How tall was Tommy Morrison

Tommy Morrison's Height

6ft 1 (185.4 cm)

American boxer and actor, best remembered for playing Tommy Gunn in the film Rocky V.

How tall is Tommy Morrison
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6ft 1.25in (186.1cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Apr/20
Rob, is it possible that he was a strong 6ft1 peak and lost a bit later due to his health problems?
Editor Rob
It is possible a guy like him could have lost a fraction 40-44 range.
Boxing fan 07 said on 18/Jun/19
Definitely 6’1.25 in his prime. Probably shrunk from drug abuse. But he looks about 1.75 - 2” shorter than Foreman.
santgr said on 27/Mar/18
R.I.P He was a true warrior. Any chance of him being 6ft0.5 Rob?
Editor Rob
He might have been, certainly 6ft 1 is the most you could argue.
justin said on 20/Oct/17
This is shocking to me since has always looked 6'2" minimum. Even 6'3". His large frame & long arms convey a taller guy. Still, 226 at peak, he was beastly & seemed decent in interviews.
Charlie said on 19/Jul/17
"Paul" how the heck can you judge a height by a photo like that? At least you want people to have their feet on the ground och standing together when judging height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Oct/16
He's so unrecognisable in that photo. Poor guy.

I thought 6ft2 but I think he was also mentioned at 6ft1 a few times
Greg said on 3/Sep/16
A haunting photo, Rob - made more so by the fact that he should still be with us.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Jul/16
Rob, could we add a photo?

I think he had a solid 4in on Stallone in Rocky V.
Rey said on 4/Jul/15
Was never 6'2" a strong six feet.. and 1/2" at max...
A6'2Guy said on 26/Jun/15
@Greg Sylvester is not truly 5'10, of course he is going to try to look taller next to someone like Tommy in that movie, ever hear of lifts?
Mike 181 said on 11/Sep/13
Was listed in most of his fights 6"2 but you'll ding in a few he was listed at 6"1. So I think 6"1 is right.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Sep/13
Haven't seen Rocky V for a while but my impression of him was that he was massive. I thought he was like 6'5" or something. RIP anyway.
justin said on 26/Apr/13
his peak height in the 80's was 6'2.5".
irrelevant said on 18/Apr/13
he has long arms and big hands for his height which make him look bigger than his way he's 6'2....and now with the aids virus taking over he's been losing wieght and height very rapidly...hope he doesn't check out with pain...
Greg said on 25/Jan/13
I think he's only 6'0. He didn't look more than 2 inches taller than 5'10 Sylvester Stallone in Rocky 5.
mike said on 13/Jun/12
In his prime 6"2 6"1.5 now 6"0.75. He gets that height from his uncle john Wayne!
Box said on 10/Dec/11
Has always looked a full 6'2''
anon said on 20/Mar/11
He's HIV negative you ignorant idiot. 6'2''.
dmeyer said on 14/Mar/11
considering the shox and posture he seems more 6 ft
LOLWUT said on 9/Mar/11
He has HIV, he isn't getting any "big fights." The man needs to stop being delusional and give up on boxing. I am a boxing fan and don't want someone contracting HIV in an unsanctioned fight.

He looks 6ft in this picture. With the large Nike shox and the fact that one, if not both, feet are off the ground a bit.
Best luck with him!
Jordan said on 16/Jun/09
Easily 6'0 1/2. He has more than 4 inches on MAM here.
Mamun said on 29/Mar/09
For fans who may still love Tommy I have great news ! Tommy's been winning
fights all by knock-out since he came back . He just came out victorious
from his fights in Jan and Feb of this year all by knock -outs . I am really
really excited that he may be coming closer to a really big fight !


