How tall is Ralph Macchio

Ralph Macchio's Height

5ft 8.5in (174 cm)

American Actor best known for roles in films such as The Karate Kid, The Outsiders and My Cousin Vinny. This photo is from a London Film Convention in 2014, we had pretty similar sneakers.

5ft 8 Rob and Ralph

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5ft 8.55in (174.1cm)
Shredder said on 4/Sep/17
I just watched The Karate Kid yesterday , He looks like a 5'7 there.
Shredder said on 31/Aug/17
Rob , was he once listed 5'9 before on here?
Editor Rob: no idea, but I would stick with 5ft 8.5 in person.
Emily watt said on 9/Aug/17
Hay Ralph I 💘ed the karate kid movie u did I have watched it somany times I thought u were great thanks bye.
Shredder said on 9/Aug/17
Rob , would you say Tom Cruise was taller than C. Thomas Howell in this clip at 00:29?

Click Here

I'm asking because Howell was taller than Macchio in the whole movie.
Editor Rob: they might have been very similar in that clip.
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Aug/17
I agree. 5'8.5" it is, but his height during the early to mid 80s is very much a debate meaning he had a pretty remarkable late growth spurt. He definitely looked shorter than De Niro in '86, although I don't if that was an occasion De Niro wore lifts or if he was only 5'8.5" peak or the full 5'9". But he could also look shorter than Burt Young then, who I do think could have been more 5'8" than 5'7.5", but had terrible posture. I haven't seen The Outsiders in probably 15 years or so, but there's a lot of good references in that movie, so who did he look 5'6.5" with?
Shredder said on 7/Aug/17
A legit 5'8.5 . to me the debate shouldn't be what he is now , It's what was he when he was younger , He looked to have reached this height at Karate Kid 3 and didn't look like a man till My Cousin Vinny , From what I've seen I'd say he was no taller than 5'7 or 5'7.5 in the first Karate Kid and even with De Niro in 86 , in The Outsiders he looked shorter , like 5'6.5 at best.
Ralph said on 23/Jul/17
1.74 solid
Charlie said on 13/Jun/17
He looks 5'8 1/4. He's a quarter inch taller than Rob. He could be wearing shoe lifts as well. Many male Actors wear shoe lifts.
World Citizen said on 29/May/17
Looks about right.
RisingForce said on 12/May/17
Weird because he could seem shorter than Burt Young in 1985 when he was 23-24. Granted, I've long said I thought Burt could have straightened up to a full 5'8" at his peak, but still that means Macchio must have grown a noticeable amount - near an inch - in his mid 20s since I'm guessing there's not much chance Macchio hid a 1" lift in his sneakers if Rob was sure they're similar. It's funny, I usually joke about the late growth spurt being a code for lifts, but in Ralph's case, it seems he really did have one! If anyone could have, it'd be him considering he was so underdeveloped he looked and sounded like a teenager. Btw, cool photo, this guy is a real 80s movie icon. Danimal, Jackie Chan was no more than 5'8" flat by the time of the Karate Kid remake.
Ed Kline said on 25/Mar/17
I feel like if this guy stood up straight and tall, he'd be 5'8.75 minimum, and likely 5'9. Pretty much dead on my height.
Me said on 3/Jan/17
Your big head makes you a bit shorter, although Ralph is a bit taller than you. Yeah, 1 cm difference in height is noticeable.
Shredder said on 13/Dec/16
He is about 5'8.5 there and no less
Jordan87 said on 12/Dec/16
about 5'8-1/4" There.
same said on 2/Dec/16
Redwing said on 8/Nov/16
I couldn't believe he was 23 when he played the karate kid, great actor. But they should've picked Corey him or Feldman or river phoenix (if he was alive)
Redwing said on 8/Nov/16
Yuji okumoto looks 183 cm with james woods and Robert Downey.
Spiderman said on 31/Oct/16
Here 5'3" Elizabeth Shue, and Randee Heller who looks like a minimum 5'7". Click Here
Spiderman said on 26/Oct/16
Yeah. She's listed at 5'8" on imdb. Cannot believe she's only 14 yrs. older than Ralph.
Editor Rob: seems a bit high to me.
Spiderman said on 22/Oct/16
How tall do you think is Randee Heller? She played his mom in the Karate Kid.
Editor Rob: she was a few inches taller than Morita, so maybe a bit over average. Not tall though.
Shredder said on 19/Oct/16
Rob , how can you tell this is a toupee?
Editor Rob: from seeing up close I would have guessed it as such, although maybe he managed to get it thicker by 50.
Fe said on 5/Sep/16
@Editor Rob,

How tall do u think Yuji Okumoto is?
He§s the main Antagonist of Karate Kid 2.

