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Peak: 6ft 5.9in (197.9cm)
Current: 6ft 1.48in (186.6cm)
Ed said on 28/Jan/07
I haven't seen A Clockwork Orange in along time, does anybody have any pics or clips of it because I always thought Prowse looked huge in that movie, contrary to the short comments. As for his peak height, it remains a mystery somewhere between 6ft5-6ft6. I really don't see anything taller now, because based on so many recent pics of him, he would have lost 4 or even more inches in height. I would think if you lost that much height, your body would be in very rough shape, so much that just standing up straight would be a challenge. Now I don't know other than what I've read how tough things might be for Prowse, he's obviously gone through a tremendous ordeal physically, but has retained his strength of spirit, and things could be worse for him than we all know. As far as that old video Jordan posted, he looks massive in it, no doubt of his size back then, and the pics of the Star Wars cast show he truly was a big man in comparison to Ford and even Mayhew, who had to easily stand over the 7ft mark back then.
Jordan said on 28/Jan/07
Rob, i Think that link you posted reads error every time I click it. But great job finding it b/c it would be interesting to see.
Jordan said on 27/Jan/07
Here is Dave looking big. Watch when he comes into the video. I still dont know if he was 6'6 or 6'7.

Click Here
Jordan said on 27/Jan/07
Here is a clip showing Dave in the 70's, and he hits his head on the bars. Im not posting this to make fun of him.( he is one of my idols) but he does look about 6'4 here, depending on the size of the other actors. Even if i dont know how tall they are, Dave looks pretty tall here. Like i said maybe 6'4, but not 6'7 or 6'6.
Click Here
Jordan said on 27/Jan/07
Oh ok rob. I must have missed Padraig's post. And yes Sf, in a Clock WOrk he appears his shortest. He does look 6'3 really in that, your right. But he did have 4 inches on 6'1 Harrison Ford which makes for a 6'5 estimate. But Clockwork Orange he appears well short of 6'6.
sf said on 27/Jan/07
Jordan - I absolutely agree with you about "A Clockwork Orange". I gave 6'4" and I was being generous. He really doesn't look much taller than your estimate in that movie, at all. Not close to 6'6" atll...
Jordan said on 27/Jan/07
I agree Robin, David is one of my heroes two since he takes roles like Green Cross code man to hepl kids. He def. has srunk but these days he appears 6'1 alot. If you watch cloclwork Orange(1971) he doesnt seem 6'6 next to Mcdwell who is 5'8. Prowse looks more like 6'3-6'4 in that movie and that would be inb his prime. But then I agree with the 6'6 estimate in pics with 6'1 harrison ford. So i am still trying to peg this guys prime height.
Robin said on 27/Jan/07
Hi Everyone
I was reading an article about Dave Prowse and it was talking about when he participated in lifting the Dnney stones in England, sorry if I spelled that wrong, but they said that he was 6'6" and weighed around 19 stones. I also read in an interview done with Prowse where he said he was now 6'4" because of his hip surgeries and you have to remember that he is 71 years old so he has lost bone mass. I have loved Mr.Prowse for 37 years, ever since I was a little girl.
Jordan said on 26/Jan/07
Actually the more I think of it, after watching Clockwork orange again Prowse Looked 6'3-6'4. 6'2 was a bad estimate. But 6'6 he didnt look, He would have to have had 10 inches on 5'8-5'9 Mcdowell and he didnt have that many on him. Prolly had around 6 or 7 inches on him making him around 6'3 or 6'4 in 1971. It is as clear as day when you watch cloclwork Orange b/c he stands right next to McDowell and there is no way a ten inch difference.
Anonymous said on 26/Jan/07
I know this sounds crazy buy in Clockwork Orange Prowse only had 6 inches on 5'8 Malclom Macdowell. Which would suggest that Dave was 6'2 which would be crazy. Dave just didnt look 6'7 or 6'6, or even 6'5 to me. I think his peak height may have been 6'3 IMO. Ok Lets hear everyone's argument. I know people would disagree that he was never more than 6'3. Rob Have you seen Clockwork Orange, b/c he really doesnt look 6'5 and up. He honestly looks 6'2 man.
