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- Why Celebheights?
- What happened to Comments?
- How to Vote (Guess) Heights
- How do I search for a particular star on the site?
- How can I help CelebHeights?
- How does celebheights come up with a height?
- Are the heights listed with shoes on?
- How accurate are the heights?
- How reliable are the sightings?
- Who operates CelebHeights?
- Do you have a Youtube Channel?
- How tall is Rob?

Q: Why Celebheights?
A: CelebHeights documents what celebrities claim to be, offers our own estimates and provides a forum for visitors to discuss how tall they think any celebrity is. Visitors can submit a guess for any star, which forms part of an Average user Guess, seen in the comment section of any page. In 2011 I ran a Height Challenge, illustrating how tall people of various heights can look beside 5ft 8 Rob.

As part of running Celebheights, I attended conventions, meeting and taking photos with over 1300 celebrities for this site.

Q: What happened to Comments?
A: Apologies, but the submission of new Comments is currently off.
Voting is still active.

Q: How to submit your Vote (guess) on a Celebrity Height
A: From October 2016, visitors can Anonymously submit their guess on any Celebrity. Over time, hopefully this will help the site and helps visitors see the general overall opinion on any particular stars height.
Voting is anonymous (unless you mention your estimate in a comment), so feel free to add your guesses without fear or influence. I'm the only person who sees voting, so whether you agree or disagree, I appreciate your genuine votes.
On the A-Z and Category pages, there is a quick vote option - simply click the 'Guess Heights' button to get guessing.
Average guesses get updated every day. Sometimes quicker.

Q: How can I search for a star?
A: There is a search option at the top right hand corner of every page - it uses Google, is fast and as the 'A-Z' pages have gotten larger over the years, you're best bet is to use the search function to find any celebrity you are interested in. You can also use it to plug in movies/tv shows to find actors/actresses from certain shows of interest.

Q: How can I help CelebHeights?
A: Keep an eye out for any celebrity who mentions their height and let us know. Also, please help spread the word about CelebHeights by voting, sharing, linking or mentioning the site on your social media, blogs, videos or simply recommend us to others. And keep visiting, because without you, the site wouldn't exist, so thanks and I hope the site provides enjoyment on the occasions you drop by.

Q: How do you find heights?
A: I try to find quotes from stars about their height. At the moment there are probably 6000+ entries on the site with an actual quote said by the celebrity (or from their agency resume) attributed to them, a large majority of which I have researched myself, with helpful contributions from visitors. That doesn't mean I agree with all of them of course ;-)

Q: Are the heights listed with shoes?
A: No. Assume every height as though the celebrity was measured barefoot. This isn't the NBA! I make no claim as to whether any listed height is an evening or early morning one, but technically I think you are better off saying your height based on the time when people get measured on average, which obviously wouldn't be out of bed, but might be about 5 hours after waking. After you've been standing for 5-6 hours you won't shrink much more during the rest of the day compared to how much you shrink in the time period from waking up till lunchtime.
As of November 2017, there are around 5100 Male and 5100 Females listed, with an average peak height of 5ft 10.75 for the Males and 5ft 5 and 1/4 for the Females.

Q: How accurate are the heights?
A: Celebheights tries to build an accurate database, but you cannot rely on using official resumes or actors own declarations of their height, because invariably a good percentage might embellish the truth, give their height in shoes, round up or not even know or care. Height in many cases is a best estimate. Even if you meet a star, your own estimate might be off, especially if you don't get within a couple of feet and the difference in your heights is large or you're judging on the street where pavement differences can cause confusion.

Anybody judging height on streets will find it much harder because most side-walks/pavements are built with varying degrees of fall (sloping) away from the building. You could stand shoulder to shoulder on what looks 'level ground' but one person's feet are 2 inches lower than the other person's. That's one reason why I don't get street photos - they are largely a waste of time for height and I'd rather not pester celebrities in situations were they don't really want to be pestered. I only meet them on occasions were they have chosen to meet fans like Signing/Convention events.

Contrary to those who believe otherwise, the site has no bias - the purpose of CelebHeights is to try to guess what I think each celebrity would measure. It's as simple as that. Liking or disliking any celebrity has absolutely no bearing on what they get listed at. I may, for instance, not be a fan of say Tom Cruise, but I'll list him the height I think he is.

Q: What about the sightings on the site. Are they reliable?
A: A proportion of the sightings submitted by visitors to the site are, to say the least, to be taken with a large pinch of salt. Unfortunately anybody could say they've met a star...the internet is filled with untruths which is one reason I moderate comments and won't stand for nonsense. One thing I certainly don't do is BS people. All the quotes I've found made by stars about their heights are real, the 100+ heights I've managed to get directly from celebrities via email or in person are real (for instance when Lenny Henry said, "I'm 6'3". Hugh Laurie is teeny tiny -sleeps in matchbox" he really did say this!), and the encounters and resulting 1000+ photos I've shown over the years should speak for themselves.

I currently only show photos of myself or Jenny and a handful of friends. If you have photos with celebs you are more than welcome to link to them in the comment section, but I no longer host or promote other photos in the description section of listings.

Q: Who operates this site?
A: CelebHeights.com is owned and operated by one person since October 2004 - me (Rob Paul), the Editor. I only post and talk about height on Celebheights, my own Youtube Channel and occasionally Quora.

Anybody claiming or posting under my name on other sites will be an imposter.

Celebheights has been mentioned in numerous forms of media, including Online Media (like Buzzfeed), radio, TV (such as Conan O'Brien), newspapers (Sunday Mail, New York Post, The Telegraph) and magazines (like Esquire).
To contact me about Important matters only, such as bugs, corrections or image related requests, please email me in confidence: (RobPaul AT Gmail.Com). Sorry, I don't answer questions about your height, how tall you look, whether you will grow etc.

Q: Do you have a Youtube channel?
Yes, check out my Youtube channel for a variety of height related videos.

Q: How tall is Rob?
A: The lowest I ever measure with a flat floor/wall is a hair over 5ft 8. Out of bed I typically measure around 5ft 8.75. In any photo I have with a celebrity I am roughly 173cm (5ft 8 1/8th). I have worn a variety of footwear in photos, but will always mention as best I can, any difference between my footwear and the celebrities. As of 2021, I weigh 160 pounds.

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Dylan Brower said on 21/Jul/22
Hey Rob I think your a awesome guy I am really fascinated by height in general and I’ve been a huge fan for a few years now. I love how you get the legit height measurements.. I’m 6’1 barefoot but when I have boots on everyone thinks I’m 6’4 lol crazy
Editor Rob
With big boots I might even guess you as a 6ft 2 guy, but if people are saying 6ft 4, they may not be that great at guessing height!
Blake said on 21/Jul/22
Rob, if you had to separate the timeline of celebheights in to eras,

would it be like the big g era early to mid 2000s, then in between the Bobby era then this year the tarinator and bizarre measurements and more spreading outside the site than before? Would make an interesting video to do a timeline of celebheights like that. Hope you and Jenny are well.
Editor Rob
2005-2009 was the Big G Era. Some of the original 2005 guys like Big Dmeyer/Alex/Danimal/Viper are still around and visit.

Could we call 2015-2020 the Bobby Years...I don't know, there's lots of interesting characters who emerged during this period.

2020-2022 is from my perspective the Wilderness years as I haven't been meeting celebs.

However, I did do a lot of Youtube videos in the last 3 years and of course other folk do stuff too.

Could this year be the WTF "Troll" year?
Ehsan Jabar said on 3/Jul/22
Hi Rob, I have a question as to why you include peoples height with socks, it is for definite that they will give an individual a couple more mm's of height which doesn't sound like a big deal. but in the case of fractions and whether a person is 6 foot and a half to 6 foot and 3/8ths (Big lewis 2019 "184cm" video), its a different story. Also for the same reason why we dont include height in shoes should apply to socks is because they inflate our height

in all of your videos measuring Big Lewis, Big Iona you dont seem to take sock inflated height into consideration in fact it is ignored. I can understand telling someone to take their socks off is strange and some may not want too. When measuring height, at the very least a couple of Milometers should be subtracted from their total

In the case of Big Al he measured 185.5cm (arguably lower because some dont agree it touches his head but rather skims his hair)

without sock height 185.2cm already falls under 6'1

Big Lewis 2019 measures 184cm bang on

without sock measurement most likely 183.7 or if we are being generous 183.8cm already puts him nowhere near 6'and a half but near 6 foot and 3/8ths region

as you can see with these examples it indicates that measurements are being inflated and whose not to say that is corresponding with celebrities height

overall I think without socks measurement is overlooked a lot within the community which is odd when it stresses accuracy. what do you think
Editor Rob
I'm not going to ask visitors to stand about barefoot for 15 minutes on a cold floor.

I mean I can do that ok for most videos I've made, but even Jenny refuses to do that! 😄

In any case, it's obvious since we pan up from the feet that socks are on. In terms of thickness, 0.5 to 1mm is typical. Really thick can be 1-2mm range, some of the winter woven styles.
Uday Singh said on 30/Jun/22
Thnx Rob For Replying Me
Uday Singh said on 22/Jun/22
Rob What Is The Average Height Of A Man In Scotland
Editor Rob
It's still roughly 5ft 9 on the nose from what I've read and observed.
Shera said on 6/Jun/22
Hello Rob. Can wearing lifts daily accelerate the process of height loss when aging?
Editor Rob
It could effect some of the joints or ligaments, so like with high heels, maybe raises the risk of some issues after many years of wearing them.
Freddy said on 8/May/22
Hi Rob, I would have liked to know the difference in height that you saw in these photos, between Jean-Claude Gaudin and these three celebrities (Jacques Chirac, Alain Delon and Gérard Depardieu)
So what is a pity is that we never see the shoes, but consider that the ground is flat and the shoes equal. And with Delon it's complex because the two don't stand straight, but the feeling you think what?

This is to help me on my personal opinion on Gaudin's height, because I wonder each time if he reached 6ft at his peak, knowing that he was born in 1939 (so almost Delon's age). I wrote photos the year and marked Gaudin with the letter "G" in red to better find his way around. Thank you Rob 🙏🏼

With Chirac:
Click Here

With Delon:
Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

With Depardieu:
Click Here
Leighton Tang said on 26/Apr/22
Hi Rob, can elevator shoes actually increase your height by 6 inches or is it fake news?
Editor Rob
You will need 3 inch platforms at the front of an elevator to get 6 inches.

Now if you have 1 inch on the front of the shoe and a high angle at the back then you will get about 4 inches...which for an elevator is huge.
Midnight said on 14/Apr/22
Hi Rob! Big fan of your work!
I wanted to know if I was a celebrity what would my height be listed as on here? When I wake up in the morning I'm around 178.6cm or around 5'10.3, during the day I drop down to 177.5/177.3 or around 5'9.8, my lowest was around 176.6 or 5'9.5 and I measured before I went to bed after a long day. For most of the day I'm around 177.5, is it fair for me to still claim 5'10 or 178cm since I reach and I'm over that in the morning?
Editor Rob
5ft 10 isn't an unreasonable claim, and listing could end up with 9.75 or 10.

When you think about the proportion of people who lie or just go with shoe height, claiming a barefoot height you can actually measure is already putting you into the honest height crowd.
DanDanDanDanDanDan said on 20/Feb/22
Hi Rob, at 6ft6, do you think I'd be perceived as "very tall" or just "tall" in the Netherlands? Would a 6ft5 guy be considered "very tall" there?
Editor Rob
Would class 6ft 6 very tall in the Netherlands.
ArthurDigby said on 11/Feb/22
Hey Rob, love your site! I know you get a lot of these, but curious what you would list me as if I were a celeb. I’m 184.5cm in the morning, I only shrink to 183.5-184 midday. But at night I drop to 183cm flat. I generally consider myself to be 6’0.5” but also have a low eye level. I tell people I am 6’1” and they never question it because nobody who claims 6’ is actually 6’, most of the time I’m looking down at “six footers”.

