft0.5 today. 🎈😁🍻😆🎈

Jug said on 13/Feb/21
Caine was noticeably taller than Sean Connery and Roger Moore at the 1989 Oscars when they all appeared together on stage to present an award. Connery may have lost a little height by then. I think Caine and Connery looked the exact same height in The Man Who Would Be King. I would say 6’1.5 for a peak is accurate.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Jan/21
Rory, I've always branded Connery as a strong 6ft2 and Caine a weak 6ft2.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Jan/21
Michael still looked well in excess of 6ft in the brilliant movie 'Harry Brown', which I saw on the 5Star channel on Friday night. 📺😁🚬 I compared Michael to the 5ft10+ Sean Harris, and Sean was definitely looking up to Michael in this 2009 film. I've looked at Sean and compared him to others before and sworn he was over 5ft10, so let's say he's at least a strong 5ft10.

Back in 2009, I'd say Michael was 6ft1 or slightly less. I saw him at the pictures in 'Dressed To Kill' 👗 decades ago, it being one of my first 'X'-rated movies, (so I was probably underage, wearing 4.5" heels and stuffing my bra out!) and, yes, he did look very tall. I remember thinking that to this day. ⏳

6ft2 peak; 6ft0.5 today. 😀👍
Rory said on 4/Dec/20
The strange thing with that clip is that Connery looks taller when they walk in and out of the room, but then when standing still if anything Caine looks a bit taller, perhaps due to the camera angle. I think both men were roughly 6ft2,who was a bit over or under it is harder to say exactly, I still think its more likely Caine was a weaker 6ft2 than young Connery but without measuring them its hard to say.
Newman said on 6/Sep/20
Just wondering how many more days we'll need to wait until Rampage writes "Michael Caine 187cm, Connery 189cm" again?

Pretty decent footage of them standing together here from the Man who Would be King [also shown below].
Click Here

Whether they're 6ft 2 or 5ft 2, these guys look about the same height. If anything Caine might have an extra mm or two on Connery here. Physics being the determining factor here not street cred.
Sinclair said on 7/Aug/20
I don’t think Caine was lying about the 6’2” claim, but I suspect that was his morning height and he was more 6’1.75” or 6’1.5” for the majority of the day. I think Sean Connery was slightly taller than Caine, when both men were at their peaks. I also believe Caine looked less than two inches taller than Steve Martin in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and that Caine was very similar in height to Michael Lonsdale in The Holcroft Covenant.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Jul/20
Rory, yeah I think he was a guy that dropped a little below it in the evening. It’s still a reasonable listing though. Looked it often enough
Rory said on 15/Jun/20
I think in that scene the ground Glynn Edwards was standing on was higher, sloping up slightly towards the back gate. In the previous scene where they're in the betting shop they looked close in height. I'd agree though overall in Get Carter Caine didn't give a solid 6ft2 impression, more 6ft1.5-1.75 I felt. At other times in his career though he easily looked 6ft2, I still think maybe 6ft1.75 could be a good fit for him.
Hong said on 12/Jun/20
Click Here Here's Michael with 6ft2 listed Glynn Edwards,he doesn't look 6ft2 there,he looks a bit over 6ft in comparison.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jun/20
Caine: 187.6cm
Connery: 188.3cm
houss said on 28/May/20
In 1996 movie "blood and wine" he was described us a 6 footer
Gladstone Screwer said on 16/Apr/20
Just reading Michael's autobiography, in which he regularly mentions he was 6'2" as a young actor.
He's lost two inches surely, at 87 ! Six foot now, still a good height.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Mar/20
🎁🎈🎂 Happy Birthday Michael! 🎂🎈🎁

Many Happy Returns to the legendary Michael Caine on his 87th Birthday. What a terrific career he's had! Let's wish him a splendid day with his family and friends. 🎊🎉

Peak height - 6ft2
Today - 6ft0.5 😄👍

Jkiller said on 8/Feb/20
187.5cm peak, 184cm nowadays.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Jan/20
This fantastic guy, as seen in 'Harry Brown', has just about had all he can take. First he loses his wife to illness and then his best friend is brutally murdered by the local hoodlums.

I don't blame him for taking the law into his own hands, after hearing that his mate had been to the police and they'd done nothing about the harassment he'd been suffering, leading him to ask Harry (Michael) whether he'd ever killed anyone, and then producing a weapon for his own self-protection.

This is a serious, humourless watch.

