How tall is James Van Der Beek

James Van Der Beek's Height

6ft 0in (182.9 cm)

American actor best known for playing Dawson Leery in tv series Dawson's Creek. In film he can be seen in Rules of Attraction, Angus and Varsity Blues.

How tall is James Van Der Beek
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Average Guess (11 Votes)
5ft 11.86in (182.5cm)
Dpny said on 25/Aug/17
you can't judge by seeing them next to other actors on TV they use camera angles and lifts in their shoes to make people look taller on TV you really have to see someone in person.
Actor said on 17/Aug/17
I have never heard of Andre till I saw this show with James in it too and realized he is a comedian with his own show, planning to watch this show he has soon. Van Der Beek is in an episode I heard.
Actor said on 17/Aug/17
Rob how tall is Eric Andre? He says he is 6 feet but looks taller than Van Der Beek in this show I saw them both in.
Dmeyer said on 2/Aug/17
In the photo looks 16-17cm over my 166cm friend , looked solid 184cm maybe 184,5cm but has near 1,5cm more shoes than me so 183cm
Visitor said on 19/Jun/17
He doesn't quite look 6ft, more like 182 cm max
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/May/17
Looks roughly 6ft. Could look both a bit over and under it at times
Jonas said on 5/Mar/17
No more than 5'11 after seeing him in CSI Cyber next to actor Diogo Morgado who is around 6'1.5
Dimity said on 18/Nov/16
I'm almost 6'0.25
AroundParade said on 29/Apr/16
Its pretty obvious he looks no taller than 5'10. 2 inches shorter than 6'0 Josh Jackson.
Dmeyer said on 24/Dec/15
No m'y freind is more 166-7cm And beek had 0,25in more shoes m'y friend had à air max in the 1.25-1.3in beek had à 1.5-6in boot , anyway hé looked near 184cm not looking at shoes so his height is aleast near 6ft ,
dmeyer said on 23/Dec/15
Click Here , my friend is 169-169.5cm shoes on James looks near 16cm taller so 185-185.5cm shoes on minus 4cm 5'11.5 but 6ft is Closer but not more
Editor Rob: he can look a six footer with your friend if he's 167-8 range barefeet.
dmeyer said on 23/Dec/15
He came to a restaurent he had about 0.5-0.6in more shoes he looked just about as tall as a 6ft 1 guy that had 0.3in less shoes and was a solid 1in taller than me i was about 184cm shoes on he was 6'1,5in shoes on minus 1.5-6in about 6ft , but looked over 6'0 flat because of the 0.6in boost but didnt look the full 6"1 so 183cm make sens
Sean said on 21/Dec/15
I think he's a solid 5'11. He's definitely a bit under 6'.
MD said on 11/Dec/15
With 5'11" Mark-Paul Gosseler:

Click Here

He has impeccable posture and a good build, which can make him look taller.
Markus said on 9/Dec/15
I met James back in 2004. Hung out at a bar with he and his wife for a while. I'm 5'9" on a good day and I'm at least an inch taller than him.
Josh1 said on 8/Aug/15
More like 5'11
Judd ISR said on 15/Jun/15
i think he's a "fifty-fifty" guy, among 5'11.75" and 6'...
Gino said on 22/Aug/14
Solid six footer without any doubt!
Hypado said on 6/Jul/14
James Van Der Beek is 183cm, maybe 182
Arch Stanton said on 9/Feb/14
Always looked 6'1" ish in shoes to me, I think is a about right.
The Horse of FUNK said on 7/Feb/14
I think it's his head lol, it's long and huge.
sigge said on 7/Feb/14
I think he needs a downgrade. 180-181 cm. He is not even 2 inches taller than Brolin.
dmeyer said on 6/Feb/14
He pulled off weak 6'1 with 1.6in boots
dmeyer said on 6/Feb/14
In Person taller than me
MD said on 30/Dec/13
With 5'9.5" Josh Brolin:

Click Here

Click Here

I don't know if we're just to assume there is something in Brolin's shoes, but something else to add to the pile.

