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Samantha said on 8/Sep/08
Can you please add the height for Chelsea Handler? Thanks!
Imiliano said on 4/Sep/08
Is it possible to get a height for Jamie Oliver?
roni7 said on 2/Sep/08
Hey Rob ,how are u? I want u to start a page on AAMIR KHAN ,AN OSCAR NOMINATED ACTOR-DIRECTOR-FILMMAKER who claims to be 5'8.He is very famous in bollywood. Can u start a page on him
Peteyorks said on 13/Aug/08
All, I was interested in your morning evening heights. I am a 40 year old bloke and somewhere between 179-180cm, out of bed I am 181. This drops within minutes to exactly 180. I have been measured after walking 20 miles at 180 at 6pm and measured at 179.3 after repeatedly having to jump across a stream again on an evening. Got lost hiking in woods. If I measured myself being up ten minutes, walk somewhere I would be around 180. May be this is why some of your readers report such small differences in height between morning and evening. I am also not convince youngsters are 2cm taller than their parents. First I think youngster keep their height out of bed much longer. Second if there is 60 pounds more weight on your spine it curves more, so as people get heavier they loose height, especially if they are not active. I was wondering if your readers by age could measure how much height loss they have from out of bed, 30 mins later(have to be on your feet), 2 hours, ten hours. Also after 12 hours, and then again after walking for 15 minutes, as I think this may correct your posture and increase height again. Okay only a few millmetres. Awful lot of people I know have lost height by the time they are forty. I think it is mostly due to increase weigh and lack of exercise and blokes going bald. Well youngster do often have big hair styles.
Lenad said on 13/Aug/08
Rob can you please give me a list of people who got banned from this sight?
Annoyed said on 30/Jul/08
Rob you should do a Celtic Football Club first team page!!! Scott McDonald is NEVER 5'8" !!!! ive stood next to him on the corner of George Square and Queen Street and i live right across from parkhad, i am 5'8" and shrink down to bout 5'7.5" and he was shorter than me!!! Also Paul Hartley claims he is 5'8" and so does McDonald and Hartley is cleary taller ( bout 2 inches ) so which one do you think is lying? also Scott brown ive met and he wasnt too tall, id say 5'9 or 5'9.5". but McDonald is NEVER 5'8" !!!
denis said on 25/Jul/08
hi i hope you are having a good day, anyway are you sure that emile hirsch is 5 ft 5.5 in in some pictures there he is right in the eyeline of sean penn and from that point to the top of your are at least 4 inches (around 10cm) and if sean is 5ft 8.25 its more reasonable say hirsch is 5 ft4 he makes every look taller
alessandra said on 25/Jul/08
Rob, can you approve my comment?? PLEASE!! hihi .. mmhhH..or maybe can you answer my question?? thank you so much! i love thi site! keep ROCKS! :)
Sonam said on 16/Jul/08
Hi Rob, Could you please start a page with Indian actor Shahid Kapur's height. He claims to be 5'10 but a lot of people have doubts about his real height. Thanks, Sonam
qaz said on 9/Jul/08
can you add leo fitzpatick he is listed as 5'9 but in many movies he seems 5'11 to 6 and is much taller then the listed 5'9 ppl in the movies
Lenad said on 7/Jul/08
Can you please change Josh Holloways height to 187cm from 185cm he is listed here? Its pretty unanimous on his page.
Norma said on 27/Jun/08
I know Robert Ryan was 6'4. I've seen him standing next to John Wayne, and Robert is obviously taller. Another statistic I find very hard to believe is that Spencer Tracy was 5'10". He looked about 5'8". In a Bad Day at Black Rock he appeared shorter than Earnest Borgnaine. I hope I spelled that correcty. I understand Earnest was 5'10".
Scoots said on 25/Jun/08
Are you sure about Hulk Hogan being 6'7"? He was standing next to Laila Ali(5'10") and looks to be a few inches shorter than reported.
Anonymous said on 18/Jun/08
if she was 5'6 she'd atleast be touching the same height as her bf billy zane who is aledgely 6ft [in the heels she wears] but in all photo's he towers over her x
Charles said on 5/May/08
I'm amazed that there is no page about anyone from The Beach Boys! Could you start with Brian Wilson? I believe he's 6'2''. And does anyone know how tall is Cindy Wilson from the B52's? THanks a lot!
Hooch said on 28/Apr/08
I believe 5'4 is too little for Perry. Ok, all of Jane's members are quite tiny:
Click Here

