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michael said on 14/Aug/14
Is it true males stop growing at 25?
matt178 said on 13/Aug/14
is it rare for someone to gain height at all from stretching?
med said on 10/Aug/14
Regarding your post about LSJL,there are videos where this technique was used to lengthen fingers on the Youtube channel MegaTylerDavis.

Day 12:
michael said on 10/Aug/14
is another 3.5 cm possible so that i could reach 6ft 2? I thought you could grow up to the age of 25?
michael said on 7/Aug/14 rob, would this height increase program work?
[Editor Rob: those kind of exercises are generally what someone age 16-18 could try to help maximise their growth. Whether they work for over 21 is another matter. If you spent a year doing it, that's a long time to really tell - most people might do 5-6 weeks and give up.]
michael said on 7/Aug/14
rob, how much more can i grow at 19 and being 184.5 cm tall?
[Editor Rob: you are likely finished, but a percentage of people can still gain height till 21, but it's a minority.]
jacob said on 4/Aug/14
I am 17 and 4 months. When I was 14, my doctor said that I would be 5'8 but I measure up at a very low 5'7 at night. Do you think it's possible that I could at least get to 5'8 , i'm not asking to be 5'10, I just want to get out of the 5'7 range. Btw, last year I was barely 5'6 and I don't seem to look like a normal seventeen year old. Please help or answer. I feel very self conscience about being 5'7
med said on 2/Aug/14
Did you read about LSJL,a way to enlongate legs? If you did,what do you think about it?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't recommend doing could be doing damage to your joints. I don't see anybody really giving solid proof like videos before/after or even proper photographic proof. Sure there are people saying they have got a few cm, but I'd be wary of believing that.]
michael said on 28/Jul/14
Click Here would this program increase height?
michael said on 27/Jul/14
I'm 19 and 8 months old 184.5 cm tall. How much more can I grow?
navin said on 26/Jul/14
1 am 23 year old do U think that my height will grow due to streching exercises
[Editor Rob: all you can do is try it, if it improves your posture at worst, then you might feel or walk/stand taller than you did in the past...but I wouldn't go in expecting 1-2 inches at your age. At 18-19 that is still a possibility for young chaps though.]
Connor mc said on 24/Jul/14
Thanks for the response but it's really getting weird I'm now 5'11 only just turning 15 like I said my parents aren't tall but I have grown about 2cm in 4 weeks do u think I'm just an odd one out
[Editor Rob: you may have hit a good period of growth, how many more cm is possible is always hard to predict. You could end up over 6ft, which for your parents height is a significant difference.]
salod said on 23/Jul/14
im 18 (my birthday was in march) i think i grew like milimeters in this months,
at 16/17 i was 1,75, the past year i was 1,77 and now 1,80.. do you thing i will grew more?
Amber said on 23/Jul/14
I'm 15 and I'm only 5"7 and I'm a girl and u really wanna be at least 5"9. My dad is about 5"9 -5"10 and my mom is about 5"7 and a half. One of my brothers is 5"10 and the other is 5"8 and both of them are older than me. That's just some background info, but other than that, will I continue to grow taller.. At all? At least an inch?? I really wanna be taller!!! Help!!
salod said on 21/Jul/14
I mean. 1,81 In the morning
salod said on 21/Jul/14
Rob do you think 1,80 cm its a tall height or just above average?, I measure 1,81 right before bed
[Editor Rob: in some countries it would be tall (china or india for instance), but in US/UK maybe just a bit above average]
J.Lee said on 14/Jul/14
On the average how much taller is a mans head than womens?
[Editor Rob: I'd say about .7 inch]
med said on 13/Jul/14
Rob,what do you think the average height for men is at the moment?
[Editor Rob: in UK/US it still seems 5ft 9-9.5 range, but around the world it will be overall less because of huge size of countries like China/India where the average is a couple of inches lower.]
med said on 13/Jul/14
Hey Rob,I came across this videos. He measured those bos and they both grew 3 inches in one year. Could his stadiometer be rigged? Both boys were 18-19,what do you think? Week 1 :Click Here Week 61: Click Here
[Editor Rob: Nah, it's not rigged because if you look at early videos then over a year later compared to the Grow Taller Guru they look visibly a few inches taller than when they started, also they look barely even 8 in the first video, more like a 16-17 year much more chance these young guys growth plates were still open. It is natural growth, enhanced by a program to help maximise or even potentially exceed their potential by a bit. If you look at someone like Will Poulter, at 18 he was near 6ft but at 21 ended up 6ft 2. Some can still gain in the 18-20 range...]
Ronnie said on 12/Jul/14
hey rob, can stretching exercises help to increase height a little bit like 2cm I'm 22
[Editor Rob: if you have developed poor posture or have 'hidden height' because of years of bad habits, then stretching can definitely help regain or improve your posture so you will appear taller...but if you already have good health, can stand tall for a measurement I don't know if you could really gain that much - a fraction maybe, but 2cm might be too much to expect.]
connor mc said on 10/Jul/14
Hi im fifteen and 5ft 10 ive already outgrown my dad being 5ft 7 and my mum 5ft 6, all my other family is tall the smallest being 6ft 1 and the biggest 6ft 7 do you think I will grow past 6ft maybe
[Editor Rob: still got a chance of being 6ft range yeah, you will have done better than many people with similar sized parents.]
Ronnie said on 7/Jul/14
hi rob i am 22 and height is178cm do you think that i can still grow 2cm?
[Editor Rob: at your age, unfortunately it is very very unlikely]
Barbie said on 26/Jun/14
Hi! So im a very late bloomer. I started puberty towards the end of freshman year. I was a 15 year old girl at the time and starting sophomore year i started gaining weight really fast. Ive always been very underweight due to a fast metabolism, so starting sophomore year off at 97 lbs and ending the year at 112 lbs was stressful. Im 5'6 now and i still havent gotten my period yet, my dad is 6'1 and my mom is 5'8. Do you think i will grow anymore this summer? And if so what do you think would be my estimated height?
[Editor Rob: there are some cases of late blooming, it sounds like you could fall into the category. Possibly you could end up your Mother's height, I would try to eat good meals and keep exercising.]
J.Lee said on 23/Jun/14
Rob, we all know about how stretching can help a little, I'm also a big advocate of core strengthening exercises, but now I'm looking into posture exercises, like with the neck. Can improving posture make you shrink a little less by night?
[Editor Rob: there might be something to it, but I've not tested it myself. There was a study I mentioned before about a group doing exercise/stretching and evening height being slightly better.]
J.Lee said on 23/Jun/14
Rob, as for that 5 ft 10 guy and 6 foot guy below, would a girl reaching 6 ft in heels appear to have a higher eye level in her heels than the average 6 ft guy? Also, I usually only shrink between .5 inches to no more than .75 inches 90 percent of the time, out of bed. But last night I shrunk almost a full inch! Are there some days that are more drastic than others?
[Editor Rob: generally a women has a smaller head on average than a man, so your eyes are fooled a bit because they are seeing chin levels or eye levels slightly different and that is convincing their minds that the higher eye/chin means the women is taller, when it could be the man who was same size or even a little taller.]
Simone said on 22/Jun/14
Like 179-180cm?
[Editor Rob: wouldn't say 180, 179 is a possibility]
Simone said on 19/Jun/14
Rob,please can you give me your estimate about the guy on the right? ( guy on left is 6' ). Click Here Thank you
[Editor Rob: possibly a little over 5ft 10]
Fabbb said on 15/Jun/14