With Matthew Morrison (they are both in regular, black dress shoes), who is listed at 5'11", here, but I'm not entirely sure of that:

Click Here

Click Here

With 5'9"(ish) Mario Lopez:

Click Here

I am not at all convinced James is a full 6'0".
mId said on 27/Nov/13
Click Here explain please.. Jason mewes is what.. 5'11?
Taller than Chad michael murray?.. Not in One Tree Hill. And like I said Before.. Chad ain't even 6' himself.
cole said on 17/Oct/13
@Editor Rob: Yeah probably.
cole said on 15/Oct/13
@Editor Rob: What do you make of this? Click Here
[Editor Rob: I'm sure the background is digitally put on]
mId said on 12/Oct/13
He was shorter than Chad michael murray who's not even 6' himself. Maybe Chad wore lifts.. I just never saw these guys as 6 footers. ~5'11 tops.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Sep/13
If his head isn't actually much longer than average it's because his eyes and face form the lower half of his head and the part above the eyes to the top of the head takes up half his face so it gives the illusion of him having a very long face.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Sep/13
Emily says on 12/May/13
Isn´t his head length abnormal for his height? How long do you guess his head to be?
[Editor Rob: not abnormal, maybe half inch longer than average]

Not abnormally big or anything but it looks much longer than average to me.
[Editor Rob: it is possible he has an equal eyelevel-head and eyelevel-chin, so a 10-inch head]
cole said on 21/Aug/13
@Viper: Absolutely not. Stop trolling.
Viper said on 13/Aug/13
Hes 5'10 Max
Emily said on 12/May/13
Isn´t his head length abnormal for his height? How long do you guess his head to be?
[Editor Rob: not abnormal, maybe half inch longer than average]
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jan/13
182-183 cm but has a head as long as a 6 ft 6 + guy which can make him seem taller.
Hew said on 10/Jan/13
Looks 5'11 range.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 14/Dec/12
180cm on the dot.
Dmeyer said on 2/Oct/12
Apeared solid 184cm guy in person but had 1-1.5 cm more shoes so 183cm
Jake: 1.82 m--1.83 m--1.84 m said on 2/Sep/12
Actually, now having a better idea: 182- 183 cm range for J.V.D.B. seems fitting.
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m- 1.84 m said on 28/Jan/12
Those estimates are generally good Maio, but Joshua Jackson is at least 6" 1 in my opinion.
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m said on 4/Dec/11
He looked 2 inches below Gubler I have to say. Van Der Beek is more like 5ft 11in (180 cm).
jasperwazap said on 1/Dec/11
I can't get over him being called an 'Ommpa Loompa' by Pacey in Dawson's Creek who was only 1'' taller minus the hair. Another star Bethalzar (wrong spelling) (oops) Getty used to get 6'2'' as his height now listed at 5'9''.
Dmeyer said on 25/Jun/11
Looked 184 185 cm but thé hé had 4 cm boots so 183 cm
Viper said on 5/Jun/11
5-10 Max, maybe as low as 5-9. 6-0 is beyond hillarious.

