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Peak: 5ft 11.32in (181.2cm)
Current: 5ft 10.34in (178.7cm)
ted said on 9/Sep/07
In the video they do look the same.Maybe Shawn Michaels an inch taller.I don't think that tyson is shorter than 5-9,5(177cms) but i start to believe hbk is not 5-11 at all.
Brah said on 8/Sep/07
Michaels looks about the same height as Mike Tyson (listed 5'9.5" by Rob) in this video. Tyson is wearing these thick boots, but Michaels is wearing wrestling boots as well...

Click Here
ted said on 30/Aug/07
I think maybe you should downgrade him a bit Rob.In the Jim pic he looks a half inch shorter than Jim.5-11 would be perfect for him.
Ben said on 22/Aug/07
I was stood next to shawn in a hotel in 1994 and 1995 and 2003, im just over 6.1 he was around 2 inches shorter then me, he didnt seem any shorter in 03 then 94, but he was much lighter, he looked around 220 in 94 and prob just over 200 in 03. Im 185 to 190 and he was noticably bigger then me.
margaret said on 21/Aug/07
hes 6ft 1 or 6ft 2
Derek said on 18/Aug/07
The very most Shawn was is 6'0". Hell, he may not have been 6'0" a day in his life.
Jason said on 16/Aug/07
While wearing good-sized wrestling boots...
Anonymous said on 15/Aug/07
Pre-back surgery, Shawn was around 6', 6'1.
WOW said on 13/Aug/07
What year was this picture taken
andre said on 1/Aug/07
i am 5 foot 10 and when i met hbk two years ago he clearly lokks to be at least 6 foot 1
andre said on 1/Aug/07
i am 5 foot 10 in and i met hbk in person two years ago and i dont think he is only 1 inch taller then me i think he is at least 3 inches taller then me
Alex said on 27/Jul/07
HHH is 6'2 at most and he was a few inches taller than HBK. HBK looks about 5'11 today.
Ash said on 6/Jul/07
well cena is 6'1'' and when shawn stood face 2 face with him their was hardly any difference in height i would say that shawn is at least 6'0'' maybe 6'1'' in is younger days
Merengue said on 2/Jul/07
Comparing Triple H's height to HBK. Triple H stands at a height of 6'4" but I would say that HBK would be about 6'1.5" 0r 6'2".
Bigjim said on 1/Jun/07

Snitscky could have easily been 6'4 and 280 pounds maybe a little more. He was really great with the kids in attendance. He was sort of a big kid himself. I believe he used to play football at San Diego State so if you could find an old program you might find his true height.
Danimal said on 26/May/07
HBK weighed much more in his younger days than you guys are giving him credit for. He was easily in his 220's 15 years ago.
Danimal said on 26/May/07
HBK weighed much more in his younger days than you guys are giving him credit for. He was easily in his 220's 16 years ago.
Alex said on 24/May/07
Vegas, Snitsky looks 6'8 or more on TV with lifts but really is 6'4-6'5.
He does look close to 300lbs legit though. 290lbs at least.
Vegas said on 24/May/07
here is the snitsky/big ben photo again Click Here Both Ben and Starks are closer to the camera there. Snitsky's shoulders are higher than Bens who also has his head held high. The top of both of their hats are identical btw so i don't see a full inch between Snitsky and Ben. Ben's eyes being higher than Snitsky's arent really proof that Ben is taller; Rocks and Lesnars eyes were higher than Hogans for example!

BigJim how tall do you reckon Snitsky was??? For me he is somewhere between 6'4-6'5 based on his tv appearances with kane and tyson tomko.
BigJim said on 23/May/07
Alex, you could easily be right. However, the picture is a year old and it is realistic for Cena to add 10 pounds of muscle in a year at his age. I was amazed I was even close to their size. Sort of made me wish I had tried the wrestling thing.
Alex said on 23/May/07
Jason, regarding HBK's weight I actually agree with you on mostly. Today he only looks 180 something, 190lbs at most. At some point he was 195-200lbs but when he was younger at his biggest he looked 210-215lbs. When I hear him announced at 227lbs on TV now I'm like thats BS because I'm 200lbs and bigger than him but not by a lot though.
Alex said on 23/May/07
Viper, Snitsky is 6'4 legit but the guy wears lifts and on TV can look as tall as 6'8 or even more.

Cena is billed at 248lbs but he said in a magazine he was 240lbs recently which could be true. At 6'0 with his size he can easily be 230lbs no doubt.
Viper said on 22/May/07
And even Snitksy is a lot shorter than many relize. Hes shorter than 6-5 Big Ben.
Jason said on 22/May/07
They announced Cena as 220lbs at the show in 2003 I went to.
Alex said on 22/May/07
Jim, Cena is at least 225-230lbs minimum.
BigJim said on 22/May/07
That’s me in the photo on the left. In that photo I was 5’11.5” and 230 pounds. Our shoes both looked about the same height. We were both standing straight and tall. I think I may have had half an inch on him at best, but then again you be the judge. I stood side by side with Cena but he sat for the photo. My recollection is that Cena was as tall if not half an inch taller than I. I would guess that he weighs between 225 and 230. He was wearing the B-Ball shoes but the heel seemed comparable to what I was wearing, although it might explain the half inch. I only noticed because I really expected these guys to be huge. The only one, who was there, who really was huge was Snitscky.
Gretz said on 20/May/07
I noticed Edge`s boots looked very odd to me when he was wrestling HBK on raw last monday.Is he known by anyone to ware lifts?When he shifted from side to side his feet and ankles looked higher up in his boots then they should be,it looked like he was standing on platforms.I know Edge does a lot of high risk manuvers,so it wouldn`t make scense for him to be waring lifts.Yet his boots just didn`t look right in that match compaired to HBK`s.Is it possible that Edge is 6'3" in his helpers and only 6'0" barefoot?
Alex said on 19/May/07
I've sometimes seen Orton have over an inch on Batista. I do think Orton looks 6'4 or at the least 6'3.5 but I'm sticking to 6'4. It could be Batista 6'2.5 and Orton 6'4.
Viper said on 18/May/07
Orton has an inch on Batista who I peg at 6-2 1/4 at best, so Orton could very well be a flat 6-3-6-3 1/4.
andre fan said on 17/May/07
orton looks 4 inches taller than cena who is 6'0".
Derek said on 17/May/07
KingNick- Some b-ball shoes can give 1 1/2",but most are 1-1 1/4". My Jordans are 1 1/4" as I am a shade over 6'2" in them.

