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5ft 7.74in (172.1cm)
joe said on 30/Nov/07
Click Here - a pic of him next to 5'10 james franco. He is easily 2 inches shorter than him as James looks like he ducking to get in the picture and not throw it out of proportion. Tobey Maguire is not a hair over 5'8 and thats if you believe these heights are without shoes on. I'd say measured by a doctor he is 5'7.
leonari said on 11/Nov/07
Jon Stweart is 5'6" which makes Tobey 5'7". In my mind Tobey is shorter than Cruise. by 2 cm. Of course I could be wrong.
glenn said on 11/Nov/07
jon stewart is tricky.i heard him say he was 5-6 out of his own mouth.and he can look it.he can also look 5-7.
Farnsy said on 11/Nov/07
Yeah I saw it too. Next to 5'7 Jon Stewart he looked taller than Jon by barely an inch
Anonymous said on 10/Nov/07
He and Kirsten Dunst looks about the same height when Dunst wears high shoes. I'd say he's 5'7 and a half
Anonymous said on 19/Oct/07
He doesn't look less than 5'7, and definitely no more than 5'8. Anything out of that range is ridiculous.
roy said on 2/Oct/07
im 5'11 and a half and way 213lbs yet its just primarily big build. some people who are blatantly like 5'9 or ten say "oh yeah I'm almost 6 foot!" no, your not, your 3 inches off! Plus theyre like "ooh yeah im about, what 12 stone?" Thats why you must never trust shorter people when giving their height as they're always going to just boost themselves up a little bit, and if overweight, they'll reduce it. Maguire is pushing 5 ft 7 imo. Kirsten Dunst was almost the same height, probs not much more than about an inch so you know. Barely 5'7, and that was roy speaking. good day and goodnight.
dave said on 1/Oct/07
Im 5'9.5 and I tip the scales at just over 170, like 172 on a good day. I dont look bulky at all more toned and ripped. Even if Tobey Maguire is only 5'7/5'7.5 I can believe he was close to 170 pounds for the role of spiderman.
Jason said on 29/Sep/07
30'' thighs at 5'8'' 165lbs? Mistake? :P Mine are 28.33'' & I'm 6'3 1/2'' 243lbs...

Agree if he's only 5'6''-5'7'', he wasn't 170lbs, though.
Anon. said on 28/Sep/07
In response to what was said about the actor's weight, I agree with the fact that he probably wasn't close to 170 lbs for the role of Spider Man. I stand an even 5'8, and weigh 143 pounds now. When I was playing hockey I walked around at 165 and was much bigger than Tobey appears in the movie, thick neck, arms etc. despite also having 30" thighs.
glenn said on 22/Sep/07
well i saw him in the flesh several times.he is 5-6 to 5-7.
Farnsy said on 21/Sep/07
Actually I saw him in a photo next to Lukas Haas and they say that Lukas is 6'1. If you ask me Maguire looked about 12cm shorter. But we all saw it on the Ellen Show, he appeared her height,a said 5'6. So it's hard to tell but I'm going to say Maguire is 172-173cm tall from my point of view. 5'8 sounds about right
glenn said on 7/Sep/07
exactly lee and leonari.
lee said on 6/Sep/07
yes i do belive that tobey is only 5'6"i was with a man that was 5'7" AND TOBEY looks a bit shorter i say 5'6" i myself is 5'4" so i know what it looks like standing next to a 5'6" or a 5'7"
leonari said on 30/Aug/07
The guy is 5'7"...and hell who knows: Maybe Glenn saw a liftless Tobey? That would explain the 5'6" encounter...
Chip said on 29/Aug/07
I think he is about 5'8". I really don't think he's much less than 5'7". 5'8" isn't tall, guys, it's about average.
dmeyer said on 28/Aug/07
if glenn see him 5'6 i doubt he is over 5'7 but he dosnt look more than 3 in under franco
Yitzhak said on 14/Aug/07
He's about 3 inches shorter than James Franco (who I believe is no more than 5'10)
6'3'' JK said on 26/Jul/07
Well Rob if Glenn is saying 5'7'' then you should downgrade the guy by half an inch the least, Glenn have you got a picture with him?
glenn said on 26/Jul/07
he isnt taller than 5-7.he looked that in nike dress shoes he was a shocking i dont know.
leonari said on 26/Jul/07
Glenn: Are you sticking to 5'6" for this guy???? Please reply. thanks dude.
