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AKK said on 28/Mar/10
Huh. I must be one of those exceptional guys then. I would be absolutely annoyed if I had to slouch/hunch/whatever every time my girl wanted to whisper something in my ear. And I don't care much for heels simply because of the long-term physiological damage it does to a woman. Even short-term, I've observed the shock that the lower leg goes through with each step. Ideally, the "perfect" woman to me, would be big enough that I don't feel scared to hug with all my might, yet not so large that my arms disappear between rolls of back fat. Height-wise, about 5'5" to 5'10" would be nice. More than 5'10"(2 inches above me), and it's hard for all but the most self-confident guy to not feel a little self-conscious(referring to a girl being 2 inches above the guy, obviously, rather than 5'10" girls specifically). Charlene says on 31/Jul/09 Lawrahh - Really? First off, learn how to spell. Second off, hobbits really? 5'4 is normal for a woman, that is how a woman should be. I really doubt that a guy likes to go out with a girl who is his size. And about that weight thing, better to be short and chubby than tall and chubby cause then you'd simply look MASSIVE. Petite women can look taller, tall ones can't. I really doubt there are guys out there who find 6 foot tall women apppealing and that's MY opinion. PS. The only reason I came off harsh is because what this person said is totally offensive and ignorant. Peace out.
Mike said on 23/Mar/10
actually.. there are fashion models and glamour models. A lot of glamour models are short but with really beautiful faces and bodies. So to say that world in general finds taller women attractive, I can't say if that's true. But I have 2 types of women I really like tall thin ones and girls who look great in a bikini. Assuming the woman's got a nice face and fit body, I'd say that there are 3 things that could make the girl unnattractive (1) a pear shape body, although there are some guys that like that... (2) a straight ass - i.e. no hips (3) chunky legs... if a girl is petite but her legs still look proportionally long enough, then she can still be quite beautiful - also I heard that one of the reasons catwalk models are all around the same height is so that the clothes will fit but also I assume it would look strange to see short girls interspersed with ones who are tall enough
5'10 said on 28/Feb/10
Ok I'm 5'10 my little brother is 6'4 is want to look the same height or taller than him in our upcoming family picture what kind of heels will get me that kinda height?
Angelo said on 20/Feb/10
I don't think height matters.The only thing matters is what you do now and what you do in future
Eternael said on 15/Feb/10
Hi, I'm 19 and 5'2'', but I'm and have always been very healthy, although most people who first meet me ask if I'm sick since I'm thin and pale. I've just had my first periods at 11 (****!), and at this time I was 4'10''. My sister, however, had hers at 11, she was then 5'1'', too but is 6'1''. She was like me but growed really fast at 16, hormonal problems and all. Now she is 22, and she thanks god that she finished growing. As teenagers, we both hated our sizes... To all "too" tall or "too" short women here: you're beautiful. (sorry if my english is bad)
jesse said on 27/Jan/10
I'm 5'11" and 1/4 barefoot and I think when I wear regular tennis shoes I'm just a hair under 6'.. Then I bought a pair of boots that are versatile for a lot of uses, you can even wear them out with a pair of nice jeans and not look to country or grungy. They have no heel, but rather have a slightly tapered sole that goes from about a 1/2 inch in the toe up to about a 1 1/4 inches in the heel. I end up at 6'1" even. I don't know why but the difference between how I feel in the boots compared to the tennis shoes is drastic. I feel much taller and I can actually tell that people see me as being tall compared to being normal height at 5'11. I know that it shouldn't matter, but it does. So find a pair and you can gain an extra inch without looking like you are trying to due to the absence of a heel.
sabine said on 17/Jan/10
It's true about heels.I got mesured in 7 cm heels,and i was a weak 172 cm.My height is 166cm.
duncan said on 15/Jan/10
I am a 15 1/2 year old male. I have a slight Adam's apple and I wondered if that meant I'm almost done growing. I don't really have much facial hair, just fuzz on upper lip and chin. Most kid's my height and apparent stage of puberty don't have noticeable Adam's apples. So would I have less left to grow than these other kids because I have an Adam's apple? Or is everyone just different.
eric said on 15/Jan/10
Most men exhibit a preference for females of shorter physical stature than themselves.[62][63] Women .7 to 1.7 standard deviations below the mean in height have been reported to be the most reproductively successful. One explanation for this observation is that since most men demonstrate a preference for women shorter than themselves, being shorter allows a woman access to a larger potential dating pool.[62] However, in some non-Western cultures, height is irrelevant in choosing a mate; this indicates that the Western tendency for men to prefer women shorter than themselves is sociocultural in nature.[ the reason why models are so skinny, yes not slim but breastless, ass-less skinny, is because it makes the clothing look better in the shos, that is the only reason!
eric said on 15/Jan/10
Lawrah ( or something like that) --> i konw lots of ugly tall girls , who look like a truck, and i know lots of hobbit like short girls. both tall and short girls can be verry attractive, it's all about proportion, not only about hieght. and what if you are tall and you have an ugly face? like in your case...
pipi said on 6/Jan/10
so with a 4 inches heel, a girl would only have 1.8 inches advantage on my af1?
PHotographer said on 2/Jan/10
Sorry Charlene, but the world in general finds taller women attractive. Rarely are models under 5'6". Do men say, "My, she's got fine average length legs" "Or great short legs"?... As far as girlfriend material, guys seem to like shorter girls for different reasons than appearance. Just what I've personally noticed.. shorter girls seem to be more wielding in a relationship, and perhaps more suitable to some physical encounters with a man, but not mine! Everyone has their preference. I like RespectfulGirl's thoughts! :)
eric said on 2/Jan/10
I really don't think the younger generation is growing taller than the older generation. If you go to the doctors and ask them, what can I do to make myself taller? all they will say is eat right and drink alot of milk. The same thing they have been saying for a hundred years. The average height for an ancient egyptian male was 5'0". This was over 4 thousand years ago. And the average height for a male today is 5'10" roughly. So this means on average the human population grows only an inch every 400 years. So the idea that the younger generation has even gained one inch over the older generation in a span of thirty is quite far fetched. Highly improbable...Yes.
Anon1 said on 28/Dec/09
Brad, catwalk models are tall because they are in an environment whereby their height is judged. If a 5'3 woman came out, it would be obvious that she is short, and clothing companies like to give off images of the 'tall', 'good looking' and 'powerful'. Why do you think the models looks are so important? Catalogues however are a different story. I know of quite a few short models. This is because with catalogues there is no frame of reference. If a 5'3 woman has the proportions of a 5'10 woman, then you can take a photo with a regular background and they will look tall in it. Some male models you see in clothing catalogues could be 5'8 or so, even though they may appear to be 6'1. Generally though, models are taller as it's all about the averages, but you most certainly can get models that fall on the shorter side. Cheers,
LittleMiss said on 15/Dec/09
Im short and guys always go for the taller women, my ex bf left me for a taller woman and he often says the same..that we are just 'different'. I dont know why, but i would love to be taller, us shorties generally get less attnetion : (
Sadie said on 13/Dec/09
I'm a girl who is just over 6" and im contantly in 4" heels and even have a pair of 8" heeled platforms. I always used to go for guys who were at least 6'5" as being a kickboxer I scare a lot of shorter guys off, but I got set up on a date with a guy I didn't know the hight of, my mate thought he was quite tall, so I wacked out some 8 inch platforms as I like to see if the guy is comfortable with my height when im wearing shoes. I went to meet him, and he was barely 5ft was (4'10" i think), very thin and light, and I towerd over him by nearlly 2 foot. I felt so sorry for him, but he is adorable so decided to give it a go. He even asked me that night for a kiss has he couldn't reach, his head was under my chest, and I just went weak at the knees. I just bent down a bit and he was on his tippy toes with his head tilted back. The advantage that he cant reach is that I can say no to a kiss when im not in the mood. I think he is intimidated a bit espcially as I wear heels all the time, but he just puts up with it. It's soo cute.
cotatoal said on 11/Dec/09
The commercial heel height is measured by the backside of the heel, other in Europe measures the height by the heel axis, this measure is lower than the other by the back side of the heel. Instead of any commercial systems, the real height that gives a high heel for any body, is given by the axis of the vertical height of the articulation of you foot and your leg, given by the shoe heel, and this height is always lower than the commercial systems height given by the shoemakers. Another important fact is that the lower is the shoe heel, the lower is the difference among the many heels height systems and the real height you can go up So if you measure your real height increase with a 4" heel, the torture of elevating your heel to a 5" heel is not a true one inch, only a low percentage od one inch, and if you try to use a 6", the increase difference is lower yet, and so on, as happens if you try to use a 7" heel.
daniel said on 11/Dec/09
ok , have you people ever seen kim kardahsian , shakira, christina aguilera etc , THEY ARE PETITE and they look better than tall women , they got curves and tall women have no boobs and no ass ??:|
5'7perfection said on 7/Dec/09
i am 17 and im almost 5'7 1/2 i love my height im not tall and im not short im right in the middle somedays i look short and somedays i look tall. i wear heels and im only 5'10 1/2, i love it i don't want to be any other height. but everyone ele should love their height because it's their height so if you don'tlove who else will. and ladies if you don't like your height and just want to be a little shorter stand up really sraight and arch your back i makes your butt look better and you lose almost a a half inch in height.
Maje K said on 5/Dec/09
Fawn, you're an idiot. "superior genetic makeup", "genetically advanced"? These terms have no meaning outside of Nazism. It's psychological, not genetic. A taller person will, in most cases, obviously have more confidence and a slight feeling of superiority when compared to shorter company. You would realize this if not for your unhealthy envy of people with imaginary "advanced genes".
Fawn said on 13/Nov/09
Its not about looks Jon. I am not saying that all tall people must be beautiful. I am just saying that they appear to be genetically advanced. Thats all. Spend some time around them and you will begin to understand. The way they walk, stand, and talk. There is just something about them. I want to be like them.
Brad said on 11/Nov/09
Catwalk models are 5' 9"+ for a reason, they look better in clothes.
RespectfulGirl said on 7/Nov/09
CHARLENE CHARLENE CHARLENE How dare you dis tall girls!!! - there is no such thing as a good height or a bad height. There is no correct height or wrong height. There is only the height that you are and those delicious shoes you wear (heel or no heel). - The average height of North American women is 5"6". Not 5'4" and what does it matter anyway - Charlene. - Research reveals that humans on average are growing taller - both women and men, but more so women. This is an evolutionary consequence of general improvements to diet and health. So tall girls are simply healthier, more genetically advanced, humans. Sorry Charlene. Really I am. You quite smoking, drinking beer and eating those CornDogs (ouch). - The majority of "Catwalk" Models are 5'10" plus. Sorry Charlene. You're out. - I suspect our Charlene is below average - uhm - height, intelligence, politeness and and and. - It even sounds like Charlene is a bit on the "chubby" side too. Well Charlene. Chubby sounds like FAT and FAT is never healthy (whatever the reason) whether its TALL FAT or PETITE FAT or SHORT FAT or CHARLENE FAT. - Being rude to someone you found rude - is just worse. Which makes me horrid. So Charlene - Although I read your post it didn't really mean much to me next to all the other positive, sensitive, smart ones. GGGrrrrrrrrrr
Jon said on 7/Nov/09
!! I can't believe the below post. Tall people are superior? Snort. What a load of poppycock haha! I've seen many absolutely stunning shorter people and many hideous tall ones. Superior genetic make-up my butt! As with everything there's tall people of good genetic make up and short people of good genetic make up and tall people of bad genetics and short people of bad genetics.
Fawn said on 2/Nov/09
Tall people appear as if they have a superior genetic makeup. If you go to a place with several tall people and then look at the average height people, you will see what I mean. The tall people have a "well bred" look. They have an aire about them, a superior feel, and I want to be near them. I admire them. They look very appealing to me, male or female.
Hanna said on 30/Oct/09
Seriously, Charlene. Don't be so Harsh on tall girls. I'm 15 years old, and I'm 5 ft 10 already. I don't paticularly like being tall, so don't make it out that it's tall people's fault for being tall. I'd kill to be 5 ft 4, and reading that kind of comment made me really angry. It doesn't really matter how tall anybody is, we're all just people. There's no point descriminating people over what height they are. And I know many guys that would prefer to have a tall girl then a short one. Just tryna get my point accross (:
Cyndi .Y said on 23/Oct/09
most chunky type of NIKE sneakers hiddenly gave about 3.2cm to 4.5cm , if a men was about 5ft11.25 barefoot he could fits on the shoe and tell people that hes a 6"footer.
J.J. said on 22/Oct/09
J.J. says on 23/Feb/09 yea a 4" heel will give 3" inch in height. But when you visit the YSL websites their heels are listed as 4" heel and thats what it gives exactly cos those inches were got from measuring it from the actual height it gives. nowadays most Christian louboutins gives anything from 2.9"(listed at 10cm), 3.72"(listed at 12cm), 4.51"(listed at 14cm), and the extra tall ones which they make only a few of them are the ones that give 5.3"(listed at 16cm). So basically most of the women you see wearing very high heels gets 4.51" in height. And the extra tall ones gives 5.3"(you could never get anything more than this). If Nicole Kidman wears the very high ones she will be standing at 6'3". She is huge!
akashlovesall said on 9/Sep/09
ya he facts are true, as i m in india and studying using 2.5 insoles 4 one year without any one knowingwith 1.5 out side it should have to be 4 but its actually 3.25 but i m loving it as i m 5 9 and wid liftsmove at 6
Leah said on 7/Sep/09
How much height would a 3.5 inch heel with a 1 inch platform give you?
annon said on 7/Sep/09
Ya know... i noticed a comment on here stating that if you are taller than 5'6 it is ridiculous to be called Petite. But, I can't help but think that a 5'10-5'11 Taylor Swift appears more petite to me than a 5'0 Eva Longoria. Sure, laugh at this, but seriously, Taylor looks really petite to me, moreso petite than a lot of smaller women, although many smaller women are very petite as well. Anyways, my point being that everybody is different, and even women taller over a certain threshold, and can easily be perceived as petite and when they are told they are petite, i believe them! Does Taylor look manly to you and masculine to you?? She is so incredibly feminine in my eyes.
AK said on 7/Sep/09
Charlene, Taylor Swift is almost 6 foot tall, and she looks totally petite in my opinion. And plenty of guys would love to date her!! Its not about height as it is about proportions. I have friends who are taller than me that look amazing with their height. I myself am 5'6, but some of my friends are 5'8 and they look super petite to me because they are so proportionate and so small framed. It all depends on the individual.
Phil said on 5/Sep/09
Some heels will give the exact amount of height that the heel is advertised at.
tim said on 2/Sep/09
Karl 6'0 1/2- 1.84m is pretty tall without wearing shox, shoz probably 2 inches more, dont be ashamed of your height, I mean anthing over 6'0 is tall in general, Ladies like tall guys but the like your personality nt your height mostly.
leesloftgirl said on 25/Aug/09
Lindsay : I always think that men like shorter women but I always seem to go for guys my height or just an inch taller. I have a boyfriend at the moment who is only 2" taller and I would love to wear heals but cant! I would love to be your height!
Karl Karlsen said on 23/Aug/09
Hey guys, I'm a little bit under 6'1 (184.8cm, 6'0.75) and I always wanted to be 6'2 or even 6'3. So I'm wearing Shox for 6 months, they r cool and I'm 6'2 in them. Are there some good "non-sportive" shoes like Timberlands? And how much do they give? 2 inches would be nice.
Nicola said on 22/Aug/09
I am really struggling to understand this. So basically shoes that have, let's say 3 inch heels for example, don't make you 3 inches taller? I don't get that because they do for me. I have some high heeled shoes and the heel on them is precisely 3 inches. The front part is 0.5 inches. I measured them exactly. I measured myself in the evening and I was 5'1" (155cm). I put the shoes on and measured myself again and I was pretty much bang on 5'4" (almost 163cm). Certainly no lower than 162cm anyway. So they do make me 3 inches taller.
notpip said on 20/Aug/09
Pip says on 23/Dec/08: height is the only thing . . . that cannot be changed by surgery. Not true: check out leg lengthening surgery.
viv said on 20/Aug/09
BigT, tall girls look masculine? damn those victorias secret models sure be manly
Charlene said on 31/Jul/09
Lawrahh - Really? First off, learn how to spell. Second off, hobbits really? 5'4 is normal for a woman, that is how a woman should be. I really doubt that a guy likes to go out with a girl who is his size. And about that weight thing, better to be short and chubby than tall and chubby cause then you'd simply look MASSIVE. Petite women can look taller, tall ones can't. I really doubt there are guys out there who find 6 foot tall women apppealing and that's MY opinion. PS. The only reason I came off harsh is because what this person said is totally offensive and ignorant. Peace out.
Rachel said on 28/Jul/09
Im only 5'3 and whenever i wear 5" heels, i reach up to my uncles chin at least. He is 6'2.
Marina said on 26/Jul/09
I'm thirteen and I'm 5'5". According to my big feet and my parents' height (Dad: 5'11") and (Mom: 5'9"), I'm destined to be 5'9"-5'10". I wear average Nike sneakers which gives me an extra inch and a half so I go from 5'5" to 5'6.5". I never wear heels because I prefer flats especially for my age and my clumsiness. But I stop growing, I'll be probably 5-6 inches taller than the average woman and the average height of an American male. So hopefully I'll end up with a guy that is 6'2"-6'5", because I can't stand it when woman tower the man. I plan on only wearing 2-4 inch heels, depending how tall the guy I'll be standing next to is.
Heightisinterestin said on 24/Jul/09
5'6'' is not 'tall' for a girl. and guys who are not very tall-it isn't such a big deal, i think it's cute when a guy is kinda short haha. It's obviously of great importance to men, to be tall, but it shouldn't really be. Short guys are cute! :)
TNTinCA said on 6/Jul/09
One thing I have heard from women who told me about the men they date is that they generally want a man to be a little taller than they are when they wear their heels. So if a women wears a heel that is 2 inches, she wants he man to be at least a little taller (with his footwear) than she is. Which generally means that women want their men to be at least 2 inches taller than they are.
Rick said on 5/Jul/09
Not true@mike, it actually seems to be the opposite, hence "napolean complex". I can speak from experience being 5'8.
jessica said on 28/Jun/09
I'm 5' 6" and I like guys who are at least 5' 9 - 6' 3".