Back on topic, I think Orton and HBK are either 6'4" and 5'11" or 6'3 1/2" and 5'10 1/2". No way is Orton only a flat 6'3".
Viper said on 17/May/07
I think Orton is 6-3 and Shawn 5-10. Theres your 5 inch difference.
Alex said on 16/May/07
Orton 6'4 and HBK 5'11 or take half inch off both. Either way they're like 5 inches apart.
anonymous said on 15/May/07
orton looks a legit 6'4" at least maybe 6'5"
KingNick said on 15/May/07
Bball boots can give you 1.5", really?
Viper said on 15/May/07
Actually, it would be around 5 inches between Orton and Shawn now that I think about it.
Viper said on 15/May/07
Orton has about 4 inches on Shawn in reality.
Vegas said on 15/May/07
Cena and Orton face to face in the ring Click Here Cena wears 1.5" basketball boots putting him at approx 6'2 in boots. I saw him in person with these boots on and he looked very tall.
anonymous said on 15/May/07
then again i think michaels could very well be only 5,10".face to face with cena he loked 3 inches shorter leaving cena to be 6'1".
Vegas said on 15/May/07
KingNick; Michaels looking 2" shorter than Cena who wears big basketball boots is kinda deceptive Click Here Kevin Federline is listed everywhere at 6'0 and Rob has him at 5'11; Cena has close to 4" on Federline in the ring Click Here

Anonymous Shane McMahon, Umaga and Vince looked 2" taller than 6'3 Coach last night backstage and bobby Lashley looked 4" taller than Todd Grisham who I have met in person and is around the 6'1-6'2 mark. Backstage segments of late in the WWE are f****d up and are useless estimating height. Orton is 3-4" taller than Vince Click Here and Vince is barely 1" shorter than 6'2 Donald Trump Click Here (Trump gives himself at 6'3 btw)
anonymous said on 14/May/07
orton on raw only appeared to be 3inches taller than shawn michaels ,michaels 5'11" orton 6'2" maybe 6'3 tops.
Anonymous said on 14/May/07
He did have major back surgery. Could have lost close to an inch due to that.
KingNick said on 11/May/07
Here ya go gents, Shawn Michaels on his size taken from his book "Heartbreak and Triumph: the Shawn Michaels Story".

This is in reference to around 1993: "At the time I weighed almost 240 pounds. I was fat and couldn't believe he thought I was taking steriods ..."

The second quote is interesting. He wrote this while talking about his break up with the Rockers, but I think size wise he was refering to himself currently: "Sure I dreamed of becoming the World Wrestling Federation Champion, but 6'1", 215-pound guys like me with very little marketing savvy didn't win that title."

I have a lot of trouble figuring this guy's height out. He looked no more than .5" taller to my recolation than Bret Hart during their runs, but when he came back to WWE after his 4 year hiatus he always seemed shorter. He looks about 2 inches shorter than I think a 6' John Cena to me.

I've said contradictory in the past, but I think Bret was 5'11" or 6'. So at peak, HBK may have been 5'11.5" or 6'0.5". But now, I think the guy isn't more than 5'10". I'll have to track down some pics of him and Bret and HHH. What do you guys think?
KingNick said on 11/May/07
I gotta find the exact quote, but HBK wrote a book a year or two ago. He said around 1992/1993 he was almost 240lbs and his current size was 6'1" 215lbs or something. Again, that's what HE said. I'll come back another time with the exact quotes.
JB said on 10/May/07
HBK was pretty big during the original DX days with HHH. I think he stopped lifting weights almost completely after the big bump on the casket at the Royal Rumble '98, and subsequent injury. Post-2002, in an interview with Dave Meltzer, he said he adopted a low-carb diet, which is why he's so thin now.
Alex said on 25/Apr/07
Shmuel I can buy believe HBK is 5'11 185lbs today. Far as 218lbs, not sure about. 210lbs maybe at his heaviest?
Shmuel said on 24/Apr/07
Shawn Michaels height and Weight is billed at 6'1 225, his actually height & weight is 5'11 185lbs. The most Shawn Michaels ever weighed is about 218 at his heaviest. This was back in about 1992, This is when his weight was billed 240lbs
Alex said on 23/Apr/07
Anonymous, I can agree on that for the most part. 190lbs at the most he'd be. No way is he as big as I am now. Back then HBK was 200lbs plus. He could have lost at least 20lbs over the years.
Anonymous said on 23/Apr/07
I don't think he's a pound over 180 right now. He's not very big these days. 10-12 years ago, I'd say he was 210 tops. He's not a very big boned guy and never had the bulk that most wrestlers carry. 210 is pretty d#mn big for a guy under 6'. he looked to be about 210 to me at Wrestlemania 14 when he dropped the belt to Austin. that was the biggest he's ever been.
BigJim said on 23/Apr/07
Guys, for what it is worth Shawn seemed pretty cut and muscle does weight more than fat. I lift every day and was about 230 lbs in the photo. Go to the butcher shop and look at the size of a 20 pound tenderloin (a low fat piece of muscle) and you will be amazed how large twenty pounds of muscle actually is. My guess was that Shawn was around 205 to 210 last year. .
Alex said on 21/Apr/07
Vwgas, yea I don't see HBK near my size the way he is today. At his heaviest he was probably around my size. If I can I'll try to post one of those pics to compare myself to HBK again.
Halb said on 21/Apr/07
In the mid 90's HBK put on some weight and could have weighed 220+. He slimmed down from 95 onwards I think tho and kept that slender physique since, weighing usually around 195.
Danimal said on 21/Apr/07
Gotta disagree with you Alex. HBK in his younger days was over 210 pounds.
Derek said on 20/Apr/07
I find it hard to believe HBK weighs only 30 pounds more than me. I am about 2 inches taller than him, but I'm skinny. I've seen your pictures Alex and you look about the same size as HBK, taking into account the height difference.
Vegas said on 20/Apr/07
i agree alex; shawn didn't look heavier than you at any time. 200-210lb max for Michaels. 180lb today seems about rite.

It is much more difficult to estimate weight i agree because at least with height a person is either taller, shorter or the same height as you, it is pretty black and white. Not so much with weight.
Alex said on 20/Apr/07
Bundy only 350lbs? I refuse to believe that. I saw the man in person 7 years ago at a charity wrestling event from a close distance and he looked 6'4 and well over 400lbs.
Alex said on 20/Apr/07
HBK I think is under 190lbs today. 180-185lbs is the most accurate I'd say but could be 190lbs at the most though. Look at those pictures I posted of myself and I'm 6'0.5 and 200-205lbs and I am bigger than HBK by more than a little I think and I'm no small guy either.
HBK was probably like 200-210lbs at his most back at his heavier, he has lost weight you can clearly tell.

Danimal, guessing weights can be tougher but its fun I think. Look at those 2 few pictures I posted of my 2 heavy friends, you were the one who guessed the closest to what they really weighed each while most others were off by at least 30-40lbs. Shows how weight guessing isn't the easist.
Danimal said on 16/Apr/07
Not for me Viper. I love guessing someone's weight, almost as much, if not more than guessing their height.
Viper said on 15/Apr/07
I think its safe to say that Shawn is anywhere between 180-190 today. Guessing weights can be really hard though.
Jason said on 14/Apr/07
Yep, t'is me. I came back. :)
Danimal said on 14/Apr/07
Stop calling me Dani. That's not how you spell it anyways. It's Danny here in North America and I'm 29 years old. It's Dan. Peace.
Jason said on 14/Apr/07
No, he's a ''little'' guy.

