How tall is David Prowse

David Prowse's Height

6ft 1 (185.4 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 6 (198.1 cm)
British Actor best known for his role as Darth Vader in Star Wars. He said "When I played him I was 6ft 7 and 20 stone" although he also said "I'm 6-6" and in 1997 "I'm about 6ft 5 now" citing hip operations as result of losing 2 inches. His own explanation is that "I had a right hip replacement. The head of the femur, the main leg bone, and the acetabulum, the socket, were replaced with artificial parts. But because they are smaller than the natural ones. I lost about one and a half inches of bone in my (left) ankle and had to wear a built up shoe. After another dislocation....has meant my right leg is a couple of inches longer than the left, so I need a greater build-up on the left shoe."

I saw him in August 2008 (age 73) at the Collectormania Glasgow (pic by Malcolm), he does have to wear a built up sneaker on his left foot to compensate. I think he has lost a lot of height in his upper body too.

How tall is Dave Prowse
5ft 8 Rob Big Rob and Dave
I'm 6'7" but since the hip operations I've gone down to about 6'5" if I keep going on like this by the time the surgeons are finished, I shall be about the same size as Kenny Baker

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Average Guess (73 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 5.85in (197.7cm)
Current: 6ft 1.52in (186.7cm)
Mister lennon said on 19/Sep/18
Well, he really never looked a 6'6 guy. Compared with people like harrison ford, peter cushing, billy dee williams, malcom mcdowell or martin landau, he looked only a 6'4 or 6'5 peak.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Sep/18
A 5" loss for him is very questionable. Even Clint Eastwood who's older than Prowse, haven't lost that much height. Chances are that he was never 6'6".
Y07 said on 16/Sep/18
Hey Rob, Do you think it's possible he could be about 6'6.5" at his lowest or do you think that's mostly an early measurement? Since maybe that is the reason why he keeps switching his claims with 6'6" and 6'7" from time to time. In one of a old star wars scrapbooks that Scarlett Rose (one of the commenters in this page claims to have). In his profile in the scrapbook, she said they had his height listed as 1.99m (6'7" [might've been rounded from 6'6.5"]). But she provided no photo of it unfortunately, but does seem believable.
Editor Rob
Maybe he once measured over 6ft 6 early in the day or 6ft 7 in footwear and went with that.

A young Prowse busting a gut for a measurement I doubt was as short as 6ft 5-5.5.
Jordan87 said on 11/Sep/18
@ Siddharth,

HE admitted to loosing 2" of Height from Surgery and if you look at his proportions with Rob you can see he def. lost height.

He is about 6'0.5" At age 73 with Rob. A Average man that age would have lost around 1.25". PRowse lost likely the extra 2" he claims b/c that claim was from the 90's.

He has probably lost 3" of height. He is 6'0.5" at 73, Was about 6'4 in his prime. ( He was not 6'6" or 6'7" he claimed).

HE did not go from 6'6 to 6'1". He went from about 6'4 to 6'0.5" due to age and Surgeries IMO.

In many Pictures with Harrison Ford, he was not even 4" taller than Him back in the 70's. Ford is a very weak 6'1".
Siddharth Dwivedi said on 4/Sep/18
Well this is one hell of a height loss .hulk hogan was also 6'6 but lost to 6''3 ..which was because of his wrestling career..but what made him go this low 5' ****ing inches
Mister lennon said on 1/Sep/18
For sure, jordan.full agree with you. Dave was and is a great guy and a gentleman.and a honest and smart guy. I couldnt blame him for inflate his own height because , in his case, his height and physichal aparence was key for him for get roles in movies.
And yes, he was 6'5 tops.or maybe 6'4.
Jordan87 said on 30/Aug/18
@ Mister Lennon,

I'd say he was closer to 6'4 than 6'6 if I were to bet. IN a pic I posted a while back showed him on Even Ground With Billy D. Williams and Harrison Ford and even ROb said Prowse didn't look more than 6'5 with those guys. Ford had regular dress shoes on and Prowse and Williams had thicker heels.

Dave is a gentleman though, and very intelligent. I have watched a good deal of his interviews. I do not think he ever was over 6'5 though.
Mister lennon said on 27/Aug/18
He inflated his heigth in that interview. He was 6'4-6'5 tops.
Y07 said on 24/Aug/18
In case people miss it. In a 1980 interview. David Prowse describes him self as "I'm 6'6" and about 19 stone (266lbs)". Click Here.
Editor Rob
It's a more believable figure than 7 for sure.
Joey700 said on 14/Aug/18
Jordan87 Prowse has also claimed he weighed 260 during his Star Wars days but I agree with you that he was 240ish. If you read his book it sounds like he really watches what he eats.
Jordan87 said on 13/Aug/18
@ Joey700,

What would you have figured Prowse to Weigh when he played Vader say in A New hope at age 41? 240ish?

@ Rob,

Do you buy the 280 pound Claim for Prowse during Star Wars?
Editor Rob
I'm sure at some periods he has weighed that range, but maybe that was his prime weight.
Joey700 said on 10/Aug/18
Jordan87 You are exactly right that Prowse was much to lean to ever weigh 280 pounds. Prowse developed his huge upper body for bodybuilding then built his legs up when he went to olympic style lifting.
Jordan87 said on 9/Aug/18
@ Joey700,

Prowse Said he was 280 pounds as Vader. His Bios gave him 18 stone as a Bodybuilder which is 252 pounds.

I agree with you, he never looked 280 pounds as he said he was During Star Wars. There is no way he was ever 6'6" and he was never 280 pounds in his life. Impossible.
Joey700 said on 4/Aug/18
Prowse was more like 6'5"1/2 and 225 pounds as a bodybuilder and 250 pounds as a weightlifter. 490 bench press, 678 deadlift and 202 strict curl Prowse was a very strong man .You all have a awesome site!
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 26/Jul/18

Rob met him in 2008 (which isn't a long time from 2007) and estimated him at 6'1" and even has a photo to prove it. Unless Prowse lost 2.5" in less than a year, 6'3.5" is impossible and you have a very poor judgement of height like Jordan87 said.
Editor Rob
well I think he could have been 6ft 1 barefoot range because he has unbalanced legs. With the elevator sneaker 10 years back looked taller....I could see him looking 6ft 2 range to other folk... but since then he progressively got worse walking about
Jordan87 said on 24/Jul/18

All those words you typed are useless as Rob has a Picture with Prowse. 6'3-1/2"? No, Struggling with 6'1". Just Look above.

I'm not saying you are a liar and never met/knew him, but you are a poor judge of height.
texluh said on 18/Jul/18
I was a photographer in 2006 when I met Dave. From 2006 to probably the end of 2007 I met with him several times, as I used to go with him to public appearances and do photos for my portfolio, for his, for the press, and sometimes to sell. I have not seen Dave since 2007 or 2008.

First I'd like to back up the fact that in the photo he would have been quite a bit taller than 6 ft 1. Because in 2006 - 2007 he was 6 ft 4 in my constant estimation at the time. At least 6 ft 3 1/2. I am 47 and haven't lost any height since I was 16 or 25 or whenever I stopped growing. I wake up almost always at 6 ft 1 9/16 ths - rarely am I taller, once I had 6 ft 2 exactly. However often by 12 noon I'm down to 6 ft 0 6 / 16ths, usually finishing the day there or even 6 ft 1/4. I put the height change down to having a long spine relative to my legs. Having spent probably a total of 80 hours with Dave spread over about 12 occasions, I'm very confident in saying he was at least 6 ft 3 1/2.

There was an occasion where I had his suit jacket for a few weeks, by mistake as he left it in my car or something. I asked if I could wear it to an occasion and he said I was welcome but "it would probably be a bit big for me". Sure enough he was right - you could barely see my hands when I tried it on!

I'd also like to say that whilst the information is correct about the replacement hip, he had an infection of the hip and leg in the 90s whilst in hospital, and a car accident to compound it all, in the 90s or early 2000s. So it wasn't and isn't just a normal hip replacement he was confronted with - his health and his legs and hips really suffered. That's why he never really recovered.

I'm convinced he was 6 ft 6 at peak height - if you go to the Star Wars exhibitions that have the real Vader costume from 1977 you'll find the boots to be conventional and they are size 16 or something!!! It all adds up to a 6 ft 6 man, not a 6 ft 4 man.

I'd be interested to know how it's become clear that he is now 6 ft 1 1/2 - is this a guess based on what happens between age 73 and 83? p.s He retired from public appearances in 2017 and cited Alzheimer's. He is a generous man.
Editor Rob
Considering his leg length difference, I am not sure what he would have measured in 2017, but I would be surprised if it was over 6ft 1.
Jordan87 said on 10/Jul/18
@ Neigbor 12 ,

Rob has a picture with Prowse ( Pictured Above for Christ Sake) taken in 2008. If you see a 6'5 man in the picture with Rob we have a big problem.

