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Peak: 5ft 8.88in (174.9cm)
Current: 5ft 8.02in (172.8cm)
Zach said on 26/Dec/05
Sorry, I didnt comment properly on my earlier posting ( when he emailed me back he said he was wearing thick tennis shoes and that Sly appeared to wear boxing ones. Appeared being the operative word with Sly I suppose given his tendency for elevator footwear.

I'm not going to argue blindly though, if he's wearing regular shoes here then it really does appear he's 5'9 at least. Just perplexes me as to how this height fits in with all the other countless comments of him being less than 5'9.

My logic is that if someone genuinely appears within a range of heights then its likely that he's using elevators to go up (since almost everyone on this site is not at a growing age anymore) and that that person is probably at the bottom of the range. But who knows.
Zach said on 25/Dec/05
This painter (and long time stallone fan) met with Sly recently, I emailed him asking how tall he was he said he was 5'8.5 and that Sly easily had an inch on him.
Cobra said on 24/Dec/05
Look at this photo:
The guy on the right is someone who I know through a Stallone-Board, he flew to Las Vegas for Rocky VI.
He is 174 cm.

Editor Rob
Stallone 'appearing' close to 5ft 10...he's got an annoying habit of looking 5ft 10 an awful lot!
ahuat said on 21/Dec/05
i think if somebody wear lifts and jump into the ring, his movement will not be good, but after i have a look on rocky 6 photoshots, i can say that stallone really looks like 5.10", also don't forget about the photo with James Caan ( 5.9" ), Stallone has broken foot, and he wear a sandal, he still taller than Caan about 1 inch.
Gramps said on 21/Dec/05
Zach: those "elevator trainers" look more like typical skate shoes you'd buy at Vann's.
Zach said on 20/Dec/05
Rob - I wouldnt be so sure. Of course, no regular guy would be expected to jump about in a ring with lifts on, but this is sylvester stallone we're talking about.

Here's one of many examples of him sparring with his much publicised elevator trainers ON:

He's sported different types of footwear in his fights in the various rocky's. In the ones against Drago (dolph lundgren) and Hulk Hogan where he had no chance of coming close to their heights he appeared to wear regular sneakers (although what DocAlt mentioned below is very interesting) and those two towered over him by at least a good 8-10inches.

Against Apollo (Carl Weathers) however, and the ones closest in similarity to the ones he's wearing at the moment with Tarver he wore these:

Take a close look at them and tell me its not impossible to put lifts in those. Not that Sly would be likely to do something like that to try and fool everyone that he's a 5'9+ guy.

Editor Rob
cancel my bet ;)

yes, it is possible he could...actually those boots could hide and the crease on them suggest it is possible they could have built-up innards. I just personally would find it unlikely he'd risk jumping about with them on - but then, if they were expertly hand-made then I guess so...maybe the insurance company charges Sly bigger premiums, I can just imagine clause 175 - 'elevator accidents'
Ziggy said on 20/Dec/05
DocAtl, is it possible to give us the links to those old Muscle & Fitness mag photos of Sly?
Ziggy said on 20/Dec/05

Here's a link to his Rocky site of a live video of him sparring with 6'-2" Antonio Tarver. In the video clip, Sly looks a solid 5-10, 5-11, I'd say. But - you can't really tell if his running shoes have lifts. I speculate that they do not have lifts since he'd have to wear hi-tops to get any significant height which running shoes cannot accomplish. Unless Tarver's real height is less than 6-2, I'd say I'f might have to change my height assessment of Sly from 5-8 to perhaps 5-10. Let's hear it from the "experts". Enjoy the link:

Editor Rob
Antonio Tarver's official site actually lists him as 6ft 2.5! The half-inch must be important ;)

it's hard to say, but one thing I would bet on is that he wouldn't be jumping about a boxing ring with lifts!
Anonymous said on 19/Dec/05
Zach, I love that picture. Obviously Hogan is 6'10" and Stallone 5'2". LOL
Zach said on 19/Dec/05
Stallone and Hogan, both with trainers on in R3...

Plus slys got his military posture.
Glenn said on 18/Dec/05
stewart is 5-10.I have seen him in slippers coming out of a van,after concert.
Zach said on 17/Dec/05
Rob - maybe if you contact these guys they'll tell you what his real height is.

Editor Rob
I doubt they'd tell :)
Gramps said on 17/Dec/05
I don't know guys, check out this pic of Stallone with Hulk Hogan. If Stallone was wearing the tallest lifts in the world he still shouldn't look this close to Hogan, even granting that Hogan has shrunk down to around 6'3.5" today.
Viper652 said on 17/Dec/05
The funny thing is, nobody can pin down Rod Stewarts height either. Is he really 5-10??

Editor Rob
he wants people to believe he's 5ft 11...actually I really do not think he's anywhere under 5ft 10. The fact some papers continually described him as diminutive and '5ft 5' means many folk probably think he's short...maybe they had it in for him!
dmeyer said on 16/Dec/05
i have a friend who around 6 feet who has worked on rocky 6 and told me stallone was average 5 ft 9 or 10 he is almost 60
Mr. R said on 15/Dec/05
Steve, I have been in Hollywood for five years, and actors DO NOT have to be 5-10. The main issue is the screen tests - how do they look on camera. This is why we have so many actors of average or below average height. Looks can only be altered so much, but height can always be manipulated or changed.
FASULO said on 15/Dec/05
Dear friends in good tgri photo there is a 173(Depp obviously)VS a 170 cm with lifts(Stallone).Otherwise there are not explanations.
jonny5 said on 14/Dec/05
when contender was on they had an interview in a uk news paper and he stated 5t7
John said on 13/Dec/05
Then how come he looked about a foot taller than Sly in "Rocky III"?
Anonymous said on 11/Dec/05
Joh, you are aware that Hulk Hogan is not 6'7" today and it is debatable if he ever was that height...He has stated 6'6" and 6'7" in his prime and today, he states that he is 6'4"...I don't see him at 6'4"...Maybe 6'3" and change and if Sly can look as tall as 6'0" with his stilts, and Hogan is wearing flats, then the height difference between the two of them makes a lot more sense...
John said on 11/Dec/05
How the hell did he look as tall as 6'7" Hulk Hogan? Sly must have been on stilts!
Mario Nariano said on 10/Dec/05
Stallone wanted too look fat in the movie ( it's probably is best role).
At the beginning we see him in his sandals and he looks 2 inches shorter than Ray Liotta. If you have Sly at 5 ft 7, you Viper think that Ray Liotta is 5 ft 9 (?), Harvey Keitel 5 ft 6 (?) and De Niro as 5 ft 7? I think that those heighs don't make sense at all, we have seen Sly barefoot and his legs aren't that short and he definitly doesn't look 5 ft 7 next to his co-stars.
Viper652 said on 10/Dec/05
I remember old Sly was quite fat in Copland. :) He did look 5-7 in that movie to me.
Danimal said on 9/Dec/05
Actually, 196 pounds is quite heavy for Stallone. This is a man who weighed between 161 and 177 pounds. The one exception was in 1996, when he starred in Copland, where he apparently went up to 212 pounds...
Zach said on 9/Dec/05
nolifts81 - read Ziggy's comments below on the 18 Nov. Ziggy obviously knows what he's talking about and has also says DiFabrizio personally told him that Sly's height is/was 5'8.