In the picture Perry looks like the tallest of them but his posture is just taking many inches of his height. So, I'd say he's about 5'10-6'2, this one's really difficult.
Namen said on 12/Apr/08
question: are heights of celebs measured with or without shoes?? like for instant chris brown is 6.1 in height,,is that with or without shoes ?
Ralph said on 29/Mar/08
Perry Farrells' height is rumored to be be 6'2". This i believe comes from a misinterpreted lyric from a porno for Pyro's song called "Black girlfriend" in which Farrell sings " driving through the hood in my chevy nova sixty two" referring to the year of the car. Many people believe him to say "six feet two". I have met him and don't believe him to be any taller than 5'4".
Royal Nonesuch said on 21/Mar/08

Woul you mind adding Richard Armitage from BBC's "Robin Hood"? He is very popular in the UK and becoming more so in the U.S. He even has a fan "Army"! So I imagine a number of people search out his height and can't do so here. Most sources report 6'2, but I think he could be taller.

Thanks for the fab site,
Anonymous said on 15/Mar/08
Height of Chris Lawford, actor and Kennedy family member? Looks a solid 6'4"...
John27 said on 6/Mar/08
hi guys i wana know if u could still grow taller after 27 wish iam 5'9 my dad is 6'0 and my mom 5'4 thanks
gton said on 5/Mar/08
Hey rob can you make a page for Sam Cooke the old soul singer , i dnt know how tall he is maybe around 6-2 ? thnks
Lauren said on 3/Mar/08
I was wondering if you could add Stephen Colbert's height? Please? :)
ShahNawaz-True Height Explorer said on 27/Feb/08
Can u add salman khan and amir khan too...plzzzzzzzzz
Editor Rob said on 24/Feb/08
"eventually it'll help buy me a new house"

By that I'm meaning it'll help with a deposit towards a mortgage!
The site generates money for me via advertising, and more visitors helps me! It costs folk nothing to visit or post.
anonamous said on 23/Feb/08
height of dylan and cole sprouse?
anonamous said on 23/Feb/08
i noticed how u said that this website's helping u buy a new house or something
i was wondering if it costs us to be on this website/post comments
sorry if that sounds like the dumbest question ever
i dont no much about computers/the internet
but i would like to no if this costs anything
MotownCrystal said on 23/Feb/08
I know the heights of the most famous black r&b singing group, The Temptations. David Ruffin was 6'3, Otis Williams is 6'2.5, Eddie Kendricks was 6'1.5, Paul Williams was 6'1, and Melvin Franklin was 6'0.5. This is very accurate. When I went to the Motown Historical Museum, they were able to give me their heights. It had to be accurate because the info is given by a woman who knew them all personally. Please post their heights. Thank you
Anonymous said on 18/Feb/08
I enjoy visiting this website, cool info on celebs heights
rob, who is mamun???
biff said on 5/Feb/08
Claudia Schiffer height?
Sophia said on 4/Feb/08
What are the R and G letters by the celebrities' names now?
Sorry, I just am inrigued!
Also, anyone know how tall Bill Bailey is?

ove been wondering this fr a long time who is mamun? is he an autograph dealer too? and how do u guys all know him rob im jc
MrXtra said on 15/Jan/08
Long time reader, seldom poster here. Neat site you've got. Finally a database for a pet obsession of mine. Keep up the good work!
I. Rojas said on 11/Jan/08
Rob, I enjoy this site, your postings are pretty much accurate and anyway I would like to know the heights of Yvonne Strahovski and Torrie Wilson, they're both listed 5'9" but I am liable to believe Torrie is that tall in heels, and Yvonne's listing is true.
anynomous 2 said on 11/Jan/08
oi, and btw rob, great fricking page u got here.... gives so many answers, and nice of u to try to bring some closure on some figures(sly etc.)...
read 'em all, bye bye
anynomous 2 said on 11/Jan/08
i was actually fascinated that claudia is not in the list, cause for me she aint no real celeb.... keep her out! hahaha(1.81)
Editor Rob said on 1/Jan/08
Unknown, they are assuming barefoot.