@ frsa:
The surgery you're talking about is very controversial. They actually will take someone who wants to be taller, put them under anesthesia, break their leg and ankle bones, stretch them, and make them heal so the person can "grow taller". It's insane. Sounds very painful and makes me cringe. It should be outlawed.
gigi15 said on 27/Jun/09
im 6'1" barefoot, 22 years old, female. i dont find a problem with my height. i love heels (have over 150 pair...) and wear them all the time for the way they make me feel, --and the fact they go with my clothes. being able to deal with it is a confidence thing (not just my from height but from other things too). i have always been tall. my daddy is 6'6", but my mother is just 5"5" on a good day. my brothers are 6'6" (26) and 6"7" (24). if your daughters- or you- are tall, i highly recommend ballet classes- they teach you to be proud of your body for its strength and poise, plus gets you over the whole slumping down thing, because any good madame will reprimand you for not keeping your back straight and chest lifted. i learned early that cofidence is sexy, and no person has ever called me "manly" with long auburn hair- and if you saw me, you wouldnt either. guys ive dated dont mind my height, many of them compliment me on it and have said they secretly LIKE it when people stare at their girlfriend (though they are all tall also). i developed in time with everyone else, and it wasnt hard to be tall and thin with big boobs at 5'8", 5'10", 6 foot, and it's not hard now at my natural height, or my height in whichever pair of heels im wearing :), i get to show off my long, tan, ballet-toned legs in short dresses all summer, and thats certainly not a problem for me or anyone else (at least i dont think it is...). if people dont like my height or want to talk down to me about it (sorry,couldnt resist), im sorry- but there isnt a whole lot i can do about it, so its best to embrace it for what it is. i can reach most anything, and dont have to worry about styles of clothes "making me look short" because its fairly impossible. the only bad thing is finding pants/jeans that have a long enough inseam for the winter, but there are a number of designers online that will custom make them for you if you inquire. the important thing is to be comforatable with whatever the tape measure says.
Anonymous said on 19/Jun/09
KoreY says on 7/Apr/09
Real talk
My sis is 6'4
My dad is 6'8
My mom is 6'1
And my brothers are all 6'9+
I'm 13 and im 7'0.

It's possible you could have gigantism, which can be deadly if not treated. You're too tall for your age. Have you seen a doctor?
Danny said on 10/Jun/09
Lindsay, 5ft 4 for a female has always been kinda perfect to me for some reason. Probably some weird Freudian thing about my mother being about 5ft 3 and her being so important to me lol. I'm 6ft 1, I should probably like girls on the taller side, but no, 5ft 4 to 5ft 7 is kinda perfect to me for some reason.
christian said on 8/Jun/09
my girlfriend is 4"10 and im 5"10 it doesnt bother me in the slightest ,,, she is really hot so its good lol
Phil said on 4/Jun/09
Just to clear up my last post (if it was posted) - lots of guys prefer short girls over tall girls, me included.
Phil said on 4/Jun/09
Lindsay, I believe tallness is mostly valued amongst men only; it's not really necessary for women. Being short or average is ideal for women because that will make you shorter than a greater amount of men, which will not make you too tall in return.

I like women 5'6 and below...I think 5'4 is a great height for women, so don't feel self-conscious about it!
Amok said on 18/May/09
I think the inches for footwear listed here are kinda off. My shox are definitely the shoes that give me the most inches, I'd say they give me 1.6 inches. Timberlands definitely don't give 1.5 inches, mine give me 1 inch over barefoot heigh. Well, maybe I have another model, it's not the stylish ones most people use, but I've measured Swiss army issue boots which have huge soles and the give at best 1.5 inches over barefoot height. Also, I don't think converse shoes give even as much as 0.5 inch.
Frank said on 15/May/09
People always play this "taller is better" game. One of the tallest people I know is also the biggest asshole I know. Don't worry about your height, work on your social skills.
Anonymous said on 13/May/09
[quote]I disagree with ya. We are not intimated by tall girls at all. Most tall girls i know are not attractive at all. They look clumsy and not beautiful.[/quote]

I agree with you. IMHO, shorter girls usually look prettier. But not too short, let's say between 5'4'' and 5'8''.
The Dutchguy said on 10/May/09
I still don't know why people would wanna wear like 4' lifts, or even bigger lifts! why cant people just be happy with how tall or short they are? besides, if you want to stick out of the crowd, and you are 5'7 but you are wearing lifts that make you like 6'5 or something, they just make you look really, really stupid
jamie said on 4/May/09
I'm about 5'9, and a woman, and I LOVE wearing heals. It's funny how I tower over most men,but wearing heals makes your legs look longer and they give you strong calves.
Thomas said on 2/May/09
Hello! I am somewhere in the 5'7-5'9 range. I really have no idea how tall exactly, because #1: Whenever I go to the doctor's they measure me incorrectly and #2 It seems to vary depending on my posture (which can be poor sometimes). Anyway, I have been wearing shoe lifts for about a year now. I have been very satisfied with the results. I am consistently a solid 5'9-5'10 and it really HELPED FIX my posture. I can feel a little self conscious about it at times, only because I'm still getting used to all the little odds and ends of wearing them.

It always seemed that shorter men tried to compare their height to me in the past saying things like, "Well, you're not much taller than me." and "WOW, I'm almost as tall as you are now, Thomas!" Rubbish. This always annoyed me, and I KNEW that I was noticeably taller! It should be noted that girls never had a problem with my height, it has always been these annoying men. So, I made a point to FIX my posture, and began wearing very simple shoe lifts. Magically, the annoyance stopped, and I felt much more at peace with my height.
(Although occasionally my Mum will pester me because I am slouching!)