Would I be a “strong 6ft” or a “flat 6”? Also for the record I don’t really consider myself tall, but I do sometimes get called a tall guy. Seems that one has to be well over 6’2” to be known specifically for being tall.
Editor Rob
Depends how tall you look around others or in person. If you had good posture there's a very good chance you'd get listed 6ft and 1/4 to 1/2.
Abey Baker said on 31/Dec/21
Hi Rob, can I delete old comments if I feel they’ve been misinterpreted?
Editor Rob
Yes, just leave a comment on the page in question mentioning which comments and I'll delete them.
Freddy said on 6/Oct/21
Hi Rob!
I am totally unable to know who is taller than who, between the guy with the red arrow "G" and the one with the blue arrow "A". The one with the red arrow "G" does not stand very straight and the one with the blue arrow "A" is a little set back from the other. But in any case, the two guys seem the same height. What do you think Rob? I only have this really reliable photo, it's from 1986 and the two guys were still young to be able to best assess their height. They are politicians from Marseille, my city in France.
Once I saw written that the guy with the red arrow "G" was 187cm tall. Personally from what I could see, it measures rather a strong 6ft / 183-184cm but not 187. This means that the other must also measure 6ft.
Rob, based on your visual experience of seeing height perceived with camera angle, who is taller of the two guys?
The link: Click Here
Thank you in advance.
Editor Rob
It is very close, maybe G is slightly looser posture, but although being a couple of inches closer, this might not have much effect at all.

I would say it could be too close to call, but if you have several photos or footage, sometimes it can become more apparent just who might edge who when it's that close.
Rohon Ray said on 5/Oct/21
Hey Rob, what would you say is the minimumum noticable height difference to an objective veiwer among 2 people, assuming both of those two people have same footwear and like same hairstyle etc....? Also both between 5'0-6'0.
Editor Rob
Some people can spot 1/4 inch, but that is going to look very close even with ideal situation like identical posture/flat hair. 1/2 to 3/4 I think many will start to notice, and 1 inch should be visible if people look for the difference.
ChaosControl said on 21/Aug/21
Would you measure lower after several consecutive late nights, maybe a week or so, with less sleep than usual? Or am I just paranoid?
Editor Rob
In my experience I didn't go below usual low last time I was able to test a situation like that, when I was having more disturbed sleep...however maybe some people will find they could creep a couple mm lower than usual.
Editor Rob said on 10/Aug/21
The comments on article pages were down for several months, but are now working again.
winkler91 said on 30/Nov/20
Also Rob,
I being awake now for 4 hours (walking in some supermarkets) came back.

I measured exactly 189,0cm (its my lunch time height)
and yes I drop to 188,6 at 4:30 pm, 188,3 at 7pm, 188,0 maybe 10pm

189cm is the height I've always claimed.

I always stand tall, front measurement with a 9inch can.

Editor Rob
stand tall but don't rise up on heels when measuring.
Halen said on 27/Nov/20
Rob, i chose 5'7.75 for Fred Durst because in the past i chose 5'7.25 but now i think he is 5'7.5.
Editor Rob
yeah that's no problem
Antkant said on 26/Nov/20
Hi Rob this is a purely selfish request, I couldn't find the height of John Von Neumann so I thought I would ask you directly how tall do you estimate him to be based on his photos?
Editor Rob
without looking a lot, at a glance average range
J2Frenzy said on 23/Nov/20
Rob who was the first page you put here?
Editor Rob
it was robert carlyle, julia roberts, tom cruise.

The very last celebrity photo I'll upload on here will be robert's, a good way of coming full circle and ending where I started.
James J. said on 14/Nov/20
Hi Rob,

I'm curious. When someone measures their own height facing a wall, by holding up a flat object correctly perpendicular to it. Would you say they tend to over-measure or under-measure their height, and if so, by how much?
Editor Rob
I think if done properly it should be close to accurate.

As long as the object is in centre of their head and covers the high point (a 5-6 inch long object isn't quite enough) then the only issues become if your object slips a little, or the floor and wall aren't quite perpendicular.

It has to be something drastic to get say a full inch away from your true height.
Blanc (1.69 m) said on 12/Nov/20
@Chaitanya Sinha I'm guessing Sushant Singh Rajput was a weak 5'11"
Chaitanya Sinha said on 9/Nov/20
Dear Rob Please upload height Of Sushant Singh Rajput ... I have already given a brief about late actor from bollywood in your Height request article..u can go and read that article ...rob it would be good if u upload his height as it is the most controversial topic .... U find it on in google about him...it would be very greatful if u upload his height
Regard his fan and your website supporter
Chaitanya Sinha.
J2Frenzy said on 6/Nov/20
Never mind my cousin remeasured. He’s probably 5’8 (5’7.5 at an extreme low) and is barely up to my cheekbones with footwear advantage. Disregard my previous comments
J2Frenzy said on 6/Nov/20
@Rob I did notice his shoes were about 1.5 inches. My trainers are a paltry 0.5-75. Is it possible that with shoes off he’d be 5’9 flat knowing this? I’m pretty sure he’s not over 5’9. He was probably nearer my cheekbones now that I look at the photos again
Editor Rob
yeah if the footwear difference was like you suggest, then barefoot it would be another story, maybe not even 5ft9
J2Frenzy said on 6/Nov/20
How far is it from the eyes/temples to the top of the head? My cousin (who claims 5’10) comes up to there on me with an inch footwear advantage. I’m 6’2.5 so is he 5’9?
Editor Rob
generally if you are 6ft 2.5, a 5ft 9.5 guy is likely to be near your eyelevel or even up to 5ft 10, though of course it depends how high your eyes are.

If he was 5ft 9 and top of head near eyes, you'd have a pretty low eyelevel.
Mimi said on 2/Nov/20
Thanks Rob, thankfully we were not in the cyclone's direct path but unfortunately eastern provinces in the Bicol region were hit with the force of a category 5 tornado the size of hurricane.
Editor Rob
yeah, I watched some clips of that cyclone, those winds near the peak were frightening.
I know sometimes in Scotland we get big storms and 70-80mph gusts, but never anything over 100mph here...
Flop said on 2/Nov/20
my friend recently just got measured at 6'2.5 and I'm usually around 6'1.5, when we look at each other standing up next to each other we are on each others eye level, do you think my friend did something wrong measuring?
Editor Rob
Could have lower eyelevel or just posture is worse?

I mean sometimes 1 inch can seem hardly anything when talking to a person 1 inch taller/shorter, especially if you tilt your eyes up slightly and they tilt theirs down slightly.
Mimi said on 31/Oct/20
Not height-related but a strong typhoon will probably hit our part of the country in the Philippines. I'm praying quite hard as I don't want people living in high danger areas to suffer casualties and I also don't want the feeling of strong winds.
Editor Rob
Hope you guys keep safe, weather can be really nasty at times. I hate strong winds too.
Moon Goodman said on 29/Oct/20
You are truly a very helpful person. Best person to seek for height related ideas/questions =).
Editor Rob
I can't answer everything but I'll try my best on here, also on youtube too
6'3 Julian said on 24/Sep/20
Have you shrunk at all and what is your current weight?
Editor Rob
between 155-160 and I'm age 44 and not lost a mm yet.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 22/Sep/20
Did you feel insecure about it? I know I was, because I was already at least 6'0"-6'1" around that age.
Editor Rob
I didn't give it much thought, I just realised at 16 I was still 5ft 8.
Ehsan Jabar said on 22/Sep/20
Hi Rob in the UK what height in cm would start to be in the tall category.

My guess is that 176-178 being average.

181cm being above average

183cm start of tall

Would you agree?
Editor Rob
I'd say 182 might be a figure you could say was start of that range.
Ehsan Jabar said on 22/Sep/20
Hi Rob in the UK what height in cm would start to be in the tall category.

My guess is that 176-178 being average.

181cm being above average

183cm start of tall

Would you agree?
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 22/Sep/20
Were you one of the tallest male students in your class at the time you stopped growing? 5'8" for a 14 year old boy is certainly on the taller side.
Editor Rob
for a brief few months I did feel taller than average amongst peers.
Rem said on 21/Sep/20
@6'3 Julian DEFINITELY THE LION! If there is an animal who is prepared biologically and mentally for kill or be killed encounters is the lion. It is genetically programmed for fighting, since they are cubs they already are fighters. They don't care if they are to be killed, they never back down in those situations no matter if the other animal is super big. Regarding a possible fight with a gorilla (which is a tough opponent) i have no doubt the lion is the winner. It is like comparing a big 6'4 guy weighing 250 pounds fighting connor mcgregor. Connor would beat him without doubt. He may well struggle but in the end he will be the winner.
6'3 Julian said on 20/Sep/20
Not height related, but who would win a fight between a gorilla and a lion? The gorilla has strength, intelligence and tool use but the lion has stealth and a bite
Editor Rob
Never thought about such a thing, but it might be quite an even fight...both have advantages and disadvantages.
Alperen Y said on 19/Sep/20
Rob when did your growing stop
Editor Rob
By age 14 I was 5ft 8, so much earlier than usual!
Rem said on 18/Sep/20
Rob i forgot to tell you i also measured my dad after 6 hs of being awake (6 hs and a half to be precise without laying down) and after a normal day of his (he simply worked at home for 3 to 4 hs, then did some shopping and came back home). He measured 170.0cm (bang on 170 cm). Can he claim 5'7?
Editor Rob
Yeah, he should go with 5ft 7
Rem said on 16/Sep/20
Rob, my bro measures 173.1-2 cm out of bed (between 7hs to 8 hs of sleep) and when the day ends (10 hs+ without laying down) he measures 171.7-8. His maximum lowest (after a hard work day) is 171.6 cm. What would you list his height at if he was to be added on the site?
Editor Rob
He could be a 5ft 7.5 guy
John T. MacF. Mood said on 11/Sep/20
I submitted, and it sent, it said it did, and I had not cleaned it up for typos. Sorry, the important part was clean enough to read well.

Thank you for your efforts, it's a fun site. When I was a little kid, I dreamed of how tall I would be, and my childhood 'hero' was John Wayne, I wanted to be as tall as him. Turned out, I passed him by about 2 inches. I'm 6'6" and have met a bunch of celebrities, working as a police officer and providing police protection at concerts. Barry Manilow, Crystal Gayle The Beach Boys, Kate Smith (very kind & nice - bodyguard for a day) and a bunch more. We were trained to be observant. A fun job, I rode motorcycles (traffic cop) for a living. Fun while it lasted! Thanks again, keep up the good work!

Editor Rob
Thanks for the visits and kind words!
vastlybetter566 said on 6/Sep/20

It might be a tie between Scorsese and Prince.

When it comes to significant tall people, he's hardly what you'd call a celebrity, but John Maynard Keynes is listed between 6ft6 and 6ft7. He might take the position of the most influential very tall person, whose notoriety wasn't a direct result of his height.

Talking about people, who have a page on this site, it's probably Howard Stern, though I'm not sure, if Stern will leave a big legacy behind. James Comey might be another pick.
Editor Rob
In musical terms Prince would be high on the list. Although being in the UK I know of Maynard, he probably isn't that well known by recent generations.
vastlybetter566 said on 5/Sep/20
Rob, who do you consider to be the most significant very short person (below 5'3) and very tall person (over 6'4) on this site? Not in this terms of personal taste, but in terms of who you think has had the most impact.

And which very tall celebrity, outside of the world of sports, do you consider to be most significant?
Editor Rob
That's tough to answer, I would actually say one name that comes to mind is Scorsese for his body of work he's made and leaves behind. I'd need to think more on a taller person outwith sports...
Puneet said on 17/Jul/20
Hey rob how tall do you consider hans zimmer would be
Editor Rob
Could be in 5ft 10 range
RJT said on 11/Jul/20
Hi Rob I'm wondering do you have statistic about the height of people who visited your website? I assume they're quite conscious about their height which is why they're here. Do you perhaps have stats about average or median height of those people? Maybe from percentage of most commonly searched height at celebs my height category?

