How tall is Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek's Height

5ft 1.5in (156.2 cm)

Mexican actress best known for appearing in movies like Frida, Desperado and From Dusk till Dawn. She once said regarding her height that "I act tall!...But look how short I am...I can't even act to be tall. I'm five-two. I can't even create the illusion that I am tall!"

How tall is Salma Hayek
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Average Guess (13 Votes)
5ft 0.92in (154.7cm)
even said on 25/Jul/17
a strong 5 foot 1
Rosa Rodr?guez said on 7/Jun/17
What? She is a midget! Penelope Cruz? 5.4. .? JLO? And BAnderas Also soo short...and they are actors? VERGARA is much better! So, she will shrink to 4!
Gags said on 12/Apr/17
How tall is Penelope Cruz? Looks like 3 inches difference
Click Here:
Ramualdo said on 12/Mar/17
She's 150 cm
LM10-196 cm(6'5'') said on 17/Jan/17
She looks really hot and sexy.A legit 5'0''.
josh jeffords said on 13/Oct/16
Salma is an amazing beauty and pretty funny also an ok actor.
She looks average but always wears heels and is often next to small men claiming to be average.
I buy 5 2 and 5 5 with big heels.
She is definitely short she made antonio banderas look tall nearly 6ft when he is maybe 5 10 tops.
177cmGuy said on 17/Oct/14
157cm morning. 156cm night. At general theory people don't start to loose height until their late 50s. Loosing height in 40s is rare but they happen due to extreme circumstances
Ted said on 1/Jun/13
I am 4'11". Thank God, (and I mean that literally), I seem taller. I always thought it was wired that I got a lot of attention from men. I think they feel like it makes them feel more protective. Like they like the feeling of having take care of me more because I am small.
Elijah said on 30/Dec/12
@theblacklab: women actually lose more than men do, in fact quite considerably more. And it's not impossible to have shrunk a bit in the 40s, like 1cm or so.
Jane said on 25/Nov/12
I met her back in 1999 and there's no way she's 5'2! 5''0 or 5'1 max! Girl is short with a nice rack. She's very sweet too.
Silent d said on 31/Oct/12
imbluz said on 20/Oct/12
Salma has small bones. Her waist is so tiny; it must be like 18 inches in circumference. But her perfect curves belie that she is actually skinny and lithe.
Len said on 3/Sep/12
Salma's proof that for women, height doesn't really matter that much... hot is hot, whether the gal's 5-2 or 6-2.