Any thoughts? I'd love to hear some opinions!
Lindsay said on 28/Apr/09
I'm a 5'4 female and I like men 5'4-6'0
I don't wear heals much at all though.. I like converse and skate shoes.
And right now I'm feeling very self conscious of my height.. seems that everyone likes the tall people.
Real said on 25/Apr/09
sometimes I wear Timberlands w/ 1.5" insoles... I go from 5'6 barefoot - to a very strong 5'9.5. I don't know why Rob is saying that the most men can get is 1" over a regular shoe, that is ridiculous... It is very easy to gain multiple inches with the right shoe.. in addition, you can easily slide in 1-2" insoles.
Kate said on 22/Apr/09
Star says on 26/Sep/08
Yes, A FEW taller women may look masculine. I'm 5'10.5 & female. I don't look masculine looking at all. But, I saw a female lifeguard that was 6'4 and she looked very masculine looking. I felt short next to her, lol. In reality, I'm actually tall.
Is it true that women can grow past 18 years old? I talked to a women who was about 22 years old. She said that she reached her final height at 21.

I grew a couple of inches around 22. Either that or I stopped slouching all the time.

More likely the latter....
Alex said on 20/Apr/09
The standard typical heel girls wear are 3-3.5 inches which give in between 2 and 3 inches to a girl barefoot height.
Alana said on 19/Apr/09
Im small and it used to bother me but now i couldnt care less.Beeing small doesnt mean i look fat and dont have a pair of nice legs,i carry my height well! I think from looking at the discussion that there is no "perfect" height or body shape.Embrace what you have and get on with it! It is a shallow to be judgemental about someone elses height,i mean in the end what does it really matter?Im 5"1 and my boyfriend is 6"4 haha and it does not bother me in the slightest,or him.
KoreY said on 7/Apr/09
Real talk
My sis is 6'4
My dad is 6'8
My mom is 6'1
And my brothers are all 6'9+
I'm 13 and im 7'0.
frsa said on 4/Apr/09
btw people here "hating to be short" can actually change that ...compared to tall people who cant do a thing about it. You can actually change your height a bit through different foods and there is also is also something that makes you somewhat taller, like 1-2 cm taller.
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/09
I think if a girl can wear heels than guys should be able to wear lifts. Makes everything even because girls love to judge someones height while they are in their heels.
Sam said on 1/Apr/09
Anonymous, poppycock. Many guys I know are in the 6'3 range and still don't like tall girls. It has nothing to do with intimidation. Smaller/average girls are just generally a preference, in the same way a good looking guy is a preference to girls. Has nothing to do with intimidation.
kall said on 30/Mar/09
A lady I know Karen Kahlon is only like 5'0 and she always wears sexy high heels, most guys get turned on by a women wearing high heels despite the womens height, Karen is only small, Height doesnt matter, it's what you like in ladies, Karen has an amazing body, In genaral us Guys are much taller than women on average.
lala said on 20/Mar/09
I have a pair of 6" heels and I'm 5'3", so by rights they should make me 5'9"- but actually they only make me 5'7".
LJR said on 20/Mar/09
[QUOTE]I will never understand where they get these average heights from! 5'4" for women?? Ridiculous! I live in Central New York, and really, it is pretty rare to see women above 5'2". If you are 5'4" (my sister's height), you are probably taller than a good 70% of women.[/QUOTE]
Really?!? That so interesting! I live in West MI. I'm 6 ft tall and I was not the only one who was that tall. There were at least 4 of us girls around 6 ft. And probably dozens 5'8" - 5'11". It seems like I only know a handful of women below 5'4"!
BigT said on 20/Mar/09
Actually tall girls have worse reproductive success than short or average height girls. A lot of tall girls look extremely masculine.
Luigi said on 19/Mar/09
f a tall girl wants to wear heels then she can, if someone has negative things to say about it. dont look at her. so annoying. they are jealous cause she is more than likely prettier and gets more attention. guys are intimidated by tall girls cause they are short but they want to be tall"

I disagree with ya. We are not intimated by tall girls at all. Most tall girls i know are not attractive at all. They look clumsy and not beautiful. That's the truth and sorry if im insulting ya but that's how i think. On the other hand, there are plenty of tall guys so why should we be intimated by tall girls?
Mike said on 18/Mar/09
this height intimidation thing isn't unique to short males. If any animal stands next to another animal which is bigger than it is, the smaller one will be intimidated. It's a simple survival mechanism.

Shorter people just happen to be physically intimidated more often than taller people.
Anonymous said on 15/Mar/09
I'm fourteen and i'm five eight, and I'm just really worried about what height i'll end up at. There isn't anything wrong with being tall, but living where I do (in the middle east) if you're five six + as a girl you're huge. I don't know if it's like that all over the world, but am I huge? And with heels, what height would scare people away? :(
lexie said on 12/Mar/09
hi i just wanted to say that my mates who tower over me at 6.4 wear heels. And i (5'2) wear heels too and they pretty much give a lift to a woman and help her feel more confident and they make us feel less vulnerable.
lawrahh said on 11/Mar/09
okayy so obviously tall is better than short in my oppinion
if short people looked better than why wouldnt they have short models, ?? if you think about it, Famous fashion designers, choose to have their clothes modeled on taller women, simply because the clothes look better on them :)

i think this is just an insecurity thing abouut short women, they have short legs and usually put on weight easier, in my oppionion, short women are stubby and hobbit like looking,

but thats just my oppionion, annnndd all the famous fashion designers across teh globe, - taller girls are wayy more feminine and attractive. thats just it :)

Ellen said on 24/Feb/09
Denis says on 30/Oct/08.

How can she get 5'11 when she wears 4 inch heels? My boyfriend is 5'11 and I'm 5'9 and when i wear 4 inch heels we're about the same height (he's wearing shoes too, maybe 1 inch, little less.) And btw, everyone should wear heels! You don't wear heels to get talleryou wear them beacuse you look hot in them, and to Im, What?? I live in california and my shortest friend is like 5'3 and it feels like 5'4 is to short to be average!
5 ft 3.2 said on 24/Feb/09
I'm seeing 5'6"-5'9" girls calling themselves "tiny and short," which is completely and utterly ridiculous!!!!!!! 5'9" is freakin TALL for a girl and 5'6" is pretty tall too! Even 5'5" is above average!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would kill a cat to be 5'5" and a dog too if I had to!
RFD said on 19/Feb/09
linden says on 14/Oct/08
girls do NOT get their heights from their fathers and boys do not get it from their mothers. everyone gets half and half. but the tall gene is dominate, so if your mother or father's side is taller than average you will be average or above. my father's side is really short and my mother's side is really tall. i ended up being really tall but my brother and sister are both average.

well, my father's side is reallly short(his 3 brothers are all 5'4, my father is 5'5, grandfather is 5'2), my mother's side is short too( mother 5'1, her brother 5'8, grandfather 5'7, sister 5'1). I am 16 and 1/2 and i am almost 5'8, and it looks like i am at the beggining of a spurt as i have grown 1 cm in the last month. i thought i won't grow anymore from 14 , when i was 5'6.5 and i stopped growing until 15 and 1/2. at that age i was still 5'6.5 but at 16 i was 5'7, at 16 and like 6 months i was 5'7.25 and now i am 5'7.75. i think i may reach 5'9 or 5'10.5 if i keep growing like this until 18. so as you see i am a lot taller than my whole family, actually except my uncle who is 5'8 on the dot or maybe a tad over, i am the tallest. and when i go at the grandparents from my father side, i am actually towering everybody there. i dont know where i got my height from, maybe my grand-grandfather, who was 5'11 at 94:P so probably peak at 6'1. he is a legend:))
Bunny said on 16/Feb/09
Ok so I've always been taller than most, Im 15 and 5"7.5 I just say 5"8 because that's pretty much my height in most sneakers which is all I wear because I avoid anything that makes me even look taller. Finding a taller guy is nice but it rly doesn't matter so much cause i'm so used to being taller than everyone that if I wore heels and was taller than my bf id get over it pretty quickly. I've had situations where guys that kind of like me aren't necessarily intimidated but are sadish that I'm as tall or slightly taller than them. Who can blame them though, it's just nature especially if ur a teen and ur already lacking in self esteem. Of course there are some short guys who just can't get enough of the tall girls. Personally I like the sophisticated look of being with a guy who's 5"11-6"3, but I also like being with a guy my own height because then it feels cute like we're a duo or something, but then I feel lame if I wear a heel or shoe that makes me taller XD so in the end it's give some take some which is what I'm starting to learn. I'd be lying if I said that I wouldn't love being cute and 5"3 but I guess it doesn't matter
Barry-Dean said on 16/Feb/09
I am a 29 year old man who enjoys wearing 6 inch stillettos 24 hours a day and i don't have a problem. I wear them everywhere all the time even in the bath, work, bed. I am 5'4 and I also have 5 inch heels as well and i am married and my wife does not mind me wearing stillettos all the time.
Style said on 6/Feb/09
5'6 short for a female? No way! I come from a tall family and I don't think it is short. It is closer to average/maybe a tad taller than average. I consider under 5'4 short. My mom is 5'6, her sister is 5'8, her other sister is 5'7, and her brother is about 6'0. Her parents are 5'4 and 5'10ish. My mom was the runt of the bunch, lol. My dad is 6'4 and my dad's brother is 6'2ish. My dad's parents were 5'10 and 6'1. Yup, my grandma was always tall. I surpassed her though. I'm a 20 year old 5'11 female. My parents used to always measure me next to grandma, but now there is no contest anymore. My mom is 5'6 and my dad is 6'4. I'm 5'11 and an only child. Oh, I do love heels too. I'm 6'0-6'2 in most of my heels. I don't feel too tall. :) Although, standing next to my 5'6 mom I do make her look 'short', lol. But, what do you expect with a 6'4 father?
5 ft 3.5 said on 2/Feb/09
lm, you're wrong. Probaly, your sister is just short. 5'4" IS the average height of a woman. New York must have small girls.
lily said on 31/Jan/09
wow. that assumption of urs is so out of the way that a tall girl is "more than likely prettier"

i didn't know the height increases facial beauty.... lol, coz that's what pretty means to me. hahaha.

and puh-lease! "guys are intimidated by tall girls"

this is pure rubbish. just because somebody is taller than u and u have to look up to them to talk to them doesn't mean u'r intimidated.

i dont know where ppl get half of what they do.
5 ft 3.2 said on 20/Jan/09
Or maybe, Anonymous, guys just don`t like girls to be taller than their 5`10" bodies. I mean, it`s natural for a guy to prefer a girl at least 2 inches shorter than him, rightÉ
Style said on 17/Jan/09
Some Women over 5'7 are NOT Masculine looking. I know this because I'm very lady like looking and I'm 5'11. I have a very small frame. Some girl who was masculine looking thought I was maybe 5'6 tops. She was in 4 inch heels, I was in bare feet. She got out of her high heels and I was nose to nose with her. We were both 5'11. She was masculine looking, I was not. I'm not trying to brag but I am model looking. I've been offered modeling jobs just walking through stores. I think some guys are just intimidated by tall women and amazed. I was 6'3 in my 4 inch platforms and the 5'8 guys would just stare not saying a word. AND I do like wearing heels. They are not just for people under 5'6. I like being at least 6'0 in my footwear. I love being tall. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Embrace what god gave you!
don said on 14/Jan/09
Rob so in your opinion a womans height in heels can rarely be over 4"? or can a platform make it 5 or 6 inches?
lily said on 11/Jan/09
oh puh-lease. tall girls dont look nice in heels. a girl in my class, 5'9, usually wearing flats is pretty tall n towers almost all of us including me, i'm 5'1. well imagine how she must've looked when she wore a four inch heels. she looked like a giant, if u couldn't guess.
Tipman said on 6/Jan/09
Men prefer girls shorter than them and this is our nature. If you assume that the medium height in the world of men is something like 5'7 - 5'10, a girl taller than these will intimidate the boys.
j.p said on 3/Jan/09
I am 6'8 and i am 26, my girlfriend is 5'7 and wears high heels when out in general its okay, i dont mind being really tall, just ducking under doors gets annoyning lol, but its okay im actually a basketball league player, its my favourite sport, I've won several medals and trophys.