James, I had never heard of this Bonds guy before his name was mentioned on the site a few times and in pics, baseball isn't really that much known in the UK.
James said on 31/Dec/07
Rob, why do you ignore me.

Barry Bond's as 6'1".
the unknown said on 26/Dec/07
hey rob, i love this site, keep it up,

quick question, are all the celebrities heights barefoot or with shoes ?
anonymous1 said on 26/Dec/07
CLaudia Schiffer height???
True Height Explorer said on 16/Dec/07
Hi Rob.

Thanx for evrythng.

Please include SHAHRUKH KHAN , SALMAN KHAN, in ur awesome
height database.

The two stars are like shoulders of Bollywood.

It wud really be a privilage to find their heights here.

Thanx again & plz add their heights.

Men Kanaka said on 15/Nov/07
Each and every of this Celebs height matches them,Tom Cruises height doesnt mean anything,he's totally fit and good looking at 5ft'6,7 or whatsoever. No matter how tall,short,underaverage, or whatever sort of stature you are,be proud of who and how you were made. Im 5ft'10 and at this height Im very happy,but occasionally Im a midget to my classmates back in high school,with only 8 boys. The tallest guy-Jamie-stands 6ft'9 and the second shortest(taller than me)is James who is 6ft'0. I dont care what they say or what names they call me,I dont care less.
Jovan said on 14/Oct/07
Rob, how often do you make calculation mistakes?
Katie said on 2/Oct/07
How can I grow taller?. I am 17 years old around 168 cm (5'6) and I want to be 173 cm ( 5'8). Does anyone know how I can grow taller?. Please, someone tell me.
halakoo said on 1/Oct/07
Guys ready for the new tall sensation sonam kapoor. according to radio sargam she is 5'9.5" and she look like that. if you watch saawariya music launch and voice of india she appears in total flat shoes and she clearly look taller than salman khan and shaan on both occasions. imagine her in heels and she can clearly beat her saawariya hero and her father in height department. guys my question is to you can she be successful in bollywood because she is taller than many male leads. there are quite a few who are taller than her.
ali said on 25/Sep/07
Again...shahrukh khan...try to list him...in terms of crowd numbers he probably has more fans than a person like brad pitt or Tom cruise. The guy is a superstar. get him listed please.
vicky said on 21/Sep/07
upen is i think 5.10
bertel said on 11/Aug/07
I saw robert vaughn today August 11, 2007 at a movie theater in Danbury CT, I am only 5'8" and I towered over him. He came up to my eyes, so I put him, at age 74, at only 5'6" at the most. So if he were ever taller he could only have lost 1 or 2 inches. I used to be 5'9" and I am also 74 and have only shrunk one inch!
shikoku said on 30/Jul/07
the point somebodyis at his max height (before he gets older and losesheight)
Irish bulldozer said on 27/Jul/07
What means "peak height"?
Mindy said on 27/Jul/07
Bryce looks about 5'7" to me or taller...may be the heels. either way shes adorable. i think its common to adjust actor/actresses hights to accomodate rolls
alex72 said on 26/Jul/07
About two years ago, I saw Jennifer on the beach (South Beach. I stood next to her briefly and walked behind her for a short distance and she wasn't taller than me...I am 5'4 (barely) and I weigh 116 pounds. Jenn has to weigh at about 130-135 pounds. She was thicker than me all over and of course a lot in the butt. If you think about it, if she was only thicker in the butt, hips, and thighs, she'd still have to have at least 7-8 pounds more than me. She wasn't as fit as she looks in "some" pictures either. I think all celebs work out like maniacs before photo shoots and movies and such...hence the flab when caught on off days.
Anonymous said on 7/Jul/07
"It's not because of fate, it's because of Tequila" That may be the best thing I have ever read in my whole life!
Anonymous said on 12/Jun/07
Chow Yun Fat is only about 6 feet tops with his shoes on. I saw him on the Sinbad late night talk show a few years back and Sinbad who is 6'5'' had Chow by at least 5 inches if not an inch or so more. Chow is now probably just under 6' without his shoes like 5'11''. Chow only looks tall in his Hong Kong movies because most of the Asian cast members are short like under 5'8''. I'm 6' on the mark and I usually tower over most Asian people, but around a lot of non Asian guys I don't feel that tall especially when I seem to come across a lot of guys who are 6'2'' and up.
MAK said on 21/May/07
Yup i agree , it would be interesting to see Shahrukh khans height listed. He is the most popular Indian actor around
ali said on 20/May/07
Guys, you have Hritick roshan listed in this site. But not Shahrukh khan. I think he is a celebrity that moves a crown of 1 billion people. So he deserves a mention in this site. Please let us know his height
Qman said on 2/May/07
In regards to Charles Bronsons height, Read a biography and his height was said to be 5'8. Plus in hard times check out the boots he's wearing, lifts without a doubt. Another movie Chato's land in the beginning standing at the bar, shows he is not more than 5'7 0r 5'8. I don't know why they don't give the real heights of the stars?
