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Peak: 6ft 1.87in (187.6cm)
Current: 6ft 1.5in (186.7cm)
Mr. E said on 18/Dec/06
Triple H might not even be 6'3" in boots, he is looking 6'1" lately.
Danimal said on 19/Oct/06
HHH is not 6'0". Guys, you can't keep bringing them down more and more. He's slightly over 6'1". Austin is slightly under 6'0" and McMahon is at least 6'1". Edge is 6'2", or just under that.
Jason said on 19/Oct/06
I can't see Vince as being more than an inch taller than Stone Cold. Vince is also a good inch shorter than Brock Lesnar.
Viper652 said on 19/Oct/06
I think Edge is at the very, very least 6-1 1/2. He had a half inch on Vince last Monday night up close.
Danimal said on 18/Oct/06
Nah, Edge is at least 6'2". Don't knock the guy down too much.
CC-Tron said on 18/Oct/06
Triple-H looks 6'0. 6'2 Kutcher was 2 inches taller on Punk'd.
Alex said on 18/Oct/06
I'd say Vince is 6'1. He looks a bit shorter than 6'2 Shane.
Rocker said on 18/Oct/06
Edge is 6'1 in BAREFEET in BOOTS 6'2 easily
Viper652 said on 18/Oct/06
Vince is looking no more than 6-1 tops these days to me.
Viper652 said on 18/Oct/06
Edge is 6-1? Its possible I guess.
Danimal said on 17/Oct/06
Jason, Vince is taller than 6'1". I have old footage of him in the WBF days when 6'1" Mike Christian was flexing for Vince and Vince was clearly taller and they were both in runners. The year was 1991.
Jason said on 17/Oct/06
I agree Edge is around 6'2''. I have a WWF magazine from 1998 where they (WWF) clearly state Adam Copeland (Edge's real name - it was an article about rookies coming into the WWF) as being 6'1''. Maybe he's a 6'1'' and change lift wearer. I personally don't believe Vince to be anything over 6'0 1/2''.
Richard said on 17/Oct/06
Viper, I've been saying he's 6'1 all along. When are people going to believe it?
Viper652 said on 17/Oct/06
Edge looked just about the same height as Vince last night on Raw. He maybe had half an inch of height on him. Id say hes 6-2 Max and nothing more.
wilbur said on 17/Oct/06
I dont know about Edge being 6'2, Edge is atleast 6'3. A solid 6'4 at the least in boots.
Viper652 said on 16/Oct/06
Yep, he was shorter than Kutcher on punked. No taller than 6-1 flat.
john said on 15/Oct/06
He was shorter than 6'2" Kutcher on punk'd.
Danimal said on 29/Sep/06
Nick, they listed him at 7'4" in WCW, because the storyline back then in 1995 was that The Giant (his name back then) was Andre The Giant's real son and that's what Andre was listed at. Besides, when one wrestler jumps federations, they cannot have the same dimensions. That's why Hogan was 6'7" in WCW and that why Bret weighed 238 and not 234 pounds and that's why Big Show was 7'2" and not 7'4". It's a copyright thing.
Alex said on 29/Sep/06
Danimal, HHH did have some muscle but he was pretty lean in the mid 90's like you say but I think he weighed more 230lbs or so. He was billed at 246lbs I remember but he was at least 10lbs less. HHH then bulked up to 260-270lbs in 1999 into 2000. He looks about 260lbs now I'd say. Still pretty big but lost some definition in his abs though.
KingNick said on 29/Sep/06
You know what Danimal that's a good point I didn't even think of that. I posted a comment on the Kane page I think about wrestler's billed heights. My guess to that is it was WCW. Nothing they did made sense. WWE probably kept him at 6'4" to seem somewhat consistant. Remember, Big Show went from 7'4" in WCW to 7'2" in WWE and then eventually 7' ... Then again WCW wasn't as crazy popular when HHH was there so who knows?
Danimal said on 28/Sep/06
King Nick, when HHH was being listed at 6'5" he was far from enormous muscle wise. We're talking about the mid-90's here when he had very little muschle on him and weighed between 238-246. He started to GROW in size between 1999-2001.
KingNick said on 28/Sep/06
Jason and Alex, I think your both right. I definitely remember JR saying HHH was 6'4.5" and I'm sure he said 6'5" once. I peg HHH at 6'2.5". It would have made more sense to bill him as 6'3", but HHH is enourmous muscle wise, I think that's why they put him at 6'4" and 6'5". Same thing with Batista. I think he's 6'3.5" but he's so freakin' huge they bill him as 6'6".
Mr. E said on 28/Sep/06
Triple H may be 6'2" judging by how he had 2 possibly 3 inches on Austin when they had their brief tag team a few years back. That means Austin is 5'11". But he is nowhere near 6'4", especially when Conan was next to him. Plus, he doesn't exactly tower over anyone on the current roster. I think Rob has it right. 6'2" tops.
Danimal said on 27/Sep/06
Alex, they got away with listing a 5'9" Davey Boy Smith as 6'3" during his last reign in the WWF.
Viper652 said on 26/Sep/06
I forgot that Triple H was in WCW.
Jason said on 26/Sep/06
WCW billed Triple H as 6'5'' when he was ''Terra Rhyzing''.
Alex said on 26/Sep/06
JR also said 6'4.5 once too a couple years ago at Survivor Series.
Alex said on 25/Sep/06
No way can a 6'1 guy get away with saying 6'5 unless its buy an extreme overestimater. I can see a guy 6'3 getting away with 6'5 though.

