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factsonsteroids said on 28/Jun/15
Just one more thing: Given you stopped growing early, it seems highly likely that your sister also was a early maturer. You cannot simply deduct relative stability in the distribution from 12 years onwards (tallest in class always is the talles in class). If she matured early ,it is highly understandable that the others caught up (i know several cases). I mean, a minor reduction would be fair enough (up to 1 cm from inhalers) but not like really making someone a dwarf. Besides, if she used it from an early age it is surprising she was that tall aged 12.
[Editor Rob: I believe the effect might have been at least an inch of difference, possibly 2.]
factsonsteroids said on 27/Jun/15
What kind of cream did your family member use? There is actually one study showing a loss of height from 0.5to 1 cm in height vs placebo by kids having used an asthma inhaler for several years. But that was in prepubertal subjects. 14 year olds who inhaled it had almost no reduction in growth. Therefore it seems highly unlikeley that a cream has such a devastating effect. Depending on the formulation.
[Editor Rob: well they suffered both from asthma and eczema from early age (toddler) and still suffer today. Many times the asthma was bad so they used the Nebuliser at times. So were using a lot of steroid based treatments from early age and all through teenage years as well. Creams like ichthammol, Hydrocortisone, all the various inhalers. ]
Armin said on 27/Jun/15
Hey Right now I'm 6 ft and in a month I'll be 17 and I really want to be 6'2. Is there any chance?
[Editor Rob: a decent chance, but maximize your growth by doing what's recommended - getting enough sleep, some forms of exercise to help generate growth hormone production, reducing stresses in life and trying to consume big enough meals. For drink, I'd replace fizzy drinks just with water or real fruit juice.]
167cm144lb said on 27/Jun/15
Growth plates, It's on the knees right???
Vlad said on 26/Jun/15
Hi rob,i would like to ask: The fact that i look mostly like my mother does it means that i can take her brother's (my uncle) genes?Because my uncle too looked like his mother and took his UNCLE's genes and even thought my mother and her mother are 5'4 my uncle is 6'1. Sorry if it is too complicated but can you answer me please?
[Editor Rob: genes are complicated themselves. You can have brothers looking very alike in one family, but see other families and they look totally different.]
ilyas_ said on 26/Jun/15
Hi Rob. I measured myself at midnight and I'm around 163-164 cm barefoot. I can give a strong 5'5" impression in shoes or in the morning. I'm a 15-year-old male and I'll be 16 in four months. My dad is in the 5'7" range, but he has an awful posture and I assume he has lost height due to his extensive medical history. One of my uncles is in the 5'9" range, and two of my first cousins are also near the 5'9" mark (they're still growing). I haven't obtained a deep voice yet, and most people would take me for 13 or 14. This leads me to believe that I still have a growth spurt ahead. I'm not very fond of my height. If I do pull ups, exercise daily and eat healthy foods, could I see myself at least 5'8" one day? Thanks.
[Editor Rob: have your feet/hands seemed to grow recently...that could be an indication of growth in the spine coming soon! for any teen, it is good to be fit and healthy and even 5-minutes of stretching/hanging will be of some benefit. ]
nas said on 26/Jun/15
Hi Rob, I turned 15 a few weeks ago and I'm 5'7.I have two older brothers they are 5'9 and 5'10.I'm male too.Is there any chance to become 5'10?
Freckles said on 25/Jun/15
Hello, I'm 4'8 and a half. I'm a 16 yrs old girl. I know, I know...I'm practically a dwarf at my age, but I suppose I got that from my folks. Well is there any chance or any way I can atleast grow a foot tall? You know before I turn 17...
[Editor Rob: it's extremely unlikely. Unfortunately for the most part, height is genetic. Unless a family member you know had a late surge of a few inches, I'd say don't expect miracles.]
Brandy Lopez said on 22/Jun/15
Hey I'm 5'1-5'2 and I'm 14 and a freshmen is there any posible way I can make it to 5'10 or 5'9 before I'm a junior?
Israel Co said on 19/Jun/15
Hi Rob, Im 16 years old i have 5'11 ft and im going 17 on october do I have a chance to get my dream height of 6'3 on my 17th year Im playing basketball everyday I'm varcity player I do stretch everyday. How toll can I get?
Israel Co said on 19/Jun/15
Hi Rob, Im 16 years old i have 5'11 ft and im going 17 on october do I have a chance to get my dream height of 6'3 on my 17th year Im playing basketball everyday I'm varcity player I do stretch everyday. How toll can I get?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't expect you to hit 6ft 3, but there is always a chance, there are those who gain several inches in 17-20 range.]
Kenny said on 19/Jun/15
Hi Rob do you think I still have a chance to reach 6 feet? My morning height is 5'10 (178.0CM) while my height after a bad day is usually 176.0CM I just turned 16 around 3 weeks ago.
CD said on 17/Jun/15
Rob based on the photo Click Here with me and my dad would you say I look physically young considering I'm about to turn 19? I'm wondering if I may have a final bit of delayed/inhibited growth (which you mention can happen), even though I've only put on about a 1/4 inch this last year or so. As you can see my shoulders/chest are less broad than my dad, and facially I look very young. So maybe it could happen as I fill out and gain a more adult shape? Most people guess that I'm 16 rather than near 19.
[Editor Rob: if I just seen the photo I would have guessed you were 17, so physically your plates might still be open. I would still try to do some more workouts to see if somehow it can jolt any final growth. The plates close slowly over a few years so somebody at 19 could still have them open that height can be added...]
inazz said on 17/Jun/15
Hi rob,between 19 and 20 i went from 174 to 177 and six months after my 20th birthday it seems ive gained a cm as i now wake up at 180 cm then shrink down to 178 or 177 if i worked out that day, im not sure if im done with puberty because i have no facial hair apart from 4 or 5 hairs under my chin and my arms are way to long compared to my legs my dad was about 6 feet do i have a chance of making it to 5.11 by the time im able to grow a moustache or at least some noticable facial hair
[Editor Rob: gaining that amount after 19 is a huge amount really.]
brent said on 16/Jun/15
Rob.. what age does a girl stop growing?
[Editor Rob: on average it is in the 16th year, but many stop by 14-15, with another chunk growing still in 16-19 range.. Very rare to grow at 20 for a girl.]
182cm said on 14/Jun/15
Hi Rob, does a long armspan and long feet mean I can grow more? I just turned 16, I'm 182 cm.183-184 out of bed, 181 before bed.My arm span is 189-190 cm and I have 29 cm feet.My dad is 183 cm and my mom is 170 cm.Are height predictors online really accurate? And how tall can I get?
ConnorMc said on 14/Jun/15
Is just turning your 16th birthday mean I might see some more noticeable height increase. I have been at 180.5cm now for about a month. I'm still Running and my entire body is aching with marks appearing is this a sign of growth? Finally is 6ft still achievable with max 1.5cm needed? Thanks for listening.
Josh said on 14/Jun/15
Hey Rob, I'm 15 years and 6 months old. I'm around 5'7, my dad is 5'7 and my mom is 5 feet. I've been swimming and playing basketball consistently since the start of the year because i want to grow taller. Do you think i could grow taller or maybe even 6ft and can i weight lift while trying to grow taller ? Thanks.
[Editor Rob: keep doing what you are doing. If you reached 5ft 10, I'd say you should be very happy.]
167cm144lb said on 14/Jun/15
So how am i going to know if my plates are already closed? do i have to just touch it and feel it? or go to the doctor or xray? and i figured it out today that i was 14 when i grew up a 1 cm and i wanna know how crazily possible for a person to stop growing at that very young age? that seems to be very crazy if you already reached your peak height at that very young age aint it? and another one question, when i measure myself facing at the wall its 167 cm and when its my back facing the wall and having a very straight posture it would be 166.5, now which between the two(167 and 166.5) is the correct one?
[Editor Rob: get the Dr to arrange an x-ray and from that he should be able to give an idea.]
Dmax said on 13/Jun/15
Hey Rob question can you use tanner stage calculator to determine if your still growing or not? Cause I am 19 years old 5'6.75 and I got a 4.3 on the tanner stage calculator some people say I look like I am still 16 years old........
[Editor Rob: I don't know how accurate it is.]
Crane said on 13/Jun/15
What about HGH Injections Mr.Rob? Have you ever heard such a thing before?
[Editor Rob: for people with open growth plates that can help, but they usually don't give it to anybody. It is if the kid is underdeveloped...]
Amir said on 12/Jun/15
Hi Rob.... im 13 and my height is 171cm...i play basketball twice a week ...can i be 185cm in future?
Amir said on 12/Jun/15
Hi Rob.... im 13 and my height is 171cm...i play basketball twice a week ...can i be 185cm in future?
[Editor Rob: depends mostly on genetics. If you have a tall parent/grandparent then hope you have inherited taller genes. The fact you are 171 at 13 could be a good sign, but then I was that range myself and finished at 14! But that's the low end, you are more likely on average to stop growing around 17, with some stopping 14/15/16 and others 18/19/20 ]
Sun said on 9/Jun/15
Thank you, and I am sorry to say that I forgot to mention that I play basketball for at least 5 hours every week, and do 1000 ropes every day, will that rise my chance? And I am extremely worried about my height, and I can't seem to forget about it, every time I am near my friends I just think about how they are taller than there any way to get rid of this extra stress?
[Editor Rob: you are certainly getting enough exercise. Stress is moderation is ok, but when your body is under too much, maybe it could effect even slightly hormone production. It can be hard saying on an internet forum how to reduce stress. It's trying to calm yourself down and occupy thoughts so the worries aren't there. The person with no hobbies or little interest, can end up with lots of time to worry. Even activities like walking in a calm environment I've found helpful.]
Kenny said on 8/Jun/15
Hi Rob, What size shoe should a 6 feet male be wearing? Is it possible for a 6FT person to be wearing a size 9US Shoe? Thanks
[Editor Rob: typically about 15, maybe 16% of your height is the kind of shoe size you'd expect. So between 9-10 for 6ft would be pretty common. Size 11-13 big feet for that height, size 7-9 range small feet.]
Vlad said on 7/Jun/15
Rob, What height do you think is he? Click Here
[Editor Rob: above average by an inch or two]
spainmen191cm said on 6/Jun/15
Hey Rob, Im know 19(and three months) at 13-14 I was usually an average-below average guy, I was measured at 169 cm at 14, but I had a sprout up in 14-16 range and near 16 I hit 184cm. Aftert that at 17 I was in 6ft2.25 range and at 18 I was 190 cm(almost 6ft3) but in 18-19 range I had managed to hit a solid 6ft3, Im 193.3 out of bed and 191.3 before bed, do you think that I have chances to reach 6ft4? I do a lot of basketball, and sport.
[Editor Rob: you might just be finished now...but continue what you are doing with sport and over next year I'd actually not measure. Wait a year, continue being physically active and then report back - it would be interesting to see if another cm was possible for you.]
Marco said on 6/Jun/15
As a male at 17.5 years old, would you say that a little bit of growth is still possible (on average) or unlikely?
[Editor Rob: this is the kind of age a good chunk are now finished at...but a percentage will still gain. I think even at this age it's worth trying to stimulate the body and giving it the best chance for any final chance of growth. If you were 22 I'd say all the growth plates would be pretty much fused, but almost 18, maybe they aren't quite closed off so increasing exercise, improving that diet by adding variety to get as much mineral/vitamin as possible could help you.]
Sun said on 6/Jun/15
Hi, I am a 14 year old male and i am around 5'4. My father is 5'8 and my uncle is about 5'6 and nephews are taller than 5'8 and my aunts and nieces are shorter than 5'0 in my father's is mother 4'10 and most of my uncles and aunts in my mothers side are below 5'5. I had been growing pretty tall for the past two years, but i think i have stopped growing for the past six months. Will i still be able to grow? Or is this my height forever?
[Editor Rob: at 14 there should still be potential. I would try not to measure yourself over the next year, maybe just concentrate on being a teenager, start with more exercise/stretching and if you think too much about height that can add unwanted stress to your body. Taking up hobbies or sports I believe is good for your mind and body.]
167cm144lb said on 6/Jun/15
hey rob im 17 and 3 mos.,5'5 1/2(167cm), asian, lifted heavy before, been stuck in this height since 13 or 14, i think i grew up a cm from 166 and wondering if i would still grow, and how it is possible that at 13 a person stopped growing at a very young age.? i still want to reach legit 5'6/168cm can you help me?
[Editor Rob: it seems unlikely based on what you say. But if your plates are not closed then what I'd try to do is jolt the body into any final bit of growth. Sometimes putting the body under strain it will respond, so regular bi-weekly exercise involving intense sports or just running/sprints might help...then when you increase diet a bit and do more stretching, this may increase the chance of helping the body respond. I'm certain many teens age 14-18 did miss out on some growth because their body didn't produce as much Growth Hormone as it might have if it had better fuel (diet), better sleep (rest) and the exercise to generate the needed hormones.]
