How tall is Rami Malek

Rami Malek's Height

5ft 7 (170.2 cm)

American actor best known for roles in films such as Bohemian Rhapsody, No Time to Die, Night at the Museum, The Master, Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2, Oldboy, Need for Speed and tv series Mr. Robot, The Pacific and The War at Home.

How tall is Rami Malek
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Average Guess (111 Votes)
5ft 6.73in (169.5cm)
dreus23 said on 30/Aug/22
I don't think he's someone who would measure under 169.5 cm, but not over 170.5 cm, so probably around 170 cm bang on, maybe like 169.8 or something like that

I agree that he looks 5'6 with Slater in some pics, but something odd is going on in them because I think Slater looks around an inch taller in most photos I've seen with the two

Click Here

Click Here

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I think the key is trying to see where the back of Rami's head might be compared to Slater. That eye difference definitely looks like more of a 2 inch difference, but we do, after all, measure people from the back of their head
Jimmy_ESB_182 said on 5/Aug/22
@man 1 he may not be the full 5'7", Joaquin is solid 5'8"
heightPoirot said on 2/Aug/22
With joseph mazzello i think 5'6.5 to 7 looks very possible (Click Here). I've always believed rami was a weak 5'7 who used footwear to appear a strong 5'7. This is an ok listing for him but if someone like tom holland is listed 5'6.5 then i think 5'7 is a bit too high for rami.
Wehrmacht180 said on 28/Feb/22
169 cm
Jake Campbell said on 17/Nov/21
Eh I’m sure hes a little bit over
Miiiiiiighty_- said on 7/Oct/21
I remember Google having him at 5'11 at some point ..
It was when I saw the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, I googled him and was surprised to see he was supposedly my height..

Rob's height looks like a lot closer LOL
man 1 said on 22/Jul/21
Why rami looks 1.5 to 2 inches shorter than joaquin phoenix.
MJKoP said on 27/Jan/21
@ Miss Sandy Cowell

Thank you so much! And a happy new year to you, too! You rock. I missed y'all!

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Jan/21
@ MJKoP - Great to see you writing on Celebheights again, Adam.

Happy New Year to you! XX 😀👍🍻🔔🎈

MJKoP said on 2/Jan/21
@louiMB Like Rob said, it's 'shopped. Still, he looks far more like Mars than he does Mercury. :P
louiMB said on 30/Dec/20
Rob, How tall does Rami Look here, with 5'4 bruno ?
Click Here
Does he look 5'5, or could there be something going on in the lower part of the pic, that we cannot see ?
Editor Rob
there's something going on with a lot of the picture...

this explains it 😁

a photoshop
Blanc (1.69 m) said on 7/Oct/20
@Peter175 Interesting you think that. He was shorter than pretty much all male co-stars on Mr. Robot and looks in a similar ballpark heightwise to the female co-stars and struck me as looking fairly short
Peter175 said on 22/Sep/20
Rob, does Rami not have a height claim? I would be interested. I feel like he's a guy who can pull off a much higher height to the public than people think. I thought he was 5'9 when I first watched Mr Robot but after looking at more and more of him I think he is perfectly 5'7. In Bohemian they used shorter costars so he does also look average height there as well
Editor Rob
Charlie Hunnam 'butted' into a point at which he might have mentioned a figure in one of those wired interviews.
Thomas ahsh said on 7/Sep/20
I'm a guy that is 5'7.0 (170.2cm) morning and 5'6.25" (168.3cm) night and from all the pics and videos of Rami I would have to say he will edge me out, though to he fair he has impeccable footwear and posture. Im sure he wears shoes that give him a height advantage which is why he pulls a strong 5'7 most of the time. My brother is 5'7.5" at his night height and Rami does not give the impression of looking as tall as him at all.

