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5ft 6.01in (167.7cm)
Chris said on 17/Sep/13
Lol @ Rob: Everyone on this site has a height complex. That's why we're here.
Size Matters said on 13/Sep/13
Size matters.

Speak softly and carry a BIG stick.
Shaw said on 4/Sep/13
Hey my husband was 5'6 and people knew better than mess with him. He was In our Army at 17. At 19 he was airborne with the 82nd . he went into special forces when he was in his thirties. He became a special forces trainer. He could beat Anyones booty, out fight, out run, he could do anything he took his guns apart cleaned them blindfolded himself and put the gun or guns back together. Height doesn't matter attitude and willpower and knowing what you want to do is what matters. Trust me don't duck with him or his for real. He was 5'6 but watch out I miss him he died at 66 on march 12, 2010 if you never met him you miss someone special.
John said on 11/Aug/13
What is it with Russians trying to convince others that their people are tall?

"The average height of young Russian men is about 175cm compared to 179cm-180cm among the Central-Europeans" (18-20 years).

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biologist said on 2/Jul/13
Height as an adult is strongly correlated to nutrition as a child; yes, of course genetics has a significant role. On the other hand, growing bones need nutrition. If you get it before the growth plates fuse, then you have the opportunity to be taller.
TruthTeller said on 5/Jun/13
Actually the old Russian generation is not that tall, however the new one is extremely tall, for instance I know plenty of 6.9 to 7.4 guys. I myself am 6.7.
hamsgawd said on 8/Apr/13
I think Russians are usually regarded as tall because of the stereotype and the fad of all the Russian models in the fashion industry. I'm sure they have a wide range in height because of the large geography they inhabit. Like someone mentioned China has a wide range of heights too usually with the northern people taller than the southerners. But like Russia the younger generations in China tend to be taller, I think mainly because the generations that came up during the Communist era didn't get that much nutrition or a good standard of living. I don't think America should be a good example to compare with because countries like Russia or China are much more homogenous in ethnic and genetic variety. America is a hodgepodge of different ethnicities. Unless you mean to compare an Asian American's height with an African American or Puerto Rican. Or if you were just being ignorant and considering only 'white Americans' as Americans.
max said on 24/Mar/13
5'6'' is my guess, especially when you look at the pictures with gerhard schröder, former chancellor of germany, who is 5'8''. and putin doesnt seem much taller than medevdev, who is about 5'3 or 4.
TonyV said on 24/Feb/13
5'7 seems to be right. I've never or seen the man in person, but know at least two people who have. I saw a photo of him and my grandma (who is 5'5) and he appears about two inches taller. Also, the dean of the Moscow state university (whom I have met, and whose height I estimate to be around 4 inches shorter than mine - 5'6) is about 1 inch shorter than Putin in these photos:
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issuetall said on 8/Jan/13
@Daniil,I still insist that russian high school students are taller than the old generaion. It's very strange, a lot of Russian couple are not tall, but their Children are damn tall! Like one Russian couple I know, father is only 172cm, mother is only 165cm, three sons, Eldest one is 183cm, Second on is 182cm, the third one is 192cm...
issuetall said on 8/Jan/13
@the guy: Like I said, the standard of tall depends on everyone's personal experience. 5'9 is average height of USA, however, you cannot expect each cities and towns are 5'9 height. I have two American friends, one lives in California, the other lives Wisconsin, the former is 181cm, and he told me he is tall in high school, most of his classmates are shorter than him, but the later guy lives Wisconsin is 185cm, he told me that he is only average height when he was in high school, there are many guys are much taller than him, 6 of men in his Class is over 200cm! the tallest man in the school is over 220cm. You see, they are both American, but their experiences are not the same. So one thinks 181cm can be considered tall, the other feel 200cm is tall at least. Lilke I said, tall is different that depends on different person's experience.
issuetall said on 8/Jan/13
@Daniil, I can't agree anymore. The average height of all Russian men is not 6'1, but in some Russian high school, it is highly possible that the Russian youngest are almost over 185cm.
issuetall said on 8/Jan/13
@Cal. I agree with you. Russia is the biggest country in the world. West Russian are taller east Russian, and consider the young Russian men, they are much taller than their parents. Of course, all the Russian men are not 185cm of average height , but Russian male students from many high schools are mostly over 185cm, it's not exaggeration.
issuetall said on 8/Jan/13
@Random: northern Chinese youthes are taller than sounthern Chinese them, northern chinese youngest can't be consider short, but they are still not tall. Russian younger generation are taller than northern and southern chinese both.
issuetall said on 8/Jan/13
@the guy : Hey, man. Both USA and Russia are big countries. So there are so different average height among the differnet region. The average height is 5'9 in USA, that's right, however, that means all male. In some American high school, it is highly possible that the average height of American boys can reach 6'1. Yet, that depends on regions. As far as I know, for instance, Iowa and Mennisota are far too taller than California and New york ,etc.
Bolton said on 6/Jan/13
Looks more like 5ft 6 to 5ft 6 1/2 in pictures circulating today of him embracing Gerard Depardieu. Depardieu who is not an especially tall man and has bad posture towers over him
Ayzzz said on 23/Oct/12
He actually looks shorter than 5'7.. Don't mess with Putin
Cal said on 9/Oct/12
Younger Russians are much taller than the older generation. 18 year old women probably average about 168 - 172 cm and 18 year old men 180 - 183 cm. I have met Putin ina judo match in person (barefoot). Politics aside, I hate to dissapoint, but he is 170 cm. Medvedev is very short and wear 3 inch heels. He is about 162-163 cm.
Anshelm said on 27/Sep/12
With Sauli Niinistö (177 cm), President of Finland
Click Here

With Paavo Lipponen (194 cm), former Prime Minister of Finland
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Heights of both Finnish politicians self-reported to Helsingin Sanomat newspaper during the 2012 presidential campaign, figures consistent with previous reports.
valleyboy said on 19/Aug/12
I visited St Petersburg in March and I was astounded at how tall the women are.

Maria Sharpova, the tennis player, is 6ft even, but she would not be especially tall for a woman in St Petersburg. I think height in Russia is very regional. Recall that Peter the Great was 6'8"/203cm. When he visited Europe, he would pretend to be a corporal in the honor guard. I thought he be so obvious, but maybe not.

Regarding Putin, I met in St Petersburg a woman would had worked with Putin many times. She said she would tower over him if she wore tall heels. She was 4'11". So, if Putin were actually 5'7" then she wore 8 inch heels (or more).

Which is doubtful.

She estimated his height at 5'2-5'3".

Which as we all know has no real bearing on his skills, leadership, or qualifications any more than color of eyes or hair. I'm 6'1"(185cm) so this is
not some short guy defending other short guys. I've met idiots and geniuses of
all heights.

