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Ben said on 15/May/17

Yes, I think you'll be reaching the 185, a cm more or below wouldn't suprise me.
But it depends if your parents or brother were late and how tall they are now.
Ben said on 15/May/17
Hey Rob!

I just noticed something while looking at the average height for males in different countries, the average is getting shorter every year since 1986...
In the 70's the average was up at 177.5 for males and now it is down at 177.2 for people born 1996.
[Editor Rob: yes, some average height will plateau and even go down a little, while others will have a steady climb and maybe hold closer to the peak average.

There's a myth that every country seems to be growing, but the data says otherwise. ]
Mo said on 14/May/17
Hey Robe, it's me the 18 year old again. Just wanted to say that for the past few days out of bed I've consistently been measuring myself at 183cm (have grown about +0.4mm). I've felt this small change as soon as I get up.
My question is where would the top of my head reach up to standing next to someone like Karlie Kloss who is 189cm out of bed (I think)?. Assuming we just woke up.
[Editor Rob: you would be under her hairline, maybe by close to 1 inch, so between eyebrow and hairline, assuming you drop down to 181ish]
Colberto said on 12/May/17
Hey rob how much growth do you see for me. I am a 6'0 3/4-6'1" and 17. My mom peaked at 5'6" and reached adult height at 12. Dad went from being 5'10"-5'11 1/2" after high school. I have been the same height for a good year absolutely no growth. Doctors have said that I would be around 6'1-6'2" and before 6'3". I hit puberty at 12 and my growth spurt 1 year later went from being 5'9" to 5'11" in less than a year then reached 6'0" at 14 1/2. Thanks in advance.
[Editor Rob: in your case, if you gain anything more, take it as a bonus.]
Mo said on 6/May/17
Hey Rob, I measure about 182.6cm out of bed and around 181cm exactly when I go to bed. What height am I? Also, I'm 18 years old so I was wondering if there's a chance for me to grow to around 185 flat night height? I've only RECENTLY started drinking lots of milk/eating cheese lol.

Please reply, thank you :)
[Editor Rob: if anybody gains height at 18-21 they have done better than most, because the majority still don't gain anything noticeable (by that I mean 1/2 inch or more).

you are in the solid 5ft 11 category...'just over 5ft 11']
176cm guy said on 5/May/17
Hey Rob, do you think this is pretty informative? Click Here
It's not 100% accurate of course since not everyone is proportionate, but gets a rough idea and estimation for something that is proportionate for any height maybe.
[Editor Rob: depends on where the information came from, though plugging in some values, I don't think it's that bad a reference.]
Headbanger said on 30/Apr/17
Hi Rob, this is my nickname, I can't comment with my old nickname :/
Blake said on 22/Apr/17
Rob, I think in the future whenever you get some time off should do a video on your behind the scenes on celebheights and what it takes to run a website like celebheights and the history of celebheights how it changed from 2004 till now etc. I would find it interesting!
[Editor Rob: yes it might be worth thinking about something like that.]
Ken said on 21/Apr/17
What would a 4'9 person look next to someone 5'10?
[Editor Rob: they would likely be over 3 inches, maybe almost 4 inches under the 5ft 10 person's chin.]
Fire said on 21/Apr/17
Hey Rob I'm 170.5 cm in the morning but you usually drop down to 168-169 in the evening ? Can I still be considered 5 7 or just say 5 6 ;-; and I'm 18 year old guy is it possible to grow a bit more
[Editor Rob: personally I'd say 5ft 6.5 if I was in your shoes...but I'm not, so say what you feel comfortable with. At 18, there is a chance of more growth, but it's not a big chance.]
?lvaro said on 18/Apr/17
Rob, do you know how reliable or true is the "x-ray wrist test" to know how many cm are you going to grow? Sorry for my english bu i am from Spain. When I went to take this test at the age of 16 years and 3 months i was 1.67 (5'6) and the doctor sid to me that i would be maximum 1.70 (5'7). Actually, with 16 years and 9 months i am 169.7 at niht. I dont thing that i would be only 170cm but i dont know. My mum is 1.54 (5'05) and my dad is 1.85 (6'1). How reliable is that test?
[Editor Rob: the x-ray will let a Doctor know how far along growth plate closure might be...but it still doesn't mean you will gain inches.

If you are 17, then on average you aren't going to grow 2 inches, maybe closer to 1 from 17-21 would be more average.]
?lvaro said on 18/Apr/17
Hey friends, excuse my English, I'm Spanish, but ... could you tell me how many centimeters or inches did you grow since the age of 17? Thank you
goli said on 16/Apr/17
She is a little taller than vanessa hudgens who is 5'1 at least
Colberto said on 13/Apr/17
Hey rob, what height would you list me at. I measure 6'0 3/4"-6'1" exactly by doctors after a long day. To give an idea of what range I look I can see the top of my 5'8" friend's head. My out of bed height is 6'2" exactly. I have stood back to back to a 6'3" guy and was told he looked 2" taller. I appeared to edge out another guy who claims 6'1" by half an inch. Often get told I can easily be 6'2". I think from looking at pictures of myself I look 6'0" but I have a larger frame and a heavy set guy. Someone who is 5'10" is a little above my eye brows. Shoulder level is 5'2" chin level is around 5'4". 5'7" people are around my upper lip.
[Editor Rob: probably just 6ft 1, but of course would depend on how you looked with others.]
Ben said on 9/Apr/17
Rob, my frind tries to claim he's 6'2" and he's so damn sure about it so I'll let you be the judge! :D

I'm homemeasured at 5'10 5/8 on average and my eyelevel is at the tip of his nose (Sometimes below).
I myself would consider him in the 6'0.75" range since he's shorter than my measured 6'1".25" friend but not by much...
[Editor Rob: yes it would appear close to 6ft 1, but under it.]
oliver said on 6/Apr/17
Rob,how much is the morning height taller than evening or afternoon height? Most sources say 1 inch but for me, I measure 5'8 out of bed and 5'7.5 during the rest of the day(until midnight). Sorry, English is not my first language.
[Editor Rob: oliver, from the research I've done and other sources which used people at a hospital so could track height during the day, it seems 1.8-2cm range is very common average.]
Delvin chung said on 30/Mar/17
How tall would 180 cm man be on 188 cm man ?
[Editor Rob: delvin, he would be above the 188cm man's eyebrows by a couple of cm.]
oliver said on 24/Mar/17
Hi,Rob. First of all, I'm afraid to ask you too many questions recently.My eye level is around the midpoint of the nose of my friend.(Sorry, I can't find any easier means of comparison). How tall is he if I was 5'7 flat at that time(it was last year and I'm now 5'7.5)? I hope you'd reply ASAP.
Always appreciating your opinion!!
[Editor Rob: your friend may have only been an inch taller...if you were looking near tip of his nose, it might have been closer to 1.75-2 range.]
Blake said on 23/Mar/17
Rob, do you think you will go to the mcm expo in London again in May if they have decent guests?
[Editor Rob: Blake, not this year, costs too much to book travel/hotel a few weeks out.]
Ben said on 15/Mar/17
I'm 16 years and 10 months old and I'm 5'10.75" on average. After 10 hours of sleep I'm still tired and I always need 12 hours...It started last month.

I've never had a REAL growth spurt and I look like I'm 13...

Does this mean I'm starting to have my real growth spurt where people can grow inches in months?

At age 9: 4'5"

10: 4'8"

11: 4'11"

12: 5'1"

13: 5'3"

14: 5'6"

15: 5'9"

16: 5'9.75"

Almost 17: 5'10.75"
[Editor Rob: looking younger, might mean you are a bit behind the curve and still could gain another inch or so by 18.]
oliver said on 8/Mar/17
Rob,I usually get measured in the 5'7-7.5 range. How would I be like when standing next to my cousin who is a strong 6 ft 1. Thanks for your reply.
[Editor Rob: Oliver, you could look around the nose range of your cousin.]
Sigrid said on 5/Mar/17
Can you add more HF models to the site? It would be interesting since agencies bump up many models' heights
Mimi said on 3/Mar/17
Rob, I don't know if I'm 5'7 or 5'8 but when I go on tiptoes I'm usually around 5'11. How tall do you think am I? Thanks
[Editor Rob: usually you'd expect a good 3 inches if your shoe size was like 7...so I'd have said nearer 5ft 8.

Ballet dancers going on full tip-toes probably get 4-5 inch range compared to normal tip-toes.]
Andrew said on 19/Feb/17
Hi Rob! I am 18 years old and when I got my ID my height was 5'11" 180 now after 5 months I am 6'0"182 and I'd like to know if I could grew taller if I played basketball and stretched

Much appreciated
[Editor Rob: take any further growth as a bonus. At your age, the vast majority don't gain anything noticeable.]
Mohamad ibrahim said on 15/Feb/17
Rob, y listed Cole as 179 cm, r u sure KJ is taller than Cole, it looks the opposite
Mimi said on 8/Feb/17
Rob, at your age do you think your morning height is less that it was 10 years ago? Also is Jenny a bit younger or older that you by how much?
[Editor Rob: I worked out that by her mid 40's, Jenny has lost about 1/3rd of an inch.

