How tall is Roy Jones Jr

Roy Jones Jr's Height

5ft 10 ½ (179.1 cm)

American professional boxer, who has been a champion in the Middleweight, Super middleweight, Light heavyweight and Heavyweight divisions.

How tall is Roy Jones Jr
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You can’t go out there looking at a blueprint of a guy that’s 6’4″, 6’5″ or 6’3″. I’m not 6’0″. I’m 5’10 1/2”. And I’m a half-inch taller than him [Tyson]. That’s not enough. Me and Tyson were born and bred to do this.

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5ft 10.6in (179.3cm)
Animus said on 16/Sep/20

16-17% body fat is also possible for the current Tyson; I gave 15% as a nice, clean figure. In any case for a 54-year-old man having that little body fat while being a functional athlete is quite impressive - especially considering his weight ballooned up to +400lbs at one point.

I'm very interested too see what Roy weighs in at. I think he's at least 200lbs, possibly close to 210. I'd be surprised if he was 215-220lbs and equally surprised if he was just 190lbs. Regardless of what he weighs, he's just a smaller man than Tyson in terms of overall frame size.

It's a pretty crazy fight, considering the huge size difference between them. While Roy has been boxing professionally early 2018, I don't think he's going to have what one might have expected to be a conditioning advantage. As I pointed out earlier, he doesn't really *look* in stellar shape but his endurance could still be good. His ungodly reflexes, the mind-blowing speed, are definitely gone. Roy got his power mostly from sheer speed, so I'll be interested to see what kind of punching power he'll have.

If they go hard against each other as some seem to believe they will (even though it is an exhibition match), I think it's going to be a hard night for Roy, if not a short one. I hope the best for Roy, for both competitors, really, because they are some of the most likable, entertaining fighters we've ever seen.
Tall In The Saddle said on 31/Aug/20
Oops, I must've forgotten to paste the link into my prev. post. See 10th paragraph, Hearns described as 6'2.5".

Click Here
Tall In The Saddle said on 27/Aug/20

Excellent memory. I think Hearns' height listing settled down to a general 6'1" around the time of the first Sugar Ray Leonard fight and remained as such thereafter. Prior to then, some pundits had him as high as 6'2.5", as reflected in this article discussing Tommy's upcoming fight with Pipino Cuevas in 1980. Tommy's stats are mentioned in the 10th paragraph.
Tall In The Saddle said on 25/Aug/20
Over a reasonable sampling, I've always perceived Hearns to hold the edge over B Hop.

The old claim of 6'2" for Tommy gained traction because, early in his career, in terms of dimensions (height, arms, legs) and fighting painfully thin at lighter weights, he looked so much taller than fellow Welters and even Middles like Cuevas, Duran, Leonard, Hagler etc, guys falling into the 5'6" to 5'9" range.

