How tall is Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst's Height

5ft 5.5in (166.4 cm)

American actress best known for roles in Spiderman, Interview with the Vampire, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Wimbledon. A quote from UK Glamour described her as "the 5ft 5 1/2in blonde beauty".

How tall is Kirsten Dunst
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Average Guess (14 Votes)
5ft 5.39in (166.1cm)
5'11.25 at noon. said on 23/Jul/17
Google must be using morningheight on everyone 🤔miss dunst is in the 5'5 to 5'6 range.
Josh Davis said on 9/Jul/17
Slightly above average height
Hans Meiser said on 24/Jun/17
anonheight said on 23/Jun/17
She looks to be 5'7; IMDB has her listed as 5'6. Google says 5'7. I'd say the taller side of 5'6.
NGOLA said on 20/Jun/17
I'm sure I visited this place before
she was height 164
Why now is its height 166 ????
Editor Rob: I don't think I ever listed her less than in the 5ft 5-6 range.
Jay said on 11/Jun/17
People need to stop looking at Spider-Man movies or any movie scene, to judge the height of a person. They use tricks all the time. I think Rob has her spot on height.
Hi said on 4/Apr/17
mike said on 3/Jun/16
She looked 5'3/5'4 next to Tobey Mcguire in Spiderman, i don't think she's anywhere over 163cm.
Scott said on 29/Apr/16
If Kirsten is only 5 ft. 5 1/2", how do you explain this picture of her with Kristen Stewart? Click Here

They're both in heels, but Kirsten is considerably taller than her—looks like more than 1.5 inches to me.
Editor Rob: stewart at times can look barely even 5ft 4, there was some shots Of her looking nearer...but there could be 2 inches between them.
170cmGuy said on 22/May/15
What's wrong with Google? Way off! Google says she is 170cm. SMH.
Sam said on 7/Dec/14
Possible 5'5 even Rob?
Hypado said on 22/Jun/14
166cm yes
jess said on 19/Sep/13
She looks 5' 5" so 5' 5.5" makes sense.
lenad is sexy said on 13/Apr/13
Shes only marginally shorter than Kate hudson. 166cm at least
Violet said on 2/Apr/13
I always thought she looked 5'5"-5'6" (about the same size of a few of my female family members)
RentGirl said on 13/Jan/13
I have an old People magazine 2002 and it has her at 5'5. Click Here
Silent d said on 28/Oct/12
5 foot 5 and a half.
Cliff said on 8/Sep/12
She's at least 5ft6. She enjoys a comfortable advnatage over Kristen stewart and stands about as tall as Ellen.
johnnyfive said on 4/Sep/12
If Maguire is the 5'7.75 listed here, Kirsten is looking closer to 5'4 here, even with his footwear advantage.

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C-Dawg said on 26/Dec/11
I just saw the rerun of Ellen. Ellen had canvas shoes on when Kirsten was barefoot, and Ellen had maybe an inch on her. I think Kirsten is 5'7".
mcfan said on 10/Dec/11
Dunst always has on shoes that put her almost on her tippy-toes and these at the bottom are typical. I think Tobey is 2 inches taller than her.

Rob, how many inches would these shoes add to Kirsten's height?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: if I seen a female in those heels I'd say they gave around 3-inch actual height. There's always a range with heels because some can give an illusion of less/more and different size feet can add a little while smaller feet might not get as much as a bigger foot. ]
mcfan said on 20/Nov/11
She takes off her heels. Ellen is only 1.25-1.5 inches taller. I'd say either Kirsten is 5'6 or Ellen is only 5'6.5.
are said on 14/Nov/11
In heels with Ellen Degeneres (in flats) = Kristen is a little taller maybe 1-2"

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Kostas said on 21/Sep/11
Lord Chief Justice Victor says on 31/Oct/10
heres the thing, if the tip of someone's head is on the height of someones ear or eyebrow, then he/she is ROUGHLY 2inches(5cm) shorter than the other person

