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Peak: 5ft 11.32in (181.2cm)
Current: 5ft 10.34in (178.7cm)
Danimal said on 24/Dec/08
Alex says on 24/Dec/08
Best is to go on regular white creatine, its cheaper and does work. You can spend more money on stuff like Cell Tech, Cell Mass, NOXplode but you're just paying more money on something that would do the same as regular creatine. But those have flavors though.

I was cycling creatine from 1997-2002 and while it does give you more strength in the gym and your muscles recover a lot quicker, there are side effects. Firstly, you get BLOATED. Sure, you gain weight, because you are lifting heavier and gaining more muscle, but there is a ton of water retention when ON. NOW, when you get off your cycle, you immediately lose strength and size, both as a result of not being able to lift as heavy and because you are losing a lot of that water retention. It's also not really good on the kidney LONG-TERM. If you do cycle it, be sure to drink a ton of water.

BTW Alex, I'm down to 185 bro! I have officially dropped 35 pounds so far.
Alex said on 24/Dec/08
Best is to go on regular white creatine, its cheaper and does work. You can spend more money on stuff like Cell Tech, Cell Mass, NOXplode but you're just paying more money on something that would do the same as regular creatine. But those have flavors though.
Alex said on 20/Dec/08
Clay, yea I am big just from eating food and taking protien powders and bars. If I got on creatine I'd get even bigger. Well 4 years ago I got on NOX2 which is kinda like a pill forn of creatine and I gained 20lbs in 1.5 months but also was eating more calories and wasn't doing any cardio but I did gain at least 10lbs once I got on the pill.
Clay said on 19/Dec/08
Monohydrate creatine in fine if its cycled. Take 2 or 3 months in between when you take it, and your laughin. Its all water weight, but you cant bulk up and reach your goals without weight. Protein powders are like food basically, one or two shakes per day is actually very healthy. Too many supplements like N.O., Cell mass etc. you're getting into dangerous territory. Alex, you havent used many creatine supplements? You could be an animal if you took them, lol.
Alex said on 18/Dec/08
Clay, I just eat food and take protein. I am not on any other supplements though I am going to get on creatine soon. Too many supplements isn't good for your body. One time I weighed 12lbs heavier at night after a day of meals and in cloths and shoes.
Clay said on 17/Dec/08
Alex - Yeah, out of bed in boxers I think im more like 183-184, so that is my true body weight. After a day of meals and in clothes/shoes though im more like 187-188 when I weigh in.
Clay said on 17/Dec/08
Just bought 2 tubs of mega milk protein (32 grams of protein, 350 calories per serving) and a jar of monohydrate creatine - my weight should soar to above 190 soon.
Alex said on 16/Dec/08
Hugh, in the morning 200-202lbs but full cloths I can get up to 210lbs or damn near it. Saying that because some people tend to weigh themselves with shoes, jeans, long sleeves on and even sometimes with sweatshirts or jackets which I dont see the point of. True weight is first thing in the morning in boxers or something like that before eating or drinking anything.
Hugh said on 15/Dec/08
Alex how much do you weight now?
Alex said on 13/Dec/08
When I bench I will bring it just about touching my chest, sometimes just above my chest but barely. If you're going to bounce it make it not bounce hard though. I am still trying to get 315lbs one rep max. Almost there, last I tried it I got it half way but my one rep max is 300-305lbs now.I got it back up to what it was last winter because I hurt my shoulder a bit last winter and it went down a little so its good I got it back up.
Clay said on 10/Dec/08
Morg is either a troll or a jerk, either one. Theres always a bad apple in the bunch. Yeah, I meant flat bench. What type of form do you assume though? When you bench do you bring the bar all the way down to your chest? Like I said I do when im benching lighter weight, but I'll bounce it off my chest so my form isnt very good. I have all kinds of strength on the peck deck for whatever reason though - 250 ibs for 10-12 reps perfect posture, but my strength is lacking in other areas. And yeah, some guys can shrug 4+ plates but those are few and far between for me to see unless I go to a larger gym, not the local rec centre.
Alex said on 9/Dec/08
Clay, it depends whether you're talking about flat, incline or decline but I assume flat bench you mean. Also if I do flat bench first I can do more than if I did it after other exercises. If I do it first I can get 225lbs for 11-12 reps. Got 14 reps a few weeks ago but that was a good day though. As the sets go on I'll burn out more so on my 2nd set I'll only be able to get 225 8 reps max.
Clay said on 9/Dec/08
Alex what about your bench, and what type of form do you use? I can bench about 180-190 right down to the chest for reps, but thats works basically your whole upper body I only want to bench when Im just working the chest. I can bench 225-250 ''cheating'' not going all the way to the chest for about 5 reps.
Alex said on 8/Dec/08
Clay, thanx but really thats not that good I dont think. Sure its good but I've seen some guys do 4 or more plates on shrugs. You think this Morg guy is a troll too?
Alex said on 8/Dec/08
Morg, at least I post pictures to prove who I am. Most on here dont even post pics of themselves. And that last picture I posted just to show how much leaner I was when I was in my teens. Does it bother you that I post pictures? Or are you just jealous or a troll on here? I never said I was a wrestler or anything so you need to stop putting words in my mouth.
Clay said on 8/Dec/08
Damn, three plates shrugged for about 8 reps is pretty good man, you're one strong dude.
M.o.r.g said on 6/Dec/08
Alex says on 2/Dec/08
Take a look at this picture of me when I was 18 in 2002. I was 170-175lbs in this picture. I know I may look less but due to that I wasn't muscular but I wasn't very skinny either.

Click Here

WHO ARE U!!? u go around making out youre some huge guy like a wrestler or're just not!.aarghh does my head in.
Alex said on 5/Dec/08
Clay, that was I was saying. HBK is a very small guy but put him near these bigger guys in WWE and even when he was near Angle he didn't even look that big, but put him near an average joe on the street who doesn't work out then hes bigger. Even put him near an average person who works out he wont look small.
Alex said on 5/Dec/08
Clay, I do 6-8 sets of shrugs once a week when I do shoulders. I prefer barbell but dumbell is good too. My gym only goes up to 85lb dumbells which I could heavier on when it comes to shrugs if I wanted. On barbell I can do 315lbs for like 8 reps.
glenn said on 4/Dec/08
exactly alex.good point.
Clay said on 4/Dec/08
Yeah, he is dwarfed by HHH these days, although I think HHH may be tippin the scales at more 260-265 right now he just looks huge again. Still though he's a 5'11'' guy with good size you just cant see it when he's standing next to his enormous peers. At least 185-190 today for Shawn id say.

Barebell shrugs are the best for traps, I just never have the drive to do more than one set. I can shrug two plates, so 225 pounds - 6 times but after that im thinkin ''this is no fun'' and just go back to the dumbells, lol.
Derek said on 3/Dec/08
Shawn sure has lost a lot of muscle mass. He has always denied using steroids, but who knows? There was a huge difference just between 1992 and 1997, and even more of a difference between 1997 and today.
Alex said on 3/Dec/08
Clay, I prefer barbell shrugs. My traps and neck are good, I just gotta work on my shoulder width a bit more.