As to Roy, I wouldn't go below 5'10". He was def. taller than Ray Leonard.
Editor Rob
He was called 6ft 1 a lot in papers back in the day, but then Sugar Ray also was regularly called 5ft 10.
ArjunaKorale said on 23/Aug/20
Rob, I feel that I was unfair on Hopkins. Not only did he best Trinidad but also other boxing legends like De La Hoya (who was, naturally, a much smaller man), Roy Jones (rematch only & this was many yrs after their orig fight) & Winky Wright. Hop also beat some v good, special fighters like Tarver & Pavlik. If a fantasy fight could have been made between Hopkins & Hearns, I’d take Hop by a points decision or a late stoppage victory over Tommy. Hop was the bigger, stronger, more natural middleweight (by far) with the better defense & much better chin. Hearns, however, definitely had the speed & power combination over Hop. I also believe that Hearns was the slightly (by the merest fraction) taller man.
ArjunaKorale said on 20/Aug/20
Thanks for turning your expert eye to Hearns & Hopkins, Rob. Personally, I think that Hearns is a quarter of an inch taller. I give Hop 6 ft 0.25 inches & Tommy 6 ft 0.5 inches but, you know, psychology may play a part in it. Hearns annihilated Duran, took Sugar Ray to the limit & outclassed Benitez! (Though, Tommy was destroyed by Hagler). Hop, in the meantime totally outclassed & beat up Felix Trinidad. Hearns faced up to the more legendary welterweight/middleweight fighters (sorry, Bernard) simply because, due to the nature of the boxing scene, boxing was far more competitive & stacked with talent in the 1980s. So, to me, Hearns automatically seems taller. Like I said, it’s all psychology, baby, it’s all psychology.
Editor Rob
I still can't explain why I never got a photo with Hearns, given all the other boxers I did at those conventions...
Roy Jones was another guest announced in 2013 but cancelled, a shame as a few guys like that never appeared.
JustJohnny said on 17/Aug/20
Roy Jones is dynamite. But he never looked taller than 5’9”.
Diamond1 said on 16/Aug/20
Roy Jones is not 5'10, there are numerous pictures of him next to Tyson (5'10) and Eubank Jr (5'11 max) and he is shorter than both of them, he's also had pics with Sugar Ray Leonard (5'8) and Roy is only slightly taller.
My best estimate when he's stood next to 5'9 guys like James Toney is that Roy is 5'9 1/2.
We're about to find out for sure in November.
Slim 6'1" said on 14/Aug/20
179cm area
ArjunaKorale said on 13/Aug/20
Rob, from looking at pix & watching old YouTube boxing fights, who would you say is taller, Thomas Hearns or Bernard Hopkins?
Editor Rob
touch and go
Tall In The Saddle said on 13/Aug/20

Yeah, Mike still looked reasonably cut at 233 lbs for McBride, Click Here I hear this thing has been postponed to allow for even greater interest and ultimate earnings. All the talk from both camps could be a false build up for what ends up actually being a garden variety exhibition. While 53 yo Mike looks good in action, the accent and angles of the clip are affording, notably brief and on loop.
Nino S. said on 10/Aug/20
Have you seen the recent picture of him with Chris Eubank Jr? He looks under 5'10 in that photo. It's on Eubanks Instagram.
ArjunaKorale said on 8/Aug/20
Sorry, the comment I’m about to make isn’t concerning Roy. It’s more about his arch rival at Middleweight, Bernard Hopkins. Earlier, I said that Hopkins’ height was around 6 ft 0.5 inches tall. Well, I’ve had a better look at many images & videos of the Black Executioner & I’ve noticed that Hop is a very SLIGHTLY SHORTER THAN THOMAS HEARNS. Also, Hearns seems slightly closer in height to Holyfield than Hop is to Holyfield. During his peak fighting yrs, I judged Hearns to be 6 ft 0.5” to 6 ft 0.75” in height. So, my new estimate for Hopkins height (during his peak, fighting yrs) is 6 ft 0.25”. Rob, any chance of creating a page for Hearns or Hopkins? Come on, Rob, what have I gotta do to bribe you, lol?!
slothee said on 7/Aug/20
One of the few guys his height who doesn’t claim 5’11”-6’1”. Honorably honest claim!
TheBat said on 5/Aug/20
5'10.5" is spot on for Roy. Very honest claim.
Canson said on 5/Aug/20
@Tall in the Saddle: I agree with that estimate of 234. And a good 234 he was back then
Alir?za said on 5/Aug/20
Animus said on 2/Aug/20

I think tyson's body fat must be maximum %16-17. He has good biceps vein so maybe lower.. Roy Jones's body is more avarege compore to tyson. Probably 190-200 lbs and %20 body fat. Tyson has always been very big for his height. He didn't down to lower than 210 lbs at low body fat. I think that is because of he has probably very good genes
Alir?za said on 5/Aug/20
Animus said on 2/Aug/20

I think tyson's body fat must be maximum %16-17. He has good biceps vein so maybe lower.. Roy Jones's body is more avarege compore to tyson. Probably 190-200 lbs and %20 body fat. Tyson has always been very big for his height. He didn't down to lower than 210 lbs at low body fat. I think that is because of he has probably very good genes
Slim 6'1" said on 5/Aug/20
Black Noir said on 3/Aug/20
Arch Stanton, yeah exactly mind you some of us have lied about our heights every now n then. He’s a humble boxer from what I’ve seen, also I’ve seen you here for a long time, where u from?
Tall In The Saddle said on 3/Aug/20