What?That's so not true!
It means that s/he is AT LEAST 4 inches(10cm) shorter than the other person.
Please, Rob, correct me if I am wrong.
mcfan said on 22/Jul/11
Charlotte Gainsbourg, who is 5'7.5, looks over 2 inches taller than Dunst.
bnwy said on 13/Jul/11
I'm watching Drop Dead Gorgeous (totally under-rated movie by the way) right now and comparing Dunst with Denise Richards. In most scenes, Kirsten's about an inch taller than Denise (and yet they're both listed as 5'5.5). I think Kirsten's about 5'6 and Denise is 5'5. That's my two cents.
Hullywood said on 9/Jul/11
About 1.61m. There are some scences in Spiderman, who look Tobey Meguire like a tall man. Like 3-4 Inches taller.
mcfan said on 26/Mar/11
Kirsten Dunst looks at least 2 inches taller than Megan Fox. I'm slightly skeptical of Megan's 5'4 claim. My guess Megan is 5'3 or no taller than 5'3.5. Amanda Seyfried is a genuine 5'2, but I only see a little more than an inch between them.
leonari said on 1/Feb/11
Tobey is Not 174 cm. Thats bull****. Even Robs estimate is 1 or 2 cm too high. Dunst is 5'5. Please Tell me where Maguire looks 174. Please.
leonari said on 1/Feb/11
Tobey was never 174 cm. Never.
Bomberman said on 6/Jan/11
Have to agree she looks 5'5 and VERY thin
KC said on 25/Dec/10
I worked with her and she is around 5'4 ish
mcfan said on 13/Dec/10
Kirsten is either the tallest 5'4 person I've ever seen or she's a genuine 5'5.5er that likes to wear big, tippy-toe heels.
kiki said on 13/Dec/10
in my opinion 5'4
Mr. R said on 2/Dec/10
I will be going to a screening of her new movie called "All Good Things" on Monday, Dec. 13. Kirsten will be there, so I will do what I can to get a pic.
Lord Chief Justice Victor said on 31/Oct/10
heres the thing, if the tip of someone's head is on the height of someones ear or eyebrow, then he/she is ROUGHLY 2inches(5cm) shorter than the other yeah, if u compare kirsten dunst wif Tobey maguire in spiderman trilogy, it appears that kirsten is ROUGHLY 2inches shorter than 5'7barefoot Tobey...i'd say Dunst stands AT LEAST 5'5 n at most 5' for Tobey i'd say he stands at least at 5'7 n at most at 5'8..but i think tobey is a solid 5'7 but then somehow recently i noticed hes promoted to 5'8....n yeah Dunst doesnt solidly stand at 5'7...she is either 5'5 or 5'6, period
Ana said on 25/Aug/07
i stood next to her in nyc. she was wearing flat shoes and she is definitely not 5 ft 5.5, more like 5'4.
myspace celebrity said on 14/Aug/07
really, she looked about as tall as tobey in spiderman??
Jon Doe said on 6/Aug/07
Jason Schwartzman is taller than her,food for thought.
6'3'' JK said on 5/Aug/07
Her younger brother Christian Dunst towers over her, he is around 6'2'' so 5'5.5'' for Kirsten is right
Flower said on 12/Jul/07
I thought she was 5'7 oh well short is better.
runt said on 29/Jun/07
Kirsten Dunst with 5-1 or 5-2 Melissa Joan Hart. Maybe Kirsten in heels and Melissa in flats?
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Anonymous Rex said on 29/Jun/07
taller than mcguire in the first two spiderman films???? Not only is that NOT true, but even if it were true, the directors and producers wouldn't let it be true!!!!!
al said on 25/Jun/07
She looked taller than tobey maguire in the first 2 spiderman films so i think a full 5ft 7 atleast and she was much taller than me when i met her last year and i am around 5foot 6 inches.
sleuth said on 19/Jun/07
never looks tall. sometimes looks short. Most of the time looks average. 5-4.5 max
redrum said on 7/Jun/07
the pictures prove it. Mcguire 5-7 Dunst 5-4
TJ said on 7/Jun/07
Click Here
Click Here

Here she is in those flat gladiator sandals. I'd take an inch or two off of Maguire with those sneakers. She is probably two inches shorter.

