How tall is Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire's Height

5ft 7 ¾ (172.1 cm)

American actor best known for films such as Spider-man, Pleasantville, The Cider House Rules and Seabiscuit. On the Today show he talked with Matt Lauer and Jill Rappaport about the aforementioned Seabiscuit, saying: "You know, Red was tall for a jockey. He was five seven, I'm five eight, so we're pretty close."

How tall is Tobey Maguire
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Average Guess (105 Votes)
5ft 7.66in (171.9cm)
Lenad 5ft9.75in said on 2/Jul/20
If you watch pleasentville, he seems at least 5 inches and max 6 inches taller than reese witherspoon. Witherspoon definitely isn't over 5'2 and probably more in the 5'1 range. I think Maguire is a strong 5'7. 171-172cm range.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Jun/20
πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ Happy Birthday Tobey! πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽ

Many congratulations to Tobey Maguire, who celebrates his 45th Birthday today. Have a great time, Tobey!

5ft7.75 πŸ˜πŸ‘

Hanov said on 23/Jun/20
If he is 172 he has the best height for Spiderman
JohnMoore-162cm said on 2/May/20
He looks 5ft7 1/2" range with Leonardo Dicaprio
Saeed said on 27/Apr/20
172.1 cm with shoes or without?
Editor Rob
Faustyfix said on 13/Apr/20
Click Here

I believe his claim of 5'8".. he looks a couple of inches taller than 5'6".5 Jonah Hill whom, in the photo, is strategically placing his arm around Tobey's shoulders to elevate himself but still you can tell he's shorter. I admire him... he's one of the few actors whose height claim is legit.
Obsessed With Height said on 13/Mar/20
He looks 171 - 171.25 with Leonardo DiCaprio
5ft 11 7/8 in said on 16/Feb/20
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Kieran S said on 15/Feb/20
5 foot 7 and three quarters. 172.
youknowww said on 10/Feb/20
I always thought he looked a pretty good 5'8" when I was kid and in my early teens. Especially in the Spider-man movies. I guess I thought that because he looked so... I don't know average. Like not tall or not like short just awfully average maybe a little under. I still kind of have a feeling he could be 5'8" but I'll trust this listing
Jkiller said on 18/Jan/20
5'7 and a half. 171.5cm, no chance he's taller.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 17/Sep/19
Rob, don't you think Tobey look more a full 5'8 with 5'11 1/4 DiCaprio?
Editor Rob
I still have him almost 5ft 8, I think overall that was a figure that fitted him.
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 16/Sep/19
Looks similar range with Jonah Hills!!!!!
K.A 188 said on 18/Jul/19
Never seemed short he is just the definition of a normal statured man. Still the best spidey for me.
Jesse5ft11 said on 12/Jun/19
@Terry he is 5’10 but oddly most people want him to be small for the sake of making him more of an relatable underdog, spider-man should always be 5’10.
Terry said on 20/May/19
I thought SpiderMan was supposed to be 5'10?
It'shideousfineas said on 5/Jan/19
5’7”. Same as Mark Wahlberg.
Legit 6'2 said on 3/Oct/18
Honest 5.8
Great actor
Lenad 5ft9.75in said on 26/Aug/18
I think Tobey is a strong 5'7 guy. Like a weak 171cm.
Arthur! said on 13/Jun/18
Rob, 2 questions. Who is your favourite Spider-Man? Mine is definitely Tobey.

And what do you think about his proportions? He is under average for sure, but he never looked short when in the Spidey suit. He looked very average.
Editor Rob
I would say for me Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire and then Andrew Garfield...but there's really not a huge amount in it for me.
Tobey isn't far off average, I mean I put him almost 5ft 8 and proportionally he comes across as being near average.
khaled taban said on 8/Jun/18
5'7.75" but you can say that be is a 5'8" WEAK !
Nik said on 17/Mar/18
5'7.5" - 5'7.75" - He is loudly knocking on the door of not being short!
even said on 14/Mar/18
5'7.5" flat , he is short
jeja said on 14/Feb/18

Big head, body proportions and likely very low footwear
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 28/Jan/18

Usually a 5'7"-5'8" guy wouldn't be towered over like that. Probably he was just in a situation where there were a lot of taller guys.
Jordan87 said on 25/Jan/18
Click Here

You can tell he is a tiny little fella by this Vid. Looks real Small.
rick said on 15/Jan/18
What do you guys think about this pic ? Click Here the difference between Tobey and Jonah Hill seems very slight...
Dude 173 cm said on 12/Jan/18
Dylan said on 23/Sep/14
173 cm

178cm said on 9/Aug/14
Tobey Maguire is 174 cm

I wrote that comments but don't thought that
Anonymous said on 6/Dec/17
in this video keifer is just taller then otbey by inche 5 foot7 right for tobey Click Here
Normie said on 28/Oct/17
I would say 5'7 now but back in the day 5'7.5.
Junior said on 23/Oct/17
He look short between 5'6-5'6.5" when standing alone but he look much taller like 5'8 next to 5'11.25" Leonardo DiCaprio.
Grit said on 23/Oct/17
172 seems right, he isnt much below the 5'8" mark
JJAK said on 18/Sep/17
Even with a slim build he is obviously short 5 7 .75 counting his hair.
He looks oddly small next to anyone over 5 10 which is said to be current average.
Was too small but was a good spiderman gave him a good root for the little guy spin.
The new kid is just bloody annoying and tiny.
Darius said on 6/Sep/17
I think he is a 5'7.5" guy. Maybe little less by a fraction that would put him roughly 171 cm.
Cameron said on 31/Jul/17
Yup, typical weak 5'8".
Nacho said on 30/Jul/17

Any picture with him standing next to Leo has him looking at least 4 inches shorter.