Hi Rob! I'm 18, and my height is about 5 ft 10. By doing stretching daily and swimming i've grown 1cm in 1 month (i don't know if i will keep this "height" forever or if it's just a backbone decompression). I'm also following the "grow taller guru" YouTube channel, and i've seen that he's doing an experiment with two 18 years old guys and... they HAVE GROWN!!! Something like 10cm... What do you think about that? I'm really confused. Is that possible!?!??! Thanks :)
[Editor Rob: bear in mind the guru is involved in selling pills which have magical claims, but it is clear the 2 young guys grew and the routines/stretching/diet would have maximised their natural growth - how much they still would have grown if they didn't do the year long routine? It's impossible to tell... there's a reason he's not using 30 year old guys in this experiment, as their growth plates are closed - these young guys still had a chance of growth and have maximised it.]
184.9 on a bad day said on 11/Jun/14
Rob, I give up to be 186 solid hahaha but I will try to be a 1.85 solid, come on is only a centimeter
I'm brazilian and average is about 5ft8-5ft9.
Robinson said on 9/Jun/14
Rob, I play sports, but my back hurts so my growth hormone does not work well?
[Editor Rob: it could just be stress and strain on your back from the sports]
J.Lee said on 8/Jun/14
Rob you're right it's hard to grow after 21. But I know for a fact that I grew 1/4 inch from 19 to 21 and another 1/4 inch after 21, but that was probably from doing 2 back exercises. I use the same wall to measure and know precisely how tall at what time of day. I was just under 5 ft 10.5 out of bed at 18 and am 5 ft 11 out of bed now. Over the last couple of years I have been able to get about 1/6 inch over 5 ft 11 on a good day, out of bed. Do you feel that doctor's offices can be misleading? A long time ago I was 5 ft 10.5 at the doctor's office but only 5 ft 9.75 at an allergy shot office and it was during similar time of the day. The one where I measured under 5 ft 10, that measuring device only started at the 4 foot mark. So how do I know it was accurate? I thought I had shrunk. Would you say the regular tape measures are more trust worthy? Because I have 3 different tape measures and they all come out the same. But that one allergy office started off at 4 feet and I was shorter on it. I was only like 22 and the doctor noticed I shrunk and told me it's normal to shrink as you age, but how can they say that to a younger person?
[Editor Rob: there may be errors, especially if the stadiometer is wall mounted and there is a carpet. Hard floor is best...generally you would expect the person who attaches the wall stadiometer to install it correctly, but I am sure a percentage of them will have an error. Your own measurements, at least you can take time and get a good idea.]
184.9 on a bad day said on 8/Jun/14
Rob, do you think can I increase my height by 2 cm with exercises to be 1.86 solid or this only waste my time. I'm 20 years old my absolute lowest is 184.9, in normally day I'm 185-185.1(6 ft 0.75)
[Editor Rob: well, if you try for 6 months, doing stretching exercises, then you will give your body help - it might not result in anything, but then a lot of people who do some exercises like hanging/stretching might do 6-8 weeks, see no result and give up. Give it 6 months, don't measure at all for that period, then check again. You are already tall, anything else is a wee bonus at your age.]
J.Lee said on 5/Jun/14
Rob, you said you don't know anyone who grew after 21. I think I grew 1/4 inch overall. It could be just from back exercises though.
[Editor Rob: I don't personally know anybody. But small fractions are hard to measure, some people might have taken a measurement on devices that are incorrect or dodgy walls and then a few years later thought they grew but didn't. I'm sure there are is a tiny percentage who gained at 21-22, but they are a very rare breed!]
shrinking said on 4/Jun/14
Hello rob, I have a question: do you think I would lose less height throughout the day if I lost some weight? Right nite I lose a full inch by night. I wake up at 5'8.75 and end up at 5'7.75 by the end of the day. I just v want to stay atleast 5'8.25 so I can be stronger 5'8 guy. Also I currently weigh around 195 pounds, and have wide shoulders.I think weighing around 150-160 would put less strain on my spine.
[Editor Rob: just seems your back is the kind that loses a good inch...losing a bit of weight is generally a good thing, but I really don't think it would have much effect - maybe work on exercises to strengthen your back muscles and core (situps help) so that your posture is generally good, then that is as good as gaining a fraction]
Magnusver said on 21/May/14
Rob, is it true that if I've gone through puberty quite early that I'm very unlikely to be a "late-bloomer" heightwise? I'm 5'9.5, with a supposed "potential" of 6'3 give or take (which is very believable, everyone is tall in my family), but at 16 I don't have much time. I also went through puberty very early, i.e., at 15 I was already able to grow a full beard with the best of 'em. However there's also a bit of a history of late-bloomers in my family. My mother, for instance, grew from about 5'2 to 5'8 at age 15.
[Editor Rob: some height genes can be head scratching, with some you wonder why they ended up so tall and others so short! I think you still have potential, but stressing about it won't help. Let it happen...get enough sleep, eat enough and maybe try a bit of stretching!]
Ricky said on 21/May/14
Rob..Do you think it's possible to grow up after 23 years old..I am 23 now. I need your opinion
[Editor Rob: I don't know anybody personally who has grew over the age of 21...there may be some real late bloomers who manage around that age, but it is a very rare occurrence]
Ricky said on 14/May/14
Rob..shahrukh khan height 5'6.8
I'm shahrukh khan die hard fans
Ruben said on 13/May/14
Hey Rob! I'm Chilean. I'm 19 years old, out of bed my height is 176.1cm(5ft 9.25in). midday to afternoon 175cm(5ft 9in) cm, in the night before sleep almost every day 174.1cm (5ft 8.5in). (Sometimes, when i'm really tired... 173.8cm or a little bit less) Q1:What do you think about my height? Q2:Do you think I'll grow more?
[Editor Rob: I would be surprised if you grew more, in Chile you should be within average range]
Josh 182cm said on 4/May/14
Rob , I've been using hydrocortisone cream (I believe it has less than 1% steroid in it) for several years. Does it really stunt growth? I'm the only member in the family he used it, but I'm still taller than all of them (both my brother and father). In fact, I tower over them.
[Editor Rob: yes, excessive use over years has an effect on growth.]
Ivka said on 14/Apr/14
Hii Rob, I'm almost 15 and I'm about 163-165 cm. My mum's 170 cm and my dad about 180 cm. Is there any chances I will be at least 170 cm ?
FCB said on 2/Apr/14
Hi, Rob. This is not about growing taller but about appearing taller. I have seen that many times two people or say celebrities of the same height do not appear equally tall. For example: Ian Somerhalder and Hrithik Roshan both are about 5'10 but appear taller than some other 5'10 actors. Even in real life i have seen these cases. What exactly makes someone appear taller compared to other people of same height. Sometimes i have seen that shorter celebrities who gain a lot of muscle appear shorter (maybe the width begins to dominate) but sometimes lean guys appear shorter and smaller compared to well built guys of same height. So what kind of body frame maximizes the apparent height. In this pic the guy on the left is almost the same height as the guy on the right but the latter still gives an impression of being much taller if seen separately. Click Here
[Editor Rob: sometimes equal proportions, certain styles of clothes that elongate the body, hairstyles, size of head (smaller = better), posture...these kind of things can sometimes add to perception of how tall someone is]
Concerned said on 27/Mar/14
That's interesting. I'll look that up. But, about the other parts: how tall would you estimate me at in my early 20s, when I should have finished growing? Is it too late for increased sleep and more exercise to help me reach my maximum height?