I think he is between 5'6.5"- 5'6.75" for most of the day. His morning height might actually be close to 5'7.5", but I would be really surprised if he didn't dip under 5'7.
Leesheff85 said on 4/Sep/20
Maybe no time to die should be added to his credits and he could be added to bond actors page please
RubenSolooo said on 30/Aug/20
@ty$on da 5‘11 I am really sure that it was a joke! Charlie saw that Rami clearly didn’t wanna say his real height and so he said that Rami is 5‘11. I think Charlie Hunman has stated that he is 6‘0 and so it would be weird if Charlie genuinely thinks Rami is 5‘11.
Like you said it would Still be believable if Rami claimed 5‘8 or 5‘9, but 5‘11 would be ridiculous to claim.
Charlie and Rami took the whole interview quite sarcastically and made fun of some questions. I like the interview and watched it more than once and they were def joking!
I think Rami is 5‘6.5 - 5‘7 , but I ain’t gonna give a guess cause I already did.
Willow said on 12/Aug/20
Rami is 5'7. His stylist has stated he is that height. She should know for certain as she measures him for suits etc.
RubenSolooo said on 3/Jul/20
@Marc I am pretty sure that they are joking around.
Marc said on 22/Jun/20
Why are they claiming that he is 5'11

Click Here (2:00 mark)
Blanc said on 8/Jun/20
How tall would you say his twin Sami is Rob?
Editor Rob
Twins to me all look alike. But really, I do think they are very similar height too.

Jenny's mum has an identical twin and I can spot them apart in person just...but in photos I couldn't tell them apart.
JohnMoore-162cm said on 29/May/20
5ft6 3/4" at lunchtime , probably 5ft7 1/2" out of bed
LogicalLB said on 18/May/20
He's shorter than Portia Doubleday in Mr. Robot when she has heels, so probably 5'5-6
Jkiller said on 8/Apr/20
Maybe 5'7 max out of bed, but probably around 5'6.75 daytime, can't see him any lower than 5'6.5 at the very least
CapitalHarry said on 4/Mar/20
Im a 5’7 male. I met Rami Malek in an elevator in SoHo earlier this year. He was about an inch shorter than me. He was wearing flat sneakers, same as me. maybe w/a heel he is 5’7. Anybody that says he is over 5’7 is either lying or bad at guestimating. As a shorter male, my height is like a walking measuring tape of truth lol I must say, I was impressed how genuine/affable he was to me & my SO. Down to earth when no one’s looking can be hard to find when fame hits (I work in an adjacent industry). Thankfully being short & a guy in Hollywood is neither rare nor undesirable. They want the men & women in the frame - a huge height disparity messes with that.
Littlelee5ft6 said on 28/Jan/20
Sami night be a little shorter than rami
Nik Ashton said on 19/Jan/20
5’7” is fine!

He has an identical twin brother called Sami!
BenCarl said on 16/Jan/20
Well of course I meant 170cm and not 179cm.
BenCarl said on 15/Jan/20
In the new ellen Video he seems to be quite a bit shorter than Rdj and Rdj´s shoes don’t look to give him more than two inches in height(probably even less]
So I would say he Is 169cm or 179cm but no more than that.
Baddwarf said on 14/Jan/20
People here are ing nuts. He's 5'7 - 5'8 range he can't be anymore less. I'm a 5'4 guy I know wtf I'm talking about. Everyone is taller than you if you're 5'4, it is rare for guys to be under 5'5. so stop claiming tall celebs to be as short as 5'4.
Peter175 said on 8/Jan/20
Click Here

Rob here he is with seacreast in similar shoeware at the golden globes

I think he looks around 5'7 here? maybe a weaker one.
Editor Rob
Around 5ft 7 there.
Jocelyn Pelletier said on 11/Nov/19
On Mr Robot, he is shorter than Christian Slater (5’8.5”), certainly around 1 or 2 inches.
Ru Ben said on 22/Oct/19
Saw someone on the comments here saying he or she worked with Rami on bohemian rhapsody and Rami seemed 5’8. Also saw someone here saying he watched making of videos of bohemian rhapsody in wich was said he sometimes wore 4inch lifts. While I now not believe that Rami is 5’4 I now think 5’6 could be a real possibility. I do not think he is 5’5 and I think I could believe he is 5’7 but more than 5’7? No not more then 5’7 . He seems to often wear really thick shoes and probably also lifts. So I go with 5’6 maybe 5’6 and a half.
Nik Ashton said on 5/Sep/19
It’s great that Angela and Rami are similar in height!
Peter175 said on 16/Aug/19
Good downgrade. My boy no more than 5'7
kamb246 said on 15/Aug/19
Rob 171 cm possible for him?
Editor Rob
171 was the most I gave him, but 170 is also a figure i feel is easier to see for him.
TheBat said on 29/Jul/19
5'6.75" is what I'd settle with. I don't think he's as low as 5'5" like some here are saying.
c-mo said on 9/May/19
google for him together with zachary quinto

