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5ft 7.5in (171.5cm)
Lmeister said on 6/May/08
I think it was more like angles not big shoes. Standing alone he didn't look close to 6ft0.
Viper said on 6/May/08
Peetie is right. Downey looked to be just under 6-0 in Iron Man. He only looked 1.5 inches shorter than 6-1 Jeff Bridges. He must have been using Sly's best lifts.
Anonymous said on 5/May/08
at all premiers for iron man gwyneth paltrow is in 4 inch heels ans they are the same height. i think he may be more like 5'10" since she is 5'7".
runt said on 5/May/08
you can see his large stuffed shoes in some shots during Iron Man. You never see Gwyneth Paltrow's feet. I wouldn't put it passed them that she was barefoot in some scenes. LOL :D
Peetie said on 5/May/08
In Iron Man he look absolutely 182 cm. tall. Why he's only 5'8''-5'9''? Is he waering very large shoes ?
nate said on 4/May/08
wow i must be really bad at guessing heights cos i thought he was at least 5-10 1/2
B-nn said on 4/May/08
Yes. 5'8, nonetheless... He's still the Ironman !
derek d said on 3/May/08
And BTW Robert looks at least 6'ft (3 inch lifts) next to 5'10 Paltrow (wearing around 4 inch heels making her just about 6'2) in those promo pictures. He also looks only 2 inches under 6'2 Terrence Howard. And i bet you he stuffed those low cut shoes to the max in the other promo picture.
glenn said on 2/May/08
thats cool of him to admit that.
derek d said on 1/May/08
On the entertainment tonight or whatever its called, Robert mentioned how he wore lifts in several of the scenes with Gwyneth Paltrow for the movie Iron Man. He said her in heels, he was up to her collarbone and made some jokes about it. I found that interesting.
glenn said on 1/May/08
nah.5-8 min.he did give me a good 5-9 impression even factoring the lifts.the lifts gave 2 inches max in my opinion.hopefully by next week the posed photo with him will be up.he looks 5-10 in it.
anon said on 1/May/08
robert downey seems to have a huge issue with his height..he's always wearing lifts and thick shoes.even his damn sneakers are elevators.

good actor,nonetheless.
leonari said on 1/May/08
Glenn: So you think that you are of similar height as Robert Downey?? I think he is a tad smaller than you...Can it be???
glenn said on 1/May/08
a pic of me at the ironman party can be seen on the glenn page.
Al said on 30/Apr/08
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Big Shoes!
glenn said on 29/Apr/08
thats funny.i didnt even notice leungs similar post.yes,thats proves stallone is in the 5-10 region.
glenn said on 29/Apr/08
rob-lmeister i think is was the grey/silver.i like the girth was obvious he was packing lifts in them was my montell williams and stallone type monstrosities.he seemed he couldve been 5-9. 5-10 with the big yeah,5-8 is possible.he is 5-10 in his pic with me.but he had the big guns,better pavement and whenever someone puts there arms around me,i get shorter for some some reason i dont think big guns gives as much as one thinks.they dont give 3.thats for sure.2ish tops.i think his gave less than 2.they were too thick.thats all.i had people notice his funny walk too.
leonari said on 29/Apr/08
Glenn: So what is your estimate based on this encounter and him wearing serious lifts to reach a weak 5'10" ??
Is he as tall as you?
Please reply.
Lmeister said on 29/Apr/08
He wears those ugly gray/silver quite often. I noticed that he also has white pair of some thick sneakers.
glenn said on 29/Apr/08
just got this guy tonight.never saw him before.or gwyneth paltrow.she didnt stop.robert was sweet,but i heard can be moody.he was 5-10 in the fatest nike air looking sneakers i ever saw.i tried to take a pic to no sucsess of the swollen feet of his.must be bad blood circulation.did get the photo with.i pointed it out to some peers and they noticed the abonimations.

[Editor Rob: they were all black sneakers?]
Leung said on 28/Apr/08
Click Here
Check this out, he's either got a bad case of water retention in the ankles or he is packing his sneakers big time. Even with his ridiculous shoes he still looks short, his fellow cast members are still 2-3 inches taller than him.