It'd be good representation of average height in the World imo, since people who are conscious about their height are usually either above average or below average.
Editor Rob
People I've met in person who visited the site vary quite a lot in height.

I've met as many who are taller as are same size or shorter.

It would be interesting doing a poll, though these wouldn't be verified.
Mike James said on 8/Jul/20
An almost incredible growth spurt was that of Kevin Costner. The US actor was 5' 2" aged 18 and then by his twenties, 6' 1".
Ben Abrams said on 1/Jul/20
Hi Rob, love the website!
How common is it for an 18 year old male to grow at least half an inch to an inch in the coming years? I am turning 18 soon and I am not as tall as my father yet, but almost. He is 5'7". Mom is 5'2".
Editor Rob
There is a decent proportion who still manage a final little addition from 18 to say early 20's of 1/2-1 inch, but also a large proportion by 18 are pretty much done.
Vastlybetter said on 1/Jul/20
Hey Rob, have you ever thought about making a YouTube tutorial on how to accurately estimate someones height based on photos. I think I have gotten better at it over the last year, but it would be really great, if there was a video to sum up all the useful techniques. Or maybe, there already is such a video and I just haven't seen it.
Editor Rob
There's nothing too specific, but I believe some of the height comparisons like with Lewis/Adam/Iona etc are useful starting point.

But there's lots of bits within videos, even the end of Big Rob Busted shows how 4 inches can seem a fair amount.

There's also the 1/2/3/6 inch height difference videos.
Ben Abrams said on 30/Jun/20
Hi Rob,
I am a male currently 17, turning 18 in less than a month. I am 5'5" and nearly 1/2. My mom is 5'2" and my dad is 5'7", and my brother who is 2 years younger is 5'10". I was wondering if I had a chance of growing another 1-2 inches for my final height. I exercise everyday and maintain a healthy diet as I am a competitive athlete. I started doing a stretching routine every morning and night, but I heard that it only increases height temporarily and not permanently. Nonetheless, I am doing it for more as an experiment. Your thoughts are much appreciated.
Editor Rob
If growth plates are closed then it would be hard, but at 17-18 they may still not be closed.

If there is any potential left, maintaining exercise/stretching and keeping to a good diet is the best you can do.

I would actually put away a tape measure for 6 months and then check again in December.
mr.7 said on 28/Jun/20
Hey Rob, if the guy on the right is 179cm, what would you estimate the guy on the left's height to be?
Click Here
Editor Rob
5ft 9 is possible
ajax509 said on 22/Jun/20
At Q: How tall is Rob? it mentions your out of bed height as 5ft 8.75 and weight 175lbs. In fact you can measure 175cm also you appear much lighter. I guess you're sitting at 155lbs as of June 2020.

You might update this.
Editor Rob
I hadn't updated that, for a few years I was in 170-180 range, then 160-170 and last few years 155-160, and sat on 155 for a while...my scale is broken so I'm not sure exactly what weight I am just now!
Axel_Lextor said on 19/Jun/20
Hi big rob, I have taken the trouble to measure the height of the Manchester City players with those photos where the entire squad are.
I hope this helps you if you want to make a video about man city players.
Ederson 186-185, Bravo 184, Carson 190
Otamendi 183, Laporte 191, Stones 188, Eric Garcia 179-180, Walker 183, Cancelo 182, Mendy 185-184.
Zinchenko 175-176, De Bruyne 180, Fernandinho 179, Gundogan 179, Rodri 191-192, Foden 171, David Silva 169.
Aguero 172-171, Mahrez 179, Bernardo Silva 169. The others could not measure their height since they always come out sitting or stand on tiptoe to be taller, such as Gabriel Jesus.
Andy5'91/2 said on 18/Jun/20
Hey rob how tall is jenny? Ive seen her said to be on yotube both 5’7.75 and 5’8
Editor Rob
She went from a strong 5ft 8 to a weak 5ft 8, about half inch lost.
Puneet said on 18/Jun/20
Click Here as her name is Mia melano she's an adult actress she claim 5ft11 but I think she might be around 5ft8-9
Editor Rob
I'd have thought at least 5ft 9-10 range
Puneet said on 18/Jun/20
What's her height Click Here
Editor Rob
She looks on the tall side with the guy, over 5ft 9 is possible.
Lover_thorn3 said on 17/Jun/20
I’m 180CM 15 years old female. Is there a chance i can still grow? I like my current height but it would interesting to be 183CM
Editor Rob
Chance of some more growth, although the odds of noticeable growth once you get beyond 16 reduce for females.
Lover_thron3 said on 16/Jun/20
Hey im a girl still growing 180cm in feet is it better to round to 5’10 and 3/4 or to just round to 5’11.
Editor Rob
I'd just say 5ft 11.
Lover_thorn3 said on 15/Jun/20
Hey Rob any chance your gonna add AJ Tracey
Lakheswar Saikia said on 26/Mar/20
Rob can you add Sooraj Pancholi
Indrajit Das said on 19/Mar/20
rob what is your weight in KG
Editor Rob
Currently about 70.5kg, well last time I checked was a few months ago!
Wolfy said on 17/Mar/20
rob can you add erik conover?
a youtuber?
also how tall do you think he is next to chris hemsworth?
google says he is 191 or 193 cm?
Jorge siu said on 14/Mar/20
Rob had a question a few days ago I went to the hospital where I saw a seca stadiometer so I decided to measure myself at around 2 in the afternoon and I measured 181 cm barefoot and 184 cm with Jordan shoes, the only thing I did was go up to the stadiometer at Tilt and lower the stadiometer bar until it touches my head if that measurement is correct? And if so, do you think that after 3 hours of getting up I could measure 182 cm? Greetings rob
Editor Rob
Yeah, I think measuring yourself at 182cm at 9-10am is very possible.
Hong said on 13/Mar/20
Hi Rob,How do I send an image with my comment thanks?
Editor Rob
You can't embed any image, but just link to it.
Use https://tinyurl.com/ to paste a longer image link and then use the tinyurl link in the comment.
Lakheswar Saikia said on 9/Mar/20
Vexacus said on 8/Mar/20
Hi Rob ,¿Is reasonable to use the average of "Out of bed height" and "Before bed height" as an honest claim?
Editor Rob
Many go with that.
As long as people aren't claiming heights that they don't measure, and are saying a height without shoes, then that's better than half of people out there who might claim shoe height or just outright lie.
Jake2020 said on 7/Mar/20
Hi Rob,

As I am sure you are aware the average height of this generation (born say 1990 onwards) is greater than that before. Would you be able to compare the average height of UK men (white) to men of the same generation in the following countries (presumably only 1-3cm differences?):

a) Russia
b) France
c) Ukraine
Editor Rob
Without research I wouldn't have as much knowledge
Grendawis said on 3/Mar/20
I am 5”10.5 just before I go to bed and 5”11.25 in the morning what height should claim could I say “about 5”11”
Editor Rob
About does cover your range. Personally I like 'almost'.
Anamika Tamuli said on 27/Feb/20
I am your biggest fan rob
193 said on 22/Feb/20
Hi Rob what do you think about subliminals, many have claimed to grow taller from them. Also are all your heights 100% accurate, like can someone be taller then what you have listed. Thank you! love your work
Editor Rob
I don't know that much about the topic.
Lakheswar Saikia said on 21/Feb/20
Axel Lextor said on 15/Feb/20
Hi Rob, my height when I get up from my bed is 179.5. after a few hours it is 178. at night when I go to sleep it is 177.7 what height should I claim?

greetings from Argentina
Editor Rob
I'd tell people 178 personally.
Blake said on 29/Jan/20
Rob, if you had a couple of days where you only ate a couple of meals and didn’t drink much water how much effect would that have on your height. It seemed to effect my morning height more than evening
Editor Rob
If you become too dehydrated then your evening height might start to suffer, but I haven't yet tested bad dehydration - I don't recommend it, best keeping hydrated!
Lakheswar Saikia said on 17/Jan/20
Lakheswar Saikia said on 11/Jan/20
Sir I am big fan for your website
Editor Rob
MiKaNiKa 5'11.5 said on 9/Jan/20
How much would celebs shrink from there listing at night on average, Big Rob ? A 1/4 inch ? Thanks !
Editor Rob
Maybe a few mm's.
Nik said on 3/Dec/19
@ all users - Please access the link provided by James B on the 20/Nov/19 on Rob's page, I hope it helps as many people as possible.

Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 19/Nov/19
Computers today are much different than they were during your university days though.
Editor Rob
Yeah they were a lot slower, less memory etc. The web itself back in 1994 was archaic by today's standards, although it helped University connection speeds were decent compared to your home dial-up modem speeds.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 18/Nov/19
What did you major in during college/school? I'm assuming it had something to do with computers or web designing?
Editor Rob
It was a Computer Science course at Uni and then went back for another year to study Informatics/Multimedia.
gabitva said on 15/Nov/19
Rob, if im 12 hours after wake up and measure 192.5 cm, what would be my height at 5 hours (after wake up)?
Editor Rob
A bit over 193cm
Stef said on 25/Oct/19
Hey Rob!
I was wondering, do you thing a low level of testosterone could have a bad effect on the final height ?(If you are a man)
Editor Rob
Yes, I believe there is some studies showing low levels will effect growth.
Colberto said on 24/Oct/19
Hey Rob what is a comfortable height I could claim

I have a sonar stadiometer that triangulates and measures the top of your head without a headpiece. I installed it so it's very accurate I'm OCD

Out of bed range is 189.5cm to 190cm or 6'2.6" to 6'2.8" on the digital stadiometer.

End of day just about every time I do it, it says 187.5cm or 6'1.8" at the worst 187cm or 6'1.6" and sometimes the digital thing fluctuates between 187-187.5cm

A full 6'2" end of day is highly unlikely

Would you say I'm in the 6'1 ¾" range.
Editor Rob
Yes I'd say calling yourself 6ft 1 and 3/4 is a very reasonable claim and honest.

Most folk in your shoes are going to say 6ft 2 though, but it's up to whatever you feel comfortable claiming...just don't round down to 6ft 1, that would be dishonest.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 10/Oct/19
Which is a bigger hobby, height or web designing? You mentioned that you started to become interested in height as a teen, but you also mentioned that you designed non-height related websites before CH. It's cool though that you can base your profession on what you love doing. Not everyone in the world has the opportunity to be able to do that.
Editor Rob
I don't think family understood how the Internet would grow and become a big part of everybody's lives, I was discouraged from the idea of pursuing a career as a self-employed webmaster!

Height is now a big part of my life, but as I've mentioned it has grown in tandem with this site. Running websites has essentially been my way of earning a living since 2001. I think the stats/figures aspect of this site suits me more than other genres.

I am still grateful to be able to work at something that allows freedom. And my parents came to appreciate that freedom as they've grown older, because I am able to help them out a lot.
Ameidaag said on 7/Oct/19
hey man, my father claims to have grown 8cm in the span of 6 years (age 15-21). he went from 176 to 184. im currently 177,5 at age 16, is there a possibility that i will follow in my fathers footsteps and if so what should i do to increase growth
Editor Rob
Well the odds are decent for you to still gain.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 2/Oct/19
Were those other sites related to height?
Editor Rob
Categories like: Humor, Quotations, Pets, Betting, Dating, Gaming, Celebs (non-height), Movie Posters, DVD/Tech.