Ed said on 30/Dec/06
A Prowse cameo would have been cool,but I heard the same thing about him and Lucas, so it's doubtful it would have happened. Apparently on the set of Star Wars, when Prowse was in the suit going through a scene with Guiness or any of the cast, his English accent was so strong, since he comes from a more rural part of England, that the crew were making fun of him calling him Darth Farmer. As for the T.V. show, I've heard the rumours, as well as spectulation of all the movies being rereleased in 3D starting this summer, since it marks the 30th anniversary of Star Wars.
Jordan said on 29/Dec/06
Well you have a point about hayden and the Vader Suit. But I too think that Prowse should have had a cameo in the movie you know. But I have read that Prowse and Lucas dont really like each other ever since Lucas dubbed Prowse's voice with James Earl Jones without telling him. Yeah ROTS was great, def better the Episode 1 and 2. ESB will always be my favorite though. HAve you heard about this new Star WArs T.V show that is in the Works?
Jordan said on 28/Dec/06
Yeah I have seen that Documentary. They also said that the new Helmet was totaly cymetrical and was slighty diferent then the old one. But Lucas is brillent for designing a helmet 30 years ago and it still looks up tp date and cool. Yeah hayden Also packed on 24 pounds of muscle between Episode 2 and 3 which shows dedecation. Is now a good time to ask you what is your favorite Star wars movie. I am 17 so you would figure I would like the newer ones, which I do, but my favorite is ESB. I just think it has the most of Vader in it and the whole fight with Luke is good to.
Ed said on 27/Dec/06
If I was Christensen, and had played Anakin for two movies and then Vader for part of one, I'd be bummed if I didn't get to suit up in the whole outfit. Prowse(like Mayhew) would have been cool for the sake of nostalgia, but I would have felt bad for Christensen. Jordan, if you watch the doc that came with the OTC first release about 1.5 years ago, before ROTS, they showed how they made up for the height discrepancy for Christensen with the helmet and the oversize shoulder pads. Christensen, I believe was looking out more of the mouth grill than the eyes, plus I read later his boots had lifts as well, which would explain why they had people walking on either side of him to keep him from falling over.
Jordan said on 26/Dec/06
Yeah I agree, Darth Vader is almost a movie God to me. Its like sometimes I cheer for him against Luke even though In ROTJ i know Luke is going to beat him lol. And I would love to have a body like Prowse did in his hayday. But yeah a 6'5 prowse looks about right for his prime height and yes the Character of Darth VAder is usually 2 meters tall. They had to give Hayden some major lifts to be the right height of Vader in Episode 3, I think Lucas should have let Prowse Play the suit Vader in Episode III right?
Ed said on 26/Dec/06
Jordan, I've always seen the character of Darth Vader listed at 2 meters tall, now as some others have stated that's the character, not necessarily Prowse's height. Maybe Prowse is more like 6ft5 in his prime, and about 6ft2 these days. I was bummed a few years back, because I heard he was going to be in town for a convention, but had to cancel for health reasons. Peter Mayhew was his subsitute, first and last time I'll ever pay a celeb for an autograph. I would have much rather had Prowse's autograph and a pic with him instead.
Jordan said on 24/Dec/06
Goint Point Ed but Sorbo is listed alot of places at 6'3, so if Prowse looks 6'1.5 in that pic, i could see him losing 3 inches so 6'5 for a prime height sounds good but 6'7 looks out of the question.
Ed said on 24/Dec/06
If Sorbo is 6ft3 which I'm not doubting he is, than in that pic Prowse looks 6ft2 at best. That would work if he was 6ft5 in his prime, and he's lost 3 inches from surgeries. Unless Sorbo's taller at close to 6ft4.
Jordan said on 23/Dec/06
here is the Sorbo pic. Kevin Sorbo is 6'3. Click Here