I give Michael 6ft2 for his peak and 6ft0.75 now.
Rory said on 6/Jan/20
6ft1.75 would suit him nicely I think. He's a guy who was near enough to 6ft2 to mostly look it and claim it but probably just under. 6ft1.5 is too low though.
Nearly 180cm guy said on 3/Jan/20
I always thought of Caine more like a range of 187 cm. Here is photo of Caine next to Camilla Sparv from 1967 (Camilla was not wearing heels and was wearing regular shoes): Click Here
I really don't see a difference of 5 inches and a quarter inch between them. I think Samuel L. Jackson from the 90s could easily measure taller than Caine from the 60s and 70s. Rob, maybe downgrade to at least 6'1.75" would be fine for him?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Aug/19
@Rory: agreed, that solid/strong 6ft2 range (188-189cm) belongs to Connery...Caine most likely fell a little shy of it but under 187cm

Today he may be at 6ft flat
KaziSh said on 15/Aug/19
Strong 6'2 peak, now maybe 6'0.5-6'1
Rory said on 17/Jul/19
187.5cm in the 60s,70s,80s
183.5cm in 2019

You wouldn't cite him as a solid 6ft2 guy but guesses of 6ft1.5 or under you can forget he was clearly close to 6ft2.
bondfan 6'1.5" said on 14/Jul/19
I can definitely believe 6’2 at peak and current listing seems pretty accurate
179cm guy said on 6/Jul/19
Peak: 6'1.75 (187-188cm)
Current: 6'0.25 (183-184cm)
Tall Sam said on 12/Jun/19
It's funny that Charlie Cox looks relatively tall with that lineup, you know all these guys are shrinking, Jim Broadbent might be the only to still straighten up past six feet.
179cm guy said on 9/Jun/19
Rob, surely now that Caine is in his mid-to-late eighties he's at most six-feet at this point? Especially considering that most people on this page seem to have him pegged at a weak 6'2 rather than the full figure?
Editor Rob
He is getting closer to 6ft flat, but even not that long ago look at him with Gambon at about 5 ft9, cox at 5ft 10, he still seemed a bit more than 6ft there.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Apr/19
Yeah Connery for the most part edged Caine.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Mar/19
186.7cm peak and 184cm now. Peak Connery had a strong half inch on Caine.
Tall In The Saddle said on 17/Mar/19
Movieguy12 - Agreed re Caine and claimed 6'2" - close but no cigar - a bit under.

However, as you said, certainly not out of order claiming 6'2" - could often look same height as Connery and even a smidge taller - I think that might've been due to Connery's less perfect posture - Caine stood pretty straight most of the time but Sean was one of those guys who would only every now and then straighten to show his full potential and true advantage - which I think was in the realm of .25"-.5" over the artist formerly known as Micklewhite.

I haven't found a lot of visual evidence to uphold Connery's advantage - but this nicely framed clip from The Man Who Would Be King does it for me:

Click Here
berta said on 3/Nov/18
i think he is 6 foot flat today
Mark Harrison said on 31/Oct/18
He uses a walking stick now so he probably appears to be below six foot.
movieguy12 said on 27/Oct/18
I think Caine was a weak 6'2''. Height straight out of bed so to speak but for most of the day slightly under I'd guess. Not really lying about his height though. Now probably around 6ft even. I think his comment about short actors being angry is meant as tongue in cheek.
Mark Harrison said on 29/Sep/18
Caine never looked a full 6'2". He was probably 6'1.5" at peak, and six foot even today.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Sep/18
Could be heading toward 6ft right about now…

6ft1½ is the absolute lowest I’d argue peak with better odds measuring a bit over that. Whereas 6ft2 is the absolute lowest I’d argue for Connery’s peak
Rory said on 12/Sep/18
I'd say 6ft0.25 today and 6ft1.75-2 peak. Not bad for 85 years of age.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Sep/18
Agreed Lenad with Connery at a strong 6ft2
Lenad 5ft9.75in said on 3/Sep/18
I think caine was a weak 6'2 at peak.
Y07 said on 25/Jul/18
It's great he doesn't inflate his height (Who doesn't when they're already tall, well maybe some people). But his prejudice comment does concern me. How they got a successful acting career has nothing to do with their small (some he mentioned are pretty average) stature and with that means they automatically have a napoleon complex. They got an acting career because they worked their butts off into making that happen. It not only takes heart and spirit to become a talented actor, but they have to work with the right people to get them into that spotlight.
tree said on 3/Jul/18
Under 6ft2 would make Seagal under 6ft4 Click Here
Mark Harrison said on 16/Jun/18
He never looked about 6'1.5".
Ian C said on 29/May/18
Mr. Caine here thinks that short people are angry because they're short. This could be one of those things that tall people imagine to be true. You know: I'm glad I'm a six-footer and I pity all those guys who are not, kind of thing.