Ranking in Google was a helluva lot easier 15 years ago, but they wised up and it became a lot tougher.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 2/Oct/19
Was CH your full time occupation ever since its inception in 2004, or did it become one later on as the site grew?
Editor Rob
Celebheights was one of many sites I had active in 2004...slowly over the next few years I got rid of or sold them to focus on this one. I went from diverse multiple streams of incomes to a more narrow "most eggs in one basket" type of living as celebheights grew in size 😵
Rebellious Q said on 24/Sep/19
I know everyone has a perspective on what is average for a male, & female, I would like to know what you believe to be average.
Editor Rob
In the UK I feel there's a lot of men in 5ft 8 to 10 range and women 5ft 2-4 zone.
Colberto said on 22/Sep/19
Hey Rob

Am I one of the most involved members of this site? I've been commenting on here for 4+ years and visit it daily. I'll go weeks or a couple months without commenting but I always try to comment and help this site out. Height is my passion. I love your website and it's my favorite website.
Editor Rob
I am glad you enjoy visiting the site.

For me to be able to work on it for 15 years (well come 29th September it will be age 15) is remarkable, and it helps that people like yourself take the time to leave comments and visit. There are some folk probably still visiting since 2005, maybe even a few from the late 2004 when it started to gain some popularity.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 21/Sep/19
Never knew that the requirement was that low. Maybe they lowered it. I swear that it used to be in the 5 digits, if I'm not mistaken.
Editor Rob
They introduced that 1000 subs/4000 hrs requirement in early 2018. Prior to that, only 10,000 views were needed to earn anything.
Nitro said on 21/Sep/19
Hi Rob.I am just wondering if the all of the heights listed on this website are morning or evening ones.
Editor Rob
Not morning, more towards lunch early afternoon.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 20/Sep/19
I'm not all that familiar when it comes to Youtube, but isn't there a minimum number of subscribers you need to have before you're eligible for monetization? 9,400 subscribers doesn't seem like it's enough.
Editor Rob
1000 subs and 4000 hrs watchtime in 12 months to qualify. For very small creators that's a fair amount.
Colberto said on 19/Sep/19
Hey Rob what range should I search for people that are my height on your database?

My sonar stadiometer says I'm 6ft1.6in and other times 6ft1.8in comfortably end of day

Most days I wouldn't say I go under 187cm even after a 12+ hour day

Could you say I'm in the 6'1 ¾" range?
Editor Rob
I'd use the 6ft 1.5 male section to compare yourself against as it will also show the 6ft 1.75 at the start.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 18/Sep/19
Do you ever get monetized through your Youtube channel? I'd doubt it since the subscriber count and views aren't that big. I wish that your Youtube channel was bigger so that it could attract more people to your site.
Editor Rob
This site is about 25 times as big as the channel so 95% of time is naturally spent working and maintaining Celebheights.com. Youtube is useful as it gives an outlet to host short mugshot comparison clips and sneaker measurement videos, though it prefers longer-form videos over short 30 seconds to 2 minute clips.

Nevertheless, they still display the thumbnails - which I'm in 😍 - to a lot of people, so it's lovely exposure 😉

And to answer the question - it helps cover this site's server bill, so that is a wee bonus.
Irlandaise said on 17/Sep/19
Also Rob, if I’m 5’8 and the top of my head reaches someone’s chin/mouth area when we’re in similar shoes, around how tall would that person be? They’re VERY tall but they’ve never mentioned an exact measurement so I’m wondering.
Editor Rob
Sounds like they could be 6ft 4-5 zone
Irlandaise said on 17/Sep/19
Hi Rob,

I’m a 16 year old girl, I measure about 173.5 when I wake up and 172 when I go to bed so I think 5’8 is a pretty fair height to claim. My mum is 167 and my dad is 180 or 181, and both grew until they were 18 or 19. Do you think it’s possible for me to gain another inch or two? I’ve grown an inch in the past year, but I’m quite a late bloomer.
Editor Rob
Some girls still gain a few cm in 16 to 18...of course the majority are finished after 16, but if your parents remembered gaining height at 17, the odds could be in your favour.
boiwonda said on 14/Sep/19
Hi Rob,

I am a 20 year old male and I measure 176.5cm barefeet out of bed. After 5 hours I measure around 175.9cm to 175.6cm. At the end of my work day at 6 pm I usually measure 175.5cm barefeet.

Which height should I claim in cm and in the imperial system? Which celebrity is the most compareable to my height?
Editor Rob
176cm I think is fair to claim as it's the average of your range (you don't shrink that much). There's a lot of solid 5ft 9 actors on the first page of the 5ft 9 category
Blake said on 13/Sep/19
Rob, why do you keep the non celebrity height pages open? I know they create a lot of discussion but how does that benefit you? Seems to be a bit of a hassle for you most of time.
Editor Rob
It does allow a place for some comments that people ask or want to talk about, and they just don't fit on celebrity height pages.
Colberto said on 13/Sep/19
Hey Rob

I haven't felt like I've grown taller in the past 2 ½ years but somehow I have when it's very rare I grow and very little. I am a heavy set male with a large frame weighing around 300 pounds. March 2017 I was in the 6'0 ¾" range 184.5cm around 6'0 ⅝". I did stretches reaching up as high as possible and I could feel my spine crack and discs moving apart. I grew to be a cm or so taller being comfortably 6'1" 185.5cm and this was in summer and fall of 2017. For a few months I was comfortably that then I reached more of an 186cm Range. For the longest time I was that for a year at least. More recently I've been trying to improve sitting posture. I used to slouch completely when sitting and not supporting my back against the seat. I felt like there was something stopping me from standing completely straight in my upper back area between my shoulders. Now I can pull off around 187cm and a weak 6'2" range. I have a long torso so I have a longer spine. Have I legit grown or is it more so of improving back health?
Editor Rob
It really could be a case of having improved your posture to an optimal level - before, you may have had some alignment issues, and now you can stand taller for a measurement.
Kalsifer said on 12/Sep/19
Hey Rob im 18 and a half and I'm currently 192cm tall. I grew about 1 - 1.5cm last year (had my growth spurt between 14 to 16). Could I grow a couple of more centimeters or will my growth speed only slow down even more from here?
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 12/Sep/19
Does the number of comments affect your revenue on the site? (more comments = more revenue?)
Editor Rob
The topic of celebrity height is a bit tricky - it's trivia/entertainment and so people aren't in a buying mode, hence advertising rates are never going to be as good as sites where a visitor is researching a product and in the buying mindset.

Comments do help - it means the page changes slightly with time, which can be a benefit in search engines. Also it allows an avenue for visitors to try to help the site. Keeping on top of 12,000+ entries is an ongoing task.

However some comments might not be so helpful, as brands may not like to be associated with certain topics or sites that contain content which they consider off-putting.
Colberto said on 11/Sep/19
Hey Rob what celeb height range would you give me for my new height

Out of bed I'm a just under 6'3" range like 6'2 ¾" 190cm

End of day most days is around 187-187.5cm

I can pull off 6'1 ¾" with erect posture but more 6'1 ⅝" of 187cm range on the dot comfortably. On a bad day with more compression maybe 186.5cm but I wouldn't go under that.

A 188cm 6'2"
B 187.5cm 6'1 ⅞"
C 187cm 6'1 ⅝"
D 186.5cm 6'1 ⅜"
E 186cm 6'1 ¼"
Editor Rob
That's very similar to the old Height challenge plumber!

A celebrity match might be someone like Nathan Fillion.

E for you, may be like me claiming 5ft 8 flat, technically on the low side.
Colberto said on 4/Sep/19
Hey Rob did I grow or am I taller from better posture. I used to be 186cm to 186.5cm

I used to slouch and have awful posture sitting. Now I measure at least 6'1 ½" I honestly wouldn't go under 186.5cm and I am comfortably around 187cm. I can pull off a 187.5cm at the most with stiff posture. Anywhere around 6'1 ¾" and maybe 6'1 ½". What's a height I should claim? I say around 6'1 ½"
Editor Rob
Sometimes a final little addition is possible, but it really is hard to say whether your posture is responsible for it.
Mimi said on 17/Aug/19
Rob if a 5ft4 man's head comes around the mouth of a taller man, how tall is that taller man?
Editor Rob
Near 6ft. Depending on head length, if the tall man had a small head then he could be closer to 5ft 11-11.25...but mostly 5ft 11.5-6ft I'd expect.
Nik said on 16/Aug/19
@ Rob - What about a "Shortest Women" category please?
Editor Rob
There are not as many listed on the site
Vitto said on 6/Aug/19
Can anyone tell me how to include a link to a picture in a Click Here? Thanks in advance.
Editor Rob
Just type your comment normally and cut and paste a url like


it should automatically change to 'click here' when the comment gets shown.
G. Washington's fan said on 29/Jun/19
Does anyone know how tall George Washington is?
J Knight said on 15/Jun/19
Rob is the best can you do CelebWeights
Editor Rob
I have never been able to decide on that site, because I don't know if I want to throw fire on a topic that is far more tricky than height.
James Howerton said on 13/Jun/19
I really appreciate this site. I guess I get on my wife’s nerves but I love being able to look up an actor’s (especially those from Hollywood’s Golden Age) height. I’m 6’2” and for years I heard Arnold Schwarzenegger was over 6’. I knew there was no way. Thanks Rob for all the work. I wish you continued success.
Sincerely, Jim
AD 181 said on 8/Jun/19
You are doing good job pal....!!!😉😉😊😊
Mambo said on 7/Jun/19
Rob, what's your opinion on taking human growth hormones as an adult (Early 20's). I don't want to become any taller, but I think I would benefit from overall better proportions. Do you think they can be beneficial or are you against them?
Editor Rob
I don't know how much benefit it would have.
Mimi said on 15/May/19
Rob how tall do you think is the guy in yellow shirt is ? The guy beside him wearing a jacket I've met and he's around 6ft in person Click Here
Editor Rob
Can look over 6ft 4 there
Lorne??? said on 1/May/19
Conan o Brian mentioned you? Awesome
Terence Perring said on 13/Apr/19
My father was 6'5''. I grew to be 5'11''. Not happy. I'm convinced it is mostly due to having a freezing bedroom with no heating, where my body was spending energy it would have done on growth, on just keeping warm. As most homes have central heating now, that would support this theory of mine; young people are becoming enormous. I had chest infections very often too, lots of time off school.
Terence Perring said on 13/Apr/19
Rob, I wonder if you have (somehow) collated all your heights together and got an average for male stars, and female stars? Would Be interesting if they differ from the general population averages. Maybe a computer algorithm could do it. I thought I'd throw in the word 'algorithm' to make me sound intelligent :-)
Editor Rob
I put the current average in this Video.

I think the Male height is a bit taller than average because of sports and wrestlers.
4123r said on 31/Mar/19
Hello Rob I have been a fan of the site for two years. I am currently 17. I have developed an obsession with height. I am constantly thinking about my own height: how it is perceived and comparing myself to others. I also find myself analyzing the footwear other people are wearing. It has gotten to the point where I do not wear certain shoes (i.e vans) in fear of appearing shorter. This obsession is negatively impacting my quality of life. I know it seems absurd, however when I am with other people it consumes my thoughts. I am 178cm and no one has ever called me short, and I know for a fact I am not. Yet I consistently feel short. Have you ever felt this way? I know such thoughts are definitely abnormal but I cannot eradicate them. Do you have any advice?
Editor Rob
It can become unhealthy obsessing over a topic like height. This is an entertainment site, but even I would say if somebody is becoming too focused and obsessive about height, maybe it's better to stop yourself visiting any sort of sites about height? Use blockers in browsers to help prevent yourself visiting.

I think there are more qualified people than myself though that may help with issues like acceptance and confidence, and trying to overcome the obsessiveness of certain topics like height.