If Prowse was 2" taller than your Son in 2010......your Son Is 5'11".

Have a nice day. Nice Try.
Neighbor12 said on 4/Jul/18
Met him at his AOBS induction in '10 my son is 6'3" and he was when he stood up straight to be 2"taller then my son. Peak height 6'7"
Jordan87 said on 19/Jun/18
@ Gracian,

They are probably checking this site b/c I cannot find anything else that would ever give prowses height in the 6'1 range except this site.

In the case of Mr. Prowse, they should have left his prime height since that's when he did most of his movies.
Gracian said on 18/Jun/18
I do not know why but its current list on IMDb says 6'1.25". Please, Rob, look at: Click Here
Why do you think he was placed on the 186 cm list?
Editor Rob
Anybody can try to get trivia updated on imdb.
If you don't have a peak/current height option, you have to decide on sticking with a peak height or giving a current one.
miko said on 9/Jun/18
I think his 6'7 claim was likely a measurement in footwear, possibly rounded up. Not sure he ever looked a full 6'6.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 7/Jun/18

Prowse was a weightlifter. Like wrestlers, they inflate height as well. Just because he claimed 6'7" doesn't mean he can't be shorter than 6'6". I've seen guys my height or even a tad shorter claim 6'7". Lonzo Ball claims 6'7" too despite being listed as 6'5".
Dream(5'9.5 said on 4/Jun/18
Rob, back when he was young, who gave the taller impression, David Prowse or Anthony Joshua?
Editor Rob
Well unfortunately never seen Prowse at his peak age 30, but he certainly would have been at least 6ft 5 range minimum. The fact he put 6ft 7 on his resume - would he be lying by a whole 2 inches? Or did he get 6ft 7 in footwear and went with that...

In person of course at age 70 Prowse looked several inches shorter than Joshua does up close!
ImTall(6'6) said on 2/Jun/18
Not under 6' now
Miiiiiiighty_- said on 31/May/18
6'5ish prime, probably around 6'2 if he was able to stand straight nowadays, which he doesn't look able to..
So 6'5 prime -6'1.5 now
Jordan87 said on 23/May/18

If Bruce Spence is 6'5 or Above, Prowse is most certainly shorter.
Gracian said on 16/May/18
I think the peak height of David Prowse was a bit shorter than the peak height of Bruce Spence. Rob, do you think that peak height Bruce Spence could was higher than peak height by David Prowse and Hulk Hogan?
Jordan87 said on 7/May/18

Yeah honestly the picture I posted with D Williams and the whole Bunch is really the tallest PRowse has ever Looked. He was around 41 when that picture was posted so no height loss yet. 6'4 to 6'5 , I am more inclined to say 6'4.5 there is accurate. He has Dee Williams who is 5'10.5 by around 6" so 6'4.5 works.

The 6'6 and 6'7 Claims are a bit much. But his height is why he got roles so I'd say that's the reason for the inflation.
berta said on 4/May/18
in that photo of him billy dee, mark hamill ,ford carrie fisher and the dwarf guy it looks like.
Mark hamill 170 legit
Billy dee 179
Harrison ford 182-183 ( but was not that short peak)
And prowse 195. He cant have lost more than 1 cm from peaj there. the guy was no taller than 6 foot 5 peak and 184 today. he have lost alot about 12 cm. But not 14 ( dont believe he still can measure 185)
Mister lennon said on 11/Apr/18
No more than a strong 6'4- weak 6'5 at his peak.
berta said on 10/Apr/18
i think he was maeasured maybe 199 out of bed and round that to 6 foot 7 and really was during the day 197. this guy dont look taller than that to me peak. big chanse of legit 196. today he could be just fraction over 6 foot. but he can hardly stand
Terry said on 8/Apr/18
Bang on 6'5 in his prime.
Jordan87 said on 2/Apr/18

I tend to agree with you about the whole Shrinkage thing. People claiming Eastwood lost 5" is absurd. Dave on the other hand, normally doesn't look over 6'5 in his prime, sometimes 6'4. He is about 6'1ish with Rob which would mean about a 3" loss ( I had assumed he was 6'4) but if you check out the picture I posted of Prowse next to strong 5'10 Billy Dee williams and 6 footish Ford, Dave looks like he could be pushing 6'5 there. Maybe he shrank 4", which just sucks for him , but his surgeries are a bit worse than what you normally hear about.

I mean, I could See arnold losing 3/4", Lou Ferrigno losing maybe an 1". Eastwood maybe 3" ( At his current age) but Prowse seems to be a different thing entirely. The man really looks awful. If you compare his neck to what it was in the picture I posted you will see he's got some serious problems. ( Worse than Hulk Hogan)
Canson said on 29/Mar/18
He really lost 5”? I call Bullsh*t
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Mar/18
He couldn’t have been less than 6ft5 peak
Jordan87 said on 13/Mar/18

Unfortunately that is the tallest I have Seen Him Look. If he does have Ford by 5-1/2" That would make him closer to 6'6 as I see Ford as at least slightly over 6 foot tall in his prime. Usually he looks shorter than this however.
Jordan87 said on 13/Mar/18
@ Editor Rob,

Yes Hamills boots look thicker even among most cowboy boots. It looks like Prowse has Ford by 5-1/2" though would you say ?
Jordan87 said on 13/Mar/18
@ Mark Reyes,

"He looks a lot taller that six one in this photo."

No He doesn't. Line this picture up with Brandon routh, Prowse is shorter.
Jordan87 said on 12/Mar/18

Prowse looks really really tall here. Would you say Dave has Billy Dee Williams ( 5'10ish) by a Solid 5.5" here or could it be less?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Doesn't seem particularly tall in that photo, like 6ft 4-5 at most...check out Mark hamill's heels though, they are pretty beefy.
Mark Reyes said on 12/Mar/18
He looks a lot taller that six one in this photo.
Editor Rob
That day he was still over 6ft 1, but it was 10 years ago. He lost more height, last few years he never looked over 6ft 1.
ImAlexandros said on 10/Mar/18
Rob How Tall Is John Bloom In Real 6' 8'' or 6' 9'' or 6' 10'' ?????
Jordan87 said on 9/Feb/18

Agree. Whats weighed is Anthony Joshua weighs currently 254 pounds. Dave Prowse claiemd to have weighed 280 pounds when he played Vader. Weights can be tricky but I'm not sure I buy 280 pounds. Dave was 260 when he was a bodybuilder , as a 42 year old in the Vader role I would imagine he would be smaller, not bigger. Plus A Guys Like Joshua ( Having an inch on a prime Prowse) at 254 looks alot thicker.
FIint said on 8/Feb/18
jordan87, I pretty much agree with your estimate. He was tall, but never looked like a proper 6'6 guy, like say Anthony Joshua.
Jim Hopper said on 7/Feb/18
Peak was 6.5-5. Never was 6-7.
Jordan87 said on 6/Feb/18
@ FIint,

I halfway agree with your statement. He wasn't 6'6, but her certainly was very tall. He was likely around 6'5, 6'4 at the min in his peak.
FIint said on 5/Feb/18
Just watched Vampire Circus. Even next to the dwarf he doesn't look particularly tall. 6'6 seems way too much for him.
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 1/Feb/18

Mick Mars is the record, I think. His peak-current loss on here is 5.5, so a half-inch more than Prowse.
Sean95 said on 22/Jan/18
He surely holds the biggest peak-current loss of height on celebheights?
Editor Rob
As far as I can think, yes he probably does have greatest loss.
5'10 lad said on 6/Jan/18
I’m a fan of prowse, as he always wore a helmet in scenes in Star Wars it’s difficult to gage his true height. But I can honestly only see him being 6’5 range next to guys like Cushing as there are occasional set photos with his helmet removed as well as seeing him next to other cast members in photos
Mister lennon said on 3/Jan/18
I think that he was 194-195 peak maximun.
berta said on 1/Jan/18
196 peak is the most i can give this guy. toady i believe he is no taller than at best 185 but possible 184.. he have lost about 11-12 cm by 80 yers old.
tree said on 31/Dec/17
Yeah Vader can be pretty scary,especially when he found out Geroge Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney Click Here
tree said on 30/Dec/17
Hey folks and Rob what you think is the best height for Darth Vader?
He shouldn't be a giant so a 6ft6 actor would be perfect.
Sometimes i felt in the original trilogy that Prowse who was max 6ft5 should be a bit taller
Editor Rob: from a visual point of view I understand why Lucas cast someone like Prowse at 6ft 5-6 range, because you want him to look a towering and fearful presence.