Ralph Maccio
Click Here
Click Here

Tito Ortiz
Click Here
Click Here

Tamlyn Tomita
Click Here

Christopher Lambert
Click Here

Robert Downey jr and James Woods
Click Here

David Bradley
Click Here

Cary Tagawa
Click Here

i remember last year or so, u said he looked 5§11-11.5§ range and i thought he could look like a decent 6ft to me.
Do u think he might be worth having a page at least?
Editor Rob: he might be worth a page 5ft 11.5 is a possibility.
Johno said on 17/Aug/16
I would bet on him being a bit taller than Renner who is also listed 5'8.5 if they were barefoot.
Editor Rob: ralph may be the more likely to measure a tad taller.
Aza said on 16/Aug/16
Interesting eye level almost identical...... Is it just the hair? Actually think both Rob and Ralph are the same height
Danimal said on 15/Aug/16
He's at least 5'9" Rob. I mean you wake up at practically 5'9" Rob and Ralph is clearly taller than you. Did he rub you the wrong way? Is that why you are short changing him?

Here he is next to 5'8.5" Jackie Chan:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Here he is next to 5'11" Matt Dillon:
Click Here

Here he is next to 5'10" C Thomas Howell:
Click Here

Here he the same height as 5'10" George Lopez at 7:07: Click Here

He is minimum 5'9" barefoot Rob and taller out of bed.

Editor Rob: when I met him, I guessed him not much taller.

all I'd say is both guys like Emerson and Macchio didn't look as tall as Amanda Tapping, who claimed 5ft 8.75 and it's believable.

And Tapping in person is a good half inch shorter than...An actual 5ft 9.25 lady.
heelshealheight said on 13/Aug/16
Nice pic. Ralph is aging well.
eee said on 7/Aug/16
i guess this is a good example of an half inch difference.
Johno said on 21/Jul/16
Not taller than Rob; 5'8.5 is what he probably averages.
Editor Rob: I do think he is more 174 range up close
Shredder said on 13/Jul/16
He is clearly taller than Rob but under 5'9
ayo said on 12/Jul/16
but if rob is 5'8 and 1/8, then this guy is prolly around 5'8 and 5/8ths which can be rounded up to 5'8.75. lolol
Verona Rios said on 6/Jul/16
Exactly, one can definitely gain one inch or so in his/her early-20's. My brother was always officially measured 5'7 1/2 (172 cm) in school and now he's 5'8 1/2 (174 cm) --- I have confirmed in the stadiometer more than one time!!! Do you also agree with that, Rob? Is it unusual? What's your approach about that?
TJE said on 4/Jul/16
He looked more 5'8 in those pics with Robert DeNiro. He still could've grown, but not an inch.
Leo said on 2/Jul/16
[Editor Rob: he could look 5ft 7ish back in first movie ]

Do you say he grew 1inch aprox. at 22 years old?
Editor Rob: I think he gained somewhere in early 20's another inch, exactly when? As late as 24 maybe isn't unthinkable.
Johno said on 30/Jun/16
Rob and him are probably dead even.
Johan said on 4/Jun/16
He is at most this listing. I thought 5'8.25" back in '15 but since Rob himself can measure that i guess 5'8.5" is fair. I don't see any difference though he has alot of hair.
tj said on 3/Jun/16
I saw him in person in 1989. I was 14 and 5'11. He had an extremely skinny frame. He looked about 13 years old and was actually like 30. I think he hit puberty by 2000 when he was hitting 40.....when he had first hair on ball.
bobby b said on 1/May/16
damn rob your face is huge.
Johno said on 21/Jan/16
FIVE NINE said on 25/Oct/15
Saw him today at a convention. At least 5'9". Not less.
Daegon said on 22/Oct/15
Is 5'8 and a quarter possible? Cause that what im seeing in here
CD said on 8/Aug/15
174 is probably his low like 173 is Rob's. So 5ft 8.75 at times is feasible, just like Rob can be nearly 5ft 8.5 himself.
the shredder said on 1/Aug/15
5'8.75 is the very most I give him , he can be that but as listed is fine , He is definitely taller than Rob though.
Danimal said on 28/Jul/15
Easily 5'9" in the picture with Rob and close to 5'10" out of bed. Remember, he's in his 50's. Could have lost some height.
[Editor Rob: you think he's over a 1/4 inch taller than my dad? Click Here. My Dad at 5ft 8 7/8ths on stadiometer (so a strong 5ft 8.75 range because of 1/8th error...

