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6ft 9.39in (206.7cm)
Electric Shock said on 5/Jun/09
Also, shoot fighting isn't any more reliable than Pro Wrestling for heights. They say Tim Sylvia's 6'8", and he's two inches shorter than Undertaker. Giant Silva has been billed 7'6.5" in a shoot match and he's about 7' even.
Electric Shock said on 4/Jun/09
Ben, the answer is in the half inches. I get Nash 2.5" taller than Sid.

Yaspaa, you've yet to show any evidence of Taker and Nathan Jones which shows Nathan Jones anymore than an inch taller than Taker. There is also no significant proof that Nathan Jones is anything over 6'9".
The Ben said on 4/Jun/09
Hmmm then seeing sid and nash together there is no 3 inch height difference... Its all to confusing!..
The Ben said on 4/Jun/09
Jones is one person who has consistently been billed at 6'10... From worlds strongest man (anyone know how accurate their billings are) to hollywood and WWE....
I am inclined to think that jones is 6'10... He looks as tall as nash to me, he always looks taller then taker and kane.
He was taller then matt morgan...
Jones 6'10
nash 6'10
taker 6'8
kane 6'8
sid 6'7
Yaspaa said on 4/Jun/09
That pic from the Jones training shows Taker in the best light,height wise.
Electric Shock said on 3/Jun/09
Show me one piece of footage or video that suggests Nathan Jones is more than an Inch taller than The Undertaker.
Yaspaa said on 3/Jun/09
In or around the ring proof... is no proof at all but to tag along,what about the A-train/Taker faceoff? I was disagreeing with your opinion on their height difference,6'9 to bed.
You have big hearts in the eyes Undertaker love which is obscuring your cognitive functions into believing that the difference between Taker and Jones is only an inch......Undertaker...I...wuv you.
Electric Shock said on 3/Jun/09
I never said under 6'9"!

I said Nathan Jones is 6'9.25". That'd be over 6'9". I said under 6'10". Unlike you I don't believe Undertaker is 6'7.5", and I've proven repeatedly that he's over 6'8". Jones is 1 inch taller than Taker which makes him 6'9"-6'9.5".
Yaspaa said on 2/Jun/09
How do you explain the Conan Stevens pics?,give me some proof of Taker not in a ring setting there is nothing real about those events so why use them for evidence and you cant say 'even boots' because you dont know. All I know is he looks close to 6'10,his limbs look really long and he was easily taller than Samuelsson and there was no ring attire there. He was given a 6'9 at Pride FC and I'm going with that being his minimum.
The Ben said on 1/Jun/09
Jones always looked 6'10 to me. He looked to have 2 inches on the dead man...
I'd love to see jones stood with nash... I believe they would be eye to eye.
Electric Shock said on 31/May/09
Yaspaa, Nathan Jones eyes are only an inch and a half max over Taker's. Taker has a substantial forehead. As for footwear, they were both wearing even boots.

Nathan Jones is NOT 6'10". He's barely hanging onto 6'9". Undertaker is 6'8.25", given that he's a half an inch taller than Kane.
Yaspaa said on 29/May/09
You cant see the top of Taker's head properly in that shot,Nathan's shoulders,neck and eyes are closer to 2" above Taker's and whats the footwear like? he was listed at 6'9 on Pride FC.
Electric Shock said on 21/May/09
Click Here

Nathan Jones is no more than an inch taller than The Undertaker.

I'm currently seeing:
Kevin Nash: 6'9.75"
Nathan Jones: 6'9.25"
Matt Morgan: 6'8.75"
Undertaker: 6'8.25"
Kane: 6'7.75"
Sid: 6'7"
Big Daddy V: 6'6.75"
supermanfan380 said on 21/Apr/09
there was an old scan of a newspaper article posted on a bodybuilding website, that said "prison record lists him as 209cm 150kg inmate", sorry I don't have a link, hence why I asked it as a question, note the "?" on my post.
Predator said on 5/Apr/09
where did you find his prison record, supermanfan?
nuggy said on 15/Mar/09
im 6'6 met nathan jones before wrestlemania 19 he was a deffo 6ft 10 if not more felt small beside him
supermanfan380 said on 15/Mar/09
Didn't his prison records list him as a 209cm inmate? That is 6'10".
Predator said on 15/Feb/09
@Lebowski, so you think everyone is wrong with 6'9" as minimum? The whole world is wrong exept you:p. Jones stated himself to be 6'10". In various strongman competitions he is bill 6'10.
Yaspaa said on 14/Feb/09
4 inches shorter? 6'7-6'8 is what is way off the mark,it's actually silly. 7ish inches taller than arnie whilst having the most relaxed posture ever. 6'9.5 is the starting bid for this guy.
Lebowski said on 13/Feb/09
There is no way Nathan Jones is 6'10 if you take a look at this video, where he attacks the big show (6'11).
If you stop the video at 0:37 you clearly see he is a good 4 inches shorter than the Big Show. If you stop it at 0:59, he appears to be 7 inches taller than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both ways...he appears to be no taller than 6'7 to 6'8. 6'10 is really way off the mark.

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Predator said on 10/Feb/09
Khali is 214 cm in real life. Imo, taker is around 6'8" in real life. Jones is a bit taller, around 6'10". Jones is always billed 6'10" everywhere, so I rather believe that.
rian mcqueen said on 6/Feb/09
i believe you are wrong anthony undertaker is abotu 5ft 10.5 and he s bgger than nathan jones soz m8 but you clearly don't know anything about taker cuz seen him n aberdeen and he is much more than 67 to 6ft 8.5 dude he is only like 4 inches shorter than khali!!!!
Yaspaa said on 3/Feb/09
The guy in the middle of that shot says he is 5'10.
AK said on 14/Dec/08
IMO Jones is 6'11'' Look at this pic of him and fellow countryman giant Conan Stevens who is listed at 7' 3/4''.
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Anthony said on 25/Nov/08
I believe nathan jones is 6'10. Which IMO puts taker at around 6'9 in ring gear ( 6'7.5 - 6'8 ) barefoot. It seems alot of people on here downgrade wrestlers heights but over exaggerate actors heights?!?

Either way theyre both massive guys
supermanfan380 said on 3/Nov/08
gazz the height of both guys varies a LOT in that video. It was filmed with very distorted angles, and depending on what guy is closer to the camera at any frame they go back and forth so much it is hard to tell anything from it.
Predator said on 1/Nov/08
You make some valid points about his height, supermanfan280. He probably doesn't realy care. But anyway, he's HUGE.

And I don't know if the 320 kg dl was his PL record or in stronman 1996. I think it might be in 1996, because is was listed in a strongman book. Sons of Samson vol.2
So yeah, maybe his PL deadlift was realy near 900 lbs.
gazz said on 1/Nov/08
has nathan even got 1.5 on taker, that training video they look pretty identical in height, takers head is so long but his eye level is lower.
supermanfan380 said on 31/Oct/08
I forgot to mention a couple things in the last post. Jones has said himself
supermanfan380 said on 31/Oct/08
Predator, do you know if that DL was in 1996? If it was from the heat that he came in 3rd, that was the year right after his arm break. He had less than 6 months to train leading up to that contest.

His arm had to be fully healed before he could train it again. For example: in that heat his SQ was 285 kg, o 627 pounds. This was a way past parallel squat, deep squat. He failed at 310 kg, or 682 pounds. Numbers like those are NOT what got him to being the Australian Powerlifting Champion. Keep in mind however, that was only 6 months of training after letting his arm heal. Before his injury He was likely putting up over 100 more pounds on every lift.

Even if that was before his arm break, you have to consider that he is extremely tall. 711 DL is very very good for any one over 6'6", and we know that regardless of exactly how tall he is, 6'6" is still short next to him.

As far as him saying 6
Anonymous said on 30/Oct/08
It's not weird when you consider that Khali is usually mentioned "over 7 feet tall" when they could be precise on at least some 3 extra inches. Why are they rounding it below?Well, They are not always trying to impress you, you know!?
Anyway, back on the Nathan-Sid comparisson. Is there any recent pic of both men standing straight, no walking cane, no street shoes... next to each other? I don't think nathan has as much advantage as the video makes believe.
Predator said on 29/Oct/08
Well, I dunno either is it's realy RLC posting here. But I doubt it cause here they say he's 6'11, ,while he is always billed as 6'10. Thats a bit weird I think. And I found that his max DL was 320 kg. Thats 711 lbs. His SQ and BP can be right, because he was a good powerlifter. So his SQ and BP had to be high to compensate his DL. 320 kg still is a lot, but I dunno if it's enough to become a powerlifting champ. I don't now if that is true either, but I do know that his strenght was mostly in his upper body. Chest and arms.
supermanfan380 said on 28/Oct/08
Predator, RLC Motion Pictures really is Nathan's management company. I don't know if it is really RLC posting here. Even if they are legit, they may not know what Nathan's old powerlifting records from 1995 are. Honestly, with the low level of popularity that sports like that have. I think there is an old score card sitting in the rusting file cabinet of an old grungy gym. That was also Nathan in his late 20s. These days he is close to 40, and so those feats are not his current lifts anyway. This is not official, I cannot prove it, but on several powerlifting boards, a few years ago, Nathan's lifts were supposedly around 700 BP, 800 SQ, and 900 DL. Only one rep each, and with equipment like a squat/deadlift suit, and a bench shirt for the bench. None of those were world records, even in 1995, but the combined total of 2400 or so was what made Nathan the Australian National Powerlifting Champion.

