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Peak: 5ft 8.9in (175cm)
Current: 5ft 8.05in (172.8cm)
Anonymous said on 28/Mar/06
Frank2, once again i agree with you, and always look forward to your posts. Rob, you have a great site, and thanx once again for giving some of us a place to relax and kickback each day. Glen you help make this site number one with your pics and stories of the stars. Sylvestor Stallone, i love your movies and i will still love them even if you are only 5'7 barefoot and 5'11 in monsterlifts. THE REAL ANONYNOUS
Height Tracker said on 28/Mar/06
Frank2 I totally agree with you.
Zach said on 28/Mar/06
nolifts, I think the problem might be with your monitor, try adjusting the brightness settings on there? Others seem to have been able to see the pics. If that fails save the pics onto your computer and try opening them with photoshop/coreldraw and they too also have brightness options.

Rob I take your point about Sly being 'stuck into' Stone lol but I think there is a lot simulation in that scene, if you rewatch it you'll see what I mean so I'm not too sure that actually affected his height.

tgri, my sympathies are with you! I know its bewildering how he appears shorter than Stone but nearly as tall as Hogan! But look at it this way - he can cheat with shoes, but he cant cheat when he's barefeet can he?
Glenn said on 28/Mar/06
Yeah,stallone was tallest in Judge Dredd.Frank,your Parents knew and met as celebs as you?
Frank2 said on 28/Mar/06
Thanks to everyone here for the kind remarks. I only wish I could meet you all and show you some rather interesting photos of my father and mother who were players during the Golden Days of Hollywood. I grew up with celebs so after a while it all became rather routine. Now I wish I could travel back in time to truly appreciate what I was around.

How does Sly go from 5'7" to looking 6'? Well, first of all, he's never six feet. Not at least in person, not any time I've seen him. The tallest I ever saw him in the flesh was about an inch shorter than me which would be 5'11". He wears big lifts. Like Burt Reynolds, he wears shoes that boost him by several inches. Reynolds is taller (about 5'10") but Reynolds still wants to be over six feet so he wears lifts in all of his films. Sly claims to be 5'10" so he has to wear lifts to make himself appear around 5'11" with shoes. Then when they film him they play all sorts of tricks, but he still looks rather short. In Cobra he wore gigantic lifts and was still shorter than co-stars Brigitte Nielsen and Reni Santoni. Nielson is just shy of 6' and Santoni is about 6'1". They made sure to keep Brigitte in flat shoes and to angle shots with Santoni so he didn't tower that much over Sly. Notice in that film that Andy Robinson who's 5'10" is no taller than Stallone. That's the key. And I've never seen bigger lifts than the huge boots Stallone wore in Judge Dredd. They must have gotten him up to 6' easily for that one. He must also have back problems.
Glenn said on 28/Mar/06
For you no lifts81,I will dig out a copy in my vault.give me a week or less.I agree sf,but what about those uncanny,not as often moments where he is near 6-1? So you agree nolifts81 that he is near 5-10? I was on the money when I said sharon was 5-9,so 5-8.5 makes sense.thanks no lifts81,you and 90% of the visitors are the reason we are here.without you guys,we are it works both ways.I love all of you!
sf said on 28/Mar/06
Yea, geez everyone - settle down. Heck, we're all just having fun discussig these heights and Stallone's uncanny ability to be ANY height. Someone wants to know how he can be 5'11? Just read the comments from the specialist shoemaker above! Basically, he damn near wears high heels in those special shoes. Of course, not every pair he wears can have this high of lifts - tennis shoes, etc,(they DO make tennis shoes with lifts, even sandals) so it doesn't surprise me his height is all over the place. Some shoes are going to have smaller lifts, others his monster lifts. I'm convinced from Zach's pictures and too many accounts of Stallone only being around 5'7". That's what he is! And, let's not Forget Mister R, he's contributed a lot of first hand sightings, and accounts.
nolifts81 said on 27/Mar/06
Personally I think that Glenn has improved a lot this site. I also think that without Glenn and without his pics this site would not be the same. We all have to thank Rob and Glenn for the great job done. This is a great site!!!P.S. Glenn- I would ask to you if you have seen accurately the shower scene in the "Specialist". And What you see? focus my attention only on the height I see a difference of about 1.25 in Stallone favour. Considering that Sharon Stone in Italy last week "for the presentations of the prime of Basic Instinct2" has said 2 time that she is 5'8.5 at two different italian television programs, and I believe her, I put Stallone height at 5'9.75 (177cm).Glenn, what do you think about the height difference in the famous "Shower Scene"?
Glenn said on 27/Mar/06
Forgive my curse words.never again.needed to get if off my chest.the devil is out of me.thanks Rob for that.and Frank 2,you and I, with your golden era stories and my modern day tales,rule the site.excuse my langauge,yes it cheapens me.Im essentially intelligent,but grew up white trash,so thats what that is all about.and like fellow Aries Steve Mcqueen,I left school way too early.this damn cell phone makes me type wrong and I sound more dumb than I am.the truth is to me,your the real star Frank! Chris,and all of you,thanks for the support!
Anonymous said on 27/Mar/06
Frank2 is awesome, i really enjoy all the inside scoops he brings he shares with us about the bussiness and it's stars. Frank2, you said that Sly is 5'7 barefoot. How the hell does he do it. How can he look 5'11 sometime? Glenn, i think the spoonfed comment by Zach was in regards to that thread where you blew a gasket about the Sharon Stone pics. Zack has been very positive towards you in the last while, i don't think you meant all the s*** you said in those threadS about some of the members in here.THE REAL ANONYNOUS
Frank2 said on 27/Mar/06
Glenn, I also appreciate you. More power to you! But try to keep the four letter words off the forum since it tends to cheapen your strong position.
Glenn said on 27/Mar/06
Do you really think Mike, that Rob would let me get away with cursing and that statement if it wasnt true?.goes to show how stupid you are and how much you resent me.go on people,STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND NAYSAYERS TELL ROB TO GET RID OF ME.your lucky I havnt left 2 weeks ago in disgust.keep it up.and are you really that mentally slow to not realise my photos helped the site bigtime and made it more fun? go ahead,lets see how many people are on your side and are on my side.I always had and stated my love and apoligies when I went overboard in the past,so is that arrogant? I make mistakes,unlike others here cant admit.this is going to be fun.dumb and dumber Mike and Zach and lets see if others come out against me.and lets see what Rob has to say? speak to me that way,and rightfully so,IM THE MOTHERf***ING DEVIL! if ROB wants me out,Im out. to the ones I love on the site,forgive me,that you have to witness this.Ill try to be there for you guys.and Rob,you rule,no matter what.sorry,but I have to express myself.
Glenn said on 27/Mar/06
Thats a good one,Movies Fann! I think he would be good in XMAN 4 as well!
Mike said on 27/Mar/06
Glenn man, the others have a point u stink of arrogance. And for ur info this site was running fine long before u came along. ROB is the reason why this site is great not u. a lot harsher things been said to him yet he always responds with a smile and humility, learn a lesson from him. And to say this site would be gone without u is just plain disrespect to Rob and everyone else on here.cos trust me this site was fine b4 u came along and will be long after you're gone.

Anyway I think 5'5 is a bit rediculous for Sly (although thats not the first time I've heard that madam tassuads thing), from those pics seems more like 5'7 but no way 5'9.
Movies Fann said on 27/Mar/06
I nominate Sylvester Stallone to be the next member of the FANTASTIC FOUR as "Mr. Fantastic" the one who could stretch his limbs! They won't need special effects on Sly because he can do it so easy the same way he has done this thing to ALL OF US, stretching at will to be from 5'4" to 6'2"!!!!
Glenn said on 27/Mar/06
Thanks Clive,and anonymous,true that about them boots! you got me on that one!
Glenn said on 27/Mar/06
If you dont want me to sound arrogant,then what the f*** is spoon feed me dick? if it wasnt for me this site wouldve been talk to me with respect and Ill do the same.amazingly gay that spood fed comment was.I own 3000 movies,10000 cds and 10000 albums.I dont even know if I own that movie,nor have the time to watch it.never rented a movie in my life either.when I say idiots,Im talking about the few like you.everything spoon fed to me? who the f*** are you and what the f*** are you talking about.dont bother with me anymore.hows that for arrogant? much love to the others on the know who you are. Glenn
Clive said on 27/Mar/06
I think 5'9 is a bit exagerated for Stallone he really looks 2 inches more than Glenn,moreover I saw Sly's photos with Banderas, Murphy and Douglas and he's taller them so he can be 5'10 AT EASE !!!
Frank2 said on 27/Mar/06
I wonder how tall they have Tom Cruise.
Elio said on 26/Mar/06
Stallone 5'5"????

take a look at the photo with Glenn and Stallone.

as Glenn is 5'8", a 5'5" guy would stand just above his eyes, which happens to be on level with the bottom of Stallone's nose.

Now you tell me... can you imagine Stallone's shoes being as big as from the bottom of his nose to the very top of his head? Cause that's how big they'd need to be if he's 5'5".
Anonymous said on 26/Mar/06
tgri, Sly's height is so crazy to pin down, and i hink that is why we have so much fun in here. If we all agreed he was 5'10, i would not come in here and just move on. Even though i disagree with you and nolifts about Sly's height all the time, i always look forward to reading your posts. Glen, of course the rest of the cast was wearing boots, just look at what Sly can do with a pair of trainers, can you imagine what he can pac in a pair of boots.
nolifts81 said on 26/Mar/06
Rob can you do something for let me see Zack's pics about the famous shower scene. I don't see nothing on my PC they are too dark!!!. Thank you in advance.
Zach said on 26/Mar/06
Glenn, why dont you just go and watch the specialist scene instead of wanting everything spoon fed to you? They are both CLEARLY barefeet in that first scene from which I posted screenshots from.