Hell 5-11 Max Scott Speedman was taller than him in Dawsons Creek.
dmeyer said on 24/May/11
this guy came to a restaurent i use to work i am about 5 ft 11.5 i had 1 in sneakers so 6 ft 0.5 in james was taller than me by about 1 to 1.25 in and he was 0.25 in shorter than a waiter that was 6 ft 0.75 in who had 1.1 in shoes so james was somewere 6ft 1.5 to 6 ft 1.7 with shoes on he had 1.5 1.6 in heels thaugh so if no lifts he is solid 6 ft with a chance of 6 ft 0.25 6 ft seems right since he gave a 6 ft 0.5 to 6 ft 0.75 impression because of the 1.5 1.6 in heels
layne van der beek said on 24/Apr/11
I promise! This guys is probably my height! 5'10 1/2 barefoot, 5'11 1/2'' in tennis shoes, and 6ft even with elevated casuals or dress shoes.
cook said on 17/Nov/10
also he had a very bad posture on one tree hill if you stop at 6.50 you can see van der beek is actually taller
Click Here
cook said on 17/Nov/10
saw last week in L.A looked like 6'1 from afar when I got closer he was really a strong 6' no lift beacsue he was wearing sneackers, weird I thought the guy was only like 5'10, I was wrong, about murray looking taller in one tree hill, I can bet he we was wearing lifts cause asutin nichols its like 6'4
Viper said on 9/Oct/07
You are being fooled by some lifts in a few pictures. Just look at the video wih Gubler. That shows his real height. 5-9-5-10. Can look cloer to 6-0 in lifts.
radio_man said on 8/Oct/07 are very good in judging heights..I agree with you with a lot of starts but in the van der beek thing..I have to disagree..this guy is not shorter than 5'11 and no taller than 6''s on that range..
Viper said on 8/Oct/07
Hes 5-9 1/2 possibly.
Rob said on 7/Oct/07
When Dawsons Creek was popular, I remember a Radio DJ was talking about how she met James Van Der Beek. The female DJ kept going on and on about how James was much shorter than she thought.
Viper said on 24/Sep/07
Ashton is 6-2 at best. This Gubler looks 6-1 in other photos.
radio_man said on 24/Sep/07
well if matthew its 6'1, wich I doubt..he looks like ashton kutcher height, van der beek would be 5'11, for me...
its simple..Matthew its like 6'3..maybe a little less and van der beek its like6'0.5..
Viper said on 20/Sep/07
I think James might be a lift wearer.
trueheight said on 19/Sep/07
with Matthew Gray Gubler (6'1) in this clip, James appears only 5'10 - even struggling w/ 5'10. They stand face to face - watch clip starting at 2:25

Click Here
radio_man said on 23/Aug/07
Click Here
he looks pretty tall in there
like 6'1..probably 6'2 but he's wearing shoes like 1 inch
so I think he's 6'0 maybe a bit more
Viper said on 21/Jun/07
Im calling BS on that radio man. He never looked the same height as him or even taller from what I could remember. The guy is lucky If hes even 5-11. 5-10 barefoot looks right for him. Also Josh Jackson always looked taller by a couple of inches most of the time.
radio_man said on 21/Jun/07
well, he's 6' doubt with no doubt..with a bad posture he can look too 5'11 but he's 6'0 and Viper, in some scenes he looked taller than john
L0GAN5 said on 20/Jun/07
If you watch Ali Larter's nude scene in Varsity Blues he is clearly only a couple of inches taller, and she is listed as 5'7/8 so I reckon about 5'10".
Viper said on 15/Jun/07
Vanderbeek never looked 6-0 with 6-0-6-1 John Wesley Shipp. Always looked 2-3 inches shorter.
jessie said on 14/Jun/07
in the dawsons creek episode "all good things... must come to an end" they are all at a wedding and katie holmes is wearing 3-4 inch heels and dawson is at least an inch taller than her. he is definitely at least 6ft
Anonymous said on 6/Jun/07
met him at the molly pitcher inn in red bank Nj last November. He's definitely 6ft, a strong 6 ft even. his huge forhead may throw you off, but he was barely shorter than my buddy who is 6'2" barefoot. so 6ft or maybe even a little over would be right.
Josh said on 3/Jun/07
Yeah In Varsity Blues he looks 5'10, the most 5'10.5 If u wanna be generous put him at 5'11 the most.
Anonymous said on 26/May/07
NO way in hell 6'0.

There's a scene in VARSITY BLUES where Ali Larter (5'7) is standing in front of him barefoot, and wearing shoes he couldn't be more than 4 inches taller than her.