Like I said, I could not find proof of those numbers either. Take them with a grain of salt. Likely RLC does not have access to the forgotten rusting old gym cabinet either (if anyone knows where it is). The only thing RLC could do is ask Nathan if those numbers I posted are correct, and take his word for it if he says
supermanfan380 said on 24/Oct/08
RLC, how is Nathan's left arm doing after the cement truck hit him? Is it permanently damaged, or does hejust have to give it a few months to heal and then hit the gym to rebuild it?
Predator said on 17/Oct/08
Well then, if you are his management compagny, why is he always billed 6'10? It's a bit stupid to bill him shorter as he is. So....I don't realy believe you actually. (if you realy are his management compagy, what's his DL, BP and SQ then? Don't exargerate them)
He's 6'9 or 6'10.
RLC Motion Pictures said on 15/Oct/08
We are Nathan's management company and can assure everyone that Nathan stands barefoot at 6 feet 11 inches or 211 centimeters.
Red said on 10/Oct/08
Anonymous said on 1/Oct/08
Taker is 6'8", and there only seemed to be an inch or maybe an inch and a half between jones and taker in 2003. So nathan jones is either 6'9" or 6'9.5", or maybe taker is adding an inch to his height with some huge boots or something which is possible since taker probably didnt want to look "short" next to nathan.
M.o.r.g said on 30/Sep/08
U make it sound like nathan jones has shrunk.
Steve said on 25/Sep/08
Well M.o.r.g he is in his prime now.
M.o.r.g said on 24/Sep/08
wtf re u talking about nathan "in his prime" he's 6'10 now.
Steve said on 23/Sep/08
Nathan was definetely 6ft 10in in his prime although Kevin Nash was 6ft 9.5in or also 6ft 10in in his prime.
Red said on 20/Sep/08
I think Nathan and Nash would be the same peak height. Nathan slouches often even with big people like Undertaker he doesn
Steve said on 19/Sep/08
Is he taller than Kevin Nash?I would say he is but i am not sure.
M.o.r.g said on 18/Sep/08
yeah only u think that jimmy.
Jimmy said on 17/Sep/08
Red, that video plays a little trick on you there. Nathan is still taller than Sid, but the video makes it look more significant than it really is. First of all, the angle favours Nathan through most of the vid. Second, if you search for another video that shows the arrival of Sid at the event, you'll notice that Sid wears thin street shows (while Nathan wears regular wrestling boots wich are higher). Nathan has maybe 1.5 inches on Sid, the video makes it look like 2.5 inches or so.
Norton K said on 11/Sep/08
redator says on 16/Aug/08
He realy is 6 10. Even in strongman he was billed like that. But has anyone has more news on his possible return to the WWE?

no man he's signed a contract with tna
Red said on 11/Sep/08
Click Here Nathan towers Sid Vicious in this vid, I say 6
Predator said on 16/Aug/08
He realy is 6 10. Even in strongman he was billed like that. But has anyone has more news on his possible return to the WWE?
Supermanfan380 said on 30/Jul/08

That video is about the worst possible to discern the height of either of them, compared to each other or anything else for that matter. The camera is at an angle pointing downward, Not nearly level, and odd camera seems to make anything even slightly closer to itself appear gigantic, while anything in the background looks tiny.

Notice how if either of them are even just slightly closer to the camera than the other, they appear to TOWER over the other, and then in the next instant be DWARFED by them.

The angles in that particular video are significantly worse than most wrestling videos, and a lot of them have bad angles to begin with.

As I said before, you would need to show me a level picture, head to toe, barefoot next to another very tall person of a known height to convince me otherwise. Too much evidence puts him at 6
NathanW said on 26/Jul/08
Click Here
Jones has bout an inch or so on taker, id give him 6 8 - 6 8.5
Supermanfan380 said on 16/Jul/08
In person Magnus is a monster 6'6.5" easily. In the videos with Nathan and UT, Nathan did look taller, and the angles were really weird a lot too. Later as part of team Lesnar, he only looked about 2" shorter than the BigShow in the ring at the beginning of the match, and Jone
Drexyl said on 14/Jul/08
There's a good video somewhere of Jones arm wrestling a legit 6,6.5" Magnus Samuelsson. Judging by that I'd say 6,10" was spot on.
agshedhdhhfd said on 18/Jun/08
nate is 6'10 350 lbs
Supermanfan380 said on 12/May/08

That is a tough call, being that no picture of the two togetehr, barefoot for that matter, at a level angle, and equal distance from the camera, really cannot say for certain that Nash is taller than Jones.

Wearing flats, clearly evident, when UT had cowboy type boots on, Jones still looked a little taller than UT, but if you consider the different footwear.

When Nash was paired with UT at Wrestlemania, Nash was the one wearing the thicker footwear, and at the time, UT was not wearing the biker/cowboy boots that he later was wearing durring the Jones angle, 8 years later.
Both of those references, are totally scewed, as boot thickness, bad angles can severly scew the way wrestlers look in height. There are pictures with Jones looking within 2" of the Bigshow, and some where he looks 5" shorter, with angles clearly giving the advantage to show. The same has been seen with Nash and BigShow (Giant) in WCW. I remember there being times the two looks only 2" appart, and other a half foot.

Personally I think Jones is a solid 6'10", and that Nash used to be a solid 6'10", and is now with all his injuries closer to 6'9". Nash is a lot older than Jones, but I think the peak for Nash was spot on the same as Jone's current.
Mattiew_- said on 6/May/08
I find it odd that this site Nathan Jones at a 6'10 height , while it has Kevin Nash at 6'9 ...

Kevin is obviously as tall if not taller than Nathan Jones ...
Predator said on 5/May/08
Who would win in a real fight? Nathan jones vs Big Daddy V or Khali? And does anyone knows ho much he can deadlift bench and squat? And does anyone thinks he is stronger than Mark Henry or Khali? I think he is stronger than both.
Yaspaa said on 21/Apr/08
Nathan is too heavy for the UFC anyway
Supermanfan380 said on 20/Apr/08
Nathan is NOT a UFC fighter. Strength is only 1 aspect of the game. I give credit due on his height as a strong 6'10, his extreemely impressive build he had especially circa 2003-2004, his powerlifting feats etc...

However, his size alone would slow him down for a KO with the worlds best and much faster opponents. He likely does not fear any of this however, as UFC fighters do not go around picking fights in public, and anyone else is not going to pick a fight with Nathan. 99.9% of the huma population Jones could beat into hamburger. Besides UFC has a weight limit of 265, and Nathan is out of that by anywhere from 60-85 pounds, depending on how much he has been hitting the weights recently.
Alex2 said on 20/Apr/08
i guess if Nathan was in UFC he would be built 7'0", oh and wheres your evidence of Undertaker wearing "huge boots"?
Predator said on 19/Apr/08
Nathan is very strong. If he goes to the UFC that is an advantage. He is also a blackbelt in martial arts. I don't know what Martial art. And if he goes training with a former champion, (Bas Rutten, for example) he can have a chance. But he needs some training first.
Jason said on 16/Apr/08
Bob Sapp didn't do too badly. Heck, he would have (with, like, 6 months of training) beaten Antonio Nogueira if their match back in 2002 had have been a street fight ... that woulda been the pavement Nog's head was being slammed into, not the canvas.
Me said on 15/Apr/08
Nathan in the UFC? It would be just another disappointment to add to his resume. The guys in the UFC are for real. They don't train to look big, they train to beat the crap out of other people. Nathan is just a mighty-looking-to-the-average-guy actor.
brother_h said on 6/Apr/08
nathan jones is 6'10 and dave can stop trolling.

also, ive said since last year that backstage videos are no good but people are just to dumb to notice.
Predator said on 5/Apr/08
Nathan Jones is 6'10. Undertaker wore huge boots. Nathan didn't. He is 6'9 at least. I think 6'10. And untertakers billed height is 6'10.5
Supermanfan380 said on 4/Apr/08
Even though Takers boots are not as thick as Kane
Supermanfan380 said on 4/Apr/08
OMG dave, those backstage videos have about the WORST angles and perspective you could find.