Viper, there was this guy who use to live next door to me who for a long time and still claims to be 6'4 and I believed it too and even said 6'5 once to someone I know and yet last year he gets measured at the doctor at 6'2.5 even though I think he's a full 6'3 and may have not been standing the best when he got measured.
Alex said on 25/Sep/06
I sometimes say I am close to 6'1 while I am 6'0.25-6'0.5.
TNTinCA said on 25/Sep/06
I still think Triple H is closer to 6'1.5".
When he MCed Mr. Olympia, he was standing next to Gunter Shlierkamp who is billed at 6'1". Gunter was barefoot for the event and Hunter was in shoes. He looked no more than two inches taller. So given that a dress shoe can add between an inch and an inch and a half, I would think Hunter is around 6'1.5" to 6'1.75".
Jason said on 25/Sep/06
That's what I mean. WWE and WCW - he was billed as 6'5'' as ''Terra Rhyzing'' there - have pushed Triple H as tall as 6'5'' ... what do you think they did with Big Show?
Jason said on 25/Sep/06
I don't know, but he did. I remember Jim Ross saying on air (Summerslam '95 I think) that Triple H is 6'5'', too.
Viper652 said on 25/Sep/06
How can a 6-1 guy say hes 6-5?
Jason said on 25/Sep/06
lol yes ... I would say the same as Rob.
Alex said on 24/Sep/06
To me "almost" would be 1/2 to maybe 3/4 inch. 1 inch is not almost to me and 1/4 inch would be "just about" to me. What do you guys say Rob and Jason? I hate it when someone who is 5'9 says I'm almost 6'0.

[Editor Rob: I view almost as 1/2-1/4 inch. "Just about", yeah 1/4 inch, very close...same as 'whisker under'. 'On a very good day', that's a wierd one...normally I think 1/4 inch under]
Jason said on 24/Sep/06
I've read him Triple H say he's ''almost 6'5'' in an interview in a wrestling mag before.