5'9.75 ... maybe 5'10.25. Definitely needs a downgrade.
what the hell said on 13/Apr/07
he's 6'0 maybe 6'1
I saw an episode of dawson0s this morning, and he was talking to joshau and the were in the eye eye level, joshua myabe was like 1 or 2 cm taller but that's all, he's quite tall, taller than I expected, he wasn't wearing lifts, both of them wearing sneakers
Anonymous said on 9/Apr/07
van der beek is about 5'10 - 5'11.Never 6 foot.A true 6 footer is pretty tall and thats not him.
radio_man said on 18/Feb/07
6'2.5 Jk: I agree with you..
sometimes he lokks 6'1!! he's a tall guy,...
Viper said on 18/Feb/07
JK, there are a few guys on here over listed on this site. Im pretty shocked he is listed at 6-0 on here.
6'2.5'' JK said on 17/Feb/07
Come on don't be pathetic, if He was anything under 6'0'' especially 2 inches or more, Don't you think Rob would change his height and not keep him listed as 6'0''. I also think he is no less than 6'0''
Viper said on 16/Feb/07
Hes never looked 6-0 to me on television.
radio_man said on 16/Feb/07
i dont know, he seems 6'.0
joshua was just a bit taller than him sometimes they were the same height!!
Viper said on 14/Feb/07
I think hes 5-10. Could be as tall as 5-11 but I doubt that even.
radio_man said on 14/Feb/07
well viepr, how tall you think he is? I think he's no less than 6'0..
Viper said on 13/Feb/07
Hes wearing lifts there, Im 100 percent sure. Hes never looked that tall before.
radio_man said on 13/Feb/07
I watched attraction again and you're right he seems pretty tall, perhaps 6'1 too!, he's no wearing lifs, just regular shoes..
Viper said on 17/Jan/07
He does look tall in those premeire pics. Strange. I think hes wearing lifts there. Joshua Jackson always looked a good deal taller than him and hes between 6-0 and 6-1.
radio_man said on 17/Jan/07
he seems 6'0! if he's shorter than that the enitre cast of ruels of attraction are midget!! lol, he's tall!
dmeyer said on 12/Jan/07
at the vanity fair party he walked by me i had 1.4 dockers so like 6'0.5 in in shoes so i looked 5'11.5 and he was shorter than me so i think he is at beat ny height 5'11 i aint sure 6 feet is a lidl generous but he just walked by me i didnt see him long enaugh but billy zane walked by me and looked 184 cm so 1.5 inches taller than james
radio_man said on 12/Jan/07
I agree with you
Anonymous said on 10/Jan/07
well, I have the fil and in some scenes they make ian look taller but the guy is short!!, if you see van der beek standong next to shannon sossamon( wearing 2 0r 3 inches heals) van der beek was a lot taller like 3 or 4 inches taller and in another scene shannos is with ian wearing the same heals and was taller tahn ian. so.. van der beek is tall! at least 184, but there's no way he's shorter than 6'o..!
Glenn said on 6/Jan/07
I believe you.
Anonymous said on 5/Jan/07
glenn.. he`s 6'0 maybe 6'1, he's tall.. check on rules of attraction or Dawson's creek the lates episode whe he looks older..sometimes I think they downgrade his height on Dawson's to make him look younger
Viper652 said on 15/Nov/06
He looked 5-10 Max in Dawsons Creek.
radio_man said on 15/Nov/06
he`s a tall guy!!
6`0 in rules of attraction he looks 3 inches than ian somerhalder who`s 5`9.. so he`s a tall guy!!. and dawson`s creek he loks taller than 5`9 katie holems and 5`10 kerr smith and 1 inch shorter than joshua jackson. he`s tall!! why you wanna say he`s not?..
UNK said on 2/Oct/06
Could be 5'11", but no less. I met the guy, and look at the pic I posted next to Biggs (5'9") below.
Glenn said on 2/Oct/06
Im kind of with Viper on this one too.looked 5-11 to me.
Viper652 said on 2/Oct/06
Then he is the shortest looking 6-0 bloke of all time.
JK said on 30/Sep/06
he is 6'0''
Viper652 said on 21/Sep/06
I just watched the new movie the Plague and James looked 5-10 Max in that movie to me. No way 6-0.
Viper652 said on 19/May/06
I never said he looked 5-7, I said he looked around 5-10 flat in relation to other actors and Katie Holmes.
J-Dog said on 18/May/06
Vips, that is a pretty far stretch. I think at times the downgrading is very illogical and I don't understand the fervent need to lower everyone's height. Never has this guy looked 5'7", you would just be able to tell at that low of a height by his body proportions and no lifts unless he is wearing 5 inch lifts are going to let him tower over Katie Holmes with high heels on.
met him today at the apple store said on 18/May/06
He is 5-10" i met him and talked to him today at the apple store in sherman oaks california. very nice guy, he bought 2 new laptops.
Glenn said on 17/May/06
leonari said on 17/May/06
Viper652: Sorry but you are losing it man...5'7" is such a ridiculous claim for this guy...actually I'm shocked...He is way taller than Katie Holmes (5'9") and actually looks quite tall where ever you see him...I could accept 5'10" maybe 5'11" but 5'7",5'8" ...please don't bring this site down with such ridiculous claims. OK?
Viper652 said on 17/May/06
Biggs is more like 5-8 UNK, but that would still confirm Vanderbeek to be above the 5-7-5-8 range.
UNK said on 16/May/06
Once again, I met Van Der Beek in NYC he is 5'11"-6'0". I know I don't have a pic to prove it, but I have no reason to lie, I am not a fan and don't care at all how tall he is.