Jordan said on 23/Dec/06
I def think Prowse shrunk, no doubt since he looks 6'1 next to KEvin Sorbo who is 6'3. But He could not have shrunk 5 inches. I love Star wars and DArth Vader was my fav. Sci-fi villain ever. But Prowse was prolly 6'5 in his prime, and is now 6'1 to 6'2 like the Sorbo pic suggests. I cant see 6'7, and SF is correct about Clockwork Orange, prowse looked under 6'6. Prolly 6'5 or 6'4 was his peak height.
Ed said on 22/Dec/06
So if he was 6ft5 in his hey day, it could be possible with the amount of surgeries he's had that he's now under 6ft3. If Christopher Lee can shrink 2 inches from 6ft5 to 6ft3,Hulk Hogan can shrink from 6ft5 to 6ft3 post surgeries, and Clint Eastwood can go from apparently 6ft4 to 6ft1 plus than I'm sure Prowse with the litany of surgeries he's undergone can shrink several inches. The guy has been through the ringer physically, and imo I thought he definitely looked 6ft5 in A Clockwork Orange, massive as well. Yeah he wasn't huge by todays standard, but todays bodybuilders are using every form of chemical enhancement possible to get so freakishly large. Look at Arnold's progression from his younger days, to his later Olympia wins, he went through a drastic change as soon as he hit the juice, and he wasn't nearly as tall. The same for Ferigno, he was nowhere near the size he got in the 80's and 90's that he was in the 70's, until he started hitting the juice.
sf said on 22/Dec/06
Doesn't look near 6'6" or 6'7" in A Clockwork Orange....and, really not that musculat at the time. (at least compared to today's bodybuilders, I guess)
Ed said on 22/Dec/06
Prowse must have been at least 6ft6, because he was originally offered two roles by Lucas, either Vader or Chewbacca. Because of his height he was offered these roles, not his bodybuilding physique, which did though help Vader's intimidation factor. Mayhew insists at the time he was 7ft3, and I read that with the Chewie suit his feet had extra padding and a bit of lift adding several more inches to the character, making Chewie about 7ft5 or a bit more. If Prowse was 6ft6, with the Vader boots and helmet, he would have been even taller like Dave Prowse Double says about 6ft8-6ft9. I have at times thought Vader didn't look that tall, but that also has to do with various stand ins for Vader like Bob Anderson(6ft1) the sword trainer who was made to wear lifts to get him up closer to Vader's height, as well as taller British actors several in the films who had to have been 6ft1 to 6ft3, and when they are on screen with Prowse he doesn't dwarf them like he does Carrie Fisher or Mark Hamill.
Jordan said on 21/Dec/06
I being a huge Star Wars fan/Geek have seen all the movies but in the original Star Wars a new hope, he never looks 6'7. In shots with Princess Leia( CArrie Fisher) who is 5'1 he doesnt look anythying close to 6'7. And even if Cushing was a legit 6'0 which is very possible, Prowse in the Vader suit and all looks at most 6'5.
Glenn said on 15/Dec/06
I know.the whole thing is bizzare.
Anonymous said on 13/Dec/06
Why would he claim to be 6'7'' if it wasn't true? Where's the gain?
Jordan said on 11/Dec/06
Dam Brad your 6'7, wow. WHat other celebs have you met??
Brad said on 9/Dec/06
I stood right next to him at Ray Courts' show. I was 6' 7" in big heel shoes and beat him by 3".Probably 6' 3" barefoot. He looked like he couldn't stand with great posture like those Darth Vader shots.
Glenn said on 25/Oct/06
He never looked more than 6-5 to me in those movies.
sf said on 24/Oct/06
I don't know - that's a lot of height lost. I think as Darth Vader, he may have looked 6'7", but I don't think he actually was. Again, watch "A Clockwork Orange, and he doens't look near 6'7". From the movie, I thought he looked about 6'4" to 6'5" and we're talking way before the physical problems. Like many, his height was probably exaggerated. But, that's a good quote you found.
Padraig said on 24/Oct/06
By the sounds of his interview in today's uk daily mail, his body has been through the ringer. He has had 4 hip replacements. I include a few quotes to do with height:

"I had a right hip replacement. The head of the femur, the main leg bone, and the acetabulum, the socket, were replaced with artificial parts. But because they are smaller than the natural ones"

"I lost about one and a half inches of bone in my (left) ankle and had to wear a built up shoe".

"After another dislocation....has meant my right leg is a couple of inches longer than the left, so I need a greater build-up on the left shoe."

Add all those woes to some natural spine loss and I wouldn't rule out him having been 6 feet 6-7.
Jordan said on 13/Oct/06
I agree Venus, His helmet and camera angles sometiems made him appear huge, but I do think however that Dave was pretty big in mass two. He prolly weighed like 230 at about 6'5

[Padraig: Anytime I see him he's never short of Star Wars fans clambering for an autograph, which may I add, is comparatively extortionate these days. And he's shrank noticeably in the last decade.]
venus said on 10/Oct/06
The real Darth Vader was imposing,he looked 6'7,because the camera was at an angle alot in the first movie. I believe he is about 6'4 now due to hip operations.
Cantstop25 said on 4/Oct/06
in that sorbo/prowse pic, you guys all need to bear in mind that the camera is tilted in sorbos favor, however sorbo is executing poor posture, and appears taller! I agree with 6'3". What is up with all of these bodybuilders shrinking?
sf said on 2/Oct/06
I hear ya, it's just amazing how "short" he looks next to Sorbo. Makes me wonder if he was ever truly 6'5" or so. Could his back/health problems have caused so much "shrinkage"?
sf said on 2/Oct/06
Rob - the funny thing is, though, is that he looks like he's standing as straight as possible. that's what I don't get. How could he be 6'3" when Sorbo's got him by at least a few inches?

[Editor Rob: yeah, note I say "he looks near 6ft 3" when walking other words, I'm giving the poor fella some slack on his posture. For sure, he can look nearer 6ft 1 with sorbo]
Glenn said on 2/Oct/06
What happened to 6-5 to 6-7?

[Editor Rob: could have still lost 3 inches...2 major hip operations, busted ankle, maybe other things with spine...who knows]
sf said on 2/Oct/06
Yea, that picture next to Sorbo - it's hard to give Prowse more than 6'1". Sorbo's leaning, and STILL has Prowse by a few inches. That's kind of odd, to me, that he could have lost so much height. No way is he near 6'3.5".

[Editor Rob: you have to see this guy's posture though, it isn't that good, he was walking in slow motion effectively, but yes, no more than 6ft 3 nowadays]
guy said on 1/Oct/06
yes, kevin sorbo looks even 2 inches taller than david. i think, that david prowse is always listed as 6'7" because the original Darth Vader is 6'7" in the star wars databank.

[Editor Rob: no, he walked by me...very slowly on the way to a signing table. He has a walking stick and its obvious his hips still give him woes.

He looks near 6ft 3 when 'walking tall']
Kev said on 28/Sep/06
On his official website, Dave is standing next to Kevin Sorbo in two different photos
(Click Here)
Kevin Sorbo is only reported as being 6'3", and though I hate to admit it....he appears to be TALLER than Dave!

[Editor Rob: the 6ft 1 guy who insisted to me he was 6ft 3 tops wasn't lying, if sorbo pic is anything to go by...]
bob1 said on 25/Sep/06
On his website there are some pictures of him next to kevin sorbo who is around 6'3" and he looks about the same in height. 4 inches is a lot of height to lose but with the operations and problems he's had perhaps it's not impossible - there isn't much in terms of photographs to see how tall he was back in the 70's and 80's.
Editor Rob said on 7/Sep/06
Speaking to a guy (6ft 1) who has met him a few times in recent years, he insists he's 6ft 3 tops nowadays. 4 inch height loss??? Hmm, maybe not.
Glenn said on 26/Aug/06
I agree.6-7 I never saw.6-5 sure.
sf said on 25/Aug/06
Yea, I never thought Prowse looked 6'7", but maybe 6'5". He certainly doesn't look it in a Clockwork Orange. Either way - pretty damn tall!
Black said on 15/Aug/06
David Prowse is exactly 6' 5" tall. I also saw the pictore from that guy and noticed that the mask from Darth Vader is 5 cm taller that David's height. David Prowse only remarked that his height "was" 6' 7" when he played Darth Vader. Remember, the shoes and also the mask add a few cm to him.
Rocky said on 29/Jul/06
I saw these pictures from ForensicNYC and I have to say that David Prowse never looks like 6' 7". There is David behind the Darth Vader mask and this mask is tall for David's head. The original Darth Vader is 6' 7" tall and his mask goes 3 or 4 cm up for David Prowse. Kevin Durand is a Canadian actor and his real height is 6' 5.5" and some sources say that Kevin is 6' 7" tall, like IMDB Movie Database (Click Here). I think that David's real height is 6' 5.5" or near 6' 6".
Jordan said on 11/Jul/06
Here is David looking a full 6'7 next to Alec Guinnes ( 5'9 1/2 )