FarAhead88 said on 6/May/19
Rob, I don’t understand how you can still see this guy as 5’7 (at least 170) there’s SO many pictures of him next to people that are 5’7 and 5’8 that he is WAY under. RBJ dwarfs him in their pic together. Malek wears Cuban heels & flatforms regularly too.
Editor Rob
Downey is a guy we all know wears elevators, so he can look 5ft 9.5-10 sometimes in photos with people. Rami can look a couple of inches on someone like spike lee.
Overall from what I've seen over the years, 5ft 7 on the nose is what I'd settle on for him.
robert8 said on 3/May/19
I just saw a picture of Rami next to Robert downey jr ... come on Rob this guy is shorter than 170
MD said on 30/Apr/19

Well, we have a pic on Salah's page showing him basically as tall as Hazard, so, yes, Malek has to be shorter than listed. He kind of has to be under 5'7", even.
RADICUL said on 26/Apr/19
Rob, do you think Malek is shorter than 5'7? This photo of Malek and Oscar Isaac makes me think so, even if its a little bit. Oscar Isaac is supposedly 5'7 but Malek is an inch (or two?) shorter than him in this pic, and Isaac doesn't even have his head straight up, but leaning.
Editor Rob
5ft 7 for malek seems a real possibility, but under it? He looks taller than people like ellen, so I doubt he falls under it much.
Beetle1 said on 25/Apr/19
picture of rami malek and mohammed salad standing next to one another. Malek says he's 5'7 and Salah says he's 5' who is wrong? cause Salah looks 2 inches taller in this pic standing next to Malek. Salah is taller than 5'8 or Malek is small than 5'7? Cause I’m leaning towards the latter

Click Here
Heightguy said on 8/Apr/19
Do you think a downgrade is in the conversation? His height varies as if he wears lifts with Christian Slater. When he is in flat shoes and it is clear he isn’t wearing lifts he doesn’t look near this figure to me. 66.5 seems far more likely.
Editor Rob
At times I can see how 5ft 6.75 might be possible, but overall somewhere in 5ft 7-7.25 range I'd still estimate.
wholetthedawgsout said on 5/Apr/19
he was in the west village yesterday and i saw him - did not believe when google said 5'9 cuz i let out a scoff. he is small I'd say below 5'7 but it can be hard to tell. he was wearing a black shoe looked flat. he was with a friend who must have been a foot taller than him, it was funny. he in pics looks like he's tall as joe mazzello, but sometimes joe mazzello looks an inch or so taller

Click Here

this is a good example above of how joe and rami seem the same height, joe has sneakers on and rami looks to have shoe with maybe 1inch or 1/2 inch heel? hard to tell. anyway, he's a superb actor his height doesnt matter. it was just surprising to see how small in person he is. my final guess for him is 5'5-5'6
REDMAX said on 29/Mar/19
he is at least 5'6 but not 5'7 - somewhere in the middle.
charleB said on 26/Mar/19
saw him at a whole foods in nyc recently and did a double take. he is certainly shorter than 5'7, flat sneaks on & all
Tom Sadan said on 25/Mar/19
Looks no more than 5'6.5
ralphin said on 12/Mar/19
5'6 without shoes, 5'7 max with shoes
Spencer Dobkin said on 11/Mar/19
Looks 5'6.5"
thisismoe!!! said on 6/Mar/19
I saw him in a coffee shop on Hollywood BLVD last year. He's 5'7.
Heightguy said on 5/Mar/19
Frame isn’t everything, but his proportions make me think he is a 5’6.5 guy who sometimes wears lifts. He doesn’t have the proportions to be 5.7+ he looks more 5.5-6 but am willing to settle at 5’6.5 after comparing bjs height to others in pictures.
Jerrod said on 20/Feb/19
I just saw this guy in LA a couple weeks ago and forgot to look up his height bc how short he is in person blew me away and I wanted to check online when I got home but I forgot and just remembered. I guess he could be 5’7 but in person he is incredibly small.....I thought he would have been 5’5, tbh. He had sneakers on.
Emil said on 20/Feb/19
;) said on 23/Jan/19
He is a good looking dude. Shame he isn't tall.