This is an important lesson for everyone especially those claiming 5
Lmeister said on 28/Apr/08
Even in those ridiculous lifts he looks a lot shorter than Jon Favreau. I think he is a weak 5ft8. I noticed he also wears gray shoes with huge lifts...
Lmeister said on 28/Apr/08
Why didn't he get bigger shoes. I mean 1-2 sizes larger so the lifts wouldn't be so obvious hahahahhahhahah...
dmeyer said on 28/Apr/08
the heels are not hug the lifts are
leonari said on 27/Apr/08
RDJ No 1: I believe you. Finally someone who makes sense. Thanks.
leonari said on 27/Apr/08
Rob: I told you months ago that SLY's shoes look "decent" compared to what Robert Downey is pulling in recent times... We are talking of a shoe that gives him 3 inch boost. At least. I still think that 5'8" could be accurate for him but I say 5'7.5" is a very realistic possibility. I don't get it. The man has looks, style,talent, money (!!!) and he goes to a premiere for a potential Blockbuster with the ugliest shoes and he stuffs some horrible lifts in there: I mean can it be more obvious that he is wearing huge lifts??
Look at the angle , he is almost falling out of his shoes!!!!! That he wears them with a suit makes it only worse and I have to say it even I am a huge fan for over 15 years: he looks ridiculous!!
Lmeister said on 27/Apr/08
It is so obvious that he stuffs his boots. I tried 1.2 inch inserts to my work boots and the boots didn't look as thight + the angle of my feet wasn't as bad as he has.
Kevin said on 27/Apr/08
Heels are huge

[Editor Rob: they just look horrible with a suit...the guy was wearing other big shoes at a previous event.]
AB said on 25/Apr/08
Well if you dont believe he wears lifts check this pic out. looks like something out of Frankenstein!!!
go to pic 4 & 5! Click Here
AKK said on 24/Apr/08
I don't have a problem with him portraying Tony Stark. He's got the experience and the "presence" Tony has. Hugh Jackman portraying Wolverine. Now that's a stretch. It's easier to add a couple inches(lifts, hidden floor curbs, etc. See Kristen Kruek) than take away a whole foot(hence why you never really see Wolverine entering/leaving a car or other vehicle in the movies.). So far the only one who's closest to his comic height has been Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, although Eric Bana as Bruce Banner comes close.
JDAVISON said on 21/Apr/08
Downey is on the cover of the new GQ (May 08) and in the article the journalist describes him as 5'10".
Iwonder said on 19/Apr/08
This has probably come out before but in Air America he was the exact same height as Mel Gibson as you saw them walking down a runway (quite early in the film- I just saw it now on TV). Mel then went into a plane (same scene and continuously shot) and you could clearly see as he stepped up onto it (side on) that he was wearing massive heels on his boots and probably more inside. Robert presumably must have been wearing more than that to be Mel's height.
RDJ No 1 said on 16/Apr/08
My uncle is the famous " prison gaurd " who he " told " he was " 5'7 " . let me clear this up, A) He was a custody officer and didnt work on any of the wings....B) My uncle said to him " your pretty short , what u 5' 7 ?" and RDJ replied " yeah, around that mark" . My uncle is one of 3 people present When taking the famous Mugshot picture. I can phone him anytime and ask him but i know the story inside out. he was 5'8 and 3/4 in prison issue shoes that have a 1 inch heel, this is BLATANTLY APPARENT in the picture although angle mightadd a slight 1/4 inch maybe as its looking up, also the picture was taking in the afternoon.

So all this together gives us: 5'8 & 3/4" , mid-day in one inch heels.
5'7& 3/4 , mid-day and Barefoot.
First thing in the morning he would be at least 5'8.
5 foot 8 inches barefoot height. 5 foot 9 inches in shoes. no mystery.
Chris175 said on 7/Apr/08
seems about 171
Leon said on 7/Apr/08
Vince, you're right. If Matt Damon is 5'10", then Downey looks 5'9" in that pic. He doesn't seem to be wearing big heels or lifts, but you can never tell. That's the point of them, I guess.
vincent gorce said on 6/Apr/08
on this photo, downey looks amost as tall as Matt Damon...check it out!

