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Peak: 5ft 8.92in (175.1cm)
Current: 5ft 8.06in (172.9cm)
Zach said on 15/Aug/05
Sticks has got a point Mr Editor...the overwhelming evidence points to Stallone being at most 5'8, perhaps even less. But as mentioned there are a lot of rich, powerful celebrities out there...
Heightfind said on 13/Aug/05
Well done,Ziggy! Like I said in my previous posts,I am sure that Stallone is 5'8" barefoot.Perhaps even 5'7.5".Add all the bells and whistles,including his excellent posture which he constantly forces,and HEY PRESTO! He is 6 feet tall!
Mr. R said on 12/Aug/05
First of all Ziggy, let me compliment you on your honesty. It's great that you have done what you need to feel good about yourself. Also, let me update you on Pasquale DiFabrizio, the "shoemaker to the stars". His shop is now on Fairfax, just north of Melrose in Hollywood. I spoke to his wife last year, and they have not found a writer for his book, which has come to be called "The Sole of a Shoemaker". This book will tell all of the secrets of Hollywood, including who had lifts and how large they were. It will also give us more accurate heights. At the time I called, about a year ago, Pasquale was ill, but they hoped to find a writer soon. If my schedule clears up, I may offer myself!
Anonymous said on 12/Aug/05

everybody is saying that sugar ray is 5'7" stallone cant be over 5'8"
Ziggy said on 12/Aug/05
I should know most about all this stuff because I have had elevator boots made for me since 1980 when I was 20 by none other than the master shoemaker to the stars, Pasquale DiFabrizio, who was based out of West L.A. at that time. That was when he was still active. Last I recall, back in '93, he we semi-retired, working out of his home in Studio City. He told me he was working on his book, "Shoe Biz", all about the behind-the-scenes and celebs he made custom shoes for; I don't know what happened to him or whether the book got published since then, but I can tell you most of the star's heights from what he told me - all of them - Stallone (5-8), Burt Reynolds (5-8), Robert Blake (5-6), Joe Pesci (5-5), Deniro (5-9) - the list goes one. Everybody who's anybody (me excluded) has had their footwear done by him. Now, I have another custom cobbler do all my boots. Expensive, but worth it if you want them to look fabulous in exotic skins and make the insert modification barely noticeable. The assembly-line products like Richlee are cheap-looking and not stylish enough for me and only get you about 2.5" - not enough. I'm 5-7 and stand 5-11 in my boots. For casual looks, I buy hi-top basketball shoes a size and half larger than normal and stuff in my inserts and no one can tell. I get about 3.5" out of those. So, you ask, what do I do when I'm naked with a chick - well, she'll be hopefully kneeling down so it won't matter...and by the time she stands, I'm already laying on my back....:)))
TJ said on 30/Jul/05
To that point Ray, I say review the Travolta/Stallone pic. I think the argument ended there.
Ray said on 27/Jul/05
Talker If you see more accurately the shower scene in "the specialist" Sly appear about 1.5 inches (4cm) taller than Sharon. Sharon is for sure 172 cm (she said that in a "Vanity fair" interwiew, so Sly is about 176 cm. I would ask to Rob, if he coulds, to rewiew the shower scene in the Specialist.Another question to Rob: How do you think about the Hall Of Fame induction for Hogan, where Hulk appear only about 3 inches taller than Sly? I think hogan is not 6'4" as you think but for sure 6'5" because my brother who goes frequently to gold's gym has met him a lot of time and recently(about 4 weeks ago). My brother is for sure 6'2" and he said to me that Hulk was 3 inches + taller than him.I think in that occasion Sly appears, beside Hulk, a solid 6'2" with shoes on, even a little bit more.I think also that Sly in that occasion weared 4 inches elevator shoes, but the evidence is that sly is really around the 5'10" at least. I think in that way. Rob what do you think about these two arguments?
talker said on 13/Jul/05
i think he's 5'8".He looked about half an inch taller than sharon Stone in their movie "the specialist",there's a shower scene where i dont think they were wearing shoes.She must be around 5'71/2".
Anonymous said on 8/Jul/05
Look again Leonari. Lundgren is not a 'full head or more' taller than Stallone in Rocky IV:

The shortest Stallone looks is in the third link, and even then the top of his head is about level with the tip of Lundgren's nose.
Joe said on 10/Jun/05
How come I am skinny/fat mix and muscle on my body. And I weigh 180 pounds and as of now probably more since I built more muscle. And I am only 5'9-5'10, but I look rather thin to some degree. Yet, big muscle bound stallone weighs only 177 pounds at 5'10. I don't get it... Someone is lying and I believe it to be stallone. He looks built and we all know muscle weighs more then fat. So I am going to have to say that he is a liar. And that he is 5'7-5'8 range if not smaller. He probably does weigh elevator shoes. But if stallone was really 5'10 and 177 pounds, then he'd be considered under weight for the fact that his muscles appear fit...

[Editor Rob: rocky heels. You know I'd never actually thought about this 177 lbs and 5ft 10...but man, 12stone 9 lbs...I know in 91 he was filming crap like Oscar but yeah, for a big muscular I too find that 177lbs bizarre...unless he drastically toned down post rocky 5!]
Lmeister said on 8/Jun/05
Even Scott Caan (5'5'') weighs 165 pounds and he is in really good shape...I guess Slys bodystructure might be bit different...btw about Hollywood weights I saw these hilarious charts saying that Tom Cruise is 203 pounds and guys like George Clooney over 210 ;) ...then again Michael Chicklis is "only" 195 pounds. I think there is even more fudging about the weights than the heights of actors...
Lmeister said on 6/Jun/05
If U look at the pic of Stallone with Mr.T and Carl Weathers there is at least a noticable one inch difference between Mr.T and Sly, but the thing is that Slys hair also adds one extra inch...
miked2789 said on 5/Jun/05
Editor, pop in Rocky V, i found yet another piece to the stallone height puzzle. In the beginning scene where Stallone is in his son's room talking to him there is a poster in the background of what looks to be Apollo and Rocky in the 2nd fight. If you look closely at the poster, there is a huge advantage over Stallone in Weathers favor. He looks already 4 inches taller but slouching also. Check it out, its a good one.
Mr. X said on 1/Jun/05
I remember reading Sly's autobiography, and in it says that Sly's 5'10. It also says that Dolph Lungren is 6'6, Carl Weathers is 6'2, and Mr. T is 6'1. Mr. T does indeed looks about three inches taller than Stallone in the movie Rocky 3. Now if Mr. T is actually shorter than 6'1, I wonder what does that make Sly?

[Editor Rob: Lundgren is 6ft 5, no more no less in my opinion. Mr T 6ft 1 is as funny as Ben Stiller being 5ft 10. In Predator as I said Weathers is just about the same height as Arnie, but the angles were very slightly in Arnie's favor, not much but done subtly!]
J. said on 29/May/05
Oh please, man, like you know the size of the lift in his sneaker ... are you calling all these people who have encountered at his 5'7" liars based on a publicity photo that you found?!

[Editor Rob: all I'm saying is the max lift I personally think he would fit in those trainers at the basketball game would be 2 inch (although I think 1.25 inch would be more the size). Any more than 2-inch and he'd be literally falling out ;) But to be fair to those who say he's 5ft 7 when they met him, he is actually nearly falling out his trainer in this particular shot although the position of his ankle bone still suggests to me his inbuilt lifts (on top of the trainer heel) isn't that massive. The stallone debate will never end!]
miked2789 said on 28/May/05
new prove that sly is only 5 7, read this article on
"He is leaner and shorter than his movie persona suggests - and self-conscious about his 5ft 7" height, for his shoes are artfully fitted with invisible stack heels."