6'3'' JK said on 25/Jul/07
I really think he is 5'7.5'' - 5'8''
dave said on 19/Jul/07
i thought he was 1.68 ...he looks short on spiderman 1,2and 3....he doesn't seem 5'8 .....
Anonymous said on 11/Jul/07
I don't see any short legs there. Still looks pretty proportionate to me. I'm still sticking to 5'6". Also, he appears to be as tall as Ellen in the video who's 5'6" max but looks like Tobey is trying his level best to stretch himself as maximum as he can to appear taller than her.
glenn said on 9/Jul/07
just like i saw when i met him the first time.5-6.
Anonymous said on 8/Jul/07
A follow-up to Tobey's pair of pants on auction: if you see the scene where he's wearing those pants in the movie, you'll notice that the pants are bunched up in fold's near his foot. The scene is where he's standing at the end of the fight with Harry unconscious on the ground. Now an inseam of 29 3/4" on a 5'7" guy who's limbs are proportionate shouldn't be bunched up like this as Tobey's legs appear to be well proportionate to the rest of his body and he's not a guy with short legs. My young brother is 5'7" and his limbs are proportionate and he wears a 30" inseam pants, and they don't bunch up like this. So I think he's a 5'6" guy.
Randal K. said on 25/Jun/07
I don't think Maguire is 5'8". Look here -Click Here In that pic, Dunst is obviously taller than him. She's wearing big heels, that might give her extra 3 inches. That's 5'8.5"(174cm). Maguire is wearing heels also, plus he's also wearing lifts (look where his leg/knee is bending). If he was 5'8", the added height (even without the lifts, just the shoes) should put him at least at 175 cm. No, no. Tobey is 5'7" (170-171cm). End of story.
mcfan said on 24/Jun/07
If Robert Downey Jr is 5'8 then Tobey has to be 5'7.5 or below.
MD said on 12/Jun/07
He's definitely not a full 5'8", but Rob seems to believe he is for whatever reason.
glenn said on 12/Jun/07
the 2 shocks lately are toby and michael chilkles(sp?) looking 5-6.second time i saw toby he seemed more 5-7.
Lmeister said on 12/Jun/07
PPl have different kinds of builts. One frined of mine who is 5'11'' wears 30'' jeans and one of my co-workers wears 32'' eventhough he is 6'0''. I'm 5'8'' and usually buy 30''...
Robert.R said on 11/Jun/07
That is interesting Anonymous because I am only 5'7" or just over and my inside leg is 31" although I never buy jeans under 32" inside leg.
Anonymous said on 5/Jun/07
There are a pair of pants on auction on ebay which were worn by Tobey in Spider-man 3. The inseam of the pants: 29 3/4", that would make Tobey's height a solid 5'6" or a very weak 5'7".
Cpt. Crunch said on 4/Jun/07
3-4 inches shorter and 30 pounds lighter than the real Spiderman in Marvel Universe statistics. Also makes him weaker than the real Spiderman because, like a spider, Spidey can lift 40 times his weight. For Tobey that's only 6000 pounds.
mcfan said on 23/May/07
I think he wears lifts at times. Sometimes he looks 5'7.
lee said on 15/May/07
years back tobet was said to be 5'7 and to me he looks it i had a boyfriend that was 5'7 and i 5'2 just like tobeys wife to be and my x and i look like tobey and hes wife to be standing side by side so yes i do think that tobey is 5'7 or .5 shorter
Elisabeth said on 10/May/07
Kirstun dunst looks kind of tall for a girl.but For a guy,that is kind of on the short side.I think he is around 5'7.5".Sorry Tobey.
val said on 10/May/07
yeah,it's ok..his tall is same to me.
but he's the right person to play as spiderman..i hope i can see spiderman 4..
spiderman is my favorite movie..forever
MD said on 8/May/07
Yeah, he looked taller than Jon, to me, too. But, it was nothing over an inch, and looked less than that.
sam said on 8/May/07
He looked almost an inch taller than Stewart to me. I noticed Maguire was standing ramrod straight (almost abnormally so), perhaps hoping not to seem comparable to a little guy like Stewart.
the shredder said on 8/May/07
Rob , man me others think you should put him down to 5'7 ! ... Even Glennjamin saw 5'6 !