In reality, height differences of 2 inches are negligible unless someone measures with a tape. But in instances where the height difference is easily observable, then we’re talking about at least 4 inches in height disparity.
Heylo said on 29/Jul/17
Looked a weak 5'9 in Spider-Man in terms of proportions. Not disputing the fact that he is slightly below 5'8.
Evan said on 11/Jul/17
5'7 stronger bro
Matt said on 9/Jul/17
I never for a second saw him as a below average height guy in the Spider-Man trilogy. He always looked normal in terms of height in which he is, as a strong 5'7 isn't short but again there was never a moment of him looking like a guy with a lack of stature. 5'7-5'10 range is perfect for Spider-Man.
TheChemSpark said on 9/Jul/17
@jyr If you never guess that he was short, then maybe 5'8 isn't actually short. Maybe society altered the way that you see height. Something for you to think about.
Aaron said on 7/Jul/17
I agree with the 5'8" claim. MAYBE a weak 5'8"
John Davis said on 2/Jul/17
@jyr that's probably because he's not and society has changed your perception on height
ronald said on 16/Jun/17
looks 4 inches shorter than 5-10 leonardo dicaprio
jyr said on 10/Jun/17
back in spiderman days would have never guessed him to be a short guy, wow
Crypto139 said on 4/Jun/17
So Rob would you say this guy is the same height as me? You listed me at 5'7.625" remember :p
Editor Rob: Crypto, he would probably be indistinguishable in a photo.
WeeburaiJones said on 3/Jun/17
He's about four inches shorter than Dicaprio, give or take a quarter an inch. A 5'8" claim from him is close enough to his actual height to be believable, but I'm not sure enough to give a guess.
KH said on 19/May/17
What's that photo supposed to prove? How tall is that woman? It wouldn't be hard for me to believe at all that Tobey McGuire is about as tall as Tom Cruise. If he can be 5'7 he can be 5'7 3/4 people say some funny stuff. If you put a 5'7 and 5'7 3/4 guy next to each other you would have a hard time being definitive on who is taller just using eyes. You would probably have to back to back them.
Tom said on 3/May/17
Click Here
Click Here
Anon said on 15/Mar/17
Barely over 5'7
Lenad 5ft9.75in said on 26/Jan/17
I reckon 171cm is closer, he was listed at 5'7 early in his career and he looks 5'7ish to me
Csimpson 6ft said on 6/Jan/17
5ft 7.75 is a good listing but do you think 5ft 7.5 is also possible Rob? In the Spider-man films Tobey looks to be somewhere in the 5ft 7 range to near 5ft 8.
Editor Rob: it's only a fraction less than what I give him, so it is of course arguable, with any listing you could make a case above or below...some it might not be much, others, maybe there is a bigger room for argument, like plus or minus half inch, or 3/4 inch in really controversial celebrities!
Darius said on 3/Jan/17
Rob, do you think this Tobey has a chance of being 5'7" or thereabouts?
Also he appeared quite shorter than Downey in wonder boys if you have seen that movie. Also appeared shorter than Topher Grace. My guess is 5'7".
Editor Rob: Darius, I think he clears that 5ft 7 mark, it's a question how much really.
173-177 said on 4/Dec/16
i wish Rob meets him i bet he isn't taller than 5'7
184-182 said on 23/Nov/16
Yeah this is a pretty good listing. Made James Franco look tallish in Spiderman. I'm thinking they used angles to make Toby look taller at times, because he looks more than 2" taller than Kirsten Dunst in my opinion.
josh jeffords said on 16/Oct/16
No one in the history of anything says he is 5 8 and is 5 11 also no one 5 11 looks 5 6..
Tobey is a small guy always short compared with other less than 5 10 guys he looks small.
The real spiderman character is small. the later 90s version is 6 foot 5 10 for amazing spidey and yes andrew did it well.
Tobey is a much better actor but comes in well under 5 8 maybe 5 7 he mad an aged jeff bridges look 6 3.
Bobby said on 13/Oct/16
Toby always seemed like such a small guy to me, height wise of course. I'd say he's about 5'8 or 5'9. Keep in mind that he's like 40 now, so he's shrunk. He was probably 5'9.5 in his peak as he seemed similar in height to James Franco. On a side note, I'd like to meet all these alleged 6ft to 6'2 actors, as that is my height range.
S.J.H said on 26/Sep/16
If he claim 5'8 most likely he was 5'7 tops
Chris said on 18/Sep/16
Leonardo 173cm, except of course you need to remember that Peter Parker is 5'10 meaning the Andrew Garfield was much closer in height than either Tobey Macguire or Tom Holland.

Based on other factors, Tom Holland does pull off a great peter and spidey
Leonardo 173cm said on 10/Aug/16
Tobey Maguire was a better spidey than Andrew Garfield.
Now in height too for me, because in my opinion 5'8.5 is the perfect height for Spiderman.
Lenad 5ft9.75in said on 19/Jul/16
i'm almost positive that him and tom cruise would look the same height in a photo
Darius said on 5/Jul/16
Rob, what is your estimate for the lowest height for Maguire on a bad day? Is he as tall as cruise?
JarvisOS said on 29/Jun/16
5'7.5" for him and 5'7.75 for downey
tj said on 22/May/16
He looks about 5'6.
Sean73 said on 20/Mar/16
I scrolled down about half way to see if my comment copied anyone and it didn't so here goes, Maguire in the movie, "The Wonder Boys," is standing next to Robert Downey Jr, and Maguire is in slippers. RDJ is in regular shoes, back then, 15 yrs ago, I don't think he was the lift wearer he is now, and Maguire is only a 0.5" shorter than RDJ. If this listing is correct, Toby is probly 68" on the nose in slippers making RDJ 68.5" in sneakers.
Jack said on 7/Jan/16
I'm 6' and towered him when I met him, both of us in sneakers. He was very close to my mother's height: 5'5 - 5'6
IronFist said on 5/Dec/15
Toby wrote: " He's about 5'10-5'11, i recently met him I'm 5'8 and he was taller then i expected "