Also at his and Briggites wedding...firstly Sly was the one wearing heels in that relationship whilst she obviously didnt. Given that he's prob 5'8 + on the 3.75 lift advantage and he's close to 6'. And if you look carefully the pictures were very carefully crafted, she's always swaying/tilting one way or another, making them more or less the same height. They obviously put a lot of effort into those pics. Check out any other countless pics of the two of them and she's always towering over him.
nolifts81 said on 9/Dec/05
David, Sharon Stone is 5'8" (She says 5'8.5")and Sylvester Stallone was about 1.5 taller.In each occasion where he is barefoot he appeared always close to 5'10" (177cm). Be more realistic.
Cobra said on 9/Dec/05
"196lb!! ....that would make him no more than 5'6" in body weight to height ratio!!"
That`s bulls***.
Sly is always ripped and not that muscular, also he don`t have Bodybuilder legs.
4.5 inche shoes? Of course, and he is walking in them.
nolifts81 is right.
nolifts81 said on 8/Dec/05
I am reading a lot of stupid things. Dear Richard. Pasquale Di Fabrizio (the specialist shoemaker)never said the height of Sylvester Stallone, he said only that he added about 4.5 inches to his height for 16 years. Believe me I have a brother that use elevator shoes or shoe lifts sometimes and I could assure you that there is no way to appear more than 3.75 taller. The top of the lift could be also at 4.5 or at 5 inches but when you wear them you are max 3.75 taller if you not wear a zeppa shoes. Only with a Zeppa you could be taller and Stallone didn't wear Zeppa shoes. They are only for women and are ridicoluos. This was said to me from a specialist shoemaker more techical than Pasquale di Fabrizio. So I think that for 16 years he made for Stallone 4.5 elevator shoes but Stallone appeared only 3.75 taller no more!!!.If he was 5'7" or 5'8" how could appears the same height of Brigitte Nielsen (184cm barefoot)at their marriage? In other occasions:the hall of fame for Hulk Hogan where he appeared only 3-4 inches shorter than Hogan. How is possible if the elevator shoes could only influence your height by about 3.75 inches? I think that is time to look at Sylvester Stallone with more obiettivity. I am not a fan of Stallone but I think that he isn't a liar and he is close to 5'10"(about 177cm). Look at the shower scene with Stone(5'8")where he is about 1.5 inches taller or with Russell(5'9")where he is a little bit taller. Please don't say stupid things but look with obiettivity.
Glenn said on 6/Dec/05
my friend in vegas has been running into him alot lately and he is reporting the 5-7 5-8 most people see.I see a lot taller has this same friend,so Im not nuts.
CoolJ said on 4/Dec/05
BoxRec has Hatton at 5'6.. I say he's 5'6. He was shorter than 5'7 Tszyu when they fought
Zach said on 4/Dec/05
Recent pic of Sly and Burt Young...

Cobra said on 4/Dec/05
Rob, I think it is time to give him at least 177 cm. :)
cendrin rovini said on 4/Dec/05
No way Rambo is any smaller than 181cm. He was the hero of my childhood and in some German magazine they wrote 181cm (and wrote, that's small ;-(.
TJ said on 4/Dec/05
CoolJ, Ricky Hatton is 5'7, not 5'6. Stallone looks about 3 inches taller in that pic, which would make him 5'10 if not wearing special shoes. I think it unlikely that Sly doesn't have some kind of shoe advantage though, even if only an inch.
Ziggy said on 3/Dec/05
By the way, Tarver is 6"2". See how much shorter Sly is.
Ziggy said on 3/Dec/05
If you can make it to Vegas, here's where you can sign up to be in the actual fight scenes between Sly and Antonio "Magic Man" Tarver in Rocky 6:
Ziggy said on 3/Dec/05
If you want to put this to rest once and for all, Sly will be in Vegas filming Rocky 6 Dec. 5-8. Bring your digital!
CoolJ said on 3/Dec/05
Stallone with 5'6" boxer Ricky Hatton
Danimal said on 2/Dec/05
MCFLy, are you looking at the same picture as all of us are?? You honestly see a 9 inch height difference in height between Hogan and Stallone in that recent pic? No way!!
Ron said on 2/Dec/05
I lived near Sly as a teen in Philadelphia, and was in class with his brother Frank at Pollack school on Welsh Rd.I remember they lived on the 2700 block of Mower St. He is definately shorter than my 5'9" height.
Glenn said on 1/Dec/05
he is also bare foot in tango and cash.the guy is 5-9,5-10.looking as big as 5-11,6 feet in his magic shoes.
Zombie King said on 1/Dec/05
He stood in front of me at the DMV in Santa Monica (which was across the street from what was then his gym.) He 5 foot 6 maybe...but all muscle.
Tubbs said on 1/Dec/05
I wonder if Sly has ever had any embarrasing moments at airports, or with security and been asked to remove his shoes? We dont have that problem in the UK, but I know a guy who went to New York some time ago, and he had to remove his shoes to get into a shop. Is this a problem in America for the lift wearing population?
Zach said on 30/Nov/05
Rare situation where Sly is barefooted...any idea how tall this guy from Lock Up is Rob?