And no offence Glenn, I know you've contributed your pics to this site for which many people have expressed gratitude but theres a real arrogance in the way you speak. Why generalise everyone 'you guys are so pathetic/immature/lame'? Some people have a go at you, and I believe a lot especially on this thread have apologised, stop being so bitter man.
Jenny said on 26/Mar/06
At Madame Tussaud's wax museum in Las Vegas, the tour guide said that Stallone is 5'5" and requested that the sculptors make his likeness taller, and they complied. The sculpture is about 5'10"
Felix said on 26/Mar/06
Watch Rocky 2 when Rocky is going to the cage where he is going to film the commericial, he stands barefoot and YES he look very much shorter than usual, my guess is 172 cm. (Excuse my bad english, I'm from Sweden :))
tgri said on 26/Mar/06
anonymous , iam really at the point to where i don't care what his true height is. what i do know is that somehow stone and stallone do like the same height in them pics .... and somehow is also just shy of 6'4 hogan. i come here to pin down celebs heights just for fun . i think iam pretty good at rough guesses ....somehow sly got me . iam so sick of trying to pin him down.
guest said on 25/Mar/06
Rob why don't you shrink his height to 5'7 maverick is right have you seen the specialist?
Maverick said on 25/Mar/06
I did read once of sharon stone being described as 5ft 6.5in in height in a magazine article about her! could be that her height has been rounded up to 5'7 (would explain the listings of her at 5'7) In the shower scene with Sly, Stone does look slightly taller than Sly!! Stallone is an absolute maximum of 5'7 barefoot, 5'8 in normal dress shoes and 5'11 in those specially made shoes with lifts!!
I think Hogan is no more than 6'2 (6'4.5 in his prime)
Glenn said on 25/Mar/06
Furthermore, do you really think in the paranoid,height conscious world of sly,he world embarress himself like that with her looking taller? please.its an odd moment,thats all.stop thinking you are right.Im smart and mature enough to know that he could be 5-8.but aware that he could be 5-10 which he admits,and thats nothing to brag at.he could say taller.explains why when I take a doubting friend with me and they say "oh, s*** he's 6ft".thats why he is guys are so lame you cant admit that its a possibilty and resort to cheap shots at my height,weight and hair loss(?).low.real time stallone is around Ill let you guys know,that way if anyone lives anywhere near new york can come over and Ill escort you to your embarresment.then again my friends says for ROCKY 6 he is looking maybe he will come sans lifts.this same friend saw him at 6ft years ago too. the real stallone master Glenn
Glenn said on 25/Mar/06
Show me a head to toe on the stallone/stone and Ill believe.all that prooves is 2 possibilties,he is 5-8 or 5-10 if he isnt standing straight and or shes on her toes a bit.she can look the ones that want to be right,plus the wiseasses,you seem to forget that it is tough to go from 5-7 to 6-1 in public without falling over.and furthermore,Im tired of this COPLAND crap.all your tongues are wagging,but all but one of you ever met liotta or stallone.liotta can look 6-2 for petes sake in public.stop guessing from your DVDS and accept the truth for once from a man who see these people all the time.Stallone looked 5-10 in COPLAND.not the 6 feet I see in clowns are so silly that you had me pegged at 5-6.geez.the man is close to 5-10.even the sole individual who worked with him wrote in he looked 6ft.your putting down this one guy for making up Briggette neilsons height,when you are doing the same thing too! we will never know the truth,but its closer to 510 than 57.stop acting immature.
Mike said on 24/Mar/06
Crikey, Zach those are sum VERY revealing pics and a LOT more credible than the 'denzel' or even glenn pics above where he's undoubtedly wearing lifts.

Rob you have got to lower this guy to a more accurate height.

tgri, I think there comes an end to ur mission to get sly tall, he barely passes for 5'8, more likely 5'7.
Glenn said on 24/Mar/06
And the rest of the cast in flatbush isnt wearing boots? of course.and he did look tall in death race.
sf said on 24/Mar/06
Hey - the pics aren't from me, but I love em! Man, I don't know - Deathrace 2000 is pretty damn bad, but I'll try to like it...
Zach said on 24/Mar/06
I think those pics I posted prove beyond doubt Sly is 5'7-5'8, and that was 13 years ago too.

Love to hear your thoughts on them Rob. Sly's height for some mysterious reason seems to only go up on this website...

[Editor Rob: I think its hard to compare this scene. I've seen it...although may watch it again, but just can't say how foot position and adoptive posture (i.e. Stallone getting stuck into Stone) affects both their heights.

s***, imagine you in place of the Sly - the last thing on the mind is gonna be military posture...]
Frank2 said on 24/Mar/06
You'd be surprised how many male stars have had expensive hair transplants. In the good old days they'd just slap a rug on them and be done with it. In the past many stars such as John Wayne could care less how they looked in public. Today it's all changed. And the methods they use today in transplant surgery is almost undetectable, even standing up close. Jack Nicholson has had one...or two....or three...he just seems to be getting more hair as he gets older! I knew Arnold had one when I saw him in person and could see up close that his hairline wasn't quite normal. It's hard to explain. With Travolta they actually did slap a wig on him. I watched The Punisher and he's wearing a full-frontal hairpiece. His hair had been thinning and I guess it finally got to the point where paint couldn't help. And yes, they do use paint!
Anonymous said on 24/Mar/06
Glenn, i was just joking when i said Stallone looked Huge in Death Race 2000 and towered a couple of inches over the 5'6 Henry Winkler. Have a look at the Herman Munster biker boots he was wearing in the Lords of Flatbush. sf, thanx for those pics, as it confirms what many of us in here have been saying all along. I am looking forward to tgri and nolifts reply on the latest pics and information.
Maverick said on 24/Mar/06
The picture with Agassi reveals Sly's height! Agassi is 5'10 barefoot and 5'11 in shoes! With his 4/4.5 inch shoes, Sly becomes 5'11 or 5'11.5...also that shower scene with Sharon Stone who is at most 5'7.5 actually PROVES that sly is 5'7 max barefoot....not 5'8!!
Also that picture (Gettyimages) with Burt Young in the first Rocky, shows Sly to be shorter than the 5'8 Burt Young!! The guy is plain short and not even average!!.....I knew he was 5'7 barefoot...but there is now enough evidence to show him to be 5'7 barefoot! Sly and DeNiro are both 5'7 (in Copland)...also Frank2 has seen Sly without his lifts/shoes and says max 5'7....and the many others who work in the industry!!
nolifts81 said on 24/Mar/06
Zach- I don't see your pics on my PC. They are too dark and I don't see nothing.
mike said on 24/Mar/06
stallone and arnie have wigs or transplants???? i knew arnie had a genioplasty but his hair is usually looks the same. stallone's face is always lookin different but his hair usually looks the same and travolta used to have thick hair back in the day hes lossing alot in the front,anyways in that pic with glenn stallone is almost "looking" closer to 5'11 then 5'10, but i garauntee his shoewear is "bigger/better" then glenn's, i really believe hes like 5'9 barefoot, not 5'7 or 5'10 5'11, if hes 5'11 barefoot with his shoewear hed be taller then arnold/willis and be lookin eye to eye with gene hackman,david letterman an other that r 6'1 to 6'2. i like the pic that Frank2 put up with that big guy thats 6'3 with arnold, stallone, and banderas. arnold looks 3 inches shorter then that dude puttin him at 6 even stallone looks like 5-6 inches shorter then him. i also believe bridgette that she said stallones 5'9. did she ever say how tall arnold was, they were dating before stallone and her???
Glenn said on 24/Mar/06
I beg to differ,DEATHRACE was a great movie! bad movies can begood fun!
Frank2 said on 24/Mar/06
If you people could be on a film set and watch how they routinely cheat a scene so actors appear taller or shorter you'd be amazed. Next time you're watching a movie, notice that in wide shots where two actors are standing and one is taller, when the close up's cut in, suddenly the two are closer to the same height. This is done mainly to keep the actors within the wide horizontal frame. They'd do this when love scenes were shots where the actor and actress are standing. In the past most actresses were much shorter than their leading men so they'd stick them on a box for the close up's. Today with so many female behemoths it's the other way around.
Chris said on 24/Mar/06
If I sould wear 4 inches lift, I would also be 5'11''. Theese pictures Zach posted when Sly and Sharon Stone are in the shower clearly show that Stallone is no more than 5'7'', max 5'8''. What so difficult to understand. He wears elevatorshoes!!!
vaj said on 24/Mar/06
Great pic's Zach!
I have been saying it all along that he is 5'8" and those picture prove my point again. Standing next to Sharon Stone in shower scene he does not look 5'10 or 6'1 barfooted but more like his real height 5'8". Yes he can look close to 6' b/c we all know he wears lifts to appear 5'11".
Now, if people still want to remain fooled like nolifts81 that is your choice.
Glenn said on 24/Mar/06
To me in Death race he looked 6ft.but up against winkler isnt much,cause winkler is Lords,he looked 5-10 to me actually.thanks for being on my side.
sf said on 24/Mar/06
Zach - actually, I think yours are the best damn pictures yet! In BOTH pictures, he looks shorter or about the same height which I find amazing. No box to stand on in the shower? Who screwed up in this picture? I am convinced. They wouldn't purposely try to make Sharon look as tall so he cannot be 5'9" or 5'10" or 8 feet, or whatever. Rob - get this man down to 5'7" where he belongs...also, hook me up with his magical shoe maker cause I want 4 extra inches.
sf said on 24/Mar/06
6'2" in his prime! Hilarious! And, what the hell are you doing watching, "Deathrace 2000"? That is one BAD movie...gotta love David Carradine, though...
Frank2 said on 23/Mar/06
It's an expensive transplant job. That and a lot of dye. Arnold also has one. On the other hand Travolta now wears a full-frontal hairpiece. So for that matter does Steven Seagal. In Seagal's early films you could easily see he was losing all his hair on top. And Sly is no more than 5'7" barefoot.

[Editor Rob: some of these stars hate the telephoto zooming as it reveals their weaves! Seagal Pre Wig Days]
Glenn said on 23/Mar/06
I agree.he has to be 5-10.but alot people still think he is 5-8,which is very difficult toreach 6-2.
Anonymous said on 23/Mar/06
He was 6'2 in his prime. Watch Death Race 2000 he was huge. In fact he towered a couple of inches over Henry Winkler in the Lords of Flatbush. The Real Anonynous
Zach said on 23/Mar/06
Rob - please dont stop these going up, I purposely took these so that no 'bits' are showing.

Ok guys explain these. When I first came onto this board a couple of years back I made a mention for this being part of the basis that Sly is no more than 5'8 but I think some of you actually need visual convincing. Sharon Stone is surprisingly 5'8 on this website but do a google search and you'll see almost all of the stats coming up at 5'7. But even if she is 5'8 Sly is SHORTER in the shower scene, no joke. I know some of you might find this as comfortable to swallow as Sly experiences wearing his monster elevators but take a look:

Click Here

Another angle:

Click Here

And another:

Click Here

I have not 'handpicked' these shots, go watch the film yourself she's taller throughout the whole, erm, activity that they're participating in. If you watch the full scene you can clearly see both are barefeet.

As I mentioned in my previous post in the next scene where they're scrubbing up Sly appears to have half an inch:

Click Here

But you cant see their feet and I'd bet any amount Sly is on some sort of platform given that she was taller than him for a good few minutes in the preceding scenes.

Rob, I suppose this means Sharon Stone's height goes up, just like Frank Stallones and Sugar Ray's did right? ;) Cos of course, Sly's 5'9 height is unlowerable.

Sylvester Stallone is, as Hulk Hogan confirmed, maximum 5'8.
Zach said on 23/Mar/06
I've considered Sly being more than 5'8 having read all the comments. However I think we all agree that there is a huge question mark over Sly's footwear and the only true way of analysing his height is on the once in a bluemoon occasion he's barefeet.

Guys - go and watch specialist where he is barefeet with Stone (and concentrated on height nothing else ;). Sly is actually shorter than Stone. I've got some screenshots and I'll post them up soon but from whichever angle you look at it Sharon superfit Stone has got a cm or two on him. In the next scene where you cant see their feet surprise suprise Sly is slightly taller, I'd be willing to bet money that he's standing on some platform.