Ayush said on 5/Jun/15
Hi...I'm a 16 years 3 months old Male.My hieght is 5"5.My mother's height is 5"2/"3 and my Dad's height js 5"5...I have grown my adams apple that quit visible and moustache and beard around only chin...also I have acne probs on my face naybe because of growing of beard on cheeks.I sleep for around 7-9 hours(sometimes above 10) and I exercise on a regular basis like pushups pullups and running and play football or badminton.How much will i grow from now??
[Editor Rob: you may not gain much more than 1-1.5 inches now. But I wouldn't stop doing what you are doing - continue trying to add variety to your diet, maybe some new foods and mix it up. Definitely anybody at your age should try to keep up stuff like football/badminton as it will be helping stimulate your body in the production of growth hormone.]
Pete said on 5/Jun/15
Hey Rob I'm a 16 year old guy and 1,72 m tall. I've been swimming since I was 5. How much taller do you think I can get?
[Editor Rob: at 16, on average you can still gain a few more cm's. 175-6 range might be expected, but a proportion at your age will stop growing, and another proportion will gain more than the average. I suppose if you have the genetics, you could still gain 5-6cm after 16 and in some cases people gain even more. ]
Vlad said on 4/Jun/15
Hi rob. i am 15 years old 10 months and my morning height is 5'9.75 and my normal height is 5' dad is 5'10 and mom 5'4. this summer i was thinking of swimming a lot and playing basketball as well too.also my uncles are all above 5' you think i can reach 6-6'1 ?
[Editor Rob: still possible to get to 6ft range, I would definitely consider taking up swimming as it is a good sport to get all your limbs moving and also if you do sprint swimming at times, quite intensive.]
Question Mark said on 3/Jun/15
Hi Rob. Im 17.5 now 80kg 5ft 9 with a 6ft arm span. I was wondering if its too late for me to reach 6ft3 my brother height or even 6ft4 my fathers height. My mums 5ft1. as im a boy do you think i will grow?. I am sedentary and pretty much stopped growing at 14 then grew 1 inch at 16 last year. Am i finaly going to have a growth spurt? If i lose weight maybe and sleep more? Ps. Also stopped masturbation in fear as i started that at 13.
[Editor Rob: unless you knew your Father had a late surge of a few inches, I'd say it is unlikely to reach over 6ft now. ]
whoaihavefeet said on 2/Jun/15
Rob, what is the foot to height ratio? How tall should a guy with a 28.5 cm foot be?
[Editor Rob: it's about 15% of your height so you have equivalent of a 190cm tall guy's foot.]
Stiles said on 1/Jun/15
Hey Rob, I read somewhere that there are two growth spurts that occur and that one happens during puberty and the other one occurs just before adulthood (around 18). I was wondering if you had any information about this? Thanks
[Editor Rob: from the average heights the growth slows after the teenage (early 13-15) years...I think some people can get significant amonts at 15-18 but the vast majority gain more height in the 13-15 range.]
Kenny said on 1/Jun/15
Hi Rob, I am a 16 year 2 month old male. And my height is (176CM most of the day except my lowest which is 175.7CM) I measured my armspan and it seems short for my height (171CM) also my arms look very short for my height is this a sign that Im not done growing taller yet? I asked my dad and he said I should have at least 1-2+inches more to go. Many thanks
[Editor Rob: usually I would say if you were young and had a very long arm-height ratio that might indicate more growth in the body as sometimes the limbs grow a bit more before the body catches up. In your case it seems you just don't have long arms for your height, it's hard to tell how much more you might grow. 1.5 inches might be a reasonable amount to gain yeah.]
Tom 5'8.5 said on 31/May/15
Rob , plates hands are not always effective
My friend grew when they said it would not grow anything
You mentioned that we should not take seriously what the doctor says
Bee said on 30/May/15
Hi I'm a 15 year old female going on 16 both of my parents are 5'8 can I still grow?
[Editor Rob: yes you have potential, but the next year may be a time to up exercise and maybe even stretches, to try to maximise any growth your body has in the tank.]
tari said on 29/May/15
hey rob . should brothers be taller than the sisters and mothers because im 17 and ithe same height as my sister a nd mother wich is 5'8 and my fahter is also 5'8!
[Editor Rob: normally in most cases they would be, but a small minority of situations a brother may well find himself no taller or even shorter. I'd say it was a very small percentage though.]
Ryan said on 29/May/15
Me again. So i have started smoking a few months ago and i keep it secret. But i dont smoke much, i bum only one from my friends every 2 or 3 weeks. I dont even sometimes smoke. I am not addicted as far as i can say, i dont even want or remember it many times. I only smoke when a friend smokes around me. Note that i dont inhale it to my lungs, i suck it into my mouth. How much does it affect my future height or my health?
[Editor Rob: if you value your health, then smoking is something that is detrimental. Sure, some people can live a long-life and smoke and not end up with too much health issues, but many many more end up with heart/disease/lung/cancer as a result of ongoing smoking. It's a bad habit to start, best trying to resist. Also I read a paper saying that smoking can have long-term effect on disc health and thus you may shrink a bit more as you get older than if you didn't smoke.]
Thawan said on 29/May/15
Hey I'm currently 16, turning 17 this july 2015. My dad is 185, mom is 164 (?) I'm currently 169. Is it possible for me to still grow? I've started excercing a lot lately, basketball, swimming, jumping rope. And I drink 900 ml of milk everyday. Am I on the right track?
Mike said on 28/May/15
Hi Rob, i just turned 17 and my feet grew from US 9-9.5 to US 10 Does that mean i m still growing ?
shubhu said on 27/May/15
hey, i am a 15 year old girl, my height is 5ft. if i play basketball daily 15 mins then how much my height will increase in 1 month.
[Editor Rob: when you are young, doing activity like basketball, circuit training can be good to get your body producing as much Growth Hormone as possible.]
Ryoto said on 26/May/15
Hi Rob is it possible for me to reach 180 cm if I'm currently 15 And 8 months old and 175 cm tall and 65 kg?
[Editor Rob: on average I'd expect you might get near that mark.]
Ryan said on 26/May/15
Does stress have anything to do with puberty or hgh? My indocrinologist said dont be stressed much but didnt tell why. but i always am because of school and i cant get rid of it does it really affect hgh?
[Editor Rob: I'm sure it plays a role. Reducing stress? Sometimes occupying the mind with more positive thoughts/feelings can help. Relax and put books away, maybe even watch some funny youtube videos, go for a walk in a nice park etc. ]
Tan said on 26/May/15
Hey Rob I am like 5'11.5 30 mins after waking up. I'm also 15 years old and 6 months. My dad is like only 5'8 my mother is 5'2. When I was 12 I was 4'11. When I was 13 I was 5'2 when I was 14 I was 5'5.5. The beginning of 2015 I was 5'9 . All my uncles are 5'8,5'9, and 5'10. My aunts are 5'3.5 and 5'4.5. My grandfather was 5'9 at his peak. My grandmother was 5'5 at her peak. But my uncle on my father side is 6'2. And my great grandfather on my mom side is 6'2 also. I In tanner stage 3.8.Is it possible for me to reach at least 6'3.
[Editor Rob: if you reached 6ft 2 I'd say you have done very well based on genetics.]
Haz said on 26/May/15
I'm 17 yrs old girl who is turning 18 soon. I'm currently 5'1 ft and i want to reach to 5'3 ft. Even though I'm slightly older, I still have hormone production (because of my acne). My mother is almost 5 foot 3 and she stopped growing when she was in first year of college. So I'm wondering if it's possible for me to grow taller if I start doing stretching exercises.
[Editor Rob: at worst stretching will improve your flexibility and help your posture, so for anybody - even 5 minutes a day doing different stretches - it's a good thing. ]
Artemis said on 26/May/15
Hello Mr. Rob, I'm 19 years old and only 5'2" (157-158 cm). My father is almost 6 ft and my mother is 5'5". Do you think I will grow in between my father and mother's height? I know that my aunt grew few inches when she was 20.
[Editor Rob: if there is late growth at 19-20 in the family there is a chance, but you might not gain much more. Unfortunately it seems you might have got more of the shorter genes from parents rather than taller ones.]
SwitzerlandGuy said on 25/May/15
Hi Rob, I m a 17 boy and recently i noticed that unlike almost all fully grown men, my fold of the elbow is under my navel (long arms compared to trunk) since column spine is the last bone which has growth spurt, does that mean i c1n expect + 3-4 cm ? My height is 179-80 my arm span is 191 and recently my feet grew from US 9 to US 10 How to maximize my growth ? Thanks
[Editor Rob: I've mentioned it in comments before on this page. I think with your armpsan there seems to be a chance as it is very long for your height, so I wouldn't be surprised if you may yet get a couple more cm. Just keep eating well and sleeping well.]
lupson said on 23/May/15
Hey rob i am a 14 years old boy i always slouch but if i start to sit up and walk straight will i still be tall?
[Editor Rob: slouching is a bad habit really, as you grow older it won't help your back. I'd try to get into habit of standing well.]
Ann said on 20/May/15
Hi, I'm a 16 year old girl turning 17 in 4 months. Do you think I'd still grow about 2 inches or just an inch and a half? I'm 5"7.5 Dad's is 5"11 and mom is 5"6 brothers are 6"1 +
[Editor Rob: for girls at age 17-18 there is far less percentage who still noticeably grow compared to boys. While not impossible, I wouldn't expect almost 17 there is still a bit more chance, I'd say keep up eating well and try to incorporate - if you don't already - some aerobic exercising which can help boost Growth Hormone levels.]
BB said on 19/May/15
Hey Rob. I am about 5'6" and 18 years old. I grew pretty drastically from 4'11" just a few years ago. I've always been a bit behind I think. I have a deep voice but I only need to shave once every few weeks, if that, and got some thin armpit hair fairly recently. Do you think I could gain an inch or two of height yet?
[Editor Rob: some people can have delayed growth, or catch-up growth...if you feel or look underdeveloped you might still have a greater potential for 18-19 age growth.]
John said on 18/May/15
Im 19 yr old is there any chance i can grow taller,u said it at 21 we stop growing so is there by chance i can still grow a few inch before 21,i am close to average tall
John said on 18/May/15
Im 19 yr old is there ny any chance i can grow taller,u said it at 21 we stop growing so is thre by chance i can still grow a few inch before 21
[Editor Rob: a hand x-ray from a Dr may be able to help see if your growth plates are closed or not. If not there is always a chance of late growth, I'd look into that.]
VANDER said on 18/May/15
Hey Rob, I just turned 15 and i stand at exactly 6 foot, my dad is 5'8 and my mum is 5'6.. But my grandfather (dads side) was 6'10" ! Idk if something went wrong with the genetics between my grandfather and my dad. Also my first cousin is 23 and he stands at 6'7". Would there be a chance of me getting above 6'5"?
[Editor Rob: you could reach several more inches. Maybe find out what your Dad and his Dad were at age 15...if your Grandad grew a lot after 15 you might still gain significant height.]
Ariana said on 18/May/15
Hello, I was wondering if my body type is more like my dads and he's 6'0" but my mom is 5'1", will I grow tall like him? Btw, I'm 15.5, weigh 124-125 lbs, and I eat very healthy on a regular basis. Also, I normally get 6-8 hours of sleep and dance hip-hop almost every day.
[Editor Rob: 8-9 hours of sleep I'd aim for, but if you are wakening up without the need for an alarm then generally your own body clock is kind of saying you are getting enough sleep. I never use alarms myself and get to bed 10-10.30pm and always wake about 5.45-6.45 range. If you have the physical appearance more like your Father, you may well have more of the height genes, but all genes are complex. Dr's don't even understand all of the genes associated with height fully, so at your age you may well still gain some more.]
Ryan said on 17/May/15
Hey. 176 Ryan here. 15 years and a month old and still growing(dont even have beard yet). I have grown 4.7 centimeters according to indocrinology measurements and plates open. Doctor guaranteed me at least 180cm , by the time i am 20 i would be 183-184 she said. I feel like i have bragged too much sorry for that. Question is, there is a whole summer to grow and plenty of time to swim and eat. My diet is healthy,sleep is not but i will reset that and swim a lot in the summer. Is it possible for me to grow to 180cm? 4 cms for 3,5 month seem possible to me but if not, i'd better not be hoping. Thanks for reading whole text.
[Editor Rob: I would just continue being a teenager and really - my advice for teens is to measure infrequently, once every 6 months if you are curious is fine. I would try to do some exercise that involves bursts of activity. Circuit training maybe is something that can help with HGH production.]
TJ said on 17/May/15
Do you know if yoga truly decompresses ones spine and can increase their height? I have heard a lot of different answers about yoga and height increase.
[Editor Rob: some people claim it has helped, but I feel what happens is the person isn't standing at their optimum height, so many months or even a year or so of these exercise/stretches helps make them achieve their real maximum standing might just be a wee fraction, but I suppose anybody would take a fraction if offered!]
Jim said on 15/May/15
Hi Rob, how much can a bad posture alter in your real height? I'm on a chair most of the day and with a bad sitting posture, what do you think?