For reference, my mom is 5'4, and while I've never solidly measured him, based on the way me and my dad compare I'd say he's 5'10.5-5'11.
Concerned said on 26/Mar/14
I'm 17 and 5'11.5 in the afternoon. My doctor estimated my adult height at 6'1/6'2 when I was thirteen, but I'd be satisfied with a strong 6'0 now, I'm worried that I won't quite make any of those three heights and forever be stuck at 5'11.75 or something. Which is more likely? Also, is it too late at this point to help my growth with proper exercise and more sleep?
[Editor Rob: well the grow taller guru on youtube was doing a yearlong experiment with some young guys about your age and they gained height. Of course it could be natural, but all the hanging, stretching maybe helped maximise any potential gains they had left. ]
Violet said on 25/Mar/14
Hey Rob! I'm a fifteen year old girl, almost sixteen, and I was wondering if I could grow taller. My mom is 5'9 and my dad is 6'1. My oldest sister, who is seventeen, is about 5'8.5. My younger sister, she just turned 13, is around 5'9 as well. I am between 5'6.5 and 5'7. I don't think I have grown more than 0.5 cm in the past year, and I started puberty a month before I turned twelve so I don't think I'm a late bloomer. This has been upsetting me for the longest time now. I have major issues with the my height and it's been affecting my life. I want to grow at least two cms. Is that possible at this point? Thanks Rob!
[Editor Rob: you might be finished, it's not a disaster if you are nearly 5ft 7 though. All I would say is you might consider trying some basic stretches (type height stretches in google and find some to try regularly), get enough sleep, eat healthy and try not to measure yourself for 6 months.]
Magnusver said on 17/Mar/14
Rob, I'm just a little over 5'9, and after trying this equation (F + M + FF + FM + MF + MM) / 6 x 1.08 in.) my supposed height potential comes to 6'3.5 .... But, I'm already 16 and haven't grown noticeably in a couple years. 6'3 at this point is highly doubtful, however, do I have any more potential to grow significantly?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't spend much time worrying about being so far away from a potential. At 16 there is still time, I'd say this year and next year are the key years that you should be getting enough sleep, regular exercise (including basic stretching) and try to reduce stresses, eat well. If a chunk of height comes, it will happen, if not, you might still gain a couple of inches. ]
TobyMarshellap said on 16/Mar/14
Rob, do you think he'll reach above six feet?
[Editor Rob: depends on the genes from his parents!]
TobyMarshellap said on 16/Mar/14
Rob, my son is around 5ft 4-6 he's 13 do you think he will grow more?
[Editor Rob: still potentially 3-4 years on average to still grow.]
J.Lee said on 3/Mar/14
Rob, what are the basic exercises you would recommend for someone like yourself if they wanted to add a quarter inch in height? You said side to side is a good exercise. You have to stretch your back, but does it hurt to stretch hips and legs?
[Editor Rob: just generic stretches like those that put strain on your muscles as you reach into the air, arch back stretches, sitting on floor and touching toes stretch. ]
Ricky said on 15/Feb/14
Rob.. I am 23 years old .in the morning,out of bed my height 172cm(5ft7.75). mid day to afternoon 171.2 the night before sleep almost every day 170.4cm. Sometimes 170.8 .what do you think about my real heigh?..
[Editor Rob: it would be ok to just go with 171]
Editor Rob said on 2/Feb/14
Here a yoga teacher said they went from 5ft 4 to 5:
Click Here
J.Lee said on 1/Feb/14
Rob, I believe that core/back exercises help. Whenever I do lower back exercises, I'm usually on the taller side the next day
[Editor Rob: as we age, doing even a couple minutes a day of basic stretches, like touching toes, reaching up, rotating side to side, will help.]
J.Lee said on 26/Jan/14
Ha ha you're right Rob, probably easier to just wear a sock than try to get a half inch through 6 months of stretching. But when I was doing yoga, pilates I seemed to have more ''taller'' days of measuring, up to a quarter inch. So I guess there is a reason why you're taller some days and lose it other days. I do think though with enough determination, one could get tat last half inch.
[Editor Rob: there are some cases I've read, even the odd actor/actress saying after doing something like pilates/stretching or ballet they added a fraction.]
J.Lee said on 24/Jan/14
Rob is adding half an inch of height feasible if you're already in your 20s?
[Editor Rob: if you already have great posture and physique then it becomes much harder, but if you have developed poorer posture, stretching/exercise can help you regain what you didn't know you might have lost!

