How tall is Polo G

Polo G's Height

6ft ¾ in (184.8 cm)

American Rapper, known for songs like Rapstar and 21. In a GQ undercover video he mentioned his height, saying: "I'm actually hovering between Six-One and Six-Two"

How tall is Polo G
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Average Guess (43 Votes)
6ft 0.52in (184.2cm)
Malc9m said on 6/Jun/23
He's 6ft no more
Richarddd said on 26/May/23
King von is 5’11 next to 5’6 YNW melly
183.4 said on 20/Nov/22
He looks 181cm next to 191cm El Hitta. Only way I can see him over 6ft tall unless he did a height surgery recently to get to 6’1-6’2.
183.4 said on 20/Nov/22
I don’t know why some site had him at 5’9, but he looks 181 cm next to 191cm el hitta. He might be 182 cm just right under 6ft.
Jawilder said on 17/Nov/22
He’s 6 flat
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 16/Nov/22
Rob the Average guess is 6’0 should probably downgrade polo to 6’0 1/2 nothing wrong with it because he didn’t look over it with Scottie
7272 said on 15/Nov/22
How tall does Kai Cenat look here with Polo G? Click Here
Editor Rob
Could look 6 inches difference
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 31/Jul/22
@Sunny Smith i agree 5’11 is to much for king Von he claimed 5’10 in one his songs I don’t even think he hits that, might be a strong 5’9 certainly looks it with ynw melly Click Here I also agree with you that ynw melly is 5’5 range even thought listed 5’8 by inmate records
Sunny Smith said on 28/Jul/22
Ynw Bortlen is 5ft11 in his arrest report, if u check this picture he is clearly taller than Von :

Click Here

5ft11 for Von is just too much.

Robb do u really think Ynw Melly is a solid 5ft6 or these inmates informations aren't necessarly true, cuz Melly seems 5ft5 range to me, he did stand taller than the rapper Lil Uzi
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 22/Jul/22
@Nlechoppa179 5’11 is short? He looks 6’ flat with Scottie
Benzerious said on 19/Jul/22
NLE Choppa looks like a flat 6'0 to be honest, at most 6'0 1/4
John Kalaris said on 18/Jul/22
nle choppa is definitely over 6 foot, I'm not sure what most people here are talking about
Jawilder said on 18/Jul/22
He can easily pass for 6’1 because he’s super skinny and has a high eye level. I really think he’s 6’0.25 at best.
Jawilder said on 18/Jul/22
Click Here=