Also in demolition man when Sly is being led to the freezer by two security guards he's barefooted..if you knew their heights maybe Sly's could be pinpointed too.

Also, Sly's prob unlikely to be wearing lifts here...
Mr. R said on 30/Nov/05
I am probably the only one who remembers when The Hulkster started. For the Rocky movies, and his early WWF career, when he was a bad guy, he was always listed as the "7 foot Hulk Hogan", making Stallone look even smaller!
dmeyer said on 30/Nov/05
most site list him at 5 ft 9 or 10
dmeyer said on 30/Nov/05
rob i think you right is no shorter than 5'9 maybe 177
Danimal said on 29/Nov/05
I have to clear this up for ALL OF YOU!!! Hogan has not just lost height due to age and bodyweight, etc....The man began losing height in 1990, after his first major back operation, whereby they fused an inch and a qarter of his spinal discs. From that point onward he had numerous more back operations, 2 knee operations and an entire hip replacement.The man has stated himself to lost 3 inches due to this and now being 6'4" from his 6'7" peak height...He may have been 6'6" and change and is now only 6'3" and change, but the evidence is there for all to see with recent pics, compared to his pics taken in the 80's next to men like Donald Trump, Muhammed Ali, Jesse Ventura, Vince McMahon, and Sylvester Stallone, who he towered over....
HeightFind said on 29/Nov/05
It's no use using the Hogan/Stallone comparison - Hulk Hogan,being a very tall man, has shrunk a good couple of inches,perhaps even more,due to his age,training regime and weight.It is a known medical fact that tall men(6 feet plus)carrying excess weight can shrink alarmingly as they advance in years.Stallone,being 5'9" barefoot is probably STILL the same height as he was in his youth.That is the advantage that men of average height enjoy.They lose very little,if any height at all due to age,so long as they are fit and healthy.
Zach said on 29/Nov/05
A more recent picture of Hogan, Stallone and Mr T...

Jason said on 29/Nov/05
Hogan isn't 6'4'' today, 6'3'' is being optimistic. In all honesty, Hogan has got around 4 inches on Stallone even in his big lifts. There's other pics of this event at different angles and Stallone doesn't look quite as tall next to Hogan as he does there ... I can see Stallone being only in the 5'7'' - 5'8'' region in bare feet.
anony said on 29/Nov/05

nuf' said. he has short legs, he's 5 7 max. 5 '11 with the special shoes
Danimal said on 28/Nov/05
Being an avid bodybuilder myself for over 16 years now, I know that Joe Weider, hailing from my hometown of Montreal, Canada was a legit 5'10" and weighed between 160-165 during his competitions...Arnold S. was between 6'1" and 6'2"...Hogan I believe was around 6'7" at his peak. He has had NUMEROUS back operations, whereby they removed and fused some of his discs together, as well as severalm knee replacements and hip replacements...There goes a few inches immediately and it's noticeable...Superstar Billy Graham was at one point 6'3"-6'4", but after going through the same surgeries as Hogan, he looks to be have lost AT LEAST half a foot. In fact, there was a pic of Hogan and Graham, standing side by side and there was MAX 2-4 inches between them and then there is another photo taken several years later, whereby Billy is below Hogan's shoulders...Now, Hogan is at the other end of the spectrum...In regards to Stallone, I'm really not sure...He was shorter than Mr.T in the eighties, but as was mentioned in Copland, he stood the exact same height as Deniro, who is between 5'9" and 5'10", so it's hard to tell. My question is, how much has Hogan shrunk? He stated this year that he has lost a total of 3 inches, but I dare say that he has lost more...
Zach said on 27/Nov/05
Weider - another one involved in this Sly height PR bs. They'd already met early in the 80s in Sly's own gym.

Schwarzenegger always had a good 3-4inches on Weider atleast, heres a recent pic:

Which makes Weider what 5'9? Possibly less if, as this site claims, Arnie is only 6'0.

And Weider easily has atleast an inch on Sly, despite Sly's military pose attempts:

Editor Rob
weider's in his 80's now, but don't think he's lost that much height though...
Anonymous said on 27/Nov/05
a friend of my who is about 174 cm met stallone for a meating and told me that sly was a good inch over him he described him as 178
Glenn said on 27/Nov/05
sly can look 5'11, 6 feet.Ive met him many times.cant say whats in the shoes.Im betting he really is 5'10''.I agree with the few of you that say that.minimum is 5'9''.laura prepon said 5'3''.and so do people who havnt seen him.they have this theory he is 5'3''-5'5'',the general public that is.he is for sure the tallest supposed short person I ever met.mel gibson is the biggets liar,and tom cruise is for sure 5'7'' and not hiding it.
Tubbs said on 26/Nov/05
In that second picture from tgri of Sly with Hogan, you can tell by the look on his face that he's thinking ' hey, i'm nearly as tall as Hulk Hogan'. To be honest he does, and even if hulk is only 6'3 these days, Sly has got to be 5'10.