Well, that's because he was wearing lifts in his shoes and you didn't notice. Tobey Maguire definitely wears lifts, there's so many photos of him at inconsistent heights.
adeyp said on 23/Nov/15
It depends on a number of factors, whether 172/173 is a 'good' height or not. If a guy's ultra good-looking like James Dean, then strong 5'7 going onto 5'8 is fine, but I can understand how 183 would be ideal for someone with only average looks. In short, physical attractiveness is not based on height alone, although it is a factor. A 5'6.5 guy with 9+ facial looks and an otherwise fit body is in a better position dating wise than a 5'9/5'10 guy whose looks and overall physical attractiveness are a 5 or a 6 at best
I'd agree that height could be more of an issue if someone wasn't good looking, good body, strong personality, successful etc. but someone of the same height who has these attributes, his height wouldn't be a big consideration. I think overtime anyway most people would see past the initial physical attributes when choosing a spouse, and would look for loyalty, reliability, sense of humour etc.
Toby said on 1/Nov/15
He's about 5'10-5'11, i recently met him I'm 5'8 and he was taller then i expected
Kingpindom said on 16/Sep/15
Definitely he's in range 171 - 173 cm, it depends on his neck, it could be 171 to 173 cm.
mande2013 said on 18/Aug/15

It depends on a number of factors, whether 172/173 is a 'good' height or not. If a guy's ultra good-looking like James Dean, then strong 5'7 going onto 5'8 is fine, but I can understand how 183 would be ideal for someone with only average looks. In short, physical attractiveness is not based on height alone, although it is a factor. A 5'6.5 guy with 9+ facial looks and an otherwise fit body is in a better position dating wise than a 5'9/5'10 guy whose looks and overall physical attractiveness are a 5 or a 6 at best.
cupponi said on 18/Jul/15
rob you really sure on many sites it wrote 1.70 ... ..and you say ' important
171 boy said on 6/Nov/14
yay i have the same height with Spidey :D
kevin mask said on 27/Aug/14
172 is perfect for an early days spiderman, the young Peter Parker could've been even shorter than that
178cm said on 9/Aug/14
Tobey Maguire is 174 cm.
hi said on 27/Jul/14
he looks 5'9, he is about 3 inches taller than kirsten dunst in the spider-man movies
Amaze said on 26/Jul/14
Tobey for sure is more than 170. Maybe you guys that dislike him are saying hes 5'5-6? Andrew garfield is 5'10.5 or 179cm. I'd say tobey is 172 for sure. Hes 173 out of bed 172 during day and 171 before bed. Nothing less than 5'7.5. Below 5'7 is ridiculous. Hes a strong 5'7 guy going onto 5'8.

JAJ i am around that height and i can definitely tell you its not a good one. Anything below 5'9 is not good but 5'9 isnt ideal either. Im saying this from the UK. Ok being 5'7 - 8 isnt that bad bad like obviously 5'6 5'4 guys are really unfortunate but 5'7 8 is not a good height either. 5'7 is short and 8 is below average but not short. I wish i could be be 6'0. I am like tobey if not a tiny bit bigger(im 173) i'd say 175/6 is where it gets ok. Around 178 it gets better. 180 even better. 183 bang on. Maybe your from a very short country ? I dunno but 1.72 is definitely not a good height.
JAJ said on 3/Jul/14
1.72 is definitely good height. Maybe Aki is from Holland or Scandinavia and for him 1.72 is a short one :D

Maguire looks 1.70 with Willem Dafoe (listed 1.70).
Realist said on 8/Jun/14
Rob 171 listing would be better 5'7.5". Looks about 2.5-3 in less than Franco.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius said on 3/Jun/14
@AKI he is not short he is a oak height he is below average height anything above 168cm is what is called below average height if he was less then 170cm he would be short he is not far from average height.
AKI said on 2/Jun/14
1.72 is Not a "okey" height, it's too short for a guy sorry.
Pop said on 4/May/14
He is 5ft 7,75 about 5ft 8 but he look 1.71 about 1.72 cm
Arch Stanton said on 3/May/14
Rob can you add The Cider House Rules? Oddly looks near 5 ft 9 next to Michael Caine in The Cider House Rules.
Billy said on 26/Apr/14
I'd Say 5'8.25
Ginny said on 24/Apr/14
1,72 only? Ok 1,72 is really ok !
Henk said on 11/Apr/14
171 about 174 is not average. 176 177 is average middle height so a normal height
the shredder said on 11/Apr/14
U.S. Average is about 5'9 .
Paravito said on 9/Apr/14
Tobey maquire is 172,5 cm the neck is higher
MD said on 9/Apr/14
Seahawk, you are really off your rocker. I don't know what's happened to you. 5'7"-5'8" is not above average here in America.
Nattynanth said on 31/Mar/14
I had gussed he is 169 cm.its ok moderate height to him
Arch Stanton said on 8/Mar/14
I'd guess 171cm.
Persian said on 7/Mar/14
He is very short about 173 174
Agio said on 17/Feb/14
I think he is 172 173. I know he look 171 172 but 172/173 is possible
MD said on 7/Feb/14
I debated posting this picture, because of the elevated camera angle, and not everyone is standing right next to each other but Kristen Wiig (5'5") and Tobey in this shot, but to the left is 5'4" Haley Joel Osment, and to the right 5'5" David Spade:

Click Here

Not sure what can be discerned from this shot.
Gustavo said on 6/Feb/14
172 cm is correct but i think he is more about 172,5 cm ( 172 173 ) he have a long neck same as tom. And 172 173 174 is for me same maybe shoulder is difference, if 172 is short than is 173 174 too short.
Balrog said on 19/Jan/14
He looks a solid 3in shorter than Franco and Topher, 171cm would be better.
Realist said on 2/Jan/14
If he was 5'8.5 he would be taller the Carey Mulligan even with her in heels.Same for Oscar Isaac.
Gustavo said on 27/Dec/13
172 cm clean or more 172,5
Lenad said on 27/Dec/13
He probably is 5'7 give or take a fraction
anonymous said on 8/Dec/13
I've met him in person. I'm 5'11" and towered him, both of us in sneakers

My dad is 172cm so I am very familiar with that height and he is definitely shorter.

He is around 5'6.5"
Peter said on 2/Dec/13
172 cm !! Long neck
Good Day said on 18/Nov/13
I think he is 170cm~172cm
joey said on 17/Nov/13
5 foot 9 inch 175 cm.
Scott five eleven said on 7/Sep/13
5'7.5 in spiderman with 5'11 Franco (who possibly wears lifts.)
lelman said on 31/Aug/13
Definitely no shorter than 5'7", just look at cole's pictures. He's probably just over 5'8" in the morning, and about 5'7.5" at night. Rob's listing is spot on.
Lorne said on 1/Aug/13
171cm. He's 5'7.5. Can really look 5'7.25 at times. Look at him with 6ft Dylan Baker, 179-180cm JK Simmons... He simply isn't a 172cm kind of guy.
cole said on 31/Jul/13
I think Tobey looks more or less the same height with Leonardo DiCaprio as he does with James Franco and Topher Grace. But there is always the possibility that both Topher and James are 5'10.75 guys, and DiCaprio is a 5'11 guy (or if you want to stick with Leo at 5'11.5, it would make James and Topher 5'11.25 range). I seriously doubt that Leo would be 3 cm taller than Topher and James.

Maguire with Franco: Click Here
Maguire with DiCaprio: Click Here (Leo's head is slightly bent, but he is closer to the camera)

What do you think Rob?
Nica said on 12/Jul/13
5'7.5-5'8 sounds about right.
cole said on 25/Jun/13
He is around 171-172 cm, rather than 173. But that kind of listing for Maguire also contributes to making Leonardo Dicaprio 180 flat at most. If Leo were to really be 182, Maguire would be 174 cm, which he clearly is not. There is mostly about 8 cm between them in any picture you can find. If Maguire gets a 5'7.75 listing, the most Leo could be is 5'11.
Dmeyer said on 22/May/13
172cm fits him well
Lenad said on 9/Apr/13
He doesnt look under 5'7 to me
LelandParker said on 30/Mar/13
I have met him before. He possibly 5'5, but no taller than 5'7.
fti78 said on 28/Mar/13
he is 175 cm
Elijah said on 22/Mar/13
Didn't look all that much shorter than Joe Manganiello in the first Spiderman film. Maybe he really is a liftwearer after all?
Sam said on 6/Mar/13
Quite generous there fa, even Maguire himself claims 5'8".
Bet said on 16/Feb/13
I'll bet his no more than 5'7".
Mikey T said on 28/Jan/13
he is 5'8" just watch Seabiscuit. Chris Copper claims 5'10" and he was about 2 inches taller than Tobey
Arch Stanton said on 14/Jan/13
He looks 5'7 range to me.
small man said on 19/Nov/12
johhnyfive your a joke 184cm is not tall...let alone your neck is like a pencil and i doubt you lift your a pu88sy and you know it...I'm 6'2" and the shortest guy on my basketball team...but I can bench press 375 and deadlift size is irrelevant in your a bit44...
SAMMY DERRICK said on 11/Nov/12
Johnnyfive said on 18/Sep/12
Dear Short guy,

If you must know, I am 184cms tall so therefore I am taller than 85% of men in the USA and therefore, do not qualify as a short guy (maybe in the NBA)
There's nothing wrong with being short, don't get me wrong, but people over-analyze celebrities because most of them tend to lie about their height by wearing lifts, etc, so that's why the extra scrutiny by people out there, especially when you got arrogant little boys like Justin Bieber claiming more than 3 inches above their real height. Besides, people do it for fun. I admit it I do it too, and i'm not short.

I'm not saying Maguire wears lifts, I don't think he's that type but he is not a full 5'8, i'm sorry. I still think he's closer to 5'7 flat.
Fellow short guy said on 13/Sep/12
Dear fellow short guys,

Your obsession and constant undermining with celebrity heights disgusts me. It leads me to believe that you guys are under 5 9 because only short people care so much about heighr. stop bringig everyone down so much.. maguire is a solid 5 8... deal with the fact that most men are taller than you

good day,
fellow short guy
bodwaya said on 12/Sep/12
in pleasanville he got towered by 5 foot 10 joan allen. 5 foot 7 seems right. Plus he always looks shorter then 5 foot 9 actors hes with.
SAK said on 10/Sep/12
Toby has a smaller physique compared to other 5ft7 guys. His shoulders are narrow and rounded. So i think people assume he is shorter then he actuslly is. 5ft7.5 seems right for him.

Click Here

Click Here

Dont these actors earn enough money to own a nice suit, Rudd looks awful.
Willy said on 9/Sep/12
5'7.5'' certainly isn't out of the question, but in all three of the Spider-Man movies, James Franco seemed to have a bit more than two, but not three, inches on Maguire. So, the 5'7.75'' listing for Tobey is accurate as long as James is 178 cm which I believe he is. But nothing over it.
johnnyfive said on 9/Sep/12
He looks 5'7 flat on this picture next to 5'9 Paul Rudd and 5'9.75 Charlize Theron.