my own morning height is actually a couple of mm taller at age 40 than it was at age 30...]
Colberto said on 4/Feb/17
Hey rob, I have am going to be 17 in a few months. I have been the same height for the past year might have grown a quarter of an inch. I measure anywhere in the 6'0 3/4"-6'1" range with doctors most commonly 6'1" on the nose. Last year I was 6'0 3/4" could I be done growing? Mom was 5'6" and stopped growing at an early age. Dad was 6'0" and had a growth spurt in his early 20's.
[Editor Rob: well, with your Dad's genes, don't rule out the possibility...sometimes there can be a period in which you don't grow for 1-2 years but then hit a late genetic spurt!]
Blake said on 3/Feb/17
Rob, do you think that hundreds of years ago with the average being a few inches shorter that people would have stopped growth earlier like instead on average 15 instead of around 18 like today? Also if you could list the average heights from the last hundreds of years in the uk or usa I would appreciate it very much.
[Editor Rob: Blake, nutrition may have effected growth patterns a bit. ]
Jp said on 31/Jan/17
This is my nickname.
69 Reversals said on 26/Jan/17
Great work on this site. Keep it up. Glad to know I'm not the only one fascinated by Wrestlers true heights.
Wingspanpro said on 26/Jan/17
6'5 w.shoes
Blake said on 18/Jan/17
Rob, I think my armspan stopped growing as I grew a bit more than a quarter inch in the last few months and my armspan didn't stayed at 181.7-182cm? It was a big relieve to me, do you think 5 ft 11 is unreachable at a 5ft 8.25 at start of 16 to end of growth? To me it seems unlikely as im not a late bloomer or anything like that.
[Editor Rob: one of the guy's in the Grow Taller Guru fake series (he was 16 and the guru pretended he was 18) was about this height, then over 18 months went close to 5ft 11, so it's not impossible!]
ken said on 16/Jan/17
my sister height is 58.50 inches and shes right on my shoulder. How tall would you say i am
Josh said on 12/Jan/17
Hey Rob,

how tall do you think Daniel Wu from Into the Badlands is? He's listed as 1.82 m on most sites and looks near it.
Arthur said on 9/Jan/17
Thank you for your quick answer, I am the guy who asked you on your main page if you could fix the bug with the comment approval thing.
[Editor Rob: Arthur, try doing a test post now on the 'rob paul' page with this name.]
184guy said on 3/Jan/17
@Editor Rob,here I am.
I believe i stayed about 4 months without make any comment
[Editor Rob: ok 184, I can see this comment, please try posting again on the celeb pages and use the same name. It should work, if not reply again here, thanks.]
Paul De Marsan said on 29/Dec/16
I am so tin like Bowie and I got 1,76. But I ever feel me a little bit shorter than him. He got 1,78 or 1,79 probably in your best years
Bowie Forever!
Lollipop95 said on 29/Dec/16
Hi Rob. One of my friends is 5'4 and sometimes says she's a "strong 5ft4." Does that mean she could possibly measure 5'4.5 at some part of the day?
[Editor Rob: Lollipop, yes she may well be that height when eating breakfast.]
oliver said on 21/Dec/16
Hi, Rob. Just after I wake up,I'm 5'7.75. Before I go to bed, I'm only 5'7 flat. Mum is 4'11 and Dad is 5'10. I just turned 17 in October. How tall can I be in the future? Thanks.
Guitar Hero Miller said on 14/Dec/16
Jimmy Fallon, who I read has a documented height of 6 feet and was impersonating Jim Morrison on that Reading Rainbow theme four years ago I think, looks an inch shorter than Morrison.
So Jim Morrison was more likely to have been 6 foot 1 inch tall.
Blake said on 11/Dec/16
Nice review of the site here...Click Here
No One said on 28/Nov/16
Hey Rob, is it possible to add both Christopher 'Kid' Reid and Christopher 'Play' Martin from Kid N' Play height on here. If you officially don't know any of their height could you at least guess their height?
Ausdre said on 24/Nov/16
Hi Rob. I just want to say I like what you do. And I really love this site. Keep it up.
[Editor Rob: Ausdre, I appreciate your kind words and every visitor who drops by.]
Sandy said on 31/Oct/16
Hey Rob, I was measured at the doctor's at 172 cm after waking up for like 3 hours or so, I am like 170cm in late afternoon. What do you think my height is in general?
[Editor Rob: you are a decent 5ft 7, I would claim that or 170...personally I wouldn't go with 171cm, although some in your position might say 171.]
Steve said on 22/Oct/16
Hey Rob,

do you really shrink from 5ft 8.75 to 5.8125? I ask because I've seen some old measurement videos of yours where you measured 5 foot 9 in the morning and shrunk to something like 5ft 8.3 on the stadiometer. Which figure is accurate?
[Editor Rob: the seca stadiometer has a 1/8th inch error...so it gives every measurement an extra 1/8th inch.

Typically I get roughly around 5ft 8.75 using the normal tape measure, then at night about 1/8th inch over at my low mark.]
MC said on 19/Oct/16
I know that this is not a height related question, but what time does it get dark in Scotland during the summer Rob
[Editor Rob: in the summer it can still be light after 9 and close to 10pm, then by winter 5pm can be when it gets dark.]
Scott said on 14/Oct/16
Rob, have you ever had a celeb willingly let you measure them?
[Editor Rob: not yet.]
Blake said on 4/Oct/16
I thought the majority grew 1 to 1.5 inch from a few months from 16 to 18-19?
[Editor Rob: well you can get that range yes, but a proportion won't even get an inch, whilst another proportion might get 2+ inches after 16.]
Anonymous said on 1/Oct/16
I measure 5.7 feet I have 16 years my father 6.3 feet, my mother as 5.3 m and maximum height can reach 5.9?
Shredder said on 1/Oct/16
Rob , how do you have an movie resume with no film credits?
[Editor Rob: you don't need films or tv to have a resume.]
MoHaa said on 30/Sep/16
Hi there rob,can u please add Osama bin laden?
Blake said on 26/Sep/16
I would be surprised to grow 2-3 inches in fact! Does that mean there is a decent chance of 2-3 inches? Also is it normal that my armspan grew near 2 inches since last year, the same amount as my height increased? Its always grown in correlation to my height!
[Editor Rob: a fairly decent chance, but I wouldn't worry too much and just let it happen.]
Blake said on 26/Sep/16
If I measure my height using a 7.25 inch box is that accurate or not? I stand quite close to the wall or whatever I measure against.
[Editor Rob: it's just about long enough, as long as your nose isn't 2 inches from the wall, but about an inch.]
Blake said on 22/Sep/16
This time last year I was 5 foot 6 and a quarter now 5 foot 8. Is that decent growth in a year from 14 and three quarters to 15 and three quarters?
[Editor Rob: it's probably within the normal range over that age range. If you gain 2-3 more inches I think if I were you I'd take that, anymore, see it as a bonus.]
shiva 181 cms said on 15/Sep/16
Hey Rob , I'm 181 cms tall and I'm 17 yrs old I haven't grown much in the last year may be a cm also I've never grown like 3-4", I grew 2.5" from 13 to 14 and 2.5" from 14 to 15 and 1.5" from 15-16 and finally 1/2" from 16-17 also my dad is 183 cms tall and my mom is 163 cms tall could you please tell me how tall Will I be when I've grown my maximum potential also some tips to reach that potential because it's worrying me I'm almost 6' but I'm not and don't know whether I could be
[Editor Rob: at 17 the odds are 50/50 I'd say on whether you got between 1 to 1.5 inches more, which isn't that bad really.

Common sense - enough sleep, exercise and decent amounts of food.]
sarah said on 9/Sep/16
hy i'm 164 barefoot , how much tall can be this guy in the picture? Click Here thanks
[Editor Rob: he can look over 175, maybe 177cm]
Blake said on 8/Sep/16
Rob, have you ever measured under 173cm? I normally after having average days measure that mark, but when I go to school and have a heavy rucksack and play sports im bang on 5 foot 8 or a millimeter below.
[Editor Rob: in experiments on carpet or wonky walls I could measure less than 173, but the last few years I typically go to about 173 on the nose if I do a proper measurement.]
Blake said on 18/Aug/16
How much height do you think someone can grow over 1 night?
[Editor Rob: it's something I'm not sure about, haven't really read a research paper on the topic.]
Zubeyda said on 18/Aug/16
Hello thanks for the video tell me please where you can buy Miracle Growth formula565, I will be grateful,
[Editor Rob: unfortunately it isn't available anymore.]
Orlando said on 30/Jul/16
Luis Buñuel (1900-1983), the Spanish movie director, was 1.714 m, aged 21, according to his military file (barefeet for sure) quoted by Ian Gibson in his biography: Click Here However his 1946 Mexican immigration file lists him at 1.73 m Click Here and his Mexican passport lists him 1.72 m aged 78: Click Here Perhaps in these two last listings he was wearing shoes...
Tr27 said on 28/Jul/16
Rob; is it possible to grow any taller than your peak morning height if you rest for more than several hours?
[Editor Rob: there might be an absolute morning height that if you slept 3-4 hours on your back you could achieve.

My own morning can vary a few mm's, but it is rare I ever slept more than 10-11 hours. ]
Francisco said on 21/Jul/16
Hello Rob, my name is Francisco, I'm From Brazil, I am 20 Anos.I Know Your Site few months ago and I Quite Interesting, you actually do a Great Job On The Height Of Celebrities ...
Rob, I Do not Have Much Height Notion, And I Know From My ...
Here Some Photos My:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
[Editor Rob: beside the door you don't look short, but a good average or taller.]
Isaac said on 20/Jul/16
Hey Rob,

I was wondering if you could tell me how much height people typically drop throughout the day? It seems a lot of people on the site say it's a full 2 cm but that seems like a lot to me. I've read other sources on the internet saying we only lose 1 cm or maybe half an inch. I myself, only drop about half an inch at night. Also, I was wondering if being flat-footed affects a person's height? As I read that part of the reason people tend to get a little shorter as they age is that weight gain affects the arches of the foot and causes you to stand shorter than you normally would. I was born completely flat-footed and never developed arches in my feet, would I stand a bit taller if I did?
[Editor Rob: from the information I've read by researchers, it seems that close to 2cm might be the average.

