How tall is William Mapother

William Mapother's Height

6ft 1 (185.4 cm)

American actor, known for roles in movies such as In the Bedroom, The Grudge, Mission Impossible 2 and Another Earth. On TV he played Ethan in LOST. A People interview in 2002 mentioned him as being "6ft 1".

How tall is William Mapother
5ft 8 Rob and William (age 42) @ London Film & Comic Con, 2007

How tall is William Mapother
5ft 8 Rob and William @ LFCC 2007

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Average Guess (61 Votes)
6ft 1.02in (185.5cm)
Matez said on 27/Sep/23
Rob Is 6'1.25 possible at for him?
Andrea said on 24/Jan/22
The "full" 6'0.75 could be a bit on the optimistic side, but somewhere around 6'0.5 I don't doubt that.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Oct/21
He'd get edged by Gatiss
Slim 6'1.5 said on 31/May/21
Even if he is just 184.5 he can pull of looking solid 6’1
Slim 6'1.5 said on 11/May/21
If he’s not 185 than he’s 184.5 👍
No hard feelings rampage!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/May/21
Not sure about a solid 6ft1, Slim....close to it definitely but not sure he'd be a guy that would hold on to it at his low...
slim 6'1 said on 30/Jan/21
He’s definitely the solid 6’1”
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jan/21
Rob, who looked taller between this guy, Amell and Tennant?
Editor Rob
Tennant looked shorter, mainly because of less sneaker.
slim 6'1 said on 18/Jan/21
The full 6’1” is arguable
slim 6'1 said on 8/Jan/21
He’d edge 184.5 guys like amell and Tennent. Definitely the full 6’1”
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 29/Dec/20
Mimi, he was Tom's first cousins.
Mimi said on 8/Aug/20
Is he Tom Cruise's relative of some sort? They look alike
Slim 6'1" said on 5/Aug/20
Taller than Stephen amell 185 on the nose
Jkiller said on 17/Apr/20
Looked 6'1 in Lost.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Nov/19
I mean William Mapother not Michael.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/Jan/19
Can relate if Michael standing next to his first cousin Tom Cruise there will be a huge different at 4" (Tom with lift's)
Zampo said on 31/Oct/18
Just to add I can buy him measuring possibly 6'0.5 at most from looking at the photo.
Zampo said on 31/Oct/18
Looks around 6'0 flat in the photo with Rob. Looks to be in the similar range with Edi Gathegi.....
Gracian said on 8/May/18
Rob, I again offers a quarter inch downgrade for William Mapother and upgrade for Terry O'Quinn peak height by a quarter inch. Rob, please answer my comment.
Editor Rob
In person I think William isn't that far off 6ft 1.
Redwing said on 14/Feb/18
Hey rob I'm that photo below, are there heights not properly aligned with eachother?
Editor Rob
In the comparison photo? I aligned my head to the same size.
Redwing said on 10/Feb/18
Hey rob could you pls do a comparison picture with mapother and mark selby? I'd love to see what it looks like!!
Editor Rob
electricblue said on 30/Jan/18
6 1 is too optimistic for me. compare the photo of ahmed best with mapother who is also listed at 6ft ¾. best looks taller than mapother but still doesn't hit the 6 1 mark. so i think it's unlikely that in this photo mapother is hitting 6 1. i think he is probably the listing.
Nik said on 28/Jan/18
He is clearly the said height at most!
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 27/Jan/18
looks a rock solid 185cm in the photo above.
MAD SAM said on 16/Jan/18
He looks 186 cm beside you Rob I hunk you should upgrade his height
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/17
at first glance, he looks exactly what you have him for to me
Nikolaj said on 30/Sep/17
Strong 6'1, legit claim in my opinion.
Junior said on 14/Aug/17
He look 6'0.25" here. Maybe he measure at his tallest at 6'1 but drop at lowest 6'0.5" range
Gracjan said on 29/Jul/17
@Editor Rob: I will write the same thing I wrote under Terry O'Quinn, I think it would be fairer if you could have change William's height with Terry's peak height.
Bobby said on 3/Jul/17
I guessed 6'1 before clicking on the picture, not far off but I think he pulls off looking 5 inches taller than you here.
Average height and slim said on 29/May/17
Looks 11.5 cm taller than rob
Rick said on 15/Mar/17
Strong 6'1.
Victor Surratt said on 11/Feb/17
Solid 6'1, with the hair he looks a little more taller.
Redwing said on 19/Jan/17
He sorta looks like the main singer from crowded house,corruption rob I just read that you had him at 6'1.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 9/Jan/17
This is the lowest I would go for this guy. He isn't under this. Even if he was, It would be too small to notice.
Giorgi said on 17/Dec/16
Looks like strong 185 cm. Probably doesn't go to bed much smaller than that.
Josh said on 16/Nov/16
This dude looked huge on Supergirl the other night. He looked 6'3-6'4. He looked so imposing. Camera angles do some serious magic. This is a good listing for him!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Oct/16
Rob, who looked taller this guy or Jon Heder?
Editor Rob
I would have said it is hard to tell really but I'd give William an edge because he had less hair than Jon.
S.J.H said on 2/Oct/16
Short faces can give illusion being taller. He look as tall as jon heder 6'0
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/May/16
I see fleeting glimpses of Cruise in his eyes...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/May/16
Similar to Jon Hamm, I thought. Both 184-185cm
Paleman said on 24/Apr/16
He does look near 6'1". A big forehead and low, narrow eyes can give the impression of being shorter when standing next to someone, but just look at the top of his head. He's easily over 10 centimeters taller than Rob.

