How to Grow Taller

So you want to Grow Taller in Height?

Since height is a trait that depends on genes inherited from your parents, it's not really something that we have that much control over. Of course that doesn't mean you can't fulfil your genetic height potential - many people may have a 'programmed height' of 6 foot, but various factors during childhood might mean they inhibit their growth and not reach that potential, while others do reach their maximum.

Most people by the age of 21 will have finished growing - it is rare for anybody to grow noticeably beyond that, but not impossible. Boys generally keep growing later than girls.

Growth in your 20's

If you're already in your 20's then the easiest way for you to grow taller is simply by purchasing lifts or elevator shoes. Sure, your barefoot height won't change, but how other people perceive you in public will - lifts might add anywhere from 1-1.5 inches and the wearing of elevator shoes certainly improves how you stand. Anything more than an extra 1-1.5 inches becomes impractical and would start to feel like you are wearing ladies high heels.

There are a myriad of programs (and scammers who try to sell these programs by using Photos from Celebheights as 'Proof' of growth, pills or exercises out there that purport to increase your height - I used to have an exercise booklet for 'growing taller' that my Dad had from his own youth. All of the exercises you see today are basically the same ones that have been around for 60+ years. The claims in that old leaflet were rather hilarious - 'J Brown writes to tell us he gained 5 inches after 3 months of using the program' etc - absolute pie in the sky stuff. While prolonged exercise and stretching may add a little bit and improve your posture, how many people out there have posted actual decent proof of their height increase? Not many, because it is notoriously difficult once you are finished growing to actively increase your barefoot height - over-stretching with weights etc might even do damage to your innards.

Growth in your Teens

For youngsters whose growth plates haven't closed, there is still a chance to reach the maximum height that you can. These are my own tidbits of information, the do's and dont's of gaining height as you grow:

1. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Your body needs time to heal, recover and grow. Staying up late playing video games or reading celebheights won't help you grow bigger. Give your body a good nights sleep. It will thank you in the long run.

2. Fuel. Give your body enough of it and a good variety of foods. Try to minimise the junk stuff, the fizzy drinks etc. Ensure your body is getting enough vitamins and minerals that ensure your bones grow and develop well.

3. Exercise. Keeping fit helps promote growth hormone production, a vital component in helping you to grow taller. Sitting in front of the tv or computer for hours a day is time better spent going for a walk, playing a game or taking part in some sports - heck, help out around the house or garden, that not only gets you moving, it achieves something of worth. I would avoid doing any exercises not long out of bed, I'd wait a few hours at least.

4. Reduce Stress. Don't worry about your height. Don't measure it or fret too much. Enjoy life, be kind to your fellow humans, do things that help bring moments of joy into your own, family and friends life.

5. Avoid Smoking. Don't touch them. Smoking is for fools. There's a reason they plaster warnings on packets like 'Smoking Kills' - it's like throwing money down a drain and damaging your body in the process. If you are wanting to reach your maximum potential, puffing away on a pack of smokes each day isn't going to be helping you towards that goal.

6. Avoid Steroids (pills or creams). I can speak from experience of seeing a family member who spent years having topical creams applied to their body go from being tallest in class to not growing much past the age 12...all down to the body being damaged by overuse of steroid based creams.

How to Look Taller

If you're average height or below and want to look a bit taller, there are other subtle ways that might help. People see your height through their eyes, so there are some tips celebheights can give you to help with how other people will perceive you.

1. If you're shorter than average, don't draw attention to it or talk much about the subject of height itself. If other people aren't thinking about the subject, they are less likely to think about or comment on your own height.

2. Following on from point 1, make people forget or disassociate height with your persona. Work on positive actions, and increase your own confidence and personality. Make people remember and leave with them a positive reinforcing impression akin to 'That guy/girl is so kind, friendly, personable, loving, positive, helpful', rather than having them remember the only thing about you being 'that guy/girl is short'.

3. Part of improving your confidence is by trying out new things and making an effort. Don't get stuck in the same routine, push the boundaries and interact with more people. 4. What clothes can you wear to make yourself look taller? Avoid baggy/sagging clothes. For men, a well fitted suit can not only make you feel different, but it adds to the perception other people have of you. Low waisted trousers/jeans or turned up trousers should be avoided. Subtle striping in pants/trousers can help elongate the legs. For women, of course a bit of heel and tight jeans/leggings or shorter skirt will accentuate the shape of the legs. Also for ladies, wearing certain styles of make-up, the way you have your hair, even enhancing your cleavage, all help draw attention away from height. With men, a nice neat hairstyle, with a bit of volume on top helps.

5. Out in public, remember that pavements have a slope so water drains away. Walking on the high side of the pavement certainly is a better advantage to a shorter person than walking on the low side, which would only make you appear even shorter. Posture is another factor some people forget - maintaining a simple daily stretch/exercise routine that helps your core/back muscles will help in how you hold yourself. Don't fall into bad habits - if you find yourself slouching, correct it. Since other people judge height through their eyes, remember to keep your eye-level horizontal and don't let your head/eyes tilt down too much. The way you walk could be worked on - head held high, shoulders back. That's one reason some celebrities get guessed smaller - they are keeping their head down a bit trying not to get bothered too much, hoping they are left alone.

Extreme method to grow taller

If you are past your natural growing age and have tried stretching, realising it doesn't really add anything for you, then there is one more extreme method that can definitely add barefoot height: leg lengthening.

This process really is a last resort though, for people who may be suffering a long-term anxiety or depression about their height and believe that gaining several inches in permanent height would improve their life drastically. It's certainly not a decision anybody should take lightly, because not only is it very costly (many many thousands), it is painful and will require a great deal of treatment and recovery/recuperation time. It is also a risky procedure, although techniques are improving.

It involves breaking the fibula (or fibula/tibia) and attaching external or internal fixators that allow the legs to be stretched by tiny amounts (0.5-2mm) each day. The body builds new bone and tissue to try to 'join together' the tiny gap that is created. The cumulative effect of continually stretching this gap means that over a few months a person can essentially grow 2-3 inches in permanent height. There are even a few rare instances of people who have had the process done on their femurs and after recovery decided to have it done on their lower legs, gaining a remarkable 6 inches in total height.

I personally would not recommend contemplating such a drastic procedure, unless your height becomes a daily burden that not only effects your general day to day life, but might also be having a damaging and long-term effect on your mental health.

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Geff said on 8/Jul/16
Hey rob I'm about to be 16 and I'm 5,8.5 my father is 5,10 mom 5,5 do u think I could reach 5,11 or 5,11.5?
[Editor Rob: this was my parents heights, unfortunately I just hit 5ft 8 and stopped! So I got below what you might expect, while others with similar parents could easily get 5ft 10-6ft range...

if you found out your Father grew anything from 16-19 then it would give you hope you too could follow with a similar growth pattern.]
Moksh said on 7/Jul/16
Hey Rob I'm still At My Puberty I'm 14 And 5.5 . Can You Give Me Some Tips For Growing More At My Puberty I Will Really Appreciate That . THANKS😃
[Editor Rob: It really is the simple things:

Making sure you have some variety in diet, try new foods, take adequate meals. Drink water more than fizzy juices.
Get enough sleep, 8-9 hours at least.
Keep up exercising regularly, several times a week is ideal, it helps the body generate growth hormone while you sleep...

Also one thing is trying to reduce the stresses in life, so for youngsters I would always say don't measure too much - every 6 months might be a good way of checking's when you begin to measure every other day it is a sign you are thinking too much about height.]
Abhishek Anand said on 7/Jul/16
Hi Rob,
I'm 15 years old and my height is 5'7 inches. My dad is 5'7 and mom is 5'5. Can I hit the 6 feet mark?
[Editor Rob: on average I would say you may reach 5ft 10 range.]
Allen said on 6/Jul/16
RE: Do you mean as like 6 foot range like 6'0 and above like 6'1-6'2 ? or just 6'0.0 ?, remember I did mention that my dad and his brothers had a spurt from 15 and so. Just to mention his 6 foot 2 brother was shorter than me by an 2-3 inches at my age. I'll love to hit 6 foot 5, but I'll still be delighted to hit 6 foot 2 !
[Editor Rob: if someone offered you 6ft 2, I'd say you should be delighted to reach that mark...]
Blake said on 6/Jul/16
When u say a few spurts what do you mean by spurt?
[Editor Rob: growth spurt of a few inches]
Dan said on 5/Jul/16
Hey Rob, im 6 ft 1/2, 183,5--184. Whats your opinion on this height?
Do you think theres a ideal height?

[Editor Rob: I was running a poll Click Here to see what people thought was ideal. At the moment 6ft 1 or 2 seems a preferred height, because maybe it is tall, but not overly tall.]
Brandon said on 4/Jul/16
Hey Rob, sorry for the recomment but i have more details. Mom is 5'6. Dad is 6'3. My dad was 6'1.5 at 18 and hit 6'3 at 20. I just turned 19 and im 5'11. I want to know if i will hit atleast 6'0. I was 5'10.25 at 17. 5'10.5 at 18 and now im 5'11 at 19. Ive been a late bloomer my whole life. And considering my dad was one aswell, do you think i could hit 6'0-6'1? Sorry for two comments. Please respond. Thanks.
[Editor Rob: I would put the odds at probably 50/50 on getting 6ft...]
Brandon said on 4/Jul/16
Hello Rob,im a guy I just turned 19 and im 5'11". My mom is 5'6" and my dad is 6'3". My dad was 6'1.5" at 18 and hit 6'3" at 20. Ive been late when it comes to puberty so do you think i could possibly hit atleast 6'0"? Please respond. Thanks.
[Editor Rob: the fact your Dad had a bit of late growth more than say 1cm is a good sign.

One thing I would do is try not to measure yourself for six months...just get on with enjoying life, even try not to think much about height.

Sometimes thinking too much causes undue stress on our bodies and energy that your body could use on growing is depleted.]
christopher said on 3/Jul/16
hi, rob. i'm turning 17 in the next month and i'm around 5'6.75''/5'7''. my mum is 5'2'' and told me she stopped growing at 18, while i don't know about my dad's height, but he's shorter than her. do you think i can still grow? my doctor says i'm still growing, but i'm not convinced
[Editor Rob: if I was 17-18 again I would have spent a bit more time looking at my diet and seeing if I could increase exercise to ensure enough growth hormones were being produced.

At 17 there is still hope, but sometimes bodies need stimulus to respond...I believe that's why you see some athletes who grow taller than their parent's heights might suggest - they have maximised their growth.]
Blake said on 1/Jul/16
If when I turn 16 in around 6 months if I was close to 5 foot 9 would it be reasonable to grow about 2 inches from then till whenever I stop growing?
[Editor Rob: it should be possible to gain 2-3 inches based on your age.]
Dan said on 1/Jul/16
Hey Rob, let me tell you something about me.

As soon as I reached 15, I stopped growing. I was quite negligent at that time, I didn't thought about my height. But as I reached 16 years old, this aspect of my life became quite a burden. I'm 20 years old right now. If anything, I've gained 0.25 since 15. My immune system was very weak during my teenage and my parents didn't really notice it to take me to a doctor. I'm quite sure I have hypothyroidism, because I've had the same weight since 15, I'm very skinny.
So what's my height. I hold my 169cm frame for a lot of the day, might hit 170cm in the morning(extremis).

Lately, I've become really anxious and depressive due to my height and the way I look. Most people think I'm 15 years old. Most of my ex-classmates are very mature right now, and can grow real facial beards, unlike me. I even know someone who exceeded his parents by a large margin. His dad is like 5'5" and his mom in the 5'4" range. He ended up beeing 174-175cm, yet nobody in his family gets past 5'7" mark(his older brother).

I've looked up on several websites and read quite a lot of about height gaining techniques. To be honest, I don't know what's good and what's bad. Deep inside, I feel as if I'm not done growing, I feel as if something stunted my height. I think about this for a large period of everyday life.

I know that realistically, 99,99% I'm done growing. Maybe I'm done growing since 4 years ago. I just don't want to think that.
I'd like to be a dreamer, and try something out. Have you read anything regarding growth hormones injection in late teenage years? What's your opinion on it? I've went to a doctor and she prescribed me testosterone. I tried to convince her about giving me HGH for a small ammount of time but then she told me that I'm not that far from the average height and I'm in the 90% average percentile (5'5-6'1 or something like that). She said if I was below 5'4" I could be considered for a HGH treatment. The whole discussion lasted 5 minutes, while I needed to wait there for 1 hour. I left the place really angry, and feel that she doesn't know that much. I thought about approaching the doctors in a more desperate way and tell them about my height anxiety.

Sorry for sharing all these negative thoughts Rob, I thought you could give me some informative stuff since you know a lot about height.
[Editor Rob: I remember being wasn't long ago, now I'm nearly 40, time really does go by faster than we think!

Which is why I think we are best to try to fill our lives with different activities. The more you read or dwell on a subject that is upsetting to us, the harder it is on yourself. Hence why if you are busy and active doing more enjoyable things, or simply improving skills, the less time will be wasted on worrying about height.

You sound as though you might still have the chance of a final burst of height, which is why I wouldn't give up if I was in your shoes. It's been said before, but upping exercise and even doing some stretching may help...especially if the growth plates aren't fully closed yet.
datguy said on 1/Jul/16
Hey Rob, I'm going to be 16 in November and I'm 5'9.5 my mom is 5'4 and my dad is 5'10.5. I've only grown about half an inch since my 15th birthday. my doctor said growth plates were still open and that I would grow more but it would be at a slower pace. How tall can I expect to be?
[Editor Rob: if someone offered you 5ft 11, bite their fingers off!]
Allen said on 30/Jun/16
Hey can you check my growth chart to see if I went through growth spurt ?
Right now at 14 and 9 months I'm 5'9.5 at noon and 5'10 in morning. Click Here
And if i did go trough one, can i still have another one like my family did around 15 ?
[Editor Rob: some people can have a few spurts during teenage years, but also slow and steady growth. I think there is still a good chance you could hit six foot range.]
Jason said on 29/Jun/16
Hey Rob, I am currently 14 years old and I am 5'8.5. Last year, at 13 years old, they measured me at 5'8.25. I only grew a quarter of an inch this year. Is there a possibility that I can perhaps get to 5'10?
[Editor Rob: on average you would expect to reach 5ft 11 range, but some gain less or more than expected. There's still a number of years in which you might gain a few inches.]
dodged said on 28/Jun/16
HI Rob, I am 16 yrs old and I am 5'10". My dad is about 6'1", and my mom is 5'8".So, do you think is possible for me to be 6'1" or more?
[Editor Rob: You may still hit the 6ft range, I'd try to find out if either of your parents can remember the heights they were at 16 to see how much growth they managed.]
Sam said on 26/Jun/16
Rob does mastubation effects on height at teen age?
[Editor Rob: I haven't read a study/research paper on it. If it effected the production of growth hormones then it might, but I would say it is doubtful it has such an effect.]
tinydancer said on 25/Jun/16
Hello Rob

my morning height with good posture is 172cm, bad posture is 170.5.
And night time it is 170cm good posture and 169.5 bad posture.