WWE plays with these all the time to make some people look taller/shorter, more imposing etc
brother_h said on 4/Apr/08
yea ive seen those, and i remember taker didnt wear huge shoes back then. kane did on the other hand. actually jones was taller than taker in tose vids.

maybe he wore smaller boots or something. nathan is as tall as the other 6'10 wrestlers and almost as tall as this 7'0 guy theres a pic of him with these people in this thread somewhere.

he just doesnt have a 6'7 look to him. hes huge, like actually looks tall and not look like undertaker and kane. he actually looks like a 7 footer, or near 7 footer.
MagicTouch said on 3/Apr/08
Dave says on 3/Apr/08

Ok look at this video, the undertaker has the edge over Jones and the undertaker is about 6'7.5 so Jones is at best 6'7, still big but not a true giant, if Jones was really 6'10 then the undertaker is 6'11 and Kane must be a shade under 7'0 and they're nowhere near that.

And the same video, if you check the camera angles you will find that both wrestlers edges over each other depending where the camera swings.

Backstage videos are a poor way to compare heights, and this is no exception.
Dave said on 3/Apr/08
Ok look at this video, the undertaker has the edge over Jones and the undertaker is about 6'7.5 so Jones is at best 6'7, still big but not a true giant, if Jones was really 6'10 then the undertaker is 6'11 and Kane must be a shade under 7'0 and they're nowhere near that.

Click Here
brother_h said on 3/Apr/08
he cant be 6'7. look at the size of him compared to other people. hes got a whole cest over 5'7.5 tony jaa in the protector
Dave said on 2/Apr/08
He is nowhere near 6'10, just assuming the 7'0 and 6'7.5 bill for the big show and the undertaker are correct on here, he even looked a tad shorter than the undertaker. and show had him by at least 4.5 inches when they were part of 'team lesnar', even lesnar himself didn't look over 5 inches shorter than Jones, so maybe 6'7 is about right.
shawn said on 25/Mar/08
Huge, he is 6'10, i have saw this guy when he was in wwe with matt morgan who is a giant too like 6'10 also, i am 6'4 and these guys were a lot taller than me i also met bradshaw who is 6'7.
Predator said on 19/Feb/08
Maybe it wouldn't be bad if he used heavy weights for just a few years. Maybe until he is 42. But in the Asterix movie he doesn't look very lean anymore but stil very strong. (not as strong as before)
And he is 6 foot 10 indeed.
Supermanfan380 said on 18/Feb/08
He "could" get his strength back, but he is not into the heavy weights anymore, and does not want to hold a bodyweight of 350 either, as even if it is all muscle, it is too heavy to be healthy. These days he looks about 300 pounds, and is less cut, however he does look "healthy". look up the "asterix at the olympics" interview with him on youtube.

He still looks 6'10"+, especailly next to normal sized people.
Predator said on 16/Feb/08
You are right about the boots. He is a 6 foot 10 monster.
He had flat boots indeed.
But do you think he would do it good in MMA or UFC. But he is not to old to get his 1995 strength back. He is 37. And Phil Pfister won the WSM in 2006. He was 35 at the time. So I think he can get his 1995 strength back.
Supermanfan380 said on 16/Feb/08
I think he is a little old to have his 1995 strength back. He did win the world strength championships at the highland games then. That is a different contest than the WSM, with similar events.

Bakc to the height subject, as evidence that Nathan Jones had "flats" boots see this video: Click Here

His feet look very flat there, and that is a sharp difference with the way Kane's boots look. There is No "wedge" under Jone's feet.
Alex said on 15/Feb/08
265lbs is the max weight in the UFC? I didn't know that. I don't think I've seen a superheavyweight fight in UFC yet.

Whats the cruiserweight range? 190-210lbs? I'd be in that range at 200lbs.
Predator said on 12/Feb/08
265 is the weightlimit of ufc for heavyweight. But for Super heavyweight there is no limit. And do you think he will do it good in UFC. I think he will. After some strenght training, so that he has his WSM 1995 strengt again, and his 2 blackbelts. He will do it very good.
mma fan said on 12/Feb/08
there was no weight limit in heavy weight devision in pride(pride does not exist anymore). UFC heavy weight devision has weight limit of 265. Brock lesnar had to cut a bit to make 265, he weighted 274 few days before the weigh in.
Supermanfan380 said on 11/Feb/08
UFC weight limit is 265, is it not?
Predator said on 11/Feb/08
The pride fight was a fake fight also. In real life he would have defeated that slow sumo wrestler. He is also a black belt in 2 martial arts... so he would do fine in the ufc. But maybe it is better if he returned to wsm and the ufc, so that he has more power.
nobody said on 10/Feb/08
Jones would be crap in the ufc, he fought in pride and got subbed quick by a summo wrestler, he and Lesnar should stick to fake fighting(wwe)
Supermanfan380 said on 8/Feb/08
If Jones were to return, first thing they would do is send him back to OVW to get back in shape.

He is not in the kind of shape he was in from novermber of 2003 through 2004 anymore, where he was around 330-340 pounds and very lean too.

These days he looks about 300 even, and about 16% bodyfat, as he has not been training much with weight anymore, as he understands the risks of being 300+ pounds.

I dunno, if he comes back, they would likely want him to come back in the same shape he was in from Nov 2003. When he came back to TV from OVW the first time, I was like "what happened to him!?!", he looked 40 pounds heavier than he was durring the Undertaker angle.
Big Show said on 6/Feb/08
Click Here

Predator, it's featured on several wrestling news boards that Jones might return to the WWE. Nothing is confirmed yet though!
Predator said on 4/Feb/08
I am not sure, but I think he is a blackbelt in Mau Thai, and some form of Karate, maybe Taekwondo.
But I am not sure, I thought I've read it on internet.
And in one video on youtube they said he could lift more than 3 times his own body mass. He was aout 330 pounds. So that is 990 pounds.
And Big Show, how do you know he might return to WWE.
I would love to see hem wrestle again, but it would also be cool if he returned to WSM again.
On youtube is a video "asterix at the olympics". You can see him on part 2.He is not very lean anymore.
Big Show said on 4/Feb/08
Apparently Nathan Jones is in talks with WWE again about a possible return. Most wrestling journalists are not so thrilled about it, as they call Jones one of the least talented wrestlers the WWE ever had.
Supermanfan380 said on 2/Feb/08
Nathan is too heavy for UFC, and he does not stay in shape year round any more either. He still over 300 pounds however, not the ripped 330 he was for Troy, and not even close to the 350+ he was for WSM, but he is still way over the UFC limit of 265 pounds.

Predator, what martial arts does he have blackbelts in? And where did you hear he can lift "more than" 400kg? So far as I know 400 even was his best ever deadlift of only 1 rep too.
Alex2 said on 30/Jan/08
Nathan is truly a guy you wouldnt wanna mess with lol, he should try for UFC like Lesnar maybe.
Predator said on 27/Jan/08
Nathan is 6 10. And he can deadlift more than 400 kilo's. And he is a blackbelt in 2 martial arts.
cantstop25 said on 23/Jan/08
people alwasy say nathan wore small boots bu he reall didnt at least not when he was on team lesnar
JimmyDavid said on 22/Jan/08
So... I am still waiting to know of at least one person who truly believes that Jones has 4 inches on Sid... Anyone?? I think we all know it's impossible. Nash himself never had that much height over Sid. I really wanted the chance to see them both in the same ring one day to prove my point...
Anonymous said on 21/Jan/08
its because undertaker uses pretty thick heels on his shoes nathan jones doesnt
brother_h said on 21/Jan/08
nathan never wore big shoes. her wore dress shoes and fitting boots, he never wore lifts.
thats why he looked as tall as bigshow but as short(ish) as undertaker.
Red said on 20/Jan/08
I think Nathan is not 6
Alex2 said on 19/Jan/08
JP, it confuses me alos, that is why i sometimes think Taker might be 6'9
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/08
If they ever make a movie about the video game "God of war" i think they should ask Jones to play the part...
I have noticed (not sure if anyone else did too) this site puts NJ at full 4 crazy inches above Sid Eudy. There is something really wrong here. It could never be true. Either one of the given heights must be wrong.
JP said on 16/Jan/08
Has anybody noticed that Nathan Jones always looked the same height as the Undertaker, who is believed by many to be 6"7 or 6"8!!! I never really saw a 2 inc difference between the two!!!
Supermanfan380 said on 13/Jan/08
I could be wrong on this, because it has been a while since I read it, and it was in a magazine (milo 1996?) like a decade ago, maybe a little more, but it said his BP was 275 kg, DL was 400 kg, and his SQ was 360 kg. You can convert that to the English system if you want.

None of those lifts would be WR
Bubba said on 11/Jan/08
I thing he's about 6 foot 9. Does anyone know how much he could deadlift, bench press and squat.
brother_h said on 23/Dec/07
im 185cm, in new zealand thats 6'1. i could nearly see over JT's head. he is 5'10.
and Matt morgan at 6'8?...well its hard to tell with this guy, alot of his vids show him wearing very thin shoes though. 6'9 for matt morgan.
Nathan jones is a big dude, if hes 6'8(as said by viper) then that will make tony jaa on the protector 5'4. jaa is 5'6 in real life.

and i have seen jones in person aswell, he is big, slighty bigger than my brother(6'6)
Alex said on 21/Dec/07
I'd give Jones 6'9 and Matt Morgan at least 6'8.