HBK may very well be 190lbs. Its just that fact he's 190lbs and not very muscular. Like Danimal said, he lost a lot of muscle mass too. Also he may look less than he is next to bigger guys in WWE.
Danimal said on 2/Dec/08
In the late 80's I believe he was in his 230's, slowly reducing his weight to about 225 by the 1990's and then losing even more going down to about 210. Today I say he is probably 190-195 pounds at 5'11".
Clay said on 2/Dec/08
Al what are some exercises you use to work your traps? Do you do only barebell shrugs and dumbell shrugs or what else? I have a hard time believing im the same wieght as Michaels and about 2 inches shorter though. He's gotta still be 190 today.
Alex said on 2/Dec/08
Take a look at this picture of me when I was 18 in 2002. I was 170-175lbs in this picture. I know I may look less but due to that I wasn't muscular but I wasn't very skinny either.

Click Here
Alex said on 2/Dec/08
Danimal, what would you say HBK was at his peak, his mid career and then today? I'd say he looked as much as 220-225lbs at his biggest. In the middle of his career before 1999-2000 I'd say he was 200-210lbs. Today dare I say it but maybe as low as 180-185lbs. This is on a 5'11 frame.
Danimal said on 1/Dec/08
HBK appears to have lost about 40 pounds since his peak and it looks to be ALL muscle.
Alex said on 1/Dec/08
Glenn, thanx. I think its best to go by how people view you because when you look at yourself you sometimes dont feel as big or as good as you think because you see yourself in the mirror all the time.
glenn said on 30/Nov/08
well in clothes you look incredible alex.
Alex said on 30/Nov/08
Glenn, thanx. But I could improve some still. I'd like to work on my calves a bit more, get a bit more wider with my shoulders and tone up my abs more as well.
Alex said on 30/Nov/08
Derek, bigger than HBK today yea but at his peak he was bigger than I am though.
Alex said on 30/Nov/08
Derek, yea 200-205 I weigh.

I am not sure how tall the doorway is. I gotta measure but I am quit a bit in front of the doorway so it can make me appear closer in height to it than I really am.
Leo said on 29/Nov/08
5ft 11 today
Derek said on 27/Nov/08
Alex- You're pretty jacked. Didn't you say you weigh 200-205? You're definitely bigger than HBK.
Stuart Cowie said on 27/Nov/08
Alex: "And I am 6'0"

in your pic alex you are only a few inchs shorter than the top of the door and some doors are about 6ft8, i thought you looked alot taller than 6ft, more about 6ft3 or 4
Hugh said on 27/Nov/08
You look big Alex. How much do you weigh again? Also how tall are you? I forget.
glenn said on 27/Nov/08
ive a pic i took thats crappy,but shows the height of preparation h and shawn.your in great shape alex!
Alex said on 26/Nov/08
Derek, here is the newer one I posted of myself from 3 months ago.

Click Here
Tony said on 26/Nov/08
I do remember Triple H calling Shawn Little man when they were beefing couple years ago on raw
TELLEM said on 24/Nov/08
billy gunn's an idiot...michaels at 5'7 puts kurt angle at 5'6
Vegas said on 24/Nov/08
sam says on 24/Nov/08
billy gunn said michaels is 5'7'' consider the source i know but i kind of believe em.

you believe him, wtf, did you watch that video i posted on 16/Nov/08 where he is standing beside ted dibiase
sam said on 24/Nov/08
billy gunn said michaels is 5'7'' consider the source i know but i kind of believe em.
Derek said on 20/Nov/08
Clay- Alex is roughly 200 pounds at a hair over 6'0" and HBK is actually a bit smaller. Alex has posted pics, so we can compare.
Clay said on 20/Nov/08
I wouldn't rule out 200 for Shawn ay 5'11''.
Derek said on 20/Nov/08
Alex- HBK definitely isn't 200 pounds now. 190 at best, though he was a good 220 from 1992-1994.
Vegas said on 16/Nov/08
michaels and ted dibiase in 1994 Click Here

michaels and bret hart in 1994 Click Here
Alex said on 12/Nov/08
HBK may be as low as 180-185lbs at 5'11. He said on Raw to Batista that he's 200lbs if that. I dont see him over 190lbs tops today. At his peak he was def around that 220lb mark I think and when he returned in 2002 he still looked around 200lbs maybe.
omar g said on 2/Nov/08
i met shawn in 1996 and he seemed to be 5'11-6'0.but i met him again in 2005 at wrestlemania 21 and he looked much shorter about 5'9 and much much skinnier,like the way whats going on with shawn michaels eyes.does anyone know what happened or what caused his eyes to look different
Clay said on 31/Oct/08
NBA lists you in shoes and those shoes give you 1.5, and on top of that they may inflate you by an inch. I would be a point guard, so they may list me at 6'0. MLB isn't that bad with their heights I dont think they would inflate you by 3 inches.
Lmeister said on 31/Oct/08
They inflate heights with more than 1 inch in pro sports. For instance Sami Lepist
Alex said on 31/Oct/08
I'd be

6'0-6'1 in NHL
6'2 in NBA
6'1 in NFL
6'2-6'3 in MLB
6'1-6'2 in UFC

And I am 6'0
Alex said on 31/Oct/08
Clay, you'd probably be taller in MLB than the NBA. If you're 5'9.5 barefoot the most they could list you as is 5'11 in the NBA I believe.
Clay said on 30/Oct/08
I would be:

5'10 in the NHL
6'0 in the NBA
5'10 in the NFL
5'11 in MLB
6'0 in WWE
5'11 in UFC

And im 5'9.5, lol.
Clay said on 29/Oct/08
Nfl is pretty good with their heights and weight. They may inflate by an inch, and 10 most. LT, yeah Lesnar ''weighs'' 265 pounds accoridng to UFC but he's really more 280. He cuts to make the limit. Look how he dwarfed Heath Herring. Alex, lol saying to a 5'8-5'9 guy would probably really piss them off!
Alex said on 26/Oct/08
Derek, yea you sound a legit 6'2. Not a strong one but not a weak one either, just 6'2 straight up. I'd think I'd be claffifed as a stong 6'0 since I am 6'0.75 when waking and 6'0 in the evening most of the time but a few times I may hit a smidge under 6'0 at night or even closer to 6'1 right out of bed. I could be considered a weak 6'1 maybe too?