[Editor Rob: its true, he's used one of the oldest tricks in the book...'almost' to one man is 2.5 inches, almost to another is 1/2 an inch!]
Alex said on 23/Sep/06
At least HHH didn't say 6'4, but you still can't take someone's height as they say it even though they say it a bit shorter than their billed height. HHH is barely 6'2 to me. 6'1 and change is possible too.
Mr. E said on 23/Sep/06
Trips actually went on Conan and said he was 6'3". (Note, Conan is 6'4" and was easily over two inches taller...6'2" is generous....I'll give him 6'2" with Ben Ben.
JonnyC said on 22/Sep/06
I met him, I'm 5'11", I have a pic with RVD showing him to be a little taller than me over at the RVD page. When I met Triple H he was a good few inches taller, I thought 6'3" but definitely not under 6'2" no way
Alex said on 22/Sep/06
I never believed HHH to be over 6'4. For a long time I bought 6'4 un until I was like 20 then I thought he was more 6'3. I'd give him about 6'2 now.
Jason said on 20/Sep/06
I think he's 6'1 1/2''/187cm. It's weird because I believed he was 6'4'' - even 6'5'' at one point - when I was in my teens.
Viper652 said on 19/Sep/06
Triple H only looks 6-1 in comparison to 6-7 Max Starks.
CC-Tron said on 19/Sep/06
I still give him 6'1. I can't see his footware in that shot. He always looks 6'1 to me.
Anonymous said on 18/Sep/06
Triple H in street clothes with 6'5" football player Ben Roethlisberger. I give him 6'2".
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Alex said on 9/Sep/06
Masters and Orton I think are more 6'4.
Paul said on 8/Sep/06
Seems they enlarge everyone by about 3-4 %. Reset the printer machine, press the buttons and out roll a few hundred posters with a 6'5 inch Triple. Maybe they will bring out a line in posters containing elastic next....
wrestling said on 7/Sep/06
hey kingnick , (on the tripleh poster) the top line is 6'5" , Then Its 6'0" , then its 5'6" , Then Its 5'0" ... and u clearly see he aint near 6'5" , hes about 6'3" on that , and the padding at the bottom has about 1.0-1.5" so0o hes only about 6'1" 1/2 (1.86-1.87m) He Aint Nothing Near 6'3" In Real Life ... U Wanna See 6'3" Look At Chris Masters , Randy Orton , those are 6'3"+ guys
KingNick said on 5/Sep/06
Richard, well that's the thing. I can't find that UT stand up (only the thumbnail which was too small to read) and from what I can remember from seeing a picture in WWE magazine way back was the height chart stoppe dat 6'10" but UT was more like 6'9" in his shoes. So without them I figure 6'8". You see that HHH picture too, he's barely 6'4" with his shoes, even tho he's billed 6'4". It's still hard to tell b/c its not a very clear picture but I say without shoes HHH can be anywhere from 6'2" - 6'3".
Richard said on 26/Aug/06
Kingnick, those standups aren't reliable... I mean Undertaker's is 6'10... need I say more.. They can enlarge a picture as much as they want.
wrestling said on 26/Aug/06
on that poster size thingy , you see the heels at bottom of triple h boots have like 1.5" and hes about 6'3" on that , so0o hes about 6'1" 1/2 tops (185-186cm)
Ola said on 25/Aug/06
Yes iam new here! great forum btw... i have always believes he was 6'4... maybe his only 6'3. but i would not buy 6'2. HHH has atleast 1 inch to shane mcmahon
Danimal said on 24/Aug/06
Ola, clearly you're new here. HHH is not 6'4", nor is Sgt. Slaughter 6'3".
Ola said on 24/Aug/06
HHH is 6,4 (according to himself in connan show). i also remember when he stood nearly sgt slaughter after vince screwing Bret in WM13. slaughter is 6.3... HHH looks 1 inch taller
Danimal said on 15/Aug/06
King Nick, it's clear that he's a bit more than halfway between 6'0" and 6'6" on that chart. I give him at most 6'4" in that shot and that's with his boots. The man is over 6'1" without shoes, but only by a little bit.
KingNick said on 14/Aug/06
Click Here

Can anyone read this???? I think it would answer a lot of questions! But I can't make out any of the numbers. I got a WWE magazine this week with this in it and I found it also at someone please check it out.