Justin Timberlake is 6'0-6'0 1/2.
Jason said on 19/Dec/07
Brother H, I've seen Jones in person ... I don't think he's quite as tall as 6'9''. Justin Timberlake at 5'10''? Sure you're not taller than you think? I would say he's about 6'0'' - maybe 5'11 1/2'' - though, never seen him. I've read on here he has bad posture.
Viper said on 17/Dec/07
I peg Nathan at 6-8 1/4.
Damian Mavis said on 17/Dec/07
Just posting here because someone doubted my height and just wanted to clear that up. I'm the "lil guy" between Nathan and Conan in the pics linked below. I am ALMOST 5 foot 10, more like 5 foot nine and a half (180 cm).

Also I'd like to say that both Conan and Nathan are really nice guys, no attitudes or arrogance. It was a pleasure working with Nathan and with Conan again.

brother_h said on 17/Dec/07
Electric Shock says on 6/Dec/07
Nathan Jones is not 6'10". He is 6'9.25" maximum. He's only about half an inch taller than The Undertaker.

he's close to 6'10 if hes 6'9.25
i reckon he is 6'10 aswell, everyone says it, he says it, looking at him says it comparing him with other people says it.
he was even taller than matt morgan on wwe and about an inch taller than undertaker, who btw both made a cool team.

and jason, newspapers say alot of **** that famous people tell them, nathan jones isnt exactly famous but doesnt mind being famous.

JT is 5'10. i know coz i met him and im 6'1.
Jason said on 7/Dec/07
supes78 says on 3/Nov/07
''Here's an Australian newspaper article about Nathan Jones and it clearly states the man is 6'10" tall;
Click Here''

Newspapers also say Justin Timberlake is 6'2''...
Electric Shock said on 6/Dec/07
Nathan Jones is not 6'10". He is 6'9.25" maximum. He's only about half an inch taller than The Undertaker.
cantstop25 said on 6/Dec/07
I know this isnt matt morgans page but I guess this is the closest thing to it (seeing as he and nathan are basically the same size) jsut want to show these pcitures of him completely towering over lance hoyt who several believe to actually be a legit 6'7"(in ring gear he is taller then abyss who is clearly taller then 6'5" dustin rhodes)
Click Here

also if you look at this album he looks taller then kevin nash
Click Here
supes78 said on 3/Nov/07
Here's an Australian newspaper article about Nathan Jones and it clearly states the man is 6'10" tall;
Click Here
Rusty james said on 28/Sep/07
Lol obviously he makes him look tiny, jaa is only about 5 ft 6 or so(but still cool)haha.oh yeah and it looks like theres a few other big wrestlers in it too.heidenreich maybe? gotta love good ol NATHAN though lol.
how many other 6 ft 10 wrestlers do u know who,can do spin kicks and stuff.
Supermanfan380 said on 24/Sep/07
Your right Rusty, jones is not in that kind of shape anymore. Warrior king is a cool movie. Yeah Jones's character goes down, being that he plays the a villian, but he does make Jaa look tiny.
Rusty james said on 24/Sep/07
just saw those pictures of jones and that other bloke,doesnt look like he was in wwe.
Rusty james said on 24/Sep/07
yeah but have u seen the "warrior king" with tony jaa,he's only little and he throws nathan around and's cool.
Supermanfan380 said on 21/Sep/07
He is right, and it is well known that your spine expands at night, so height is never consistent for anyone.
Check yourself right out of bed, and you will be over 6’6”, more like 6’7” and some change.

People of average height, and in good spinal health will expand about ½” to 1” at night, and really tall people, over 6’6” will usually expand about 1” to 1.5” but the extra height will be gone within about 2 hours of waking up.

Most of the wrestlers being compared are NOT from pictures taken at their house, having their morning coffee, but are from when they are at an event, usually afternoon, so they have already been “compressed”.

Jones says he is 6’10”, and has said he is 6’10” on multiple occasions. WSM listed him as 6’10”. Jones was taller than 6’7” Magnus by a solid 3”-4”. Sometimes the WWE would announce him at 7ft, yet other times 6’10” possibly because Nathan kept on saying such (and its hard to say a guy is 7ft when he keeps yapping 6’10” to everyone).

I will take that all into consideration, and say a solid 6’10” and possibly some change for Nathan Jones. I would guess his weight around 300 pounds when he was first in WWE, and 330-340 pounds after he got back from OVW (think “team Lesnar” if you don’t remember).
Tower66 said on 9/Sep/07
I met Jones at an airport back in 2004. By far the tallest 'muscular guy' I ever saw in person. I'm 6-6, and when I asked him how tall her was he said "6-10 in my barefeet, but even taller when I wake up".
Seeing him in person is crazy. He is not normal. I lift weights but I am still skinny, and he is a gorilla, but he was much taller than me. I felt not only short but like a toothpick too.
Alex said on 25/Aug/07
You lose more height in the day when you're working a physical job or working out with weights. Thats why I lose a full inch throughout the day.
Jason said on 22/Aug/07
Lugging around all that extra muscle gained from heavy weightlifting and you know what else wouldn't be conductive to longevity for anyone, let alone him. Not to mention consuming thousands of calories en masse. Good to hear he's made the right decision for his long term health. Obviously a smart bloke -- I've read one of his hobbies is building computers!
Supermanfan380 said on 21/Aug/07
I heard a rummor that Jones is now actively trying to lose muscle mass, and allowing himself to be at about 16-18% bodyfat, and does not even shave his hair any more.

Supposed reason for it is being 300+ pounds and ripped is not very healthy, and a lot of the bigger guys, Pro Wrestlers, and WSM competitors have been kicking the bucket lately.

I think if he just kept the weights to a minimum, stayed clean, and did a decent (yet still moderate) amount of cardiovascular exercise, then he may live a decent amount more.

Problem still comes with height.

You just don’t see anyone > 6’6” in eldery homes, or lake homes, or. Florida, or wherever you go when you are over 75 yrs old, you just don’t see big people there.

So I understand if he wants to live long, training like a powerlifter, or bodybuilder, is only going to make him bigger, and that is counter productive to longevity. At least for a Giant like him.
Dave said on 14/Aug/07
6'10 is fair for jones, give or take an inch... at that height alot of it is down to posture.... either way, he could pass for 6'10 ANY day.... even if hes only 6'8-6'9... he has a 6'10 look about him besides... if he stands straight he isnt much shorter than big show, and hes a shade taller than a supposed 6'9-6'10 matt morgan (remember matt had spikey hair and jones was bald, yet jones still looked taller)
Icehole73 said on 8/Aug/07
I just looked at the photo of Conan and Jones. Conan looks short for a 7 footer next to Jones. When next to the Undertaker, Jones looks about 6'9.5. Just my opinion and I'd give him 6'10".
Jason said on 8/Aug/07
The page doesn't seem to work now, but I think it said he stopped lifting weights all together.
LV said on 7/Aug/07
He stopped working out and seriously lifting because (loosely quoted) "those really big guys die too young".
Vegas said on 5/Aug/07
that photo was taken during the filming of nathan jones' latest movie. The little guy in the middle of Stevens and Jones is 5'10 listed Damian Mavis Click Here
Jason said on 5/Aug/07
He doesn't lift weights anymore.
Alex said on 5/Aug/07
When was this picture taken with Jones and Stevens? Jones has gottan much hairer and has put on some fat.
LV said on 4/Aug/07
Here is Nathan Jones looking a strong 6'10" next to 7'0.25" Conan Stevens
(Click Here).
Mattiew said on 31/Jul/07
Nathan Jones is 208cm tall .
He was billed at 208cm when he was doning strongman and looked so next to 200cm Maguns Samuelsson .
He may have shrunk a bit over years but I can't see him under 6'9 now ( though I think 6'10 is still a fair estimation)
kenneth said on 28/Jul/07
oh this big dude looks 7ft in e movie when he ran out.. looks 6ft8~6ft9 in wwe & in real life looks only a 6ft8 big guy..
Supermanfan380 said on 26/Jul/07
I never thought that UT was 350, ever, but with bodyfat, sure. Jones had bigger muscles than UT EVER had, and he was billed at 330, but in interviews said 295-300. Has has said he has been as heavy as 350 when he was not really ripped though at the time he had more of a powerlifters build. No six pack at that weight but strong as all hell.
Ben said on 25/Jul/07
Jones appears 6,10" to me, seems to be around 330lbs. I remember reading an interview with the undertaker in 99 or 2000 where he was talking about his ministry of darkness days and saying he was out of shape and got upto 350lbs, he's cut up alot since then and looks 280ish. 350s not ridiculous for a guy 6,7 or 6,8...And he's a lot bigger when you stand next to him, i met him in 94 when he looked thin on tv and he a huge bone structure and a giant head that made him appear smaller, theres so many variables to take into account when guessing hight and weight.
meathead320 said on 4/Jul/07
So couldn't Matt have been 5" taller than your friend? I mean you got this thing down to 0.5" which is kind of a small increment.