Click Here=

Click Here

Click Here=

Click Here=

He looks 6 feet with lil baby also. These all have him under 6’0.5. I’m sticking with my guess for now.
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 15/Jul/22
@Jawilder what photos have you seen that polo looked 6’0 1/4 in
Click Here This is one of the only photos where he looks a strong 6ft at best. I would say 6’0-3/4-6’0 1/2 for polo average guess is disrespectful
Jawilder said on 13/Jul/22
He’s 6’0.25 at best.
Joe La Puma said on 12/Jul/22
Rob when you gonna change it to 184?
I see night 183.5
Afternoon 184
Morning 185
Editor Rob
I'm going with weak 6ft 1 just now. It's a good chance he could hover between 6ft 1 and 2 in sneakers.
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 11/Jul/22
@ Rampage(-_-_-)Clover 6’1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jul/22
6ft1½ straight out
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 7/Jul/22
Hey Rob could u add more rappers? King Von 5’9 range lil durk 5’7 range nba young boy 5’8 range nardo wick 6’0 range
Lil durk with lil baby Click Here baby edges him out lil durk with king Von Click Here
king Von with lil durk
Click Here
Click Here I think Von had 1.5-2 inches on durk, durk was listed 5’9 on arrest warrants king Von was listed 5’11 both not near
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 6/Jul/22
Click Here This vid shows 6’0 1/2 is the most accurate for polo considering joe lumpa is 5’10 1/2
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 6/Jul/22
@Jawilder Click Here I would give him a strong 6’0, 6’0 1/2- 6’0 3/4
Jawilder said on 2/Jul/22
@ Robbie Murphy Lee just because I said he was a certain height before doesn’t mean I can’t change my guess. He looks 6 feet
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 30/Jun/22
Polo is a little farther back which effects it
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 29/Jun/22
Hey Rob what’s the height difference Click Here looks around 4 inches
Editor Rob
Wouldn't have said 4 inches...good chance he's under it there! I think I've seen enough to say the 184 could be closer for him.
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 29/Jun/22
@Jawilder you’ve said before 6’0 3/4 was good for him he looks around it with mike Tyson Click Here
Jawilder said on 29/Jun/22
I disagree . He’s for sure not over 6’0.5
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 29/Jun/22
Since there’s a 2-3 inch height difference with Von and polo I think von is 5’9 range
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 28/Jun/22
@Jawilder anything under 6’0 1/4 is disrespectful for polo he’s 6’0 3/4- 6’1
Rakim Stacey said on 22/Jun/22
Robb can you please estimate King Von's height next to Polo G
Editor Rob
Could be 2-3 inches in it.
Jawilder said on 21/Jun/22
6 feet flat
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 11/May/22
If polo g is 6’0 1/2 then chief keef is not taller the a strong 5’10 also considering polo g had around 3 inches on king Von I would give Von around 5’9
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 11/May/22
@Mcandcheese there’s more than 1 inch between polo g and nle choppa Click Here Click Here Click Here and I can assure you NLE choppa is not taller than 5’10 1/2 here’s him with 5’8 big sean Click Here I would give NLE choppa 5’10 1/2 and polo g 6’0 3/4
Mcandcheese said on 7/May/22
Ive done a analyze: Adin ross is like 5ft7 here's a video where he stands next to someone who's 5ft 9(2:50)
Click Here
Nle Choppa and Adin:Click Here
Nle choppa look 5ft 11 even tho Adin is not standing straight.
Polo G and Nle Choppa:Click Here. I say Nle is 5ft 11.5 and polo 6ft
5ft9giant said on 7/May/22
I would give him 6'0½. Solid 6'ft guy, but no more. Given that him and Ronaldo have stood next to Joe La Puma, I'd say Ronaldo gives off a slightly taller impression
Man Down said on 6/May/22
He looks 6ft to me
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 5/May/22
@Chocola com pimenta I think 184 fits him but could make a argument for a weak 6’1 unless rob sees different.
Chocola com pimenta said on 3/May/22
Should we agree that he's 170 lbs and 184 cm :)?
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 2/May/22
I think he weighs 74 kg (164lbs) in the picture above but has put on at least 5 pound of muscle
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 2/May/22
@Chocola com pimenta Click Here= I have a 6’1 friend who weighs 160 lbs polo has at least 10 pounds on him.
Chocola com pimenta said on 30/Apr/22
I think 160lbs would fit him better
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 26/Apr/22
Hey Rob, it seems most people can’t agree on his height, can we agree on his weight? I would think it’s safe to say he’s around 170lbs
Editor Rob
Wouldn't go over 170
Chocola com pimenta said on 24/Apr/22
@Rob from all i have seen i would give him a mere 5ft11-6ft range
Albert98 said on 12/Apr/22
Also in the picture with Scottie that you posted he clearly looks around 6ft
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 11/Apr/22
@Mandem99 Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here polo has at Least 2 inches
Albert98 said on 7/Apr/22
Looks like a quite 6ft 1/4 on most pictures
Mandem99 said on 28/Mar/22
I can see why you think he's 2,5-3inches taller than Lil tjay. However to debunk that statement he looked like that in pictures where Lil tjay isnt always standing straight. Whereas Polo G apparantly looks straight a lot of the times.
Click Here
This picture alone already shows that he isnt 2,5 inches taller let alone 3
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 23/Mar/22
@Mandem99 polo has at least 2.5 probably more like 3 inches on lil tjay. Tjay is 510 1/2 and polo g is 6’1
Mandem99 said on 21/Mar/22
I'll say Polo G is 6ft 1/2 and Lil Tjay is 5ft10 1/4 / 1/2.
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 21/Mar/22
HeyRob, regarding pop smokes height, I saw a vid with lil tjay in timbs and pop smoke barefoot. Tjay had 3-4 inches on him tjay is 5’10 1/2 6’0 1/2 with timbs I don’t think pop is around 5’10
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 17/Mar/22
And how tall is pop smoke u had him listed at 5’9 on here I think that’s accurate Click Here lil tjay has a inch or two on him
Editor Rob
With heads tilted down I'm struggling to guess difference.
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 17/Mar/22
Hey Rob, How many inches does polo have on lil tjay Click Here looks at least 2, 3 more often tho
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 12/Mar/22
Hey Rob the 6’0 1/2 listing is more accurate, do you agree?
Editor Rob
I'll decide on that some point, I can see the argument for at least weak 6ft 1
Mandem99 said on 9/Mar/22
@Robbie Murphy Lee

