How tall is Tom Holland

Tom Holland's Height

5ft 6 ½ (168.9 cm)

English actor best known for roles in films The Impossible, How I Live Now and TV series Wolf Hall. He mentioned that in an audition tape for Spider-Man he said "I'm five-foot-seven". He also mentioned "You have to give a brief summary of who you are and say how tall you are. Every actor lies so I told them I am five foot ten!". More recently he has claimed both "Five foot six and a half" and "Five-foot-seven and a half".

How tall is Tom Holland
Photo by PR Photos
I was worried because he's so much shorter than me. I was like, 'Damn it! It's going to be weird because I'm super tall.
-- Zendaya

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Average Guess (475 Votes)
5ft 6.72in (169.5cm)
Francisco Jos? said on 3/Jun/23
Tom in video mavel is same mark rufalo and list is ring Neve rufalo is bigger
Jtm said on 1/Jun/23
there was a picture posted on mark ruffalo's page. holland is still noticeably shorter despite the footwear advantage so even this listing is unlikely.
Francisco Jos? said on 27/May/23
Opinono is true is 1 68 , 1 69
littlelee1985 said on 17/May/23
How tall would his dad Dominic be rob? I'm seeing five foot six listings but there's more than half an inch between them. Closer to two inches
Editor Rob
Maybe 5ft 5 range.
juliosmith said on 15/May/23
Indian actor Shah rukh khan's height is 169cm(5.6). And I saw a pic of Tom Holland with Shah rukh khan. I think he is shorter than Shahrukh.

Click to see the Pic

Click Here

Click Here
James (179cm) Jones said on 6/May/23
Tom used to claim 5'8, but he's actually 5'6.75 or 5'6.5 at an absolute low, and Zendaya claims 5'10 or 5'10.5, but in reality she's 5'8.5 or 5'8.75.

Alot of celebs often use lifts or claim 2 inches taller than they actually are...
Simon Horwell said on 5/May/23
He’s tiny. Prolific wearer of lifts. The top image here has him wearing some of the biggest lifts I’ve ever seen. Walked past him once at a charity function and even in obvious elevators, I still towered over him (I’m 6’1”). I’d guess he is 5’5” ish barefoot.
shoelifts said on 28/Mar/23
5ft6 for him whenever he is not wearing lifts
Looks to0 short next to 5ft7/8 guys
Discord said on 22/Mar/23
@Editor Rob Interesting one is that Leon was listed 6'2 most of his fights(last one too) but is listed 6'0 on google and ufc official website!
Editor Rob
Strange that he's got 6ft and 6ft 2 descriptions. Somewhere between might be closer to the truth.
Discord said on 20/Mar/23
@Editor Rob

He actually might be closer to 6'2 as he's also visibly taller than 6'0 Nate Diaz and edged out 6'1 Triple H(picture is on his insta)
Editor Rob
Doubt he's as tall as nearly 6ft 2, but can see an argument for 6ft 1
Jawilder said on 19/Mar/23
If Usman is 5’10.5 then Edwards is 6’0.5. That’s my guess for him.
Discord said on 18/Mar/23
Click Here=

How tall is Leon Edwards, Rob? He is listed as 6'0 but he's definitely taller than that. Here he is with Tom.

Click Here=

He is notably taller than Kamaru Usman, who is listed 6'0 too but i believe is closer to 5'10.5 As he seemed a little taller than Mbappe.
Click Here=
Editor Rob
Some photos he can pass for near 6ft 1. Rare to get underlisted in UFC!!!
Meltdown said on 1/Mar/23
He looks at least 3 inches shorter than Robert Downey Jr in most pictures, probably 3.5+. But many claim RDJ is always wearing lifts.
Lotsocuddles said on 30/Dec/22
@Toby Barrett Still close to 5’7” and 5’9”
Toby Barrett said on 27/Dec/22
@Lotsocuddles, Zendaya is 5'8.5, Tom is 5'6.5
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Dec/22
Tom looks taller and will get 5ft7 from me. 🎄
JJA222 said on 5/Dec/22
Rob! Another question,what do you think about his morning height do you think it could be only 170.5cm?
Editor Rob
He's got to clear 5ft 7 out of bed.
JJA222 said on 4/Dec/22
Hey Rob!
Can you see any chance that he is taller than 170cm?
Editor Rob
On some occasions looks a bit over 170, but it's not often and I think he's worn thick heels to achieve that appearance of strong 5ft 7.
Sink'em said on 12/Nov/22
Hey Rob, you think you could do a height analysis video for Tom? His height seems to be one of great contention (especially outside of the website).
Editor Rob
At the moment I don't know if I have enthusiasm to do that.
Bobby said on 12/Nov/22
He looks shorter than Maguire and Zendaya. So, we can rule out 5'7.5.
Chariot said on 10/Nov/22
Hi Rob, The case of Tom's brother, Paddy Holland, who turns 18 this year, is interesting. He has a very young face and seems to grow a bit past 18, though how tall is he based on this photo with Tom?
Do you think he'll get over it?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Can't tell from that photo.
SannaMarinlove said on 15/Oct/22
He is wearing lifts
5ft6 1/2 guy, I would say he has the same height of Leo Messi
Clearly not 5ft7, claiming 5ft8 is ridiculous
Antoin said on 11/Oct/22
Hey, In this new photo tom seems to do the same height as zendaya. Click Here And in recent paris pictures he seems much taller than 5 feet 6 1/2. What do you think?
Nik Ashton said on 10/Oct/22
Tom has claimed to be about as tall as Zendaya and Big Rob Paul!


Zendaya and Big Rob Paul are strong members of club 5️⃣0️⃣8️⃣!
Voltaigre said on 10/Oct/22
did we count hair on these calculations? Because he look like 166-167 cm without hair
184guy2 said on 9/Oct/22
Zendaya always ridiculous in her claims
SannaMarinlove said on 7/Oct/22
168 cms for him, anything above is impossible
clearly shorter than true 5ft7 guys
Pete Tavish said on 7/Oct/22
Rob, what do you think his lowest is? Like after lifting weights at the gym? Is 5'6.25 a possibility?
Editor Rob
Absolute worst case.
Simon Goulding said on 5/Oct/22
Rob, what do you think tom's absolute lowest is? Like after lifting weights? Is 5'6.25 a possibility?
Editor Rob
Just under 5ft 6.5 could be his typical low.
mark thompson said on 29/Sep/22
@VST if toms 5ft6 1/2, obviously the difference would be 1/8 of an inch, but in terms of visual difference you’d barely be able to see it (unless toms wearing his cuban elevator boots of course).
VST said on 20/Sep/22
Hey Rob, i'm 5ft6 3/8 at night, how would I appear on the side of Tom Holland? In the case we both are barefoot, how big would be the difference?
dreus23 said on 6/Sep/22
With Mark Wahlberg:

Worse posture than Wahlberg: Click Here

Better posture: Click Here

About equal posture, maybe slightly worse: Click Here

Much better posture: Click Here

Yeah, I don't really get how he looks 5'7 here, especially as a lot of people think that Wahlberg is under 5'8

Click Here

Even looks slightly shorter than Wahlberg who is in sneakers while wearing around 2 inch dress shoes

