How tall is Robert Oberst

Robert Oberst's Height

6ft 5 ½ (196.9 cm)

American professional strongman. On twitter, he claimed stand "6’7 &1/2". At age 18, the self described 'American Monster' was being described as 6'6". In 2018 he mentioned his weight as being "375lbs".

How tall is Robert Oberst
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Average Guess (48 Votes)
6ft 5.41in (196.6cm)
Shane Gray said on 7/May/23
@Daniel Lee Shaw is not that tall.
Paddy said on 14/Mar/23
He needs a downgrade, I don't buy he's 6'5" realm. I buy he's 6'4" 1/2 realm. Shaw is 6'6" 1/2 and there's like a 2 inch height difference between them.
Daniel Lee said on 9/Mar/23
(6'5 5/8) A legit 197 cm
Daniel Lee said on 20/Feb/23
Its weird to see a guy over 6'5 flat in US and it's very uncommon to see a 6'4 guy unless you are in some place with a very big crowd. Oberst is 6'5.5" to 6'5.75"!!
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 14/Feb/23
Brian Shaw could be 6'7 flat
joec192.5 said on 18/Jan/23
You can't really see the tape measure so it shouldn't count imho
Canson said on 30/Dec/22
This looks accurate. At worst maybe it’s his lunchtime and he dips to 6’5 3/8 like Christian does. Then again he can pull off looking taller at times. Maybe not 6’6 but 197 range
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 28/Dec/22
He claimed just under 6'7. right? 6'5.75" barefoot is possible
Jdubbz said on 27/Dec/22
@Editor Rob:

I think it's possible that Eric Kanevsky thought 78.5" was 6'7.5. Most people who aren't too familiar with height probably won't be great at converting inches to feet and inches, especially when talking about heights significantly over 6'0. 6'6.5 in shoes would track with the listing you gave him.
berta said on 25/Dec/22
yeah agree rob, not the best vidoe to tell the real height but i would be surprised if he dindt get a update to atleast 6´5 3/4
berta said on 24/Dec/22
Click Here
check this out rob. He got measured at 6´7 1/2 with shoes on. He is taller than the listed height. he cant be under 6´6. Also interesting that he claimed he have been measured 6´7 3/4 but now shrunk around one inch. Maybe he really was 6´6 1/2 ten years ago and measured 6´7 3/4 with shoes. same with hafthor, they really may have been half inch taller 10 years ago all thoose guys. maybe even eddie hall earlier in the day was measured 189 when he was 25 years old. Really just guessing here but i dont think people realise how mutch it takes on their backs year after year lifting that heavy. I have mentioned this before but i was into powerlifting and bodybuilding before ( well still is but dont lift as heavy anymore beacuse of injuries). i was pretty strong with a raw benchpress of 202,5 kg and military press of 140kg steroid free ( believe me or dont, but i have no reason to lie). I was working out at a strongmangym here in sweden where they took blodtest on people now and then to make sure that nobody took steroids and we had steroid free competiotion. ( i personally never did any competition because i get nervous when a big crowd look at me hihi) So it was a natural powerlifting club. of course everybody was mutch weaker than these guys because they live on steroids. Fun fact the record in my club was 205 kg in benchpress and i think thats pretty mutch how far you can go without steroids. maybe a little more if you are into powerlifting for 10 years with blessed genetics and eat all day so you became fat. Anyway the thing is i measured some friends for fun before and after workout. And we were always working out in late afternoon/ evening ( beacuse we worked 7-4. So everyone was always at their low when we got to the gym. I personally dint really loose more than maybe 2-3 mm from my low if i was lifting heavy. But i know that most of the others rally could temporarly loose 1 cm from their low. For example my brother have been measured by me 192,7 out of bed and is down to 190,5 at his low. But if we had ben at the gym for 2 hours lifting couple hunred kg on deadlift and then over 100 kg in military press for many sets and stuff like that as hard as you can do then he could go down to 189,7. Now the interesting thing is if we then measured him about 1,5 hour later his height was back to his normal low of 190,5 cm. So it shows that it pusch you under your maximum low if you lift veary heavy but only stay at that low for a short period. I dont think most people that going to the gym will experince that if they just are in good shape and take 100-120 kg i bench or sometginh like that, beacuse the weight is not heavy enough to shrink more than usuall, well maybe 1-2 mm.For example 150 kg in deadlift will maybe pusch your low fraction under your average low but it still not heavy enought, but if the dude is really strong and can do reps on 250 kg then you will see. So do this test if you know somebody that is very strong and you will see. The most extreme case i perosnally saw was one guy that did loose over 3 cm after a workout ( temporarily). Imaging going to the gym at 184 cm and go out from the gym under 181 cm. Thats why i think guys like hafthor is taller than the listed height because i dont think even Rob realise how mutch they loose in height from the workouts. I think for example if rob meet Hafthor and he was having 1 week with no working out theni think he would be listed here at 6´8 1/4. When i meet hafthor i guess he may not have been woerkoing out that day yet because i really think he did look easily 203cm. I was little over 197 at the time i meet him that day after some light lifting and he felt mutch taller. My brother have not been working out more than maybe once a week on average the last 6 month and his low now is closer to 191 cm ( he was measured the other day in the evening at that, may just have been that day but he really look fraction taller) He also doesnt do any strongman lifts these days, just easy weight, well easy weight for him. What im trying to say is a guy that for example doestn workout and dont have a physical heavy work like carpenter and is on average 185 cm, he will be on average maybe 184,5 if he was a carpenter and if he was a powerlifting on top of that then he would probably be 184 cm on average. Not everyone will be like that because like i said i dont get muthc shorter from a normal workout than powerlifting workout but everyone else i know is schocked how short they become just after a workout like that. This dude is 6´6.
Editor Rob
Difficult to tell an exact height, you can see The line I've drawn would be 6ft 7.5, but I'm not sure he is quite that tall...6ft 7 in sneakers and 6ft 6 barefoot could be arguable.
Annonymous said on 22/Dec/22
Deserves an upgrade to 6’6, he was measured at 6’7.5 in shoes by Eric Kanevsky.
joec192.5 said on 29/Jul/22
how many inches do you think he has over 5'7 listed Rogan: Click Here
Editor Rob
First thought was about 6ft 4 range, however he does look like he is dropping more height than Joe.
Shane Gray@ said on 20/Jun/22
@RDM wsm 2022 has Shaw at 6'8". He's nowhere near it. Thor was nowhere near 6'9" which they listed him at. These are shoe heights. And why do people keep saying these people are lying about heights? How have people STILL not figured out that moat men , at least in America, count their shoe heights as they real heights. Tjey aren't trying to lie. It's just a different metric. And Shaw didn't say he measured lower, he said he may have shrunk a half inch. At least that's all I've seen him say. And when he said that, he said he wasn't sure as he hasn't been measured in a long time.
RDM said on 5/Feb/22
There is no guessing. They measure their heights at the world’s strongest man, WUS, and Giants Live competitions and the discrepancies are obvious. Oberst was listed at 6’6” in last years’s WSM. Terry Hollands measured at 6’5” at WSM despite him claiming 6’6.5”. Nick Best claims 6’2” or 6’3” but is listed at 6’ at WSM. Same for Eddie Hall now claims 6’2.5 but has always been measured at 6’1.5” or 6’2” at competitions. Same for Big Loz who claims 6’2” but is always measured at 6’1”. Why such behemoths lie about there height I am not sure, but I think many always have added an inch to there height but lose additional .5-1” over time, leading to a larger discrepancy. To Brian
Shaw’s credit, he states that he has lost at least a half inch or more and now measures 6’7” or 6’7.5” depending on the day…
Hyper said on 21/Sep/21
Rob, other than Hafthor and Mark Henry, do you plan on meeting other strong man or nah?
Editor Rob
I really have no idea when I'll next meet another celebrity.
DRKKRD said on 18/Jun/21
Strikes me as a 6'5" barefoot guy. Maybe a tad over when out of bed. He seems around 1.5" shorter than Brian Shaw.
Musashi said on 16/Jun/21
On the official World's Strongest Man website his 2021 listing has him at 6'4".
Hammad Raza said on 16/Mar/21
He sometimes looks tall sometimes a 6'4 guy I would say b/w 6'4 to 6'5
Cnut the Great said on 19/Jan/21
OB used to claim 6'8". i think he changed that when he realized Shaw claims 6'8" and he is obviously shorter. OB is 6'6"
Hyper said on 11/Dec/20
I’m extremely surprised he wears converse sneakers in that photo.