not what I seen in person, ralph looked shorter than my Dad who is a 5ft 8.75...]
Jeff said on 28/Jul/15
an anonymous peach said on 16/Jun/15
Macchio looks like he squeezed an inch of height at age 25 or so, how rare is that to happen?
Bishop said on 12/Jun/15
That made me laugh. Good old G.
Big G said on 10/May/15
Rey said on 24/Mar/15
jack says on 12/Jan/15 ....Hello Jack, while growing sleep is very important. Lack of sleep you may not reach your full potential.
the shredder said on 24/Mar/15
He is at worst 5'8.25
[Editor Rob: I believe he would measure around 5ft 8.5, but I would be surprised if he measured 5ft 9 or 8-8.25.]
184.3cm said on 20/Mar/15
5'8-5'8.25 just goes to show how a guy with a small head can pull off looking taller.
the shredder said on 15/Mar/15
He looks 5'7 range in the first movie , I say after 1986 he grow.
Darren510 said on 13/Mar/15
He was early 20's when he made karate kid. Chances are he was done growing.
James Edward Crowley said on 11/Mar/15
I wish all people regard of gender can look as youthful as he does.
Jay said on 11/Mar/15
Darren510, I don't think Ralph was at his full height in the first movie.
Darren510 said on 3/Mar/15
He gives a 5'10-5'11 impression in karate kid. I guess since Miyagi was a pretty short guy.
Amaze said on 28/Feb/15
@Vibram he has youthful genes. In karate kid at 21 he looked 17ish.. Now at 53 he looks 35? Good genes.
Vibram said on 16/Feb/15
Why did this guy look like a kid until his early-mid 30's? He was 30 in my cousin vinny but looked 18.
CDS said on 13/Feb/15
Referring to the mug shot in "My Cousin Vinny" that had him at 6 ft- WTF! Didn't think he was that tall- maybe more like 5'10"-?? But this photo doesn't lie; and makes more sense actually thinking back to him during his "Karate Kid" days when he was technically a grown man by then..
James Crowley Maximus Meridius said on 26/Jan/15
@Brad i don't think he looks 33 he looks about 38 too 40 at the most 10 years ago he looked about 28 too 30 i don't think he looks 28 too 30 anymore when he was 42 he looked 28 too 30 but not anymore he doesn't look late 20s too early 30s more like late 30s too early 40s.
A6'1Guy said on 24/Jan/15
@jack I'd say eat things like eggs that are speculated to promote HGH (Human Growth Hormone) but I may be wrong, supposed to also promote testosterone if I remember correctly. I may be wrong on that too, but they are a good source of protein, so get it into you, no harm done.
And also get good sleep too as Rob has stated.
A6'1Guy said on 24/Jan/15
I know it shouldn't be funny, but his head in comparison to yours (Rob) looks kind of small, so much that it looks kind of funny and makes it look even more so by his body proportions.
Ed Kline said on 15/Jan/15
Danimal, your're basing too much on one picture. Honestly you should know better than that by now.
the shredder said on 13/Jan/15
My Doctor thought Id hit 5 ft 10 , Im 5'6.25 at best midday.
jack said on 12/Jan/15
hi rob just had a question i'm 15 5' 9-10" but doctor told me my growth plates will close in 6 months what can i do to maximize growth in this time?
[Editor Rob: destress your body. Try as best as possible not to think about height, don't worry about school and just try to enjoy things.
Try to increase your diet a bit and get enough protein. I'm assuming you already exercise, so just ensure you are not staying up too late and getting enough sleep. I wouldn't take the Dr's estimate as written in stone because sometimes they get things wrong!]
the shredder said on 10/Jan/15
Rob , how can he be 5'7.5 now? Lifts?
[Editor Rob: not today, back with Deniro he could look that range. I think in person he can look over 5ft 8 flat so maybe he was a very rare case of a guy having delayed final bit of growth, I suppose it can't be ruled out because I don't think he has lifts today.]
Andrea said on 9/Jan/15
Rob, how tall do you think he looks next to Robert De Niro? 5'7-5'7.5 range (if Robert was really 5'9 at his peak)?
[Editor Rob: unknown if DeNiro has a lift for the stage role, but if not then I would put him 5ft 7.5 range.]
Danimal said on 9/Jan/15
[Editor Rob: you assume a couple of things - my head isn't nearer than his (being there I think I know that) and for all you know, I could be standing worse than him :)

How tall you would say he looked beside this chap: Click Here. The guy is in converse at every event I see him at, so he has half inch less footwear than Ralph, oh and the guy ain't over 5ft 8...

If Ralph is 5ft 9 he should look a good 1.5 inches taller than that fellow.

My assumptions are only based on the pic you provided Rob. To my eyes (and as you know, I've been on your site for 10 years), it looks as though your body is closer to the camera than Ralph's is. Also, it does appear as though you are standing straighter than he is, at least from the perspective of your upper torso and more specifically your upper back/neck/head. His chin appears to be crunched down a little bit more than yours, making me believe that if he were to put his head further back, he would gain more height.

I also mention that you go by your absolute lowest nighttime height and I have seen some of your yt videos and there are measurements where you are taller than 5'8". The majority of the population I would think does not state to the world or to themselves their nighttime height, but either morning or midday height, which in your age would be just under 5'8.5".