I'd say 4 cm height difference barefoot is spot-on. I doubt Holland would measure anything over the average guess in the afternoon
Matzu said on 6/Sep/22
What do you think for his eyelevel, 5 feet 2 range or 5 feet 3
Editor Rob
5ft 2 and a bit
Most Legit 6'3 said on 12/Aug/22
I think he might be a 5’7 guy. He looked less than an inch shorter than Robert Downey Jr, Tobey Maguire, and Mark Wallburg who are all weak 5’8 guys.
Jackie Lee said on 30/Jul/22
Yeah people definitely believed that 5'10 claim. Most people are oblivious to height and think everyone and themselves are taller than they are. A 6 foot guy is more like legit 5'9/5'10 in people's mind. This is why everybody thinks 5'10 is short now and average is more 6'0
greg heim said on 28/Jul/22
i dont get it.. so he told the people he was 5'10 in person and they actually believed him? this dude must have been wearing 3.5 inch lifts to that audition! wow.
Chariot said on 22/Jul/22
Hey Rob with Jacob Batalon who you give 5'3.5 is it possible a 5'6.25 for Tom? there seems to be a difference of 7/8 Centimeters between them two Click Here
Editor Rob
It seems at most 3 inches, but more than 2.5 from what I've seen.
Lucid said on 22/Jul/22
I've noticed, some of us can't judge you for some of the more unknown celebrity listings. For example I can 100% vouch that Vikkstar123 is 5'5 and a half, I'd be willing to bet my entire life savings on it. But his height isn't exactly a talking point.

Then you get people like Tom Cruise, Tom Holland and Brad Pitt, and you're always spot on, you can tell you do your detective work. I remember when you had Tom Holland at 5'7, and although it was fine, you can tell he's 5'6-5'6 and a half.

I've noticed Tom had the lifts that fall out his shoe, those very 1 inch lifts that were making him appear 5'8. Now he wears Chelsea Boots that have a 5 cm heel, you can get them from YSL, and with the insole about 6 cm. So he's raising himself about 2 inches, and appearing 5'8.5.

5'6.5 is a spot on listing.

Click Here

Tom looks 5'7 more often than he does 5'6. But somehow I get this strange feeling that seeing him barefooted 5'6 flat wouldn't exactly be out of question, but I think for the time being 5'6 and a half is perfect.

Click Here
Editor Rob
I ain't ruled out the 5.5 for Vik! I do think Holland on some occasions has indeed wore lifts, maybe he seen what Downey Junior was up to...and got inspiration.
Andrea said on 17/Jul/22
I think 5'6.5 is an honest enough claim. Sometimes he can indeed pull off 5'7 or even over, but seeing certain shoes he has worn (plus maybe lifts), it's not that surprising.
Still, in very normal shoes (I think) he does hold up extremely well with Matt Dawson here: Click Here
Zach Catselbow said on 11/Jul/22
Personally, I would have thought he might have dipped a bit below 5’7” before, like 5’6 3/4”, but not really this low.
giygk said on 7/Jul/22
I tink tan he's 173 cm
Zach Catselbow said on 19/Jun/22
Hey Rob, now that you’ve seen more of Holland after his 5’6 1/2” claim, and seeing that he wore a bigger heel size, would you say he looks this more than the 5’7” you said he looked before?
Editor Rob
Still would say that he can often look at least that, but then his footwear and the occasional posture or sneaky lift ups the amount of times he manages to look 5ft 7-7.5 range
Duhon said on 12/Jun/22
Holland and 5'8.5" Antonio Banderas is Holland getting a significant height boost from those shoes? Click Here
Editor Rob
They could be near 2 inches
highly suspect said on 10/Jun/22
Big fan of Tom Holland but he is a very small guy. 1-1.5 inches shorter than Tobey and a fair bit lighter in weight/build.

Looked downright tiny compared to Pratt for their Onward press tour. Seemed to hold up much better next to Pattinson though so either he was wearing lifts or Pattinson is over listed
Leesheff85 said on 8/Jun/22
he's 5ft 6 1/2 and looks it. maybe 5ft 8 in thick heeled shoes
Hann said on 8/Jun/22
he can look 5'9 because of his skinny frame and long legs.
I can't see him being anything less than 5'7,but 5.8 a bit of too much for him
172 his moringeheight 170 eavningeheigh
daworld said on 6/Jun/22
He is definitely 5'6.5, alone he seems a bit taller due his lean body type and bc he has quite good proportions like a small head. With Jake Gyllenhaal who is imo exactly 5'11 flat (180.5) Tom is perfectly 4.5 inches shorter made him below 5'7. I would like to see him alongside Barry Keoghon, to see if Barry has only half an inch difference or a full inch and with that we could guess cillian murphy height since him and Barry are exactly the same
rlheight5'11 said on 5/Jun/22
Former colleague of mine said Tom is short. she said to another colleague "isn't he short" as they were naming their celeb adores.
Malcolm Oliver said on 27/May/22

Angles will always make things hard to guess. Especially with a slight tilt in a picture like that. Just being able to guess the footwear doesn’t give too many exacts either. But I do agree with the estimates to some degree, though it is one of few pictures where Tom is barely brushing 5’6. As Rob said, more times than not, he’s a half inch-arguable inch taller than that.
dreus23 said on 25/May/22
This is a strange picture: Click Here

5'3 ½/161 cm listed Jacob Batalon is wearing ordinary dress shoes, most likely giving about an inch/2.5 cm height boost. That would make him about 5'4 ½/163.5 cm. Now, at first, Tom Holland looks towering, but when you look at the back of Jacob's head, the height difference really isn't that huge. Standing up straight, I'd guess that the height difference is about 3-3.5 inches/7-8 cm. That would make Tom roughly 5'7 ¼/171 cm. This goes along with the listing, until you look at Tom's shoes.

I obviously have no idea how much heel those shoes carry with them. But they look big, pretty big, like 1.5, 2 inches/4-5 cm or so. They're obviously more heeled than Jacob's shoes. Implying that the shoes are that heeled, it would make Tom Holland 5'5 ½-5'6 flat/166-167.5 cm.

Tom's height is really strange. At times he can look 5'8 and then sometimes he looks 5'5. I won't base my vote on that one picture, because he usually doesn't look that short, but it's worth taking into consideration
Editor Rob
The times I've seen him look 5ft 6 flat are probably a lot less than I've seen him appear 5ft 7 range, but then sometimes it's a surprise seeing his footwear.
Those are a decent heel size, probably nearly 1 inch thicker than Jacob's.
Lotsocuddles said on 18/May/22
He’s definitely 5’7” flat. He looks around roughly 2 inches shorter than Zendaya, in which she’s got to be around 5’9”
Yanis said on 17/May/22
He could even be 5ft6
Htag said on 13/May/22
I think he's 167.5
Malcolm Oliver said on 6/May/22
I propose Holland be listed at 5’6.75. This would be in line with the average guess and would make sense for the middle ground between his 5’6.5 claim and original 5’7 listing.
Novha said on 6/May/22
I just feel like the difference in that pic is more… but it looks very small cuz of his hair… if I try to compare the top of zendaya’s head and top of Tom holland’s(reducing a little bit for his hair)… the difference looks a little more… also I think toms shoes would give him 1 cm more than zendayas shoes would give her
Jake Aughey said on 26/Apr/22
In some recent photos with zendaya he doesn’t look much shorter, maybe 3/4cm max, and they are both in normal shoes.
Tom- 5’7
Zendaya- 5’8.5
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 17/Apr/22
He definitely is self conscious about his height.