Rob C said on 15/Mar/07
I think is hard to know who the tallest person in the world is since there are some people who are discovered in remote places, and there are others who have not been confirmed as tall as they claim to be.
Latoya Hudson said on 13/Mar/07
What is the aprox. average height of a full grown man in the US?
Munty said on 6/Feb/07
I'd say that Ben Orr was around 5'9. When he's not wearing high-heeled boots he's only about two or three inches taller then Greg Hawkes, who is the shortest band member. Ric is about 6'4 and Ben is quite a bit shorter. So I'd say he was 5'9.
jhon said on 3/Feb/07
hi can any1 tell me the real height of shah rukh khan i read in some website that hes realy 5'6 but another website tells me he iz 5'10, can u plz tell me da real height?
Anonymous said on 1/Feb/07
Rick Ocasek is listed at 6'4", so Ben Orr must be at least 6-7 " shorter??
TTTucker said on 30/Jan/07
How tall is Car's bassist Ben Orr? Does anybody know?
Dave said on 27/Jan/07
does anyone know how tall Perry Farrell is?
21 and 5'10" said on 27/Jan/07
Is 70 inches 5 foot 10? I found a site that says 69.5 inches is considered 5'10." Type in 69.5 into the BMI calculator along with any weight and it automatically puts in 5'10," whereas 69.4 inches shows 5'9"
I asked once before heres the link again
Anonymous said on 24/Jan/07
Love the web site. Any plans to add new people? I was looking for Alex Trebek. Always thought he was tall, but IMDB says 5' 8". Just a suggestion if you add more people.
???? said on 16/Jan/07
I have a request I would like Max Schreck from the black and white film Nosferatu put up. I think is height was about 6'4''
Julian said on 12/Dec/06
Do you measure heights in the morning or at night? cuz your taller in morning
Greg said on 12/Dec/06
In one of his books, Bourdain pegs himself as 6'4"
Todd Carty said on 1/Dec/06
I met him going through a door at a hotel, and he is exactly the same height as me - 5'9"
Jes said on 16/Nov/06
I wasn't exactly sure where to put this, but I was curious if anyone knew Anthony Bourdain's height? Ya know, author of Kitchen Confidential and some fiction, host of No Reservations and (previously) A Cooks Tour.
He looks pretty tall, but he is thin and has a proclivity for cowboy boots.
anna said on 16/Nov/06
rob vauhn you happy day ---- wesday ehhh hay --- 16 november 2006 .
solidsnake said on 15/Nov/06
Hey rob. Could you add the height for Jay Chou? He's a famous Asian singer-composer. He stated 173cm himself.
marciano said on 13/Nov/06
so im 15 and 5'7" .. im a girl and i don't think ive gone through a growth spurt yet. maybe i have. but ive only been growing gradually since ive been little. nothing out nowhere. when i was 12 i was 5'4" and now after 3 years im 5'7" .. i dont think thats a growth spurt. do you think i still have a chance to grow two more inches with a litre of milk everyday? oh im also a skinny person.. and i dont believe in the genetic stuff because im over my genetically expected height which was supposed to be 5'5".
Adrienne said on 9/Nov/06
He looks like he could be about 5'3" or so. In the video "U Got The Look", he looked about 3 or 4 inches taller that Sheena Easton, who is supposedly around 5'.
Anonymous said on 25/Oct/06
OK...Stop and read this-PLEASE! Most of you are VERY stupid, or just choose to believe that your "heros" arent miggets. NO celeb is how tall they say, not even close! I read on here Dustin Dimand is 6- 6'2... HA I met him in MILWAUKEE, "have a nice day cafe" he is a goofy looking guy by the way... NOW I am just under 6'3 and I say I 6'2, He was no taller than 5'10 WITH BIG dress shoes on. SHOE lifts... they all wear them! IF any celeb is TRULY 6 foot-they are GIANTS in hollywood! Garths Brooks may be 5'9/5'10, but with his COWBOY boots he is a 6 footer... I mean come'on people CELEBRIYS ARE SHORT! I dont know why, but they are. I mean with my dress shoes on I'm almost 6'6- but I dont tell people I'm 6'6. I say I'm 6'2. 6'3 if I stand straight... HELL celebs have everything they evre wanted, THIS is the only thing I have that they dont have.. I can look down on them all. ALWAYS minus ATLEAST 2 inches when a celeb say their heigt. SOMETIMES WAY MORE.... But stop beign so stupid PEOPLE, THEY ARE SHORT!
Sean said on 14/Oct/06
Can I measure my own height with a tape measure?
Boromir said on 11/Oct/06
How about some celeb shoe sizes as well?
Anonymous said on 3/Oct/06
Hi! Keep up the bleep bleep. Very nicely done. Many thanks. I will bookmark!
Tammi said on 27/Sep/06
Rob, Can you add the height of Kathy Greenwood, the great Canadian Comedienne and actress. She is 5 foot 7 inches tall. The info comes Courage at http://www.freewebs.com/newgreenwoodsite/ the Kathy Greenwood zone. He knows everything about Kathy!
Richard said on 22/Sep/06
LL Cool J is not 5-11. He's 6-2. I've met him before in NY where I'm from. I'm 5-10. Also, you seen him with Sam Jackson In SWAT and is only an inch shorter who is 6-3. Colin Farrell is 5-11 and LL is at least 3 inches taller then him.
Anonymous said on 22/Aug/06
The Natalie Portman page is not working...