Would you rather look like Robert Conrad (short but handsome and athletic) or Michael Caine (tall but plain). I'd take door number one on that one.

Most people learn to accept their bodies as they are once they realize that they can't change them very much. This is why being fat is such a bad handicap. If you're fat, you really can become not-fat, but at the cost of near constant effort. But if you're short, well, it's not your fault.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/May/18
He still looked close to 6ft2 in Cider House Rules
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 19/Apr/18
He atually look more like just a decent 6 footer nowadays. I believe 6'1.75" peak and 6'0 now than a strong 6'2 peak.
The Tall Guy said on 22/Mar/18
I would place Sir Michael at a genuine 6'2" in his prime. I couldn't say what he is today. In Deathtrap, his co-star Christopher Reeve, who stood 6'4", was definitely about two inches taller.
Newman said on 10/Mar/18
Exactly the same height as Connery. Probably 1.87 peak.
Sam96 said on 27/Jan/18
Michael Caine is one guy, who is like a roller coster, keeps getting better with age. Amazing voice cameo in Dunkirk, reminded me of his Battle of Britain role. 6'0.5 today. Peak 6'2.25. Amazing actor. One of the legends of the 20th and 21st century.
newbie said on 9/Jan/18
next to connery can look misleading as Connery still has big shoulders and they are higher than Caine's but when look at each other you can see pretty much eye to eye level in the 1989 clip
Rory said on 4/Jan/18
I think the lowest you could argue is 6ft1.5 for Caine. Even that would do him an injustice I think, peak he'd be in that 6ft1.75-2 area. Didn't look as low as 6ft1 range.
Mister lennon said on 8/Dec/17
Strong 6'1
Anonymous said on 7/Dec/17
Caine usually looked 6'1" in films.
James said on 20/Nov/17
Caine's peak height should be downgraded as he never looked 6'2".
James said on 14/Nov/17
Hawkins didn't really become famous until he was middle-aged so it's difficult to say.
Mister lennon said on 14/Nov/17
I think that he was 5'11. But he could have been 6 too.
James said on 13/Nov/17
Are you sure Hawkins was 5'11"? He looked taller than Stanley Baker in "The Cruel Sea".
Mister lennon said on 12/Nov/17
Ok. But only take a look of pictures of otoole and hawkins in real life. Otoole was taller.
James said on 11/Nov/17
Jack Hawkins wasn't at the beginning of "Lawrence of Arabia". That was Sir Donald Wolfit.
Mister lennon said on 10/Nov/17
Otoole was 6'2 or close. He was taller than harris, who was about a weak 6'1-strong 6.
Hawkins was in the 5'11-6 range. He was only taller than otoole when they have different footwear. At the beginning of the movie, when otoole was also wearing military uniform and boots, otoole was clearly taller than hawkins.
And proof to search in google pictures with otoole and hawkins in real life. You could see that otoole was clearly taller
James said on 9/Nov/17
O'Toole was shorter than Jack Hawkins in all their scenes together. O'Toole wasn't any more than six foot, like Richard Harris.
Mister lennon said on 9/Nov/17
In which scene??
O'toole was clearly taller than hawkins in real life. If hawkins looked taller than otoole in some scenes, this could be because the footwear.hawkins was wearing military boots and otoole normal shoes or arabian sandals.
Richard said on 8/Nov/17
Hawkins was clearly taller than Peter O'Toole in "Lawrence of Arabia". If O'Toole was 6'2" then Hawkins must have been 6'4".
Mister lennon said on 7/Nov/17
O'toole was close to 6'2 peak, if not a weak 6'2.
Hawkins was a tall man also, but o'toole was taller.
Richard said on 6/Nov/17
O'Toole wasn't even six foot, he was shorter than Jack Hawkins.
Anonymous said on 4/Nov/17
He is a lot shorter then Morgan Freeman in Now You see me. 6'0.25 these days and 6'1.5 peak for Mr Caine.
Junior said on 2/Nov/17
I think Caine is a little bit lower than 6'0.5".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Oct/17
For me O'Toole stood out as the more solid 6ft2 guy, sometimes even 189cm. Hackman could vary in looking a bit above and below while Caine quite possibly was a tad under it. O'Toole's lanky while Hackman is quite broad
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Oct/17
Rob, who do you think was tallest out of Caine, Hackman and O'Toole in their primes?
Editor Rob
they all could be argued between 6ft 1.5-2 range, although all given 6ft 2...I could understand estimates under 6ft 2 for them all.