Click Here

Did he claim to be 5’8”?
Editor Rob
I don't think in that article he did, it was more the writer used the figure when describing his issues around height.
Plissken said on 8/Apr/22
I disagree that he was joking. I heard recently he's contemplating a boxing match, and you often get an honest height estimation, but then can get a ''billed height''.. I feel like he was weighing his options, found out he was 5'6 and a half, isn't too bothered about it, and rolls with it.

I think he presumed 5'7, as that's probably what he is in shoes, when he lied about being 5'10.. but I do think he's around 5'6 and a half personally, I can't see him being anything less than 5'6 and a half the more I look at him, but then I wouldn't exactly be surprised if he was 5'6 flat lol
Odette said on 8/Apr/22
IMO he was joking when he said he was 5’6.5. He has a really self-deprecating style of humor. If you look at him next to Zendaya when both of them are wearing normal sneakers, there is not that much of a difference between them and she is 5'9. No way he's 5’6.5. I think 5'7.5 is closer to accurate.
Bowen said on 7/Apr/22
If he’s really 5’6.5 you can virtually guarantee half the females listed at 5’7 on this site are as well. The 0.5 inch difference between the listings is so small, they’re almost interchangeable.
oguz said on 2/Apr/22
Rob I noticed something really strange in the video with Holland on the YouTube channel "First We Feast". In that video, here: Click Here he looks around 165-166 near the host Sean Evans who is probably 173-174. And I really think Sean Evans is 173-174 because he looks like it here next to 184-185 Gordon Ramsay: Click Here

What do you think about this?
Editor Rob
he could look 3 inches shorter
Novha said on 29/Mar/22
Ya Lmeister he does that… but whenever his height is compared it usually includes his hair too… which adds upto 2cm
So I’m very sure he’s not 5ft8… probably between 167 to 168 imo
Lmeister said on 29/Mar/22
He used to wear lifts on red carpet and stand closer to the photographers to look taller. BTW listed 5ft8 in the article.
Click Here
Novha said on 28/Mar/22
I’m actually 167 with shoe size UK 7.5 and I’ve managed to look 169 in pics with posture
I’ve seen a lot of pictures of Tom and he strikes more as a 167 than a 169 Click Here
In this video he gets a shoe size US 8(equivalent to my shoe size) and in all the pics I see him overall he looks a little taller cuz of his hair and posture
But when I compares his shoulder I could find a lot of pics where he looked 167
Duhon said on 24/Mar/22
Zendaya, Jake G and Tom Click Here
Mrs. Castro said on 17/Mar/22
Click Here

At 0:46 is the best moment for a honest comparison.

Rob, the sole of Tom Holland is thick than sole of Tobey Maguire? This video give me this impression. Tom Holland's feet look a little taller than Tobey Maguire's.
Editor Rob
Hard to tell, but from the clip I cannot see Holland as tall as Maguire.
Tall Sam said on 14/Mar/22
Well Holland is standing at a bit of a proximity advantage there with the other spider men.
Heightist9999 said on 14/Mar/22
Pattinson loses like an inch in posture in every photo. This guy can't stand tall. But even if he did, I think he would look at the very most 6ft with Holland.
dreus23 said on 13/Mar/22
@celebheights 6'1.5

Well, he certianly doesn't look 5'6 ½ there. Could honestly pass for 5'8 unless he's wearing lifts
Joelito said on 13/Mar/22
He's definitely 173 cm. Here's a Pic with him, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Considering that Tobey is 172 cm you can clearly see that Tom is a bit taller than Tobey.

Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 6/Mar/22
With Robert Pattinson:

Click Here
microft said on 2/Mar/22
I agree with this listing. 170 flat out of bed, around 168.5 cm in the evening. His lean physique and good body proportions can make him look taller, perhaps in the 5 foot 7 range.
Another guy said on 27/Feb/22

The Alanna pic is an interesting one, because the average mens dress shoes can range from a 1 to 2 inch height boost, so let’s say let’s he’s getting at least 1.5 inches from his heel.
There is also insoles that are thin that only add .5 or so of an inch, that he could easily hide inside that shoe without it showing.

Mark wahlberg is surprisingly wearing some sort of vans that offers borderline no height increase. but he probably averages closer to 5’6.5 most of the time.
heightPoirot said on 27/Feb/22
5'6.75 is the figure i'd go with. 5'6.5 is his lowest. also Rob, interesting that tom's seemed to stop with lifts recently? in the photo above im almost certain he has lifts but in @Alanna's photo below he seems decidedly lift-free next to marky mark.
Editor Rob
Maybe he followed my direction and donated his lifts to goodwill* Now I'm going to be keeping an eye on anybody in my town who suddenly looks a bit taller 😆

*seriously, the ones I used in my shoe lifts videos are gone. My house is now lift-free...
ChaosControl2 said on 26/Feb/22
When I saw Spider-Man From Home I thought he was a weak 5’9 because I believed Zendaya’s 5’10 claims at the time (I wised up after joining Celebheights)
viper said on 24/Feb/22
Holland - 5-6.25
Wahlberg - 5-7.25
Mrs. Castro said on 23/Feb/22
New picture of Tom, Tobey and Andrew for height comparison:

Click Here
Leesheff85 said on 22/Feb/22
@alana so tom is 5ft 7 then? Or mark is 5ft 7 1/2??
Alanna said on 20/Feb/22
Click Here Mark Wahlberg does have an inch on Holland.
Another guy said on 19/Feb/22
Just saw uncharted, Tom definitely looks noticeably smaller then mark wahlberg and Antonio banderas and on occasion seemed as tall or sometimes smaller then his female costars. I would buy as low as 5’6.25 and has high as 5’6.75 evening heights. I don’t think he looks as tall as guys like James mcavoy or Oscar Isaac without the help of his Nike air max with a potential 1/2 inch insole or a high heeled boot.
SO_ said on 17/Feb/22
Hi Rob, do you think he could be weak 5ft6 at bed time without shoes ?
Editor Rob
It's too low a possibility.
Based Raigeki said on 17/Feb/22
I'd say he's closer to 5'6.75, but no more. The average guess is accurate for once.
nehal said on 14/Feb/22
Tom claiming 5'7.5 that's a shame.
He really gained a lot of respect claiming 5'6.5.
7.5 makes no sense he is too short compared to Wahlberg.
Maybe he was just too shy this time and also Zendaya was not there to catch and make fun of him so he just claimed his shoes height maybe.
Jonny Hara said on 11/Feb/22
Click Here (Timestamp min 3.30)
He says "5ft7 and a half is how tall I am.. kills me everyday"
That height makes a lot more sense to me. I know some people bought the 5ft6 1/2 claim but I think thats slightly too short. I actually met his father at a gig in Edinburgh a couple years ago, hes a semi known comic and writer in England and he was exactly my height at 5ft6. Tom looks at least an inch taller than him. I also vaguely remember reading a blog of his years ago about him celebrating his eldest son finally being taller than him, hitting 5ft7. Im about 95% sure this was before spiderman but the blog is probably still up if anyones interested. So yeah idk if he was joking or misspoke, im guessing the latter considering he's still adding on the half but im certain his father is 5ft6 and theres plenty of photos online showing roughly an inch differences but ill leave that up to you guys to decide
Novha said on 11/Feb/22
Rob I’m 167 bursting my gut out at afternoon… will there be a noticeable height difference between my and Tom?
Please answer
Editor Rob
I think he will looks taller...he can pull off 5ft 7 range quite often with people, in fact he upped his claim again recently to 5ft 7.5 😃