I am 20 years old

Please note that I am very unhealthy, never excercise, never stretch, always eat oily
junk food, sodas. never do I drink water

If i make a strong conservative effort to change this, eat healthy, drink a gallon of water a day, excercise,take glucosamine sulphate pills, do correct back and body stretches that help with spine and height like hanging bars etc what can my height numbers be in the morning and night; bad posture and good posture?

[Editor Rob: I would say that it may help your evening height, you may well manage to measure taller if you do a routine for a year.]
sully said on 22/Jun/16
Hey Rob , im 19 years and 5 months and 5'9" tall. when i turned 19 i was 5'7" .I've never had a growth spurt during my teenage years.Do you think i can reach 5'10" before i stop growing?
[Editor Rob: you seemed to gain a significant amount later in your teenage years, but it might be a case that you won't gain that much more now.]
Allen said on 21/Jun/16
Hey Rob,
I'm near 15 and 5ft 10, my family (males) grew 6-8 inches after 15 and stopped growing at 19, my dad is the shortest male at 5ft 7.5, his brothers are 6ft - 6ft 2, my grandparents where 5ft 7(grandma) and 6ft 3 (grandpa) the tallest person is one of my dad's bro son who is 6ft 6. The females are also tall. So if I'm not 15 yet and 5ft 10, is it possible for me to get to 6ft 5 ?
[Editor Rob: may well have inherited the genes for a good spurt from 15-20, but if I were you, I'd be delighted if you got 5 inches from now till fully grown.]
jajamen said on 21/Jun/16
Rob, is possible to grow 5-6 at 18-21?

Cause I did.
[Editor Rob: not many do, the average from 18-21 isn't even half inch, so growing that amount is rare.]
Noel said on 19/Jun/16
Hey! So my dad is about 6'0, my mom 5'4 and I am around 6'1. I'll be 16 this year and I really want to be 6'2 or over. Do you think it's possible?
John said on 7/Jun/16
Hi Rob I've read on many sites people claiming that they have grown taller from taking glucosamine sulphate. Do you think this is possible?
[Editor Rob: I believe there is a possibility it helps evening height by a few mm's, like 2-3mm, helping the discs a tiny amount.]
Allen said on 4/Jun/16
Hey Rob, I'm 14, so I took a measuring tape, and looked in the mirror, 68.5 inches was at my hairline level, 66.25 inches was my eyebrow level, 64 inches a little above my nose, 63 inches between my lips, and 61.5 inches under my chin, how tall could I be ? Thanks
[Editor Rob: possibly around 5ft 10]
nani said on 3/Jun/16
Hey rob I am 5.8 right at now my age is 19 by doing stretching exercise and hanging,yoga will improve my height upto 6 feet can you give a suggestion plus to grow 6ft
[Editor Rob: it would be unlikely to gain 4 inches, but it's not impossible for a little bit of growth, it's just after 18, each year the odds decrease greatly.]
Cian said on 2/Jun/16
Rob im 16 and a half years old now and im at about 5'7.4 , i was wondering if i could reach 5'10-11 by the time im done growing, height calculators predict ill be 5'9 but my goal is 5'11. My mom is 5'7 and my dad at max was about 5'10.5 please reply it would be most appreciated, thanks :).
[Editor Rob: if you got 5ft 10 I'd say be very pleased...because on average at your age 5ft 9-9.5 would be the end result.]
Christian said on 30/May/16
hows it goin Rob... i need your opinion. I didnt show signs of puberty till about 15-16. I grew a couple of inches in high school maybe like 3 or 4? It wasnt a whole lot. At around 17 i got dropped from high school and went into depression, i really had a poor lifestyle. Didnt eat alot or exercise at all. At 17 i was 5'4 or 5'5. Around that height. Again i still had the poor lifestyle at 17 which i regret not changing because i know i had alot of potential for getting 2-4 inches. I turned 19 in Feb about 3-4 months ago. My growth plates are not 100% fully fused. My wrists are open but slightly. It almost looks like my bones are just beginning the process of fusing. Considering the fact that my parents are short, my Dad is between 5'3-5'5 and my mom is 5'2, could i get a few inches at 19-21 if i get the best nutrition ive had in most of my life? I feel like ive never took the next step as far as nutrition goes. I am doing so now. My brother is 5'8-5'10 and the only reason i believe he got that height is because he ate alot of food through all his growing years as opposed to me. I dont have chest hair or a full beard yet so im still in puberty i believe. How many inches can i gain?
[Editor Rob: well, genetically you might just be at the end of your growth cycle.

As long as your plates aren't fully closed, that is hope for you - if I was your age again, I would start my own program of exercise and eating well. I wouldn't bother measuring for a year, but I might invest in a hanging bar for both pull ups, chin-ups and stretching/hanging.]
harsh said on 29/May/16
@Rob I am 18 and 5'6 in height I do weight training and cardio along with stretching exercises is there any chance my height could grow to 5'8
Linx said on 29/May/16
Hey rob, i've a question, im 19 (aged this month) and my arm span is 1,87cm, but im only 1,76cm / 5' 9'' (1,78cm / 5'10'' when i wake up sometimes) will i grow up at least a few inches? By my arms i look pretty tall, but my legs are kinda short and pretty wide (weird since i dont exercise them and im thin). Could my height get stuck cause when i was 12 to 17 i used to sleep like 4-5 hours a day? (i was like every morning / afternoon at school so i used to sleep really late and wake up early).
[Editor Rob: you just might have a long armspan, but it is very long for your height, so I wouldn't give up on the idea there is still some height left at 19-21. I would try as much to get your sleeping habits up to 8 hours.

If that means doing more activity during the day, including more exercise to help, that may be a good thing.]
Allen said on 26/May/16
Hey Rob, I'm 5'9.8 " in the morning, 5'9.3 at lunch and a flat 5'9 at night, is that normal srinkage ? At what height do you shrink a full inch .
[Editor Rob: yes it's within the common range, 0.7-0.8 is a very common amount to shrink.

You could shrink a full inch and be 5ft 6, some people's disks might be able to retain more water content than others, so they rehydrate a tiny bit more and then over a day lose a full inch.

Obviously the longer our spines, the greater potential for larger amounts of daily shrinkage.]
Amir said on 25/May/16
hey rob i have a friend that is 6'4-5ft hes father is 5'8ft and hes mother is 5'3-4ft and none of hes family member is over 6ft how is that possible?
[Editor Rob: genetics. Sometimes a child could just end up with more of genes that give rise to being taller. I've seen it myself, such scenarios.]
Amir said on 24/May/16
hey rob im 17 and 10 months im just wondering if i can grow anymore and if so what should i do? i haven't grown in a while.
[Editor Rob: the longer you go without growth, the more it might just be you are at the end of the growth cycle.

But, if the plates aren't fully closed, some people could kind of jolt the body into responding, and possibly have a final little boost. That's why doing regular exercise, eating well etc is the best course to take to maximise any potential height left in you.]
oliver said on 23/May/16
@Rob, I'm now turning into 17 and 5' 7.2". My dad is 5' 10 my mom is 4' 11-5'. Both of them stopped growing at 18. What is the final height I can reach?
Pls ans asap.
[Editor Rob: if you reach 5ft 8 I would say be happy with that.]
inazz said on 11/May/16
hey rob im 180.3 out of bed and 177.7 if i have done a heavy workout at the the gym being 21 ive only gained about 5mm this year do you think theres anything i can do to make me at least 179 because its quite depressing to lose a full inch!!!one minute you are above average height then the next minute youre below average
[Editor Rob: it might be useful reading about cartilage builders like glucosamine. I've read some people who take it can hold a better evening height by a few mm!]
Blake said on 11/May/16
How many inches do you think I will grow until I stop growing. I went from 66 to 68 inches in under a year my armspan went from 180cm to 184cm. Why is my armspan still increasing am I just gonna have long arms or will i even out?
Tan said on 4/May/16
Hey rob I want to reach 6 feet 2 evening, and 6 feet 3 morning.I am now currently 16 years old and 5 months and 6 feet evening/ 6 feet 1 morning. I get at least 8 hour of sleep usually , and eat a balance diet, and exercise pretty much daily is it possible
[Editor Rob: there's a decent chance yes...but, it might be balanced, you could end up 6ft 1.5, and in some cases a guy your height could yet end up 6ft 4!]
Blake said on 2/May/16
Even though I have grown about 2 inches in the last 10 months I still dont see a difference when I see friends? Are they just growing at a similar or what Rob?
[Editor Rob: yeah they may well be gaining too!]
James said on 28/Apr/16
Hey Rob, I'm 14 and 6 months old. I tend to feel weird within my limbs and longer bones, because sometimes my bones feel like they're stretching (growing). However, when I wake up and check my measurements, I become surprised that there was no change in height. I'm 5'4" and foot size 10" in April, and have been 5'4" since February. My mom is 5'0" and my dad is 5'10" and his foot size is a 12" but their siblings are taller than them and my grandmother is taller than my mom. So Rob do you think that it's too late for me to start growing within this year if I already wasted half of mines toward my next B-day?
[Editor Rob: I'd not be too worried as the percentage who stop at your age is small, and the vast majority still gain height in 15-18 range. Worrying too much about height isn't great for the body, which is why I'd recommend only measuring now and again, 6 months or so whilst a teenager.]
Blake said on 26/Apr/16
Is it normal to feel short at 5 foot 8 at 15 quite a lot of my friends are taller than me but they have full beards and quite matured for a few years. Do you think quite a few people aged 15/16 stop growing?
[Editor Rob: a fair chunk will stop, but a bigger chunk still gain something from 16 to 21]
James said on 26/Apr/16
Hey Rob, I'm 14 and 6 months old. I tend to feel weird within my limbs and longer bones, because sometimes my bones feel like they're stretching (growing). However, when I wake up and check my measurements, I become surprised that there was no change in height. I'm 5'4" and foot size 10" in April, and have been 5'4" since February. My mom is 5'0" and my dad is 5'10" and his foot size is a 12" but their siblings are taller than them and my grandmother is taller than my mom. So Rob do you think that it's too late for me to start growing within this year if I already wasted half of mines toward my next B-day?
[Editor Rob: I would actually try to think less about height and put the tape measure away for another 6 months.

Sometimes it is best to let nature take it's course and reduce stress in the body - measuring often and worrying about growth can be detrimental.]
Ivan said on 24/Apr/16
Hey Rob does a cardio exercise like jump rope effect growth because sometimes I use ankle weight s as well?
[Editor Rob: I don't think it would have negative impact, if anything, it may be a form of exercise that helps stimulate hormone production at night due to the intensity and movements involved.]
Bobby said on 23/Apr/16
Dear Rob,

Would you say I still have a chance to reach 6 feet? Im 16 turning 17 next month my current height is close to 5 foot 10.5 in the morning and I shrink to a little over 5 foot 9.5 at night. Thanks
[Editor Rob: I'd say the odds might be 50/50 depending on your parents height and whether your Father can remember 2-3 inches growth after 16...]
Simon said on 20/Apr/16
Rob, imagine one night you go to bed at 5ft 8 inch, the next morning you wake up at 6ft 2in, what would be the first thing you do ? :)
[Editor Rob: I would probably go online to order a new wardrobe ;)]
Anthony said on 18/Apr/16
Hey Rob, I'm 14 and 7 months old, I'm around 176.7cm in morning, and my arm span/ wing spam is 185.43cm. I never had a growth spurt, is it possible for me to grow to 185.43cm ? Thanks
[Editor Rob: I think it would still be likely you can gain several cm's, you have a pretty long armspan compared to height now. ]
PFG said on 10/Apr/16
Rob, i'm From Sao Paulo,Brazil i,m 14 Years Old and i'm 5'10.25 (178 cm) at least the biggest part. of the day ( im 179/79,5 In the morning) i can grow to 6 (183 cm) or 6'0.5 (184 cm)???
[Editor Rob: I'd say yes, that kind of range should be very possible for you.]
Simon said on 4/Apr/16
Cool :) I'm glad , I did notice a bit of a growth in my height, a lot of others asked how I grow more :) . Anyways I forgot mention my Grand parents on dad side were 6ft 2.5 and 5ft 6 so I guess I have a chance ! Thanks
Evander said on 4/Apr/16
Hey Rob! I have messaged you in the past.. I am 15 years old and I stand at about 6'1 my dad is 5'9 and my mom is 5'6. But my grandfather (on my dads side) was almost 6'10 !! I would like to know if there would be a possibility on me reaching at least 6'5" or above? Because it would help with my basketball. Also, is it possible for height to skip a generation(s) ?
[Editor Rob: sometimes a child simply gets more of the tall parts of the height genes and can exceed the usual range. At 15 you might still get 3-4 inches.]
Ice said on 27/Mar/16
What would be the average growth for a man after his 17th birthday in cm ?
[Editor Rob: a couple of cm just after 17th]
Hahaha said on 27/Mar/16
I'm 15 and in between 182-183. being so close to 6'0 is frustrating. My dad is 5'10, my brother is 6'2. Do you think i could end up the same or taller than him?
Matthew Tjahjono said on 26/Mar/16
Hey guys, I'm 15 at 6'4 and recently my chiropractor took x-rays of me and said he saw signs of continuous growth. However, recently I have taken up weight lifting but am scared to add too much weight because several people have told me that this could stunt growth. I wanted to know if I could ask other sources as well and see the results. If you take time to answer my question I would like to thank you in advance.
Matthew Tjahjono said on 26/Mar/16
Hey guys, I'm 15 at 6'4 and recently my chiropractor took x-rays of me and said he saw signs of continuous growth. However, recently I have taken up weight lifting but am scared to add too much weight because several people have told me that this could stunt growth. I wanted to know if I could ask other sources as well and see the results. If you take time to answer my question I would like to thank you in advance.
T8 said on 23/Mar/16
Hey Rob, I'm 17 years old 7 months and 5'9.5 feet tall can I still make 5'11 flat? My fathers 6'1 and my mothers 5'4. Also do you have any tips for me to hit my maximum height?Thanks and keep up the great work.
[Editor Rob: potentially I'd try to find out if any of your family had growth at 18-19. There's definitely potential left, but nearer 18 on average the growth after 18 isn't that much really.]
Mike said on 19/Mar/16
Hey Rob, I have messaged you in the past. Until a month ago I was 177cm, but now I'm about 180-181 cm long. I'm 20 years old, havent growth almost anything since I was 13 years old, and I haven't improved my posture or anything. I've been getting hunger strikes as of yesterday, how much growth do you think I have left?