Rob and Danimal, I posted all those quotes by the WWE wrestlers on their heights. It's from the WWE Unscripted, a scrapbook sorta thing they made a few years ago. It should be on UT's page.
Danimal said on 7/Aug/06
Yeah, I met Jake the Snake Roberts over here. I also met Brett Hart in Calgary and The British Bulldog, as well as The Iron Sheik. The Undertaker used to go to my gym when he was in town and my father met Andre the Giant several times (Andre used to wrestle here in Montreal for about a year).
Danimal said on 7/Aug/06
Rob, someone on here posted a series of quotes by half a dozen pro-wrestlers, taken out of a wrestling book, where they stated their heights.
Paul said on 7/Aug/06
Danimal...its just that you said you met some wrestlers there...Montreal I think you said.
Alex said on 7/Aug/06
Edge could be 6'2 and change.
JK said on 7/Aug/06
6'2'' is right for HHH, i don't think he is anything above that
Viper652 said on 7/Aug/06
Edge looks no more than 6-2 to me.
Danimal said on 7/Aug/06
Rocker, Edge has stated himself that he is 6'2"-6'3", not 6'3.5".

[Editor Rob: any idea where/what program?]
Danimal said on 7/Aug/06
Paul, do you think you know me?
Alex said on 6/Aug/06
Anything over 6'2 for HHH now is too much.
6 foot said on 6/Aug/06
just another point todd grisham is 6ft 2 yh? if u go to hhh superstar page on and go to evolution videos todd conducts an interview with hhh about a world title shot and they are the exact same height and orton is about 2 inches taller then hhh and one inch taller then batista and about 5 taller then flair. i think orton is a fraction under 6ft 4 batista is 6ft 3 hhh is 6ft 2 flair 5'11 i just think vince has read this site and thought damn it ppl are noticing that my wrestlers arent as tall as im saying they are and he started billing the wrestlers a lil bit closer to their real height like cena orton and batista are only one or two inches shorter then wht their billed at, it makes sense that batista was billed at 6 ft 6 the enforcer of a group kinda needs to be the biggest
6 foot said on 5/Aug/06
good point viper but his head is tilted and he looks about 6ft 1 with it straight he is defo ova 6ft
TheMan said on 4/Aug/06
I think Owen hart was about 5,10 he looked the same height as Tyson in a a picture together. I never saw him as that much shorter than Brett. I thought they were the same height. In anycase i don't think theres a massive diffrence. I think HHH is 6,2.5 exactly the past rating more accurate for me. He never looked 6,4 but a good 6,2.
Viper652 said on 4/Aug/06
"mr olympia photos on photo 16 with 5'11 coleman he looks 6ft 1 but his heads tilted slightly so he is defo 6ft 2"

Coleman is no more than 5-10. I thought Triple H looked 6-0 in that picture.
Rocker said on 3/Aug/06
OC,HHH is about the same height as edge when he's in flat shoes so his barefeet height would be closer to 6'3.5 mate
Paul said on 3/Aug/06
Just out of interest, do you live in Canada Danimal ?
6 foot said on 3/Aug/06
this guy is easily 6ft2 at max if u go on his superstars profile on Click Here and u go to photos check out the vs cena photos and in the last pic hhh is in dress shoes and check out the outside the ring pics he is in the the same shoes he was wearing in the cena pic and hbk is an inch shorter at most and also check out the mr olympia photos on photo 16 with 5'11 coleman he looks 6ft 1 but his heads tilted slightly so he is defo 6ft 2
ralph said on 3/Aug/06
alex, thats not true, go to flair space on this site and you will see ina a pic with "jim" that he is still 5'11.5"
OC said on 2/Aug/06
Dude,i think HHH is easily 6'5 with boots on looking at RAW but its harder to work out barefoot height not knowing what boots add on.
RudeBoy said on 2/Aug/06
Cena is easily 6'2 with trainers on,in barefeet though he is 6ft.5
Viper652 said on 2/Aug/06
HHH looks no more than 6-1 Max in street clothes. Its so obvious. Especially If you saw him on MTV getting punked by Ashton Kutcher.
Alex said on 1/Aug/06
Richard true, but we couldn't see their stances really but more important lifts must be a part of this as I hear Vince wears big lifts sometimes.
Dude said on 1/Aug/06
Yeah saw RAW on monday,HHH is 6'3 in boots but in the ring barefoot he would be 6'1.5.
Richard said on 1/Aug/06
Did anyone catch RAW this monday? HHH looked the same height as Vince Mcmahon in the lockeroom area. Funny how nothing adds up in the WWE, sometimes he looks like he has Vince by 3 inches and all of a sudden they are the same height, lol.
Danimal said on 1/Aug/06
The worst exageration was billing 5'9" British Bulldog at 6'3". He was 5'9". I met him (In Montreal), Bret Hart (In Calgary) and Jake the Snake (in Montreal).
alejandro said on 1/Aug/06
a look triple h face to face in july and i think hi is 6 foot 4 .5 or 6 foot 5
Alex said on 1/Aug/06
Flair looks 5'10.5 now but could be 5'10 flat though. He was 5'11-6'0 when he was younger though.
Viper652 said on 1/Aug/06
Flair looks 5-10 to me now.
Alex said on 31/Jul/06
Funny how they bill Angle taller than Cena at 6'2 which is probably the worst exaggeration in WWE they have but they've never said 6'2 for Angle on TV. Normally 5'11-6'0 but still 6'2 listing on is stupid.
Danimal said on 31/Jul/06
Viper, Ric Flair is almost 60 years old (4 years older than Hogan) and has done a lot of damage to himself in and out of the ring in the last 34 years. If he is 5'11" today, or just under it, he was sure as shiiit taller than 6'0" in his prime (before his major accident), where he lost 2" in height and 95 pounds of weight.
Paul said on 31/Jul/06
Mark Henry is only 6'1 but wears lifts.
John Cena is 6'0.5 or maybe 6'1 and wears lifts or big boots sometimes.
Ric Flair didn't look much less than Curt Hennig who was 6'2-6'2.5 and there is a good deal of footage of these two. Therefore peak height I would say for Flair would be 6'0.5 184cm although about 182cm now.