Height facts- 6 foot- 183 cm 7 foot- 213 cm my height- 203 cm thanks
The X BFG said on 2/Jan/09
When I was a kid i was always the tallest in my class and I went through puberty first(I got acne, boobs, my period, and e.t.c.). It was hard being a girl and going through those jokes I sometimes cried every night in elementary school. But in Junior High the guys started to become taller then me and I became very popular with the guys. I had the biggest boobs and longest legs and it was great. I stopped growing in 7th grade and now I'm 5"6 and it was all worth it.
Star said on 2/Jan/09
I like platforms. They tend to be more comfortable than heels (at least for me). I'm 20 year old female and I've measured myself as 5'11 standing barefoot. I love my height too. I'm 6'0 in any type of footwear usually.
Mac said on 29/Dec/08
Hey Pip, a girl that judges a man based on his height is not worth it, trust me. You should find yourself a woman who is not shallow and has an actual heart because clearly you are a person who does not make judgements based on superificial things. Don't settle for less, despite you meeting many women who are like that I'm sure there are plenty women who aren't.
king kong bundy said on 29/Dec/08
girls over 5'10-5'11 start to get too tall to the point of unattractive for me. That being said, some of the most gorgeous girls ive been with have fallen under the 5'7-5'10 mark. I think it's similar to the concept of height for guys, where for alot of girls, a guy under 5'8-5'9 is bordering on unattractive
Anonymous said on 23/Dec/08
if a tall girl wants to wear heels then she can, if someone has negative things to say about it. dont look at her. so annoying. they are jealous cause she is more than likely prettier and gets more attention. guys are intimidated by tall girls cause they are short but they want to be tall
Pip said on 23/Dec/08
Its interesting the comments here about the insecurity of vertically challenged people! As a 5'6 male I've never been that bothered about my height in the past, I feel I have plenty of other things going for me but now I'm in my 40's and having to date again, I have found out just how blatently heightist most women are. I'm sure if a male on a dating site said that he would only consider dating a woman in a size 10 or under dress size, as he found fatties unattractive, he'd be ripped for his remarks. Or if his preference was a boob size? Yet height is the only thing that can't be changed by lifestyle, dieting or surgery! Short people can do nothing at all to change how they are yet are made to feel like leppars! and as much as there are these elevating shoes around, in my book, they are a bit of a cheat and SHOULDNT be necessary!! So come on girls. Next time you need a date, why not judge a guy on his personality and looks before disgarding him purely for not being much taller than you? :)
lm said on 1/Dec/08
I will never understand where they get these average heights from! 5'4" for women?? Ridiculous! I live in Central New York, and really, it is pretty rare to see women above 5'2". If you are 5'4" (my sister's height), you are probably taller than a good 70% of women.
Lynn said on 24/Nov/08
An italian guy named Nolifts81, good contributor of this site, claims that it is possible to gain 3-4" from barefeet using nice but expensive shoes.

I believe him because I can easily gain almost 3" from barefoot with shoes having still a good appearence.
why not said on 1/Nov/08
Platforms that are heeled all the way across such as the sneaker ones are closest in accuracy to the amount of inches gained by weraing them. I know this via personal experience.
Denis said on 30/Oct/08
Just something random I have to say:
I know many girls who wear 3-4'' heels most of the time and because they wear it everytime they forget that they're quite smaller when they take them off for example:
My girlfriend whose a weak 5'7'' wears 4'' heels most of the time. Well she told me about her best friend's new boyfriend who was a dwarf compared to her when she saw him. Anyway I know him and he isn't a dwarf he's like 5'9'' and he wears vans slip on most of the time so he's only 1.6cm taller in shoes while my girlfriend is a weak 5'11'' in her high heels. Yesterday she was wearing flat shoes and she saw him again and she finally realised that he's not a dwarf or a midget or whatever. Has anybody had similar expiriences?
Ian said on 18/Oct/08
Captain Spaulding says on 20/Sep/08
Rising Force sly isnt 6'1" in lifts, hes more like 5'10" in lifts since hes 5'8.5" barefoot.

Only 1.5" lift. That like your average airmax isn't it, hardly a lift.
linden said on 14/Oct/08
girls do NOT get their heights from their fathers and boys do not get it from their mothers. everyone gets half and half. but the tall gene is dominate, so if your mother or father's side is taller than average you will be average or above. my father's side is really short and my mother's side is really tall. i ended up being really tall but my brother and sister are both average.
Sarah.. said on 14/Oct/08
i'm a 19 years old Girl
i'm 5'6 >>167cm ,, with out any heels
and i HATE this Sooo much i wish i was taller 4 -to- 8 cm more :(
i HATE not to be very tall n sometimes i feel SHORT.
plz tell me em i short, avarege,or tall ??
n there are so many girls in my college taller than me..i like the height that
not more than 177 with out heels and not less than 172 WITH OUT HEELS

and when i put on a heel like 12cm i get taller only 7cm more
I HAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEE THIS..plz tell if there is a way to fix that??
coz the people will think that i'm short..
Jlee said on 3/Oct/08
Rose! I agree! Why do some girls look taller in heels when they wear the same heels? Hey rob, if a girl wears heels and is taller than a guy, but the guy is taller bearfoot, do you think that girls can tell? do girl assume they are shorter when they take off heels or do you think they tend to underestimate?
Umar said on 29/Sep/08
6ft is a good height... at any age... it's a good height.
Star said on 26/Sep/08
Yes, A FEW taller women may look masculine. I'm 5'10.5 & female. I don't look masculine looking at all. But, I saw a female lifeguard that was 6'4 and she looked very masculine looking. I felt short next to her, lol. In reality, I'm actually tall.
Is it true that women can grow past 18 years old? I talked to a women who was about 22 years old. She said that she reached her final height at 21.
Captain Spaulding said on 21/Sep/08
If your 6'0" then I guess thats a good height since your 2 inches taller then average.
Anonymous said on 20/Sep/08
In 4" heels with a slight platform I gain 3.2 inches of height. I am 5'6" without heels and 5'9.2" in them!
Captain Spaulding said on 20/Sep/08
Rising Force sly isnt 6'1" in lifts, hes more like 5'10" in lifts since hes 5'8.5" barefoot.
Anonymous3 said on 19/Sep/08
yes i agree with gim 6'0" is good height as an adult height for a guy. You basically already hit the benchmark...although there will be some people who will be jealous and try to tell you that they think you are only 5'10"....I've had it happen to me when I was
Anonymous said on 8/Sep/08
Hey rose...
The height it gives you depend on the shoes... but also on your feet.
As you can read above, when a heel is advertised at 3" it always gives you less because the height you gain is calculated at your ankle.... not at the back of your feet. So if your ankle is placed a little bit more at the back of your feet your heels will give you mor height...
gim said on 28/Aug/08
6ft is a good height ? at 19
rose said on 20/Aug/08
I am 5'5" and my friend if 5'4". Barefoot you can tell im just a tad taller by no more then an inch, but when we both wear heels (same sort of heel height) I look about 3 inches taller! why is this? do some girls look way taller in heels then others do? its strange....
RisingForce said on 12/Aug/08
This page is proof that Sly is 5'10.5/5'10.75 barefoot as he claims because he reaches 6'1 in lifts.
Short Stuff said on 4/Aug/08
Ya i love to wear heels!!! they are my best friends!! i am around 5.5' so i am way down there! heels don't give me that much of a difference but i like just feeling a tad bit taller! :D
shorty said on 20/Jul/08
So. heels can really fool you off.
I am 172cm, and my girlfriend is 159cm.(or 158.5).
Once we met, she had heels, and i didnt give so much attention to that.
A few days later when i met her, i was like wtf, because on heels, she looked as tall as i am. almost.
Well i was really glad.
Hate being so short :(
jim said on 9/Jul/08
I am not small or at least I never felt like it and my wife is nearly as tall as me but taller with heels. Because it was a little bit akward at the bigining of our relation when we were going out ant that she was wearing heels, i bought some pairs or elevator shoes from and now we don't have problems anymore.
I don't think I would have care that much if she was already taller because I use to date taller girls whithout any problem. But when u are use to look at someone looking down and then suddenly you need to look up it's a little bit desorienting.
Ant said on 4/Jul/08
I wish more people read this information! then all this talk of 2-3 inch lifts inside mens shoes might just vanish from the site.
Cyndi said on 23/Jun/08
Being 6 feet tall isn't all it's cracked up to be. I can't say I'm comfortable wearing heels considering the height of men now has gone down by a couple of inches. I don't even know what happened to them all!
rach said on 20/Jun/08
this discussion is so interesting. i've never heard of so many tall women in one discussion! i'm just 5ft3 but i can see benefits to being tall too. i love being small because i feel cuter and my tallest height with heels is around 5ft6 but at the same time i think tall women look so elegant so i often wish i was tall.

as for what is attractive in men, it doesnt really matter. my friend is 5ft8 and he wishes he were taller but i think he seems really tall (probably because of my own height) but i generally prefer really tall men, e.g. a foot taller than myself.