Sometimes I may just claim 5'11 to bust chops like you say. A few times I've said 5'9-5'10 too which people knew was BS but if I claim 5'11 then its closer to the truth and can get away with it at rare times.
Derek said on 26/Oct/08
Alex- I'm 6'2.25" in the morning and 6'1.5" at night. I'm a little more than a weak 6'2", but not quite a strong one. I claim both 6'1" and 6'2", but I also like to bust chops sometimes lol. If someone tells me a height that they're not, I'll certainly downgrade myself in that situation. In general, it depends what kind of mood I'm in.
Alex said on 24/Oct/08
Derek, aren't you 6'2 for most of the day and hit 6'1.75 by the evening? I think you said a few times you claimed 6'1. Thats totally downgrading since you're a legit 6'2.
Alex said on 21/Oct/08
Derek, most basketball sneakers are going to give 1.25-1.5 inches. You're 6'2 barefoot and you're easily a bit over 6'3 in basketball sneakers and they'll round up to 6'4. Depending on when they measure during the day but I assume its in the morning.
Derek said on 17/Oct/08
Alex- I'd be 6'3" in the NBA, 6'4" if the shoes are 1.5".
Alex said on 16/Oct/08
I'd be 6'2 in the NBA too.
Alex said on 15/Oct/08
They'd bill me at 220lbs at the least though.
Alex said on 15/Oct/08
in the NFL I'd only be a safety.
TELLEM said on 15/Oct/08
this height here does seem accurate...unless hes 5'11 now...but i think michaels peak was 5'11.5
LT said on 14/Oct/08
Brock lesnar is one of the worst for weigh ins, he's usually reported at 260, but looking at him in the ring with 250 pound guys, you can tell he's closer to 300, probobly around 290, i diddent start watching UFC until he got involved.
Clay said on 14/Oct/08
I guess in WWE you're a 6'2'', 232 pound heavyweight Alex. 201 though you're a pretty jacked guy Id imagine.
Alex said on 11/Oct/08
Clay, I weighed 201 this morning out of bed. I'd hope to slowly ease my way toward 220lbs.
Alex said on 8/Oct/08
I weighed at 199 fresh out of bed yesterday. My weight out of bed lately hovers from 198-200lbs. So 203-206 in cloths. The most I got too fresh out of bed was 213lbs but that was during a serious bulking period where I went from 195 to almost 215lbs in 1 1/2 months then I ended up cutting down to 185lbs then back up to 200 then down to 190 then back up to 200.
Clay said on 7/Oct/08
Im hovering around 185 right now legit fresh out of bed Im like 187-188 with clothes and what not when I weigh in at the gym. I want to be a jacked 200, but it wont be easy I already have a bit of belly fat gut right now it sucks I dont want to cut weight and lose mass/strength but I dont want to develope a beer gut either. The best way to do it is eat more grams of protein than your weight and dont eat sugar but its not easy with work 5 days a week.
Alex said on 6/Oct/08
But I'd still be a lightheavy weight though. Upper end of one though. But I am still thinking of getting to 220lbs though. Right now at between 200 and 205 I feel ok but I have put on a bit more body fat over the last month or so and if I put too much on by 220lbs I would feel a bit too bloated so I'd have to do it at a slow pace and eat more clean.
Clay said on 5/Oct/08
Yeah, its crazy what they do and its stupid how the UFC lets it happen. At least make them wiegh in on fight day as well like boxing, and show the audience at home just how much they weigh for the fight.
Alex said on 4/Oct/08
Clay, I was just reading an article. Crazy that a guy can weigh in at 205 but then really be 210-215lbs for the fight. Thats unfair actually since the weigh in is the day before.

Click Here
Clay said on 4/Oct/08
the lightest lightheavyweight will be 204 pounds. Nobody will fight at lightheavyweight when they're 187, 188 pounds that is just too light they would get demolished by biogger guys like Griffin and Rampage. Yopu could fight at 195 but that would be lightheavyweight, and you would be fighting against someone who is 215-220 and cuts weight to make 205! Read up on weight-cutting in mixed martial arts its insane what those guys do. They will weigh in at ''205'' but the day after on fight night they will weigh at least 210-215.
Alex said on 3/Oct/08
Clay, personally I dont like being under 195lbs anymore so I'd stick with my weight unless they really insisted I drop. And also I'd need to get to 185lbs to get to middldweight since I read in their weight classes that lightheavy weight is 186-205.
Clay said on 2/Oct/08
Alex, I mean even at 205 if I were you I would be cutting weight to 186 to make middleweight. You realize guys like Rampage, Ortiz, Griffin, Liddel etc. arent really only 205? Read what I wrote below.
Umar said on 2/Oct/08
Shawn Michael's billed height is 6"1 I think... that's impossible! He's more like 5"11, but 5"10 is a good barefoot estimate. Remember when he was standing face-to-face with Chris Jericho? Chris Jericho is no more than 5"10. He's like 5"8.5 barefoot.
Alex said on 1/Oct/08
I saw Tazz in person from a close distance twice both at WWE NY in Manhattan before it was shut. Once I swear he looked 5'9 but I was on a lower part while he was higher up but the 2nd time I saw him he looked 5'6ish. I'd say he's 5'6-5'6 1/2, 5'7 would be pushing it a bit.
Alex said on 1/Oct/08
Middleweight in UFC I think is 170 up to 185lbs. 186-205 is lightheavy weight. Over 205 is heavyweight.
In WWE I'd be on the smaller size but I am still bigger than the cruiserweights though.
Alex said on 1/Oct/08
Clay, depends when I weigh myself. in boxers in the morning on an empty stomach I weigh 199-200lbs. In full cloths I can weigh 205lbs give or take a bit depends on how much I ate. So based on that I could be light heavyweight pushing heavyweight. Where you getting middleweight from?
TELLEM said on 1/Oct/08
Clay says on 30/Sep/08
I could see Tazz at 5'8'' easily. His plump build may make him look shorter on TV.

yea he always says he's 5'8...and plus in that shoot he said he was andre the giant compared to dean malenko...i'm starting to believe he really is 5'8...although in mick foley's book foley is good he put tazz at 5'7
Clay said on 30/Sep/08
I could see Tazz at 5'8'' easily. His plump build may make him look shorter on TV.
TELLEM said on 29/Sep/08
Ben says on 28/Sep/08
just watched the outsiders shoot interview and nash says hbk is 6'1 1/2..
I met him in 94, he was wearing cowboy boots and i was wearing nike. He was a little shorter then me, prob around 6ft maybe just under but he was alot bigger then you would think, i weighed 185lbs, he looked 225 at least.
this was around survivor series 94.

There were lots of wrestlers around, owen hart and 123 kid were really small, hbk was far bigger then both of them.

He was also a nice guy and took photos with everyone.

alotta wrestlers over estimate their heights in shoot interviews....i recently watched a shoot interview with tazz and he said he's a quarter of an inch of 5'9
Red said on 29/Sep/08
Rob, where
Ben said on 28/Sep/08
just watched the outsiders shoot interview and nash says hbk is 6'1 1/2..
I met him in 94, he was wearing cowboy boots and i was wearing nike. He was a little shorter then me, prob around 6ft maybe just under but he was alot bigger then you would think, i weighed 185lbs, he looked 225 at least.
this was around survivor series 94.

There were lots of wrestlers around, owen hart and 123 kid were really small, hbk was far bigger then both of them.

He was also a nice guy and took photos with everyone.
Clay said on 27/Sep/08
Alex, yeah I think so. Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg have both made point to this fact. Two that I know for sure about are Sean Sherk and Forrest Griffin. Sherk weighs ''155'' pounds according to the website and according to what they tell you on the PPV's, but He actually walks around at 175-180. Forrest Griffin was 225-230 pounds just days before his fight against Keith Jardine and apparently he was really woozy for the fight after cutting so much weight to make 205. Believe me thats how it is just look at BJ Penn that is not a 155 pound man, lol.

Alex arent you 6'0-6'0.5 and 195-200 right now? You would be a solid middleweight (185) in the UFC. We would probably look like wimps in pro wrestling though.
Alex said on 26/Sep/08
Austin was an inch taller than HBK in those days and this was before any height loss from anyone, thats if they even lost any height. Austin at 6'0 and HBK at 5'11 sounds the most accurate.

Clay, so you think the weights are underlisted in UFC?
If I was in UFC I'd be on the upper end of cruiserweight too. I think they look their size. 205lbs of muscle can pass for at least 220lbs anyway.
Clay said on 23/Sep/08
Dont look at the ''weights'' of UFC fighters those guys cut so much freakin' water weight it is borderline life-threatening unhealthy. They say the light heavyweights weigh 205 but those guys are actually huge really they're over 6 feet and more 225/230 pounds when they're training months before the fight. Same thing for all the weight classes - the welterweights are more 180-185 and even the lightweights, who weigh in at 155, are actually 175-180. Guys like Sherk and Penn.

