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5ft 5.93in (167.5cm)
Slaz said on 30/May/08
I agree totally with Stiffelio, better pictures to proof that Putin is no more than 5'5 max. do not exist.
With this pictures it's PROVEN that Putin could NEVER EVER be 5'7!
Editor Rob, it's really high time to correct Putins height.
Stiffelio said on 28/May/08
Rob, I seriously think it's about time you corrected Mr Putin's height to the more realistic 5 ft 5. There's enough photographic evidence to justify it.
wjf said on 28/May/08
If Dmitri Medvedev is really 5'4" then No WAY that Putin is even 5'6". He is more like 5'5".

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Jason said on 23/May/08
Wow ... it is, too. They look the same person with Abdullah minus the beard, in those two photos.
MD said on 22/May/08
Jason, that photo with on your first post of May 22nd is actually of Putin and Jordan's King Abdullah, not Medvedev.

Anyway, it's quite apparent that Putin isn't anything over 5'5"
Jason said on 22/May/08
Click Here

Medvedev with (5'7''?) Condoleezza Rice ... engaged in what looks to be a Masonic handshake.
Jason said on 22/May/08
Click Here

Another of Putin and Medvedev together -- Vladimir looks like he's got 2 inches on him here. Isn't that the Masonic NWO hand sign Bush does and claims is just a sports team hand sign, Mr. Medvedev? Hmmm...
Guido G. said on 21/May/08
This 5'7 claim for putin is just redicolous. On the pictures from MD you can clearly see that he can't be anymore than 5'4.5 - 5'5 max. , even shorter if he wears lifts and there are a lot rumours around that he DO.
Lmeister said on 13/May/08
Good pics MD. I also noticed that Putin is barely taller than Medvedev. They are both rather short. 5ft4 for Medvedev and 5ft5.5 - 5ft6 to Putin.
MD said on 12/May/08
With 5'4" Medvedev

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There isn't even an inch of difference between them, let alone 3 inches. This is easily the most blatantly false listing on this website, and really hurts its credibility. I know this is a thankless hobby, but even you must admit how ridiculous this one is.

BTW, in pictures taken with Bush, both of these leaders are in some obvious lifts. Same goes for Sarkozy who is also said to have stood on a box in his photo op.
MD said on 12/May/08

I don't see how in the world you can give Putin 5'7" when we know that Medvedev is 5'4". There is barely an inch between them if even that much.

You really have to check this.
quebecker said on 11/May/08
5'7 isn't short enough for putin
Anonymous said on 9/May/08
the point is, as long as Russian are happy to be leaded by him, it just dosen't matter wheter Putin is 5.7' or 5.5' or even 5'in height.
Anonymous said on 9/May/08
in my word, if Medvedev is 5.4', Putin can not be taller than 5.5'. you guy may review closely their group picture, the very recent one I mean. in that picture, they are almost in same height.
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/08
TIME magazine lists him at 5'6''
Anonymous said on 20/Apr/08
His new gf is 5'4" and he is the same height as her, so he is 5'4" as well!!
Dollar said on 7/Apr/08
He's the same height as Jordan's present king, who looks no more than 5'5 to be honest. Also...Bush is 5'10. Politicians are just as bad as actors, if not the same thing.

Daniel said on 7/Apr/08
PSandie, Putin doesn't seem to be more than 5'5'' in the picture
SIMCITYFAN19999 said on 6/Apr/08
PSsandie, we all know bush is at most 5'7 so putin is at most 5'
PSandie said on 6/Apr/08
Click Here