Could I gain 1/2 inch? I think I would need to do about 6 months of daily stretching for 1 hour...I would rather do other things with my time.]
Rashika said on 18/Jan/14
I'm 16 and 5'5 . Do you think I'll grow more?
[Editor Rob: still have potential to grow. Just keep eating healthy good sized meals, get your sleep, do some basic stretching/exercise and try not to measure yourself.]
Frenchguy said on 12/Jan/14
Rob, I'm 19 years old guy , i just discovered that i have ''Hypopituitarism''which stopped my growth hormones for years and now i'm 5.5 and i look like a kid , i haven't any spurts as far as i remember, i gained 1 inch the past 5 months, my question is , do you think that after treating myself and making my hormones up to the right level , should i grow more and complete my puberty/PS:(my father is 172 and my mother is 167), pls Rob , i need an answer .
[Editor Rob: if your growth plates are still open there is always a chance - some people can have 'catch up' growth - during certain phases in their life, their height was effected, and later on in life their body - when given good nutrition and even hormones - can gain more to catch up with the height that was lost.]
arash said on 8/Jan/14
hi.i am a man and my length is 168cm.i have a question from you suggest me to surgery to taller than this?
[Editor Rob: I would never recommend surgery for height unless you really were desperate and realised the risks involved and spent years thinking about it. Always better to talk to Doctors about this topic of leg lengthening.]
shy said on 31/Dec/13
Hey rob how to keep my morning height all the day ?
[Editor Rob: have 2 friends carry you about on a stretcher?