Click Here
Tomasi said on 30/Jun/06
Is David Prowse really 6' 7" tall??? I saw pictures from him and he didn't look tall enough to estimate him as 6' 7". He looked like 6' 6" and 1.98 meters (6 ft 6 in) is his true height I think.
sf said on 10/Jun/06
Gotta say one thing. I didn't think David Prowse looked 6'7" in a Clockwork Orange. I didn't think he looked near that tall. I'm not saying he isn't or wasn't but he didn't look that tall to me. Compared to Malcom McDowell, I didn't think he looked taller than 6'4" or so.
MC Jackson said on 9/Jun/06
Yes, David Prowse is 6 ft 6.5 in (199 cm) or 6 ft 6.74 in (200 cm) tall. He never looks like 6 ft 7 in (201 cm).
ForensicNYC said on 26/May/06
David Prowse in 1968...
Click Here
As Darth Vader...
Click Here
The MAN behind the MASK...
Click Here
Majority of articles about David Prowse describe him as 6'7"...He may have shrunk over the years so 6'6" may be legit.
elio said on 19/Mar/06
Perhaps celebs should be listed with 'current height' and 'peak height' ?
SH said on 18/Mar/06
Why is he still listed at 6'6.5'', should it not be his present day height that is listed?

[Editor Rob: yeah, technically I should...he's out of the limelight though, if he were still making films I'd be faster to list him current height]
Mikex said on 16/Dec/05
He looked massive in Clockwork Orange. 6'7'' without a doubt.
SH said on 24/Nov/05
I got to speak to David again last week. This time I was with a friend who is 6’3’’ or 6’3.5’’. My friend asked David how tall he is and David said, “I used to be around 6’7’’, but since my hip replacement I have shrunk to 6’4’’. He then stood up straight and so did my friend. David was certainly taller than my friend and I would say 6’4’’ is very accurate.
I have met him, asked him, seen him and compared him. That is pretty conclusive evidence regarding his height.
CF said on 8/Nov/05
It's quite the sad thing to see with David Prowse. I used to think being tall was so great, but my older brother has had trouble with his knees and he's about 6'3". I'm actually kinda glad I'm a normal height of 5'"11. No matter, Darth vader is still the BEST villain of all time in the movies! God bless.
CelebHeights Editor said on 4/Oct/05
From a fan q&a the Darth Vader man said: "I'm 6'7" but since the hip operations I've gone down to about 6'5" if I keep going on like this by the time the surgeons are finished, I shall be about the same size as Kenny Baker"

This explains why people are seeing him as shorter...!
Jason said on 25/Jun/05
SH must be right. That ''Ultimate Bad Guy'' dude is more like 6'7'' (6'10'' is his bs wrestling ''height'')
SH said on 21/Jun/05
David Prowse has had severe osteopathic problems. When I met him, his walking needed to be aided by a walking stick and he had 2 people with him to ensure his safekeeping. I have to say, I was shocked; Darth Vader was really much shorter than I expected. I am only 6 foot and expected David to tower over me, but it seems his problems have really taken toll, he was at maximum only 2 – 4 inches bigger than myself. I therefore suggest his current height range lie between 6’2.5’’ – 6’4’’. (Note: My friend may have a picture, if he does, i will send it)
Pär said on 23/May/05
I met him last year in Gothenburg(Sweden) at the sci fi convention.
I stood beside him and I am around 190 cm (6'2"- 6'3") and he was the same height, maybe even an inch taller.
I defenitly think that he was 2 meters(6'7")in his youth
cantstop25 said on 20/May/05
yeah he is getting old. looking at that picture I would say now he is only 6'5". at his peak however he was definitelly 6'7" due to his massive upperbody he shrunk 2 inches through the many years
Rick G said on 27/Apr/05
I'd have to say that Dave Prowse as he has got older is now maybe 6 ft 4.5 or 6ft 5, as you can see from him here next to 6 ft 9.5 (or sometimes 6ft 10) "Ultimate Bad Guy" Scott L. Schwartz:

By the way, there's pictures of Scott towering over other actors like George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and many others here:

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