How tall is Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams Height

5ft 4 (162.6 cm)

American actress best known for her role on tv series Dawson's Creek and in films such as Brokeback Mountain, Shutter Island and My Week with Marilyn. She told people magazine in 1998 that in regards to perceptions about her 'weight', "I'm 5'4" and 110 lbs. What's the problem?"

How tall is Michelle Williams
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How tall is Michelle Williams
Michelle & Heath Ledger
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Average Guess (35 Votes)
5ft 3.27in (160.7cm)
Alanna said on 9/Nov/21
I think she’s more like 5’3”-5’3.5”. Not really a solid 5’4”.
Alanna said on 20/Jul/20
I think she is 5'3"1/2. Not really a strong 5'4".
the name's Sam said on 2/Jul/20
Lol she badly needs a downgrade Rob I’ve seen her with Natalie Portman she’s shy shorter to Nat too I’ll give her 157.5 cm or 5’2”
Alice Bennett said on 26/May/20
Rob I think she needs a downgrade. She looks like a solid 5’3 and the average guess agrees!
Editor Rob
It's true she has looked around 5ft 3 at times, she might sit somewhere between 5ft 3 to 4.
JohnMoore-162cm said on 5/May/20
More like strong 5ft3
Littlelee5ft6 said on 27/Feb/20
Think she should be added to the dawson's creek thread. Shes the only main cast member not on it
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Sep/19
🍰🎁🎈 Happy Birthday Michelle! 🎈🎁🍰

Wishing the delightful Michelle a very happy birthday!


khaled taban said on 7/Jun/19
She is 5'3".
PAN BERRY said on 23/Dec/18
Idk y doesn’t she grow her hair long she looks so beautiful in long hair
hihi said on 10/Dec/18
she looks 5 foot 2 or a bit shorter
MAD SAM said on 2/Jul/18
@Sandy Cowell
I would downgrade her height as far as 5’2.5”
Sandy Cowell said on 22/Jun/18
@ MAD SAM - I agree with you! I was quite surprised myself when I discovered Michelle was all of 5ft4!

I will go with 5ft3.5!
MAD SAM said on 20/Jun/18
Very pretty woman but she’s tiny, always looked 157-158 cm alongside Heath
Abhi said on 1/Apr/18
very good actress
she looks 5'3 to me
Nik said on 28/Dec/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Yes, you go stand in the corner Sandy! Ha ha!

Michelle Williams is blessed with having one of the most common names around, if I could have a pound for everyone woman with this name then I wiould be a very rich man! I once knew a lady at work called Michelle Williams, and there are at least two celebrities who are called this name, I also went through a spell where I heard this name mentioned a few times on the television and radio!
Michelle is very pretty and does give the impression of being on the petite side a little bit, which 5'4" is not as it is not far off my height! Maybe she gives the impression of being slightly shorter than what she is as the average vote is only just over 5'3"! I think she is probably in the 5'3.5" - 5'3.75" range and I think I will go for 5'3.75"!
I like her response in saying "what's the problem?" Concerning her weight!

Sandy Cowell said on 26/Dec/17
@ Rob - Oh my word! How many times was that then? 😦 That was quite unforgiveable and I should really be made to go and stand in the corner for that!😃👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣🔜😞