no seriously, it is hard unless you regularly took 20 minute lie downs to maintain anywhere near the morning height]
jax said on 29/Dec/13
So, apart from the advice listed on here, any specific foods that stimulate or help grow to the highest genetic potential? I've been in a lot of injuries involving my head and in v uncomfortable sleeping positions over the years, hoping won't affect my height.
[Editor Rob: there are whole books on diets and I'm not a dietician, all I'd say is to try to include variety so your body is getting as many amino acids and minerals.]
Panda said on 23/Dec/13
Hey Rob, how much more do boys grow after 17? I'm 5'9" (175 cm) (maybe even 5'9.25" (176 cm)) so how much more do you think I'll grow? (I'm 17.5 yrs old and my doctor predicted that I'd be 5'9"/5'10" when I was like 10 yrs old). Thank you.
[Editor Rob: at your age I think if you gained anything noticeable (1 or even 2 inches) you've done better than a good proportion who at that age are finished growth.]
Overcastkilljoy said on 18/Dec/13
I'm the tallest girl in my year, 5'11 and I stopped growing two years ago - when I was 12. I want to grow another inch for a bizarre reason though xD
5.6´5 guy said on 9/Dec/13
Rob,5´6.5 is a bad height ?
[Editor Rob: Unfortunately many people will view and treat someone at 5ft 6 differently compared to a 6 footer. But your actions can make people forget about your height...treat others well, help them and be kind and that adds INCHES to your stature.]
Icarly Fan said on 4/Dec/13
I know most people stop growing at 18, so what I want to know is how much taller can you possibly get at 17?
diesel said on 3/Dec/13
hi rob :), is it true that if u have a full beard with 18 u might not growing anymore cause ur puberty ends ?
[Editor Rob: not necessarily, but if you are still young looking at nearly 18 the chances might be better for late spurt]
morgan said on 24/Nov/13
I am a 18 girl whith 147 cm height ! My mom is 157cm and my dad is 160cm. my sister is 13 years old but she is taller than me about 2cm!!! How much can i be taller?? Can i be about 150?or more?
[Editor Rob: unfortunately at 18 it is unlikely you have any growth left.]
fan123 said on 23/Nov/13
hi rob does allergies do harm growth ?
[Editor Rob: I would doubt it, unless the allergies effect your diet or somehow prevent your body releasing HGH]
gugz said on 15/Nov/13
I went from being one of the tallest in my class to not growing past 13. I was given tablets for eczema and pretty much grew a beard and stopped growing overnight. Those steroid pills really messed me up...but i guess it could be worse... atleast i made it to 5 10...
Bran said on 12/Nov/13
Unfortunately no one, even expects like Rob cannot explain what stunts or enhances growth. Being into sixth form it had been about 18 months since I had seen 2 people I previously knew, one was around 5ft8 when he left and the other was around 6ft, both had seemed to have grown fastest at the normal age (12-14). Anyway as I bumped into them the other day one was about 5ft11-11.5 and the other was about 6ft3, funny thing is the 6ft3 guy had smoked since he was 12 and the guy who grew about 3 inches in the last year started smoking around a year ago, so does smoking really stunt your growth?; it can never be said, same with eczema thing, my mums 5ft2, dads barely 5ft9 and im 5ft9-9.25 at 17 now and have no tall family members and used eczema creams for years, im almost certain it doesn't stop growth, well I hope anyway.
Matt 184.7-186.7cm said on 6/Nov/13
Rob, I had eczema from ages 6-10 just behind my knees which appeared about once every 6 months and used cream to treat it, I applied the cream there maybe 5 or so times per year during this period, could this have possibly stunted my growth at all even a little?
[Editor Rob: I think that is a relatively small amount, I'm talking about daily use on lots of the body over a few years that could stunt growth.]
Matt 184.7-186.7cm said on 3/Nov/13
Hmm through ages 6-10 I had eczema behind my knees appearing a few times per year and used some cream to treat it... usually just a few times when it appeared (probably applied the cream 5-10 times per year over that period), rob would that have possibly been enough to stunt my growth even slightly?
Bonaparte said on 2/Nov/13
Hi Rob, I have a question, is it possible to shrik about 2-3 cm about the day ?
[Editor Rob: yes some people shrink a full inch]
Bran said on 2/Nov/13
@ metalkid
Don't worry about not growing at 15 for a while, I had the same problem, grew loads between 12.5 to 14.5 then bang stopped growing, I thought I was doomed to stay 5ft7.5 but from around 2 months after my 16th up till around my 17th birthday I had grown 1.5 inches. I believe the body endures a cool of period after long growth so don't worry about being stopped growing at your age, I worried, I haven't grown loads but hey im no longer 5ft7.5.
matheuscore said on 29/Oct/13
I'm only 5'8.5~5'9 and i now have 17 years. I'm doomed?
heavyhitter said on 29/Oct/13
I'm 17 and 5'8. I got a couple questions for you Rob or anyone else who'd like to chime in.