Bush is 5'11', so what do you guys think?
Simmerion said on 6/Apr/08
SIMCITYFAN1999 I was tehre that same other day...your nowhere near 5'1", more like 5'3" WITH your snakeskin cowboy boots on. Putin had no sohes, and he was clearly shorter than you. I say no more than 5'1". The dude's got some serious problems, he got way shorter now than when i was en teh service with him. I say beak hite was like 6'2".
SIMCITYFAN1999 said on 5/Apr/08
i saw him the other day... no way hes over 5'2 im 5'1 and hes shorter tha nme!!!!!
Simmerion said on 5/Apr/08
I was in the cold war, and I was in Putin's battalion. I'm a man of 5'2" and I saw Putin once, in the shower, and I swear he was no more than 4'11". I heard rumours that he has gotten leg extension surgery and advanced cybernetic implants to bring him to his current loft height.
Come On said on 18/Mar/08
Putin is 5'5, or 165 cm... funny how the 170 cm number keeps getting thrown around.. god, how powerful do you have to be before your height doesn't matter anymore?
Daniel said on 11/Mar/08
Ivo, can you tell us what is that of that "baltic race" you mentioned? If it ever existed, what were their physical features?
andrey said on 5/Mar/08
just read an official article from the russian press about russian presidents' heights.
Boris Yeltsin - 189 cm
Vladimir Putin - 170 cm
Dmitri Medvedev - 162 cm
Nikita Khrushev - 158 cm
by the way medved in russian means bear))) i'd call him CUBvedev then))))
MD said on 4/Mar/08
Really, how is anyone going to explain away the photos of him with 5'5" Sarkozy? BTW, let's add Medevedev now that he's the new Russian president. He's only 5'4".
Giovanni said on 3/Mar/08
Don't say sillies, i have meet Silvio Berlusconi in Positano and not is more of 5ft and 2 inch = mt 1,58. But he by foots have of the high heels much tall, maybe 3 inch
GM said on 23/Feb/08
I met Silvio Berlusconi in 1998. I'm only 168 cm, but he looked shorter than me when I was in front of him. We talked a little, but it was full of people, so I couldn't look his shoes. Everyone suppose he use elevator shoes. So I think he's about 163-165 cm. Now if you look his near Putin, they seem to have about the same height, but Putin is slimmer and younger, so he looks taller than him. I think Putin is about 165-166 cm. No more
Gwendolen said on 20/Feb/08
I,m 5'6 1/2". At one point it was the average height for a woman. Now, I'm not so sure.
anonymous said on 11/Feb/08
About peoples height it is important to state that when walking around a town or a city the number of people who are over 6' seems far greater than it actually is. I've been living in the North of England for 5 years now and the average height for young men is "5'10" yet many people think the average is greater. 25% of men in the uk are over 6' meaning that there are only 8 million males out of 30 million that are tall. The number always seems far greater than expected. As for Putins height he's 5'7.
Anshelm said on 17/Jan/08
With George W. Bush Click Here Click Here
Mike said on 1/Jan/08
Rob, why is this guy still listed as 5'7"? I think the majority of people agree that he is 5'6" at the most, possibly even 5'5". You gotta take into account that he looks 5'7" with his lifted shoes which probably give him like 1.5 to 2 inches in height.
ivo said on 17/Dec/07
old good prussians(which are not exist any more) belonged to baltic nations ,together with lithuanians and latvians,but they were completely germanized, they belonged to baltic race
paolo said on 7/Dec/07
i'm italian.berlusconi said to be 171...but for me(and for all) is 171 with "supershoes"...berlusconi real height is 165.
huiswho said on 23/Nov/07
Vladimir Putin is more than 170cm maybe around 172cm-173cm consider Hu Jintao is 5'7(170cm) Click Here
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tallest nations said on 11/Nov/07
skandinavians(including finns),dinarians(croats,serbs,montenegrins,slovenians,bosnians),balts(estonians(related to finns),latvians and especially lithuanians), some germans ,dutch. chzechs ,poles are shorter,slovakians are even shorter. romanians and hungarians are quite avarage.
Dan said on 6/Nov/07
I've been living in korea for 2years and most young males are about 5'9" to 5'11"
Rob G said on 18/Sep/07
Hey I'm from Poland and must say that acording to reports the average heigh of men born in 1983-86 is 177.5cm whitch is 5'10'' but as I observe younger generation of Poles I must say that these guys are pretty damm tall ( i know what I say I teach in highschool ) I'm was measured 5'10'' and most of guys are like 5'11'' - 6'0'' yet they are only 16-18 years old so most certainly they'll gain some more inches, and yes Slavs are light, blond-brown hair etc back to Putin well he is 5'7'' tops
Austrian said on 15/Sep/07
"The fact that a good amount of rulers in recent Russia were not tall signifies that short people are on average more successful than tall ones (not sure the reason for that). After all, most of the millionares are short."

funny that ive read exactly the contrary, that the majority of CEOs are 6' or taller.... but then again maybe thats just an american thing (werent almost all US presidents rather tall too?)
Austrian said on 15/Sep/07
btw wheres Sarkozy? hes missing on your site :)