[Editor Rob: you can't really say 'or two', because that type of trainer is a typical 1 inch. 2 inch trainers are so huge that I've yet to encounter a pair of them!]
Anonymous said on 5/May/07
On the new Spiderman promo pics when Kirsten was wearing those flat gladiator sandals, she was standing next to Tobey Maguire who is around 5'8" and she looked at least 3 inches shorter than he was. I'd say she's around 5'5" - 5'6"
Cecile said on 5/May/07
If Maguire is 5'8 she can't be more than 5'4,5,the heels are very high.I think she's no more than 5'4:
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Tomasz said on 29/Apr/07
Johnathan Ross show, 27/4/07 noth Maguire and Dinst interviewed, Dunst in moderte heels edged out maguire co i would say5ft7
supes78 said on 25/Apr/07
Look at these photos of Kirsten in high heels looking about the same height as 5'8" Tobey Maguire;
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/07
she took a picture with me and im 5'4 with heals and shes had heals and she was a couple inches taller she looks about 5'6.5
antron said on 11/Apr/07
i was sure she was shorter than the 5'7" she is often listed at. She'd be too close to Spidey's height.
Allie said on 10/Apr/07
Everyone's saying how thin she is, does anyone have any estimated measurements or dress size?
Anonymous said on 27/Mar/07
I heard she was listed 5ft 6in in other magazines.
TJ said on 13/Mar/07
There are clips in Elizabethtown where she does look around 5 inches shorter than Orlando Bloom. However, there is also a very good shot of both on even ground and the height difference is clearly 3 inches max. She is in flats. It's funny because the shot is directly after a scene where he looks much taller than her.
Gonzalo said on 13/Mar/07
My sister said she saw her in London and that she was surprised by how tall Dunst looked to her. She says she is amost sure it was Dunst. Could it be possible that Dunst is at least 5`7?
Anonymous said on 11/Mar/07
5'4 or 5'5 i stood next to her when she was attending my high school
Jewel said on 20/Feb/07
i heard 5 7... shes listed in magazines at that height?
RentGirl said on 10/Dec/06
Eliza is more 5'4 because in the movie soul survivors a missing persons stated her at 5'4.
Anonymous said on 9/Nov/06
Hmmmm. In "Bring it On," she always looked at least an inch taller than 5'5 Eliza Dushku.
Anonymous said on 6/Nov/06
In Bring it On, she looked at least an inch taller than 5'5 Eliza Dushku.
caty said on 21/Oct/06
that is weird i always thought that she is about 5.8 or something because she looks so tall on pictures, i am 5.6 and now i found out that i am taller than her. so i can say pictures make people seem much taller than they really are!
PrettyGirl said on 18/Oct/06
She was on TRL and shes wearing heels next to Jason Schwartzmen who is either 5.5 or 5.6 and she is like the same height as him in heels so shes either like 5.4 or something.
Anonymous said on 14/Aug/06
I'd say 5'5" on the dot. And I think in the "Spiderman" movies, she's most of the time wearing high heels which maker her look about 5'7"ish. So that would explain her looking almost as tall as the 5'8" Maguire.
J-Dog said on 20/Jun/06
Yeah I have to agree she seems more closer to 5'4.5" than 5'6.5". As with many people who have seen her in NYC my brother had and commented on her being smaller than expected even for a female.
RentGirl said on 19/Jun/06
A while ago People magazine had her at 5'5.

[Editor Rob: you know, I'm starting to think that the glamour magazine may have gotten a direct quote, sometimes interviewers will do that, ask a few details to 'beef up' the article...5ft 5.5, possible]
JB said on 8/Jun/06
i met kirsten during the filming of elizabeth town and i have to say she looked about 5'41/2 tops. really skinny though.
Anonymous said on 3/Jun/06
I saw her in Union Square, NYC yesterday. I am 5'8 and I towered over her. No way she's even 5'6.
Anonymous said on 25/May/06
Pretty obvious that she is 5'4"
Anonymous said on 25/Mar/06
By the way, when a magazine says any height, you can bet 99% that it is a two inch exeggeration. If it's not a two inch exeggeration, it's a one inch. I have worked with enough magazines to know. You say the height that an actress is WITH HEELS ON, not her real height. And you adjust men's heights to validate their most recent co-actresses height. Like Gwyenth Paltrow is 5'7", not 5'9". And Juse Law is 5'9", not 5'11". That's just the way the industry keeps good piints with celebs (keeps them coming back to support sales of the magazines). I co-authored a piece in Glamour, on Kate Bosworth. She is about 5'3.5" and we say 5'6". Etc. Some stars are cool about it an honest, like Jude Law, who told US his real height of 5'9". That's a rare case of height honesty in this industry.