Viper652 said on 31/Jul/06
I dont think Ric Flair has ever been 6-0.
Viper652 said on 30/Jul/06
John Cena should be billed at 6-3. Makes no sense they only bill him at 6-1. Mark Henry should be 6-4.
Paul said on 30/Jul/06
Alex, Bulldog looks 5'10 178cm here next to Steve Borden 6'2 and the then 6'0 (or just a shade over) Ric Flair. I would give Triple H 189cm.
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HelloKitty said on 30/Jul/06
Triple H looked huge in Blade 3, a solid 6'4 or 6'5. Triple H TOWERED over everybody in the movie by several inches.
Alex said on 30/Jul/06
Viper, ok I'm 6'0-6'0.5 and 195-200lbs as it ranges but if I was in WWE I'd be listed at 6'2 at least maybe 6'3 and 220-225lbs I bet. I can get away with 210-215lbs by some already so. Guys that are legit 6'0 they bill at 6'2-6'3, look as Austin for example.
Alex said on 30/Jul/06
Bulldog I do remember was listed at 5'11 then 6'0 then at a point 6'3. Was he really just 5'9? He looked taller than that. I thought he looked 5'10 maybe.
Alex said on 30/Jul/06
Danimal, I started watching WWF at the start of 1991, but I've watched many tapes prior to that though and I'm 22 so I was only about 7 when I started watching. I thought Bret was listed at 6'0 in the mid 90's once he got more popular and became WWE champ.
Danimal said on 29/Jul/06
I wonder how tall Owen Hart was? He was listed at 5'11" and 5'10" when he died. I know that he was buffing up towards the end of his career. He was a great wrestler.
hamtaro said on 29/Jul/06
I saw cena and hhh many times and they looked exactly the same height... also I saw cena beside edge and I didnt see differences...
Viper652 said on 28/Jul/06
A 5-9 guy billed at 6-3 is pretty ridiculous, even by wrestling standards.
Paul said on 28/Jul/06
Interesting. I actually thought Bulldog was 5'10. He was originally from Manchester. I reckon Bret was 6'0 and Neidhart 5'11. Bret didn't look more than 3' less than Dibiase for whom it is generally agreed was 6'3 peak.
Danimal said on 28/Jul/06
No Alex. Not sure if you followed wrestling in the 80's (I guess I'm a little older than you...28), but when Bret was tag teamed with Jim Neidhart (The Hart Foundation), Bret was always and only listed at 5'11", while Jim was at 6'0". It was only later on in the mid 90's that they boosted his height, as well as the Bristish Bulldog's, who used to always get 5'11" and then before he died, he was being listed at 6'1"-6'3", when he was really only 5'9", while his former tag team partner (The Dynamite Kid) was 5'8".
Paul said on 27/Jul/06
I have seen a couple of old matches with Bret Hart go up against Ted Dibiase. I can't see more than 3 inches between them putting Bret at 6'0 183cm, or maybe 184cm.
Viper652 said on 27/Jul/06
Brett Hart really does look 5-11.
Alex said on 26/Jul/06
Wasn't Bret Hart listed at 6'0-6'1 when he was with WWE? But yea 5'11 sounds more accurate.
Danimal said on 26/Jul/06
That's Brett's MAX height. Question is, who looked taller between him and HBK?
Bleemo said on 24/Jul/06
I agree that Ted Dibiase really did look 6'2-6'3 and William Regal does look 6'2 but has been listed as tall as 6'4.