Click Here
Leon said on 6/Apr/08
You can tell he's standing up really straight in the police mug shot, probably because he's wearing flat shoes, and in those, if you take away the height added by his hair, he's DEFINITELY between 5'8" and 5'9" ... 5'8" when he's barefoot and his posture is relaxed.
C. said on 18/Jan/08
LMAO. What is with his clunky footwear?

He looks 5'7" or slightly over, but I'm surprised with the 5'6" claims. But hey, anything is possible...especially if he wears shoes like that.
Abhishek said on 9/Jan/08
Here is a clear scene from Fur where Robert is wearing heeled shoes(2-3 inches, lets say 2.5 in) and is still atleast an inch shorter(even with the hat) than Nicole Kidman who is in flats(max 0.5 inch elevation for her).
So Nicole in the shoes is 5'11" and Robert is 3.5 inches shorter barefoot(2.5 heels+1 inch) than her. So he's 5'7.5" or say 5'8".
Leung said on 6/Jan/08
Favreau has lost a lot of weight! I would not have recognised him if Matt hadn
Gago said on 5/Jan/08
Funny Leonari, you know actually what's in those shoes, his EGO.
leonari said on 5/Jan/08
These shoes are ridiculous!! Can't believe he dares to wear them in public!! Who tha hell does he think he is?? BONO??
Matt said on 4/Jan/08
Mr Downey using interesting shoes ;)

Click Here

Unsurprisingly, he puts in a better show against Paltrow and Favreau than one would expect!!
Gago said on 2/Jan/08
I think he still wears shoes in that mugshot, in person he looked 5'7, may be 5'7.5.
glenn said on 1/Jan/08
i see 5-8,5-8.5 forgot the skippies and hair.they dont measure you barefoot.
heightmaster said on 31/Dec/07
He looks 5'10 in this Mugshot!!
Click Here
untamedromeo said on 31/Dec/07
Domanian im Scottish and 5'7 ! Robert is 5'7 - 5'8 but no 5'9! cheerz
Domanian said on 21/Dec/07
Scottish people rock, RDJ is at least 5'10!
Billi Loomis said on 17/Dec/07
SScottish be that u? my cuz! yeah we were all with you, he was really really short. id say 5 foot 7 - 5 foot 8 defo.
6' said on 19/Nov/07
Lol Tony I liked the thing about the crackhead casting director but seriously Hugh Jackman and Robert Downey Jr are good actors.
Me in LA said on 3/Nov/07
Saw him in LA he looked about 5'9" but didn't check out his footwear. I was surprised because I always thought he was supposed to be super short like 5'2" or something - he was much taller and more solid looking in person than I expected.
Steve said on 24/Oct/07
When he was arrested for drugs the news stated his license said 5'7 which was consistent with his background. Also on here you have Andrew McCarthy at 5'8.5 which in "Less Than Zero" you can see Robert is a little shorter than Andrew.
Tony said on 11/Sep/07
I agree with Gin, downey portraying Tony Stark to is in Marvel Universe 6'1" is a bit of a stretch even with lifts even if he was 5'9". Still, it is not much bigger of a stretch than let's say Hugh Jackman who is 6'2" playing Wolverine who is supposed to be 5'3" in the Marvel Universe. I wonder what blind crackhead they have in charge of casting these roles.
Bad Radio said on 11/Sep/07
he looks pretty big in the ironman trailer. But i think he's 5'7.5 - 5'8.
Gin said on 28/Aug/07
i saw kilmer and downey in kiss kiss bang bang, and i have to say that downney was cheating on his height, he looked just 1-2 inches shorter than 6'0 val kilmer. This reminds me of how tom cruise looked beside val in top gun. i saw downey in a lot of movies and he is consistently 5'8 flat. i just cant imagine him portraying a 6foot iron man. probably 6 inches of lifts and heels! lol
James said on 6/Aug/07
dmeyer what do you mean not far from Val Kilmers height, there is about 4 inches between them and that is quite a lot. Don't be fooled when watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang I am sure Robert Downey jr wore lifts or elevtor shoes in that film to look close to Vals height. Val towered over Downey in some of the premier photos for that film. If you saw that film and knew that Downey was 5ft8 you would get the impression that Val is 5ft9 - 5f10 much like the technique used in Top Gun betweeen Val and Tom Cruise.
dmeyer said on 31/Jul/07
he didnt look far from kilmer so no less than 5'8
Jon Doe said on 30/Jul/07
He was shorter than 5'8 Mel Gibson in some movie.
Randal K. said on 30/Jul/07
I've just watched numerous photos of Downey on i?mdb. In those pics, he stood next to Sting, Val Kilmer, Peter Sarsgaard, Zach Braff and others. In those pics, he wasn't taller than either of them, but he definitely wasn't just 5'8". It's obvious from the photos- go there and try to check them out (premieres and festivals). I say he really is 5'9". Because otherwise he would have to wear like 6-7 cm lifts. And do you think he wears them ALL the time? Ridiculous...
Shortish Scottish said on 30/Jul/07
Downey is just under 5'8, say 5'7& 3/4 inches tops. Ive saw him and im 5'7" barefoot and we were eye level! we were both in sandals at the time and on a mall floor. ( straight ) and i was behind him in a que so i got a great look!
Carolina said on 23/Jun/07
I am a costarrican woman, and I am a fan of Robert Downey Junior, I love him, maybe 15 years ago.
trueheight said on 24/May/07
Tommy Lee Jones is like 6'2 though. actually in that film, Downey looked buff and big rather than slight - comparable to Snipes
Steve said on 24/May/07
When Robert was arrested some years back his driver's license had him listed as 5'7.
Charlie said on 10/May/07
Met him at Magic Mountain many years ago. He's about 5/7 1/2 to 5/8. He was wearing flat shoes and i'm short at 5/5.
TNTinCA said on 22/Apr/07
I have to agree with the previous Anonymous poster. He looked substantially shorter than Tommy Lee Jones in US Marshalls. At least 3-4 inches. I would actually peg him at closer to 5'7" depending on footwear.
Anonymous said on 19/Apr/07
Check out the movie "U.S. Marshalls" with Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes, etc.. Very end of the movie when he's sitting outside of Snipes' hospital room. When Jones is walking away, there's a shot with Downey sitting with his right leg up across his left, feet are visible... The heels alone his dress shoes looks seriously 3"-4" easy... They look like platforms, it's ridiculous. Just noticed it last night. This guy is probably around 5'6.5" 5'7" tops. Because Snipes and Jones aren't giants by any means, and this guy's walking around on stilts.
leonari said on 1/Apr/07
Oh my god!!! PLEASE GUYS: go to Enter Robert Downey jr. in the search field.
I think Stallone sold his MUNSTER TRAINERS to Robert Doney jr. !! These things look hideous!! Enormous and he wears those with a black suit!! For me it's absolutey obvious that this man is no taller than a strong 5'7". 5'8" is out of the question for me.
truth said on 31/Mar/07
Click Here
Click Here

