How tall is Ray Park

Ray Park's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

Scottish-born actor, best known for his roles as Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and Toad in X-Men. On his agency CV he was listed as 5'9".

How tall is Ray Park
5ft 8 Rob and Ray (age 32) @ Collectormania 11, 2007

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Average Guess (52 Votes)
5ft 8.87in (174.9cm)
Nik Ashton said on 22/Jan/23
@ Sandy Cowell - I don’t see less than 5’9”, let’s put it that way!

Sandy Cowell said on 21/Jan/23
I see 5ft9, despite his bouncy hair.

@. Nik:

One hundred and three
Is good for me!
Jackie Lee said on 11/Jan/22
People always trying to downgrade celebrities but when it comes to female celebs, people always try to make them taller
Keyten said on 17/Oct/21
Considering you about 5’9 or just under it I’d say ray park is about 5’10 or just under it he looks like he’s got you by an inch and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s even a little bit more he is slouching in the pic and still taller than you so I’ll say 177.8 cm tall and ewan McGregor has about an inch and a half on him so I’d give ewan 5’11.5
Nik Ashton said on 1/Aug/21
@ Denis - I very much doubt it!

1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣! ✨🎉🎈🎁!
ChaosControl 6'2.5/189.2cm said on 28/May/21
For someone who’s only got around an inch on you, he has gigantic hands
Nik said on 12/Apr/20
Yes, he looks what he claims!
JohnMoore-162cm said on 9/Apr/20
Weak 5ft9 imo
Nik Ashton said on 8/Dec/19
He looks taller than Rob Paul!
Nik Ashton said on 23/Sep/19
A good 5’9”!
VelikiSrbin said on 8/Feb/19
Looks 5'8.5
Lapinux said on 30/Aug/18
Rob do you think there is a half inch difference here or more? Click Here
Editor Rob
Could be a little more than half inch.
Lapinux said on 27/Aug/18
He may very well be 5'8.75"
MrFish said on 21/Aug/18
Rob, would you be shocked if he measured 174? I just can't see him as being taller than me, let alone the same height.
Editor Rob
5ft 8.5 can't be ruled out.
MrFish said on 21/Aug/18
Rob, by watching the short Instagram video I linked below (here it is again) could you tell me how much his footwear gives? I was in a standard dress shoe that gives precisely an inch. Click Here
Editor Rob
I wouldn't have said they were much different than yours
MrFish said on 20/Aug/18
Rob, as I probably measured bang-on 5ft 9 at the time of the photo, is it possible that Ray dips a bit under 5ft 9?
Editor Rob
10 years ago he looked near 5ft 9 in person, but I would be surprised if he lost anything through 40's! Always a chance a fraction under that.
MrFish said on 19/Aug/18
Rob, how tall would you say I look here with Ray? I'm wearing 1-inch shoes, he's wearing these: Click Here

This is the photo-op: Click Here
Editor Rob
I'd say you can pull off looking half to 3/4 inch taller in your photo.
MAD SAM said on 5/Jul/18
He looked clean 175 cm in Phantom Menace, I’ve seen his Photos with Ewan and he’s got 3/4 of inch lead over him, so Ewan is 5’9.5” and this brings Ray to 5’8.75” at almost 175 cm, which seems accurate ; can easily claim 5’9” btw
John (180 cm) said on 2/May/18
He is leaning a bit more than Rob. Flat 5'9
Cameron said on 2/Dec/17
Again, I think the hair is deceiving. He's sub 5'9" by a bit. Tom Hardy would edge him out.
Denis said on 3/Nov/17
5"8', pretty sure. Hair makes another impression
Byron T. said on 13/Aug/17
@ Rob: Action poses make the best photo ops! It's always a fun experience meeting celebrities at conventions and matching them against your height listings on the website! I definitely approve your 5'9 listing for Darth Maul!
Byron T. said on 12/Aug/17
Here's my recent photo op with Ray Park at Wizard World Columbus Comic Con: Click Here

Unfortunately, the 3 of us in the photo are not standing are tallest due to our action poses. In person, Ray Park did look 5'9 (he was wearing sneakers). In my Sith Lord boots, I was a little over 5'10 (I'm 5'9 without them). My friend on the right (who's also 5'9) had remarked how Ray Park was taller than he had expected. Ray Park loved my costume and was 1 of the COOLEST celebrities I've ever met!
Editor Rob
sometimes I wish I could do the kind of poses I want to, but for this site can't 👍