Bret hart is listed all over the place as 5'11 for real and that doesn't look unreasonable. He was a number of inches taller then his brother who I think was kind of average height. Bare in mind his dad seemed average height at best but his mother also seemed tall for a woman.

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Not sure how Long I've been posting here but it's atleast a year I would have thought. Rob just can't get rid of me, so much so he's imagining other people are me like Elio, I'm behind you!!!
Danimal said on 24/Jul/06
Two wrestlers who never exagerated their heights were Ted Dibiase and Curt henning. Ted was 6'3" (not 6'4") and Curt was 6'2" (not 6'3"). Actually, Ted was at least 3" shorter than Hogan in 1979 match, so that pretty much proves it.
TheMan said on 23/Jul/06
Some of the wrestlers i knew were shorter than they were saying stone cold was one. And shawn and brett they never looked 6,1. Like Alex said the overestimates of other wrestlers made others look bigger. Ive been posting here for ages now surely over a year. Maybe a year and a half.
xaoxio said on 22/Jul/06
Rob is doing an excellent job! I'm here for a long time(about 1 year or even more) and I'm going to visit this site in the future too. Though I'm not posting a lot but I'm checking through the posts pretty often.
Alex said on 22/Jul/06
For years I thought HHH was 6'4 but also it was because other wrestlers I thought were taller too like Angle 6'0, Benoit 5'11, Rock 6'5, Kane 6'11, UT 6'10. Back then when I was more younger his 6'4 really did look true but I didn't pay a lot of attention to legit heights as most the billed heights I bought into.
John Doe said on 22/Jul/06
Triple H is 6 foot 4. I've watched wrestling for years, I would know.
Danimal said on 20/Jul/06
I don't even remember when I first stunmbled upon this site. I believe it was in late January 2005. All those guys are gone, except for Rob of course ;)

[Editor Rob: well mid 2004, so the site is really 2 years all sites, many people get bored or drift away. Mr R, J. and Lmeister I think come to mind as being around since near enough beginning...]
Alex said on 19/Jul/06
I been here since September 2005. I post pretty often actually and if I don't post I am always checking through the posts on this site. How long have you other guys been here?
Viper652 said on 19/Jul/06
You were dramatic with that last post Danimal :)
Alex said on 18/Jul/06
Viper is right kinda, 2-3 inch lifts will def make you noticeably taller. If you put a 2 inch lift into a boot that is 1 inch you're going to be 2-2.5 inces taller from barefoot height.
Danimal said on 18/Jul/06
You're a dramatic guy Viper. Everything has to be extreme with you. Usually that conotation is left for the chicks dude. BTW, have you ever taken a break from this website. I went away for 3 months, but it seems like you live on here.