Lastly, he is in his 50's and could very well have lost height. You on the other hand are my age and if we lost anything it's maybe 1/8" at the most. Also, he did appear to be the exact same height as 5'10" George Lopez when he was promoting Dancing With the Stars a few years back.
GP said on 9/Jan/15
I have met few times and I would say 173.5, like 5'8.25". I don't think he looks a cm taller than Rob. Rob, from what I remember he appeared to have long arms and long legs, which can give you the impression that he is taller. He definitely still looks like a kid.
Andrea said on 9/Jan/15
Shredder, to be fair i'd rule out anything over 5'8.5 for Ralph! I doubt there's any chance he's 5'8.75, at least at his low! 5'8.25-5'8.5 is more realistic than 5'8.5-5'8.75, IMO!
the shredder said on 9/Jan/15
Everybody is making good points. Danimal is right in that he looked as tall as Lopez , but Lopez is shorter than C.Thomas , who Me and Rob met and agree on 5'10 , I'm sure Ralph does get up at 5 '9 or more . On the other hand Rob has taken the photo with him and is sure he is not gaining from posture or angle , I personally think 5'8.5 , 5'8.75 is his range , a hair taller than Rob at best and worst.

As for the 150 lb listing , I personally take magazine listings as a grain of salt , but that does not mean that weight is impossible around that filming.
Danimal said on 9/Jan/15
the shredder says on 7/Jan/15
Rob , what would you guess his weight in his early 20's ? He looked skinny , like 125

He was listed as 150 pounds around the time of Karate Kid Part III (1987).
Danimal said on 8/Jan/15
Also, just to add, Ralph looked to be the same exact height as 5'10" George Lopez a little while ago.
Danimal said on 8/Jan/15
the shredder says on 28/Dec/14
Danimal , I'll give you credit , he looks closer to 5 '9 than he does 5 '8

Thank you Shredder. There was bound to be a time where we agreed on something! haha. Most people don't realize that Rob is 5'8" at his absolute lowest and actually wakes up at almost 5'9" and can be just under 5'8.5" in some pictures. Ralph is well into his 50's and Rob's in his late 30's and Ralph is also not standing fully straight, yet is still taller than Rob. There's no doubt in my mind that Ralph's bare minimum 5'9" and quite possibly close to 5'10" out of bed.

[Editor Rob: you assume a couple of things - my head isn't nearer than his (being there I think I know that) and for all you know, I could be standing worse than him :)

How tall you would say he looked beside this chap: Click Here. The guy is in converse at every event I see him at, so he has half inch less footwear than Ralph, oh and the guy ain't over 5ft 8...

If Ralph is 5ft 9 he should look a good 1.5 inches taller than that fellow.
Danimal said on 8/Jan/15
the shredder says on 8/Jan/15
He can't be under the listing , Rob is more 5'8.25 and he is taller.

Exactly. Also, Rob has both the camera advantage and posture advantage. Ralph is at least 5'9" imo and easily over that when he wakes up.
Andrea said on 8/Jan/15
Based on what, would you say he's taller?
Click Here
They do look very similar to me... Of course Ralph has more hair but 5'8.5 is really the most i'd argue... Wouldn't be surprised if he measured a bit shy of that! I do believe he's somewhere between 173 and 174, like Rob...
the shredder said on 8/Jan/15
He can't be under the listing , Rob is more 5'8.25 and he is taller.
184.3cm said on 7/Jan/15
Not shorter than Rob but not taller either. If he is then its by a few mm id bet at most.
the shredder said on 7/Jan/15
Rob , what would you guess his weight in his early 20's ? He looked skinny , like 125
[Editor Rob: yes absolutely, anywhere in that range would have been possible.]
the shredder said on 7/Jan/15
Listing mean nothing on other sites.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jan/15
He's listed 184cm in most places!
the shredder said on 6/Jan/15
Rob , guess his weight range ? I think 150.
[Editor Rob: somewhere up to 160 is possible]
the shredder said on 5/Jan/15
Yea 5 10 to 5 11 for Zabka.
the shredder said on 5/Jan/15
He is not shorter than Rob
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jan/15
Rob, what are your guesses for Zabka?
[Editor Rob: I put him more in the 179 range]
184.3cm said on 4/Jan/15
Looking at him again here he looks 173cm his smaller head (higher eyelevel) makes him look slightly taller. Did he really edge you out in person Rob?
the shredder said on 2/Jan/15
Rob , can we have a more realistic estimate of William Zabka?
[Editor Rob: i'm hoping he appears at a con next year.]
Krishna said on 2/Jan/15
Rob,being a 5ft8 guy do you feel tall or short?
[Editor Rob: if I think in conventional terms, then 5ft 8 can feel a bit under average.
krishna said on 31/Dec/14
rob,im 5'10 but feel short standing next to 6ft guys is 5'8 to 5'10 still considered the tall range?
[Editor Rob: you are going to be looking at the end of a nose of someone 2 inches taller than you, so maybe it becomes more noticeable. Then, imagine the 6ft guy starts talking to a 6ft 2-3 guy; he might raise his eyes up a bit and from your perspective he suddenly looks even taller.

