How tall is Owen Benjamin

Owen Benjamin's Height

6ft 6 (198.1 cm)

American comedian and actor. On twitter he claimed to be 6ft 7 on over 50 occasions.
Being 6'7 on a plane is a modern version of the iron maiden torture box.
I'm 6'7 so I can never: be an astronaut, Air Force pilot, horse jockey, Christmas elf, wear "one size fits all" stuff. #yesalltallpeople
Ever see anyone 6'7 over 60 years old? Me neither! Pretty sure we die early. Im not here for a long time, but I'm here for a good time!
I know so little about any man under 6'3. I only recently found out they were even considered men and not elves.
I get furious when people think I'm only 6'6. That last inch too a lot of effort and mental focus.

How tall is Owen Benjamin
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Anyone under 6'3 always appears sneaky and devious to me. Like they are up to no good. Pick pockets and cat burglars
I'm not racist but I am heightist. If you're an adult male under 6'5 I have ZERO respect for you.
despised at concerts, in pain on airplanes, punched by drunk dudes? You are NOT missing out. 5'10 is the ideal height.

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Average Guess (46 Votes)
6ft 5.84in (197.7cm)
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 11/Jan/21
Hey Owen, if you ever read this, I may be a sub 6’3 devious elf (almost made it), but at least I’m truthful about it
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 9/Jan/21
So there’s something Owen Benjamin, peak David Prowse, current Undertaker and Lamelo Ball have in common. They are all listed 6’6, and it could reasonably be argued that they are 6’5.75. This makes me want to do one of my beloved comparisons. If I had to guess, Owen would be the shortest, he could even be a weak 6’5.75, Lamelo and Prowse would be similar, with Lamelo looking taller due to his lankier build, and current Taker would be the tallest, given that he’s got the best chance of the full 6’6, and has seen over 6’7 in his younger days
recapa said on 23/Dec/20
i,d give 6ft5.75 to owen and 6ft5.5 to bo.
Hyper said on 23/Dec/20
It’s funny because there’s another photo of Bo and Owen.

Click Here

You could argue Owen is not standing great here though.

The other picture is more accurate, but Owen is forcing his posture in the other picture while Bo is slouching.

If anything, I think Owen would be more 6’5.75” while Bo is more 6’5.5”. Honestly, i don’t think there’s a full half inch difference between them.
Hyper said on 11/Dec/20
@Vincent Caleb

His Twitter his gone, but supposedly (according to someone else who saw the picture of Bo and Owen on Twitter (a toxic website)), Owen supposedly admitted Bo is taller than him (Owen).

Poor height perception maybe, but the fact Owen is forcing his posture while Bo is slightly slouching, indicates maybe there’s a case for it. However, anything under 6’5” is dumb since Owen is visibly taller than Vince Vaughn, even while Owen was relaxed.
Vincent Caleb said on 6/Dec/20
I don’t even know if he is taller than bo. They looked pretty much the same, and he stood much straighter. I think 6’6” is too high. Yeah, his claims are stupid.
recapa said on 4/Dec/20
this guy could be a weak 6ft6 to 6ft6 flat max.he is barely taller than bo burnham and he still had the audacity to be close to 6ft8 lol .he is not even that out of bed with shoes on.
Vincent Caleb said on 27/Nov/20
How dare you be modest with your height? LOL. Sometimes I round down just to mess with people too. You wouldn’t believe how insecure some are about their height. Very few people round down as commonly as you though. I bet the majority of people who get measured a quarter over a mark will just end up claiming 3/4 over what they measured.
J2Frenzy said on 25/Nov/20
@Vincent I round down (as mentioned in earlier comments) does that make me a bad guy?
Vincent Caleb said on 24/Nov/20
Let’s see- Owen Benjamin, trump, Hannity, Ben Shapiro, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Alex Jones all lie about their height. I think we are seeing a pattern.
J2Frenzy said on 23/Nov/20
@Christian yeah I say 6’2.5 at times too. It’s probably the most accurate claim because let’s be honest, how many people are gonna see me at my lowest?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Nov/20
Then how about a 6'2.5" claim? That's a good compromise, if you don't wanna claim either 6'2" or 6'3".
J2Frenzy said on 16/Nov/20
@Hyper I’m similar. I have never gone under 6’2, the flat 6’2 measurement is my extreme low. But I round down and claim 6’2 because it feels more honest than claiming my morning height of 6’3
Hyper said on 15/Nov/20

Generally, I’m near 5’9”, around 5’8.75”. I just round down to my extreme low, because why not.
Jdubbz said on 14/Nov/20
This dude is heightist, anti-semitic, and lies about his own height. Sounds like a real charmer...
Canson said on 13/Nov/20
@Hyper: what’s your normal low? That’s your true height not the extreme low. Although in my case my 6’4.25 is my normal but I round down to 6’4”. I guess we can consider it rounding down or claiming extreme low.
Hyper said on 13/Nov/20
Meant to say 5’8.5”-5’8.75” at night. Either way, you guys can measure me, in anyway you want, whether tape measure of stadiometer.

Sorry, Rob. I really meant to say that specific measurement at night, because I really did measure myself, at night.

The weird thing was I knew was over 5’8”, but whether I did measure myself as the 5’9”, was the question. Not at night, but just over it in the morning. It was weird. I kept measure myself constantly and I kept making sure the tape measure was correct.