But you will find some losing half inch, others losing a full inch. The more extremes would be 1/4 inch or 1.25-1.5 inch losses...most probably fall within half to 1 inch range.]
Blake said on 19/Jul/16
I have asked many questions recently but I have grown exactly 2 inches each year for a long time. This time last year I was 5 foot 6 ish now 5 foot 8 ish. Do some people go through puberty just growing consistently and relativly slowly rather than bursting 4 inches in several months. Please answer this one Rob
[Editor Rob: some have large gains, others have regular, sometimes through summer months.]
Suzanne said on 15/Jul/16
It's The Monkees' 50th anniversary! You've got Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, and Peter Tork. Any chance of adding Michael Nesmith?
Strong 5ft9 said on 6/Jul/16
Rob, You think you can add the 2ft, 3ft, 7ft and 8ft in Celebs my height section. It is possible there are guys in that foot area that like to check that out and also a place where we can explore more?
5'10" said on 4/Jul/16
hey rob please add bollywood stars like akshay kumar,randeep hooda,aditya roy kapoor,tiger shrauff and vidyut jamwal...
Isaac said on 3/Jul/16
Hey Rob,

I was wondering how tall you thought Pilou Asbaek was? There's no listings for him on the internet, but I would guess he's around 5'11-6' based on his appearance in Game of Thrones. What do you think?
[Editor Rob: I ended up adding him at 6 foot.]
JarvisOS said on 2/Jul/16
Rob, Im 18 , I measure at 5'7" at my low most of the says at 12 am. I was 5'6.75 at 17. Is there a chance I can grow to 5'8" at my peak. Realistically what can I expect if my father grew till the age of 22?
[Editor Rob: if your father remembers gaining height between 18 and 21, then that means you have a decent chance of inheriting genes that might give a similar spurt...so I wouldn't give up hope yet of a bit more growth.]
Orlando said on 28/Jun/16
Federico Fellini (1920-1993), the Italian movie director, was 1.82 m, according to "Fellini: the authorized biography" by John Baxter (1993).
[Editor Rob: I know he's been asked for a few times and the 182 seems quite possible, I will add him now!]
Tom said on 26/Jun/16
Hey Rob. My friend is claiming to be 6'1. I personally reckon he is. He said he is measured properly at 183.5cm at his lowest (in the afternoon). How tall do you reckon this would mean he is in the morning? Would this warrant being called 6'1?
[Editor Rob: he might be a good 6ft 1-1.25 out of bed.]
MC said on 2/Jun/16
Hi Rob, as far as I know the average height of dutch women is 5ft7 . With that I'd like to know your opinion if 5ft10-5ft11 is considered tall for a Dutch woman? Thanks
[Editor Rob: yes it will be definitely in the tall range, even 5ft 9 is still a good couple of inches above average.]
Hardi said on 30/May/16
Rob, would you agree if I say that human´s height is 95% determined by his genetics, because I´ve seen a guy same old as me (17) and he smokes, drinks alcohol, parties on weekends. I haven´t seen his parents, but as he is about 190 cm tall, I expect they are over average too. Also I know other guy who is 17 as well, his parents are little under average and he is noticeably shorter than other boys in his class. But he is living very healthy, living in countryside, eating healthy, dealing with sports and no smoking, drinking alcohol. What do you think about that?
[Editor Rob: genetics will play the biggest role, but of course lifestyle, diet, exercise, illness might hinder or be a positive factor in achieving the tallest height possible.]
Blake said on 21/May/16
I played football for about 3 hours and when I came home I measured 1mm under 5 foot 7 and three quarters. Does runnning around effect height?
[Editor Rob: yes, any type of activity that involves running, twisting for prolonged time will effect the discs and get you to your low quicker...or as mentioned elsewhere on the site, possibly knock you down to an absolute low height, in some cases being 1/4 or 1/3rd less than your average low.

But we are talking guys like tennis players or footballers playing 3 hour matches.]
A jay said on 18/May/16
i am make such as goldberg and i am going to wwe same goldberg
Hardi said on 6/May/16
Rob, can I consider myself as a strong 6 feet guy since my morning height is 184,9 and my absolute lowest is when I have been 17 hours awake, have carried 17 lbs schoolbag most of the day and measure between 182,8 and 182,9? Also when I measure my height after 6 hours of being awake, it´s 184,0 and when I´m not carrying any bags, after 10 hours it´s about 183,3
[Editor Rob: you seem like an honest 6 footer, I would claim that if I were you, or with metric, just say 183cm...

this might upset a few people who lie, because you being honest effects their lie...imagine you see a guy who is 182 and he says he's 185cm...then you say I'm 183...this upsets his apple-cart!]
Nick said on 2/May/16
Hey Rob, how do you manage to take photos with majority of celebs in the same background (the blueish thing behind). Is it like a standard thing for taking photos in conventions? Or do you photoshop it yourself to make a pic clearer. Thanks !
[Editor Rob: a lot of the photos are from collectormania/film cons in the UK which use the same type of blue-tone backdrop.]
Jakertini said on 29/Apr/16
Hey rob I have a question. When one gets older and shrinks will they still be taller out of bed or be the same height throughout the day.
[Editor Rob: the difference between out of bed and evening will reduce as you get older...because the discs degenerate and aren't able to hold as much fluid as in your youth. But we are talking a fraction really, in some cases you might go from losing 3/4 inch to losing 1/2 inch at age 60.]
James said on 28/Apr/16
Hey Rob, how long does it take on average for you to respond to a question?
mande2013 said on 22/Apr/16
I think if I REALLY straighten out, I can measure somewhere in the 166-167 range, but the thing is I have such poor posture, that it's hard for me to stand at my full height if I'm completely still. It's as if I have to "propel" myself into my full height as I'm walking down that street. Does that make sense? Is that a common problem for people who have posture issues? The 1m55 and a bit eye level is what I get when I don't have space to "propel" myself.
[Editor Rob: yes, but I would spend some time trying to do basic exercises, simple stretching and consciously correcting yourself if you find bad habits of posture returning.]
mande2013 said on 22/Apr/16
Hi Rob: I've always assumed I'm 5'5 or maybe 5'5 and a bit. My eye level at night time can sometimes be right at 1m56, and other times it struggles with that mark being more reliably at around 1m55.8 or something of that nature, so is it unlikely that I'd stand anything under 5'5, given that my facial structure doesn't seem particularly odd? Thanks for the input.
[Editor Rob: if eyelevel is near 156cm then likely you are a comfortable 5ft 5]
Aravind said on 16/Apr/16
Hi Rob,my friend I am finally after 4 months 5'9 at my peak,5'8 at school,and 5'6 at night and evening except for times.
I was originally 5'6 in shoes and 5'5 at bedtime.
oliver said on 15/Apr/16
Rob, how to post a photo on this site. Pls tell me
[Editor Rob: you can use a site like http://bit.ly to link to a photo on another site, or use http://www.imgur.com to upload free a photo and then copy/paste the link it gives into a comment on here.]
Paul said on 14/Apr/16
Hey Rob, if one person was 4 inches taller than the other, where would the top of the shorter person's head end on the taller person? I am guessing somewhere around the eyebrows.
[Editor Rob: yes typically somewhere around eyebrows...possibly the hair would look above the eyebrows (if the person had like half inch of hair)]
MC said on 12/Apr/16
Hi Rob is 5ft9-5ft10 outrageously tall for a woman in a country/place where the average female height is 5ft?
[Editor Rob: it is certainly extremely tall...it's like a 6ft 1ish women in America for instance.]
Alexander said on 10/Apr/16
Hey Rob, so my father is currently about 176-177cm, maybe even 178 out of bed. I am currently 177cm and 178 just out of bed aswell. My father claims 180 to have been his peak height? Do you think I can reach that? I'm 17. Thanks
[Editor Rob: at 17 it's a time in which many get their final bit of height, maybe 1-2cm...while others still gain further into and up to 21.]
MattTheTeacher said on 3/Apr/16
Hi Rob, big fan! I am 193cm in the morning, and 192 at bedtime. I am also an avid runner/lifter and the lowest I hit on a heavy work-out day is 191. How would you classify me?
[Editor Rob: I think saying 192cm is perfectly reasonable. Considering many people lie or give a shoe height, I think you'd find nearly everybody would believe you were the height you claimed or even taller (obviously because they themselves need you taller to maintain their little white lie!)]
Hardi said on 30/Mar/16
Can you explain me why many actors, especially men who claim they are f.e. 193 cm and celebheights has listed them 189 cm? Is it because morning/afternoon height or actors just want to look bigger by claiming wrong height?
[Editor Rob: a proportion of actors lie, but many won't. Another chunk might be calling a height in shoes. If possible I try to always give whatever the actor claims, then people are free to believe that or maybe consider whether my estimate might be nearer. It's still a guess though.]
James said on 20/Mar/16
Hey Rob, would you consider 5ft 10 to be average or tallish? I'm from Toronto and we have people from all around the world in the city and I notice that I am generally a couple of inches taller than most of the immigrants. Even compared to local White Canadians, I still feel I am of slightly above-average height. I wanted your opinion as I've read that 5ft 10 is "just" average but I feel that if anything, it is more on the tall side (though not significantly so).
[Editor Rob: 5ft 9-10 is pretty average, but you might find a very big percentage of 5ft 7-9 range men in your city and it just feels like the average could be like 5ft 8-9...]
papaaii said on 17/Mar/16
Hey Rob I'm 17y and 6 months old. I'm prettymuch the same height as you. My mother is 168cm and my father is 176cm. I wanna know if i can grow a few extra centimeters? Also my father was around 173-174 till his 19th birthday.
[Editor Rob: if you gained another inch, I'd say you should be pleased.]
Colberto said on 12/Mar/16
Hey rob. Where do you get the portable stadiometers. I have one that is wall mounted and I am starting to grow sick of it.
[Editor Rob: depends on your country, but just type in medical supplies and look at websites that supply medical equipment. From there you should find a portable one.]
Khaos99 said on 10/Mar/16
Do you think those height/weight scanning BMI machines you sometimes find in chemists/drugstores (what I normally use to measure my height as I am still growing) are accurate with height? Would like to know your opinion, Thank you.
[Editor Rob: I haven't used one for ages. They are useful for a rough idea, but maybe not absolutely as precise as if you held an object on top of your head, rather than relying on a beam.]
Height said on 3/Mar/16
Can I request Dennis Bergkamp, Ray Allen and Scottie Pippen ?
d3 said on 2/Mar/16
hello rob how tall you think are the group tatu here is with andy serkins Click Here with fergie Click Here and 50 cent Click Here
[Editor Rob: not really looked much at them, I may do so one day though.]
Juggy said on 1/Mar/16
Does the heights include hair?
[Editor Rob: flatten the hair down when measuring (so it accounts for a fraction of a millimetre if using an aerosol can).]
Kane said on 25/Feb/16
Hey rob I'm 182 cm now and my reach is 187 cm. I've just turned 19. Also my feet grew a bit. Do you think this is a sign that I've still got a little bit of growing to do?
[Editor Rob: a proportion still get some height in 18-21 range, but it's a minority. Impossible to tell really unless you had an idea of parents height pattern and whether either of them gained around that age - but that can be hard to find out unless it was obvious to them and they remember gaining an inch at college.]
Nao2001 said on 22/Feb/16
Rob, do you think 173cm (5ft8) is tall for a male that is 13 and 9 months? Thanks
[Editor Rob: bit above average yes, maybe tallish at nearly 14]
Puntang said on 18/Feb/16
Tanya Mityushina the new Sports Illustrated model looks much smaller than the 174cm her agency claims.
Roberto said on 17/Feb/16
Hi, Charlton Heston was certainly 191cm.
Nao2001 said on 15/Feb/16
Do you think 173cm (5ft8 is tall for a male that is 13 and 9 months? Thanks rob
[Editor Rob: it's a bit above average yes.]
Nao2001 said on 13/Feb/16
Hi rob, I am a male that is 13 years and 9 months and 173cm (5ft8) What height do you think I have a good chance of making it to? So how tall do you think I will be when I have finished growing? Thanks
[Editor Rob: depends on your genes from parents. Some can stop early at 14 (like me) while others can be 5ft 8 at 14 then continue to 6ft 1-2 range...]
B said on 12/Feb/16
Hey Rob, would you say I have lanky proportions for somebody who's 177cm? Click Here
[Editor Rob: not too lanky/slim, you look pretty average to slim range.]
B said on 12/Feb/16
Rob I am 178.435 cm in the morning and 177.165 cm during the day and finally 176.53 cm at my low. How tall should I say I am 177 cm?
[Editor Rob: it's quite reasonable to claim 177cm.]
Hardi said on 10/Feb/16
Rob, the heights of the celebs in this page are rather afternoon or morning heights?
[Editor Rob: more afternoon than morning]
nao2001 said on 6/Feb/16
Hi rob, I am a male that is 13 years and 9 months and 173cm (5ft8) How tall do you think I will be when I have finished growing? Also do you think 5ft8 is short or tall for a male that is 13 and 9 months. So what height do you think I have a good chance of being? Thank you for your time.
[Editor Rob: can depend on genetics from your parents. You'd expect to be 6ft range though...]
tlctlc said on 6/Feb/16
Please add actress/model Sharon Tate.