The discussion has been very interesting regarding the height of Russians. I have no opinion, just interested in the discussion. Thanks for all who contributed.
Ras said on 16/Aug/12
If Putin is 5'7 there's no way Felipe is over 6'4
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Andrey said on 5/Aug/12
2 Arkadiy. You just want to present Russian higher than they are because of ur own inferiority complex. And in fact, the average growth of men in Russia is equal to 173-175 cm. I'd rather not say anything about " many russian girls 180-185 cm without heel" cause this is just a complete lie.165-168 for girls
UkrainaLove98 said on 31/Jul/12
Putin is a dwarf because he is a merciless thug who rose to the top of Russia. He allowed two Russian women demanding women's rights in Moscow to be imprisoned for 7 years.
UkrainaLove98 said on 31/Jul/12
I am half Asian half Ukrainian, and actually am going to reach an adult female height of 4'10" and a weight of 86-87 pounds. I am a 12 year old female who has reached her final adult height: 4'10" with a slim build of 86-87 pounds, meaning I will always be 147 cm. Putin, I believe is a midget. Not because of his height, because I will always be a petite 4'10" and a skinny 86-87 pounds, yet I am rising to the top because although I will always be a petite, but good person, I will be a successful person, even though I will always be the height of an older 10-year-old girl. Putin is a midget because in the inside, he is like an ugly dwarf. I am not saying that because he's short, because I'm going to be a very tiny lady as an adult, but because he is a corrupt prime minister. He is as evil as Tansu Ciller, who both deserve to be gunned down.
truth said on 6/Jun/12
In what world is 6'1 the average for a Russian man?
Arkadiy said on 6/Jun/12
Andrey, you should stop judging about height from your height and height of your friends...In Russia average men's height(include old men) is 183-185cm...Average height of russian yongsters is 187-190.
Andrey said on 31/Dec/11
Daniil ****in lies about "many russian girls 180-185 cm without heels". Typical russian man is 1773-75 cm height, girl 165-168.
avi said on 19/Dec/11
he is 5'5 probably
Maverick said on 19/Dec/11
kim jongs elevstors shoes seemed to be huge .. i wudnt be surprised if his shoes are more than 4 inches
the guy said on 15/Nov/11
@Daniil. American means all Americans living in there including Asians and Mexicans. Don't forget that not all Russians are white. There are more Asians living in there than those living in the States. There 160 ethnicities and 100 languages in Russia.
Daniil said on 9/Nov/11
Why am i wrong? I usually go out to malls and shop centres in my city. And i see a lot of guys who taller me. For example, if i saw 10 guys 5-6 are taller than i am(186-187 cm on the average). I have been in Moscow a couple times and I've been shocked how many tall men I saw. When i was going through subway(metro) I've felt like a midget myself because of tall men around me. Also i was very surprised then I observed many girls 180-185 cm without heels.
Daniil said on 9/Nov/11
the guy,I tnink the average height of american young is more than 5,9. Excluding mexicans and asian youngsters whose middle height is not tall.
jason said on 24/Oct/11
Does anyone know how tall Assad is? He is listed at 6ft2.5 (1m89) but judging by these photos next to Putin he looks taller than that.
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the guy said on 19/Oct/11
@Daniil. Do not exaggerate dude. How can be Russian young average height 6'3? 5'9 is the US average height where people get to eat more and have a better health system.
Sasha said on 12/Oct/11
Putin is not just a 5`5 midget, he also put on some fake shoulders to look more masculine. Medvediev`s even smaller, with his fake shoulders as well!
Max said on 11/Oct/11
Daniil, all you ****ing wrote it wrong.And yes, I'm from Russia too.
Alex said on 2/Oct/11
1961 I went to the RCAF, at 5'10(178 cm) I felt on the small side. Years later, I had chinese neighbor family. The father could not have been over 5 3(163 cm), the mother maybe 4 10(147 cm). The 2 sons, my hieght, 178 cm, the other, 175 cm.
Daniil said on 26/Sep/11
I am from Russia,Ufa and I am 26 years old. My height is 5,11 and I think I am short. The average height of middle-aged russian men is 6,1. The average height of russian young guys is 6,3. Putin is a very little man i think.
Random said on 25/Sep/11
@SOMEONE: Are you sure? I come from HK, that's mostly Southern Chinese - which is supposed to be the shorter portion of Chinese people (and Asians generally are tiny right). I'm 169.5, that's less than 5'7, and I'm slightly less than average there, which is around 168-174, that's 5'6 to almost 5'9?(for average young males). In UK, the whites here are maybe 5'8-5'11 on avg, and lots over 6'. So Putin would still be slightly short in China, let alone amongst Westerners.
Kostas said on 27/Aug/11
@Issuetall: I am almost certain that you think you are 2-3 inches taller that you actually are...That's almost always the case with people who exaggerate when it comes to other people's heights...
@DG: Oh, is your IQ really 170? How did you figure it out? Did you score that high on some online IQ test? Way to go, dude. Maybe you should spend less time on here and more of it taking inaccurate IQ tests...
Jordan 1,78m said on 25/Aug/11
Not all Russians are tall due the country's ethnic diversity, but many Russian citizens, middle-aged and older have a high stature. It is remarkable that blond blue-eyed russians in general are the highest (except for Vladimir Putin), or the russians with light eyes and black hair. While the russians from other ethnic groups have a shorter stature (like the President Dmitri Medvedev).
Jordan 1,78m said on 25/Aug/11
The russian president Boris Yeltsin was a tall man.

In this video, at 26 seconds, the other men with Boris has the same height as him or are larger
Click Here
issuetall said on 8/Aug/11
Dmitry says on 4/Jul/11
Cheng, if Putin was 5'7 he wouldn't be (that) short. He's not. He's maybe 5'3, on a good day. Anywhere on this planet, 5'3 is short for a human male.
In my point of view, anyone is short when he was lower than 180cm.
issuetall said on 8/Aug/11
smg says on 16/May/11
russians are short, I'm from Poland and I'm only 185cm (6'1) tall and it's like the average height in Poland. I've been to Russia a few times and I was the tallest almost all the time.

btw. Click Here
Polish prime minister is 172cm tall, do you really think that Putin can be 170cm? there's just NO WAY.

En,the middle-age and old Russian people are quite short,that's right. But the youthes are so tall. I suggest that you can go into some high schools, there are lots of young guys are over 6'3 in there.
issuetall said on 8/Aug/11
Russian says on 2/Apr/11
I don't know where these discussions about "tall Russians" come from, I'm a Russian from Smolensk and the average height for males is about 165cm-170cm around here. Putin is about 155cm though.

That's a joke. Yeah, maybe one centain group russian is only 165cm-170cm, but they must be the Primary Students.The new generations are far taller in Russia.Like Truthman said, 20% young men are over 188cm in there.Do not discredit Russia.
andyes said on 2/Aug/11
well if smaller people have a height complex, it s probably because tall people like to brag about their height...on the other hand, that could be the reason many leaders are small...big guys are too occupied to contempt themselves
SOMEONE said on 2/Aug/11
Aleks Roma says on 16/Jun/11
If Putin is 5'7, which seems accurate, then he really is not that short. Maybe when you compare him to Westerners he is, but the average global height for a male is 5'5. By that standard I would consider 5'4 to 5'6 to be of 'normal' height. 5'7 to 5'9 is above average. And 5'10 and over is tall. Westerners have a distorted view of height. To them, 5'8 is short. To most other societies a person who is 5'8 is taller than most.

This is accurate. As an American and being short yet pull my weight in everything, not even taking breaks doing rigorous physically demanding work, and I see other humans fail, not because of height but from not having toughness, and this is no Napoleon garbage. Heightism is too real yet there really is nothing substantive in it and besides it's nothing that can be helped like obesity yet 2/3 of Americans are obese and they are allowed a pass in not even looking like humans. That's a travesty. Women take height as too big of a factor here and they hurt themselves and enable tallest men of being cheaters - for they haven't figured out their obsession of 2:1 ratio of what they think is worthy on, again, nothing substantive.
Phil said on 21/Jul/11
Dmitry Medvedev, the current President of the Russian Federation, is 5 foot 2.
truth said on 20/Jul/11
wtf...this guy is TINY...maybe 5ft4 I dunno....definately NOT 5ft7 NO WAY!
Dmitry said on 4/Jul/11
Cheng, if Putin was 5'7 he wouldn't be (that) short. He's not. He's maybe 5'3, on a good day. Anywhere on this planet, 5'3 is short for a human male.
Cheng said on 4/Jul/11
Putin's not short. I'm sick of people saying guys who are 5'7, 5'8, or 5'9 are short. Those heights are only short to certain Europeans and their descendants. Northern and Central Europeans are an anomaly. Almost everyone else barring a few ethnic groups here and there (like the Masai that Leo mentioned) are shorter than 5'10.

@ Leo -- If you think 5'8 is a midget then you are delusional. You, a supposed Latino, should know that. I rarely see Latinos over 5'7. You must be a white or black Latino. Cuban, Dominican, or Puerto Rican perhaps? Most Latinos in USA are Mexican or Central American who are mixed heavily with Native American blood. Natives are short, so these Latinos are short.
Bob said on 29/Jun/11
I am an American who has travelled in many countries of Europe. The shortest people, on average, that I have encountered were in Portugal. I am about 5' 7" to 5' 8" and estimate myself to be slightly shorter than the American male average, slightly taller than most American women. When I was in Portugal almost everybody seemed to be shorter. It was unusual in that in a group of a couple dozen people I would be the tallest guy around, because that would never happen here in America.
Chris said on 16/Jun/11
Vladimir is of average height. The average Russian male is 5'7. Average height is 5'9 for a US male, 5'9.5 for UK male. And world average is 5'6. 5'11 in some places isn't tall. The Danaric Alps has an average height of 6'1 I believe and 5'11 is average in sweden.
Aleks Roma said on 16/Jun/11
If Putin is 5'7, which seems accurate, then he really is not that short. Maybe when you compare him to Westerners he is, but the average global height for a male is 5'5. By that standard I would consider 5'4 to 5'6 to be of 'normal' height. 5'7 to 5'9 is above average. And 5'10 and over is tall. Westerners have a distorted view of height. To them, 5'8 is short. To most other societies a person who is 5'8 is taller than most.
Rishabh Singh said on 14/Jun/11
Well for me 5'11" person is tall.Between 5'8" and 5'10",a person is of mediate height.As far as Putin is concerned,he is certainly short at 5'7".
Truthman said on 27/May/11
Average height at 5'8 is just LOL.
Leo said on 26/May/11
@ Truthman
Russians are not taller than Americans. The average American height is around 5'10. Russians stand at around 5'8 on average. Although, Americans are getting shorter because the traditionally tall white population is declining as a percentage of the country and the traditionally tall blacks are remaining quite stagnant. Meanwhile, the traditionally short Asians and Mestizo Hispanics are on the rise due to birth rates and immigration.

