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5ft 5.08in (165.3cm)
Scarlet said on 25/Mar/07
His official height years ago was 5'5
Anonymous said on 14/Mar/07
definately less than 5ft 6. i worked in a bar and when he came in with the rest of the band, i coudn't see him when i was behind the bar. he is much smaller than larry.
Roger said on 7/Mar/07
Yeah, don't forget this dude was wearing "elevator sandals" in the 60 min. interview with Ed Bradley last year. (Good in case of a sudden flood though).
Brad said on 6/Mar/07
5' 6" is generous. Wears boots to the beach.
San Giancarlo said on 4/Feb/07
Your right on the button Kristin. Look at the photo on the new coffee table book in the bookstore, legs crossed shoe revealed you can clearly see about 2" heels plus looks like lifts inside maybe another inch at least = do the math. 5'8" - 3" = ? Makes up for small size in personality tho.
Kristin said on 15/Jan/07
I have met Bono 5 times. I am 5'8'' in flats and Bono came up to my forehead. He is not a tall man. 5'6'' is a generous estimate. Still love him though!
Glenn said on 15/Jan/07
I agree Viper.
Viper said on 15/Jan/07
5-4 is crazy. Hes closer to 5-7.
Tom T. said on 16/Oct/06
On the recent rebroadcast of the 60 minutes interview with Ed Bradley, he appeared to be wearing "elevator flip flops". Didn't know those existed - eppeared to have about 2-inch heels.
Joe said on 3/Oct/06
I saw him on a tv interview the other week, and he had his shoes rested up on the sofa. The soles were huge! At least 2 inches thick! This guy is definitely 5'6. Loving the Music though!
Brad said on 13/Sep/06
Big time boots. 5' 6" laddy. He didn't eat his cabbage & potatoes.
Glenn said on 10/Sep/06
I always felt the guy was 5-7,but I guess his footwear fools me.
Lmeister said on 10/Sep/06
Oki do we shouldn't forget that Glenn is also wearing shoes not boots, but even normal dress shoes give about an inch. Bono is 5'6'', but not shorter...
MD said on 10/Sep/06
Rob, isn't 5'6" more realistic? If Bono is tall as Glenn, I'd doubt he's wearing shoes that only give him 1.5". Viewing Bono's footwear, if he's going to get height out of his footwear it's going to be a lot more than 1.5"
Brad said on 9/Sep/06
Somebody told me their next album back cover will be the dead on the ground Joshua Tree with the band kneeling by it with a cross. Very cool.
Glenn said on 8/Sep/06
And I dont wear boots.
Brad said on 7/Sep/06
Looks like Glenn is Bono's height. Bono wears big time boots.
Anonymous said on 5/Sep/06
is show biz over run with little people
Brad said on 5/Sep/06
I had a just about full foot over him in '82. 5' 6" tops.
bono fan said on 12/Jul/06
Jutte said on 1/Jul/06
I'd say he was 5'6" but at times he has looked shorter. At the Summer Rain concert he danced with 5'1" Andrea Corr and only looked a few inches (3 or 4) taller than her (though granted she was in heels).
Karen said on 21/Jun/06
From dublin met Bono several times!!! 5'5 at most his a small man. Im 5'8 and he was tiny beside me
Glenn said on 21/Jun/06
Maybe your right Viper.
Anonymous said on 19/Jun/06
Dare I post this on the Brad Pitt site??? : 5'6.5" Bono and 5'9" Brad Pitt:
Click Here
British Guy said on 29/May/06

Came across a really strange picture!!

Billie Joe Armstrong is around 5ft 7in here right?

Just saw a picture of him with this guy at the grammys,

And he looks about two inches taller than billie, BOTH are wearing

Platform shoes either he is taller or billie is smaller than he is listed!!