"Sharon was 5'6 tall. She wore a size 6 dress and her shoe size was 6 1/2."
Click Here
Karen said on 26/Jan/16
Can I request Scottie Pippen?
Engineer said on 22/Jan/16
@Rob can you add Eva Rivas beautiful Armenian singer
ally said on 19/Jan/16
how tall is yuzuru hanyu (japanese figure skater)? i always thought he looked like he was 173cm but his height is listed as 171cm ??
Mimi said on 17/Jan/16
Rob what is the average height gain of a fully rested person in the morning and the average height loss throughout the day? Thanks in advance
[Editor Rob: it is very close to 2cm on average. Some people may lose only 1cm, others who are very tall maybe 3-4cm]
Mark said on 16/Jan/16
Hi Rob, have you or Jenny ever nudged past the 5'9 mark?
[Editor Rob: never against the wall, but on stadiometer I got 5ft 9 and a mm or so, but then the stadiometer adds 1/8th. Usually I get 5ft 8.7-8.8 range out of bed against the wall. Jenny still manages to get about 5ft 8.7 herself, but used to get much nearer 5ft 9 6-7 years ago.]
Mimi said on 14/Jan/16
Rob why is that 5'9 1/2 and 5'9 3/4 are both in 177cm?
[Editor Rob: they can both be rounded to 177 because 5ft 9.5 is 176.53cm and 5ft 9.75 is 177.16cm]
Colberto said on 12/Jan/16
Hey ROB how tall would you list me as if I was a celeb I was measured 6'0.5" 6 days ago
[Editor Rob: I'd list you at what you looked. If you looked 6ft 0.5 you'd get it, even 6ft 1 you may look in public/photos, so always a chance of being overguessed!! ;)]
Kevin said on 11/Jan/16
You have E.T. listed with a height, but not Yoda. What gives? :)
Joe said on 3/Jan/16
Hey Rob, how much of a height differential would there be if someone came up to just beneath my nostrils?
[Editor Rob: can depend on nose length and overall head size, but typically about 6.5 inches may be expected...sometimes more, sometimes less.]
Hardi said on 3/Jan/16
Can I please request Simon Gallup of The Cure? Anyway, great job you have done, keep it going!
man said on 2/Jan/16
Hey Rob, can height depend on other factors other than one's parents? Can we inherit genes from our grandparents or from dad's or mom's siblings?
[Editor Rob: there will be lots of genetic variation that can mean some people end up taller or shorter.]
Kourosh said on 1/Jan/16
Rob is it true our height after 6 to 7 hours reaches to lowest? because my Height after waking up for about 6 hours is pretty much same as my mid night or late night height i dont shrink anymore. Is it true?
[Editor Rob: 6-7 hours typically gets you to within a couple of mm of your daily low...sometimes I can hit my low at 12-1pm and still be that height at 6pm or 9pm, other days it fluctuates, sometimes even going back up a 1-2mm after relaxing watching a movie.]
jorge said on 27/Dec/15
If so, Can I request Yvan Attal and Willow Smith?
[Editor Rob: I will probably add willow next year.]
jorge said on 27/Dec/15
Hi Rob, thanks for the great site. Can we request a celeb? when do you update the list?
Leo said on 25/Dec/15
Rob if the guy on the right is 6'1", how tall would you say the guy on the left is? Click Here
[Editor Rob: wouldn't guess more than 5ft 8, possibly a bit shy of it]
Paul said on 22/Dec/15
Hey Rob, I'm a little over 176 cm and was wondering if that would be considered short in most Western countries? What is the current average height for Western men?
[Editor Rob: it's still within the average range, maybe for the 18-30 range of today, the average is more 178-9cm in many european countries, so you are still under average in that group. Not much, a few cm.]
Colberto said on 19/Dec/15
Hey rob I have a question. I have been measured 6'3/4" 3 places 2 of them from a stadiometer by a doctor one of them on the wall by myself. Another time I was measured 6'0.5" by a doctor and once 6'0.25". All of these are end of the day measurements and I am 6'1.75" out of bed. Am I really closer to 6'1" or a strong 6'0" what measurement do you think is my true height
[Editor Rob: the 6ft 0.25 seems a big change from your 6ft 0.5-0.75. Not impossible under some circumstances to lose a fraction more...maybe on a bad day with dehydration your discs compressed even more. If you are getting 6ft 1.75 out of bed I'd go with 6ft 1 which you might be around lunch range.]
cup1 said on 13/Dec/15
Hello Bob could make a list of the height of Disney characters?
Hanna said on 10/Dec/15
Hi Rob, any chance we could put up an Angela Merkel page? If Putin is as tall as he says he is then Merkel must be lying about her height as she is clearly taller than him.
Orlando said on 10/Dec/15
Jean Cocteau (1889-1963), French poet, artist and film director was 1.70 m, according to his military record Click Here
Orlando said on 9/Dec/15
French actor Jean Marais (1913-1998) was 1.80 m, from passport. Click Here
Orlando said on 8/Dec/15
Only God knows why, this site is quite averse about listing the heights of historical people. Nevertheless, here goes the height of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), from article Click Here Mrs. Charles W. Heaton (1874), "Leonardo da Vinci and his works", Kessinger Publishing, Whitefish, MT, 2004, p. 204: «The skeleton, which measured five feet eight inches, accords with the height of Leonardo da Vinci. The skull might have served for the model of the portrait Leonardo drew of himself in red chalk a few years before his death. M. Robert Fleury, head master of the Fine Art School at Rome, has handled the skull with respect, and recognized in it the grand and simple outline of this human yet divine head, which once held a world within its limits.» If a skeleton of a man dead aged 67 was 1.727 m long, very probably in his prime he was much taller than that, maybe between 1.75 to 1.80 m tall.
Hello said on 8/Dec/15
Do one on The Amazing Atheist/TJ Kirk from youtube. He is apparently 6ft7
Orlando said on 8/Dec/15
Why don't you change to the Metric System? It's much more scientific, accurate and linear. Imperial units definitely belong to the Middle Ages! Instead of saying Glenn is 5ft 6-5/8 in you could simply say he is 1.692 m tall (and not the 1.727 m he claims to be). So much more simple, accurate and intelligible to most of mankind... 1 cm difference in height is important. With the Imperial units you have to deal with... fractions!
[Editor Rob: unfortunately America (50% of visitors) still uses imperial, so I have to list both. In an ideal world, metric would be universal.]
Height said on 7/Dec/15
Hi Rob, could you please create a Scottie Pippen page. Thanks!
Orlando said on 7/Dec/15
According to his 1915 passport, writer James Joyce was 5ft 10in and his wife Nora Barnacle was 5ft 3in. Click Here
Damien A said on 25/Nov/15
Hello Editor. I am a Berkeley student who would like to contribute some pictures to the site, notably my side by side picture with former Governor Schwarzenneger as a reward for my volunteer service within California. I have a few celebrities that I run into here at the Bay Area that I could contribute photos to, and I would be happy to release my medical records from the UC Berkeley clinic to show that I am a legitimate 5'8 (I had just been measured at 5'8 and a little bit over a few hours ago as part of my physical. I am typically measured at exactly 5'8, so this is an anomaly). If there is an email or anything where I can get in touch with you, let me know. -DA
[Editor Rob: hi, you can email robpaul @ gmail.com thanks]
JordanG said on 23/Nov/15
Actor in the making. I'll know that I've made it once I'm on this website! I would totally mess with everyone here regarding my height so that the debate goes on! :p
Martha said on 23/Nov/15
Can you add Lee Ingleby to your site? English actor in a long running series called 'Inspector George Gently' plus many other things.
Peter said on 21/Nov/15
Hi rob I'm 19 in 3 months and I'm 5'11 (180.5cm) and 183cm out of bed. Since my 18th birthday I've been growing 0.5cm every few months. I started puberty at 13 and I think I'm still going through puberty. My dad is 169cm and my mum is 165cm and my double-first cousin is 24 and 178cm. My other cousins have been known to grow past 19/20 years old. I have body and facial hair but I still look kind of young, the only reason some people think I'm older is because of my height. Are my growth plates still open? Do you think I could grow to 185cm?
[Editor Rob: it seems you have gained a bit around 19, how much more you could gain is hard to say but if your plates are still open (and it seems they are) I'd say just keep eating good meals and getting good rests...if you get more take it as a bonus.]
MaryAnne said on 19/Nov/15
How much 5'9 1/2 meters in cm?
[Editor Rob: right between 176 and 177 really]
neil craig said on 17/Nov/15
Rob, could you add a page for Neil Oliver, the Scottish Historian, who claims to be 5 foot 10 inches tall, please?
SportsHeight said on 15/Nov/15
Rob, what would you estimate to be your margin of error for a typical listing? Assuming it's someone relatively famous whom you've had a pretty good look at, how close are you usually confident in saying your listing is? Within 0.25 inches? 0.5? 0.75? Might make for an informative add-on to the top of listings -- just below the height, you could include a declaration of how close you think you must be. For example, "X is 5ft 10in. Likely margin of error: 0.5 inches"
[Editor Rob: sometimes the margin of error might be in the listing. Like 5ft 9.75 could mean I'm thinking they can look 5ft 9.5 or 10, so going with the middle. I would say a good chunk I'd place within a 1/4 inch but a fair wack in that 'within 0.5 inch range'.]
.. said on 4/Nov/15
Sorry, Rob, I didn't know this FAQ section existed, so I made a comment on Oscar De La Hoya's page. I'm really interested in David Lemieux's height. It's really tricky, so I think you should take a look.
Kourosh said on 31/Oct/15
Hi rob, i measured my height today in the morning right after bed (9 hours of sleep) and i was comfortably over 178cm (178.2cm). And, im always a hair over or under 176cm at late night. Can i claim "about 5'10" if someone asks my height, or i am cheating?
[Editor Rob: claim what you feel comfortable saying. I would personally go for the 'almost 5ft 10' wording as that covers the range you are in. If you wear really thin sneakers and say 'about 5ft 10' more people might think you are less than 5ft 10.]