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Anonymous said on 25/Mar/06
Whatever, she's an inch smaller than Susan Sarandon, who is three inches shorter than Billy Joe Armstrong. Kirsten can't be pegged at more than 5'4".
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TJ said on 24/Feb/06
To further confuse everyone
John R said on 22/Feb/06
Something is a bit off. In the movie "elizabethtown", Bloom looks much taller than Dunst, so i'm guessing either she is shorter than you mention here or Bloom is taller than the 5´10.5´´ you guys claim.
Height Detective said on 17/Feb/06
I'd like to be taller. I'd like my baby fat to leave.
Kirsten Dunst

I'd like to grow up and be beautiful. I know it doesn't matter, but it doesn't hurt.
Kirsten Dunst
mcfan said on 13/Feb/06
Julia Stiles seems almost the same height as Julia Roberts...maybe just under so I don't think she could be 5'9. More like 5'8 or just under. She's very skinny with a large head.
Greg said on 12/Feb/06
mcfan, you're correct. on stiles' page, there is another link to a photo of dunst and her, and julia towers over her. something does not jive here, either stiles is a lot taller than 5'7 or dunst is shorter than 5'5. i would lean towards stiles being taller, maybe close to 5'9. she looks tall in a lot of her movies
Tarryn said on 12/Feb/06
I have found proof that kirsten is not as tall as she has made out. in this photo kirsten is the same height as michelle williams (5'4")
Kelsey said on 19/Jan/06
oh my god how can people say she is 5'4 or 5'6, she is clearly 5'7.
tarryn said on 29/Dec/05
in this picture there only appears to be a three inch difference between nicole ritchie (5'1") and kirsten (The are both wearing thongs). if your not registered you can see a thumbnail image here its in the first column, forth row down.
tarryn said on 27/Dec/05
in this picture kirsten looks arround the same height as michelle williams (5'4") you can see there shoes, and it appears that they are the same size heel. kirsten is the one in the blue dress.
tarryn said on 19/Dec/05
in the first image on this page you can see that Michelle Williams (5'4") is taller than kirsten. this is from the scene where they are rollerblading in "Dick" so they both have the same shoes on.

also in this picture: both girls are wearing the same sized shoes, and they look around the same height.
CelebHeights Editor said on 15/Dec/05
From gawker sightings, "saw Kirsten Dunst, looking surprisingly tall and pretty"
glow said on 14/Dec/05
That pic Mcfan has shown of her and Sigourney Weaver pretty much sums it up... at 5'6, if 5'11" Weaver was standing straight, Kirsten should come up to just below her ear... and yet Weaver is clearly slouching a great deal in that shot (practically bending over in fact) and Kirsten barely comes up to her ear even when Weaver's slouching!
tarryn said on 13/Dec/05
in the first image on this page kirsten looks like she is the same height, or maybe shorter, than Naomi watts, who is 5'4".