Click Here

His posture does seemed slightly more relaxed than Rudd's but even with that, he looks 5'7 flat.
roses said on 1/Aug/12
Seen him in real life before and he is not even close to 5'8". I would put him at a solid 5'6". There is no way he is taller than that.
Ciccio said on 12/Jun/12
Met him in person, he's not under 5'7. I think 5'7.75 is right
Kuogarbait said on 26/Jan/12
Met him face to face and shook his hand. I'm 5'7" and was in flip flops. O stodo at least an inch or two taller. I'd say 5'5"
mcfan said on 3/Jan/12
I changed my mind about this guy. I think he wears lifts at times. There's just too many photos where he looks in the 5'6.5 range. I'm not sure.
Lenad said on 2/Dec/11
looks between 3 and 4 inches shorter than weak 5ft11 topher grace and James Franco most of the time
LAN Jiao said on 22/Oct/11
Look 5'7 compare 5'10 chalize theron.
Shaun said on 21/Oct/11
looks to have the frame of a 5'7" guy to me. Click Here Spot the dwarf. If he's a 5'7er the guy with camera is barely over 5' flat.
Shaun said on 21/Oct/11
I could believe he is as low as 5'6,5", 5'7" or 170cm seems nearer the mark. He is not much taller as Silent says than Kirsten in flats. He looks shorter than Cruise to me..
Silent d said on 21/Oct/11
Didn't someone say he was shorter than cruise and stiller? Stiller is 168cm so how tall is tobey? In spiderman he is barely taller than kirsten dunst who i think is 165cm. I think tobey at most is 170cm.
Lenad said on 15/Oct/11
i personally think anything more than robs listing is overdoing it.
runt said on 20/Sep/11
They didn't fear casting 5-7.5 Bryce Dallas Howard as a love interest in Spidey 3
Lenad said on 10/Sep/11
I think both Maguire and Cruise are 171-172cm
jake said on 27/Aug/11
Rob do you think there is a chance he is 5ft8 (173 cm)?
[Editor Rob: I don't think he's far off it, but can dip below it.]
Lenad said on 16/Aug/11
solid 171cm. He doesnt look that short really.
DrJJ said on 7/Aug/11
Another 5'5" and no more.
Lafrich said on 21/Jul/11
Saw him in person one time at a gym. I am 5ft7. No way he is taller than 5ft7. He was shorter than me, but not by much. I'd say 5ft6.5.
rox said on 10/Jul/11
he cant be same as cruise maybe a little shorter ..............5'7.5 is ideal for him
jake said on 27/Jun/11
172 cm is spot on
Lenad said on 14/Jun/11
measured during normal part of day he probably does measure at a solid 171cm
TruebloodFan said on 10/Jun/11
can't see one reason why he couldn't be a weak 5'8.
paul86 said on 7/Jun/11
Its safe to say he's between 5'7.5'-5'8' but more towards 5'8' morning height.
Dman1528 said on 6/Jun/11
i would say 5foot7
Jack said on 26/Apr/11
Toby is 5'6.5'' to 5'7'' max
Lenad said on 21/Apr/11
I wouldnt argue anything more than Robs listing
BREAL said on 16/Apr/11
Dude, you guys I'm serious, i met James Franco last summer and he towered over me by at LEAST 4 inches and I'm 5'6" So Tobey ain't THAT short...
Rox said on 26/Feb/11
Met him person, no taller than 5'7'' 165lbs.
RICHA said on 6/Feb/11
Look it doesn't matters to me how tall Tobey is.He simply fits the role & I Luv U Tobey.
Brad said on 4/Feb/11
"Tobey is great actor and all but spiderman is 5'10 and 167 lbs while he is 5'8 and 150 lbs I think this role should have been given to James Franco who has the size,talent and looks."

You can't possibly tell the difference in size between a 5'8 and a 5'10 guy on screen unless the director wants you to. This is like people who insist they can tell someone's height variance by an inch from looking at film or pictures.