Anyway I'll get the pics up soon.
vaj said on 23/Mar/06
he is struggling with 5'11", 6'1" dream on what a joke!
Leung said on 23/Mar/06
yep, nolifts81 has got it spot on, 5'10", no more no less
Anonymous said on 23/Mar/06
since he is almost sixty he might have been taller in his prime
nolifts81 said on 23/Mar/06
Glenn- Is not strange for him to appear 6'1": He is 5'10" barefeet + 3 inches shoes=6'1". In certain situation he appeared to be 6'2" with shoes on. But for to appear 6'1" or 6'2" he has to be for sure 5'10" barefeet.
Glenn said on 23/Mar/06
Its strange that he can go from 5-8 to 6-1 on rare occassion,dont you think?
elio said on 23/Mar/06
If Sly has a wig, it's a damn good one. It's true that he does have a lot of hair for a guy almost 60, but his hairline looks too natural for it to be a wig. Hairplants perhaps?

As for his behaviour to Glenn. I think maybe he could be excused if this was the week that Princess Diana died. Remember that people had a VERY negative opinion of people who took photos of celebs around that time, given the paparattzi influence in her death.
Brett said on 23/Mar/06
Sly has a wig? I thought that was one thing he just was lucky enough not to worry about?
Brett said on 22/Mar/06
Rob that pic you put up with him and his wife at the basketball I presume, proves the guy is a lift wearer. Not only can you see his ankle is high out of the shoe (very high out for that matter), but look at the distance between his ankle and his knee, it is particularily short, its so obvious the guy wears big shoes, I mean, hes famous for being short, so why are we bothering to carry on here. My good friend Clark is 199-200cm (like 6'6.5" tall, and the top of my head is just above his eye level close to his eyebrows, now if you consider the 6'6" hulk whoes dwarfing Stallone, he could no doubt, if he stood up, put his chin on stallones botox overdosed head. So if im 6'1", and theres say a 5.5 inch gap between the bottom of that guys chin to near his eyebrows, and that guy is probably half an inch shorter then my friend, Sly could be 5-6 inches shorter then me, and could be a good 10 inches shorter then the big guy, so it makes perfect sense that Sly is looking 5'8" or 5'9" max in the shot, and we still dont know what footwear he has on.
Anonymous said on 22/Mar/06
Glenn, next time you see Sly, tell him to take off his shoes and jump on your shoulder so that you can take a pic with him. Maybe ask him who is the great shoemaker who makes his lifts. If he comes at you take the fight to the ground as he is better on his feet because of some of the boxing training he has had. Put him in a triangle and choke him out, then take off his shoes and take pics of the lifts. I bet the national Enquier will pay big bucs for those ones, don't forget the wig. tgri, Sly is five eight barefoot, Vaj talk some sence into this boy.
mike said on 22/Mar/06
stallones gotta be 5'9 i mean he has to wear the biggest lifts money can buy. He can be taller by an inch or 4 inches shorter then 6'1??? carl weathers. In the hogan vince mcmahon pic he "looks" taller then mcmahon whose at least 6 if not 6'1 to 6'2. If they went barefoot i gaurantee vince is taller. The pic where the 6'3 guy is with him, banderas, and arnold stallone looks 5'9 to 510 tops. but with his lifts well never know his true height
vaj said on 22/Mar/06
The photo with Sly and Claudia is altered in my opionion and I am not comparing him to 6'4" Hogan or 5'11" Claudia just his wife who is around 5'8" or 5'9". When she wears her 3" heels (as shown in the pic's) she is taller than him even in his magic trainers. Now use your common sense. Sorry to disapoint you Sly is not tall.
tgri said on 22/Mar/06
lol glenn , you should have pushed him back . it would have been funny if he would fall out his lifts and you would be taller then him lol. all jokes aside ....that barefoot pic with him and clauida proves that he really is between 5'9 and 5'10 . ok , say hulk hogan is 6'4 in flats and a little under barefoot? sly's 5'9-5'10 plus 1.5 trainers plus 2-2.5 inch lifts inside them get a 6'1-6'2 guy next to a nearly 6'4 guy. the only way he is 5'8 is if the pic with him and clauida is fake or if he was standing on a box next to hulk hogan? ill give him 5'9.5 untill i see a barefoot pic where he looks 5'8 . btw after glenn's story ....i can care less if i ever met him or not .
Jason said on 22/Mar/06
I think (for now) Stallone's 5'8'', though I know he can appear 5'11'' with those mysterious shoes of his.
Anonymous said on 22/Mar/06
Put 5'8 Glenn in the same shoes Sly is wearing and they will be very very close in height. Sly will never ever leave home without some type of lift.Cmon guys, look at those trainers,just imagine what he is packing in his boots and other footwear. Once again Vaj, you have done a commendable job proving Sly can be 5'8. The Real Anonynous. How do i get my name to be The Real Anonynous, i am getting tired of some of the other anonynouses riding my coattails. :)
vaj said on 22/Mar/06
Compare Sly's trainers to his wife's 3" heel shoes in the first picture.In the second picture they are standing up and if she staightens her head she is taller than Sly.
If you think Sly is not wearing his ridiculous trainers in pictures with Agassi you are fooling yourself. What does Sly think on one game I wear my 3" trainers and the next game I won't. Why do you think he has the pair in so many differnt colors,wouldn't that defeat the purpose of wearing elevator shoes one day your tall next game short, espesially if he is going to the game with 5'11" Agassi.
I am certain Sly is 5'8" or 5'8.5", I know for a fact that Agassi is 5'11.5" in shoes I met him face to face and he was an 1" taller than me like I already said. Unlike Leung I do not wear elevator shoes and if I would of worn Sly's trainers I would have been taller than Agassi.
I think I will stick to the sources that know him best(his family) all claim he is 5'8" or 5'9".
Sly is exposed with his trainers(sole 1.5" hidden lift 1.5" =3" trainers)!

Click Here
Click Here

[Editor Rob: sly usually wears different colours of those type of trainers. I doubt with Agassi he wasn't in a similar pair...he actually wears them an awful lot...heck, I could do with a pair ;-)]
nolifts81 said on 22/Mar/06
Only for to be Honest: Agassi is a solid 5'11". When Stallone wears very normal dress shoes he appear to be a real 5'10" man.(It means that with this shoes on he is 5'11"). He is not a short man!.
Glenn said on 22/Mar/06
True Leung.except in boots with heels and lifts.but he will be walking mighty funny.
Anonymous said on 22/Mar/06
Last night I had a terrible dream! I dreamt that Sylvester Stallone called a Press Conference and had himself measured by Medical Doctors for his correct, accurate, pure and pristine barefoot height! Oh NOOOO!!! There goes my fun, my Celebheights, Glenn! Rob!....then I woke up......whew! Only a dream.....
Glenn said on 22/Mar/06
True for the most part that lifts dont always add 4.5 inches.but in rare cases,yes.and in stallones case,he might be liftless here,since he can look a ridiculous 6ft sometimes.
Leung said on 21/Mar/06
Lots of people here are constantly stating lifts as the reasoning for someone being taller, but the reality is that in comparison to regular shoes they will only give an additional 2
Leung said on 21/Mar/06
vaj, firstly Agassi measures 5
Glenn said on 21/Mar/06
That was 1997.finally decided to go for him again last summer.these celebs have no memory.
Chris said on 21/Mar/06
Rob-Have you ever thought of Stallone as 5'8'' or are you still convinced about 5'9''?

[Editor Rob: yes, at one time I thought that might be possible, but looking at it as a whole I would be surprised if he was this height barefoot thing Sly has managed is to consistantly appear like a 5ft 10 guy]
Zach said on 21/Mar/06
In those agassi pictures, Stallone's obviously got his elevator trainers again and yet he still falls over an inch short than 5'11 Andre. 5'10-2inch elevators = 5'8. As shown by pics next to DeNiro and Burt Young.
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/06
Thankyou for sharing that Glenn. Next time he does that just push him back, his balance can't be all that great. The Real Anonynous. I will give him 5'7 now, just for being a jerk to you.
Frank2 said on 21/Mar/06
"Lifts aren't going to help you baby": Click Here

And here: Click Here

[Editor Rob: that guy says he's 6ft 6...]
vaj said on 21/Mar/06
Agassi is 5'10" barefooted and 5'11" with shoes.I know b/c I am 5'9" barefooted and 5'10 in shoes and he was an 1" taller than me when I met him.
That is why I am convinced Sly is 5'8" and with his 3" lifts expains him 5'11" and his short sightings without shoes.
Leung if his trainers still does not answer the questions about his height
than you can still remain fooled about his height.
nolifts81 said on 21/Mar/06
Anonymous- Look at her biography
She is 5'9". I have also a book of elite model's agency with all the measure of the 80'-90' models that describes her as 5'9" and weight 121 lbs.
Glenn said on 21/Mar/06
Oh,as you probably know,thats the historical moment above in can see we had a chin wag.
Glenn said on 21/Mar/06
The week Princess Diana died,My friends and I driving down park ave around 6pm,when we see Sly walking the streets with 2 suit and tie guys.not a shock being he just taped letterman,but we wernt looking for and one other guy jump out and sort of run up to sly from behind.he turns around as if he knew and calls us "vultures".I get mad and say "you make 20 million per movie,what do you care what we make?" he then storms over to me and shoves me!!! And proceeds to say "do I f***ing bother you?" as his execs pull him back.words are exchanged between us I dont remember except him asking "what is it the f*** you want?" and I say just a photo with.then he says"alright,lets do it" then I try to shake his hand in truce and slaps mine with his fingertips like OCD germaphobes other words,didnt leave me hanging but didnt want to touch me either.strange but true.I hope I dont get in any trouble for that story.another coming not that crazy.

[Editor Rob: did he ever remember you any other time you saw him? I guess the look on both your faces explains the encounter!]
dmeyer said on 21/Mar/06
he looks close to agassi height
Maverick said on 21/Mar/06
I have seen Agassi listed in two places at 5ft 10in, his height could be inflated by an inch?
trueheight said on 21/Mar/06
Those trainer pics posted are incriminating. His knees are 2in over his wife's who is already wearing 2in heels. And his wife is already 5'9, right?

btw, how tall is Agassi?

[Editor Rob: a legit 5ft 11er, with nearly as good posture as Stallone]
trueheight said on 21/Mar/06
good point height tracker, His brother always said he was taller
Leung said on 20/Mar/06
Vaj, I have noticed that you have a tendency to understand people
Anonymous said on 20/Mar/06
Nolifts81, i still can't seem to find any info on Jennifer Flavin that she is 5'9. Could you please post it when you find it? Glen, how about sharing some stories about some of your encounters with Sly. Vaj, check out the Stallone posture sitting beside his wife while wearing his special trainers.
tgri said on 20/Mar/06
rob, by looking at burt young next to 5'9 de niro how tall would you give him?

Click Here

i give him about 5'8 .

[Editor Rob: yeah, maybe in his peak around that, didn't Glenn also think he was 5ft 8? Actually, I'll add this geezer now, there is a pic of him with another 5ft 8 actor on the burt young page...]
Frank2 said on 20/Mar/06
And this one for those who still cling to the silly notion that Eddie Murphy is 5'10": Click Here

Sly before and after recent plastic surgery: Click Here

Sly after even more plastic surgery: Click Here
Frank2 said on 20/Mar/06
With 5'11" Mickey Roarke: Click Here
Actually this photo proves that Jack Nicholson is only 5'4": Click Here
Frank2 said on 20/Mar/06
Here's Stallone with Arnold, Bruce Willis and Demi: Click Here The shoes Sly is wearing are boosting him by about three inches. As you can see, Willis is clearly wearing flip-flops and isn't that much shorter than 6'2" Arnold. I've met Willis and he's exactly my height which is 5'11". Demi is really tiny in person. I'd say no more than 5'3". Sly is closest to the camera so if he were to be right next to Willis he'd still be shorter.