Maybe Brian tends to have footwear advantage, at times.
nites07 said on 20/Nov/20
Here he is with Shaw. Pretty good picture. Click Here. I'd say hes 6'5 even.
recapa said on 2/Nov/20
196-197cm .2 inches shorter than shaw.
Magista said on 23/Sep/20
He is easily 2 inches shorter than Shaw. If Shaw is listed as 6'7, than RB is at most 6'5.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Jul/20
He can look a full 6 ft 6 at times with Brian Shaw, but 197 seems about right. Along with Shaw, the most likeable out of all the strongmen.
Space said on 6/Jul/20
Maybe 3.5” on Eddie Hall.
Space said on 6/Jul/20
Oberst is 6’5” at the most. He has about 3” on 6’2“ max Eddie Hall.
Jkiller said on 20/May/20
Honestly looks 6'5.25 (196cm)
Patrick Loughran said on 9/May/20
In his defence he loves being barefoot for some reason so some photos he may not be wearing shoes
Dream said on 20/Apr/20

How would someone like Bo Burnham, stack up, with this?
Editor Rob
Very well in height terms, in weight-lifting terms, I think Obert's got him beat.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Mar/20
Seeing him with Shaw and Hall on the History documentary I thought he looked about 6 ft 6. Not far off Brian's height. 6'5.5 is a good shout.
Canson said on 16/Nov/19
His proportions and his weight make him look shorter than he is

@Myself and Sotiris: he looks shorter than his claim. Btw Ralf Moeller looks no less than 6’5” even today. He was prob a legit 6’5.5 peak
Myself said on 15/Nov/19
Rob, I think he really needs a huge downgrade, as he's certainly nowhere near this. With (recently downgraded to a more realistic figure) Brian Shaw: Click Here

I'm glad Sotiris sees the truth too; this guy isn't even 6'5, 100%.
Editor Rob
I can see how 6ft 5 is a possibility at times for him.
berta said on 2/Nov/19
Click Here he have claimed 6 foot 8 a couple of times. Strange for sutch a large guy to claim 2 inches over his height. i really dont know how tall he is but maybe he is half inch over this andwas measured in shoes and round upp :P
Animus said on 30/Oct/19
He could be 197cm.
Ben Bell said on 17/Oct/19
Looks 6'5, 6'6 to me.
Sotiris Gravas said on 15/Oct/19
Dexter Jackson w/ Ike Catcher... Click Here

W/ maybe 6'5" Aaron Reed... Click Here

W/ Jon Jones... Click Here

W/ Mike O'Hearn... Click Here

W/ listed 6'1" Busta Rhymes... Click Here

W/ 5'8" Jay Cutler... Click Here

W/ listed 5'7" Cedric the Entertainer... Click Here

W/ Franco Columbu (R.I.P.)... Click Here
Canson said on 17/Sep/19
@Christian: I wonder why though. I mean even at 6’4” that’s plenty for me
Yas said on 17/Sep/19
He's pretty obviously 6'6 range.
tree said on 16/Sep/19
Has atleast 10cm on Eddie Click Here
Lambo said on 16/Sep/19
Agreed, no way is Oberst 6'6". No taller than 6'4.5" in my opinion.
Anon11 said on 13/Sep/19
Oberst is no taller than 6'5''. 6'6'' is hilarious and 6'7.5" is ludicrous.
Yas said on 30/Jul/19
Just saw him with Brian Shaw on The Strongest Men in History. There wasn't 2 inches between them. I'd guess an inch.
John barrett said on 29/Jul/19
He was On the Joe Rogan show just recent, he was talking about Brian Shaw and said he was 2 inches shorter then Brian who is 6' 8''.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Jul/19
Yet he claims 6'7.5", lol. The notion that most 6'5"+ guys are honest is totally false.
cmillzz said on 25/Jul/19
Think I’m gonna have to go with @Myself on this one. Really don’t think he’s any taller than 6’5.
Canson said on 24/Jul/19
He doesn’t look as low as 6’4/6’5. He looks as if he would be comfortably over the 6’5 mark but probably more like 196-197 range best case.
Canson said on 24/Jul/19
He doesn’t look as low as 6’4/6’5. He looks as if he would be comfortably over the 6’5 mark but probably more like 6’5-6’5.5 max
tree said on 24/Jul/19
Robert Oberst looks 198-199cm
Next to Brian Shaw on Worlds Strongest Men in History Click Here
Myself said on 22/Jul/19
I think he has a chance between 6'4 1/4-1/2 up to a max 6'4.75. Even like 6'3.5 is possible if you ask me, but I think less likely than a strong 6'4. I'll have to check everything again in some time and see what my personal final guess will be; no chance of him being over 6'5 whatsoever imho though.