Editor Rob
I thought I was going to catch Sly on the course beside a legit heighted guy...anyway on this page you can see sly in golf shoes (carrying big bag aswell) near kevin sorbo, but alas Sly has moved a bit closer to camera than kevin. Also note the pics of sorbo and kevin james on that page...

to remind, here is sorbo with a slight lean beside me link
Jason said on 26/Nov/05
It's because Hogan is only around 6'3'' these days. He was never 6'7'' ... wrestling stats are (and even a lot of stats wrestlers give ''out of character'') are bs.
Ziggy said on 26/Nov/05
Regarding Copland, if you see the scene at the very end in which Sly is walking opposite DeNiro, they are exactly the same height; Sly was wearing black police loafers that may have lifts. DeNiro is consistently listed at 5-9, although he has been known to wear lifts as well. To back this data up, in GoodFellas, Deniro walks opposite Liotta, and there is a marked difference of at least 2.5", so I believe Liotta to 5-11.5 and DeNiro at 5-9.
Chris said on 25/Nov/05
In Copland when Sly and Ray Liotta is running after "superboy" and then turn back, you can see that Sly is wearing joggingshoes, he probabley has lifts in them maybe 1.25 inch. He always has some kind of lifts in his shoes, minimum 1.25 inch. Ray Liotta wears flat shoes. Ray Liotta who has stated his height as 5'11
Zach said on 24/Nov/05
This is prob a good pic to gauge Hahn's height, compared with Arnie
Zach said on 24/Nov/05
That's a good point, if we can pinpoint Hahn's exact height then maybe we can do the same with Sly although he does use every trick in the book...military posture, tip toes, elevator trainers, though like I said, doubt he'd be using lifts whilst running (is that possible?)

Though if this site claims Arnie is 6'0...Hahn looks the same height in that pic Rob posted, difficult to see Hahn being 6'3. Or maybe both he and Arnie are in the 6'2 range and like Rob said that baseball player, 2-3inches shorter than the Arnie and Hahn, is 6ft.
nolifts81 said on 23/Nov/05
I was sure that Sly was 5'9" barefeet but after his photo's with the major Hahn that is for sure 6'3"(in a article of L.A.Times he was described as a solid 6'3")I am sure that Sly is 5'10" because Hahn is exactly 5 inches taller than him and Sly cannot wears lifts in that tipe of shoes.
Chris said on 23/Nov/05
In Rocky, Sly wears lifts in most scenes which makes him at lest 3
Mr. R said on 22/Nov/05
I have met the ex mayor of LA several times, Jim Hahn, and he is a straight up 6-2, and maybe a little over that. In that pic, Sly looks like he is standing on his toes, and not flatfooted, which gives the impression of 5-10.
Zach said on 22/Nov/05
Rob - any idea how tall Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn is? Cos this is one situation where I really doubt Sly could have been wearing lifts (he was running earlier on). He still has pretty big basketball trainers on but doubt theres any lifts...

Editor Rob
Hahn and Arnie...not too sure exactly...the baseball guy to the right is supposed to be 6ft?
Mr. R said on 21/Nov/05
I chatted with Carl Weathers twice at two celebrity funerals - Carroll O'Connor and Robert Urich. He was taller than I expected, but no taller than 6-1 now.
Anonymous said on 21/Nov/05
rob you are totaly right in sneakers or casual shoes you can wear 1" or 1.25" lift at best only in boots you can put 2" lift
leonari said on 20/Nov/05
Stallone is without any doubt between 5'9" and 5'10". Claims he is smaller are a joke. He wears lifts and since he is quite big the lifts help his appearence of a tall man while he is totally average. He was named body of the 80's by the bodybuilding federation and is a great actor.
Cobra said on 20/Nov/05
What do you say about this pic:

Ralf M
Ziggy said on 19/Nov/05
Rob - I only wear the boots when I'm out on the town and in the social spotlight. I also have some modified hi-top basketball shoes that add a good 3.25" to my height if I want to dress more casual but still want to be seen. I wear normal casual footwear w/ no lifts for running errands. That is when I'm on the "down low".
Ziggy said on 19/Nov/05
Thank God I never have to worry about going to Sweden...or Asia, for that matter. Even if I didn't wear lifts, I would never wear just socks in someone else's house. Even in my house I wear my "indoor" shoes. But that's just me.
Charles said on 19/Nov/05
Ziggy those boots would never hide your true height if you lived in Sweden. Here we take off our shoes when we visit each other and go into peoles houses. I've really never understood why people walk around with their shoes on in so many countries. I mean, doesn't it get dirty in peoples homes? And I think it's hot to wear shoes when you go out, I can only imagine how it would be to wear them all day long. Yikes :D
Ziggy said on 19/Nov/05
Rob - to answer your inquiries, only those friends/relatives I've told about my wearing lifts know. The rest are oblivious or keep it to themselves. Shin splints? Never. I don't wear the boots 24/7, thank God. The longest stretch I will have them on is probably 10 hours straight, and maybe half the time I'm sitting. Look, if women can wear 7" pumps to which the angle of my boot pale by comparison, it's not as bad as one would think. It definitely takes some getting used to, but, then again, I've had a lot of "training", having worn lifts for 25 years now. Don't expect me to run marathons in these though! Blistering and pinching has been pretty much eliminated due to the painstaking efforts to repeatedly adjust the fit; something only meticulous custom work and a helluva lot of time and patience on my bootmaker and myself could accomplish. Short of cosmetic limb lengthening and the associated risks, this is really the only way to go.

Editor Rob
kudos to your much more confident do you feel when you're in those boots? I mean, do you ever just wear normal type shoes out and about?
Zach said on 17/Nov/05
Yes McFly to determine Burt Young's and anyone else's height you just look at him and sort of like, compare him to surrounding oxygen molecules, and there you have it - their exact height.

You're a funny guy tgri, I'll give you that much.

btw, regarding the Sugar Ray pics...Sly looked pretty much exactly the same height or maybe half an inch taller in the Contender, and he wore his elephant elevator trainers throughout and Sugar Ray was more often seen to wear sandals.
Go watch the Contender.

So editor, if by you're own words you reckon Sugar Ray is 5'7 how does that put Sly at 5'9?

Editor Rob
I think that 5ft 7 for sugar was when listing sly lower ;)
Zach said on 14/Nov/05
Editor Rob on the Mike Tyson comments page: "I remember that Sugar Ray Leonard got listed at 5ft 10 in the past and these days (ain't that old at 50 odd) he looks to be struggling with 5ft 7"
Viper652 said on 13/Nov/05
Interesting, Eddie Murphey is a legit 5-8
Chris said on 13/Nov/05
Sly and (5'8''-5'10'')Wesley Snipes
Chris said on 13/Nov/05
Millitary-posture Sly and 5'10''Sugar Ray leonard.