As for Michaels, Ola chalking him down at 160-170 s just laughable. Im 180-185 in that range my weight bobbles and Im freakin' just a shade over 5'9. I would look SMALL if I was in the ring with a shirt off.
Nick said on 21/Sep/08
Just to comment, no way hes 160 and probably no where near 225. The guys pretty ripped. All the wwe stats are just lies. 2 inches is a hell of a lot of height to loose before being elderly, hard to believe unless they removed a vertebre. Probably wouldnt be able to move after that though. He looked a little fatter back in the early days. Just for some comparison Arnold Scharz was 6'2 and competed at 235. Granted he was probably dehydrated. He is also probably 3-4 inches taller. Shawn is probably around 180 now. Maybe 195-200 then. Look at boxers and fighters where there stats have to be legit. UFC fighters at 185 are usually around 6'2 and probably around the same size. 170lb guys are usually around 5'10 hes probably a little bigger than most of them.
Axle Starr said on 21/Sep/08
I thought in their peaks that both Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels were both 6'1 legit (and two of the very few superstars to be their billed heights)

Red's list seems accurate in My view, though I feel Shawn is shorter nowadays, that could just be Me though
Clay said on 21/Sep/08
I dont trust Dan on this type of thing he's 5'9.5 and he says George St.Pierre is shorter than him? That sounds like he's telling fibs to me George is 5'10/5'10.5.
Hugh said on 20/Sep/08
Bret Hart isn't under 6ft, Jericho is at least 5ft10 the rest I agree on.
TELLEM said on 17/Sep/08
Red says on 16/Sep/08
HBK 181cm
Angle 178cm
Jericho 177cm
Hitman 182cm

man i hate this cm crap...just put 5'11 or something
Derek said on 17/Sep/08
hs2008 says on 14/Sep/08
"Shawn was only an inch shorter than Stone Cold in 1997-1998 who's struggling with 6'0" peak if Michaels is only 5'10". Austin is legit 6'0.5"-6'1" peak IMO, putting HBK at around 5'11.5"-6'0" peak".

Sounds pretty accurate. There was around an inch difference.
Red said on 16/Sep/08
HBK 181cm
Angle 178cm
Jericho 177cm
Hitman 182cm
hs2008 said on 14/Sep/08
Shawn was only an inch shorter than Stone Cold in 1997-1998 who's struggling with 6'0" peak if Michaels is only 5'10". Austin is legit 6'0.5"-6'1" peak IMO, putting HBK at around 5'11.5"-6'0" peak.
Captain Spaulding said on 14/Sep/08
HBK is 5'11"
Clay said on 1/Sep/08
If Jericho is 5'8'' he must be in 4 inch lifted boots Danimal. Not a fact.
hs2008 said on 1/Sep/08
Yes, he wears lifts in his wrestling boots but he looks the same height as Michaels then so I doubt he wears them in street clothes as he looks clearly shorter.
TELLEM said on 31/Aug/08
hs2008 says on 31/Aug/08
When he stands up straight he has 2" on Jericho, but he slouches a lot and can look barely taller.
Click Here
Jericho has poofy hair as well, which can be deceiving.

Dude jericho wears lifts...i doubt if michaels stood up straight hed get 2 on jericho...
Danimal said on 31/Aug/08
KIDDIES....RELAX. I am not going by one listing from a magazine. I have been watching PRO wrestling since 1981 (my dad was a huge fan) and I know for a fact that Shawn Michaels was 5'11" in the 1980's and so was Bret Hart. BOTH of their heights were boosted when the ROCKERS took off and when The Hart Foundation took off. The SAME goes for Davey Boy Smith, who was billed at 5'11" in the 1980's and upon his return in the early 90's, he was boosted to 6'1" and then 6'3".
HBK: 5'10"-5'11"
Bret Hart - 5'10"-5'11"
Davey Boy Smith - 5'9"
Dynamite Kid - 5'8"
Owen Hart - 5'8"
Chris Jericho - 5'8"
Chris Benoit - 5'8"

I am Canadian and have met many of these wrestlers in Alberta, as well as Montreal. NONE of them were 6'0". They all were between 5'8" and 5'11". I am 5'10" fresh out of bed. The tallest of the bunch were around my height. The shorter ones felt 1-2" shorter than me. FACT.
hs2008 said on 31/Aug/08
When he stands up straight he has 2" on Jericho, but he slouches a lot and can look barely taller.
Click Here
Jericho has poofy hair as well, which can be deceiving.
Derek said on 30/Aug/08
5'11" at best today, though he was around 6'0" at peak. Big guy in terms of muscle back in the day. HBK was a good 220-225 around 1992-1993.
Alex2 said on 29/Aug/08
To me Shawn looks barely 5'11" today with 5-9.5-5'10" Chris Jericho.
hbkfan4lyf2k8 said on 27/Aug/08
I Beleive Shawn Is A Legit 5'11.5'' Without Footwear, Wearng His Boots I Would Say Make Him 6'0.5'' At Most So Not Quite The 6'1'' He's Billed At.
hs2008 said on 27/Aug/08
Absolutely Clay, I agree 100% about that. But as far as wrestling ability goes Hogan can't even lace Flair's boots. Can't argue though that Hogan has incredible charisma and even today can electrify a crowd, even at his age. Must be about 55 these days as well, so he looks amazing for that age and considering all the surgery he's had.
Clay said on 26/Aug/08
The world of wrestling isnt all about ''wrestling'' though. No one was as popular and charasmatic and 'larger than life' than Hulk Hogan.
hs2008 said on 26/Aug/08
Alex2 exactly! PWI are terrible when it comes to height listings. They have had Kane at 6'7" and Snitsky at 6'10" when Kane is clearly taller than Snitsky never mind being 3" shorter.
miko said on 25/Aug/08
5"11.5 peak

5"10.75 today
Alex2 said on 24/Aug/08
God Shawn Michaels looks tiny in your 1st pic hs08, in terms of weight.
Danimal says on 21/Aug/08
hs2008 says on 21/Aug/08
In the Shawn Michaels DVD Heartbreak & Triumph you can see matches from 1984 and Shawn is billed at 6'1" Danimal. Doesn't mean he was 6'1" but he was always billed at that height even in the very early days of his career. FACT!

There may have been one or two taller billings, but I know for a FACT that the annual pro wrestling illustrated in 1990 had him at 5'11", as well as Bret Hart. They had Davey Boy Smith at 5'9" and Dynamite Kid at 5'8" and a WHOLE bunch of other wrestlers.

That one Magazine you trust and go by that ONE listing? That to me is pretty lame, there is a VERY good chance they were wrong you know...
hs2008 said on 22/Aug/08
The difference in height between Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty seems to be the same in 2005 as it was in the 1980's, with Shawn still about 2.5"-3" taller than Marty so he can't have lost much height if any.
Click Here
Click Here

Danimal, I just saw your pic with Dan Henderson! Are you a big MMA fan?
hs2008 said on 22/Aug/08
One or two! It was in every match for goodness sake and it continued when he joined Marty Jannetty in The Rockers. I can't believe you're quoting PWI as a reliable source for height information! That magazine lists Hulk Hogan as the best wrestler ever over Ric Flair for goodness sake and its' height billings are all over the place.
Danimal said on 21/Aug/08
hs2008 says on 21/Aug/08
In the Shawn Michaels DVD Heartbreak & Triumph you can see matches from 1984 and Shawn is billed at 6'1" Danimal. Doesn't mean he was 6'1" but he was always billed at that height even in the very early days of his career. FACT!