1. I measure 5'8 on the dot at night. I measured this using a book and tape measure. When I say on the dot, I mean exactly on the dot. Does this make me a "weak" 5'8?

2. My father is 5'11, my mother is 5'4. How much more can I grow? I really want to be 5'9. My growth plates are "closing".

MetalKid said on 24/Oct/13
Hey Rob, thanks for the tips. I'm 15 and about 5'11". The problem is, I've been stuck at 5'11" for almost a year now. Do you think I will reach 6 feet, or have I stopped growing? My dad is about 6'2".
[Editor Rob: there is still time, I'd say focus on good eating as a priority, if your body is getting enough variety and all the vitamins/minerals then you are giving it every chance to reach your potential.]
Dave618 said on 15/Oct/13
5.5: In my experience most people think they are taller than they are. And they often misjudge others' heights. A friend kept blabbing about her 6'5" son and when I finally met him he was a few inches under my 6'2".

I'm six-two out of bed and about 6'1.5" at the end of the day, and people have guesstimated my height usually a few inches taller than I am.

As for you: I can understand where you're coming from, 5'5" is considered short for a guy, but really, height means nothing compared to the substance of your soul and character. Any woman worth her salt would be drawn to your intrinsic qualities as a human being rather than something like how tall you measure. I don't really consider height when I am attracted to a girl; there's too much else that is supremely more important: Loyalty, respect, a kind heart, honesty, etc.
Fred from France said on 7/Oct/13
Hi Rob, I love your website!

I would like to ask you: i'm 25 and 5'7-8 (1m70-1m73). Do you think it's possible to grow up after 25 year old?
[Editor Rob: it's virtually impossible...anybody who does manage growth is very lucky at that age]
Bran said on 6/Oct/13
What do you mean by steroid creams Rob ?, because I've used creams for eczema for a big part of my childhood and also have used cleansing cream for teenage spots over many years, so could I have ruined my chances of reaching my maximal height ?
[Editor Rob: stuff like hydrocortizone cream, read this page Here and the side effect section.

You are talking in my family members case using it a lot for bad eczema for years.]
Saman Q said on 3/Oct/13
I'm an 18 years old boy and i'm 174 i want to get to 180 i grow 3 in last 3 months so i think im still in puberty i also go to body building , is it true that body building can stunt growth ??? if it is i should stop going !!
5.5 said on 28/Sep/13
I've grown kind of obsessed with the topic of my height. My passport says 5'7 and I just went with that until recently when I measured myself with a foldable measure stick, according to that I'm anywhere between 5'4.75 and 5'5.5

This confuses me, is it really possible that the measurement I had done for my passport was 2 inches off (I was wearing a sneaker, so ill give 4 centimeters, but 5?)

Im developing an unhealthy obsession and I'm not sure how to deal with it. I know theres the limb lengthening thing, but that just seems like bat**** insanity. ¨

I also have to question, is it possible that everyone thinks they are taller than they are?
Marina said on 25/Sep/13
Yves, I think I already stopped growing... Haven't seen much difference from last year in my height but I think it changes from person to person, some girls stop growing very early, others keep growing until 18 or so. Unfortunately I think I'm not very lucky about it.
Les Paul said on 24/Sep/13
Rob,I once measure myself at a measuring scale in a big shopping complex and it said that I am 170.8 cm but when i measure at home using rulers and pencil marks on the wall it said 173,which measurement is the true one?
[Editor Rob: if your floor/wall are relatively straight, go with your house measurement - do it in a different room and if you get near 173 I'd say that was a pretty reasonable chance you are going to be around that.]
Yves said on 22/Aug/13
Marina I'm 16 and 5'6, I had a argument with a liar admin at HeightDB, she says I'll grow till 5'8, and you 1 inch left, so if you want I can send you the site of the argument, but I don't recommend you'll read any lies, men grow till 21 and women till 18 on my belief, search any height calculators and they will give you the worst result you'll ever get, every site says 5'8 on my age, I do like to discuss with you about height, that's my obsession.
184.5cm(er) said on 19/Aug/13
Hi rob, just wondering your opinion, do you think 184.5 cm is a tall height as of the 21st century? And what height would you say is the beginning of tall?
[Editor Rob: once you get to 6ft you are tall, I think that is where you can safely say tall starts at.