Then there is the fact that most people are another full inch taller, especially tall people, right when they wake up from bed.

So given that, Morgan could be 6’8.5” which I will call 6’9” as estimating within 0.5” is ridiculous, and when he gets out of bed 6’10” or very close to it.

Taller people also have a smaller% of height for an inch, so a 6’10” and 6’4” guy, 6” will look like less than 6” in a picture, as 6” for them is a smaller% of their height than ours.
Vegas said on 4/Jul/07
i'm 5'11 barefoot. well i estimated morgan first standing up next to him. I first got a pic with him; then i estimated him next to my friends (he was approx 4.5" taller than my 6'4 friend) and then i was talking to him for a while (nice guy)

There was a basketball team in the same hotel at the very same time (first time i ever met cheerleaders, lol) and i can't remember any of them being taller than morgan, (they all passed by him because he was standing in the one spot for about 20 minutes)

Morgan didn't have wrestling boots on btw, it would have looked funny if he did though :)
meathead320 said on 3/Jul/07
How tall are you, Vegas?

You may have met Morgan, but did you measure him? That, and it is hard to tell which of them is close to the camera in a picture that does not show their feet.

If they have wrestling boots on, then it can be very hard to tell who is what barefoot.

Like I said before, I will give these guys the benefit of the doubt until I see concrete proof, like a mugshot (unaltered) of them being shorter.
Vegas said on 3/Jul/07
hi meathead good to hear from you man. you have been the source of a bit of controversy on this site, not least from me for a while now ;)

personally i don't believe nathan jones is a full 6'10. I met matt morgan face-to-face (the pictures have been posted; i will post the video in the next few days) and he was around the 6'8 mark in sneakers but not quite 6'9 (6'8.25-6'8.5). Jones was about 0.5" taller than Morgan based on photos of the two outside of the ring (i have a number and will post them tomorrow).

I first saw Jones in November 2001 at the WWA event where the guy announced him as 7'1 and he looked like a monster from the barrier. When he joined the WWE he did not look impressive (height wise) at all though, i was expecting him to tower guys like the undertaker (especially seeing as he towered the supposed 6'7 Magnus Samuelsson) but he didn't.

meathead320 there is a big problem with second hand accounts. My friend for example is 6'4 (claims 6'5 himself) and thinks everyone is shorter than him. When he met kane he told all his friends he was about the same height or no more than 1" shorter than kane. Of course i had the photos and the videos to prove there was 3".
meathead320 said on 3/Jul/07
One of the big problems I have found with the way we are getting our heights estimated, is that we have been playing the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game to determine height. "so and so is such tall compared to who, and so they must be this tall compared to so and so, and this is their real height". Not very good math because we can loose or gain a full inch every time we do that.
meathead320 said on 3/Jul/07
I meant never seen a picture with any one "taller" than himself. "shorter" was a typo. ;-/)
meathead320 said on 3/Jul/07
Vegas summons me?

Surprising to some but I have re-considered my stance on Jones’s height. There are several reasons for it, but not least of which was meeting seeing people he has been compared to in person, not he himself, but a couple guys I have seen in pictures with them, who I know the height of. My Wife’s cousin is 6’6”, legit, and he has met Jones, he said Jones towered over himself. I know that will not hold weight with the people here, but I have to say that I will give Jones 6’10” until I see concrete proof he is shorter.

Around a year ago I e-mailed Conan Stevens asking about Jone’s height, seeing as I had never met Jones before, and one of the people I got his height estimate from has a personal beef with Jones. According to Stevens, Jones is about 2” shorter than he himself is.

I have never saw a picture of Stevens with any one shorter than himself, and now I have been told by other sources that Jones is taller than I pegged him at. Sometimes I was too conservative, and I will just give the guy the benefit of the doubt now until I see real proof of him being shorter.

The guy who told me that Jones was more like 6’6” had a personal problem with Jones because of the way he exited the wrestling business, and Ben had been part of it at one time as well. He hates Jones. So any info I got from him would be severely undercutting Jones any way. I learned to never get info about a guys stats from someone who dislikes him. That is not a good way to get objective information.
Vegas said on 3/Jul/07
that first photo conan has uploaded with 5'10 listed Damian Mavis is interesting. If Mavis is a legit 5'10 (which i don't think he is looking at that photo) both jones and stevens comes out at approx 6'11.5" or so.

Mavis looks alot shorter next to jones than i did next to morgan
Jason said on 3/Jul/07
He says he's 214cm on his site but claimed 212cm here in Australia when he was ''7-foot Thunder''. He's neither.
Vegas said on 3/Jul/07
i wonder what our friend meathead320 will make of these photos??

meathead has been going on and on about how jones is only 6'6 and stevens is a legit 7'0, well i for one don't see 6" there; its 1" max in one photo and they look the same height in the other photo. Looking at those photos Stevens looks around 6'10 if Jones is around 6'9 (my estimation seeing as he was no more than 0.5" taller than Matt Morgan).

that claim of stevens as being the tallest bodybuilder-actor of all time is seriously under threat now looking at those photos (i would say Dalip singh would have him by a couple of inches)
Supermanfan380 said on 2/Jul/07
I know this is about Nathan Jones, but I just had to add this about Noah Steere, seeing as he has been brought up to compare to Jones.

Odd thing is, Noah Steere looks so much bigger in person at expos like the Arnold Classic, that it makes you think his claimed 6'6" and 335-350, is really a joke of his, and that he could really be 6'9" and close around 380 pounds, rumor has it he had gotten just a hair under 4-hundo at one point. Not sure what one earth would make a guy say he is smaller than he really is, but if you ever see him in person and listen to his sense of humor (cool as hell too), it makes you wonder if it is an inside joke. Hes at “least” 6’6” and 350.

Even Mark “Conan” Stevens claims on his site that Noah is the biggest bodybuilder ever, and Conan is a monster in his own right at 7'0.25" (tallest bodybuilder-ACTOR of all time), he is built like Jones, around the same weight, maybe 2" taller than Jones is, but between them it is not a big difference.

That is also proof Jones being about 6’10”, as in pictures with Conan, they are very close in height. Conan has them up on his site here: Click Here
198andstillgrowing said on 20/Jun/07
yeah sorry about that, i keep thinking 198 is 6'7'', yeah 198 is 6'6''. SOrry about the mistake.
Viper said on 20/Jun/07
Im automatically downgrading everyone by an inch that the 6-7 guy says since he has 6-6 in his screen name :)
Jason said on 20/Jun/07
Hang on a moment ... you're 6'7'' but your screen name is 198andstillgrowing?
198andstillgrowing said on 20/Jun/07
In my opinion, the following height of WWE wrestlers. Big Show at 6'11' now (7'0'' peak), Nathan Jones at 6'9'' (HIs height in PRIDE FC) although i would give him half inch advatage, Kane at 6'8'', Taker at 6'7.5'', Great Khali (7'05'' to 7'1''), Matt Morgan at 6'9'', The Rock (i've met him when he was in Melbourne Australia) at 6'3'', Goldberg 6'2.5'', Brock Lesnar at 6'2'' and Batista at 6'3''. I'm 6'7'' so i had quite alot of height on the rock 4 inches top.
Jason said on 18/Jun/07
Noah's about 6'6 1/2'', he said he's 6'7'' when he first wakes up. I don't think Jones is that much taller. Noah said practically everyone estimates him at 6'8'' or taller.
Vegas said on 18/Jun/07
Alex; what about that dude who claims to be friends with steere and posted that steere said he was just 1" shorter than wight. that same guy said nathan jones was 6'11; making wight approx 4" shorter than jones in reality
Alex said on 18/Jun/07
Nathon Jones actually reminds me of Norah Steere the bodybuilder and he was 6'7 335lbs going this bodybuidling magazine I just picked up. Jones is just a taller version of him I think.
Its A Punjabi Ting (UK) said on 18/Jun/07
Have a look at the height difference between Tony Jaa and Nathan Jones although Tony is in a low stance at 56 seconds.

Click Here
Vegas said on 18/Jun/07
Alex; personally at this particular moment in time; i think jones is 6'9. he looked too short next to wight to be 6'10 imo.

They measure people in prison now??? don't know how much credit i would give to those type of measurements though. Big show has 7'2 down as his measured height when he was booked so............
Viper said on 18/Jun/07
Vegas called me a bully on here :)
Jason said on 17/Jun/07
Alex, I've heard 202cm (which is 6'7 1/2'') was Nathan's measured height in jail at age 19. Though this is completely unconfirmed...
Jason said on 17/Jun/07
He also said 6'11'' *give* or take a cm. lol. Not that you needed to read into that to know this fella was attempting to take the more gullable here for a ride!
Alex said on 17/Jun/07
Thorgrim could be 6'11 but we haven't seen a picture with him and Nathon Jones though, but even without it we haven't seen where Jones looks 6'7-6'9 either. I agree with Vegas, that he's probably 6'10, 6'9 at the very shortest.
Jason said on 17/Jun/07
Man, way to lose your temper over nothing much. I didn't even abuse you. lol

Well folks, this post should confirm this dude's fudged his height by at least a foot...