[Editor Rob: I spend hours each day on a chair and have done since my teenage years. What I do is a few minutes of basic stretches for my back and core to help compensate for the bad posture I have while at a desk. Ergonomically, my desk isn't great. Certainly being in bad positions makes the body adopt that kind of bad habit over a longer I'd definitely try to do something about it if you work a lot from a desk.]
Eshu said on 14/May/15
hello ROB, im 16 and a half , my height is 5'8" and i reaaly need to grow at lest 6'. My parents are 5'7" and 5'6". My uncles are taller at least 5'9" and 5'10". Pls help.
[Editor Rob: genetically you may not be programmed to end up much taller than 5ft 8. But if your growth plates are still open, then read the advice out there - exercise, enough sleep and eating bigger meals may help you maximise whatever growth you may have left in your system...]
luke said on 14/May/15
Yo rob, I am 14 yrs old an 175cm tall.Is it possible for me to hot 180cm in the future?
[Editor Rob: on average I think you have a good chance at reaching over that range, maybe even several cm more.]
Felix said on 11/May/15
Hey rob I'm 15 and I'm about 5'5, its not a huge deal for me but sometimes it does bother me is there any chance whatsoever that I will reach 6'0 or close to it, most of my family members are around the height but my dad is shorter than me, so is there a chance or will I probably only grow like one or two more inches.
[Editor Rob: I would say you would do remarkably well to get 6ft at your current height/age. It's not impossible though, never rule it out as some guys to gain big amounts at 15...look at kevin costner and Rupert Everett, both short guys at 15-16 and gained in that 16-19 range.]
JACKu said on 11/May/15
Hey Rob, i'm male 18 years old (and a few months) and I'm like a weak 5 ft 7, my Dad is probably around 5ft 11 and my mum is like 5 ft 3, Is there any chance i can grow taller? its seriously affecting my everyday life, and often gets me really depressed. Almost everyone at school is taller than me which doesn't help. Is there anything i can do to stimulate any type of growth even if it were like an inch or two?! A reply would be great, thanks!
[Editor Rob: unless you found out your parents had a later spurt, you might not gain much more. If you physically look underdeveloped compared to say some of your peers. Like you appear more of a 16 year old then there may be a chance...]
tari said on 7/May/15
whats up rob im 17 and 5 month im 5'8 and both parents are 5'8my older brother is 5'11 maybe more and one sister same height as me and the other ones are about 5'6 . also my brother started bgrowing after highschool he was on of the shortest in his class hey grow alot of inches after 17 do you think ihave a chance of growing more ?
[Editor Rob: sometimes people can get late spurts, while others just are finished - if one of your siblings managed noticeable growth at 17-19 then you could have a chance.]
Reah said on 7/May/15
Hi.i'm 17 years old female and my height is 5'7 ,and i just wanted to know that do i still grow up? I think my height is too much to me.My parents is not really tall,my mother's 5'4 and my father's height 5'6.
[Editor Rob: at your age you are likely finished growth.]
Dinah said on 6/May/15
Hi Rob. I'm a 14 year old female and I'd like to know my height when I'm done slowly growing. I'm 5'1 1/2 right now, and I'm aiming for 5'2. Is this possible?
[Editor Rob: you have a good chance, although girls generally can stop growth a few years earlier than boys. But if you make sure you eat enough, sleep enough and are doing exercise, these mean you are giving your body the best chance for any growth it has left.]
youngbreeze said on 4/May/15
am 21 years old and am 5'6(168cm) please what should i do in order to add
tees said on 2/May/15
I am now 173cm, about to be 17(just a matter of days). Do you still think i can grow taller...although i do gym sometimes
[Editor Rob: 17 is an age a good chunk stop growth...but another chunk still gain in 17-19...if your growth plates are still open there is a chance, I'd definitely consider the stuff talked about on this page like more exercise and good sleep etc.]
Kenny said on 1/May/15
Hi Rob I want to know what height range I might be when Im done growing. I am a 16 yr 1 month old male. My morning height is a weak 5 foot 10 and my evening height is 5 foot 9.
[Editor Rob: reaching 6ft is possible, if you did I think you should be content with that.]
TJ said on 30/Apr/15
Do men continue to grow until the age of 25, or is that a myth?
[Editor Rob: a very tiny percentage can still gain height in early 20's, but it is a small percentage.]
Marco said on 29/Apr/15
@Rob thanks for the reply. I don't lift as I'm aware of the recommendations about not really lifting while in your teens and while I play games I wouldn't say it's anywhere near enough to have an affect. I was more just wondering if you know any conditions as such that could affect height or if you know of any stories where this has occurred at a young age? I'd say my posture is more bad than good but no real significance. My height during the 2013 summer was measured at 178 by my mother. But now it appears more in the 177.0 range (when I measured on a late evening a several weeks ago).
[Editor Rob: some people at young age can vary from 2-3cm morning to evening. Also hydration/dehydration can effect your height a little. This might account for some fluctuations.]
dinio_0121 said on 28/Apr/15
Hi rob, I'm 16 male and stand at 5"6. my dad is 6"2 and mum is around 5"3. Do I have a chance of getting to 6ft?
[Editor Rob: you need a big spurt in next couple of years...while not impossible, I think if you got even 5ft 11 you should be delighted.]
Luxu said on 27/Apr/15
Rob,Im 16 and Im around 174cm. On averege how many cm Can i get til here? Im a very Hairy guy...
[Editor Rob: 3-4cm isn't impossible, 5-6cm would be a good amount, anything more and you are doing much better than average for growth 16-19.]
Tom said on 27/Apr/15
Hi Rob, I can't help but slouch whenever I walk. Next to tall people, I just slouch. i am 18 and 5'5 1/2. I do stretching exercises and that doesn't help much, thanks
[Editor Rob: sometimes you have to practice your stance. Maybe work on pressups or hanging/chin ups. When you find yourself slouching try to tell yourself to stand might take a while but try to get your mind aswell to think about it.]
jack said on 27/Apr/15
I will be 17 this july. I am 168.5 cms. I am like tanner 4.8. I have grown like 3-4 cms last year. will I grow anymore.
[Editor Rob: since you are still gaining height at 15 then you want to keep eating/sleeping well and making sure your body has the exercise to produce HGH.]
Samuel Tolu said on 26/Apr/15
Hello Mr. Rob. Am gonna be 17 in a month's time and I am 173cm. Am already taller than my mom. I think my dad is either a little shorter than me or we are of the same height. My weight dropped to 55 kg. 1. Do you think that my decrease in weight can make me grow taller? 2. How tall do you think i would be when am 20? 3. Can buildings and exercises stop growth? 4. Does masturbation stunts growth? Pls, answer the four questions. Thank Sir Rob
[Editor Rob: if you gain more than 3cm I think you should be happy as many at your age won't gain more, a proportion will gain 2-3cm and a smaller proportion 3+cm. If you gto 176cm, I think in your situation I'd be content. I don't know about Q4, Q3 - you actually want to have intense exercise like sprints as this helps the body produce HGH.]
Seoul said on 26/Apr/15
Hi , Rob I'm 15 and I just 1m50 and 45 kilo . What should I do to get more tall and thin ????? Please help me and told me . Rob !
[Editor Rob: I'd just try to get some exercise like swimming and take up 5-10 minutes of stretching a day.]
ubu said on 25/Apr/15
Hello Rob, I was wondering how rare my amount of growth has been for my age. I was around 174 cm at 19 (possibly less) and now I am 181 cm at 23 years old.
[Editor Rob: it is a very big late growth you managed. For every guy who got that another 100-200 won't get anything noticeable from 19-23!.]
Marco said on 25/Apr/15
Hey @Rob, just out of curiosity, is it possible to shrink while in your teens (16-18) ? A few of my friends are under the impression that I've 'shrank' or look smaller. I'm seriously worried about this as I find height quite important for my sports etc. Would really appreciate a reply, thanks.
[Editor Rob: some people who start lifting or have spent many months literally squatting over a Playstation might damage their posture/back and appear shorter. I would maybe try some daily stretches to see if it is your posture that has got worse...]
Glen2000 said on 25/Apr/15
Hi rob I'm a male that is 13 and 9 months and 5ft7 and a half my goal is to make it to 6ft3 by the time I have finished growing so that is another 7 and a half inches is it possible for me to grow that much more?
[Editor Rob: I think it would be unlikely, but not impossible. Genetically if you had tall parents who had later growth spurts then maybe it is achievable.]
Donald said on 24/Apr/15
Hi again. Got a wrist xray a week or two ago and had my birthday. My plates seem to be close to each other,maybe just started fusing. My height is now 175.5-176 cm and havent seen much growth for 2 months. My father is 184 and has grown late,like 17-18 but he also didnt have much body hair then. I have unfortunately made this an obsession. What should i do for my obsession and what do you think about xray and possible growth?
[Editor Rob: starting today I'd create a program for yourself. Look on youtube for exercises on stretching and maybe start a sport like swimming or try some weekly sprinting. If there is anything left you want to try to jolt your body into growing. Also up your meals maybe to make sure you are getting enough. I would persevere over the next year and try not to measure for 6 months. Just get on with stretch/exercise and try not to worry or obsess about measuring.]
Jeffery said on 24/Apr/15
Joe Manganiello's father is about 5'10 and his mother is not that tall either. How did that work?
Christopher said on 23/Apr/15
hi Rob, would an additional 4-7cm be asking too much for a 16-year old male who swims once a week?
[Editor Rob: if you add in another intense exercise like sprints, it may help. But genetics can be hard to tell. One 16 year old might be finishing growth, while another still has potentially nearly 3 years of growth in their body and exercise/stretching over that period might maximise or even exceed what the person would get just doing normal activities.]
sausagelord said on 23/Apr/15
Hi rob.Just curious, what is a person's real height? i mean out of bed i'm 183-184 cm, and when i measure during the day sometimes i'm 182, sometimes 181.Oh, and what should i say when someone asks how tall i am? 5'11 or 6 foot?
[Editor Rob: unfortunately we do shrink which means we all have a 'Height Range' from the morning high to our evening low. I don't think we can categorise a real height because we vary over a real range. Personally though, I go with afternoon or evening as we don't vary much between lunch and evening.]
5-9 said on 23/Apr/15
HI Rob, quick question but is it OK to measure height with socks on? or is it better to take them off?
[Editor Rob: stick with one name please, it's easier for me to respond. Socks typically add a fraction of a other words, unless they are thick mountaineering type socks, then don't bother taking them off.]
Kenny said on 22/Apr/15
Hi Rob,

I want to ask what are my chances are of hitting 6 ft. I am a 16 year old male just turned 16 around 3 weeks ago...I measure at 177 range at the morning and at night I drop to a little over 5 ft 9 range. her nice website! keep up the good work!
josh said on 21/Apr/15
Hi rob. I just wanted to ask what I should tell people when they ask how tall I am? Is it okay if I tell them my height out of bed?
[Editor Rob: if you say "i'm 5ft 6....out of bed" or whatever your height is, then that is ok. Some might not realise you are taller and then they go away and check themselves and get excited or pleased at the fact.]
pablo77bar said on 20/Apr/15
Rob I made 17 this week I grew a bit since the last time Solid 6ft 1 out of bed and solid 6f 0.5 at the day. I'm obsessed with my height since I'm 8ers old. I want to be at least 6ft 2.5 There are good chances ? I have a brother with 6ft 1.5 and my daddy was 5ft11.5 at peak ? I think that i have bad posture.If I correct,maybe i gain a few cms ?
[Editor Rob: I doubt it would add more cm, but if you do 5-10 minutes stretching every day it will improve and you start to look 6ft 1 to everybody because your muscles in core/back will help you stand near your tallest. Still a chance you could get near that 6ft 2...but if you didn't gain anymore, it's still a tall height.]
discrete said on 19/Apr/15
Hey Rob im 15, around 181 cm. what can i do to reach at least 183 cm since i wanna be taller or at least as tall than my dad. and does jogging and lifting weights affect or stunt growth? thanks.
[Editor Rob: lifting moderate weights no, but big heavy weights at a young age might not be the best thing to do! I think you have a good chance of clearing 183cm. I'd try to incorporate some exercise that has bursts like sprinting.]
Cass said on 19/Apr/15
Im 15 female 5"4.i grew four inches since last year. I skip or swim almost everyday. I do stretch in the mornings and eat healthy. What. Can be my max height? (my. Parents are short but my aunts n uncles are 5"10 beyond)
[Editor Rob: hard to really say, just continue what you are doing for next 2-3 years and you should maximise what you have left. Also make sure you get enough sleep...your body really works best when it can repair and grow by having enough time during the night.]
spainmen192cm said on 16/Apr/15
Rob, I was measured 192cm(6'3.5) at afternoon-evening in September(at 18 and 6 months) Im now 19, do you think I have chance of growing more? I had grown a lot since 14 when I was only 169cm, also I was 190cm at 17. I have a very tall father at 6'7 and my mother is 5'7.5-75, I do a lot of exercise(basketball,running) and I only weigh 75kg, I dont like not being eye to eye with my father despite Im very tall already.