Maybe he can't decide if shoes count.
KH said on 10/Feb/22
Maybe. Been seeing him in a lot of commercials with Mark Wahlberg looks honestly at least 2 inches between them. How much does this kid weigh? Im guessing a a robut 140lbs.
Daniel Lee said on 8/Feb/22
Andrew Garfield 5'10.6"-7
Laura Harrier 5'8.6"
Zendaya hair over 5'8
Tobey 5'7.7"
Holland 5'6.5"
Jacob Batalon 5'3.4"
BoobleGooble said on 8/Feb/22
5'6.5,but he can look as tall as 5'7
VST said on 8/Feb/22
Hey Rob, How tall must be his eyes level? Something like 5ft2 or more?
Editor Rob
I'd say about 4.4-4.5 inch eyelevel
Toby Barrett said on 7/Feb/22
@mads good for you i was 5'7 at 12 and nearly 6'2.4 at 17
i joke about being 5'6.5
Mads said on 6/Feb/22
I am 5.3 1/2 btw I am twelve
Chuchie said on 5/Feb/22
Hi Rob, I just saw pictures of the upcoming film Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland are starring in and Tom looks really short compared to Mark. Would you consider him as a strong 5'6 instead of 5'6.5 ?
Editor Rob
Depends on how tall you have Wahlberg at. I think 5ft 8 and under 5ft 7 do look feasible for them.
Big T said on 2/Feb/22
I just saw an ad pop up where he’s standing right next to Mark Wahlberg and probably looks a little over an inch shorter. Apparently this is addressed in the movie and Holland has also claimed that he’s 5’8” and Wahlberg is 5’9”. Obviously trying to protect Wahlberg!
Jake Aughey said on 2/Feb/22
In a recent promo for Uncharted, Tom looks almost level with Wahlberg

Zach Catselbow said on 1/Feb/22
Hey Rob, with Tom’s claim of 5’6.5”, would you consider him a stronger or weaker one?
Editor Rob
Yeah I thought if he was under 5ft 7, then the 6.75 would have been about the mark I'd have went with (basically stronger 5ft 6.5 range)...but then he claims that 6.5 figure, which suggested he measured it at some point in time.
Leesheff85 said on 1/Feb/22
@darrell she thinks shes 5ft 10 though. And if he's 5ft 6.5 she would have 3.5 inches on him plus the heels too
Mrs. Castro said on 28/Jan/22
I never believed in a complete 5'7 for Tom just because this scene:
Click Here

Now Tobey:
Click Here

Very different body proportions!

Celebrities usually lie about their heights, but Tom Holland and Jamie Foxx are honest guys.
Zero said on 26/Jan/22
He never looked THAT short in movies but when you see him next to his 5’3 buddy 5’6.5 makes sense
Toby Barrett said on 23/Jan/22
i still refuse to believe im the excact same height as tom (168.9CM)
Malcolm Oliver said on 20/Jan/22
Rob, is the previous listing of 5ft 7 the highest you’d give Tom? He gave an honest claim of 5ft 6.5, but personally I could see 5ft 6.75, at the most barely 5ft 7 too.
Editor Rob
6.5 is definitely the absolute lowest I would have ever thought. In some cases he could pass for 5ft 7 and change.
Duhon said on 13/Jan/22
If he's really 5'6.5" could it be said he has impressive proportions for that height? Without seeing him standing next to others, he doesn't actually look that short.
Another guy said on 12/Jan/22
In a looks and height obsessed entertainment world where even Tom has been caught with shoe inserts claims 5’6.5, then I highly doubt he’s only ever measured himself one time to get that height. I think this is an open and shut case.
Duhon said on 10/Jan/22
Any chance of 5'6.75"? We don't know when he measured at 5'6.5" could have been a low.
Editor Rob
I'm sure he must once have measured it. I suppose the question is was it a legit measurement or could it be 5ft 6.75.
berta said on 9/Jan/22
nice to see that claim. like i sad before 5´7 always seemed at the top of what i would have estimated. 169-70 seems about right. never under 169 of course. i think 169,5 is what he pull of looking. I visited the site today because i saw him beside mark wahlberg, they are doing a movie together and i tohught mark could look 3,5-4 cm taller. i have mark at almost 173 and that makes tom 169-169,5. Very honest guy. Most guys his height would claim 5´8.
LogicalLB said on 8/Jan/22
He probably measured himself at night. I'll give him 5'7.25 in the morning
Big Ben said on 8/Jan/22
I really respect celebrities who are honest and he is one of them!

Rob, I don't think he weighs as much as 150. I'm 4 inches taller and I'm howering between 150-160 and I look like this: Click Here

I think he's closer to 140.
Editor Rob
With Physique he may well be 10 stone
5ivemen said on 7/Jan/22
Tbh I will give him a flat 5'7
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 1/Jan/22
@ChaosControl1 he didn't, his former claim was 5'7, it wasn't far off of his current one tho, but it does make difference especially to other celeb's height
Editor Rob
He did mention how he once inflated his claim to 5ft 10 in an audition
Duhon said on 31/Dec/21
What kind of boost is Tom getting from these heels? Click Here
Editor Rob
They look a 2 inch style cuban heel
ChaosControl1 said on 31/Dec/21
Wait so he was 5’6.5 and claimed 5’10?
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 31/Dec/21
i never expect his honesty to claim 5'6.5 mark, well if that's the case, he would knock so many height claims, make Zendaya, Ben Cumberbatch, Chris Hemsworth, etc listing need a change, well zendaya already has it tho so it's fine. I would forever expecting Tom to be 5'7 area, maybe a fraction above it if he never claim his true height
FiveEightJake said on 29/Dec/21
Fair play to him for his honesty, could easily blag 5’8 - 5’9 with his head size and proportions and enhanced footwear. Honest lad would love to see more of this from celebs.
Seal said on 28/Dec/21
Rob, You think he could be 5ft 6.75? From what I've seen I think there's a greater chance he's 5ft 7 than 5ft 6 flat. He looked barely shorter than Zendaya.
Editor Rob
To give the 'and a half' suggests to me he might have measured around that. On another day though, could he measure 5ft 6.75?
AverageSlovene said on 27/Dec/21
He’s honest, i would have no problems giving him 5ft7, but since he claimed 5ft6.5 i’ll give him that. Big G’s height twin?
Editor Rob
Big G would never claim to be 5ft 6.5 😅
Droopy 173cm said on 26/Dec/21
Honest 169
jack adam said on 25/Dec/21
rob, I think the website need better ui
Editor Rob
Yes, everything has potential for improvements. Always boils down to time, cost and benefits.
Alfie Duggan said on 23/Dec/21
Rob, what do you think from this picture: Click Here