I certainly remember having nightmares about Vader as a young kid! Of course a commanding and powerful voice like Earl Jones made the character...I don't think it would have worked with Prowse voice.
Mister lennon said on 30/Dec/17
Never 6'7. Strong 6'4 guy, or maybe weak 6'5 at peak.
Not even 6'6 .
tree said on 28/Dec/17
There is 0 proof he was 6ft7,even as a young guy he was listed 6ft6 but didn't looked that either.
Jordan87 said on 28/Dec/17

He Was never 6'7. Look at him next to 5'11 Cushing, 5'7 Hamill, and 6' Ford. Also next to 5'8 Mcdowell. Dave was a monster of a man, and a great gentleman but was never 6'7.

He was very tall at about 6'4- 6'4.5 and has shrunk down to 6'1ish.

Keep In Mind According to Dave himself he only Shrunk 2". He is no taller than 6'1 now. Think about it, 6'7 was impossible.

I think with his hairstyle in the 70's and if he was measured in shoes he could be around 6'6".
even said on 26/Dec/17
6 foot 7 ( past ) , 6 foot 1 ( now ) = at 70 years old he has already shrunk over half a foot , which means if he lives to the age of 90 he is going to be shorter than rob , something isn't right
Starlo said on 16/Dec/17
Never really gave off much of a 6'8 vibe standing next to Luke. Yes he towered him, but not by well over a foot even with helmet and boots. I would say 6'4-6'5 range, but hard to tell.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 14/Dec/17
6'6" was probably a shoe height for him.
Mister lennon said on 13/Dec/17
Agree. 6'5 is the maximum for him at peak. But i see him more as a strong 6'4 guy. But yes, 6'5 could be too.
Jordan87 said on 11/Dec/17
@ Tree,

Id say 1/2" to an Inch maybe for Ian's posture.
Jordan87 said on 11/Dec/17

Good FInd. I have seen that Picture Also Keep in mind the 5'9 McDiamid is sort of Playing a old man and you can see he is not at Full Posture there, however yes this is more or Less the Tallest I have seen Prowse look.

If we go by Eye Levels, Prowse is around 8" Taller than Ian There ( Again, playing an Old Man), Dave is a good 6'5 here though, yes.

Look at the width of him though! And He was 47 years old when Jedi was Filmed.
tree said on 8/Dec/17
Click Here
tree said on 8/Dec/17
Maybe this is the only time he looks 6ft5,with 5ft9 Ian Mdiarmid Click Here
Ian could have bad posoture there but i don't think he dropes more than half an inch compared to Vader
Jordan87 said on 21/Nov/17
I wanted to take this chance to share some pics of Dave in his Heydey since lets face it, his health has deteriorated quite a bit.

As I mentioned I think he was around 6'4 in his prime, I take nothing away from the Man's Accomplishments. Take at look at the link below which features Dave in the 1960's. Keep in mind FOlks he was an all natural Bodybuilder, no roids. This is not debated anywhere. Guy was an Absolute monster in his prime, also maintaining an Gentlemen's personality. Truly great man. His Size and Body language were just as Important to Vader's Success as the voice.

Click Here
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 16/Nov/17

I don't know but I guess it's not impossible. An overwhelming amount of celebs exaggerate their height and also a lot of celebs listed here are listed a bit higher than they really are IMO
Mister lennon said on 15/Nov/17
6'5 peak is possible too.
Anonymous said on 15/Nov/17
CHristian-6'5 3/8",

I doubt Prowse was as Tall as you. I think you would look down on him about an inch honestly. Or Course In his heyday he would be built like a Truck so I doubt the Inch would make you feel that much " Bigger " Than him Overall. Dave was around 240-260 I think when He did Star Wars.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 15/Nov/17
Not as tall as 6'6" peak, but I couldn't see him being anything under 6'5" either.
Mister lennon said on 14/Nov/17
I think he looked more 6'4. 6'5 is possible too, but i see him more like a 6'4 guy. Only seeing him next to malcom macdowell or harrison ford . Or with the darth vader suit next to peter cushing, he looked a smaller heigth difference tha christopher lee did with cushing. And lee was about a 6'5 guy.
I cant see more than a 6'4 peak prowse.
Jordan87 said on 14/Nov/17
@ Rampage,

In the photo I posted Below of Dave and Malcolm, Dave really has 8" Tops on Malcolm and that's with Some Footwear Advantage there. Assume they had the same footwear ( I do not believe they did, I need to watch it again to be sure) , Malcolm Comes up to Dave's Bottom Lip which only Puts 5'9 Malcolm at 7" Shorter. Dave is nowhere near 6'6 there.

I think based on those Pics, Above 6'5 is just not Possible. ( I am a True Dave Prowse fan, 100% My Word- But he did inflate his height).
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Nov/17
I can see an argument for just under 6ft6 but no way was he just 6ft4...
Jordan87 said on 13/Nov/17
Actually Danmial,

Click Here

If you take into Account that Dave's Footwear was higher, he would be more 7" on McDowell putting him at around 6'4 Tops really.
Jordan87 said on 13/Nov/17

No Way.

Click Here

He didn't look 6'6" near the 5'9ish tops MalColm Mcdowell. There was no Way he had Malcolm by 10" and that was when he had a Footwear Advantage in the scene I belive Malcolm had Slippers. 8" Tops. 6'4" is more accurate .
Mister lennon said on 13/Nov/17
Never looked a 6'6 guy for me. 6'4 maximum.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Nov/17
Danimal, how believable do you think 6ft7 was?
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Nov/17
@ Danimal - Hi! 'Poor' David lost height from a 6ft6 height, so as long as he's free of pain now, and I hope he is, he isn't really a poor David anymore at all! That's one of the advantages of being tall! If you lose height, you don't end up feeling freakishly small! 6ft1 is still an incredibly desirable height from both sexes' points of view!
He did go through some rather unpleasant hip operations though, there's no getting away from that! Reading about them again just now made my eyes water!
6ft1.5 - today's height.
6ft6 - original height.
Danimal said on 12/Nov/17
Poor David today:

Click Here
Danimal said on 12/Nov/17
Sandy Cowell said on 15/Jun/17
It's hard to believe that David once stood six-and-a-half feet tall! He's suffered an exceptional height loss, and if some of it was due to a hip-replacement op, it must have been a painful way to lose it, the poor sausage!

It's clearly not all hip replacement height loss. You can see his upper torso is very short/compressed with Rob. He's lost a lot of height in his spine as well. He was at least 6'6" in A Clockwork Orange.
Jordan87 said on 10/Oct/17
Rob in the Link you Provided in your Description ( Click Here), does that give his weight at 260 pounds right next to his height at 6'7? I cannot make it out .
Editor Rob: 260 pounds.
Bobby said on 7/Oct/17
Wow, he lost a lot of height. Was there an injury involved?
Editor Rob: ankle, hips, spine, he's lost height through a few injuries over the years, although I think the argument is whether Dave was a big 6ft 6 range or a weak 6ft 6 range.
jjj said on 5/Oct/17
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Sep/17
lifting heavy weights every day for years possibly but balancing it out with calisthenics, stretching etc. would do nothing...dieting and rest also
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Sep/17
I'm not as convinced you lose height from heavy lifting as you do from injuries and just not looking after your body...
Editor Rob: very heavy lifting over years will certainly raise risks, but moderate lifting might not do anything, unless poor form and bad extensions cause herniation..
Jordan87 said on 27/Sep/17
Ronald McDonald,

Do you see a 6'3-1/2" Man with Rob in the Picture? If you Do I think you need an upgrade in your Glasses.
Ronald McDonald said on 27/Sep/17
Rob, come on, please! No human has ever the possibility to lose 5 inches! I would give Prowse 6'5"-6'6" as his peak height and about 6'3 1/2" nowadays.
Editor Rob: he's certainly nowhere near 6ft 3 today. He has to wear an elevator sneaker because he has lost nearly 2 inches on one of his legs.

you can see His shoe...

I seen him standing with 6ft 5 Dan Naprous, well trying to, he looked a bit time he was as tall or taller than Dan, now he's 4-5 inches shorter.