[Editor Rob: I think if you measured yourself now and was the same then you might be finished growth.]
sangh said on 15/Apr/15
i am 18 how can grow now i was 174cm only
[Editor Rob: at 18 it is much harder. The percentage who gain something noticeable (over 1cm) is much smaller compared to those who are finished. You could get lucky and still gain though, your plates might not be fully closed off.]
blackdemon said on 14/Apr/15
hey rob am 15 i have a full beard hair everywhere i used to smoke at the age of 14 and i have completely stopped smoking its 5 months now i even did a fair amount of weight lifting at 14 am 164 and i have been 164 since 14 and am gonna turn 16 in a few months i cant find my height either because am adopted,but do i have any chance of growing ? please help me thanks loads.
[Editor Rob: if your growth plates are open, then there could still be a chance. It is good that you stopped smoking, I advise anybody not to touch them, even older people because it can effect your height as you age. At your age I might buy a hanging bar and start to do some sprinting exercises, spend 15 minutes a day letting your body stretch out. Also if you play computer games, I'd try to cut down a bit and get into bed for 9-10pm. To grow, your body needs the fuel (good amount of food), the jolts (exercise) and the rest (sleep). I think it also helps if we remove stress from lives, or reduce it and worries. This is why I would try not to measure your height for many months.]
Dylan said on 13/Apr/15
Hey Rob, I'm 18 and 5'9. How likely is it that I grow 1-2cm in two years? You write that it's uncommon to get several inches taller at and after 18 which I totally understand and accepts but if we talk cm, is it common to get these last 1-2cm in the end of your teens? I am thankful for an answer. Love this site by the way, take care.
[Editor Rob: a proportion can get a final small addition at 18-20 range...I think if you try to do exercise that can help HGH production (sprints, swimming) then it gives your body the best chance of maximising any potential. Height genes are complex, I'm sure there is a kind of range we can reach, but also depending on your physique, environment and exercise/diet, some will end up the lower end of that potential while others might reach the top or maybe even exceed it.]
evanrey said on 12/Apr/15
Rob answer Me,I'm 15 years old and 169cm.I wish i can reach 180cm. I play basketball all day it's possible to reach it when I pass My growing ages.what i gonna do if it is not work?
[Editor Rob: at 15 there is still potential in the vast majority of boys for growth. Only a small minority at this age are finished growing. It changes age 18 only a small minority can still gain height while the vast majority are finished growth. Keep up basketball, make sure you eat healthy big meals and try not to stress or measure your height for say 6 months. Then check it again, and if there has been any growth, keep doing what you are doing, and even add in some stretching/hanging. ]
dafaq said on 10/Apr/15
Rob wont answer our question wtf !!!!!!
Sho said on 10/Apr/15
Rob, I am 5'5 male and 17 and 6 months.. how tall can I be at 19 or 20's? please rob I need a quick response please please please rob.
[Editor Rob: if you gain anymore height (noticeable like 1 inch) I'd say you should be happy as majority of people by this age won't gain much more.]
hd said on 9/Apr/15
hey rob i'm 14 i'll become 15 this year and i'm 5'7-5'8 will i ever reach 5'11? I have 2 older brothers over 18 and one of them is 5'10
[Editor Rob: their growth from 15 to 18 would be a good indicator of what potential you might have left. Find out if you can what they were at your age...sometimes that might be hard though!]
Ryan said on 8/Apr/15
Hi Rob. I just turned 16 recently and my height is 179cm. Do I have the potential to reach 183-184cm? My dad and mom are both 170cm.
ConnorMc said on 7/Apr/15
Hey rob I'm asking about when you measure your height should you put your back against the wall to ensure an accurate reading. I'm a 15 year old boy 179cm, that is what I was measured at school l but my dad measured me and I'm 177cm which scrapes 5'10. I'm also 16 in May. Do you think hanging from a pole my help. Would like to be 185cm
[Editor Rob: if I was a teen again I would use a hanging bar for some strength training, but maybe it can benefit your posture aswell. At 15 I think you have a chance of getting into 183-5 range. Just follow the tips in this thread. If you put your back against a wall to measure, just make sure you don't tilt your head back or you might undermeasure your height. You want to be standing vertically - it's easier to measure yourself if you are facing a wall, but if you have a friend helping, then you could stand with back to it. There shouldn't be any difference, unless you have bent your back/head a little.]
abd said on 6/Apr/15
Sir my height is 170 and my age is 19. What should I do to make it 176 and my fathers height is 172. Is it possible to attain that height by doing exercise regularly
[Editor Rob: there is nothing wrong with trying - others on youtube around that age range have been trying exercise/stretching/hanging to see if they can get a final little bit of height. Your growth plates might not be fully closed, so there may still be potential for growth - exercise can help with growth hormone production so maybe worth considering. Get a routine of some swimming or sprinting a couple of times a week. 15 minutes of stretching every other day, maybe hang on a pull-up bar for 10-15 minutes a day. If you don't gain anything, at worst you will improve physique/posture and can say that you did try!]
Kawai said on 5/Apr/15
Rob, thank you for your reply.. but how many hours should I play basketball? 5 hours or 6 hours to gain more height. and it is summer here so is it true that I can grow more taller in summer?
[Editor Rob: you don't want to overdo it, but maybe do at about 3 sessions a week, like 30-60 minutes. Incorporate jumping and dribbling a fair bit.]
happy20 said on 5/Apr/15
Hi rob. Until 15 I used to eat a lot and i was very fat. So at 15 i started a very strong diet of about 400 kcal for The first seven months and about 1500/1700 till i was 19. I also did al lot of sport (running and weightlifthing). Do you thii could have stopped or delayed my height growth? I was 167cm when i started. I'm now 176. 1 cm taller than my dad
[Editor Rob: no, I think you gained 3 inches after 15, which is quite good.]
xcaliver said on 5/Apr/15
Hy Rob , i am almost 15 and i am 166 cm 5,5 and i wanted atleast 5.10 and my wieght is 65 i really want togrow taller all my friends of my age are taller than me i have also lifted some weight(5kg) at the age of 14 (not too much) because i am suffering from gynecomastia .my mother is 5.2 and my father is 5.8 will i grow up to 5.10 ? Please help me i already got much mustache and llittle bit beard .
[Editor Rob: I think you would do extremely well if you made it to 5ft 10, you might still get near your Dad's height, but if you exceeded his height, I think you would be delighted. Keep making sure you exercise to help with growth hormone. Stuff like swimming or some intensive exercise like sprinting might help. Also good meals and sleep for your body to repair/grow.]
Gyshaha said on 4/Apr/15
Rob,how many times in the week i need To swim for grow at last 2 inches tall? Im 16
[Editor Rob: swimming is an exercise that is good for promoting HGH production, but it's not going to guarantee any height or anything... I would swim 30-45 minutes twice a week.]
Jeffery said on 4/Apr/15
5'3 (~160.5 cm) and I turned 15 last November. Tenth grade. I've been this tall for a few years now which is starting to worry me. My dad peaks at 5'7. I have zero chest hair and barely started growing armpit hair. No facial hair either. How tall am I estimated to be? Can I possibly reach 5'10?
[Editor Rob: it seems unlikely. If your dad managed growth at 16-18, then you may still be his range...see if you can find out if your dad/mum ever noted their heights and when they stopped growing.]
Joe said on 3/Apr/15
Rob, Can short parents say 5ft, have boys that grow to 6foot?
[Editor Rob: mostly it is unlikely, but not impossible. Genetically you might get lucky and your parents at 5ft never actually grew to their own their potential might have been 5ft 2 or 5ft 5 but they never reached it. Your potential might be 5ft 9-10, but some people I'm sure have exceeded their potential. I've seen cases of 5ft 2 and 6 man produce 6ft 1 son and a 5ft 7.5 son, the taller son didn't do much different growing up than his brother, he just got genetically lucky and maybe got some random mutation of the 'tall parts' of the height genes...]
Joe said on 3/Apr/15
Rob, can having narrow shoulders, skinny legs, small head and slim body make you look taller? Thanks
[Editor Rob: slimmer body, slightly longer legs-torso ratio and a smaller than average head can all help you appear taller.]
ship said on 1/Apr/15
Rob please tell me, how tall can I be if I am 168 cm. and I am 17. I repeatedly questioning this thing all the time in this website and no one replying to it.. why some one has to be lucky to answers people question.. and I change my name so many times.
[Editor Rob: if you stick to one name it's easier... Some people unfortunately have stopped by 17...others may still gain height. Knowing if either of your parents can remember if they grew at 17-18 would help you...but if your growth plates aren't closed, then you want to try to shock your body into a final bit of growth. By shock, I mean take up exercise, add in hanging/stretching exercise and maybe even increase meals a little in size.]
Donald said on 1/Apr/15
Me again.Thanks for your reply. So new thoughts and a measurement i did yesterday and today over your in day height change video made me wonder. Yesterday when i woke up i measured myself 178-177.5 cm but by the evening i get back to 175-176 cm and it seems wrong. I repeated it today and same results.What are your thoughts about it? And hopefully last; i exercise daily,been lifting weights some time ago but quit because of height issues. I still do 50-250 pushups and 500-1000 jumps daily. Is it enough or should i start swimming? And if i start swimming; how beneficial is it about height?
[Editor Rob: any kind of activity like swimming is beneficial as it helps promote Growth Hormone production...but you need to then ensure your body is getting enough sleep and ample amounts of food. Shrinking 2cm or a bit more isn't uncommon, some people shrink a full inch, some even 3cm!]
KaizerCola said on 1/Apr/15
Thanks Rob !
Kawai said on 31/Mar/15
Rob, I am 17 , 170cm . can I reach 173cm? I play basketball tho. I am very concerned with my height, thanks .
[Editor Rob: keep up exercising, incorporate hanging/stretching and you may well reach that mark. Don't give up, basketball is a good sport, as is swimming.]
Derek said on 30/Mar/15
Hey Rob. What time of day should I measure my height? When is best?
[Editor Rob: measure about lunchtime I say, then you won't shrink much more from then till evening, maybe a few mm.]
Matheus said on 30/Mar/15
Rob,Im 16 and 174cm.I want to be 180cm,It's possible? My parents are short,and Im swimming Twice in The week...I'm really concerned about My height and measuring a lot. A grew 4 cm in last year (15-16)...
[Editor Rob: you are doing something good - swimming. My advice - put away that tape measure for 6 months. Lock it in a cupboard, forget about it until October then check again...I know it can be hard...but it's worth trying to reduce the thought/stress about height.]
KaizerCola said on 30/Mar/15
Thanks for the reply ! So you think that I have high or at least good chance to reach 182 cm ? It would be perfect, and it match with my growth chart in my health book :) Do you have some tips to maximize my potential height ? My sister grew until almost 17 which is quite late for a girl hope i have same genes. Last, since my 16th birthday i gain 3-4 cm which si quite a lot in only one year so i think that my growth is not over but just slowed. Anyway thanks for the fast reply, that's very kind from you to give some of your time to us ! Big thank you Rob
[Editor Rob: you have the potential to reach it and if your sister managed to gain height till 17, that might mean the genes for yourself can produce another big of growth near 18]
midoubronx said on 30/Mar/15
Hi rob , im a 14 years teen i'll be 15 this july . Im 155cm 5.1ft my mom is 166cm and my dad is 173 . I was wondering if my height is average or short for my age . And how many years of growth do i have to complete my finale height and can you predict it ? And any advice on how can i get taller quickly would be great . Thx
[Editor Rob: I think you might be almost your Dad's height...but if you want to maximise growth then do the things I didn't do (stopped at 14 and 5ft 8) - make sure you keep up healthy and good sized meals, don't stay up late on computers or playing games and disturbing your sleeping patterns, keep up enough exercise to help get your body producing HGH, don't stress too much about what the future holds...enjoy being a teenager. Also I would try to avoid measuring, only once every 6 months to see any progress. ]
Donald said on 30/Mar/15
Hello. I am 15 by 2 weeks and 175cm at the end of the day. My father is 184 cm and mother is 169 cm. Last time checked(2 months) my growth plates were still open and bone age was in sync with calendar age.And when i do a T shape with my arms and body fingertip to fingertip distance is 183-4 cm. Question is: i seem to be in late puberty and i feel pain both at my upper and lower legs,especially knees. Might my plates be fusing? And what is your estimate for adult height? Sorry for the long text and thanks for reading.
[Editor Rob: You still have a chance of getting close to your Dad...make sure you get exercise and enough sleep! I think around 6ft is quite possible. I don't know if your plates are fusing.]
Panda said on 29/Mar/15
Hey Rob what stretching exercises would you recommend doing? Even if I don't gain any height (18.83 years old and 5'7.5" currently) I'll at least have better posture.
[Editor Rob: these are only 2 basic ones I'm getting Jenny to do Click Here. There are others on the bar, kind of like a ski pose. You can do normal stretching like touching tip toes, then moving onto raising hands above head...sit-ups are good aswell.]
james said on 29/Mar/15
hi im 170cm, but i wanna be 185 is it possible?