The tallest people in the world are Germanics (Dutch, Germans, Scandinavians), people of the Dinaric Alps, and the Masaii tribesmen of Kenya. All tend to be around 6 feet or taller.

Putin I would say is around 5'7. He looked about 3 inches shorter than Bush last I recall, who is about 5'10.
Vika said on 24/May/11
Average height for Russians is distorted by the fact that the people who grew up during the war and right after (like Putin actually) are short due to lack of nutrition in their childhoods. My husband's parents are 150 cm and 156 cm respectively, while my husband and his brother are 189 cm and 188 cm.
Klaus said on 20/May/11
Simple, just go to Russia and see with own eyes.
incognito said on 19/May/11
well im sorry i didnt mean to hurt your feelings but theres no need to call me a lier..why would i lie ? i just told what ive seen.. tell me .. which city are you from ? and what is 'tall' for you ? statistics say that average height of a russian man is 176 cm, a girl and im 172 so 176 is not much..
Klaus said on 18/May/11
Yeah, smg is a troll. Russians are tall, except the asian descendants like the actual president.
Truthman said on 17/May/11
No way incognit. You're probably a lier, russian people especially a youngs guys a very tall.

smg says on 16/May/11
fat troll is fat, 6'1 is nowhere near short and i'm sure than you're never been in Russia.
smg said on 16/May/11
russians are short, I'm from Poland and I'm only 185cm (6'1) tall and it's like the average height in Poland. I've been to Russia a few times and I was the tallest almost all the time.

btw. Click Here
Polish prime minister is 172cm tall, do you really think that Putin can be 170cm? there's just NO WAY.
incognito said on 15/May/11
well i dont know if anyone visits this page lately, but anyway... thruthman, are you serious? well i am from slovenia but i had been to russia and i imagine a russian man being quite small, well exept the soldiers ...
Truthman said on 4/Apr/11
Russian says on 2/Apr/11
You mad bro :) I'm from Russia and russian people are tall. As i said before, taller than "American" people (i was in Chicago and New-York). In Russia Medvedev and Putin always get called "midgets" by almost everyone. We call Medvedev "Nano-president" because his unusual short stature . by the way i don't think Russians was vikings, IvanD right.
IvanD said on 3/Apr/11
It seems you kinda viking-phile LOL. Mate, they were 1000 years ago. Yes they were strong, terrifying and powerful. But since that time biggest success of "viking nations" was Kalmar Union and Karl XII, compare it with two biggest empires ever existed: British Empire and Russian Empire, not vikings by population. In my previous post i wrote about ethnic russians origins, they had some russified varangian rulers but that's not whole nation. Vikings of Volga river sounds weird to me LOL. Illmen russians IMO more correct. Btw southern Slavs (Dinaric) described like a tall people too, sometime much taller than scandinavians.
Russian said on 2/Apr/11
I don't know where these discussions about "tall Russians" come from, I'm a Russian from Smolensk and the average height for males is about 165cm-170cm around here. Putin is about 155cm though.
Klaus said on 31/Mar/11
But the Vikings are always described like a tall people, and the original russians were vikings of Volga River.
ROFL said on 25/Mar/11
people are getting taller. young people in general i mean. it's not just russia that has 6'7 people. i'm a college student in the US and there are several people that height. my parents were only like 5'4 (at max) and i am even 5'9" i even had bad sleeping habbits and such so i would imagine it's not uncommon to see 6'7+ in the world. the youth is getting taller.
IvanD said on 25/Mar/11
You guys made a big mess with term Russians, height ties to asians, term slavic and etc. First, there is difference between use term russians in the world and in Russia. USSR was formed from 15 countries. Each country logically have own name to their people (Russians, Ukranians, Georgeans, Armenians, Kazakhs and etc), however world still call all people from northern eurasia and eastern europe - russians. For example in USA about 3,5 million russians. Majority of them russian jews, next largest group - Ukrainians (about one million), and less than 800,000 out of them - russians themselves (ethnic russians). Ethnic russians make up about 80% (including three presidents Eltsin, Putin, Medvedev) out of modern Russia population. It was formed in early medieval. Group of Slavs moved since the 6th century from region Pomerania to the northeast of the Baltic Sea. where they established Novgorod, with the Finno-Ugric and Balts substratum they formed Kriviches and Ilmen Slavs - future ethnic russians. Genetical researches not found asian genes in russians. So mongols and other asian could not made russian height lower. However Russia have more than 100 other nationalities, many of them asian or have asian physical traits, and their height in general lower. Besides genetic, factors such poverty, prolonged warfare, environmental factors affect height. In medieval time height was lower than in ancient. Height of european troops born in the mid-19th century was: Russians 5'5'', germans 5'4'', Dutch 5'4'', English 5'5 1⁄4'', Sweden 5'6''. It's interesting how Dutch became tallest in europe. Their quality of life by the way one of the highest too. Men with height 5'6'' - 5'8'' could be found in ethnic russians a lot. Remember communist rule was really tough, plus world war II. Almost all russian students which i know by 2-3 inches taller their parents. It's also true that guys with height 6'3'' and higher became more usual. However i'd say currently average height for ethnic russians 5'9''-5'10''.
JD89 said on 21/Mar/11
"more 170cm when i went" according to a 2006 statistic among italians from 18-40 the average height is 176cm for men , 165 for women . the shortest are in Sardinia (172cm) the tallest in Friuli,Veneto ,Trentino( 180cm) ; the average height in Milano is 178cm and in Napoli is 173cm. I'm 22 and i am exactly 182.5 barefoot ( although i was measured a full 184cm barefoot in a gym ) and my cousin is 198cm, we are both 100% italians .
Berlusconi is only 165cm ( we call him in Italy the PSYCHO-DWARF) and he claim proudly on tv to be 171(LOL)
Truthman said on 21/Mar/11
He doesn't wear lifts. He was seen barefoot A LOT of times, because he is a big fan of Karate. And his shoes always looks normal
Shaun said on 19/Mar/11
Does look 5'6" or 5'7" although he could be a lift wearer and actually only be 5'5"! Its it me or does he look like that SPECTRE chess player Kronstein or something in the second James Bond film From Russia with Love.
Shaun said on 19/Mar/11
"the average height in south Italy is only 173/174cm " More 170cm when I went....
Shaun said on 19/Mar/11
Yeltsin was supposed to be 6'3" I think.
Klaus said on 18/Mar/11
Putin with Boris Yeltsin:

Click Here

Maybe Yeltsin was 1,89 or 1,90 when young.
Alexander said on 16/Mar/11
Lived in Russia five years. Yes, there are lots of tall Russians, but also lots of short ones. Balkans Slavs are much taller on average.

And Putin is about 5'3 (160 cm) on a good day. Tiny, tiny man. Sorry, Putinophiles, but it's true.
JD89 said on 13/Mar/11
about Berlusconi he claim to be 171cm many times , my father met him some years ago and he said he's at best 165cm ,the average height in Italy is 176cm , btw many people think we are all shorts because the italians who live outside Italy are almost all from south Italy (Napoli, Sicily etc.), the average height in south Italy is only 173/174cm but i'm from Milano and here the average is 178cm.
JD89 said on 13/Mar/11
i'm italian and i am 182.5cm ( 186 with shoes on), i travelled in Moscow 3 years ago( i was 181cm then )and the people there is tall , definetely the tallest i ever saw ( i travelled a lot in europe and asia) , it's funny because their presidents are almost all really short ( Putin ,Medvedev ,Stalin,Khrushchev), even the girls are unbelievable tall sometimes ( 180cm or more)
issuetall said on 12/Mar/11
@Truthman: There is my suggestion that the Russian (especially for Slavic roots) need to increase population in the whole nation. If the population base can reach the 1 billion in Russia, I guess that there will be a lot of giants over 7'. And Do not intermarry with other races, I'm not a racist, but that is my honest opinion.
issuetall said on 12/Mar/11
@Truthman:I had been to Russia and visited 4 main cities. I saw about 12 young guys are 6'7(but it's just my own eye measure, maybe that's the visual errors). Since you are Russian, you are more objective to the Russian's height than me. I'm just a foreigner who can only depend on my own experiences.
Chris said on 12/Mar/11
5'7? Really? Jackie Chan was listed at about 5'11 then :P well, not much of a shocker, I was thinking closer to 5'6, but that would make me 4 inches taller, 5'10? (sorry, typing what I think).