What should I do to improve my growth to the maximum? Thanks in advance.
Simon said on 18/Mar/16
Thanks for your reply , Is 6'2 possible ?
[Editor Rob: it's not impossible as different people can experience a range of spurts and most of us probably have seen people in late teens who gained noticeable height.]
NBAer said on 16/Mar/16
Rob,i have another guestion...For the last 2 years i've had serious acne on my face,each year more and more pimples grew,but it's the unusual type:it's the ones that are mostly like inner-skinned!!So i decided i had to cure them,and for the last 5 months i've been taking isotretinoin pills,and my face has improved to an extent...I know this is irrelevant to height,but i was wondering,does taking acne pills on the normal affects or even stunts growth??I mean i'm almost 19 now,so one would guess i'm done growing taller,and i'm fine with it,but do pharmaceutical pills play a significant factor on someones growth?Thanks.
[Editor Rob: some of these acne drugs might have side effects, maybe including interfering with hormone release and thus growth...]
TTstar said on 16/Mar/16
What would be the average growth in milimeter for a man after the 18th birthday?
[Editor Rob: on average it's less than half an inch]
TK said on 9/Mar/16
Hi Rob I was so tall when younger that i was predicted 6' 4. At 13 I was 5'10 - 5'11. I was 6ft from 14 - 17. I am now 17.25. In the last couple of months i've grown to 6' 1.5,, can i make 6'4 or even grow at all. Can growth spurts ave such a delay in between?
[Editor Rob: some at 17-19 still get a couple of inches, but predictions are loose. They could be bang on, but still other genetic factors might mean you don't reach your potential.]
Gary Sonders said on 6/Mar/16
if you're willing to pay the price for it, you can get Human Growth Hormone injections from your doctor. That's about $10K per year though. But I dont recommend it. Its dangerous.
Ivan said on 5/Mar/16
Hey Rob how's everything? I am a weak 5'6 but I have been doing some stretches and hanging on a pull up bar for the past week and I have felt a slight change in growth. Maybe a half inch, is it possible I could grow one full inch by continuously stretching, sleeping and eating well?. I am turning 22 in 2 months by the way.
[Editor Rob: maybe treat it as an experiment and for a year try hanging and doing a daily stretch and regular exercise. If you maximise your posture/growth you might end up a wee bit taller as a result.]
manav kaushal said on 4/Mar/16
Hi..greetings of the day i am 22 year old and 180 cms and i want to add atleast 3cms so as to be fully 6 feet..when i was 18 i thought i would grow naturally but i dint...and how to tell if my growth plates are closed?? And tell be human growth harmones supplements
[Editor Rob: by 22 most people (the huge majority) will have plates that are basically closed...but a very smaller percentage will not be fully closed till 25ish, this is why some in early 20's can still gain an inch or so. A doctor who took an x-ray could tell you if your plates seemed fully closed or not from examining the x-ray.]
Simon said on 2/Mar/16
Hey Rob, I NEVER had a growth spurt from age 9 to now. I asked my dad he said he was possibly 4'9-4'10 at my age, he said he grew rapidly from age 15 to 17 and stopped at 18. He is 5'7 now. That's a 9-10 Inch gain, my parents are kinda short at 5'2.5 and 5'7, however members of my dad's family are tall or atleast above average. What are my possibilities of growing 9.5 inches taller ? I'm a little over 5'9 currently. Thanks !
[Editor Rob: I'd take any more height as a bonus and don't feel disheartened if you only gained a little more. 9 inch gain at 15 is a big amount...there is a chance of course of a surge, but it might be a much less chance than just an inch or so.]
J said on 26/Feb/16
When I was 14, I measured about 5'9" and my hefty/muscular physique made me look big. My father is 6'3" and his whole family is tall. But every day when I came home from high school, I played video games and chatted online...hours and hours of doing nothing physical. WHEN I SHOULD HAVE EXERCISED! I'm 29 and very thin now with poor stature and my barefoot height is only 5'7.5". I feel short and small in comparison to what I think of as "real men" with short bones and thin features.