A weak 6'1", 184cm is the lowest I can buy for this guy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Mar/16
He looked similar to Hamm, I thought
Lorne??? said on 5/Apr/15
Rob, are you 100% sure of this? He guest starred in an episode of mad men, and 185cm range Jon Hamm is clearly about an inch taller, both in dress shoes. Even if Hamm's were a tad thicker, this seems impossible.

Could mapother be more of a 184cm guy? I don't know his age, maybe he's lost a fraction...
Editor Rob
not seen the episode so don't know how they looked.
Tania said on 11/Dec/14
So....taller than cousin Tom Cruise, definitely. :P
rtv said on 23/Oct/14
he is a cousin of tom cruise... surprised he is so tall lol
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Oct/14
184-185cm is solid.
dom said on 3/Oct/14
if u think will mapother is 5´11 with Rob then you´re clueless about heights.
TJE said on 27/Sep/14
Rob's 169 hairline is a cm under William's eyelevel, and he's got a pretty big eyelevel. 185 is fine.
SaveUsY2J said on 18/Sep/14
5'11!? Am I looking at the same photo as everyone else?
John said on 23/Jul/14
It's funny because Tom Cruise is a Mapother via O'Mara.
Realist said on 3/Jun/14
Hey you are that awesome so-called short but actually average guys brother right?
Man 5.25 inches taller and could'nt take him down. Bad luck mate.
person said on 25/Apr/14
slightly over 6'1 i would say
Lonestar said on 14/Mar/14
Nothing over 5ft11.5 as we can see a weak 4inch here
avi said on 15/Jan/14
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Dec/13
"William Mapother's height is 6ft 0.5in (184cm)"
avi said on 29/Jun/13
Due to his large forehead yeah weak 6'1. People are saying 5'11ish cause of the eyeline. They are fooled that rob is equal with his eyebrows either way it'd still be more than 5'11 even if he had normal sized head.
Emil said on 3/Jun/13
5'11? rofl
Xior said on 29/Apr/13
Was shorter than Don in Mad Men (Jon Hamm)! Everything keeps suggesting that Jon Hamm is taller than his listing on this site.
Bakura said on 11/Feb/13
@Hob- What shoe advantage?
17, 6'0 said on 1/Feb/13
6'1. 5'11 is ridiculous!
Trent said on 19/Jan/13
I think this listing is correct.
LJ said on 15/Jan/13
Looked 6'1 on Lost. Good listing.
Ka said on 15/Oct/12
Rob with Kellan at 6'0, does it make this guy 184 cm?
Editor Rob
not impossible
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 6/Sep/12
Looks 6'1.25 with 6'1 Lutz.
avi said on 13/Jun/12
could be 6'1 flat...he probably has a shoe advantage here. you are under his eyebrows so hes definitely over 6'0.25
Hob said on 9/Jun/12
i clearly sees a 181cm guy beside rob. he does't stand badly and not even a eye brown level higher than rob. after shoe advantage on rob he is flat 5'11.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 21/Jan/12
Rob, the guy on the right side (in the photo you posted) is listed at 6'5 on the web. do you agree that he looks no more than 6'3.5 with kellan lutz and william?
peyman said on 9/Jan/12
I don't know how tall is a dress shoe , but here i see a 185 guy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jan/12
He's 182.5cm or a weak 6"0 next
to Rob. There's about a 3.5in difference.
Doesn't look anything close to 185cm(6"1).