[Editor Rob: if you had a few years of growth left, but if near 18 then it is extremely unlikely.]
ali said on 28/Mar/15
my mom stopped growing at around 20 and my dad the same
[Editor Rob: that's late growth, there is good potential for some late growth then.]
KaizerCola said on 27/Mar/15
Hi Rob, I'm a 16 young boy (17 in may). My current height is 179,5 in morning (i grow by 1 cm since december-january) and i wonder if i could expect a 183/185 cm range in final height. My dad is 176 and my mom was 172-173. In my family men are tall for the most between 180 and 190 cm, my grandpa was between 190 and 200 cm, some of my uncles are near 190 cm. I did some xrays and doctor said that my leg growth was almost over but still a little bit of growth then my spinal column will grow at last. Can i expect a 183 cm and even 185cm height as adult height ? My arm span is 186 cm and i have longer legs than many of people of my age. I always been considerate as a relatively tall kid. Should i must doing stretching ? What kind ? and what kind of alimentation you recommend to maximize height ? Long post lol, thanks for the reply, and sorry for my english, i'm French.
[Editor Rob: if you gain another 3cm I'd say you will have done well. If you found out that any of your Uncle/Father had any sort of growth at 17-19 range, then that might give you hope. But still, you are already average for young men in France.]
son said on 27/Mar/15
Hir sir Rob, I've been stressed and developing anxiety for the few weeks until I see your website. can you please answer if I'll still grow more. I am 17 and only 5'6 . how can I still grow if I don't sleep well at night I only sleep for 5-6 hours and..... Idk how can I still be happy.. my dream height is 5'8..
[Editor Rob: put away a tape measure, don't touch it for 6 months. It might be hard but don't measure or try not to think about it. Sometimes by getting more exercise and occupying your day with some more activites, it means by the end of the night you are tired enough that you manage 7-8 hours. If I was your age I would also at least try to do some hanging routines, 10-15 minutes worth a day.]
Jalen said on 27/Mar/15
Hi Rob! I'm 13, I'm starting to exercise more and try to get more sleep. I'm around 180 pounds and I'm 5' 6" or 5' 5". I had lower spine surgery and my mom is 5' 3" and my dad is 5' 8". Any chance I get 6 feet?
[Editor Rob: I know a family with same parent size and their boys were 5ft 9, 5ft 9 and 6ft, sometimes you can get more of the taller genes...but maybe some people also maximise their potential or exceed it. Their body gets enough rest, does enough exercise so that more HGH is produced.]
Stanley said on 27/Mar/15
Hey Rob, first of all I was wondering what height measurement I should take, I know that it varies throughout the day so I was wondering at which time I should measure. Also, I am 17 years and five months, would it be possible for me to grow atleast 1/4 of an inch before I am done growing? At my lowest I'd say I am around 5ft9 3/4 - 5ft10. My parents are both smaller than this however I have relatives that are between 5ft10 to 6ft. Thanks :)
[Editor Rob: some people around that age might not have fully closed plates. There is a theory that by exercising/stretching it may help jolt a final trickle of growth.]
bob_5989 said on 26/Mar/15
Hi rob Im 16 male and 5'6. My dad is atleast 6'2 and mum like 5'3. I just read that topical steroid creams can stunt growth and i've used them in the past, could this be why I'm not so tall
[Editor Rob: overuse of them can, I have seen it first hand, but it's years of use for bad eczema.]
ali said on 25/Mar/15
hi rob i'm 16 and 176 cm my mom is 6ft and my dad is 5'10 will i grow to 6t fyi i'm a girl
[Editor Rob: I'd ask your parents if they remember when they stopped growing. At 16 range many girls are finished, it's rarer to gain nearly 3 inches after 16 for a girl, but not impossible if your parents had later spurts, it might mean it's in your genes too. At 176cm that is already tall for a women, 6ft would be a standout height. In heels you would make many men look small.]
Niallsfave said on 24/Mar/15
Hi I'm 15 and 5'3 but my mom is 5'8 and my dad is 5'7 is there a chance that I'll still grow taller ?
[Editor Rob: yes you still have enough time. You might be entering a period over next 2 years where you gain several inches.]
tiger said on 23/Mar/15
And i m still growing i was 4'11 when i turned 13 and was 5'4 when turned 14 and now i am approx 5'8 and im 15
tiger said on 23/Mar/15
Hey Rob i have turned 15 this feb 2015 im 172cm my dad is 169 My mom is 164cm i stretch and exercise daily i get a sleep of 8-9 hours daily .im a boy .Uncles on father side is almost 175cm and on ,mother side is almost 177cm Can i grow atleast grow to 178cm .i wanna be 180cm and im from Pakistan
[Editor Rob: there is still a few potential years. Just keep doing what you are doing, and make sure you are getting enough meals and vary it up, add in some different foods now and again. Personally I would try to cut out too many sweet/biscuits and make sure to regularly drink water.]
shoeshinerr said on 23/Mar/15
Hey. I am 16 years old male and I am 4'12 and my mom is 4'8 and my younger brother is taller than me he is only 14. Can I still grow? I go to bed at 1-2 am and wake up at 6am.
[Editor Rob: I'd try to get more sleep, your body might not be getting enough.]
marah said on 22/Mar/15
Rob, I'm fourteen and my classmates teases me coz my height looks like of a grade school student. I tried drinking supplements. I tried to practice sleeping between 8-9 pm but I end up on 11. What should I do? Old habits die hard.
[Editor Rob: depending if you are male or female, if female then you are more likely to stop growing around 16 range on there is still time. It's about trying to sleep as much as your body lets you - in a way the body has it's own alarm clock, it wakes when it has enough sleep I find. But getting exercise can also help make you more tired and then you will naturally fall asleep quicker than just lying in bed.]
shubham said on 22/Mar/15
Mr. ROB!!! I'm 17 years old n my height is 5'3 feet.... what can I do to reach at least 5'6 or 5'8 feet.... ???
[Editor Rob: I think unless you have potential for a late growth spurt, you might not reach that range. On average an inch at 17-19 would be more common, but 3-4 inches is not as common. If you knew either of your parents had a late growth spurt that might mean you have a good chance. I'd ask if they can remember when they stopped growing.]
pablo77bar said on 21/Mar/15
Hey Rob 16 11/12 years here 6ft 1.75 in shoes(normal social shoes) in morning What I can do to hit the 6ft 2.75 mark in shoes on the morning ? I wanna be taller I need to
[Editor Rob: eat well, exercise to help with HGH production and start your own stretching routine - 10-15 minutes a day, maybe incorporate some hanging for 5 minutes aswell. At just turning 17 your plates could still be open and your body might be able to respond to more worst, you will end up with more flexibility and possibly greater posture. ]
kicks4 said on 18/Mar/15
Hello Rob will I still grow taller at 17 how many inches do you think I'll still grow? my height is 5'7.
[Editor Rob: on average you might not expect more than an inch, many are already finished, while others manage to gain more at that age like 2 or in some cases noticeably more with a very late growth spurt.]
mastermix said on 15/Mar/15
Rob, I want to know, if I sleep lately or sleeping middle of the night can affect my growth/height. but then I wake up lately and still completing the 7-8 hours of sleep.. I am only 17 (boy) and I still want to grow. I am so confused and scared.. help rob please please please.. will it affect my height ?
[Editor Rob: try to get into a habit of getting into bed by 10pm, you should then naturally wake up maybe 6am-7am range. Sometimes if you fill your day with activities and expend energy then your body by 9-10pm will want to go to sleep. I'd avoid fizzy drinks/coffee during the evening.]
SanFranRickey said on 15/Mar/15
I'm 17 years 4 months and only 5'6.5". I grew about 2 inches last year but haven't grown since the beginning of this year... It's already 3 months so far! Is it just a growth pause in winter (I live in Asia and it's winter from Nov to Mar) or have already done growing? I hit my growth spurt during 14 years old and my voice started cracking during late 15... Can I say that I'm a late bloomer?
[Editor Rob: It can be hard to say. There is still a chance...if you had a hand x-ray a doctor would be able to tell how closed/open your plates are, which would indicate if you still had growth potential left.]
Rewaq said on 14/Mar/15
Tob,Its possible grow 3 inches after 16? Im around 5ft8.5 and turning 16 in 1 month...
[Editor Rob: yes, it is more than average, but possible. If I went back in time to a teenager I would recommend to myself to eat better and do some more exercise!]
zveniiii said on 14/Mar/15
hey rob , no offence but your perspective on the gtg program is wrong as a matter of fact the two volunteers height didnt just came by bone growth but by the cartilage because if it was bone growth why were they fluctuating from a couple of cms and you should check out the new voulunteer shes has gained 1.5 inches and shes 20 and myself 2 inches and i have proof too.
[Editor Rob: there will be some fluctuations based on the time of day and how hydrated or dehydrated you are. The whole point though is that the Guru lied about his volunteers age and I'm making people aware of it. There is no doubt James Cain was 16 and not 18... If he said they were aged 16 he wouldn't have sold anywhere near as many subscriptions as he did by falsifying their ages and claiming they were 18. He lied for monetary gains... The guru claimed Roxy was 20, but as I said on youtube, if he lied about the first volunteers ages, why on earth would you believe he is suddenly going to be honest about her?]
Adriandog said on 12/Mar/15
Hey I'm 14 turning 15 in two months I'm 6"2 do you think I can grow anymore? And if so can you tell me what can be my final height thanks :)
[Editor Rob: on average you might be 6ft 4-5 range, but some people stop at 15, others still gain up to 20. If either of your parents grew near 16-18 then that might be a good indicator you have a good chance. ]
Ray said on 12/Mar/15
Rob, i am 179 cm and 18 years and 3 month. Do you think i will reach 180 cm? (I have grown 2 cm in the last 6 months).
[Editor Rob: if you gained height around 18 and it is within last 6 months then I'd maybe increase some exercise/stretching and keep eating well as your plates seem still open and some people might be able to maximise any potential height by doing exercise/activity that helps promote as much Growth Hormone in the body as possible.]
Reon said on 12/Mar/15
I am 16, gonna turn 17 in 4 months. I am 175cm same height as my dad now. My mom is only 155cm. Since last 6 months I only had a rise of 1cm in my height. Please predict my final height and how can I grow taller?
[Editor Rob: If you gain another 2-3c I think you should be content, anymore and I think you will do better than average.]
inazo said on 11/Mar/15
hey rob, i went from 174cm in december 2013 to 178cm in december 2014 and i just turned 20, i have no visible facial hair and i would say im a late boomer as did not grow tall untill about 15, i measured myself recently and i am 179cm, my dads height is around 183 while my mom is about 168 considering that i have grown nearly 6 cm after 18 any chance of me being a solid 5'11 guy?
[Editor Rob: very few gain height at 20 so if you got anymore treat it as a very late bonus!]
faisal said on 10/Mar/15
I'm 17 and 5.9 ft , is aqua pressure a good technic for increasing height ? I wanna grow upto 6 ft . or can I take baryta carbonium for getting taller ?
Danny said on 8/Mar/15
Rob, I haven't grown since September last year, (maybe a little, according to my dad, who is taller than me). I'm quite worried that my growth plates have fused, possible? I am doing some stretching exercises like this and I swim once a week. Any chance to reach 180? I'm currently 170, will be 16 in November
[Editor Rob: I'd keep doing what you currently do and make sure you get 8-9 hours sleep. Try not to measure yourself for 6 months. If you find after that you didn't grow, you just might have fused plates.]
tees said on 6/Mar/15
I'll be 17 in 2 months. Am a male and am 172cm. My dad is 173cm and my mum is 158cm. What do you think my maximum height can be, Rob?
[Editor Rob: I think if you gained another 3cm, you should be content. 5-6cm? Be very pleased!]
Lupt said on 2/Mar/15
Rob,I Will turn 16 in 1 month and I'm 173,5-174cm.Can I be around 178-180? I swim Twice in the week and I play soccer too.My father and mom are short...
[Editor Rob: still potential, on average getting another 1-2 inches should be possible.]
mayo said on 2/Mar/15
Rob, If my sleeping time routine is 12-1 am in the midnight but still waking up 7-8 hours everyday. is that good for me ? can I not sleep 9 PM in the evening coz it's hard for me .. I am 16 yrs old. can I still grow taller? I hope you can read this rob coz I know you are a height expert. thanks in advance. appreciate !!
[Editor Rob: 8 hours should be what you aim for. Your body typically has a natural alarm clock. Mine means if I go to bed at 10-10.30pm I usually wake between 6 and 6.30 range...I don't need an alarm clock. I believe if you do need it, then maybe your body isn't getting enough sleep.]
Sai said on 1/Mar/15
I am 19 years old, my height is 5.7 I don't know why I am not growing since last 2 years my height was 5.7 I eat well 4 meals a day, sleep more than 8 hours and I do slightly stretching to grow three inches tall in year. pls help me.