Well anyway, he is quite a short lil man :)
Truthman said on 12/Mar/11
In Russia, many immigrants from Asia and the former Soviet republics, they are in every city, especially in large ones. Basically, they are much shorter than the average resident of Russia with Slavic roots.

And yes, if Russia had consisted only of indigenous peoples, perhaps we would have been one of the tallest countries in the world.
Klaus said on 11/Mar/11
Really? So in the future, Russia is able to reach an average height of the Netherlands. In fact, I believe that the average height of Russia is not only among the largest in the world due to the large number of citizens of asian ethnic groups (like the president) because if it were composed only of slavs (or other descendants of vikings) would a huge country inhabited by huge people :D

By the way, since you know the country, it is very easy meet people from ethnic groups of Central Asia in the big cities, or they are more seen on the inside?
Truthman said on 11/Mar/11
And about "even some young people are over 2 meter" - yes, we are tall, but not so tall, it sounds like bullsh*t, i know only 2 legimate 2 meters tall guys and they HUGE
Truthman said on 11/Mar/11
issuetall says on 10/Mar/11
Now, just kids now growing faster :) My dad was 5'9 and i'm just under 6'5 (tallest guy almost everywhere, on the crowd of old people or womans i feel youself like a Yao Ming) and my step-brother is like 6'2.
By the way, are you from Russia?
issuetall said on 10/Mar/11
@Truthman: Another interesting is that the old negeratioins are not tall in Russia(most of them are around 5'9), however, the height of the youths are very tall, even Russian kids are obviously tower than their parents. I saw 4 kids(12-14 year old) had been already over 6'2+ at least. I guess that the Russian will become taller and taller.
Truthman said on 10/Mar/11
I'm from Russia. I was once in America. And i can say that Russian people taller, way taller. Especially young people. There a lot of 6'2-6'3 guys in my college, like 20% over 6'2. Look at picture Putin near crowd of young soldiers

Click Here

They all like at least 5 inches taller. But only Slavic (blonde hair, blue eyes...) people tall! Asians like Tatars or Lezgins much shorter
issuetall said on 10/Mar/11
@Klaus:Sure. I have been to Russia and saw a lot of tall men(especially youths). There are many people are 190CM or taller, even some young people are over 2 meter. Interesting thing is the leader are short in there.
Klaus said on 10/Mar/11
But still, Russia is a country of tall people in general. If you notice, the russian citizens of lesser stature usually have physical traits of the peoples of Central Asia. And who is tall, most of the population, are generally white, pale eyes. Vladimir Putin is an exception because he is blond with blue eyes but small. However, the late president Boris Yeltsin was also blond, blue eyes and a tall man(1.87 m).

The current president Medevev does not even seem russian, is more like the inhabitants of neighboring countries (Georgia, Azerbaijan, etc.)
Andrei said on 9/Mar/11
Generally Russian men were tall many years ago(before 1000 A. C.) as other Slavic people in the West such as Czech and Serbian(where I also include Croatian, Slovenians, Montenegro, Bosnian, Macedonians). But since that time Eastern Slavic people had been fighting against Turkic tribes(Khazars, Avars, Pechenegs and others) in the steppes of modern south Ukraine and it wasn't always successful. After Mongols conquered Eastern Slavic States for two centuries and lands were ravaged severely. The huge loss of Russian Gene Pool was after the Communists' coup d'etat which followed by the dissolution of Russian Empire and a civil war. During the civil war Russia's best people nobilities, army officers, intelligentsia, scientists left for Western Europe, the USA and South America. Most of those who dared to stay in the country were executed(all members Tzar's family including his beautiful daughters and ailing son(Click Here)) by Bolsheviks. Then millions of Slavic people died in Stalin's concentration camps and during Holodomor(Huge famine). For those who don't know Joseph Stalin(original family name was Dzhugashvili) was Georgian from Caucasus. But the most disastrous what happened to Eastern Slavic Gene pool was World War II when 20 million Eastern Slavic people were killed. Almost the whole generation(up to 90%) of the bravest, the strongest and the most ambitious young men(before 21) who volunteered against Hitler in the early beginning of the Great Patriotic War were killed in action or in camps. Considering all this we can see the difference between the relatively clean Gene Pool of Western Slavic people and relatively mixed Gene Pool of Eastern Slavic people with Turkiс and Finn-Ugrik ethnicities.
Klaus said on 8/Mar/11
Russia is a land of tall people. But ironically their leaders are always small or average height. Putin must have 1.70 or 1.72. And Medevev is less than 1.70.

Here is a picture of Putin visiting the Russian army:

Click Here
rafa said on 7/Mar/11
People exaggerate, Serbia average is not "super tall", but people living in the Dinaric Alps have a high average
Dmitry K. said on 2/Mar/11
I'm studying at the Moscow State University. Members of the Russian government often come to us. And Putin, too= ). My height is 183 centimeters. I saw Putin, and he was wearing shoes on a thin sole. I think his height is 170-172 cm, as my friend Mike from the university newspaper (he interviewed Putin).
issuetall said on 27/Feb/11
I can't visit every cities or every high school to measure height of all of students, I think it's the same as you did. Most of us just judge the tall or short by observing our surroundings. So I trust "relja202cm" and "monologue" what they said, since I depend on my personal experiences. Maybe you don't believe them, that's fine, but doesn't mean they lied.
DG said on 20/Feb/11
I am 6'3" (~190) tall, my older son (who is fourteen years old) is 6'1-1/2" (~187) while my younger boy at his twelve years is 5' 4-1/2" (~164) tall.

Among the men of my age my height falls in the middle, myself being 57 years old, plus I can boast an IQ of 170 for which I agree that it does not follow one's height.
Buzz said on 12/Feb/11
Where are you from bargoth125? In most countries 6' would not be considered short but even in the UK it's still barely above average. For the younger generations here it is probably exactly average.
bargoth125 said on 7/Feb/11
Eh? I'm 6' 1" and I generally tower over most people I see around me... There is absolutely no way 6' can be considered short.
issuetall said on 22/Jan/11
Anonymous says on 21/Jan/11
In my school average height is about 7'5.
Do you still think 200cm is tall?


If you told the truth, sure, 200cm can be considered short. Perhaps your high school is the tallest one in the world.

I don't know that what is exactlly the average height of my high school, maybe is 188cm, more or less. And I know that 200cm isn't tall in many basketball clubs.
Anonymous said on 21/Jan/11
In my school average height is about 7'5.
Do you still think 200cm is tall?
issuetall said on 20/Jan/11
monologue says on 30/Dec/10
relja202cm says on 2/Dec/10
In my school in Serbia,6 feet is considered short,altho i am 202 cm barefoot tall,i am still third tallest in my class.Finns are Nordic,but they are not germanic like norway or sweden,


That's right. The boys from some high schools are incredible tall in Serbia and Montenegro, even my friend is 190CM, he just feels regular size among youthes in high schools. You can see many guys above 2 meter anywhere in those places.

You are both right. New generations from Balkan are very tall. I'm from Bosnia and Herzegovina, live in Australia now. I'm 189cm, had felt above average height when I was a student. Last year, I go back to my high school to participate in an activity. Compare to those new generations, I even felt short! I don't know what happend into them, but it's my true feelings. If I am student now, maybe I only sit in the 1st row.

BYW, to Anonymous, no offence please, they two just talked about high school, not the whole adults, so I believe them. When I was student, all of boys in my class, the height is 204,200,198,195,193,189(me),187,187,185,181,176,173,170, 13 boys, 9 of us over 6 feet(183cm), Do you still think 6 feet would be considered tall?
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/11
Menace, you're an absolute joke. 5'11 is above average height for men in the world's tallest regions (Nordic Countries, Central Europe and the States). There's no way a 5'11 guy would stand out of the crowd when walking down a street for being "short". Statistics indicate that 5'9 is average height, and in today's society anything under that is often deemed as short for males. I also have a hard time believing that 6 feet would be considered short anywhere around the world and most of the high school students in a country like Serbia would be over 200cm. But I guess that nowadays when people are so obsessed with height, being super tall makes all the difference in the world.
Sorkin said on 5/Jan/11
Sorry, having a hard time stopping laughing at the idea that Putin is 5ft 7 let alone 5'9". If he appears anything over 5'3" (160 cm) it is because he is wearing lifts. I once stood very close to him and at 5'9" I was towering over the guy. This was before he became president at the end of '99. Since then he has spent a decade at the heart of a huge PR machine that has convinced many Russians that their leader is a titan, both figuratively and literally. His image has been stage-managed with a rare intensity to reinforce the impression that he is the ultimate macho man.
the normal one said on 4/Jan/11
Menace, no offence please, but what you're saying is absolute BS :-)
The simple statistical truth is that men around western world average somewhere between 175cm to 180cm, with some exceptions like Northern Europe, Former Yugoslavia and such. In a crowd, tall people draw more attention, now add some psychological effects from childhood plus the fact that people tend to see themselves at the height of their eyes, and you'll get the complete illusion of "everybody is tall". When you see them one by one, get the measures and calculate the average, you will get the real data, which in most cases will indeed range between 175-180 cm.
Menace 195cm said on 2/Jan/11
actually if u r under 5'11", u are considered short in anywhere in the world, unless ur in vietnam.
monologue said on 30/Dec/10
relja202cm says on 2/Dec/10
In my school in Serbia,6 feet is considered short,altho i am 202 cm barefoot tall,i am still third tallest in my class.Finns are Nordic,but they are not germanic like norway or sweden,