My advice is to just get out there! Go swimming, cycling, sprinting (I've read those are the best ways to increase height) while your growth plates are still open. Get your growth hormones pumping. Just get out there and give it all you've got and don't worry about growing taller. As long as you're TRYING, you will be fine. You don't want to end up regretting not even trying, like I do.
Damian said on 24/Feb/16
I'm 15 and scared of being below average height. In 5'6 and have never had a real growth spurt. From 10-15 I've only grown 1-2 inches a year. I just started really going through puberty last summer. I got acne and voice started to crack a lot like 6 months ago. Since then I've only grown like an inch. Do you think I can have a growth spurt coming up soon? My dad is 5'10 and my mom is 5'2. I also have a lot of relatives on both my mom and dads side that are around 6 ft.
Rick said on 22/Feb/16
Rob I have poor posture and cant stand straight, do you think doing pulling exercises would help gain a few cms?
[Editor Rob: I would recommend it may be worth trying a simple routine. Such as touching ceiling (rising up), touching toes, doing a few situps and maybe some simply hanging on a bar.]
Dennis said on 22/Feb/16
i have seen that the average growth after 17 goes from 1.5cm to 3.5cm, do you think this 2cm you said might be like 2.5cm? If i end up a weak 176 then the x ray exam would be wrong by 1.5 cm, because it said i would get to 176.5-177. I thought it was more accurate than that.
[Editor Rob: the x-ray might give a typical indication to the Doctor in how much your growth plates are still open. From there he may think you have a certain amount of possible growth, but it could vary between individuals.]
Antoine said on 19/Feb/16
Hey Rob! I have this question: is sleeping about 7hours a night enough for the growth of a teenager? Like, is 7 hour enough for growing your maximum height? In my routine I sleep 7 hours per night from monday to saturday but on sundays i get +2hours or +1.5hour of sleep. Since i'm not tired through most of the day it is enough for me to saty well, but is it enough for my growth? I have really healthy habits, i swim and i eat very well, i don't do drugs or use alcohol. I am 17 years old but i am still going to grow like 2-3cm and i want every millimeter. Do you think this sleep routine is good enough?
[Editor Rob: sleep is when the body can repair, recover and grow, so I'd always try to ensure at least 7-8 hours. If you need an alarm clock to wake you up every morning, then I'd say your body isn't getting enough sleep. Maybe 8-9 hours is a better amount you'd find.]
Charlos said on 19/Feb/16
Rob, so do you think all the pills like hgh that claims to be able to increase your height is the scam? have you ever heard growth factor plus, do you think this is scam?
[Editor Rob: a good and varied diet ensures your body gets enough vitamins, minerals as possible to help with growth. Some of these pills are just like other supplements - they might help if your diet isn't optimal or is lacking in some form...]
Peter said on 15/Feb/16
Rob Do you know if accutane stunts growth? Because im taking a very low dose and im really worried.
[Editor Rob: I haven't read about it, so really couldn't say.]
Dennis said on 15/Feb/16
Hey rob! When i was 15-16 years old i had a bone age height prediction through x-ray, and my doctor said i would be 177cm( i would grow 5cm and i was like 171-172cm). Now i am 17 and i still am just 173.5-174cm. I got into puberty a little bit later than some of my friends, so i don't look like an adult, i look like a teen. Do you think i can still grow 3cm? I am very worried about it, i want to be at least a strong 176, like 176.5. My father height is 184 and my mother is 160 and my older brother is done growing and he is 176.
[Editor Rob: at 17 it is still quite possible to get that extra 2cm.]
Anthony said on 15/Feb/16
Hi ! I'm 14 , I measure 5'10 at lunch, where will I appear beside a 6'3 and a 6'5 1/2 man ? Thanks
[Editor Rob: you might look a little bit under a 6ft 3 guys eyes in a photo, or your hair would be around his eyes probably. With a 6ft 5.5 guy you could be anywhere from his mouth to end of nose range.]
Tr27 said on 14/Feb/16
Rob, I haven't grown at all since my last check (173 cm); I'm starting to think I've stopped growing.
[Editor Rob: sometimes growth can occur in certain periods of the year. I've seen kids have long gaps of many many months then they come upon a spurt in growth...]
Bvw said on 12/Feb/16 17 and my height is 5.10. dad is 5.10/10.5 and mom there chance of growing more?
[Editor Rob: many will finish at this age, but a good chunk of guys still get a little bit more on average, maybe 1-2cm.]
Luwang said on 10/Feb/16
Hy Brother Rob...I'm 16 and. I have been bodybuilding from 15 and have stop it fearing if I will not increase my height as I'm 5'6.....will I ever increase about 2'... please reply me
[Editor Rob: still got a decent chance of some gains in next 2 years.]
Darius said on 6/Feb/16
Rob,.I have heard about 4 inch shoe lifts. Will it add a genuine 4 inch height.
[Editor Rob: no, the angle of the lift means you might get 3 inches from a '4 inch lift'.]
Darius said on 6/Feb/16
Hey Rob, I am 17 will be 18 this year. I am a weak 5 foot 7( 169cm) . My dad is 5 foot 7.5(172 cm) and mom is 5 foot 3(160 cm). My bones in arms are relatively small in size but has almost a full grown facial hair. Is there a chance i might reach 5 foot 8(173 cm) ?
[Editor Rob: the average from 17-19 is less than an inch, but it's still possible to get to 5ft 8.]
Panda said on 6/Feb/16
Hey Rob, if you are between quarters like say 5'7 5/8" would that count as 5'7.5" or 5'7.75"?
[Editor Rob: really it can be either. Rounding up is probably what most people would do.]
MB said on 1/Feb/16
Hey Rob, I am 18 years old almost 19 in 4 months, I had my growth spurt between age 15 - 17 then it slowed, I have grown 2 cm in 1 year, I am currently 176 - 177 cm and at 17 I was 172, how taller I will I get to be? I also mention when I was 17 and 172 a doctor said my growth plates where like someone from 14 - 15 years old Regards!
[Editor Rob: it's wise asking a Doctor like you have, because then it gives a good indication you could still gain from19-20 age range. If you got another few cm then take it as a bonus.]
inazz said on 25/Jan/16
hey rob six months ago my morning height was 179 and evening was 177 but as of today im waking up at 180 maybe even 180.4 if ive slept 8 plus hours nd my evening height is usually between 177.8 and 180.2 dont you think its a bit strange that i gained a cm as i turned 21 last month but also i was 173 cm three years ago do you i have a chance of being a weak 5.11
[Editor Rob: it seems you had a later spurt of a few cm from 18 to 21, but maybe now you are at the end of growth.]
Dmax said on 23/Jan/16
Anyways Rob I wanted to hear from a height expert as yourself do some men 'really' stop growing at 25??? and also is it real that some people can stop growing for a year or 2 and then grow in height again? Cause I have heard multiple cases of this and I don't know whether or not to believe them.
[Editor Rob: there are rare cases of people who still gain a bit at 23-5...I think even a guy like ralph macchio gained some height around that range!]
Dmax said on 23/Jan/16
Anonymous is very similar to my case was a weak 5'5 at 16 and I'm a little over 5'6 now with my mom listed 5'10 and my dad bout 5'3 or 5'4
Aza said on 20/Jan/16
Just saw your analysis of GTG on youtube. Very logical and informative. Congrats.
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/16
Hey I'm 5'6 my parents are 5'11 and 5'4 I'm really skinny and people said my voice hasn't changed I'm currently 18 will be 19 in early May do you think I have a chance to grow 1-2 inches my estimated adult height is supposed to be 5'10 or 5'9 when I was 16 I was 5'4 what can I do I'm really depressed don't men grow until there 21 so that means I should have a little under 3 years left
[Editor Rob: there is still potential if you are physically looking younger than your age suggests, so I wouldn't give up hope of a late spurt.]
Talha said on 17/Jan/16
Hey Rob! I'm 16, male, and about 5ft 9. I used to do arm, leg, torso and back exercises when I was 15 but now I have stopped. Recently I have felt like I haven't been growing much at all, I'm still the same height as I was a year ago, if not, 0.5cm taller. I was wondering whether the exercises had anything to do with stunting my growth. I also have a crappy diet, get lots of stress from school and don't get much sleep as I'm always on my phone at night and I have to wake up really early everyday. What chances do I have of growing whilst following your guide compared to continuing as I am?
[Editor Rob: sometimes our bodies can be effected by stress/poor diet/lack of exercises and not reach it's potential. But, I believe that if your growth plates are still open then the body can have an ability to play catch-up growth and still reach (or get close) to what it was intended to be. It's a matter of changing those habits you mentioned, trying to really get to bed earlier (sometimes doing exercise can help). Stress is another matter because it effects everybody and to different degrees. I don't think those exercises effected you, unless there was a lot of twisting motion on the discs and putting them under too much stress.]
Arthur said on 17/Jan/16
Rob I totally agree with you about the scams about height grow after 20 in internet.They are using peoples hopes to get money. Its very sure that you cant gain 3inch 4inch or 5inch these are complete scams.But according to what I read from medical articles and ıf you have some illness it is possible to gain some minimal height. For example just look his height in age 18 then look his height in age 22. Click Here This totally shocked me. I think his grow plates didnt totally closed at age 20!Or even they have closed he gained height because of bone thickness.There is no other explanation.
[Editor Rob: there are still some people who do gain from 18 to 21 as their plates aren't fused yet. It is a minority though, as most people by 18-19 will finish growing. There are many grow tall scams that all prey on people who really wish they were a few inches taller. Hell, even some of these sites use photos of other scammers (and me!) check out the testimonials click here]
Mohamad said on 14/Jan/16
Hey Rob, I'm 16.6 now and i haven't added on a cm since i was 14 almost 15, My father is 5'11' and my mother is 5'3' to 5'4', my uncles are 6'0' ish my grand father was around 6'3' i'm really really worried i have stunted my growth because since i joined gym, i never grew, i never inured my self, never broke my legs or anything such as breaking my growth plate which would be painful i think, but i don't remember eating well, but my lifting partner was fat and 5'9' he never ate well or slept well and he managed to reach 6'3', why didn't i grow? i really want to know.. :/ i'm 5'8'-5'9'.
[Editor Rob: unfortunately you may just have the genes that meant you finished growth early. If you hadn't gained anything in last 2 years that might be a sign...but there are people who have dormant periods with little growth and then have a final spurt, so maybe don't give up hope yet.]
Lizard said on 12/Jan/16
Hi! My height is 6'3 (192 cm) in the morning without shoes. Is it possible for me to get 6'5 (196 cm)? I'm 17 years old
[Editor Rob: could be 50/50. I'd say you should be pleasantly surprised if you do get to 6ft 5.]
Arthur said on 11/Jan/16
Rob according to the medical articles mens spine countinues to grow to the age 35.But this is very very minimal 2mm-3mm max.Whats your thoughts on that?Also there are some milimeter ways to increase height.For example gaining weight also adds some fat to the persons top of the head.Also training feet muscles doing deadlift and squats adds some muscle to the feet muscles.Using hgh for bodybuilding also increase bone thickness not lenght but this also increase height by few milimeters because using hgh in high doses thickens all parts of the body your ankles head feet hands thickens out because of this thickening it is possible to gain 0.5-1cm of height.But as I stated these are very minimal.But I just wanted you to know you can gain 0.5-1cm of height via these ways. For example as you can see here Click Here An acromegaly patient you can see lenght of the fingers are same but the hand is way bigger in acromalic person.Because his hand had grown due to hgh. Click Here This is also what I am talking about. I think you will understand what I am talking about.The reason of height increase of few mms.
[Editor Rob: I've never really read about an extra 2-3mm being possible. any extra fat might just not have much effect on the soles or top of head - the layer of fat there is tiny.]
Marcus said on 9/Jan/16
Hi Rob. How much can you shrink 15 hours after getting up?
[Editor Rob: we lose height fast. In the first 2 hours we lose a big chunk, then it slows down. By 10 hours you would be near enough at your low and not notice any difference at 15 hours. I've tested my height and can find even 7 hours I'll be at my low and same height as 14 hours up. But, if you do a physical activity for an hour or two that will push your height down to the low quicker, or even a mm or 2 below your normal low height.]
Luke Simp said on 7/Jan/16
Rob, any thoughts on this comment posted a few months ago? Click Here Not here spamming, but I looked at this site and done a lot of what it says and it actually works. I've done some of the exercises, but stretching is not enough. You also have to stimulate growth hormones by sprinting or weightlifting as well, and the results may be slow and steady, especially at the leg exercises, but it works. For years, my maximum was 5'11 barefoot and then a couple of months ago I looked at the site and I stretched my torso and neck and quickly gained about two inches. The legs are slower but I almost got an inch in leg. Check it out, really neat stuff
[Editor Rob: 'Dennis' from 'Canada' is actually some guy from Kampala, Uganda. On this guy's facebook he had a post in 2011 mentioning he was desperate for money... creating grow taller sites is a haven for scammers.]
Rhonda said on 7/Jan/16
Hey Rob, I'm 16 years old and shorter than almost everyone...I'm 155 cm at the moment and my mom is 152 and my dad 172. I feel like I have stopped growing cause all i did in a year is grow 3 cms and all my friends exceeded my height. Do i have any hope of growing any taller or...?
[Editor Rob: if you are a female at that age you may have less chance, but I wouldn't give up hope. Sometimes bodies respond to more exertion. For instance when adding muscle or improving stamina. For height, if you are doing a stretch/hang routine, it may increase the chances of maximising any growth left in your body.]
Faiz said on 6/Jan/16
Hi Rob,I just turned 19 a month ago. I am 173 cm tall but my arm span is 184 cm,is that a sign that I may grow taller?
[Editor Rob: it's a quite long armspan, which may just be natural, but may also be a sign that you could still gain an inch.]
Jay Enachi said on 5/Jan/16
They all use height insoles or shoe lifts. Hell, so do I! Tried them all, find these ones to be the best - Click Here
Anthony said on 4/Jan/16
Hi everyone, i have realised that many sources just can't be reliable. Can people please respond (males) how many inches or CM they increased in height after the age of 16 years please, i'd like to see a rough average :)
Michael said on 4/Jan/16
Hey rob I am 1 month to turn 17, and i want to know if is it likely that i still grow 3 cm. i reached puberty a bit later than some of my friends so i just started having a little bit of hair in my face at 16, still, its just a little bit and sort of thin, so people never notice, even when i am not shaved for like 3 days. All the men in my family are bearded, so i think i will be too. Do you think 3cm is possible?
[Editor Rob: there are many guys at 17 who finished, many who gained an inch and another chunk who got 2-4 inches.]
Bailey said on 3/Jan/16
Hi rob, just a bit worried with my brothers height... He is only 11 and he is 6ft2 and i am 17 and i stand at 6'71/2
My mom is 6ft and my father is 6'6
Me and my family are assuming 7foot or greater for my (not so little) brother. Your guess?
Lucas said on 27/Dec/15
Hi rob, I'm a 14 year old boy who is around 5ft 9.5 (177cm). How much more can I grow? My dad's 183-184cm and my mum's 165cm. Thanks so much :)
[Editor Rob: you may still reach your Dad's range.]
Kenny said on 24/Dec/15
Hi Rob! Merry XMAS! I want to ask if you think I can still reach 5'11-6' mark. I'm still 16 atm and turning 17 eary April my height currently is 5'10 2 hours after waking up. Many Thanks
[Editor Rob: the odds are decent for you. Like has been said by many, as long as you are giving your body enough food, enough sleep and getting some exercise so HGH is being produced, you are doing your bit.]
Mike said on 23/Dec/15
Hey rob What do you think of this site: ? It is so "precise" in its predictions that it seems not to be so accurate, since puberty is different for everyone, it doesn't sound legit that it can predict millimeters. it can be close to a good prediction, but might be pushing a little when trying to be so exact. I think a doctor is always a better way to see this kind of things more precisely, and this site may be a little fake dont you think?
[Editor Rob: that page is created by 'professor ludwig...' who is a fake persona created by the guy over at, who also sells shoe lifts from Taller heels. I did a video about that guy Here. Height prediction can be roughly accurate based on historical data, but still quite a bit of variation.]
craigxmarshall said on 23/Dec/15
hey rob my lowest measured height at night is 170.5. Morning height is 172. I just turned 20, really bad diet, and never excercise. Also I am overweight. If i loose a bunch of weight, get toned, lean, really improve my diet and start weightraining, excercising and stretching,... what can my max morning height and evening height be. Could I possible still grow a bit at my age? Thanks
[Editor Rob: I think there is potential to measure taller in many of us. A cm or so could be achievable. It certainly can improve the disc health so that you retain more evening height and the discs also are able to hydrate fully (thus your morning height might improve too).]
aaron said on 23/Dec/15
Rob my palm feet arm increases at the age of 20 plz help noting on google Height 5, 7.5 Wing span 5 ,9.5 now 6, 0.5
[Editor Rob: if your armspan kept growing, that might be a good sign of a late spurt of growth in your spine!]
Marco said on 22/Dec/15
Hello Rob, I'm slightly concerned as to whether I've somehow affected my height potential. My brother is turning 16 in a month and he's around 5ft9 now, I'm only an inch taller than him. Throughout all of our childhood, I stood a good head taller than him. He was a pretty small kid for his age. When I started high school, I was around 4ft11, whereas when he started high school, he was 4ft8/4ft9 max. All of a sudden in the last 2-3 years, he grew an awful lot and has surprisingly caught me up. This makes me question how when growing up I've been tall but now I'm more or less average. And all my mates who were similar heights to me or smaller growing up are all taller than me. It's very possible that my brother will take over me as the way things are going, it doesn't seem like I'm going to grow anymore and I'm sure that I started growing earlier than he did (around a year or less). Is there possibly anything that I may have done that has affected this? A reply would be really appreciated, Thanks :)
[Editor Rob: there are definitely some factors that might effect our heights. Enviromental like various forms of pullution, the food (or lack of) we eat, stresses, health issues...all may have some effect. It might not be huge, but possibly account for many of us not reaching our genetic potential. Height genes seem complex, there's many of them and sometimes the combination/random factor just means some siblings have different rates and different heights, on occasion quite drastic differences.]
Ari said on 22/Dec/15
Type your comment here...Thnk u very much ill try all these except the pills and creams ;)
Alex said on 20/Dec/15
Dear Rob , I'm 17 years old and 5'9 , my growth plates haven't finished growing yet, can I reach 5'10 or 5'11 with exercise and stretching?
[Editor Rob: still a chance. Really, doing anything like stretching or exercise is good in general and can help maximise any growth left.]
Evander said on 20/Dec/15
Hey Rob! I'm 15 years old and I stand at 6'1 My dad is 180cm and mum is 170cm. I don't know if my dad missed out on the height because his father was almost 7 feet tall. Would I be able to make at least 6'5 or higher??
[Editor Rob: it's not out-with possibility you could reach that level. I think 6ft 4 range is very probable. ]
Peter said on 19/Dec/15
What morning height, afternoon height and evening height should one have so that he can say he is 1.76 m tall? I would be delighted if you answered. Thanks rob
[Editor Rob: I think most people if they got measured at 11am at a Dr's office, they'd go with that. Personally I think lunchtime height is fine because we all lose height quite fast and the majority have lost 90% of their daily variation by lunchtime. If you were 176 or even just under at lunch, I think saying that mark is perfectly fair.]
newdude said on 18/Dec/15
Hello Rob, what exercises and stretches do you recommend for height gain or posture improvement?
[Editor Rob: I would stick to basics. 1. Reaching for the sky. 2. Touching toes (when seated) 3. Regular Hanging and incorporating some stretching using a hanging bar. Do it regularly and you might find your minimum height improves a little bit, because your discs have been given workout and can retain a bit more water than before, so don't shrink as much. ]
cup1 said on 15/Dec/15
hello rob are high 165 father is ' 175 and my mother 160 ..I can grow again .. practical gym lifting weights already at thirteen hours and then I stopped I started at the end of each workout I feel a nuisance the lower back that may affect or may have already done ..thanks thousand rob 're the best for me this is ' very important to know I have problems with my height
[Editor Rob: if you find any pain in back, that might be a good indication to rest up. If you are still a teen, the chance is higher than if you were 21. Doing some weights isn't necessarily bad, but overdoing them can cause damage. Sometimes lighter weights and build up over months to a bit heavier is a way to go.]
lynn said on 3/Dec/15
im 13, but im stuck at 162cm, my dad is 180 and my mom is 170. is there any chance i can still grow 10cm more?
[Editor Rob: there is still a good chance of a few inches. I'd find out from your parents if they remember any growth at 14-18, especially your Mother... also, keep up a good diet and enough sleep.]
spainmen191cm said on 24/Nov/15
Hey Rob, Im 19 and will be 20 in 3 months Im 191cm at my low at night, do you think that I have chance of reaching 192-3
[Editor Rob: if you gained anymore, take it as a bonus. You could try doing more stretching/exercise to make sure you also have great posture, that way you might look even taller.]
Sam said on 23/Nov/15
Hey Rob i'm boy and 17 years old my height is 167 cm and my father is 173 cm and my mother is 151 cm. I am very depressed do you think I have a chance for increase my height 2-3 inch ? if the answer is yes , What is the most effective way to succeed ?
[Editor Rob: providing your body with enough nutrients (eating variety of foods) and sleep...then making sure you do some exercise is always going to help promote any growth you may still have. At 17 there is still a decent chance of more growth.]
Matthew said on 21/Nov/15
Click Here Not here spamming, but I looked at this site and done a lot of what it says and it actually works. I've done some of the exercises, but stretching is not enough. You also have to stimulate growth hormones by sprinting or weightlifting as well, and the results may be slow and steady, especially at the leg exercises, but it works. For years, my maximum was 5'11 barefoot and then a couple of months ago I looked at the site and I stretched my torso and neck and quickly gained about two inches. The legs are slower but I almost got an inch in leg. Check it out, really neat stuff
Dpunk said on 16/Nov/15
Hey rob, I'm a boy who will be 17 in a couple of months. However, I didn't grow any taller for 1.5 yr. Although I am the tallest in my family, I really don't understand why I have stopped growing. I had my first growth spurt at 12, till 15 (6-9 inches). Then no sign of growth. I'm 5'9 tall. Have I stopped growing already?
Riad said on 16/Nov/15
I am 15 and has my growth spurt I'm 5'4 male. Do u think I can grow to 5'6 or 5'7 by 17 years old. I am starting to go to the gym and am eating healthier and I am getting my sleep schedul back on track.
Vic said on 8/Nov/15
Hey Rob, love the website man. I just have one question, I'm turning 20 soon and I'm about 5'8 and 3/4 in the morning but drop to 5'8 exactly by like 2am before sleeping. I use the aresol can method on hardwood floors. Would I be considered a weak 5'8 or just a normal 5'8? Thanks
[Editor Rob: this isn't really much different than me, I'd put you in the solid enough 5ft 8 range because you don't drop under it.]
Marcus said on 7/Nov/15
Hi Rob, I'm 17 and I'm 5 foot 10, do you think there's a chance I could grow to 6 foot? I didn't get my first grow spurt until I was 14.
Christo said on 7/Nov/15
Hello I'm 5'9 and I'm 13 yo boy. My maximum sleep is around 8 1/2. I do tennis and basketball. Would I still grow up to 6ft? Btw my dad is 5'7 and my mum is around 5'5
[Editor Rob: you still might get to that range]
Emma said on 6/Nov/15
I'm 14 years old and i'm 5'4 tall. Is there any chance to become 5'9? My dad is 5'10 and my mum is 5'4.
[Editor Rob: unless there is a late growth spurt of huge proportion, I would say it is unlikely you would reach anywhere near that tall...but, there are always exceptions, some girls can have steady growth at 14-18 and surprise people!]
Nikhai said on 3/Nov/15
I want to ask my head in length is 8.75 inches. Will it grow an extra .75 inches more ?
[Editor Rob: depends on age, but even in late teens the skull can still gain a bit]
Nikhai said on 2/Nov/15
6'1 isn't bad. But I will put on at least an extra 2 inches afterwards right ?
JKE 168 cm said on 2/Nov/15
Rob how can you report Lance for what he has done ?
[Editor Rob: anybody is free to Complain via Citizens advice. Whether Trading Standards ever investigates might be down to how many complaints they received about him, and whether they felt it would be worth it. It's like the Police - many crimes go unpunished because they deem the time/expense not worth it. Personally I think there was cast-iron proof about activities, and any investigative body (like Trading Standards) has access and powers to delve deeper into transactions, money trails and contact customers. My videos were compiled into a full video, it's reserved as evidence should anybody (including Trading Standards) ever need it - Click Here. ]
Nikhai said on 1/Nov/15
Thanks for your last reply I did what you said and I got 69.3 inches. , I wanna ask if it's possible if I can grow 6 inches during a growth spurt. Yes I know there's genetic factors. However the last 2 years I only Grew 3 inches. I'm currently 14 and 1 Month. My current height is 5'9 and almost a half. Last year around Oct I was 5'6 and the year before 5'3. So is 3 inches a year considered normal growth or a growth spurt. Should I be expecting my major growth spurt ? I believe I noticed visible changes 5 months after I turned 12 . I'm glad there some height enthusiasts out there :) keep up the work and keep the videos up :)
[Editor Rob: 6 inches during 12-14 range for many boys occurs, it's a good range for spurts. After 14, the spurt you get might not be as big, usually 3-4 inches after 14 is possible on average. ]
JKE168cm said on 1/Nov/15
Hello Jason Bourne skintightflash deleted your message lol
[Editor Rob: huh? Skintight is a joke figure. Lance Ward even more of an ongoing joke...]
AwwwYeah said on 1/Nov/15
Dear Rob, My Mom and Dad are both roughly 5'3." I am 19 and am a weak 5'8." I have never had a "growth spurt," but my Dad said he had his when he was 17. His Dad was 5'8" and his Dad's Dad was 5'11." Do you think there is a possibility of me becoming a strong 5'9" or 5'9" and 1/2? I know I'm still going through puberty because of my body type. I'm very fortunate that I am as tall as I am, but I would love to be at least a strong 5'9." Thank you, Rob!
[Editor Rob: if it's in the genes then at 18-19 I'd have expected some growth...I would say now at 19 the chances are diminishing.]
Kane said on 31/Oct/15
Hi rob. My height is 181 cm and I'm 18 years old (19 in 3 months). Since my 18th birthday I've grown 4 cm (2 of those 4cm in the past 2 months). My dad is 5'7 and my mum is 5'5. My height has become a somewhat surprise to me and my family because I've surpassed their height (including my cousins and uncles) and most of the males in my family experience late growth (growth after 19/20 years old) apart from the heavy smokers. I have almost full facial hair and body hair but my I still don't look fully developed as I have skinny forearms and very short arms. I've been feeling very sleepy and hungry lately even when I haven't been exercising and sitting at my desk. I eat 4/5 meals a day and I play soccer 3 times a week. I'm taller than most people at my college. Do you think I'm still growing? If you do, how much taller do you think I will grow?
[Editor Rob: I think if you gain anymore height you should be very surprised, even more than you already are. I would be surprised if you gained another inch. If you do, it may be you have just got a good combination of the tall part of genes from parents and less of the short parts.]
Hannah said on 26/Oct/15
I'm 13 and a half... i'm 5 ft 2 inches. I feel really short for my age. My dad is 6'5 and my mom 5'3 is there hope for me to grow more? Plus the time before last i was measured i was 5'2.5 and i seemed lost half an inch in a year. Its really making me insecure and no one stops mentioning it. help?
[Editor Rob: you may have just measured at a different time of day and got a different result. I'd say you still have time to grow a few inches.]
Nikhai said on 25/Oct/15
Hey Rob, I wanna know how long does it take for the spine to decompress to its full size. I wanna measure it's full size first . How long do I need to sleep/ be in bed. My age is 14 btw
[Editor Rob: 8 hours should be enough. 9 hours with 1 pillow and spending the night lying mostly on your back would probably get you to your maximum morning height. To test morning height, really try to measure within 1 minute of waking, because if people wait 15 minutes they might actually drop a fraction already.]
Sarah said on 25/Oct/15
Hi I'm I just turned 15 this year and I'm about 5'1. My mom is 5'2 and my dad is 5'5 is it possible for me to grow up to 5'5 ? I am taking my vitamins and getting sleep but it seems like nothing is working? Help?
[Editor Rob: with girls, by 16 a large chunk will have finished growth, but some do still gain a few inches after 15...I think based on your parents height, you might not reach 5ft 5 though. But, you can certainly keep up eating good variety of foods, not staying up late and doing exercise to maximise your growth. I believe many people don't reach their maximum height because of factors such as the environment, lack of sleep, lack of enough vitamin/mineral/proteins and spending too much time playing computer games rather than playing some sports.]
Sarah said on 25/Oct/15
Hi I'm I just turned 15 this year and I'm about 5'1. My mom is 5'2 and my dad is 5'5 is it possible for me to grow up to 5'5 ?
I am taking my vitamins and getting sleep but it seems like nothing is working? Help?
name said on 25/Oct/15
Hi! I'm a 14 y.o girl turning 15 in 2 months. I am 165cm as of now and I am wondering how many cm I could probably grow more before I stop growing. Does the time I sleep really affect my growth? I usually sleep around 1am. Thanks!
Gavin said on 24/Oct/15
Hi,i am 14 and 5'8 in the morning.My biological father awas 6'4 but my momi s only 5'2,do you think i can reach the prootype 6 foot -6 foot 2 manly height
[Editor Rob: you certainly have potential tall genes in you, but sometimes with your parent heights, you can end up getting more of the short than tall genes. If you reach 6ft I'd say that would be possible.]
Gavin said on 24/Oct/15
Hi,i am 14 and 5'8 in the morning.My biological father awas 6'4 but my momi s only 5'2,do you think i can reach the prootype 6 foot -6 foot 2 manly height
Kenneth said on 24/Oct/15
Hello Rob, I am 16 and 7 months and i am 5 feet 8, 173 with shoes on and i am 171 cm with shoes off and i weigh 133 pounds. my dad is 5 feet 6 and my mom is 5 feet 3. i feel like i haven't hit my growth spurt yet and i have not seen any results since i have turned 16. is there any chance i can still grow, my goal is to be 5 feet 9 or 5 feet 11, is there any hope am still growing
[Editor Rob: on average I'd say you might still get 5ft 8-8.5 barefoot by 18, but unfortunately a proportion of teens do just finish growth at 16.]
Rajat said on 23/Oct/15
I just turned 15 last month and I stand 171.5 cms ...
What could my future height.....???
Could it be 178.... at least.....
My father is 166 and my mom 152....
shiva said on 23/Oct/15
Hey rob, i'm 5'11.25-5 also i'm 16 yr old can i make it to 6'3 when i'm done growing my dad's 5'11 and mom's 5'4 on average how many inches does a person grow from 16 to 18
[Editor Rob: typically you could get between 1 and 2 inches, but some people do gain 3 inches, some even have a late spurt of more like 5-6, really late bloomers. ]
Marcus said on 23/Oct/15
Hi Rob, I am a boy, I'm 17, do you think there's a chance I could grow to 6 foot. I didn't get my first growth spurt until I was 14. Thanks
[Editor Rob: people still gain height at 17. It is when they get into the 18 range that the percentage who still grow drops rapidly. ]
rako said on 12/Oct/15
Hi ! I wanted to ask whether i have chance to increase height coz i'll be reachin 18 after 3 weeks and im worried i thought ive stopped growing suddenly this year i gained half inch is this a hope that i'll be growing
[Editor Rob: after 15 growth does slow, with each year more of each range will end growth and by 21 nearly everybody finishes, with a tiny percentage gaining after that age. At 18 it is an age many end, but there are still a percentage from 18-21 who gain noticeable amounts.]
Sulekha said on 12/Oct/15
Hi Rob, I am a girl , turning 18 this year and stand 163cms tall and weigh 54kgs. my dad is 5"9 and mom is 155cms. I want to reach atleast 170 cms. Is it possible? Please help!!
[Editor Rob: unfortunately most girls are finished by 18, very very few still gain. There will be exceptions and you could always try to find from a Doctor if your growth plates are fully closed - they can do a hand x-ray and find out.]
Anthony said on 11/Oct/15
Hey I turned 14 about 3 weeks ago. I wanna know if I can achieve 15cm growth for adult height ? I'm 5'9 in morning. Will I have the potential to grow to 6'3 ?
[Editor Rob: it all depends if you have the genes, whether your family had big spurts at 15-18 range.]
Trevell said on 9/Oct/15
I'm 5'8.75 and I turned 14 not to long ago. When do major growth spurts happen ? My dad is 5'7 or 5'8 and my mom is 5'2-5'3. I do have 6ft + blood cousins. Do you think I can make it to 6'3 ?
[Editor Rob: it can vary, but the 13-15 range is typically when a good chunk of lads can gain a few inches.]
James said on 8/Oct/15
Hi Rob, Im 15 turning 16 in December, Im 177cm my dad is around that height as well and my mum is 165cm, do you think i still have a chance at gaining a couple of cm's before my growth spurt ends, or do you think its already ended.
[Editor Rob: no, 16-18 is a range people can on average still gain a few cm's. I would say the odds are good you may have another bit of growth. If you got 180cm I'd say you should feel happy.]
Laura said on 7/Oct/15
My son is just 15 and 5ft9. He recently broke his arm and at X-rays this week the doc told him his growth plates are open and he'll grow for another 10 months or so. He's grown around 5 inches in the past year. Any idea what height he will reach please?
[Editor Rob: 10 months seems quite specific, but then a Doctor can probably see how far the plates look at various stages. Gaining 5 inchs in last years is a lot. He could still end up 5ft 11 range.]
Marie19 said on 6/Oct/15
Hey Rob, I'm 19yrs old and currently 183cm (morning-noon) 181(evening). My dad is 190cm and mum is 165cm, also I have extremely tall grandfathers on both sides of the family (6'6 - 6'7). I'm worried because last year I'm November I had problems with Anorexia and was restricting calories so heavily + exercising that I almost died. I'm now recovered and eating extremely healthy with supplements to replenish my bones. Sorry for rambling, but do you think I could possibly still grow? Because I have actually grown 1.5cm between last year to now.
[Editor Rob: if your plates are still open, there is always a chance if you now give your body better health that it can catch up lost growth...but you are 19 and that's towards the end of the years for growth. The fact you have gained some height in the last year is a better indicator though and I think there's always a chance you could get 6ft evening.]
James said on 6/Oct/15
Hi rob, I turned 18 August this year and I'm 5ft 8, my dad is 6ft 2 and mum is 5ft 4 and I want to be taller. They can't remember if they had late growth spurts but do you reckon I could grow more I was hoping to be at least 5ft 10 but I doubt that'll happen. Any tips? Thanks in advance. James.
[Editor Rob: just what's been said in previous comments. You can certainly try your best to enhance/maximise things by maybe mixing up your diet and including more healthier foods, ensuring you get enough sleep. Our own body clocks can be good indicators if we are getting enough sleep. Needing alarms to waken up maybe means sometimes our bodies aren't getting enough sleep.]
Ajay singh-Jaddu said on 5/Oct/15
I Like the methods u gave.....n reducing stress n felling confident n joyfulness...
May help u out in anyway....

