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5ft 9.22in (175.8cm)
stephen said on 10/Jul/08
I'm a 6'1 dude, I don't care much about girls heights, tall is cool or short, depends how their personality is and if they're in decent shape. Taylor Swift is definately pretty tall, I saw her in TV maybe a month ago and I'd guess shes atleast 5'10 or so.
jacqueline said on 10/Jul/08
im 5 '8 and three quarters so bascically 5'9" and 14. i used to hate being tall but now im getting used to it. seeing taylor swift, shes such an inspiration to me shes tall, beautiful, a great person, and awesome singer! shell make being tall a trend !
Lauren said on 10/Jul/08
Hey Taylor,
I 5'9/12 and all my friends are like 5'1. Its really weird. I cant where heels because people think im a freak but on the bright side i can model and tall peole look thinner and better in clothes
steve said on 8/Jul/08
I'm a guy and about 6'3". To all the girls who think they are too tall, don't. Being tall is one of the most attractive things in a girl, especially if she isn't insecure about it.
KEK said on 3/Jul/08
Taylor Swift is short.. I'm 6'2" and 17 yrs old. I love being tall cuz it's unique and I've learned to relish the attention. Sure, it may be a little harder to find a date but it's worth it when you get that game winning block or rebound or when your strutting the runway. Be tall. Be unique.
Callie said on 1/Jul/08
I am 14 5'10" and 125lbs Sometimes I feel kinda sad about how tall I am... But now I have started modeling and I find it more as a gift. You have to be at least 5'8" to be a model and if you really want to make a career out of if you need to be like 5'9" or more... so to all the other tall girls out there dont fell bad about your height embrace it!
brianna =) said on 1/Jul/08
im 15 an im almost 5'9" sometimes it a problem when alot of my friends are like 3 feet shorter then me i feel kinda strange standing around them .
but thats something u have that makes u different
people know not to make comments about my height because ill turn around an make them eat there words lol you jus got to be confident about it
there are something you cant change an jus have to make the best of it ! =)
CV;) said on 28/Jun/08
5'9" isnt bad at all! thats a good tall. at least you can wear heels. whenever i walk around in flip flops ppl always look at my feet and then give the once over like 5 times. im like F YOU!
Tawnee B. said on 27/Jun/08
Taylor, i totally know how you feel. Im 15 and 5'9'' and i aint slower down any time soon. I love wearing high heels tho, especially with my skinny jeans and wherever im going with my heels on, everyone stares me down as they walk by like "Woah! Look at that girl, she's looks like big bird!" Because i have a long nose too. But at least i know that i have a way better chance of being a supermodel then some tiny little 5'6" chick! Haha.
nadine said on 27/Jun/08
i am 18 and about 5'11" and tonight some guy called me a giant! i wanted to cry! i've had a lot of moments like that. being tall is very difficult whether its attractive or not.
kevin sprague said on 26/Jun/08
i love her with all my heart and i want to do something in the bed wit her
Taylor said on 26/Jun/08
I cannot believe that Taylor Swift is 5'11! I'm at least 5'9 and this makes me feel a lot better. Everyone, including random people on the street, say that I look like her, and this just makes it more awesome that she's around the same height as me, and having the same name doesn't hurt either.
CV;) said on 25/Jun/08
Im 16 and almost 6'1" and although it can be annoying to deal with ppls comments, sometimes the attention is you can't control how tall u are so if youre tall, work it! its better for some sports and you look modelesque. if ur short, do the same! you'll always be the right height for guys and you'll never feel awkward around ur friends.
maolee said on 24/Jun/08
I'm only 5ft, very proportional, but wished I was taller. Taller girls get a ton of attention! Is there any plastic surgery for height? Haha!
bobcatwrestler said on 24/Jun/08
I just recently saw Taylor at the 2008 CMA festival. I was about three feet away from her when she was signing autographs. She def is not 5'11. I would say more around the height of 5'8 or 5'9. She is very skinny and I think her being skinny makes her look taller than she is.
lindy said on 19/Jun/08
i am 18 and 5'11" high used i always felt like i was hovering over everyone else, but now that i am in college, being tall is a great thing..i mean, who are all of those super tall, hot basketball players going to date? am i right? lol :D
MD said on 18/Jun/08
Bama Girl, you're only an inch or so below average height for a girl in this country. I wouldn't call you short, at all.