The first submission was an accident, of course, and then for some odd reason, I couldn't work out why the guess box was staying put after my submission. And I still haven't had a drink yet today, but hey, it's gone seven now and EastEnders is going to start, so if I grab myself a can of cider and come back later, I'm expecting my work to be completely faultless. You know something? It probably will be!
Editor Rob
Sandy Cowell said on 26/Dec/17
I agree with Rose, who wrote in November just gone that Michelle doesn't really look like a 5ft4 woman and can you imagine what I thought when I found out that she was selected to play 5ft5.5 - 5ft6 Marilyn Monroe? I thought she was far too small, yet when I saw 'My Week With Marilyn' last night, I found her performance so delightful, so utterly spellbinding, that her lack of height simply didn't matter at all!
Michelle had the voice and the mannerisms down to a fine art, that anyone even remotely interested in the legendary actress will have been entranced!
I saw Michelle in 'Brokeback Mountain', and in 'Shutter Island', and it was in these films that I came to my decision that this quaint little actress is 'petite', and 5ft4 officially doesn't qualify - well, according to the clothes manufacturers. Yet she says she is 5ft4, and experience has shown me how small that, too, can look on screen, let alone 5ft3! I am therefore going to settle for 5ft3.75, which I think is fair. One last noteworthy addition to my comment: If you haven't yet seen 'My Week With Marilyn', and you're in two minds whether to do so, then go ahead! You won't be disappointed!
Sandy Cowell said on 26/Dec/17
I agree with Rose, who wrote in November just gone that Michelle doesn't really look like a 5ft4 woman and can you imagine what w
Rose said on 11/Nov/17
She looks 5'3" to me. I do not think she is 5'4". She is clearly smaller than legit 5'4" women.
ana said on 4/Mar/17
She is a clear 5.3 with long limbs.
anon said on 27/Oct/15
I don't think she needs to be downgraded
There has never been much of a height difference with 5'5 Selena Gomez as can be seen in these photos... they wearing similar shoes as well. I think Selena has about an inch or so on her. 5'4 seems accurate