Sean said on 18/Mar/09
I've known Tommy for about 10 years and I am 5 feet 10 1/2 inches tall. Bare foot, Tommy probably shades me by an inch or a tad more. He was often billed at 6'1 or 6'2 in his career but closer to an even 6'.
Morg said on 28/Jan/09
Who would be bigger seeing as they're both about 6 foot,matt hardy or morrison as he was in rocky 5?
JoeFalk said on 28/Aug/08
if you have noticed he is lifting his feet in the picture inmho he is 6'0'' max
dmeyer said on 14/Aug/08
seems 4 to 4.5 in taller thats so thats 6 ft 0.25 to 6 ft 0.75 in but might have 0.6 to 1 cm more footwear so so he could be 183.5 to 184 cm
Leo said on 13/Aug/08
6ft barfoot, his left foot is completely flat. Those Nikes are giving an inch granted but remember height is measured in barefoot - therefore, Tommy is standing 6ft 2 here and Mamun is around 5ft 9 judging by his shoes.
Anonymous said on 10/Aug/08
If he was barefoot, he be much shorter, no more than 5'11

He has got lifts in his Nike Shoxs, with the outside heel and lifts inside, he must be at least 3 inches off the ground. absolute max of 5'11 barefoot.
dmeyer said on 7/Aug/08
considering the nike show this guy is nearer 6 ft range
Mamun said on 7/Aug/08
I will put it on foryou Brad when I get back to the united states !


Brad said on 6/Aug/08
He was 6' even when I met him. Pretty nice guy. I thought he'd still look like "the kid" but he looks like Backstreet dude with the crazy glasses and facial hair now. Supermamun needs his cape on.
Anonymous said on 6/Aug/08
Most likey 5'11 1/2 barefoot
John said on 3/Aug/08
He looks more like 6-0, tops.
sf said on 3/Aug/08
He might as well be wearing high heels...
AAAA said on 2/Aug/08
Your right....his right foot does look fishy. Why would anyone cram lifts into shoxs? He looks like he could be standing in a womans heel.
Mamun said on 1/Aug/08
Thank you Brad for all your kind remarks !!!

Your favorite superhero

Brad said on 31/Jul/08
Supermamun. He's the Superman of body & health.
Mamun said on 31/Jul/08
Your choices are just perfect my friend for having the best body and health
any one could ask for ? Just keep doing it !


Salva11 said on 31/Jul/08
Hi Mamun!!! Thanks for your your valuable advice, but i don't like very much power lifting for competition, i enjoy too much playing basketball, and i love body building!!!
Mamun said on 31/Jul/08
Your arms are perfect for power lifting ! All you need is the right trainer .


Salva11 said on 31/Jul/08
Mamun i'm italian and i'm 5,9.5" tall and 225 pounds with a 6,2" wingspan, with a 7,9" standing reach, and i can bench 375 lbs...i think my arms r quite long for power lifting, i play basketball quite well in italian D series, and i can dunk!
nicole said on 30/Jul/08
For me he looks here a strong 6ft 1inch.And yes he looks older, but i think he is still in good shape for his age and we must respect this.
Frank said on 29/Jul/08
He's no 6ft 1 for sure Evander Holyfield was listed @ 6ft 2.5 he he is probaby
6ft to 6ft .5
sf said on 28/Jul/08
Danimal - just backing your story up. Again, I've seen a bit on TV where it discussed him having bicep implants. If you're going to have bicep implants, you're going to have pec implants, pretty much...
Danimal said on 27/Jul/08
Jay says on 26/Jul/08
Daminal after searching the web I couldn't find one thing to support your implant FACT, only rumors. Can you find any evidence on the net of this? I couldn't.

Been a member of for years and there are many people on there who were/are in touch with Tommy. He did the implants on a dare a few years back (before the weight loss). These are not things written in print, but guys who know him KNOW he did this and if you can't see that for yourself based on the pics, then you should have your eyes examined. Sorry for the rudeness.
CoolJ said on 27/Jul/08
He's rumored to have had bicep implants as well. I've spoken to a boxing promoter in the midwest who knows Morrison personally and he confirmed the implant rumors.
sf said on 27/Jul/08
I have seen an interview with Morrison where he claims to have had bicep implants, just FYI. And, usually if you're going to go that far, you also get pec implants, but who knows?