my mum is 5ft4 and my dad 5ft9 so i was never going to be that tall. heights are really interesting haha.
jay said on 3/Jun/08
being tall is a nice thing. being short is also a nice thing. i should know - being only 5 ft 4 i am quite small. but guys don't want to see that, they want curves. and being tall doesn't mean you are bound to have big feet or big hands - it just means you are more developed than the women who are smaller with smaller features.
Charlotte said on 1/Jun/08
I'm about 5'8" barefoot and don't feel insecure when I wear heels around friends. My best friend is 5'3" barefoot and lives in heels pretty much everyday. I used to feel insecure around her when we were teenagers when we met, but now (aged 24) i like going out with her in heels, although there is still quite a pronounced height difference. Her boyfriend is 5'9" and my husband is 6'2" so we make an interesting foursome when we go out!
I think height insecurity is a personal thing- it affects some people but others don't even notice it. Maybe it changes with age, it did for me.
Great website by the way x
Jim said on 23/May/08
it's just because the models need to weight less than a established maximum... and that is stupid because a 5'11 women look ridiculously thin if she do weight the same than a nice proportionned 5'7 or 5'8 girl. That's why you can never juge tall girs from what you see on a catwalk. they can look as good as a 5'7 if they have the same proportion... which mean much heavier, wider shoulder,... PROPORTION means everything... not height!
engineer said on 21/May/08
To Editor Rob,
Read this quote
" High heels were not invented by woman who was short, they were invented by woman who was kissed on her forehead".
You may want to use this quote
Snark said on 17/May/08
From my experience the only people who are off put by tall (5'8"+) ladies are short (-5'7") men. Not all men want a woman that they feel they must physically dominate. Not all tall women have man hands or man feet. When I wear heels all men, regardless of height and gender preference notice me in a good way. Vertically challenged people always manifest that insecurity in some area of life whether they are obnoxiously loud or wear inappropriately high heels.
Davey said on 15/May/08
5`7 is a great height for a woman,Anything over that looks masculine in my opinion.I mean look at super models,If you really take a look at them there not that attractive,I mean they have huge feet and mishaped heads with weird facial features.Which people choose who becomes a model or not? its a joke , They have no taste,Then you look at women like Jessica Biel or Jessica alba who are around the 5`7 range and wow they are hot!
J said on 12/May/08
I'm a 5,11 & a bit female & love my height! Guys who are shorter don't mind in fact they prefer it because I have longer legs & look slimmer than shorter girls. Some of the hottest women in the world-models are tall! I mainly wear flats but love wearing heals too, it's a great feeling when you are taller than someone. I don't get all these women moaning about being to tall! Ok i wouldn't want to be over 6 foot but still there are not many women who are that!
Señor said on 11/May/08
taller women that use heels evidently want to get some attention or believe they can get the attention of taller guys, I used to go Brazil and I thought girls were tall, they were towers!, wrong they used these ridiculous platforms I didnt notice.Later I found out that brazilians have too KARMAS in life, height & teeth. Here in Argentina women are not preocuppied much with height, luckily. Women sometimes play with us male`s ignorance, we can`t sort out when women make up or not, we call `blonde` anything we dont look down much at heels. I believe that most men like short women , I have never met a man who says `I like tall girls` , we are animals after all the domination-protection thing , until the 1950s , 30-40 y.o. men married 13-15 year old women and it was normal
Davey said on 11/May/08
most the tall women i know hate being taller them most guys.they also have huge masculine feet with long skinny toes which is a major turn off
Davey said on 9/May/08
Rob why do you not let people post how they feel?I said women over 5`7 in my opinion have huge feet that is a turn off.Why not just post it? far out man.
Bruce said on 4/May/08
Ka. you are a tall female remember one thing tallness in girls start from 5'7" and upwards and you are 2 inches above that. get a 5 inches wedges with the front raised about an inch high and you will find out that people will be looking at you because this could make you 6'1" easily. bearing in mind that majority of average men in the world are 5'8". my G.F. is your height and in flats she looks taller than most men. when she is in 4 inches wedges everyone stares at her. by no standards are you a short female. many females would wish they were as tall as you.
nihan said on 2/May/08
i'm from turkey and in our country, people, especially women are generally short and i'm a shorty too:( :) and i realized that short girls doesnt wear shoes with high heels. for example i always wear my converse. but when i look at tall girls, they all have high heels!!! i cant understand but its like that
Ka said on 29/Apr/08
I am 5 foot 9 or 1.75m and female, I'd love to be taller, I reckon 6 foot would be perfect. I guess you can eat more too as you have more places to put it! I think stack shoes (or lifts as they are called) are silly, beyond a normal shoe like a Shox what is the point?? You are only gonna be short again when you take them off!
Mistoh said on 24/Apr/08
To tall women who worry about being too tall...
I have no problem what so ever dating women taller than me, IMO more than half of men don't seem to care at all.
I'm 5'10 1/2" and the 2 tallest gals I dated were 6'0 and 6'5". They were by far the best relationships I have ever had (coincidence?,LOL).
Beck said on 21/Apr/08
To Wil.
I am a tall(ish) female. I am 5'9 and I hate it when people complain about being too small. I guess quite a few people don't like their height, so they complain about it.
Not all tall people are accepted better by society, I've been bullied in my past by some people ('how's the weather up there?' jokes, and 'BFG', but big fat giant instead of big friendly giant). A tall joke isn't exactly a compliment to me, as I'm not a male.
You can't forget that a lot of tall people are women as well, who want to feel like women and wear heels - I know I do; a lot of really nice shoes are heels and I didn't like wearing them because they made me even taller when I wanted to be smaller than people and (I know this sounds stupid) feel like I need protecting. I want to look up to guys even when wearing heels, but I doubt it will happen so I've just learned to get on with life.
I'm going to make the most of my height (wear heels to make my long legs look even longer, etc...) and not let it get me down.

P.S. What is it that makes long legs appealing to guys (not that short legs aren't, no offense to anyone)?
Bruce said on 21/Apr/08
Krystle i am also a5'10.5" guy but in this case my Dad is 5'7" and my Mum is 5'8", meaning my Mum is a tall woman I always believe that when it comes to anybodies height the girlS get this from their Dad and the boys get it from their Mum. This is one reason why when a 6'4" man have children with say a 5'4" woman, no matter how tall their son gets he will never be taller than his Dad because the woman is not very tall enough. Even though am not tall it takes a 6'3" person to actually make me feel shorter.
Beck said on 19/Apr/08
To Wil.
Being tall does not mean you are accepted better by society.

I am tall and have to deal with tall people jokes (e.g. 'hows the weather up there?' and getting called 'BFG', but renamed to big fat giant instead of big friendly giant)

I hate it when people complain about being too small. I think a lot of people aren't very happy with their height and they wish they were another size.

I hate it when people tell me I can be a model because of my height - everyone says it and it's like that's the only thing they can think of that is a good thing about my height.

I would like to be smaller because I like heels - a lot of nice shoes are heels - and I would like to wear heels and still be smaller than my man, but I'm not going to stop wearing heels. I think everyone should just accept their height like I, and a lot of other people have, and focus on the good points about it, and the points that other people might envy (e.g. high heels make legs look longer, so I wear heels to make my already long legs look even longer). Everyone should embrace their height and love it! It's who you are!

P.S. I'm 5'9" and might still be growing (I hope not though, no offense to any one). Plus, will someone tell me why guys like long legs? I don't get why they are nicer, again no offense to anyone.
Yaspaa said on 15/Apr/08
Wil,try not being able to fit in the back seat of a car or feeling like your on display all the time or only going out with girls of a certain height so you dont look silly or not being able to get your clothes and footwear from regular shops,not to mention the amount of food you eat,being tall can be a right pain....mainly in the back.
Krystle said on 6/Apr/08
I'm 5'10 1/2 barefoot. I'm a female too. I don't feel too tall. I'd never wish to be shorter. I satisfied with my height. I actually wear heels every chance I get. I'm usually in at least 2-4 inch heels. I can be 6'2 or 6'3 in my tallest heels. I won't mind finding a pair of 5 inch heels. I love heels, not just for the short women. I love topping out at 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, or even 6.3! I usually get many comments about my height. Many people told me I should be a model. I'm tall & slim. My mom is pretty close to average height (5'6). My dad is tall (6'4). I suppose my mom could have found someone a lot shorter. But, I'm happy about my height & love every bit of it.
Wil said on 31/Mar/08
I hate it when people complain about being 'too tall'. Taller people are usually accepted better by society than shorter people. Try having to deal with short jokes and 'little guy' comments all day. And a tall-joke is just a compliment to their masculinity.
Short Girl said on 31/Mar/08
Ugg boots seem to give me an inch.
anna said on 29/Mar/08
Gee, why would you want to be shorter when people compare you to "supermodels and that is a beauty standard...." It must feel good for you that you can always just say models are tall when small women whom also get antagonised for their height just have to grin and bear it.
Sara said on 13/Mar/08
Many who comment claim that men are intimidated by tall girls, especially when they wear heels. I have never experienced a bad remark about my height ( i am 179, 5 cm barefoot) and the highest heels i wear are about 7-8 cm, making me over 185 cm tall ( 6´1 ). I often ask the guys i hang out with if they think im too tall and/or what they think about the choice of heel and I always get the same response; they think that it is attractive and advise me to keep wearing heels when i say that i feel too tall. Granted they compare me to supermodels and that is a beauty standard but nonetheless, i would not want to be shorter or taller, i just like myself! So should you.
Little Boy said on 10/Mar/08
Thanx Jewel! I appreciate your imput!
Charliemoto said on 1/Mar/08
i'm a true 180cm man (26 years old) barefoot at night but most of the day 180.5/181cm, my favorite shoes are the NikeAir Jordan (about 1.2 inches) i wear them everyday for just about everything except work where i put my dress shoes 1 inch and look 183-184cm.

tried the ShoX before but didn't like them, also tried the Elevators shoes of a friend and i felt ridiculous and in that case i did the wall measure on a flat floor, from 180cm barefoot i ended up 188cm flat.

now if the jordan give 3.5cm and i end up 183.5cm , the elevators gave 4.5cm over this, this mean the tallest you going to look in Elevators is more or less 7 or 8cm and you'll walk like a chicken.

back to the Jordan Nike, great shoes and comfortable.

@DANIELLE - no offense but i know what a shemale looks like when i see one (not a bad thing if you're happy), i like your website and what you do, you dont look 5'9 you're lucky to be 5'7 thanks to a short door to make you appear taller.

good luck in your life.
sweetchari said on 27/Feb/08
lol im five eight.five nine in most sneakers but with heels border 6ft
Engineer said on 20/Feb/08
Here is an interesting comment on high heels. Once i met in security ahead of me like all of us, she also had to remove her big heels bringing from a towering height of nearly 6' to 5'8". I told her Homeland security cuts people to size and both of us had a good laugh.
ian said on 13/Feb/08
I am 6'2 and a half tall, same height as morgan freeman and ray romano ,my bro is a year older than me and is 6'0, im 22 now so i think i have stopped growing, hopefully i have i would hate being like 6'5 or 6 its too tall.
Buddy said on 27/Jan/08
Correction! She is actually 5'10 1/2 or so...She is 6'0 in regular shoes! 6'2 in heels! Where I am not even 5'10 in shoes...just slightly under!
JEWEL said on 26/Jan/08
If she is with you and she loves you generally it doesnt. i know cause my boyfriend is like 3 inches shorter, when we go out sometimes i do wear my heels, he lets me and i prefer us that way. i feel comfortable, and he doesnt have reservations, only reservations he has are me wearing mini skirts:) silly man
Little Boy said on 25/Jan/08
Do any of you have an opinion on a 5'8 guy being with a 5'10 woman? I mean is that really a problem? I admit I feel all insecure about it! Especially when she wears like 4inch heels that push her near 6'1-6'2...& me in flat bottom shoes alone just barely stands under 5'10...I mean seriously! Do you think that bothers a woman deep down inside? but she is just too emotionally inlove with you to care about your physical being? You think that is possible?
Danielle said on 23/Jan/08
I am 5'9.3" when standing normally, and 5'10.2" when standing straight. I generally wear 2" heels or flats, but also have several pairs of 3 1/2-4 heels I break out for special occasions, or when the mood suits me. I think people should simply wear what they feel is right for them. I moved here to Utah after I stopped modeling, and there are lots of tall women out here. I have been in 4 inch heels and have had other women tower over me, and then I notice they are in flats. :)
I have generally dated men who are at least as tall as I am, or taller. I have only ever been physically attracted to guys who are tall. Sometimes I have been emotionally attracted to guys who are shorter than I, and have dated them based on that. My last boyfriend was 6'5", and I was physically attracted to him, but not emotionally. However, I think, regardless of size, that all people are beautiful and great, and that we all deserve to have love and respect. I, like everyone else, cannot help who I am attracted to, but I still think all men are awesome.
I have greatly appreciated the information contained on this site and wanted to say thank you so much for supplying it.
I am pursuing my love of writing and dance lately, and if anyone wants to see some of my personal, "tall girl" photos, lol, they are quite welcome. Tyra and I are almost the same height when in flats side-by-side, standing straight. She is just a bit taller than I am, though.
Here are my sites:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here;_ylt=ApmEyJvVPkHgnA_we2j64iflAOJ3
Take care all, and thanks for reading this! :)
MadSam said on 25/Nov/07
Just a question about these two models. The one on the left, Cori Nadine, claims she's 5'7'', the one on the right, Kitchie Laurico, says she's 5'3''. Does Cori's 5'7'' claim seem reasonable? Kitchie gets around 2.5 inches because of standing on her toes, how much do the shoes give Cori? Please reply.
Click Here
ChrisChan said on 22/Nov/07
This makes sense.The raise of your ankle after you put on high heels is actually the raise of your overall height.But given the thickness of your foot,this obviously is not same as the height change of your heels.
Cmiss K said on 18/Nov/07
I'm about 5'7'' and the only time I wear heels is at parties because otherwise I'm as tall as my guy friends (yeah, they're not so tall) And I like to be the little girl you have to take care of :p
Hélène said on 16/Nov/07
I like this site very much. I deduce from all of its articles much thought has gone into it. I also deduce that very tall and very short people have a tendency to be sensitive about their heights if anyone has ever projected anything negative about height around them during impressionable ages -- prior to adulthood. I believe the most versatile heights as far as fashion is concerned are those between five feet four inches and five feet ten inches. People who are five feet four inches can be tall with heels and / or hats, and those who are five feet ten inches and shorter can still wear a two-inch heel without much concern. What I would like to see in the shoe industry are more dressy shoe options for tall women. Completely flat shoes are not good for the arches, and very high heels on a very tall person just appear abnormal to me. If I put on such shoes, I feel like a tree getting ready to fall!!! If I put on flats without the slightest heel, my ankles will become stressed for lack of proper support. In regard to celebrities, it's interesting how photography and a person's body-type in general can influence how tall they appear on screen. Whatever height a person is, good posture is always important.
allana said on 15/Nov/07
i only wear high heels to parties otherwise i'll be like 6ft!
Jourdain said on 15/Nov/07
I happen to be a 5'9" (or so) woman, and I absolutley NEVER wear flat shoes, because I don't like them in the same way a lot of women dislike heels. All of my heels are 4-5 inches tall, and while this sends me in the so-far-deemed "unattractive" over 6' tall range, I've never had somebody consider me less attractive for being so. I like my height, I'm comfortable with it, it makes me different, and if a man wanted a woman like absolutley everyone else who is short and cute and blah blah blah, I don't see why I would EVER be attracted to him. What's the point in calling yourself "special" if you're willing to admit that you only find people who have been cast in the stereotypically female mold attractive. It's rude and tasteless for people below me on this thread to assume I'm unattractive because of my height, and if I feel stupid enough defending myself on a website about celebrity's heights, I can't imagine how ridiculous the people below me must really think.