On the surface level, Tom looks taller, but Tobey is slouching whereas he’s standing straight with his head high. Tobey’s wearing a cap, and it’s been rumoured Tom wears lifts though I’m not sure. I think if Tobey stood straight like Tom is, they’d be the same height or Tobey would be taller .
Tobey is definitely not 5’6.5, he’s above that What do you think?
Editor Rob
Maybe the phone is being held higher up than normal, it's the only thing I could think of that would knock some height from Toby (who is closer). Usually if the camera were down at the eyelevel, then the one closer might gain a fraction advantage in the photo.
Tall Sam said on 22/Dec/21
My wife said Tom made some sort of statement or editorial that he wishes for people to stop harping on his height, he seems a good natured kid but his height is clearly a sore spot for him.
Mrs. Castro said on 22/Dec/21
The YouTube video was removed, but I find a print:

Click Here

Tom very shorter than Tobey.
Anchi said on 22/Dec/21
168 max
Matt99 said on 21/Dec/21
@ASG yeah it is sad, where was the joke? All I see is an honest claim from Tom. 169cm it is.
ASG said on 20/Dec/21
There are people in the comment section of the video clip where he admitted his height who are really trying to say that Tom was joking, forgot, or miscalculated his height. Pathetic. I think it’s cuz they don’t want to admit Zendaya is under 5’10.
Juan Arreola said on 20/Dec/21
Rob, I’m pretty shocked at this. Do you think he and rapper xxxtentacion (RIP) would be pretty close in height? IMO I’d feel like he’d be a full inch taller.
Editor Rob
I'd have guessed Tom has the better chance of measuring a bit taller
Getlikes666 said on 20/Dec/21
He looked a little taller or the same height as Tobey Maguire in no way home but Tobey could been slouching.
Another guy said on 20/Dec/21

He does look 5’6 though! It’s impossible to judge from a movie those camera angles don’t want to make Tom look 6 inches shorter than his fellow spider men. All in all his claim of being 5’6 is pretty admirable, the guy obviously wears some enhanced footwear on red carpets or meet and greets but at least he’s not in denial and claiming some ridiculous 5’9 height.
Mrs. Castro said on 19/Dec/21
Honest guy.

Click Here

At 8:30 he looks very shorter than Tobey Maguire.
Leesheff85 said on 19/Dec/21
No way is he 5ft 8. If he says he's 5ft 6 1/2 then he is
Zero said on 19/Dec/21
You were right Rob his head size really does make him look taller lol
Zero said on 19/Dec/21
Wow Rob you finally gave in with the downgrade
181.6cm guy said on 18/Dec/21
5'6.5 but with the confidence of a 7'0 guy
Duhon said on 18/Dec/21
Truly a short king.
Crypto139 said on 17/Dec/21
Lol I liked how I made a comment on Martin Freeman's page saying "Tom Holland in 30 years" and all of a sudden Holland's height is now listed the exact same as Freeman's. Although, the average guess is higher for Holland.
Okidoki said on 17/Dec/21
@Rob Despite him saying that, don't you believe that Tom is slightly taller than someone like Messi? I think there is also a picture of the 2 meeting at the Ballon'dor gala.
Editor Rob
He's looked taller than the 169 mark for sure, which is the absolute lowest I would have guessed him.
Just look at the comments in the past and how well he held up with guys like Michael Keaton. Maybe he really has used small lifts on occasion.
HRA10222 said on 17/Dec/21
WOW so he is similar to Messi !
Psuedo said on 17/Dec/21
Wow, I really respect Tom for saying that, shows his maturity. Much respect.
Malcolm Oliver said on 17/Dec/21
Gotta appreciate his honesty here!
Ckrac2000 said on 17/Dec/21
Can't see him being that short
Chaoscontrol 6'2.75/190cm said on 17/Dec/21
Knew it!
Heightist9999 said on 17/Dec/21
Wow I am so shocked, he has unveiled his real height!! And people who thought he was under 5ft 7 like me were right!!!

Heightist9999 said on 8/Nov/20
169 cm or maybe even a smidge less. There has been enough of evidence.
height inspector said on 17/Dec/21
Why half-inch downgrade rob?
Editor Rob
He came out with the figure the other day. He must have got the measurement and was rounding to the 5ft 7.

Zendaya: You've grown so much.
Tom: But unfortunately not in height. ... I'm the same height. Five foot six and a half.

Here is the Clip.
bmb said on 17/Dec/21
@Angle Sean did look to have chunkier shoes. I've narrowed Sean Evan's height somewhere between 5'8.5" - 5'9". He was noticeably shorter next to other 5'10" celebrities that he had on the show. Like Guy Fieri, Bill Burr, Steve-O, Hannibal Buress, etc. But i wouldnt necessarily see him as being only 5'8" flat.
jack walsh said on 16/Dec/21
Rob in a recent video, Tom claimed 5ft 6 and a half. Interesting claim compared to other actors, It probably shows his security.
Editor Rob
That is a real honest claim!
B Man said on 16/Dec/21
highly doubt Tom is a full 5'7" considering his spiderman co-star Jacob Batalon is listed as 5'5" and in most of their scenes together, he barely looked over an inch taller. I do believe Zendaya is 5'8.5" - their height difference definitely looks 2+ inches taller.
Editor Rob
He could well be rounding up to 5ft 7. It's been mentioned he had shoe lifts before and those recent heels he wore are pretty big.
Shamarr said on 16/Dec/21
Zendaya is 5 foot 8-9 so that blows his 5’8 height out. He’s clearly 5 foot 6 nothing else higher
Tom Mark said on 16/Dec/21
He confirmed he was 5ft 6.5in in an interview with Zendaya.
oguz said on 14/Dec/21
Rob how thick do you think his shoes are in the second photo?:
Click Here

Are those elevator shoes?
Editor Rob
Not elevator boots, but a thick cuban style heel, could be giving him 2 inches of height
RJT said on 13/Dec/21
He doesn't look taller than Messi
Click Here
Editor Rob
That close in height, hard to tell, although see Here another angle and with Mbappe too.
Daniel Lee said on 12/Dec/21
@Rob if he is 5'6 7/8 (169.9 cm)... would you list him at 5'6 7/8?
Editor Rob
I was only very selective with 1/8th :) Although if he measured that mark, would you be surprised? I don't think many would.
Malcolm Oliver said on 11/Dec/21
Pertaining to below conversation, before I knew about Sean Evans’ claim being 5’10, he always looked 5’8 (frame-wise and standing next to others). Maybe that’s just me.