[Editor Rob: everybody needs a break now and again...I wonder if any original guys from 2004 will still be here come 2010!]
Viper652 said on 17/Jul/06
Hey, 2-3 inches sounds major to me.
Danimal said on 16/Jul/06
Viper, you exagerate my friend, saying that HHH would be "major" lifts to reach 6'4". Since when are 2-3" heels "MAJOR" lifts. Quite dramatic man.
Alex said on 15/Jul/06
Viper, he'd need a 3 inch lift to reach 6'4. And 3 inch lifts would make him 2-2.5 inches taller than his actual height.
Viper652 said on 15/Jul/06
He would have to wear major lifts to reach 6-4.
JK said on 14/Jul/06
i think triple H is closer to 6'4'' with shoes on.
Alex said on 12/Jul/06
Good to see HHH bought down to 6'2 flat which could well be his legit height.
Alex said on 28/Jun/06
Richard, I don't think Khali has Big Show by 3 inches. 1 inch I think, 2 inches at the most.
Richard said on 23/Jun/06
I'm wondering... if we follow that logic.. they say Khali is 7'3 and Big Show is 7' does this mean Khali will have 3 inches on Big Show?
I don't think its far from the truth.
hero said on 21/Jun/06
i would put him at 6'2 flat,cant see him under that...
Alex said on 20/Jun/06
I remember that HHH always had a couple inches on Chyna who is 5'10 who they billed at 6'0. 4 inches apart pretty much since they said she was 6'0 and he was 6'4.
wrestling said on 13/Jun/06
rob im sendin u pics of triple h , this will further prove my theory of triple h being 185-186cm MAX!!! ... not 6'2.5"

[Editor Rob: yes, they were brought up a few weeks ago on other thread here...]
Alex said on 12/Jun/06
Todd looked 6'2 on Raw today next to 6'4 Orton.
Viper652 said on 11/Jun/06
Kimmel is lucky If hes even 6-0. I think anything over a flat 6-1 for Triple H is stretching it.
CC-Tron said on 11/Jun/06
I remember seeing Triple H on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he and Jimmy were pretty much eye to eye. HHH certainly wasn't taller. He told Jimmy he was 6'4 but I could clearly see he wasn't and that was first time I truly doubted his height.
Alex said on 10/Jun/06
JK, Todd could be spreading his his feet on the ground to look a few inches shorter and the wrestlers taller. I remember I read that Coach who is 6'3 would spread him feet as far as he could with wrestlers, especially the shorter ones. Thats why it was funny when he was around Rock's height but with Kurt Angle, Kurt looked a bit taller or at least the same height.
JK said on 10/Jun/06
If Todd Grisham is 6'2'', then why does John Cena tower over him in interviews?
Just watch the interview in the recent WWE Vs ECW event again!
Jason said on 10/Jun/06
I'm sticking with 6'1 1/2'' for Triple H.
CC-Tron said on 10/Jun/06
Keep in mind the footware guys. Steve Austin most definitely wore lifts. Kurt Angle always looks kinda short. When you knows these wear lifts how can possibly not doubt that they are shorter than they look. Bottomline is they lifts and their heights are often exaggerated. That's why is so difficult to pin their heights down.
Alex said on 10/Jun/06
Fatman I agree with you pretty much, Starks eye level is probably 4.5 inches from the top of his head and HHH's head is under his eye level by about an inch so you could say his head comes up to the middle of his nose. HHH does look 6'1.5 there but he could be 6'2.
Alex said on 10/Jun/06
Austin is def taller than 5'10. He's a solid 6'0 guy. Reason he appears more 6'1-6'2 is because of his chunky boots sometimes that give 2 inches I bet.
OOFatman said on 9/Jun/06
In the photo Stark's head appears to be leaning to his right, which further distorts the height difference. If he tilted it to his left a little, Triple H would be approximately just under his eye to his eye level. I see 5" to 5.5" difference. That would put him at 6'1.5" to 6'2". However, he looks no shorter than 1.5" next to the 6'3.5" football player. This is why I'm going with 6'2" for Triple H.
Viper652 said on 9/Jun/06
5-10 for Austin wouldnt even make sense as he looked only a couple of inches shorter then the Rock in the ring. Sometimes even closer in height.
Viper652 said on 9/Jun/06
Alex, heres why I think its more 7 inches. Look at Max Starks eyes in relation to the top of Triple H's head. They look at least an inch to maybe 2 inches above his head. And Tron, somebody told you some bogus heights. Angle and Austin are taller. I think the Rock is shorter then 6-3, and Hogan is deffinitly shorter then 6-4 now.