Afterall all once u have decided something with extreme faith, it gonna workout anyhow- law of attraction
Chris said on 4/Oct/15
Hey, right now I'm going 15 and 5'6 I believe, my mother is 5'0 and my dad is 5'9, any chance I have of growing to be his height or taller? I had a growth spurt when I was 14 and I grew from about 5'1 to 5'5 and since then grown to what I am no, so I don't know if I have another growth spurt left or not cause that was my only one. I just wanna know what my max height wouldn most likely be
[Editor Rob: you would be unlucky not to get another spurt. Another few inches seems very possible.]
danish said on 4/Oct/15
hi , im 16 years old. i stand 5'5 and my weight is 47 kilos. i could say , im a lil bit short , i realize dat. how cm's more can i grow after 16 years old. my dad says , at the time he was 16 years old , he's 158cm smthing. but now he is 5'10. is this genetically or wut cos i dont believe in dis genetic thing. so , if i can grow more , how much cm's can i get and what suppose me to do , to grow tall.
[Editor Rob: if your Dad had a late spurt of many cm's then you might inherit the genes for late growth. So, I wouldn't worry too much, and just try enjoying being a teenager. Also for any teen I think it is best to only measure now and a gain, like every 6 months is fine to check your height.]
Mikey said on 4/Oct/15
Hi Rob, have you heard about the product Gloxi? It claims to increase height.
[Editor Rob: there's no magic pills really. There is vitamins though that your body needs, and some of these herbs out there may contain extracts which are good sources of in a way maybe they can help a tiny bit to maximise. I think we should as much as possible try to have a varied diet so that our bodies get enough minerals/vitamins from the foods themselves and don't need any supplements. I personally don't take any meat for over 20 years...I do vary my diet and ensure I eat a whole host of veg/fruit/nuts etc]
M.B. said on 3/Oct/15
Hey Rob, I am a 14 yr old girl and I am around 156.5 cm tall, which I think is super short. All of my friends are taller than me! My dad is around 181 cm and I am pretty sure he said that he was always short and that he got a massive growth spurt later on. My mum is 165 cm. My younger sister, who is almost 12 yrs old, is like a cm or two taller than me, and I feel so bad because I wanna be taller too. When I was born I was only 46 cm, and really small and skinny. I also have eczema, and I read that it can compress your growth. Am I still growing and will I be any taller? Can you somewhat predict my adult height? Thanks so much in advance!
[Editor Rob: it's not super short. At 14 you could expect several more cm's on average...based on parents, you may yet get closer to your Mother's height. I believe sometimes the body can have delayed or catch-up growth. If it can't grow as much during certain periods, later in teens it catches up IF it gets good meals, enough sleep and exercise to help with growth hormone production.]
Persy said on 3/Oct/15
Hi I'm 17 years old currently standing at 5'7. My dad is 5'10 and my mom is 5'3. My younger brother who is 13 is almost the same height as me. My younger sister who is 5 years old looks like she's gonna be tall, too but we still don't know that because she's still 5 (lol) and might stop growing around puberty age. My question is do I still have a chance to grow? My father said he was the same height as me when he was my age and he grew until his 20s he thinks. We also have the same foot size both and 10.5. So any thoughts? And what could I do to potentially help my height increase?
[Editor Rob: at 17 a good proportion will still grow, but unfortunately a percentage have stopped by then...but if your Dad thought he gained in height in late teens, then this increases the chances you inherit some of those 'late growth' genes, so I'd say your odds might be weighed towards more chance of growth. I'd try to maximise by following all the common sense advice, like good variety and amount of food, keeping up exercise, enough sleep etc.]
Edu said on 2/Oct/15
Sorry rob i made a mistake my legs are 97-98 cm not 106 . Sorry for the mistake :)
Edu said on 2/Oct/15
Hi Rob, im 18 almost 19(in fifteen days). Im 181.5 morning height and 180,3 evening height. My wingspan is 191cm and my feet size is eu 45 i have long legs (98 cm) but a small torso. I haven't grow since February (summer, in argentina where i live , i always grow in summer).My plates in legs are done(not completely done but im not going to have more than 2mm more on my legs).My dad is 162cm and my mum is 170cm but my grandfather was 185cm. what do you think? Can i grow a little more? Can my torso grow(my spine)? I started swimming last year, can that help? Thanks Rob.i really like ur page. And sorry for my bad English.
[Editor Rob: I think you already have reached a tall height based on parents heights, but with a wingspan very long (and arms/legs do grow mostly faster and stop earlier than torso), there is always a chance of a bit more....]
Neo said on 2/Oct/15
Hey rob, I'll turn 18 in 2 months and I'm 172.5 cm, I didn't grow taller too much after age 15, I was 170. at 16 171.5 now 172.5, So is there any chance to be 174 at least? my dad is 175 and mom is 157-158. Is 172.5 cm 5'7 or 5'8? I hope you can answer my questions, Thank you.
[Editor Rob: it does look like your growth has slowed down in last couple of years...172.5cm is near 5ft 8 flat. At your age it's kind of touch and go, some get a bit more height, while many others just are done by around 18...only suggestion is to maybe try to keep doing exercise and eating big meals to help any potential the growth plates may yet still be open, but in some cases need the body to help, by giving it enough fuel and exercise to respond and grow.]
Rosie said on 1/Oct/15
Hey Rob, I'm 15 years old and my parents are 5'0 and 5'8. I'm a girl and I'm 5'6. Any idea if I'll grow anymore? I wanna grow another 10cm but idk if it's possible :(
[Editor Rob: there is still time, so don't give up hope...10cm might be very optimistic though, the average for a 15 year old is more a couple of cm further growth, but there will be those with late growth...for instance Mary mcCormack (an actress) said "I was 5 feet tall at 17. I'm 5-8 now." Sometimes eating well, getting enough sleep and doing regular exercise will help teens maximise whatever growth they may have.]
Abbas said on 30/Sep/15
Hi, Im 18 years old, and 5'6, is there any chance that I will grow using a good diet and a lot of excerise + sleep?
[Editor Rob: a smaller chance...but not impossible. If you do continue what you're doing and don't gain I wouldn't feel disheartened because the vast majority do stop growing in and around 18.]
Nigel said on 29/Sep/15
Hello Big Rob ! So I turned 14 4 days ago. I noticed I been growing about 1.5 per month. Does this mean I'm in a growth spurt ? Also is it normal to shrink an inch during the day at school ? My morning height is about 177cm and my Lowest height is usually 175 but on school days it's 174cm. Thanks :)
[Editor Rob: yeah, it's very common to shrink 2cm. At 13-14 many kids are going through prolonged growth spurts.]
inazz said on 28/Sep/15
rob, what do you think is the best way to know you have stopped growing, was 174cm in 2013, 176/177 last year and now im about 178 im 20 years and ive just recently started noticing facial hair but its very thin and unnoticable and my face is still oily and my acne while still there has decreased a bit
[Editor Rob: at 20 you are pretty much nearing the point where 99.9% people will finish.]
CD said on 18/Sep/15

I was 4ft 10 at the age of 15 (maybe even 9 at just turning). I was always shorter than most kids at school then became extremely short at ages 13-15 when most other guys had a growth spurt. I saw an endocrinolist at this age and he said I had constitutional growth delay (accompanied with late puberty), and that I would eventually catch up but still be shorter than average, just not unusually so. He predicted my adult height as 5ft 6.