[Editor Rob: sometimes sites block directly linking to an image...I think these are the shot you mean:

Frank2 said on 20/Mar/06
Well, here's a recent shot with Frank and Sly is still shorter: Click Here
Here's Sly with 6'3" Mark Hanson: Click Here
And to give you a reference, here's Hanson with Arnold: Click Here
And Mark with Bandaras: Click Here
Height Tracker said on 20/Mar/06
I also think it's hilarious how many pictures of Sly and his brother in the past show Sly to be noticeably shorter. However, nowadays many pictures show him the same height or taller. Did he miraculously grow or is he getting "lifted?"
vaj said on 20/Mar/06
Rob, thanks for the picture of Sly & Agassi.
I never met Sly,but I have met Agassi, I stand 5'9" barefooted 5'10.5" in shoes. I met Agassi at a resturant and he was 1" taller than me I know now for a fact Sly is 5-8 b/c in those trainer shoes with sole and lift 3" (5'8" + 3"=5'11").
Just look at the picture with his trainers on. Look how far up his ankle bone is from the floor. His trainers are higher than his wife's high heels.
To me Sly can not fool me b/c if I would of worn Sly's riduclous trainers when I met Agassi I would have been taller than him.
Anonymous said on 20/Mar/06
Frank2, i see him looking near 5'9 rather than 5'7, but who knows, those trainers look like they are giving him an extra 3 inches. Sly's foot to knee length seems kind of longer than it should be. The Real Anonynous
vaj said on 20/Mar/06
I am not saying he can not look as tall as 5'11" or 6', all am saying is that I believe the people who know him best (sister,brother,ex-wife Bridget,my friend Lee who co-stared with him Paradis Alley) who claimed to see him without his elevator shoes say he is between 5'8-5 9'. The 5'8 to 5'9 rang makes sense, that is why he can look 5'9 or with lifts look 5'11" and heels 6'.Just look at the picture with Arnold, Bruce Willis , Sly does appear smaller and I bet he has at least 1"or2" hidden the those shoes they look alittle full.

I have a few pictures of Sly (not looking 6'1 or 6'2") standing next to John Trovalta 6', Jack Nickelson 5'9", Arnold 6', Bruce Willis 5'11"(in sandles) Demi Moore 5'4", Antonio Banderas 5'8.5".

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

[Editor Rob:

Sly Agassi and Another Sly Agassi. Unlike Denzel, Agassi does have good posture.

he can of course look a solid 5ft 10 guy. Anyway, at the basketball he normally wears These Type of Trainers - he's got various colours, black, tan, suede etc...

the only question, is his ankle position in those type of trainers - there's a lot of shots on getty, a few he's falling out of them aswell -) suggesting they are elevator trainers?]
Frank2 said on 20/Mar/06
I saw him without them on. He was no more than 5'7". I'm not the only one either. Many qwho work in the biz know this to be true. In Capone he's two to three inches shorter than 5'10" Ben Gazara.
Amomynous said on 20/Mar/06
One things is for sure for Sly, long after he has faded as a movie star, people will still be talking about the incredible range of heights (and lows) he has achieved and the amount of chats he has generated because of his height and not his acting. Now THAT is an achievement in itself!
Glenn said on 20/Mar/06
There is room for elevators in any kind of shoe,shockingly included are sandles! Yes, they have sandles with a back piece that covers the lift.go on richlee shoe company and see for yourself.I saw stallone in sandles 15 years ago look 5-11.dont know if it that concealing heel piece.if the man was 5-7,which is still a possibility due to the numerous sightings at that height,he would walk funny.5-10 makes more sense,since he can look 6 foot and on rarer occasions 6-1.
Anonymous said on 19/Mar/06
Frank2, we all know he wears the best custom elevator shoes that money can buy, but i think 5'7 would be all but impossible to pull off even for him. I am curious to know if you have some inside info that could prove your theory. How do you account for the height difference between 5'8 Glenn and Sly? No problem nolifts, i understand.
nolifts81 said on 19/Mar/06
Frank2 - 5'7" for Stallone is out of any kind of imagination. The guy is in the 5'9.5/5'10" range. I am agree with Elio when he says that is impossible wearing shoes bigger than 4" without being pointed at and laughed at.I know this for my experience with lifts and elevator shoes. Is impossible to walk with shoes that put your feet up to 4.5/5 inches, because for having a real height increase of 4 inches you have to wear shoes that put your feet at almost 5 inches(4.75), because is necessary for create the right axis point.However, I think that Sly has used this kind of shoes but in very rare occasions , where he had not to walk a lot: ceremonies(Hogan Hall of fame),marriages(with Brigitte Nielsen) and in other very rare occasion. Sometimes he wears dress shoes: I've seen a lot of time his dress shoes(are very stilish) and I don't think there are rooms in them for accomodate lifts.When he wears this kind of normal dress shoes he appears to be a solid 5'11" with shoes on, without them he is very close to 5'10".
Leung said on 19/Mar/06
I am so glad to see that recently there have been some excellent contributions from tgri, nolift81, Glenn and elio that provide good reasoning that Sly stands a legitimate 5
tgri said on 19/Mar/06
5'9 even ? maybe. i say 177cm or just about 5'10.
Frank2 said on 19/Mar/06
Trust me. Without the aid of his custom-made shoes and boots, Sly is a shade over 5'7". End of story.
elio said on 19/Mar/06
My opinion is that he is 5'9" and wears shoes ranging from 2" - 4" , which would explain why (in shoes) he seems to vary between 5'11" and 6'1".

The idea of the guy wearing shoes any bigger than 4" and being able to walk in them without being pointed at and laughed at is impossible in my mind.

As for Carl Weathers appearing about 4 inches taller than him, I suspect Carl is around the 6'1" mark and wore some decent shoes himself on that occasion (2"+), leaving a 5'11" - 6'0" (in shoes) Stallone appearing noticeably shorter than the 6'3" - 6'4" (in shoes) Carl Weathers. Just my guess.

Notice I always make sure I state 'in shoes' now, because the moment I forget people flame me, thinking that I mean barefoot.
myself said on 19/Mar/06
Bridgit Nelsen recently said that he was 5.9 on a radio station.

end of story.

5.9 is a good height (especially for an italo american born in the 40's !) and the man can look short for some people because he's massive...but he's 5.9 at least.

for me it's evidence...if he uses Lifts, they only give 2 inch (with shoes) so he can appear 5.11...
nolifts81 said on 19/Mar/06
Anonymous I understand you, you are in the right spirit of this blog. I was referring not to you in particular but to all here in general. Excuse me for my esternation"someone is forcing his mind". Was not referred to you.
Anonymous said on 19/Mar/06
Glen, i was referring to the pics that Vaj posted. nolifts81, i am not forcing my mind to do anything. Stallones height goes up and down like a yo-yo. 5'7- 5'8-5'9 5'10-6'. Glen says he looks 5'10-5'11, i probably should go with that, but if Glen were to wear some of the same foot wear, he could be Sly's height. Do i have a problem with Sly? Absolutely not ! Sly helped shape abit of the person i was to become at an early age. It is the Rocky movies that inspired me as a kid to train my body and never quite at anything i do. I love the Rocky movies, and Sly is my favorite action movie star.If Sly is 5'10 thats great. If he is 5'8 -5'9, it does not change anything for me. If i say he has had a hair transplant,cosmetic surgery and dabbled in steroids, it does not mean that i hate him, it's just things that he has done. This forum is to dicuss height and share are views of how tall we think celebs are. nolifts, until we meet him ourselves we will never really know how tall he really is. Can you post the info regarding Jennifer Flavin's height? If i am wrong, my apologies to everyone in here for that. I wonder if Sly ever comes in here to check out some of our B.S. The Real Anonynous.
dmeyer said on 19/Mar/06
5'9.5 is my guess
trueheight said on 19/Mar/06
no joke; someone care to explain the Weathers/Stallone pick that I posted earlier? any 'theories'?
Glenn said on 19/Mar/06
Once it seemed everyone was against me on this,now more people are on my side.Ive heard 5-3 from laura prepon and someone I worked with.coworker never met him.laura did.she was obviously exaggerating.Ive heard 5-7 from his hotel doorman and one friend who also witnessed the 5-11 version.most peers I know,thankfully witnessed a 6 footer.could he be 5-7? sure.but most evidence has him at 5-10, including his own with all mysteries,we may never know.unless we whip out the measuring tape or he admits his near 5 inch shoe lifts.could someone bless me with a pair?
Dave said on 18/Mar/06
I Stood within a few feet of Stallone on the set of Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot back in early 1991. I am a solid 5'10 without shoes, and i was wearing dress shoes that day. My shoes had about a 1/2" to 3/4" heel. Stallone surprisingly was 1.5 inches or so taller than me wearing a "Timerland" type of work boot. That would put him at 6'0" maybe 6'0 1/2" in work boots. If Stallone wasnt wearing lifts on that movie set, then id say he is around 5'10 1/2 - 5'11 inches tall with no shoes on. Taller than I and most people would think,,,,Unless he was wearing lifts on that set,,,,,,,,If he was, then id say he is more like 5'9-5'9 1/2 without shoes on.
nolifts81 said on 18/Mar/06
What are you talking about? Weak up!!! Jennifer Flavin (sly's wife) is 5'9". She is listed at 5'9" everywhere. She was a famous model and on internet and in all model's magazines of the 90'she was listed at 5'9". You are forcing your mind to think that Sylvester Stallone is less than 5'10". This guy is very close to 5'10".Is evident, what else do you want to see. Personally I think that Glenn is a fair man. He is one of them that have really seen Stallone in person. Why he should lie about Stallone's height? Very often you are agree with him when he posts comments about the height of other actors, but, when he posts comments about Stallone you are disagree. I'm starting to think that you have something against this Guy (SLY Stallone). P.S. Tgri you're right, don't be influenced by what other peoples here say. You think that Stallone is close to 5'10", why you are downgrading him at 5'9"+? My bet is always 5'9.75.(177cm).
Glenn said on 18/Mar/06
What do you mean,that stallone looks tall or short with weathers?
Glenn said on 18/Mar/06
Stallone was so tall I thought he was 5-11 in barefeet! And I know this should be on the Willis page,but I saw him once 5 years ago in shorts and sneakers looking 6-2! I want those sneakers!
elio said on 18/Mar/06
Perhaps Carl Weathers stopped by at Stallone's house before the event, and stumbled into Stallone's shoe cupboard?

