How tall is Simon Helberg

Simon Helberg's Height

5ft 4 ¼ (163.2 cm)

American actor best known for playing Howard on the TV series The Big Bang Theory. On twitter he joked "With shoes - 6'2. Without - 5'7".

How tall is Simon Helberg
Kunal Nayyar & Simon
Photo s_bukley/
I’m small, so I can wear a Lot of the great fitted stuff you find in vintage stores. It bears out my theory that smaller people are superior. We get the best vintage clothing. I’m five-foot-seven, which is not dwarfishly small. It's not as if I need a booster seat when I go to a restaurant.
-- Playboy Magazine

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Average Guess (63 Votes)
5ft 4.22in (163.1cm)
Nik Ashton said on 9/Oct/22
Kunal must know Simon ain’t 5’7”!
Slim1.75m said on 7/Oct/22
HahahaHahahhahaha oohhh 5'7 Hahaha.
Ethan Larsen said on 12/Aug/21
He for sure wears lifts. 5ft 4.25 seems to bang on, 5ft 7 is more believable for Kunal.
BT said on 4/May/21
Galecki overall has struck me as the taller of the two but they can look very close. I do remember Galecki being edged by Scott Caan and Kevin Connolly on 'Entourage' though, so under 5'5 is quite arguable for him. Maybe 5'4.5 for Helberg and 5'4.75 for Galecki is closer.
Reyes said on 15/Mar/21
You chose the most unflattering picture of the poor 😭.
Torrinator said on 19/Jan/21
Galecki does edge this guy but as said in the show it could only be a 1/4 inch. I think it's more likely Mayim is a weaker 5ft 4, Helberg at 5ft 4.5 could be bang on though.
Leesheff85 said on 17/Jan/21
Why does he always look taller than mayim when both on flats and not by 1/4 of an inch
Editor Rob
sometimes 5ft 5 does look a possibility, maybe he is closer to that.
Dave Mills said on 2/Dec/20
His height seems tough to guess but I'm guessing he wakes up at almost 5'5, assuming that the big bang theory starts to shoot in morning and that his and Johnny Galecki's character sport pretty much the same sneakers.
Sulu2020 said on 6/Jan/20
He might be actually a little less than an inch apart from Johnny Galecki, exactly 3 inches apart from Kunal Nayyar, and nearly (probably not quite) 9 inches apart from Jim Parsons.
CD said on 25/Dec/19
This guy could do with a 1/4 inch upgrade, since he can look in that 5’4.5 range as much as 5’4 flat, likely he is between those two marks. Funnily enough in one episode of Big Bang I seem to remember his character saying Leonard was only a 1/4 of an inch taller than him, maybe a bit of a downplay but a full inch between the two can seem a bit much. In any case, I will stick with a 5’4.25” guess.
Editor Rob
Yeah, I think a fraction over 5ft 4 is probably fairer
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 1/Sep/19
He is 5ft 4 indeed. It's cool to know that many of Big Bang Theory actors and actresses are short like 4ft 10 Melissa Rauch and some others except 6ft tall range actor Jim Parsons....
Paul Wood said on 15/Mar/19
I never even round up by half an inch if someone asks. In fact I round down and don't mention the spare half inch as I always think people who mention half an inch are hung up about their height, and wouldn't want people thinking the same about me! This guy added two or three inches in the quote above. I wouldn't have the nerve.
Anonynon said on 11/Jan/19
Rob, yeah, you're right, no lifts. It's just the angle.

Found this - Click Here

I guess your calls are quite accurate.

My comment on Galecki's page is now worthless then.
Editor Rob
5ft 4.5 might becloser for him.
Anonynon said on 30/Dec/18
Lifts here or what?

Click Here

This guy's height seems difference in many pics.
Editor Rob
Seem rather normal, he stands well and can look in 5ft 5-5.5 range at times.
Anonim said on 25/Aug/18
WTF people, he fully 5ft 5
MAD SAM said on 11/Aug/18
Giving his elevator shoe height as his real height, yea that’s some joke alright ; 5’3.75” at 162 cm
lee168cm said on 18/Jul/18
Yuriy he clearly isn't taller than Johnny in that pic and I bet Simon wears thicker than average shoes
Yuriy said on 16/Jul/18
He is taller than Johnny Galecki. See any pics with them.