Chelly said on 17/Jun/08
Dudes. Im like 5'9 and a bit and i sort of wish i was shorter because im only 14. I wouldn't mind being tall when im older but not right now. Though i do hate wearing heels because im taller than all the cute guys and dudes dont really like that.
BamaGrL said on 16/Jun/08
Man it sucks to be short. I'm only 5'3" and a lot of people are always teasing me about being short and it makes me depressed a lot.
BellanalitaBetsey said on 12/Jun/08
I am a little under 6 foot and LUV it! honestly all those shortys are missing out...not that they can do anything about it but...whatever...and when it comes to guys, theres a million handsome 6 foot 2's out there. Also being model height you always look sooooo much better in clothes. Everyone secretly would love to be taller...its a fact!
Mckinzie said on 7/Jun/08
im 6'2 and i wish i was really really short for once so i could match my bf's size.
Kellme said on 31/May/08
Im 5'11"!!! Alot of Adult women tell me they wish they were as tall as me. I'm 15, I still dont know why they tell me that though. I'm ALL leg so I haven't found a pair of Jeans that have fit properly for about 5 years now. Wow thats pretty depressing.
Hollabug said on 29/May/08
Yessss!!!! finally, a female singer i like who is tall. i'm the tallest in my grade. i'm almost 5'8. like really close. thanks 4 making me feel better. now i really realize what a gift it is. Tall girls rock!!!
Anonymous said on 28/May/08
yay!!! i thought i was a freak! everyday people tell me i'm tall but i guess not as much as some people i'm 14 and almost 5' 8" but compared to everyone else i feel tall and i guess where i live people are just extra short:) lol
Junebug said on 27/May/08
girls shouldn't be embarrased about there height. im 5'9 and i just turned 13 a couple of months ago. im the tallest 8th grader in my school. i love being tall. i hope to be as tall as taylor someday, or taller. =]
limy said on 26/May/08
Girls, there's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of being tall.
I'm 5'9", 126 lbs and proud of it. Plus I wear heels almost 24/7 boosting me up to 5'11" or even 6'.
And when it comes to guys, 5'10" or above is a great height for me. Personally, I like the tall & thin modelesque type of guys <3.
Viper said on 12/May/08
She really doesnt look 5-11 to me.
Karlinn said on 26/Apr/08
Yep I'm 5'11" like Taylor and I love it. I have never wanted to be shorter. I don't really care about guys height though, I once dated a guy that was 5'6" doesn't matter to me at boyfriend now is also 5'10"
anonamous said on 20/Apr/08
you guys are all tall! I thought i was tall (5'8) and im 14, but thats nothing compared to you!dont be self conscious about your heights though. almost every girl at my school wishes they could be as tall as me. (im the second tallest 8th grade girl out of 300+ 8th graders. they all want to be tall because they think its AWESOME!!!!!
Julianne said on 16/Apr/08
I'm so happy to here she's tall! I am 5'9" and I'm only 13! I know how you feel
aybaybay. It hard sometimes, but keep rockin' Taylor!
Kris said on 13/Apr/08
Macy, don't you worry about the stars that are under 5'5! Take a look at the supermodels! They are alwyas tall, even short little Kate Moss is still taller than the average American/Canadian woman.
kuntrrE girrl said on 10/Apr/08
i'm 5'11 and i love it. most ppl want to be taller. being tall is different
aybaybay said on 21/Mar/08
she is so amazing im in 7th grade and am 5'9" its crazy! shes such an amazing singer with a great body and those arent bad cominations!
JReynolds said on 5/Mar/08
Im 5 11 its sweet. Shes my hero.. Im glad to see a beatiful tall star like her
macy said on 4/Mar/08
I'm very happy that there are tall female celebrities. Most of the celebrities are under 5'5" and it make a lot of tall women feel self-conscious about their height. I am 5'11" and wear heels almost everyday. The only problem is finding clothing that comes in tall. I notice that most stores have a petite section but almost never a tall section.
anonamous said on 2/Mar/08
she doesnt seem like she would be 5'11"
but shes soo pretty and good at singing
i love taylor
tosha said on 18/Feb/08
taylor is like a fary princes with amagestical voice and a gutair.Shes awesome
Anon said on 27/Jan/08
Click Here

With a girl I know, who's 5'3".
sahar said on 25/Jan/08
she's 5'11" w/out boots or anything. its in justine magazine, huge 5 page spread and interview. plus, i met her last week after her concert and asked her how tall she was w/out boots and she said 5'11"
Anonymous said on 16/Jan/08
She was on the Tonight Show tonight and was definitely shorter than Jay and barely, if at all, taller than Bill Maher. Looked to be wearing boots.