[Editor Rob: is that the old Aussie jason? I thought you'd vanished from here...]
Viper said on 14/Apr/07
Maybe Shawn has tree trunks for legs and large heavy bones? Though he doesnt look big boned at all.
Vegas said on 13/Apr/07
5'11 and 195lbs seems about right for HBK, what do you think Jason?? He def has lost weight since the late 90s though so 185lb could be his weight today.
Vegas said on 13/Apr/07
No Viper all the 5'11 stuff for Cena was from people watching tv or the marine movie or "I am his doctor and I measured him crap", none was in person i suspect, they couldn't have been.

In his basketball boots the last day I met him he was 6'2, now whether those boots give him 2" height is debatable, 3" of height?? surely nonsense
Jason said on 13/Apr/07
The Rock said HBK was 5'11'' 195lbs (in the late 90s) in his book. I think he was about 210 when he turned heel in 1991-1992 then dropped down to 195-200 when he turned face in '95 and they started billing him as 227 instead of 240.
Viper said on 12/Apr/07
There has been several 5-11 estimates for Cena on this site too Vegas. At times Ive thought about Cena being in the 5-11 range. Hes probably 6-0 though.
chris said on 11/Apr/07
Also, wow, Orton really does tower over vince, he does look 6'5 - 5.5 in that pic Vegas put of Orton and Vince. And Vince is 6'2 isn't he?
chris said on 11/Apr/07
Yep, I totally agree with Vegas on this one. Orton was slouching in the interview backstage and still looked 3" taller than Micheals. If he wasnt slouching he would have been a strong 6'4" - 4.5.
Vegas said on 11/Apr/07
Mike M that Orton and Michaels face-off thing was backstage, Orton was clearly slouching, backstage segments are sometimes poor for judging height. I have a segment where The Rock looks taller than Taker face-to-face backstage. Orton was at least 3" taller than Vince a few weeks ago on Smackdown btw Click Here

a few nice screenshots a various face offs:
Cena and Michaels at WM23 and last Monday on raw Click Here
Cena and Orton at raw monday nite Click Here
Cena and Angle Click Here
Cena and Lesnar Click Here
Michaels and Angle at WM21 Click Here

If we use Angle (5'10 barefoot; ~5'11 in wrestling boots) and Cena (6'0-6'0.5 barefoot; ~6'2 in basketball boots as Derek claims) as references we can easily determine Orton, Michaels and Lesnars heights from those photos assuming that each is wearing shoes/boots giving them ~1" extra.
anonymous said on 11/Apr/07
well he was never close to 234 or 239. I'd say even 227 was a big stretch.
Danimal said on 10/Apr/07
He was not always billed at 225. As a tag team, they were billed together. When he went solo, he was being billed at 239 pounds and then 234 pounds (same as Bret Hart) when he became more popular (1993?) and then 227 before he left the WWF and upon his return he was billed at 225 pounds.
mike m said on 10/Apr/07
last night on raw shawn looked 3-4 inches shorter than orton,so if shawn is 5'11" orton is 6'3" to 6'4" tops same as edge.
Anonymous said on 9/Apr/07
The biggest i ever say him was at wrestlemania in 98 when he dropped the belt to Stone Cold. He looked to be about 210 lbs there. 250 is ridiculous for a guy his size. He would look monsterous at 225 Which he was always billed. anyway, i buy the rock's estimation. just a little more height wise. probably between 5'10.5-5'11.5
Danimal said on 9/Apr/07
Shawn was far more than 190-200 in 1995. Far more. He was over 220 at that point and over 230 5 years before that.
Vegas said on 9/Apr/07
Powerslam mag gave 190-200lb for Michaels around 1995-96 along with a joke saying he wasn't even heavy enough to be WWF heavyweight champ or something along those lines. Today shawn is about 185-190lb, maybe as low as 180lb
Derek said on 8/Apr/07
170 pounds for HBK is the funniest thing I've ever heard. I'm 150 pounds at 6'1", and I'm skinny. HBK is around the 200 pound mark right now, though he was 225-230 easily in the early-mid 90s.
Danimal said on 7/Apr/07
The man was larger than 195 in the late 80's, early 90's. WAY MORE. He said he went up to 250 pounds at one point when he was on a 24/7 eating binge in the mid 90's. He looked to be in his 230's at one point and a bare minimum 220's. As for today? 195 looks about right.
Viper said on 7/Apr/07
Id actually say the Rock was right. 5-10-5-10.5
anonymous said on 5/Apr/07
He was described in "The Rock's" book as 5-10 & 195 lbs. Tall people usually understimate people's height, so I would say that 5-11 to 5-11.5 is more accurate.
Kevin said on 1/Apr/07
see this guy next to john cena, cena is 6' and he's an inch taller than Michaels, 5'11 tops, he looks 5'10 had a bad bad posture
Viper said on 24/Mar/07
I hate Ultimate Warrior and Triple H too.
Danimal said on 23/Mar/07
VEgas, understand something man. I don't live and die for this like you do. I don't like or dislike any wrestlers at all man. They are wrestlers. I do not know them, nor do I want to. I am not biased to anyone and the more you point this out, the more you draw attention to the fact that YOU are and isn't it possible that you dislike Piper because he's Scottish and you're Irish? Piper was at least 6'1". HBK was never over 5'11". Hogan has lost 3" and Mr. Meltzer is a wrestling's version of Bill O'reilly. "Nuff Said and go outside for some fresh air now my red haired pal!
Danimal said on 22/Mar/07
Vegas, tell me how HBK is 5'11", when he is the same height, if not shorter than Jerry Lawler, who is only 5'10" (seventh pic) and btw, Hogan has at least 5" on HBK in that same pic: Click Here

HBK over 5'11"? Click Here

Yeah, over 5'11" for sure!! Click Here

Definitely over 5'11"! ;) Click Here

Danimal said on 22/Mar/07
Vegas, you have WAY too much time on your hands. This is more of an obsession for you then anything else at this point. Your conviction to prove others wrong is intense. Buddy, let's agree to disagree on certain things, because, I can't spend 2 hours on here looking through your 20 pics per wrestlers page. Sorry bro, but go outside every now and then and take get some fresh air.
Derek said on 22/Mar/07
6'2.5" JK- I think the hat is fooling you. Jim is definitely taller.
Danimal said on 21/Mar/07
First off my PHD friend, I never call a guy's height based on whether or not I like them or not. I am not biased some on here.
6'2.5'' JK said on 21/Mar/07
Look man, all that everyone needs to do is simply look at the picture with 5'11.5'' Jim, and if you can't see that Shawn is 5'11.5'' then what are you smoking?
Vegas said on 21/Mar/07
Michaels is 3" shorter than Vince today??? These pictures suggest otherwise Danimal Click Here Shawn is the same height to Vince he was back in 1994 about 1.5" max shorter Click Here and Click Here Here is a guy as in Michaels with a legit injury (back) which kept him out of action for 4 1/2 years.