There may have been one or two taller billings, but I know for a FACT that the annual pro wrestling illustrated in 1990 had him at 5'11", as well as Bret Hart. They had Davey Boy Smith at 5'9" and Dynamite Kid at 5'8" and a WHOLE bunch of other wrestlers.
hs2008 said on 21/Aug/08
In the Shawn Michaels DVD Heartbreak & Triumph you can see matches from 1984 and Shawn is billed at 6'1" Danimal. Doesn't mean he was 6'1" but he was always billed at that height even in the very early days of his career. FACT!
Danimal said on 20/Aug/08
Anonymous -15 says on 13/Aug/08
Listed at 6'1" but never really looks it , he just gives the impression of a taller person due to his lean build and long legs.

Was billed at 5'11" in the mid-late 80's in the WWF, just like Bret Hart was, BEFORE they made it big in the early 90's. FACT.
Rikashiku said on 19/Aug/08
looked 5'11 next to Chris Jericho
TELLEM said on 18/Aug/08
maybe he was still 6'0 during time? or foot wear advantage maybe?
hs2008 said on 18/Aug/08
I'm surprised that HBK looks taller than legit 5'11"-5'11.5" RVD in 2002/2003.
Click Here
TELLEM said on 13/Aug/08
HBK peak 6' 5'11...
Anonymous -15 said on 13/Aug/08
Listed at 6'1" but never really looks it , he just gives the impression of a taller person due to his lean build and long legs.
Jiga said on 10/Aug/08
HBK was 6' nd 200+lbs at peak and yeah its hard 2 judge weight when sum1's very muscular cos muscle weighs more than fat!
Derek said on 8/Aug/08
On a RAW episode in April, HBK desribed himself as 6'0" 200 pounds. The 200 pounds may be exaggerated by 5-10 pounds, but the 6'0" is most certainly exaggerated by at least an inch.
Clay said on 8/Aug/08
Thats suprising to me that Flair looks bigger in person.
Josh said on 24/Jul/08
Funny isn't it? WWE gives its wrestlers a "billed height" and some people think they can't reach HBK (especially me, I am 14 and 5'5") but the fact he's only 5'11.5"
expert said on 20/Jul/08
5 ft 10.5 i think
jericho is only 5 ft 9 so i think hbk is 5 ft 10.5
Anonymous said on 16/Jul/08
i would say that shawn is about 5'11.5'' because if u compare him when he stands next to john cena who is actaully a legit 6'1'' he's about a inch and half shorter than him, i'm not to sure about his weight tho i mean nowadays he looks inbetween 185-195lbs legit weight but i wouldn't bet on anything
Jamie said on 5/Jul/08
He's actually 6ft 1inches I met him and got his autograph I'm a big Shawn Michaels fan
hs2008 said on 4/Jul/08
Yeah, you're right Derek in 1993 he was certainly heavier. In 1996-1998 he was much leaner and probably closer to 200lbs, but in the early 1990's he looked pretty out of shape compared to how he would look during his WWF Title reigns.
Derek said on 1/Jul/08
hs2008- Compared to the average person, Shawn is not small by any means. A prime Shawn was around 6'0", but I think his peak weight was 220-225(1993ish). Today, he looks around 190. It's hard to determine weight, especially when the person is very muscular.
hs2008 said on 1/Jul/08
Shawn's whole character in the 1990's was that he was a smaller guy fighting giants (eg. Diesel, Sid, Undertaker etc.) and overcoming the odds, which I think leads people to downgrading him to much. He really wasn't that small in comparison to everyday people. He was 6'0", around 200-210lbs at his peak IMO and 5'11" today, weighing 185lbs. He was barely shorter than 6'0.5" Stone Cold in 1997-1998.
TELLEM said on 30/Jun/08
are u kidding? dakota hood? lol that means glenn fooled us which i do believe he would
dakota hood said on 29/Jun/08
the first photo is a pic of shawns face put on a nother body and the other is a cardbard cutout i have the same one at home
Derek said on 23/Jun/08
Hugh says on 12/Jun/08
"HBK was over 6ft at his peak."

Shawn was a flat 6'0" at best and it's possible he wasn't even that.
John said on 22/Jun/08
I'm always confused. If Shawn Michaels' height is listed at 5 11.5, does that mean he's that height with regular shoes on or not?
Doopie said on 21/Jun/08
HBK is definitely around 5'11 and only 185-190 lbs. The wrestlers' weight is usually increased in order to fit in with their fake heights. Jericho was listed as being 6'0, 227 lbs for a LONG time. He's only about 5'10 and looks 180ish.
TELLEM said on 18/Jun/08
Red i agree with u...i'm sure thats around his height...since even jericho has stated in his book that he was close to his height (hes listed 5'9.5) here
Red said on 18/Jun/08
I give Shawn not more than 5
TELLEM said on 16/Jun/08
here he looks about kurt angles height next to him (angle is 5'10)check at 7:45

Click Here;feature=related
Andrew said on 14/Jun/08
He was definitly 6 foot 1 back in his prime but maybe hegot 1 or 2 inches shorter cause of his back injury
Hugh said on 12/Jun/08
HBK was over 6ft at his peak.
Tony said on 7/Jun/08
I've always been thinking that he's 6'1ft tall. Did he get shorter or he's always been 5'11ft tall.
glenn said on 29/May/08
might be time for the new pic rob,what do you think?
Derek said on 29/May/08
The photo with Glenn is in 1996, prior to Shawn's back injury. He was also known for wearing large footwear. He was 6'0" best and is now 5'11" at best.
JD said on 25/May/08
he looks a solid 4 inches taller than glenn in the photo , 6' 1/2 in his prime and just under 6' now seems right
Alex said on 17/May/08
Well it says 230lbs on there as it does 6'1 while he's really no more than 5'11. I would guess he weighs around 225lbs but I never seen him up close in person.
Shaun said on 14/May/08
HBK is 5'10 flat.
Jason said on 14/May/08
Flair is bigger in person. I thought he looked 230-235 when I first saw him in 2003 (billed on the night as 235). Though, I was only 185lbs at the time, so harder to tell. I saw him again last year and thought 220ish. I've seen people say he's only 200 or less - that's wrong.
Vegas said on 14/May/08
Click Here