I'm not sure anybody would stand out as the more solid 6ft 2 man.
Rory said on 2/Oct/17
6ft1.75-2 peak and 6ft0.25 today.
James B said on 3/Sep/17
Thought he looked a textbook 6'2 in Alfie but then he was really skinny at 160 pound range in the film which made him look taller
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Sep/17
Arch, I think 6ft2 is still an okay listing because he did look it more often than 6ft1. But the chances are higher that he might've dipped under it slightly at worst compared to someone like Connery who could look over it and probably held that mark at his low.

I do agree that today he's heading toward 6ft
Arch Stanton said on 14/Aug/17
A full 6'2 seems a tad high, I would go with 187 range myself.
James said on 13/Aug/17
You can tell Caine was never 6'2" in his films from the 1960s. He was either 6'1" or 6'1.5" at his peak. Nowadays at 84 he is exactly six feet.
Sandy Cowell said on 31/Jul/17
I have just started watching for, say, the fifth or sixth time, the fantastic 2009 movie, 'Harry Brown'.
Michael plays the title role and has just received the dreadful news that his only remaining friend has been murdered, a fate which the friend has feared would be very shortly on the cards.
I can feel my eyes welling up already; I know what is to follow and it is far from pleasant.
It's full of swearing, but absolutely none of it is gratuitous. It boasts a top-notch cast, but the acting acolade goes to the well-seasoned actor, Michael Caine.
If you haven't already guessed, there is a 'take the law into your own hands' theme in this, but until you see it, only then will the time be right to agree or otherwise with how the elderly Harry decides to deal with what has happened to today's society and the country he fought for decades ago.
I started watching this film to see how much height Michael might have lost since the 8 years it was made. He looks a good 6ft0.75 - 6ft1, but I have noticed so, so much more than that!
This fine actor has always managed to put real emotion into his performance and, more so than ever now, has continued to do so. Many examples are among my DVD collection - not bad for someone who told her boyfriend in reply to being told that he used to live next door to Mr Caine's cat-loving half-sister, "Oh, I like him, but I'm not really a fan!"

Peak height? A good 6ft2, and today's height can't be much more or less than 6ft1, so that's where I will settle!
Anton said on 8/Jul/17
I photo doubled for Michael in a recent film production. In identical footwear, he was about an inch shorter than my 6'1.5, mostly because he stoops a bit.
James said on 5/Jul/17
His current height should be downgraded to six foot.
RisingForce said on 1/Jul/17
Of course, S.J.H. Height loss varies greatly among different individuals just as height itself, aging and every other physical characteristic varies greatly. Morgan Freeman is only 4 years younger than Caine and doesn't even seem to have lost an inch.
Richard said on 30/Jun/17
Caine was clearly never 6'2". More like 6'1", and 5'11.5" today.
S.J.H said on 29/Jun/17
@Danimal said on 10/May/17
Rob, he is 84 years old. The average male shrinks 2" by 80. He is MAX 6'0" today.
Editor Rob: today, six foot on the nose is a good probability for him.