(another short european president hehe)
Austrian said on 15/Sep/07
yea ill agree on that, russians are kinda short by average

not as short as japanese or korean, but to me they come across shorter than other european peoples (at least shorter than the germanic and yugoslavian peoples)
Anonymous said on 29/Aug/07
average russian height is 176 cm. I'm 180 and sometimes I feel myself rather short amongst the teenagers
Daniel said on 24/Aug/07
As far as I know, and can see from the pictures or tv programs, Russians are short to average people, not tall (let's say 5'8'' for males), and many people from Russia - I couldn't tell the percentage, but it must be considerably significant, i've never been there, by the way - are undeniably of mixed race, I mean, white (say slavs, germanic, alpin or whatever) and asiatic (mogolic). It's a well known fact that even outstanding leaders (Lenin, Yeltsin, for example) have mogolic ancestry, as we can see from their features. So, please let's forget the slavic thing. Besides, as one said before, height is less a question of race than it is of nourishment and good environment for the physical development of children. And getting back to Valdimir Putin, judging form all his appearances on tv and pictures on the newspapers and magazines, I'd bet he's around 1.68m to 1.70m, no more neither less. It shouldn't be surprising that he can look taller because he's well shaped and remember he was KGB so he has good military posture of course. BTW, his complexion matches with the "Slavic" stereotype, I think.
Heinrich said on 24/Aug/07
Actually, Russia is not a land of dwarves, heightwise it's a land of radicals. The Russian people I know are either really short or really tall, same with Russia's leaders from the Czars to the Soviets to the Federation.

You have short Russian leaders like Joseph Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev, Vladimir Putin and Leonid Brezhniv also came up considerably short compared to American presidents like Jimmy Carter (who was 5' 9, not exactly tall either, the shortest modern American president in fact)

However, some Russian leaders were pretty darn tall, particularly some of the Tsars like Peter the Great (who stood at a rip-roaring 6' 8) and Vladimir Lenin was also pretty tall compared to the average during the early 20th century.
Alex said on 6/Aug/07
Oh i forgot almost none of the russian before leaders Peter the greate were of pure russian ancestry.almost all czars before Peter the greate are mixed with germans or asiatic. stalin was Georgian.
MikeG said on 14/Jul/07
I'm 5'-8" (173cm). I've been to Russia and Ukraine many times. While there I felt like I stood slightly less the average height of the males, same as here in the US. Mostly the Russians seemed to be in the 6' plus or minus 2" range and very well built.
marione said on 8/Jul/07
berlusconi said to be 171 but i think 165
MD said on 3/Jul/07

Putin is a notorious lift wearer, and it's quite obvious most of the time.
Anonymous said on 2/Jul/07
just saw him stand beside bush..

im not russian so i dont really care, but giving him 5'7 is kinda dumb..
he was only like 2-3inches shorter than bush

bush is 5'11? so putin.. 5'8.5 at least
viking said on 1/Jul/07
I read all the comments wondering what the fuzz is about.

Please explain what is the significance of Putin's height.
MD said on 29/Jun/07
Editor Rob,

This listing of 5'7" is just ridiculous. Considering French president Sarkozy and Putin, both, wear lifts, it's quite apparent they are very much around the same height. Sarkozy is no more than 5'5" (most likely 5'4"), so Putin can not possibly be even close to 5'7"

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one said on 29/Jun/07
ras : thats because many people in russia is poor and eat bad food. Bad food= bad growth. Just look at south and North Korea. In South people are in average 10 cm taller and 20 kg heavier.
Clyde said on 9/Jun/07
Russia is not a land of dwarves.. in fact, out of all european countries besides scandinavia peninsula, russians have the highest percentage of DNA related to that of vikings - thats the effect of constant wars with vikings, varyags, swedes, tectonic nights, fins, etc. Actually, the first kings of Russia were Nordic - the family of Riuriks. So russians are not small and there is a clear base for the stereotypes to be based on. The fact that a good amount of rulers in recent Russia were not tall signifies that short people are on average more successful than tall ones (not sure the reason for that). After all, most of the millionares are short.
Stiffelio said on 8/Jun/07
Putin looks the same height as, or slightly shorter than, Sarkozy. He's between 5'5" and 5'6". Merkel, albeit with heels, also looks the same height. Prodi is 5'8" and does look 2 inches taller than Putin & Sarko & Angie.
Lmeister said on 8/Jun/07
Good pics MD. I was watching the news yesterday and Mr. Putin was wearing dress shoes that had exceptionally high heels and still was a lot shorter than George W. Bush. He also looks shorter than Finnish president Tarja Halonen (5'7.75'') who usually wears low cut ladies shoes. I think 5'6''ish would be more accurate. There is also a possibility that he is 5'5''...
MD said on 7/Jun/07