El said on 9/Jan/08
I figured she would be 5'7" or 5'8" but then again I've never seen her standing as often. I've only seen her lying down in the grass in the music video for "Tim McGraw" and lying in roses in "Our Song". She doesn't seem to stand much.
Patti said on 9/Jan/08
I've read all the comments below from girls who either love or hate their height. At 6 ft tall, I've gone thru both stages in my life. Many years back, I came to accept my height and now wear 2 inch heels most days. Hey, if you're already towering over everyone, what's another 2 inches? Plus, now I get to wear nicer shoes! I think it's great to see such a tall female celebrity out there. Especially one so young. Maybe this will help all the tall teenagers watching realize that being a tall female IS something to be proud of!
5'9 cheerleader. said on 6/Jan/08
being tall is something a girl shouldnt be embarrassed of. most of the people i know feel inferior to tall girls.. its model material. who sees a short model.. or who WOULDNT want the status of a model? having the height should make anyone feel good just the IDEA of it. esp when models are looked up to. and the whole thing about a lot guys preferring shorter girls, totally not true. so to the girls who 'hate' being tall-have confidence. THAT is what will make you or break you.
randomness said on 27/Dec/07
ew, i hate being tall! i'm 5'11 and i'd much rather be 5 foot tall than have to wear flats everyday of my life lol, i wouldnt even dare put a pair of heels on lol!
Lindsey said on 27/Dec/07
Wow, I knew she was tall just not as tall as she is. Model with a guitar, good one! She does look it though. I'm 5'7 and I'm the tallest girl out of me and my girl friends and I thought I was tall. Haha. (:
ananomouse said on 22/Dec/07
Thanks kb for telling me that...when i read what everyone says about loving they're height it makes me feel better so thanks kb.
Katelyn Vanrensburg said on 4/Dec/07
I have to agree with 'Taylor W' on this one, Taylor Swift is much more around like height of 5'9 - 5'10. But in her cowboy boots yeah she'd be about 5'11 :)
6ftkate said on 1/Dec/07
i knew she was tall but not this tall. thats fantastic!
kt said on 13/Nov/07
her height + slim figure + blonde is not going to hurt her career. She's a model with a guitar.

kinda reminds me of a very young faith hill.
anonomous said on 29/Oct/07
I love Taylor Swift and I hate being tall. I am a girl and I'm like 5'11 1/2 and about a little over 6'0 in heels and I feel like a freak because no one else is this tall except models and now I feel alot better about my height.
TaylorW said on 22/Oct/07
Dude, I saw her with my sis after a concert. She was barefoot and came right up to us. She is tall, but I am 6'2" and I was atleast 4 inches taller than her. I'd say she is more like 5'9" or 5'10", which is still tall!
Crissy said on 15/Oct/07
I'm 5'7 1/2 and in heels about 5'10-5'11 depending on the heel, and I love it! Especially since I get to date taller guys, the last guy I dated was 6'5 1/2.
Moi! said on 29/Sep/07
I'm 1.80 m and I don't think being tall is SO GREAT!
KB said on 22/Sep/07
Psssh. Being tall IS great, anonymous! I'm around 5'10. LOVING every minute.
Anonymous said on 30/Aug/07
Wow didn't know she was that tall. I thought she was like 5'8".
Anonymous said on 14/Aug/07
being too tall isn't that great tho because most guys like women to be shorter than them.
amber said on 12/Aug/07
wow you make me feel better cause im 5ft 8in and i thought i was tall, being tall rocks!! yeahh!
TAYLOR said on 1/Aug/07
I can't believe that I have the same name as the most beautiful girl in the world your so tall and beautiful as the same as your voice its so beautiful like you

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