Whilst I might guess how tall people are for this site, I am in no way judging them based upon it. I accept humans come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Thomas Burgos said on 26/Mar/19
Rob is a 24 cm growth normal in 3 years? I went from 153 cm to 177 cm in roughly three years. However, I've only grown around 5 cm in a year.
Editor Rob
That's a fairly decent amount in 3 years, but from 10-16, many kids have a good amount of gains.
Nightguy said on 22/Mar/19
hey rob, can you resolve this to me:

1-lack of water in the body affects the intervertebral discs?
2- my absolut lowest is 190.3, i never drops under it(12 hours after wake up), can i claim 191 cm? Thanks in advance.
Editor Rob
Yes, if we become dehydrated, then the body needs water from soft tissues...the effect of bad dehydration might mean a few mm's further loss of height than normal loss.
Mimi said on 18/Mar/19
Rob how do tall do you think someone is if my head come at the tip of his nose and has 0.4 inch more footwear. I'm172cm
Editor Rob
He could be near 6ft 2 range, maybe 189 if you have the 0.4 inch more footwear or nearer 187 if he has more.
Lara said on 11/Mar/19
Hi Rob, when I wake up and measure myself, I am 1.81 m or 1.82 m. I know that this is not as accurate. The last time I was at an appointment at the doctor at around 10:30 I was measured at 1.80 m. I generally say that I am 1.80 m. Do you think this is reasonable? What do you think is my out of bed height and the height I could claim or is it even the same? I read on the Internet that the real height is the out of bed height. What do you think about this?
Editor Rob
I would just claim the 180cm.

Although height first thing in the morning is a valid measurement, a lot of people never get measured out of bed.
If everyone agreed to go with out of bed, then that would be simpler!
dc said on 1/Mar/19
Hi Rob, how tall do you think is the second guy from the left?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Not a tall guy, but in 5ft 11 range for a model is possible.
Carl170 said on 26/Feb/19
Rob how tall do you think the current members of the band Breaking Benjamin are? The band is from left to right: Keith Allen, Aaron Bruch, Benjamin Burnley (the lead singer), Jasen Rauch and Shaun Foist.
Click Here
The lead singer claims to be 6'4" but I think he's more like 6'2" or a bit under judging by the fact that he looks shorter than Conan O'Brien at 4:02.
Click Here
Editor Rob
6ft 3 might be possible for Ben
Mimi said on 20/Feb/19
Rob just a non-height related question, do you use kg or lbs when you measure your weight?
Editor Rob
On scales I have kept them to pounds, Jenny liked that too.
pedro104 said on 20/Feb/19
Hey, Rob, I really appreciate your job in celebheights. I really like a Russian band and I want to know the vocalist height. I believe in something between 5.9ft and 5.10ft. What do you think? Click Here
Editor Rob
Your estimate seems reasonable, I think he looks more average range than tall.
Mimi said on 19/Feb/19
Rob if someone is a solid 176.5cm, is it reasonable if that person wants to claim 5ft10?
Editor Rob
Many would just round up...rather than say about 5ft 9.5
Carl170 said on 12/Feb/19
Rob, I am 170cm (the shorter one). How tall do you think my friend is?
Click Here
Editor Rob
At that moment I wouldn't have guessed he was under 178, if the road was flat.
alabamafr said on 10/Feb/19
Rob, after a day of very low activity, for example in cases of sickness, how much height loss can i still expect at the end of the day?
Editor Rob
Sickness, which included a bit of dehydration might effect your ability to stand well for measuring, and possibly with the dehydration effect knock you down to an absolute low of 2-3mm less than usual.

I mean, when I'm ill the last thing you want is to measure. Plenty of rest, vitamins, water.
Dododododo said on 8/Feb/19
Rob, have you ever been recognized on the streets or by a celebrity?
Editor Rob
A few times over the years, but not that often really.
themiz said on 29/Jan/19
rob,my height is 183cm..is that perfect height for men?
Editor Rob
Well it's a height that is desirable by many who are shorter. In life, if you are 183cm you won't really have much height worries. If you are 163cm and a male, life is more challenging in terms of how society treats the shorter men.

For me, I will try to treat the 163 and 183 men the same - it's not what they measure that's important to me, it's what they do and say.
SoLLoS said on 7/Jan/19
Hello Rob,

First of all, I want to let you know that I am a fan of your web-site (Click Here) which I visit on a regular basis due to the fact that you bring relevant evidence on everything you post !

Secondly, making the long story short --- I am 184 cm barefoot --- with a morning height of 185,5 cm and a night height of 184 cm - (my lowest night height was ~183,5 cm - that after a long hard day).
My family doctor measured me on the stadiometer at 184,3 cm barefoot (in the afternoon, around ~15:00) but he rounded me down to 184 cm barefoot for the medical report and even on a different ocassion, when I renewed my passport, I was measured a little over 184 cm barefoot (in the evening, around ~18:00) and got rounded down to 184 cm barefoot as well.

To be honest, everytime someone asks about my height I always tell my lowest - that I am 184 cm barefoot - and the funny thing is that people tend to estimate me taller then that - I believe many lie about their own height and inflate it by a few centimeters, so they lost the perception of true height.

And thirdly, I have a few questions for you:
1.) how much is my height - 184 cm - in the imperial system ?
2.) can I be considered to be within the tall range at 184 cm barefoot ?
3.) what do you think about claiming your lowest height, as I do ? is it closer to reality ?

P.S.: thanks in advance and keep up the good work, Rob !
Editor Rob
Considering a fair proportion round up or outright lie, when they meet an honest man, sometimes they are taken aback.

At 184 you are a 6ft 1/2 inch man.

We all have a height range from first thing in the morning to an evening low, which at times might even drop a few mm lower depending on our hydration levels, and physical exertion during the day.

If you claim your low, it will mean you would be comfortable knowing that if you got measured, you wouldn't really fall under it.
Nizar said on 4/Jan/19
Rob I realised that if u spent most of the day in home just walking and laying down most of the times u might shrink just 1-1.3cm is that reasonable?
Editor Rob
I think with less pressure on the spine it takes longer to get to a low mark. That's why in many videos I took at my house, I've not yet shrank to my low.
Colberto said on 19/Jul/18
Hey rob what range at the end of day would someone who measures 189cm be
Editor Rob
190 to 191 range is very likely.
dragonite23 said on 19/Jul/18
Hey rob, if I am 180.7 cm 2 hours after waking, what is my height at night? Also what would be a good height to claim?
Editor Rob
Claiming 180 isn't unreasonable.
Mimi said on 19/Jul/18
Rob is a woman who's about 5ft10 considered tall in all countries of the world?
Editor Rob
Very tall in most countries, extremely tall in many too.
Colberto said on 17/Jul/18
Hey rob. I am asking this to clarify for everyone else and to clear this up myself. What does it mean if someone is listed in the half inch increment. You list people at 5'8 1/2" or 174cm and some of them look the same height as you or shorter. It's happened multiple times. The 174cm listed people don't look it at all. They barely look your height at the most. And I noticed 5'8 3/4" listed people look similar to you I can't tell a difference. When you did your video on measuring big Gemma she looked identical to you. Why do the 5'8 1/2" listed people look your height at the most.
Editor Rob
When you get down to 1/4 to 1/3rd inch range, sometimes there isn't much to see in photos. I think half inch can become more noticeable in photos. But look at amanda tapping, she is (in quite close footwear) noticeably taller and is really 5ft 8.75 range in person.
carrtman said on 14/Jul/18
Rob, what do you think these shoes add in height (centimeters) ? Click Here
It doesn't seem much...
Editor Rob
The insole might be higher than it looks...some elevator sneakers are made that way - the sole looks 1/2 to 3/4 inch range, but the insole is another 3/4 within the sneaker.
Colberto said on 7/Jul/18
Hey rob I have done a series of measurements against a wall. I've done it multiple days after being on my feet all day. So end of day I'm 186-186.5. What would you call this. A big strong 6'1". 6'1 and a quarter or is this a 6'1 3/8" listing on celeb heights.
Editor Rob
Probably 6ft 1.25 ranger
Colberto said on 5/Jul/18
Rob. Is it possible some places are way off. When I was 5'6" ish I was told I was 5'5" when I was taller than my mom who was in the 5'5" range. When I was in the 6'0 1/2" range and measure that at lunch time and end of day, been measured it two different places. At this same place I was told I was 5'11 3/4" so 182-182.5 range compared to getting around 184 range. You're a solid 5'8", what have you received for measurements. Have you bern measured under 5'8" in some places. Some places might have you in at 171cm or 172cm.
Editor Rob
from my own limited experience of doctor/hostpital, my measurements were the height I expected, 173cm, but some situations or stadiometers (or the people) might result in a different measurement.
dragonite23 said on 4/Jul/18
Rob, why is it that when I went to the doctor, around 4 hours after waking I measured at 5'10 3/4" but when I measured my height at home using the method you showed laying down with my feet against a flat surface I consistently measure 5'11" or a little bit above after 4 hours awake. could the doctor's stadiometer be wrong, or am I wrong? It was a wall-mounted stadiometer, not like the one that you have. Thank you.
Editor Rob
You should measure standing up. I think there is room for some small errors with stadiometers, but roughly 5ft 11 sounds like your height.
Reverie said on 26/Jun/18
Rob can you do the height of French DJ Petit Biscuit? he looks short but in his latest video he looks as tall as Bipolar Sunshine who listed at 183cm, thank you Rob.
Colberto said on 25/Jun/18
Rob, when you say someone is a big strong say 6'1" what cm range are they, 185.5 (Probably not) 186-186.5
6'1 1/8- 3/8" you said for me I am 186.5 or at most 187cm so I am checking to see if I am considered a big strong 6'1" at a low
Editor Rob
186cm I'd go with for that. 187 is really getting comfortably over 6ft 1
Colberto said on 18/Jun/18
Hey rob, what range would you pin me at. As I have stated before I measured at a low 186cm 6'1 1/4". I have got 1/2" a few times and 3/4". Well. I wear logger boots that are 2 1/2". So when I had 1 1/2 inch footwear advantage posing with 2 5'9" guys they came up to my lips. I posed with a 6' guy in my boots and looked 3" taller, he was an inch above eyebrows. I have stood next to multiple 6'1" guys, 3 to be exact. I was told I was roughly half an inch 3/4" taller than one of them, in flat shoes by the way. I edge them all out I am noticeably taller. One of them looks straight at my nose when we both wear flats. A 5'9 1/2" guy says he looks at my lips in regular shoes. A 5'10" range guy comes up to my eyebrows and he had a slight footwear advantage about 1cm. If it's a connivence I'll give a cm list
A 187.5
B 187
C 186.5
D 186
E 185.5
Editor Rob
6ft 1.5 might be a height that you could tell people so C range is possible, B at most.
JC_123 said on 16/Jun/18
- Rob how much is height patterns influenced from siblings and parents? For instance if my brother and father had a trait in which they both grew 2-3 inches from the 17-18 period is it likely to replicate with me and potential family members down the line? Or is it completely random?
- Also how much taller is the average man over his mother?
Editor Rob
The only effect is the genes from 2 parents, and whatever combination that gives. Randomness also comes in which creates large variations at times such as brothers being 6 inches apart.
Oliver said on 16/Jun/18
@Mimi,I live in Myanmar. I am 5ft 7(170 cm) but I never felt short here. Girls who are taller than me are quite rare. But I sometimes see women who are 5ft 8-10 but they are a very small percentage of the total population.
In my university,the tallest guy is about 6'2,and girl,5'9.
F97 said on 11/Jun/18
Rob how tall would Two guys be where ones hairline is 179cm and the others is 182cm assuming they have average sized heads? Thanks Rob!
Editor Rob
On average you'd expect about 186 and 183cm range...but hairlines can vary from 3 to 5cm...with extreme of 6cm in some cases and receding hairlines like 1-2cm
Mimi said on 9/Jun/18

Where exactly in Southeast Asia are you from? I live in the Philippines where women are 4ft11-5ft on the average. City girls are usually 5ft2 on average and me at 172cm or about 5ft8 is considered a very tall girl
F97 said on 7/Jun/18
Rob how tall would a guy be that wears pants that are 32 in length? Thanks Rob!
Editor Rob
You'd expect 5ft 10-6ft range
Mohaa said on 1/Jun/18
Hi Rob,I have a serious question that I really need answer to, recently I went to measure myself on a digital weight-height machine and I've got 175 cm,75 kg and I was shocked since I measured myself countless times using a ruler carefully on a wall and always get 181-181,5 cm.