Over an inch taller than Rob Van Dam who must be 5'8.5" or so surely Click Here
max 4" shorter than 6'3 Hulk Hogan last year (final grey picture) Click Here
Michaels is still 2" taller than Jannetty Click Here
Shawn taller than someone whom Alex has at 5'11 X-Pac Click Here and Click Here

Of course Danimal doesn't like Shawn Michaels or Triple H more likely so he gets downgraded :) However you never factor in the problems this causes. As I said downgrade Big Show everyone must be downgraded, downgrade Hogan and Andre that isn't so much of a problem. Downgrade Michaels everyone including Vince, Mike Tyson, Steve Austin, Kevin nash etc etc etc must be downgraded too.

Shawn Michaels is still 5'11 today, anyone who watches Raw can see that as a guy with big basketball boots as in John Cena is only about 1.5" taller than him.
Danimal said on 21/Mar/07
Okay, again, do yourself a favor and look at what Shawn had for shoes during 1993-1994. They looked like fish tanks (space boots). They elevated him to Vince's height at that time, where as today, Shawn is 2-3" shorter than Vince. It's possible that Shawn was a full 5'11" in 1993-1994, wore those crazy boots (I'm not the only one who sees them being HUGE) and Backlund was probably around 6'0", but Shawn had the height advantage due to his boots. Doesn't take a rocket scientistic to figure that one out Vegas. No off.
Vegas said on 21/Mar/07
Danimal you see Michaels at 5'10 and Bob Backlund at 6'1, yet Michaels is clearly taller than Backlund in 1993-94.
Danimal said on 20/Mar/07
How? Well, he was billed at 5'11" up until he left the Rockers (very early 90's), at which point in time they started billing him at 6'1". So, we know that he was NEVER over 5'11". What's amazing, is that his tag team partner (Marty Janetty) was billed at 6'0" during the time Shawn was billed at 5'11" and we know that Shawn had him by at least 2". I see Shawn at 5'10" and some change.
Vegas said on 20/Mar/07
In the first photo Shawn is 5'11 and he looks 6ft with Glenn. I met Shawn rather quickly in New York in 2002 and I estimated him to be 5'11 or just a bit taller than that maybe 5'11.5". Shawn was also taller than Kurt Angle by just over an inch and always about 1.5-2" shorter than Vince. Any way you look at it he is at least 5'11.

Apart from that stupid mentor list which has Andre at 7'4 etc how do you guys give Shawn 5'10???
Viper said on 20/Mar/07
5-0 1/4 is close to a flat 5-10.
Danimal said on 18/Mar/07
What's the difference JK? A good nights sleep.
6'2.5'' JK said on 17/Mar/07
Come on guys, what is the difference between 5'10 1/4'' and 5'11'' lol.... i mean come on!
Viper said on 16/Mar/07
Shawn might have had an advantage in footwear. Im starting to think Shawn really is 5-10 1/4 now.
RVD420 said on 15/Mar/07
Shawn was taller than Kurt Angle by at least an inch so anything lower than 5'11 can't be true.
Alex said on 7/Mar/07
Yea I could agree that HBK is a weak 5'11 today. 5'10.5 may be most accurate.
Derek said on 6/Mar/07
I'm pretty sure 5'10 1/4" is what the mentor gave Shawn. Regardless, it looks like Shawn was never 6'0", which I thought he was at his peak, but it looks like he wasn't.
Viper said on 5/Mar/07
That mentor list gave him 5-10. He might be more 5-10 1/2 actually.
CoolJ said on 5/Mar/07
Lately, he's looking like a weak 5'11.
Ace said on 4/Mar/07
Shawn is 5 feet 11.5 inches?! He's 6 ft 1 inch tall. At least that's what his wwe profile says. Lol. He is definitely taller than Kurt Angle cuz I've a pic of them standing face to face during their match at Wrestlemania 21. But he did go for surgery in 98 & got part of his damaged vertebrae fused together. Maybe he lost some height then?

Who cares though. He's still the best wrestler ever with Ric Flair a close second XD
mike said on 25/Feb/07
i give shawn 6'0" even that guy in the pic to the right is 5'8" clearly a 4 inch difference.
what said on 10/Feb/07
HBK is 5'11"?

Have you seen supposely 5'10" Chyna side by side with him?
Jordan said on 29/Jan/07
Here is shawn face to face with the 5'10 mike Tyson.
Click Here
Alex said on 20/Jan/07
Danimal, I can believe Nicole was 190-195lbs for competition. But she was over 200lbs when she was in WWF back then though. She was a BIG girl.
Alex said on 20/Jan/07
Angle is 5'10, HBK is 5'11 and Austin is 6'0.