Eric Yao said on 1/Mar/15
[Editor Rob: at 15 you still have a good chance, I think if you keep up what you are doing, and maybe try to get more sleep you will find 6ft possible.]
realdeal said on 28/Feb/15
Rob, is it true that playing basketball help you grow taller? I am 17 yrs old.
[Editor Rob: exercise is good for you, it is something that could help with maximising growth hormone production in your body. ]
dave said on 27/Feb/15
I am really scared I feel I might be short I am 14 and 5'5
:) said on 23/Feb/15
Rob, My evening height at 7pm is 5'5. Does that mean I am slightly taller during the day? How many inches is it usually?
[Editor Rob: you could be 5ft 5.5 up to 5ft 6 out of bed.]
TheMan said on 21/Feb/15
Rob, what is your height when you were 17 ?? I am 5'6 (17 yrs old) and I don't know if I'll still grow more.. I eat healthy foods like vegetables.
[Editor Rob: my growth finished at 14, I was 5ft 8 then and now!]
Sky said on 20/Feb/15
Hey, Rob. I'm 16 and I will be 17 in 4 months. Now I'm 164, I guess. My mother is 165 and my father is 170. Well, when my mother was 17 she was 158 and now she is 165. 7 cm?! I mean she said she didn't workout for it. And I want to be 170-175 or something. I sometimes do some exercises(like jumping, skipping rope but always at the home). I'm not following aprograms. I drink water, eat healthy foods and drink milk regularly. Can I grow 5-10 cm? Thanks for helping from now And have nice day!!
[Editor Rob: you could have your Mother's genes and follow her pattern of growth. If I was that age again I would probably have eaten more, slept a bit more (not staying up late to play computer games or watch rubbish on the tv) and done some stretching worst the stretching will make you more supple/better postured, and it may just help a little bit in activating more growth hormone...]
inezzz said on 19/Feb/15
i just turned 20 last december and i am currently 179cm, in may 2013 i was 174 and by june 2014 about 177 i have no facial hair whatso ever and i still experience growing pains from time to time and my armspan is 185cm do you think there is a chance i might make it to 181cm because i have already grown 2 inches after 18.
awam10 said on 18/Feb/15
Rob, Im 174.5-175 cm, Im 17 about to be 18, my moms 4'11 and dad's 5'10, what are the chances of me reaching 178cm? maybe even 6 ft??
[Editor Rob: I think if you gained anything more at 18, be happy as the majority won't gain anything after 18.]
CD said on 18/Feb/15
And also it may be worth adding, the 2 years before last my growth was actually at a decent rate. In other words it seemed to grind to a halt rather than steadily decline. This time last year I seemed to be on track to reach 5ft 6 or 7.
CD said on 18/Feb/15
Rob, I am 18.5 and pretty much haven't grown in the last year now. Might be a strange question, but I have been getting wisdom teeth over the last 18 months, do you think that could be the reason? I am a late bloomer in literally every other way except for teeth (I barely have facial hair), so it's kind of strange that they have come in earlier than average. The reason I think I may not done growing and has just paused is because I physically look about 3 years younger, have a large head for my body and my height is not really in the genetic expected range based on my parents' heights. So maybe my body has been "focusing" on the wisdom teeth in the last year? I know it's clutching at straws but what do you think?
[Editor Rob: you just might have reached your final height now (if you had a hand x-ray the Dr might be able to see if your plates were closed fully), if no visible growth has occurred within the last year. I can't remember when my own wisdom teeth appeared.]
Alex said on 18/Feb/15
G'day rob i recently turned 14 and I'm 5'4, my mum is 5'1 and my dad is 6'0, my brother is 17 and he is 5'5, I really want to get to 6'0 or 6'1, I play a lot of basketball and do boxing twice a week, will there be a chance I could get to 6'0 or 6'1 when I'm an adult?
[Editor Rob: I think it would be unlikely, but keep doing what you are doing and eating well and just see what occurs. Sometimes it is best to only measure infrequently, like once every 6 months or so to track height gains. Measuring too often might not be great as it could create some added stress.]
Ryoto said on 15/Feb/15
Hi Rob I'm 15 and 4 months old and 175 cm tall. I eat healthy, take my vitamins, drink a lot of water, and exercise regularly with martial arts. My dad at his peak was 180 cm and my mom was 152 cm. Will I be around 182-185 cm when I'm am an adult?
paulchris said on 15/Feb/15
Hi. I'm 14 turning 15 in 13 days, my dad is 5'6-5'7 and my mom is about 5'3. I'm between 5'1-5'2, my mom is still taller than me. My dad's family is average height except for him.My mom's side is short. Will I hâve a chance to be at least 5'9"?
Dmax said on 14/Feb/15
By the way my mom said she grew passed the age of 18.
Dmax said on 14/Feb/15
Hi Rob.I am 18 years old and 5'6.5. My dad is 5'3 and my mom is 5'10(No this isn't a mistake) and was wondering if I have any hope of growing nearer to my mother's height.I was a weak 5'5 at 16 and I noticed a little growth during the years and now got my height measured to this. Will I have any chance of growing to a height like 5'8?
[Editor Rob: it might be unlikely, I wouldn't be expecting any more height but then I wouldn't give up hope either especially if your mother grew at 18!. It's better to try not to thinkg as much about your height over this next year and maybe do the stuff mentioned on here like regular exercise/stretching, bigger meals and enough sleep to ensure you are maximising (even if a fraction) any possible height left. If your growth plates are closed though, there's not really much to be done.]
Sparklyhotsauce said on 13/Feb/15
Hi Rob. One little question, im 13 and about 6'2, my brother is a bit taller than me and is 20, going to be 21 in september, do you think because of how young i am, i will outgrow him? (Btw i believe he is taller than my dad :3)
[Editor Rob: could depend - you might follow similar kind of growth pattern, so I would find out how he grew and that might give you a better idea. I'd say it was highly likely you could gain another few inches.]
theSummerSoldier said on 8/Feb/15
Hi Rob. I am from the United States and I have a question about my height. Will I grow to 6 feet. I am 15 years old and 5 foot 10 inches tall. My dad is 5'9 and my mom is 5'4. However, on my mom's side I have at least 7 cousins that are all over 6 and I am wondering will that affect in any way. Also by the way could you answer that for my brother as he is 5'9 and 13 years old. Thank you.
[Editor Rob: you may still reach that, I'd say the chances were decent. Keep eating well and my advice is only measure every 6 months as a teenager.]
Elite Darklord said on 8/Feb/15
Hey Rob I'm 17 and my height is 5'4, can I still grew taller? (I still got 10 months to become 18)
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't give up hope yet. I'd try to find out if your Dad or anybody in family can remember height gains at 17-19...I know many people forget but some might know. ]
fever.b. said on 4/Feb/15
hi. im 13 and my height is 159 cm. mym mom is 150 cm and dad is 183cm. i like my dad and his side's height (women are 170-172 , men are 180-190) can i be 168-173?? please answer my question. thanks...
person said on 1/Feb/15
Or my relative is a bit of an enigma. I'm 22 but I have the appearance of someone far younger (possibly my nordic genes) but have grown far taller in the last year than I ever did as a lad. I look as old as the lads in their last year of school.
person said on 1/Feb/15
I'm about 5'10 and a half and I'm 22. I've grown an inch in the last year but I'm not sure if I'll grow any taller; I had a predicted height of 6' to 6'1. My relative grew an extra 4 inches between the age of 22 and 25 so I'm wondering if I may do the same. I have long limbs and still experience growth pains.
kunga said on 1/Feb/15
Hi rob..I am 19 years old and have been following the grow taller 4 idiots program for 5 weeks now and haven't seen a change in my height till's says that after 5th or 6th week people actually start see a difference in their height.. Is that true..should I continue with the program??..
[Editor Rob: doing stretching/exercise isn't a bad thing, it helps long-term, but if your growth plates are really closed then I can't see where the height gain would come from. You could always keep doing 5-6 months and then remeasure to see any change.]
Kenny said on 31/Jan/15
Hey Rob, Im a 15 year old male turning 16 in 2 months. My current height is 182cm. My dad is 166-67 and my mom is 160cm is it possible for me to reach 6 foot?
[Editor Rob: you already achieved the high end of what Doctor's 'predicted range' might be, so take anymore growth as even more bonus. Potentially you might still gain another 2 inches.]
A.D King said on 29/Jan/15
no one grow taller with this type of program if this happens all are taller in world
Christopher said on 26/Jan/15
Hi Rob. I'm a Chinese, 16 years old, just 170cm. I have swimming trainings twice a week. My father is 178, my mother is 164. Any chance to grow to 178? Have I stopped growing? (since a lot of seniors were of the similar heights as they are now)
[Editor Rob: still potential time, keep up the swimming and maybe eat a bit more mealtime. Try not to worry about height much and if I were you I would do my best not to measure height till 17th birthday!]
olam said on 24/Jan/15
Chagi, what is the height of your parents? my father is 172cm and my mother is 162cm so grew to 178cm which is ok for me. when i was 19, i was 176...that means i grew 2 cm in my earlie 20's. sorry for my bad english....
Chagi said on 16/Jan/15
Hi Rob. I'm 17 year old and i'm 170cm tall. I didn't grow taller since when i was 15. Do i have a chance to grow taller? My dream height is 185. What should i do?
Max said on 14/Jan/15
Hi Rob what growing taller programs do you consider reliable?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't personally spend money on them. My own tips for anybody who still has open growth plates might be: 5-10 minutes of basic stretching in morning and night (reach for sky, touch toes etc), night, 3-4 exercise sessions a week (swimming if possible), 5 minutes of hanging, increase of meal size a bit. This then gives your body good conditions to achieve your potential. If you are over age 22 I think it's really hard to gain anything noticeable without trying it for a year and keeping a routine up, even increasing the amount of stretches etc.]
Rick said on 14/Jan/15
Hey Rob I have x-rays from the central zone of my body (scoliosis), can you check in any way if the growth plates have closed?
[Editor Rob: I think asking a doctor to check is the best option, I think from a hand x-ray you can tell.]
Briea said on 14/Jan/15
hi im 17 turning 18 in a couple of months and im only about 170 cm tall and i dont really sleep too much because i work really late until 1 midnight 3 days a week and wake up at 8 to go to school, do u know how much i might grow in the next year and thanks for the advice
[Editor Rob: if I was your age I'd start your own routine for the next year... I'd do some exercise several times a week (biking or something you enjoy), and each day in morning/night about 10 minutes of stretching. IF there is any growth left in your system, this can potentially help you maximise it before your growth plates close. But, your body needs to be getting that sleep and enough big meals. Some people just stop growing at different ages. 18 is quite a common age for most boys to have finished growth, which is why at 17 you still have a chance. If your body is underdeveloped and you look young, then there is always a chance of growth past 18, but the percentage who actually grow from 18-20 is small compared to those who have finished growing.]
Macho said on 13/Jan/15
Rob I'm a 15.8 years old boy. Weight:58KG Height:174.5 cm I want to know if it's possible grow at less to 178...I really like to be around 178-180cm. Father:168 Mother:165 Thanks!
[Editor Rob: on average you might expect 4-5cm from your age till 19, so there's always a good chance you might get there.]
soundslikepizza said on 13/Jan/15
Hey rob,im 5,2/3 my mom is like 5,5 and my dad is 5,7 all of my brothers are over 6 feet but my mom and dad arent!Do i have a chance of shooting up 6'2 or something like that,i just love basketball and if im short theres disadvantage.
[Editor Rob: keep playing basketball, eat bigger meals and if you are going to grow a lot it will happen. Unfortunately sometimes people don't get tall genes and end up shorter than siblings, but it's not the end of the world. ]
Lee said on 13/Jan/15
Hi Rob, I have a slightly curved spine which I've had most of my life. My doctor said it wouldn't require surgery, as it is only a minor form of scoliosis. I don't think it ever impeded my growth, as I grew to 5ft8 (my parents are both 5ft7). But would this have any effect on the height I lose later in life? Thanks.
[Editor Rob: I doubt it will effect how much height you lose in later life. My advice for when anybody gets into their 40's is to keep up a very basic stretching routine, like touching ceiling/toes, just simple stuff to help the back. My partner Jenny never followed my tips, she's lost a fraction of height by her mid 40's now!]
pablo77bar said on 11/Jan/15
Rob can I reach the 188cm mark ? I am 16 3/4 years old and my weight is 64 My dad has 182 and my mom 162 . I have a brother which has 186 My height in the morning is 184,3 and in the night at least 183.5 Can i reach 188 ? What I can do for ?
[Editor Rob: just follow the same want to give the best chance for any more growth, so keep eating big meals, exercise (to help with HGH production) and then when you sleep enough (8-9 hours) that's when your body will be working to make you taller. I'd always recommend for any youngster to only measure themselves every few months. I think you don't want to stress too much over growth, and enjoy being a teenager!]
Jblock said on 8/Jan/15
Hi im jeremy, im 5ft 8 and im 13 and 7 months. And im taller than MOST of my friends and very tall for my age. But most people say im tall now but im probably not going to grow as much later. And my parents are pretty tall. My dad is 6ft 1 and my mom is 5ft 5 shes a little over average. And i calculated my height using a formula doctors use and it said im only going to be 6ft. But then i used a couple sites to calculate and most of them said 6"2" so im conflicted, I definitely want to be taller than my dad.