Chris said on 13/Nov/05
Look at this pic... some lifts there Sly!
mick said on 12/Nov/05
clearly Sly does not appear 5, 10" it's incredible how he can look like a big guy, i think his workout helps mhim to look like a thin and tall guy.
Mr. R said on 9/Nov/05
Sly certainly does look 5'10" in this pic with the Escape to Victory team, but never underestimate the power of lifts! They have many sneakers, or trainers for the UK folks, that have 2 to 3 inch heels in them!
Mr. R said on 9/Nov/05
Several years ago in Parade magazine, Sly's sister laughed at his claims to be 5'10". She said something along the line of the fact that she was 5'9" in her stocking feet, and that she was still taller than Sly!
Zach said on 9/Nov/05
Apparently she (sly's sis) laughed/mocked his claim of being 5'10.
vaj said on 8/Nov/05
I am 5'8 with out shoes on and 5'9 1/4 with shoes on. When I met him we were the same height.
Tubbs said on 8/Nov/05
his is a better picture of the Escape to Victory team - Here he looks taller than 5'10 Summerbee, and nearly as tall as 5'11 Wark,Sly looks 5'10 here.
Anonymous said on 8/Nov/05
I disagree, he's on that pic definitely 5.9 if she is 5'11.25!!!
Tubbs said on 7/Nov/05
Sly in the team photo for Escape To Victory. He does look a genuine 5'10 on this, Mike Summerbee is on his right, officially listed at 5'10, and John Wark is on his left, officially listed as 5'11. There is a slight slant in favour of Summerbee, which makes him look taller, but I think 5'10 is feasable for Sly. Theres no way he could have worn lifts in the old style boots, he would've ended up breaking his ankles! Anyway, team photos are pretty accuarate height indicators, i've been in plenty of them!
CelebHeights Editor said on 4/Nov/05
From a comicbook forum: "As a member of the Vertically Challenged Members of Male Society (V-ChaMMS) and hovering danged close to 5-8 myself I can pretty much guarantee that someone listed at 5-8 is probably a lot closer to 5-6" I met Sly Stallone once who's supposedly 8" over five foot and he made me feel tall"
CoolJ said on 2/Nov/05
Mighty impressive lifts Stallone has on here!!!

Fernando Vargas is a weak 5'10".. Stallone is TOWERING over him.
TJ said on 1/Nov/05
Zach, are you saying Stallone is only two inches shorter than Travolta? Look at the first pic of the two posted in this thread, where you see a full body shot of both. Stallone is a good two inches (probably more) shorter even when wearing large heels that give him anything from 1-1.5 extra inches. He's 3-4 inches shorter than Travolta, not two.
Mr. R said on 1/Nov/05
Rob, I actually remember when this pic came out during the press junket for their horrible film "Staying Alive", the sequel to Saturday Night Fever. Somewhere their is a pic of their shoes, and Sly was wearing at least three inch heels!
Zach said on 1/Nov/05
tgri - if Sly himself claimed to be 5'10 (and this was nearly 15 years ago, now he's almost 60 and undoubtedly shorter) and you reckon he's 6'0 then I think you're the one 'trapped' in this unreality!

Travolta is 6' even, and Sly has at least 2" inch heels there, I mean you can't even see how high they go upto...and even then he's still a couple of inches shy of Travolta (take into account his afro). Go figure.

Anyway, have you met Sly? No, neither have I. Hulk Hogan - his friend - has and he says Sly is no more than 5'8 - a height he observed 23 years ago during Rocky III.

See reference below, somebody posted the page number of Hogan's book this is stated in.

I'm in agreement with CoolJ, he's max 5'8.
CoolJ said on 1/Nov/05
Of course, thats my opinion on Leno.. he may be 5'10.5 or so.. I think Stallone is at the most a weak 5'9
Zach said on 1/Nov/05
tgri, this article may answer your (and the editor's) questions as to how Stallone looks 'huge'..

""Sylvester Stallone (5-7) has done a brilliant job of portraying himself to the viewing public as a big guy," said Ralph Keyes, author of "The Height of Your Life."

Stallone has gone to great lengths to hide his height, casting shorter co-stars and wearing platform shoes with trousers that hide them, said Keyes. Why go through all the trouble?

"We so associate size with power, that's the whole issue," said Keyes."

Taken from:
Brett said on 31/Oct/05
I met a guy the other night from the states who claims to work around stallone, he was 5'9" and told me that Sly was convincingly smaller then him, he said like 5'6" or 5'7" and that he has seriously intricut elevator shoes that he wears. Now my friend who claims to be 5'9 I reckon could be under this as I could see easily over his head, and Im 6'1" so it makes you wonder just how short sly would be, as this guy was probably more 5'8" making Sly more like 5'6".
Mario Nariano said on 30/Oct/05
I don't think that 177 pounds is low for 5 ft 10 or 5 ft 9 guy.
I'm 5 ft 11 and I weight 170 pounds, and i'm not skini. According to my doctor i'm even overweight... So I don't consider it good argument too downgrade a star, and how tall do you then that James Caan is, also 5 ft 7 viper?

I'm sure that stallone is between 174 and 176 cm
CoolJ said on 30/Oct/05
tgri: check the difference here.. and height, also notice the footwear. He is NOT close to 5'10".. Although I will say he's taller than 5'7"{caad432b-a3bc-4129-b893-2daa136f599f}|{ffffffff-ffff-ffff-ffff-ffffffffffff}&qsPageNo=1&fdid=&Area=Search&TotalCount=7&CurrentPos=1&WinID={caad432b-a3bc-4129-b893-2daa136f599f}
Zach said on 29/Oct/05
Hey Mario, why dont u read the other posts before posting...I already explained the denzel pic below and even the pro-slyistall editor agreed with me. But here you again...

If Denzel is 6ft, he's still clear of Sly by at least a clear inch. So Sly = 5'11

Assuming Denzel's got normal trainers on, Sly's got half an inch advantage minimum just on the heel. Sly = 5'10.5.

Lets say for arguments sake his internal lifts are 1.5inch. Sly = 5'9.