Derek, my wrists are just 7 inches flat, could be 7.25 though but no more than that though. My arms are 15 unflexed and 16 flexed at 6'0.5 200lbs. I have a couple pictures I've posted before anyway.
Derek said on 20/Jan/07
I agree with KingNick. There is definitely more than an inch difference. 1.5" minimum, though 2" is more likely. HBK was clearly taller than Kurt Angle, so he has to be at least 5'11", which makes Austin a strong 6'0 1/2" or a weak 6'1" going by the picture.
Derek said on 19/Jan/07
My bones are fairly small. I'm not sure about my wrist size. In December 2005, I was 6'0" and about 140-145 lbs, and my arms were 9.5" unflexed and 10.5" flexed. Those numbers are definitely higher now.
Viper said on 19/Jan/07
You must have small,light bones then. Whats your wrist size?
Danimal said on 18/Jan/07
Nicole dieted down to 190-195 pounds during competition.
Derek said on 18/Jan/07
It's natural Alex. I have a very fast metabolism. I'm actually pretty built despite my weight. I'll post a picture a little later today.
Alex said on 17/Jan/07
Derek, you're 150lbs at 6'1-6'2? Thats pretty skinny actually. I was 5'11 155lbs at a point and skinny and you're taller than that. Are you just naturally skinny and just have a hard time gaining weight? I'm in between 6'0 and 6'1 and 200lbs. For years before I was 18-19, I was always pretty thin.
Derek said on 16/Jan/07
I'm 150 pounds at 6'1"-6'2". If Nicole is a shade shorter than me and my weight, she'd be skinny, not ripped like Chris Masters.
Alex said on 16/Jan/07
If she's 150-160lbs then she's the biggest girl that weight I've seen then. They said she was 230lbs so I doubt they'd inflate her weight by 70-80lbs. She def looks at least 200-210lbs.
Derek said on 14/Jan/07
I agree Alex. Nicole is nothing under 200 pounds. She makes me look anarexic.
Alex said on 12/Jan/07
I'm 200lbs at 6'0.5 and Nicole Bass looked at least around my size and I'm pretty built to begin with. 160-170lbs is too light for her.
Alex said on 8/Jan/07
Danimal, do you know how much Nicole weighed? 220-230lbs was it?
Derek said on 6/Jan/07
Nicole is probably 6', and she was a bit taller than Shawn, so 5'11" flat appears to be Shawn's legit height.
Alex said on 6/Jan/07
Danimal, since Chyna was billed at 6'0 and really only being 5'10 she was a few inches shorter than Nicole who they had to bill 2-3 inches taller than Chyna. Nicole was probably 6'0-6'1, no more.
Danimal said on 5/Jan/07
Nicole was ALWAYS described as being 6'0" EVEN in her bodybuilding days. JR is the one who said she was 6'2"-6'3". She WASN'T.
Danimal said on 4/Jan/07
He's never been over 5'11" imo.
Alex said on 3/Jan/07
HBK may very well have always been 5'11.
Derek said on 27/Dec/06
That picture was from around May 1997. I think Shawn was 6' at his peak, but started to shrink after his back surgery. Austin broke his neck and probably shrunk after his surgery. At that time, I think Austin was 6'1" and HBK was 6'. Today, I'd say Austin is 6', and HBK is 5'11".
Jason said on 22/Dec/06
Rob just put up a Vader page here and he has him at 6'2 1/2''.
Derek said on 22/Dec/06
Alex and Danimal are right. Vader is 6'3" minimum. I can get a picture of Vader and UT during their match at In Your House: Canadian Stampede. I'll post it when I find it.
Danimal said on 22/Dec/06
Vader had 2-3" on 6'1" Mark Henry. His NFL draft stats were 6'4" 290 pounds (yup, he was once that SKINNY). The man was not under 6'3".
Viper said on 22/Dec/06
The mentors list had Vader at 6-1 1/2. Or 6-1 3/4
Jason said on 22/Dec/06
Nah, Vader isn't quite that tall. I remember reading a 6'1 1/2'' sighting somewhere ... but the guy said Vader was the biggest human being he'd ever seen size-wise. I think a full 6'2'', though.
Alex said on 21/Dec/06
Vader is at least 6'3.
Jason said on 19/Dec/06
Good evidence of the 6'2'' I think Vader really was.
Glenn said on 19/Dec/06
This was something called a licenseing show I believe.had alot of wrestlers,but there were TV names too.
Derek said on 18/Dec/06
Actually Glenn, it might have been the night before Survivor Series in November '96. The Pay Per View was held at Madison Square Garden. I found it hilarious that the fans were cheering Sycho Sid over Shawn.
Glenn said on 18/Dec/06
Good to know that timeframe Derek.thanks!
Derek said on 16/Dec/06
The picture with Jim was probably fairly recent. The one with Glenn was when Shawn was champ, which was from April-November of '96.
Pat Bateman said on 17/Nov/06
Is the really HBK in the first pics? He looks soooo scrawny?!
Alex said on 15/Nov/06
I think HBK should be taken down to 5'11 flat. He didn't look any taller than 5'11 with 5'10 Kurt Angle.
Dale said on 3/Nov/06
Shawn Michaels is about 6ft and he weights between 190-205 depending on his diet. In his prime he maxed at about 225lbs-235lbs. He has lost weight but his biceps flexed are about 17 inches easy.
Alex said on 27/Oct/06
TNTinca, my weight did flucate too over the last 2.5 years but its safer to maintain in a certain weight range though. Not the best to yo yo diet and have your weight go up and down every couple months and I mean like gain 20lbs then lose 25lbs then gain 30lbs. When I was 215lbs my arms were 16-16.5 flexed and 15-15.5 unflexed but my thighs were pretty big at 25.5 inches so if my legs were smaller I bet my arms would have been a little bigger, plus I had a 43 inch chest to go with it. Now before I got to 215lbs I was 195lbs then after 215lbs I dropped to 185lbs and now back up to 195-200lbs with arms 14.5 flexed and 15.5 unflexed with thighs 25 inches and a chest of 42 inches, but also my waist is smaller than it was at 215lbs.
ralph said on 27/Oct/06
My birthday is today, 27th october, Im only 21 and my weight is about 165 pounds I think I can be 5'11.75" in the morning, but Im normally 5'11.25" (about 181 cms?) Im not strong :D
TNTinCA said on 26/Oct/06
I agree with Danimal.
I often peak and valley with my weight as well due to weightlifting and alternating diets. My peak weight is usually around 205-210 lbs and I bottom out around 180-185 lbs. (I am 5'10")
Definately far more definition at the lower weight despite the smaller muscle size. But yes, it is kind of nice being imposing at the heavier weight)
At my max weight, my arms were 16.5 inches flexed, 15.75 inches unflexed. Not sure what they are now. Definately smaller since I am now 188 lbs. :-)
Danimal said on 25/Oct/06
You know, the muscle seems a lot larger, or better defined when I'm at a lower weight. When I'm 30-40 pounds heavier, my muscles are just large, but very little definition and striations. I feel more imposing when I'm heavier, but I feel more fit and in shape and probably look better at a lighter bodyweight, because the muscle is a LOT MORE visible.
Alex said on 23/Oct/06
Danimal, when I was 215lbs my heaviest weight my arms were only about 16.5 flexed. But were about 15.5 unflexed though which was more important to me since thats how you walk around, unflexed.
Alex said on 23/Oct/06
So you got 17 inch arms flexed and pumped at 5'9.5 170lbs? Thats pretty damn good considering I'd be 15.75-16 inches flexed and pumped and I am 3 inches taller than you and 25-30lbs heavier.
Alex said on 22/Oct/06
Danimal, thats 17 inch arms flexed or unflexed? You're 5'9.5 you said but what do you weigh then?
I am 6'0.5 and 195-200lbs with 14.5 inch arms unflexed and 15.5 flexed.
Danimal said on 21/Oct/06
Alex, I lift weights. I've been lifting weights since 11 years old. I'll be 29 in 3 days. I am a serious lifter. I never specialized in any type of powerlifting/weightlifting, even though I DO do deadlifts, clean and jerks, snatchs and bench press on a regular basis. Since I last gave an update on me having been back at it for 6 months, I stopped completely a month ago. I've since dropped 13 pounds (scary, huh?). I'm thinner and my 17" arms have atrophied so much. I still do pushups (about 140 in a row), but I do have the knowledge.
Alex said on 21/Oct/06
DKKO, when I was younger and I mean like 11 and under I wanted to be a wrestler. After that I really didn't. Just because I can FU a 6'0 330lb person doesn't mean for sure I am cut out for wrestling. Takes more than just being strong and trust me I aint as strong as at least half of the WWE superstars today. But yea it is impressive that I can do that to someone that size. Could you? haha
Dkko said on 20/Oct/06
Alex, you really should give wrestling a try, I mean giving an FU to a 6 foot 330 pound guy is like giving one to someone like Bam Bam Bigelow
Alex said on 20/Oct/06
Danimal, do you lift weights often? Are you more of a bodybuilder, powerlifter or weightlifter?
Danimal said on 18/Oct/06
I'm not knocking Alex's physique. He has good development, but you can't compare one's bodyweight and muscle composition to another's. It doesn't work that way.
Alex said on 17/Oct/06
Ralph, I am actually a smidge over 6'0, about 6'0.5.
Alex said on 17/Oct/06
Ralph, I'd say I am pretty strong and I have the size to match my strength pretty much. The last 2 summers I gave my friend who is 6'0 325-330lbs an FU multiple times in the low water. Now he weighs closer to 350lbs so I'd like to see if I can do it now which I bet I can.
Jason said on 17/Oct/06
You can. Unless you believe stuff like Bret Hart and Arnold Schwarzenegger in his bodybuilding days were the same weight ... then you might have a problem!
Alex said on 17/Oct/06
Well I do believe I am bigger than HBK today though. I was comparing since I am built and have muscle too. If I had just a normal body frame and didn't work out or was out of shape then I couldnt' really compare myself to him then.
ralph said on 17/Oct/06
Alex is very STRONG. If you are 6 foot, and thats your real weight, you have a lot of muscle.
Danimal said on 16/Oct/06
Alex, you can't compare yourself to another person in terms of bodyweight. It isn't composed that way.
Alex said on 15/Oct/06
I am 195-200lbs and I believe I am at least a little bigger than HBK. I can see HBk at about 190lbs but no more than that.
Bleemo said on 15/Oct/06
Haha Janetty is about 5'8 and change, he clearly looks short for a wrestler.
Danimal said on 15/Oct/06
When he wrestled in the late 80's, I believe that he was between 225-235 pounds and never over 5'11". Today he is looking like he's MAXED out at 190-195 pounds and that's being generous.
JK said on 14/Oct/06
Shawn did look 6'0.5'' - 6'1'', but nowadayz he looks 181-182cm to me
Dkko said on 13/Oct/06
well if that man with the 5-11 height standing next to Shawn is standing up right, then shawn is about 5-10 or 5-10 1/2, the only reason that shawn looks taller is because of the hat
Alex said on 11/Oct/06
Shawn Michaels looks 5'11 to me but was probably 6'0 before his back surgeries.
He was maybe about 220lbs at his biggest but today he is def under 200lbs. I'd say 185-190lbs. Danimal, any thoughts of HBK's weight then and today?
Viper652 said on 10/Oct/06
DKKO, I see you are the type of guy who beleives wrestlers are close to their billed heights. Well most of the time they are 2-3 sometimes 4 inches shorter or maybe more than their billed heights. Saying Shawn Michaels is 6-2 is crazy.
deadman said on 9/Oct/06
this article lists shawn at 6'1(doubt it) and between 190 and 205 pounds...220 in his heyday.
Click Here