Watch Jay and Silent Bob and you will see him standing much taller than 5'9"-5'10" Jason Biggs. There is NO way the guy is under 5'11".
Viper652 said on 14/May/06
Id say Katie is 5-8 tops. She doesnt look any taller then that next to other actors and co-stars, and thats her listing on the internet. James had about an inch to maybe 2 inches on her in the show. Thats why I have always pegged him to be no more then 5-10 flat. Though its possible he wore lifts to look taller.
~Nate~ said on 14/May/06
This is ridiculous! LOL James is nobody's 5'7/5'8 How would you account for him towering over 5'9 Katie Holmes even when she's in heels!? You people are ridiculius! LOL I met Katie once Planet Hollywood back in 00 when Dawsons Creek was still the business and she was very sweet, I'd peg her around 5'9 closer to 5'10, so there is no way James is 5'7 unless he has retractable alien legs
Viper652 said on 13/May/06
Wow, so the original 5-7 listing for him could be true? That would be crazy If he really was that height and they list him at 6-0 now.
Anonymous said on 11/May/06
rob, i'm really surprised at this listing. i met van der beek in santa monica last week and took a picture of him with my younger brother, who is 14 and stands 5'8. My brother was about half an inch taller than Van Deer Beek. I'm a grown man, 26 years old and am just under six foot and i towered over him. i think you should downgrade him to 5'8 or at most 5'9
J-Dog said on 21/Apr/06
That is a horrible height estimation of 5'6" or 5'7", that is hugely unrealistic, do you have any idea how small that would look to a 6'3" guy. I think guys expect all celebrities to be larger than life and when they find out they aren't as big as they thought they take pride in knowing they are larger, I am only 6'1.75" and 5'11" looks smallish to me, but I wouldn't assume the 5'11" guy was 5'3".

Rob do you think Van Der Beek needs a downgrade? 5'11"?