At turning 16 I was around the 5ft mark, now I'm pretty much a weak 5ft 5 so I grew almost 5 inches after 16. At 18 I went about a year without growing anything noticeable but then recently the last few months put on another cm. Whether I will gain much more I don't know? I still am physically about 3 years younger than I actually am so who knows.

My parents are 5ft 8 and 5ft 3, and both have dropped a fraction from their peak, too. So I guess you would say I'm below my "expected height" (if I had any brothers, very likely they would have been taller). I know at 19 it is more of an outside chance, but something must have caused me to grow so slowly during childhood, at age 15 if my growth pattern was "average" my adult height would have been predicted 5ft!
Jeb said on 16/Sep/15
I'm 20 years old and 182 cm. any chance of getting to 183-184?
[Editor Rob: I'd say most at this age are finished. A small percentage might thought gain 1-2cm, I guess you can always hope you fall into the minority!]
John said on 16/Sep/15
Thanks for the reply Rob. Just roughly how much can dehydration really affect height? I've not suffered any real serious injuries other than a tear or strain in a muscle. Seeing as you said that it's a noticeable difference, is it something I should get checked out?
[Editor Rob: I was able to test this better on my partner Jenny when she was dehydrated and up at night working...she dropped a 1/4 inch below her usual low height after being more dehydrated.]
WAF said on 14/Sep/15
People should realize that if they have not grown in the last year or so (maybe a year and a half), they are done growing.

For guys who are 17-18 and older, it's very unlikely to grow even 0.25-0.5", which in any case is hardly noticeable. To grow several inches after that age, one would have to look a couple of years younger than one actually is, both facially and bodily. A good example of this is Leonardo DiCaprio who grew at least 2'' at 19-20. (He was roughly equal to Johnny Depp, listed on this site at 5'9", and then he was 5'11"-5'11.5".)

To grow several inches after the onset of puberty, generally speaking, you would need to frequently experience strong cravings for food because of the changing energy requirements of your body. I'm not talking about being hungry after having been physically active (or after not having eaten all night, coming home from school/work, etc.), or something like that, which everyone is - if you are going to grow several inches, you will most likely be hungry almost all the time without changing anything in your life.

One of my good friends grew 2.5”-3” after the age of 16. (He was below his expected height based on his parents’ heights of 5’10.5”-5’11” and 6’2”, but ended up about 0.5” taller than his expected height.) An acquaintance of mine grew about 4” after the age of 16, but he looked very young - his father was also extremely tall. I don’t know of any other person in my life that grew more than 2” after the age of 16-17. (Obviously it’s not something one discusses often but the average person still grows up with quite a few people and has many peripheral connections.) I think an inch or so is realistic for many guys.