You can see with Mayhew he was a very tall man. With heavy weight-lifting in his 30's, it might have knocked him down a little, because I know many agree around time of Star Wars he looked maybe 6ft 5.
TonyG said on 10/Sep/17
I had the pleasure of meeting David Prowse in 1984. I was 180cm or 5'11" then, and when David stood straight upright, the top of my head reached the nub of his chin with both us standing on a flat concrete surface. So, I personally can assure all in this blog that he was at least 8" taller than me; which would've measured him at 6'7" in 1984.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 4/Sep/17
196cm guy at his peak but listed as 198cm on here, same situation as Hulk Hogan.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Sep/17
I think a solid 197cm guy at least peak.
berta said on 31/Aug/17
i still dont believe this guy have ever been taller than me. 196-197 peak seems more realistic and today 185.
Paul said on 26/Aug/17
Losing half a foot is definitely possible. Ever hear of Mick Mars?
Jordan87 said on 31/Jul/17

I would tend to agree with you. Dave Himself said he lost 2" by 1997 due to surgeries , and he would have been 62 by that point. From 62yo to the time he got a pic with Rob it was another 11 years. I could see him losing another 1.5"" in the 11 Years since 1997 so that would mean a total of 3.5" Height loss. Remember by age 62 Dave Himself said he lost only 2". I can only see him losing another 1.5" from 62 to 73 ( When he was Pictured with Rob).

So Yeah he is 6'1 with Rob, Plus 3.5" is 6'4.5. I was more impressed with his Physique and Lifting feats then his height.

People forget he competed in a day without Steroids or as good nutrition and still was the 1st Brit to Deadlift over 700 Pounds.
even said on 22/Jul/17
the are two men in the picture , the one the left is 5'8" and the one on the right is 6'1" . boys listen to me , losing half a foot is not possible unless you cut off a limb , he was never over 6'4" , its just a biological certainty .
Richardspain said on 20/Jul/17
Peak a strong 196cm
Nowadays 185cm

David Prowse wasn't a strong 6'7 was between 195 -198

I give him 196cm
Jellybean said on 13/Jul/17
Must hurt to lose that much height.
Jordan87 said on 12/Jul/17

Yes 13 cm or About 5" Loss is pretty bad. I'm not sure he lost 5" but I would think he lost around 3". He really does look disproportionate. You can tell in the picture with Rob based on his hands and head that he was no doubt a taller man in his youth.

He was early 70's when he took this picture with Rob and look about 6'1. He actually commented on the amount of Surgeries he had he himself already said he lost 2" by 1997. He would have been only 62 in 1997 then, so I'm sure he could have lost another 1" by the time he took the picture with Rob. HE is 6'1 With ROb, and maybe was 3" taller based on a combination of what he said he had lost by 1997, with another 10 years of shrinking after that. I think 3" is realistic. He was around a very solid 6'4" in his prime.

6'4" I think is reasonable b/c He actually looked a bit shorter next to Peter Cushing than Christopher Lee did next to Cushing. Lee was a pretty solid 6'4 to 6'5 guy.

FYI for IMDB to list him at 6'3" is pretty dumb. If that's the case they should be Listing Clint Eastwood at 6' or 6'1 which is his current height rather than the 6'4 he is listed at by them currently.

IMDB and Wikipedia are really crappy sites to get a proper height listing from. That's why I come here. Though I don't always agree with Rob's listings, its still a very enjoyable site to me and I like to debate things and ROb lists Celebrity quotes on their own heights which is at least a Good Start.
Editor Rob: shrinking celebrities definitely cause an issue.

Prowse hasn't seen 6ft 3 since Jake Lloyd played Anakin.
even said on 11/Jul/17
i just know one thing losing 13 centimeters is extremely unlikely ( one in a hundred thousend )
SW - 6'0 said on 3/Jul/17
Gives off a big impression just from the picture but christ almighty that's a big height loss.
Peacegamersd95 said on 1/Jul/17
IMDB has changed his height to 6'3.
Editor Rob: that's a problem with not having a peak/current option, it's harder to account for height losses and you're sometimes left with your pants at your ankles and missing the pan by a few inches on both sides...😱 Just like a 6ft 3 listing 😳
Jordan87 said on 27/Jun/17

You see a 6'3.5" man in the Picture above with Rob? Think before you type.
C. Giant said on 24/Jun/17
The reason why Prowse first claimed his height with the words "When I played him I was 6ft 7 and 20 stone" is because I'm sure that he was 6'7" anbd 20 stone with boots and helmet. He claimed his height as 6'6" with his own words when he was younger. He later claimed his height as 6'5" after operations and that's realistic because a human can loose an inch after operations because of bone issues. So I would say that Prowse stood 6'6" in his younger days and nowadays as an old man he could hit 6'3 1/2".
Jordan87 said on 21/Jun/17

It would appear in your Picture that Mayhew has Dave by 7". Mayhew is still taller than Kristian Nairn ( Spelling) who is at least 6'8 with Rob. Mayhew is still around 6'9 and he is 73 with Multiple Operations. Peter may have been a Good 7'0" when he was younger, putting Dave at around 6'5 so your post makes sense.
Sam said on 19/Jun/17
I think he was never more than a strong 6'5" guy, Rory McCann-size, I'd say 6'6" was rounding up from a half or quarter inch less and 6'7" maybe a booted height. He more or less looks 4 inches taller than Harrison Ford (I know some of which are previously posted), when it should be a more than 5 inch difference if he was 6'6". I also think he looked more a 6'5" kind of guy in that photo Rob posted with McDowell on the Clockwork Orange set.
Click Here
With Mayhew, I'd say he might look near 6'5.5" at times.
Click Here
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 15/Jun/17
No more than 6'5.5" peak.
Sandy Cowell said on 15/Jun/17
It's hard to believe that David once stood six-and-a-half feet tall! He's suffered an exceptional height loss, and if some of it was due to a hip-replacement op, it must have been a painful way to lose it, the poor sausage!
I'll give him 6ft1 for today's height and 6ft6 for his (night-time!) peak. As he argues that he once stood 6ft7, he probably must have had that reading at some stage in his life. He doesn't strike me as the type to bull💩!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jun/17
I think he'd make 6ft1 range today and 6ft5 peak is too low. He looked near 6ft6
Wow said on 9/Jun/17
Jesus Christ the guy lost 13cm...he's lived two lives !

Although in the pic with rob guys he obviously looks a strong 187-190cm

That does NOT look like only a 15cm height difference...
Editor Rob: that photo is about 9 years old, he lost another inch since then.
World Citizen said on 7/Jun/17
185 cm and no less than that.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Jun/17
Given his height and build peak I could imagine around 18 stone, 19-20 stone though seems a bit much. 260 pounds would seem nearer but not impossible he did weigh 19 stone.
Editor Rob: I did see him again up close...I feel today standing as tall as he can he may still be 6ft 1. He does use crutches to get about the last few years.
Jordan87 said on 26/May/17

I think sometimes weight is harder to guess then height! For example I am to the eye much leaner than my one friend of Equal height yet I weigh more than him.

WHen Prowse said he was 280 pounds for the role, Id say its possible if he is one of those guys then has alot of lean muscle. To the eye, most of the Prowse pics in the earth 1980's I would have guessed around 240, but it's really hard to tell without meeting someone.
Editor Rob: I think there is much more of a weight range in guessing than height. You can narrow many heights to say 173-4, but sometimes with weight it might be 165-180.
Jordan87 said on 26/May/17

I belive you, look at the size of his Hand on Rob's Shoulder. Catchers Mitt.
MSJC said on 21/May/17
I met him at Devcon in Plymouth last October, unfortunately he wasn't in the best of health and was sat down for the entire event, however i did get to meet him and shake his hand, even sat down he's a pretty large guy.
Scarlett Rose said on 18/May/17
I have dug out my old Star Wars scrapbooks. In one, there are the profiles of six of the major stars of the Star Wars saga at the time they were published in a British magazine (1982). They were Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, David Prowse (Darth Vader), Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) and Kenny Baker (R2-D2). This is what it said about David Prowse...

Birthdate: 1 July, 1935
Birthplace: Bristol (UK)
Birthsign: Cancer
Height: 1.99m (6 ft 7 in)
Weight: 121kg (approx 266 pounds)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey
Home: Croydon, Surrey (UK)
Hobbies: Fitness, swimming
Pets: A cat and rabbits
Married: Yes, to Norma
Children: Three - Steven, 16, James, 14, and Rachel, 11
Fav. food: Anything that contains protein
Fav. drink: Tea and coffee
Car: Audi, Volvo Estate
Previous jobs: Sports consultant for Harrods, now runs a gymnasium in London
Previous films: Casino Royale, Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell, Star Wars, Clockwork Orange, The Empire Strikes Back, Jabberwocky
Other appearances: Green Cross Code Man
Likes: Children
Dislikes: Rude people

If you want to read about the other five stars of Star Wars, seek the pages dedicated to them. 😊
Jordan87 said on 15/May/17

Notice Prowse said he was 20 stone ( 280 lbs) when he played Vader. Is that really possible? I thought he was in the 240 Zone myself, 280 is 30 Pounds Heavier than Anthony Joshua which I really don't think Prowse Ever Looked, especially as Vader.