Why does that even matter?
Josh Porsaf said on 18/Feb/19
Rami seems like he's a solid 5'6" barefoot, 5'7" in shoes. Not like his height matters anyways, hes a phenomenal actor and should win every award he is nominated for.
Andrea said on 18/Feb/19
He does look quite short in Bohemian Rhapsody, yeah, and it's not that the cast is particularly tall... Funnily enough, a friend of mine who watched the movie with me and who isn't particularly height aware (obviously) mentioned the same thing, and that Freddie looked noticeably taller than him, though, his words, he "later checked their heights and found out that there is just a couple of cms between them (which I guess is referring to their Google's 175 and 177 listings, LOL), so it must have been the way they shot certain scenes"...
Arch Stanton said on 17/Feb/19
Marie Michelle said on 14/Jan/19
Rami Malek looks like he's about 5'5". I think they should have used someone else to play Freddie Mercury, this guy looks nothing like him and he's too small, there is nothing that looks like F.M to me..UGH!! I think he made the movie look somewhat like a cartoon because he looks nothing like F.M, he's way to short! he has a different shaped smaller head face, etc, i'm tired of reading that Malek looks so much like Freddie, when he definitely DOES NOT!!! you can't brainwash me, I see things how they really are!!

I thought the same thing, and thought the movie would suck. It didn't, and he played Freddie as good as anybody could have. Definitely no where near 5'9 as I've seen listed though!
abracadabra said on 27/Jan/19
he uses elevated footwear often to make himself seem taller. Im not convinced he's over 5'6.
;) said on 23/Jan/19
He is a good looking dude. Shame he isn't tall.
Hayden Sawyer said on 22/Jan/19
Rami is 5'7. He once did an interview with a stylist and she said that height. Obviously stylists have to know their clients true height so I think it's safe to go with that.
dwightschrute000 said on 18/Jan/19
pretty obvious this listing is too generous. He’s 5’6 or under. he has uniquely small dimensions too - his ankles are the size of a wrist. I wouldn’t be surprised if barefoot he is 5’5. seems to regularly wear shoes with what appears to be a 1.5” heel to artificially increase his height.
Marie Michelle said on 14/Jan/19
Rami Malek looks like he's about 5'5". I think they should have used someone else to play Freddie Mercury, this guy looks nothing like him and he's too small, there is nothing that looks like F.M to me..UGH!! I think he made the movie look somewhat like a cartoon because he looks nothing like F.M, he's way to short! he has a different shaped smaller head face, etc, i'm tired of reading that Malek looks so much like Freddie, when he definitely DOES NOT!!! you can't brainwash me, I see things how they really are!!
christineHB said on 13/Jan/19
I've noticed rami sometimes wears shoes that have 1.5 inch on them, like flatforms. I think he is over 5'5 but under 5'7 - so 5'6.
Peter175 said on 12/Jan/19
Sometimes ole Rami can pull off a good 5'7 but other times he struggles to look it even being generous.

I think 5'6.75-7 is the best bet. No chance he's above this listing imo
imagineer727 said on 11/Jan/19
Click Here