She might be under 5'3". Here she is with Dustin Hoffman, both in tennis shoes. Dustin is one step in front of her, so she probably comes up to his eyebrow. If Hoffman is 5'5"/5'5.5", Portman would be 5'2"/5'2.5".

BP said on 19/Jul/06
How tall is Sinead O'Connor? She isn't listed at all here. Anyone know? Is she around 5 9?
Ed said on 7/Jul/06
Rob, just wanted to make sure you got the email w/the pics of Kane's boots. If so can you post them?
SJP said on 7/Jul/06
Do you know the height of Ramón Franco? I've seen him listed as 5'10" and 5'8". 5'8" seems more accurate to me.
SM said on 22/Jun/06
RoB! i wanna know height of Shahrukh khan, can you please add an page for him? Please reply to me
Editor Rob said on 9/Jun/06
Ed, for ladies at least I doubt they'd say anything except barefoot, although that doesn't mean they might embelish an inch. I'm not sure the % of men who will say a height as if 'in shoes'...obviously some will, hard to say, sorry!
Ed said on 8/Jun/06
Rob I'm sure this has been answered before, but are the heights that celebs give in quotes, taken as barefoot estimations, or with shoes. We all know how much the majority of these people love themselves, so it would make sense for them to give their tallest height with shoes in an interview. Example being John Travolota, if he says a little over 6ft, does that mean with or without shoes?
uladude said on 27/May/06
Say, is there a page of this site listing the celebs in a tall-to-short order and/or vice versa?
Desprado! said on 23/May/06
Hi Rob i am new to this website, i wanna know that if i want to add an page of celeb height, should i hav to ask u or wt? like there is no page for an bolly wood actor Shahrukh khan, n i really want to know about him! tell me the way please!
age said on 11/May/06
jason ain't 5ft 11 ins, come on he looks shorter.
Pursyla Wyatt said on 4/May/06
That's Cool,But Does the Celebrity's really doe that?
Anne said on 1/May/06
I sent you a celeb-height over a month ago but you haven't added it here. I thinks he is famous enough, especially when you say "even d-grade stars or singers and let me know!"...
5'10.5and14(Mike) said on 20/Apr/06
MHouillon wikiepedia now lists the height of a human being (averages) at 5'7 not 5'9.. the average height for an american is sometimes listed as 5'9 and the average for GB according to the Guardian is 5'9 as well as on wikiepedia
clad-in-black said on 11/Apr/06
hey, never knew about this faq page until now.nice.
but do 'affected' celebrities really contact you? but certainly you dont REALLY take their words for it and change their status to what they exactly say am i right