Dkko said on 6/Oct/06
Well Marty Jannetty was 5
KingNick said on 29/Sep/06
I think HBK might have been 5'11.5", he always appeared to me just slightly taller than Bret but not by much, but now I think HBK is a flat 5'11". 1/2 an inch loss isn't much considering how many times the poor guy has been hit in the head with a metal chair :>)
Ola said on 18/Sep/06
ralph; in fact... Austin did always have almost 1 1/2 inch over bret
Ola said on 18/Sep/06
Dan!... stop with all this hatings ;) ... i agree with you on Sid. 6'7 seems to be right, since he is little over 1 inch shorter than UT. Derek, i have both bret and shawn around 5'11 - 5'11 1/2 (with shawn as a tad taller)
Danimal said on 10/Sep/06
I hate to agree with him, but Ola is right about Page. I would even give him 6'3". Sid was also never over 6'7".
Derek said on 9/Sep/06
Ola- I agree that DDP is 6'3" but HBK and Bret are 5'11". You can tell that HBK was clearly shorter than 6' Shelton Benjamin and 6'0 1/2"-6'1" John Cena.
Ola said on 9/Sep/06
Dallas Page 6'8?! .... 6'3 1/3 max!. and shawn and hart is both 6 ft
Dkko said on 1/Sep/06
I have some photos where HBK's posing with Dallas Page and they look about the same height, I think that something was wrong with those shots because Page's about the same size as Sid Vicious some 6'8" and Michaels just can't be that tall, even fellow Cliquer X-Pac was taller than him
Alex said on 27/Aug/06
Hart and HBK are both 5'11. The British Bulldog looked more 5'10.
ralph said on 25/Aug/06
Danimal, if hart is 5'10" then austin is 5'10" too, and remeber austin mugshot, he was more than 190 cms.There is a big difference between 5'10" and 6'3"
Danimal said on 25/Aug/06
Bret Hart is NOT 6'0". I met the man in High School. Him, the British Bulldog came to one of the bars I worked at when I was in college. The British Bulldog seemed a fraction shorter than me in regular shoes and Bret seemed about my height. I'm 5'9.5"-5'10". I also met the Iron Sheik and Jake the Snake. My Dad met Andre the Giant many times.
Viper652 said on 24/Aug/06
Agreed on both Shawn and Brett being 5-11.
Derek said on 23/Aug/06
shawn and bret are both under 6'. they are both 5'11", especially in the 1st photo when it's obvious hes shorter than 5'11 1/2" jim.
D.J. said on 19/Aug/06
Titi- Bret and Shawn are both under 6'. They are the same height. Shawn is clearly shorter than Jim and you know he's wearing some chunky heels with Glenn.
Titi said on 1/Aug/06
I know a man who has contacts with Bret Hart. Bret Hart is really 1,83. So HBK maybe a 1cm taller... = 184cm
Alex said on 29/Jul/06
Viper, 5'11 seems right to me too. But look at his billed 225lbs nowadays! I am 195-200lbs and I am a little bigger than him.
Viper652 said on 28/Jul/06
I think that Mentors list had Shawn at 5-10 80's man, but he looks more 5-11 to me.
80's Man said on 26/Jul/06
I have to agree Danimal, Shawn really does look barely 200lbs, even with those pretty big arms. Lately on raw though, the difference in height between trips and shawn varies between 3-4 inches. Which means shawn cant be taller than 5'11" if trips is 6'2" (give or take a 1/2 of an inch). I personally think that shawn is 5'10" with tons of change. I mean he only looks about 3/4-1.5 taller than Kurt whos a legit 5'10".
Danimal said on 26/Jul/06
I stopped growing at 18 years old. I'm Caucasian though, not Asian.
hunky said on 24/Jul/06
in the stare down to the match at wrestlemania 21. u can tell kurt is 5 ft 10 and hbk had an inch on him and is 5 ft 11. you can also tell jim has half an inch on shawn if im not being too paranoid. oh yea by the way anyone know when i stop growing ive just turnd 19 and im a boy and asian ?
Danimal said on 24/Jul/06
He actually looks as thin as 180 or less. WOW has he lost tremendous weight. His face is really gaunt these days.
TheMan said on 23/Jul/06
Hmm he must be 182cm he's exactly as tall as you big Jim. Id say he's wieght is about 185 now im 179cm and near 220 he's nowhere near my size thats for sure even when i was 200 pounds i was bigger than he was now.
D.J. said on 23/Jul/06
Shawn is clearly taller than Kurt. Kurt was measured at 5'10" for the 1996 Olympics so Shawn does look around 5'11"-5'11 1/2".
ral said on 19/Jul/06
johnnyboy, hbk and kurt arent the same height. look at this "nose to nose" photo.