George H. said on 8/May/07
Saw him on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. They were about the same height.
MD said on 8/May/07
I can't see him being anything over 5'7". I think Rob needs to check this one, again.
trueheight said on 8/May/07
look at spidey 2 when his best friend introduces him to DOC OC - James Franco who is just under 5'11(listed here) is about 4in taller than him easy. He looks like a child next Alfred Molina
trueheight said on 8/May/07
he's not 5'8
random guy said on 7/May/07
Peter Parker
Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown

Mary Jane Watson-Parker
Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: green
Hair: Red

Click Here
(for the argument of how tall spiderman SHOULD be)
but tobey does look about 5'8. I mean im roughly 5'9 so I'm pretty sure just by looking at him that he's that height.
the shredder said on 7/May/07
I just saw Spiderman 3 ... When he stands next to 5'10.5 Thoper Grace , he looks 5'7 max !
6'3'' JK said on 6/May/07
Tobey looks 5'8'' to me
timber said on 5/May/07
I don't think it was an illusion, Glenn: saw him on the Ellen DeGeneres show today and he appeared her height, 5- 6.
AirSky said on 4/May/07
5'8" on a very good day. I ask you, why would they pick Tobey Maguire as Spider-man? Have they forgotten what Peter Parker looks like? (and I'm not talking height only) I don't know about you, but to me, that blows the whole movie from the get-go -- nothing wrong with Tobey, great actor
glenn said on 3/May/07
just missed dicaprio and toby together.imagine that photo.not a photog or autograph dealer around.the thing is,would they agree to pose with me?
dmeyer said on 3/May/07
after look at pics near 5 ft 5.5 dunst he looks 5'8 but can look under it near clooney and franco so 5'8 morning 5'7.25 night he might be a 171 guy
glenn said on 2/May/07
almost had the photo with him too.he got upset 2 papparazi were doing video on him.he is one of the toughest to get.had him alone pretty much.
leonari said on 2/May/07
Well Glenn: I bet thats because he is a lot closer to 5'7" than most of you think. They did a good job of making Peter Parker look taller than he is. Great movie btw. saw it yesterday. Ending a bit long but special effects in this movie are something else.amazing. For me there is noo way that Tobey Maguire is a full 5'8" man. never was, never will be.
glenn said on 2/May/07
i finally met pic yet.i was shocked to see he appeared 5-6!!! i dont know if it was a strange friend saw the same thing.he had dress shoes.
MD said on 1/May/07
Tobey was just on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, he looked an inch taller than Jon Stewart, at the very, very most.
Jordan said on 12/Apr/07
Yes, I figure Dafoe and Tobey both wear lifts and in MD's pics its apparent that at least one of them wears lifts. Its better to compare Tobey to Molina beacuse almost all the people on the Molina page agree that he is a solid 6'2 so maybe Molina is better to compare Tobey with since Molina's height is more proven.
Robert.R said on 8/Apr/07
Spiderman II is on the T.V and this guy looks really short to me. I doubt if he is over 5'7".
Mike said on 6/Apr/07
This guy is 5'7. If he says 5'8 he's gonna be an inch shorter..
Jordan said on 5/Apr/07
Well SF, I have not read the comics that much, and I only became a fan after Spider-man 2 was realesed and plus I have only read a few comics but I think on Marvel bios it usually has Spidey at 510. Sf you prolly are right about the comics though, I cant argue there.
glenn said on 5/Apr/07
i kinda remember the 5-8 to 5-9 references now come to think of it,but read more yeah it varied.what was his first true height? i guess the lower numbers since sf is sure of it.
sf said on 4/Apr/07
I still have to disagree and stick with 5'8" to 5'9" claims. He has NOT always been listed as 5'10". What one person said makes sense, though, and that it varies over time. I don't know about Spidey vs. Daredevil, but I do know in scores of Amazing Spider-Man comics he is listed as 5'8" to 5'9", always referred to as a smaller guy, a little guy, not that big But, as one person said, as the comics progressed and Spidey got more "studly", and popular,they did make him look bigger and better-looking, even though he was supposed to be shorter. I even noticed this when reading the comics in 1977, 1978,1980, etc. that he was always protrayed as taller and better-looking as the comic got more popular, etc. So, I'm sure he's been listed as taller as the comics progressed. His original height was only 5'8" to 5'9". Also, as one person pointed out, he was supposed to be an average guy, more in line with average heights of the 60's. He was a science nerd, not athletic, etc.