Now consider the fact that he's pretty much slung himself on to Denzel, forcing his 'excellent posture'...thats easily another inch.

So Sly = 5'8 bare feet.

And thats giving him the benefit of the doubt, even you said he could have 2 inch lifts, which would put him clearly in the 5'7 category.
CoolJ said on 28/Oct/05{caad432b-a3bc-4129-b893-2daa136f599f}|{ffffffff-ffff-ffff-ffff-ffffffffffff}&qsPageNo=1&fdid=&Area=Search&TotalCount=7&CurrentPos=1&WinID={caad432b-a3bc-4129-b893-2daa136f599f}

Wow, look at the difference there.. Travolta at 6'.. MAYBE 6'0.5 at that point in time.. Check out the difference in torso height.. my god.

I'd say Stallone has an easy 2" advantage in shoes.. and I think the camera is even in Stallone's favor slightly... Not to mention Travolta appears to have 2" advantage in height.

At that point... in that picture, I'd say Stallone is 5'8. Has he lost a half-inch since then?? Not sure.. but after looking at that.. I still think 5'9 might be a ludicrous assumption. I'll accept 174cm as a possible maximum peak height.. which I doubt he is still at..
Cobra said on 28/Oct/05
Think 177 cm is correct, which means very close to 5 ft10 instead of 5ft9.
compliment to Sly, he always managed to have a big look.
And also he isn`t small, he`s on an average height.
Mr.Fister said on 27/Oct/05
Jackie Chan was once quoted as saying GQ "look at Sly, he's 5'2" but looks tall", "posture is everything"
sf said on 27/Oct/05
tgri - even "flat golf shoes" can have lifts in them. They make lifts in all kinds of shoes. The heel means nothing - it's what's hidden in the shoes that makes the difference.
Zach said on 26/Oct/05
The type of shoes Sly typically wore at his book signings this year...

ahuat said on 25/Oct/05
5.10 is how many .... cm?
check on, sly with broken foot is definitely taller than Caan.
and i remembered few years ago i have a picture of Sly an Chan together when Chan visit him in his home, and it looks that Sly is about an inch plus taller than Chan.

nolifts81 said on 14/Oct/05
I think that sly is 5'9" barefoot. He is 2 inches shorter then Shiffer who is 5'11" and in the shower scene with Sharon Stone he is about 1.3(3cm) inches taller that her; in the shower scene with Kurt Russell he is 0.5 inches taller than Kurt or at least at the same height. I think that these proofs are the only credibles because he cannot wear lifts in these situations. He is 5'9" that's the truth. But I belive that sly when weares his shoes could reach any kind of heights : also 6'2"(look at the pictures of the hall of fame induction for Hogan or at the pictures with her ex wife Brigitte Nielsen(6'1")where him in certain situation appears even a little bit taller than her.But after a lot of time I'm sure that he is 5'9".
Viper452 said on 13/Oct/05
Sly is 5-10 with lifts I think. 5-7 barefoot.
trueheight said on 15/Sep/05
I'm not gonna make a definitive guess but the pictures say it all. We need to discredti the pic w/ schiffer as it is a publicity pick and no doubt been tampered with. If it was possible for LOTR to do it on MOTION picture, think of how easy it is to shrink SHiffer against Stallone. It doesn't prove anything cuz there is no reference(ie, the two are not touching). The best Picture is the one posted earlier:

Look carefully, Stallone as expected is in his trademark posture, while Arnie is bending substantially and its obvious that willis is above sly.
Height Detective said on 2/Sep/05
Look at the "BIG" stars:
mcFan said on 1/Sep/05
Sly isn't short at all like people claim. He is very close to 5'9, but the reason he attracts attention to his height is he can look as tall as 5'11 because he's obviously wearing lifts.
CoolJ said on 1/Sep/05
Zach, check out Stallone's shoes.. Those are thick heels even still!

Arnold's shoes don't really looks suspect either. Stallone looks closer to 5'8" here.
Zach said on 31/Aug/05
Very rare instance where Sly appears NOT to wear elevators, and Arnold, even with a slight bend, towers over him. If Arnold is really 6'0 as this site claims, then this shows again that no way is Stallone 5'9
Nino said on 25/Aug/05
There is a sistem to see if anyone is wearing elevator shoes or lifts inside:the eye level.If the top of the heads of two peoples is on the same height but the eyes of one of the two are significatively up than the other person this one wears elevator shoes or lifts inside. Look at the pictures of sly near his brother Frank (2.5 inches taller than him barefoot)or near Denzel Washington.I am sure that Sly is 175 cm barefoot but when he weares his trainer shoes he is 184,5 cm. A specialist shoemaker told me that a normal shoes without zeppa or platform could make people taller of 9,5 cm max.
CelebHeights Editor said on 24/Aug/05
On showbiz newsgroup: "We visited Las Vegas last year and went to Madame Tussaud's wax museum. An employee there assured us that all wax models of celebrities were cut to their precise true body measurements--all except Sly Stallone, who insisted they make him taller by some three inches or so."
BillyWhizz said on 23/Aug/05
Take a look at this one though. Has Stallone grown?
Parker said on 22/Aug/05
I would put Stallone minimum 2, maximum 3 inches shorter than Schiffer - So if Shiffer is 5'11 Stallone 5'8/5'9....
CelebHeights Editor said on 22/Aug/05
Someone mentioned a few months back about the 'famous' photo of him and Claudia Schiffer (regularly described as 5ft 11) by Rich Avalon. Well, their modesty is protected, but here they are Barefooted, Stallone is in a poorer stance.
Bleemo said on 21/Aug/05
If he was 5ft10 why would Madame Tussaud's have him at 5ft8.5 ???? Don't you think that he would ask them to change it, they have the stars in for fittings and such.