Click Here
Alex said on 12/Jul/06
Danimal, I do think HBK was over 200lbs when he was younger though in the late 80's, early 1990s.
Alex said on 12/Jul/06
Danimal I have no problem with HBK being 5'11 today, but I think he may have been 6'0 at a point back then. Far as his weight hes not over 190lbs today. 190lbs sounds good as he could be 185lbs maybe. I am 195-200lbs and I am bigger than HBK. Also I have 1-1.5 inches on him too.
Danimal said on 11/Jul/06
Okay, let me step in here. I had an old Wrestling magazine from 1990, which unfortunately I long since threw out, but there was a listing of EVERY SINGLE wrestlers height, weight and wrestling debut and it was very accurate now that I think back to the listings. I clearly remember it listing Shawn at 5'11" and 239 pounds when he debuted. As for height, I think he's about that height. He may have been 6'0" at most, seeing he was still growing when he began wrestling as a teen, as did Bret Hart, who they listed at 5'11" as well. As for his weight, he was FAR larger in the 80's. He was actually quite bulky up until around '90-'91. He dropped weight in the early 90's, knocking him down to his 220's. As for now, the man looks to be be 190-195 MAX and I'm being generous.
175-177cmandgrowing said on 10/Jul/06
You have to see him. He can look 6' - 1996. Now, for the weight, even at just 5'11'', I guess him at around 220. Why? Have you seen his arms? They are very defined and big.

This Mexican guy once said Michaels is 5'10'' flat - maybe he really was right, I don't know.
johnnyboy said on 22/Jun/06
Google kurt angle's pics with michaels and you will clearly see he is the exact height of him
Alex said on 16/Jun/06
HBK looks 5'11 flat with Jim. You can bet he's wearing big boots with Glenn.
Alex said on 16/May/06
Eric, you're like exacly my size. I am 200lbs but more in the 6'0-6'0.5 range, depends on time of the day but 6'0.75 out of bed.
Alex said on 16/May/06
Viper, I agree he should be taken down to 5'11 flat but no less than that. I do think he was about 6'0 some years ago though.

I don't think HBK was ever 225lbs. He was bigger in the 90's than he is today though. 210lbs at the most at his biggest maybe, but today he's about 190lbs I'd say.
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/06
Shawn is 6'0. His wife is 5'10 and standing next to each other he appears to be about 2 inches taller than her. Look at any picture of them it's obvious. As far as his weight goes wwe has him listed as 225 where he looks way smaller. He was maybe 225 in 1998 but in 2006 he looks barely 200.
BigJim said on 28/Apr/06
Jason, I have a few more celeb photos but none that you could use to judge heights. One of the benefits of being in the Army is that you get to see a lot of the stars.

Eric said on 28/Apr/06
shawn micheals is no bigger then 200 pounds. I say he is 185. I am 5ft11 and 3 quarters and i look bigger then him and i am 200 pounds
cantstop25 said on 26/Apr/06
jim do you have any pictures with any other celebrities?
Jason said on 26/Apr/06
Powerslam magazine listed Shawn's height as 5'10'' in a profile they did on him in 2000.
Viper652 said on 26/Apr/06
I think Rob should downgrade Shawn to a flat 5-11.
Jason said on 25/Apr/06
An interesting contrast in these two pics. Someone forgot to wear their elevator shoes...

Rob, I'm thinking Sly really might have hooked a number of wrestlers up with his shoemaker!
D.J. said on 24/Apr/06
My friend met Shawn last year. My friend, who is a legit 6'1" was about 2 inches taller. Shawn is around 5'11", maybe a hair more. No more than 5'11 1/4".
Anshelm said on 21/Apr/06
Looked maybe an inch shorter than John Cena. 5'11"/180 cm still sounds right to me.

Interesting that Big Jim suggest Flair to be taller than Michaels, and now that I think about it, I remember making similar observations myself. Perhaps I was too harsh on Flair on his page.
Josh said on 21/Apr/06
That picture with Jim proves that Michaels is no more than 5'11 now a days he also looks 200 puonds max .
Big Jim said on 21/Apr/06
They also have Shawn listed as 225 pounds. My guess is 215 max. I was 234 that day. Bottom line, I know it is hard to believe , but WWE might exaggerate just a tad. Next thing you know someone will tell me wrestling is not real. Say it ain’t so! Have a great weekend from Germany.
Bryan21 said on 20/Apr/06
Well Jims photo there proves that Shawn at least these days is indeed at most 5'11, perhaps 5'10.5. WWE lists him at 6'1, which is them doing their standard adding two inches to their wrestlers real heights, standard fare for a good few when you think about it, e.g. Benoit 5'8 listed at 5'10, HHH 6'2 listed at 6'4, Rock 6'3 listed at 6'5,etc. Anyway, Michaels not less than 5'10, not more than 5'11.
Big Jim said on 20/Apr/06
By the way my 5'11.5 inches was barefoot.
Editor Rob said on 20/Apr/06
Another picture added, with '6ft on a good day' Jim.
Big Jim said on 19/Apr/06
By the way Shawn Michaels was a real gentleman and was wearing a stocking hat?
Big Jim said on 17/Apr/06