Sorry about the confusion.
J2Frenzy said on 12/Nov/20
So your normal low is 5’9 then?
Hyper said on 12/Nov/20

Absolute extreme Low.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Nov/20
Didn't you mention before that you were 5'9.25" though, when you were under your Dream username?
Canson said on 11/Nov/20
@Hyper: is that your extreme low? Or a normal low?
Hyper said on 11/Nov/20

I couldn’t say exactly where I landed. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a picture because it was too expensive at the time.

He had a big footwear advantage over me. However, he was just casual in his posture and he just walked around. He honestly looked well over 6’7”, but he had a big footwear advantage over me.

The one thing I remember is It was a pain to look up to him.

I’ve seen a lot taller people, but he easily stood out, a lot.
J2Frenzy said on 10/Nov/20
@Hyper so you were just under Kanes chin presumably?
Hyper said on 10/Nov/20

5’8.5”-5’8.75”, at an absolute low, bare feet.
J2Frenzy said on 9/Nov/20
@Hypet how tall are you?
Canson said on 9/Nov/20
@Hyper: yea it’s definitely adequate if not legit. I wouldn’t say worst case he’s Christian’s height range 6’5.25-.5
Hyper said on 8/Nov/20
Click Here

They're extremely close in height. Owen is forcing his posture while Bo is leaning, yet they're very close.

However, I did see that Owen is visibly taller than Vince Vaughn and in comparison, looked similar to Kane the Wrestler. (I have met Kane in person and he's easily over 6'6", close to 6'7".) I wouldn't go under 6'5.75" at worst for Owen Benjamin.

Bo's listing of 6'5.5" is legit.
J2Frenzy said on 8/Nov/20
He claimed 6’7 on Twitter 50 times? Talk about obsessive
Canson said on 5/Nov/20
@JFrenzy: yea and he’s 6’6 or under parading around as a 6’7 guy
J2Frenzy said on 4/Nov/20
I hate the fact his quotes imply you have to be 6’3

I’m 6’2-2.5
Hyper said on 31/Oct/20
Apologizes Rob. It won’t happen again.
vastlybetter566 said on 31/Oct/20
Yeah. Rob, it's not my intention to start long political or moral discussions here, but to bring it back to height, I think it's worth pointing out that perhaps those who discriminate and mock shorter people are also more likely to discriminate on other factors outside of what one can control such as race, gender, etc. In Owen's Case it's notable and some people will continue defend bigots like him. Even if they go as far as denying the holocaust. That's just despicable.
Hyper said on 30/Oct/20

He’s changed a lot too. I’ve seen those already. The height banter is really the fun banter. About the Jews, one of his big issue is with them is mainly the ‘The Talmud’ where one of the sections legalizes a relationship between a minor and an adult through a specific means.

He didn’t mean all Jews are like that as he stated separately, but he mentioned that the particular process and ruling is crap and nonsense. He might come of as arrogant, but he’s definitely not the worst.
Editor Rob
This page could easily veer too much away from his height onto other topics...
vastlybetter566 said on 30/Oct/20

If you need any proof that his height comments aren't satire or light hearted jokes, look up the videos in which he insulted Ben Shapiro and Joe Rogan on the basis of their height.

And on the anti semitism part: He literally repeated old antisemitic stereotypes with a straight face. If you think of any of this as humor, check yourself.
vastlybetter566 said on 30/Oct/20

Why is he a lot better than the media portrays him? Because he sometimes smiles into the camera?

Guy has called jews "parasites and filth". He has denied the holocaust and claims the media is run by jews.

Now that's some nice satire, right?

It just can't be a coincidence, that he also makes the incredibly degrading height comments, branding them as "politically incorrect satire". The saddest thing is that people like you will continue to defend bigotry.

Again, I wouldn't be as offended by the height comments, if these comments didn't go completely in line with comments he makes about other groups.
Hyper said on 30/Oct/20

I don’t think he meant any ill will to them, in terms of height banter. A lot of it is just part of the fun banter. He’s a lot better than the media portrays him to be. He’s against a lot of people being snakes and predators.

I’m not trying to call anyone a snowflake, but try to understand what he’s saying in context.
Editor Rob
I see Owen was banned a while ago from Twitter, he must stepped over the lines too often.

But his height related quotes were preserved on this site.
Vincent Caleb said on 29/Oct/20
@Christian 6’5” 5/8:
Agreed. My father claims 6-4 when he is only 6-2.5, and I find it kind of annoying, but it doesn’t matter that much. He is decently justified though, as my mom is 6 feet and similar height as him in heels, and my younger brother is 6-9 and I am 195 cm. He doesn’t feel tall in my family. At the end of the day, it is not something significant.
vastlybetter566 said on 29/Oct/20
Interesting how his ("funny") / despicable height comments mirror other aspects of his repulsive personality. When you read some of these comments, just replace the terms he is using to refer to short men and replace them with women or any minority or religious group - he feels the same way about them.