That's right. The boys from some high schools are incredible tall in Serbia and Montenegro, even my friend is 190CM, he just feels regular size among youthes in high schools. You can see many guys above 2 meter anywhere in those places.
SATAN said on 16/Dec/10
The average height in the Netherlands is not 185cm, likely not even close. One study claims 183cm, another 179cm. Both of which were self-reported, and we all know that people do have a tendency of "rounding up" their height "” usually by an inch or two!

Truthman said on 6/Dec/10
In fact, you're right. In some places in Russia people are very tall! I live in a city where the average height of men about 182-184 centimeters. But I have been in Moscow, people there are much shorter (175-176), also there are many foreigners from neighboring countries, which are very short (165-170 in average). So that the height of the people here depend on the location of the city.
relja202cm said on 2/Dec/10
In my school in Serbia,6 feet is considered short,altho i am 202 cm barefoot tall,i am still third tallest in my class.Finns are Nordic,but they are not germanic like norway or sweden,
MD said on 26/Nov/10

The average height in France for the entire adult population is 5'8.5" and 5'9.5". Not sure where you're getting the 5'7" number from.
lolo said on 25/Nov/10
i live in France and the average height here is around 5'7 for a man and 5'2 for a girl. i'm 5'8 and i'm often the tallest one in a group enven among young people. we tend to pay attention to the taller people so thats why we have impression the average is higher.
- said on 22/Nov/10
Munto, you must have in mind that there is a large migration to northwestern Europe. I think that is the explenation why the average hight hasn't gone up in later years.

I guess that 185-188 cm could be about the average hight for a younger native Dutchman, but not the average hight for the Dutchman in general.

Then there is a big difference in hight between (native) northern Europeans and (native) southern Europeans.
Nik said on 20/Nov/10
@ Munto

That is a lie, I live in the Netherlands and the average height is 185cm (6'1) at least. The average height for girls; 171cm (5'7). And some girls are even 6'0 or taller when they turn sixteen, insane but true lol.
Taro said on 12/Nov/10
Putin did not rise to the top because he is a great leader. He rose to the top because he is a merciless thug who participated in a Soviet system that oppressed people and rewarded merciless KGB thugs. He continues to be the enemy of Russians for individual freedom and democracy long after the corrupt communist system has collapsed. What some of you admire about him is the same thing that had Hitler's admirers fawning over Der Fueher. Some people are attracted to power whether that power is for good or for evil. That is a rather disgusting characteristic and is usually based in insecurity. Quit being insecure. Nobody cares if you are short. I have plenty of very short friends. I rarely think about their height, but the ones with great character are giants in my eyes and the eyes of others. Putin is a dwarf.
Buzz said on 9/Nov/10
5'7 seems just right, I've seen listings of 5'5 but he definitely looks taller than that.

re: Claudio - It's about the same in the UK, average height for the younger generations is definitely about 184cm. Even the asians are about 178cm average. Older generations are shorter, maybe 175cm average but 184 is definitely not tall any more.
Dima said on 7/Jul/09
Dimitry Medvedev is look like 160cm as body, but he seems same with turkish president (Abdullah Gul) who is 173. Anyone here can explain this ?
MoronHunter said on 19/Jun/09
Listen you height obsessed idiots, as I stated, I have met Putin at a judo tournanment where he was barefoot - he is 170/171 cm on the nose. Medvedev is appreciably shorter than Putin,butPutin wears flat shoes and Medvedev wears special lifts.
Anonymous said on 12/Jun/09
Putin is 5'5 and medvedev 5'3.5 ,Yelcin was tall around 6'2
Doug said on 6/Apr/09
Wow just seen a pic of Putin and big Helmut Kohl. He dwarfs Putin. If Kohl is 189cm now then it would seem he is nearer 5'6". I seem to remember Cordeleeza being noticeably taller than him too although she was in smallish heels.
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/09
Here he is with Hillary Clinton and a Mrs Windsor of London:
Click Here
Daniel said on 2/Apr/09
It seems that Putin is around 1.68m - 1.70m, supposing he doesn't use height-enhancing shoes
sodapop said on 27/Mar/09
LOL Martin youre right, Putin is 5'7" with lifts. He's gotta be around 5'5" barefoot. There's no way hes 5'7" barefoot!!
Martin said on 15/Jan/09
Putin is the shortest 5'7 footer i have ever seen.
Anonymous said on 2/Jan/09
Click Here
Next to 5'4" Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he's a solid 5'7" I think...
Doc said on 20/Nov/08
how tall was peter the great 6'7 or 6'8
Moronhunter said on 6/Nov/08
Since I am probably the only person here who has actually met Putin, let me clear it up for you. He is 170 cm tall - 5'7". He "looks" the same height as Medvedev and Sarkozy because they wear special shoes with lifts, Putin does not. You can see him in multiple videos barefoot performing judo - no change in height. You will never see Sarkozy or Medvedev barefoot in public.
janice said on 13/Oct/08
He looks very similar in height with 5'4 Medvedev, there can't be any difference more than one inch! So putin sure is 5'5 max, not 5'7!
John M. said on 10/Oct/08
Putin is no more than 5'5.5 at the very most.
Anonymous said on 6/Oct/08
Why Russia had so many short leaders???Nikita was 5'3"...Stalin, 5'4"...Putin and Medvedev, arount 5'6" and 5'7"...plenty of short leaders for a country with a fairly tall people!
pte said on 18/Sep/08
i think it depend on your attitude to be a leader of people not height at all.
emremr said on 6/Sep/08
I want that special heels too ... Mr.Medvedev look like so tiny but his height is 170cm with shoes . it is weird :)
MD said on 17/Aug/08

Here are Dmitry Medvedev and Nicolas Sarkozy, together. One is often listed at 5'4" and the other 5'5":

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

It actually appears that Sarkozy is probably also 5'4".

Sarkozy with Putin:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

The whole point of this is to show that given that Medvedev is only an inch or so shorter than Putin, there is absolutely no way Putin could be 5'7" or even 5'6", barefoot. Why you keep him so high is beyond me. This shouldn't be political. It is quite clear, simply, that Putin is noticably below average height, and almost identical in height to both 5'4" Sarkozy and Medvedev. What more proof do you possibly need?
Jan said on 15/Aug/08
How cool it would be to take Putin in some kinky games! I'm taller than him though, so I'd probably be all lovey on him like he was a little puppy! Oh well, I'm sure he'd start playing right if I was holding the whip!
Dutchy said on 31/Jul/08
Putin is just as short as Sarkozy and Berlusconi, they are all just about 5foot7 = 170cm. On worldscale that is average, but i am average with 6foot1 = 185 cm in Holland so for me Bush is also short.
Vasya said on 16/Jul/08
I'm from Russia and i would like to say that Putin rather tall than 165 cm as you say, he is exactly 171 cm tall. What about russian's men height: in common it's about 175-180 cm, but there are lot tall people 190+
Broken said on 9/Jul/08
Bush is 5'11. If you look at photos of them online you will clearly see Putin is a little guy. I would say 5'5 at the most.
emre said on 12/Jun/08
Rob, please correct it. and I will feel better then .I am 167cm .hehe
MD said on 6/Jun/08
I think Rob's afraid of him/them...
Crush said on 5/Jun/08
Yea, he looks VERY similar in height with 5'4 Medvedev so there's NO WAY he is taller than 5'5 or 5'5.5 at the absolute max. !
wjf said on 3/Jun/08
For me he is no more than 5'5". There is not even an inch difference between Putin and Medvedev.
Daniel said on 2/Jun/08
Yes, those claims for a downgrade are right! The tallest Putin could be is 5'6'', and that's pushing it!
Slaz said on 30/May/08
I agree totally with Stiffelio, better pictures to proof that Putin is no more than 5'5 max. do not exist.
With this pictures it's PROVEN that Putin could NEVER EVER be 5'7!
Editor Rob, it's really high time to correct Putins height.
Stiffelio said on 28/May/08
Rob, I seriously think it's about time you corrected Mr Putin's height to the more realistic 5 ft 5. There's enough photographic evidence to justify it.
wjf said on 28/May/08
If Dmitri Medvedev is really 5'4" then No WAY that Putin is even 5'6". He is more like 5'5".