My grandfather turns 85 this year and he didn't lost over 1.25' as peak 5'10.5 and still manage to measure 5'9.25 recently by my dad. Shrinking 2' may be true but not for all old folks depends how well they holding their posture and health status. My granduncle (grandfather older brother) now at 91 and he only lost a full inch the last time since last year i met him he still standing pretty straight and look legit 6'1 like the past 17 years i could remember he didn't lost a single height at peak 6'2 in his 20s to late early 70s of age start losing an inch according to my grandfather. One example Sean Connery keep it quite well i saw few picture of him taken in 2013/2014 in his 83,84 of age look like he only loss half inch or max 2cm if he was 6'2 peak.
RichardSpain said on 27/Jun/17
He seems 188 cm when he was younger, 187 cm when he passed his 50 years old. And 184 cm nowadays. He lost 4 cm. He is an old man 183/184 cm is very credible for him nowadays. Good actor.
Mike said on 6/Jun/17
184 cm today is likely
Lenad the 5ft9.75in stud said on 26/May/17
I reckon he was a 187cm guy at peak. I can buy a full 6'2 of course, but I suspect he was closer to 187.
berta said on 16/May/17
best listing would be peak 6 for 1 3/4 and curretn 6 fot 1/4. lost 1,5 inches wich is good for him. But as an actor i expect the height loss to be less than averge people ( in most cases)
Danimal said on 10/May/17
Rob, he is 84 years old. The average male shrinks 2" by 80. He is MAX 6'0" today.
Editor Rob
today, six foot on the nose is a good probability for him.
jtm said on 9/May/17
He has better posture than Graff. He's probably struggling with 6'0 now.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/May/17
Caine and Connery are both fine at 6ft2 for the time being. I just think Caine might have fallen into the 187-188cm zone while Connery may have been a little further up the road at 188-189cm
berta said on 7/May/17
tallest possible for him today is 184 and probably is down to strong 183 guy by now. peak 187
Dejavu said on 29/Apr/17
I think he was 6'1.5 and now 6'0.5.
Steve said on 22/Apr/17
He looked a good deal shorter than Morgan Freeman in the intro to the Graham Norton show, would've thought hes under 6 ft now. But he does still have an inch on Zach Braff and doesn't look much shorter than Freeman at the premiere of Going in Style (Click Here) so may well be 6 ft 0.5.
Rory said on 17/Apr/17
Actually no I take that back. I still think when stood well today he can look the full 6 foot and peak I think he looked roughly 6ft 2 I don't think there's any concrete evidence to speak of to warrant a downgrade to 6'1.75 even though it's possible. I think 6ft flat today and peak 6ft 2 would be very fair.
Rory said on 17/Apr/17
Rob, surely he isn't anywhere near 6ft 1 today ? He struggles to look 6ft I think today as of 2017. I'd wager 6'1.75 peak and 5'11.75 today I think. 2 inch loss age 84.
Film man said on 7/Apr/17
I'm a set hand / carpenter and did his latest film. I'm 6ft dead, and he is exactly the same height now. Still a tall dude. 6'2 peak is correct.
S.J.H said on 1/Apr/17
Sean Connery was always 1-1.5cm taller than Michael Caine.
James said on 1/Apr/17
He could measure 6'2" in shoes.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Mar/17
I think he had to have been close to it. Don't think he was just 6ft1
berta said on 27/Mar/17
by the way google have him on 184 cm hahah only time googel underlist someone that mutch
berta said on 27/Mar/17
wasnt dwayne johnson like 3 inches taller than him in their movie together? i dont think he is over 6 feet today he is really old now and lets say he was 187 and 183 now, then he only have lost 4 cm at 84 and that is really good
James B said on 20/Mar/17
rob he might have pulled of a 6'2 range illusion when he was younger because he was extremely slim
Editor Rob
he certainly could look it in the 60's, and his type of character, acting etc adds to his persona on screen.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Mar/17
You could argue 6ft for Martin in Dirty a Rotten Scoundrels
berta said on 13/Feb/17
classic 187 guy. steve martin at 182 only looked 4 cm shorter but lets say it was 5
James said on 1/Feb/17
It's obvious he was never 6'2" as he never looked that height in anything, not even in "Zulu" next to Sir Stanley Baker.

Caine was 6'1" at the very most.
James said on 31/Jan/17
He gave his peak height as 6'1" in his 1992 autobiography.
Editor Rob
in his What's it All About I saw him call himself 6ft 2 on about 4 occasions.

Also said at 15 he was almost 6ft.
grizz said on 29/Jan/17
@James, link to this claim?
James said on 24/Jan/17
Caine needs downgrading slightly, by his own admission his peak height was 6'1".
S.J.H said on 21/Jan/17
Young michael caine height is more 187+cm than 6'2 and 6'1 now is pretty accurate
James said on 16/Jan/17
Connery was 6'1.5" and Caine was 6'1".
Arch Stanton said on 13/Jan/17
The more I see of Caine's older films the more he looks 6'1 range I think. I think 187 might be nearer, but he was very close to Connery.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Jan/17
@Rob, seeing him with 6'4 John Philip Law in Hurry Sundown it's very difficult to see Caine at a full 6'2. He could look almost 3 inches shorter in fact. With Steve Martin tough to see him at 6'2 too. Maybe 6'1.5. You can't have Garner at 6'1.5 and Caine at 6'2 haha.
Editor Rob
Caine has had 6ft 1 and 2 descriptions, he has always seemed to give 6ft 2 though...he may well be a 6ft 1.5 guy.
Jimbo said on 12/Jan/17
6'1.5" peak