Last time I seen Ray, it was a couple of years ago, I thought he still seemed taller than me, so about 5ft 9
Pierre said on 4/Aug/17
a weak 5"9' imo
World Citizen said on 25/May/17
He looks a flat 5 ft 8 on this picture.
josh jeffords said on 3/Jan/17
This guy is awesome but not for his acting he is a special type of stuntman if you see someone using a sword in a movie and no face its probably him.
The rare occasion he is actually in a movie without a costume he looks 5 8 .. but has a good athletic build and yes xl plus hands maybe a weak 5 9.
Anyway amazing martial artist in many many forms but swords are his best art!
John said on 29/Aug/16
Goodness, this guy has hands probably the size of an average 6'4" man. Do you see how long his thumb is compared to Rob's?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jun/16
"Ray Park's height is 5ft 8¾in (174.625cm)"
ayo said on 22/Jun/16
same shoes? looks about the same height to me..
mr.rashid said on 22/Jul/15
@Editor Rob

What's there not to prove of?
They both have equal footwear in the other pic and Robin looks few inches taller than Ray.
If Ray is 174/175, this puts Robin at 181.
I don't c what's there 2 disagree in?
mr.rashid said on 21/Jul/15
@Editor Rob

Rob, im sorry to bother u but can u atleast have a look at these
few images of Robin Shou with the people u have met!

with Ray Park, it looks more than just 2 inches doesnt it?
Click Here
Click Here

and with Cary Tagawa
Click Here

these pics proove that Robin is over 5'11" flat,
Upgrade to 181 rob?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't say they prove, because I've seen Ray look 5ft 8-8.5 and 9, he can vary amongst that region.
120 said on 11/Jun/15
Rob, how long do you think his skull length is? It looks pretty long
Editor Rob
he does have a long head probably close to 10 inch.
Key said on 18/May/15
His hair is sticking up in this picture. I'm going to say 5'8
sabot said on 2/Feb/15
Spot on listing for Darth Maul. You need big hands to handle double-bladed lightsabers.
Pete said on 19/Jun/14
Rob - It's strange that yourself and Ray are a similar height but his hands look almost twice the size of yours.
Editor Rob
he does have bigger than average hands, and it's a little closer so maybe a bit more bigger.
person said on 25/Apr/14
looks 5'7.5 with that lean so around 5'8.5 is probably accurate
Andrea2 said on 5/Apr/14
Though 5f9 is only a smidge taller, I'd have to say 5f8-5f8 1/2 seems about right. I met him at Star Fest in Denver, CO in 2006. He walked away from his booth and I approached him for a picture. For the life of me I can't find it, but I remember thinking he wasn't very tall. He is very muscular and pretty stalky. Good looking guy!
I'm 5f4 and was wearing 5 inch heels. We were eye level pretty much.
I'll try to find the pic.
PS. Rob, the reason I am hesitant to agree with 5f9 is because I always wonder if shorter male celebs, especially when they are out to meet fans, tend to wear shoes with a bit of lift. If he is not wearing them in this pic, he looks (maybe???) about 1/2 inch taller than you. If you put a ruler on the very top of your head and against his, only his spikes stick out further. So the 1/2 inch taller is for possible slight lean in.
Editor Rob
some might wear thicker boots, they are image conscious after all. But it might be only the tiny minority.
Emmett said on 21/Mar/14
Jeez, he has the hands and forearms of a 6'4 guy!
The Horse of FUNK said on 14/Mar/14
"Dalai Lama says on 14/Aug/13
His thumb is 5'9 "

I lol'd when I read this, literally haha. His arm and hands ARE big.

