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6ft 4.01in (193.1cm)
Nick said on 8/Aug/16
I see 6/7cm difference easy next to Gronkowski listed at 198cm Click Here Click Here Click Here
Canson said on 23/Jul/16
Oddly enough he looks small next to Cam newton in some pics. Like less than 6'4. But closeup to manning he looks it. If that's Cam's morning height 6'5 that'd be surprising as he always looks solid 6'5 at his lowest
Canson said on 8/Jul/16
@Adrian: I can't see Brady that low. id say he's 195-195.3 out of bed and 193 flat at night maybe like 6'3 7/8 lowest
Adrian said on 6/Jul/16
solid 191-192 guy barefoot at night.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Jun/16
6ft4½ is as arguable.
Canson said on 21/Jun/16
@The r: Jordan isn't significantly taller it's about 1/2". Jordan prob 6'4.75 2 hrs out of bed/ Brady 6'4.25 meaning 6'4.5/6'4 respectively afternoon
Canson said on 21/Jun/16
at worst I don't see him as less than the full 6'4" even if that was a morning measurement I can see what rob said prob 1-2 hrs out of bed meaning he'd prob be 6'4 3/4-7/8 out of bed. I'd go with 6'4.25 as avg height
RP said on 20/Jun/16
Tom Brady:
NFL Combine:
211 lbs
Age 22
End of discussion !
Jay said on 7/Jun/16
He looks huge in his new commercial
Lord Beerus said on 26/May/16
Who is taller Rob? This guy or Alex skarsgard?
Editor Rob: depending on Brady's time of measurement, he may well fall to 6ft 4-4.25 zone later in the day, so they could be within a similar range if measured.
joe @@ said on 25/Mar/16
Tom is 6'4.25 he looks at it with kobe and Gronkowski
John said on 24/Feb/16
My estimations on Quarterback heights:
Brock Osweiler 6' 6.5"
Peyton Manning 6' 5.25"
Cam Newton 6' 4.75"
Ben Roethlisberger 6' 4.75"
Colin Kaepernick 6' 4.5"
Eli Manning 6' 4.25"
Tom Brady 6' 4"
Tim Tebow 6' 2.5"
Brett Favre 6' 2.25"
Tony Romo 6' 2"
Aaron Rogers 6' 1.75"
Russell Wilson 5' 10.5"
The r said on 20/Feb/16
I doubt he's 6'4. There's a video of him golfing on YouTube with 6'5 Michael Jordan and MJ looks significantly taller. Brady is probably more like 6'3.
joe### said on 15/Feb/16
yes ,exactly 193.6cmClick Here
Alex said on 13/Feb/16
To be exact, 6'4.25 is 193.6 cm
joe### said on 11/Feb/16
actually he looks a strong 6'4 compared to Rob Gronkowski
6´4.25 is good
John said on 10/Feb/16
That's NBA where players gets their height inflated 1-2 inches, not the NFL. The NFL always list their players heights without shoes, hence why their listings are legitimate.
Ivan said on 7/Feb/16
I would way 193cm, Spot on....most NFL players get listed 1-2 inches taller than they are... Probably they get meassured in shoes, not Tom's case, he looks a legit 193cm
SportsHeight said on 19/Nov/15
Rob, if Brady had been awake for two hours when the 6'4 3/8" measurement was taken, what would you say his out-of-bed high-point was that morning?
Editor Rob: 6ft 4.75 at least if 2 hours from wakening. 6ft 5 isn't improbable either
Allie said on 23/Oct/15
Okay thanks Rob. Also, are Olympians the same as well in terms of measurements? And the time that they are measured?
[Editor Rob: I don't know about Olympians, but I have seen numerous occasions where an athlete on twitter mentioned their height was listed wrong around the last Olympics.

With thousands of entries in databases though, you will probably get some erroneous entries, just little mistakes.]
Allie said on 10/Oct/15
Like 30 minutes to several hours out of bed? Also, does lack of sleep somehow effect you're height?
[Editor Rob: if you are up and down or restless it will have a small impact. But since you lose a large chunk of height within first hour, the measurements for these players - while not evening - are still reasonable, it might be like 10-12am measurements.]
Allie said on 8/Oct/15
Rob, what time would you estimate most models and sport players are measured at? I doubt the evening.
[Editor Rob: for nba/nfl, it could be anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours....but for the nba, maybe some guys might be nervous the night before and not sleep as much as usual.]
joe @@ said on 7/Oct/15
I am absolutely certain that alexander highest looks
joe @@ said on 5/Oct/15
I did not understand the interpretation of 191-193
Bryan said on 2/Oct/15
joe @@

Why are you putting male attractiveness on the same scale as female attractiveness??