And, those shoes are adding quit a bit...he's up two inches in those - look how high he arches up. You don't see Mamum tilting forward...
RobertJ said on 27/Jul/08
Looks horrible for 39, I would have guessed at least 50. Looks more 5'11'' than 6 feet since he's partly on his toes.
Jay said on 26/Jul/08
Daminal after searching the web I couldn't find one thing to support your implant FACT, only rumors. Can you find any evidence on the net of this? I couldn't.
bryguy said on 26/Jul/08
those are those nike shox shoes arent they, those things add like a good inch, maybe i should get them
Jay said on 26/Jul/08
he seriously had implants?? thats ridiculous, suprised he was allowed to fight in the ring with that
Danimal said on 26/Jul/08
Jay says on 25/Jul/08
Click Here Tommy Gunn

Click Here And then Tommy Morrison

Click Here look how his body has changed, beer belly

Click Here he's got moobs

Click Here Looking fairly close in height to Lewis

Those moobs you speak of was done on a dare. He had PEC implants (FACT) which looked decent when he was at a higher bodyweight, but when he lost the size his fake pecs looked atrocious. He was one screwed up dude and nobody wants to sanction a fight with him. He is a walking disease today. TRAGIC FALL.
Davey said on 25/Jul/08
18 years ago then.big freaking deal a person.weirdo
Jay said on 25/Jul/08
Click Here Tommy Gunn

Click Here And then Tommy Morrison

Click Here look how his body has changed, beer belly

Click Here he's got moobs

Click Here Looking fairly close in height to Lewis
Danimal said on 25/Jul/08
He's not under 6'0", that's for sure, but he does look horrible nowadays. Looked REALLY healthy in the early 90's. This man had one too many late nights with some heavy drugs. SAD.
A person said on 25/Jul/08
Actually rocky 5 came out In 1990.
sf said on 25/Jul/08
You make a good point, anonymous. I hadn't noticed. But, you're right. There's something in those shoes, no doubt. He's practically lifting up on his toes!!! Damn - hadn't noticed that, as I was overtaken by how terrible he looks. I've seen listings for him at 6'2". Goes to show you, you just have to weigh all the evidence with these guys. They are always overbilled, and using them as aa point of comparison to Stallone is hilarious. This dude isn't any taller than 5'11" right now. Sly just gets shorter and shorter.
Joe said on 25/Jul/08
i agree with 6'1. maybe some change as well as people say. im inclined to believe he's in denial about his positive status. a lot of the things he claims dont add up. i believe he can clear this up once and for all with a televised screening with all methods of testing used. shame that wont ever happen.
Anonymous said on 25/Jul/08
Look at his ankle carefully, it looks suspious! it looks like his foot is resting on smoething in his Shox trainers. His stance is very strange/different than normal. I have a feeling he has small lifts in there to give him additional height.

I think he is 5'11 tops and his height was inflated by the usual two inches to 6'1.
Davey said on 25/Jul/08
well zach rocky 5 was 20 years ago.
Zach said on 23/Jul/08
My god this guy has aged or what. Looks nothing like the overgrown kid in Rocky 5.
runt said on 22/Jul/08
The lenghth of his head accounts for a lot. With a normal lenghth head he'd be 5-11 at best LOL
Brad said on 21/Jul/08
He looks terrible since I last saw him and that was less than a year ago.
Frank said on 21/Jul/08
sf, I agree with you 100% I would never reconize that was him and he was a good amount taller than Stallone in the Movie so Sly can be 5ft 8 like people claim
sf said on 21/Jul/08
Morrison looks terrible. Supposedly, he had another HIV test that was negative, but the scoop is that he or his manager faked the whole thing, the tests, don't ask me how. He has since been tested postive again. This pic definitely shows it. 6 feet, tops. He also has had bicep implants. how tall does that make Stallone?
Danimal said on 20/Jul/08
derek d. says on 20/Jul/08
Haha I thought he looked like the Ali G characte.r here too

Aiiiiight....RESPECT ;)
Clay said on 20/Jul/08
It is definitely impressive Mamun cheers mate. I hope to be benching that much sometime in my lifetime, lol.
Brad said on 20/Jul/08
He's Backstreeting now. The dude with the glasses.
derek d. said on 20/Jul/08
Haha I thought he looked like the Ali G characte.r here too
Uncle Joseph said on 20/Jul/08
0.25 of an inch. That's 1/4 of an inch. which is 0,6cm lol. Take some picture, like rob one, so you can see if you grew.
Viper said on 19/Jul/08
He looks like one of the backstreet boys now. Or the Ali G character.
Mamun said on 19/Jul/08
I think I have gained some height through Power lifting ! But I will do as
ROB had asked me to . He told me to do more measurements to be 100 percent
sure . This 5' 8.25 " measurement was at 2.00 pm on 12th july 2008 . I will
have to do some night ones too to be for sure . Isu alum , thank you for the
compliments .