[Editor Rob: he could be one of the magical 5ft 11.5 club...they are very very scarce in Hollywood, finding one of these endangered species actually admitting they fall 1/2 inch short of 6ft is a rare thing!]
Viper652 said on 21/Apr/06
Well, James was first listed on the internet at 5-7 when he started Dawsons creek. So their could be some truth to Jamal's sighting. Does James wear lifts? I personally think he is 5-10. At least thats what he looks like on TV to me.
UNK said on 21/Apr/06
@jamal - that is complete crap, or you don't know how to estimate height. i met him after an off broadway play in NYC he did a few years ago, right after dawson's creek ended. he is definitely in the 6'0" range... maybe 5'11", but no shorter than that.
jamal said on 20/Apr/06
i met him in las vegas a few weeks ago, we were staying at the same hotel, i am 6'3'' and i TOWERED over him. In my personal opinion, he looked like 5'6''-5'7. REALLY small. Or at least must smaller than many would think..
Josh said on 11/Feb/06
He really doesn´t look like a solid 6 footer he barely looks 6-0 with shoes , in Dawson´s Creek he always looked 5-11.5 (182cm) to me with sneakers so barefoot he´s 5-11 (180cm) posibly 5-10.5 (179cm)
dmeyer said on 17/Jan/06
i walked by him i had 1.5" heels i was around 6'1" in my shoes and james didnt look as tall as me like 1 inch shorter
175cm16andgrowing said on 4/Jan/06
No, never 5'7''. list him at 6' and 190lbs... yes, 190lbs is wrong but 6' is correct, more than correct.
Viper652 said on 4/Jan/06
Damn, James has some of you guys all fooled. He is no taller then 5-10 Max. Ive even seen a couple of listings of 5-7 for him back in the day.
175cm16andgrowing said on 3/Jan/06
Well... the guy is skinny, very skinny... at least he looks very skinny and so he seems to be very tall. Nothing under 6'1'' I'D thought... he's a pretty large face and if 'm correct he looked just a tad under Paul Walker which measn Walker is just 6'1'' or 6'1.5'' and not the 6'3'' he claims.
vanderbeek said on 22/Nov/05
i saw an article that said he wore lifts to look near 6'2" jackson , and it said he was only around 181cm tall ... ill try finding it on the internet , but it did point Jackson as being a solid 6'2" guy ...
Brett said on 2/Nov/05
Yeh I dont understand why people think if they are 6'0" in shoes then thats there height, you have to take off an inch obviously, sometimes more, especially in high lift hollywood
Marc said on 25/Sep/05
With my shoes on I stand just over 5'10"- Maybe 5'10.5".I met James Van Der Beek in Hollywood and he stood about and inch taller than me. 6'0" would be accurate.
Viper652 said on 30/Jul/05
Its interesting how has this guy listed at 5-7. I dont think hes that short, but the Internet has 3 different listings for this guy. 5-7, 5-10, and 6-0. Its very unlikely he is 5-7 and 6-0. So 5-10 does make sense just from the different listings.
Viper652 said on 1/Jul/05
If Vanderbeek is 6 foot tall I have a Bridge to sell you :) I do think the 5-10 listing is correct for Kerr. And James always looked at least an inch shorter then him on the show. The 5-10 listing for VanderBeek on the Web might be a little off even.
J. said on 8/May/05
Yeah, I believe the 179 cm (69.8 inches, right?). He's not that tall. If you watch Varsity Blues and look at in publicity photos, he's an average height guy. Maybe an average height guy with an average height guy's fancy for lifts but who am I to say! ;-)
dmeyer said on 8/May/05
i am 182 cm i saw james last year at the vanity fair and he looked 179 cm

[Editor Rob: no way, you certain this guy was shorter??? This might confirm some of those old rumours about his Dawson Creek footwear being enhanced ;)]
Viper652 said on 6/May/05
There is no way this guy is even close to 6 feet. I would say hes around 5-9, maybe 5-10.
Ricardo said on 27/Mar/05
What really surprised me about Dawson's Creek and continues to surprise me is that Kerr Smith ho is listed as 5'10" always seemed to be 1/2 inch taller than dawson in the series ( i would know i used to watch it for months ). Bit Dawson was always listed as 2 inches taller... strange... how can someone who is shorter or the same height as someone be two inches shorter...
mike sig said on 24/Feb/05
Saw him at The Whiskey w. Hollywood. He was in dress shoes/wing tip like. I'm 5'9" I walked up to him eye to eye. I had shoes on that gave me about 1 inch.

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