Incidentally they had Sam Jackson listed at 6ft2 not 6ft3, Travolta, and Ford at 6ft, Billy connelly at 5ft11 and Bogart at 5ft8.5 which all seem fairly accurate to me. I just wish I could remember what height they had Arnie at because he was there and I remember saying to my mate, "so he's not 6ft2 then?"
Zach said on 20/Aug/05
From NMBD - Tracking the Entire World:

"Stallone is only five feet, eight inches tall, and wears "elevator shoes" to appear taller. He sells his paintings on-line, and has recently started a new magazine called Sly, targeting men over 40."
BillyWhizz said on 20/Aug/05
What does this link suggest?

I'm sure Hogan looks taller than this in Rocky III
CelebHeights Editor said on 20/Aug/05
Keith Emerson (English Keyboard Player) mentioned Sly's height in a 1997 interview Here

Keith Emerson: "Sly walked in, and I was amazed. I had only seen him in the Rocky films and I expected this huge guy to walk in. He wasn't much taller than myself"
Interviewer 'Harris': "I've heard a lot of people say that. He's only about 5'9", isn't he?"
Emerson: "Well, he's a bit taller than me and I'm about 5'10", but a helluva nice guy."
supes78 said on 17/Aug/05
The following quote is taken from page 78 of Hulk Hogan's 2002 autobiography about his first meeting with Stallone: "Funny thing, in the American public's eyes, Stallone was 700 feet tall. In reality, he was only five feet eight and one hundred sixty pounds." So, there's a height confirmation from someone that's been around Stallone repeatedly over the years and not just seen him in passing.
Heightfind said on 17/Aug/05
O.K. - Sticks - I'm taking your word for it! Stallone is now 5'7" barefoot! But when he's out and about,his feet must be killing him.Surely wearing those huge assed heels and lifts must be extremely uncomfortable? His footwear,including lifts,must surely be equivocal to a woman's 4 inch high heel shoes! Pheww, makes me glad that I am 5'10" barefoot.OK,I'm not a giant,but the likes of Stallone and Cruise would pay millions to be my height barefoot,I''m sure.That's one thing I have that they will never have,and that all their millions can't buy - HA HA!!! lol. Cheers, Sticks - I now formally ask the moderator to officially class Stallone as 5'7" - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD,PLEASE??
Heightfind said on 16/Aug/05
I'm quite willing to believe now that Stallone is 5'9" barefoot.Photos of him with other celebs can often be very misleading,especially when their feet are hidden.Another factor to take into account is that he is clever enough to "engineer" certain photo opportunities,to show himself off in the best possible way.I'm convinced that Stallone is a master at this.But then again,consider the film "The Specialist". There is a scene,about halfway through the film,when Stallone walks along the Wharf andthen into the warehouse: he is wearing flat soled plimsoles,which definitely do not contain any lifts,and his height looks quite respectable;certainly not under 5'9" - perhaps as much as 5'9.5" - I dunno - it's very,very hard trying to pinpoint his true height barefoot.And when he wears all the heels and lifts,well that just knocks you for six, cause he will now look more or less 6 feet tall.We need eyewitness accounts of him barefoot.
Mr. R said on 15/Aug/05
Sticks, you are so right. This book on celebrity heights and lifts could be very dangerous. I actually decided to sell it more as a book on Hollywood history, than an expose' on celeb lies. But, I should probably use a pseudonym nevertheless, perhaps....Rob something from Scotland!
Zach said on 15/Aug/05
Sticks has got a point Mr Editor...the overwhelming evidence points to Stallone being at most 5'8, perhaps even less. But as mentioned there are a lot of rich, powerful celebrities out there...
Heightfind said on 13/Aug/05
Well done,Ziggy! Like I said in my previous posts,I am sure that Stallone is 5'8" barefoot.Perhaps even 5'7.5".Add all the bells and whistles,including his excellent posture which he constantly forces,and HEY PRESTO! He is 6 feet tall!
Mr. R said on 12/Aug/05
First of all Ziggy, let me compliment you on your honesty. It's great that you have done what you need to feel good about yourself. Also, let me update you on Pasquale DiFabrizio, the "shoemaker to the stars". His shop is now on Fairfax, just north of Melrose in Hollywood. I spoke to his wife last year, and they have not found a writer for his book, which has come to be called "The Sole of a Shoemaker". This book will tell all of the secrets of Hollywood, including who had lifts and how large they were. It will also give us more accurate heights. At the time I called, about a year ago, Pasquale was ill, but they hoped to find a writer soon. If my schedule clears up, I may offer myself!
Anonymous said on 12/Aug/05

everybody is saying that sugar ray is 5'7" stallone cant be over 5'8"
Ziggy said on 12/Aug/05
I should know most about all this stuff because I have had elevator boots made for me since 1980 when I was 20 by none other than the master shoemaker to the stars, Pasquale DiFabrizio, who was based out of West L.A. at that time. That was when he was still active. Last I recall, back in '93, he we semi-retired, working out of his home in Studio City. He told me he was working on his book, "Shoe Biz", all about the behind-the-scenes and celebs he made custom shoes for; I don't know what happened to him or whether the book got published since then, but I can tell you most of the star's heights from what he told me - all of them - Stallone (5-8), Burt Reynolds (5-8), Robert Blake (5-6), Joe Pesci (5-5), Deniro (5-9) - the list goes one. Everybody who's anybody (me excluded) has had their footwear done by him. Now, I have another custom cobbler do all my boots. Expensive, but worth it if you want them to look fabulous in exotic skins and make the insert modification barely noticeable. The assembly-line products like Richlee are cheap-looking and not stylish enough for me and only get you about 2.5" - not enough. I'm 5-7 and stand 5-11 in my boots. For casual looks, I buy hi-top basketball shoes a size and half larger than normal and stuff in my inserts and no one can tell. I get about 3.5" out of those. So, you ask, what do I do when I'm naked with a chick - well, she'll be hopefully kneeling down so it won't matter...and by the time she stands, I'm already laying on my back....:)))
TJ said on 30/Jul/05
To that point Ray, I say review the Travolta/Stallone pic. I think the argument ended there.
Ray said on 27/Jul/05
Talker If you see more accurately the shower scene in "the specialist" Sly appear about 1.5 inches (4cm) taller than Sharon. Sharon is for sure 172 cm (she said that in a "Vanity fair" interwiew, so Sly is about 176 cm. I would ask to Rob, if he coulds, to rewiew the shower scene in the Specialist.Another question to Rob: How do you think about the Hall Of Fame induction for Hogan, where Hulk appear only about 3 inches taller than Sly? I think hogan is not 6'4" as you think but for sure 6'5" because my brother who goes frequently to gold's gym has met him a lot of time and recently(about 4 weeks ago). My brother is for sure 6'2" and he said to me that Hulk was 3 inches + taller than him.I think in that occasion Sly appears, beside Hulk, a solid 6'2" with shoes on, even a little bit more.I think also that Sly in that occasion weared 4 inches elevator shoes, but the evidence is that sly is really around the 5'10" at least. I think in that way. Rob what do you think about these two arguments?
talker said on 13/Jul/05
i think he's 5'8".He looked about half an inch taller than sharon Stone in their movie "the specialist",there's a shower scene where i dont think they were wearing shoes.She must be around 5'71/2".
Anonymous said on 8/Jul/05
Look again Leonari. Lundgren is not a 'full head or more' taller than Stallone in Rocky IV:

The shortest Stallone looks is in the third link, and even then the top of his head is about level with the tip of Lundgren's nose.
Lmeister said on 8/Jun/05
Even Scott Caan (5'5'') weighs 165 pounds and he is in really good shape...I guess Slys bodystructure might be bit different...btw about Hollywood weights I saw these hilarious charts saying that Tom Cruise is 203 pounds and guys like George Clooney over 210 ;) ...then again Michael Chicklis is "only" 195 pounds. I think there is even more fudging about the weights than the heights of actors...
Lmeister said on 6/Jun/05
If U look at the pic of Stallone with Mr.T and Carl Weathers there is at least a noticable one inch difference between Mr.T and Sly, but the thing is that Slys hair also adds one extra inch...
miked2789 said on 5/Jun/05
Editor, pop in Rocky V, i found yet another piece to the stallone height puzzle. In the beginning scene where Stallone is in his son's room talking to him there is a poster in the background of what looks to be Apollo and Rocky in the 2nd fight. If you look closely at the poster, there is a huge advantage over Stallone in Weathers favor. He looks already 4 inches taller but slouching also. Check it out, its a good one.
miked2789 said on 25/May/05
verdict is in, stallone is 5 7, maybe. for this past school year i've known that my eng teacher was a former actor, she had told us on the first days of school about herself. well today my class somehow started discussing what movies she had starred in, when she said rocky 5 as one of them i gained interest. i asked if she had gotten a chance to meet sylvester stallone and she replied yes along with tommy morrison, another person in the class then called out, "he's a big guy aint he?" my teacher then replied "o no, hes a tiny guy" everyone in the class was kind of like "wait sylvester stallone?" she then said "o yea hes real small, only a little taller then me" so me like the dork i am i asked "well how tall is he" she then replied "i dont know, i'm 5 4, so he had to be 5 7 at most." its settled boys and girls, sly is small.
cantstop25 said on 15/May/05
its funny he was a giant in judge dredd. they even said in the movie that he was 200 cm tall. He looked really tall even when you could see his feet. I bet he was wearing shoes that added about 5 inches but still I bet he is atleast 5'9"
Slyce said on 3/May/05
If height was really a big issue w/Sly, why would he pursue & marry models?!
They are known for their height as well as their beauty. Wearing lifts in film is nothing. Looking taller, growing a beard, graying your hair - movie props for movie roles. In the old days, actors would stand on boxes or boulders to appear taller than the actresses they played opposite to. Whether Sly wears lifts in private life or not, who cares? I believe he's 5'9.
maddy said on 2/May/05
no the tango and cash scene speaks for itself.

there is also a famous pic with Claudia Schiffer where they are standing next to each other (bare foot)(she's more than 5.11).

he seems to be 2 inch shorter only.
J. said on 1/Apr/05
Alrighty, than, so say Stallone is 5'9" or so. Then what about his ex-wife's comments and why do so many people who have met him say that he is shorter than this? I mean, why would his own sister "out" his alleged lack of height if he's truly a normal, average height guy? That's the only thing that makes the 5'9" listing seem suspect. Why would so many people say that he's shorter when he's not and why would he even need to wear lifts if he's 5'9"- 5'10"?
Mr. R said on 10/Mar/05
I have actually made contact with this shoemaker in Hollywood, and he has all the good secrets about the shoes he has made. If all goes well, I will help him write his book, and we will know just who got lifts and how high they were!
Mr. R said on 10/Mar/05
I have seen Carl Weathers on 2 occasions - Carroll O'Connor's funeral and Robert Urich's funeral. I spoke to him both times, and I can say that he is about 6'1". The Rocky story has it that Ken Norton, who is 6'3", was supposed to play Apollo, but dwarfed Stallone, so they went to Weathers. In Rocky, Stallone does seem to be the same height as Weathers. But in Rocky II, he is clearly almost two inches shorter than Mr. T, who was listed at 5'11", but was really 5'10". The conclusion? Stallone wore his elevator shoes with Carl Weathers, and took them off with Mr. T. There is a picture from Rocky II of the two of them standing toe to toe. From this picture, Stallone looks to be about 5'9" at best. Maybe the editor can find it. Also, there was a story that ran in Parade Magazine, where Stallone's own sister commented on his lack of height, and she laughed off his claims to be 5'10". She stated that she was 5'9" in her stocking feet, and Sly was clearly shorter than her. My personal account is that I ran into Sly about 20 years ago, when he was shooting that godawful film Rhinestone with Dolly Parton. I was taking a walk around Greewich Village, when I ran into him surrounded by about 10 bodyguards. From my vantage point, I would say that he was about 5'10", but he was wearing boots, and probably with lifts.
JUSTMATT said on 8/Mar/05
Have you ever heard about Di Fabrizio shoes, the stars shoemaker in Los Angeles? Well that italian shoemaker makes for Stallone shoes which increase his height of 3-4 inches so in my opinion, looking also at Schumi and Sly, Stallone is no more than 172 max!

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