Jakertini said on 31/Oct/15
Hey rob if a 5'5" girl stands next to a shorter girl and she is an inch above the 5'5" girls eyebrows how tall could she be
[Editor Rob: could be near to 5ft 2 mark]
Jakertini said on 22/Oct/15
hey rob are their any cases where celebs lie about their height extremely. I Go to go school with 5'8" guys who claim 6' 0" and have a cousin who is no more than 5'11" and claims 6'3"
[Editor Rob: there will be cases of 3 inch exaggerations. I have so many tidbits in my head that remembering all of the people who seem to add 2 inches is hard!]
cf said on 20/Oct/15
Hi Rob. Just wondering where I could purchase one of those unique height measuring devices that I always see you using in your videos. How much do they cost and who sells them? It's the one that has the plastic thing at the bottom that shows two shoe prints as to where to put your feet. I would love to purchase one. Thanks!
[Editor Rob: look for medical supplier websites in your country. For instance in the UK I got mine from This site at a reasonable price.]
firenze232910 said on 17/Oct/15
here's a test for you, rob. if a girl's mother is 5'8 and her father is 6'0, how tall would you expect that girl to grow, even if she is already 16 and only 5'4 ?
[Editor Rob: it could depend on whether either parent had later growth genes. You could have a situation of still gaining 3-4 inches at that age, even for a girl, if it's in the genetics. But she may have inherited more of the shorter genes and not gain as much.]
Andrés said on 16/Oct/15
I want to add Legendary all-around Drummer Vinnie Colaiuta's height. I met his Ex-wife, she claims that he's 6 Ft tall.
cf said on 14/Oct/15
Hey Rob. Something really exciting happens after a full nights sleep every morning. When I first jump out of bed and immediately measure myself after putting on my 1 inch running shoes I stand 6'0"! However my actual height after standing all day barefoot is 5'9 15/16"! Between my morning just out of bed height plus shoes on there is just over 2 inches difference than my evening barefoot height! I've always wanted to be 6'0" in barefeet! Never made the mark! I just turned 50 in August and I can say for sure that I haven't lost any height whatsoever as of yet! I was 5'10" by age 18 and began to measure myself obsessively after age 18 hoping that I would grow to 6'0" by 21 but it never happened. Oh well I guess 5'10" is close enough that I reach the 6 foot mark very briefly with shoes on first thing in the morning! Pretty awesome!
[Editor Rob: yes, it is unfortunate we shrink from morning heights, some people do lose a bit more than 1 inch, but the average is like 3/4 of an inch.]
cf said on 8/Oct/15
Hi again Rob. I was just wondering if you could give me your expert opinion. If I am 5'103/4" first thing in the morning and after standing for 8 hours I get down to about 5'9 and 15/16ths can I comfortably say I am a strong or flat 5'10"? My measurements are in barefeet.
[Editor Rob: yes an honest 5ft 10 in my opinion...a strong 5ft 10 might never drop under 5ft 10 and most of the day be a little above the mark.]
plus said on 6/Oct/15
You should open a thread for Backstreet Boys heights: they are the famous Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson and Howie Dorough. They are from 168-170 to 185 cm
BANT178 said on 5/Oct/15
hey rob if my mum is 5'2 and her head is slightly above my shoulder what height does that make me
[Editor Rob: you could be 5ft 11-6ft range]
Orlando said on 4/Oct/15
You used to have an e-mail bu noo more. Strange. How can people contact you unless on this forum? Here's the height for writer ERNEST HEMINGWAY: 6 ft from a 1944 passport featured in Click Here from an article published in The New York Times 24Sept2015, "Hemingway Was a Pack Rat. Here's What His Mementos Reveal"
[Editor Rob: it's there, but not obvious (robpaul gmail) as too much spam ended up at the address when it was listed more obvious... ]
Patrick Jane said on 4/Oct/15
Additional question to my previous one on 30th September. My friend also measured his own height under my compulsion because he's very conscious about it and usually feels small. He was glad to find out that he's 170.5. At least that made him happy. But I believe I have a considerably little advantage against him barefoot. How much is a fraction according to you, Rob? I could round it up to 171, but I'd like to know. Thanks!
[Editor Rob: sometimes being within 1/4 inch inch means you can barely tell any difference, so really only if you put something on heads or go back to back and have someone look at both of your heads, could people tell that difference apart.]
Smith Western said on 2/Oct/15
Hey Rob what height do i claim if im 176.5cm right out of bed 175.4 during the day and absolute minimum about 174.5
[Editor Rob: in your case if you say 175cm to people, most are never going to think you are not that height. If I had those measurements I'd probably go with 175 myself...or 'about 5ft 9']
Kourosh said on 1/Oct/15
how is that possible rob? I am just a hair over 176 cm in night and i hit 5'10 (177.5 cm- 178 cm) with shoes on. I am not anywhere near 179cm to 180cm. very strange i dont get it. Like my wardrobe is 160 cm and it comes beneath my nose or at point of my nose. But thank you for your answer rob.
[Editor Rob: it might be your head is smaller than average, you feel she's at the chin but in reality a little above...]
Patrick Jane said on 30/Sep/15
Hey, Rob. I checked my height using one of those ultrasonic coin operated height/weight/bodyfay/BMI machines and it was 170.8. Are these accurate calculations or is hair included in the mentioned scale?
[Editor Rob: some people kind of lean back/forward and don't stand as upright...the beam tries to hit the highest point, but if you lean back or forward it might not get the highest point of your skull and get your height wrong a fraction. The weighing portion should be far more accurate though.]
Kourosh said on 24/Sep/15
Hi rob, if the top of head of someone who is 156 cm touches my chin, how much height differences between us?
[Editor Rob: generally you would think 179-80 range was possible]
Patti said on 23/Sep/15
How tall is Jeffrey Garten (Ina Garten's husband)?
cf said on 17/Sep/15
Hi Rob. I have a way of measuring myself that I personally think is possibly quite accurate. Standing about 3 feet away from my bathroom mirror I take my tape measure and hold it under the front of my big toe and then pull it to the relative level of my head. Looking in the mirror I am extremely convinced I get a spot on measurement! The further back I stand from the mirror the more clearly I can see the top of my head! I consistently have measured myself as 5'10 3/4 out of bed and after standing all day I dip to a tiny fraction below 5'10". Do you think my measuring method is able to give me an accurate reading?
[Editor Rob: you can get a roughly accurate measurement that way yeah, especially if you stand several feet away and your hair is quite flat.]
HardKore said on 15/Sep/15
Rob you are of the opinion that one doesn't grow that much after 18. Can you please say just a little about what made you come to that conclusion. I measured 180cm in june 2012 at almost 18. The following year I measured 180cm again in september 2013 at almost 19. In august 2014 close to the age of 20, I measured 183cm. Last month (now approaching 21), I did another medical and came at 193cm. The reason I'm asking you is because I discovered that I didn't grow 1cm for almost 2 years (june 2012 - september 2013) and then grew 13cm in 12 months (at over 18 years). N.B most of the measurements were taken at midday (between 12PM and 2PM) though the one I took in june 2012 might've been earlier ( I don't remember the exact time but its probably around 10AM and 11AM).
[Editor Rob: the research on it shows that from 18-21 the average growth is small, so the vast majority won't grow. There will be a smaller percentage who do gain, even some gaining significant (several inches) during that period...]
120 said on 14/Sep/15
Rob, in "Celebs my Height" section, in the lists can you at least put down which celebrity page has photos. You know, like what you did with the A-Z section. If that's possible? plz
Jakertini said on 11/Sep/15
Rob are their any celebrities that you are sure are 5'11.5". That height is interesting to me. When I mean 5'11.5" I mean that is the height the celebrity most likely is. For an example leonardo dicaprio is listed 5'11.5" and that is because that is the top end rage even though he is proven to be 5'11". Do you know celebrities you are sure that they are 5'11.5". What should I search to find 5'11.5"? 6'0"?
[Editor Rob: sometimes if I am not so sure I would list someone at the upper end of the 'guess'. DiCaprio for instance, he could be anywhere in 5ft 11-11.5 range I feel.]
Magic said on 10/Sep/15
I don't believe that all VIPS lies on their height, 5-6 hours are much! A person is measured and weighted by doctor in early morning(2-3 hours , at most 4 hours since wake up), example visit 10-10.30 a.m (wake up 8 a.m.).
Now I don't know how much diffirence there is between a measure after 3 hours and a after 5 hours but believe max 1 cm!
Here in Italy is suggest measure own height of morning because evening bring shrink of 1-2 cms or more!
firenze232910 said on 31/Aug/15
rob can you please do zoe sugg (and maybe other youtubers)? she said she was 5'4.5 in her 50 facts about me video but she often looks shorter, even in heels ??
Charon120 said on 30/Aug/15
Rob, could you be an expert on hair lengths too?
[Editor Rob: hair can be tricky, but the more I've observed of styles and where skulls are, the better I think I could get an idea how much a hairstyle adds. Sometimes what looks thick doesn't add that much, other times a style is deceptive and the person is getting more than it might look.]
Rhun said on 27/Aug/15
In your opinion how tall is Chris Vance, the actor from Transporter: The Series?
Avril Namura said on 26/Aug/15
Rob, what is the true height of Haley Bennett ?
5'7" or 5'8" ? (I think She's around 5'6" actually)