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Sam said on 21/Jul/14
Yeah, I'd agree she's more of a strong 5'3" than a full 5'4".
Arch Stanton said on 16/Feb/14
Mmm, I'd have guessed 5'3".
marla singer said on 30/Jun/13
Rob, isn't it time to take an inch from her height?
rk said on 4/May/13
when will her height be downgraded she is certainly not the same height as mila kunis
K said on 1/May/13
I'd say she's the same height as 5'3.5" Amy Adams or 5'3" Natalie Portman. They are very close in height.
Click Here
which is why she looks a little bit shorter than mila kunis.
With 5'3" natalie portman:
Click Here
Michelle's shoes: Click Here
Natalie's shoes:
Click Here
Violet said on 4/Apr/13
I went and saw the new Oz movie and Mila is noticeably a tad taller in the movie but not by much (about an inch id say) and they are wearing the same exact shoes except Mila's are black and Michelle's are white. There is a scene in the movie where they are standing directly in front of each other on flat ground and it is a full body shot. And you can see mila is about an inch taller. I always thought mila was tiny and shorter (like 5'2") after watching that 70s show but she must just look shorter.
marla singer said on 3/Apr/13
She's shorter than Mila, 2 recent photos confirm it
1- similar heels Click Here
2- Click Here with higher heels than 5'4" Mila Kunis. She's no more than 5'2.75", 5'3"..
K said on 3/Mar/13
She is an inch shorter than mila kunis and around the same height as Amy Adams but looks a tiny bit shorter than her. Her and natalie portman are the same height in a picture together. She has really long arms for her height. Looks around 5'3". Can this be changed?
Ace said on 5/Feb/13
She is probably about 5'3. She really doesn't look any taller next to 5'4 Mila Kunis
marla singer said on 11/Dec/12
Rob, look!
I usually don't downgrade celebrities, but in this case I have to. Click Here here she has huge pink platforms next to 5'4 Mila Kunis (in standard heels with no plateau) but looks a bit shorter than her. I find it hard to believe she's even 5'3
Editor Rob
yeah, she can shorter than her claim.
Jess said on 10/Dec/12
The only reason she seems taller is because she has long limbs, she's probably about 5'3". Her 6 year old daughter is almost as tall as she is.
Elizabeth said on 24/Nov/12
Just watched Take This Waltz and to me she seems long-limbed and leggy. I can see her being 5'4. Look at the pic above, her arms are long!! Excellent actress, too. I loved Blue Valentine and Wendy+Lucy (filmed in my town, Portland!)
Silent D said on 26/Oct/12
She is tiny. 5 foot 3.
Heightgirl said on 22/Oct/12
Michelle can't be 5f4 because Mila Kunis seems to me to be around 5f3 or a bit less so I think Michelle is only 5 foot. Click Here
CH said on 26/Aug/12
Michelle is a weak 5'4" at best. Saw her in Brooklyn a couple of months ago and there was a noticeable height difference between us (I'm 5'6").
ana said on 3/Aug/12
i am 5 4 and she looks shorter than me, even legs and arms look shorter on her. cannot believe it.
Tess23 said on 22/Jan/12
She can´t be more than 5´3 feet,I know because my mother is 5´4 feet tall...michelle looks like 5´2-5´3 but not more.
DissociativeID said on 21/Jan/12
Add another 10-15 pounds and downsize 1-2 inches at least. Zoe Kravitz is 122 pounds and 5'2 and she looks just as tall and slimmer than Michelle Williams.
JRW said on 17/Nov/11
Was on the flight with her when she went to Australia to meet up with Ledger after BB mtn. She is 5'1" at best. She had white boots w/ no heel. My wife is 5 6 and my two daughters are 5 7 & 5 9. Both were towering over her. She was very shy but nice.
Clemencia :D said on 14/Nov/11
I guess 5'2". Her body and hair (right now) is a lot like Emma Watson's! :]
Anna said on 14/Jun/11
On Dawson's Creek, Katie Holmes absolutely dwarfed her, which wouldn't have been the case if she was actually 5'4". Katie Holmes is somewhere between 5'7" and 5'9", and she looked sometimes 6-7 inches taller than Michelle. I would say Michelle is 5'1"-5'3".
peyotetimes said on 11/Jun/11
absolutely no way is she 5'4"
tommy gun said on 10/May/11
Heath was the only person she really looked short next to. she seems maybe 5'3 at the least when compared to anyone else.
jean said on 9/May/11
just saw a picture of her standing with christina ricci- michelle is wearing converses, christina is wearing heels and she's still a good inch or two shorter than michelle. so those claiming she's "definitely under 5'1" are crazy!
klem said on 19/Feb/11
I also think she is less than 5-4.
Asera said on 22/Jan/11
To be honest here...she has always looked like a very small 12 year old girl next to the 6'1 Heath Ledger! And that's kind of weird. She is definitely under 5'1 though. I wish people in Hollywood were more honest about their heights! What's even the point in lying, ANYONE can see that the woman is nowhere NEAR 5'4.
RH said on 31/Dec/10
When my son and I met Michelle and the rest of the cast of Dawson's Creek in Oct 1997 she was the tiniest of all of us there, and she was wearing platform shoes with about 2 1/2" soles and up to about 4" at the heels. I was wearing flat sandals (practically barefoot) and I'm 5' 6 1/2". There is NO WAY that she is 5' 4"!! My Mom was 5' 1/2" and when I stood next to her, she stood about the same height as Michelle... and my Mom never wore platform shoes. I'm pretty sure that Michelle is (or was in 1997 anyway) under 5' tall.
ryan said on 7/Dec/10
no way is she 5'4''. Definitely 5' or 5'1"AT MOST
Anonymous said on 6/Apr/09
She's at least 5'8.. I've seen/met her in person. Although she wears anywhere between 3 to 4" pumps, she came to head to head with me and I'm a solid 6'0" feet.
Obi said on 3/Dec/08
She has to be like 5'8" or 5'9" because I saw her in person
Josh said on 29/Jul/08
Does anyone know how tall is haley williams from paramore ? And about Michelle williams shes about 5'3 she only looks 5'4 with shoes on .
Josephine said on 12/Jul/08
Yeah I always thought Michelle Williams was about 5'2" or so. Maybe she reaches 5'4" with high heel shoes...or she simply looks shorter than she is.
Amanda said on 23/May/08
you have Samantha Morton listed here at 5'4 - here she is with a "supposedly" 5'4 Michelle Williams at Cannes yesterday and she's at least 2.5 inches taller than her. Maybe Samantha is 5'5 - but there is NO way Michelle Williams is 5'4. 5'3 tops.