Another good rule of thumb that is quite obvious is that if you are close to your expected height, then you are not likely to grow any more. The guys I mentioned were both considerably below their expected heights before their late growth spurts.
Jasper said on 13/Sep/15
Hey Rob, I'm 16years old and 10months and I'm 5ft10. My dad is 5ft8 and he told me that he grew some more height when he was 18. So I was wondering if there's a chance for me to gain some more height ? I hope to be 5ft 11 . Also, how will your body feel when you're growing? thanks a lot
[Editor Rob: it's a good sign your Dad had a later spurt as since you are inheriting a good amount of his DNA, it might mean the chances of yourself gaining another inch or 2 as being good.]
John said on 12/Sep/15
Hey Rob. I'm slightly concerned as my measurements suggest that I've lost height. I've just measured myself at 7:30pm and I got around 5ft9 1/2. However my previous measurements were closer to 5ft10. And last summer (12 months ago) I measured several times and measurements said I was 5ft10 which is what I wanted to be. I even had my height measured at school 6 months before that 2014 summer and my height said 177cm. A few close friends and relatives have said they think I've grown slightly and lost a weight during the last 2-3months although I've roughly stayed between 66-68kg (around 10 and a half stone). So I'm concerned now that my height is actually 5ft9 1/2 at the most which is actually below 177cm. I'm 17, coming up for 18 this year and although many people say I look young for my age I can grow a bit of facial hair and I do have a little hair on my chest, but the chest hair is not enough that you could see if you were stood a few metres away. I also do have hairy genes that run in my family so this is no surprise. Is there any reason as to why my height appears to be smaller than it should e.g any bone problems or conditions? As far as I'm aware I'm a healthy human with an athletic build. I'm not bothered what height I am so long as I'm either on or passed the 5ft10/178cm mark. Do you think this is still possible for a 17 year old? Thanks in advance :)
[Editor Rob: injuries/bad posture or dehydration might account for a fraction difference in measurement. If you had measured in the same position when you got 5ft 10 and the same posture then it is a noticeable difference...]
jamie said on 11/Sep/15
rob where do you think more people stop growing at 16 or 21
[Editor Rob: the vast majority at 21 are done, a big chunk will finish at 16 but another very big chunk will still gain after 16 to 18-19 range...with much less gaining after 19 till 21.]
inazz said on 10/Sep/15
how would you know that you are done growing
[Editor Rob: if you went 1.5 years without any more growth, that might be a sign your plates are closing...but I've seen some people say even in late teens they seemed to have a final wee burst of 1/2 inch or so.]
marc said on 10/Sep/15
hi rob i'm 15 years old i'm 5'8 do you think i can be 6'0 when i am gonna be 16 years old?
[Editor Rob: helps if you have parents or grandparents who are 6ft+, then you might have a good chance...I'd still say on average you might reach near to 5ft 11 if you are 15/5ft 8.]
marc said on 10/Sep/15
hi rob i'm 15 years old i'm 5'8 do you think i can be 6'0 when i am gonna be 16 years old?
[Editor Rob: at 15 a good chunk who are 5ft 8 will still gain several inches. Unfortunately some don't though, they might just get 1-2 more inches.]
Noah said on 9/Sep/15
Hi rob, I turned 16 in April of this year. I am 176 so 5.9. My mum is 5 foot 5 and my dad is 6.1. I have two older brothers and a sister. One brother is the same as my dad 6.1 my other brother is 5.9 same as me and my sister is 5.8. I grew quite early. I hit puberty by 13 and have been 176 for at least 2 years. I live a fortunate family so I eat well. I am a talented athlete but my exercise can be very iregular sometimes. I eat a lot of whole food but I have been quite exposed to junk food and alchole at the same time, but not to excess. My sleep is average. I normally get from 6-10. But those hours are mostly after 11pm. I have also spent a lot of time watching shows so just sitting around. Just wondering if you have any suggestions on how I can help myself grow and also if you think I am able to hit the goal of 6foot? Thanks
[Editor Rob: since there is still potential time and your plates are likely open, I would try to vary your diet, so your body is getting more vitamins/minerals from natural sources. It's hard to resist the junk food, or have a lot of snacks/fizzy juice...but it's a matter of discipline. Sometimes it might take a few weeks to get into the habit of reducing your junk intake and replacing with some other wholesome foods. Definitely try to keep up regular exercise, but I wouldn't overdo it. Will stretching help? I'd probably say a chin-up/hanging bar might be of use. 20-30 dollars, but useful for decompressing and stretching back muscles.]
Seth said on 5/Sep/15
Hi, Rob I am 17.2 years old, 5`11.5 and pretty sure that I`m still growing, because year ago my height was 5`10.25, and two years ago it was 5`9. I don`t have any noticebale hair on my face. So I want to ask, can I still reach 6`1+ ? My father`s height is 6`1.25 and mom is 5`6.5, my other relatives is not very tall, nobody of them is taller than my father actually, many of them not even close to him Also, I play professional basketball, that means I have 7 drills a week and pretty good diet, though I don`t get that typical amount of 8 hours of sleep per day on the regular basis, but trying to do my best at it
[Editor Rob: it's still a possibility, I would say 50-50.]
Ashely said on 4/Sep/15
Hi Rob.i really want to know how tall I'm going to be and when will I stop 5 feet 3 inch and I'm 12 now I startes my puberty at 9, my mom is 5'4" my dad is 5'7". I have always Braged that I will be taller than my friends but now I think I have stopped growing.but people say I mingjt grow shorter
[Editor Rob: some people do finish early, but some progress then stop for many months and their body hits another spurt. I'd just make sure to keep eating well, sleeping enough and doing regular exercise. That means you are giving yourself the best chance to grow...also, I would resist the urge to measure often. Put away a tape measure for 6 months and don't measure yourself...]
Chris said on 2/Sep/15
Hi rob i'm 18 years old . My height is 1.81cm. The length of my arms is 1.88 and my size is 45 EU . Do you think that i can grow more?
[Editor Rob: still a chance, but I wouldn't be disappointed if you didn't.]
Kjones91 said on 1/Sep/15
Hey Rob, I got a question. My mom is about 5ft 6.5in and my dad is about 5'7. My older brother grew to be 5'10 and my older sister grew to be about 5'3-5'4. I grew to be about 5'6 3/8-5'6 1/2. Do you think it is strange to be as tall as both your parents?
[Editor Rob: not really, sometimes a child gets more tall genes, other times they get shorter genes. In a way it's nature's way of making sure people don't become too big.]
Magic said on 1/Sep/15
I'm 5'4 , 25 years old , I wanna be taller!! I don't accept this height that is very very short for a man and I live my life insicure with myself and with others! Surgery standard for leg legthening is painfull and take very much time!But I read that stem cells can give until 8 cm ( about 3") of height! They try stem cells on sheep and get good results!But I haven't found much about it! What do you think about it, Rob?Is it scam or we have to give more time for experiments?
[Editor Rob: I think it might be several decades before advancements in that area of research. ]
Nate said on 1/Sep/15
16 years old 6 foot 1.5, any chance I will get to 6 foot 3?
Magnus said on 30/Aug/15
Hi, i am 14 years old and 160,5 cm tall. My mom is 155 cm tall and my dad is 176 cm tall. I am really concerned about my height, everybody is taller than me, i wouldt like to be 180cm but that is just not possible, i think? I am a relativly active guy, i will start swimming soon. I have a healthy diet, i try to eat alot of calcium rich foods. I have heard that stress is bad for height growth, but i stresses alot. I always think about my height and about being skinny, i think i will try to stress less, any tips? What do you think my final height couldt be? My mother is brazilian and has a short family and my father side is under average i have lost all hope please reply, i wouldt mean alot to me
[Editor Rob: to help with stress, sometimes even simple things like taking breaks from study/friends or going for a simple walk and appreciating nature might be of benefit. It certainly helps me, I take regular walks and enjoy the peace/calm and nature to help with stresses. You still are at an age where you could gain several more inches. If you reached your Father's height, I'd say that would be great. Just keep healthy, eat well and I think also try not to measure - put away a tape measure as measuring every month or week as some kids do might be more stressful.]
Tsukino Kaczmarek said on 28/Aug/15
Hey Rob,i am wondering did i reached my final adult height,because i am 13 year old girl and i will turn 14 in 3 months and i am only 5 feet and 2 inches.My mom is 5 feet and 6 1/2 inches,my dad is 5 feet 7 inches. I am in stage 4 of puberty and it says in that stage the the growth spurt is slowed and then stops in stage 5. Will i grow or i have reached my full adult height?
[Editor Rob: I'd think you still have potential for a bit more, but you may not gain that much. Another 1-2 inches might be realistic to expect.]
inazz said on 26/Aug/15
hi rob, im 179.5 in the morning and 177.4 at night what would i claim my height to be 5.10 or 5.9 im also 20 i grew 4cm last year but havent gained much this year do i have a chance of being 180cm.
[Editor Rob: you're perfectly fine claiming to be 5ft 10]
Tr27 said on 25/Aug/15
Rob. When I was at my yearly checkup, I was supposedly measured 172cm (morning height). But, when measured again, on the same stadiometer, I was just over 174cm (without shoes). Do you think think that my measurement was misread?
[Editor Rob: there will definitely be some occasions where the person measuring misreads or calls out the wrong number. In your case 2cm difference sounds a lot, so an error in one of the measurements may have occurred.]
TOP said on 23/Aug/15
Good day Rob am 17 and 4 months old,and am 5'4,do I have any chance of still gaining some heights??????
[Editor Rob: it's getting to an age where on average people don't gain much more...but there are exceptions, some have late surges. If you have a parent who had growth after age 18 this might be a good indicator you have the genes for late growth. Maybe ask them if they can remember getting taller at 18 or 19.]
Sebastian said on 23/Aug/15
Hi rob I am 14 and my height is 160cm ( is that short for my age) and my brother is 13 and his about 164 or 165. Will I ever be taller than him and my dream height is 6 ft
Jay said on 19/Aug/15
Hey Rob, just wondering if maybe you can give me a final estimation of height? I am 6'3.5" at night. My dad is 5'9", my mum is 5'7". I'm not done growing because my doctor said I was in stage 3 of puberty whatever that means. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
[Editor Rob: you've already gained a top range based on your parents heights, so I think anymore would be a bonus. You might still gain a couple of cm.]
bella said on 16/Aug/15
Rob, can you give me a rough prediction of my final adult height? I am 12 years and 11months.I am 5'6. My mom is about 5'9 and my dad is around the same height as mom or maybe a bit taller. Thank you
[Editor Rob: I would ask your Mum what height she was at 13, as that might give a good indication of whether you will reach her height or exceed it. I would say you might end up not much different from your Mum.]
Gabriel said on 16/Aug/15
Hi Rob, My name is Gabriel, I'm 16 and 5'6 and 1/2, I'm wondering will I ever be 5'10+? My dad is 5'10, My mom is 5'3, I weigh 176 but I used to weigh 210 but I lost over 30 pounds in the last 3 months, I eat VERY well, Protein and Greens diet, but when I was 12 I stayed in the house all day playing video games until the age of 16. Will I grow? My dad's side is all tall people, his sister is 6'.
[Editor Rob: you still have potential to gain another bit of height, I think if you reached 5ft 8 you shouldn't be too disappointed, if you ended up 5ft 9 or even 10 that would be a solid amount after 16. ]
LEO said on 15/Aug/15
Rob do you think using Minoxidil affects growth? And how can you tell if a certain cream may contain steroids?
[Editor Rob: topical steroids usually have a % listed with them. I've not looked at minoxidil, but any steroid creams being used a lot could raise risk of effecting growth. You are talking years of continued use as a youngster though.]
Armandy said on 14/Aug/15
Hello Rob, Is this video true or false?
[Editor Rob: Armandy, they are good example of exercises to improve flexibility and posture. If you followed some of them you should improve your natural stance - you might end up naturally standing very close to what you measure without straining.]
CD said on 13/Aug/15
Rob do you strongly believe focusing on height too much can actually hinder growth? I can see why exercise, diet and sleep would but can just thinking about it really have an impact?
[Editor Rob: a lot of stress/anxiety might have some impact, so reducing that by trying not to think/worry about it, may be a better approach.]
Undertow said on 12/Aug/15
Hey Rob, I didn't start having growth spurts until 15 where I grew 3 inches a year until I was 18. I was 5'3 during my Freshman year and 6'0 when I graduated. I measured myself this summer and it seems that I've grown half an inch and I'm also about to turn 20. My question is this my final height or will I grow more in my early twenties due to my late growth spurts? I also exceeded both my parents.
[Editor Rob: you might be near the end of growth now.]
Tari said on 12/Aug/15
My question do you think wheight lifting can stunt growth for teenagers ?
Max said on 12/Aug/15
Hey Rob I'm 17 and 8 months so is there any chance to grow taller? I'm 173cm and I don't wanna grow too much just a little bit like 2-3cm, also I have a question is there a relationship between height and food? cause I eat unhealthy food alot
:::: said on 10/Aug/15
Hey rob, I'm 5' 81/2 and my dad is 5'10. I turned 17 a few weeks ago. Is there any chance of me growing to my dads height?
[Editor Rob: if you knew that either of your parents gained height at 17-19 then this would be the best idea of knowing whether your chances were good of a late surge of 3-4cm.]
Kenny said on 9/Aug/15
Hi Rob do you think I have a fair chance of reaching 6 Foot? My morning height now is 178.5CM a little over 5'10 and my height at very worst could drop to 175.8-175.9-176.0CM I am a 16 year 4 month old male.
[Editor Rob: the chances are decent, I would advise to try not to think much about height and measure yourself every 6 months.]
Mike said on 9/Aug/15
Hi Rob my wingspan recently upgrade to almost 194 cm, my feet size upgrade from EU 43 to EU 44, my legs are the same size of 185cm people, i have big hands too (21cm), the only thing that is not proportional is my trunk which is short (85cm sitting height) I am 180 cm and 17 Thanks
[Editor Rob: I'd be surprised if you didn't gain a few more cm at 17-19 range.]
VaJay said on 7/Aug/15
Hey Rob, it would really be easing if you help me with this. I'm a 15 yr old early bloomer, I'm barely 5'8 having grown an inch in the past 1-2 months. Turning 16 in a few months. I used to be the tall kid but now I'm slightly below average. Heres the main thing, if someone had really BAD inconsistent sleep, slightly malnourished, BARELY exercised in his growing years, could he lose an inch or two of his max potential height?
[Editor Rob: You might not reach your maximum, but I believe the body might contain an ability for 'catch-up growth' later on, if it is well fed, exercised and gets enough rest, some of the fractions that didn't occur earlier in your growth cycle might then be 'caught up'.]
Osi said on 7/Aug/15
Rob its me again.One more question how many growth spurts does an average tee get?
[Editor Rob: height can occur in a few spurts during teenage years, but some are bigger like 3-4 inches at 13-14 while you might have a final little bit at 17-19.]
Jennatwish said on 7/Aug/15
Am 15 but am obviously depressed of my height and I wanna grow an inch before dis summer cauz I don't wanna be compared with my cousin pls help how can I improve my height
Jennatwish said on 7/Aug/15
Am 15 but am obviously depressed of my height and I wanna grow an inch before dis summer cauz I don't wanna be compared with my cousin pls help how can I improve my height
[Editor Rob: what I'd recommend is not measuring at all for 6 months, trying to forget about height and as much as possible to just enjoy being a teenager. If you are eating well, sleeping well and do some sort of sport that gets the blood pumping, be it swimming, tennis, running, then you are doing the best you can to try to maximise your growth.]
Osi said on 6/Aug/15
Hey Rob! Could you please give me a rough prediction of my adult height, it would mean a lot to me. I am 3 months away from turning 16 and currently I am just over 5'9(175.5cm)tall. My father is 5'10 and my mother is 5'4.5. As a child I was always smaller then many of my peers by around an inch. I remember a period in my life when I was around 13.5 years of age and many people in my class started growing at faster rates and got even taller compared to me. Half a year later I hit my first growth spurt growing from 5'2 to 5'5.Since then I believe I have grown four more inches at a steady rate and have caught up and surpassed many of my classmates in height. I have a bit of facial hair on my upper lip and no sideburns are developing yet. I have a bit of armpit hair and no body hair yet. Would it be fair to say that I was a late bloomer and if so how much can I still grow taller?
[Editor Rob: I believe if you reach 5ft 11 you should be reasonably pleased. I'd say 6ft would be classed as a good result]
Osi said on 6/Aug/15
Hey Rob! Could you please give me a rough prediction of my adult height, it would mean a lot to me. I am 3 months away from turning 16 and currently I am just over 5'9(175.5cm)tall. My father is 5'10 and my mother is 5'4.5. As a child I was always smaller then many of my peers by around an inch. I remember a period in my life when I was around 13.5 years of age and many people in my class started growing at faster rates and got even taller compared to me. Half a year later I hit my first growth spurt growing from 5'2 to 5'5.Since then I believe I have grown four more inches at a steady rate and have caught up and surpassed many of my classmates in height. I have a bit of facial hair on my upper lip and no sideburns are developing yet. I have a bit of armpit hair and no body hair yet. Would it be fair to say that I was a late bloomer and if so how much can I still grow taller?
[Editor Rob: Osi, it seems you've had a fairly late surge. I would say if you reached 5ft 11.5 you should be very happy with that height, I believe 5ft 11 range is achievable.]
Nath said on 6/Aug/15
Rob,on avarege how many cm a guy get after 16?
[Editor Rob: 3-4cm is quite common. 5-6cm is good, anymore and I think that is quite a lot.]
Tiger said on 4/Aug/15
Hey Rob Its Me Again The LAST time i asked u a question i Was 172cm (5'8) IN March Now I have Upgraded To 175CM (5'9) And My Dad is 170cm and mom is 165cm My Question is Exactly The Same As it Was Before Can I Reach To 180cm By The Time Im Fully Grown I diet and Exercise Regularly Almost I pLAY CRICKET on daily basis Get A SLEEP by the way im from Pakistan Thanks
[Editor Rob: tiger, you've gained a fair amount since you could still achieve that 180cm range. I'd say there was a decent chance, keep up playing cricket, that's a nice sport for flexibility and working different muscles.]
Sam said on 3/Aug/15
So you are saying I can't hit 5'8. I thought i could gain at least 2 inches from 16 to 18.
[Editor Rob: on average 1-1.5 inches would be common from over 16 range till 18, but many don't even get that, while a good chunk exceed it and get 2,3,4 or in some cases even more.]
Kevin said on 2/Aug/15
Rob, I've shrunk!! Only by half an inch though. I know people generally shrink by half an inch by nighttime because of gravity compressing them, but this isn't my case because I measure out of bed. Now, I've been doing heavy barbell squats for the past month, and my posture has also slumped a bit since then too. Could this have made me lose a little height?
[Editor Rob: it seems a pretty big amount. Maybe you aren't reaching your usual morning height and the combination of heavy lifting has caused some small issues with being able to stand taller.]
Del said on 2/Aug/15
Hi Rob, I recently just hit the 17 y/o mark at July 3rd and I stand at 5'10 1/2. My dream height is to be a foot taller than what I am.. is there any way in a blue moon's night for me to reach 6'10? My mother is 5'4 while my father is 6'1.. my grandfathers were 5'7 and my great grandfather from my dad's side that I only know of was 6'3. Is there any miracle of how I can achieve this?
[Editor Rob: I think it really is a dream. Another inch or two is probably more realistic than 10+ inches.]
Jdawg said on 1/Aug/15
Hey Rob, I'm 19 and about 6.05 ft tall, but I don't have much of a beard or mustache and little armpit hair, I do, however, have hair on my feet, but none on my chest or back. I was wondering if I could perhaps grow one more inch as I was put on hormone treatment when I was 15, as I had not hit puberty yet.
[Editor Rob: tough to tell really because the treatment might have accelerated your body and so you have now caught up.]
Pedro said on 31/Jul/15
Hi, Rob. I'm 16 years old my mother is 1,63m tall my father and my older brother are 1,80m and my younger brother is 1,83, 15 years old. I'm 1,72 I'm the shortest male in the family am I expected to take another 5cm? I don't have any facial hair, a little armpit hair and on the legs, but it's significantly less compared to my father and elder brother dies that mean I will grow taller? (P.s my older brother had almost reached his adult height by my age, but he also had grown beard)