And no, it's not because I'm personally offended, I'm almost as tall as Owen Benjamin is.
Hyper said on 29/Oct/20
@Christian I agree with your statement!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 28/Oct/20
Many of the nicest and warmest people I've ever met have lied (whether on purpose or unknowingly) about their height, so I don't believe it defines them as a person. A height claim is a only a very minor aspect of one's overall character.
Canson said on 28/Oct/20
@Vincent: yea he’s similar with Joshua. Max 6’6 maybe a hair under
Vincent Caleb said on 28/Oct/20
He can look 6-6 often, but with no Burnham he looks the same height. He stood better, yet he still didn’t edge him out. Idk about this one. I’ll guess 6-5.75.
Canson said on 24/Jun/20
@Mickie: maybe he’s 6’7” out of bed and 6’6” afternoon or possibly he had the advantage of not being on his feet as long as others in the pic. I think he may be a weak 6’6” guy too more Anthony Joshua’s height for example, at 6’5.75”
Mickie said on 12/Jun/20
I'm not sure about this guy's height. He can look like a weak 6'6" guy a lot of the time, but sometimes he can give off a legit 6'7" impression: Click Here

Maybe he really can be a legit 6'7" guy in the morning?
Dream said on 10/Jun/20
Rob, any thoughts on this comparison?

Owen Benjamin with Jay Leno -- Click Here

Kobe Bryant with Jay Leno -- Click Here

Maybe not an exactly a strong 6'6", but I definitely think Owen is at least 197 cm range, if not near 6'6". Definitely not 6'5" flat.
Editor Rob
The Kobe photo might be a little more of a disadvantage than the Owen vs Jay one.
Dream said on 26/May/20

I used to lie about my height, but that didn’t stop me from other things I wanted to do, along with helping others.

He’s a tough one, but he really means well. He has a family and he enjoys his life.

I think about height, that’s the only thing I have an issue with him. Other than that, everything else is fine.
Canson said on 25/May/20
@Dream and Christian: yea but he lies about his height which takes points away in my book
Dream said on 25/May/20
Rob, I don’t think he’s less than 6’5.75”. With camera advantage, He looked a little taller than Kane, with Vince Vaughn.

I did see Kane at my first trip to Galaxycon and he’s really huge in person.

Based on this, I think 6’5 7/8” is fine, but this is fine.

I also agree with Bo being Upgraded to 6’5.5”, since Owen is forcing his posture with Bo, who’s slightly slouching.
Dream said on 24/May/20
Agreed with Christian. He’s blunt, which comes off as arrogant, but he really means well. He has morals.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/May/20
@mark thompson
He's not anywhere near the level of an Alex Jones or Jesse Ventura, though.
mark thompson said on 10/Jan/20
@Christian more of a conspiracy theorist than the other two.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 17/Dec/19
Comedians talk about various topics (and there's no problem with that), but Owen is turning into a political commentator rather than a stand up comedian.
Dream said on 17/Dec/19

Eddie's hair is just really thick.

Owen's bending one of his knee, and Eddie is also just standing slightly better.
BT said on 13/Dec/19
Click Here Unless Redmayne is tiptoeing or is actually over 6ft, Owen looks 6'5 at best there.
TheBat said on 28/Nov/19
Weak 6'6 throughout the day.
Dream said on 19/Nov/19

There are some things, I definitely agree with Owen, on, which I won’t discuss, because it’s not height-related.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Nov/19
I like Owen Benjamin, but I feel he should sometimes tone down when it comes to politics. I get that it's part of his job as a comedian, but at times he overdoes it.
Brad C said on 17/Nov/19
He is not 6 ft 7. Compared to 6 ft 2 Steven Crowder he looks 2-3 inches taller.
Canson said on 16/Nov/19
Average guess is pretty much accurate. If anything he’s within 1/8” of that. He’s more a weak 6’6”. He gets angry about being guessed 6’6 that’s because he’s at best that height
Canson said on 16/Nov/19
Average guess is pretty much accurate. If anything he’s within 1/8” of that. He’s a weak 6’6”
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 11/Nov/19
@Dream said on 3/Nov/19

Eddie dropping height with a slouch in that picture. Eddie is under listed guy who was more closer to 6'0 when standing straight. Check him out with Hugh Jackson and Tom Hiddleston you did be surprise he look a full 6'0.
Dream said on 7/Nov/19

Yeah. 1 cm would be it. I can’t see near an inch between them.
Canson said on 5/Nov/19
@Dream: I think he would edge him by around 1 cm. That’s about it. Owen weak 6’6” maybe 6’5.75 at best Bo 6’5 1/4-1/2
Dream said on 3/Nov/19
Christ, he dwarfs Eddie Redmayne

Click Here

Never seen Eddie looks that small.
Dream said on 3/Nov/19
@Rampage @Rob

Honestly, I don't think Owen is really any taller than Bo. In the more valid picture with Bo and Owen, Bo is slouching compared to Owen, who's really forcing himself to look taller.

Click Here
Editor Rob
Arguably both could be 6ft 5.5 there
Dream said on 3/Nov/19
@Rampage @Rob

Honestly, I don't think Owen is really any taller than Bo. In the more valid picture with Bo and Owen, Bo is slouching compared to Owen, who's really forcing himself to look taller.
Dream said on 3/Nov/19
@Rampage @Rob

Honestly, I don't think Owen is really any taller than Bo. In the more valid picture with Bo and Owen, Bo isn't standing well compared to Owen, who's really forcing himself to look taller.
Dream said on 2/Nov/19
@Rampage @Rob

Honestly, I think Bo and Owen’s height rivals is kinda similar to Wladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua, except Owen, once, admitted Bo was taller, supposedly. I’m not sure but it could mean 6’5.75” could be his range, but not less than that for sure.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Oct/19
Rob, is he really taller than Bo?
Editor Rob
He may well be, but the odds could be around similar height.
Dream said on 24/Oct/19
Not less than 6'5.75", based on how he stacks up with Kane (who i've met in person), with Vince Vaughn. Looked surprisingly a bit taller, by comparison. This is a good listing.