Click Here
glenn said on 26/Nov/07
big heels helen.
Helen said on 25/Nov/07
I've worked with her. She's teeny. I was surprised to read 5 4, and I was surprised to see this photo. I would have thought she'd look shorter than this next to Glenn.
glenn said on 22/Nov/07
i thought she was 5-2,5-3 as i repeated,i have another from 1998 where i tower her,i think.
aerotive said on 21/Nov/07
Wow I thought she was shorter than this but since she's in heels 5ft4 seems spot on.

Very attractive woman!
glenn said on 20/Nov/07
she is steph.
steph said on 20/Nov/07
hm...she always striked me as a petite lady. 5 3, or maybe 5 2.
glenn said on 20/Nov/07
gee,she wouldnt be wearing big heels at an event would she?
Pat Bateman said on 20/Nov/07
Very cute lady.
megadethrocks said on 19/Nov/07
glenn did you shrink, you both are within an inch of each others height
glenn said on 19/Nov/07
well she isnt my fiance.thats for
Lynn said on 18/Nov/07
Glenn, lucky man...
so beautiful...I wish to have a fiance like her.
glenn said on 18/Nov/07
i understand the man.but it wasnt realistic.sorry if i was rude.but thats how i get at times.if i ever got to the west coast or he comes east,then maybe.again,thats not too realistic.unless he was a new yorker.even then my time is limited.several posters on this site had their picture taken with me.but they spotted me on the street.
The Man. said on 17/Nov/07
Take it easy Glenn. I was just trying to provide some constructive criticism. I appreciate your pics but Mamun's are also very good. Do you think we could get a picture of you and Mamun standing next to each other?
glenn said on 16/Nov/07
runt-thanks for the words.its an interesting idea you bring up about a female counterpart.who knows,maybe one day.simon-i hadnt seen her in 9 maybe i got her being the sweet michelle again. joker kid-so did i.
runt said on 16/Nov/07
Glenn you're hilarious! Besides the 3000 pics, you're posts are more entertaining than anyone elses which is even more of a reason not to have somebody else take over the site! I do have an idea though. Since women are so inconclusive, it would be interesting if we had a female Mamun or Rob, because then she could wear heels next to all the heeled female celebs.
simon said on 16/Nov/07
hey glenn, was she really friendly? cause when she was together with heath, she appeared to be rude and did not smile like EVER. this is a total change.
glenn said on 16/Nov/07
no problem the man.first we have to see if mamun has 3000 pics like i do.more than 2000 never shown on the site.what makes you think he has anything i have genius? and for starts,my pics arnt taken with the site in grateful i post any.for free at that.
The Man said on 15/Nov/07
Rob, can you try and get more pics of Mamun standing next to celebs instead of Glenn. I like Glenn but he always slouches next to shorter women and we can't get a good estimate of their height. Mamun, on the other hand, always stands straight. Love this site by the way. Keep up the good work.
glenn said on 15/Nov/07
i have another pic where i think im bending alot.
glenn said on 15/Nov/07
heel on here is what i meant.
glenn said on 15/Nov/07
heels one here.taller than i remembered.i wouldve agreed with smaller than 5-4 back in the day.5-3? a real doll.
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/07
no way. i met her on the set of brokeback and she's at tallest 5'2 for sure. she's a really tiny girl.
haylie said on 16/Oct/06
Allison said on 11/Apr/06
In this photograph she is wearing 5-inch platform heels, and she looks a lot more than 4 inches shorter than 6'1" Heath Ledger. Don't you think she is closer to 5'3"-5'2.5"????
Click Here
S said on 2/Apr/06
She looks small next to Heath Ledger but she looked about average height next to 5ft Dolly Parton. So I think this accurate.
Anonymous said on 9/Mar/06
I really think she is shorter than 5'4 Maybe 5'3

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