Regardless, Holland is an interesting one to figure out. I’ve always thought of him as 5’7, but he can look a quarter to half an inch shorter at times. He does hold up well to Zendaya in heels (but that most likely is attributed to lifts more times than not). Interestingly enough, a recent interview of the two came up and they do address this height difference. He claims that she’s “not that much taller” than him. “Maybe like an inch or two at best,” he adds. Click Here

Since Zendaya is 5’8.5, this would put Tom at the lowest around 5’6.5. He ranges himself around 5’6.5-5’7.5 and it seems this listing along with the average guesses think so as well. I will give him 5’7, but would not be surprised if he was more like 5’6.75.
SnakePlissken said on 11/Dec/21
The pyjamas photo below is funny lol, imagine trying to work out his height from that
Angle said on 10/Dec/21

Good find!

After binging a few more episodes of Hot Ones Sean definitely is closer to his claim rather than the reported "5'8" on most sites. He edges out Paul Rudd and is probably no more than 1.5 inches shorter than Jon Bernthal.

With that being said still don't think Tom is the full 5'7. Reckon the average guess is spot on here.
Chariot said on 9/Dec/21
Hey Rob in this picture does holland look like a weak 5'7?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Hard to tell from a single photo in pyjamas :)
Angle said on 9/Dec/21
Tom was on Hot Ones and the host Sean Evans looked about 4 inches taller than him when they stood next to each other (1:35 into the video). Sean is listed as 5'8 online, but he sometimes looks taller than that and sometimes shorter. The interesting thing is if you watch the Elijah Woods Episode of Hot Ones Elijah holds up better than Tom does next to Sean (2:02 into the video).

Honestly can't see Tom as 5'7. Think he deserves a downgrade.
Editor Rob
Here is Sean's claim Every bit of 5'10
SnakePlissken said on 7/Dec/21
I think a definite downgrade is needed Rob.

Have you seen this?
Click Here

It's a video of Zendaya embarrassing him for wearing shoe-lifts, he plays it off quite well, and the shoelifts look pretty big to be honest.

Bare-footed, the guy drops a LOT. I think even when he looks 5'9 with shoelifts on, he's lifting himself about 3 inches.

I think 5'6 and a half, definitely not 5'7. It seems the most popular guess here too is 5ft 6.75in
Editor Rob
Yeah it's been mentioned in the past, whether he is still wearing lifts on occasion is another matter.
Juan Hondubrata said on 6/Dec/21
Hey rob, i once got measured around noon at the doctors at exactly 5'6 3/4". How much taller do you think Tom would look next to me?
Editor Rob
Unless he is wearing big boots, I think it will be hard to tell much difference in a photo between you both.
SnakePlissken said on 5/Dec/21
Do you agree with the average guess of 5ft 6.75?

I feel like he'd be 5'7 out of bed, but can't see him being over 5'7 most of the day.
Editor Rob
I can see why many give him a fraction under 5ft 7, but there are others who do go with 5ft 7 or even just over.
SnakePlissken said on 5/Dec/21
I can see this guy going down the path of Tom Cruise in the next 20 years, people are going to be forever interested in his height. Charming short guy that girls adore, it seems to get people talking, for some reason.

What interests me is when you google most people, celebheights comes up first. It took me until page 2 ''Tom Holland height'' to get to the CelebHeights page, so people are definitely interested haha!

I can't workout if he's confident about his height or not. Tom Holland actually makes me think Hollywood controls these situations, because he openly talks about being shorter than his girlfriend Zendaya and he doesn't seem too bothered by it, but at the same time felt the need to lie about his height to get a role and seems to wear lifts.

2 weeks ago he said this in an interview with GQ:
“I’d do this thing on red carpets where I would stand closer to the photographers than the people behind me."

He also said he was insecure and would wear Shoe Lifts on the red carpet, due to many saying he was too short.

''Instead, Tom now prefers to focus on the things that he can change. “I cannot do anything about my height,” he added. “I can put on more muscle.”

That might be worth putting in his bio.

And can you believe it? This is the only comment:
''He only looks shorter because he's carrying the entire MCU on his shoulders.''

You know with Tik Tok stars, actors etc being a lot more open and trying to push the norm, it seems like height is becoming less and less of an issue, because who cares? I'm happy to see Tom Holland being the opposite of Mark Wahlberg. Doesn't it make Tom Holland appear much more masculine/confident that he admits these things, as opposed to Wahlberg, who lies about them?

My opinion on Tom however stands at 5ft 6.75in, if we're being exact.

I'd see him being closer to 5'6 and a half than 5'7. People who are 5'7 often claim 5'8, but don't act this insecure. It's normally the actors around 5'6 unfortunately who do.
RJT said on 2/Dec/21
@Editor Rob

Click Here

In that clip Holland looks at least 2.5" shorter than Jamie Fox whom you listed at 5'9, in some shots even look 3" shorter.

I believe Tom needs to be downgraded to 5'6.5".
Editor Rob
It is another case Jamie can look over 5ft 9
MD said on 18/Nov/21
Here is a story in GQ, where the article tries to push his height as being 5'8", though he also admits to sometimes wearing lifts and the trick he does in photos to try and look taller.

Click Here

I think he's slightly shorter than 5'7", though.
Editor Rob
yeah the closer to photographer trick is something I only ever seen a few celebs do, interesting he admits to it.

It's easier to do with a small head like he has though.
Pravda said on 11/Nov/21
Why do you always put evening height for celebrities? For you too, like You are 5'9 morning and you claim 5'8 for some reason? Tom Holland is probably almost 5'8 morning and you wrote him at 5'7? I feel like you should put afternoon height, 5'7.5 for Tom, because lets be real 99% of people would put their highest measurement which would be close to morning height
Editor Rob
Most I'd class as towards lunch and remember they are guesses.
berta said on 30/Oct/21
Mrs. Castro said on 14/Oct/21
Holland (bursting a gut) is clearly 0.5 shorter than questionable 5'7.5 Mark Ruffalo (with relaxed posture).

Click Here

I agree with 5'6.75 for his night height, maybe 5'6.5 on a bad day.

5'7 for his midday height is ok.
Hyper said on 13/Oct/21
Even if he falls a little under 5’7”, it isn’t much. His claim is fine. I’ve seen worse claims.
Zach Catselbow said on 12/Oct/21
@Rob Paul - That might fit him, although many would argue he falls to 169.5-170 range at night

Yeah, but what do you think?
Zach Catselbow said on 10/Oct/21
Rob, would you say Holland’s morning height is almost 172, and is night height is around 170?
Editor Rob
That might fit him, although many would argue he falls to 169.5-170 range at night
recapa said on 9/Oct/21
169-169.5 before bed and 171-171.5 out of bed.
Zach Catselbow said on 2/Oct/21
Rob, if I shrank from 171.6-.7 to 169.7-.8, would I look very close to him in height in person?
Editor Rob
I think sometimes he might edge you out
Slim 6'1.75 said on 29/Sep/21
RJT said on 28/Sep/21
He's Big G's height twin imo
Hyper said on 28/Sep/21
The picture is deleted but He was shorter than Lindsay Jones, who was in flats while Tom had bigger shoes.

I did meet Lindsay Jones in person. (not a good picture because it was a selfie.)