[Editor Rob: not that many really, but yes some have done so. Unsurprisingly some celebs might have a little interest in height and I will normally change it to what they want unless it's obviously wrong. A couple celebs I have conversed with do find the site amusing, but I wish more celebs would drop me an email. Come on, Tom, Sly, get on that email to me!!! ;-)

Actually, bizarely I had met briefly one actor at a convention in 2004 and guessed a height for him, and about 6 months later received a cryptic email with a height 2 inches taller than he was...
Editor Rob said on 10/Apr/06
Yes azarea, I am Scottish and am around Glasgow currently. Aside from celebheights, I run many many other barebones sites that aren't worth mentioning...
Azarea said on 6/Apr/06
I dont know how i know this but ur centred in scotland, so my question is, Are u scottish, and also, do u run any other sites??
ThetruthaboutMariah said on 3/Apr/06
Hey Rob wanna let you know your site is Cool.. found it by accident ;-) and now I'm hooked. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't come to this site!!! Bravo
Editor Rob said on 29/Mar/06
Azarea, I have not had any agents directly contact me correcting height although I have spoken the other way. I have been contacted by some celebrities themselves (not that many) who had asked to change or add them.

I rarely nowadays try to contact any celebrity for an 'official height', and will only bother asking if attending a convention and felt it was worthwhile. In the past I have tried to contact an awful lot (700) through email etc, with only about 50 replies from that, but most can't be bothered to reply, I don't blame them. Usually the only way you get a height is to be a fan (and not as 'The Editor Rob') so to speak and not mention who you are. One occasion I did say who I was and the 'agent' or publicity guy, whatever she was called told me to "piss off and go fall under a rock"...
Azarea said on 28/Mar/06
Hey rob, Have you ever been contacted by any celebrity managers or agents for any reason like askin to correct someones height or to say that ur hurtin someones image and giving bad publicity or anything like that????
MHouillon said on 22/Mar/06
Wikipedia says that the average american man is a 176,7cm, that's approx. 5'9.5".

German men are 180.2 (5'11) (Hey, being 5'10 I thought I'm average, but in fact, I'm under average...)

Great Britain : 178cm (5'10)

Netherlands: 182,5 cm (roughly 6 feet !)

Vietnam: 162,5 cm (5'4) haha, Tom Cruise would be a huge man there !
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/06
The average height of a man in the US has actually DECREASED to 5'10" from a reading of 5'11" 40 years ago, maybe partly due to Obesity, Junk Nutrition, Poor Orthopaedics and the influx of other nationalities with lesser height averages. The European average has INCREASED to 5'11" from 5'8" forty years ago. Nutrition and exposure to certain elements (like nuclear fallout) may have a factor. The average height of 5'10" seems to be the SATISFACTORY MEDIAN, that is: People who stand around 5'10" are HAPPY with their height. People below this height are not so happy, and people above this height are pleased and satisfied.
15and5'7 said on 16/Mar/06
exactly what is the average height of a full grown man in the u.s.?
ron said on 3/Mar/06
what exactly is an autograph dealer?

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.