Carl: 'Holy crap... Sly , these are great, you've got to let me borrow a pair!!
Sly : 'Er... sure, but I'd prefer it if you picked one that's under 4"'

END RESULT : stallone 5'11", Weathers 6'4". :)
Anonymous said on 18/Mar/06
Okay, lets say that Sly's wife is 5'7 and she is wearing 3 inch heels., the pics that Vaj has posted have her abit taller than Sly. Why is this so. In one of the pics it looks like she is actually slouching so she does not appear taller than him.I t looks like Sly is not wearing his 4 inchers that day, but i bet he has a minimum of a 2.5 in lift in height with those dress shoes on. I don't think he would ever go to a premier in anything but a 2-3 inch enhancement of some kind. So you take his 5'7 wife and ad 3 inch heels, that takes her to 5'10 or just abit under. Why is he not 2 inches taller than her if he is 5'9? Glen, in the new pics with Carl Weathers, there is a pretty big difference in height there, and i don't think Sly is wearing his flats or sandals in that pic either.
tgri said on 18/Mar/06
aleast i got you on my side glenn. in my eyes hes a 5'9 + guy and always will be .
Glenn said on 18/Mar/06
And furthermore,for those who dont believe me about bruce willis,look at how he towers over 5-9.5 mos def in 16 blocks by 4 or so!
Glenn said on 18/Mar/06
Im on your side TGRI.Ive been laughed at for years by people who never even saw him in the flesh.if you do,and I subjected a few people to meeting him,your in for a 6 foot shock! king nick,you have a good point,but sometimes there is more to bruce willis constantly mentioned at 5-10,5-11.I see 6-1,6-2!

[Editor Rob: no doubt Bruce can look 6ft -6ft 1, actually sometimes I see in pics he wears cowboy type footwear, maybe I'm short changing him...although Frank2 thought he is 5ft 11ish range.

speaking of Stallone - his impecabble posture might have been 'enhanced' by his time with bridget. You can see in many pics of him and bridget he looks like he's going to snap his back trying to force himself as tall as possible]
KingNick said on 17/Mar/06
I really want to give an opinion on Sly's height but I just can't figure it out. One thing I will say though is it is very possible to stretch yourself out and stand up straight to APPEAR taller. Some people just look taller than they are. For example, I'm 5'10", but most people who meet me think I'm about 6'1". When I remember to stand up straight I appear taller, so I think it has to do with that. I think this info will also help you guys out when I'm famous, no fighting :>)
Glenn said on 17/Mar/06
yeah,Vaj but you forget we are comparing him to 6-2 carl weathers and 6-3 to 6-5 hulk hogan.
tgri said on 17/Mar/06
besides glenn and rob and just a few others , you guys have no clue what iam talking about . iam sorry but, you guys most have a i.q. of 25 of you don't know what iam talking about . tell them rob. by the way i really think the main reason you don't upgrade sly's height is cuz you don't want to get bitched by all these fools .
Glenn said on 17/Mar/06
I agree.the guy could be 5-10.he looked it in his first movie BANANAS in 1973.
vaj said on 17/Mar/06
Scroll down to see what I mean about Sly stretching a pose to try to keep up to his wife's height. He does not seem 6'1 or 6'2 to me.

Click Here
vaj said on 17/Mar/06
Listen nolifts81,
Some of the woman claim to be 5'10" or 5'11" usually are counting their high heels like Anna Nickole Smith. She claims to be 5'11" but as we can all see in her mug shot she only stands 5'7". Just look at Sly's wife, she does not seem short maybe 5'6-5'7 but when she wears her high heels she is taller than Sly and in every picture he is stretching a pose to try to keep up her height.
It is so funny how insecure Sly is about his height!
nolifts81 said on 17/Mar/06
vaj- I've said that in certain occasion he looked 6'1" or 6'2" not always. Situation like: Hogan induction in the Hall of Fame; open of Planet Hollywood when he was with Angie everhart; marriage with Brigitte Nielsen. Sometimes he wears normal dress shoes with 1 inch heel that put him at 5'11", like in the pic with Glenn.
trueheight said on 17/Mar/06
Either carl weathers grew or Stallone is liftless this day:

Click Here,%20Sylvester

not a fluke photo either, here he's even 4in less than Weathers:

Click Here

obviously, sly forgot his enhancers that day
Anonymous said on 17/Mar/06
You can count me in there as well Vaj. Maybe 5'8 could be just under 5'9, it is amazing how he can appear to make himself 6'.If Glen were to where sly's shoes he could possibly hit that mark as well. The Real Anonynous
trueheight said on 17/Mar/06
Hey if Glenn wore 4in cowboy heels, he would be taller than stallone. The ones that dog the bounty hunter wears. If he can afford them custom made, then Stallone definately can, and by the best shoemaker
trueheight said on 17/Mar/06
claudia shiffer pic doesn't change anything imo. Theres a difference b/t a publicity pic and a candid pic; publicity pics are STAGED whereas candid pics are not. Hes 5'11 in candid pics, never looked taller. he's 5'11 w/ shoes posing w/ denzel as well. He's 5'8 maybe 5'8.5 w/ outstanding posture
vaj said on 17/Mar/06
I agree with you trueheight.
We are not fooled by Sly's fake height.
If people just used there common sense, How can a guy look 6'1"-6'2" when compared around people that are 5'9" there is not much difference. It is no
secret that he uses special shoes to make himself appear 5'10 or 5'11 maybe 6'with those ridiculous 3"-4" heels shoes.
In the picture with Glenn, all Glenn has to do wear 2" lifts a magicaly he would appear the same height as Sly. That is how Sly tricks everyone he is taller than he really is.
Now, like I have said before people who know Sly alot better than whe do(barefooted) all claim that his true height is between 5'8"-5'9". Why would they lie?
nolifts81 said on 17/Mar/06
A lot of people here haven't seen pics where Stallone with his shoes on stands at almost 6'2". On the net there are pics of Sly with Angie Everhart(5'10"-178cm) with 4/5 inches shoes on(that makes her about 6'2") where Stallone was her same height. There are pics with Hogan etc etc. I know better than most of people here,with an exeption for Ziggy, lifts and elevator shoes, and I can assure you that there is no way with lifts or elevator shoes to appear taller than 4 inches. Maybe that the top of the lift inside could stand at 4.5(like said Pasquale Di Fabrizio) or even 5 but the effective height increase is almost 4 inches. So saying that Stallone is 5'7" or 5'8" is ridicoulus. This guy is for sure around the 5'10".
Glenn said on 17/Mar/06
Once again you are right TGRI. I knew what you meant by brain surgeons Brett.I enjoyed it.
Brett said on 17/Mar/06
Ok you guys misunderstood what I meant by " brain surgeons", its a saying used in Australia which is a subtle way of calling someone an idiot , or hinting at their lack of intelligence by using sarcasm. I wasn't enquiring about whether he had surgery on his legs, Im sure he is still the same short person hes always been, with a better shoe maker.
trueheight said on 16/Mar/06
assuming glenn is 5'9 w/ shoes in this pic, STallone is about 5'11 w/shoes. 1.5in sole + at least 1in in liifts = 5'8.5 in real life. I mean have you guys seen his early films? He didn't have lifts in Rocky 1 he had platform heels!
trueheight said on 16/Mar/06
tgri: the top of Glenn's head is not 'slightly over sly's eyes', its about 1.5inches over sly's eyes!
tgri said on 16/Mar/06
well that *barefoot* pic with 5'11.25 claudia schiffer proves that sly is indeed a 5'9+ guy .... even do to the fact that he has bad posture and his nees are slightly bent.

Click Here

if sly stands up right , then he has got to be in the 5'10 range. the only way on this earth that sly is 5'8 max , is if if that pic is fake (which i do doubt) and if he stands on a ice box next to hulk hogan. after all that ive posted , if anyone sees that 5'10 is not right on need bifocillos.
Glenn said on 16/Mar/06
Next case in point is how tall is kurt russel.never met him.he looked 2 inches bigger than mel gibson in a photo I saw,which would put gibson at 5-7! My friends agree kurt looks 5-8,5-9.instead of the 5-10 he is listed ESCAPE FROM L.A. a character mentions how short kurts character SNAKE is.stallone is an enigma.
Glenn said on 16/Mar/06
I see your point Vaj,but as youve been reading and hopefully seeing,he can look an astonishing 6 feet or more.
vaj said on 16/Mar/06
I agree I think he is 5-10 or 5-11, but with lifts. Did he look 6'1"-6'2" next to Kurt Russell(5-9)in Tango & Cash when he wore 3"-4" heels? I do not think so.
Why do people who know him best like Hogan, ex-wife Bridgette Nelson, Sly sister and brother all claim he is between 5-8 and 5-9.
I know why b/c they have seen Sly barefooted, I am sorry to tell everyone without his lifts Sly is not tall.
Anonymous said on 16/Mar/06
Glenn, you have got to tell us about the roid raging. He always seeems to come off so well in his interviews, that it would be hard to imagine him having roid rage. It is interesting to see how his body changes from movie to movie In the latest Rocky he is looking much bigger than he ever has, and i don't think it is frome his Stone vitamin regimen.I don't know any other celebrity that seems to have gotten taller with age. Maybe there is something to the leg extension operation, i tell you if the tabloids ever got concrete information about this, it would be interesting to see how he could weather a storm like that. Tell us some stories regarding Sly, and thanx again Glenn. The Real Anonynous.

[Editor Rob: Sly's stayed the same, its everyone else that's shrinking!]
Glenn said on 16/Mar/06
Ive been trying to tell people this stuff for years TGRI.I think he really is 5-10.but Ive heard actors joke that he is 5-3.then the 5-7 sightings.I never saw him short.
leonari said on 16/Mar/06
This absolut bulls***: Height increase surgery even with GUICHET is highly risky,painful and takes a year to recover(even after a year one is not 100 %) and the outcome is still uncertain. SLY would never jeopardize his health,career for a lousy 2.3 inches. Please stop this argument. SLY IS 5'9.5".Average guy with lifts can look tall . And he does.
Holistic Practitioner said on 16/Mar/06
Using shoe lifts and elevators to achieve height are now passe and outmoded. The latest "in" thing is PERMAMENT STRETCHING. This is still a well kept secret among very few celebrity members with a cult following. They perform the stretching techniques on medieval torture chambers in old castles out in the country. A celebrity with a hoarse voice is a suspect because he or she would have been screaming all night with the pain (but gain) of the torture......

[Editor Rob:

nah, I heard there was a castle in Germany where those desperate for height go, think it was called "Schlo
Glenn said on 16/Mar/06
Oh yeah,he is usually roid raging.I still dont have time to finish that fight I had with him in that very our faces of anger!
Glenn said on 16/Mar/06
Thanks I wasnt kidding about height sugery.I heard those rumors for at least 6 the guy backing me up.Im glad im upgraded to 5-8.any chance guys that stallone really is 5-10? It sure appears that way.the problem with those pics Vaj is that liotta and willis both can look as tall as 6-1 to me in public.
tgri said on 16/Mar/06
ok something is not right . hogan was well over 6'5 at his peak and now looks as low as 6'3 today . just take one look at how small sly was with hogan in rocky 3 .... and do to the fact that hogan has lost height and the fact that sly's trainers are only giving him about 1.5 inches they still should not have such a little bit of height between sly and hogan . theres only 2 things i can think of .... hogan has lost about 6 inches of height? or , sly is atleast the 5'10 that hes claming? by the way , the pics that ive been posting proves that he can look min 6'0 in lifts .. now sly really does look an easy 5'10 next to 5'7 3/4 glenn . this does sound funny . but, really i think glenn saw sly short (out lifts) cuz the top of glenn's head goes slighly over sly's eyes . if sly had lifts on glenn's head would only go up to about sly's lips . people , what iam trying to say is that people think sly is 5'7-5'8 barefoot and 5'10-5'11 in lifts . no , what i see is a guy that * can * be an easy 5'10 and look an easy 6'0+ atleast in lifts. if you ask me i think the glenn and sly pic is about right .... but, on the other hand something really is not right with sly in hogan 's height today. maybe theres 2 hogan's and one is only 5'10 lol.
trueheight said on 16/Mar/06
Stallone cannot look over 5'10. check out jackie chan's(5'8) page for a similar photo to sly/glenn, pretty much validates glenn's 5'8
elio said on 15/Mar/06
Indeed Brett. My point is that for him to get so tall with lifts... it rules out him being 5'7.5" or lower. Also this is if he's wearing 4.5" mega shoes... rather than say... 3" shoes (which would also be VERY big and tricky to walk in).
nolifts81 said on 15/Mar/06
Hey Brett I have said that I don't believe what my aunt said to my a lot of time. But Everything could be possible, also that Stallone was operated by Jean Marc Guichet in 1991 as my aunt say constantly (based on a fact: her friend was operated by Guichet and this friend told her that Guichet operated also Sylvester Stallone for legs extension in his clinic in 1991.)