If you were gonna compare Danny Devito to Olga Kurylenko then he must be a 0.5/10 :/
joe @@ said on 1/Oct/15
you are comparing the beauty Olga Kurylenko with Tom Brady, Olga Kurylenko is a trillion times more beautiful
191-193 said on 30/Sep/15
Olga Kurylenko is hotter. That's all I know.
joe @@ said on 26/Sep/15
Jimmy Garopollo 6´2.25(189 cm)
Ian C said on 14/Sep/15
I had always thought that the roster heights of professional athletes were accurate, but now I'm not so sure. One of our regular customers is man who plays for the Edmonton Eskimos, which is a team in the Canadian Football League. This man is officially listed at six foot four, but he's an inch shorter. I know this because I'm six foot four, and I've stood next to him. So my point is, even the official heights of professional athletes can be exaggerated.
Simon said on 20/Jul/15
Hey Brad, does Brando would have looked owned by Damon.
Mastro said on 9/Jul/15
"MD, damn that's what is physique used to be? Looked like your average college student."

Probably why he was picked in the Sixth round- even though he had a very good college career.
MaryAnne said on 9/Jul/15
He is hot. That's all I know lol
Jay said on 9/Jul/15
@MD, damn that's what is physique used to be? Looked like your average college student.
MD said on 9/Jul/15
@Arch, quite frankly, I don't even get this idea that he's so high above everyone else in attractiveness. He looks kind of strange to me from most angles. Even his physique is just kind of average for his position in his sport. I'll never forget his physique when he first entered the league:

Click Here

He has grown into his physique since then, but it's still nothing super impressive for a quarterback, especially today in the sport.
Brad said on 7/Jul/15
Well over 6' means nothing cept sports.
Jay said on 7/Jul/15
@Sam, no joke, dudes got it all.
Arch Stanton said on 7/Jul/15
People say "genetically gifted" though but I'm not seeing anything special about his parents Click Here They look pretty average to me. His mother is quite good looking, not too much different to my own mother.
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 6/Jul/15
A weird scenario is that Matt Forte is listed as 6'2", when he was measured at 6'1 3/8". However, Adrian Peterson is listed as 6'1", and he was measured at 6'1.5".
Sam said on 6/Jul/15
Dude got the jackpot in height, looks and athletic skills, now extremely rich and married to a series of models. Kinda of an arrogant SOB, hard not to be with this many advantages.
Brad said on 5/Jul/15
As listed. Had him by a inch, he had the heeled advantage over worn Chuck Taylors. He's gonna be orange crushed in a few months.
MD said on 5/Jul/15
The NFL may be pretty solid with their pre-draft measurements, but their listings are as bad as any sport. I routinely find listings off arond 1.5" to 2" and sometimes more, which is strange because they always make such a big deal about the pre-draft measurements versus college listings.

One I remember recently is Denard Robinson who went to the University of Michigan. He was listed in college at 6'0" (despite obviously not being that), was measured slightly under 5'10.5" during the draft, and was (and still is) listed as 6'0" by his current team.
bobbyh3342 said on 4/Jul/15
this guy is exactly the same height as me(6'4.5 morning 6 4 late afternoon 6 '3 7/8 Night) I live in new England and see 5 games a year and used to be a bar fly in boston ,ran into him a lot, fckin gorgeous ****, lol
hal said on 4/Jul/15
A legit 6'4". Genetically gifted in every way.
Bill said on 3/Jul/15
He is 193.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jul/15
NFL are pretty solid with their listings.
Arch Stanton said on 3/Jul/15
Beauty is only skin deep Mary Anne!
Andrea said on 3/Jul/15
Rob, do you think 6'4.25 is his low or he's more like 6'4 flat? Also, do you think Gisele looks over 5'10 with him? She seems more 5'10, at best...
[Editor Rob: if he was measured 6ft 4 3/8ths at 2 hours out of bed then he might be 6ft 4 flat by late afternoon/evening. We don't quite know exactly when someone is measured.]
joe 193cm night said on 3/Jul/15
Rob, do you think it measures the same height of alexander
[Editor Rob: Brady might drop to 6ft 4 by afternoon, it depends at just what time he was measured at.]
joe 193cm night said on 3/Jul/15
6´4(193 cm)
Tunman said on 3/Jul/15
He was measured exactly at 6'4 3/8",probably late morning?
6'4-4.25 is fine.
But what about Gisele at 5'10 or 5'10.25?She looks a good 4" shorter than him with a standard 3"heels.A little downgrade,Rob?Too many are insisting she's not the full 5'10.5"
Matthew said on 3/Jul/15
This listing is correct, he would measure likely around 6'4.25". He's referred to himself as 6'5" in the past, which he was listed at in college, but he's closer to the 6'4" he's listed at by the Patriots. The old Patriots QB Bledsoe, was about 6'5.5" - 6'5.75" range but chose to round all the way down to 6'5", a rarity in sports.
MaryAnne said on 3/Jul/15
Gisele is so lucky. I love both of them. ^^

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