Holy crap, get a hold of yourself and realize that aesthetics are just that: aesthetics.
Amy said on 9/Nov/07
I am 5'8" and always wearing flat shoes. I always feel as if i am 'too tall' in heels but today i just thought lifes to short and bought 3 pairs of 5.5cm heels!
leelee said on 7/Nov/07
ok soo...I'm 64.5"
I want these pumps that say they are 4 1/2". the platform rise is .75 and the heel is 3.75... something like that. would I get 3.75 in height or would you also add the .75 since it's a platform and get the full 4 1/2?? haha
so confused
Crissy said on 6/Nov/07
Okay, so since i think we're on the subject of how tall is too tall for girls to wear heels here i go:

I'm about 5'8 and i want to be taller, but I wear a lot of heels. The biggest heels i have are about 5 inches. Making me like 6'. But i think if a women in over i'd say 6'2 then you start to look a little bit intimidating in heels. Unless you dating someone who is say 6'10 lol. But even girl who are 5'11 wear heels and i think they still pull it off. But i always say, i think it's a little harder for girls to be girly when they are over 6'1.
Anon said on 31/Oct/07
I'm 5'8" and my girlfriend is 5'8" too. Before me she dated a guy who was 6'4", whom she found boring. Height is an initial factor that attracts someone, but I think women (or the women I like) have enough depth to be with someone who makes them happy combined with other factors such as general physical attractiveness, intelligence, humour, kindness and stability.

I'd like to be taller than my girlfriend, as she would like me to be, but ultimately I don't really care. I think because I project the confidence that I don't care, she feels the same. She knows exactly how tall I am, and thus wearing lifts or trying to gain a few inches is pointless.

I find women 5'3 - 5'6 with a slim build most attractive physically, but generally find attractiveness goes much beyond height and build. My girlfriend chose me and my personality over a boring rotund giant who doesn't look after himself. Maybe if all factors were equal, the taller guy would win in one-night stand stakes, but it's just one factor that women consider for a relationship, and ultimately in my experience it's about how you make a woman feel.

Physically I'd view it that I'm not compatible with a woman taller than me, but I also think the older you get the less physical appearance comes into play and the less you care about it unless you're a celebrity who trades on his/her looks.

My girlfriend doesn't wear heels with me, because she would be taller and, unless you are 'short' short, this would probably be uncomfortable for us both. Still, I'm athletic and large build, she's slim and I weigh in at 20kgs heavier which she likes (80kgs to her 60kgs).

Lifts, heels, who cares?
matt said on 19/Oct/07
i know the sexy kylie minogue can look 5'4 but she wears 4 inch heels too, she is 5'0 but the heels are curring well.
Real said on 17/Oct/07
anyone have any ACL problems stemming from wearing heels/lifts...?
JEWEL said on 15/Oct/07
Here we go again --- exactly the problem i am on about!

i am trying to reply to "anonymous" and dont know were to start!

Anonymous says on 9/Oct/07
jewel: totally disagree, i'm 6'3 and i see dudes at 6' all the time and they don't feel any intimidation or any real sense of anxiety around me.

1. R u male or female?

this will help me answer your question.
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/07
For laughs I tried wearing the Demonia Ranger 302 boots to look taller, and while they definitely work in that regard (they bump you up 3 inches exactly) they're not the kind of footwear you'd want to wear for the whole day (they're a unisex boot, but still.) Very awkward looking, LOL.

Any recommendations on boots that exaggerate 3 inches or more in height, but not so obviously?
Alex said on 11/Oct/07
For the most part whatever the heel size is for example 4 inches you'll get 3 inches to your barefoot height or 3 inches you'll get 2 inches to your barefoot height.
Anonymous said on 9/Oct/07
jewel: totally disagree, i'm 6'3 and i see dudes at 6' all the time and they don't feel any intimidation or any real sense of anxiety around me
JEWEL said on 9/Oct/07
Y do people on this website like to use the name ANONYMOUS - how do we no which anonymous one it is... puzzling
JEWEL said on 25/Sep/07
TO ANONYMOUS on 24 Sep 07

The correlation i made between tall men and women with big boobs was to emphasise why i think these two parties feel confident. I.e. tall man feels power, big chested woman feels power to attract opposite sex. They both do.

But if a girl had to have the biggest boobs in a room (or a man be the tallest), and then someone walked in who is taller (in the case of the male) or has bigger boobs (in the case of the woman)

they would feel intimidated because they are used to being the "best" there, do you comprendo???

Not saying women with big boobs are hookers, just that when one has an attribute that attracts attention, anyone who then comes with that attribute in bigger measure threatens them.

Ok, and its comforting to know there are men who dont feel too comfy with unnaturaly big boobs, these days it seems the norm in hollywood aint it?
Anonymous said on 24/Sep/07
"JEWEL says on 26/Aug/07
i think a tall man is like a woman with big boobs, these she uses to attract opposite sex and used to being on top of the world via this, but when a man comes close to her size in boobs she freaks out. i think its the same with men."

Err... hello?! i'm sure most girls with big boobs would freak out if a guy had bigger boobs than her, but most girls with naturally big boobs are ridiculously self conscious about them and don't use them "to attract opposite sex and are used to being on top of the world via this". People say girls can be mean and bitchy etc but guys can be a hell of a lot worse towards a girl with big boobs. most big chested girls have had bad experiences like that and as a result are lacking confidence and aren't hookers as you just suggested...
Krystle said on 23/Sep/07
I'm 5'11 and I admire my height. I love being tall, I wish I could be 6'0 or 6'1 sometimes. I have to buy tall pants all the time though. I think a girl starts to look a bit too tall over 6'2 (barefoot). But, nothing is wrong with being tall or short. Embrace your height and love it. I know that I do.
David said on 21/Sep/07
To compensate short height u just need a good appereance and self confidence i think, although its true that women tend to "look first" at the tall guys.
Hmmm said on 15/Sep/07
@ the last sentence of this article: Are you suuuure? My sneakers are the classic New Balance 991's and when stuffed with index cards - under a second sole - and then socks - under a third! - they give me 4 inches of extra height. I'm not even kidding. They take me from 5'10 to 6'2. Yup. And there's still space for my ankle. Now, I only did this on a boring afternoon - I don't actually give myself the social burden of shrinking 4 inches at someone's house. But it's possible, and not uncomfortable. My feet aren't terribly big - size eleven.
Anonymous said on 15/Sep/07
No one said 5'10" was gigantic. I just said that women over 6' look less attractive to me.
Franco said on 14/Sep/07
for fun i wear 3 inches heels of my wife (don't laugh im not gay) LOL and measured in the stadiometer, i was 2m 1cm that's 7cm over my 194cm

so its true that 3 inch heels dont give 9 or 10 cm more like 7 or 7.5
saga said on 9/Sep/07
Sorry ladies but 5'10 is not that tall! I know plenty of girls 5'10 and taller and none of them have problems to get a bf. My friend's gf is even 6'3 and she's not attractive at all (IMHO) nevertheless she has a bf.
So it's really pointless this discussion 'cause whether you're very tall or very short you'll get a bf if you have a positive attitude and if you take care of your appearance.
I just guess that average girls have slightly more chance to get a bf 'cause both tall and short guys won't have troubles with their height.
I am myself a tall guy (almost 6'3) but i've also dated 5'3-5'4 girls therefore height isn't a primary factor (at least for me). It's obvious that i prefer not to break my neck every time i want to kiss my gf so my ideal height for a woman would be around 5'8-5'9.
JEWEL said on 7/Sep/07
ITS funny like i said in the Kylie Minogue thread.

People come up with little defences when they feel bad about themselves, they somehow mean to hide it, but in so doing - it comes off as ???

Well..., a beautiful woman at 5.10 no bf, sometimes its just self esteem issues. tell me 5.10 Kelis or 5.10 plus Petra Nemcova cant find a bf?

Really ladies, its not about your weight, or your height, or your skin tone, or the fatness of your bank account...

its YOU. Truth is, some men will fancy long legs, others like the squished version, some like pale skin others not. But to say your friend has never had a bf because she is 5.10 is a joke to me. I think she hasnt played her cards well.

And yes,... height can either play for or against you... its up to you like Sisqo says, to PLAY THE CARDS YOU WAS DEALT.

PeaceOut AmOut.
Anali said on 4/Sep/07
i Just wanna say that I am 5'1 and have never been short of admires ever. my 5'10 has NEVER had a boyfriend ever and were both 21 and we are about the same level of attractiveness iv never dated a guy who dident like my hight and iv never dated a guy who dident think it was cute and may guys said this factor indeed made them more attracted to me. most of my boyfriends have been over 5'9.

alot of men say they feel like more of a protector and a provider when they date a petite girl.

oh and for the record i am very proportional . and I absolutely do not look squished what so ever!
Anonymous said on 2/Sep/07
This whole tall women look better because supermodels are tall is bs. Seriously I think over half of the the Victoria's Secret angels right now are unattractive. Adriana Lima and Selita Ebanks are the only hot ones left. Alessandra Ambrosio looks like an ugly scrawny rat. Kate Moss is under 5'6" and she is the greatest model of all time. Women over 6' are less attractive than women under that so are women under 5'2". Now there are women 6' and over that look good and women under 5'2" that look good but in general they don't. Also all women should wear heels regardless of height. Heels make you look sexy.
Interesting said on 1/Sep/07
Thought this was an interesting discussion and had to add. I'm a tall woman at 5'9.5 (175cm), often told that I should have done modelling due to my height and very slim figure. I used to always wear flats, or a really small kitten heel. Occassionaly when wearing heels like another woman said previously, average height guys always comment on me not needing to wear heels as I'm tall enough as is. I find that I do look really good in me heels, I enjoy shoes where my toes are out as I have very neat, slim feet too. Now I wear whatever type of shoe, boot that I like. I've had the odd boyfriend comment about it, but now if someone is uncomfortable with my height then so be it - it's not changing.
I often do meet guys who are much shorter than me, but always date guys that are around 5'10" plus.
JEWEL said on 31/Aug/07
One more thing,

nobody's the same you know. well you get extremes, but to say a woman who is under 5.2 looks squished and too short is also wrong.

I think one of the most well proportioned short women i know (not too short fingers and squashed legs and arms) is Kylie Minogue.