[Editor Rob: for leg-lenthening, Stallone would need at least 9 full months off, out of public view. In 1991 he was out and about at many events, so the aunt maybe is spinning an Auntie's tale from a friend ;-)]
Brett said on 15/Mar/06
It is possible for him to appear 6ft, you take his 5'8" odd frame ( maybe more maybe less), and add 4.5 inches, which that specialist shoe maker claims to have helped him achieve through the use of lifts, and voila, you get 6'0.5". Glenn , Id just ignore the brain surgeons on this site, what ever they say just gets ignored anyhow mate.
elio said on 15/Mar/06
I'd say Stallone is standing around the 6'1" mark in those shoes with Hogan. Which would give him the impression of being a 5'11" - 6'0" guy.

Of course, we all know the guy wears big shoes... but the real question is 'how big?'

Could he really get a pair of walkable shoes that add 6" (half a foot!) to a 5'7" frame?

Personally I can't see him getting away with wearing shoes any larger than 4.5" . So I find it very hard to believe he is shorter than 5'8".
tgri said on 15/Mar/06
rob, by looking at him next to hulk hogan in both pics small and tall tall would you say he is in both pics? the first one i say 6'2 , the other one i say 5'9 roughly.

[Editor Rob: I think he's got his black elevator trainers on with Hulk, but I don't think they could add more than 1.5 inches...

Hogan could be struggling with his current height now, although he still looks for the most part near it
nolifts81 said on 15/Mar/06
Anonymous- I Live in Italy. My aunt Grace lives in Los Angeles from 1985. She said to me a lot of times that Sly Stallone in the early 90, in France,had a leg extension operation by Dr Guichet.I've not believed her but she said that to me a lot of times.A friend of my aunt had a leg extension in France at that time by Dr Guichet and he said to her that this doctor did the same operation to Sylvester Stallone. I don't believe her but all is possible.
Anonymous said on 15/Mar/06
Glen, were you just kidding about the height extension? That could explain things, but i could not see him doing such a crazy thing like that. Hair transplant,lifts and facelifts he has done, but leg extensions seem far out even for him. Glen does he seeem like a pretty good guy when you have met him? Glen, i am giving you 5'8 again. The Real Anonynous!
Height Tracker said on 15/Mar/06
That is a great pic you showed us. And FYI for everybody on this site, I have seen the full length version of that Sly, Arnie, Bruce, and Demi picture. In that picture, Stallone is wearing his regular shoes (which probably have a small lift) and Bruce is wearing flip flop sandals. I'll show you guys the picture if I find it.
vaj said on 15/Mar/06
There is no way he looks 6'1 or 6'2, I will give him 5'10" or 5'11" with lifts in the picture with Glenn.

[Editor Rob: I think they are talking about the Stallone/Hogan picture...]
Glenn said on 15/Mar/06
Now do doubters believe Im 5-8? Stallone looks 6-1 to me here! He is one tall 5-7 guy!
nolifts81 said on 15/Mar/06
We all know that Stallone wears Huge lifts (than makes him 4 inches taller),but when he wears them he can look 6'1" to 6'2" with shoes on. So I think is evident that without his special shoes he is about 5'10". I know that 5'10" for normal people is a good height,but,for an action hero like Stallone is not a good height.This is the reason because Sly wears huge lifts.
vaj said on 15/Mar/06
Scroll down the pictures and you will find where Sly is looking 5'8" or 5'9" next to Bruce Wills 5'11", Arnold 6" Demi Moore 5'4.5".
Like I have said many times, look at the movie (Cop Land) where Sly is clearly in sandles looking 5'8 or 5'9" next to Ray Liotta 5'11".

Click Here
Glenn said on 15/Mar/06
Oh, I forgot to mention my friend was at the first day of filming on the new rocky about 4 months back,and he looked 5-8.strange.
Glenn said on 15/Mar/06
Further proof on what Ive been saying all along.and I have heard he had this height extension too.
elio said on 14/Mar/06
I think Carl Weather's is around the 6'1" mark. Stallone looks to be an inch or so shorter than him in one of the pics tgri posted. It's another Denzel moment. Where, with the help of some hefty shoes, a man of average height (5'8"-5'10") appears to stand around the 6 foot mark. Or Perhaps Sly has taken a year off work at some point and got a 2 inch leg extension operation? Regular people are having this done these days, so why not a movie star who seems to have tried everything else to appear taller?

This idea of Sly standing around the 6 foot mark (IN SHOES) is also supported with him standing only around 4" shorter than the 6'3"-6'4" Hulk Hogan in Editor Rob's posted pic.

Funny, isn't it? If Stallone had worn his v.large elevators for more of his career and there hadn't been so many sightings of him appearing shorter and barefoot, we'd be arguing whether or not he was 6 feet tall. Instead we're arguing whether or not he's 5'7".
tgri said on 14/Mar/06
damm in the pic i posted with hogan proves he can look as tall as about 6'2 . now in the pic from rocky 3 he looks about 5'7 .maybe his footwear is something like gene simmons would wear on stage when kiss was around? the shoes iam talking about add atleast 6-8 inches of height to your body ...i should know cuz i saw a pare of them in the mall and tried them on as a joke just to see how tall i was . now get this ...after i tried them on i was not that much shorter then my 6'3 friend lol which is very funny cuz iam really only 5'6.
Anonymous said on 14/Mar/06
tgri, it looks like Sly could be standing on some type of platform or stage. How the hell does a 5'8-5'10 guy look taller than a shrunken 6'4 Hogan? The Real Anonynous.
Glenn said on 14/Mar/06
I really appreciate that.I just felt it certain comments wernt needed,then again Im being too sensitive.and your right,in a sense I am a celebrity,and I better cool it with my temper and scare important people to the site or anger was understandable too.but I also understand,unlike most celebs,I know without you guys Im lets treat each other better. Much love, Glenn
trueheight said on 14/Mar/06
go to the jackie chan's board for proof(as if 300pics werent enough) supporting 5'8 Glenn
Chris said on 14/Mar/06
Sly and Arnie, not much of a diffirence there.

Click Here
Sly looks not quite 5'11''

Stallone wears huge heels...sometimes 4.5 inches. Of theese pictures he is 5'10
Anonymous said on 14/Mar/06
No problem Glen. I crossed the line as well.Thankyou for everything that you do in herefor us, it really is appreciated even though some of us including me do not show it enough. These are some really interesting pics. I mean look at the pics with Burt Young and then look at theses pics. It seems just to crazy. Tgri i don't think Carl Weathers is a legit 6'2, but hell Sly looks taller than Hogan and Vince. By the way this is the real Anonymous
tgri said on 14/Mar/06
lol .. how the hell is he taller then hulk hogan in this pic?

Click Here

this is sick.

[Editor Rob: well, he's not really taller, the angle is beneficial...but this pic showed there wasn't that much between them. Hogan sometimes wears cowboy boots at events, that day with stallone he didn't
Other Angle. Imagine the image on the right was actually the true difference back in the day, I'd be wondering how many discs they yanked out of hulks back ;-)]
tgri said on 14/Mar/06
check out these pics where sly is taller then 6'2 carl weathers . this is tooooo funny ...

Click Here

no 5'7 person will ever looks this tall unless his standing on a kitchen chair.

Click Here

Glenn said on 13/Mar/06
Sorry for my anger everyone.just had a rough month and at least Brett sees it as a form of picking on me.thanks Brett and Zach.this was stallone walking down the block.and a fight ensued which Ill get into another guys rule!
Zach said on 13/Mar/06
GLENN, I appreciate what you've done for this site, one question - where was that picture of you and Sly taken? Rob mentioned it was possibly on a film set?

[Editor Rob: I thought it might have been a set, but correct me if wrong Glenn, I think you'd said you just saw him on the street the day of that picture?]
Glenn said on 13/Mar/06
Thanks for defending me!
Frank2 said on 13/Mar/06
"how about we give him 5'10 with a an elevator shoe clause in quotations beside his name?" Should we call his elevators Otis or Janus or ThyssenKrupp or Stanley? I'm up or down to any suggestions.
Brett said on 13/Mar/06
I think Glenn is atleast 5'8", more then not he looks taller then this, but 5'6" come on guys, are we trying to be productive on this site? I have heard Sly stallone to be rather short, as low as 5'7", and I would guess his height to be 5'7 to 5'9", but he always looks a good size in public, and I think its rather obvious why. My aunty claims to have met sly 15 years ago in L.A, she has some strange undieing love for the man, however when ever shes brings up her quick convo with him, she always mentions how short he was, and shes barely 5'4" herself! There is no doubt the guy looks suprisingly large in lots of public appearances, definitely in Glenns pic too, and if people think its Glenn whoes overstating his height, you are sorely mistaken, have alook at Glenn next to Bernie Mac ( whoes 6'3"). Give Glenn a break, hes been pretty damn helpful if you ask me, and insulting the mans physical appearance just exposes flaws in your own personality. Stallone wears lifts, its plain obvious.
Anonymous said on 12/Mar/06
tgri,how about we give him 5'10 with a an elevator shoe clause in quotations beside his name? Okay i am off to watch the Sopranos now.
Anonymous said on 12/Mar/06
You can't say Glenn looks 5' 6" if you have no clue how tall Stallone is due to his unknown lifts/elevator shoes height, hence most of us guessing. So leave Glenn alone and stop talking crap. BTW, your height at night isn't your real height, it's a shorter and compressed version. Your height when your back is straight is your true height i.e.) Morning. I might as well arch my back and call that my real height using some people's ideas.
Anonymous said on 12/Mar/06
elio, take a look at Sly's in ring footwear from a few of the pics they have released from the latest Rocky. He is wearing lifts in those boots. They are not your everyday type boxing boot. That may account for him being 3 inches taller than the 5'7-5'8 Burt Young. Parker, thanx for that pic of Sly in Victory, but i don't see his feet in that pic. When i can't see Sly's feet in a pic, i am very skeptical judging how tall he is compared to somebody else. Glen, i call it as i see it. In the pic you are standing with Stallone you seem abit heavy set, and your hair looks like it has receded, thus making you appear 5'6 in that shot. The lighting is not great in that pic and maybe that is why you appear this way to me. I won't kiss your ass or anybody elses in hear. If you want to post pics on the internet,then you should be able to understand that people are going to notice things about you or the celebreties you have pics with. In a strange way i guess you have become a celebrity as well.
Mike said on 12/Mar/06
Elio you need your eyes testing,Sly prob looks 16 to you. I'm with Zach here,those are great pics, where high heels cant help him out of his short stature.