this is a pic of rami malek & his costar lucy boynton two days ago. lucy boynton is listed as 5'5. as seen in the photo, Boynton's not just the same height but maybe taller than Malek. it could be the motion of moving up & down while walking with pics simultaneously being taken, but its pretty obvious Malek isn't over 5'5.
Max Gendale said on 9/Jan/19
He does not appear tall. In the photo, his proportions are not flattering. His legs appear long and thin while his arms seem short. The sleeves on the suit jacket are too long. He may be between 5'5"- 5'6".
Matt99 said on 8/Jan/19
@A.Marie almost 5’11 for Roger? That’s insane...a good pic to show he’s not 179 range is him next to mercury on the radio ga ga music video pictures where they wear normal shoes I believe. But roger might have a slight heel nowadays, it didn’t add up when he was at the bohemian rhapsody premiere, I’d put my money on him being very close to Ben Hardy nowadays. I think Freddie may of been a solid 5’9 with roger being around 5’8.75. He seems to have done well with keeping height, like Brian, he’s probably 185 range now.
Dago red said on 8/Jan/19
This cat is not 5'7" That height is only achieved with a generous boost from his footwear. Between 5'5" and 5'6".
Vat said on 3/Jan/19
He is 169-170cm for sure
165cm obviously no
175cm obviously no
A.Marie said on 3/Jan/19
@Matt99 Roger is for sure taller than 5’8. It has check out by fans seeing him in person and comparing their height to his own that he is now around 5’9 1/2-5’10 whereas he used to be almost 5’11. Which makes sense as he looks a good inch taller than Freddie(5’9 1/2) in most of the pics of them wearing boxing trainers; even tho he looks quite small in the 70s pictures as the other members wore 3-4inch platform heels/clogs while he opted for sneakers 99% of the time. He is slightly taller than Ben Hardy making Ben around 5’9. As for Rami, he is listed as 5’6 and I think seems about right maybe
berta said on 31/Dec/18
i believe he is at worst 169 and at best 171. I think he could be 170 cm flat.
Bethany said on 20/Dec/18
I knew Google was lying. There's no way he's 5'9". This is what I was estimating and before I checked out this site and I think y'all are right.
steelyHAM said on 14/Dec/18
yeaaaaaa this guy isn't 5'7.
I bet he's 5'5 + shoes = illusion he is 5'7
RalaNa said on 13/Dec/18
Click Here

Rami and Joe Mazzello are the same height. I think Malek is 5’6 and 5’7 with shoes.
rattlesnake94 said on 11/Dec/18
Rob do you think he's under 5'7? there's a lot of pictures below where he looks shorter than other short celebrities. the robert downey jr and joe mazzello ones seem pretty indicative he could be 5'5, 5'6 tops.
Editor Rob
I think at times Rami has looked under 5ft 7, but overall I wouldn't really go less than that as a guess.
here said on 11/Dec/18
You can see him here (Click Here) with Pablo Motos, who was measured live on his show at 1,665m barefoot
Editor Rob
He can seem a good couple of inches taller. Certainly not 5ft 9 or 5ft 6-7
Melancholie said on 7/Dec/18
How can Rami Malek be 5’6, only a supposed inch shorter than listed 5’7 Robert Downey Jr, when this recent photo shows RDJ significantly taller than Malek (more than an inch by far)?

Click Here
Guillermo said on 6/Dec/18
I thought he was a bit shorter than Freddy but he pulled it off. Freddy was only about 5'9." Posture counts for a lot in show biz.
abbyvee said on 20/Nov/18
Click Here

The third picture in this post....Malek is several inches shorter than flat-shoe wearing joe mazzello, and Malek is wearing dress shoes with seemingly 1/2 inch heel. joe mazzello clocks in at 5'7. honestly? malek could be 5'5. that picture shows he definitely is shorter than 5'7.
rjrjrff said on 11/Nov/18
this guy ain't 5'7. probably 5'5
Easterwood 6'3 said on 9/Nov/18
Almost certainly a lift wearer. Consistently looks 5'6.5", but sporadically measures up in the 5'8.5" range. He likely has a pair of two inch lifts he occasionally uses. I wouldn't fault the guy for it. In an industry built of vanity, altering superficial characteristics can entirely reverse your career trajectory. I'm convinced he's below 5'7". For a man within the average lift wearing demographic, I believe it is possibly better to judge by lows than highs. I highly suspect him of wearing lifts, so that is what I'm doing.
edmondroad said on 8/Nov/18
what in the world? im sorry but if james corden, listed consistently at 5'8, looks like THIS next to rami malek...malek is MUCH MUCH smaller than 5'7.

Click Here

he's also shorter than costar joe mazzello, who seems about 5'7ish.

Click Here
Matt99 said on 7/Nov/18
MJKoP he was wearing lifts on Ellen to get him in the 5’9 range, his slimness makes him look even taller! Awesome actor, truly a wonderful performance that really stuck with me.
Littlelee168cm said on 6/Nov/18
Yeah mjkop like the above picture as he doesn't look much shorter than a 5ft 7 woman in heels
MJKoP said on 2/Nov/18
Rami admitted to wearing 4-inch platforms in 'Bohemian Rhapsody', in one of the preview "making of" features. Gotta feeling he's packing some hidden lifts at other times, too.
Matt99 said on 30/Oct/18
Ben Hardy is a listing contender, he looks like a weak 5’9, maybe a strong 174 or 174 flat?
Matt99 said on 27/Oct/18
Rob how tall do you think Roger Taylor is now? 5’8 range? Never bought his 179 peak listing. More like 176 at best?
Editor Rob
I'm not sure Roger has lost much height really...still looks at least 5ft 8 range, but was he 5ft 9 peak?
MJKoP said on 8/Oct/18
edukator said on 4/Oct/18
Click Here

shorter than sneaker-wearing joe mazzello in this pic. malek wearing shoes with a heel that looks an inch. 5'6, maybe.