Uncle Joseph said on 19/Jul/08
"5ft 8.25 Mamun" what happened Mamun?
Anonymous said on 19/Jul/08
His legs are like a pair of wet noodles.Im suprised they can hold him up!
Frank said on 19/Jul/08
He looks 6ft too me (Barefoot)no more than 6ft.5
Uncle Joseph said on 19/Jul/08
184/185 cm sounds correct.
lsu alum said on 19/Jul/08
mamun looks a lot like former pro wrestler nature boy buddy landell in both build and facial features.
Brad said on 18/Jul/08
He doesn't look well compared to when I met him (he's 6') less than a year ago.
Mamun said on 18/Jul/08
I can bench 315 my friend and use 115 pound bumbells for chest flys . That is
not much but I do not take any form of supplements . I am 100 percent all
natural . Also I squat 4 plates on each side and leg press 13 plates on each
side too . I hope you are impressed .
My friend Frank , I shock his hands and beleive me my friends he was stronger
than an Rino !He is no way weak . If I went into the ring with him , he
could have knocked me out in one second ! But I think I do stand a chance
in powerlifting and wrestling with him .


Frank said on 18/Jul/08
He looks 6ft and look he has sneakers that look like they give him over an inch in height
thekiddd said on 18/Jul/08
He looks way better now than he did in Rocky V.
Lego said on 17/Jul/08
those nike shox give minimum 3.5-3.75cm a friend got the same model, he's 178cm without and i've measured him at 181.5cm + or -.

now when all is said and done TOMMY is no shorter than 184cm imo and no taller than 186cm. barefoot as such i'd consider his average 185cm.
LV said on 17/Jul/08
He had a false positive HIV test, but apparently every one since has been negative. That sucks, who knows how is career could've ended up.
Vegas said on 17/Jul/08
looks at least 0.5"+ shorter than steve austin next to Mamun, have to agree with most here in this photo he doesn't look more than 6ft given that he is wearing 1.4 inch shox too
Frank said on 17/Jul/08
Derek he says his HIV report was phony but do you see how Skinny he looks
All i know he does not look well
Clay said on 17/Jul/08
Mamun how much can you bench mate? Im around your size, an avid gym rat myself.
Mamun said on 17/Jul/08
I think if he was measured barefoot , he would be closer to 6' or 6' 0.50".


Mamun said on 17/Jul/08
Yes my friend AAAA I do lift heavy weights and there are other pictures in
this site that has a full body shots of me . Go check Sid Eduy,Lou friggno,
Walter Koonig , Nasir Somroo , Pele and more will come .


maximus said on 17/Jul/08
6'1" sounds about right.....he has a good 5 inches on mamun...6'2" with shoes.
derek d. said on 17/Jul/08
Looks 6'1 - ish in nike shox, so possibly 6'.5 barefoot? Mamun what did you think of his height when you met him?
AAAA said on 17/Jul/08
Looks 6-6'1....Damn Mamun, this is the first full body pic I've seen of you. For a 5'8 guy you are pretty damn big, I would have thought he would make you look smaller. You lift a lot or something
Derek said on 17/Jul/08
He's often listed at 6'2", but he looks 6'1" with Mamun. A bit off-topic, but is Morrison supposed to fight again? I heard his HIV positive test was phony.
Davey said on 17/Jul/08
Tommy the machine gunn
Frank said on 17/Jul/08
He looks about 6ft and he must have Aids ....I read somewhere he denies he's HIV positive
runt said on 17/Jul/08
looks about 6' even with his NIKE Shox or whaterver those are LOL
Anonymous said on 17/Jul/08
6'1 in his Nike Shox, Barefoot 6'0 flat
Mattiew_- said on 17/Jul/08
Wasn't he supposed to be 6'2 ??
Seriously , is there any people who is honest about his height an doesn't add the 1/1.5 usual inch ..???

Great boxer and power puncher in his time , too back he f***ed up his career when he became ill ...

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