Burt is 5'6 and Sly is barely an inch taller.
tgri said on 12/Mar/06
i think 5'9-5'10 is a pretty fair barefoot height for sly. that really what he looks next to 5'8ish burt young and 5'4ish talia shrine. rob , i say just give him 5'9.5 and call it quits . just for now.
elio said on 12/Mar/06
I don't see the problem.

To me, Sly looks about 2 1/2 inches taller than Burt in those pics (taking into account sly tilting slightly and Burt's hat in the first pic , and the low camera angle of the second pic).

So 5'9" - 5'10" seems plausible judging from those pics. Obviously, in public his footwear has proved generous enough to bump him up a couple more inches.
Zach said on 12/Mar/06
By the way Glenn I dont think anyone is doubting the fact that Sly can LOOK tall, what with his mega elevators and all, its just that most of us are on here to discuss his real height not his apparent one.
Zach said on 12/Mar/06
And not many people would argue that this guy wears monster elevators wherever he goes.

I watched Rocky again, 5'7 Burt is NOT standing on a 'higher platform' (you think sly would let that happen?) in the pic I posted earlier

Click Here

Oh, and sorry, has Burt found another pavement to stand on here?

Click Here

Wake up guys.
Glenn said on 11/Mar/06
it doesnt make sense considering 250 other picked the stallone to say Im 5-6 cause you cant accept the fact he can look more people backing my claim.furthermore,you or some else were taking subtle shots at my weight and suppossed hair loss.stop playing games.
Anonymous said on 11/Mar/06
Glen, if someone suggests you look 5'6, it means to them that you look 5'6. If someone suggests you look 5'2, then by all means call them a jerkoff. There are quite a few pics where you do look 5'6. I have nothing to gain in here by pissing you off, when i say you can look 5'6. I do think it is awesome that you post the pics you do and meet the celebreties that you do.
Anonymous said on 11/Mar/06
This picture shows that Sly can look 5'11 easily, John Wark is on his left, he's officially listed as 5'11, and Summerbee on his right is officially listed as 5'10. There are too many instances where he can look in the 5'10+ range to suggest he is as low as 5'6. Also, if Sly were to wear lifts in football boots he would more than likely have broken, or sprained an ankle. I'm with Glenn and TGRI on this, Stallone can look tall!
Click Here

[Editor Rob: not many people would argue that Sly can consistantly appear in the 5ft 10 range.]
Parker said on 11/Mar/06
Glenn - There is no doubt in my mind that Stallone is 5'10. I base that on the Film Escape To Victory, where he appeared with Mike Summerbee who also was a legit 5'10 - There is no difference in their heights in the promotional pics.
nolifts81 said on 11/Mar/06
Anonymous- You're right, in the movie "Oscar" he weared lifts in his shoes is evident. I recognize when a shoe has lifts inside. In those shoes he had about 2 inches inside. But in the movie "Capone" the shoes are very normal:there is no room for accomodate lifts.For what I know, Sly started to use lifts or elevator shoes after the movie Rocky. "Capone" was filming in 1974-1975. I am agree with Glenn and TGRI Stallone with his lifts or elevator shoes can look tall.He reached the 6'2" with his shoes on at the Hall OF Fame induction for Hogan.
Glenn said on 11/Mar/06
Why were some people being jerkoffs claiming Im 5-6.TGRI is another of only a few that back my claim that stallone can look tall.
Anonymous said on 10/Mar/06
nolifts81, you were sayig that Sly was not wearing elevators in the movie Capone because it was set in the 30's and he appeared to be shorter than the "5'10" Ben Gazzara. What about the movie Oscar, that was set in the 30's as well. Did you see Sly's footwear in that movie. Thanx for the interesting pic Zack. I thought i would never see what Sly looks like without the lifts and camera angles.
tgri said on 10/Mar/06
zach, burt is on a higher ground level, but its really not that much higher at all . in sly's youth? mm 5'10 maybe , sly's rocky days? 5'9-5'9.5 indeed , sly nowdays ?who the hell knows lol. he just needs to put the damm shoes away. ive seen him look as tall as 6'2 in some pics . does the hogan , frank stallone,and johnny depp pic come to mind?
nolifts81 said on 10/Mar/06
Maybe Burt is on a taller streetzone in that pic. Burt is 5'7" and Stallone look always 3 inches taller than him in the movie and in any other pics on the net. No way Sly is Shorter than Burt, he has 3 inches on him.
Zach said on 10/Mar/06
Another one of those rare instances where Sly's real height is exposed.

Click Here

5'10? What a joke.
tgri said on 10/Mar/06
felix, i do say in that scene of the movie that sly really was not that much taller then burt young (paulie) . like 1.5 inches roughly . one thing is that burt young is not as short as people say or think , but he is on the short side . people are saying hes only 5'6 , but he really does look more 5'8ish to me and he can sometimes look as tall 5'9 , but 5'8ish is a good height for burt becuase talia shrine is around the 5'4 mark and burt really is more then 2 inches taller more like 4' 4.5' ,but also when sly is in flats burt is just a bit shorter . theres a pic on gettyimages with burt young and 6'0.5 james gandolfini and burt comes to his eyes .
Felix said on 10/Mar/06
There's a scene in Rocky 1 just before he is punching the meet at the factory and being filmed. The scene: He is standing with his Converse shoes and is talking to Paulie which isn't that tall, maybe 5'7 or something and if I can recall Sly looks even shorter than Paulie in that scene!
Glenn said on 10/Mar/06
Thanks guys! I wouldnt be here if you guys wernt interested.I do it for guys like elio,no lifts and chris.for all of you who dont hate on me.this site is for fun,not snide ass remarks.when Im near a computer,its the first thing I do too.hope to get more photos up this weekend.special thanks to all Rob has done!
Glenn said on 10/Mar/06
I heard frank was 6 feet.
tgri said on 9/Mar/06
rob, is frank stallone really only 5'10? he really is taller then sly i think is or was the 5'10 that he clamed.

[Editor Rob: I would say he can look a bit taller, yes. His claim is 6ft.]
Zach said on 9/Mar/06
Just to add to what nolifts and elios comments and despite what may seem 'harsh critism' at times, you've both - Rob and Glenn- done a really great job. Really like the bright easy to read set up of this site, beats a dark messy forum any day.

Rob - just one suggestion! If you could make hyperlinking possible (and not just on links you post ;) it would make this site top notch, would save everyone copying and pasting every time a link is posted especially since the gettyimages ones turn out to be massive ones!

[Editor Rob: you'd think someone with a First Class Honours in Computer Science would have done the link thing by now ;-) I kept forgetting to do it...

it should work now on future comments. Just make sure a space is before/after the link you are including in a comment...yes, its a total pain in the fingers copying/pasting those links.
nolifts81 said on 9/Mar/06
Glenn All here appreciate what you do for this site. I would say to the editor Rob that this is a great site. You had a great idea to open a blog where to discuss the celebs heights. I am from Italy and when I come back home from work, the first thing I do is to go at for reading some comments and searching 20 minutes of relax. Thank you Rob and Glenn, you are doing a great job.
elio said on 8/Mar/06
Glenn, sorry to hear about all the negative comments people have been throwing at you. I've noticed many of them myself.

Just want you to know that there's a large group of us on here that respect your unbiased opinions and really appreciate the time you've spent meeting these celebs, getting the photos developed and transferring them. Keep up the good work!
nolifts81 said on 8/Mar/06
Anonymous- Sly, in that movie, was wearing 30'dress shoes,very stylish I don't think there was room for accomodate lifts in them.However my bet for the height of this guy is 177 cm(5'9.75). Maybe I'm wrong, all is possible.
Anonymous said on 8/Mar/06
nolifts81, did you see the footwear that Sly was wearing in that movie? Sly will not do a movie,public appearance,without them.Sly wears lifts, and that is how you get the 0.5 inch difference.
Frank2 said on 8/Mar/06
I think some people on this forum need glasses. Sly is two inches shorter.
nolifts81 said on 8/Mar/06
Two Inches Shorter than Ben Gazzara in the movie "Capone"? Frank2- you are dreaming wake up!!! At that time Ben Gazzara was a good 5'10"(178cm):I know well italian actor Ben Gazzara, he is one of my favourite actors. In that movie Stallone appeared only 0.5 inch shorter than him, they are almost the same height.
Anonymous said on 7/Mar/06
Here is a picture of Sly looking short next to Bruce,Demi,Arnold.
vaj said on 7/Mar/06
I am sorry if I upset you Glenn, I am just trying to set a point that Sly is not as tall without his lifts.
tgri said on 7/Mar/06
who is mr.r , just an avid user or some guy that met alot of celebs?
Frank2 said on 7/Mar/06
Stallone is no more tha five-eight. He goes to bed wearing lifts. He was working at Universal in the next room to mine when he did the film Nighthawks. We spoke a couple of times and I noticed he was my height with his cowboy boots on. One day he had them off and I was shocked to see how short he was. Back then I had always thought of him as being at least my height. Take a look at him in the film Capone and you'll clearly see he's at least two inches shorter than Ben Gazzara.
Anonymous said on 7/Mar/06
Take it easy Glen,i'm just telling you how i see it bro. You really do look 5'6 especially in your recent pics. There are some pics of you taken in the late eighties and early ninties where your hair was not thinning and you were not so husky, that i might give you 5'7-5'7.5 The extra weight and less coverage on the head appears to make you shorter.
nolifts81 said on 7/Mar/06
Look At that pic with Claudia Schiffer. Claudia is for sure 182cm (5'11.75) and Sly looks clearly 2 inches shorter. Is evident Sly is 177cm(5'9.75). P.S. I have a book with all the measures of the 80'-90' top models and Claudia Schiffer is listed at 182cm and 128lbs.
vaj said on 7/Mar/06
the only person that is ignorant is you thinking he is 5'11".Compared to 5'11" Ray Liotta in Cop Land. He clearly looks 5'8" or 5'9" max in sandles, in the picture with you and Sly, all you have to do is add 2" lifts to be the same height.
Know, quit being naive in thinking Sly is not wearing his lifts in the picture.
Jason said on 7/Mar/06
you are not the only one who has ever met Sly.I am 5'10" barefooted and 5'11.5" in shoes and I was clearly alot taller when I met him. That is how I know for fact that Sly is not 5'10".

[Editor Rob: this isn't Jason, and this 'sighting' is erm...oh, I can't be bothered - anybody can figure out from the post below this one...]
Clive said on 7/Mar/06
I'm relly surprised !!! I knew he was listed as 5'10 but 5'9's short for a strong "Rocky" :-) But you said that he looked 5'9 but are you sure of that ???
Mike said on 6/Mar/06
Some of u need to watch that shower scene with sly and stone again. when you could clearly see both their feet Sharon Stone actually looked taller.

yes in the next scene where you could only see their faces Sly appeared an inch taller, but there's no knowing whether Sly was standing on a platform of sum sort. But like I said where you can see their feet you can see how short sly is.