Thank you ;)
randomdude9991 said on 19/Jul/19

And 187 Eddie Hall Click Here

the first image surely the guy in the middle of Shaw and Eddie is photoshopped is head looks funnily disproportioned
tree said on 18/Jul/19
Here they are without shoes, looks 198 next to Eddie and Brian Click Here
Canson said on 18/Jul/19
His weight and body proportions take attention away from how tall he really is. He doesn’t give off the impression of a true 6’6” at a low of he really is to start with. But some heavier guys tend to not stand up as straight. Not uncommon for a 375lb guy. Although 6’6 wouldn’t surprise me standing straight, 6’5 1/2 wont either
Nik said on 17/Jul/19
He was described accurately
Canson said on 17/Jul/19
@Cmillz: he doesn’t have the proportions of a 6’6” guy.

@Rob: I would guess him 6’5.5 before 6’6.25
tree said on 17/Jul/19
With Eddie Hall Click Here
Terry Hollands who looked 197cm With Shaw and Thor Click Here Click Here
6ft3 Zavickas Click Here

Big Z and Mark Henry Click Here
cmillzz said on 16/Jul/19
If he’s 6’6, he’s the shortest looking 6’6 guy I’ve ever seen.
cmillzz said on 16/Jul/19
No, you’re probably right. You’re one of the better guessers on this site.
Myself said on 16/Jul/19
I don't really get it. Maybe I'm bad a guessing, but by all the videos I saw of him with Shaw, he always looked way shorter than just 1-1.5". He manages to look 6'6 only when he is on top toes, like here Click Here
This is not how a 6'6 person looks next to an almost 6'8 person Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Jul/19
Rob, is a little over 6ft6 possible?

His claim is definitely a shoe height
Editor Rob
6ft 6.25 would be the most I'd give him.
Ek said on 15/Jul/19
At around 1:38 of this video, he claims 6’8”.

Click Here
Myself said on 15/Jul/19
Nice add, but... he's nowhere near this imo.
I can't see this man above 6'4.5-6'5. That's the max he could ever be imo, and I actually think he's in the 6'4 range. He always looked AT LEAST 3 inches shorter than 6'7 Brian Shaw and TBH the photos you posted only confirm my theory, considering he looks close to 4 inches shorter than Hafthor.
Btw that photo with Eddie and the others together, is photoshopped.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Jul/19
I dig the pink trainers! Why can't I find any that cute? 😁👟👟😋
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Jul/19
Robert Oberst's bursting with vigour and vitality, that's for sure.

6ft6 and 375 pounds? That's 26 stone 11 pounds - WOW, especially as it's muscle rather than blubber! How much protein does Robert have to eat daily to maintain that sort of body? Of course, the normal BMI charts wouldn't apply to Robert and other body builders. You'd need skin calipers in order to find out his BMI, and you can get special weighing scales which can measure how your body is made up. They aren't even that expensive. I bought some in Sainsbury's with my food shopping one New Year! ⚖️😁👍

I shall opt for a strong 6 foot 6.💪
Animus said on 14/Jul/19
From having watched some of the videos he has done with Brian Shaw, I also pegged him at 6'6. He usually claims 6'7, I believe, which represents a standard level of inflation in the world of professional sports. It's certainly less of a blatant exaggeration than Eddie Hall's 6'3 claim.
tree said on 14/Jul/19
198cm looks accurate
With 200cm Martyn Ford Click Here Click Here
202cm Brian Shaw Click Here
203cm Thor Click Here Click Here

And 187 Eddie Hall Click Here Click Here

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