Click Here

Height and proportion not necessarily dependent on each other. They can be independent. converseley, above average tall looks just too smashing.

view this 5.10 ethiopan gem of a model Liya Kebede, it doesnt get better than this guys

Click Here
JEWEL said on 31/Aug/07
Anonymous your right. all women should wear heels,

besides 5.8 - 6ft is supermodel height.

true we wouldnt have models if they were short would we. a model's gotta be tall. even designers know that for their clothes to make an impact, a really tall thin figure or mannequin does it. hence you dont see 5"2 supermodels. unless ofcourse u wanna do photographic modelling were height limit is not a huge issue, to model and emphasise/show or carry off clothes you gotta be unusually lean and long.

amy, 5.11 is granted quite tall, but its nothing i consider strange at all. at that height, i would confidently wear my heels.
Anonymous said on 30/Aug/07
All women should wear heels.
amy said on 30/Aug/07
tall women dont look bad in heels, if they did then we would have short super models which we dont! I think girls should be able to wear high heels tall or short, people also tell me not to wear heels, ur too tall, im 5'11. I really dont care what ppl think, I tower over u w/o heels, why does it matter if I tower over u more! I do agree that average guys are more intimated by tall girls like 5'9-6'0, their usually the most insecure, so I usually avoid.Always asking question about why I dont wear flats more often, ur shoes are too high, yada yada ya... no more of that! Tall or short guys dont care. I usually look for 6'2 and up.
JEWEL said on 29/Aug/07
not always true anon. hence tall super models.

you can be tall and still in proportion, aka Kimora Lee Simmons, she is really tall but her proportions are fantastic. Cause she has a fantastic figure

Click Here

You cant say her limbs look bad...
JohnP said on 29/Aug/07
I noticed something recently that I found very strange.

I saw a girl yesterday that wore boots (the heels were perhaps 5-6 inches), and I was a head taller than her. Then the other day, I saw her again wearing flat and I was still a head taller than her! She seemed like she wasn't any shorter. Perhaps an inch shorter at most. I was wearing different shoes too, the first day I wore some kind of Reebok shoes and the other day I wore my Adidas shoes. The Reebok shoes gave maybe 1/4 or 1/2 inch more than the Adidas at most.

But Rob is right, heels doesn't add so much height that you think they do. She was definitley not 5-6 inches taller in her boots than in her flats.
somebody said on 29/Aug/07
How tall is too tall for a girl to wear heels????
Anonymous said on 28/Aug/07
I think tall women look bad not because they tower over anyone but just because their limbs are too long. When women get 6' or over they just don't look as good as women shorter than that. They're limbs just get too long. It makes no difference if a woman is wearing heels and she's over 5'11" or not. The fact that her body just looks overstretched makes her unattractive. It's similar when a woman is below 5'2", her proportions are just too squished and it doesn't matter that she wears heels. The reason I wear heels is not to make myself taller but to make my legs and butt look better. Also I just think it's sexier when women walk in heels rather than in flat shoes.
JEWEL said on 26/Aug/07
Oh my goodness Jemma! you are so spot on. they are usually ugly! i think a tall man is like a woman with big boobs, these she uses to attract opposite sex and used to being on top of the world via this, but when a man comes close to her size in boobs she freaks out. i think its the same with men.

And tall men, the ugly ones, all they have to hold on is their height. and when ur about 5'10 - 6ft as a woman, they just wanna die, cause now they got nothin else!

wow never drew that correlation before
Jemma said on 24/Aug/07
jewell and kitty- it is true that average height men are usually the ones who are intimidated by taller women. Taller guys are usually in awe because they can't believe there is a girl who is near their height and won't make their neck crick-then they go all shy, and shorter guys are usually the most bold-cos they've learnt not to have hang ups about height in general to get on in life, and I guess are kind of in awe too. Of the few guys I've met who have been rude or made insecure comments about their own or my height (and i'm 5'11)were all average height- and ugly too...seems to be a correlation.
JP said on 22/Aug/07
Guy, the reason why some people consider tall women "attractive"-
is because typically, MEN(fashion designers gay and straight) set the standards for beauty. Think Madame butterfly.
saga said on 4/Aug/07
Jewel i agree, girls you must wear your heels if you are comfortable with it..whenever you want.
Most girls are very elegant and more attractive in heels in my opinion!

Sarah don't worry, even with 4 inches heels you can't tower "over everybody" at 5'8 barefoot ok?
My girlfriend who is 5'11.5 barefoot starts towering over everybody in heels..i guess she's about 6'2-6'2.5 in heels 'cause she's still a full inch shorter than me and i'm a good 6'3.5 (192cm) with shoes on.
Jewel said on 2/Aug/07
Sarah and Sheila, to be honest it doesnt matter. wear what you like, and if your tall your gonna tower, i just think it looks really elegant. When i wear heels i make it a point to look like a model, i find people more warmer that way. if you look horrible and wear them, thats a no go area. your figure has to be in shape and you must look clean prim and proper. so knock yourselves out, forget other peoples comments. but also just be practical dont go to a tiny toddlers sports event and wear them.
Darlene said on 31/Jul/07
Jay- Because that is all there is to life. Getting women and being tall. Now I know why men are still perceived as shallow.
marco said on 31/Jul/07
I propose a poll : for the girls of this forum: wearing your high heel shoes (if you wear them going out on Saturday evenings) are you shorter or taller than me ? I am 172-172,5 cm (about 5’7’’3/4) with the shoes (2,5 cm heel) I usually wear going out.Answer please!
Sarah said on 30/Jul/07
Sheila: Im about 5ft 8" and still growing and i too get told by many people how tall i look when wearing heels, if you like a pair of shoes you should be able to wear them whatever your height, right?! but i still feel uncomfortable towering over everybody.
Shortish Scottish said on 30/Jul/07
Im 5 foot 7 inches and i get the hots for really tall girls but anyone who says height doesnt matter are talkin out their ass. I have lost loadsa chicks the second a big tall guy who isnt even as hot as me walks in, just how it is.
Kai said on 21/Jul/07
The models are supposed to wear heels,but rappers like Eminem and 50 cent wearing heeled Timberlands and Trainers to add a couple of inches to their heights is wrong and FRUITY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jessie said on 21/Jul/07
I'm 5.4-5.5" and i love it!
Although when I wear heels they make me around 5.8-9"ish I guess, and I find it uncomfortable being that tall. I like going on my toes kiss my boyfriend(6.1 1/2"), call me old fashioned.
Sheila said on 21/Jul/07
I am 5ft 10.5" and hate being told by short women, old women, and some guys that I don't need to wear high heels as I am tall enough as it is, why would I won't to be taller. Has any other women been told this and how do they deal with it?
hope. said on 14/Jul/07
im 5'5 and i always wear the highest heels possible, so how much would that make me?
Ryan said on 12/Jul/07
hey jay you sound like a bragging loser, I bet you're fat not even muscle if you have to come on a celebheight forum and make a defensive post calling people "dwarfs" and how girls can't keep their hand off of you. Get a life loser.
Lmeister said on 12/Jul/07
I'm 5'8'' and just last weekend hooked up with this beautiful blond personal trainer. She is 5'11''ish. Later on she told me that I seemed like a nice guy and looked good. So there you go. It isn't about the height. It is more about the whole package...
shikoku said on 11/Jul/07
I'm 6'5 i have nike's that ad 1,5 inch while they don't really look lifting.. My girlfriend is a solid 5'9 with heels she would be around 6 feet..
Rafael Araujo said on 10/Jul/07
im 6´2 .... and my snekears made me a 6´3

well.when someone ask my height i always say 6´3 cuz you talk always with shoes on

and not barefoot... so i think the height with shoes on is the most imoportant
Jay said on 10/Jul/07
I'm 6'6 1/2 and wiegh about 245, most people mistaken me for a professional football or basketball player due to my build. I was always self-conscience about my height growing up bc i was rail thin (about 175, 5 yrs ago). I was tired of people thinking i had AIDS so i hit the wieghts and ate more food, Now i'm tall and ripped and girls can't keep their hands off me. I love my height now and could care less about what you dwarfs think.
Alex said on 6/Jul/07
5'6 with 3 inch heels, she should be 5'8-5'8.5 then. Only platform shoes give you the total height that the heel is.
Adam said on 5/Jul/07
Anyway my girlfriend atm is 5' 6" and wears 3inch heals which makes her look 5' 9". I could still get away with having a girlfriend who is 5"9 barefoot wearing heals. Woould be nice as im used to 5' 3" girls. In all honest like i said im 6' 2" ish and ive been out with girls from 5"2-6"0 and it makes no difference to me.
Adam said on 5/Jul/07
I'm 187cm or just under 6' 2" tall barefoot and i was going out with a girl who was about 5' 11.5" barefoot so i had a good 2 inches on her in height barefoot. She said that she prefers guys that are taller than her which i was. Thats not that when she put her 3inch heals on she didn't wana know me like sum people are kinda saying. Everyone knows girls wear heals and guys don't. People are judged on natural height and nothing else i.e. height is barefoot. Saying that because a 6ft foot girl would need a 6"5 lad so that he was still taller than her in her heals is ridiculous. Males self esteem should not be affected becasue their girlfriend is taller than them when they have heals on or even taller at all. Like i said im 187cm and i would still feel as much of a man stood next to Maria Sharopova who is 188cm simply because of the difference in build. She looks as elegant as any women ive seen and even at 6ft 2 inches tall.
Jewel said on 5/Jul/07
ipodrod its just the difference thingy. guys dont like being same height with a girl. shorter guys feel more secure with a taller girl cause she gives hope of taller offspring, and it makes him look good. thats why i dig the shorter ones or really taller ones.
amanda said on 4/Jul/07
this article has explained so much for me. (for instance "why am i wearing 4 inches but only a little bit taller than my boyfriend who's the same height as i am?")

thanks! :)
Jewel said on 4/Jul/07
Your Heights not to bad Cathleen. I consider 6ft to be the cut off point for women in terms of tall.

Kitty - thank God someone who understands me. When a woman is tall, the medium guys are usually the ones with the problem. If they are really tall it doesnt bother them, if they are quite short it doesnt bother them.

Lock and load i know how you feel- culture stereotypes hey! men cant wear heels, but michael jackson was caught wearing them (stilletos) i gotta confess it looked really strange. you can wear lifters or boosters i think, really thick soled shoes.