looks 5'6 to me.
ShiaLaBeoufGurl said on 10/Mar/07
yes, there was also a picture of him no TO long ago with him getting arested or something like that-and it showed his height was 5'8''. now in that pic he had wild hair, so that added another 2 inches to his height(but everyoe knows that you dont count the persons hair in the process of measuring someone.)
glenn said on 3/Mar/07
never met him.not in nyc too much.he could be shorter than 5-8,as he looks this 5-9.i say 5-8.
leonari said on 3/Mar/07
GLENN: Ever met Robert Downey jr.? Pics with him? I am a huge fan and I think he is below 5'8" even though just a tad like 171-172 cm. WHAT IS YOUR ESTIMATE? I'm a huge fan and Iron man the movie will be tha bomb! He is the lead!!
the shredder said on 4/Feb/07
He has always looked 5'7 to me ! I still can't see how he got listed as tall as 5'11 ... lol !
leonari said on 16/Dec/06
Richard: You ntalk such bulls*** that it hurts my eyes when reading that stuff: In Natural Born Killers he towered of Downey jr. You have no clue: Woody was never 5'11" inj his life. He needs his huge ass cowboy boots to get to 5'11". Get real and stop making comments with false heights! Harrelson is 5'9". Since Downey is 5'7" and Harrelson 5'9" yes he "towers" (bulls*** I just watched the movie) over Downey by 2 full inches.
ralph said on 16/Dec/06
He has to be shorter than 5'8"! I saw pictures of 5'7" Michelle Monaghan beside him, and michelle always looks taller.
RICHARD said on 9/Dec/06
I think it is weird that his dad is 6'3" and yet Downey,Jr. is 5'9". I think he is 5'9". I remember on Natural Born Killers that Woody towered over him(Woody is beleived to be 5'11") so yeah he is 5'9"..
leonari said on 16/Nov/06
Matt: I agree!!! Downey ain't 5'8" he is a bit below, but not by much. He is 5'7".
Matt said on 15/Nov/06
I have a friend who worked closely with him on Game 6. She said that she was stunned at how small he was. She even went as far as saying that Downey was her height (5'5" with shoes). Now obviously Downey is taller than THAT, but I think the sentiment to be picked up here is that Downey is clearly a man on the shorter side of what we may think he is. I'd peg him at 5'6.75", giving just less than a couple of inches from my friend's estimate.
Mr. T said on 7/Nov/06
I think his dad was like 6'3". Those genes must not have passed down...
MOF said on 31/Oct/06
I remember the little Scotsman in Great Escape answer to that same question "I'm 5 foot 4" when he very obviously barely reached the 5 foot mark. Maybe that was the joke...