Then again, Bo and Owen looked identical. Based on that, I would've definitely thought both are over 6'5" for sure.
Dream said on 24/Oct/19

Not less than 6'5.75", based on how he stacks up with Kane (who i've met in person), with Vince Vaughn. Looked surprisingly a bit taller, by comparison. This is a good listing.
TheBat said on 11/Oct/19
Dream said on 30/Jul/19

I think the following.

Owen Benjamin:
- 6'5.75" at worst. (It's really because he (with a camera advantage) looked taller than Kane, with Vince Vaughn.)

Bo Burnham:
- Arguably 6'5.5", truthfully. Feel free to disagree with me. Honestly, I do think he is over 6'5". I do think he would definitely be over 6'5", if I were to meet him in person.
- (I remember chatting with a few people, who have met Bo Burnham in person. One person (she) actually came to one of his shows and recorded him performing on stage. Bo actually called her out for recording him, jokingly and in a fun manner. Unfortunately, the posts are deleted.)
- She didn't 'specifically' say how tall he was, but she did say Bo was extremely tall, and she mentioned she was kinda tall, herself. Some of them, even called him a 'giant,' seeing him at a different event. The latter could be an exaggeration, but I don't think a guy over 6'5" would be just 'tall.'
Canson said on 24/Jul/19
@Dream: Bo is probably what Rob lists him. He’s over 6’5 flat I think
Dream said on 19/Jul/19

even with that, I still wouldn't put Bo Burnham under a strong 6'5". There's a lot of great evidence that he's more just over 6'5" than under 6'5".

Honestly, if I'm looking at the picture again, Bo looks like he's kinda leaning onto Owen, who is standing with military posture.

The other photo, Bo looks taller and Owen was slightly loose. However, Bo was further away from the camera.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Jul/19
He says that 5'10" is the ideal height, yet has zero respect for guys under 6'5", lol. Probably just tongue in cheek though.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Jul/19
So apparently he's now claiming 6'8"? And I thought the 6'7" claim was bad.
Dream said on 19/Jul/19

Weirdly enough, Owen supposedly said the same thing about Bo being taller than him (Owen), on his deleted Twitter. Actually, there is a photo where Bo did look taller than Owen. There are two pictures of them, unfortunately. I would love to see more of them.
Dream said on 19/Jul/19

Doubt he’s shorter than Vince Vaughn.

Click Here
Canson said on 18/Jul/19
@Dream and Junior: people who’ve met Owen in person across the internet say that he’s 6’5-6’6” range. That probably lines up with about 6’5.5 and he claims 6’7.5 adding 2” like others do. I bet Bo is really 6’5.25 like Rob lists him maybe 6’5 1/3 which is why there is no apparent difference between them. Owen May be like 197 or 6’5 5/8 but doubt any higher. The guy makes some stupid outlandish comments and lies about everything else. Don’t see why his height is any different. Bo likely is closer to 6’5 than anything else at least at a low and he’s being guessed taller than he is due to the lying by others.
Canson said on 18/Jul/19
@Easterwood: Benjamin is full of it. He’s probably barely 6’7” with shoes the more I see of him. Meaning maybe not even a full 6’6 maybe just a weak 6’6” (6’5 1/2 guy). He gets furious when people think he’s 6’6”? Meaning he probably is only that at best
Easterwood said on 18/Jul/19
"Vince Vaighn is taller than me, I think." -Owen Benjamin
Easterwood said on 18/Jul/19
@dream I defended him for a while, but I do think the guy has a couple screws loose. He's undergone some childhood and familial adversity, so it makes complete sense he wouldn't be entirely mentally healthy (whatever the guy may claim). He does lie about his height, as he does about his IQ, but doesn't percieve himself to be lying, only telling the most favorable version of the truth.
Dream said on 15/Jul/19

I’m aware, but he’s actually not that arrogant. He seems cool, in terms of personality. He may look crazy, but the more I see of him, the more his insights helped me be more self-aware of reality.

I don’t buy his 6’8” claim, next to Bo Burnham. However, I think he’s 6’6” flat. 6’5 7/8” at worst. He looked taller than Kane (Who I met in person), with Vince Vaughn.
Easterwood said on 13/Jul/19
Been claiming 6'8 recently
Dream said on 15/Jun/19
@Canson Truthfully, Bo can pass for 6’5 1/2”. Owen looks close to 6’6”, but not over it. Both are definitely over 6’5” flat, without much question.
Canson said on 14/Jun/19
@Dream: I think Owen is weak 6’6” and Bo strong 6’5”. Definitely not 6’5 flat but maybe up to 6’5 3/8 Christian’s size
Dream said on 14/Jun/19
Also, I think Bo could be at least 6’5.5”. If Owen is really 6’6” flat (which he seems like it with Kane, (who I have seen in person), in comparison with Vince Vaughn), then Bo would be 6’5.75”. Bo and Owen don’t really look more than 1/4 of an inch apart. In fact, the difference could be even 1/8 or they could be roughly the same height.
Dream said on 10/Jun/19

Actually, I think this listing is fine. Owen looks a little taller than Kane, with Vince Vaughn. Granted, Owen had a slight camera advantage, but he had loose posture.