I still don't get why he's listed this high. Here he is with new French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who's never listed over 5'6" (168 cm), and more likely 5'4"

Click Here

Click Here

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Putin is 5'5", as he's never taller than Sarkozy, and Sarkozy actually looks marginally taller.
Anonymous said on 11/May/07
And what's funny is that, around the world, the image of a typical Russian is that of a tall and nordic-like person...while everyone knows that very few Russians look like Sharapova or Yeltsin

PS - Don't use Stalin as an example...he was Georgian, and not Russian.
The Horse of FUNK said on 9/May/07
Wasn't this guy listed as 5'5"? I've seen many 5'5" listings as well.
Anonymous said on 8/May/07
What is the average russian height? It seems it's shorter than the 5'8 american average height, and that's still way short, not even 5'9, which is not tall for a man nowadays with the youth growing 6+.
andrey said on 25/Apr/07
im from russia, and usually see putin on tv. id say a 169-170 estimate is accurate.
by the way Peter the Great was ranging somewhere from 6,7 to 7 feet as he is described in historic documentary
and mikhail prokhorov, a famous russian oligarkh, is nearly 7 feet tall. just check out this pic with putin
Click Here
Lmeister said on 25/Apr/07
I was confusing Prodi to someone else. Prodi and Berlusconi are both 5'7''...
5'11 guy said on 22/Apr/07
Actually, he nearly matches Hu in some pics. I'm pretty sure Hu isn't under 5'9. Is something inside Putin's shoes?
5'11 guy said on 22/Apr/07
He looks substantially shorter than the Chinese president Hu Jintao, who is 5'9-5'10.
Franco said on 14/Mar/07
Here are 2 pictures i grabbed from TV, he is next to ROMANO PRODI the italian.
in tv even when PUTIN was closer to the camera, he was shorter than Romano Prodi, which i think is 5'7 so 5'8 with shoes, IMHO Putin is 5'7 with shoes, 5'6 barefeet.

here's the ultimate proof.

Click Here

Click Here
Anonymous said on 9/Mar/07
Putin is 171 cm, about 5'71/2". Peter the Great was 6'7" but Western sources sometimes list Lenin at 5'5" and Stalin at about 5'61/2", but those sources are suspect because of politics. Napolean for example, was not, contrary to common wisdom, short. He was actually slightly above average height for his period but the English deliberately miscalculated the French measurement of his height when converting to the English feet and inches and created the myth that he was very short. A little agitprop 1812 style.Hitler also was over 5'8", contrary to a lot of the stories you hear of how short he was.
goller2001 said on 19/Feb/07
I think he'd be about 5'8 and here's why.

Bush is 5'10 1/2 according to the white house website (His father is listed at about 6'2 btw)

Bush height: Click Here

Putin and Bush Photo Click Here

Bush looks about 2 or 3 inches taller here face-to-face. Bush being slightly over 5'10, I'd say around 5'7 or 5'8 is right
TNTinCA said on 18/Feb/07
Be careful how far you downgrade him, Rob. You may wind up finding polonium in your breakfast cereal. ;-)

Editor Rob
You know, my kellogs cornflakes did taste a bit funny this morning and they changed the usual milk delivery man, calls himself Yuri!
MD said on 24/Jan/07
Anonymous, perhaps you should supply a few pages to read, because what I've come up with just through some preliminary searching is that adult Russian men average 5'7" to 5'9" in height, which is definitely not what the other poster called dwarves, but it's not 5'10", either.
Me said on 15/Jan/07
5'7 at the best... the way, someone there knows what's the average height for a Russian male?If we take in account that Putin is 5'7, Krueschev was 5'3, and Stalin was in the 5'4-5'6 range, then, Russia is a land of DWARFS!...their average must be even below that of Brazil(5'7), my home country!
Âèòoð said on 13/Jan/07
Putin is 5'7, at the best

By the way, what is the average height for a Russian man?If we considerer that Stalin was in the 5'4-5'6 range, and Krueschev was 5'3, Russia must be a land of my home country(Brazil)
Anshelm said on 6/Jun/06
President of Finland Tarja Halonen (that's right, the Conan O'Brien lookalike), who's 172 cm/5'7¾", looked just taller than him with small heels, so I suppose they're about the same height.