Another Questions is , if Dolph Lundgren and Dave Prowse Faced off in their primes, who would you think was the bigger man both in height and mass?
Editor Rob: maybe he had a few extra pounds and wasn't quite as lean as he used to be?

I think 260 range is very believable for him.
Richardspain said on 22/Apr/17
I don't believe it! Prowse lost a lot of height, I'm feel sorry for him, but the important is his health.

Sometimes, taller people, have problems with their spine, backs,bones etc..

And giants people never arrive very old.

About Prowse's height, my opinion is;

Young: 197cm not more..
Now: 185/186cm not less

Rob; Is Prowse alive today??
Editor Rob: the force is still strong with David.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Apr/17
Rob, how likely is less than 6ft today?

Such a horrific amount of grandfather was 6ft5 and stayed pretty much the same into his late 70's...a health finatic though
Editor Rob: not seen him in last year, but he may well not be able to stand that tall, I'm sure he will - if able - look 6ft to people.
berta said on 19/Apr/17
i wonder if "son of former ......." is telling the truth. i have a hard time belvieing he was 201 cm peak. never looked taller than max197-98 to me and now 184-185 probably
Jordan87 said on 14/Apr/17
Son Of Former neighbor of David Prowse,

( Long name, dammit)

Interesting Story to say the least. Prowse would have had to Shrink from the 90's to now another 3.5 inches more or less b/c he isn't even over 6'1" Now.

I did however see a Video of Prowse in the 1990's returning to his Green Cross Code Man Stint walking with a Cane with some School Children. He did appear still a very tall man either way.
Son of the former neighbor of David Prowse said on 12/Apr/17
To conclude the debate. David Prowse has suffered from arthritis since the 1950s, and has been losing around an inch a decade since then. When he was twenty in 1955 he was measured by his physician at 6 foot 7. His height decreased to about 6 foot 5 in the seventies. When my father met Prowse in the 1990s he claimed Prowse was 6 foot 3.5, My father is 6 foot 2. My father had many long conversations with Prowse about this when they were practically best friends in the late nineties. David said in a 1980 interview he was 6 foot 6, when asked in 1999 about this he said that he had miscalculated how much height he really lost. Prowse told my father that weightlifting helped keep the arthritis at bay. I apologize for any spelling errors as I am typing on mobile.
John said on 4/Apr/17
Peak: 6'5.75
Now: 5'11.5
Adijos said on 21/Mar/17
Yes! I do Rob! I think David Prowse peak height is 6'6" (198 cm) and today 6'1.25" (186 cm) tall.
berta said on 9/Mar/17
196 max peak. he never looks huge and if he was 198 he makes harrison for d6 foot 1. not a chanseeeeeee
Jordan87 said on 27/Feb/17
Cosmo does look about 6'0.5" Solid, and Dave looks a bit taller when I put the two pics Side by Side so I would say you are right.

But Basically if you took away he 1.5" Shoes, he would look around 5'11.5 with you?
Jordan87 said on 27/Feb/17

Based on Just Eye Level, how much would Dave have on you in your pic do you think.?Top of your heads ignored, say again just eye level?
Editor Rob: Jordan, back then he was over 6ft 1...looked actually about an inch taller beside Malcolm (the photographer) than someone like James Cosmo.

But, he only got that high because one of his shoes had like a 1.5 inch external lift to balance his leg length discrepancy.
josh jeffords said on 24/Feb/17
Dunno guys a loss of 5 inches is a big one he actually only looked about 6 6 in the vader suit which appears to add at least 1.5 to 2.5 inches.
Also the fictional character is supposed to be 6 6 in the suit over 300lbs, and 6 for the man forget weight maybe 200..
Ive not seen him out of the costume but if he were 6 8 or so in suit luke would have looked more like a hobbit not just short.
Yes I know its sacrilege but the new fake bs cg version of vader looked bigger.
Bottom line my money says if he stood next to the awesome Chris Lee he would not tower him.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 19/Feb/17
This guy was really towering at peak when he wore that damn Vader gear.

Though I would really think Christopher Lee deserves an upgrade to 6'4.75" comparing him and peak David Prowse with Peter Cushing.
mister_lennon said on 15/Feb/17
Agree with jordan.
Jordan87 said on 15/Feb/17
Christopher Lee, who was at times weary of his height in Lead roles, claimed 6'4". He was at least that height seeing as at age 80 was still taller than 6'0" Hayden Christensen by 3".

Its quite possible that Dave was not much taller, if Any, than Lee. ( He doesn't look it next to Cushing when Compared to Lee and he had that Damn Vader Helmet on!!!)
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 21/Jan/17
6ft5.5 peak, was never quite the solid 6ft6. Still, he was very tall regardless.
mister_lennon said on 20/Jan/17
Curiously, christopher lee give a taller impression next to peter cushing than prowse did next cushing. And prowse was in the darth vader costume.
berta said on 19/Jan/17
i think this guy was 196 peak and 198 out of bed and cliamed his morning height and with shoes 201 and sometimes went with that
mister_lennon said on 7/Jan/17
194-195 peak. Not more.
berta said on 5/Jan/17
godd update on listign. probably at best 185 now but chances are very big that he is not over 183. Peak i still dont think he was mutch over 196. never looked huge.
Blake said on 1/Jan/17
Rob, I think Glenn would want you to come back to New York and pose back to back with him if you lost as much height as David Prowse!
Editor Rob: Blake, maybe he will want remeasured, I still have the Miracle Growth Tape measure 😲 😵
Victor said on 28/Dec/16
He looks like a weak 6'2" in the picture
Editor Rob: the picture is probably the last time I seen Prowse able to stand pretty well, since then he always sat down in photos and when on his feet has gotten shorter.

In fact it is hard to tell how he'd measure because he wears an elevator shoe because one leg is 2 inches he'd measure an inch less than he looks barefoot.
miko said on 27/Dec/16
Big Dave is coming to a Comic-Con event in Burton on Trent in February where I live so I'm hoping I'll catch him, I doubt I'll see him standing but you never know!
Omar said on 23/Dec/16
Imagine going from 6'6" basically taller than 99% of people to whatever he is now...
5'2 said on 22/Dec/16
i say the peak height is 6'5" and the present height is 5'11"
Puma said on 21/Dec/16
How did a man lost 13 cm at 73 years old, Rob?This is so amazing.
Editor Rob: Puma, spine,ankles,knees,hips, he's lost height in all these areas.
anyonmious said on 16/Dec/16
i think he has lost at least 6 inches.
Jordan87 said on 16/Dec/16
I still have a lot of Respect for Prowse. He was the first Brit to deadlift 700 + Pounds and keep in mind this was pre-steroid era, and if you Look at Dave's physique when he was younger, it was not a " Roid Body". Still, to deadlift 700 Pounds in the 60's is quite a thing to brag about.

Click Here

Look at his forearms. My Father always told me. If you are going fight someone, look at their Forearms, not their biceps to judge how strong of a Lad they are.
Leonardo 1.73m said on 14/Dec/16
Rob, Can you put his current height? I know he is 6'0.5 or less...
Editor Rob: Leo, that is the kind of figure I think he could be...certainly 6ft 1 maximum, at least 5 inches down the drain 😢 😥
Jordan87 said on 8/Dec/16
Rampage, Rob.

This is some height loss!