The people saying he looks shorter than 5'9": He's leaning in with Rob, more than Rob. Easy 5'9".
jinx said on 7/Jan/14
I actually think it is pretty sweet at his hight, especially if you think what he can do he is only about three inches taller that me
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Dec/13
Really looks no taller than Rob
Emily said on 10/Dec/13
I don't think his head looks unusually large, either. For men, there's much more freedom in that regard anyway. Except for like a 5'5 man with a 10 inch head. That would look unusual i guess.
MD said on 8/Dec/13
Huh, not only don't I not find his forehead strange, but I don't think he has an usually large head. It's certainly above average, but he's not freakish in any regard in that photo besides his large hands.
Emily said on 6/Dec/13
How long is his head exactly? He barely has a forehead, his chin-eyelevel is way longer than top of head-eyelvel
Editor Rob
I think he had a long head near to 10 inches
Cnut the Great said on 21/Sep/13
he looks 5'9" he isnt standing straight. look at a ruler and see how small one inch really is
Vecrotus said on 15/Sep/13
Looking at the picture above, I'd say he is more like 5ft 8.5 than 5 ft 9. He certainly gives that vibe in G.I Joe Retaliation next to Dwayne Johnson whose like 6 ft 3. How tall do you think Rob, Elodie Yung, the actress who plays Jinx is in Retaliation is?
Editor Rob
maybe between 5ft 4 and 5
Dalai Lama said on 14/Aug/13
His thumb is 5'9
Vecrotus said on 3/Aug/13
He looks more 5' 8.5'' than 5'9''
Len said on 19/Apr/13
5'8" or 5'8.5". Rob gives him too much credit for the upswept, gelled-up hair.
AM@1.7 said on 8/Apr/13
What do you think his weight is, Rob?
Editor Rob
maybe 165-170 range
Mikey T said on 5/Mar/13
He looked 6ft next to the emperor in Star Wars but when he was next to nute gunray he looked 5'8-5'9 because nute gun ray is 6'4
Duhon said on 14/Jan/13
I'm sure this has been commented on in the past but man look at the size difference between their hands.
Editor Rob
it's larger and magnified a bit more because his fist (and head which is long aswell) are nearer the camera.
Bakura said on 28/Dec/12
@Hob and Johnny1998, you do realise Rob checks the shoes of every celebrity he meets and only mentions them if the difference is significant enough to warrant it? Ray has a marginal advantage here, 5'9 is fine.
Ed said on 26/Sep/12
Rob what makes you think 5'9" and not 5'8.5"? Looks hardly half an inch taller than you here. He's pretty built tho I'll give him that.
Editor Rob
5ft 9 is what he claims and I think he looks about that
Sirgerry said on 23/Aug/12
I've met him twice at Star Wars conventions and he's my exact height, I'm 175 cm, very cool dude.
Avi said on 20/Aug/12
Tops probably not even...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Aug/12
Those hands are bloody massive.
They would look normal on a 6ft4 or 6ft5
Witchdoctor said on 28/Jul/12
with soild 5'11 RVD 1:09 Click Here
Johnny1988 said on 28/Jul/12
5'9 in thick shoes about 5'7 flat( notice his ridiculous 2 inch shoes in GI Joe near the end of the movie plus the fact that he looks the same height as rob and I bet he has the footwear advantage)
Hob said on 28/Jul/12
he was probably in thick shoes with rob. in pic he look 172cm frame alot.
Mr. Tempus said on 22/Jan/12
a solid 5'9 probably 1.75.5m
Andrea said on 18/Dec/11
I met him abut 5 years ago at the Denver Science fiction Show and I took a picture with him. I don't know how to download it and put up in this site. He is about 5f8-5f9 (not taller) and stocky.
He def. can kick ass.
***How do you upload pics here?
Editor Rob
if you have the image stored on say your desktop on your computer, you can use This Site for instance to upload from your computer. When you find your image, click start upload. On the next screen you copy the url(link) beneath where it says "Link (email & IM)" and paste that into a comment you type on this site.
Rikashiku said on 5/Oct/11
He.....looks like Daniel Bryan haha I never noticed that til now.

He looks like he could be 5'9" or 5'8.5" in the pics with Rob and Mamun. Ray is kinda short for a stormtrooper but I bet he kicks just as much ass as Luke does, 5'5" for him?
jasonK said on 8/Aug/11
met him yesterday at a con in Albuquerque
i am here cause i expected him to be 5'7'', instead i was surprised that he was taller. I am 5'10'' myself and i didn't feel like there was that much difference, in similar footwear.
then my girlfriend and i started talking about his height while watching him from a distance, and we noticed that he never stands up straight, not with his legs, not with his back - that must make him drop an inch when he takes pictures.
My guess is that he's at least 5'9'', but could be more than that
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/May/11
5ft8.5(174cm) looks closer
DMaN1528 said on 4/May/11
i always thought he was around 5foot8 i would say 5foot8.5 and yeah he has some big ass hands and fingers makes rob's hands look tiny he seems like a really cool guy who takes the time to sign autographs and shake hands with his fans.
Jack said on 12/Apr/11
I don't know about 5'9" rob. He looks closer to mamun's height and your height by looking at these photos. I'd give him a solid 5'8.5"(174cm.
Matt said on 22/Nov/10
wow this guy has a Massive head!! cause robs head is also reasonably large large

looks to be near 11 inches rob?

Editor Rob
well it might be closer to the camera, but he does have a long head and a lot of spiky hair to make it appear longer!
Anonymous said on 5/Jun/09
he's listed at 5'10'' on some stuntmen agency website Click Here scroll down. those are usualy accurate
MAMUN said on 2/May/09
Rob my picture is missing here too ?


Jedigoddess said on 18/Apr/09
I've met Ray several times. I'm 5'5 and he is defiantly 5'9 - 5'10 and he was wearing sneakers.
In person he is extremely well built, with broad shoulders. Ray is a very charismatic guy, and is well worth meeting if you ever have the opportunity.
Anonymous 2 said on 22/Feb/09
He was a sizeable chunk shorter than Liam Neeson in Episode 1 but man is he good at kung fu. He made Neeson and McGregor look so slow.
MD said on 22/Feb/09

Do you really think him to be a full 5'9"? He doesn't look it in either of the photos with your or Mamun.