Go watch it. Sly is 5'8 max.
Zach said on 6/Mar/06
Glenn may well be 5'8, its just a case of Sly having a 2inch+ advantage over him because of footwear. Come on guys wake up, you can get a 2-3" lifts over the net for barely
Anonymous said on 6/Mar/06
tgri, Sly's sister laughed when she heardsome people thought he was 5'9, because she is 5'9 and taller than Sly. Vaj, you are to generous with Glen's height. He can be 5'8 in shoes, but his pics are proving a solid 5'6 barefeet.
Glenn said on 6/Mar/06
I actually dont guess cm well.Im 5-7 1-2 at night.
Glenn said on 6/Mar/06
What Gets Me Is That You Have The Balls To Think I Look 5-6 In All 250 Photos,when Most People Will Agree That The Pics Have Me At 5-8 To 5-10.and You Never Met Sly! If He Is Wearing Lifts Here,then I Look 5-8.your Ignorant.HE CAN LOOK can be 2 inch height for your info,without lifts or big heels.even some sneakers have half inch insoles.
vaj said on 6/Mar/06
Okay you may be 5'8" barefooted( I think 5'7.5") and 5'9" with shoes, but if you said 5'10", must be either with boots or lifts. You claim him to look 5'11" but when standing next to 5'11" Ray Liotta in (Cop Land) he looked more like 5'8" or 5'9". When he wants to appear taller he wears his lifts.
His shoes may look normal knowing about his insecurities about his height I am sure he still wears lifts. Have you seen the pictures when he and his wife are at court side Lakers game. I hope you do not think they look like normal shoes. His shoes look to oversized and chuncky compared to the man sitting next to him with regular shoes.Including heel it looks to boost him up 3" to make him appear 5'11".
I can not understand why you all do not get that Sly is not a tall man and that he uses lifts to make himself to appear 5'10" or 5'11". That is not TOP SECRET!
tgri said on 6/Mar/06
does anyone know what sly's sister said about his height?

[Editor Rob: I think it was that he wasn't taller than her, Mr R would know the jist of the quote...]
Anonymous said on 6/Mar/06
6 & 18, I would be willing to bet that Sly is on his tiptoes when standing with Denzel. Look at that pic again, it looks like he is throwing himself on Denzel. Glen,you do really look only 5'6, until you prove otherwise thats where some of us in here will have your height at. Glen, most of us in here do have lives, and this is just a place to escape and have some fun. No hard feelings bro, but you do look 5'6 and Sly is prolly 5'8 max.

[Editor Rob: maybe one day I'll get a pic with Glenn...]
Mario said on 6/Mar/06
It look more like 2 inch boots Chris. ;-)
To me he looks in Rocky 5 ft 9-10. His peak height was probably 5 ft 9.5, a height what he looked next to a barefoot (and naked) Sharon Stone in The Specialist (1994). Do the people who think that Sly is really 5-7 also think that Stone is 5 ft 5.5?
Chris said on 6/Mar/06
Yes, and you can clearly see the diffirence, or am I right?
Chris said on 6/Mar/06
In Rocky he wore thoose big 4 inches boots. The height-diffirence is so clear. When he had the boots on, he looked like 5'10-5'11'', but it is hard to tell with cameraangels etc, but when he was out running or trained in the factory he looked like 5'8''.

[Editor Rob: These boots]
dmeyer said on 6/Mar/06
that pics with claudia proves he is not under 5'9
tgri said on 5/Mar/06
rob, what was the comment that sly's sister said about his height? by the way .... if sly's height ever gets updated on here , would you update frank's height? frank really is taller then sly.
chad said on 5/Mar/06
I agree with him being conscioyus of his height, i;de even agree with him boosting it usin elevator shoes and lift(even at the same time!)but i wont agree with him beein less than 5'9 at the very least.
Prood: the scene from the woody allen movie where sly is in the subway,(just as an extra ofcourse)he was like a gangmember, but he wasconsidered big nexct to the fellow gangmember who was short,i'de say he is a definite 5'9.5 and has shtunk an inch increasing his efforts to look tall at any price.
M1ghty said on 5/Mar/06
ah ah ah ...
Stallone is never 5'10
Look at him on this pic next to 5'11'1/2 Claudia Schiffer
Don't think there's a 1.5inch difference ...
nolifts81 said on 5/Mar/06
Glenn you are 173cm in the evening?
Glenn said on 4/Mar/06
5-9,5-10 in shoes.thanks to 6 & 18 for backing me that stallone can look tall.
6' & 18 said on 4/Mar/06
Clearly Sly can look 6'. There's a pic of him with Denzel in a link below and Sly is the exact same height as Denzel. And Denzel is 6' barefoot, 6'1" with shoes. So somehow Sly is 6' 1" with shoes in that pic. 5' 10" + 3 inch footwear = ...
vaj said on 4/Mar/06
Are you 5'8" barefooted or eith shoes?
Glenn said on 4/Mar/06
Again,you Need To Get A Life If Think Im 5-6.people Just Cant Accept Fact That Stallone CAN lifts or not look tall.
Glenn said on 4/Mar/06
anyone who thinks Im 5-6 is obviously not looking at the other photos.and what Ive been telling all of you is that photos are never accurate cause of posture,footwear,and street levels.females I tend to lean into them and bend.
Anonymous said on 3/Mar/06
tgri, Sly will never ever agree to taking a pic with Glen in barefeet. He might do it with the 5' Danny Devito, but he would never do it with a 5'6 Glen. Sly is one of my all time favorite actors, and just because he is prolly 5'8 is not going to change that. It is amazing he is able to do what he has done in movies, he sort of has his own Rocky story.
vaj said on 3/Mar/06
listen it sounds that you can not come to accept that Sly is not 5'10".I am sorry to disappoint you but Sly never looked 6' to me. However, he can appear to look 5'10.5" with lifts.You just do not get it that somone who is 5'8" can easy look 5'10" with lifts. I have seen a picture of him next to 6' John Trovalta when he was directing him in Staying Alive and Sly had 2" boots on and John 1" heel boots and Sly was clearly 3" shorter.
tgri said on 3/Mar/06
the next time glenn sees sly he needs to ask him to take a pic with him in barefeet. if sly says yes and the pic comes back and sly is still 2-3 inches taller then glenn , then i would say give him 5'10 . know on the other hand .... if sly says no or looks at glenn like a fool.... THEN U KNOW SOMTHING IS UP . the thing i don't get is that sly only clamed 5'10 , but sometimes looks 6'0.
Zach said on 3/Mar/06
I'm sure Glenn has mentioned somewhere on this website that at times he can be 5'7.5. Either way, like I said I dont think anyone can blame him for not noticing Sly's elevators with the way they are disguised.

Rob - if you get a chance to see Tango and Cash, watch carefully the first scene when Sly shoots at the truck and the two guys come flying out. Pause it. And just have a look at the size of those heels, they go so high you cant even see where they end. And yet he's still the same height as Kurt Russel throughout the film.

Also with regards to the shower pic, there were a lot of reports at the time of Sly having a body double (you cant see his face and the guy distinctly lacks Sly's muscularity). Even if it is genuinely Sly it proves beyond doubt that there is no way he is taller than Kurt, who's own height is debatable, in the 5'8-9 range.
vaj said on 3/Mar/06
I also agree with Anonymous that Glenn is 5'7" barefooted and 5'8" with shoes on.
Anonymous said on 3/Mar/06
Vaj,Zack,InTheZone as you know i agree with your comments about Sly being 5`8. Vaj, thanx for the inside info on the actor who starred with Sly in the movie Paradise Alley.His claim of Sly being 5`8 barefoot has convenienty gone unoticed.I believe Hulk Hogan has said the same thing in his book as well.Sly is 5`8 max and can appear to be 5`11 with the right footwear,posture and hair. I will also go on to say that 5`8 is not an accurate height of 5`8. Glen looks a solid 5`6. Look at his pics with Dustin Hoffman,Woody Allen and Shania Twain just to name a few.

[Editor Rob:

ok, I'll put the Hulk quote here exactly as he said it:

Hogan said: "Funny thing, in the American public's eyes Sylvester Stallone was seven hundred feet tall. In reality he was only FIVE FEET EIGHT and one hundred and sixty pounds soaking wet."]
vaj said on 3/Mar/06
Yes you are right, Sly is 1" taller than Kurt like I said he had at least 3" heels on his shoes. So, if Kurt wore 2" cowboy boots Sly wore 3" heels on his shoes to appear taller than Kurt.By the way Kurt is 5'9" with shoes.
Sly does not wear normal shoes,
in his early films as well as Tango & Cash he wore 3" heels shoes.Now he wears shoes that appear to be normal to look 5'10" with lifts hidden inside so his shoes will not look so obvious.
Think about it, if you met someone who is a legit 5'10" you would not consider him short.So why are so many people so surprised by Sly's height when they see him in person.
nolifts81 said on 3/Mar/06
With very normal shoes on Stallone is almost 1 inch taller than Kurt Russell.Vaj- I am agree with you, Sly is not a legit 5'10",but, he is very close to 5'10".
vaj said on 3/Mar/06
dream on to think sly is legit 5'10". Why don't you use your common sense, watch the movie (Tango & Cash). Sly wore 3" heels shoes and if he was 5'10" barefoot that would had made him 6'1" and he did not look that much taller than 5'9" Kurt Russell. So think about it, yes he is 5'10" with lifts on.
tgri said on 2/Mar/06
sly is legit 5'10 and arnold is strong 6'1.
vaj said on 2/Mar/06
If Glenn had 2" lifts on he would be the same height as Sly.
Zach said on 2/Mar/06
Guys do you really blame Glenn for not noticing Sly had fishy footwear on? The guy has spent millions over 3 decades perfecting the art of disguised elevator footwear (and perfecting the art of fooling a lot of people too). Look at his footwear next to Hogan:

Now if you didnt know about Sly and his obsession for elevator shoes, you'd think those shoes/trainers look pretty normal. But its pretty obvious they're elevators, look at how close they take him to Hogans height. Whatever their real heights are, the difference is no way that small.

Sly is 5'8 as Vaj says, going up to 3-4inches higher with his elevators, possibly even more and hence the height difference between Glenn and Sly.
vaj said on 2/Mar/06
I still can not beleive so many people like tgri and nolifts81 are fooled by Sly's fake height.Of course in the picture with Glenn he looks 5'10" because people it is no secret that Sly wears lifts.A friend of mine knows Sly so well because Sly discoverd him here in Texas. Lee Contanito was a boxer around the time of Rocky I. Sly discovered Lee and moved him in to live with him for 3 years to become his promoter and even cast him his first directed movie in Paradise Alley as his brother. I still see Lee often he swears Sly is only 5'8" barefooted 5'9.25 with shoes, 5'10.5 with lifts.
So, that is how Sly fooles everyone he is tall and that is why many people are shocked to see how small he really is in person.
Wake up people Sly is not tall and yes he still wears lifts even if his shoes look normal.

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