[Editor Rob: yes there's not much between 5ft 4.5ish naomi and her]
gyllenhaalic823 said on 13/Dec/05
glow did an awesome job here! she looks AT LEAST 6 inches SHORTER than orlando bloom here, making her 5'4-5", not 5'6"!
Oh and a note to someone marked anonymous at the VERY bottom v Jake Gyllenhaal isn't 5'9" DUH!! (sorry) he's 6'0"!
ds said on 11/Nov/05
5'5.5, Sharapova TOWERS over her. Sharapova WAS like 6' at the time of the Wimbledon premiere (she grew some more), and there's a lot more than 5 inch difference.
What said on 2/Nov/05
Kirstin Dunst doesn't ever appear to more than 5'4" or 5". There is just no way that she is 5'6" when she is so much shorter than 5'8" Maggie Gyllenhaal. She is exaggerating by exactly two inches I think. 5 ft 4.5 in. Again, I have met her and no one believes sightings, but I am 5'8" and she was absolutely SHORT to me. Not almost 5'7".
mcfan said on 4/Oct/05
Great job, glow! I hadn't seen too many of her in regular shoes. Here she is wearing sandles. She's certainly not 5'6 or 5'7. She was slightly over 2 inches shorter than Julia Stiles with regular shoes. I've seen her with heels looking only an inch shorter than Stiles but she loves those big heels. If Orlando Bloom is 5'10-11, she isn't 5'6. I would really like to see how truly tall Tobey Maguire is because I know Robert Downey jr was slightly taller than him and the editor was sure Downey was exactly 5'8.
mcfan said on 3/Oct/05
Anonymous, not a good photo of Dunst's height. She often wears 3-4inch heels. Here is a good illustration of her height next to 5'7 Willem Dafoe and 5-7.5 Maguire. When you zoom in, it's obvious she's wearing 3 inch heels. If dafoe is 5'8 with his shoes then she's at the most 5'5.5. Even in her 3 inch heels shoes he's still an inch taller than her. That UK magazine which stated her height at 5'5.5 is probably the most accurate. How is Maguire still that much taller than her when he is presumably wearing 1.25 inches of heel and is not even 5'8?
mcfan said on 28/Sep/05
What -- can you back up your claim with photos? I agree that Dunst is not 5'6 as listed here, but I thought the Maguire photos were due to lifts rather than angles. However, if it isn't due to angles or lifts, then she probably is 5'4.5. That one photo I supplied on July 30th where Maguire and Dunst are both walking looks so suspicious to me. Even if you gave her the benefit of the doubt, you just don't get close to 5'6 unless Maguire is somehow wearing 2 inch lifts. She is always wearing heels.
What said on 27/Sep/05
I would normally not share this but Kirsten Dunst hangs out regularly with my friend in LA. I have been to breakfast with her and Maggie Gyllenhaal. I thought it was funny when I saw her listed at 5'6". She is 5'4" or 5'4"3/4. Maggie is the one who was 5'6.5". I am just under 5'8" (about 5.7 3/4") and it was clear that both were shorter as we were all wearing flat Roman Sandals. They are both beautiful and cool.
Anonymous said on 22/Sep/05
McFan: The best picture possible to show the height difference between Denise and Kirsten would be from Drop Dead Goregous, where they are fighting each other in the dressing room. In that scene, both are barefooted, and Kirsten gets right into Denise's face. While the two are staring each other each other off, you can see that Dunst is clearly taller (a half inch may be fair). Unfortunately, I can't find a picture from that scene. Anybody else have any luck?
mcfan said on 21/Sep/05
I think the photos prove Dunst is a half-inch taller than Denise Richards as Denise has a bent knee in the one photo and is leaning in the other. The best one is the last one where they are together. I think Denise Richards is very close to 5'5 but she's also a half-inch shorter than Neve Campbell. I would bet you Neve Campbell and Dunst are the same height at 5'5.5.
mcfan said on 16/Sep/05
I'm surprised with all of the comments about Dunst's height that her height is still at 5'6. She's clearly not that tall. She's simply too small in too many photographs to be 5'6. She only looks at the most 5'5. She almost always wears heels and sometimes they're very large heels.
CoolJ said on 6/Sep/05
Rob.. I'm thinking Maguire is definitely closer to 5'7" on the button, which would substantiate that magazine's claim of her being 5'5.5"
Anonymous said on 3/Sep/05
In Drop Dead Gorgeous, Kirsten is clearly taller than Denise Richards. In the scene where they fight each other in the dressing room, both are barefooted, and when they're staring at each other face to face, Kirsten has a noticable height difference.
Anshelm said on 30/Aug/05
After seeing her (on TV) besides Orlando Bloom at the 2005 VMAs I'd say 9–11 cm/c. 4" for Bloom's favor, with Dunst wearing low, maybe 4–5 cm/1½–2" heels.

Too bad Bloom isn't exactly the best choise for comparison – judging from this site's comments he should be somewhere between 177 cm/5'9½" and 180 cm/5'11".