I don’t think he’s over 5’7”.
jaykeed12 said on 27/Sep/21
He's definitely 5ft7-8 and nothing less. I doubt they'd cast him as Nathan Drake if he indeed had a body and proportions of a 5f5-6 man, it's just not possible for that role
Droopy Bear said on 26/Sep/21
I would say 5"7½
ChaosControl 189.3cm said on 22/Sep/21
Stalker China said on 21/Sep/21
@Slim 6'1.75
then it's good tho, because they can look younger then their actual age AND their claimed age.
anyway, 5'7 for tom, it;s funny that i have a debate on youtube that said tom holland is 5'8.5 while the man himself doesn't even claim that high

I’m sure I saw him put as 5’10 on some article
Nik Ashton said on 21/Sep/21
@ eng6'3 - They might go a bit under but whatever they say it is often just meaningless talk, many don’t mean what they say!

Stalker China said on 21/Sep/21
@Slim 6'1.75
then it's good tho, because they can look younger then their actual age AND their claimed age.
anyway, 5'7 for tom, it;s funny that i have a debate on youtube that said tom holland is 5'8.5 while the man himself doesn't even claim that high
Slim 6'1.75 said on 21/Sep/21
Weak 5’7
Slim 6'1.75 said on 9/Sep/21
“ Every actor lies”

That’s true actors don’t just lie about their height but their age aswell

Some actors are older than they claim they are

I’ll remember that one
Editor Rob
It comes naturally.

After all, their whole job is based around pretending to be other characters.
Tall Sam said on 5/Sep/21
Tom could be a height twin of Jon Stewart’s, a weak 5’7” but I don’t necessarily see him as low as 5’6”.
Riley liszka said on 3/Sep/21
Click Here

Here he is with Jacob Batalon, Tom is wearing converse and Jacob is wearing vans neither give a major boost in height.
Tom is looking 5’6.5 to 5’6 3/4
Tobeyisthebestspiderman said on 1/Sep/21
I see nothing above 5'7(170cm). Maybe in the right after bed...
Andrea said on 23/Aug/21
He can look a weak 5'7 a lot, it wouldn't surprise me if he was right around G's range.
Wopelle said on 9/Aug/21
Hi rob I’m pretty stop is tall than he claims look Tom with 6’6 Anthony Joshua
Editor Rob
In that photo, which you can see again Here, yeah he could appear taller than 5ft 7 easily enough. I do not know about their feet though.
Tag said on 9/Aug/21
@A. Golden … I’m not saying you’re lying… but just to make sure you’re true… if you’ve been to far from home premier you’d have obviously taken some pics… can u please attach those… not compelling just requesting
Anonnymous said on 6/Aug/21
Tom Holland or Tobey Maguire? Who do you think is the tallest out of the two, Rob?
Editor Rob
I give Tobey the edge
A. Golden said on 29/Jul/21
Saw Tom close up (less than 4 feet away) in Hollywood at the Spider-man Far From Home" premier; he looked a bit smaller than I'd anticipated. I'd estimated him to be about 5'5". One of the security details confirmed my suspicions, saying Tom was 5'5". Either way, he's an amazingly talented actor.
ChaosControl said on 29/Jul/21
I don’t think he’s a full 5’7. I think he’s 5’6.5 at most and tryba claim his morning height
Isaac Vega said on 17/Jul/21
Tom looks at the very best 5'6 in this pic. The guy on his right is his brother Sam Holland who is said to be around 5'8. Rob what are your thoughts?
Click Here
Editor Rob
maybe the position of Tom makes him look 5ft 6 beside brother, but overall I would never have guessed him quite that short
man 1 said on 16/Jul/21
Tom Holland and timothee chalamet both have very slim frame and Tim is even skinnier but tom looks taller for his height and Tim looks much shorter even at his 5'10.5 height he is described as not a big man in his short film is it just because of their posture or something else is to be taken under consideration.
man 1 said on 15/Jul/21
Do you think a 5'8 man and tom Holland will have a noticeable height difference in person.
Editor Rob
one thing I always say is Tom's head size is a benefit to looking taller, compare him in this video With Paul Rudd...for me there is closer to 2 inches between them than say just 1.

Many folk don't even believe Rudd is a full 5ft 9. I think he has a big head though, which is a disadvantage.
Leesheff1985 said on 11/Jul/21
No, he's easily 5ft 7 and not below. Can look taller sometimes
man 1 said on 10/Jul/21
Why does he looks as tall as Micheal keaton?
Has Keaton shrunk to 5'7 because both of them have simple footwear.
Editor Rob
Tom looks to have a fraction more footwear from what I can tell, not a huge amount, but when you add in great posture vs slightly loose, that can account another half inch too.

In some photos Tom has passed for 5ft 7.5, he has a small head which I feel helps too.
Chaos 6'2 1/2 said on 15/Jun/21
The average guess is the highest I’d go
Riley said on 13/Jun/21
Click Here

He looks 5’6.5 at best next to Jake Gyllenhaal.
I’d say you could give him 5’6.75 and that would probably be the most accurate. We know toms not afraid to use shoe inserts so seeing him as a strong 5’7 seems out of the question.
Leesheff1985 said on 12/Jun/21
Nah 5ft 7 is fine and Hemsworth is nothing below a strong 6ft 3
RJT said on 10/Jun/21
He looks shorter than this next to 6'2.75" Hemsworth

So I say he's 5'6-5'6.5" range
DDH said on 7/Jun/21
I always thought Zendaya was 5'10" and Tom 5'8" or slightly taller. But if Zendaya isa strong 5'8" he can't be much taller than 5'6.5"
WILLY98 said on 3/Jun/21
Rob!Do you think sometimes he drops under 5 7 after a long day?
Editor Rob
a fraction under is possible...but 5ft 6-6.5 range I would be surprised at!
Badar said on 31/May/21
He often looks sub-5'7. I'm thinking 5'6.5 max.
Youn said on 23/May/21
The height cannot be right - here is Tom Holland at Monaco GP

Click Here
Aj06 said on 5/May/21
I can take a 5'7 though he is probably a fraction under it its hard to tell a 1/4 inch to be fair.

He looks slightly taller then the weekend 5'6.5 so hes probably 5'6.7 (169.4 cm) or so.

Liked how he added the lie part.
Aj06 said on 5/May/21
I can take a 5'7 thoughhe is porbably a fraction under it its hard to tell a 1/4 inch to be fair.

He looks slightly taller then the weekend 5'6.5 so hes probably 5'6.7 (169.4 cm) or so.

Liked how he added the lie part.
Mrs. Castro said on 16/Apr/21
In this photo - with Chris Patt - Tom Holland is looking under 5'7 again...

Click Here
eng6'3 said on 10/Apr/21
@Nik Ashton Yes and when you ask them how tall is the ideal boyfriend for you,they won't go under 6'5"
SD172 said on 4/Apr/21
In this video:Click Here at exactly at 0:33= He says, "Hi I'm Tom Holland, I'm 5 foot 7."
I'll give him someone who's only a few months older than Tom, I think guys our age(i.e. born in the mid-90s) are evenly distributed to below average height(5'6-5'8) to above-average height (5'11-6'0). Don't believe me, read this: Click Here
em97 said on 31/Mar/21
Strong 5”7 171 cm my guess
me b said on 28/Mar/21
He's exactly the right size ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Acmd11 said on 22/Mar/21
My guess ,170 Cm
Devenee Sim said on 21/Mar/21
Nik Ashton said on 16/Mar/21
Plenty of girls have crushes on guys who are 5’7” and under.
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 16/Mar/21
He’s 5’6 max and I don’t care what his fangirls have to say about it
Shuyeb Ahmed said on 15/Mar/21
The guy is no were near 5ft7, Robert Downing Jr is 5ft7 and hes like an inch and abit taller then him so Tom is defo 5ft6 or maybe less but defo day he is 5ft6
Badar said on 14/Mar/21
I thought he was shorter than even 5'7. He has the proportions of a kid honestly.