Bottom line, though, Maquire was a good choice, true to the comics. Ask yourself why they cast such an average, short guy, cause that's what Peter Parker originally was and I believe Stan Lee was pretty passionate about keeping the the Spider-man movies pretty true to form. they could have hired any great-looking, tall actor, and they chose Maguire - nuff said.

Sorry, if I appear argumentative, but Spidey is one thing I know and after reading hundreds for over 30 years, I can't tell you how many times he is casually referred to as 5'8" to 5'9" in the comics...
Franco said on 4/Apr/07
a picture of Tobey and his son/daughter and his wife/girlfriend. full body shot.

Click Here

looks 5'9 with shoes.
Jordan said on 3/Apr/07
I am an avid Spidey fan and Spder-man has always been listed at 5'10 and 165lbs or 167lbs. Belive it or not Dr. Ock is always listed at 5'9 in the comics but Alfred Molina( Who played Ock in Spider-2) is 6'2 and about 260lbs.
glenn said on 2/Apr/07
thats far back enough and prooves my least that it varies.thanks parker.
Parker said on 2/Apr/07
Spiderman vs Daredevil Vol 1 issued September 1964 - has Spiderman's height at 5'10
glenn said on 26/Mar/07
i never seen the guy.been on the set of part 2 a couple of times.never saw him or missed him.
glenn said on 25/Mar/07
he was one of the autographs,no,he takes photos with people on occasion.i think its still no to autographs.
Anthony said on 25/Mar/07
I agree that 5'8 is about rihht. I also heard from a friend he's a real jerk in person.
Jordan said on 4/Mar/07
I think he is 5'8 . I have seen him listed at 5'7 alot, but I think he is 5'8. I almost met him in 2004, but I did meet Alfred Molina( Dr. Ock) who was surprisingly taller then me. I'm 5'10 and Molina was surley over 6'1.
G-unit said on 11/Feb/07
he's a legit 5'8
kay said on 8/Feb/07
a guy would not lie about being 5'8'' if he is wrong it is because the person measuring him is rounding up. I cant forsee a leading man who is obviously under the basic stereotypical size to lie even further.
Glenn said on 18/Jan/07
I never met him.I saw an interesting photo of a 5-7 guy I see around,with Toby.they looked pretty much the same.for years,even before Spiderman,he never posed and rarely,he is posing sometimes.
Robert.R said on 17/Jan/07
I thought he looked a little shorter than 5'8" but I have only seen him in his movies so I suppose it is difficult to judge.
deferick said on 16/Jan/07
This lad is wee, he was supposedly going to lose the job of Spiderman to Freddie prince jr but they went with toby, because unlike superman, spiderman was just a normal guy. he's quite short 5-7ish
jason said on 8/Jan/07
(kirsten dunst is listed 166 cm on this site)not 5-7.(170 cm) but he might as well have used lifts anyway. comparing to clooney maguire locks about 172-173 cm.
some1 said on 5/Jan/07
5'10 is 179 cm. Tobey is about 170 cm, 5'7. Thats true. He has those "lifts" in Spider man, and Spider man 2, it makes him about 3 cm higher, 5'8. Why he has it, is becuse (of corse) he want too be higher than Kurstin Dunst. Sometimes when you look at him whit that Spidey coustume, you may see that he is higher. But it's becuse, it's another actor behind the coustme. (Sorry for my english)
Vito R. said on 28/Dec/06
I was in NYC for holiday , I saw tobey
I didnt reconize him until someone told me he's the actor in spiderman
i'm about 176cm ( 5'10) he must stand about 5'8 no more.
My girlfriend was 5'4. So i had two points of reference
dmeyer said on 12/Dec/06
clooney looks a solid 5'11 or 6 feet in shoes since he is as tall as 174 cate in 4.5 inches heels and 3 inches on tobey
leonari said on 7/Dec/06
he is about 5'8"...on getty images there is a pic with Clooney and he looks max. 1.5 inches shorter...shocking but true.
sleuth said on 4/Dec/06
What possessed those guys to cast a 5-8er with no testosterone to play Spidey? In the comics he's at least 5-11 and a tad more masculine.