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Nov/16
So, Rob is this guy a candidate for losing 6in?
Editor Rob: yes rampage, at least 5 inches by now, but I haven't seen him for a while now.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Sep/16
Rob, do you think he may still measure 6ft2 but just walks around shorter?
Editor Rob: honestly no, he can barely walk these days that well without sticks. He could be 6ft 1 at most, but because of his imbalanced leg lengths, if measuring him he might be lop sided and not even manage above 6ft!
berta said on 2/Sep/16
maybe 184 now if he can stretch up when measured otherwise he may be measured to 182 these Days. at peak i dont really Think he was 198. that is a very very tall height. people Always exagirate. i have meet many guys that claim 2 meter one guy claimed 202 and when i told him to stand back to back with me ( who is strong 196 ore weak 97 depending on day) the people around said " youre the same height". So if he was 194-5 at peak he could easily get away with claiming 198 a 170 guy wouldnt really see the be onest i Think 1 out of 5 people really tell the height they are. most guys that are 177-179 say 180. most gius that are 180-182 say 6 feet the guys that are 6 feet say 6 foot one and some ever 6 foot when they are 6 foot 5 ore over they often dont care and say the height they really are.
mrtguy said on 28/Aug/16
He lost height especially over 80 years
The Man said on 8/Aug/16
David has lost so much spinal height over the years that his legs look disproportionately long, especially when he tucks his shirt inside his jeans.
Leonardo 1.73m said on 8/Aug/16
Very interesting case. Rob, you should downgrade to his current height!
Jordan87 said on 2/Aug/16

Mayhew is around 6'9 nowadays, He wasnt 7'3. He was maybe 7'0 in his day. Either way a tall Dude.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Jun/16
Probably looks 6ft-6ft1 walking about but might still stretch up to 6ft2 when measured...
JAsper said on 31/May/16
To think that Mr. Prowse might have played the Wookie (Peter Mayhew) who stands at 7'3 would have been interesting.
berta said on 5/Apr/16
Rob is he still 188? Wich person have lost most height that we now of from this site? I read ion a newspaper some years ago about a lady who hade shrunken from 155 -141. BEcause she hade extremely weak bones. This guy seems to be around the same.197-98 peak and probalbe closer to 185 now?
Editor Rob: barefoot it would be hard to say because I posted a link many comments ago showing the kind of elevator shoe he has to wear. Take him barefoot and he could be 6ft to 6ft 1 range under the stadiometer. But he walks badly last couple of events I seen him, impossible to really tell as he needs the crutches.
Jordan said on 2/Apr/16
Rampage, in boots the slipper wearing McDowell came up to his top lip. Look at robs picture with prowse above . His top lip would make prowse ( in boots) 8" taller than the 5'9 McDowell making him 6'5, except McDowell had the footwear disadvantage putting Dave about 6'4 in reality.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Apr/16
I imagine 6ft7-8 in boots
Jordan said on 29/Mar/16

Based on the Prowse/Mcdowell Pic since McDowell only comes up to Prowse's Top lip, ( and has slippers in the scene) suggest not even a 6'4 for prowse? It boggles my Mind I almost cannot believe it
Editor Rob: I think Prowse does have a bigger head than average so wouldn't have thought he looked less than 6ft 5 there.
James B said on 25/Mar/16
suprised that was him in clockwork orange.

He looked well over 6ft6 but would not have guessed 6ft6
Jordan said on 9/Mar/16
Click Here

5'8.5 McDowell looks like he comes up to Prowe's Upper Lip in this pic.

Thing is if you watch the movie, Prowse has thick heeled boots on and Mcdowell has Slippers so In reality Mcdowell would Comes up to Prows's Nose for only a 5 inch difference which is odd. Dave looks shorter than 6'6 in that picture. Looks 6'2ish actually and thats when he was supposed to be in his prime. Very Odd with this man's height.
Jack said on 1/Feb/16
Are there any pictures of him pre-Star Wars? Based on the images of him and Harrison Ford, I'd say he looks 6'4.5 tops.
Editor Rob: he could look Like this in clockwork with 174cm mcdowell.
movieguy said on 27/Dec/15
Looked at this guy's website and he come across as pretty straightforward. Says he couldn't make it as a championship bodybuilder because he wasn't anything like as muscular as shorter competitors. Gives his peak height as 6'7'' which I actually believe. I suspect that the doubters would have been shocked to see him in his younger days before health issues took their toll.
Matt Zed said on 12/Nov/15
David Prowse doesn't seem interested in the new star wars movies.

Click Here
Cliff said on 11/Nov/15

I agree with you completely. I don't think he was ever over 6'5". Reread my post. I think you misunderstood me. I think he probably was the 6'5" he actually claimed way back in the day, but was likely a bit shorter just due to posture.
tumac66 said on 6/Nov/15
People do shrink with age. My grandfathers Army records have him at 5`9 and a half, by the time i was was full grown, at 5`7 and in his 60`s he was my height. By the time he was in his eighties,he was about 5`4. I think Dave could have been 6`6 at his peak.He looks well over a head taller than a 5`8 Malcolm MC Dowell in A Clockwork Orange
Pedro said on 13/Sep/15
My son and I met him a t an awards dinner. he had a hard time standing. BUT he was at least 6'4" as he was a little taller then my son who is 6'3". 6'6" at his peak is believable Plus he was a competitive weightlifter and that compresses your spine and vertebrae. Which causes height loss.
Jordan said on 11/Sep/15
Click Here

Rob, We know Jeremy Bulloch ( Left in the above Picture) is 5'10 with you at age 60 something. Lets say he was 5'11 in his Prime, and 6 foot with his helmet? Prowse seems at most 5 inches taller in the pic above.

I'm almost inclined to say that Prowse is a 6'3-6'5 range Guy, with more of a chance he was below 6'5 in his prime. ( The above pic he would have been in his early 40's, so not to much out of his Peak height.
[Editor Rob: around Star Wars Prowse I think could have been 6ft 5, it's a question of whether he had lost any height by early 40's or not...generally it would seem unlikely, but he was a heavy lifter so I've never ruled out that by 40's he lost something.]
Jordan said on 11/Sep/15

Prowse claimed 6'5 only after his operations. In his younger days he claimed 6'6, 6'7, and 6'8 at different times. Personally if you watch him with Boba Fett ( 5'10 Jeremey Bulloch-Proven on this Site) he was never 9 inches taller. More like 6 tops. In ESB Prowse was no where near 6'7. He was about 6'4 based on Pics with Him and Bulloch ( 5'10-5'10.5).

In the Cast Pics from 1977 Prose was 4 inches tops on Harrison Ford who was 6'1 at best. I doubt the man was ever over 6'5 people.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Sep/15
The "barely over 6ft" claims are absurd
Cliff said on 8/Sep/15
Look... He was no more than 6'5". I do believe he was that and with a slouch 6'4"..I think I'm under 6' with my ****ty posture, but I was 72.75" at my last doc visit and this was after being on my feet for many hours; I think Dave was very much the 6'5" he claimed, but hey, who can police their posture 24/7? This goes for Peter as well. :)
Rey said on 6/Sep/15
@Darth Nihilus says on 28/Dec/14 You can lose and incredible amount of height once you age and with an illness. Losing 3 inches of height or more is a medical science fact.
Chase Witherspoon said on 2/Aug/15
I can believe 6'5" barefoot peak (195cm) but anything more seems ambitious, or perhaps a rounded-up shoe height to achieve the 6'6" status..
Azrael5 said on 4/Jul/15
Mark Hamill is 165cm max tall.
Tarinator said on 14/Jun/15
Looks nearly 186-187 if he was standing upright.
[Editor Rob: last 6-7 years he rarely can manage to stand at all, he's standing very well in that photo, he's lost height in back and legs.]
Sam said on 4/Jun/15
He has a big enough head though and taller people generally have lower eye-level in ratio to their height because their heads tend to be larger, albeit proportionally the same as someone shorter with a smaller head.
G said on 25/May/15
Hello. I watched Star Wars Episode VI long ago and tried to compare Prowse with other actors like Mark Hamil. As Darth Vader, Prowse looked tall, but not as 6'6 or 6'7, but as 6'4 or 6'4.5. What do you think about that?
berta said on 13/May/15
hm i cant se his ever being taller than me and im strong 6,5. around 6 foot 5 peak and now down to just over 6 foot. must be some kind of recorc
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/May/15
6ft7 out of bed peak
Jordan said on 4/May/15

I have seen those photos and you are Correct. However is Cushing even 5'11.5?
N said on 1/May/15
He was never 6'6". His eyeline was only 4 inches over 5'11.5" Peter Cushing in starwars.
six niner said on 1/Apr/15
My son and I met him in 2010. He was a to me maybe 6'4" son is 6'7" and I 6'9" we both were much taller. I believe he was 6'6" in his prime.
Darth Nihilus said on 7/Feb/15
Rob, any possibility to downgrade Prowse's peak height from 6'6" to 6'4"?
Darth Nihilus said on 14/Jan/15
@Jordan: Let's say, Prowse stood a legit 6'4" in his prime.
Jordan said on 1/Jan/15
Darth Nihilus,

I agree with everything you have stated there. I know the scenes you are talking about in the movie, and there are some pics of the whole cast back in 1977, where Dave looked anywhere from 7 to 9 inches taller than Mark Hamil.

Hamil is about 5'7 Nowadays ( He has pics with Billy Dee Williams who is 5'10 with Rob) and looks about 3 inches under Billy. So I would call Hamil 5'7.5 in his prime and Dave about 6'3.5 to 6'4.5 Range.