Owen Benjamin with Vince Vaughn -- Click Here

Kane with Vince Vaughn -- Click Here


And I have seen Kane up close, recently. (I didn't get a picture because it costed a lot more than I was expecting). I'd peg Kane at around 6'7". He looked about 6'8", but he had some thick shoes on.


I still think Owen and Bo would be the same height: Owen looked taller in one picture, but Bo looked like he was leaning onto Owen, who was standing with great posture.

In another picture, Owen was a bit loose in posture, but Bo was a little further away from the camera: This time, Bo looked much taller than Owen.


At the same time, 6'5" flat is out of the question. Owen's clearly taller than that (after seeing Kane in person, and comparing Owen and Kane with Vince Vaughn).
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Jun/19
Eric Wareheim would be a taller 6'6 looking guy than Owen. Wish to see them standing with each other compete height in future.
Dream said on 6/Jun/19
With Vince Vaughn, Owen does a little look taller than Kane.

Perhaps he’s closer to 6’6” than I initially thought.
Canson said on 5/Jun/19
@Junior: I think he would edge Bo but not by all that much. Bo could be 6’5 3/8 at a low or what Rob lists him. Owen May be what Undertaker appears today 197-198
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 4/Jun/19
I don't think Owen is anything taller than Bo. Owen head look to be closer from Dream post, in reality Bo had a bigger size head than Owen. I could accept the lowest 6'5 1/2 from both that have to bring down half inch from Pete Holmes and Conan O'Brien.
Dream said on 29/May/19
Actually, Bo and Owen could be the same. Bo looks like he’s kinda leaning onto Owen, who is standing with very good posture.

Bo’s right eye level is tilting down a bit, but his left eye level looks the same as Owen’s eye level.

Bo still looks a lot taller than Vince Vaughn, going by comparisons with Owen Benjamin.
Dream said on 12/May/19
Rob! I found the picture!

Click Here

Bo and Owen look identical, if anything. Owen looks a fraction taller, but that’s the best I’d give him.
Editor Rob
They look within a fraction, albeit their hairstyles aren't quite the same.
Shaun McCreary said on 28/Mar/19
Meh, doesn't even matter once you hit that certain height you could claim 7 ft and probably get away with it lol so tall.
Dream said on 27/Mar/19
@Junior not to mention if Owen was measured 6'8", then Bo would have to be 6'8".

Really, I'm also getting the impression that Owen may 'not' be any taller than Bo.
Dream said on 20/Mar/19

What do you make of his 6’8” claim? 😝😝😝
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 13/Mar/19
Owen is no way 2cm taller than Bo. Not even 1cm as very little chance he hold fraction taller than Bo, they prob deads on the same height. If Bo is 6'5 1/4 then Owen is also 6'5 1/4 and Thomas F. Wilson would be 6'1 1/4 not 6'2 1/2 peak not 6'2 now.
Click Here: Bo standing a little closer to camera but can easily look 5" taller than 6'2 Thomas F. Wilson with posture like this.

Click Here 0:47 easily beat out 6'2 Thomas F. Wilson by 4".

So Owen needs a downgrade then stay 6'6 if Bo have no upgrade.
Mickie said on 12/Feb/19
I don't think that picture with Bo Burnham is very good for telling height, having said that he certainly doesn't look anywhere near 6'8" in it.
Dream said on 10/Feb/19
@Canson @Mickie

“cLoSEr tO 6’8”.”

*Doesn’t look any taller than Bo Burnham in their one picture.*

Click Here

Like I said before, one could consider the slight look posture of Owen, but Bo is slightly further away from the camera, canceling out everything.
Canson said on 10/Feb/19
Oh my God did he really claim to be closer to 6’8? Wow I’ve lost respect for him as he seems too full of himself with all of his comments about his height and being 6’7” etc. The guy is lucky if he’s even 6’6” without shoes. Probably weak 6’6” range really and 6’7” or near 6’7” in shoes
Mickie said on 8/Feb/19
Wow, "closer to 6'8"? That's super tall. I haven't really reached a conclusion on what I think Owen's exact height is barefoot, but that's really massive.
Dream said on 8/Feb/19

That would put Bo at 6’8” too. 😂😂😂😂


You gotta see his 6’8” claim!
Kieran Lambley said on 7/Feb/19
Routinely been upping his claim to a ludicrous 6’8 a fair amount in recent livestreams on his YouTube channel Click Here around the 7:10 mark
Mickie said on 6/Feb/19
Yeah 6'5" flat is too low but a weak 6'6" is certainly arguable. But he's definitely not the worst 6'7" claim on this site, he'd measure taller than Brock O'Hurn.
Canson said on 5/Feb/19
@Mickie: maybe not flat 6’5 but maybe a weak 6’6”. He doesn’t look 6’7” and struggles at 6’6”. I get a taller impression from Wareheim than from him. Wareheim looks a legit 6’6” and even Bill Deblasio gives a taller impression than Owen
Mickie said on 4/Feb/19
Yes, Owen is taller than Vince Vaughn. Obviously so. Here he is next to Adam Carolla Click Here

Thinking Owen is 6'5" is a little silly. He's taller than that.
Dream said on 31/Jan/19
Whoops. Wrong link.