In some countries though it can vary ]
Yves said on 13/Aug/13
Hi Rob, I want to ask you if you can determine my height what height I might reach you think, if I'm 5'6 than what height would I reach until 21?
Marina said on 10/Aug/13
Rob, I'm a girl, 15 and I'm only 5'5 ( which is pretty small around here since I'm smaller than almost everyone), will I still grow something?
[Editor Rob: still a chance, ]
5"11.5 said on 7/Aug/13
Rob do you think I can grow taller ? I'm 5"11.5 and 16.5 y.o. My dad is 5"10 and mom is 5"3-4.
71 inches said on 1/Aug/13
Rob im 5 10 - 511 ,
but indian, so am I tall
6ft 1 guy said on 12/Jul/13
Just wondering your opinion Rob, do you think 6ft 1 is a tall height or average nowadays due to everyone getting taller, I do feel tall but I often run into people roughly around the same height and I'm nearly 20, is the chance I can grow till I'm 21 like have a last minute growth spurt?
[Editor Rob: it's still a tall height today. Sometimes people at a taller height like 6ft 1 could a bit 'height blind'. They see people taller or the same height as themselves and focus on them, filtering out the much greater amount of smaller men...and can believe they are much more average.
At your age, any further growth I'd say would be a bonus.]
p00le said on 9/Jul/13
Does great posture slow down the height decrease that occurs throughout the day?
[Editor Rob: not really found much difference in that]
Meltdown said on 8/Jul/13
Rob was destined to be the awkwardly "short-but-almost-average" height of 5'8" just so he can make this website and be one of the leading experts on height evaluation and how to cope with insecurity. Good job Rob!
[Editor Rob: being able to work for myself is a great thing, but I ran many different sites before doing this one - I now wish I had built it earlier, but I never thought there would be as big an audience for celeb heights as it turned out there was...]
Yves said on 1/Jul/13
Thanks for the tips!
jake178max said on 25/Jun/13
It's a interesting thing.Among my friends,the height of somebody who smoke is unexpected taller than someone who do not smoke is.They do not have geniclly advantages from their parents.How to explain this phenomenon?
Smoking is not good for health and it's something we should avoid indeed.
Guess your theory was based on encouraging teenage do not smoke.
Anonymous said on 21/Jun/13
Rob, I'm affected by scolyosis so my posture is very bad and if I measured myself I can't reach my full height. The doctor said that I'm affected by scolyosis because I born with the right leg shorter than the left one. So to be at my max height I tend to lift only my right food, putting my weight more to the left leg. The foot is lifted at max no more than 1-2 cm (the heel) from the floor. It's too much distort for you as measurement? Because is the only kind I have to keep my back straight...
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure the best measurement to take either, if you wear a thicker shoe to even up your legs then you will appear a bit taller than your measured height with both feet barefoot...]
Yves said on 18/Jun/13
And about smoking, If my dad wouldn't smoke, could he be like 6' or 6'1 due he is 5'11 and his smoking?
[Editor Rob: smoking certainly is one factor that might make you not reach your full height, how much is impossible to tell...might only be a tiny amount in some cases, other people it could effect them to a greater degree.]
Yves said on 18/Jun/13
Hi rob, I'm often visiting and reading comments and heights of some actors and I'm amazed, I'm going to be 16 next month and I'm 5'5, when the summer comes, I'll do a lot of sport and eat all the important food for being taller, Is it true that I can grow 2 or 3 inches in 2 months, because I've read that one the internet and seems like it's correct from some people, I hope I'll reach 6' in age of 21+, I know also that If I'll stay healthy I can grow taller until age of 25, my father is 5'11, sense I've noticed that sometimes he looks like 6' (in pictures do he have tall boots, he look like 6'1 1/2) he always telling me he's 5'11, my brother told me my father is 5'10, I don't believe in that, my older brother is 5'7+, being smaller to me is very sucks, I know I'll reach 6', some of friends telling me that I won't reach 5'11, some says I can pass 6' some says I can be like my father but 2 cm taller, some of my family members saying that I will grow just stay healthy, all I just want is to be 6'+.
[Editor Rob: all you can do is try to stay healthy, be fit, eat well and sleep...the more stress you have in life, that could also have a small effect. Just try not to think too much about height, what will be will be...]
re: steadyparlayin said on 31/May/13
I think you've got it the other way around. Hollywood mostly chooses guys of average/tall height (around 5'10-6'0) but also chooses WOMEN WHO ARE TALL because society keeps trying to push forward the image of "supermodel beauty" for females (with a heavy emphasis on how desirable traits like long slim legs are). This, coupled with the fact women are encouraged to wear ridiculously impractical shoes that elevate them by several inches, is the reason most Hollywood male actors generally seem around the same height as their female counterparts. It's not that the average Hollywood male star is short.
steadyparlayin said on 20/May/13
I feel like everytime I watch a movie or TV show the actors are always short. They are rarely taller than their female counterparts. I think hollywood descriminates against men my size (6'6"), especially when they're co stars and the star is significantly shorter. I just watched Savages and the American portrayed actors were as tall as their Mexican counterparts and the female lead. In the actual world my friends and I, most being at least 6', tower over most men south of the border and of course over all women. Can you explain why Hollywood does not reflect the various heights of the real world, but instead casts extras and co stars to the same height as the male star. I mean you'll never see Tom Cruise next to Vince Vaughn side by side. Also I've noticed that friends of mine that are over 6 feet give each other the typical guy hug when they see each other after a long time, but my shorter friends make it awkard and always prefer a handshake. I mean get over it. You are what you are. I think shorter guys make a bigger deal than it is to the rest of us. From my perspective anyone shorter than 6'2" or 6'3" is short, and maybe that's cause I played basketball and football but I've asked my other friends my height and they feel the same. Take care.
Changsha, China said on 20/Apr/13
Dear Rob,I am a big fan of you from China!There is one thing that I most concern.Did smoking really stunt growths? I firstly touched smoking since I was 15 years old.But I did not smoke a lot.About 2-3 cigarettes per day.Now I am 22years old and I am 178cm.My mother is 156cm.My father is 174cm.
Meanwhile,my part of friends who started smoking since 14-15years old(probably more early).They are also very tall now.They are 180+(The male average heights of my living city is only 168cm!)
Recently,I often confuse that if I did not smoke I might be getting taller?
It's puzzle indeed because there are not certainty scientific reports show "smoking can stunt growths" even though we all know that smoking have various damage of people.
Do you have any information about this puzzle?
I sincerely expect you can reply me!!!
[Editor Rob: smoking could have some effect, just like diet and the environment. How much? That's much harder for anybody to say, but if you are 178 you have managed to grow taller than average, even if you smoked.]
lucy said on 15/Apr/13
dear Rob, what are your thoughts on leg lengthening surgery? I feel more and more often now that I'd rather be dead than as short as I am. I'm so desperate. Do you know much about lls? Do you know of ANYTHING like it?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't recommend it, because it is an extreme and costly measure. Leg surgery needs a good year out of your life at least, probably near 2 before you are anywhere near what you were prior to it. I think you are best trying to talk to a counsellor/doctor about your situation and somehow trying to find a way to cope better with your feelings, before you considered surgery.