6' Now
Rory said on 6/Jan/17
Seeing as he still looks 6'0.25 today do you really think an 83/84 yr old would only have lost 0.75 inches from his prime ? That would be pretty darn unique.
James said on 4/Jan/17
6'1" was his peak height.
Rory said on 2/Jan/17
I would normally have said someone like Caine in '88 aged 55, a smoker and slightly overweight, would have lost a good cm. The problem is though is generally he's been a guy who has done well holding on to his height, even today aged 83 he still looks at least 6ft and could 15 yrs back still look 6'1-2 range, which makes it seem unlikely he'd have lost anything much by his mid fifties. 187.5 peak and 187 flat in the late 1980s. 184 today. I think he looked about 2 inches taller than Steve Martin in dirty rotten scoundrels.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Dec/16
Mmm looked nearer 186 with Steve Martin in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Had he lost height by '88?
Tim said on 28/Dec/16
Caine was never more than 6'1".
James said on 5/Dec/16
6'2" was clearly with shoes.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Dec/16
Rob, how likely is 6ft flat today?
Editor Rob
it is becoming more likely.
Z187 said on 1/Dec/16
In his autobio he actually writes his height as 6'1" ....don't know where these quotes are from of him stating that he's 6'2 ... Perhaps he meant in shoes.. I not sure why he would change his mind otherwise, surely you'd be most truthful in your biography and least when you are making a few throwaway comments at interviews or whatever??
HonestSlovene said on 6/Nov/16
35-55 is middle age so yeah around 35 is the start of middle age therefore early middle age. I'd say being young stops at about 33, 31 i still young but at the end of it IMHO. Caine looked 6'1.5"-6'2" in movies peak to me, now due to shrinkage looks like a solid 6'0" to me.
James said on 3/Nov/16
Of course 34 is early middle age. Once you're in your late twenties you know you're not young any more. Caine and Connery were both middle-aged when they became famous.
Shredder said on 30/Oct/16
34 middle age?
James said on 27/Oct/16
Caine was 34 when he arrived in Hollywood in 1967. He was in early middle-age.

