How tall is Susie Dent

Susie Dent's Height

5ft 7 (170.2 cm)

English lexicographer, best known for being part of the Channel 4 series Countdown.

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5ft 6.96in (170.1cm)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 5/Feb/21
Susie just stated that there is in existence an 'Apostrophe Protection Society'! πŸ€£πŸ˜†πŸ˜ƒ

It sounds mighty funny to the ear but it's a relevant point. Susie cited the famous London Underground station 'Kings Cross' as an example of a name which has, over the years, lost its apostrophe. Then she mentioned 'Pratt's Bottom', a small village in Farnborough, Kent, which has a large hospital, and the village has maintained its little punctuative squiggle. I'm fully aware of the place - I was born there - but I tend to state in documentation that I was born in Farnborough, or simply, Kent. Why people find it so funny, I'll never know.... πŸ€”πŸ’­πŸ˜―


Susie gets her usual 5ft7 - in her stockinged feet, of course! She's positively tall, especially in heels.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Oct/20
Ha ha! Somebody came up with the word 'moisten', unaware that one of Susie's least favourite words is 'moist'! 😝

Susie kept shtum! πŸ€­πŸ™Š

5ft7.5 πŸ˜πŸ‘
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Jul/20
It's been really challenging competing with the contestants in the recent 'Champion of Champions' games that have been shown on our TVs of late, even though we are sitting in the comfort of our own homes, and therefore minus the stress the players are under.

The standard is so impressive, and I'm remembering people from well over a decade ago. One is a fellow who was a mere 14 years old when he played back in the Autumn of 2005, by the name of Conor Travers. He's grown into a handsome young man - and I bet he's successful at everything he's attempted to achieve. Imagine winning the Countdown Champions Trophy at just 14! The young Conor went on to study mathematics at Cambridge University.

Susie continues to enthral us every day with her daily 'origins of words' slot, of which Nick Hewer is a massive fan!

Susie gets 5ft7.25. I did at one time think she was around 5ft9. πŸ˜πŸ’
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/May/20
In yesterday's Countdown, it was revealed that Susie is an Arsenal supporter. My boyfriend will like her even more now!

She even received a letter from Arsene Wenger, Arsenal's manager, who's a Countdown enthusiast. So did my boyfriend when he wrote to Mr Wenger, complete with a couple of tickets for an Arsenal match!

Susie came over all unnecessary, and in the following word game, she only managed to get a three letter word - most unlike her!

She gets 5ft7. 😍⚽
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/Dec/19
I just tuned in to Countdown to find TV historian Susannah Lipscomb in Dictionary Corner with Susie.

She was just talking about what pregnant women were advised to avoid during their gestation period. Then she mentioned some 'horror stories' reported from that era, and one was about a woman reputed to have given birth to A CAT!

I don't see anything horrific about that - just ask any mother cat! πŸ˜ΈπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ό

Susie gets 5ft7.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Nov/19
I am watching the first-thing-in-the-morning Countdown and Susie was doing her 'origins of words' slot. My brother came in to stand by the TV to see how she looks. He said, "She's very intelligent, isn't she?"

I replied, "Of course! She's a lexographer and helps write the Oxford dictionary. You wouldn't think it to look at her, but she's in her 50s!" 😯

Just how far she is into her 50s Susie is, I simply had to find out, so I had a look on Google, to find out that I'd missed her Birthday, so...

πŸ’πŸŽ‚πŸŽ Belated Birthday Wishes πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸ’

go Susie's way! She turned all the fives, 5️⃣5️⃣, on the 19th of this month. Let's hope she had a great day!

5ft7.5. I genuinely thought she was as tall as 5ft9 when I saw her present a prize on Countdown!

Arch Stanton said on 2/Oct/19
Like her, rock chic style but quite quiet and introverted. You could imagine her being 5-9-5'11 sitting on Countdown, often looks taller in a chair than male guests. Must have a longer upper body and shorter legs then.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Jun/19
Today on Countdown, somebody got the word 'pooting'. Susie added that it was another word for breaking wind! Well, I never knew that, and I thought I knew them all!


Susie gets 5ft7.25, barefooted. She is one tall lady! πŸ˜πŸ’
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/May/19
In today's Countdown, Susie was wearing a duplicate of a top that I have, made out of cheetah print material. Ironically, I have the very same red dress as Rachel was wearing too! Both girls, at 5ft7 each, will lπŸ‘“k SO MUCH better than little me with over 5 fashionable inches more in height!


No less than 5ft7. I disagree with the average vote of 5ft6.85! If anything, I'd have thought Susie is taller than 5ft7. When I first saw her standing up, I was quite staggered!
Nik said on 1/Apr/18
@ Sandy Cowell

Thanks for that! Steve and his wife Karen are more or less identical in height, I cannot notice any difference at all between them! They are both a fraction over 5'7", maybe 5'7.25"! I saw your comment this morning on Rob's page about people of the same height dating each other!

I will let you know if I find any on-line pictures of Susie and any of her colleagues stood up in the company of each other!

Cheers ... And Happy Easter!
Sandy Cowell said on 31/Mar/18
@ Nik - I hope you have success when Steve comes round! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
Sandy Cowell said on 31/Mar/18
@ Nik - πŸ‘πŸ˜Š Oh, indeed it works....