Same thing happened to my brother when he was about to join the army,he got the same height (also using a digital scale),back then didn't bother me because I thought it was broken or something.

So what do you think happened? Which shall I trust?...thanks in advance.
Editor Rob
I would always say if you have bought a tape measure and get a certain height at different points on a wall, to go with your own tape measure. If the measurements on your wall vary more than 1/4 inch, it's still not a big issue, I'd then average the two figures.
Oliver said on 27/May/18
I live in Sotheast Asia and in my country,the overall average height is 5ft 5-6 range for men and 5ft-5ft 1 for women. In the rural areas, it's about 5ft 4 for men and under 5ft for women.-
What height do you think should be considered 'tall' in my country, for men and women?
Thank you.
Editor Rob
5ft 10 is tall and 5ft 4 for women.
Sakz95 said on 24/May/18
@Rob The average head length for a 6 footer would be a bit over 9inches right?
Editor Rob
Yes, closer to 9.25 inches than 9 flat.
saltyfish said on 23/May/18
big rob, i am out of bed 178.5cm, and before bed 177cm. what height should I claim? also is it likely i'll grow anymore? i am 20, since 19 i have grown 0.5cm.
Editor Rob
Saying 177 I think is reasonable. If you gained another cm, I'd say that is better than most would.
Zampo said on 18/May/18
Would you say standing about a foot away from a mirror with a tape measure is a reasonably accurate way for one to know their height range? I tried this ( in footwear) and I was above 185 cm but not quite 186 cm. The eye-level etc logically matched up as well, however I don't think you can be more accurate (within the 1/4 inch) with the method. What are your thoughts if you don't mind?
Editor Rob
It is possible for a slight undermeasurement, even holding it to the side of one of your eyes and trying to judge your hair against the tape.
Colberto said on 15/May/18
Hey rob what should I go by for my claim and what would you list me as. I'm 18 and measure just under 6'3" out of bed. End of day I seem to comfortably measure around 6'1 1/2" 186.5-187cm home measurement. I've gotten 6'1 1/2" multiple times for a dr measurement end of day, as high as 187.5cm 6'1 3/4". I've managed that once at the dr. I've gotten as low as 6'1 1/4" 186cm but this is at a school nurse and when I was 6'0" even measured 5'11 3/4" on her scale. On my stadiometer which is just like yours I have no problem measuring around 6'1 1/2". If I vigorously do it a little under. I either get 1/4" or 1/2". I round down tell people I'm 6'1" but what cm and fraction range do you see me at.
Editor Rob
You'd be entitled to go with 187cm if somebody asks.

I think 6ft 1 is going to be very modest for your range.
F97 said on 10/May/18
Rob how tall would a man be whose shoulders are 151.5 cm? Thanks Rob!
Editor Rob
I really couldn't tell you!
Abe.M said on 9/May/18
Hi Rob. How accurate are stadiometers? I consistently have been measured at 183cm midday, mid afternoon with tape measures but I went to the docotors once last year with bronchitis and they took my height and weight. I had a full shift of work that day (on my feet all day) and the stadio measured me at 180cm.
Editor Rob
Stand-alone should be reasonable...ones attached to the wall? More room for error...

Flimsy devices also could be error-prone and give fraction differences.
F97 said on 8/May/18
Rob is it possible for a man to have a 169cm eyelevel and measure 177 cm? Thanks Rob!
Editor Rob
Yes, some men might have very high eyelevels...also, there are unfortunately skull deformities or abnormalities which could create very high or low eyelevels.
Zampo said on 1/May/18
Apologies for some of the continuous questions. I try always to search through the forum first before asking yourself. I would to clarify a issue regarding shoe heights. Rob, you claim 5'8 1/8, does this mean when wearing a typical inch dress shoe, you would measure 5'9 1/8? or in actuality it's not quite the inch.

Editor Rob
Pretty much a solid 5ft 9 in a typical 1 inch shoe.

I'm always trying to speak of the actual height footwear gives.
F97 said on 30/Apr/18
Rob I have measured myself at 183cm with a stadiometer, a can against the wall and also with a book against the wall and get 182.9-183.0 cm all the time. The strange thing is my shoulder height is 149-150cm and my eyelevel is 168 cm. Is this normal? Thanks Rob!
Editor Rob
If your eyelevel was 168 I would have said you might be tilting your head down, because otherwise it would be in the 99.999 percentile range.
Oliver said on 29/Apr/18
Click Here
Rob,if the shorter one is 5ft 7,then how tall would be the taller one?
Thanks alot.
Editor Rob
Can seem a bit more than 5ft 10
Ian4626 said on 27/Apr/18
Can you judge my height based on some photos? I'm just curious as to what you think my height is. Great website you got here. Really good estimations, that I myself tend to agree on, and I happy to know that you're a British guy and list footballer heights. Definitely look forward to those ones.
Editor Rob
There's a big variation in how somebody can appear in photos. It's much easier comparing somebody against another of known height than on their own.
Zampo said on 26/Apr/18

I've noticed you are not particularly fussed with height claims (as long as one measures that height) however it seem your preference is claiming your low height (5'8 1/2) however do you think a lunchtime measurement is a more suitable when analyzing height, as national averages seem to be based on roughly a noon measurement.
Editor Rob
I've said that a lot on here, that giving your height at around lunch fits in as a good figure, based on the average time heights will be taken at for national surveys.
Mimi said on 26/Apr/18
Rob can you tell me your estimate of this guy's height? He claims 6ft3 but with Kobe Bryant who's just under 6ft5 he looks a lot shorter, granted he may have a more lax posture but still.
Thanks a lot.

Click Here
Editor Rob
Looks more 6ft than 6ft 3
F97 said on 26/Apr/18
Rob how tall would a 183cm mans shoulders be? Thanks Rob!
Editor Rob
A 5ft lady might come up to the shoulders of a six footer.
Kartik said on 25/Apr/18
Hello rob, I just wanna know an important thing which i thought you would have discussed but you didn't. IF someone stands with weight on right leg while keeping the heel of left leg slightly lifted, and he/she measures to be 1 inch more than when he/she is on both legs, similarly, if he/she is on only shorter (left leg), he//she measures even shorter than both legs together, so can the actually look like someone with higher height???? Can he claim his higher leg height as his real height
Editor Rob
For any measurement, both feet need to be flat. Most people could shift weight onto one leg and gain a cm by rising up.
F97 said on 24/Apr/18
Rob I have a younger brother that turns 20 in june.he pretty much never had a growth spurt. He was 170cm when 13, 173cm when 14, 175cm when 15, 176cm when 16, 177cm when 17 and is still 177 cm tall. Our parents are quite tall. Mom is 173cm and dåd is 183cm. The thing is he seems to have grown. I am 183cm tall and when we stand side by side I feel that I am maybe 1-2 cm taller. I asked our parents to tall and they also say that I am Only 1-2 cm taller. He was going to re New his passport today and got measured at Only 177cm. I went yesterday just to see how tall I was and got exactly 183 cm. So I assumed be must be 181-182cm Range. But he is Only 177cm. I feel that we are almost identical when we stand next to each other. But I am actually 6 cm taller than him. It is strange. Also we both Always stand tall and Walk tall. How is this possible Rob?
Editor Rob
6cm is a fair difference to notice...he would be looking just under your nose if he is that much shorter than you.
D-dragon said on 21/Apr/18
How tall was a average american in the 60's to 70's era ?
Editor Rob
In some countries the average might have been 2-3 inches smaller, but in some only about 1-1.25 inches different.
Mimi said on 17/Apr/18
Rob how would a 4ft11 appear beside an almost 5ft10? Just under the chin?
Editor Rob
At least an inch...and likely 1.5-2 inches.
F97 said on 12/Apr/18
Rob how tall is a man that has a 175 cm eye level? Thanks Rob!
Editor Rob
You'd expect them to be around 187cm range.
Zampo said on 10/Apr/18
Rob, at 182.5 cm at my low would you say it's best to just say I'm 6ft as a claim rather than "almost 6ft"? I believe it's also reasonable to say I am 183 cm if asked in metric units?

Editor Rob
Being only a few mm's shy of the 6ft mark, I think it is fair to go with 6 foot!
Nik said on 9/Apr/18
@ Rob

Good job! You have been moderating all day and we appreciate it a lot!
F97 said on 9/Apr/18
Rob what should a person claim that measures exactly 181.93 cm at their low? What should they claim in both metric and imperial Units? Thanks Rob!
Editor Rob
182cm and almost 6ft might cover it...

To be honest, saying almost 6ft and actually measuring 182cm...95% of people will actually be surprised you don't round up to 6ft as you will look like one to them!
Zampo said on 6/Apr/18

As you have been guessing celeb heights for many years now. How confident are you regarding the accuracy of your height estimates when you meet someone. Maybe within 1/2 inch?
Editor Rob
It helps if you see the actor beside other people whose height you already know - I've found that should get me within half inch or so...but somebody on their own, you might find a bigger margin of error could occur, especially the further away in height they are from your own.

I suppose one thing I've tried to do is recognise various types of heights and how they appear from my own eyes, like what a true six foot or six foot three person looks like. Having measured numerous people over the years, that is also part of trying to guess.
F97 said on 5/Apr/18
Rob my Uncle is 182cm and his hairline is 177cm is it normal? Thanks Rob
Jenuin said on 5/Apr/18
What's the maximum height one can shrink over a day?
Editor Rob
Giants might shrink 2 inches.
Mimi said on 4/Apr/18
Rob how would a 177cm person appear next to 180cm person? A 183cm person? (same
Editor Rob
The 177cm person's hair might be around the hairline of the 180cm person and between the eyebrows and hairline of the 183cm person.
F97 said on 3/Apr/18
Rob how tall is a man that has a 175 cm hairline?
Editor Rob
On average I'd expect them to be at least 178cm possibly 179-180 even!
Mimi said on 2/Apr/18
Rob how would a 177cm person appear next to a 180cm person in similar shoes?
jeja said on 15/Mar/18
Rob, is it possible/normal to be 5 ft 7 at 14-15 and stop growing at this mark for a male with normal diet and exercising ?
Editor Rob
Sometimes our genetics simply mean we go stop earlier. Predicting height isn't an exact science, I think there's only a rough idea of a range a person may end up.
Mimi said on 9/Mar/18
Rob how tall do you think this Dr Mike dude is? He seems pretty tall I guess around 6ft3?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Yes, big Mike looks around that mark.
Freddy said on 8/Mar/18
Very good perfect.
We had the opportunity to discuss about 3 years ago here, and I had (I still) the stadiometer you had before (mine was Tanita brand). I sent a picture of me, measuring the night very late and it was 5ft 9 ½ (176.5 cm). It is rare, because most of the time, I'm still smaller. The other times where I measured myself, if I follow your method, I do everything right 1 inch more than you.
Exactly 5ft 10 ⅛ (178.1 cm) a minute after out of bed, and 5ft 9 ⅛ (175.6 cm) before bed (few times 5ft 9). But most of the time, at night, as soon as I sit up in a short time, I go back to 5ft 9 ⅛. I said that I take always the 2mm of the stadiometer. I claim 1.76 m in general. Before I had claim 1.78 m (which is written on my ID also.)
In fact, I'm 5ft 9 ⅛ (175.6 cm) as you do 5ft 8 ⅛ (173 cm).