Caine probably had small lifts in "The Man Who Would Be King". It was quite obvious he was never 6'2".
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Oct/16
@ Rory. I couldn't agree more with you that a 31-year-old is no way in early middle-age! Whoever said that must come from an incredibly old-minded family! 31 is a fantastic age, as you still have your looks and you have the added bonus of confidence, which is pretty thin on the ground at, say, 20!
Michael Caine starting his acting career at 31 is by no means late by today's standards or those of his day. Look at Dustin Hoffman - 30 when he played the title role in 'The Graduate'! Michael Caine had, and still has, height on his side; Dustin Hoffman is a short 5ft6, but both actors have had staying power because they are so good! This is one example where talent really has been prevalent.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Oct/16
If he was just 6ft1, then Connery was struggling with 6ft2 which is rubbish
Rory said on 22/Oct/16
"Already in early middle age when he became famous"...At age 31, really ? Don't think so.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Oct/16
He was probably nearer 6ft2 than 6ft1
mister_lennon said on 22/Oct/16
I think caine was close to 6'2 at peak, but not a full 6'2. A strong 6'1. About 186 or 187.
James said on 21/Oct/16
Caine was a lot closer to the camera than Lazenby.
James said on 21/Oct/16
Caine was wearing built up shoes in Alfie, as he was already in early middle-age when he became famous.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Oct/16
Disagree. Saw Alfie again recently and could look a full 6'2 a lot. Perhaps 6'1.75.
Editor Rob
look at Caine near Lazenby here.
James said on 19/Oct/16
You could tell from his films that he was never 6'2". 6'1" or 6'1.5" maximum.
Rory said on 14/Oct/16
Yh for his age he's held his height very well, at most he's lost 1.5 inches aged 83.
newbie said on 14/Oct/16
problem I've always had with Caine isn't so much believing he's 6'2 as his posture is generally so poor that he never looks his height and I could believe he was every bit 6'2 and maybe a bit more. Generally you see very few photos where the floor, footwear etc can be verified, with other actors where he doesn't have a slight slouch of shoulders/neck/head. I do find it laughable that some are taking his appearance next to the likes of Bale, when Caine is in his 80s and saying barely taller so never 6'2.
Rory said on 12/Oct/16
6'1.75 peak, 6'0.25-5 today. I can't see a case for him being as low as 6'1 peak, minimum 6'1.5 Imo and his 6'2 claim is perfectly reasonable.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Sep/16
Rob, how likely is 6ft1 flat peak?
Editor Rob
I think he was taller than it, I wouldn't go that low, even though he had that listing early in his career...he seemed to claim 6ft 2.
James said on 27/Sep/16
Caine was 6'1" at his peak, you can tell from his early movies that he was never 6'2".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Sep/16
That's probably because Freeman is still near 6ft2 while Caine has maybe dipped under 6ft1
jervis said on 6/Jul/16
There are some new pics of caine with morgan freeman and freeman is much taller than caine
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jul/16
Connery at a strong 6ft2 and Caine a weak 6ft2 is what I always saw going with photos of them together and/or the same actors in separate scenes/movies. In Man Who Would Be King, Connery was bald and Caine had boots and a helmet.
jtm said on 18/Jun/16
there is a full body shot in the beginning of the man who would be king and Connery is slightly taller than Caine. to be honest I don't even remember a scene Caine looked taller expect when he is much closer to the camera. sticking with 6'1 peak no more no less
Arch Stanton said on 16/Jun/16
Honestly in the Man WHo Would be King I couldn't decide who was taller out of Caine and Connery, either could look to have the edge depending on the scene. They were very close in height. Always a chance of just under 6 ft 2 for Caine.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jun/16
Somewhere 6ft1½-6ft1¾ peak I think if we're gonna be ultra precise. I'd lean more on the latter though.
James said on 3/Jun/16
Caine was 6'1.5" at his peak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/May/16
Michael Caine: 187-188cm
Sean Connery: 188-189cm
jervis said on 1/May/16
Funny Ive just seen a photo of him standing next to Sidney Poitier who is listed as 6ft2.5,and Poitier looks about 1.5 inches taller than Caine.
Tom said on 17/Apr/16
Connery was 6'2".
184-182 said on 10/Apr/16
Easily taller than Nicholas Cage in The Weather Man. I guessed he was in the 6'1-6'1.5 range in that movie so 6'1 seems fair today
Rory said on 10/Apr/16
Hes lost just an inch i think, at most 1.5 inches which is good going for an 83 yr old. So the smoking James obviously didn't do him any harm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Apr/16
It'd make him the same height as Connery
James said on 9/Apr/16
No, 189 would make him taller than Sean Connery.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Apr/16
189cm early morning peak.
James said on 7/Apr/16
Caine was 6'1.5" at his peak, but because he smoked so much he lost an inch over the years and is now closer to six foot.
Idk said on 31/Mar/16
Definitely taller than bale and pretty close in height to Bratt in miss congeniality. I'd bet 189 peak and 185-186 now
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Mar/16
He still looks comfortably over 6ft today though
Eston B Havbin said on 8/Mar/16
I opened the door to him a couple of years ago (I'm tangentially involved in the film industry) and he is one very tall pensioner. I'm over 6'1" and he was at least my height even as recently as two years ago.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Mar/16
Rob, maybe Caine is another for the 6ft1¾ pile?

That might potentially put Connery at his allegedly measured 6ft2⅜ because he did edge him in The Man Who Would Be King wearing just sandels while Caine was in boots...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Mar/16
I'd with B peak then. He might have dipped slightly under it in the late evening.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Feb/16
Rob, which range is most likely at peak?

A) 190cm/188cm
B) 189.5cm/187.5cm
C) 189cm/187cm
D) 188.5cm/186.5cm
E) 188cm/186cm
Editor Rob
Caine peak I'm still open to the chance he wasn't quite 6ft 2. I wouldn't have placed him as a stick-on six two guy.
Rory said on 21/Feb/16
Evening low heights...Caine-187.5..Connery-188..Lazenby-186.5..Moore-186.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Jan/16
Michael Caine: 6ft1¾(187.4cm)
Sean Connery: 6ft2¼(188.6cm)
James B said on 26/Nov/15
6ft2 looked believeable in Alfie
Z187 said on 21/Nov/15
Barely taller (if not shorter) than bale, Nolan and dicaprio.. Can't believe he was ever 188 on this evidence.

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