Rob can you add her height?
I believe in your expert please!
Diné said on 26/Aug/15
I bothered to ask Mario and Isabel on Twitter about their height, for BKM and Roadrunner.

The organization they founded responded saying that Mario was 5' 7.75", but he prefers simply 5' 7". And, Isabel is 5'.

Jakertini said on 24/Aug/15
Rob what height do you think is beginning of tall in your 5'8" perspective. I am around 6'1 5/8-6'1 3/4" at the end of the day. I feel short sometimes. I went to niagra falls today and felt short their were around 4 guys bigger than me 2 who are within an inch of me like the 6'1-6'2" range.
[Editor Rob: views of height can change depending on the height you are and the circumstances (groups of friends might influence how you feel). At 5ft 8, 5ft 11 feels tall to me, but generally once you get into 6ft range in public I think in most countries you are tall (or at start of that range).]
Jakertini said on 10/Aug/15
Rob I have a question. How much height can you lose from age and do you think it's possible to lose this much in your 40's. My father is 5'11 1/8" at the end of the day and he says he was around 5'11.5" or 5'11.75" when in his 20's while in the military. He has gained 200 pounds in the past 20 years and he is 43 years old. He doesn't have any back problems just weight and heart problems. He weighs 360ish and was he ever that close to 6 foot and shrunk or do you think he lied about being a six footer like most 5'11 guys do.
[Editor Rob: Jakertini, I think it is possible by mid 40's to lose that amount of height, although generally most men might not really lose much more than a small fraction by 45, such that it would be hard to even tell. Some people have jobs which cause wear&tear, others might develop disc degeneration early, some lose cartilage, fractures in discs, some women even develop early osteoporosis in 40's.]
Junior31 said on 10/Aug/15
Rob can You please Add. Bray Wyatt
MerlinFL said on 2/Aug/15
I found this site by many attempts to get as close to a correct height of Sarah Michelle Gellar since on the I M D B site which I've been using mostly for shows, movies, episodes and their titles to keep my collection of such things accurate and chronological. But, my insatiable curiosity always gets me reading any info posted by those who are not necessarily the Celebrity or their representatives, but by fans like me if they know something about whatever celebrity they give trivia about, or life stories, etc.

On that site it lists Gellars height as 5'4" and the same height for Alyson Hannigan. I've been watching my Buffy collection and every time her and Alyson are walking together Alyson is clearly inches taller. Also in the Showa Gellar typically wears short boots with what looks like at least two inch heels, and yet walking next to Alyson wearing sneakers from Converse, and Gellar her typical footwear, Gellar still is quite a bit shorter.

And for those who have written that Charisma Carpenter is less than 5'7" I strongly suggest try looking at her in this cast including whatever footwear she and the others around her in any scene and she is (as of her departure to Angel after Season 3) she is the fourth tallest in the show. Angel, Xander, and Spike are taller. Drusilla is almost the same height as Cordelia when she is standing up straight which is not often because her character is nearly always moving in crouching positions, or sitting or lying down.

And YES as one person wrote, just like the cast of Happy Days...BTVS show is a cast of mainly midgets so the central character won't look like she is standing in a hole most the time. Her scenes with Angel who almost always looks like he's hunched over (he's supposed to be my height at 6'1" and perhaps he is since he towered over Buffy. And then her other "boyfriend" Riley was also at least a foot taller standing with Gellar, but I couldn't find a print height for him. I'd have to guess he's at least 6' if not closer to 6'2".

It's simple between Charisma Carpenter and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Carpenter is very likely 5'7" or 5'6" and Gellar is likely 5'2" or perhaps even a tiny bit shorter. None of which truly changes my life since I'll never meet either or anyone famous in my lifetime, but I had to satisfy my curiosity and answer some remarks I've read on this site about these two women.
Legit62 said on 31/Jul/15
Do you give any bodybuilders' heights? I'm just curious. Toney Freeman in particular because he claims 6'2, which is extremely tall got a bodybuilder. But on his instagram he stands eye to eye with Gary Sheffield (5'11) and is a lot shorter than Marcellus Wiley (6'4). In a shorter man's sport it's easy to add inches if you're a little taller. Just wondered if you had ever looked into that.
[Editor Rob: I don't really put up much bodybuilders.]
BKM said on 26/Jul/15
Rob, thanks for the site, could you add the co-founders of Heaven Sent Gaming, Mario J. Lucero and Isabel Ruiz Lucero?

Mario J. Lucero is 5'7" according to FamousFix, and practically everywhere else. Except Google Knowledge Base which states that he's 1.74m (5'8"). Sources: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

Isabel Ruiz Lucero is 5' according to FamousFix, etc. Sources: Click Here Click Here Click Here
Jakertini said on 17/Jul/15
Rob how do I keep a large portion of my morning height. I am a weak 6'2" and want to be as close to 6'2" as possible. In the morning I can be around 6'2.25" or 6'2.5" depending on my sleep could I maybe be a flat 6'2". If I drink a fair amount of water I am 6'1.5" at the end of the day and If I don't get enough I dip to 6'1 3/8". Another question is what is my eye level I am around 6'1.5" at the end of a good day
[Editor Rob: I'd say your eyelevel should typically fall around the 5ft 8.5-9 range, somewhere in that zone. To keep morning height, well I'd avoid doing activities that put a lot of strain on the spine, like rotating movement, carrying heavy bags...but really, if you took 5-10 minute lie downs every couple of hours, you might maintain a better height through the day and not reach your low point. ]
BLH said on 14/Jul/15
Hi Rob, If I took a tape measure and put it flat on the ground straight right in front of me and took a pencil and the pencil landed at 5'10 1/8" for my eye level in the middle. How tall do you think I could be ? Thanks!
[Editor Rob: you sound like you could be 6ft 2.5-2.75 range]
CC said on 12/Jul/15
If you have distanced feelings towards height, then why do you run a forum in regards to height?
[Editor Rob: I find it an interesting topic and I believe I have made a reasonably entertaining site out of the topic. by distanced, I try not to attach positive or negative feelings towards height or view the 5ft man as inferior to the 6ft man. ]
Jakertini said on 6/Jul/15
Hey rob I have a question. Does it bother you when see girls or women who are almost as tall as you or taller than you. I am a weak 6'2" and I feel less masculine hearing about tall beautiful models who are like 6'4", 6"6", and 6'3". I have seen pictures of you with women larger than you does it bother you. How do I get over this feeling
[Editor Rob: height is a trait largely dictated by inherited genetics and random small mutations. It is hard to explain on a forum how I have distanced feeling towards height, to an extent it is just a physical number to me.]
randy said on 3/Jul/15
here is a video from youtube

roman atwood get Measuring his height at 7:26


so what do you think about his height ?
deppfan said on 2/Jul/15
Based on the three pics below what is your height estimation for Facundo Arana? Thanks in advance.. Click Here The one on the left, Ivan, is 1.87- 1.88 m. Click Here Facundo Arana next to Adrian Suar who is 1.68 m tall. Click Here Lastly does it seem like a true mugshot to you?
[Editor Rob: hard to tell with that height chart. Was it put on the wall at the right mark, is he standing as tall as he could (doesn't look that way). From the height chart I wouldn't say over 5ft 11 was possible, but with other guys over 5ft 11 does seem possible.]
120 said on 2/Jul/15
Rob, what would you happen to choose more. Morning height or Night height?
[Editor Rob: since you drop a lot of height within first 2 hours, by the time you are out the door for work you will be closer to your low height than your morning. I think giving an afternoon height is perfectly fine. Technically you can give your morning if you want, but I'd maybe mention it if you told people...you could be near 5ft 10 out of bed and a friend the same height knows he was 5ft 9 at 3pm...if you say 5ft 10, he might think you are lying, but say '5ft 10 out of bed', maybe it makes more sense. That person might not even be aware of out of bed height, they might check their own as a result!]
OJ said on 30/Jun/15
Thinking doesn't do much sadly. It's not expensive, nor hard, to make a phpbb-forum. The users would benefit from an addition like that, and you would definitely benefit the most, at least economically speaking.