met flair on a few occasions and i thought he looked an easy 230lb, maybe slightly over that, i saw him at least 10 times over Wrestlemania 20 week in 2004; he is massive in person, built like a house, tv does not do him or mick foley any justice
CoolJ said on 14/May/08
Well Vegas, that's assuming Flair is really 230.
Vegas said on 14/May/08
at 160lb he would be 70lb lighter than ric flair which he didn't look at WM24, he would also be lighter than me :)
Alex said on 13/May/08
No way as low as 160lbs. Sure Shawn is leaner today but he's still not a small man in general. At 160lbs at 5'11 he'd be much skinnier than he is right now.
Alex said on 8/May/08
I feel right now at 6'0 195lbs that I would be bigger than HBK by looking at him.
Danimal said on 8/May/08
First of all, he was never 6'1". He was 5'11". As for his weight, he was probably 225-235 at his largest. As for today, he's probably 5'10 and change and weighs around 190-195 pounds.
Frank3 said on 7/May/08
Shawn Michaels is listed as 6'1 225.HHe was billed at 240 for awhile in the early 90s but was never more than 220.And when he had his back problems and needed surgery, his height reduced to 5'10 and his weight is currently about 185 give or take a few
Derek said on 6/May/08
The picture on the right looks to be from Shawn's first title run, which would be from April-November 1996. He looks 210ish as of 1996. He was a solid 220 in 1992/3. He might look small next to most of the WWE roster, but in public, he's still a big guy.
hs2008 said on 29/Apr/08
Yeah, his arms look huge especially compared to today.
Alex said on 28/Apr/08
In the picture with Glenn which looks to be 1997-1998, HBK looks 205-210lbs there.
Hugh said on 22/Apr/08
I think michaels was nearing the 6ft1 mark at his peak and is now a solid 6ft.
Definately one of the nicer wrestlers.
MK said on 22/Apr/08
Alex says on 20/Apr/08
In the picture with Jim above, HBK looks 185lbs.

Definitely, that he does, i'd say 215 at most at his prime (1992ish)
hs2008 said on 22/Apr/08
Shawn was a muscular guy back in the day, his arms were huge and his abs were ripped so I'd say he was at least 205lbs back in the day.
Jason said on 21/Apr/08
I wouldn't argue with 210 when he was fatter (in the early 90's, heel), but he's never looked 220 to me. He just never was that big of a guy. Mike Tyson always weighed in at around 220 in his prime, at only an inch shorter, and was a beast -- Shawn was never like that.
Alex said on 20/Apr/08
In the picture with Jim above, HBK looks 185lbs.
Alex2 said on 20/Apr/08
Vegas, that 6'1 listed guy looks no more than 6'0" with Angle.
Alex said on 16/Apr/08
Vegas, yea I can believe the 215lbs and that would mean he was 230ish like he said he was in 2002 where he looked his biggest in WWE. When I met him in late 2005 I estimated him at 220lbs.
Alex said on 16/Apr/08
Derek, I agree with you on that. Pretty much what I was saying. Even today he's no small man. Put him next to normal guys he's going to look big. He just appears smaller next to guys like Batista is all.
Vegas said on 16/Apr/08
angle gives his stats as 5'10 215lb on Pros vs Joes; right hand side segment 3 - "Angle Taunts the Joes", you get a good comparison there between angle and 6'1 listed ex nfl star Jimmy Smith Click Here

he ends up destroying all of those guys making fun of him at the start, the guy is a machine
Derek said on 15/Apr/08
HBK at 5'11" 190-195 looks pretty accurate. He was an easy 220 from 1993-1996. When he left WWE in 1998, he looked around 205-210.
Alex said on 14/Apr/08
Hugh, Angle weighed as much as 250lbs back in high school he said in his book when he was playing football. Today he looks honestly about 210lbs but he's still no small guy. He looked 220lbs a few years ago and pushing 230lbs in 2001-2003.
ted T said on 14/Apr/08
Shawn Michaels was always 5-11,maybe 5-11,25 at his peak.
Alex said on 12/Apr/08
Today I would agree HBK is 195lbs, maybe 190lbs. He said last night on Raw he was 6'0, 200lbs maybe? 5'11 190-195lbs is my guess for HBK today. Back then at his heaviest I could push more toward 220lbs. For sometime he looked to be 200-210lbs as well.
jeff said on 11/Apr/08
Just saw Dave and Shawn inches from one another on Smackdown. Shawn said he's 6' and Batista is 6'5" (in the promo). Gazing at their heights, there's no way Batista has 5 inches on Shawn, not a chance (unless Shawn was wearing lifts). If he wasn't, then Batista looked about 6'1", maybe 6'2".
Hugh said on 11/Apr/08
I hear Kurt Angle weighes at least 250lbs these days. It's amazing to see that he can move at such speed yet to carry such weight.
hs2008 said on 8/Apr/08
How short is Ric Flair if HBK is only 5'10"?
Click Here
Rock hates HBK as well so he might well have downgraded him. Also when I watched the 1996 KOTR HBK vs. Bulldog, Warrior makes a run in at the end and Shawn isn't that much shorter than him. Only about an inch I think and Warrior is no shorter than 6'1".
Look at about 9.37 (Jose Lothario is slightly in the way): Click Here
I think Shawn was 6'0" peak and a little bit under that today.
Viper said on 5/Apr/08
I agree with the Rock.
Anonymous said on 3/Apr/08
Rock said HBK was 5'10 195lbs in his book "The Rock Says". I think he's closer to 5'11 than 6'0.
Hugh said on 1/Apr/08
Triple H seemed 6ft3.5ish but was in platform shoes.
ted T said on 1/Apr/08
I think Rob,maybe downgrade Shawn Michaels to 5 ft 11,25 in ?
glenn said on 31/Mar/08
preparation h seemed 6-2 in front of me.6-3 next to shawn michaels,who seemed 6ft.
ted T said on 30/Mar/08
Shawn Michaels was always a 5ft11.He was 5 ft 11,25 in at the most or 181cm as peak height.He used to wear huge wrestling boots but without them closer to 5-11.
hs2008 said on 29/Mar/08
Maybe give Shawn a peak height? I really don't think he was under 6'0" in his prime. Triple H can be a real dick to fans but Shawn in really nice. I guess you can forget manners when you're Mr. Stephanie McMahon.
Hugh said on 28/Mar/08
Preparation H. LOL. He can be two faced. I think it's fair that Shawn should be upgraded by at least half an inch.
glenn said on 27/Mar/08
shawn is always a professional gentleman.preperation h does pose.but you have to be at the right place at the right time.i heard he was a dick too.
Derek said on 27/Mar/08
My friend met Triple H and he said he was a d!ck. How was Shawn Glenn?
glenn said on 27/Mar/08
i saw the 2 of them together.preperation h was 3 inches taller than michaels.sometimes 2 inches.
Jason said on 26/Mar/08
His wife's actually 5'10''.
Jessie said on 24/Mar/08
Isn't Shawn now 6'1 hes like the same height as his wife rebecca and shes like way over 6 feet i think but you can correct me if im wrong, which i hope im not

but i love HBK ever since i was 5 y/o and now 20 yrs l8er whooo damn
Jason said on 24/Mar/08
He used to be billed as the full 240, usually, up until 1994/95.
Alex said on 23/Mar/08
HBK's weight was billed at 238lbs at one point. He looked that he could have been 220lbs or very close at that time.
Jason said on 23/Mar/08
That's true, though you also have to consider the reason (negative steroids image) why Vince went with smaller guys.