Editor Rob
I thought he was near what he claims.
MD said on 20/Feb/09
In that photo with Rob, his forearms look bigger than his upper arm.
SuperAnonymous said on 20/Feb/09
I have seen footage of Ray Park doing his Wu Shu Kung Fu demos and this guy is just unbelievably good.

The way he does side flips, back flips and front flips while doing kicking and punching defies gravity.
Cortez said on 14/Aug/08
here Click Here he next to the actor kohshyu yoshida that his profile here Click Here
reports as 5'9''
Cortez said on 30/Apr/08
Someone over here Click Here reports,

Jon said on 27/Mar/08
Yet again with short comments? When was 5'9 short? Click Here

Perfect height & proportions, should be awesome in the upcoming GIJOE snakeeyes film if its any good!
Adam Brennon said on 21/Mar/08
Rob, are your hands small or are Ray's large?

Editor Rob
smaller, although his hand is closer to camera than mine.
Jedilyn78 said on 7/Feb/08
I've met him at CIV, i am officially 5'8'' tall and i was wearing my 3 inches heels. I remember noticing he was a very similar height as me. i say he's at least a legit 5'10'' without his shoes on
Adam Brennon said on 27/Jan/08
Park could probably beat Neison in a fight. He's a martial arts expert.
Mamun said on 25/Jan/08
Thank you Tony for your kind remarks . But you are not going to beleive
this , me and Ray are very good friends and if you knew Ray , he is such
a down to earth person . You will love him and respect him instantly if
you ever got the pleasure of meeting him in person .


supes78 said on 24/Jan/08
Jeez, I had no idea that this guy was that short. I guess it's movie magic that made him match up so well against 6'4" Liam Neisen in Phantom Menace.
Codename 10 said on 24/Jan/08
Ray Parks looks 5'9 or 5'8 3/4
Tony said on 24/Jan/08
Mamun actually compared to this guy has a bigger body it just seem's Ray Park is more military style ripped and 2 inch longer neck . Giving an optical illusion on camera with the right angling he can look 6 foot look at the second picture how he is pointing his finger at Mamun his bones are long n sharp looking and angular i always thought this guy was huge . I think if you gave Mamun a chair and a direction knowing where the exit is Mamun can take em . He's Superman ofcourse
Mamun said on 24/Jan/08
I am 174 cm ( 5'8.1" ) in the morning and 173cm ( 5'8" ) at night .

metalmaster said on 23/Jan/08
mamun are 5-8 morning or at night?thank you
Mamun said on 23/Jan/08
Thank you joe for your kind remarks !!!.


Joe said on 23/Jan/08
Lol i love your enthusiasm Mamun. You're a true character!
Anonymous said on 21/Jan/08
i would say 5'9 5'10, I thought he was around there.
Kevin Durant said on 21/Jan/08
Ray Parks does look like a legit 5'9"
Mamun said on 20/Jan/08
Joe my friend I don't think I am superman . I am SUPERMAN . !!!!

Ras said on 20/Jan/08
Looks 5'8 though. 5'8.5 tops.
Joe said on 20/Jan/08
Does mamun think he's Superman?
Original said on 20/Jan/08
He's 5'9 - 5'9.25 in pics
observer said on 20/Jan/08
Allison, your friend was a guy, guys who talk like that are trying to boost their self image and ego up by exaggerating their height over someone of a higher status, in a petty attempt to impress you and get laid. Get it? The photos clearly show him at 5'9
Alison said on 26/May/07
My friend, who is 5'11" claimed Ray was much shorter than he was, so I find it difficult to go with 5'9" for him . . . that's only 2 inches.
antron said on 11/Apr/07
Im looking at SW: Ep One right now, appears to be similar or a little smaller than Ewan
Batfan said on 3/Feb/07
One uncle of mine saw him at a convention and told me that he was my heigh... i'm only 170...
Anonymous said on 29/Dec/06
5 9? BULL!
BackStageJim said on 7/Jun/06
ForensicNYC said on 24/May/06
5'9" Ray Park as TOAD in X-MEN...
Click Here
As Darth Maul in Star Wars...
Click Here
He was a fraction smaller than Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson...
Click Here
Another angle...
Click Here
In Ballistic Ecks...
Click Here
Glenn said on 3/Apr/06
He looks 5-9 in my photo.Ive read as tall as 5-11.I heard Ray could be 5-8.
MD said on 2/Apr/06
His official site lists him as being 5'9" (175 cm), and if you give Ewan McGregor, than that's about right:

1. Click Here

But, Ewan is no taller than 5'9" barefoot, which is why I suspect Ray Park is closer to 5'8" barefoot.

Editor Rob
it will be interesting to see whenever Glenn gets that McGregor picture to us, how tall he estimated the guy. No doubt many photos Ewan looks 5ft 9...whether he is of the laid-back posture variety is up to debate

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