[Editor Rob: thor has said on Yahoo he's 6ft 10 and on celebheights he's 6ft 11. That's all I know...I've never seen a thor pic with a wrestler, but if he ever showed one, I'd question why give 2 different heights...]
Thorgrim said on 17/Jun/07
jason, having reviewed many of your posts here, i have come to the conclusion that you are an arrogant *****. And thats about the kindest i can be here.

Everyone else is wrong, you are right, yeah we get it... also, i am not the height i have been my entire life because one day a little man called "jason" on a forum told me so.... not to mention belittling my life expierience.

Take a long hard look in the mirror, and tell me if you are fit to dictate to others facts about their life.

Oh and i guess nathan jones isnt a man with real friends, no hes a celebrity, and just so happens to float in a bubble of air with no contact with the outside world until hes needed again for a movie appearance. Oh and i guess "attempted" strongmen, yes thats what i was.... grow on trees, or maybe they float in bubbles too, or they just "appear", because surely someone couldnt possibbly BE one!!!!, that would just be ridiculous!!!!. I mean, if YOU cant do it, how dare anyone else claim to have done it!, you are "jason"!.

now, im sick of this, i am 6'11 inches tall, give or take a cm, and i am through trying to prove facts about MY life to loosers on an internet site, and im not angry at all of you, actually some of you were very pleasant to me. But people like this jason are just too sad to be around. Thanks for the short welcome guys, see you again maybe.

Maybe, the next time you "meet" nathan, ANY of you.... tell him that his old friend from norway "thorgrim" claims to be 6'11, and with your endless knowledge you know that he isnt, id love to see his reaction :)

anyhoo jason, i might still email the pics to rob if i find them, and maybe then youll realise what an arrogant moron you have been.
Jason said on 16/Jun/07
I wasn't in the cheap seats - I was in the ringside area, just not on the aisle to get a good estimate.

And I akowledged this: ''i hate being a p***k about this jason, but so far thorgrim "steve" has shown us as much evidence about his height/his meetings with wrestlers as you have about yours..... none'' when I said ''You're welcome to debate this, though, as like your opinion of his height, it's not a confirmed fact...''

I'm not the one claiming to be 7 feet tall and saying my encounters end the debates here. Oh, and a strongman and having hung out with Nathan. Come on, mate...
Brah said on 16/Jun/07
Awhile back on youtube, I saw the Nathan Jones versus Koji Kitao fight. He was billed as 6'9" in that fight.
Vegas said on 16/Jun/07
jason cmon man; in fairness you mentioned before you were miles back when you saw nathan jones, how you could estimate him from back in the cheap seats baffles me :) i was up at the barrier when i first saw jones in 2001, but i am not gonna bother with an estimation even from there. my friend still raves at how big jones looked even today after meeting kane, morgan, big show, taker in the meantime etc

i hate being a p***k about this jason, but so far thorgrim "steve" has shown us as much evidence about his height/his meetings with wrestlers as you have about yours..... none

of course thorgrim might be telling us tall tales, but the fact remains, jones is listed everywhere at 6'10 and unlike alot of ex-wrestlers most of these listings are non-wrestling listings and we have video clear as day where he is 3-4" taller than Magnus Samuelsson who is listed at 6'7.

having said all that i think Jones is shorter than 6'10 after reviewing recent evidence.
cantstop25 said on 16/Jun/07
even though I normally dont agree with jason I will here, thorgrim until you show us some pics im not going to believe your 6'11"
Alex said on 16/Jun/07
Jones was in jail. Is there any chart or sheet that would have his height down from his time in jail?
Jason said on 15/Jun/07
Thorgrim "steve" says on 14/Jun/07
''OK, of all those who seem so sure of this mans height, HOW many of you have met him?.... or know him persoanlly?.... doubt me all you like, but i dont think youll be so confident when i find the pictures and post them. hes a good 6'9.5-6'10 i know this for a FACT (that means something that is true, no questions asked) theres no way nathan is only 6'8.''

Yeah, yeah lol. I of course knew you wouldn't be able to back this up. You're not 6'11''. I know it, you know it, others here know it. I have in fact seen Nathan Jones in person and whatever he was, he wasn't 6'10''. You're welcome to debate this, though, as like your opinion of his height, it's not a confirmed fact...
Alex said on 15/Jun/07
6'8 and up its tough to estimate unless you're right near them but even then its tough unless you're in that height range. But still I think Jones is 6'9-6'10.
Thorgrim "steve" said on 14/Jun/07
thats a good point.... it is true that when you reach a certain height it is harder.... and 6' guy once thought i was 7'1!!!!, im tall.... but thats a good 5-6 cms at least there.... so your point is well taken.

its just i thought i was correct. And its a little easier when you are eye level with them.
Viper said on 14/Jun/07
Its VERY easy to overestimate a legit 6-8 man. 6-8 can look 6-10-6-11 in person depending on build. Ive done it a few times with Basketball players. When I saw NBA star Carlos Boozer at a restaraunt once, I could have sworn he was the 6-9 he was listed at. But to my shock when he got measured he came out at 6-7 1/2. Estimating guys 6-7 and over can be tough.
Thorgrim "steve" said on 14/Jun/07
sorry to have gotten angry, but im sure all of you know what its like to be SO sure you are correct, and have someone not believe you. Especially someone assuming on the power of pictures alone (which can be subject to bad angle, bad lighting, posture, standing positions etc etc)who think they know exactly what height a man is without having met him, ever.
Thorgrim "steve" said on 14/Jun/07
OK, of all those who seem so sure of this mans height, HOW many of you have met him?.... or know him persoanlly?.... doubt me all you like, but i dont think youll be so confident when i find the pictures and post them. hes a good 6'9.5-6'10 i know this for a FACT (that means something that is true, no questions asked) theres no way nathan is only 6'8.
Viper said on 13/Jun/07
I agree with Jason. He looks 6-8 to me as well.
Jason said on 13/Jun/07
Steve says on 12/Jun/07
''This should end this debate fairly quick, i am a legit 6'11 with NO SHOES ON, repeat NO SHOES ON. And i met nathan back during his body building/strongman days multiple times, hes at LEAST 6'9.5 - 6'10..... we even used to compare for fun, without shoes, and i was a maximum of one and a half inches taller than him, maybe one.... me and nathan and a few onlookers agreed on this....

so, debate over.... nathan is a solid 6'10, give or take a cm.... end of story. thanks.''

If you post a full body pic holding a piece of paper saying '''' ... *then* then debate will be over. Til then... :D

I maintain 6'8'' at most.
Alex said on 12/Jun/07
Steve, yea I too believe Nathon Jones looks a legit 6'10, at the lowest would be 6'9.
Steve said on 12/Jun/07
This should end this debate fairly quick, i am a legit 6'11 with NO SHOES ON, repeat NO SHOES ON. And i met nathan back during his body building/strongman days multiple times, hes at LEAST 6'9.5 - 6'10..... we even used to compare for fun, without shoes, and i was a maximum of one and a half inches taller than him, maybe one.... me and nathan and a few onlookers agreed on this....

so, debate over.... nathan is a solid 6'10, give or take a cm.... end of story. thanks.
Viper said on 30/Apr/07
I see that you have 5-4 down on your myspace.
michiele said on 30/Apr/07
i have met nathan while he was in ovw and i have a pic with him on my myspace page Click Here i am 5'3 and i only come up to his waist
Alex said on 25/Apr/07
I think Jones could be closer to 6'10 as he was billed at 6'11-7'0 but he could be wearing lifts though. So the shortest he could possibly be would be 6'8-6'8.5.
Viper said on 23/Apr/07
Jones looks 6-8 Max to me.
Colton said on 11/Apr/07
nathan said in an interview im 6 foot 10 350 pounds of bone crushin terror then he went and still growin and he laughed. but wwe had em listed as 7 foot 380 but thats just for show 6 10 350 is his real height.
asfasf said on 23/Mar/07
jones is a solid 6'10, he is taller than morgan e nash imo
Alex said on 7/Mar/07
When Big SHow first came they did say he was 7'0 but sometimes 7'2 and even once I remember them saying 7'1, but after a few months they continued to say 7'2 for years up until late 2002 when they started saying 7'0 again.
anonymus said on 27/Feb/07
according to vegas morgan is 6'8.5" jones is 6,9".i agree ,but i would put morgan at a solid 6'8" no more based on the pic he provided of him standing next to morgan.
mike said on 19/Feb/07
if nathan jones is 6,10" then it,s safe to say show is 7,1"
Big Show said on 15/Feb/07
Supermanfan380, you're wrong about the WWE, they really don't give a crap what wrestlers are billed at before they enter the WWE. The Big Show was billed at 7'4 in WCW, but WWE billed him at 7' when he entered the WWE. Kurt Angle was billed as 5'10/5'11 during the Olympics, yet WWE billed him at 6'2. The same with Brock Lesnar and countless other WWE superstars. Some wrestlers even change height during their run in the WWE (like Edge). I personaly have stopped tryin' to find some kind of pattern in WWE's height and weight listing, because I doubt if there is one.
Jason said on 13/Feb/07
Jones doesn't look more more than 2 1/2 inches taller than 6'5 1/2'' MMA-listed Sylvester Terkay. I've seen Jones in person before and he definitely didn't look 6'10''. WWE aren't concerned with what wrestlers have been billed at in the past in sports; they're not even concerned with what they used to be billed at in other wrestling promotions or the WWE themselves.
Supermanfan380 said on 12/Feb/07
Jones is every bit of 6'10". WWE would list him at that sure, but how could they lie about it? He had already been listed by WSM at 6'10".