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Jason said on 23/May/08
Wow ... it is, too. They look the same person with Abdullah minus the beard, in those two photos.
MD said on 22/May/08
Jason, that photo with on your first post of May 22nd is actually of Putin and Jordan's King Abdullah, not Medvedev.

Anyway, it's quite apparent that Putin isn't anything over 5'5"
Jason said on 22/May/08
Click Here

Medvedev with (5'7''?) Condoleezza Rice ... engaged in what looks to be a Masonic handshake.
Jason said on 22/May/08
Click Here

Another of Putin and Medvedev together -- Vladimir looks like he's got 2 inches on him here. Isn't that the Masonic NWO hand sign Bush does and claims is just a sports team hand sign, Mr. Medvedev? Hmmm...
Guido G. said on 21/May/08
This 5'7 claim for putin is just redicolous. On the pictures from MD you can clearly see that he can't be anymore than 5'4.5 - 5'5 max. , even shorter if he wears lifts and there are a lot rumours around that he DO.
Lmeister said on 13/May/08
Good pics MD. I also noticed that Putin is barely taller than Medvedev. They are both rather short. 5ft4 for Medvedev and 5ft5.5 - 5ft6 to Putin.
MD said on 12/May/08
With 5'4" Medvedev

Click Here

Click Here

There isn't even an inch of difference between them, let alone 3 inches. This is easily the most blatantly false listing on this website, and really hurts its credibility. I know this is a thankless hobby, but even you must admit how ridiculous this one is.

BTW, in pictures taken with Bush, both of these leaders are in some obvious lifts. Same goes for Sarkozy who is also said to have stood on a box in his photo op.
MD said on 12/May/08

I don't see how in the world you can give Putin 5'7" when we know that Medvedev is 5'4". There is barely an inch between them if even that much.

You really have to check this.
quebecker said on 11/May/08
5'7 isn't short enough for putin
Anonymous said on 9/May/08
the point is, as long as Russian are happy to be leaded by him, it just dosen't matter wheter Putin is 5.7' or 5.5' or even 5'in height.
Anonymous said on 9/May/08
in my word, if Medvedev is 5.4', Putin can not be taller than 5.5'. you guy may review closely their group picture, the very recent one I mean. in that picture, they are almost in same height.
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/08
TIME magazine lists him at 5'6''
Anonymous said on 20/Apr/08
His new gf is 5'4" and he is the same height as her, so he is 5'4" as well!!
Dollar said on 7/Apr/08
He's the same height as Jordan's present king, who looks no more than 5'5 to be honest. Also...Bush is 5'10. Politicians are just as bad as actors, if not the same thing.

Daniel said on 7/Apr/08
PSandie, Putin doesn't seem to be more than 5'5'' in the picture
Zarcosy said on 7/Apr/08
lol Simmerion, i almost pissed myse
SIMCITYFAN19999 said on 6/Apr/08
PSsandie, we all know bush is at most 5'7 so putin is at most 5'
PSandie said on 6/Apr/08
Click Here

Bush is 5'11', so what do you guys think?
Simmerion said on 6/Apr/08
SIMCITYFAN1999 I was tehre that same other day...your nowhere near 5'1", more like 5'3" WITH your snakeskin cowboy boots on. Putin had no sohes, and he was clearly shorter than you. I say no more than 5'1". The dude's got some serious problems, he got way shorter now than when i was en teh service with him. I say beak hite was like 6'2".
SIMCITYFAN1999 said on 5/Apr/08
i saw him the other day... no way hes over 5'2 im 5'1 and hes shorter tha nme!!!!!
Simmerion said on 5/Apr/08
I was in the cold war, and I was in Putin's battalion. I'm a man of 5'2" and I saw Putin once, in the shower, and I swear he was no more than 4'11". I heard rumours that he has gotten leg extension surgery and advanced cybernetic implants to bring him to his current loft height.
Come On said on 18/Mar/08
Putin is 5'5, or 165 cm... funny how the 170 cm number keeps getting thrown around.. god, how powerful do you have to be before your height doesn't matter anymore?
Daniel said on 11/Mar/08
Ivo, can you tell us what is that of that "baltic race" you mentioned? If it ever existed, what were their physical features?
andrey said on 5/Mar/08
just read an official article from the russian press about russian presidents' heights.
Boris Yeltsin - 189 cm
Vladimir Putin - 170 cm
Dmitri Medvedev - 162 cm
Nikita Khrushev - 158 cm
by the way medved in russian means bear))) i'd call him CUBvedev then))))
MD said on 4/Mar/08
Really, how is anyone going to explain away the photos of him with 5'5" Sarkozy? BTW, let's add Medevedev now that he's the new Russian president. He's only 5'4".
Giovanni said on 3/Mar/08
Don't say sillies, i have meet Silvio Berlusconi in Positano and not is more of 5ft and 2 inch = mt 1,58. But he by foots have of the high heels much tall, maybe 3 inch
GM said on 23/Feb/08
I met Silvio Berlusconi in 1998. I'm only 168 cm, but he looked shorter than me when I was in front of him. We talked a little, but it was full of people, so I couldn't look his shoes. Everyone suppose he use elevator shoes. So I think he's about 163-165 cm. Now if you look his near Putin, they seem to have about the same height, but Putin is slimmer and younger, so he looks taller than him. I think Putin is about 165-166 cm. No more
Gwendolen said on 20/Feb/08
I,m 5'6 1/2". At one point it was the average height for a woman. Now, I'm not so sure.
anonymous said on 11/Feb/08
About peoples height it is important to state that when walking around a town or a city the number of people who are over 6' seems far greater than it actually is. I've been living in the North of England for 5 years now and the average height for young men is "5'10" yet many people think the average is greater. 25% of men in the uk are over 6' meaning that there are only 8 million males out of 30 million that are tall. The number always seems far greater than expected. As for Putins height he's 5'7.
Anshelm said on 17/Jan/08
With George W. Bush Click Here Click Here
Mike said on 1/Jan/08
Rob, why is this guy still listed as 5'7"? I think the majority of people agree that he is 5'6" at the most, possibly even 5'5". You gotta take into account that he looks 5'7" with his lifted shoes which probably give him like 1.5 to 2 inches in height.
ivo said on 17/Dec/07
old good prussians(which are not exist any more) belonged to baltic nations ,together with lithuanians and latvians,but they were completely germanized, they belonged to baltic race
paolo said on 7/Dec/07
i'm italian.berlusconi said to be 171...but for me(and for all) is 171 with "supershoes"...berlusconi real height is 165.
huiswho said on 23/Nov/07
Vladimir Putin is more than 170cm maybe around 172cm-173cm consider Hu Jintao is 5'7(170cm) Click Here
Click Here
tallest nations said on 11/Nov/07
skandinavians(including finns),dinarians(croats,serbs,montenegrins,slovenians,bosnians),balts(estonians(related to finns),latvians and especially lithuanians), some germans ,dutch. chzechs ,poles are shorter,slovakians are even shorter. romanians and hungarians are quite avarage.
Dan said on 6/Nov/07
I've been living in korea for 2years and most young males are about 5'9" to 5'11"
Rob G said on 18/Sep/07
Hey I'm from Poland and must say that acording to reports the average heigh of men born in 1983-86 is 177.5cm whitch is 5'10'' but as I observe younger generation of Poles I must say that these guys are pretty damm tall ( i know what I say I teach in highschool ) I'm was measured 5'10'' and most of guys are like 5'11'' - 6'0'' yet they are only 16-18 years old so most certainly they'll gain some more inches, and yes Slavs are light, blond-brown hair etc back to Putin well he is 5'7'' tops
Austrian said on 15/Sep/07
"The fact that a good amount of rulers in recent Russia were not tall signifies that short people are on average more successful than tall ones (not sure the reason for that). After all, most of the millionares are short."

funny that ive read exactly the contrary, that the majority of CEOs are 6' or taller.... but then again maybe thats just an american thing (werent almost all US presidents rather tall too?)
Austrian said on 15/Sep/07
"You say that some russians are tall because the have nordic ancestors but people in countries like croatia and Czech republic slovakia are very very tall and are some of the purest slavs with very little nordic influence, and many people think that people of germanic origin are the only ones with fair complextion and tall stature thats is BULL****! the thracians were tall and light so were the scythians, the Sarmations and baltic such as the Finns. A true Russian of slavic origin not germanic or viking is tall with white skin almost always have light eyes almost never has black haire brown to blond being most common, and is most definitly not an Asiatic race who ever says that is insane! thta is like saying Germans are arabs."