Yes, it, or he, the little blighter, works extremely hard! πŸ‡
Nik said on 31/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

I may ask my brother Steve when he next comes over because he has the Internet on his phone! Thanks for that!

Your spell checker works too, at making things incorrect!

Have a good Easter!
Sandy Cowell said on 30/Mar/18
@ Gladstone Screwer - You naughty, naughty EXTRA naughty boy! Trust you to notice that! It is a very common instance, just as with guys, one 🏈⚾ is nearly always different to the other!

Unlike with women though, theirs aren't constantly under scrutiny!

Anyway, Gladstone, great to have you back! Have a very Happy Easter!

βšΎπŸˆπŸ‡ πŸ₯🌽πŸ₯🌽
Sandy Cowell said on 30/Mar/18
@ Nik - Ah, yes! I had to fill in a questionaire at the end of my hospital stay on a big, heavy tablet! If this is the same sort of thing as you are using, I don't think they do have that facility - but the spell-checker actually WORKS! πŸ‡πŸ‘
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Mar/18
@ Nik - If you have any Google 'speaking' facilities, you should be able to find success with this method of just shouting what you wish to know into the little speaker!

I use the one on my phone! Good luck!
Nik said on 28/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

I am not sure that I have this app as I own an ipad! Could you tell me the name of the website to go on please, or what I could do to find this quotation, as I would love to see it?

I went into "ask google" and asked about Nick Hewr's height, and before I had put in Nick Hewer's name I was greeted with suggestions like the height of Tom Cruise, Kevin Hart, "The Eiffel Tower", etc! When I did ask about Nick Hewer's height I couldn't find the page I wanted!

I am currently trawling around on the Internet for pictures of Susie Dent, Nick Hewer, and Rachel Riley, all together! I will let you know if I have any luck!

Sandy Cowell said on 26/Mar/18
@ Nik - All you do is shout in: "Nick Hewer - height"!

That's all I did, and although the results were inconclusive, you will see exactly what I saw, with any luck!

Let me know how you get on!
Nik said on 26/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

I think that's jolly fascinating to be honest with you, please tell me details of what to put in my Google box so that I can bring up the web page displaying my estimation of Nick Hewer's height! Thanks for telling me this!

I can see a case for Susie being slightly taller than Rachel, but they are pretty similar in height! I would say that the 5'7" - 5'7.25" range is apt for her! Unfortunately you don't see members of the countdown cast standing too much, that is a little bit of a shame! I think that Nick Hewer'is probably about the same height as our Rob!

Sandy Cowell said on 25/Mar/18
@ John Stannard - I tried to directly ask Google Nick Hewer's height, but with no success!

@ John Stannard and Nik - I was, however, given details of celebheights, complete with a couple of quotations, one from none other than you Nik, with your estimation of Nick's height from, I believe, October 2016! Now isn't that fascinating how the Google people accept our opinions as credible evidence on height?

Today, I will put 5ft7.5 for Susie. If anyone wants to see her stand, she always does just that when presenting a prize when, for instance, there has been a final! I couldn't believe how tall she is and neither could my boyfriend! She DID look taller than Rachel even, who is 5ft7!
John Stannard said on 23/Mar/18
Yes I would say she seems tall, however as mentioned you don't see her stood up much , but 5'7 or 5'8 seems about right, does anyone have an idea how tall nick Hewer is?
Mark said on 18/Mar/17
She used to come into the Co-op where i used to work in Summertown, Oxford, as far as i can recall she never wore heels and i would have guessed maybe 5'6?
Nik said on 15/Mar/17
She definitely has the "tall" look when she is sitting down. The problem s you rarely get to see her stood up but you do have a chance to gauge her height at the end of each series when the awards are handed out. I wasn't exactly sure on her height until I pressed pause and noticed that she was about the same height as Rachel Riley with both of them having the same level of footwear on, yes I reckon she is about 5'7" then.
Sandy Cowell said on 14/Mar/17
@ Arch Stanton - Hey, look out for her when she's all done up on the fun show '8 out of 10 cats does Countdown'!

@ Rob and Arch - You will see her standing up when she presents a contestant with an award! She SO looks tall and elegant!
Arch Stanton said on 13/Mar/17
Yes she never stood up but has the face and upoer frame look of a 5 ft 9 lady, I can see what Sandy means.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Mar/17
Always thought she had a tall look about her, I wouldn't have been surprised if she was 5 ft 9 or 10. Elegant, intelligemt and quite beautiful in a plain sort of way.
184.3cmJeff said on 12/Mar/17
I like watching the great show that is countdown, it's good to keep the mind active!, good listing too rob, also she's pretty!
Nik said on 12/Mar/17
She looks about the same height as Rachel Riley!
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Mar/17
Excellent! Thanks Rob! At 5ft 7, she's actually about 2 whole inches smaller than I thought! I would have accepted 5ft8 more easily! She probably spends so much time preparing our dictionaries for us that she doesn't have much time to eat! Yes, I think she's another very slim one like Rachel, who looks appreciably taller than she is!
I trust your experienced eyes over my novice ones so I will put down 5ft7!
Editor Rob
Sandy, I don't think Susie ever wore as big heels as someone like Rachel does, although on that show it was extremely rare to ever see her stand.

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