169-170 cm.
Jakey said on 8/Feb/21
Need to upgrade at least 5'7.5,he looks quite tall next to Keaton and RDJ why you downgrade every person by at least 0.5 inches?
Editor Rob

Can sometimes look under 5ft 7 like Here.

Tom has claimed 5ft 7 in the past. I've not yet seen enough to think 5ft 7.5-8 was closer.

With good posture and a thick shoe I'm sure he can look 5ft 7.5 at times.
bird in box said on 10/Jan/21
solid 5'7
slim 6'1 said on 9/Jan/21
Mitchell said on 4/Jan/21
Rob on your site you have Letita Wright listed as 5’5. If you look at the picture attached, she looks taller than him. I know she left standing a bit closer to the camera, but there’s no way he’s 2 inches taller than her. And they look like they’re wearing the same footwear.

Click Here
Editor Rob
could be gaining height being a few inches closer to the camera...beside Benedict I don't think Tom look as short as a 5ft 6 guy, although a weak 5ft 7 is quite arguable for him.
Zach Catselbow said on 27/Dec/20
I’d put him at a weak 5’7”.
Mike Sui said on 5/Dec/20
Either 168 or 169 cms but i can't decide which one.
Heightist999 said on 8/Nov/20
169 cm or maybe even a smidge less. There has been enough of evidence.
J2Frenzy said on 8/Nov/20
@Tall Sam Batista was listed 6’6 as a wrestler. It doesn’t make sense but there’s a reason
Tall Sam said on 20/Oct/20
A height article about the Avengers. They get a few heights right but Ruffalo, Holland overlisted at 5'8", RDJ left off the list (as he's actually a weak 5'8") and Dave Bautista most egregiously overlisted at 6'6" lol
Click Here
Shane O'Brien-Keister said on 15/Oct/20
I saw him at FanX in Salt Lake City last year and he was just slightly shorter than me; taller than 5'7". I would say the 5'8" claim is correct. I am pretty good at telling people's height. I am 5'8.5, and he appeared to be marginally shorter....Maybe he was wearing lifts.
6'3 Julian said on 4/Oct/20
A girl know said she’s as tall as Tom Holland so in her words, she can’t have a crush on him. She claims to be 5’7 too
Nik Ashton said on 8/Sep/20
He is ever so slightly short!
The French Dude said on 10/Aug/20
He is a small bean!,i think 5'6.5 is his height
Slim 6'1" said on 9/Aug/20
Thomas dh said on 7/Aug/20
He has the exact same body type as me, like if you hide the face he looks like me. My name is also Tom lol. I am 169cm so I would say he is about the same, maybe 170 or a smidge more.
Mrs. Castro said on 31/Jul/20
Rob, look this video, at 3:54.
Click Here

Tom looks a bit shorter than 5'6 Ellen.

Considering footwear difference, anything over 5'6.5 for Tom is impossible.
Editor Rob
5ft 6.5 would be lowest I'd ever go for Holland, which sometimes you think he can look!
Zach (171-172 guy) said on 26/Jul/20
I would give him a solid 5’6 3/4
Kebapsever said on 14/Jul/20
He’s flat 5’7.
Bharat said on 5/Jul/20
He is 5"7 i guess
Sean 5'8 said on 3/Jul/20
Pretty sure he’s 5’6.5 because he looked about the same height as ellen
MD said on 1/Jul/20
Curious if anyone has ever heard him mention about how much he weighs?
Nik Ashton said on 28/Jun/20
@ njn - That is an amazing claim!
Nik said on 11/Jun/20
Aar?n R - True and Brits are not that tall either! I like your name!
Andy5'91/2 said on 7/Jun/20
Using zendayas 5’8.5 listing i see her and holland as more of a full 2 inch difference than a 1.5 so. I give him 5’6.5 (169.5 cm) but not surprised if he hits 5’6.75
Nik said on 4/Jun/20
@ FrankG1 - You would feel average lots!
FrankG1 said on 31/May/20
Rob, I’m 170.6 midday and at night 170.3. Would i feel very short in the UK?
Editor Rob
you'll notice a large majority of people taller if you actively think about height when out and about...but you would also notice there are a fair amount under 5ft 7, so I don't know about feeling very short.
Jkiller said on 25/May/20
5'6.75 (169.5cm)
SoloBen said on 14/May/20
I think he is 170cm tall. Maybe he loses a cm over the course of the day, but 170cm seems legit. Though I wouldn’t go more than 170cm. Also ist known that he wears height increasing insoles sometimes like kn this video Click Here I am bad at guessing how much those give, anyone who could help me with it. Cause I would guess about 1.5 inches?
Editor Rob
Some basic lifts are 0.75 get 1.5 range needs quite a lot of thickness.
Roongoon said on 5/May/20
Click Here Could you judge for this pic?ROBPUAL
Editor Rob
Holland at 5ft 6.5 with Hemsworth looks possible
Nicholas 5'9.25 said on 25/Apr/20
@njn um... ellen is not 5'3", she's 5'6"
kitra said on 24/Apr/20
hey rob, what do you think his height is out of bed? 5ft7 1/2? 5ft7 3/4?
Editor Rob
I can see him clearing 5ft 7 by a fraction, it's a question of how big it is, because at times he is looking a bit shy of the 5ft 7 mark.
Yo mera said on 21/Apr/20
Ellen is taller than him for about two inches.
njn, said on 19/Apr/20
There was no option under 5'5", but based on his appearance on Ellen (who is about 5'3"), I'm pretty sure Holland is about 5'4". Dude is TINY!
Thomas P said on 4/Apr/20
I don't see him at 5'7 solid... He is probably less than half an inch under that for most of the day, but perhaps closer to 5'6 flat by the end of the day. As a fellow 5'6.5er I'd like to think I have a good eye for this particular height. I will be optimistic and give him 5'6 3/4".
Lakheswar Saikia said on 26/Mar/20
For him 5'7 always upto 2080 ☺️
Nik said on 12/Mar/20
The average guess could be spots!
BenSolo said on 16/Feb/20
In the morning he is probably about 5’7. I think 171cm would be the highest I set for him. And then his height in the day might be around 5’6 and a half. But with thick shoes he might get the 5’7 or even sometimes 5’8 if he wears insoles. I think he definitely has learned some stuff from Downey. But I wouldn’t say he is below 5’6.
Definitely a cool actor and doing his job as Spiderman great. I don’t get people complaining he is Spiderman because of his height. I mean Wolverine in the comics isn’t above 6feet tall and still I hear almost nobody complaining about Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.
So great job Rob.
Lakheswar Saikia said on 13/Feb/20
He is 5'7 for his body

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