Every actor who's "not tall" overstates his height somewhat, especially in movies. I remember Keanu Reeves been listed as 6'2" in Scanner Darkly when he's really about 184cm. There are many more examples but Downey, although he isn't small he's definitely about 170-173cm. It's on the smaller side where I live for a man but not in the world.
sam said on 16/Oct/06
The only time I've heard him be called short is in the film "Two Girls and A Guy" to which he responds "I'm five ten."
MMK said on 28/Aug/06
He's NOT 5'8"!!!
If he was, he would be the same height as Nicole Kidman in the picture below being that he has HEELS on!

Click Here
MD said on 4/Aug/06
If Mel Gibson is 5'9.5", why does Robert look so much shorter than 5'8", here? Is Mel wearing some serious lifts?

1. Click Here
dmeyer said on 4/Jun/06
in kiss kiss he looks close to kilmers height weird

[Editor Rob: elevator trainers ;-)]
Steve Miller said on 30/Apr/06
I saw him once in NYC - Union Square Cafe and he's problably around 5'8.5
Anonymous said on 11/Apr/06
Bt he told a jailguard that he was 5'7" ?
Amanda said on 7/Mar/06
On the mugshot he looked like he was 5' 9". Are you sure 5' 8" is correct?

[Editor Rob: he looks in that region, more than 5ft 9...actually the police report to go with mugshot had details including 'height: 5ft 9', 160lbs. It is possible he's a little over 5ft 8]
mcfan said on 6/Jan/06
Saw "Pick-up Artist" again. Downey is definitely around .25 inches taller than Ringwald. I already made this comment but now I'm sure of it as I wasn't paying much attention to it. I would think that either Ringwald is not quite 5'8 or Downey is a hair over 5'8. He appears this much taller than Tobey Maguire as well who is supposed to also be 5'8, so he is just perhaps 5'8.25.

[Editor Rob: or possibly 172cm for ringwald...yeah, someone can be 1/4 inch under, and downey possibly 1/4 inch over so...]
Mr. R said on 31/Oct/05
In this month's In Style magazine, Downey notes that he sometimes keeps some of the clothes from his movies including a pair of "Nike Shocks with lifts" so that he would not appear "fifteen inches shorter" than co-star Val Kilmer in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!
CoolJ said on 18/Aug/05
Thinking Downey is closer to 5'7" as he most likely has his shoes on in that mugshot and the camera is shooting from slightly below. 5'7.5" max.
McFan said on 18/Jul/05
There was a movie with him an Heather Graham which might give a good illustration of height. She looked taller than him, but I think he was barefoot and she was wearing normal shoes.
Ms P! said on 25/Jun/05
I saw Mr. Downey in person in Chicago in the fall of 2003. He was at the Chicago Film Festival to receive a career achievement award and to promote his movie, The Singing Detective. I was exactly three feet away from and I can tell you that he is exactly 5'9" - no less and no more.
Calista Flockhart is 5'5". He is definitely 4" taller than Calista.
You're probably not particulary interested in this added bit of information, but he's an incredibly great looking man in person - drop-dead gorgeous.
Ms P

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