And, no, Franco is not 5'11 and probably lucky to actually be 5'10. ALL actors except those of unusual height (getting to the 6'2 range or higher) fudge their heights upward. You can't say TM is fudging but Franco isn't.
Anonymous said on 20/Jan/11
5'7'' at maximun. Dafoe is slightly taller than him
Lenad said on 12/Jan/11
Looks 5'7-ish. He still is listed as 5'7 in a few places
leonari said on 2/Jan/11
5'8" is the height his publicist told him to say. Nothing above a flat 5'7. But nothing under either.
Anonymous said on 30/Dec/10
5'7 anything more is being nice
Sam Rick said on 21/Dec/10
Tobey is great actor and all but spiderman is 5'10 and 167 lbs while he is 5'8 and 150 lbs I think this role should have been given to James Franco who has the size,talent and looks.
mcfan said on 13/Dec/10
USYD, if what you're saying is true, I should be 5'11.25 if I practice yoga and not 5'10. The only thing I notice is if I stand straight up against a wall I increase almost a half-inch due to bad posture. People and claims like this are totally FOS.
zac said on 13/Dec/10
I'd say 5'9 because he was almost as tall as James Franco, who's 5'10ish
Lenad said on 29/Nov/10
I'd say 5'7-ish
Anonymous said on 23/Nov/10
Just saw "Brothers". He looks 5'8'' there, maybe even more, but I agree with Boom. You can't really tell how tall an actor is just by watching a movie.
mcfan said on 13/Jun/09
I disagree with people claiming 5'6.5- 5'7 for Tobey. He was only slightly shorter than Robert Downey Jr and I mean, maybe, a quarter inch. Rob's right on with 5'7.75 it appears.
Lenad said on 5/Jun/09
Tobey is 5'8 in his dreams.
JOSH said on 31/May/09
I would estimate him at about 5ft 6.4 barefoot and maybe 5ft 7 or so in shoes.
In the spiderman films he looked that height. No less but no over for sure.
I even heard is stuntman for spiderman was only 5ft 6.
RisingForce said on 25/May/09
if james franco is 5-10.5 then i'd say maguire looks to be a flat five-seven here. Click Here tobey's posture looks better and he's a tiny bit closer to the camera so if anything he has the advantages there. but he still looks over 3 inches shorter. i'm 5-8 and i don't get dwarfed by 5-10.5 guys like that.
dude said on 25/May/09
spider man, spiderman, here it comes (him) XD
spideyfan said on 19/May/09
hese probly 5'7 but looks taller because hese thin but hese cool so is tom cruise and ben stiller 5.7 is a great height to be
Lenad said on 18/May/09
If Tobey appeared 5'6ish when wearing dress shoes I'd say he was stooping a bit. Pheraps that might explain it Glenn
Brad said on 13/May/09
5' 7" (weak) Kirsten Dunst actually owned him in heels. She's a 5' 5er. His 5' 8" claim is a joke.
glenn said on 12/May/09
exactly leonari!
leonari said on 12/May/09
Glenn: Count me in. 5'7" ish the three of us. LOL
glenn said on 12/May/09
kind of looks like that leung.
glenn said on 12/May/09
i agree leonari.5-7ish the 2 of us.
Leung said on 11/May/09
Did Maguire get upgraded?
leonari said on 10/May/09
This 5'6 and below talk for Tobey is bull. He is probably the same height as Glenn.
leonari said on 10/May/09
I agree with Dylan. Tobey is way closer to 5'7" than 5'8".
Dylan said on 10/May/09
I would have said he was 5'7" maximum. I don't see him being as tall as Tom Cruise.
Lenad said on 9/May/09
Not a full 5'8 thats for sure
glenn said on 4/May/09
yeah,toby has me confused.he looked 5-6 to me in dress shoes.5-7 in nike airs.and 5-8 in my friends pics.maybe he is like me.barely 5-8 morning,and shrinks alot.saw him alot.
Lenad said on 3/May/09
5'4 is too low. But Glenn and JustinThurday and some other people commenting have seen Tobey in the flesh as not being over 5'7.
superman said on 1/May/09
People, Tobey is 5`7.75 cuz obviously they wouldn`t tell us his height without measuring him, right? he`s not 5'6 or 5'5. Also Spiderman was all different kinds of heights, normally medium.
justinthursday said on 30/Apr/09
I actually got to meet Toby Maguire at The Grove in Los Angeles. I'm about 5'9 and I towered over him and he was wearing converse all stars so it was flat. I would say he is a weak 5'7 maybe even 5'6 exact. Sorry no pictures but that's how tall I think he is. He can look tall from a far but he really isn't. I'm sure he is 5'6 or 5'6.5 and I would bet big money on that. Nothing taller than that.
yoyo said on 25/Apr/09
he was atually 5ft5.5 in real..
Lenad said on 20/Apr/09
Cate Blanchett is way taller than him in heels so that just totally rules out the possibilty of Tobey being 5'8-5'9 barefoot. I'd say its possible that Maguire is 172cm out of bed but anything higher is out of the question
Kate said on 19/Apr/09
He's quite a bit shorter than Cate Blanchett in the Good German. She's supposed to be around 5ft 9 and he must have been wearing lifts to approximate her.
Morris said on 16/Apr/09
I think tobey is tall 160-165 cm. All stars tell lies about own height except very tall man or woman. It is possible see that observing them near car roof... and the false became real. :D
Random Person said on 14/Apr/09
5'7 on the dot.
Andrew said on 12/Apr/09
Shorter than Willem Dafoe 5'7. Click Here
Doug said on 11/Apr/09
In fact I think he is a weak 5'7", more like 5'6.5"-5'6.75" judging by pics with 5'5" guys.
Doug said on 11/Apr/09
No they can't be the same height, Tom Cruise is taller. Maguire is around 170 not 172.
Lenad said on 8/Apr/09
I reckon if Viper was commenting on this page he would say Tobey is 5'4.
Lenad said on 7/Apr/09
Hes not under 5'6 lets establish that
Josh said on 3/Apr/09
I heard his stunt double for the spiderman films was only 5ft 6 and maguire was just slightly taller.
Lenad said on 31/Mar/09
168 min 171 max. 169-170cm.
Pierce Brosnan fan said on 15/Feb/09
maybe 170~173 is right
Leung said on 18/Jan/09
They are not eye to eye but Chiklis has got a really long forehead. They are basically the same height.
glenn said on 18/Jan/09
some people didnt believe me chiklis was 5-6.i swore toby was 5-6 in dress shoes,5-7 in sneakers 2 years ago.saw him alot a couple weeks ago.seemed 5-7,but 5-8 in my friends pics.he is tough.doesnt pose unless its indoors,inside an event.usually.turned me down left and right.
Slipknot said on 18/Jan/09
Tobey with 5'7 Michael chiklis Click Here
linebacker40 said on 17/Jan/09
a flat 5'8"
Lenad said on 10/Dec/08
Maguire is 5ft7.5 at the most.
Neon Genesis said on 9/Dec/08
James Franco is 5'10'' (1.78 m) and he towers over Maguire in the first Spider-Man. Maguire is max. 5'8'' (1.73 m)
RisingForce said on 7/Dec/08
He's 5 foot 7, no taller.
Lenad said on 22/Nov/08
Id say 5'7 give or take half an inch
the shredder said on 15/Oct/08
Rob , about who is taller out of him and Cruise ? ... Its Cruise ! .. Type in 82268151 on Gettyimages , its the day that Tom had flats and Tom is clearly taller ! ... So Cruise has GOT TO BE 5'8 or Maguire is 5'7 flat ! Both or not 172cm !
Eric said on 13/Oct/08
I say 5'7"-5'7.5" MAX like just out of bed. in all of his movies he looks below average.
Anonymous said on 25/Sep/08
Seen him walking in the street in NYC the guy was a pretty small fella looked like a peanut, it sounds like Iam mocking him but he did look like a very small guy he looked no more than 5'6 with sneakers, as I passed him it seemed I had a generous amount of inches over him and Iam only 5'11.5 with shoes.
Lenad said on 18/Sep/08
So the same height. Cool.
leonari said on 17/Sep/08
And I think that both of these heights are plain wrong.
Lenad said on 16/Sep/08
Just out of curiousity Rob, who do you believe is shorter, Tobey Maguire or Tom Cruise or would you say they are the same height?