So, based on these observations, the 166 cm/5'5½" mentioned above sounds plausable.
McFan said on 27/Aug/05
Check out this link:
According to this site, Julia Stiles is 5'7.75 but I also heard she is really 5'7. Let's say Stiles is almost 5'8...why is Dunst roughly 3 inches shorter than her? Dunst cannot be 5'6 in this photograph and consistent with the photograph I posted with Maguire on July 30th, I would say she cannot be taller than 5'4.5.

[Editor Rob: to me she doesn't look 3 inches shorter. Maybe with Julia's head tilted slightly up and kirsten's at normalish it might seem that way? Yes, there's a quote on Julia's page which was fairly recent and she didn't correct the guy saying '5ft 7'...]
Mr. R said on 25/Aug/05
Having seen her Monday at lunch, 5-5 to 5-6 is pretty close.
CoolJ said on 24/Aug/05
I don't know Rob.. that might be a phantom line.. I'm thinking more like 5'7 7/8" ;) - I'd be willing to bet you have 1-2cm on Mr. Maguire... considering you aren't standing on a book or a few magazines.

CoolJ said on 24/Aug/05
5'5 1/2"?? I think that might make Maguire officially smaller than 5'8

[Editor Rob: if you're 5ft 7.5 would you say that or just round it up? In Wonder Boys he really did look slightly shorter than the 5ft 8 claim. But then Katie Holmes didn't look 5ft 9 in that film to me...]
CelebHeights Editor said on 24/Aug/05
INstyle magazine 2002, "I'd like to be taller"
CelebHeights Editor said on 16/Aug/05
Hmm, that Glamour quote was from 2002. Sometimes in magazines the interviewer might ask as a sidenote the actor/actress height and use the answer to describe her in such a way, i.e. 'Slender 5ft 5.5 beauty'. So, she might have actually told the interviewer this as her height...
Mr. Awesome said on 30/Jul/05
Great work, McFan! I commend you on a job well done. This picture is excellent! I almost dont know whether to peg Kirsten down to 5'4'' or Tobey up to 5'10'' haha!!! Wow...I do agree with McFan and almost everyone here that Kirsten is definitely not 5'7''...more like 5'5.5'' absolute max. However, not only does this pic solidify my idea that Dunst is shorter; but it almost makes me want to think that Maguire is for Dunst's distance from the camera, she looks only to be half a stride behind Maguire which is a negligable distance, and is not enough to result in an illusion of her being 4+ inches shorter than Maguire...for the sake of argument, I'll give her an extra 2 inches due her position in the pic and a slight stoop in her posture (which by the way is canceled out by the fact that she is in the highest point in her stride), and she is still about 2 inches shorter than the questionably 5'8'' Maguire, even with large heels. 5'6'' might even be too high, Rob...but at least it's a start.
Z2 said on 19/Jul/05
I don't think Kirsten grew from the "claimed quote"(above) that she is 5'5.5" I Think Kirsten is 5'5".
Anonymous said on 24/Jun/05
in spiderman one theyr like the same height shes mayb 2 cm taller? both with flat shoes and tobey is listed as 5"8 on most sites .... although the character peter parker is meant to slouch
Anonymous said on 22/Jun/05
Something is wrong with glow's photo of Dunst and Gyllenhaal, because I recall seeing several photos of the two of them together where Gyllenhaal (listed at 5'9") is significantly taller, like by about 4 inches at least.

[Editor Rob: I think maggie is 176cm the more I see of her...]
Mr. X said on 10/Apr/05
People Magazine has her in at 5 foot 5
Darona said on 26/Mar/05
In those pictures, which I watched Kirsten had about 10 cm high heels and she was stil about 5cm smaller than Maguire and I don't think he has 10cm elevator shoes so 170cm can't be right
Anonymous said on 22/Mar/05
If she's 5'7" then why did Oprah refer to her as "short" on her show?

[Editor Rob: Yes, Dunst is a puzzling one. Sometimes she looks 5ft 7, a lot of times you'd think she's 5ft 6ish. Dafoe is just about the same height as Tobey but I'm unsure on Maguire's footwear...they did use some tricks in Spiderman to make him look pretty tall.]

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