ill agree with most of your remarks (except for the one with the czechs being pure slavs hehe), just 1 thing: Finns are not Baltic (same as Estonians)

the only Baltic populations still in existence today are Latvia and Lithuania
Austrian said on 15/Sep/07
btw wheres Sarkozy? hes missing on your site :)

(another short european president hehe)
Austrian said on 15/Sep/07
yea ill agree on that, russians are kinda short by average

not as short as japanese or korean, but to me they come across shorter than other european peoples (at least shorter than the germanic and yugoslavian peoples)
Anonymous said on 29/Aug/07
average russian height is 176 cm. I'm 180 and sometimes I feel myself rather short amongst the teenagers
Daniel said on 24/Aug/07
As far as I know, and can see from the pictures or tv programs, Russians are short to average people, not tall (let's say 5'8'' for males), and many people from Russia - I couldn't tell the percentage, but it must be considerably significant, i've never been there, by the way - are undeniably of mixed race, I mean, white (say slavs, germanic, alpin or whatever) and asiatic (mogolic). It's a well known fact that even outstanding leaders (Lenin, Yeltsin, for example) have mogolic ancestry, as we can see from their features. So, please let's forget the slavic thing. Besides, as one said before, height is less a question of race than it is of nourishment and good environment for the physical development of children. And getting back to Valdimir Putin, judging form all his appearances on tv and pictures on the newspapers and magazines, I'd bet he's around 1.68m to 1.70m, no more neither less. It shouldn't be surprising that he can look taller because he's well shaped and remember he was KGB so he has good military posture of course. BTW, his complexion matches with the "Slavic" stereotype, I think.
Heinrich said on 24/Aug/07
Actually, Russia is not a land of dwarves, heightwise it's a land of radicals. The Russian people I know are either really short or really tall, same with Russia's leaders from the Czars to the Soviets to the Federation.

You have short Russian leaders like Joseph Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev, Vladimir Putin and Leonid Brezhniv also came up considerably short compared to American presidents like Jimmy Carter (who was 5' 9, not exactly tall either, the shortest modern American president in fact)

However, some Russian leaders were pretty darn tall, particularly some of the Tsars like Peter the Great (who stood at a rip-roaring 6' 8) and Vladimir Lenin was also pretty tall compared to the average during the early 20th century.
Alex said on 6/Aug/07
Oh i forgot almost none of the russian before leaders Peter the greate were of pure russian ancestry.almost all czars before Peter the greate are mixed with germans or asiatic. stalin was Georgian.
Alex said on 6/Aug/07
I am from Ukraine now I live in the U.S. i can tell you that slavs are very tall people. Almost all russian people have light eyes and light haire. there are many people who go to russia and see peaple that are chechen or armenian or other caucasus and asian peolpe and think the are slavic this is bull****. You say that some russians are tall because the have nordic ancestors but people in countries like croatia and Czech republic slovakia are very very tall and are some of the purest slavs with very little nordic influence, and many people think that people of germanic origin are the only ones with fair complextion and tall stature thats is BULL****! the thracians were tall and light so were the scythians, the Sarmations and baltic such as the Finns. A true Russian of slavic origin not germanic or viking is tall with white skin almost always have light eyes almost never has black haire brown to blond being most common, and is most definitly not an Asiatic race who ever says that is insane! thta is like saying Germans are arabs.
MikeG said on 14/Jul/07
I'm 5'-8" (173cm). I've been to Russia and Ukraine many times. While there I felt like I stood slightly less the average height of the males, same as here in the US. Mostly the Russians seemed to be in the 6' plus or minus 2" range and very well built.
marione said on 8/Jul/07
berlusconi said to be 171 but i think 165
correction said on 5/Jul/07
as clyde said below, "thats the effect of constant wars with vikings, varyags, swedes, tectonic nights, fins, etc."

Not to mention the absurd statements clyde makes about successful short people, it is also worth noting that "tectonic nights" don't exist. While tectonic nights might refer to an abundance of earthquakes while dark out, he probably is referring to the germanic TEUTONIC KNIGHTS. Thats teutonic, as in germanic. and KNights, as in warriors, not night time. moron.
MD said on 3/Jul/07

Putin is a notorious lift wearer, and it's quite obvious most of the time.
Anonymous said on 2/Jul/07
just saw him stand beside bush..

im not russian so i dont really care, but giving him 5'7 is kinda dumb..
he was only like 2-3inches shorter than bush

bush is 5'11? so putin.. 5'8.5 at least
viking said on 1/Jul/07
I read all the comments wondering what the fuzz is about.

Please explain what is the significance of Putin's height.
MD said on 29/Jun/07
Editor Rob,

This listing of 5'7" is just ridiculous. Considering French president Sarkozy and Putin, both, wear lifts, it's quite apparent they are very much around the same height. Sarkozy is no more than 5'5" (most likely 5'4"), so Putin can not possibly be even close to 5'7"

Click Here

Click Here
one said on 29/Jun/07
ras : thats because many people in russia is poor and eat bad food. Bad food= bad growth. Just look at south and North Korea. In South people are in average 10 cm taller and 20 kg heavier.
ras said on 28/Jun/07
Well Clyde yes, russians had SOME scandinavian ancestry with the vikings but as far as I know russians are mainly/primarily of slavic ancestry. It's kind of a coincidence that there are a lot of under average russians out there. I don't doubt they are not midgets but they are not as tall as scandinavians. And the rich people being short argument is not true. Look at Donald Trump.
Clyde said on 9/Jun/07
Russia is not a land of dwarves.. in fact, out of all european countries besides scandinavia peninsula, russians have the highest percentage of DNA related to that of vikings - thats the effect of constant wars with vikings, varyags, swedes, tectonic nights, fins, etc. Actually, the first kings of Russia were Nordic - the family of Riuriks. So russians are not small and there is a clear base for the stereotypes to be based on. The fact that a good amount of rulers in recent Russia were not tall signifies that short people are on average more successful than tall ones (not sure the reason for that). After all, most of the millionares are short.
Stiffelio said on 8/Jun/07
Putin looks the same height as, or slightly shorter than, Sarkozy. He's between 5'5" and 5'6". Merkel, albeit with heels, also looks the same height. Prodi is 5'8" and does look 2 inches taller than Putin & Sarko & Angie.
Lmeister said on 8/Jun/07
Good pics MD. I was watching the news yesterday and Mr. Putin was wearing dress shoes that had exceptionally high heels and still was a lot shorter than George W. Bush. He also looks shorter than Finnish president Tarja Halonen (5'7.75'') who usually wears low cut ladies shoes. I think 5'6''ish would be more accurate. There is also a possibility that he is 5'5''...
MD said on 7/Jun/07

I still don't get why he's listed this high. Here he is with new French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who's never listed over 5'6" (168 cm), and more likely 5'4"

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Putin is 5'5", as he's never taller than Sarkozy, and Sarkozy actually looks marginally taller.
Anonymous said on 11/May/07
And what's funny is that, around the world, the image of a typical Russian is that of a tall and nordic-like person...while everyone knows that very few Russians look like Sharapova or Yeltsin

PS - Don't use Stalin as an example...he was Georgian, and not Russian.
The Horse of FUNK said on 9/May/07
Wasn't this guy listed as 5'5"? I've seen many 5'5" listings as well.
Anonymous said on 8/May/07
What is the average russian height? It seems it's shorter than the 5'8 american average height, and that's still way short, not even 5'9, which is not tall for a man nowadays with the youth growing 6+.
andrey said on 25/Apr/07
im from russia, and usually see putin on tv. id say a 169-170 estimate is accurate.
by the way Peter the Great was ranging somewhere from 6,7 to 7 feet as he is described in historic documentary
and mikhail prokhorov, a famous russian oligarkh, is nearly 7 feet tall. just check out this pic with putin
Click Here
Lmeister said on 25/Apr/07
I was confusing Prodi to someone else. Prodi and Berlusconi are both 5'7''...
Lmeister said on 25/Apr/07
Silvio Berlusconi says that he is 5'7''. I think that is close to the truth otherwise Romano Prodi would be a midget since he looks at least 2-3 inches shorter than Silvio...Click Here
5'11 guy said on 22/Apr/07
Actually, he nearly matches Hu in some pics. I'm pretty sure Hu isn't under 5'9. Is something inside Putin's shoes?
5'11 guy said on 22/Apr/07
He looks substantially shorter than the Chinese president Hu Jintao, who is 5'9-5'10.
Franco said on 14/Mar/07
Here are 2 pictures i grabbed from TV, he is next to ROMANO PRODI the italian.
in tv even when PUTIN was closer to the camera, he was shorter than Romano Prodi, which i think is 5'7 so 5'8 with shoes, IMHO Putin is 5'7 with shoes, 5'6 barefeet.

here's the ultimate proof.