Here's the picture -- Click Here
Dream said on 29/Jan/19
While I think Owen is shy of 6'6", I don't think he's actually under 6'5".


Owen 'looks' taller than Vince Vaughn here:

Click Here


However, Bo looks taller than Owen. It's weird because if were going by looks, Bo would be 6'6.5", but he isn't. Bo's a strong 6'5.25" or possibly 6'5.375".
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 15/Jan/19

Steven's obviously not as tall as he claims to be.
Kieran Lambley said on 14/Jan/19
Here he is back to back with self proclaimed 6’2” Steven Crowder Click Here
Rob, how tall do you think Owen looks and vice versa Steven?
Editor Rob
Could be some advantage to the left side of the photo, but near 6ft 6 is still possible.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jan/19
Rob, could this guy be in fact the same height as Billy Burnham?
Editor Rob
Well I think he definitely isn't 6ft 7 barefoot, and at times he might look 6ft 5.5 too barefoot.
Canson said on 4/Jan/19
@Dream: agreed that Bo would be an easy 6’6 out of bed. I don’t have him less than 6’5.25. But maybe even a hair over that. Owen to me strikes me as a weak 6’6”. I would say maybe a CM between them and he just claims 6’7” like most Hollywood guys would do in shoes. I would say 6’5 or even 6’6” which isn’t very desirable are still more desirable than 6’7 but whatever floats their boat. It’s surprising tho other than Tony Robbins who was 6’6 most likely peak or close or Brock Ohurn I don’t know many guys that size like Howard Stern claim taller. You see a Joe Mangianello who rounds up most likely and a guy like Tim Robbins who did claim 6’4.5 and now rounds up or even Vince Vaughn. Not to mention Owen gets touchy when people say he’s 6’6” which he likely is closer to even probably less than
Canson said on 4/Jan/19
@Dream: agreed that Bo would be an easy 6’6 out of bed. I don’t have him less than 6’5.25. But maybe even a hair over that. Owen to me strikes me as a weak 6’6”. I would say maybe a CM between them and he just claims 6’7” like most Hollywood guys would do in shoes. It’s surprising tho other than Tony Robbins who was 6’6 most likely peak or close or Brock Ohurn I don’t know many guys that size like Howard Stern claim taller. You see a Joe Mangianello who rounds up most likely and a guy like Tim Robbins who did claim 6’4.5 and now rounds up or even Vince Vaughn
Dream(5'9.5") said on 2/Jan/19
@Canson I agree. Measurement wise, I think Owen would probably edge out Bo by no more than 1/4 inch. Looking at the photo and Owen’s slight camera advantage, he really didn’t ‘look’ any taller than Bo.

This also further solidifies Bo being a strong 6’5”er. Bo has claimed 6’5” and 6’6”, on and off. Both claims are surprisingly consistent. While I don’t think Bo is 6’6” at night, I think Bo will hit at least 6’6” out of bed, easily, just like Metta World Peace.
Canson said on 2/Jan/19
@Dream: even crazier as Owen is touchy about his height claiming 6’7”. He must think Bo is 6’8” when he’s not anywhere near it. He’s 6’5” range but I still have Owen taller unless he isn’t near 6’6”. Chances are he may not be
Dream(5'9.5") said on 2/Jan/19
@Canson @Junior

According to a user on this site, Owen ‘Benjamin’ ‘supposedly’ admitted that Bo was taller than him (Owen) on Twitter, after posting a pic of him (Owen) and Bo.

I'm not sure why Owen would think that. However, that's seems like an indicator that Owen is probably a bit shy of 6'6".
Canson said on 31/Dec/18
@Junior: I would be hard pressed to see Bo above 6’5.5 maybe he meant it when he said 6’5, 6’6 on a good day. But I would wager that he’s less than 6’6” and likely mid or strong 6’5” . Owen is full of it if Bo is really taller than him and still claims 6’7”. I would say Owen is taller than Bo by a bit or they’re the same both strong 6’5” to weak 6’6”
Mickie said on 29/Dec/18
Not quite a big 6'7" guy, but certainly much closer than a guy like Brock O'Hurn who claims the same.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/Nov/18
@Dream(5'9.5") Bo real height is a hard guessing in this site but look near 6'6 on his stage performance, def downplay some height. I would guess they could be leveled in height if both barefoot like both 197cm at a low. 6'6 is fine for Owen listing but could have downgrade 1/4 better, it's Bo had to have a upgrade to 6'5 3/4 to be fair. 6'5 claim Pete Holmes is def solid 2cm shorter than Bo.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 16/Nov/18
@Junior I'd actually give Bo 6'5.75" if Owen was 6'6" as listed.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 15/Nov/18
@Junior @Canson

Honesty, I think 6’5 3/8th” for Bo Burnham is very arguable.

I’m still amazed Bo ‘looked’ taller than Owen, after seeing their photo.

I think it’s really time for a downgrade for Owen.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 13/Nov/18
If he is really 6'6 i"ll give Bo solid 6'5 5/8 not just looking at the latest picture with Bo. It's overall comparison with other celebrities estimation and there is no way 3/4 between them.
Canson said on 8/Nov/18
@Dream: I do agree. I think all three including Bo would measure very closely today. I have Fox around 196.5 today as well
Dream(5'9.5") said on 5/Nov/18
@Canson Agreed!