Weight-wise? Never looked more than 205-210 to me, at any point of his career. Though, I would put him at 5'10 1/2''ish...
Spungo said on 20/Mar/08
He was never 240 lbs. Not even close. Mike Tyson was a legit 5'11 and he weighed 220 lbs. Michaels was never close to being as built as Tyson was, especially in the legs.
Derek said on 20/Mar/08
A prime HBK I'd say was 6'0" 220-225. Current HBK is 5'11" and about 190. Guessing weights is much more difficult than guessing heights.
hs2008 said on 19/Mar/08
Yeah Shawn did look a solid 6'0" and 220lbs back in the day. I'd agree with 5'11" and 190lbs today.
Alex said on 12/Mar/08
Today I'd put HBK at 5'11. Back then maybe closer to 6'0.
He has def. lost weight and size but still not a small guy. I'd say he looks around 190-200lbs tops today. Back then I'd put him at a good 220lbs.
hs2008 said on 7/Mar/08
Shawn looks 6'0" next to Glenn back in around '96 i would guess. Today i'd say no more than 5'11". Back surgery and too many bumps seem to have cost him an inch in height.
MK said on 27/Feb/08
HBK always looks 3-4 inches shorter than HHH which would put him at 5'10 1/2'' yet he looked exactly the height of Bret Hart who is listed at 6ft on this s ite. I'd say that 3 year lay-off took him down at least an inch.
Richie said on 25/Feb/08
Leave all conjecture aside..

I grew up watching these guys

an the HBK was my favourite for the amount of punishment he could take an still keep going
also coz he was the smallest of the names

always kinda liked the underdog :)

So anyways, my point is, Shawn is a small man, hes well proportioned and all so there is no way that a 5'11" or 6' guy looks small, as small as Shawn!
And im not talkin bout how short he looks besides the 6'6" and 6'10" guys in wwe (or wwf) but otherwise, by himself, alone in the ring, he looks small!

I wont give him over 5'10", but i personally feel hes closer to 5'9"

doesent mean i like him any less, i dunno y these guys dont get that...
RVD420 said on 16/Feb/08
Dusty Rhoads is 6'. Met him in FCW and is a tall person.
ted T said on 13/Jan/08
Here is 4 good reasons why Shawn Michaels isn't 5-11,5
1.In the Jim pic:Jim's shoulder is taller than Shawn's and not to mention that Shawn is closer to the camera.So he is under 5-11,5 Jim.We didn't even know if BigJim is really 5-11,5 or just under.
2.He didn't look much taller than Kurt Angle.By 1 inch at most.
3.With John Cena who was much taller than Michaels.(by 2 in maybe)
4.1,5 in at most between him and Mike Tyson.
ted T said on 13/Jan/08
Rob,i really think it's downgrade time for Shawn to 5-11.I'd put him to 5-11,25 but that's it.
ted T said on 11/Jan/08
In 3,picture 1) Sean Michaels looks like 180cm(if you count Hill Billy Jim's lean).I would stop at 5-11,25 or 181cm at most.
Vegas said on 8/Jan/08
shawn wears cowboy boots everywhere?? met him twice and he was not wearing cowboy boots on either occasion but sneakers, and i have the first meeting on video,

as for the ramp it only appeared a few years ago and is only on raw, what about smackdown or ecw where the walk to the ring is flat, wwe obviously don't want those wrestlers to "appear larger than life" lol, when WWE come to my home country the walk to the ring is also flat
Alex2 said on 4/Jan/08
I really do think Michaels was 6'0 or maybe 6'1 at peak, he sure looked it next to Deisel on a summerslam 1993 tape i was watching the other day
ted T said on 26/Dec/07
Rob,i insist as hell hbk is 5-11 MAX.182cm is incorrect.Have you seen him face to face with Mr. Kennedy(Ken Anderson)?He is at least 2 inches shorter and Kennedy is 5-11!!Even if we put Kennedy at 6ft I think 5-11 flat must be his listed height.Please Rob have another look at Shawn Michaels.
ted T said on 16/Dec/07
Rob:Shawn Michaels is a little closer to the camera in both pics.Therefore he doesn't look any taller than Jim so he is 5-11.
ted T said on 6/Dec/07
There's 1 inch at most between Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels.A legit 5-11.5????lol.5-11.5 means he just reach 181 cm in the morning.And if you measure HBK in the evening it is still question if you get 5-11 or just UNDER.
Kevin Durant said on 5/Dec/07
I still think that Shawn Michaels is a legit 5'11.5", and during his peak years before the back surgery he is a solid 6 footer. He is at least 1.5 inches taller than 5'10" Kurt Angle in their match in Wrestlemania 21.
Vegas said on 4/Dec/07
you can be off sometimes!!! lol
ted T said on 4/Dec/07
I agree both HBK and Flair a VERY 5-11 FLAT.
Jason said on 4/Dec/07
I sized up Flair, I didn't with those guys. By my estimate, Flair just wasn't quite that tall, mate. And I can be off sometimes ... just as you can be or anyone else. Even though you think you can't! ;)
Vegas said on 3/Dec/07
jason you have admitted you were inches out with guys like the major brothers and burke, yet you can still estimate flair down to the exact cm, c'mon now, lol

flair is 5'11.25"-5'11.5", he is only 5" shorter than big ben in that photo and further from the camera and taller than 5'11.5" big jim and booked at 6'1
Jason said on 3/Dec/07
The first time I saw Flair (during a show), I estimated 180cm/5'11'' flat. I saw him again this year a couple of times and had a better opportunity to estimate his height ... he seemed 5'10 1/2''-5'10 3/4'' to me.
Vegas said on 2/Dec/07
flair is no enigma he is just over 5'11 and weighs about 230lb, he is also slightly taller than shawn michaels as this photo with 6'10 tim duncan shows Click Here

here is flair further from the camera with two measured nfl stars 6'5 big ben and 6'7.2 max starks, flair should be upgraded back to 181cm at least Click Here

i see alot of people claiming flair is 5'9 or 5'10, thats a bunch of bs, i have also seen people on other sites claim flair weighs no more than 180lb, lol
ted T said on 2/Dec/07
Vegas i don't see 1,5 inch between HBK and Flair.Maybe they are the same height a 5-11 flat.Ric Flair is an enigma to me,for now i agree with Rob and 180cm.
Vegas said on 1/Dec/07
flair is no 5'10, i met the guy loads of times over the last 6 years, he is just over 5'11, he was barely shorter than 6'1 vince on monday night raw this week in the middle of the ring both wearing dress shoes.

where do you guys see 1.5" between him and michaels?? flair looked slightly taller next to bigJim than michaels above, flair was also arrested less than 2 years ago and booked at 6'1, maybe he was wearing 3" shoes or has since shrunk...
ted T said on 1/Dec/07
Ric Flair was tall in the past but now no way he is a full 5-11.He has shrink.Maybe 5-10,5 or 5-10.On the other hand Michaels looks like he hasn't lost any height there.To be honest he looks close to 6ft with shoes,5-11 flat barefoot but he wears thick shoes-maybe 1,5 inch.
hannah said on 1/Dec/07
Here's some pic of WWE guys (HBK, Flair, Cena, Lilian & Maria) in Afganistan. In the first pic I think that there's more than .5" between Flair and HBK considering Flair is 5'11" on this site.
Click Here
Vegas said on 1/Dec/07
everybody except the fat guys like dusty rhodes, lol, randy orton had 6" on dusty rhodes in a staredown on raw a while back and dusty has been billed at 6'3 in the past......