Brad said on 4/Nov/06
5' 7" maybe less.
trueheight said on 29/Oct/06
He looks about a couple inches shorter than 5'10 Chris Cooper in Seabiscuit so 5'8 sounds about right
Zackzz said on 28/Oct/06
Tobey maguire is definitely 172cm about 5'8 no more than that and certainly not under so get over it people, i met him the other day he was just shorter than me by an 2 inches i m 177 1/2cm
MD said on 17/Aug/06
I don't know, and frankly, I don't care. It's much easier to compare heights of two people similar, than two people more dissimilar.
Jordan said on 17/Aug/06
Would you say that Molina is a solid 6'2 ??
MD said on 16/Aug/06
Jordan, it would easier to compare him to Dunst, who is 5'5.5", and who I'd imagine would be wearing flats in that photo. I'm sure he's shorter than 5'8", I just don't know how much more.
Jordan said on 15/Aug/06
What do you think of the photo with Molina and tobey.
MD said on 13/Aug/06
Karen, you can tell nothing from those photos, especially considering that are never at an equal angle, and most importantly, on sand. I'm not saying I don't think he's shorter than the listed 5'8" (because I do think he's shorter), but those pictures don't prove anything.
Karen said on 11/Aug/06
Here's photo showing a barefoot, 5'11 Leo Dicaprio with Maguire, who is wearing non-flipflop sandals that give him an inch or so: Click Here I think Maguire is probably 5'7. Could be just under that though.
Jordan said on 4/Aug/06
Alfred Molina is universally regarded as 6'2 but could be a little taller. Here is is towering evertone but tobey looks about 5'7 or 5'8. Click Here
Jordan said on 2/Aug/06
Ithink tobey is said to be 5'8 but if he is 5'7 willem still had almost 2 inches on him. There is another pic where Tobey is taller so the question might be does tobey or willem wear lifts???
Karen said on 30/Jul/06
Hard to tell because of Dafoe leaning forward but Maguire definitely appears 1-2? inches shorter.
Anonymous said on 12/Jul/06
244lbs at 5'10" sounds a bit more than solid, sorry to say. Unless you're a bodybuilder that's really overweighted.
Jordan said on 11/Jul/06
I agree about different frames and weights for them--I in fact are 5'10 and my build and wide shoulders allow me to be 244lbs at 5'10 and look pretty solid
ForensicNYC said on 14/May/06
Tobey Maguire does not wear LIFTS or HIGH HEELS despite being 5'7". Not necessary if you've got a 5'4" girlfriend by the name of Jennifer MEYER, who incidentaly is..(Ahermmm...Cough..cough) the daughter of UNIVERSAL PICTURES boss RON MEYER. They were at courtside in the STAPLES CENTER, Los Angeles last May 4, 2006 Thursday night to cheer the Phoenix Suns beat the Lakers (oh..well)...
Tobey was wearing normal looking sneakers and Jennifer in sandals.
Click Here
MD said on 15/Oct/05
I don't know. Tobey always looks to be in flat trainers unless at an event. He doesn't strike me as someone that would be walking around in lifts outside of a movie.
CoolJ said on 6/Sep/05
If Maguire is slightly smaller than Downey Jr., I would have to think Maguire is 5'7 even as Downey Jr looked 5'8.5ish with that mugshot where he was probably in shoes.
McFan said on 8/Aug/05
I agree with Mr. Awesome that Maguire might be slightly under 5'8. I would not put him under 5'7 and he might even be 5'7.5 but 5'8 doesn't look right. He looks around the same height as Ellen Degeneres and slightly smaller than Robert Downey Jr.
Z2 said on 18/Jul/05
When Tobey started his acting career he said he was 5'7". Which means he's a true 5'6". If he looks taller in movies, it's due to "lifts." When Spiderman came out, he was listed everywhere as 5'8". On my view, he only looks 5'6".
Trap said on 12/Mar/05
Look at some of the extras on Spiderman 2 and you'll see Tobey walking on ramp to make him taller than Kirsten Dunst...and she was wearing thin slippers. Being 5'8" myself, he seems to be right around the same height.

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