Dave was extremely strong regardless of height, he was the first Brit to Deadlift 700 pounds and had a 490 pounds Bench Press!!!!
Darth Nihilus said on 28/Dec/14
I watched Star Wars Episode VI yesterday in the TV. There were enough scenes where Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) was standing beside Darth Vader (David Prowse), talking to him that he should turn from the Dark Side to the Light Side of the Force. And all I have to say is that Darth Vader looked only full 8 inches taller than Luke who isn't even a legit 5'8". Already 6'1" Harrison Ford as Han Solo dwarfed Luke by almost a full head. So 6'6" or 6'7" is a lie as Prowse's peak height. I don't know why he claimed that mark in his younger days because Prowse as Darth Vader looks nothing more than 6'4", maybe 6'5" with shoes and helmet and so on. Let alone 6'6" and the 6'7" claiming for Dave's height is ridiculous. A human in the size of 6'6"-6'7" looks almost gigantic and yes, as Darth Vader, Prowse looked tall but not gigantic. So 6'4" could describe Prowse's peak height. I wished, Rob could change Dave's peak height from 6'6" to 6'4" and yes, Prowse might have operations because of his unhealthy stature but that never gives a human the possibility to lose 3 inches.
bud said on 13/Nov/14
Rob any chance he was 6'4.5 when he played darth vader?Then he didin't look 6'5 to me,max 6'4.75.
[Editor Rob: he could look anywhere in 6ft 4-5 range by Vader...question is if he had lost an inch or so by 40!]
miko said on 28/Oct/14
Look at the camera David, use the force!

Click Here

He's aged quite fast in these last few years.
yenz said on 25/Sep/14
@Clay Thats what I suggest alot, you can roughly judge a person's height(or peak height), by taking note of their other body parts.

Like Clive Russell looks about 6'4" here on Celebheights, yet his wingspan looks over 6'6". Your wingspan should be the same as your height.
Frank said on 17/Sep/14
In his peak he was 6´4" or 6´4.5" top, barefoot of course.
It is big height really, with boots like Dark Vader he would look 6.6" easily and with the helmet a lot of bigger too.

6´6" or 6´7" barefoot sounds a joke...
Clay said on 11/Aug/14
You can tell he still has the limbs and porportions of a near giant-sized human, despite the huge height loss.
Oanh said on 5/Aug/14
About 6'2" in the photo, and 6'5 1/2"-6'6" peak. He never looked 6'7" to me.
Jordan said on 24/Jul/14

No Its a good photo bc Ford is leaning back also giving up height. Look at the other Pics from this event, Dave is no More than 3.5 Inches taller.
SaveUsY2J said on 19/Jul/14
@Jordan- That photo is awful for height comparison, Ford's closer to the camera and Prowse is slouching heavily.
mike said on 23/Jun/14
he looks good for his age here but recent pics from 2013 he looks terrible. but i did find a new pic on his twitter account he's looking better now!
Jordan said on 23/Jun/14
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IM sorry but there only looks to be 3.5 inches between Prowse and Ford ( Dave also has thicker shoes than Ford). I dont buy 6'5. Ford was 6'0-6'1 Tops Dave is at most 3.5" taller. 6'6, 6'7 are out of the question, even in 1977.
mike said on 23/Jun/14
i would just leave David at his peak he's not really doing much these days.
mike said on 22/Jun/14
he looks 188-189 here.
avi said on 9/Jun/14
@Jordan says on 13/May/14
New Photo from 1977 with a front View and Dave Prowse next to 6'0ish Harrison ford. They are both leaning so its ha...

I agree I think peak he was a strong 6'4. Looks like he'd be 3.5ish taller or so than Ford
Jordan said on 15/May/14

The picture I posted earlier I had not seen yet on the internet. Its similiar to the other Photos we have seen from that Groupd Shot.

What is your take on who is giving up more height in the Photo, Prowse or Ford?
[Editor Rob: hard to tell who is standing better there]
Jordan said on 13/May/14
New Photo from 1977 with a front View and Dave Prowse next to 6'0ish Harrison ford. They are both leaning so its hard to tell who is loosing more height in the pic. Prowse looks 3 inches taller at best.

Rob, Ford is leaning agaisnt a Poll and Dave is resting all his weight on one knee so I am not sure who is giving up more height in the pic but I dont see a 6'5 Prowse here. More 6'3ish tops.

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avi said on 26/Apr/14

this is looking like that picture i posted of me and the guy who said could look 5 inches shorter than me. here is another one of me and the same guy and htat difference is maybe .5 less than here.
Click Here

could Prowse be 6'1.5?
[Editor Rob: last year he definitely could look between 6ft and 6ft 1, but his posture and all his body problems mean it's hard to say what he'd actually measure today. He'd lose an inch automatically because he's using 2-inch lifted sneaker to help balance the excessive loss in one leg/ when barefoot he's going to be losing some if both his feet were on ground for a measurement.]
Heat said on 26/Apr/14
Peak height was 6ft 5in (196 cm)
Lorne said on 6/Mar/14
Really he looked barely 6'5 by the Star Wars era. Maybe I'm being harsh, but 196-197cm seems more believable than 198... Though he easily would have cleared 6'6 out of bed at one point.
[Editor Rob: it is possible in 40's he had lost some height]
avi said on 20/Jan/14
@Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 1/Dec/13

nooo. he was 6'5 peak i think. now a strong 6'2

@Arch Stanton says on 6/Dec/12
That's funny, you mentioned seeing another 6'5" woman recently in Glasgow too I think? I've only ever seen one woman legit 6'5" range.

i think he means she was 6'5 in the suit which still means shes probably 6'2ish
Luke Skywalker said on 12/Jan/14
I've never seen a human who has lost so many inches like Prowse.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jan/14
He'd still be about 6ft2, I reckon
miko said on 10/Dec/13
It must be quite depressing for David. He was likely over 6'7 in boots at his tallest and today might not even reach much over 6'0 barefoot.

It would be scary to see him standing next to his prime self.
[Editor Rob: I've seen him a few times this year, I walked by him last month and got a still from a video showing his sneakers Here, you can see it built up a bit compared to the other one.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Dec/13
His legs come to Rob's torso. You can tell that he was very tall at one point. No problem believing 6ft6. Mightve been 6ft7 out of bed.
Frank said on 6/Nov/13
I dont think that he was taller than 6ft 5 barefoot in his life.
I dont understand why some famous lie about it....
In serie "Champions" he is in his peak, only 33 years and for me he does not look 6.6 barefoot, max 6.5.
I would tell without doubt, in peak 6ft 5 barefoot and with boots 6.6 or a little taller.
miko said on 30/Oct/13
I've seen some recent photos of Prowse and he looks terrible, no idea what is wrong with his eye and he looks incredibly frail compared to the photo he has with Rob.
[Editor Rob: he had a car accident not that long ago, his eye got effected.]
Matt 184.7-186.7cm said on 27/Oct/13
yeah his torso looks really short for his very long legs here
Connor 184cm said on 24/Oct/13
Darth vaders actual height in the star wars universe is 6ft 8 though Prowse looked 6ft 7 in the vader suit, 6ft 6 peak barefoot is believable from looking at his body size, now he looks no more than 6ft, rob i think the only possible way he could get measured probably is maybe if he laid down straight on the floor or bed and the person puts the tape measure flat onto the floor/ bed next to him perhaps?
Jordan said on 1/Oct/13
Rob would you say conservatively that Dave would have 6 inches on Bulloch in the pic I posted below a few days ago? If Dave has a 5 inch eve level he would be about 6 inches taller than Bulloch in that Pic ( who is 5'11ish with the Helmet) making Dave at least 6'5 there? Maybe 6'5 max and 6'3 min?
[Editor Rob: I would say he looked about 6ft 5 in early 40's]
Arch Stanton said on 26/Sep/13
Rob how tall would you guess that he measured in the Darth Vader Suit? He looks about 6 ft 6 in it to me. I think I read 6'8" somewhere though.
[Editor Rob: with the helmet on maybe 6ft 7, but I think there is a good chance he lost some height by early 40's.]
Jordan said on 26/Sep/13
I am trying to scale the pic I previously posted. Is there any way that Dave has less than 4" on Bulloch anyone? I see 4.5" but Dave's hair could be an extra inch so I am not sure.
[Editor Rob: a guy like dave could have 5 inch eyelevel...I saw dave again recently, he actually can still be over 6 foot if he manages to stand tall, but with a 2-inch lift in one shoe, I don't know what he'd measure barefoot! ]
Jordan said on 24/Sep/13
Rob, May need a Star Wars nerd to help us out to see how much the Fett Helmet adds but it looks like Dave has him by 4.5 Inches? Bulloch is 5'10 with you plus his helmet height maybe 5'11, add the 4.5 Dave has on him and could Dave have been only 6'3.5 in his prime?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: the helmet is probably giving an extra inch, in star wars era he could look about 6ft 5, but it is possible Prowse had lost height by early 40's when he did those films.]
miko said on 23/Aug/13
I think Mayhew is having some big surgeries on his knees soon Rob.