there is no 3.5" between michaels and angle, its one inch, its very hard to read your pieces, use sentences please
htownjoe said on 30/Nov/07
wwe over exxagerates on everybody except the fat guys like dusty rhodes. i have seen about everybody in person up close. i am usually within half an inch and 5 pounds on my estimates. here is how big everyone is in boots, not barefoot. keep in mind kane,taker, snitsky and batista use at least 1 and a half inch heels. kane maybe 3 inch. kane 6 ft 8 295 taker 6 ft 9 280 angle 5 ft 9 215 orton 6 ft 4 230 flair 5 ft 11 220 big show 6 ft 11 440 snitsky 6ft 5 280 was billed at 6 ft 9 310 michaels 6 ft .5 205 he is small. masters 6 ft 3.5 250 cena 6 ft 1 230 viscera 6 ft 6.5 430 mysterio 5 ft 4 170 nash 6 ft 10 300 hogan prime 6 ft 7 305, 2005 6 ft 5 265 zeus 6.6 30
Vegas said on 11/Nov/07
yes i have, 5'11 would be a good estimate
ted T said on 11/Nov/07
No problem.Have you met Shawn too?Is he 5-11?
Vegas said on 11/Nov/07
ok sorry bout that, my bad, there is another ted posting here so.
ted T said on 11/Nov/07
No,Vegas that's not me.I was born-Houston Texas.
Vegas said on 11/Nov/07
you said it on the general comments page about 1 month ago (it is now gone with new comments), you are the ted who goes to college in northern italy right??
ted T said on 10/Nov/07
Vegas:To clear the field,i'm not a short guy i'm 6-1.And when i claim everyone in my college is 6ft+?????????Please post my comment,my own words!!
Danimal said on 10/Nov/07
Viper says on 9/Nov/07
I agree with you Ted. Though Id lower Michaels height to 5-10 1/4.

That's because that's what The Mexican Mentor had him at!!
Derek said on 10/Nov/07
Kurt Angle is 5'10" and looks it with Alex. Shawn is about an inch taller. Jim is slightly taller than Shawn.
Vegas said on 10/Nov/07
shawn at 5'10 makes kurt angle around 5'9 max Click Here and kurt was listed at 5'11 in the olympics, lol

viper; michaels ain't no 1.5" shorter than jim above (if he is then he has a 3" forehead) and he is alot more than 2" taller than glenn ;)

you agree with ted, yet he has never met either of these guys in person like i have and ted claims everyone in his college is 6ft+, lol
ted T said on 10/Nov/07
Thanks Viper.What i finally give to Shawn is 5-10,75 (during the day).
Viper said on 9/Nov/07
I agree with you Ted. Though Id lower Michaels height to 5-10 1/4.
Ace said on 7/Nov/07
Shawn is 5'11", and Trips is 6'2". One of my best friends went to see Raw in LA this past Monday and had the opportunity to meet Shawn Micheals, Triple H, and some others on the RAW roster the afternoon before the show. He shook Shawns hand and he said he seemed barely taller than he was, and Triple was was like 3" taller than him(my friend). He told me that they were wearing sneakers at the time. My friend is 5'10.5"
ted T said on 26/Oct/07
Rob, Jim is slightly taller than Shawn.Could be 2cm.You can see the difference if you notice very carefully.It's marginal but...
ted said on 23/Oct/07
I think Michaels 5-10,75 and Cena 5-11,5 with huge footwear and lifts.
RVD420 said on 21/Oct/07
Anyone who thinks that Cena only has an inch difference on Shawn Michaels is clearly bias.

Good pick JK, I still believe Cena is 6'1
ted said on 21/Oct/07
I don't understand Shawn Michaels and John Cena listings at 5-11,5 and 6-0,5 when there is AT LEAST,at least 2 inches difference;Rob have to change this,it's so wrong and innacurate.(i would say HBK: 5-11 peak and 5-10,5 now or 5-11 always
ted said on 17/Oct/07
Rob,what do you think about the Jim pic?It's perfect to judge heights and I'm surprised that nobody noticed that BigJim's shoulders are taller and Shawn has an advantage for being closer to the camera.I think hbk is easy 2cm shorter than Jim,that makes him 5-11.Anyway he always gives the impression of a small guy not over 180cm.It's just crazy you list him at 5-11,5.
Kevin Durant said on 16/Oct/07
I think HBK is a solid 5'11.5 because he is at least 2.5- 3 inches shorter than Triple H in the WWE. Anyway, i find some picture of Shawn Michaels and 5'10" Marty Jannetty during their time as one of the best tag team in the late 1980's and early 1990's the Midnight Rockers.

Here are some gallery of the Rockers featuring HBK and Marty Jannetty.

Click Here

Here are my estimate of their heights


Shawn Michaels - 6'0"
Marty Jannetty- 5'10


Shawn Michaels- 5'11.5"
Marty Jannetty- 5'9
6'3.5'' JK said on 14/Oct/07
Danimal, there is clearly more than an inch difference between HBK and Cena(like 3) Click Here and yet again you say Cena is only an inch taller than HBK? I just don't get it?
Danimal said on 14/Oct/07
Cena is 6'0" and HBK is 5'11".
Vegas said on 14/Oct/07
hbk had 1"+ (1-1.25") on kurt angle at WM21 so i doubt 5'10 for hbk, take off the hat there and i bet he is no more than 0.5" shorter than big jim
6'3.5'' JK said on 14/Oct/07
I don't get it ted, you think cena is 5'11'' then again you think HBK is 5'11'' when their real height difference is this Click Here
ted said on 14/Oct/07
Today all wrestlers wear lifts and people lie about their heights all the time.
I think HBK may always be 5-11 and 5-10,5 now.Alex what do you give him as a Peak?
Alex said on 13/Oct/07
I'd still say Cena is a bit over 6'0, like 6'0 1/2 maybe and HBK looks 5'10.
Alex said on 13/Oct/07
Ted, thanx for agreeing. I hate when people act as 5'11 and 6'0 is so difference. Its the same as 6'11 and 7'0. It seems more different than it is to some but its really not. I guess it is to some because you're in a new foot range.
Bumba said on 10/Oct/07
Michaels is more like a 6 footer because on average he's to short to be 6'1
ted said on 7/Oct/07
True Alex.
Alex said on 1/Oct/07
5'11 isn't short at all. I hate when people think under 6'0 is short.
To me 5'11 and 6'0 and even 6'1 are in the same boat. 5'11 and 6'0 is just an inch apart. When I was 5'11 I always got tall comments.
ted said on 22/Sep/07
Cena is 6ft and Shawn is 5-11.The 182cm listings is because people believe that 180 is short.Well,it isn't,i was 5-11 at 16 and i was the tallest in my school.Even if Michaels is 5-11,5 how do you explain that he looks 5-10 next to Cena?
KT said on 21/Sep/07
The one with Jim is a good picture. He does look exactly 5'11.5. One could argue Shawn being a little under that though, cause he did look shorter than Bret Hart by more than that.

That picture with Glenn, however, he looks 6'2. He's even leaning a bit. Maybe it's due to him being closer to the camera. And maybe he had on his wrestling boots on there.
slunk house said on 16/Sep/07
in the kevin nash rf shoot interview he says that shawn is around 6'1 or 6'2
Vegas said on 10/Sep/07
Micheals was taller than Tyson sans wrestling gear for sure Click Here Michaels was at least 1" taller than 5'10 Kurt Angle at WM21 so he is no shorter than 5'11

Michaels is also taller in that video despite Tyson having a roughly 1" footwear advantage it looks like to me.
Sarah Jane said on 10/Sep/07
Shawn Michaels has been my favorite wrestler, idol and hero for over two years and I've always believed the Internet that he is six foot one and two-hundred-twenty-five pounds, but I guess I was wrong. God bless Shawn Michaels and he's in my prayers. I can't wait to see him on Monday Night Raw again.

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