One thing for sure is, he doesn't really look 6'6". (That would be more Bill Fagerbakke.) Owen looks well over 6'5" with Vince Vaughn, but he didn't seem any taller than Bo. Even if we consider the slight loose posture Owen had, Bo is slightly 'further away' from the camera, thus cancelling out any noticeably advantages and disadvantages.

Feel free to disagree with me, but I think Owen is probably very similar to Rick Fox. Both are over 6'5", but definitely not the full 6'6". Certainly not even close to 6'7".
Canson said on 4/Nov/18
@Dream: he could look more or less Bo Burnham’s height at times. I could buy 6’5 1/2 for him as well.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 3/Oct/18
Rob, I hate to be blunt, but after reviewing the ‘one’ picture of Bo and Owen, I smell ‘fake news’ for the latter’s 6’7” claim. 🤣🤣😆😆😅😅
Editor Rob
The 6ft 7 claim in general was hard to believe.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 23/Sep/18
For those who think it was photoshopped, it’s not.

Click Here

Yeah, it’s a real photo.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 20/Sep/18
Rob, I actually found it.

Click Here

I have no idea why Bo looks taller than Owen. Might be posture, but Owen’s closer to the camera?
Editor Rob
It's hard to tell from the photo unfortunately.
aknawkneemoose said on 20/Sep/18
@Dream(5'9.5") it was actually on twitter and i think owen benjamin posted it. he must have removed it which is weird
Dream(5'9.5 said on 13/Sep/18
Rob, do you remember seeing the picture of Bo and Owen? I can’t find it still.
Editor Rob
I'm sure it will turn up.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 4/Sep/18

It’s interesting to hear Owen thinking Bo was taller than him. Do you remember where you say the picture before?
aknawkneemoose said on 1/Sep/18
@Dream(5'9.5") the picture with bo and owen, owen even says that bo was taller than him though i think the tip of his head was fractionally higher. bo is lanky though which probably gave owen the impression that he was much bigger
Dream(5'9.5") said on 1/Aug/18
I personally wouldn’t put Bo Burnham under a strong 6’5”. Bo looked than Kobe Bryant when comparing them both with Michael Carter Williams. He edged out Pete Holmes with less footwear.

I still have yet to see a picture of Owen and Bo together. I reckon he could be in a similar range to Anthony Joshua.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 31/Jul/18
I wouldn't put Bo Burnham under his current listing. He actually edged out Pete Holmes, and he looked taller than Kobe Bryant when comparing them both with Michael Carter Williams.

Although I've still yet to see a picture of Bo and Owen. I do remember they were together in one podcast.
aknawkneemoose said on 26/Jul/18
ROB!! do you ever remember seeing the picture of bo with him? i tried looking for it right now and it seems to have fallen off the face of the planet. maybe cause he got exposed?
Editor Rob
I'm not sure where it is now.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 23/Jun/18
Rob, he is the right size to play the Joker. Only thing is, he's a little taller than the Joker.
Editor Rob
A 6ft 6 Joker is certainly a more physical size as a foe to Batman.

I am not sure about a guy like Leto as the Joker, I fear a gust of wind could blow him over at times.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 22/Jun/18
196-197 range
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 21/Jun/18
If Owen is truely 6'6 i would give Bo Burnham 6'5.75" max and 6'5.5" min. I initially think that Owen is more like 6'5.5" maybe a few mm over.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 25/May/18

True, although he means his jokes in a joking way, some times on text or words, it comes out the wrong way to people.
Darkknight said on 21/May/18
A lot of you guys sound like ignorant tools. He is a comedian. The comments are a part of his shtick. He isn't really a "heightist". Educate yourselves before you condemn a guy without a shred of context. Geez.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 22/Apr/18
Rob, silly question, but where would a 6’9 guy land compare to Owen—I’m talking about my parent’s future tenant—if they were to meet?
Editor Rob
Owen would be about the top of the 6ft 9 fella's eyebrows.
AVeryTallPerson said on 31/Mar/18
I mean, he's just over 6'5" himself...
Junior Hernandez said on 8/Feb/18
I bet he can only fit in a 3cm sneakers to look a full 6'7 in the morning. 6'5.5" tops.
Bazza said on 5/Jan/18
If you are over 5'11 - 6' foot legit i really don't see the need in adding on extra fake inches to your height, you are more than tall enough.I kind of get it with sports professionals like Basketballers, wrestlers etc... but it's embarrassing this guy feels the need to inflate when he is already touching giant Height and he obviously knows his true height as he goes on about it enough.
Easterwood 6'3 said on 30/Dec/17
I agree with you, Rob. I think they're entirely beside the point. And I think you're usually fairly good at being impartial. I'm not sure everyone here shares that perspective.
tom said on 26/Dec/17
Seems very self conscious of his height. Makes jokes about all guys being 'elves' then says '5'10 is the ideal height'.
Jake said on 24/Dec/17
Another arrogant tall guy. When he is six feet under, there will be more flesh for the maggots, that's the difference.
Nik said on 23/Dec/17
One thing though, he is not 6'7"! I won't be on his Christmas card list!
Nik said on 23/Dec/17
I hope he is joking, the most ordinary and regular height range for men is 5'5" - 6'1" and I usually see more small men about than tall men, there are certainly just as many small men as there are tall men. There is nothing wrong with being outside this most regular range either, in whichever direction! I think he is joking, I am sure he is with him being a comedian!
Nik said on 22/Dec/17
He is possibly 6'6" but not a penny more! If anything he may be slightly less!
woodne said on 20/Dec/17
He's more than likely similar to myself, I wake at 200cm and drop to 197cm at night and with 300Ilbs in weight to contain it is hardly surprising that gravity is not my friend and natural forces prevail in terms of spine compression....