If they would have said 7 foot and people found out later that WSM had listed him at 208cm, then WWE would be exposed as lying about heights, and even more so, weights.

Even as it was, if someone here can find a video of the “Chris Benoit vs. Nathan Jones” match on Smackdown aired on November 20th 2003, Jones was announced at 6’10” and 340 pounds when he entered the match.

Later during the Match one of the Announcers listed him at “7 foot and 350+ pounds”.

What? He just grew 2 more inches and over 10 pounds?

Undoubtedly had Jones’s height and weight not been listed by the WSM at 6’10” and 340 pounds, WWE would not have bothered and simply said he was 7 foot and 350+ all the damn time.
LV said on 31/Jan/07
He's undoubtebly 6'10". He is clearly 3 inches taller than Magnus, who is a legit 6'7".
Alex said on 12/Jan/07
Cantstop, I can see Jones at 6'9 at least. He looks taller than 6'7-6'8.
Alex said on 9/Jan/07
Big Show, I agree with most you say. I been guessed at 210-215lbs at least and I'm 200-205lbs. Muscle gives people the impression that you weigh more than you do.
Big Show said on 9/Jan/07
I'm not that interested in weight estimates, only with big guys such as Big Show and people who are around my weight range interest me.
Guessing weights is not as easy as guessing heights. You can't really guess weights based on a couple of pictures as Alex proved with the pics of his friends.

I don't make a guess in the dark when weight is concerned, I normally compare them with people who's weight I do know. But apparently you could still be way off.

Alex I doubt that your ability to guess weights has got anything to do with working out. I hit the gym 5 times a week (during my peak I even went twice a day), but still I could be way of with guessing height.

There's one guy at my gym who's 6'1.5, has got like 17" arms and a chest of 43 inches. I'd guessed him at around 225 lbs, yet he claims he never weighed more than 205 lbs (with a bodyfat percentage of 8%). Seeing as he used to be in the marines he probably must've knew his weight accurately. I doesn't struck me as the type who would deliberately underestimate his weight.
Alex said on 8/Jan/07
Danimal, same here. I'm interested in both. And you probably noticed, that the people who estimate weight the best are the ones into working out/lifting weights the most. There are some on this site who I think aren't bad at estimating height but with weight some of their estimates are way off.
Danimal said on 7/Jan/07
Alex, I'm equally interested in both height and in weight.
Supermanfan380 said on 6/Jan/07
I just got done looking at some youtube videos, and sure enough Jones got billed at 7ft and 350 by the anouncers.

THis is why I tend to think he is 6'10". Also the fact that Milo Magazine 1995 listed him at 6'10" and they were a reliable strongman magazine.
Alex said on 4/Jan/07
Rob, are you a pretty good weight estimater or one of those guys who sticks to just guessing heights? Myself am actually good at estimating weights.

[Editor Rob: I don't guess weights, not that interested although I sometimes include quotes with height/weight because some folk are.]
Alex said on 3/Jan/07
And by the way one of my heavy friends I posted down below that we were discussing his weight. He weighs 325lbs and I saw it myself on the doctor's scale 2 weeks ago so the 340-345lbs I mentioned back then isn't accurate because the scale was apparently off that day. I figured because he didn't look 340lbs plus. So that throws 300lbs or less out the window for those underestimaters with weight! haha
Jason said on 24/Dec/06
Yeah, Terkay has 3.5 or 3 inches on DDP. I've always thought DDP was 6'2 1/2'' and seeing him with 197cm/6'5 1/2'' Terkay more or less confirms he is in that range. Notice the size of Terkay's melon, though -- it's bloody enormous!!! He looks like he's got some Islander in him.
Jason said on 20/Dec/06
Oops, I mean Jones looks at most 2 1/2 inches taller than Terkay lol!
Jason said on 20/Dec/06
Terkay looks at most 2 1/2 inches taller than Jones and we now have a 6'5 1/2'' MMA listing for Terkay.
Jason said on 20/Dec/06
Click Here

Bleemo, that MMA article has Terkay listed at 197cm!
Jason said on 20/Dec/06
Glad to see you agree with me about Nathan Jones, Bleemo. Predator is quite likely 6'5''. Jones looked 6'7''-6'8'' to me in person but he could be 6'8 1/2'' as you say. He was an extremely tall guy, but not 6'10''.
Alex said on 19/Dec/06
Big Show, I remember Show having 2 inches on Jones. And 3 on Morgan I think and Also Jones was a bit taller than Morgan too.
Anonymous said on 19/Dec/06
Bleemo, your argument is not correct. I agree that Undertaker and Kane's heights are exaggerated but Morgans and Jones heights were not exaggerated because it would make the more established wrestlers (Undertaker and Kane) who are the companys know big men look inferior if there were younger unproven wrestlers coming in an being billed as bigger than them.

Alot of the heights are linked with power and standing within the company, the more you are going to be pushed and the more faith Vince has in you the more impressive he will bill you as being size wise.

So its not always as simple as saying if Kane isnt his billed height then Nathan Jones can't be his because thats not how it works.
Big Show said on 19/Dec/06
Bleemo, first of all Nathan Jones has been listed 6'10 almost everywhere (Strongman competition, AWA, WWE, etc. He's also stated numerous times himself that he's 6'10, there are listings of 6'11 to even 6'11.5).

In the first pic of Jones and Sylvester, Jones is standing further behind, we don't see any footwear or the ground level.
The second pic is shot from a low camera angle and that always downgrades the taller guy. Plus they're all leaning a bit to their right. And again, we don't see any footwear of ground level.

Jones looked 3 inches taller than 'billed' 6'7 Magnus Samuelson, who looked 2 inches taller than a legit 6'5 TV-host (who hosted a strongman competition for the Dutch TV once) and he was also taller than fellow strongman Wout Zijlstra (who's around 6'6 himself).

The Big Show was clearly taller than Jones and not by just an inch. During that episode of Smackdown where Team Lesnar first showed up the 5 of them posed in the ring together after they've beat up Team Cena. Big Show was 2 inches taller than both Jones and Morgan and he wasn't even standing completely straight (there's a picture of this posedown somewhere on the net).
Alex said on 16/Dec/06
Jones looks noticeably taller than Sylvester. Could be 3 inch difference I think.
Viper said on 14/Dec/06
Jones looks more like a 6-8 guy.
Jason said on 14/Dec/06
I would figure 1.5-1.75'' from footage and pics.
Alex said on 14/Dec/06
I've seen a times where Big Show only had an inch on Jones, but also Show's posture you gotta take into account as well where he may really have 2 inches on Jones but no more than that. Jones was 2-3 inches taller than UT at least.
Jason said on 14/Dec/06
Big Show was *barely* taller than Jones at the 2003 Survivor Series.
Supermanfan380 said on 13/Dec/06
Its tough to say for Jones's height he looks about 6'10", in the video I posted Show had a good 2 inches on him, but the only real way to compare would be to put them both back to back barefoot.
Alex said on 13/Dec/06
The little guy is Rob who is 5'6 I believe. Its around a foot difference if you saw the show.
Jason said on 13/Dec/06
Could just be the pics, but he looks closer to 6'3'' next to the little guy.
Alex said on 13/Dec/06
Yea, pretty much 400lbs as he weighed 416lbs to be exact on the scale at the recyling center because he was too heavy for a digital scale and at the gym the one maxed out at 400lbs and the balance beam hit to top and didn't move, funny how he went to get weighed at a girl's gym, Curves. Also take into account the guy is 6'5-6'6 as well.
Jason said on 13/Dec/06
Actually, that guy looks 400lbs.
Alex said on 12/Dec/06
and 2 toward the top right side.
Alex said on 12/Dec/06
Jason, at the bottom of the page there are a few pics of Big Black AKA Christopher Boykin and Rob Dyrdek.