[Editor Rob: I'm going to whip out this image for every sub 5ft 8 listing of Sly because at that event I can see the size of his elevator trainers ;) Sly is the tallest 5ft 7er on this planet!]
miked2789 said on 25/May/05
verdict is in, stallone is 5 7, maybe. for this past school year i've known that my eng teacher was a former actor, she had told us on the first days of school about herself. well today my class somehow started discussing what movies she had starred in, when she said rocky 5 as one of them i gained interest. i asked if she had gotten a chance to meet sylvester stallone and she replied yes along with tommy morrison, another person in the class then called out, "he's a big guy aint he?" my teacher then replied "o no, hes a tiny guy" everyone in the class was kind of like "wait sylvester stallone?" she then said "o yea hes real small, only a little taller then me" so me like the dork i am i asked "well how tall is he" she then replied "i dont know, i'm 5 4, so he had to be 5 7 at most." its settled boys and girls, sly is small.
cantstop25 said on 15/May/05
its funny he was a giant in judge dredd. they even said in the movie that he was 200 cm tall. He looked really tall even when you could see his feet. I bet he was wearing shoes that added about 5 inches but still I bet he is atleast 5'9"
Slyce said on 3/May/05
If height was really a big issue w/Sly, why would he pursue & marry models?!
They are known for their height as well as their beauty. Wearing lifts in film is nothing. Looking taller, growing a beard, graying your hair - movie props for movie roles. In the old days, actors would stand on boxes or boulders to appear taller than the actresses they played opposite to. Whether Sly wears lifts in private life or not, who cares? I believe he's 5'9.
maddy said on 2/May/05
no the tango and cash scene speaks for itself.

there is also a famous pic with Claudia Schiffer where they are standing next to each other (bare foot)(she's more than 5.11).

he seems to be 2 inch shorter only.
dmeyer said on 3/Apr/05
from this picture with denzel he does look a solid 6 feet but i think he is aroud 177 cm

[Editor Rob: In the two pics beside Denzel he's not as tall, but even with his 1.25 inch lift in his trainers it help's Sly's case of being 176ish nowadays.]
J. said on 1/Apr/05
Alrighty, than, so say Stallone is 5'9" or so. Then what about his ex-wife's comments and why do so many people who have met him say that he is shorter than this? I mean, why would his own sister "out" his alleged lack of height if he's truly a normal, average height guy? That's the only thing that makes the 5'9" listing seem suspect. Why would so many people say that he's shorter when he's not and why would he even need to wear lifts if he's 5'9"- 5'10"?
CelebHeights Editor said on 11/Mar/05
There's a good image on (type in ZCV65478) that shows travolta (6ftish) and Stallone in outrageous heeled boots, probably made by DiFabrizio ;)
Couldn't find a good pic of Mr T/Stallone, but Big T is looking down here and I think 2 inches difference is likely? Mr T and Stallone
Mr. R said on 10/Mar/05
I have actually made contact with this shoemaker in Hollywood, and he has all the good secrets about the shoes he has made. If all goes well, I will help him write his book, and we will know just who got lifts and how high they were!
Mr. R said on 10/Mar/05
I have seen Carl Weathers on 2 occasions - Carroll O'Connor's funeral and Robert Urich's funeral. I spoke to him both times, and I can say that he is about 6'1". The Rocky story has it that Ken Norton, who is 6'3", was supposed to play Apollo, but dwarfed Stallone, so they went to Weathers. In Rocky, Stallone does seem to be the same height as Weathers. But in Rocky II, he is clearly almost two inches shorter than Mr. T, who was listed at 5'11", but was really 5'10". The conclusion? Stallone wore his elevator shoes with Carl Weathers, and took them off with Mr. T. There is a picture from Rocky II of the two of them standing toe to toe. From this picture, Stallone looks to be about 5'9" at best. Maybe the editor can find it. Also, there was a story that ran in Parade Magazine, where Stallone's own sister commented on his lack of height, and she laughed off his claims to be 5'10". She stated that she was 5'9" in her stocking feet, and Sly was clearly shorter than her. My personal account is that I ran into Sly about 20 years ago, when he was shooting that godawful film Rhinestone with Dolly Parton. I was taking a walk around Greewich Village, when I ran into him surrounded by about 10 bodyguards. From my vantage point, I would say that he was about 5'10", but he was wearing boots, and probably with lifts.
JUSTMATT said on 8/Mar/05
Have you ever heard about Di Fabrizio shoes, the stars shoemaker in Los Angeles? Well that italian shoemaker makes for Stallone shoes which increase his height of 3-4 inches so in my opinion, looking also at Schumi and Sly, Stallone is no more than 172 max!

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