Viper652 said on 13/May/06
Glenn, Im a big U2 fan and Ive seen a million Bono pictures. Id say he is 5-6 tops. Hes the shortest guy in the band.
Glenn said on 11/May/06
I think in bare feet he is 5-7.who knows,maybe Im wrong and he is 5-6.his footwear throws one off.
D. Ray Morton said on 3/May/06
Is he really? In normal footwear?
Glenn said on 2/May/06
He is 5-7.
Candy said on 30/Apr/06
Darg!!!! I'm so sick of this. People say he's 5' 6", Time Magazine listed him asw 5' 7" when they interviewed him for person of the year, and Click Here says he's 5' 8". I have got to know for sure! Go grab him and let measure him myself. LOL
Editor Rob said on 28/Apr/06
"Bono pulls himself up to his full five-foot-eight" - U2 book, 1996, has he actually claimed that in the past?
paleface said on 20/Apr/06
He's is tiny. My sister and I (5'8.5 and 5'9 respectively) went to a U2 concert during the Mysterious Ways tour. He went to go pick a girl out of the audience, looked at my sister, looked at me and then picked the 5'1 girl next to us. My sister turned to me and said 'he didn't pick us because we're too tall.' I just said 'You got that right. Whatever, we're cuter.' Twerp! Still love the band though. I'd say he's just over 5'5. We were both were wearing flip flops (i.e. flats) and we were both taller despite his man heels.
ForensicNYC said on 13/Apr/06
Bono wears many types of boots and hikers. They are mostly very casual to "rugged" looking. When meeting with VIP politicians he would wear a more formal "dress boots". This model may be one of them.
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Might as well get the best looking eh? Only celebrities get away with crappy boots...
bonoS FAN LEICESTER said on 12/Apr/06
sf said on 29/Mar/06
Glenn faked the moon landings? Really?
Pop Ratsee Dale said on 16/Mar/06
Bono with Andrew Denton (5'5") in Sydney March 2006 after they cancelled the Vertigo Australian tour. Sydney Opera House at the background. Both wearing normal looking Doc Marten boots.

Click Here
Glenn said on 4/Mar/06
dan you are the the other pics.then go get some friends.
dan said on 18/Feb/06
glenn's pic is so OBVIOUSLY FAKE!!!! hahahah... he superimposes his own mug on celebs pics to make it look hes met them all.

Editor Rob
yes, Glenn even faked the moon landings! And he's the world's best photoshop artist wasting his time on a site like this rather than earning a 7-figure've figured it all out! Next you'll be saying Glenn doesn't even exist and he's the male S1mone!

Glenn...dig out another bono pic in the future ;-)
James said on 9/Feb/06
i was at his concert with my girlfriend about 2 years ago, personally i dont even like U2 but my girl wanted to go so we went. I got a picture with him me and my girlfriend after the concert. Im 5'11" and bono was about 4 inches shorter than me and he was wearing like high heels for men lol
CelebHeights Editor said on 16/Dec/05
From SunTimes article a while ago:
"Typically, people who have never met him want to know...Is he really that short? Well, when we're both wearing our big boots, we stand about eye to eye and I'm 5'5"
Viper652 said on 30/Nov/05
Larry is 5-7. Adam is 5-10. Those 2 listed heights are correct. Now Bono is listed at 5-8, which is incorrect. He's 5-6. Edge is listed at 5-10, but he's really 5-8. So only 2 members, Adam and Larry are correct.
Glenn said on 30/Nov/05
met him many times.many photos.many shoes.he is closed.unless he wears lifts? how about the edge? one time I couldve sworn he was 5-6! and he comes up listed as 5-10! larry is 5-8 for sure.adam 5-10 or 5-11.
Viper652 said on 30/Nov/05
Yeah, Bono is 5-6 to 5-6.5 inches tall. The drummer Larry Mullen is 5-7 and he always looks an inch taller then Bono when Bono has on regular shoes.
A-Bomb said on 29/Nov/05
After watching the old Zooropa video recently I have this to say 1) Despite what some people can say Bono can sing and 2) Never has Bono looked under 5'6", regardless of whatever heels he may wear. He's coming to Australia in March I'm going to keep an eye out.
from GAwker Stalker said on 12/Oct/05
Saw Bono, wearing sunglasses at 7pm, going into Babbo on Sunday (10/9) night. He
Sticks said on 27/Aug/05
Two more:

I met Bono once and he seemed a couple inches shorter than me, I am 5'9..So cute though

Bono was barely 5'6", in boots! They were warm & friendly...

For all those people who think sightings are useless and all over the place, here's another non-actor and a group of sightings that are very consistent with eachother.
5'6" in boots (I guess this includes the boots)
5'5" - 5'6"
5'5" - 5'6"
under 5'7"
5'7" max

NINE sightings going from around 5'4" (whatever 5'6" in boots was) - 5'7" with only one value outside of 5'5" - 5'7". Strange, since people can't be relied upon to determine heights decently. And his listed height is higher by... around 4". Listed heights are lies. Sightings are the best evidence. Large deviations indicate lifts and lies. Bono's average is about 5'6". It's still a lifted average, because despite obvious crazy heels, he might still have had, in some cases, something extra. I'd say he's within an inch of 5'5.5". What's missing from this group? The "I worked on the set with him and he's much bigger in person. 5'10" easy" sightings.
CelebHeights Editor said on 25/Aug/05
From u2 newsgroup:
"Standing about three feet away from him and not accounting for shoe heights, I'd say he's about 5' 5" - 5' 6" tops. He looks much bigger on stage"

"was [close] to him and i am 5'5 and he is taller than me, not by much but i would say maybe 5' 7""

"I'm 5'4 and when I was standing on the sidewalk with him, he wasn't that much taller than me. Maybe just an inch or two"

"I'm 5' 7" and he was shorter than me"

"Yep, I'm 5'4" and when I was next to him he was only a couple of inches taller than I am"
British Guy said on 9/Jul/05
Thanks, Guys

I Do Hope Rob Can Now Change Accordingly...