[Editor Rob:

I just had another look and you know, Starks head is visually in that photo maybe 15% bigger than triple h's...shows some distortion in max's favor because of he's slightly closer...

but still, beside the other football player he doesn't appear more than 188...]

Alex said on 9/Jun/06
Austin 5'10? He's clearly 6'0. And Angle is more 5'10. Look at the Angle page. HHH I can see as low as 6'1.5 but nothing under that. I still am leaning more toward 6'2.
Alex said on 9/Jun/06
Rob your head looks to be 9 inches. Mine is the same too I believe. 8.5-9 inches. How long is everyone's head here?
CC-Tron said on 9/Jun/06
Guys I spoke with someone who wrestles dark matches in the WWE and he told me that Triple H is 6'1. He also told me the Rock is 6'3, Hogan is 6'4, Kurt Angle is 5'9 and Steve Austin is 5'10. He also told me they add anywhere from 2 to 5 inches to most wrestlers heights and all workers wear lifts in their boots. Triple H is 6'1, that's why the editor can clearly see he's not 6'4.
Alex said on 9/Jun/06
How is there 7-8 inches between Starks and HHH? It looks 5-5.5 inches to me. 6 inches at the most. If Starks is 6'7 then HHH looks 6'1.5-6'2 there. Top of HHH's head comes to about the middle of Stark's nose. Thats 5-5.5 inches for most. With me it is.

[Editor Rob: Starks might actually be a few inches closer to the camera here, but whether this effects more than 1/4-1/2cm is too hard to say.

Actually, speaking of inches, I don't know if anybody's posted such a thing, but to give a rough idea of how inches look beside a head, here is me holding a ruler beside my nose (the ruler therefore being on a plane slightly better than holding ruler in front of face).

In this pic I try to keep my head in a static position, not tilted down or up much, but when you tilt down/up your eyeline could swing your 'perception' easily over like a 4cm range:

Rob Side On
Viper652 said on 9/Jun/06
There is no way hes 6-2 in that pic with Starks, not even close. Hes struggling with 6-1. Id say he looks 6-0 1/2 there at the very best.
Richard said on 9/Jun/06
6'1" is what Frank and I have been saying all along!
hero said on 8/Jun/06
he does look 6'2 in those yeah hhh is more like 188cm...
Alex said on 8/Jun/06
John Cena looks 6'0 even there with 6'2 James Farrior.
Alex said on 8/Jun/06
HHH looks 6'2 there with Starks. It only looks 5 inches or so. Hes up to the middle of his nose. Thats around 5, 5.5 inches tops.
Viper652 said on 8/Jun/06
Jason, honestly Triple H doesnt even look 6-1 now that I look at it again. Max makes him look even shorter. Look at where Max's eyes are in relation to Triple H's head. His eyes are 2 inches above his head. Im just saying hes 6-1 there to be nice. Most people would think Max is taller then 6-7 in that picture, he looks like a monster.
Jason said on 8/Jun/06
That puts Triple H at 6'1''. Starks' measured heights are a flat 6'7'', the NFL just lists him an inch taller. What's your take on this, Warlord? ;)
Viper652 said on 7/Jun/06
I dont see just 6 inches between Starks and Triple H. More like 7-8 inches. Triple H looks barely 6-1 there.
Jason said on 7/Jun/06
Where's Warlord now? Triple H is 6'4'' my ass!

Measured 6'7.1'' Max Starx has MINIMUM 5 inches on Triple H. And 6'3 1/2'' Chris Kemoeatu has at least an inch and a half on him.

I completely agree the 6'2 1/2'' listing here needs to go.
D.J. said on 7/Jun/06
Starks looks around 6 inches taller than Triple H, putting him at the most 6'2".
Viper652 said on 7/Jun/06
Max Starks is one huge man. Also John Cena doesnt even look 6-0. Triple H looks no taller then 6-1 to my eyes.

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