I always comment 6'5 when asked... which is daily if not more frequent.

I think 6'5 plus is an honest assumption.
Tunman said on 20/Dec/17
Of course he's joking.No respect for men under 6'5 so like 1 out of 500 guys?If he was serious he would either spend his life hanging with BB players or as a recluse.And I doubt he's heightist,very unlikely that he would judge a person for his/her height.Good and bad people exist at every height,he's smart enough to know it
Jessman said on 20/Dec/17
Bo Burnham claims 6'5. Where does that leave Benjamin's 6'7 claim?
EM said on 20/Dec/17
Ok Rob - that's good evidence. 6'6" tops!
Aceofbase said on 20/Dec/17
He was joking, I can't believe people are taking this seriously.
Editor Rob:

What about this tweet:

"Why wouldn't Kevin hart cheat? For 99% of human existence dudes that small would have been trampled by a horse. He's living on borrowed time"

Close to the bone humour or a bit of heightism under the guise of comedy...

What one man finds funny, another could find deeply offensive.
John said on 20/Dec/17
All right, I concede ground, I think he's 6'6.
Canson said on 19/Dec/17
6’7” in shoes
6’6” range barefoot maybe he wakes up close to 6’7” or over and measured at a doctor in the AM and was 6’6.5+ and rounded. A guy his size can lose the full inch in a day pretty easily
:) said on 19/Dec/17
Is he trying to be funny? He sounds like a douchebag lol.
Editor Rob: from reading through to find some quotes, like many comedians, sometimes a joke that would be funny in a stand-up setting doesn't translate as well to the written word.
HonestSlovene said on 19/Dec/17
He is just being funny guys.
Dude 173 cm said on 19/Dec/17
When he said 6'3 that is 6'2 because he adds 1 inch
Junior said on 19/Dec/17
Such a arrogant tall dude. lol. I pegged him at a tip over 6'5 not over 6'5.5".
travis said on 19/Dec/17
that is the most dumbest **** he ever said on here it make no sense he 6'6 saying if u under 6'5 i have zero respect for you what kinda noncense is that this dude is full of ****
MJKoP said on 18/Dec/17
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 17/Dec/17
Wow, this guy is crazy vain! Can't say it's unfounded though, 6ft6 is an extremely tall height. Although these quotes make me wonder how he would react if he saw a taller guy.

Also, he was once in a relationship with the 5ft0.25 Christina Ricci? Oy...

*Once* in a relationship? Well, then I guess that kinda makes sense....he should should perform a duet with Randy Newman! :P
movieguy said on 18/Dec/17
Never heard of the guy. His one liners suck though. Maybe his act is better overall.
John said on 18/Dec/17
Very tall guy with fairly mediocre posture. If he's not 6'7, I'd at least put him close to it. He's towered way too many legitimate six footers for me to consider him much less. And for those who are getting mad about the quotes... come on. He's a comedian, it's obviously a joke.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Dec/17
6ft7 in shoes...which isn't an outrageous claim. If he was just 6ft5 I'd take issue though...
bk3008 said on 18/Dec/17
Maybe his 6'7" claim comes from a morning measurement?
Nikola 193cm said on 17/Dec/17
There is something wrong with this guy lol
MJKoP said on 17/Dec/17
What makes you give this guy the 6'6", Rob? His quotes were obviously in jest, he's not some crazy douche!
Editor Rob: he doesn't look 6ft 7 to me.

There's a fine line between with height humor, I'm sure some of the attempted satire I've put out there hasn't been taken as intended 😳
randomuser said on 17/Dec/17
Those height jokes are not funny at all
Anonymous said on 17/Dec/17
The irony his he’ll likely be under 6’5 himself at some point with age. Guys clearly an idiot
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Dec/17
Obviously tall and proud...not sure if he's quite 6ft7 though
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 17/Dec/17
Wow, this guy is crazy vain! Can't say it's unfounded though, 6ft6 is an extremely tall height. Although these quotes make me wonder how he would react if he saw a taller guy.

Also, he was once in a relationship with the 5ft0.25 Christina Ricci? Oy...
grizz said on 17/Dec/17
Wow, this guy has some serious issues
Editor Rob: sometimes a comedian gets a pass as he's being humorous, although from reading Owen's tweets, I can see how some of them can come across as heightist actually.
ma said on 17/Dec/17
" I get furious when people think I'm only 6'6. That last inch too a lot of effort and mental focus."

if he saw this page and this list he will be very angry with you!!!!!
Editor Rob: if he got measured by me, he'd be even madder with the result.
176cm guy said on 17/Dec/17
This guy's ego about his height just hurts to watch lol.
JW Dant said on 17/Dec/17
So where’d you come up with 6’6”?
Editor Rob: from looking at him he doesn't seem like he'd be 6ft 7.

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