Click Here
vIKS said on 15/Mar/18
163 or 164cm
Christine Parker said on 18/Jul/17
I'm a Hugh fan you always make me laugh you have a unique personality
on screen and lm sure it's similar in real life your a pleasure to watch(funny man)lm sure you family are proud,my daughter and I are huge fans.. Christine (Australia)
John Davis said on 30/Jun/17
This is why legit 5ft 7 guys gets ridiculed for their height
matt said on 19/Jun/17
He looks absolutely tiny, not only height -wise, but also weight wise, I'm sure he is like 5'4 105lbs at most.
matt said on 19/Jun/17
He looks absolutely tiny, not only height -wise, but also weight wise, I'm sure he is like 5'4 110lbs at most.
Nookayhe said on 19/Jun/17
To be honest at the big bang theory he sometimes looks a little bit taller than Johnny galecki, but I guess this would be about right for him.
a knaw knee moose said on 13/May/17
its unfortunate being a 5 4 male i don't blame him at all for stretching that.
Editor Rob
he can at times seem 5ft 4.5 range. 5ft 7 though is stretching things a little too far.
Mike said on 11/May/17
Yeah, 5'7". :) Still, it's tough for the small dudes. It's just genetics. Nothing he can do about it.
GeeGun said on 6/May/17
He's claiming 5'7 ? Wow. That's bold.
leonari said on 20/Feb/17
He is visibly shorter than Galecki so 162 is the maximum. He looks tiny- Galecki looks just short.
Bobby said on 20/Nov/16
It's amazing what camera angles can do to make him appear not much shorter than 6'1 Jim Parsons. I guess with camera angles, you can make anyone look taller. I would have thought he was 5'6 to be honest. Hard to tell.
Anonimous said on 11/Nov/16
He is under 5'4" looks like at 5'3" or 5'3.5". It needs downgrade!
Mat said on 23/May/16
Rob, is the 5'7 a joke or do you think he is really claiming it?
Editor Rob
I think he's being serious about 5ft 7, that seems to be his claim.
Sean73 said on 8/Apr/16
Who cares! Five four, five six, five seven... Their funny and looooaded. Their seven feet tall for all I care!
Eric said on 6/Apr/16
He looks like a small guy. So I would say he's 5'4 or 5'4.5 at the most.
Sue said on 27/Dec/15
If you've watch Big Bang Theory there was this one episode Leonard laughed at him for being short which Howard then replied "you're only quarter an inch taller than me" so since Leonard is 165 cm, Howard should be 163 cm. Idk why he'd say he'a 170 cm... No one could believe that :|
magic said on 13/Sep/15
Click Here
He seems more tall than kaley cuoco and johnny galecki; and almost same height than Raji:
3 options:
-He is on tiptoe
-He use high heels
-He is really more tall than their
What do you think? Are there others pictures and he doesn't seem so short also near to Amy( I think she wears high-heels)
Scott179 said on 15/Jul/15
He's 5'5 and no more. He wears lifts in Big Bang as noted in some of the episodes. Raj is around 5'7 and Leonard 5'5.75. Jim parsons around 6'1
Rhonda said on 8/Jun/15
5'7 is a blatant lie for him, he is smaller than Leonard and Penny and not much above Amy. 5'4 seems right for him.
2015 said on 30/May/15
@Rob. Most source say 5'7 is he that tall?
Editor Rob
that seems very optimistic for him.
katie666 said on 24/May/15
i would say about 5'5, because hes the same height as johnny galecki. he is shorter than kaley cuoco who is 5'6
Drake said on 31/Oct/14
Met this guy. Very nice dude but definetly not 5ft 4in. I am 6 ft3in and my girlfriend is about 5ft 4.5in and she had two inches on him.( No footwear advantage)
Emily said on 27/Dec/13
lol tell me about it. I know it's weird. But i don't think any weirder than all the people here discussing height.
MD said on 26/Dec/13
Maybe you should start a site called, then. lol Seriously, it's weird.
Emily said on 24/Dec/13
Because that's the only thing here that really interests me. Height is really such a non-important topic to me, but there is a correlation to height, so i will discuss this too.
MD said on 23/Dec/13
@Emily, why have ALL of your comments, lately, been about head size? Really, it's gotten creepy.
Emily said on 22/Dec/13
His head doesn't look small though
yeye said on 12/Oct/13
This guy has to be an occasional lift wearer, he looks taller than Galecki sometimes, and I doubt Galecki ever wears lifts.
megamind said on 5/May/13
around 160cm. seems more reasonable.

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