[Editor Rob: there's never a guarantee, some can still gain 5-6 inches after 16, others by 16 will be are almost 14 so potentially you could still grow to 6ft +. Although I was an exception in that at 5ft 8 and on 14th birthday I grew no more!]
ConnorMc said on 8/Jan/15
Rob can your weight at a young age affect your height. I'm 5'11 and 85kg but I do rugby and have a heavy muscular body. I had a look at height calculators and if I lose about a stone it says I will be taller? Currently I'm on track to reach 183 or 6ft, if I lose weight I could reach 185 or 6ft 1. Do u think this is true
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure how much, if any, effect it will have. I think a younger kid who eats a lot is certainly giving their body a lot of fuel. Too much weight might put more stress on joints and spine.]
Reagan said on 1/Jan/15
Hey Rob, I am 5"8" and skin and bones. I am 14 year old girl that does a lot of sports and I want to be 5"9 1/2". But I haven't grew in 3 months. My names is Reagan and I am in 8 th grade. I am taller than mom and my Dad is 5"9".
[Editor Rob: you still have time to grow. My advice would be to try not to measure yourself for 6 months. Just get on with being a teenager, but don't stay up late, eat healthy and maybe even pick up doing some yoga. Give your body the best conditions to grow, when you exercise/stretch it not only helps with your posture/fitness, but can help produce more growth hormone!]
spainmen192cm said on 31/Dec/14
Hi Rob, as I had said many times I am actually 192cm I was measured(at afternoon- evening) at 18 in september on a medical test by my doctor for the car exam, I consider myself as a late bloomer because at 14 I was no more than 169cm, and I was average for my age, but through puberty I manage to gain many inches an at 17 I was measured 190cm. I will be 19 in two months and Im actually 1.92(three months since the last measurement), do you think that is possible to gain more height? My father is extremely tall at 6ft 7, and my mother is 172cm (measured by me), also despite Im very tall at near 6ft 4 I wear 1.3 inch shoes like New Balance 574 Nike Air Max or Panama Jack Boots and I have perfect posture.
[Editor Rob: if you've not noticed much in last year then maybe the chances are now reduced. But your plates might not be fully shut...I guess you could for a year keep following the typical advice of eating big, sleeping well and stretching every day. That might trigger enough HGH production to gain a final little bit...]
Tom said on 29/Dec/14
Hi Rob, I have mild scoliosis and another back problems, currently 19 years old and 177cm at the moment, do you think I can get to 6 feet with stretches, yoga and pilates? In the case that the scoliosis gets fixed in the way, of course. Thanks in advance.
[Editor Rob: if your spine can be helped to get more straight you could gain some height, I've read about some patients gaining height after surgery or long-term exercise to improve spine with scoliosis.]
jackson said on 27/Dec/14
Hi Rob do you think some guys can grow as tall as their uncles? because im taller then my dad and my uncle is 6.2 and im 5.8 or is it all about being healthy and sleep more. Im 19 by the way.
[Editor Rob: there's always going to be variation. If everybody was taller than their Father we'd all be giants. Also you might end up with less of the taller and more shorter genes from parents. This prevents the population from becoming too tall.]
Liam said on 26/Dec/14
Hi Rob is there any chances to reach my predicted height with proper sleep,streches and daily activities? I am almost 19 in March and I am 175.5-173,5 (same as you :D) but i look very young like 15/16 not broad shoulders ,not proportions like adult imo my fahter is 178(180 cm peak) and mother 168cm ?
[Editor Rob: sometimes the growth plates might not be fully closed and the spine could still gain at this age...I'd keep at a stretching routine and eat a good amount of food. I wouldn't measure for a while, sometimes it is better not measuring and just focussing for 6 months on a routine of 20 minutes of stretching a day. I know for some people who stretched, they gave up after 6-7 weeks with zero gains, but sometimes a body might respond after months of it, in a way the body adapts and gives a bit more height if possible.]
Bubby said on 20/Dec/14
Hey Rob im 18 and 171cm and my dad is 165 and mom 158 is there any way i could grow like to 180cm? or maybe 177.
[Editor Rob: if you go on youtube you will see the grow taller guru (just search) and he managed to get 2 guys near that age more height...I'd look on youtube for grow taller stretches and maybe in 2015 spend the year doing them, if there's anything left to grow that at least could kick start your body.]
Fred said on 17/Dec/14
Rob, I am 5 feet 7 and 15 in a half years old, i haven't been seeing my self grow lately, my mom is 5 foot 3 and dad 5 foot 5, how tall do you think i will reach?, is there anything i can do to grow a couple more inches to my height
[Editor Rob: you've already surpassed your dad a few's not impossible to still gain a few inches. You have time on your side. I say a lot on here, the advice I'd have given myself would have been to sleep enough, eat more and do stretching/exercise routine at 15-16. My own diet was poor about 15-16, I would spend a lot of time with disturbed sleep aswell.]
John 5-9.5 said on 17/Dec/14
Hey rob, I'm about a 5'9.5, never dip down below 5'9 and sometimes at 5'10. I'm turning 15 in 2 months, my dad is 6'5 but my mom is only 5'4 how tall do you think I will be? (My sister who just turned 16 is about 5'6, but she's a female so idk)
[Editor Rob: potentially you could get a late surge and clear 6ft easily, but as I say a lot on here, sometimes people stop before 18, while others seem to still gain till that age and even a percentage between 18 and 21. Would be interesting to see if your Father grew a lot after 15 or not, as this might give some indication to yourself.]
slim shady said on 17/Dec/14
hi rob my name is wasim live in pakistan people do say that asian people are short i am one of them i stand at 169 5 ft 6 and a half and i feel short my father is 5 ft 5 big bro too 5 ft 5 i have another bro who is 5 ft 9 i am 17 and 6 months old so is it possible to grow 175 one thing i wanna know does masturbation realy stops height or brings a delay in growth process ? plz help me bro m doing exersices from 15 but no significant result i had my growth spurth between 14 and 15 i grew about 6 inches and from then till now i have grown 2.5 inches which sucks man :/
[Editor Rob: it's average range in Pakistan, I think all you can do is keep exercise/stretching and eat well. If anything happens it will, there is still potentially some time.]
abhi said on 15/Dec/14
hey rob i am a 17 year old male but just over 5' 6" i feel very short among my friends who are all above 5' 10. I am doing a lot of stretching yogas like mountain pose and all that. will it add a few inches to my height?
[Editor Rob: keep it up till age 19-20, and add in some more exercise to get as much HGH produced by your body as possible. I believe if there's any more growth in the tank, this might help maximise it.]
Richard Johnson said on 15/Dec/14
Hi, Rob In that part of the day you recommend I do stretches to grow more? And do sports? In that moment?
[Editor Rob: I'd avoid first thing in the morning, wait a few hours at least. Then do a few sessions a day, even 10 minutes of stretches 2-3 times a day will help with posture and strengthen your back. I've been trying to get jenny to do some stretches to help her posture out, but it's actually a case that many people 'can't be bothered' or forget or don't find the time...sometimes you need to have a plan and keep at it, a set time each day.]
Brandon 178cm said on 13/Dec/14
According to Table I rob you pass which is the most reliable and says the bones are closed at 20 but you stop growing at 18 practically. Or is not it, that's what I see.
Editor Rob said on 13/Dec/14
I mentioned this a while ago on another part of the site, but worth putting here. One girl who was just turning 18 took part in the height challenge (#1). She was just under 5ft 5.5. 2 years later I then measured her again, roughly same time of day and she was now almost 5ft 6...she hadn't grew from 16-18, but somehow had added another cm from 18-20. The only thing she was doing differently was she had started doing some weight lifting about age 19...whether this somehow improved her posture or actually helped with a last little bit of height growth I don't know...her posture actually looked fine in the past...but it was a genuine case I measured of a girl in that range managing to add a little. Bear that in mind, you might think you are finished, but exercise could help stimulate any remaining growth...
Itsme said on 12/Dec/14
How do I know if I achieved my maximum height, Rob? Im worried because I had nights as a teen where I would sleep less than 8 hours, and also because Im smaller than my father. Im 177 and my father is 179.
[Editor Rob: a proportion of men won't reach their father's height. If every generation grew to be the same size or taller than their Dad you'd have a land of giants :) 177 is right around average height in UK/US.]
Ryan said on 12/Dec/14
Rob, can grow up to 10 centimeters if I do my best to grow naturally
Pete said on 11/Dec/14
I turned 18 in August, but still am about 1.73m. My brother, who is 25, is 1.80m, my father about 1.76m, my mom about 1.65m. I never really had a growth spurt especially didn't grow at all in 2014. I'm currently doing GrowTaller4Idiots with a high intensity. How high is the chance to grow another 2 inches? My mom told me theres a decent chance, but me personally, I gave up.
[Editor Rob: I think it is tough, but not impossible. You are doing the right things by following some stretching/exercise routines, but sometimes there's nothing more left in the growth tanks...]
Breaker said on 8/Dec/14
I'm 15 years old and gonna be 16 in 5 months, and i'm only 5'2 (160cm). When i'm done I can already tell i'll be around 5'4 5'5 ish.

People are saying i'm short because of my Breakdancing. Breakdancers like me are generally short. 5'8 is already considered 'tall' for our hobbies.
Since i do a bunch of headstands,headhollowbacks,etc. What do you guys think? Will i grow faster if i stop Breaking? What's the tallest height i can nail?
Brandon 178cm said on 8/Dec/14
Rob, you said that most absolutely nothing grows at 18, but look at this chart. Most grow at 20 years but very little from approximately 18 Did I could explain you?
[Editor Rob: the majority of people by age 18 will have finished growth, but there is a minority who do still grow between 18 and 21...]
nana said on 7/Dec/14
I am 16.6 years old now and i am 157cm now can i grow 8cm as 165cm please give me answer
michael said on 6/Dec/14
At 20 is there a possibility I still have a bit of growth to do?
[Editor Rob: quite small, not completely impossible, but I think you are very lucky at 20 to gain height.]
Joe said on 3/Dec/14
going from my proportions and the door frame what would you estimate my height to be ? Click Here
[Editor Rob: you look to have average proportions, maybe 5ft 9-10 range]
MilesG said on 2/Dec/14
Im 17 and 5 11 in the morning when i wake up will i grow taller, im 5 mouths away from 18
michael said on 30/Nov/14
When do you reach your lowest height rob?
[Editor Rob: for a lot of people it can be teatime, but if you are on your feet all day maybe even 8-9pm could be your lowest for the day. For me, it varies, anywhere from afternoon through evening I might hit mytypical low.]
Omid said on 27/Nov/14
Hi, Rob I've been reading you website as of late and I have a couple of questions regarding my own height, I'm 20-21 Male and I stand at 178.3 sometimes 178.5 according to my 10 PM measurement, How can I look during the day? can i be realistically considered a weak 5'11 like 179cm during the day? I was 177cm when I was 18 and 178 at my 20.... I started jumping ropes 2 months ago and I think I may have added a fraction of cm during this time, is that just the stretching effect or I can still grow?, If I can how much more? PS, realistically, how much you can gain with stretching? thank you very much...
Thomas said on 22/Nov/14
Hey Rob I'm 17 yo male and my birthday was July 5th this year. I reached 6'1" this year although not sure what month. Is it possible for me to grow taller? I've been this height for about 4 months now. I want to be 6'2" or 6'3". My dad is 6'1" (he's shrunk now) and my mom is 5'1". I obviously got my dad's tall genes. All the men are over 6'0". My grandfather is 6'1" and my uncle is 6'5". Rob how is it possible for my uncle to outgrow his grandpa by 4 inches?
[Editor Rob: you might be near end. Could still be a chance of a bit more. Try not to measure yourself for 3-4 months...that's my advice.]
Sid said on 14/Nov/14
Hey Rob ! Do you have an idea as to what's the overall average height for an adult male? Is growth possible after the age of 18? Please help me out here! Thanks!
[Editor Rob: in the UK it is really bang on 5ft 9 average. For 18-30 year old range the average is near 5ft 10. Quite similar in America.]
Kucho said on 12/Nov/14
Rob Im 15.7 years old boy and 173.2cm. Can I be around 178 cm? Father=168cm and mother 165cm.Thanks!
michael said on 11/Nov/14
There was an article about Ryan shawcross growing 2 inches at 20? Is this true,rob?
[Editor Rob: not looked into it]
cd said on 11/Nov/14
Ok Rob, thank you for clearing that up. Having looked a lot at the "Grow Taller Guru" channel, the guy does seem to be very good at sucking you in. I just want to be absolutely sure I am doing everything I can possibly do, and I figured you are the best person to ask. So is there really nothing else that can be done except basic stretch (and obviously exercise, sleep and nutrition) that can do any good? The guy seems adamant in one vid that growth can even occur once the growth plates are sealed...