Click Here
Paul said on 12/Dec/06
I don't think it was quite that much Alex. From what I remember it looked maybe 3-4cm. This was around 2002 or 2003. I had Jones down as 6'9 1/2 which is 207cm..
Jason said on 12/Dec/06
I've never watched the show or even seen him so no clue.
Alex said on 12/Dec/06
Jones def had a few inches on UT. 2 at the least.
Alex said on 11/Dec/06
Jason, what do you think about Big Black from Rob and Big? Do you think he's a legit 6'6 that he says. I think so, at least 6'5 as he just TOWERS over Rob by around foot and Rob looks to be 5'6 or so. Did you think Big was really like 350lbs before he weighed in at 415lbs? lol
Alex said on 11/Dec/06
Interesting fact out of my 4 best friends the average weight is between 280-290lbs with an average height of 6'1. I doubt most don't have an average of that unless their closest friends are wrestlers or football players. That stat really isn't a good one either as 2 of my friends are very overweight/obese and another is overweight while one is fit.
Jason said on 11/Dec/06
Yeah, I'm Australian.

Superman ... LOL. The government's really on our backs here about being fat asses here, even little kids get no slack now. :S
Supermanfan380 said on 11/Dec/06
That is because here we teach kids that "you are ok exactly as you are, with clogged arteries and blood pressure and cholesterol so high you could fall down and die anytime, thus being MORBIDLY obese, yet it WHAT IS ON THE INSIDE THAT COUNTS."

Fat people are not lazy, they work very hard, much harder than the average person. For example, when was the last time a skinny guy was out of breath walking up steps?
Jason said on 10/Dec/06
I don't see many people as fat as your friends let alone Rikishi and Rosey, and I'm in the inner city a lot. The average person here is pretty much as fat as in the US but for some reason ridiculously fat people are more common there. I wonder why that is?
Alex said on 10/Dec/06
Jason, you're from Australia so I have a question. Since the US is the most heavier country, where you are from do you see many fat guys like my 2 friends or guys like Rikishi, Rosey much at all over where you are from? I see almost everyday a 300 plus pound guy and every weekend I see my friends who are even heavier.
Alex said on 9/Dec/06
Today for the first time in a while both my heavy friends, the 2 kids I posted below were at my house together. When around them I feel lite and should around 2 guys over 300lbs and by the way the shorter one told me today that he weighs 320lbs as he seems to flucuate if he's on a diet or not.
Supermanfan380 said on 9/Dec/06
Check out this youtube nathan Jones video:

Click Here
Alex said on 29/Nov/06
Would I have to get a picture of my friend on the scale with a picture of the weight he weighs in on? LOL
Another friend of mine saw a picture of him and guessed him at 345-350lbs and he's in the right range. Its the fact you guys haven't seen him in person is why you're underestimating his weight by that much other than Danimal and TNTinca.
Glenn said on 29/Nov/06
Meat Loaf is 5-10,5-10.25.
Danimal said on 24/Nov/06
Meat Loaf was 6'0" in his younger days.
Danimal said on 24/Nov/06
Big Show, Meat Loaf stated that he indeed went up to 375-380 in the late 70's (1977) and averaged about 350 pounds during that time. I have read this from several Meat Loaf interviews. When he had his comeback in the 1990's, he was down to 275-280 pounds.
Big Show said on 24/Nov/06
Meat Loaf has been listed up to a ridiculous 6'2, but he's really somewhere between 5'10 and 5'11. No shorter than 5'10 though, but also no taller than 5'11.
Alex said on 24/Nov/06
Big Show, how tall was meatloaf? My friend now is 6'0 and at his weight he'll look smaller than a short guy at his weight too. The 5'7 kid I posted a picture of weighs actually a little less at least than my 6'0 friend and the 6'0 friend looks lighter because he's a lot taller.
Alex said on 24/Nov/06
I can't see how you guys see 280lbs. Look at his girth, his stomach, chest, his face, too fat to be just 280lbs. I've know this kid since he was 6 years old and he hasn't been 280lbs since 2001-2002 and he's 18 now. Danimal is right about his weight.
Big Show said on 24/Nov/06
If I look at those new pics you've posted of your big friend, he does look bigger as he did in the first pic. But I would never have estimated him to be 330 lbs, more like 300 lbs tops. I remember Meat Loaf weighing 325 lbs when Bat out of Hell was released and he looked a lot heavier back then as your friend.

I never take a wild guess on anyone's height. Mostly I compare them to people, who's weight I do know. It's the same as how I estimate someone's height.
Viper652 said on 24/Nov/06
Danimal, how in the freakin world do you see 325-340 pounds for sure in those pics? I was honestly dumbfounded that he looked so much smaller than what Alex said. Jason, is Danimal messing with us here?
Viper652 said on 24/Nov/06
Ok, I'll just stick to height and judging girls looks :) But that dude doesnt look like a 300 pound plus guy, honestly
Alex said on 23/Nov/06
and especially after thanksgiving I feel like I'm 210lbs, LOL
Alex said on 23/Nov/06
Jason, yea I'm 200lbs. Normally 195lbs or a bit under especially in the summer but when it gets to the winter I normally put a little more weight. I'd actually like to get to 225lbs if I could but mostly the right way and I did peak at 215lbs in early 2005. I normally get overestimated 10-15lbs more than I weigh though.
Alex said on 23/Nov/06
Jason, I beleive if you saw my friend in person you'd believe he was heavier and as for Rikishi the guy looks to be around 400lbs to me though.
As for the scale messing up, at the doctor's I wasn't there but a doctor weighed him in so I'm sure he was on the scale when he got weighed. But at my house 2 summers ago he wieghed 326lbs then the following summer 330lbs and now my scale only goes up to 330 and after that he got on it another time and it said error so you know he's more than the weight on the scale. Like I said I'll get him on a scale very soon again and see for myself what he is today, plus those pics you saw of him were from July-now and he hasn't gotten any smaller.
Jason said on 23/Nov/06
In your dreams! Just make sure you give a money back guarantee...
Danimal said on 23/Nov/06
Alex, I was just joking with the tub comment. You want an accurate weight guess for ANYONE, come to me. These other guys are better at sticking to heights. As for Jason, I'm still not sure what your fortay is though ;).
Jason said on 23/Nov/06
I dunno, Alex. I can't see your friend being anywhere near Rikishi in weight and he really was only 350 tops. I don't think you're making it up at all or anything like that, just think something is wrong here, i.e he's set the scale forward before he hopped on without you knowing or was too heavy for the scale or something. Digital scales screw up when you're too heavy for one. You do look 200lbs, though. :)
Alex said on 23/Nov/06
Danimal, you're very correct with the weight but hey thats my friend now. Don't go calling him a tub of lard now. And I am actually going to get him on a scale soon to see for myself again since I haven't seen him weighed since last summer which was 330lbs plus. He's minimum 330lbs and likely around 340lbs.

I know most of you guy guess wrestler weights in a big weight range and have different estimates but with wrestlers I can only guess to as I don't know for sure but with my friends I have seen them get on scales so I know facts about them.
Alex said on 22/Nov/06
Ok guys I think you guys are underestimating so much on his weight because maybe you haven't seen him in person. If I didn't know him and just saw the picture I would still guess he's at least 320lbs. 280lbs would be smaller than that for a 6'0 guy like him.
Alex said on 22/Nov/06
Viper, more than some people overestimate by weight by at least 5-10lbs and thats because I have muscle so it makes me look a little heavier at least. Never measured his wrists though and he's way heavier than 280lbs. The scale was legit, plus it was accurate for me too. You guys are underestimating by at least 50-60lbs. LOL
TheMan said on 22/Nov/06
I once knew a guy who stood no less than 6 foot 9 probably actually 6,10 he must of weighed over 400 pounds wish i knew how much he did weigh. I mean he wasnt like really fat but was just a big guy not muscle bound just a big guy if you know what i mean. Height makes a tremendous diffrence to youre wieght so im gathering this guy weighed alot. Deffently the biggest guy ive seen in real life least in the height and weight ratio.
Danimal said on 22/Nov/06
Viper, stick to guessing height. That man is a tub of lard and easily over 300 pounds. Quite a bit over. I would guess between 325-340 pounds for sure.
Viper652 said on 22/Nov/06
I agree with Jason. That kid looks 280. Still fat but looks nowhere near 330. He must have the largest, heaviest bones of all time. How big are his wrists, 10 inches? lol.
Jason said on 22/Nov/06
Maybe he cocked it up :P. The upper limit on my digital scale is 130kg, which is 287lbs.
Viper652 said on 22/Nov/06
Alex, I overestimated your weight. I figured 210 at least in a couple of those pictures.
Alex said on 22/Nov/06
Jason, I seen him get on my digital scale at my house and weighed 335lbs last summer.

Cantstop, exactly Henry would have to be at least 375lbs in my opinion then but also Henry has much more muscle than me friend so he'd look more heavier than him than he already is.
Jason said on 22/Nov/06
I know. He looks over 280, but not 330. I am thinking he flicked the dial up on the scale before he jumped on or something lol. Either that or his bones are so heavy he'd make a bloody good anchor...!

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