Yeah, there's no way Joe is only .25 inches taller than Rami(if Joe anywhere near as listed)!
edukator said on 4/Oct/18
Click Here

shorter than sneaker-wearing joe mazzello in this pic. malek wearing shoes with a heel that looks an inch. 5'6, maybe.
ericH said on 17/Sep/18
this guy isn't 5'7 lol if anything he's under. time to change this listing.
MJKoP said on 12/Sep/18
@magistician: I think he's a massive lift wearer...I know a lot of people say that about a lot of celebs, but for him to sometimes look so very diminutive and then suddenly appear closer to average - sneaky footwear is the only real explanation I can muster up.
magistician said on 29/Aug/18
papillon premiere picture...charlie hunnam at 6ft, director michael noer at 5'7....and Malek looks about 2 inches shorter than Noer. how can this be? this guy is hard to gauge! google really misleading with the 5'9 thing.

Click Here
Jaxteller said on 24/Aug/18
Rami kind of not wanting to answer the question: Click Here
Slipdogg said on 23/Aug/18
In this video, Click Here from 1:59 to 2:03 Charlie Hunnam states that Rami is 5'11 to which Rami says is "fairly honest"...hmm from 5'7 to 5'11
I guess I can claim 6'0 now.
bentley said on 14/Aug/18
Click Here

well this is a confusing photo. justin theroux who clocks in at 5'9 is TOWERING over Malek. Rosie's leg is bent, otherwise I believe she's as tall as Theroux. is it possible Malek could be shorter than 5'7? he's a petite lad
alisha said on 14/Jun/18
rami malek himself in an interview said he's 5'7. doubt he would lie about his height if he was taller. Im gonna guess barefoot he's a little under 5'7, but with shoes on he actually is 5'7. google sayin 5'9, lol smh pls
newman11 said on 16/May/18
ive been on set with this guy for the bohemian rhapsody movie and had the chance to stand right next to him for several hours. Im 6 ft 183 cm and he seemed like a solid 5'8" to me
melocalo said on 14/Apr/18
Click Here

he's shorter than christian slater by 1.5 - 2 inches & tends to wear shoes with an inch height. in that photo above tho, slater & malek both wearing flat footwear (other photos in set show it)
Stansfield said on 17/Mar/18
170cm tall, but can pass for 173cm with good posture
DameAmy said on 8/Mar/18
Stood next to him in London while deboarding a flight. Actually came on here to see his real height since Google says he’s 5’9. I am 5’6 and he was a little shorter than me. He had flat shoes on though. Some photos online like red carpet stuff he seems to have some platform-y men’s shoes on.
loldawg said on 3/Mar/18
rami looks about 1-2 inches shorter than aaron paul is 5'7 & 3/4. he is less than 5'7. he's probably 5'6 or a little lower with no shoes on.
Peter175 said on 10/Jan/18
Honestly I would just take off the quarter inch, he's probably not this tall. Slater always has an inch on rami
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 20/Dec/17
It has good proportions never seems really short...
Anonymous said on 5/Dec/17
@James Kamekowsk because he's shorter than Christian slater
Mike said on 18/Oct/17
Hollywood "5'9"". More like 5'7".
James Kamekowsk said on 26/Sep/17
Guys what evidence do u have that this guy is 170cm?
For I all see he is a solid 175cm.
Alex said on 18/Sep/17
There are pictures with him and Riz Ahmed who is listed at 1, 72 m and looks about 4cm taller possibly 5.
Peter175 said on 8/Sep/17
Rob what would be the highest you'd go for him?

Such a strange guy to gauge. Sometimes he can look just 169, other times 5'8. But I'm inclined to think that someones "better days" are probably a reflection of their true skeletal height than their worst days.