Lonestar said on 31/Dec/14
He obviously had a smaller shorter head than rob that put him look taller. His not taller than rob and i can even bet he could be measure 5'7.75 on spot
the shredder said on 29/Dec/14
Rob , how tall does he look in this video with 6 '5 guy ? Their both barefoot.
[Editor Rob: hard to say exactly but he can look somewhere in 5ft 8-9 range]
184.3cm said on 29/Dec/14
Good listing. When he was young you would have thought maybe taller as he looked it on screen but its all movie magic. Hmm then again im not sure isnt he cheating you Rob with his hair being fuller? Looks like hes been reading your Sly tips to be taller.
[Editor Rob: if I wore my hair like in Sly tips I'd gain another 1/2 inch with it...]
Andrea said on 29/Dec/14
He doesnt look closer to 5'9 with Rob, they actually do look very similar... 173-174 seems bang on, just basing on this picture!
the shredder said on 29/Dec/14
Rob , barefoot in Karate Kid 3 with 6'5 guy , what does Ralph look ? , Go to :28 , 29
Vegas said on 28/Dec/14
robs dad (challenger 14.2) Click Here measured exactly 175cm (hair under 5'9) that day so compare him to macchio

"I would guess some sort of hair system, nothing wrong with that of course. In Hollywood, losing hair will lose you roles"

except if your name is dwayne johnson or dave batista :D
the shredder said on 28/Dec/14
Danimal , I'll give you credit , he looks closer to 5 '9 than he does 5 '8
the shredder said on 28/Dec/14
Rob , is he bald ? You said that's a wig ?
[Editor Rob: I would guess some sort of hair system, nothing wrong with that of course. In Hollywood, losing hair will lose you roles.]
Danimal said on 27/Dec/14
Looks like most people agree with everything you say Rob, like the gospel ;-). I'm sticking to my guns. He's at least 5'9" next to you. At least give me this much, that he wakes up at over 5'9"?
[Editor Rob: you, like everybody else, are entitled to your guess and belief. It may be right or wrong.

I personally don't think he looked a 5ft 9 guy. Having measured many people from 5ft 8 to 9.25 range I wouldn't put him in the 9 or 9.25 range, he seemed more fitting in 8.5 to me.

But likewise, that doesn't mean I'm right or wrong, it's just my guess on how I thought they looked up close.]
the shredder said on 27/Dec/14
The play was from April , his birthday is Nov , he was actually not 25 yet.
Dmeyer said on 27/Dec/14
Bang in 174
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Dec/14
Rob, do those pictures give credence to a 5ft9+ range DeNiro in the 80's?
Andrea said on 27/Dec/14
Rob, you really think he grew in his 20s? He really seemed shorter than now! He looks similar to you in the picture above, like 5'8-5'8.5 range...
[Editor Rob: the play with DeNiro was when he was 25...

did he really grow at 26-27 I don't know.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Dec/14
Sorry, that last bit at the end was for another page
Judd said on 27/Dec/14
Perfect listing: with similar shoes he's half-inche taller than you, rob!
the shredder said on 27/Dec/14
Yeah , he grew in his 20's , no way is he going to look 5 '6 than 5'8.5 for nothing.
Crypto139 said on 26/Dec/14
lol I didn't I was looking at his chin. I was just saying that for some shorter people could be fool by that you know. Though I wonder what his head length could be. It seems yours is closer to average than his. Though me being 5 feet 7 3/8 with a head near 9.5 Inches myself(well my chin to hairline is 8 inches on the dot basically and I have a more than decent hair line.) I always viewed my head as pretty average. Just saying. Also he seems to be one of the few guys that grew a bit later on in his life like Josh Peck or many NBA players.
Hypado said on 26/Dec/14
Yes, Ralph Macchio is 174cm
the shredder said on 26/Dec/14
Rob , even Burt Young 5'7.5 makes him look 5'6 range .
the shredder said on 26/Dec/14
Rob , he looks 5 '6 with De Niro.
[Editor Rob: he done a grow taller program at age 26-7 ;)

or deniro had a lift in his shoes for the play.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Dec/14
Arch, that's exactly what I said!

Rob, I'm watching The Sopranos right now and I only realized that John Ventimiglia aka Artie Bucco isn't listed?

He's listed 5ft10 elsewhere but looking at him with Gandolfini I think 5ft9 range is probably closer
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Dec/14
Looks near 5ft9
[Editor Rob: Click Here
Aged 25 with Deniro.]
The Exorcist said on 26/Dec/14
@mr.rashid: He didn't look 23 in the original Karate Kid either. He's always had a baby face.