I'd be willing to help you setting it up, and probably a lot of other people would as well. Please don't take this as an insult by the way. Just constructive critique from a long time user of this site. There's always room for improvement!
Glen2000 said on 30/Jun/15
Glen2000 says on 22/Jun/15 Hi rob I am a male that is 13 and 11 months and 174cm Out of bed and 172cm before bed is it possible for me to grow to 189cm or 6ft2.5 by the time I am a adult is it possible do you think I have a good chance of making it to that?
[Editor Rob: you could end up anywhere from about 5ft 9 to 6ft something. If you have tall genes from your parents there is always a chance of reaching the top end, the 6ft 3 range.]
randy said on 28/Jun/15
Rob what do you think about roman atwood height ?
OJ said on 28/Jun/15
Hey, Rob! I've been a frequent user of this fantastic site for several years now. I have some thoughts I want to share with you though. Have you ever thought about expanding? I'm thinking along the lines of adding a forum/discussion board. That way people can create their own personal user - and it would be a lot easier navigating through different sections. Have one section for growth, proportions, shoe lifts, stretching, off topic +++. I'm willing to bet that this community would eventually become a lot more knitted that way. There's definitely a lot of potential in your website. Thank you for being a pioneer! - OJ.
[Editor Rob: yes I have thought about that many times]
Glen2000 said on 28/Jun/15
Glen2000 says on 22/Jun/15
Hi rob I am a male that is 13 and 11 months and 174cm Out of bed and 172cm before bed is it possible for me to grow to 189cm or 6ft2.5 by the time I am a adult is it possible do you think I have a good chance of making it to that?
D-bhoy said on 27/Jun/15
hi rob - whos the biggest celeb u have been photo'd with wearing yer celic tap? N E chance a seeing it mate? I tink its pure belting pal!!!
[Editor Rob: unfortunately I never wore it that long so didn't get many with the celtic tops! I felt going more neutral was the best way.]
120 said on 27/Jun/15
Hey Rob, would you say this site is pretty accurate or no? Click Here
[Editor Rob: roughly, for such small figures with no features it's hard to really compare.]
Jakertini said on 27/Jun/15
Rob how do I make suggestions for celeb heights. I want a page for Jim gaffigan.
[Editor Rob: there is a page, type in height request in google and the page appears. ]
Glen2000 said on 22/Jun/15
Hi rob I am a male that is 13 and 11 months and 174cm Out of bed and 172cm before bed is it possible for me to grow to 189cm or 6ft2.5 by the time I am a adult is it possible do you think I have a good chance of making it to that?
Adam said on 18/Jun/15
Rob , Celebheights.com in Facebook 2016?
SportsHeight said on 9/Jun/15
Rob, how much of a discrepancy do you think there is between the height that women find most attractive in men, and the height that men would like to be? Do you think men overestimate how tall women want them to be? What about the reverse for women, as their preferred height range relates to the general preferences of men?
[Editor Rob: I think it might be between 1-2 inches. Most women with a 6ft man would think that was quite an attractive height, were many men might think 6ft 2 is the height many women hope for!]
Glen2000 said on 7/Jun/15
Hi rob could you please make some more hilarious videos like this one https://youtu.be/yV8R6hdHO5U
[Editor Rob: there are people who I don't think get the joke about Miracle Height Increase...I would hope nobody seriously would think magic pills or liquids can make you taller. It's absurd to think you can grow 2 inches with magic formula, but actually some people will use tricks to make you believe they grow taller. I performed that 2-inch height increase trick in one continuous take to prove the point about how easy it would be to fake a height increase...]
120 said on 5/Jun/15
Rob, when were you born, where, and how old are you? Sorry, if this seems quite irrelevant and unrelated.
[Editor Rob: the date isn't so important, but I am 39 in September and am from Glasgow in Scotland.]
Kourosh said on 5/Jun/15
Rob, today i was in a store that were selling the house furniture. Then i was looking at fridges,to my delight few of the fridges had measurements ( Height, width and Depth) estimated and written on them. Out of my curiosity i started to measure myself with couple of them. First it was a small fridge estimated to be 156 cm. Then i stood next to a fridge that estimated to be 172 cm. when i stood in front of the 156 cm tall fridge, the roof or top of the fridge was at middle of chin or lower side. Then i stood infront of the 172 cm tall fridge, the the top of fridge touched my hairline or upperforhead. How would you estimate my height based on fridges' measurements?
[Editor Rob: if you were barefoot then somewhere in 5ft 9 range is possible]
Glen2000 said on 4/Jun/15
Hi rob I want to grow 2cm really fast how do I do that will stretching make me 2cm taller if not do you have any ideas thanks
[Editor Rob: unfortunately you can't...unless you have bad posture and hidden height. There's an idea that if you have developed poor posture then exercise/stretching can help you regain or reach your maximum height...so it's worth trying if you know your posture isn't good.]
Sam said on 3/Jun/15
Could you add Alison Goldfrapp in many articles she gets listed as '5ft 2'.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Crane said on 2/Jun/15
Good to know that you're a Scottish! Now I want to know what's the best height to live in Edinburgh ? 6'2 or 6'4 ? I'll be there next year with my mom for a trip! Thanks Rob!
[Editor Rob: 6ft 4 will stand out anywhere, even 6ft 2 is a tall height walking round cities like that.]
Fox said on 1/Jun/15
Hey Rob, I'm 18 years old and I'm 5ft 6. Ive never experienced a profound growth spurt or any kind, and was wondering if i still have time to grow another inch or two? my mum is about 5ft3 and my dad is about 5ft 11. Thanks
[Editor Rob: if it's in your genes it will happen. I'd ask your parents if they or even any of their siblings (assuming they have them) had any sort of growth about 18-20 that they remember...this might give you a better idea if it is still a chance or not.]
Glen2000 said on 27/May/15
Rob does stretching really increase people's height I am 172cm and if I do some stretching and then step on the stadiometer would I be as high as 173cm how much taller will I be by doing some stretches?
[Editor Rob: if you are young it can be part of a routine that might make you maximise any growth left. If you are 25+ and have bad posture it might help, if you are a bit dehydrated and start to drink better and do stretching I believe that can help a little. But if you are fit and already flexible? Look at guys like Bruce Lee, Van Damme or martial artists like that. They spent a ton of time stretching/exercise through their 20's but did they grow? No, they already were at their physical maximum, the stretching didn't do anything apart from keep flexible.]
Glen2000 said on 22/May/15
Hi rob what is Jenny's height before bed in the morning and in the afternoon?
[Editor Rob: currently she can get on the stadiometer near 5ft 8.75 and at her low can dip to 5ft 7.75, but I've been working with her on posture and the last few times her low has been 5ft 7 7/8ths on the device. I did a video months ago of her absolute low which was under 5ft 7.75, that's after being up for like 24 hours and not being that well hydrated. That's an extreme, everybody after conditions like dehydration or intensive sport could measure a little less than their typical low value.]
540 said on 19/May/15
Either way can you make a facebook fanpage and give out a link
540 said on 19/May/15
Rob, is it ever ok to claim just your morning height or will that be a problem?
[Editor Rob: it's not wrong, because it is of course a valid measurement. But it only lasts a short time. I suppose a question if you claimed a morning height would be when you met someone who claimed afternoon or evening height, both of you same size, possibly claiming nearly 1 inch apart...]
Glen2000 said on 15/May/15
Hi rob may I ask is Jenny your mother or a friend to you?
[Editor Rob: we are partners.]
VanBat said on 14/May/15
Hi! I couldn't find where to request a height. Could you please add actor James Tupper? He's listed everywhere as being 5'9'' but it really doesn't seem right. In "Mercy" he looked two or three inches taller than 5ft 8in Taylor Schilling and the same for "Revenge" with Emily VanCamp, who according to you is 5ft 8.25in. Thanks. See Click Here
Kourosh said on 13/May/15
Rob, after how many hours of sleep we reach to our highest maximum height?
[Editor Rob: I did a test the other day and with about 8.5-8.7 hours I got my maximum measurement.]
Charon540 said on 12/May/15
Hey Rob, is there any chance of making a Facebook Fanpage or Group of Celebheights or is it a bad idea?
[Editor Rob: I did have a page for a while but I wasn't sure of it's use really. I like to keep most commenting on here and maybe some on youtube for the videos. Twitter/facebook can be useful but I'm not sure how so for this site...]
Barbarossa said on 12/May/15
Hey Rob, how are you? Do you think that in this photo, Click Here Manu Bennett is wearing some sort of cowboy boots? If so, what height would you say he reaches? The photo was taken at the European Comic Con 2015 a couple of days ago. Thank you.
[Editor Rob: they're not huge cowboy boots like 2 inchers, but they definitely give 1.5-1.6 at least...which if you were wearing a 0.6 inch converse and standing beside him, he'd have an inch footwear advantage over you.]
Kourosh said on 11/May/15
Rob i measured my height at 11 30 pm 3 times and this is what i got: 175.8 , 176.0 and 176.05. can i claim 176 cm? My eyelevel was between 163.5 to 164 cm at 11 30 pm. My morning eyelevel is close to 166cm. rob would you say im solid 5'9? im 177.8 cm out of bed and also sometimes 177.5 cm depend ours of sleep,am i 5'10 in the morning? in foot and inches can i go with just 5'9? and metrics 176cm?
[Editor Rob: yes go with 176cm]
Glen2000 said on 10/May/15
Hi rob do you live in Scotland?
[Editor Rob: yes we live just outside Glasgow, Scotland.]
Glen2000 said on 9/May/15
Hi rob I can't seem to measure my height accurately it is different every time i do it do you have any ideas that are very accurate thank you
[Editor Rob: measuring height shouldn't be difficult...I would try to find the best wall with a flat floor. I showed a video recently Here of me measuring my height with a few objects...I'd find an old video cassette holder and use that...and do the way I'm doing it to get a good enough measurement (within a mm or 2 of your real height).]
Jboliver said on 7/May/15
Steve canu help , how to post a pic of Elvis here in this site ?
Kourosh said on 7/May/15
Thanks for reply, Rob is your shoulder height around 140cm or 141 cm?
[Editor Rob: roughly 141cm]
Kourosh said on 5/May/15
Rob, what is a shoulder height of 5'9-5'10 man is? whats yours? thanks
[Editor Rob: could be 12-13 inches smaller.]
Glen2000 said on 4/May/15
Hi rob how tall do you think William and Kate look in this photo Click Here
[Editor Rob: he looks between 4-4.5 inches taller maybe, but with less shoe of course than her. I think in some photos William can look 6ft 3 and others 6ft 2.]
Glen2000 said on 2/May/15
Hi rob could you please make some more YouTube videos they are very good thank you
[Editor Rob: I will, I just haven't had as much time last few weeks!]
Glen2000 said on 30/Apr/15
Hi rob I am a male that is 13 and 9 months and 5ft7 and 3/4 how tall do you think I could get to my goal is 6ft3 do you think I will make it there thank you
[Editor Rob: I don't know, I think if you reached 6ft-6ft 1 range that would be typical...but then you have people like me who at that height/age never gained anymore really...and a couple of friends who I remember were 5ft 6-7 at 14 and got 6ft 1ish and near 6ft 3.]
Dave said on 23/Apr/15
Hey Rob, I've been a longtime fan of the site and I can't help but notice that the celebrity height listings are disproportionately skewered towards the really tall. From what I've read, the average height for a man in the Western world is about 5'9-5'10" but there's an abnormal amount of extremely tall celebrities posted on your site (more than half of your top 50 celebs list is over 6' going up to 7'!) . I was wondering why that was? Do people have more interest in knowing about taller celebs or are they just more likely to put themselves out there and get photographed by people? Appreciate an answer Rob!
[Editor Rob: there is an interest in taller celebrities more than shorter celebrities it seems, although with big names, those who are average-short like Bieber/Cruise still are sitting near the top. Also the database is a bit skewed with like basketball and wrestling stars who predominantly are taller than average.]
Anon said on 23/Apr/15
Hey Rob, I was wondering where I can post a request for a particular celeb?
[Editor Rob: there's a Height Request page.]
Charon540 said on 21/Apr/15
Either way, what's your opinion on the site? I don't think it's a really reliable site in my humble opinion.
[Editor Rob: I don't really have an opinion - people can visit other sites if they wish, but with this site I put myself out there as a face/editor to comment and interact with visitors as much as possible.]
510 Swede said on 21/Apr/15
Rob, what is your guess on late comedian Bill Hicks when it comes to how tall he was, is 6'1 like some sources claim believeable?
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure on him]
Confused/ must know lol said on 18/Apr/15
Hi rob, i have been looking at tokio hotel the group band for over 5 years now and cant for the love of good figure out the height of the individuals in the group. Some of them wear lifts. i conclude that the main singer must round about 5'10-11 while his brother is 5'9. and hits 5'11 in his lifts. Just want your input on this. Thank you so much. bookmarked this until further notice. Bye.
[Editor Rob: I'd need to look at these guys as at a glance I'm not sure.]
177-178 cm guy said on 17/Apr/15
I'm 5'9.75" at the end of the day, is it OK to round up to 5'10" seeing as I am that tall during the first half of the day? It's what I claim when people ask.
Kourosh said on 15/Apr/15
Thank you rob for your answers.