You go girl.
gbrown84 said on 27/Jul/12
5ft 2 is nice height,but latina women are even smaller than uk women on whole average wise, they say uk average is 5ft4,but they dont ask every woman in the uk,and thne get average they do it on few tohusand,so never getting true average id say 5ft 4-5ft6 is as average as seeing 5ft to 5ft 3 ppl,in uk,
i think petite is best tbh, but im average and so become standard tall when wear 3inch heels,and want to be petite for once,but stooping looks stupid to lose 2inches, and its what your gentics are if your parents are above average gonna be taller we cant pick height,so just say that everyone can look nice at whatever height, i hate ppl are so rude on tall ppl,like they can do anything gnetic wise,and i think tall and slim looks striking as much as nice lookng smaller person, not one better than other.
little sue said on 10/Jun/12
I doubt if Salma would have shrunk yet, women don't really start to lose any height until they are way past the Menopause. I'm 52 and I'm still the same as I was at 22.
theblacklab said on 9/Jun/12
Salma is 46 years old now, and I think she would have shrunk a little (not a lot) since she was in her 20s or even early to mid 30s. I think she is 5'1" now, but 5'1.5" up until about 40 years old, women generally lose about 1-1.5" of their original height due to ageing, whilst men generally lose 2".
Silent d said on 5/Feb/12
Some girls are hot tall or short. It doesn't matter. There are a lot of hot tall girls. I will just name a few taller than 5 foot 7: blake lively, charlize theron, mia sorvino, cindy crawford, elle macpherson, heidi klum, adrianna lima, katherine heigl, jaime king, maria sharapova and so many others. There are also hot short girls under 160cm like natalie portman, kat dennings, salma hayek, kristen bell, hayden pannetiere, alyssa milano and so many others. Salma is a solid 156cm.
Cindy said on 12/Jan/12
She isnt 'tiny'. 5'2" is only 2.5 inches below average! So a woman 2.5 inches above the approximate 5'4 average would be 5'6.5", which isnt even considered tall by most people. A 6ft tall woman is giant, at almost 8 inches above average! Anyway, Id pick being a short woman over a tall woman anyday. Im 5'6 and I wouldnt change my height for anything, but Id rather be 5'2 and able to wear pretty high heels than 5'9 (like most models are) and taller than 50% of men without heels. Besides, she is absolutely gorgeous. Height really doesnt matter for women. You can be ugly and no one will care whether you are 5ft, 5'6 or 6ft. You will still be the same. Just think about that.
Ryan said on 13/Dec/11
The most beautiful women are not tall! also, most women in the world are below 5'7".models arent known for beauty! they look like 7 foot tall teenage boys.Look up marilyn monroe,vida guerra,kim kardashain,shakira,jessica simpson,mulher melao,mayra veronica,coco austin,Sarah lime,Arab,latina,italian,armen­ian,etc women! all these women are not tall I listed either!! actually, shorter women have more estrogen which explains curves! ppl need to stop with these ugly crackhead 7 foot tall models!
Silent d said on 25/Oct/11
In the puss in boots premiere next to 5 foot 7 Antonio banderes, she looks 5 foot 1.5. She is very attractive and ticks all the boxes.
katy said on 25/Jul/11
Thanks Matt I am so happy some men do not like short girls. I have always wushed to be short and petite and tiny. I always wanted to be cute and small. These midgets get away with everything!
Matt said on 23/Jul/11
smoking hot in that table dance scene in from dusk till dawn. not a good height though 5'7-5'10 is ideal (5'5.5" lowest that i think is good). that said she's ridiculously so w/e
aerin said on 20/Jul/11
diana01 - I am 5ft8 and would love to be 5ft3.
I hate being tall, I cannot wear high heels as I tower above everyone. Be happy being 5ft3!!!
diana01 said on 14/Jul/11
Hey tall girls! I want to let you know that you should consider yourself lucky. I am 5.3 and I do hate that. I almost envy tall girls so many short girls would dream to be tall. Now do not feel upset or something beauty doesn't rest in is the average package in the end. Regards!
gaurav pandit said on 5/Jun/11
if she is 5'2 that is nice to watch but she looks tall in her flicks but she is perfect according to me
ThaMessenger said on 26/May/11
Her height is perfect....yummm lol Yeah I say 5'2 on the Wake up. 5'1 - 5'1.5 latter afternoon.
me said on 18/May/11
@C i have to say, sometimes you stand next to someone and you feel like you tower over them when in reality you are the same height. a week ago there was a picture taken of me and a friend and i really thought i was taller but in the picture we were the excact same height!
xx said on 27/Mar/11
Salma is 5ft1,5- seems about right. She is short, petite, curvy and gorgeous. She is what a woman should look like. All feminine and perfect!
Heightgirl said on 23/Mar/11
Salma always seemed barely 5f to me and now I think that estimate height may be accurate because next to 5f1.5 Rosie Perez she looked about 3 inches shorter Click Here Click Here - I added an inch to Salma's height because her heels looked 3" (approx. 1.25" added height) and Rosie's looked 4" (approx. 2.75"added height) So Rosie in heels was 5f4.25 and Salma 5f1.25
Erik said on 8/Mar/11
As a man, I completely agree with 6'Female. Both short and tall women can be gorgeous. Salma Hayek is hot, but so is e.g. Nicole Kidman, in my opinion.
6'Female said on 1/Mar/11
I am frustrated when men think only shorter women are attractive or only tall women. BOTH are attractive. And dynamite comes in small packages? lol what a joke I am taller than most men and I am a hand full. Stereo typing a woman based on her height is ridiculous. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences but if men dislike tall women its most likely because they are insecure with their own size which a tall woman would surely make that man feel.
Monica said on 20/Jan/11
She is gorgeous and damn talented ! It's not easy for short women to do so well in this industry where the male co-stars are all like 5'9 and plus. I wish her all the best for the future !
C said on 2/Jan/11
I'm 5'3" and stood right next to her. She was wearing a 2" heel and I still towered over her. IMHO Salma Hayek cannot be taller than 5'0". No matter how tall she is, she's still gorgeous - even more so in person!