Later all.
juggernaut said on 2/Jul/07
Average height for women in US is 5'4". Men 5'10. So women over 5'4 please stop wearing high heels and let us short gals catch up a bit w/ you! hee hee. Men that are shorter then 5'10 let them wear their lifts if they want.
William Brown said on 29/Jun/07
I'm a guy and i am only 5'7" and I used to be insecured about my height. But since I met this girl who was much younger and taller than me. I realize do to my weight, I was still just as big as she was. Height is only a mind thing. If any one doesn't appreciate my height, that's their problem and definetly not mine.
Cathleen said on 18/Jun/07
I'm 5'11 and 3/4 (I usually just tell people I am 6 feet even). I wear 2 or 3 inch heels all the time. I used to be really insecure about my height and I would try to buy the flattest flats available, but now I really don't care if people want to stare at me. I'm a somewhat attractive tall blond and I figure I should be proud of my height, not ashamed of it!
ipodrod said on 15/Jun/07
lol the jerk dont pay attention as u can see everyone is gonna have differing opinions or abnormal tastes but to want a guy UNDER 5'10 or OVER 6'3 is tryly bizarre. But in general i have found most girls feel that 6 foot to 6 foot 2 is ideal. 6 foot 3 is also considered a good height. and a lot of girls also are really cool with height down to 5'10. OF course you can find girls who are cool with any height
l0ck n l0ad said on 15/Jun/07
I'm a guy so by nature I wouldn't know about high heels.
Rebecca Romijn the 5-10 1/2 actress, likes to wear 5 inch stilletos from what I read once. Does that mean she would measure up to 6'3-1/2" in those stilletos or only give her 3" boost as Rob illustrates in the picture with his foot?
Kitty said on 13/Jun/07
In response to TheJerk who was responding to Jewel, I can say that, as a taller girl (5'10"), I also prefer men who are exceptionally tall or shorter than average. There's something about those guys in the middle...they always seem to have issues with how tall I am. My theory is that I make them feel short, whereas the shorter guys are used to it and, obviously, the taller guys don't have that problem either way.
TALL AND PROUD said on 13/Jun/07
Guy, I feel that if someone wants to appear taller thats their choice.Also maybe women do't care if they are taller than most men. I am 6'1" and love it.If a man has an issue with that it's their low self-esteem and not MY problem
Larissa said on 13/Jun/07
Kathryn, i think that's great. I'm 5'8.5 and would love to be able to wear high heels but don't have the confidence to do so as i don't want to be taller than everyone!!
Amelia said on 11/Jun/07
Person, are you kidding about girls being "lucky" to wear high heels? I've always been short, so you better believe that I wore the highest possible heelsI could get away with, that is, until my feet, ankles, and knees were in such a state that they requires surgery and I also needed cologen implants in injected into my heels to make up for the natural padding that heels destroyed. Problems like these (and also hammertoes) are actually very common and on the rise. High heels aren't all they're cracked up to be; sure Jimmy Choos and Laboutin's look great, and I'm for suffering for beauty, but not to that extent. Those procedures set me back thousands, and the collegan wasn't covered by insurance. Not only that, but they are extremely uncomfortable on the feet, ankles, and knees and are very difficult to get the hang of walking in them. Laboutin himself once advised women to stand on frozen steaks after wearing his shoes. Yes, they look great, but there is a high cost to wearing high heels.
Person said on 9/Jun/07
It's not fair that girls can wear heels and get away with it, while guys cannot wear lifts or otherwise risked being judged. People should be able to wear what they want without having to worry about criticism. Plus, if you don't like someone else wearing lifts, that means you are insecure about yourself in the first place. :)
TheJerk said on 6/Jun/07
Whats wrong with 5-10 to 6-2? Aren't those the ideal heights for men?
Jewel said on 30/May/07
At 6ft as a female, i dont judge a man by his height, probably more by his bulk and body size. i dont like 6ft - 6'2 guys, i much rather date either 6.3 and above or 5.10 and below.

Its just a thing, but i find 5.9/8 bulky guys, (with loaded pockets too! lol) quite attractive.
Guy said on 24/May/07
"Jewel says on 23/May/07
Guy you sound like a bitter dude. I do kind of feel bad cause men dont know how to feel "smaller" than a woman. That means models like tyra banks (5.10 and a half), claudia schiffer 5.11, kimora lee 6.00 would intimidate you by far! cause these women wear 5 inch heels! wow. I am a 6ft woman, and must say i intimidate guys, but that doesnt stop me from dressing how i please. normally its the short guys like you who are attracted to tall women, i draw the line at 5.10 though. be happy in yourself, and dont mask your insecurity with some angry ranting. its gonna be ok. jewel

Ha ha. It was more of a comical rant if anything else jewel. Not meant to be taken seriously, which is why i put the ":)" representing a smile at the end of the last post. I'd still consider 5 8-5 9 more or less average for a man rather than short though.
Jewel said on 23/May/07
Guy you sound like a bitter dude. I do kind of feel bad cause men dont know how to feel "smaller" than a woman. That means models like tyra banks (5.10 and a half), claudia schiffer 5.11, kimora lee 6.00 would intimidate you by far! cause these women wear 5 inch heels! wow. I am a 6ft woman, and must say i intimidate guys, but that doesnt stop me from dressing how i please. normally its the short guys like you who are attracted to tall women, i draw the line at 5.10 though. be happy in yourself, and dont mask your insecurity with some angry ranting. its gonna be ok. jewel
Anonymous said on 22/May/07
Average height for women is around 5'4 now not 5'8. That's just women, and men, lying for women...again. A woman that is 5'8 is tall for a woman. A 6 foot woman is extremely tall.
Guy said on 18/May/07
P.S. And yes I'm a 5 8 guy, and yes I wish I could be taller...:)
Guy said on 18/May/07
What I don't get is why a woman 5 8 or more would want to wear 3-4 inch heels. I mean as a 5 8 woman, you're already in like the 95th percentile for women at 5 foot 8, and in the 50th-75th% for men, so essentially you'll be taller than most women and men in heels. Someone answer me how the hell does making a big tall ass women bigger and taller, make her look more attractive?

Another thing that I find funny is that a good majority of people claim that 5 8 is an average height for a woman nowadays. Please tell me how the bloody blue hell is this possible? Average height for MEN 30 years ago was 5 8, and now it's stated to be a bit over 5 9. And average height for WOMEN 30 years ago was 5 foot 3, so how the hell are you going to tell me that within the past 30 years chicks have grown an average of 5 inches, and men have only increased 1 inch? Come on now. I can accept 5 8 as an average height for women of Nordic descent, from the Netherlands(and even in the Netherlands average height for women is 5 foot 7) or from one of those Zulu African tribes(I've seen chicks from certain African tribes who average around 6 feet) but here in the states I seriously doubt most women young and old are barely over 5 4 barefooted - unless they've been secretly taken HGH over the years. Sorry for the rant, just a little bored...I'm done..:)
Rick said on 30/Apr/07
Also what alot of people dont realize is once youre in the shoes your weights gonna push down on the padding, so even if theres an inch of padding before you put them on youre not gonna get an extra inch wearing them, maybe 3/4 of an inch. With boots about an inch.
dmeyer said on 27/Apr/07
in normal shoes even hight cut it is hard to wear more than 1 in lifts i have nike with 1.1 in heels plus 0.8 in lifts inside like 2 cm wish give me 1.5 cm bosst 1 in will give you 1.9 cm to fudge more than 2 cm you gotta wear elevators since over 1 in heels you cannot walk e
dmeyer said on 24/Apr/07
if someone wears new shox and the other converse 1.8 cm versus 3.6 cm thats about 0.75 advantage also my old converse give me no more than 1.5 cm versus 3.6 cm shox that makes a differance
BrightPearl said on 15/Apr/07
when you are petite like me... you will be short no matter what height you 'wear'. I like to wear heels to give a more leaner and proportioned look.
billie-inn said on 9/Apr/07
I'm 5'5" and I love to wear my 5-inch-boots. However, my boyfriend, who is 6'1" still laughs at me as he thinks I'm still short! Isn't he mean?!!!
Kathryn said on 6/Apr/07
i am 5'7.5'' (171 cm) and i have high heels (max. = 5 inches, min. = 4 inches) and i love to be taller as some men who are 5'11'', that´s so cool. my boyfriend is 6'0.5'' by the way and sometimes he hates it to see me being nearly as tall as him. =-)
Franco said on 1/Apr/07
yeah i got also Nike Shox TL and i can assure you they give 4cm flat (at least mine) i'm 1.93cm and with them (i got a measuring machine you see at doctors office) i am exactly 1.97cm. and yes i love them too.

since i got them instead of ending the day @ 1.93cm i now end up 1.94cm, i guess they relax your spine more than normal shoes and really help against effects of gravity. sure 1cm is nothing but when you think about it that's beneficial, you are putting less REAL stress on spine and that can help with aging. ;)

my girlfriend (1.78cm) wear a 3 inch shoes with flat front not platform and she gained 7cm exactly (1.85cm).
Harry_UK said on 1/Apr/07
I have those exact nike shox, i love them! LOL
Bibi-NL said on 16/Mar/07
I have a pair of boots with a 8cm heel, and they give me exactly 7cm over my height (173cm to 180 cm)... but it's a heel that goes straight down from the back, so it's placed at the very back of the foot. I think the position of the heel matters, too.

Also, is there a difference in heights of the heels of identical shoes of different sizes? For example, a size 7 and a size 10, will the heels be the exact same height, or proportionate to the size of the shoe?
dmeyer said on 16/Mar/07
so if the shoe dosnt look bad it means it give max 1.25 to 1.5 over normal 1 inch shoes i met cruise he looked 5'8.5 to 5'9 so he must be 5'7.25 to 5'7.5 norman elevator will give you max 1.25 to 1.5 so if you wear 1 to 1.25 heels the celeb will have only 3 to 4 cm tops over you so if pitt looks 2.5 in taller than damon and damon is 5'10.5 to 5'11 in shoes so pitt is 6'1.25 to 6'1.5 in shoes so he might be only 1 inch taller than damon also he looks 1 to 1.25 and on rare ocasion 1.5 over clooney but more like 2.5 to 3 cm so if he wears elevator he is max clooney height so clooney 179 plus 1.25 dress shoes 5'11.75 pitt looks 1.25 taller so 6'1 in 2.5 to 2.75 elevator so pitt is also 179 maybe
17,181-182cm* said on 16/Mar/07
what about a 2inch 5cm cowboy boot? is the pivotpoint the way it is with a regular shoe ,as in it gives you all the height like the nike shox,which gives 1.4 inches gain from barefoot height? so since a cowboy boot isnt hiding its heel,then it would give me 2 inches?
Brenda said on 12/Mar/07
I have found that different sellers of women's shoes do not always use the same area to measure heel height. One seller may measure just forward of the heel while another may measure down the center line of the heel. I have seen where still another seller measures behind the heel at the top of the protion where the heel attaches to the sole of the shoe. It tends to be rather confusing sometimes. One of the sellers made the comment that if I wanted to order their shoes, I will have to measure their way. So nothing is really resolved.
Anonymous said on 3/Mar/07
My mom's mugshot measured her at 5'3" tall. When she wears her 3" heels, she claims she is 5'6". But in fact, I measured her height at 5'5" the most. Any one like to send me comment at Thanks
jp said on 1/Mar/07
it's the heels. . .many of the male stars, when you get a peek under their (usually) longer than needed pants, are often wear shoes that have cowboy-boot-like heels. Take Tom Cruise, for example--and Duke, tall as he was, always wore "high-heeled" shoes.
Editor Rob said on 20/Feb/07
If the front is flat, as in 0.5-1cm its hard to get over 3 inches barefoot, mostly 2.3-2.6 range. You can push it close to 3 inches, the shoe would be described like a 4.5 inches in shops.
most on that page have 1cm and under fronts and they won't give over 3 inches barefoot unless the women has very huge long foot.

Then you have ones like these:
they will give in the 4 inch over barefoot although they get advertised 6 inches.
And 8 inch heels like these:
are the type monica belluci might wear, lol, they would give in 6-6.5 inch range because the platform is huge.
dmeyer said on 19/Feb/07
so when a womam wears 4 inches hells but the front is slim so it give her only 2.5 over barefeeti guess 5 inches one gives you 3 inches my girlfriend look only 2 inches shorter than me when she wears 4 inches heels so she gotta be 5'7.5 also most men wear 1.1 to 1.2 dress shoes at premiere so 1.2 and the girl 4 inches wish gives her only 1.5 over you so i have missjudge woman in the past but the 2 inch gives you 2 inch
Dave said on 14/Feb/07
I am 6'2 (188cm) barefoot and size 11 Nike TN's takes my height to 191cm so it seems shox has a cm or so on most other trainers.
GMan said on 14/Jan/07
How do you figure out how much lift a shoe or boot gives you. I am 6'1.5-6'2 with a size 12.5 foot and I wear frye cowboy boots with a 2 in heel. How much of that 2 in do I get.
Marc said on 14/Jan/07
MY girlfriend is 5'8" and she wore shoes with a 5 inch heel; I'm 5'11" (maybe 6' in my dress shoes), but still had about 1.5 inches over her. Any thoughts?
derbi said on 10/Jan/07
leonari, isn't quite the same thing with elevators as with heigh heels because they are built flater and with a smaller angle. and with lifts you don't have to do the mesurements like those above. If you have ever sin some you know why... the top where you are standing on is flat, no anlge. Btw leonari have you seen the news on the mark wahlberg site... what do you think about it?

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