[Editor Rob: the guru's basically including stuff like hanging and lots of stretching, it will certainly improve your posture, but whether it really can give you a gain if your bone growth is finished? That's the big debate really...also I'd be careful in overdoing stretching or hanging as you don't want to damage any disc!]
GZ said on 11/Nov/14
Thanks dude but being short it sucks some other times esspecialy when it comes to relationships u can't date ur dream girl
cd said on 7/Nov/14
Also Rob, I was lookin at that "Grow Taller Guru" thing and also found one called "Grow Taller 4 Idiots" program. I must admit I was a bit taken in by it (I'm a very gullible person), and I still don't really know what to think about it. I found this YouTube review where they use a photo of you and Jenny, so it must be a scam. I don't know if you were aware of this, just thought I would give you the heads up.
[Editor Rob: yeah I emailed that guy to take out the photo but they never responded...all these programs just use stretching in various ways, maybe the height guru's program included a bit more detail and nutrition than some of thes other courses. actually I mentioned that video to Jenny and she wasn't happy about it... I checked the guru and see he's got a new person doing his program who is supposed to be age 20, as a girl it will be interesting to see if she gains anything, so worth keeping an eye on it...obviously the other guys he had before were young enough (and at the start of it looked physically 16 years old even if they were really age 18).]
cd said on 6/Nov/14
Rob, what are the stretches that can help posture and maximise growth potential (I'm 18 but physically more like a 16 year old)? I know reaching up is one, and I have no problem doing that. I googled it and it said about sitting down and reaching for toes, but I tried that and it hurts my legs too much. Any advice?
[Editor Rob: yes, basic ones like that, stretching up between a doorway, bending down to touch toes...your legs will hurt sitting down and stretching forward because they probably aren't use to it. You have to build it up slowly, the more days of doing basic stretching the muscles will then adapt and it won't be as sore!]
Kyle said on 5/Nov/14
Hello, i just turned 16 and am 5'7. My dad was 6'0 and my mom is about 5'4, what do you think i will be? I was hoping maybe 5'9? I grew about 1 3/4 inch in the last year, i was measured at 5'5 and a quarter last year.
Sarah said on 3/Nov/14
I'm 18year+6months and 5ft 7inches tall. I really want to grow upto 5'11 or nearer say 5'10. Is there any chance if I exercise daily? I heard girls stop growing at the age of 18, is it a myth? I hit my puberty when I was 13+9months old, that's the way too late.
[Editor Rob: it's not a myth, the large majority by 17-18 for girls will be finished, only a small percentage will still gain height. I'd definitely look into youtube and find some grow taller stretches and maybe try that every other day, also getting enough sleep and some good diet and exercise will provide your body with the best chance of some final height. ]
Amber said on 1/Nov/14
Hey rob I'm a female and I turn 17 in 3 months, I'm 167cm. My mum is 161 cm and my father is 185cm, I have passed my mums height , my 19 year old sister just ( she's 164-5 cm) but I was woundering if you think it's possible to grow to 170 or even 171cm which us the height of my oldest sister who is 24? Thank you
[Editor Rob: at your age the vast majority of girls have finished, but there is a smaller percentage who gain height, they have a later spurt. It's always possible, all I'd say is that maybe keeping eating well and even trying to do some grow taller stretches every day (look on youtube for examples of these) might give you the best chance.]
kiko said on 29/Oct/14
Rob,if I say to people my height around 5ft8in,you agree about that? Because my height at lunchtime is 172.3cm almost every the night my lowest is 172-172.3 cm range.always like that
[Editor Rob: if you went with 'about 5ft 8', that sounds ok, at worst you are halfcm under it.]
Tom said on 29/Oct/14
I'm 17, turning 18 in 3 months, and I'm ~ 170cm tall, pretty much the same as my dad. My 20 year old brother is quite a bit taller however, I'd say on the high end of 5'10". I was wondering if there's a chance that I'd grow more :P I've never really had a growth spurt that I can remember, I've just grown gradually throughout life.
[Editor Rob: a chance yes, I wouldn't worry or spend time hoping for it though...if it happens then take it as a bonus as the majority by nearly 18 won't grow anything at all.]
Jewels said on 27/Oct/14
Here is one for ya! My son is 17 he just had another growth spurt apparently he's now 6ft 6in tall I am only 5ft 2in and his dad is only 5ft 10in this kid is in a size 14 shoe. And he's taller than every one we know on both sides of our family's. Surely he can't possibly grow that much more. He eats all the time but is skinny as can be. He has growing pains in his legs. It's so hard to find clothes to fit him. Also my other son is 15 he was 3 months early he's more stocky built than my oldest and he's 5ft 11in I think I know he's taller than his dad. How tall do you think he will be?
liam said on 26/Oct/14
I'm 18 years old and my height is 178cm. Are there any chances that my height can grow about 183cm. If yes, then what all exercises should i perform. Thankyou
Ricky said on 23/Oct/14
Rob..I have one question for midle aye level to the top of my head is 5 inch..what is your comment?
[Editor Rob: the average is more in the 4.5-4.6 inch range. 5-inches is a long eyelevel, only a small percentage have that range or even more.]
kiko said on 23/Oct/14
In the morning,out of bed my height (173.3)-(173.4)cm5ft8.25in,my normal lowest is 172 cm(5ft7.75in).in the bed time(example,after full fitnes for 2 hours)my height down to question:what is my real height on celebheights? Sorry for my bad english
[Editor Rob: you could say 172cm if you like, there's not something I'd call 'real height'. We have a range, from morning high to evening low. Both are valid measurements, but by lunchtime you are much closer to your lowest than your highest height.]
JamieR said on 19/Oct/14
Is it possible that in these modern times one doesn't need to parents to exceed the average height for example ConnorMc has not particularly tall parents but yet is 2 inches over the national average for male height?
NotABroScientist said on 18/Oct/14
What mechanism causes the epiphyseal plates at the ends of long bones to ossify and prevent further growth? What chemical reaction(s) are responsible for this? Is it dependent on growth hormone (HGH) or Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1) ocncentrations? Case studies such as that of Adam Rainer have proven that height growth is possible at ages much older than you seem to think, by virtue of extreme HGH output by the pituitary gland. Just something to think about.
med said on 17/Oct/14
I saw somebody mentioned you being a solid 5ft8. What exactly does a solid 5ft8 mean? Does it mean that you never go under 5ft8? I always thought a solid 5ft8 would be somebody 5ft8.5 at night
[Editor Rob: a solid would generally not dip below the 5ft 8 mark at worst, I'd call a strong 5ft 8 someone a fraction over it yeah.]
just a gay said on 7/Oct/14
Hey Rob! I love your website! :) I just turned 16 and I'm 5'9". My father is strong 6ft, my mom is 5'3". Do you think I can reach that 6ft mark? My brother who is 26 is also 5'9" me so I don't really know. On the other hand though we are physically very diferrent. Thanks.
[Editor Rob: 5ft 11 might be possible, 3 inches after 16 is a bit more than the average growth.]
ConnorMc said on 5/Oct/14
Hey Rob I'm really just wanted to know I'm 15 and 5'11 I play rugby so a muscular body my dad small at 5'7 and my mum 5'5 do you think I'll reach 6ft any time soon? I wake up at 180.5cm and at night I'm 179.5cm do u think I grow much more thanks for listening
[Editor Rob: you've already managed to exceed probably what you may have been predicted to reach. At 15 you could potentially hit a good 6ft, just keep up the exercise and eat big meals, give your body the fuel it needs to gain more height.]
VGh said on 4/Oct/14
Rob, have you read this? What do you think? Click Here
[Editor Rob: I don't know, I chose a partner who was exactly the same height, of course it had nothing to do with height, more to do with personality for me... personality > looks/height/money and all that stuff.]
michael said on 1/Oct/14
Is there a chance I could grow another inch after 20
[Editor Rob: very rare to happen, I wouldn't count on it.]
cd said on 27/Sep/14
Rob, I have asked your opinion on my growth before but I thought I would get an "update", so to speak. As I told you I'm like a weak 5ft 4.5 guy at present, 18 years of age and still growing. Since September 2013 I grew about 1.125 inches, although strangely from Sept to March I grew nearly an inch but since March only another 1/8th or 1/4 at most! But I guess this is because growth goes in spurts. In the last 3 years I've grown about 7 inches. However, my face, physique and overall development is closer to that of a 15/16 year old than someone who is 18 (in other words I look about 15/16). 3 years ago my doctor predicted I would be 5ft 6, do you think that is still possible? My dad is about 5ft 8 (possibly closer to 5ft 8.5 when he was younger) and my mum 5ft 3.
[Editor Rob: if your body is 'immature' for your age maybe there is still the chance of some late growth. As I always say, just keep exercise, some stretch and eating a good amount of food and if anymore growth occurs take it as a bonus. I would avoid measuring yourself for another few months.]
Ralph said on 27/Sep/14
Hey rob. i'm 15 and 5 '3 all my other friends who were of my height have become taller to 170 cms .. will i grow im a male and everybody in my family is above 5'7
[Editor Rob: you might have later growth spurt, there's still a few years of potential growth so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just get on with day to day things, enjoy life and participate in sport with good sized meals...then sleep enough, give your body the ideal conditions to grow!]
med said on 24/Sep/14
Rob,I measured my height at 174.5 morning height,172.6 evening height. I went to a pharmacy and used a machine that measures height weight,pulse etc. It said I am 172 cm (5ft 7.7). Are they broken? Have you ever used one? If yes,did it show your height was lower than your stadiometer does?
[Editor Rob: I don't use them as I have the stadiometer or a tape measure which is known to be quite accurate (to a few mm). There is always a chance these machines beam doesn't quite hit the highest point of your head and so might be off a fraction. It might also just round to the nearest cm. Your morning height isn't much different than mine, except I manage to hold the 173cm range while you dip a little under it.]
Shaz said on 22/Sep/14
Hi Rob,I am 5'8 ,have grown just 1 inch since i was 13 (i'm 19 now),my dad is 5'7.5 and mom 5'0.Any chances I can grow a couple of inches ? :(
[Editor Rob: it would seem you are finished growth if that is all you gained I'm afraid.]
Dylan said on 15/Sep/14
Hey @Rob, I don't know where you post suggestions (if you recieve them) but I was going to suggest finding an estimation for Ryan Kelley's height if possible. He's listed at 182cm in some places and others he's listed 178cm, thanks!
Isaac said on 12/Sep/14
Do you have any estimations at to how much more a person will grow from sixteen onwards. Understandably it varies, but on average?
[Editor Rob: between 1 and 2 inches.]
Nurt said on 11/Sep/14
Hi rob , I'm 17 and almost all of my life I've have been mulested about my height. I am about 5'6 and I play basketball like for 4 years now :/ can you please tell me what i can do to get taller please! :)
Dave said on 10/Sep/14
Hi rob, I'm 15 and a half almost in October all my life I've been small it's really frustrated me and now everyone at school is getting tall many boys almost 6'0, I am about 5'5 now my dad is 5'8.5 and mum 5'0 I don't think I've even had a growth spurt yet can you say how many years left I have to grow and what is the maximum height I am likely to reach? Thanks
[Editor Rob: potentially you might have another couple of years. All I can say is to keep getting enough food and sleep and I would try to do some basic stretching and exercise to help your body produce enough growth hormone.]
Liam said on 7/Sep/14
Hey @Rob, what sports do you think are the best for helping you reach your maximum height, I'm still a teen so I'd like to maximise my growth, many thanks
[Editor Rob: swimming, stretching, some basketball]
J.Lee said on 31/Aug/14
Rob I have a question. If you've already established yourself at a certain height for a long, long time, but noticed that after taking up a construction job, you're shorter in the evenings due to all that strenuous activity against gravity, do you have to lower your height?
[Editor Rob: for a small fraction, I wouldn't really bother changing because nobody is really going to notice.]
Stiles said on 30/Aug/14
@Rob Hey, I used 1% hydrocortisone cream twice everyday for less than 5 weeks. I'm 16 years old, will this affect my growth?
[Editor Rob: not in that amount, you are talking years of usage.]
michael said on 29/Aug/14
Do you lose height when you stand back against the wall to measure yourself?
[Editor Rob: if you kind of bend your spine a little you might possibly lose a fraction, but you should be standing straight and not bending forward/backward for any measurement.]
michael said on 25/Aug/14
Rob, can I grow another inch at 19? I'm 184.5 cm tall
JHoustin said on 22/Aug/14
Do you think having knees varus can affect the height?
If so, by how much?
James said on 21/Aug/14
I'm 6'3 with 17 is there any way to get 2inch more?
Dylan said on 21/Aug/14
Rob most can grow up to 21?
[Editor Rob: not most, a smaller percentage of people aged 18-21 can still grow. The majority are finished by around 18 though.]
Michael k. said on 19/Aug/14
rob, my back and neck pain every day but not as bad, if I do sports, I will grow or not as it should be
[Editor Rob: if you get injuries always best to take rest and not push things, sometimes strains can take a week or 2 to recover.]

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