5'8.5 is good
Crypto139 said on 25/Dec/14
Has a slight advantage over you. Though his chin is well above yours though. The real difference in height is much less than the difference in chin. Shorter people that stand next to you guys probably who feel Ralph is about an inch taller if they look at the chins.
[Editor Rob: My head is longer than average, but you shouldn't look at chins but at top of heads...and then hair can add a little or a lot at times.]
Alex 6'0 said on 25/Dec/14
Its so close but Ralph does appear 1/4 inch but its very minimal. 5'8.5 is right
the shredder said on 25/Dec/14
Danimal , You have a great point , Rob does claim his minimum and if we don't want to claim are low , maybe we can claim are midday height? So if G is low 5'6.5 , than we must say he is 5 '6.75 or something ? On the other hand , who really measures as soon as they get out of bed ? 5'9 can fit him , but I don't think that's his low .
the shredder said on 25/Dec/14
Rob , he does look taller than 5'8 1/2 guys look with you , is 5'9 possible ?
[Editor Rob: well I believe my 5ft 8.75 dad looks taller, and ralph has more hair than us.

While you can rule nothing out with half inches and everybody does have a kind of range they can look, I'd be surprised if he was genuine 5ft 9 range.
Danimal said on 24/Dec/14
He's bare minimum 5'9". Remember everyone, 5'8" is Rob's absolute lowest nighttime height. Ralph is clearly taller than Rob and is also leaning in more.
[Editor Rob: he has a wig with more hair, but in any case, compared to how Jenny's sister (5ft 9.25) and This guy who is 5ft 9 on the button look in person, if he was bare minimum 5ft 9 he would have looked that range.
jtm said on 24/Dec/14
this listing is accurate. the hair is making him look taller.
Byron T. said on 24/Dec/14
He could pass for being 5'9,'' but no shorter than 5'8.5.''
the shredder said on 24/Dec/14
Not under his listed height for sure I think , maybe 5'8.75
Khalid said on 23/Dec/14
When I saw him, he had similar footwear as mine.
Connor183 said on 23/Dec/14
5ft 8.5 for Ralph looks about right, Rob just wondering can 5ft 8.5-75 be classed as average height for men?
Danimal said on 23/Dec/14
Sorry Rob, but he's at least 5'9" next to you. The top of his head is above yours, you're closer to the camera (giving you the advantage), he's not standing fully straight (giving you the advantage). He's also 53 years old (may have lost a bit of height) AND lastly, I'd like to remind people who may not know, but you go by your absolute minimum nighttime height of 5'8" on this site, when in reality, you do at times walk around at just shy of 5'8.5" at times (and even taller out of bed). All that being said, I'm quite certain that all of those factors taken into account that Ralph is bare minimum 5'9" and most likely 5'10" out of bed (the same way you're almost 5'9" out of bed). This 5'8.5" listing of his is quite unfair imo.
Realist said on 23/Dec/14
No way Cruise is just 3/4 inch shorter than him. So Cruise should be downgraded to 5'7.25"
the shredder said on 16/Nov/14
Rob why is his mugshot in My Cousin Vinny 6 foot ?
[Editor Rob: maybe just the angle adding height, a lot of mugshots can end up with added height.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Nov/14
Rob, any chance of adding Will Zabka?
Alex 6'0 said on 12/Nov/14
With Rob he looks barely taller. Prob 1/4 inch. 5'8.5 looks spot on though could measure 5'8.75
the shredder said on 11/Nov/14
Rob , I saw your pic , 5'8.75 honestly looks spot on , he looks closer to 5 '9.
[Editor Rob: his range is somewhere 5ft 8.5-8.75, I can believe he'd measure anywhere in that.]
the shredder said on 9/Nov/14
Rob is 5'8.75 possible
[Editor Rob: 5ft 8.5 or 8.75, either is possible for him. 5ft 8 flat or 5ft 9 flat I'd not go with either of them though! ]
the shredder said on 27/Sep/14
Rob , what height do you think he looked around that time? Here are some pics. I think 5'6.5 range or so.

Click Here

looks short there and in The Outsiders
[Editor Rob: he could look 5ft 7ish back in first movie ]
the shredder said on 26/Sep/14
Rob , did this guy grow after the first karate kid evenat 21 , 22? He was not more than 3 or 4 inches over Pat and Elizabeth shue.
[Editor Rob: he may have had a late bit of growth, but when I'm not sure.]
the shredder said on 25/Sep/14
rob how tall is william Zabak from The Karate Kid?
[Editor Rob: over 5ft 11]
Danielsan said on 21/Sep/14
If Elizabeth She is 5'2" and looks barely 2"-4" shorter than Ralph in 1984 when they were both in their 20s how the heck is he 5'10" or even 5'9" now?
Danimal said on 3/Sep/14
I'd give him close to a full 5'9". Was barely shorter than 5'10" George Lopez and Ralph is in his 50's, where most men will have dropped a little height by then.
[Editor Rob: maybe Big Khalid will show his picture sometime in the future ]
Khalid said on 30/Aug/14
To be honest I met him today and he did actually look around 5'8
[Editor Rob: seems a guy who can look anywhere 5ft 8 up to 9 at times]
SaveUsY2J said on 8/Jul/14
Rob- do you consider £25 to be worth it for him at Winter LFCC? (as long as he doesn't cancel, lol)
[Editor Rob: yes it is reasonable enough, I would meet him for sure if he was there.]
Jasmine said on 12/May/14
He looked taller when he was younger because of the thick hair and the high waist pants. But right now, he looks smaller. 5'8" looks legit. Celebs look taller in TV.
Americop said on 4/May/14
In the Karate Kid Daniel Larusso is 5,6, that was when he was younger.