Really Rob, This Guy Is Closer To 5ft 5in Than 5ft 7in!!
Heightfiend said on 8/Jul/05
Lol!! Great pics! I've been checking out some Live Aid '85 pics of him,and also watching some video of that great day at Wembly,and Bono's heels were GIGANTIC back in '85.So high in fact,that they looked like a woman's high heel shoes.The pic of him swinging around the pole in New York merely reinforces my opinion of him.He is now,in my mind,5'5" bare foot.Those fantastic shoes boost his height up to 5'8",which confirms in my mind what I saw at Live8 on Saturday when he was standing next to McCartney.Paul is about 4 inch taller than Bono on stage.That's about right,as Paul now is about 5'10.5"(almost 6ft with his shoes on).Bono is about 5"8' wearing those colossal shoes.Bingo - we've got him sussed - :-)
leonari said on 8/Jul/05
ROB please! Who needs lifts if you wear ridiculous 2.5 to 3 inch chunky horrible shoes!
British Guy said on 8/Jul/05
Thanks, Rob

I Do Hope That You Find The Evidence,

I Will Be Keeping A Close Eye On Little Bono...
Heightfiend said on 5/Jul/05
Watching the opening of Live 8 again tonight,I'm convinced that Bono is lucky to be even 5ft 6. God knows how much his height is boosted by those incredible shoes.Okay,McCartney(at 63)has probably lost mabye 1/2 - 3/4 inch of his height,but even so,he still looked MUCH taller than Bono,as much as 3-4 inches again.I'm gunning for 5ft 5 to 5ft 5-1/2inches as Bono's height.His official height listed at various places as between 5ft 8- 5ft 10 is an absolute joke!!
leonari said on 4/Jul/05
ROB congrats!! You are approaching the truth!!! The guy is 168 cm not a tad below nor above!! But a great musician and personality!
British Guy said on 4/Jul/05

Well Done

Bono Does Indeed Were Crazy Shoes!!

To Be Honest I Think He Is Smaller Still...

Wonder Whom Has The Evidence For You To Change Again?
lol said on 29/Jun/05
He's 5ft 6. He's always been around 1-2 inches shorter than Adam and the Edge even with his big shoes on. Given that they are 5ft 10, I would say he's about 5ft 6 without shoes on and 5ft 8 with them on.
sf said on 23/Jun/05
I laughed out loud when I was those soles...what is he, Frankenstein??
Chris said on 10/Jun/05
Bono is 5'6'' and 5'8'' with shoes on.
British Guy said on 6/Jun/05
Bono 5ft 7in...

He Always Appears To Wear The Ridiculous Shoes,

He Is Probably 5ft 5in/5ft 6in Outwith Of Them, Rob...
Viper452 said on 4/Jun/05
Its common knowledge that Bono is 5-6. His big Shoes bring him up to 5-8.
Anonymous said on 16/May/05
bono always wears elevator boots to perk him up a few inches cus hes a lil 5"9 n i met bono last year in dublin and he had no boots on just slim sole shoes and he was a lot smaller than me id say hes about 5"6
J. said on 14/May/05
An intresting article:

It describes Bono as being 5'6" and I can witness that I saw U2 (FRONT ROW, mind you!) during their Elevation tour back in '01 or '02 and I was shocked at how small Bono was (even though, he had on pretty large boots). Around this time that I saw him in the flesh, he was being listed as 5'10". Also, the picture with him and a barefoot Oprah confirms the 5'6". If he took off those ridiculous shoes, he and Oprah would be eye to eye.
nebbity bitpoi said on 13/May/05
one of the guys in U2 told an interviewer that he bono was 5 foot 6-and-a-half, which seems more like it
JUSTMATT said on 11/May/05
Hi Rob! That proves what I thought about Bono's height! Anastacia is max 165 cm in this photo ok? And Bono is max 8 cm taller than her so 173 cm but with 5 cm lifts in his biggest sole! There's no way Bono could be 170 my opinion he is max 168 cm! And also Oprah, she's never 168 cm tall!! Look at her barefoot near Anastacia that is max 165 cm in this photo...Oprah is max 165 cm barefoot...
5.5??? said on 15/Mar/05
No Bono is no way 5ft 5". Many people I know have met him when he was in flat shoes (very rare) and he was 5ft 7 max.

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