Good question re Mike's weight.
I checked Boxrec and Tyson's weights for the first and second Holyfield fights were 222 lbs and 218 lbs respectively. As it so happens, those two weights appear to basically mark the range at which Mike fought at generally during the late 80s/mid 90s. I he came in a bit lighter sometimes I guess for the more fleet footed guys (aka, guys focused on running for their lives, LOL)
After the last Holyfield fight, Mike's weight gradually increased a bit. For instance, he came in at 234 lbs for the Lewis fight and basically stayed around that weight during his last few fights heading into retirement.
So I guess we might expect Mike to come in at least around 234 lbs.

Thanks for the weight info. Agreed. Mike is ripped to the "you know whats" but with heavy muscle volume also. Some are suggesting that speed is Roy's key advantage. Maybe years ago but from the brief clips I've seen, I think Mike still looks plenty fast himself and a bit faster than Roy. Also, Roy looks sloppy even in older training clips, sometimes mi ting the speed bag, the floor to ceiling and even the pads worn by his trainer. But really, despite the "talk up", are they going to be serious or ultimately just go through the motions of an exhibition? We will see...
Animus said on 2/Aug/20
Tyson himself just recently stated that he's down to 228lbs. He's looking quite lean at that weight - maybe 15% body fat? I'm not sure what Roy weighs, but when he was at his best he weighed 168-175lbs, I'd say. In comparison Tyson weighed about 217lbs. There is unquestionably still a massive size difference, in terms of lean mass. As for Roy's current weight: He last fought in February 2018 in the cruiserweight class that has a weight limit of 200lbs. Therefore, he's probably not much more than 210lbs or so, carrying about 20% body fat, I'd say.
ArjunaKorale said on 2/Aug/20
@MD & @Preeme
At last, it is good to see another man who speaks the truth (you, MD!) - there’s v little chance that Calzaghe is dead on 6ft (183cm) tall. I believe Cal is more around 5 ft 11-and-a-half inches or at most 5 ft 11.75 (182 cm or a v small fraction below) tall. Calzaghe himself quotes 182cm. I too don’t understand why Rob hasn’t listed Cal honestly either! I know that it can’t be a simple case of hero worship as Rob himself noticed that Calzaghe didn’t fight the best fighters until those v same fighters (Roy Jones & Hopkins) were well past their prime. Now, if everyone was in their primes, both Roy & Hop would have outpointed Calzaghe, though there would not have been any knockouts (Cal was just too sturdy with an iron chin).
Arch Stanton said on 2/Aug/20
Black Noir said on 29/Jul/20
This is gotta be the most upfront and accurate quote from a person let alone celebrity; impressive

Indeed, says a lot about his character. Now why can't an extremely tall guy like Tyson Fury be honest?
MD said on 2/Aug/20
@Preeme, Calzaghe is most definitely shorter than 6'0". Why Rob hasn't listed him more honestly all these years of seeing the evidence, I do not know.

@Tall In The Saddle, the 239lbs I heard for Tyson was very recently. He's a lot trimmer, but he's got A LOT of muscle you have to remember. There's going to be a pretty considerable size difference between the two when they go at it.
black hat celeb stats said on 1/Aug/20
Should be interesting to see what he looks like facing off with Tyson.
Canson said on 1/Aug/20
@Tall in the Saddle: where would you say Iron Mike’s weight peaked in the 80s or maybe early 90s? Maybe around when he dog eared Holyfield lol? And that’s odd. Roy Jones claimed to be 1/2 taller than Tyson and 5’10.5”. I never saw that.
Canson said on 1/Aug/20
@Tall in the Saddle: where would you say Iron Mike’s weight peaked in the 80s or maybe early 90s? Maybe around when he dog eared Holyfield lol?
Tall In The Saddle said on 1/Aug/20
Roy's official weight for his HW fight vs Ruiz was 193 lbs. I don't know Roy's current weight. I'd be surprised if Mike isn't already below 240 lbs. He's looking a lot trimmer but there's some heavy muscle to factor into his weight also.