Also, Boris Yeltsin stands officially at 187 cm/6'1½" – there should be plenty of comparison opportunities next to him.
guyfrommars said on 23/May/06
Click Here

This image shows him with Hungarian prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany who is usualy listed as circa 6'3".
trueheight said on 13/Mar/06
I don't think so, editor. When the CCP claims 171cm for HuJintao, you can read that as a maximum(personally he does look 173). Putin is struggling to see him eye to eye. 5'6 is a very good estimate(considering he wears 'normal shoes). IF he wears lifts, 5'5 wouldn't be off the mark
stAs said on 20/Dec/05
by the way for those who doesn't know Putin has moldavian roots, i mean there is a legend but also a quite true story that a great moldavian philosopher Dimitrie Cantemir(one of the greatest of that time,Leibniz said that he was "king among philosophers and philosopher between kings", 18 century) moved to live in Russia to be the PeterI friend, he brought with him his soldiers, moldovans, and among them where one small soldier named Vlad Putina, and this soldier saved Peter I life in one battle and the russian king made him a colonel in his army, and from generation to generation this was a tradition for newborn boys in the family of this soldier to teach him the military art, and to give the name of their grandrelative Vlad or in russian Vladimir, and as i mentioned that soldier was very small, and so Putin is not tall, and military tradition, Putin is a former KGB officer, so you decide is true or not, too many coincedences for a legend.
stAs said on 20/Dec/05
i give him max 172cm but i think 170cm is reasonable. i'm from Moldova former ussr republic so i see him almost every day on tv news and i don't see where to give him 175cm . but his not so small as some consider. min 168cm. fair enough for him 170-171cm
jello said on 3/Dec/05
He is smaller than the Austrian federal chancellor who is 169cm tall.
PAVEL said on 2/Dec/05
I'm from russia, the same city putin is from and he is 165-167 barefoot I guess it's 5.5" - 5.6"
Xhamlliku said on 24/Oct/05
5'5" Period.
A-Bomb said on 12/Oct/05
Oh hey Rob. I have walked past Kosta Tszyu, he signed autographs in August or September last year in one of the shopping malls downs here. Now I reckon for sure Putin is around 5'6 1/2" cuz Kosta was definitely struggling with 5'7", he does however have a bad posture when he walks so perhaps.... Ok granted this sighting wont mean much to you.
Mr. R said on 11/Oct/05
Rob, I too have seen the 5-5 listing for Putin more than once!
MD said on 11/Oct/05
Editor, can you please add these last few pics to my last post? I posted too soon:

Bush and Putin

Lastly, Putin and the diminutive Kim Jong-Il
MD said on 11/Oct/05
A few more pic of Russia's leader. Not all are good, but do give a general sense of height (or that lack there of in this case):

1. Putin and Blair

2. Blair and the quite-tall Chirac

3. And, possibly the most telling photos I've yet seen, Blair and Putin with feet visible

This is for everyone else to decide, but I think the last pic shows at least slightly over-elevated heels, and perhaps lifts if you want to read that far into it.
MD said on 11/Oct/05
Come on, Rob. 5'-5" may be too much too soon for you, but this man does not look 5'-7" in quite a few pictures. Actually, 5'7" would be quite generous.

Not the best picture, but here is President George W. Bush near Putin. We know that Putin (especially if it's a national event and he's on camera) wears dubious footwear. You guys be the judge. If you give Bush 5'10" or 5'11" well....
MD said on 10/Oct/05
Kyut, does it matter? It seems pretty clear the current height listed is being generous. This is one of the few people here actually known for wearing lifts. I would really put him at 5'-6" at the very most.
kyut said on 9/Oct/05
I am 5'8" Does that mean I am short?
MD said on 16/May/05
Yeah, it's quite well known that he's a very small man, and even known for wearing large-heeled shoes.
mjd said on 14/May/05
ARE YOU KIDDING ME???he stood beside pres. bush a few weeks ago and he was like 5 inches shorter...he was shorter then laura bush for heavens sakes...He's like 5'5.

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