Agreed 184 cm the (average guess) fits him well!
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 3/Mar/22
I think you could make a argument for a 1/2 inch downgrade but no more
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 25/Feb/22
Hey Rob, what’s the height difference with polo and lil baby Click Here looks at least 5 inches
Editor Rob
In that photo would have said he was more 6ft
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 8/Feb/22
Hey rob how tall does king von look meeting with young thug Click Here 0:48
Editor Rob
I'd have thought 4 inches, but it was a brief moment
7272 said on 18/Jan/22
I’d go with 6’0 1/2 for Polo. I think Lil Tjay might be a strong 5’10” I think he could be 5’10 1/2
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 9/Jan/22
6ft flat is unlikely for polo 6'0 1/2 or 6'0 3/4
Yeyeye said on 28/Dec/21
@rob is a downgrade to 6ft possible?
Editor Rob
Could be a case for less than his claim, or really a claim that is in sneakers.
Truthteller27 said on 7/Dec/21
He could be 6'1 in the morning not a short guy and taller than me for sure.
Yeyeye said on 7/Dec/21
Forgot the link from the previous comment, i would give him 182cm barefoot and 6ft1 in his sneakers
Click Here
Glacierr said on 6/Dec/21
Polo G seems more like he is in the 6’0 range, here is an image of Polo G with Mike Tyson who is 5’10
Click Here
Mike Tyson seems to be standing closer to the camera in this picture and Polo G is not standing up straight but Polo G in good posture seems like he can be 1 inch or 2 inches taller than Mike Tyson.
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 5/Dec/21
If the guy in the video is 5'8", then 6'0" is the max Polo G can be
Yeyeye said on 1/Dec/21
To be honest he does look like he has a short frame and he's almost identical to stunna 4 vegas who's 5ft 11 1/4 so i give him 5ft 11
Alex Schultz said on 1/Dec/21
I disagree with previous comment, considering camera angle the shorter guy stands at his eyelevel in my opinion. He is definitely around the 6'1 mark if the guy is around 5'8
CloseTheDeal said on 30/Nov/21
on second thought rewatching that video he might be as tall as 6'0
CloseTheDeal said on 29/Nov/21
this listing is super off he's no taller than 5'11 look at this video with ddg (who friends joke is 5'6 but more honestly is around 5'8) around 0:42

Click Here

ddg with migos for comparison
TJE said on 28/Nov/21
This is a good listing to start; we'll see if it stands moving forward.

Rob, would you mind also making a page for Lil Durk? He looks identical to Lil Baby in my first post on the Chief Keef page.
Jawilder said on 27/Nov/21
In wired interview he said he’s about 6’1. I’ll give him 6’0.75. Maybe 6’0.5”.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Nov/21
Rob, is 6ft1½ arguable?
Editor Rob
I don't think I'd go quite that high
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 26/Nov/21
Polo with Scottie Click Here
Strong 6'4" said on 25/Nov/21
Can't really go against it, looks like a strong 6'1" to me.
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 25/Nov/21
Thank you rob. I have no idea how he got the 5’10 listing so often. How tall does Late rapper king Von look with him (claimed 5’11) Click Here
Editor Rob
At least 2 inches shorter there maybe a bit more.
Q 5'10 on the dot said on 25/Nov/21
Finally Polo got a Polo got a page, I think he’s 6’1.5 in the morning and just under 6’1 at night.

Rob, how tall do you think Lil Tjay is? (pictured here next to Polo)
Click Here
Editor Rob
In the photo you linked he had his head tilted, but Untilted a bit more seems maybe 3 inch range...still has eyes down a bit and a lot of hair.
Shamarr said on 24/Nov/21
Looks about right he’s 5’11-6’1, rob please post NBA youngboy
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Nov/21
Yup - 6ft1 at night and nearer 6ft2 in the morning for this rapper. 😉

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