I recently had pictures taken with Shawn Michaels and Rick Flair. I am 6
175-77cm17andgrowing said on 5/Apr/06
6'0.5'' or 6'1''. He looked a little taller than the 6' Jeff Hardy on RAW in 2002 or 2003. So if some people still believe Jeff is 6'2'', then Michaels is 6'3'' :D. I also thought Michaels was 5'11''. The Mexican listed him as 5'10'' though.
Alex said on 6/Mar/06
Supes, 5'11 is more accurate. I am 6'0 and have a little more on Angle than HBK does. You can see on the Kurt Angle page here.
supes78 said on 5/Mar/06
Michaels himself stated that at 6'1" tall, he was considered too small to be a competitive wrestler in an interview with Entertainment Tonight from the mid 90's. These days, 6 foot tall seems right on the money for him.
tybor said on 3/Mar/06
how tall is his wife former nitro girl whisper? If I remember correctly she looked slightly taller than Kim Page who I think is almost 5'9.
175cm17andgrowing said on 2/Mar/06
Jeff Hardy looked a little shorter than him I think... but Michaels wore heels :D. 5'10'' for Michaels? No. 5'11''? Maybe. 5'11.5''? Correct. 6'? Maybe.
Alex said on 27/Feb/06
Joe, HBK was never over 6'0. He was probably 6'0 some years ago but now hes 5'11.
Joe said on 26/Feb/06
He was 6'1, maybe 6'2 at the turn of the century. He can't have changed much in stature since then.
Anonymous said on 24/Feb/06
He isn't 6'0 definately below it
175cm16andgrowing said on 19/Feb/06
Yeah... the wwf mentor said he was 178(cm)/115(kg) in 1996... could be true, he waqs HUGE back then but I don't believe 115kg! 178cm... no, 1996 Shawn was taller. Perhaps he's reaqlly been 6'1'' aqt a point of his life. Now he's IMO 180cm tall.
CoolJ said on 16/Feb/06
Michaels used to be 6'.. But I'm not sure he is now.
Viper652 said on 15/Feb/06
Shawn looked 5-11 in a staredown with 5-10 Kurt Angle. There is no way in hell he is 6-0 though.
TNTinCA said on 14/Feb/06
Being that Michaels is in wrestling garb most of the time, its likely he had on boots for that pic. I would have placed him just under the 6 foot mark. Not much under but he does look to be between 5'11" and 6 foot.
Alex said on 1/Feb/06
The Man, yea I agree. Hes 5'11 I say. He is an inch taller than Angle who is 5'10. I think HBK was probably 6'0 back then before the back surgeries.
Mr. R said on 1/Feb/06
While I will never admit this if I run for public office, I tune in to WWE/F every once in awhile. Last night, McMahon and Michaels stood toe to toe, and if McMahon is 6'1.5", then Michaels is almost exactly 6 foot.
TheMan said on 30/Jan/06
He's taller than angle though so he's minimum of 5,11 i think.
brett said on 29/Jan/06
he looks easy 6ft there but could be in those stupid high arched wrestling boots
CoolJ said on 28/Jan/06
Shawn Michaels is looking 6' even in that picture... Maybe marginally over.

However, judging from Michaels' attire, and the belt.. Age, and neck/back injury could knock off .5" or so.

6' is fair.
matthew said on 28/Jan/06
if you look at at the picture and imagine shawn standing straight and not slanting , hes easily got 3-4 inches on glenn. but personally i think hes 5'11" bareboot , and 6' with shoes.
175cm16andgrowing said on 28/Jan/06
John Cena is 6'1'', he's a bodybuilder and needs to know his exact height and weight. That's why nobody believes Jericho to be 6' :D. So... Michaels has a very muscle upper body, the old wwf mentor (Steve Austin-Thread I think) said he was 178cm and weighed 115kg in 1996... I can't believe that. I'd say 178cm now. And for the weight... 220 or 225. The guy looks good.
What is kinda weird is that Hardy seemed to be smaller than him sometimes but Jeff is 6' (says TNA, WWE said 6'1'' and 6'2'' - Hardy looks 6') and Michaels wore such great high shoes.
wrestling said on 28/Jan/06
Shawn Michaels Looks As Tall As John Cena And Cena is 6'0" ... 6'1" With His Wrestling Boots , He Once Said He Was 6'2" ... I Dont BElieve That ... In Past He Was Rated As 6'0" 235 , nowadays 6'1" 225 ... Got Skinnier
julius said on 27/Jan/06
yeah the guy really looks 6'0......cant be under that
Anshelm said on 27/Jan/06
You know, Rocky, I made similar comments on McMahon's page. And I do agree with the 4 cm/1½" height difference for these two given on this site.

But Angle doesn't fit the pattern: 178 cm for Angle, 183 cm for Michaels and 187 cm for McMahon can't be all right.

Normally in a two-against-one situation such as this, I'd upgrade Angle. However, the thig is, Angle's height of 178 cm is the best substantiated of the three (and possibly of all modern wrestlers); and therefore, IMHO, both Michaels and McMahon are both listed an inch too high here.

You should also check the picture on Angle's page, where he's standing next to 6' tall Alex – who's height is supposedly the same as Michaels's.
TheMan said on 27/Jan/06
I do think though he does wear lifts in he's boots making him taller. And he often wears cowboy boots to wrestlers who have normal boots on this could alter he's height by abit. So maybe thats why he's often thought to be taller.
Anonymous said on 27/Jan/06
Michaels and his 5-10 wife (former Nitro Girl Whisper)

I'd give him 5-10 or 5-11 based on video footage of both of them barefoot on WWF Confidential before he came out of retirement. I'll see if I can track that down.
Rocky said on 27/Jan/06
Ok, heres a few screen shots i just put together with Vince and Michaels stood toe to toe, its from Raw about a month ago, no cowboy boots here, both are wearing similair shoes.

Vince is 6'1.5 according to this site so as you can see i simply cannot buy 5'11 for michaels, he is atleast 6'0 as far as i can see.
grim said on 27/Jan/06
yeah the guy really looks somewhere between 5'11-6'0,really possible.
Cycklops said on 27/Jan/06
Being a Texan, Michaels wears his share of cowboy boots. He could have them on here...making him look 6'0" or 6'1". I personally belive he's 5'11.5"...
clad-in-black said on 27/Jan/06
to think he's one of the smaller wrestlers, always thought he was 178cm, and that stone cold was 180cm
Anshelm said on 27/Jan/06
OK, this image gives the same impression I got from TV:

Can anyone looking at this pic say there's 2 inches between them???
Rocky said on 27/Jan/06
As much as i hate Michaels i cant buy 5'11 he certainly looks atleast 6'0 these days, just compare him to Vince who is atleast 6'1 there aint much difference tbh, there's a story line involving both of them at the moment so have a look for yourself when they stand toe to toe, and btw he has a good 2' on Angle
Jason said on 27/Jan/06
He was always a good inch shorter than Stone Cold, even back in the day. I can't see him having ever been taller than 5'11''. He's obviously wearing cowboy boots there.
cantstop25 said on 26/Jan/06
he actually looks taller then 6' in that pic though it was before his surgery so he is probably under nowadays
Anshelm said on 26/Jan/06
Dunno... Last I looked he seemed about the same, maybe just taller than Kurt Angle (178 cm/5'10"). Hard to believe there's more than 1–2 cm between them.
J-Dog said on 26/Jan/06
Shawn Michaels has always looked a strong 6-footer.
TheMan said on 26/Jan/06
Hmm i knew micheals was like 5,11 to 6,0 but looks really tall there glenn surely he was wearing cowboy boots though as i know micheals does. just wondering was he in that picture?

[Editor Rob: yes, if he had them on then he is shorter...glenn, any rememerance of this guy's feet?]
175cm16andgrowing said on 26/Jan/06
Yes but I think thats long ago. He's been reported as 6'1'' (WWE), his real height is 6'... but that was before his back problems, some people say he's 5'11'' or 5'10''.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

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