[Editor Rob: they look like guys who are in the near 5ft 8 zone who some think can struggle with 5ft 7...I think they are both near 172cm.]
Lenad said on 15/Sep/08
Closer to 5'7. I bet you any money. A downgrade is really needed.
Lenad said on 14/Sep/08
Exactly Leonari. Also in Wonder boys you can tell hes shorter than Robert Downy Jr. Tobey is definitly not any taller than 5'7.
Lenad said on 13/Sep/08
Oh yeah I see it now Rob but I still think a reality check would prove hes 5'7 or below. Wasnt he shorter than 5'8 Robert Downy Jr in Wonder boys?

[Editor Rob: the question is if he's almost 5ft 8 or closer to 5ft 7.]
Lenad said on 13/Sep/08
Oh yeah I see it now Rob but I still think a reality check would prove hes 5'7 or below. Wasnt he shorter than 5'8 Robert Downy Jr in Wonder boys?
leonari said on 12/Sep/08
Cruise is that height on a good day. Maguire is an inch shorter
Lenad said on 12/Sep/08
Rob I do not see any drinks table...

[Editor Rob:
see this, different shot but he's resting slightly on the table.

See the photo that person posted?

Look here at image no 11688150. The hbo photo has been shamefully altered from that one :), to move maguire closer towards Kevin and also down a bit.]
Lenad said on 11/Sep/08
That pic with 5'5 Kevin Connelly says it all. Hes 5'6 max.
Crazy said on 11/Sep/08
5ft 6in tops. Here's an image of Tobey Maguire next to Kevin Connolly (5ft 5in)
Click Here

[Editor Rob: he's resting on a drinks table.]
Rhey said on 9/Sep/08
Tobey Maguire was good enough to Spiderman! Height doesn't matter when it comes to the results of his movies, I mean Spiderman's serires movies...I'm excited to watch the part 4...
leonari said on 5/Sep/08
a flat 5'7 suits him well. Glenn saw him as a flat 5'6 in dress shoes. Scary.
Annoyed said on 4/Sep/08
What is very interesting is that in the fake "Satans Alley" trailer in Tropic Thunder, there is a bit where Robert Downey Jr and Tobey Maguire are side by side dressed as Benedictine monks And the difference is practically nothing and if it is anything then Downey Jr is barelly even half an inch taller........this is strange because in WonderBoys, Downey appears 1 full inch taller, now i know Maguire's character in wonderboys is supposed to be short and quiet and physically weak BUT i do think Maguire has always looked alot shorter than 5'8" and i think 5'7" is alo closer to his actual height......this wouldnt explain tho how he is the same height as Downey ( 5'8" ) in Tropic Thunder......unless maybe he actually is 5'8" confused..........any thoughts??
Lenad said on 24/Aug/08
Holy hell!! I didnt think Iron man was 6'3.
Anonymous said on 21/Aug/08
In the comics Spiderman was actually 5'10" and MJ 5'8". Since Maguire is 5'7" and Dunst is 5'5", it's still apparent that he's a couple inches taller than her. Plus, Iron Man was 6'3" and Downey is 5'8".
Anonymous said on 15/Aug/08
Just watched 'Spiderman 3'. He doesn't look 5' 8" but it can be difficult to tell in movies.
Complex said on 5/Aug/08
5'6 - 5'6.5 , 5'7 absolute max morning height! He's no where close to 5'8 barefoot, not even in the morning, probably 5'6.5 is pretty accurate!
Daniel said on 20/Jul/08
I also believe Maguire was a good choice for Spiderman, even though he (in real life, not in the movie itself) seems to be 2 or 3 inches shorter than the character.
mcfan said on 6/Jul/08
looks .5 - .75 taller than Ellen. It's on youtube.
glenn said on 24/Jun/08
sf-you have a right to get mad.your important to the site.i get mad here all the time.i admire your knowledge on certain subjects.
Lenad said on 23/Jun/08
He looked small and stocky in The Good German.
sf said on 23/Jun/08
I'm no expert, just have read the comic since 1978, and built a collection dating back to the original Amazing Spider-man #8 and read comic after comic about Spidey. Just like with other heroes, certain writers or artists will draw/do anything they want with just about any character, within limits. Originally, Spidey was "kind of a little guy", but, as the years and character progressed, this aspect seems to have dropped over time, and, I guess it make sense. I guess after a character becomes one of the most popular super heroes of all time, everyone feels he needs to be larger than life. I have always thought it interesting that he was supposed to be "no taller than 5'8" or 5'9" in many comics I read, but then official stats put him at 5'10". Even as a kid, reading that, it never made sense to me. As an adult, it does. Just like with celebs that wear lifts or elevator shoes for movies. We might all really know that Bono is only 5'5" or 5'6", but his "official" stats will put him at 5'7" or whatever. Or, Tom Cruise is officially 2 inches taller than he actually is, etc. Or, just about every short male actor who'se listed 2 inches taller than he actually is. No male super-hero or celebrity is ever supposed to be short for some reason. Just like they made Wolverine a head taller in the movie.