Don Diego said on 29/Dec/10
Dynamite comes in small packages; and as far as I'm concerned Salma Hayek is a smoking, bell-ringing 10.
speechless said on 24/Dec/10
i dont think the height really matters, she is just right. im a 5'2 nd im proud of it.
Heights said on 16/Dec/10
Your comment is not true. I get attracted to petite beauties because of their lovely compact bodies. At 5' to 5'2 a woman who is slim and works out, looks absolutely gorgeous. Plus they can wear high heels without looking excessively tall. High heels make women more attractive, so a 5'1 lady can wear 5 inch heels and be 5' 6. but if a 5' 6 lady wears 5 inch heels she becomes 5' 11 which is a bit too tall.
Adoring/getting attracted to petite ladies has nothing to do with domination. just personal preference I suppose. Just as some men probably will like tall ladies depending on their personal preference.
Salma Hayek has the perfect height and shape. She is gorgeous and looks stunning!
diana said on 10/Nov/10
guys who emphasize that shortness is a plus when attracted to women say that because they like feeling dominant over someone else....its that simple
Lil Naz said on 30/Aug/07
Norm I have to agree with Dan, Salma is kinda butch! She has a very strong jaw line for a woman and her shoulders are also very manly. She's shaped very nicely but there's no getting away from it, she looks kinda butch, especially when she ties her hair back. Just watch the episode of Ugly Betty where she gets stuck in a lift with Daniel Meade. You'll see what I mean!!
Melanie said on 29/Jun/07
I agree. Cruz is about 1-1.5 inches taller than shoudn't she be listed at 5 ft 2.5 to 5 ft 3?? i think so. i also think Salma is shorter than 5'1.5...i think she's more like 5'0.5 - 5 ft 1.
azz said on 29/Jun/07
so if salma is 5.1,how tall is her best friend penelope cruz?cruz claim be a 5.4 but they look the same height for me in some pic,so is penelope laying¡¡¡my friend saw penelope once and toldme is 5.2 or less¡¡¡¡what do you think?
Anonymous said on 24/Jun/07
I was just watching 'the most sexy brunettes', she was on number 6, and they said that she wasn't even 5 ft..well I don't believe she's that small, 5 ft 1/5 ft 2 might be correct.
cute said on 21/Jun/07
hey Anonymous...
I always wonder who are you....??? your beginning to piss me off... i mean sometimes your a woman somtimes a man... sometimes your 5 ft...sometimes 5 ft 5.. and other times your like 6 ft... WHO ARE YOU? WHAT IS YOUR HEIGHT?
Norm said on 22/May/07
Salma butch?
What are you crazy? Do you know the meaning of Butch?
She's gorgeous. No where near butch!
Dan said on 14/Apr/07
Maybe she look shorter because she's butch....:)
Now she's pregnant and with a man on her side to stop the rumors:)
Now a days to make it in showbiz in America women has to become for at least some time dykes :)
Anonymous said on 30/Mar/07
So beautiful! Yes, she is petite with a capital "P", probably 61 inches. Watched "Once Upon A Time In Mexico" last week and was in awe of Ms. Hayek (oh, and I'm a heterosexual woman... I think.). For some reason the really tiny, dark-eyed ladies are very hot, Salma, Eva Longoria, Natalie Portman, etc. And I'm not just saying that because I'm drunk right now. In vino veritas....
Evanna said on 19/Mar/07
Yesterday I caught "Dogma" on TV, although I had seen it like million times before - but it's always hillarious. Anyway in some scenes with Jason Lee and Ben Affleck Salma was clearly below their shoulders. Tall guys they are, but still... I believe that Rob's listing is correct, or she might even be 5'1". But that's not too short for a Mexican lady.
Anonymous said on 26/Feb/07
well,I don't care how tall she is ,,,she is anyway beautiful,she has got a perfect body,,,and taller people have no as and no tits,,4 what do we need them,,there is no way taller woman have those things,,,so i dont give a sh.... 4 that,,I'm a gye and i know what I say ,,,she's cool,,,
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/07
I was an extra in one of her movies. I'm 5'1". Her heels were atleast 1 inch higher than mine, and she was still no more than 1 inch taller than me. So I would say 5'1".
claudia said on 5/Jan/07
I would definitely say that Salma Hayek is 60 inches tall [5 feet] because penelope cruz is taller by 3 to 4 inches. It has been stated before, she is 5 feet tall.
Bluewin said on 5/Jun/06
She's shorter than Penelope Cruiz,who is 5'2 according to what she said to a poster here,so Salma is 5 or max 5'1.
Anonymous said on 21/May/06
ive seen her and i know her. close friends. she is exactly 5 feet 2 and 3 cms
ceceblue said on 6/Mar/06
No more than 5'1. I am 5' and she looks just a tad bit taller than I am
Anonymous said on 11/Jan/06
I'm 5'1" and I always add an inch to my height. I'm sure Hayek (and everyone else, really) also adds an inch or two to her height.
Cady said on 3/Dec/05
She looks about the same height as Penelope Cruz i think she might be taller as Cruz is listed at 5"4.5
Mr. Klaus said on 17/Aug/05
I saw Hayek in the summer of 2000 in Madrid, while she was filming "La Gran Vida". She is short, but not so short as some think, my ex-girlfriend who was 5 ft 5 was standing next to her , she was woring sneakers, and Hayek wored 4 inch Heels (wich you see in the movie), they were about the same height. 157 cm is correct, maybe 156 cm.
KC said on 10/Jul/05
she wears unusually huge heels in "After the Sunset" so Brosnan won't dwarf her

[Editor Rob: Director of Photography actually done a good job with the movie. He managed to make Salma appear taller in many of the scenes!]
Shortgurl said on 23/Jun/05
guYs! she is no way 5 ft way! she is taller with a couple of inches..i know how 5ft looks like cos i am 5ft and im no way as the same height as Hayek!
Grace said on 19/Jun/05
They always say 5'2" - my ass. I'm telling you these women are MOST LIKELY 5'0" - 5'1" tops!!!
gijane71 said on 13/Jun/05
correction - 5' even - if she is lucky - look at pics of her in heels with ex flame Josh Lucas - SH is one tiny lady - friend saw her at the beach a while back when she was dating Lucas - she asked if she could take a picture with Hayek - when Hayek saw how tall my friend was (5'10.5) Hayek declined and very quickly left .......
lisa said on 8/Jun/05
she is 5`1 .she is I promise

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