To talk about our President Macron, he himself stated on radio 1.77 m. It's all nonsense. But for him have often compared to others, I can tell you that it is not less than 5ft 8 ¼ and can sometimes appear up to 5ft 8 ¾.
5ft 8 is a bit short for him. Although voters have to say. People like shrink others, but experience, I've met people much tall than I thought when I saw the photos. It's even funny.
They are all larger believed comparing to photos or television. Very rare that they are smaller than we imagined. And this isn't a matter of point of view, it is exactly as I say. I was even surprised several times by seeing my sector policies. All were bigger than I thought. When I say more, this is of the order of 2 cm or 2.5 cm, but that's already a lot. You'll also notice that a person of the same size as you (same eye level) you'll see bigger than you. I never knew why.
Freddy said on 8/Mar/18
Thank you Rob for your answer.
Funny coincidence, I just ordered one on Medisave.com.uk also. Actually the price is attractive, it’s true.
The only stadiometer is £44.95 (50.36€), unfortunately I have a shipping cost of £13.95 (15.63€) plus a tax of 20% to £11.78 (13.20€). It all comes down to £70.68 (79.19€). And this is perfect, because at SECA France, it was 138.00€ (£123.17).
I just hope, as I am in France, that they will not send me a model that only measures in cm. I prefer the cm/in.
I didn't register for the newsletter. That's what I'm doing.
They had to offer you a Medisave led pen torch / stylus / ballpoint 3-in 1. That's my case.

Thanks again for those details.
Editor Rob
The model has both metric and imperial.
F97 said on 7/Mar/18
Hi Rob I have measured myself at 183cm with a can and two different tapemeasures. I have a friend who is 191 cm. How would I look if I stood next to him? Thanks rob!
Editor Rob
You should be looking right into his mouth area, and be above his eyebrows a bit.
Freddy said on 7/Mar/18
Hi Rob,
On which website did you buy your seca 213?
Because personally (I am French) I bought the same on SECA France, and I had to return it because there was a defect of the headrest that slipped, so impossible to check its measurement alone without a few mm get lost. It was the 213L version with integrated level, but finally I will stay on the classic version. Another clarification, as I am in France, the 213L that I had only displayed in cm and not in cm/in. It's unfortunate because both are perfect.
That's why I wanted to know what website you bought your 213 from. Thank you.
Editor Rob
It was one called medisave.co.uk, not sure about shipping cost to France, would need to check with them, but they are reasonably priced. If you sign up to their newsletter they send a 5% off coupon.
nadia said on 1/Mar/18
Rob, is 5"6 quite tall for a woman ?
Editor Rob
In some countries it might be, but in America or many European countries, it's mostly above average, but not in the tall range.
F97 said on 1/Mar/18
Thanks for replying so fast rob. The thing is that when I stand beside my mom her eyes are below my mouth. She is looking above my chin. I measured har 173.5 cm at about 3pm we had been awake since 7am. Then she measured me and got Only 177cm. Then I measured my dad and he managed to get 184.5 cm bursting the gut.But when I take pictures with him both of us can see that he is 1.5-2 cm taller than me. Not a Chance of a 6cm difference. And I look about 9-10 cm taller than my mom. I have a tapemeasure at work and I got up at 7.15 and measured myself about 5 min ago using a book and got 179 cm exactly. But when standing next to my mom my eyes are roughly at the top of her head. This is really confusing. I have 183cm on my passport because I was measured that at the Police bit by using a tapemeasure I Will measure 179 earlier in the day and 177 in the evening. What is nu true height Rob?
Editor Rob
I would measure yourself and don't rely on your Mother ;)

Find a wall, get a big can and pencil and just do a couple of measurements to see what you get on your own.
F97 said on 1/Mar/18
Rob I am experiencing something really weird. I have measured myself on several stadiometers. At the Police, university, the IRS, the Hospital and under every stadiometer I measured 183cm. But when I measure at home using a book and a tapemeasure at around 8-9 pm I Only get 177cm. I dont get it rob how can I get a 6cm difference?
Editor Rob
Sounds bizarre, I'd look at the tape measure from the start up to 183 and see if there is a problem (or missing section, say a misprint or something occurred).

Or buy another tape and redo the measurement...if you still got 177 then I'd say the home measurement with another tape measure would be correct.
Josh9 said on 20/Feb/18
Rob, have you ever measured yourself standing on one leg vs the other leg and see which leg you were taller standing on? I think that would be interesting to test.
Editor Rob
Yes, you can gain maybe half inch or so.
Orlando said on 20/Feb/18
Leigh Bowery (1961-1994) was an Australian performance artist, club promoter, actor, pop star, model and fashion designer, based in London. He was one of the favourite models of Lucien Freud. He was 183 cm, listed in his Australian passport: Click Here
F97 said on 18/Feb/18
Rob I am having an argument with a friend. I say that ones height is when you stand at your absolute tallest.He disagrees and says when you are being measured you should stand relaxed and that is your true height. My dad for instance measures 181 cm relaxed and 184.5cm when bursting a gut. He claims 184cm. According to my friend my dads true height is 181 not 184cm. What is Ones true height rob. Is it when you just stand relaxed or is it when you stand at your absolute tallest ( bursting gut?) Thanks Rob!
Editor Rob
Your height is how tall your body is from the ground to the top of your head without going on tip toes.

I can stand near 173cm comfortably without straining because my standing height is quite close to my measured height. But some men might only manage 171-172, yet when measured be able to hit 173 standing tall.

I go with a height standing tall. Most people stand tall when they are measured. I've yet to see somebody go on my stadiometer and not stand well...not one!
Atina said on 16/Feb/18
Please add the Polish singer of Las Vegas fame Violetta Villas, she was 164 cm tall with measurements of 38-25-34.
F97 said on 15/Feb/18
Rob how would a 183cm man look next to a 186 cm man? Thanks Rob!
Editor Rob
A solid inch, so the eyes of the 183 guy are going to be further than halfway down the nose of the taller guy.
Russell Coe said on 13/Feb/18
Hi Rob,
I curious about where your interest in height comes from? I have Asperger's and one of the things I am aware of is the slight obsession I have with scale. When my young son plays with toys that aren't to scale with each other - a car that's bigger than a plane for example - I need to bite by tongue and just except that the toys not being to scale is not important to him. I was wondering if you also have Asperger's or on the autistic spectrum due to your unusual interest in height.
Editor Rob
My interest in height is really tied directly to this site, so in trying to make the site a good resource, my knowledge has increased over the years.
Sakz said on 12/Feb/18
Just to clarify Rob would measuring on carpet undermeasure by about a few mm's?
Editor Rob
Depending on the thickness of pile. Putting a tape on the carpet can mean it's sitting slightly higher than your heels (which sink in more), so naturally you can undermeasure.
F97 said on 9/Feb/18
Rob how would a 6'0" man look next to a 6'4" man? Thanks Rob!
Editor Rob
Usually they'd be a bit above their eyelevel like 1/2 to 1 inch, but it can look more or less, depending on how high the camera is.
Redwing said on 5/Feb/18
He looked a little bit younger than 18 in that picture with your wife; how old is he now? Because I'm 22 in June; and I get told sometimes that I look 14-17 possibility of another cm?
Editor Rob
Big Al was between 16-17 when he got the 6ft measurement.
Mimi said on 4/Feb/18
Rob what is the usual height difference if one person is looking at another person's lips?
Editor Rob
That's usually close to a 3 inch difference. Sometimes less, sometimes a little more.
Redwing said on 4/Feb/18
Rob, you said down below big Al is 6 ft? Then why was he measured at this Click Here btw how old is he?
Editor Rob
Because at the time of that photo (July 2014) he was measured that day as 6ft. Then grew another inch to 6ft 1.
NJA said on 3/Feb/18
I love this site! Keep up the good work!
Sakz said on 3/Feb/18
Ok cheers Rob so by slight I'm guessing a few mm's maybe?
Sakz said on 1/Feb/18
Rob I'm sure you've answered this before but just to clarify does measuring on carpet under measure you? Is it better to measure on a hard surface like in the kitchen?
Editor Rob
Yes, it can undermeasure you because your bodyweight means the heels sink into the carpet...then when you put a tape onto the carpet, it can't quite go as low as your heels can, hence a chance of a slight undermeasurement.
Dude 173 cm said on 27/Jan/18
Rob, my e-mail isn't save in the page and not can comment
Mimi said on 26/Jan/18
Rob have you read about that you can determine a person's adult height by knowing his/her height at 2 years old and multiply that by two (e.g. 2ft3 at 2 means he/she will be 5ft6)?
A friend of mine who's studying physical therapy told me that their professor old them about this theory.
Editor Rob
There are some methods like that, and they are based on studies, but there is still variation as to final heights.
Nik said on 25/Jan/18
Many thanks for your E-mail Rob, I heard a pinging noise just now and read the great news!
Editor Rob
yes, I'm glad of that!
Blake said on 24/Jan/18
Rob, what conventions have you got lined up for this year?
Editor Rob
I'm definitely doing Film Con, but haven't really got anything lined up, although I'd love to have done a few early this year...simply can't afford it as I need to save for other things.
Kevin185cm said on 22/Jan/18
also Derek jeter is 188cm i think what do you think Rob??
Editor Rob
Wouldn't put him 6ft 3, but under it.
Kevin185cm said on 22/Jan/18
hey Rob do you think rivaldo is 187cm??
Editor Rob
Not really looked much at him.
Camille said on 21/Jan/18
Can you please add a page for Sharon Tate.

According to her sister, "Sharon was 5'6 tall. She wore a size 6 dress and her shoe size was 6 1/2."
electricblue said on 19/Jan/18
how often does the comments page update?
Editor Rob
Every 1 or 2 days it gets refreshed although I kept meaning to change that to several times a day.
Blake said on 16/Jan/18
Rob, were you the first person in your family to go to university? I know this isn't height related, so feel free to delete.
Editor Rob
All the kids in our family went to University.
Mimi said on 15/Jan/18
So the taller person maybe is a 6fter?
Editor Rob
They are likely very close to that mark.
Mimi said on 14/Jan/18
Rob if a person who is 5ft10 is looking at the nose of the another person, how tall is the taller person?
Editor Rob
Assuming that both people have roughly the same eye-top of head measurement, then the difference is likely over 1.5 inch, and maybe just under 2 inch on average.
F97 said on 14/Jan/18
Rob how would a 173cm woman look next to a 183cm man? Also my girlfriend is 173cm how big heels does she need to have in order to edge me out? I am 183 cm tall. Thanks Rob!
Editor Rob
Here is an older photo of 'Big Al' who this day measured 6ft exactly, both Jenny/Al are in roughly same footwear, the girl on the right from the Height Challenge is 5ft 8 1/8th and was in socks here.

Mimi said on 14/Jan/18
Rob I'm liking your new website idea. Editor replies with a corresponding photo on the side makes it look really genuine and posh.
Editor Rob
Hopefully not scare folk away 😊 I like people to know it's a real Editor replying on here, not an anonymous web editor.
Max said on 8/Jan/18
ok already read the answer in FAQ sorry, thanks, so i should measure myself after 5-6 hours, ok, them i guess im 170 cm if im total straight, but if i slouch im like 168 cm, so which one? thanks
[Editor Rob: it's a unique case because 4cm is a huge variation...personally 169cm or 170cm is ok.]
F97 said on 8/Jan/18
Rob if my eyes are at Another persons nose how tall would the taller person be? Thanks Rob!
[Editor Rob: at the bottom of their nose, anywhere from 1.5-2 inch is likely.]
F97 said on 6/Jan/18
Rob is There a big difference between a 182.5 cm man and a 184.5 cm man? How would they look if they stood next to each other? Thanks Rob!
[Editor Rob: as I've said before, about 2cm isn't much, but it can be noticed, the shorter person's eyes will be halfway down the nose of the taller (assuming roughly similar eyelevels)]
Blake said on 5/Jan/18
Rob, I know you respond to many comments a day, do you enjoy it?
[Editor Rob: if there is variety of comments on different celebrities it's better than reading the same old repeated comments that occur on the big names...