Sorry, if I got mad.
glenn said on 22/Jun/08
i love how people think they know more than sf.he is clearly the expert here.this post has nothing to do with parker.i like parker.
glenn said on 22/Jun/08
i agree on toby being a good choice.i might finally get him.he lives where i hang.and knows people i know.
Parker said on 22/Jun/08
sf - I apologise as I've clearly touched a nerve. No offence meant. I too think Tobey was a good choice.
Parker said on 20/Jun/08
sf - September 1964. Spiderman 16, vs Daredevil. Daredevil estimates Spidey's height at 5'10.
sf said on 20/Jun/08
I disagree - The first Spiderman was hugely faithful to the original comic dating to the sixties even with the corniness of J. Jonah Jameson. I was amazed how faithful it was, cause like you said, using the X-men as an example -that was not very faithful when Wolverine was played by a 6'2" Hugh Jackman and Cyclops looked like a model.

The time period should have nothing to do with it. If Wolverine's a short, tough guy, that's what he should be, even today. And then, they take Michael Chiklis, 5'7" at best, and make him play The Thing. Yes, superheroes are updated for the time, and usually in a worse way to pander to directors and producers who think every frickin' character has to be super-cool and good-looking.
runt said on 19/Jun/08
None of these superhero movies are portraying a 1963 version of the hero. If that were the case, Iron Man would have kept the suit that he built in the desert. The core audience simply couldn't relate if they did that. The X-men movies were all post-1975 X-men characters. The Spidey of the 70's was a wise-cracking action hero.
sf said on 18/Jun/08
Runt, and everyone else: Over the years, different writers and editors have changed Spidey's stats. I am 42. He was originally referred to in COMIC AFTER COMIC as kind of a "little guy". He got bigger over time. Notice in many comics him standing as tall as Flash Thompson or many, many heroes when he was actually supposed to be a small, science nerd. Again, different writers, editors, artists, etc. just made him as tall as they wanted him to be.

I was reading Spider-man comics before most of you were born. I had a collection of original Spidey's dating back to the 60's. I know of what I speak. And, I didn't mean to say grandparents, smartass, Lenad. I made a mistake. Yes, Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Sorry for making mistake, Lenass.

Also - I have NEVER seen Spidey listed as low as 5'6", 5'8" to 5'9" - lowest.
Lenad said on 17/Jun/08
Sf you must be talking about another Character named Spiderman. He refers to his "grandparents" as Uncle Ben and Aunt May.
joey said on 12/Jun/08
hello I'm a big fan of the site and actually came across it by typing in some celebraties height... I now have u guys on under my favorites... Any who I have old spiderman comics and according to the very original ones he is listed at 5'6...just wanted to put my two sense in there ....
runt said on 8/Jun/08
"Marvel Unitvese", a collection of official manuals on all the heroes, put him at 5-10.
sf said on 7/Jun/08
runt - Spiderman was originally a big nerd, a small guy who loved science, had no friends, got picked on a lot. He's not charsimatic, at all. A small, science geek who lived with his grandparents. The character of Spider-man evolved over time.

Also, many times he was listed as about 5'8" or 5'9" and consistently called a "little guy" in the comics. Toby was a surprisingly accurate choice. JJD - some writers put Spidey around 5'10" and 160 or so. Originally, he's only 5'8" to 5'9.
leonari said on 7/Jun/08
Keaton IS Batman.
Lenad said on 6/Jun/08
Also Michael Keaton was too short for Batman at 5'10 and yes the more I think about it the more Tobey wasn't the best choice for the role.
runt said on 4/Jun/08
Joshua Jackson of "Dawson's Creek" was rumored in 2000 and may have even read for the part. He's a little tall at 6-1.5, but so was Ben Afleck at 6-2.5 for Daredevil.
runt said on 31/May/08
He's a bad choice because he doesn't match the type seen in the comics. In the comics, spidey is a charismatic wise-cracker more in the mold of real action heroes with catch phrases. He was also super smart but not as nerdy as Mcguire. But not as "cool" of a brain as Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark. Spidey was something in between.
Lenad said on 27/May/08
12/May/08 Yaspaa says
I think this guy was a bad choice for Spiderman regardless of his height.

Well he maybe only 5ft7 but why was he a bad choice?
Yaspaa said on 12/May/08
I think this guy was a bad choice for Spiderman regardless of height.
JJD said on 2/May/08
In the comics canon, Peter Parker/Spidey is/was billed at 5'10", 165 lbs. Definitely not Tobey Maguire stats; I put him closer to 5'8" and maybe 140-145 lbs.
jordan said on 25/Apr/08
In the Spider-man 3 game for PSP it Lists the following in Bios

Spider-man 5'9 163lbs
New Goblin 6'0 186lbs
Venom 5'11 170lbs
Sandman 5'11 190lbs
AKK said on 24/Apr/08
I'm 5'8 and I'm generally hovering between 65-75 kg, with 73 kg being my most recent weigh-in. This is after spending much of the year not exercising, followed by almost 2 months of 2-3 times a week of intensive(2 hours at a time) exercise sessions.

Calculations: 1 kg=2.24 lb
65-75kg = 145.6-168lb
73kg = 163.52lb

Build-wise, I would look a lot like Peter Parker, with a bit of a gut hang. So yeah, 170 after working out like mad for the role seems right to me.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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