Probably closer to 6"0 than 6"1.
Editor Rob
He's in a film, although how much I don't know, with kellan lutz
ChiasmataX said on 3/Jan/12
184cm might be closer/same height as height challenger # 10. He's pushing 185cm because of his hairstyle.
shewşonko said on 28/Dec/11
ı think flat 6'1
Ras said on 12/Nov/11
He looks 5'11.5". If he is wearing a dress shoe He's 6'0" AT BEST here.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Oct/11
Not over 183cm(6"0) in the pic...
Legend said on 23/Sep/11

Thanks captain obvious.
Dave said on 8/Sep/11
He is Tom Cruise's cousin
Balthier said on 8/Sep/11
If I am allowed to be picky, he looks 184 cm but 185 is alright aswell, I guess.
Legend said on 27/Aug/11
Accurate listing.
tony t.. said on 26/May/11
Whoa I thought this guy was like 6'3 or so. He looks HUGE compared to Nick Stahl in the movie In the Bedroom.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/May/11
I think 6"0.5(184cm)
Mathew said on 23/May/11
184 - 185 cm does seem right here...
dmeyer said on 22/May/11
nearer 6 ft with you rob
James said on 21/May/11
robs not standing straight either so i think 183cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/May/11
182-183cm in the pic with the lean...6"0.25-6"0.5 up straight.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Apr/11
He's got the same eyeline as Tom Cruise...
James said on 14/Feb/11
184cm in the pic
Chameleon said on 11/Nov/10
I agree, hes bareley 6'1.
Matt said on 9/Nov/10
you know i actually used robs height comparison photo and used it with this guy and he only comes up to 183.5cm
Lenad said on 20/Jun/09
Yeah a weak 6ft1 guy most likely
mcfan said on 18/Jun/09
Sure looks 6'1 to me.
Hugh 190cm said on 9/Jun/09
Rob did you know that this guy is the cousin of Tom Cruise??

Editor Rob
Hugh 190cm said on 30/May/09
Definately 6ft1. He's a pretty tall guy if you look at him closely.
Lozzer said on 8/Feb/09
Rob, whats the sneaker difference here?

Editor Rob
nothing really.
Ras said on 14/Nov/08
Rob seems to be reaching a bit under his eyebrow so 4 inches, although he seems to have a small face and a long forehead, thus 184 sounds plausible too...
Hugh said on 15/Oct/08
Looks pretty tall there. 6ft1.5ish maybe.
RICHARD said on 14/Oct/08
WOW he's way taller than Tom. I actually thought this guy was Tom under a new identity and a some plastic surgery.
Ange said on 13/Oct/08
I think y'all were generous. this looks like a legit 6'0 to me. He looks like his cousin, the way Randy Quaid looks like Dennis.
Derek said on 13/Oct/08
Looks more 6'0".
little one said on 17/Aug/08
i was thinking of the forest scene where Matthew Fox beat him to a pulp. I was sure he was taller. I'll have to see it again.
little one said on 6/Jul/08
rob, why have you responded to a comment of mine which didn't neccessarily require a response and yet not respond to a comment that did? (see larry david thread). once again, the logic slips through my proverbial fingers...

Editor Rob
I can't even remember what the david comment was, it could have been deleted because I thought it off topic, I can't recall.

But which episode is mapother taller than Fox...exclude any forest scene as the ground is uneven and can swing heights 2-3 up and down easily.
little one said on 2/Jul/08
i mentioned this on the tom cruise thread. mapother seems at least an inch taller than 6'2 listed matthew fox.

Editor Rob
Mapother ain't over 6ft 1...
sam said on 9/May/06
This guy looked a full 6'1" while on Lost.
Hmm said on 6/May/06
This guy is Tom Cruise's cousin. Did he inherit the obsessive lift gene I wonder?

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