Rami gets a 5'7.5 with poor posture for me, if his posture isn't bad than he's probably just 5'7
Peter175 said on 27/Aug/17
tosh2point5 Where has Rami said he's 5'7? If he does say that than Rob could probably knock the quarter inch off.

But next to a 5'11" woman in heels I don't think he looks any shorter than this listing
Click Here
tosh2point5 said on 22/Aug/17
malek has said he's 5'7 & I believe him. w/o shoes on, he is undoubtably 5'6. many people have seen him and have mentioned that while he is short, his dimensions are quite petite (often identical twins can be like this and he is one), perhaps that makes him appear shorter than 5'7. but there isnt any way he is taller than 5'7, no.
madison said on 21/Jun/17
went to a screening with him and saw him interact w/fans afterwards. he is NOT 5'7....he is under. I actually went on this page to see if it said IRL he was below 5'7. Couldnt even believe google said 5'9! Kind of surprised he gets away with 5'7 to begin with. He also is a very slight/thin guy, tiny dimensions so maybe he is 5'7 and looks smaller? still, w/o shoes...he's probably 5'6.
Peter175 said on 26/May/17
Hmm...From what I've seen I'd still not go below 170 for him. He's likely close to 5'8 in the monring
MD said on 15/May/17

Yep, this listing is a bit too tall.
Rette said on 13/May/17
@MD below - yea I noticed that in another event with them posed next to one another. it looks like riz is (at least) 2 inches taller, so rami malek is 5'5-5'6.
MD said on 13/May/17

With a listed 5'7.75" Riz Ahmed both I imagine in dress shoes:

Click Here

No, he's not quite this height.
Chris said on 3/May/17
He looks about an inch shorter then Paul Aaron so I'd put him at 5'6.75".
Shirt said on 3/May/17
Click Here If he is 5' 7,25'' then Joe is 5' 9'' Rob, this guy is 5' 4'', 5' 6'' tops.
Peter175 said on 28/Mar/17
rami at 5'5? how the hell people
he is a 171-172 guy
rita said on 27/Mar/17
have a friend who is a major fan of mr robot & malek. she & her bf met him in nyc a while. she is 5'7 herself and told me her bf/her were surprised he was a tiny bit shorter than her. christian slater is 5'8 and in interviews from SXSW malek appears about 2 inches shorter, so my guess is shoeless he is 5'5 or 5'6. he seems a bit short to play freddie mercury tbh, great actor tho.
missionmars said on 11/Feb/17
he's probably more 5'6
Danimal said on 16/Dec/16
So apparently he's going to play Freddie Mercury from Queen. He was just on Jimmy Kimmel and he looks short.
Peter175 said on 1/Nov/16
Rob, one more thing (Thanks for your speedy replies too btw)
Do you think Rami is as tall or taller than angela sarafyan (the actress in the photo above)

I think they would be near identical barefoot
Editor Rob
I guessed Angela probably is nearer 5ft 7, she is quite slim and could look taller on her own.
weord said on 29/Oct/16
i think saying 5'7.25 makes you sound shorter than saying 5'7... idk why
ElliotAngela said on 25/Oct/16
How tall is his costar Portia Doubleday? They both look almost same height
Editor Rob
I thought near 5ft 5
Peter175 said on 21/Oct/16
Rob, can you explain that picture of him looking 5ft10-11 next to a 5ft8.5 guy lol. He looks taller than Tyson
Editor Rob
yeah it's bizarre...Duncan (the photographer) is a bit taller than me up close.

It shows how sometimes heights can swing a bit!
Jeff said on 24/Sep/16
Rob, is he wearing elevators here? Click Here
Editor Rob
doesn't appear to be an elevator.
kara said on 18/Sep/16
@mike jones