I am 5,9 1/2 or 5,10, 6 Ft. with height tricks like shoes and thick hair, and standing up straight.
Brad said on 12/Jan/14
5' 8" last week. Looks 33 years old!
Yaspaa said on 4/Aug/13
He was well into his 20s in Karate Kid, his growing days were well over.
Marc said on 20/Feb/13
he was a very late bloomer but i think 5ft8 is reasonable
Scott 5'11 said on 3/Feb/13
I thought he looked 5'9 in the karate kid. Surely he's grown a bit more now considering he's a late bloomer ?
mike 181cm said on 15/Jan/13
Yea Rob there is controversy about his height looks 5"10 range for sure. That's lately though
Danimal said on 17/Aug/12
This height is too low for him. Bare minimum 5'9". EVERYONE on here sees him as 5'9"-5'9". Why so low Rob?
[Editor Rob: i've not looked at him for an age, I was hoping a uk organiser would get him over here to a con]
Matt said on 26/Jul/12
Why the downgrade? I use to think he was shorter in the 80's but recently looks close to 5'9.5-5'10. Must have great proportions if he's 5'8" ish.
Mike O said on 16/Nov/11
He's definitely a little taller than you would think. Passed him in LA a few years ago (looks a little older and closer to his age up close than on TV) and he was around 5'9". I figured he was 5'6" or so at best like he looked like in "Karate Kid" so I was surprised. He's not big but he doesn't stand out as short at all either. Given how young he looked for so long I would guess he physically developed very slowly and was still growing a little bit through his mid-twenties. I knew a guy I went to high school with who was a very slow and late bloomer as well and he was 3 or 4 inches taller at our high school reunion than he was in high school (and also looked very young for his age). This guy, like Macchio, was also a smaller guy who ultimately grew to normal sized stature. Especially if there are hormonal imbalances it can take some men a surprisingly long time to reach their full height and I suspect Ralph had the same issue.
DJ said on 6/May/11
Ralph, as an adult, is closer to 5' 10" and is taller than Tom Bergeron.
ka said on 5/Apr/11
just watch Dancing With the Star, Ralph looks to be the same height w/ listed 5'9 Tom Bergeron, who is the host of the show. Ralph easily looks 175-176 range, IMO
Jay said on 29/Mar/11
Ralph grew since then, unlike Tom.I say he's 5'9.5.
Faramir said on 28/Mar/11
I guess 5'8" - 5'8.5" is just accurate for Ralph Macchio.

In 1983 he didn't look much taller than Tom Cruise. They both were 21-22 years old by then, so their heights were probably those of now.

Tom Cruise is listed as 5'7.75"

Click Here
LG69 said on 22/Mar/11
Ralph looks to be a solid 5'9". He doesn't look short
duncan said on 14/Dec/10
Yeah I saw that Psych as well and he was easily taller than Dule Hill (5'10), and James Roday (5'9)....odd.
Anonymous said on 9/Dec/10
he was just in the new academy episode of pysch and he looked taller than both roday and hill who are listed at 5'10 confused
Danimal said on 17/Nov/10
Listed at 5'10" after Karate Kid III came out (1987-1988)... I give him at least 5'9".. Looked to have gotten significantly larger between 1983 and 1987....
Bon said on 13/Nov/10
He probably stopped his inch-relevant growth somewhere around 30. Very interesting.
I'd guess him at 178 today
Nik said on 20/Sep/07
I think he's 5-7. I don't think he can even be that tall. He looks like a small guy from what I've seen of him.
Franco said on 30/Aug/07
yeah 5'10 in his dreams.

174cm pushing it, not even 175cm. nothing. nada.
HeyNow said on 26/Aug/07
In Beer League there's a scene in jail with artie lange and macchio standing next to each other, and a full frame shot (including their feet) is shown and they appear to be the same height. Even though he claims to be 6'0" in the movie, Artie has said on the howard stern show that he is 5'10".
mama said on 6/Jul/07
i happen to know him and hes a great guy.. so he looks young and hes only 5 10 he still looks the same and hes still really funny..
KingNick said on 11/May/07
I don't think its so much that he grew taller by the time he made My Cousin Vinny it's just that he finally filled out. He was skin and bones in the first Karate Kid but if you watch each sequel if he filled out a little more and a little more. By the time he hit My Cousin Vinny I think the guy finally lost that great metabolism.
Chip said on 10/Apr/07
Even if Ralph hasn't grown since the Karate Kid, he definitely hit puberty late. He looked and sounded about 13 or 14 in the Karate Kid, and he was really about 23 or 24.
Anonymous said on 13/Feb/07
It's funny. Ralph looked like he had a growth spurt. He looked much older and his voice change especially from Karate Kid and My Cousin Vinny. And this was from the age of 20-30.
Franco said on 16/Jan/07
TJ says on 24/Oct/06
Like a monster? lol. Geez, the guys just not in his early 20s anymore. Who looks the same in their 40s as they did in their 20s?