this is no consolation, but I might run a site about height, but whether you are 4ft 9 or 5ft 9, it would make no difference to how I treat people.]
Emil said on 31/Mar/13
Good, legit article Rob. Not like all that bs you find on the internet
max said on 27/Mar/13
Hey Rob, i am 18 years 7 months and i am 5 foot 10.5 inch but i want to grow like 6'
Is it yet possible in my age?
As for my growth pattern, i have had a steady rate of growth all my life,there was a spurt in the 14-15 years but it was nothing like my friends from whom i am a little taller now.
[Editor Rob: I'd say take any more growth as a bonus because the majority by your age are finished growth, a minority can still gain more height]
J.Lee said on 27/Mar/13
Rob I do know that when you perform these 2 low back stabilizer exercises it will get you closer to your morning height throughout the day. You wake up 1/4-1/2 inch taller than usual as well
Jay said on 14/Feb/13
I would say working out will help one look taller. Being very skinny may make you look taller than someone who's very fat. However, being lean and muscular (broad shoulders, narrow waist) will make you look taller than somebody of the same height who's lean but not defined (i.e. narrow shoulders, narrow waist).
Morales said on 17/Jan/13
interesting article.
Ron I have recently completed 20 rob, how many inches aprox you believe that I can grow?
Lo sgozzatore said on 16/Jan/13
So steroids creams cause problems only if used every day for years? Is that a scientific thing or you just think that? Smoking is really bad, there are so many problems it cause that you cant list them on here
[Editor Rob: from seeing the effects on 2 family members and seeing their growth slow.]
Lo sgozzatore said on 15/Jan/13
Nice article, Rob ;)
Only some things: i dont think smoking can affect the growth, i know a lot of people who started smoking very early and are very tall too... Anyway, it's really unhealthy, that's sure.
What about the steroids? I have sometimes used some cortisone creams for dermatitis, but only for really short periods and something like 3-4 times. Can a small use effect the growth? I've read somewhere that if used too much for children, it might cause a late growth but not shortness...
[Editor Rob: using creams for years is what can stunt growth a bit.

Smoking changes cells, causes problems with nutrient's something we should encourage people to avoid as much as possible]

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