Click Here

Click Here
Anonymous said on 9/Mar/07
Putin is 171 cm, about 5'71/2". Peter the Great was 6'7" but Western sources sometimes list Lenin at 5'5" and Stalin at about 5'61/2", but those sources are suspect because of politics. Napolean for example, was not, contrary to common wisdom, short. He was actually slightly above average height for his period but the English deliberately miscalculated the French measurement of his height when converting to the English feet and inches and created the myth that he was very short. A little agitprop 1812 style.Hitler also was over 5'8", contrary to a lot of the stories you hear of how short he was.
goller2001 said on 19/Feb/07
I think he'd be about 5'8 and here's why.

Bush is 5'10 1/2 according to the white house website (His father is listed at about 6'2 btw)

Bush height: Click Here

Putin and Bush Photo Click Here

Bush looks about 2 or 3 inches taller here face-to-face. Bush being slightly over 5'10, I'd say around 5'7 or 5'8 is right
TNTinCA said on 18/Feb/07
Be careful how far you downgrade him, Rob. You may wind up finding polonium in your breakfast cereal. ;-)

[Editor Rob: You know, my kellogs cornflakes did taste a bit funny this morning and they changed the usual milk delivery man, calls himself Yuri!]
MD said on 24/Jan/07
Anonymous, perhaps you should supply a few pages to read, because what I've come up with just through some preliminary searching is that adult Russian men average 5'7" to 5'9" in height, which is definitely not what the other poster called dwarves, but it's not 5'10", either.
Me said on 15/Jan/07
5'7 at the best... the way, someone there knows what's the average height for a Russian male?If we take in account that Putin is 5'7, Krueschev was 5'3, and Stalin was in the 5'4-5'6 range, then, Russia is a land of DWARFS!...their average must be even below that of Brazil(5'7), my home country!
Âèòoð said on 13/Jan/07
Putin is 5'7, at the best

By the way, what is the average height for a Russian man?If we considerer that Stalin was in the 5'4-5'6 range, and Krueschev was 5'3, Russia must be a land of my home country(Brazil)
Anshelm said on 6/Jun/06
President of Finland Tarja Halonen (that's right, the Conan O'Brien lookalike), who's 172 cm/5'7¾", looked just taller than him with small heels, so I suppose they're about the same height.

Also, Boris Yeltsin stands officially at 187 cm/6'1½" – there should be plenty of comparison opportunities next to him.
guyfrommars said on 23/May/06
Click Here

This image shows him with Hungarian prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany who is usualy listed as circa 6'3".
trueheight said on 13/Mar/06
I don't think so, editor. When the CCP claims 171cm for HuJintao, you can read that as a maximum(personally he does look 173). Putin is struggling to see him eye to eye. 5'6 is a very good estimate(considering he wears 'normal shoes). IF he wears lifts, 5'5 wouldn't be off the mark
stAs said on 20/Dec/05
by the way for those who doesn't know Putin has moldavian roots, i mean there is a legend but also a quite true story that a great moldavian philosopher Dimitrie Cantemir(one of the greatest of that time,Leibniz said that he was "king among philosophers and philosopher between kings", 18 century) moved to live in Russia to be the PeterI friend, he brought with him his soldiers, moldovans, and among them where one small soldier named Vlad Putina, and this soldier saved Peter I life in one battle and the russian king made him a colonel in his army, and from generation to generation this was a tradition for newborn boys in the family of this soldier to teach him the military art, and to give the name of their grandrelative Vlad or in russian Vladimir, and as i mentioned that soldier was very small, and so Putin is not tall, and military tradition, Putin is a former KGB officer, so you decide is true or not, too many coincedences for a legend.
stAs said on 20/Dec/05
i give him max 172cm but i think 170cm is reasonable. i'm from Moldova former ussr republic so i see him almost every day on tv news and i don't see where to give him 175cm . but his not so small as some consider. min 168cm. fair enough for him 170-171cm
jello said on 3/Dec/05
He is smaller than the Austrian federal chancellor who is 169cm tall.
PAVEL said on 2/Dec/05
I'm from russia, the same city putin is from and he is 165-167 barefoot I guess it's 5.5" - 5.6"
Xhamlliku said on 24/Oct/05
5'5" Period.
A-Bomb said on 12/Oct/05
Oh hey Rob. I have walked past Kosta Tszyu, he signed autographs in August or September last year in one of the shopping malls downs here. Now I reckon for sure Putin is around 5'6 1/2" cuz Kosta was definitely struggling with 5'7", he does however have a bad posture when he walks so perhaps.... Ok granted this sighting wont mean much to you.
A-Bomb said on 12/Oct/05
Well Rob one of those is not the best pictures of Howard and Putin. In one of them they look the same verifying 5'6 1/2" (if howard is indeed that tall) for Putin at the most, in the other Putin looks taller, but Howard posture apears to be sagging just a bit and we can't see his lower half.

[Editor Rob: yes the first pic of putin/howard makes them appear virtually identical in height. But if either guy is a bit closer to the camera it might be the difference of 1cm...just glancing at a bunch of putin pics again, 170cm looks reasonable, 169-167 I'm not so sure about.

I mean, go to and type in putin kostya

Now boxer Kostya Tszyu is listed at 5ft 7 in most places...maybe I should give back that cm I stole from Putin ;)
A-Bomb said on 12/Oct/05
A 171cm listing for Putin, with those pictures in mind, gives this site a lack of credibility. George Bush is max 5'11" and I reckon he's an inch shorter than that and I know that at around 5'8" I don't look as short as Putin does next to someone who is supposedly 5'11". There's a photo of Bono and Putin as well were Putin is clearly shorter than Bono. He's also being pictured next to my Prime Minister who is 5'6 1/2" (John Howard, add that one Rob) and he was shorter than him! I'd say he is 5'6" max.

[Editor Rob: I'm surprised people are at all interested in Putin, but I'll repost the links to the Blair/Putin pics, well at least the ones where they are standing near enough same distance and similar stance. His footwear though, well it ain't that suspicous is it?


I would agree that between those there is near enough 5 inch, so, I'll strip 1 more 1/4 inch away from poor putin and for the moment let him hold onto a 170cm listing as long as he is in power ;)
I'm struggling to see a 6, nevermind 7 inch difference...

As for Howard and Putin:
Putin Howard and Another angle.
Mr. R said on 11/Oct/05
Rob, I too have seen the 5-5 listing for Putin more than once!
MD said on 11/Oct/05
Editor, can you please add these last few pics to my last post? I posted too soon:

Bush and Putin

Lastly, Putin and the diminutive Kim Jong-Il
MD said on 11/Oct/05
A few more pic of Russia's leader. Not all are good, but do give a general sense of height (or that lack there of in this case):

1. Putin and Blair

2. Blair and the quite-tall Chirac

3. And, possibly the most telling photos I've yet seen, Blair and Putin with feet visible

This is for everyone else to decide, but I think the last pic shows at least slightly over-elevated heels, and perhaps lifts if you want to read that far into it.
MD said on 11/Oct/05
Come on, Rob. 5'-5" may be too much too soon for you, but this man does not look 5'-7" in quite a few pictures. Actually, 5'7" would be quite generous.

Not the best picture, but here is President George W. Bush near Putin. We know that Putin (especially if it's a national event and he's on camera) wears dubious footwear. You guys be the judge. If you give Bush 5'10" or 5'11" well....
British Guy said on 11/Oct/05
It is a well known fact,

Vladimir Putin is only 5ft 5in...

Perhaps you should doing a background check...

[Editor Rob: he ain't that short man...I think 170-171 is reasonable, he does look close to 5 inches shorter than Blair and his footwear surprisingly doesn't look suspect. I'll sneak 1/4 inch off him ;0]
MD said on 10/Oct/05
Kyut, does it matter? It seems pretty clear the current height listed is being generous. This is one of the few people here actually known for wearing lifts. I would really put him at 5'-6" at the very most.
kyut said on 9/Oct/05
I am 5'8" Does that mean I am short?
MD said on 16/May/05
Yeah, it's quite well known that he's a very small man, and even known for wearing large-heeled shoes.
mjd said on 14/May/05
ARE YOU KIDDING ME???he stood beside pres. bush a few weeks ago and he was like 5 inches shorter...he was shorter then laura bush for heavens sakes...He's like 5'5.

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