Given how twisted and bent his legs currently are I do wonder if the surgery will push him closer to 7'0 again and he can still look 6'10/6'11 on occasion these days in good posture.

Click Here
miko said on 22/Aug/13
Rob have you considered giving him a downgrade into the 6'0.5/6'1 range which he looks closer to these days?
[Editor Rob: he struggles to get around these days, so uses 2 sticks a lot. It's like Mayhew, he really is in a wheelchair most of the time last year or so, anytime he stands he needs stick]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Aug/13
Those are some long legs. Definitely a big 6ft5+ guy in his prime. Probably 6ft6.
avi said on 25/Jul/13
He lost more than Eastwood huh? Like 4 inches. He was never 6'7. 6'6 tops but still maybe 4.5 inches. Eastwood was 6'3.5 and lost 3 I think 3.5 is only for people 6'3 and above I notice. I think its just not right to be over 6'3 right? Too many problems...
Tim said on 5/Jul/13
A little over 6 ft one he is now, wow major height loss.
[Editor Rob: I see him walking about a bit at cons, well walking with 2 crutches, possibly standing tall 6ft 1 range but how do you measure a guy barefoot who has one leg 2 inches shorter than the other?]
Emil said on 22/Jun/13
Holy .... what a leg length. He had to be at least 6'5 at peak
greg said on 20/Jun/13
There's a picture of Dave taken in about 1977 (and darn it, I can't find it online again to point to it) together with the other members of the Star War's cast, and he certainly doesn't look 6'6", more like 6'3" or 6'4".
Brandon said on 17/Jun/13
6'6 peak and 6'2 now is spot on
Connor 184cm said on 15/Jun/13
Darth Vader/David Prowse is no more than 6ft now but still a big guy though his heads enormous bloody hell he's massive for someone at that height.
Henrik said on 14/Jun/13
James Earl Jones claimed that the producers of Star Wars said 6'6 1/2".
Lorne$ said on 7/Jun/13
@maio: Why is it hard to believe'? Average height loss for a man by age 70 is 4-5cm. And Rob himself can attest the man has to wear a built up shoe! That alone accounts for 2 inches, or so. So really, he has lost a good 2 inches of spine, with the rest from his leg. So when you ignore the fact one leg is lOnger than the other, he's lost a good 2 inches, which is well within normal range. Of course, the total loss of 4 inches is extreme, but if the extreme cases didn't exist, we wouldn't have normal!!!
Greg said on 7/Mar/13
He lost an insane amount of height in his torso. You can clearly see his legs are very long, at least long enough for a 6'6 man. They come all the way above Rob's stomach.
Balrog said on 8/Feb/13
David Prowse stood 6 feet 5 inches at least at his prime. This poor man has suffered since age 13 when first symptoms of arthritis appeared. I also red that he was near dead when his left arm became paralyzed, followed by his right. He was diagnosed with septic arthritis. Then a few years ago, revealed that he is suffering from prostate cancer. The amount of surgery has reduced his height by 4-6". This man is a true fighter.
Alex said on 6/Feb/13
I know, that's why am a bit shocked by that enormous height loss. Hope he has recovered by now...
Arch Stanton said on 3/Feb/13
Did you see him in his prime Alex? This guy was nothing under 6 ft 6. He's lost more height than Hogan or Eastwood.
Alex said on 30/Jan/13
Is it really possible to lose that much height? Health problems and advanced age aside this man lost 4-5 inches!
Connor 184cm said on 30/Dec/12
David does look like a genuine 6ft 2 guy next to you rob, i can clearly see a 6 inches advantage would he be 6ft now in 2012 or could he even get different measurements because of his bad leg he might struggle standing straight perhaps?
[Editor Rob: this was last time to get a standing photo of when he could stand better than he has done in last few years...he walks about like a 6ft guy today, well uses sticks to help his mobility]
Arch Stanton said on 6/Dec/12
That's funny, you mentioned seeing another 6'5" woman recently in Glasgow too I think? I've only ever seen one woman legit 6'5" range.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Dec/12
Rob says "It's like Jenny's dad. Used to be 6ft 2, last few years he wears a lifted boot. Here is a photo of it.". You sure that isn't a screenshot from that movie where Downey Jr stole a wheelchair from a hospital?

The amount this guy has lost is tremendous. Rob, what does he claim nowadays? 6'3?
[Editor Rob: no idea what he says now, he does struggle to walk and uses crutches. Last time I saw him, there was a 6ft 5 lady who dresses as a stormtrooper at some of these events...she made him look a 6 footer...]
Mightyman said on 4/Nov/12
He does seem to have suffered from osteoporosis his torso looks very bulging due to compression of the spine. My Cousin used to live in the same house and train with him in Bristol. He was a big guy.
Desann said on 29/Oct/12
Yes ok, when I look exactly at this pic, I recognize that Prowse has a head, a torso and legs of a giant. So 6'6" at his youth is where I put the money on.
fliper said on 21/Aug/12
It is not normal to lose more than 3 cm after 50 years, people think that settles over time, it is absolutely wrong!
It is probably of osteoporosis in the case of David Prowse.
Henrik said on 12/Feb/12
pedro says on 9/Feb/12
My son and I met him two years ago at an awards dinner. my son is 6'3" and Dave was about an 1.5" taller than my son. My buddy who is 6'4.5" says when he met Dave back in the 60's he says Dave was at least 2" taller than he.

I could buy the last part, but not the first.
pedro said on 9/Feb/12
My son and I met him two years ago at an awards dinner. my son is 6'3" and Dave was about an 1.5" taller than my son. My buddy who is 6'4.5" says when he met Dave back in the 60's he says Dave was at least 2" taller than he.
Michele said on 7/Feb/12

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miko said on 7/Jan/12
Rob would you ever rule out him dropping to 6'0 or below?

Given how much he's lost so far, I suppose you can't rule it out!
[Editor Rob: if he takes off his shoes one leg is 2 inches longer, so he's going to lose another inch if he had 2 feet on the ground and his posture would be effected for a measurement most likely.

So he could be 6ft barefoot.

It's like Jenny's dad. Used to be 6ft 2, last few years he wears a lifted boot. Here is a photo of it.

If jenny's dad stands in slippers he's like a 5ft 9-10 man, he wouldn't measure over 5ft 10 today.

ANDREA[ITA] said on 7/Jan/12
Rob, in this pic he looks more like about 186. You think he would measure 6'2 today? And you think he was really 6'6 at peak? That's a big loss!
[Editor Rob: last year I saw him standing and he was shorter than when i got this photo. I think this was the last time he could try to stand reasonably tall - at subsequent events I saw him sitting for photoshoots) - considering all his physical ankle/leg/back problems over the years.]
Jim said on 3/Jan/12
I done a couple of power lifting demonstrations with him in the late sixties early seventies and he was 6'4" then
Henrik said on 2/Dec/11
6'4.5" max? Come on now. Ironically enough, my mother happens to know a man who looks very similar to Prowse (except the muscles) and claims 6'4.5" (194cm). My mother thought there was no way I could be 6'3" (190-191cm), because he looked so much taller than me. A hundred measurements on me or so can't be wrong, and the Prowse-lookalike was clearly more than just 1.5 inches (4cm) taller. I wouldn't rule 6'7" (201cm) out for him.

As for Prowse, anything under a legit 6'5" (196cm) peak is purely redundant. He could very well have been 6'6" (198cm).
ChiasmataX said on 22/Nov/11
He's 6 feet 1 (just compare him to the legit 186.8cm guy from height challenge # 8). Come on Rob stop inflating height of those over 183cm :P
jeremy said on 19/Nov/11
never ever 6ft6 6ft4.5 max
sdsds said on 7/Nov/11
Looks 6ft 1in in the photo with Rob
Henrik said on 6/Nov/11
Shaun says on 31/Oct/11
To me he did look 6'6" peak. 6'7" is pushing it. Probably 2 metres out of bed peak.

2 metres is basically 6'7". Rob stated recently that he saw Prowse again not so long ago without elevator shoes and that he'd be surprised if Prowse was a lot taller than 6' even barefoot these days. Losing more than four inches, which already is quite extreme? Hmm...
[Editor Rob: he still has one elevator shoe to compensate for the leg that is 2 inches shorter. What I mean is barefoot I'd be surprised today if he could measure much over 6 foot because of the problem.]
Shaun said on 31/Oct/11
To me he did look 6'6" peak. 6'7" is pushing it. Probably 2 metres out of bed peak.
LAN Jiao said on 22/Oct/11
Recently he look 6'1.2 in picture..

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