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dmeyer said on 16/Mar/07
so if the shoe dosnt look bad it means it give max 1.25 to 1.5 over normal 1 inch shoes i met cruise he looked 5'8.5 to 5'9 so he must be 5'7.25 to 5'7.5 norman elevator will give you max 1.25 to 1.5 so if you wear 1 to 1.25 heels the celeb will have only 3 to 4 cm tops over you so if pitt looks 2.5 in taller than damon and damon is 5'10.5 to 5'11 in shoes so pitt is 6'1.25 to 6'1.5 in shoes so he might be only 1 inch taller than damon also he looks 1 to 1.25 and on rare ocasion 1.5 over clooney but more like 2.5 to 3 cm so if he wears elevator he is max clooney height so clooney 179 plus 1.25 dress shoes 5'11.75 pitt looks 1.25 taller so 6'1 in 2.5 to 2.75 elevator so pitt is also 179 maybe
17,181-182cm* said on 16/Mar/07
what about a 2inch 5cm cowboy boot? is the pivotpoint the way it is with a regular shoe ,as in it gives you all the height like the nike shox,which gives 1.4 inches gain from barefoot height? so since a cowboy boot isnt hiding its heel,then it would give me 2 inches?
Brenda said on 12/Mar/07
I have found that different sellers of women's shoes do not always use the same area to measure heel height. One seller may measure just forward of the heel while another may measure down the center line of the heel. I have seen where still another seller measures behind the heel at the top of the protion where the heel attaches to the sole of the shoe. It tends to be rather confusing sometimes. One of the sellers made the comment that if I wanted to order their shoes, I will have to measure their way. So nothing is really resolved.
Anonymous said on 3/Mar/07
My mom's mugshot measured her at 5'3" tall. When she wears her 3" heels, she claims she is 5'6". But in fact, I measured her height at 5'5" the most. Any one like to send me comment at Thanks
jp said on 1/Mar/07
it's the heels. . .many of the male stars, when you get a peek under their (usually) longer than needed pants, are often wear shoes that have cowboy-boot-like heels. Take Tom Cruise, for example--and Duke, tall as he was, always wore "high-heeled" shoes.
Editor Rob said on 20/Feb/07
If the front is flat, as in 0.5-1cm its hard to get over 3 inches barefoot, mostly 2.3-2.6 range. You can push it close to 3 inches, the shoe would be described like a 4.5 inches in shops.
most on that page have 1cm and under fronts and they won't give over 3 inches barefoot unless the women has very huge long foot.

Then you have ones like these:
they will give in the 4 inch over barefoot although they get advertised 6 inches.
And 8 inch heels like these:
are the type monica belluci might wear, lol, they would give in 6-6.5 inch range because the platform is huge.
dmeyer said on 19/Feb/07
so when a womam wears 4 inches hells but the front is slim so it give her only 2.5 over barefeeti guess 5 inches one gives you 3 inches my girlfriend look only 2 inches shorter than me when she wears 4 inches heels so she gotta be 5'7.5 also most men wear 1.1 to 1.2 dress shoes at premiere so 1.2 and the girl 4 inches wish gives her only 1.5 over you so i have missjudge woman in the past but the 2 inch gives you 2 inch
Dave said on 14/Feb/07
I am 6'2 (188cm) barefoot and size 11 Nike TN's takes my height to 191cm so it seems shox has a cm or so on most other trainers.
GMan said on 14/Jan/07
How do you figure out how much lift a shoe or boot gives you. I am 6'1.5-6'2 with a size 12.5 foot and I wear frye cowboy boots with a 2 in heel. How much of that 2 in do I get.
Marc said on 14/Jan/07
MY girlfriend is 5'8" and she wore shoes with a 5 inch heel; I'm 5'11" (maybe 6' in my dress shoes), but still had about 1.5 inches over her. Any thoughts?
derbi said on 10/Jan/07
leonari, isn't quite the same thing with elevators as with heigh heels because they are built flater and with a smaller angle. and with lifts you don't have to do the mesurements like those above. If you have ever sin some you know why... the top where you are standing on is flat, no anlge. Btw leonari have you seen the news on the mark wahlberg site... what do you think about it?
leonari said on 7/Jan/07
Great ROB! So finally these stupid 4.5 inches, 3 inches lifts, boots whatever stories will stop! !!!!!!!!!
So Derbi? Who was right in the end? Me! You cannot have 3.5 inch lifts! It's not possible! Do you see that or are you still in denial? If you have than you cannot walk in them and they must look hideous!! Sly gets a full inch or maybe 1.5 ich from his munster trainiers...He is 5'10" . PERIOD.
nothing said on 31/Dec/06
Dont know how rellevant but my orthotics give me lift in the heel only. If I have to do alot of walking it begins to bother me because it is just not natural for humans to walk with an levated heel. I modified by cutting up some thin insoles from other shoes to level out the orthotic. I should have gone with the athletic version instead of the dress version. I don't care about height I care about not being in pain when I walk. (How do women do it with the high heels?!)
derbi said on 29/Dec/06
Rob, just found it. I mean same thing like pn the elevator shoes site:
derbi said on 29/Dec/06
Rob, I don't know where but I once saw it on this site. You measured how much height some sneakers like nike shox add you in comparison to your barefoot height. You then did a point on your leg once barefoot and once in the shoe... I hope you know what I mean:-) It would be great if you could do the same with some of this heeled shoes above!
Ventess said on 28/Dec/06
Does anyone know where i can find shoes online with virtually no heel height? I'm quite tall already, so obviously when wearing shoes do not want to emphasise my height further. 'Converse' are pretty good aren't they? Are there any others for men? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Sarah said on 24/Dec/06
Ok a 4inch heel for example will usually only make you 3inches taller, same goes for other heel heights.
dmeyer said on 18/Dec/06
so how mush 3.5 inches heels for a woman give
dmeyer said on 18/Dec/06
my nike shox give 1.4 in for some my converse give me 0.65 to 0.7 in since my size is 11.5 so the heel might be 0.15 in more than 8.5
dmeyer said on 18/Dec/06
but 4 inches heels for a woman do give 3 to 3.25 over barefeet
Editor Rob said on 1/Dec/06
Alex, depends if there is a platform on the sole and how you are defining the heel size - I drew those red lines in the images above to show the actual 'true' point of measurement. With trainers obviously this point is roughly no lower in the heel section of a trainer.

If the heel only has like 1cm at the front then the harshest angle your foot can go means you are limited to about 3 inches over barefoot with a thin style heeled shoe. Add on platform at the front and then you can get more of course.
Alex said on 30/Nov/06
Rob, so 3 inch heels give you more 2.5 inches to your barefoot height and 4 inch heels give you 3.5 inches to your height correct?

But with say sneakers that are 1.5 inches won't that make you 1.5 inches taller since its not a heeled shoe? I have a pair of New balance that have a 1.5 inch heel and Nike Shox that have a 1.5 inch heel and I'm about 1.5 inches taller, maybe 1.25 inches at minimum.
Lmeister said on 13/Nov/06
Check out these shoes. German designer Karl Lagerfeld is weawring shoes with 2.75 inch heel + lifts. Everyone is talking about 3 inch lifts etc...This is how shoes with sucha lifts look in reality. Never seen any actor except Antonio Banderas wearing similar shoes ;)
sally-Ann said on 18/Mar/06
i c aswel he sure is sneaky being a tall gal i think i'd find it a bit demoralisin

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