After weighing in Roy put his joggers back on. Calzaghe remained barefoot for the face off. Calzaghe appears to be mugging a bit also with the hunched shoulders. The back of Joe's neck looks to be roughly 35 deg. off vertical while the back of Roy's neck is perfectly straight. IMO, most comparisons otherwise (incl. vs Bernard Hopkins) suggest a solid 6 feet for Calzaghe.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 31/Jul/20
@ Nik - He did a bit of recreational boxing in the Army, but the assault courses they had to do, with goodness knows how much weight supported on their backs, must have been awful. I wouldn't have signed up for the Army, thanks very much! He did say that there were soldiers he was training who were no taller than 5ft5, but they were every bit as powerful as the much taller ones. It took determination and perseverance to make a good soldier. Cheers Nik and enjoy your weekend, and your Mum hers too.
😁👍💐 XXX
Preeme said on 31/Jul/20
One of the best fighters in the history of sport. In his prime he was unbeatable. Always looked his listed height of 5`11, though his claim seems to be pretty honest.
Does that mean that Calzaghe is shorter than 6 ft? Click Here
MD said on 31/Jul/20
What weight did he fight at at heavyweight? Anyone knows how much he currently weighs? They say Mike is down to 240 lbs.
Nik Ashton said on 30/Jul/20
@ Sandy Cowell - Ain’t he just! Your boyfriend is shorter than Roy 2 but he is just as tough!
ali184 said on 30/Jul/20
My friend took a photo with him in JFK when they both arrived to NY from Moscow and he actually looks a little shorter than 5’10. I would say he’s 177 today
Tall In The Saddle said on 30/Jul/20
Roy's trophy case would've been that much more impressive if they hadn't massively jobbed him in the 88 Seoul Olympics light middle boxing final. They awarded the fight to the well beaten Korean fighter Park Si-Hun who probably should've lost several decisions before even reaching the final. Roy never blamed Park who himself appeared embarrassed by the victory and Park actually raised Roy's hand during the medal presentation.

Roy's pro career achievements do have a question mark given strong evidence of juicing. Particularly for his bulk when he moved up to defeat John Ruiz for a version of the HW title. When he came off the juice, the previously outstanding musculature simply dissolved away. Still an amazing, super fast, naturally gifted fighter in his hey day.

5'10.5" is a fair call and we'll get to see Roy face up to Iron Mike in September for a decent comparison.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Jul/20
I've just read all the trophies Roy's won. Well, good luck to him, and doesn't that just prove that you don't have to be super tall to be super strong? My boyfriend's like that too. 💪😁
Greg said on 30/Jul/20
I guess he is about 5’11ish, maybe he is claiming his absolute low in the afternoon he’s likely just under 5’11.
viper said on 30/Jul/20
I would have thought there was no way he was below 5-11
Black Noir said on 29/Jul/20
This is gotta be the most upfront and accurate quote from a person let alone celebrity; impressive
ArjunaKorale said on 29/Jul/20
Not a bad listing at all, though I actually thought that Roy could have been a fraction taller at 5 ft 11”/180 cm (esp in his prime). I 100% knew that Roy wasn’t anything over 180cm tall. He always seemed 4 cm (1.5 inches) SHORTER than 6 ft 0.5 inch Bernard Hopkins. Just goes to show how accurate you guys are - if you are ever wrong, it is usually only around half an inch!
Gearsbeast97 said on 29/Jul/20
Roy my guy man 5'11 man he is! Since .5 and up rounds anyway haha.
AAAA said on 29/Jul/20
Didn’t he already have a page? I remember one years ago
Animus said on 29/Jul/20
Is it possible he's selling himself a bit short, literally? I would have thought 5'10¾. On the other hand, seeing him next to Hopkins, who I think is somewhere in the 183-184cm range (perhaps 6'0¼), it's possible Roy is 5'10½. It's of course a minuscule difference we're discussing here. I think it's fair to say that Roy is a bit shy of his officially listed height of 5'11.

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