You were almost spot on. for first guy he is 178cm and for second guy he is 177cm.

both of them are my classmate and we were measured together and very close in height.
SpenceJames said on 13/Apr/15
Hi, Rob. How tall do you think Speaker John Boehner is?
[Editor Rob: maybe 5ft 8-9 range]
Kourosh f said on 10/Apr/15
thanks for rob. what about this guy: Click Here
[Editor Rob: not sure if the camera is compressing him a bit but he looks like he'd be somewhere in my range]
Kourosh said on 8/Apr/15
hi rob, how tall do you guess this guy height by his body-wise and proportion : Click Here Click Here
[Editor Rob: he can appear average in those photos like how a 5ft 10 guy might.]
marcuscofficial said on 7/Apr/15
How can i add photo in celeb? I mean ''click here'' things then photo come up.
markymark said on 4/Apr/15
Hi Rob, I'm 5'6 barefoot and I'm currently training to be a wrestler, what height do you think I could 'claim'/be billed as?
Charon540 said on 3/Apr/15
Rob, what's your opinion about ******* .com
[Editor Rob: I'm only interested in trying to make this site better, not giving advertisements to other sites :)]
Tr27 said on 28/Mar/15
Rob, If someone is 172cm morning, and 170cm night, what height should they claim?
[Editor Rob: what you feel comfortable with. Some people take a morning then evening and average it, so might go with 171. Others like myself go with afternoon/evening (not much difference) so I personally would say 170cm...]
invalidnickname said on 27/Mar/15
Hey Rob, my dad is around 5'4 tall and I'm around that height as well, but slightly taller. I'm still in my teen years, so is it possible for me to grow up to at least 5'8?
[Editor Rob: if you were 18 I'd say no, but if 15 then it isn't impossible.]
Engineer said on 24/Mar/15
Hi Rob,

Can you add singer Eva Rivas (Russian and Armenian singer). she is reportedly 6'6".
Charon540 said on 22/Mar/15
Hello Rob, i'm 16 years and 3 months old, and i am 5'9 5/8" (176.9 cm). I was 174.4 cm (5'8.66") like almost a year ago. How tall do you think i will be when i'm done growing? Will i reach 5'10" or 5'11"?
[Editor Rob: somewhere between that 5ft 10 and 11 range is very possible. If you beat the average you might get near to 6ft.]
Kourosh said on 19/Mar/15
thanks rob. I thought he would be taller than just 5'8. He looks tall 5'9 to 5'10 ranges in the pictures and others i have seen from him. Maybe because of his body frame.

but anyway thanks rob.
Kourosh said on 16/Mar/15
here are photos : with 5'6-5'6.5 man :Click Here with 5'8.5 man : Click Here Click Here note that he doenst have good posture and dropping abit of height in the photos but hes got slight show advantage which adds about 0.7 inches. what height would you list him? is he what he claims 5'9 barefoot 5'10 with shoes on?
[Editor Rob: he might not be far from his claim, it's possible he is 5ft 8.5 though.]
newbieteacher said on 14/Mar/15
1- Lusiana Lopilato Click Here Click Here with Michael Buble 2- Susana Gimenez Click Here with Shakira Click Here with 1.75 Valeria Mazza Can you please estimate the two women's heights Rob? Lastly, here is a photo of them together. Click Here THANKS IN ADVANCE :)
[Editor Rob: Lusiana might be around 5ft 3, the other lady I'm not sure, from a brief look at her I'd have thought she was nearer 5ft 7!]
Kourosh said on 13/Mar/15
This is another shot : Click Here This is couple pictures with his 5'8.5 father :Click Here Click Here He is a friend of mine on facebook and we talk alot about heights and how height is important in our society. He claimed to be 5'9.5 barefoot and 5'10 with shoes. So i want to get his height accurately to see how honest he is about oit. He doesnt have good posture in those photos though but he is wearing a bit thick trainers which i think add about 0.8 inches of height. Thank you Regards.
[Editor Rob: I couldn't view the photos....on facebook you have the ability to set an individual post or photo to be 'public viewable' which it needs to be for anybody to view it.]
Kourosh said on 12/Mar/15
So Rob hes exaggerating his height by 1-2 inches?. He claims that hes 5'10. And i showed the picture to him and he said he towered over the old guy.
[Editor Rob: from what I remember he looked near 3 inches taller than the older guy, so an inch exaggeration maybe.]
Kourosh said on 10/Mar/15
Rob, the older guy is 5'6 so whats the height of the young guy? Click Here 5'8?
[Editor Rob: he looks nearer 5ft 9 there.]
Tr27 said on 1/Mar/15
Hey Rob, I'm 67.25 inches in the morning, and 66.5 inches at night. Should I claim 66.75 inches?
[Editor Rob: 'almost 5ft 7' might be ok to tell people. ]
mani 1312 said on 1/Mar/15
to hear you there does not have an actor below 5.9 while most is 5.7. can you see the fall a lot of actor.
jeremy said on 25/Feb/15
what do you think about sonny bill williams
Bunheads Buff said on 24/Feb/15
Two of the six main actresses of tv series Bunheads are on the site (Sutton Foster, Bailey Buntain). Here are three more:

Emma Dumont 5' 10" via modeling agency profile Click Here

Julia Goldani Telles 5' 7" via movie site resume Click Here

Kaitlyn Jenkins 5' 5" via movie site resume Click Here

Would be good to add Kelly Bishop as well but don't have a good source handy.
b-mint1994 said on 11/Feb/15
Just some questions on the terminology some posters use on the site. What do you mean by flat? Like when someone in the comments refers to a celebrity as a 'flat 5'11"'. Also when some refers to someone as a "weak 6 foot". Does that basically mean that they are exactly on the mark.
[Editor Rob: just not over the 5ft 11 mark, weak 5ft 11 might be a guy who could drop at least 1/4, maybe up to 1/2 inch under a 5ft 11.]
Pink said on 8/Feb/15
I think he's 5'11 top.
newguy said on 7/Feb/15
rob I'm getting a little more facial hair so the more my facial hair grows the more I grow you think after this growth spurt I'll be done growing.I'm already in tanner stage 4
newguy said on 4/Feb/15
Rob do u think me measuring myself every month is a bad habit 2 months ago I was 5'11 3/8 last month 5'117/8 and now 6ft 1/16 at 16 shouldn't have I stopped growing already?I feel tall lately
[Editor Rob: if you have an interest to see how you are growing then why not, but I think people can end up getting too worked up when they measure regularly and aren't growing. Every 6 months is useful to see how much you grew during that time.]
Crocker said on 31/Jan/15
I've been visiting this site for years. An absolutely amazing compilation; don't know how you do it. Whenever I'm curious about someone's height I just check it out here. I'd like to know the height of Dion DiMucci ("Dion," the singer). Couldn't find it here tonight. I was a short kid in high school (long time ago)/only 5'3" tall as a sophomore. Graduated from high school at 6'1"/145 lbs. All the food I ate went into bone growth, I think.
[Editor Rob: Dion could look a quite average guy, maybe 5ft 9 range]
b-mint said on 25/Jan/15
Hey Rob. I was 5'9' through high school. I'm 20 now and I just measured myself at 5'10.25 at night. Is it normal for people to grow at my age?
[Editor Rob: it's rare, but not impossible. The plates might not be fused totally so potential growth could occur.]
ibao said on 21/Jan/15
Rob How do you go about submitted a celeb entry for the site?; to my surprise I didn't find 'Carey Hart' / P!nks husband on this site, he's stated by Google without very little source to be 5'11 which I believe is absurd. Click Here Click Here P!nk is around 5'3, what would your analysis be?
[Editor Rob: well I spent a minute and found that he described himself as 5ft 10, so that's the max he'd be. He might be calling his height in shoes and be more 5ft 9.]

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.