also I think I found the photo @alex below is referring to
Click Here

He does appear 2 inches shorter but he's definitely not as short as 5'5
kara said on 18/Sep/16
I saw a picture with him and Oscar Isaac at TIFF side by side (google)
Oscar Isaac is listed as the same height as Rami on this website - tho Rami looks an inch shorter in the photograph.
I think 5'6 is more accurate, maybe 5'6 and a half. But not shorter than 5'6 definitely!
Mike Jones said on 16/Sep/16
@alex I looked up those photos. There's only a 1 inch difference betweeb them how do you judge 3 inches? This listing is right. Lol way off
shortblack said on 27/Aug/16
I do believe he's shorter than Ben Stiller in that night of the museum movie. Idk about shoe advantage and stuff though.
terra said on 14/Aug/16
Had friends that saw him in San Diego and said they were very surprised that he was so much shorter than christian slater. They had thought he was only an inch or two below Christian but he's more than that so I'm guessing he is more so 5'6, 5'5? It can be hard to tell.
j said on 5/Aug/16
someone said they sat 3 rows behind him at a con & said that he's on the short side.
alex said on 4/Apr/16
Rami's height is grossly overstated online (hey, nothing wrong with short guys!).
There are photos of Rami and Aaron Paul side by side as of April 2016 at the Variety Studio: Actors on Actors event. Both of them, as evidenced in other photos, have flat footwear on. Aaron Paul is 5'8....judging by their photos, Rami Malek is about 5'5.
MD said on 23/Mar/16
Hmmm, here is with Christian Slater (listed at 5'8", here) earlier this month:

Click Here

Does Slater have much of a footwear advantage, and how tall would he look if he straightened up? This is more than a 0.75" difference, right?

With a 5'9.5" Evan Peters:

Click Here

With a listed 5'8.5" Chris Hardwick with both leaning in, but Chris leaning and bent more:

Click Here

With a (bent) 5'9" Justin Theroux:

Click Here

Maybe he's just a bit shorter than this?
Editor Rob
Rami can look taller...Click Here.

That is one of the London film con photographers who in person is around 174cm!
Hypado said on 16/Oct/15
Rami Malek's Height is 5ft 7.25in (171 cm)

Yes, looks this next to 5ft 11.5in Jimmy Kimmel.
James said on 13/Aug/15
Worked with his twin. Was definitely 5'7 maybe 5'8 on a good day
Henry said on 1/Aug/15
Lol he was smaller than i thought because while watching Mr Robot i thought he had to be at least 180cm
Mike said on 14/Apr/15
google has him at 183cm.....WOW
Sam said on 3/Apr/15
Could you add The Master to his credits, Rob?
Phil said on 25/Mar/15
@MD: That's why I just say anywhere from say 4'10" to 6'5" would be within the realm of normal for men (accounting for the shorter people in the shortest countries such as the Philippines, and the taller people of the tallest countries such as the Netherlands), and for women subtract 5-6 inches at each end. It's really hard to get into a debate with a range so large, but I could be wrong. Plus averaging 4'10" and 6'5" together gets you 5'7.5", which seems to be a fair number to call the 'world average height' for men considering population density differences throughout the world, but to me it's meaningless since not a lot of people travel worldwide ALL the time.
MD said on 12/Jan/15
That's really playing with words. Of course, he's technically of normal height, but the range of "normal" is significant and visibly so with the human race. Hell, technically a 5-foot man would be of "normal" height. Rami is of normal height; he's also well below average height for a man born in Los Angeles in 1981. Let's not get cute, here, Emilia.
Emilia said on 10/Jan/15
He seems to be at normal height, though he is aware that the lady in the photo sigh him is taller, seeing the way he is nearly on his tiptoes, and he is holding his head high. There's nothing wrong with being normal height for a man though.
Chris said on 31/Jul/14
His facial expression looks like he's aware of the height difference between himself and that woman
Sam said on 31/Mar/14
Who is the woman in the photo? Her exotic good looks seem familar but I could be mistaken.
Editor Rob
Angela Sarafyan
Sam said on 28/Mar/14
Yeah, not just a uniform height cast but average-short one too. No one's tall there.
MD said on 26/Mar/14
I'm rarely surprised by height listings, but this one took me off guard. Maybe it's because it's before I started paying attention to height, but when he was on The War at Home, I always thought he was average height, at least. lol I'm also surprised to find that he's older than me. I always thought he was my age at the most, or younger.

BTW, here he is at the recent Need for Speed Premiere amongst other actors:

Click Here

This is one of the most uniformed heights of a cast I've seen. lol
cole said on 25/Mar/14
Scandalously enough some people, including the world's biggest search engine think he's 6ft! He's sub 5'8 for sure. I really hope he didn't claim to be 6ft himself...
Editor Rob
I doubt he would claim such a thing!

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