But it can be draining reading every comment submitted...because obviously a proportion don't get approved.

Luckily I managed to block most spam automatically as there are certain things spammers use which are easy to detect and drop.]
Nik said on 5/Jan/18
Thanks for being such a dedicated professional Rob. You give up a big part of your life for us and you always have time for each and every one of us!
[Editor Rob: I appreciate the contributions from the visitors too. Trying to create a large database of heights which are not simply plucked out of thin air, is an ongoing project.

At the moment the site is 13 years old, I hope I am able to continue for many years!]
Jeremy said on 4/Jan/18
Rob, on average how many inches shorter is something if they’re head is up to the bottom or the top of your ear?
[Editor Rob: maybe close to 4 inches difference ]
Jeremy said on 3/Jan/18
Rob, I’m 16 and I’m about 6 ft. I’m definitely still growing but I don’t think i will have another growth SPURT. Im assuming to grow an inch or two which would put me in the 6’1”-6’2” range which is a very tall and desirable height imo. Also if my chin is above a person’s head how tall would they be?
[Editor Rob: if the shorter person's head was right around your chin, at the moment they are likely to be around 5ft 2ish, maybe a bit more...but if under your chin, could well be 5ft to 5ft 1 range.]
Mimi said on 3/Jan/18
Rob I just saw your new video with that new stadiometer. You measured yourself at 5ft8.25 at 2pm so you must be that height.
[Editor Rob: 6-7 hours of bed I will get around that mark.]
JJStyles said on 3/Jan/18
i find celebheights as fun and for intelligence and i think its cool because its about numbers and stuff i am obsessed with height and i kinda enjoy it. by the way rob is 6'0 1.84m
[Editor Rob: 6ft is just under 183cm, 184cm is closer to 6ft and half inch.]
F97 said on 2/Jan/18
Rob I have just measured myself at 183 exactly. I bought a pair of boots that give 3.5 cm and I added height insoles
Then the boots gave me 5.5cm.i wonder if I wore these could I possibly edge out a 185 cm man? Thanks Rob!
[Editor Rob: well you are going to look at least similar range to him...a chance of edging him out depending on what he is wearing on his feet.]
F97 said on 29/Dec/17
Rob is There a big difference between a 183 cm man and a 187cm man? Thanks!
[Editor Rob: 4cm should be quite noticeable...when it gets down to 1cm, that's not that much, 2cm becomes more noticeable, 4cm is like 1.5 inches...the smaller person will be looking nearly at the bottom of the taller person's nose.]
Jackary said on 27/Dec/17
Rob, I wake up at 184.5cm and call to 182.5cm at the end of the day and I am 185cm in sneakers (at the end of the day, like 11pm). Is a 6ft claim rounding too much. I'm anxious when people ask me.
[Editor Rob: no, claiming 6ft is perfectly fine for your height range.]
Colberto said on 26/Dec/17
Hey rob, what height could I claim. I lose my morning height within a couple hours. I'm 17 1/2. Today I measure at 6'1 3/4". In August I was 6'1 1/2" and in July they told me 6'1" exactly. A couple weeks ago nurse had me at 6'1 1/4". The wall mounted ones have me in at the 1 1/2" range and my one at home which is like yours has me at 6'1 3/4" or so depending on how I face it. I feel taller than someone who's 6'1". I've had my stadiometer at 6'0" and told Iook a couple inches taller it can't be only an inch. I've told people I'm 6'1" and get told I've got to be taller I'm 6'2" at least. What range would you pin point me at what can I claim.
[Editor Rob: for the moment I'd say claim 6ft 1.5 as your height...then wait until 18-19 and do another measurement...you never know, you might top out at 6ft 2 flat.]
F97 said on 26/Dec/17
Rob how would a 180 cm guy look like compared to a 183 cm guy? Thanks Rob!
[Editor Rob: 3cm is noticeable, the eyes of the 180cm man are going to be at least halfway down the nose of the 183 man.]
F97 said on 19/Dec/17
Rob if two guys were standing next to each other and Ones mouth is at the other guys eyes how tall would the taller guy be if the shorter guy is 175 cm? Thanks Rob!
[Editor Rob: they could be very close to 183]
183man said on 19/Dec/17
Rob do you think taller people become quite intimidating because when I meet people taller than me I feel intimidated, like guys 3-5" or more.
[Editor Rob: for me, I don't really feel that way, though I definitely remember as a teen being more intimidated by people who used certain foul language and had shaven heads, rather than being tall! ]
Zet said on 18/Dec/17
Hi Rob, this is maybe a personal question but what did you do before running celebheights ? Do you have an another activity in relation with the topic of height beside your website ?
Kind regards
[Editor Rob: from 2001-2 I have been building websites. CelebHeights was like the 20th or so site I tried. Many of them had good earnings before slowing down, but only over last 6-7 years have I solely focussed on Celebheights...it's now (for several years) the only one I work on.

In the past I had many sites, but because celebheights takes many hours a day, I didn't have time to manage other sites.]
Boba Fett said on 18/Dec/17
Hey Rob, how much do Adidas Gazelles add to height?
[Editor Rob: bit under an inch]
Mimi said on 9/Dec/17
Hello Rob, I just want to ask where would the top of my head appear with with a 6ft1 person(e.g. Karlie Kloss)?

I'm 172cm btw. Thanks and more power.
[Editor Rob: depends on how low/high the camera is, but your hair will probably be just below her eyes, and even in some photos with a 6ft 1-1.5 women, a 172cm person could look at the end of the nose!]
Gretz said on 9/Dec/17
Rob if you have the means could you have an archives of old posts(I would have loved to see some of the posts on the Andre page from like 10 years ago)I have no idea what it would cost but maybe you could do an archive page of the top 50 most popular people in it as long as the Andre the giant page is included,he is probably in the top 50 anyway.I think a lot of people would enjoy this,what do you think Rob is it feasible even.I have been posting here on and off since early 2006 and did at one point print and save old posts and I enjoyed checking to see how opinions changed and they sure did.I called out Veges because when he first started posting here he said he didn`t know if Andre was 6'9.75 or 7'1" but when I told him this months later he denied ever saying it,so it would be nice to have an archive just to prove what people said at one point in time.
[Editor Rob: the problem is I had deleted a lot of posts and trying to recover caused more problems, I eventually got back a portion.

I haven't dismissed the idea, but I'm not sure when I will get the time to do it properly, without it messing with search engine rankings.]
A. Tianchi said on 8/Dec/17
Hi, i'm Tianchi and i'm 14 years old. I think i'm tall enough as a girl and i want to maintain it like that only so, how can i keep my height as it is. And i'm the tallest one in our school.
[Editor Rob: at 14, some girls will slow down growth and maybe not gain that much more. Sometimes it you look older than 14, that is a good indication you might be physically a bit more advanced and not grow much more.]
Abe said on 8/Dec/17
Hi Rob. I'm not sure of my height exactly out of bed but I have measured 184cm an hour after waking up and have had multiple measurements from around 1pm to later in the afternoon and was still holding on to 183-182.8 range. Does that make me a weak 6 footer? I always think I look shorter than I actually am in photos which irks me a little haha
[Editor Rob: sounds like you are a solid 6 foot.]
Mike said on 7/Dec/17
Hi Rob, I'm Michael a your very fan from Italy !
Jools said on 27/Nov/17
Hi Rob, in the morning I meassure 183cm exactly. Most of the day I'm 182cm and sometimes i drop to 181cm at night. Would you call me a weak 6 footer or a strong 5ft11? Besides that, I have a friend who claims 6ft4, where would the top of my head be compared to his head? Really enjoy your site Big Rob!
[Editor Rob: a strong 5ft 11er I'd say, the top of your head may be roughly around his eyelevel.]
Nik said on 17/Nov/17
@ Rob


Thanks for being a dedicated professional in your job and also being very helpful too!
[Editor Rob: well thanks, it is an enjoyable site to operate, though does take a lot of work to keep the site ticking over. I really do work nearly every day, although some days will take a long break.]
Franky said on 16/Nov/17
Hi I am 166 cm and 18 years of age. Mom is like 155 cm and dad about 169 cm. I am eating healthy sleeping stretching. What can I do? What are the odds of getting to 170 cm? Its all I want. If you can give me a guideline to boost my chance please do because Id be so happy
[Editor Rob: if you are physically behind the curve (like you seem 16 years old to people) then maybe there is a chance.

All you can do is keep eating well, exercise/stretch and not measure height for a year.]
Oliver said on 9/Nov/17
Rob,how tall is the tallest woman among your relatives/friends? I'm just curious. I haven't seen many tall women throughout my life. Most I've seen are rather very short ones.
[Editor Rob: tallest friend who is a lady is about 5ft 11.]
Nik said on 4/Nov/17
@ Rob

Anon said on 2/Nov/17
Would you consider a page for Matt Passmore? I suspect he is not the 6'2'' as claimed.
Kim said on 1/Nov/17
Hey, Editor Rob! Could you please add a profile of Malu Trevejo? I’d like to know your opinion about her height.
Blake said on 29/Oct/17
Rob, I have seen you mention Glenn being 5 ft 6 1/4 recently on the Kit Harrington page. When Glenn had his own page here you listed him 5 ft 7 and measured him 5 ft 6.5 before you wiped out loads of old pages any explanation for the discrepancy in descriptions of his height? Was he on his tiptoes when you measured him or something
[Editor Rob: he wasn't measured at his lowest height as he said the time he woke up the first time, so I estimate he drops another 1/4 inch and wakes up near 5ft 7.]
Anonymous said on 26/Oct/17
Rob how would a 6 feet tall guy look compared to a 5'10" guy?
[Editor Rob: usually you would see the eyes of the 5ft 10 guy at the end range of the 6ft person's nose ]
Anonymous said on 25/Oct/17
Rob can you please add turkish celebreties like neslihan Atagül or fahriye evcan ? This would be so nice
[Editor Rob: unfortunately certain big names in countries like Turkey, or Spain etc...I just don't have as much knowledge of these countries big celebrities sadly :(]
F97 said on 19/Oct/17
Rob if someone measures 182.5 can they claim 6 foot?
[Editor Rob: it's close enough that many will think of you as 6ft.]
F97 said on 19/Oct/17
Rob I think I have finished growing I got a spurt 2 months ago and I am 20 years old. I Usually wake up at 185.2-3 cm and after a long day at about 6-7 pm I usually wake up at 7.30 am I am 183.1 cm at 6 pm. What height is my height? What height should I claim? 183.1 cm is the lowest I have measured myself.
[Editor Rob: I'd stick with 183 myself if I woke at 185.]
Colberto said on 15/Oct/17
Hey rob, say someone is measured at 185.5-186cm
Would you call them a BIG 6'1", solid 6'1", comfortably 6'1".
Would they get the full 6'1 1/4" listing if 185.5 is a low for them.
Oliver said on 14/Oct/17
Please Rob just tell me you mentioned barefoot height or with shoes
[Editor Rob: human height doesn't include footwear, so we should always be stating our height as if barefoot.

If anybody gives a height in shoes, they are best saying '5ft 11 in shoes' so others will know.]
Mimi said on 14/Oct/17
Rob if you were to guess, how tall is this lady in the blue sweater? The guy on the right (tallest in the photo) is a Filipino basketball player measured at 6ft3 with shoes.

Click Here:

Thanks and more power😺
[Editor Rob: maybe 5ft 9ish, although she claims 5ft 10...but women do lie upwards, I've seen quite a lot inflate their claims!]
Blake said on 11/Oct/17
Rob, do you think ever the heights on this site will trump googles lazy, copy and paste listings? I don't understand why they don't use the listings from this site when so much effort goes in to being as scientific as possible with listings
[Editor Rob: I don't think they care that much about accuracy in terms of trivia like height...it's more to keep people on their properties and as a last resort send them to other sites for the answer.

This site cares a bit more about trying to provide reasonable estimates.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.