Snakeman said on 2/Nov/06
I think he looks same as in KK in Vinny
Danimal said on 30/Oct/06
Robert Deniro is also said to have been 5'10" as well (not anylonger obviously). The thing with Ralph, is that he REALLY didn't look like he hit his maturity until well into his late 20's, or I could be wrong about that. He DID appear taller in Karate Kid III than he did in part I and that's comparing a 23 year old to a 27 year old and then look at him in 1992 at 31 in My Cousin Vinny.
sam said on 29/Oct/06
bob deniro's 5'9 so this guy must have grown. But he's twenty four there. What?!!
Danimal said on 27/Oct/06
Ronnie James Dio is in his mid 60's and looks great. As for Ralph's height, I give him 5'9"-5'10". That was what he was always listed at in the late 80's (definitely after he stopped growing).
Jason said on 27/Oct/06
I met Bret Hart when he was 44 and he more or less looked the same as ever.
Viper652 said on 27/Oct/06
The reason why Larry can look older is because when he gets real skinny his face looks gaunt. I just saw recent pics of him at a book signing and he looks extremely young there.
Jason said on 26/Oct/06
Larry Mullen can look very young for 44, but you can still tell he's an older guy.
Glenn said on 25/Oct/06
Johnny Depp and hopefully me!
Viper652 said on 25/Oct/06
U2's Larry Mullen Junior is 44 and looks 18. He looks a good deal younger now then he did at some points in the 80s. Hopefully Im going down that path. I just turned 26 and I look 16-17 still. I wish I looked older though most of the time
Jason said on 25/Oct/06
They're the exceptions and you can imagine all the work they've had done. The vast majority of people don't. Ralph Macchio must be almost 45 now.
leonari said on 24/Oct/06
Tom Cruise looks almost the same as in his 20 ies...plenty of guys do. Ralph Macchio was a good looking adolescant but once he matured became quite an ugly guy...
D. Ray Morton said on 24/Oct/06
" Who looks the same in their 40s as they did in their 20s?"

Brad Pitt? Dick Clark? Gary Coleman?
TJ said on 24/Oct/06
Like a monster? lol. Geez, the guys just not in his early 20s anymore. Who looks the same in their 40s as they did in their 20s?
Franco said on 24/Oct/06
completely different face and weird expressions. the 80's guy looks like a monster now.

i guess he is 1.73cm.
Anonymous said on 7/Aug/06
sorry, the movie Macchio is in is My Uncle Vinny. He looks like the exact height of Kevin Spacey, who is apparently 5 ft 9.5 in.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 5/Aug/06
I kind of agree with Azarea because I watched My Cousin Vinny and Macchio clearly looks taller and older.
Terrence said on 13/Apr/06
In that picture he looks 5'6
Glenn said on 29/Mar/06
Never met Macchio,and he did a play here 3 years hear 5-8,5-9.
Azarea said on 28/Mar/06
I think that he is above this height, I dont doubt all of the proof, but i think he has a different growth type,I think he is the exact same as Leonardo dicaprio(Both look young for their age and didnt show signs of real adulthood until far into their mid to late 20s),Look at the pic with deniro,he looks 17 not 24, just like dicaprio looks 13 in the picture with glenn when he was really 19,I'd bet that macchio grew in his twenties,thats why he looks taller than 5'7,he's probably 5'9-5'11 in my opinion,So rob if u only put him at this height because of the deniro pic,look for some recent pics and upgrade him man.

[Editor Rob: yes, could be something to that...he can look taller I agree.]
trueheight said on 16/Mar/06
i think Burt just gets listed as short cuz he shares the same body type w/ shortish types like danny devito and bob hoskins. Macchio certainly is young looking. He did appear quite on the shortish side when next to Kevin Dillon on one of the episodes of Entourage
trueheight said on 27/Jan/06
i can't believe he is shorter than burt young in that pic. This kid towered over mr. miyagi, but he was very very slight
Sal said on 12/Nov/05
either dinero is taller than 5'8.5" or Macchio is shorter than 5'8.5"... only other thing that could cause that kind of height discrepency would be shoe's...
Wake up said on 19/Jun/05
He's certainly 5'7''. look at his movies and at age 24 you can't grow up an inch anymore

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