[Editor Rob: you may unfortunately not reach your brother's height. There is however still a couple of potential years left for growth, so try to maximise any growth left by continuing with good diet (variety of foods and healthy amounts) and keeping getting enough sleep and some intense exercise. Some people might have a predetermined height range and they don't reach it because of their diet, sleep patterns, or lack of activity.]
Carlos said on 31/Jul/15
Hey Rob! please if you may answer my question. I'm turning 18 in 3 months and I'm 5-5.5 is there any chance i might get taller? knowing that my dad is 5'3 and my older brother is 5'6 and mom stands on 4'11.???
[Editor Rob: I think you shouldn't expect anything big, if you got another inch from now till 19 I think that would be great!]
Panda said on 30/Jul/15
Hey Rob, how much more growth do you think I have left? I'm 19 and I'm 171 cm tall (strong 5'7") so how much more growth could I expect. I think I'm done or that I might grow 0.5 inch at most (I seriously doubt I will be taller than 173 cm) but how much growth do you think I have left? (If it helps, my mom is 5'1"/5'1.5" (155/156 cm) and my dad is 5'6"/5'6.5" (168/169 cm))
[Editor Rob: at 19 it really is an age a smaller minority get anymore growth. The majority don't grow at that age. While still a chance of more, I wouldn't be expecting anything significant.]
Kailynn said on 29/Jul/15
Rob, I'm about to turn 15 August 4th and I stand 5'2. My mother is 5 foot, and my father is 5'11. I seemed to have gotten all of my dad's genetics except his height. Although, I am still growing. How tall do you think I'll end up when I finish growing? Am I a slow grower? My dream is to be at least 5'5 by then. :)
[Editor Rob: sometimes unfortunately kids can end up with less of the tall genes and more of the short genes. If either of your parents can remember having growth in 16-18 (noticeable like a few inches) then maybe you have the genes for a late surge. Reaching 5ft 5 at your age would be great based on your age.]
SanFranRickey said on 27/Jul/15
One more question:Does height growth stop for a few months and then resume?Is it common for teenagers?It is said in a website that teenage growth is not like a 30mph train. Height growth is not continuous in a year and it may pause for a time period to wait for internal organs follow up with height growth and then resume again.
[Editor Rob: yes there can be period of little or no growth during teen years.]
sam said on 26/Jul/15
Rob hey i liked reading that. I am really depressed about my height.I am 5'6.5 and 16.5 and mt doctor said i am developed and shouldn't grow anymore. Can i at least hit 5'8.
[Editor Rob: I'd say the odds were decent to get near it.]
SanFranRickey said on 26/Jul/15
Rob I sometimes see you answering others' questions and saying that 'hydration/dehydration can effect your height a little and this can cause a small fraction of difference...'. Does that mean drinking less or more water cause difference on our height during the day? I can't figure out the relations between hydration and height...
[Editor Rob: when your body becomes dehydrated it uses water from within, like soft tissues. So lack of water and becoming dehydrated may mean discs water content could be used by the body. A small amount though.]
Bryce said on 23/Jul/15
Hey Rob, I'm 15 years old and I stand at 6'5", My mum is 5'11" and my dad is 6'8", Is it possible for me to reach 7ft because that would greatly help in my basketball :))
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure if you would reach that tall, but you might end up nudging past your Dad. ]
Kevin said on 22/Jul/15
Hi, I'm 13 years old and 5.708 feet (5 feet. 8 1/2 inches as google says) or 174cm. I've been one of the Top 3-4-5 tallest in my class since I was 10-11. My question is. How many more cm will I grow? I play basketball and I really want to be atleast 190cm. What if I stop growing? I sleep really late and stay up late too. I eat alot of unhealthy food etc. But will I get another 20-24 cm before I am 18-21?
[Editor Rob: you would be unlucky to stop at 14, but a proportion do stop early. I'd definitely try to add in some foods that have more vitamins/minerals than junk food. If you have a tall parent, it might be a good indication you still have several inches left and could clear 6ft.]
Kevin said on 22/Jul/15
Hi, I'm 13 years old and 5.708 feet (5 feet. 8 1/2 inches as google says) or 174cm. I've been one of the Top 3-4-5 tallest in my class since I was 10-11. My question is. How many more cm will I grow? I play basketball and I really want to be atleast 190cm. What if I stop growing? I sleep really late and stay up late too. I eat alot of unhealthy food etc. But will I get another 20-24 cm before I am 18-21?
Jordan said on 22/Jul/15
Hi Rob, loved reading that. I was just wondering if it is possible to grow 5+ cm after the age of 18? I am currently 5'6.5, but my dad is 5'10 and my brother is 5'11.5. Really sucks being so much shorter than the other males in my family, I'm turning 18 in 1 month, is there any hope for me? Thanks
[Editor Rob: if you have any family who had a late surge, it might mean you have those genes for it too. Your plates might not be closed, so I wouldn't give up hope...I would keep trying to eat well and maybe somehow take up a sport or even do short 'circuit' type training.]
Jordan said on 22/Jul/15
Hi Rob, loved reading that. I was just wondering if it is possible to grow 5+ cm after the age of 18? I am currently 5'6.5, but my dad is 5'10 and my brother is 5'11.5. Really sucks being so much shorter than the other males in my family, I'm turning 18 in 1 month, is there any hope for me? Thanks
Tr27 said on 21/Jul/15
Hey Rob, I'm 13 years old, about 174cm, and I haven't grown at all since I last checked my height! Do you think I've reached my limit? I'd like to be 198cm...
[Editor Rob: you could stop early, but your body might just be at a point it's not growing. I'd wait another 6 months, you might find you start another spurt.]
Vlad said on 20/Jul/15
Rob,on average,is it realistically possible for me to grow 2 inches from 16 until I stop growing?
[Editor Rob: yes that amount is within what many would achieve from 16-19.]
Johnny said on 19/Jul/15
Hey Rob I'm a 16 yrs old male I'm 5'7 1/2 my dad Is 5'10 do you think that if I start playing basketball will that help me grow at least to 6 ft also I do push ups and lift a little is that ok
Evander said on 19/Jul/15
Hi Rob, just a quick question.. Right now im 15 years old and i'm 6'1", is this seen as tall or not?
[Editor Rob: yes you are quite tall at your age, you may still gain a few inches and be in the very tall range in 3-4 years time.]
Tan said on 18/Jul/15
Hi Rob I am 15 years old and 8 months 5'11.25 in the morning,And I am about 5'10.5 in the evening is it possible to hit at least 6'2 Thank you for your time
[Editor Rob: could depend on the height of your parents. I'd say if you reach 6ft 2, that would be a range many would be happy at.]
Angie said on 16/Jul/15
Hi Rob, I'm almost 14 and I'm 165cm. I'm a girl and my mum is the same height as me and my dad is 172. I didn't grow that much this year. I eat healthy and get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. What sports can I do to grow taller except swimming and can I grow 2-3 more inches?
[Editor Rob: I'd take up something like tennis, it's a good sport for working the whole body.]
Vlad said on 16/Jul/15
Rob,someone told me that if you can grow a full beard then you are done growing in height,is that true?
[Editor Rob: it might be an indicator that you are more unlikely to gain height, but many teens who grow facial hair can still gain height.]
Laura said on 15/Jul/15
Hey Rob sorry for writing this so late but I really wanted to ask you something. I am a 13 years old girl and i am 5'7. My dad is 5'9 and my mom is 5'5 I want to know if I will continue growing because all years of my life I was the tallest in my class but all of a sudden i stopped growing a few months ago.
[Editor Rob: some girls do end early. You might expect another 1-3 inches, but it really can be hard to tell how much someone grows...]
Al said on 14/Jul/15
Hey, I'm 14 year old male and 5'2 I'm shorter than all my friends my mom is 5'1 and my dad is 5'7 can I reach 5'8?
Jesse Stone said on 14/Jul/15
Rob, after a day (standing, sitting, walking,...) I am exactly 5'9 in the evening. So a bit more during the day and almost 5'10 when waking up in the morning. Getting 17 in August. My dad was a tad under 5'10 in his prime, my mom a tad under 5'3. Do you think I will grow any further? And what would you give me -just an assumption- as my adult height? Thank you very much, Jesse.
[Editor Rob: tough to say how much, another inch seems possible, but then at 14 I thought I'd end up 6ft and more height for rob after 14! But it's rarer to stop at 14, it is more common 16-18 range.]
Brad said on 14/Jul/15
Hey Rob, I am around 5'7, my dad is also 5'7 and my mom is 5'0. I am 15 years old soon to be 16 in another 5 months. My family's height isn't very tall, there are some that are around 5'11. Do you think i could grow an inch or so? Thanks.
[Editor Rob: at 15 there is still a few years left of potential growth. While some finish around that age, it is a minority, many gain in 15-17 range, and another percentage can still gain 17-21 range.]
Tr27 said on 13/Jul/15
Hey Rob, how much sleep would a 13 year old male need to reach his maximum height? Thanks.
[Editor Rob: out of bed max height? About 9 hours should get your maximum. 7-8 maybe a couple mm less than max.]
Vlad said on 12/Jul/15
Hey Rob,I was talking with my parents this day and I found out that my dad grew an extra inch at 22 and my mother went from 5'2 to 5'4 from 18-19!Does that mean that I will grow until this late too?
[Editor Rob: it would be a good indicator you have 'late surge' genes. I would then say you have a far greater chance of growth after 18 than most.]
Lucrezia said on 11/Jul/15
Hey I know this is kind of late but I really need to know if I will grow I am 14 years old 5'7.5 and a girl I want to know your honest opinion on if you think I can grow 1-3 inches my mom is 5'7 and my dad is 5'8 (but he might have been taller except he didn't get enough food as a kid) there are some tall and some short people in my family currently I don't strech but I am going to start to aND eat healthier. Please answer thanks (:
[Editor Rob: you have potential for more height. Maybe ask your Mother if she grew at 15-16, as that is where a lot of your genes are coming from.]
C dragon said on 11/Jul/15
Hello rob, I am a 15 year old girl, my mom is 5'3 and my dad is 5'8. I am 5' 1/2 and I am 105 pounds struggling with weight and dieting. I usually go to bed around 7-9 pm and I haven't been growing much. I am constantly reminded about how short I am and I don't feel very great. I work out almost every single day of the week and stretch almost every day to, I mostly only eat fruit and drink water. I check my hight every day and I was wondering if i would grow any taller my ideal hight is to be 5'7 to 5'10, so I could be more involved in my career of modeling for fashion not just editorial, thank you
[Editor Rob: sometimes we can do too much workout, maybe cut down a little. I'd also see if you can introduce more variety with your diet, especially various vegetables if you don't eat meat. Mostly fruit might not be getting you enough minerals/vitamins. Find out from your parents or close family if any of them remember having had growth from 16-18, this might give you a better idea if you have inherited genetics for later growth.]
Tasha said on 9/Jul/15
Hi Rob. I'm 14 years old girl and I'm around 5'5-5'6 , my mom is 5'3 and my dad's around 6'2-6'3. I'm kinda fat my weight is 132-135 lbs. My bones are small to medium. I had my period when I was 11 Last year I grew 2.5-3.5 inches. But this year I grew an inch maybe less(now I'm 14 old and 3 month) . Do you think I stopped growing? All my fathers side girls are around 5'6-5'9.75. My moms side are less than 5'6. So can you please answer how much will I grow ? Can I grow 2-3 inches this summer? Or what should I do for growing 2-3 inches this summer ? I'm hanging on a bar 3-6 times every day. But I think that's not enough. I want to grow 4-5 inches. Thank you.
[Editor Rob: first thing I'd do is try not to measure your height for 6 months. Maybe not it now and say only in 6 months. I might see if doing a bit of exercise. Even a game of netball or some sport like that once a week that involves a good amount of activity, will help. I'd say there is still a decent chance of more growth, how much? Always hard to say, but 2 inches could be quite possible.]
Vlad said on 9/Jul/15
Rob,if you stay up late..let's say 2 or 3 AM but still get on a regular basis 8-9 hours of sleep does it matter?
[Editor Rob: shouldn't matter much because your body is still getting enough sleep, when it comes to repair/growth.]
Panda said on 8/Jul/15
Hey Rob. About how long does it take to reach your lowest height after waking up? And what will that height be? Me for example: I woke up at 10:20 am and measured myself at 11:30 am. I measured myself to be 5'7 3/4" (172 cm), so around what time will I reach my lowest height and what do you think that height would be?
[Editor Rob: by 6pm you should be at around your low or within a mm or 2 of it, sometimes people who are on feet a lot of the day, if they measure 5-6pm they find they are at their low, and if they are relaxing watching a movie or just chilling after a day's work, at 8-9pm they might actually creep back up a mm or 2. I've noticed that with myself at times.]
AymenBns said on 8/Jul/15
Yes my dad grow until 20 yo also my two sisters grow until 18 yo
spainmen said on 7/Jul/15
Rob, I have two questions for you,today at afternoon I measured my height and my brother height also, Im 6ft3.5 at 19(and 4 months) and my brother is 159cm(almost 5ft3) at 12(and 5 months) I also measured my armspan and its quite big:6ft6 so maybe I have chance of a little bit of growth. And what height do you think my brother would reach.
[Editor Rob: really hard to predict growth. If you have tallish parents, then he could have inherited the taller genes like you did and grow over 6ft.]
Kenny said on 7/Jul/15
Hi Rob, I was wondering if my arm span is unsually small for my height. I am a 16 year old male and my height is 176CM and arm span is 170CM.
[Editor Rob: it does seem a short armpsan yes, but then would you rather have a 176cm armspan and be 170cm? I think everyone would take the 176cm height over the longer armspan.]
Kitkat said on 7/Jul/15
Hi Rob. I'm so upset for my son. I literally spend hours researching for him on the quiet as I know how much his height affects him. He's 5ft 6inches and he's 17. The strange thing is, is that his dad is 6ft 3 abs I'm 5ft 6. He is exactly the same height as me and he hates it. Both myself and his father where very slim growung up and still are where as he's a little on the chubby side. Np facial hair and only a bit of hair under his arms. I won't to tell him he'll grow but also don't want to give him false hope. I've read about 90% genetics so what has happened here and could he still grow? Thankyou
[Editor Rob: definitely find out from his father if he can remember any later growth at 18 or so. He may have got the genetic end of the short genes, more than the tall genes. It will happen, it's why human don't evolve to be all giants. If he still looks about 16 there may still be time, I'd make sure he is doing regular exercise and all the other common factors to try to maximise whatever growth is left - good variety of meals and not staying up late.]
Vlad said on 6/Jul/15
Rob,does a sport like tennis helps you with your growing?
[Editor Rob: it can certainly be a good sport to increase growth hormone production as a teen.]
CD said on 5/Jul/15
Rob doesn't armspan also depend a little on shoulder width? I guess that could explain why Jenny has an armspan less than her height because men are broader in the shoulders than women. And I suppose this could have an affect on teenagers as well because the shoulders tend to get wider in the late teens.
[Editor Rob: yes width of shoulders can mean a difference in a few cm.]
Marie said on 5/Jul/15
Hi rob , Im a girl , 16 years old , my height is 5'3 1/2 my mother is 5'2 and my father is 5'9 . And I think my body clock is wrong so I always sleep late but I also wake up late . Will I still grow?
[Editor Rob: at 16 the chances reduce greatly for noticeable growth, but a proportion of girls from 16-19 might still gain a good few inches. I'd try to somehow get into a better sleeping pattern, but if you are getting about 8 hours, that's a decent amount.]
Alberte. said on 5/Jul/15
Why rob? Will I still grow if I do stretching exercise through all the years until I hit 19? Will it be possible?
[Editor Rob: I'd try to do more bursts of exercise to help with growth hormone production.]
Drew said on 3/Jul/15
Rob, I've heard armspan is supposed to be equal to or more than height. I'm 16 and it's 2 inches less than my barefoot height (yes I measured correctly) will my arms grow in proportion by the time I'm an adult?
[Editor Rob: usually as a teen, arms/legs grow quicker than your back/ sometimes a teen will find his feet and arms bigger and then not long after he gains height in his back. But some people just have armspans less than their height. On average it is slightly longer than your height. Jenny has an armspan shorter than her height.]
yohama said on 2/Jul/15
hi rob I'm 16 and my height is 5ft9 1/4 do you think I have a good chance to reach 6ft before I stop growing?
[Editor Rob: if you reach that mark, I'd say you have done an inch better than what you might expect. Now, maximising height is something a lot of teens might consider. It's really simple though, no need to buy any ebooks or join websites. * Eat well, variety of diet. Try as best to reduce fizzy drinks...that can be hard as many of us get addicted to them... * Reduce Stress in life. Take more walks, enjoy nature, be a teenager and have fun. DON'T MEASURE more than once in a while. * Get to bed early so your body clock acts as your alarm clock. This ensures your body is getting enough time to do all the cell/tissue repair and also as a teen the growing and lengthening. * incorporate a bit more intense exercise like swimming/sports. ]
blue said on 2/Jul/15
@Rob, Have two questions. 1-what do you think about that? i know that 4 inches is surely unrealistic but maybe 1? 2-And i've found this (about inseam), it seems correct to you? 49-50%=very leggy; 51-52%= extra super leggy 45-46%= average ; 47-48%= perfection. 43-44%= short side....
[Editor Rob: if you have poor posture then you may be able to recover what can be called 'hidden height' by doing exercise/stretching. It's worthwhile getting into a habit of simple stretches as you age, to help reduce height loss. But people like Tennis players or athletes or gymnasts etc...these guys are doing daily stretching, intense exercise. They don't grow or gain height. Perfection is a matter of opinion, but 47-8% seems a kind of ideal range yes.]
AymenBns said on 2/Jul/15
hi bob i'm 17 yo and i have 5'8 ft (173 cm ) my dad have 5'8.5 ft ( 174 cm ) and my mum have 5'2 ft ( 158 cm ) what do u think ? how many inches + will i have ?
[Editor Rob: I'd find out if either of your parents or their brothers grew at age 17. That might give you an indication of whether you have the genetics for a final push of height from 17-19]
James Edward Crowley said on 30/Jun/15
Rob what's the tallest woman and the tallest man you ever saw i remember seeing a woman in a Tescos she was about 6ft 4in it's extremely rare too see a woman that tall i remember saying at one time in Morrisons i saw a man who was 6ft 10in it's just as rare too see a 6ft 4in woman as well as a 6ft 10in man.
[Editor Rob: I have seen some 6ft 5 women, maybe a few a bit taller, but men, quite a few in my time around 7ft, but not many over 7ft]
Ken said on 30/Jun/15
Hi, Rob. i am 16 years old around 171cm tall. I am one of the tallest in my family, do you think you could give me some advice on how to grow to 6ft?
[Editor Rob: start worrying less about height, and more on being a teenager. I think stress can interrupt growth. Lack of sleep, poor diet, lack of exercise may also mean you don't reach your potential. So, why not make sure you eat enough, go to bed and sleep till you wake up and try to add bursts of exercise a few times a week...]
Alberte. said on 30/Jun/15
Rob. Doctor said that a boy grew up until 21 yrs old. Is it true? Without getting yourself harm like smoking caffeine, alcohol and drugs..
[Editor Rob: growth plates in some boys can close at 21 range, so there is still potential from 18-21 for a bit of growth. It is rarer though, most by 18 will be at or very near final height. You should consider yourself one of the lucky ones if you gain after 18.]
factsonsteroids said on 29/Jun/15
I did another post saying that it could also be due to your family members maturing early given you stopped at 14. Just a sidenote: That site does convey a sense of utmost importance of height which is detrimental to our society in my opinion. While height probably has always been important subconsciously, the craze resulting from the media is not beneficial for any man below average height.
[Editor Rob: I think she was relatively average in terms of maturity, but yes she could have similar genes and just finished. I looked like this at age 14 and 7 months Click Here.]
ilyas_ said on 28/Jun/15
Yes, my shoe size was about 40-41 last year and now it's 43. I really look young for my age and I still had not grown any noticeable facial hair. I just want at least 3 more inches. Do you think it's likely?
[Editor Rob: you can't rule out the possibility, but sometimes people do just stop growing, anytime from 14-18 it can happen....with some lucky enough to gain between 18 and 21...and extremely rare for a few even in 21-25 to gain a final bit.]
CD said on 28/Jun/15
Rob I have taken both inhalers for asthma all my life, as well as medication for ADHD for about 3 years between age 13-16. My puberty was delayed by about 3 years from the average and I have only ended up in 5ft 4-5 range with parents being 5ft 3 and 5ft 8.5 (my dad's peak). So do you think I should have been taller?
[Editor Rob: there could have been an effect with you yes. How much is always harder to say though.]

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