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5ft 11.54in (181.7cm)
sa344 said on 6/Nov/16
The Nfl MEASURED Odell Beckham Jr at 5'11.25''

Drake is taller than him

Click Here

There is not a chance Drake is below this listed height
Dee said on 5/Nov/16
he's 5'10 tops
unappreciatedgenius said on 5/Nov/16
Click Here

He towers over swift, whos probably wearing pumps here
Jin said on 3/Nov/16
No way hes 6'1 when a 6'2 future looks 2-3 inches taller than him
Christian said on 31/Oct/16
| Yeah he said he was 6'1 in Sneakin
Joe said on 25/Oct/16
He recently claimed hes 6'1" in his song "Sneakin".
MD said on 12/Oct/16
@TJE, what is that supposed to show? Because I'm trying to imagine how this picture at all would be worth something in a discussion on trying to figure out someone's height.
TJE said on 6/Oct/16
Click Here

Just gonna leave this here.
Jake said on 4/Oct/16
5-10-5'10.5 max to me judging all evidence.I think your over an inch rob for Drake. Maybe in shoes he's at 5'11.75 but not barefoot
Shredder said on 1/Oct/16
He looks over a flat 5'11 in all those photos MD. Sure he might max out at 5'11.5.
MD said on 1/Oct/16
With a 5'8.25" Conor McGregor standing with worst posture:

Click Here

With a 5'8"(ish) Kanye West and 5'10"(ish) Chance the Rapper:

Click Here

With a 5'9.75" Kevin Spacey:

Click Here

This just isn't how a near-6-foot guy looks.
sam said on 27/Sep/16
This guy is easy to downgrade because his stance and build always doesn't faver him. Rob's estimation is right or very near within fractions.
sammmy said on 27/Sep/16
Check out the pics with Drake amd 5"8 Bryson Tiller. Drake is like 5"10.5 at most lol. Just a self conscious guy like most celebs
king said on 21/Sep/16
Drake has the build and proportions of a 5'9 guy.
samuel said on 14/Sep/16
Rob in most photos he doesn't have a good posture and adding to that he is somewhat thick. I think thats why lot of people in this page downgrade considerably, like 5'10. Anything below 5'11 is just impossible!
Editor Rob
a lot of rappers I've noticed have variable postures. I am sure he wouldn't be less than 5ft 11, he seems too tall for under that range.
SHORTY said on 11/Sep/16
Rob, any chance this guy's absolute evening low could be 5'11.5" if he were up and active a full day?
Editor Rob
at times trying to get a sense of his height is hard because he generally has a loose style. Measuring this guy might be a surprise, it could be why 5ft 11.5 or 6ft isn't impossible either way.
Addison said on 11/Sep/16
next to niall horan he doesnt look that tall and niall is a solid 5'8, niall needs an upgrade or drake needs a downgrade. look at pics on nialls instagram!
Chris said on 10/Sep/16
Drake with listed "180cm" tennis player Victoria Azarenka. Click Here
Jonny said on 9/Sep/16
Check out this photo of Drake talking to his God Daughter's volleyball team:

Click Here

There is no way that every girl would be close to 6feet. They're all almost his height and some taller. This guy is probably 5'10" and typically wears Jordan's
samuel said on 21/Aug/16
I think he is 6ft most of the day, probably fraction below it before bed like he is listed here.
Rob what do you think?
Editor Rob
I think if you measured him, almost 6ft afternoon is reasonable to believe.
Aaron Zamora said on 3/Aug/16
He looked about 1 inch shorter than French Montana and Drake had sandles on. Either Drake is taller or French is about 6'1 tops.
Clint said on 23/Jul/16
Gonna have to go with 5'11" (180 cm), maybe a decent 181 on a good day but he's definitely closer to 5'11" than 6'0"
lazare said on 29/Jun/16
It's strange because he can look 6'2 or maybe 6'3 near listed 206 cm Brandon X. Ingram.
lazare said on 27/Jun/16
for me it's a true 5'10-11
joe joe said on 24/Jun/16
Rob Mike Will is listed everywhere as 183cm but along side drake he always looks a good inch taller than Drake. you should get up a mike will page.
TJE said on 16/Jun/16

I think you're underestimating how much height Drake is dropping, but even then almost 6'0 is a stretch. The 5'11.5 listing was better IMO.
not_bad said on 12/Jun/16
He is definitely 6 foot. He is towering over 5'8 rihanna
truth said on 22/May/16
He just looks 5ft11/180cm to me.
MD said on 15/May/16
Have to correct something. In my 8/Apr/16 post I have college basketball player Tyler Ulis as a measured 5'8". He was measured at 5'8" barefoot in 2014 and 2015, but he was recently measured at the NBA combine at 5'8.75" barefoot, so it looks like he either grew (it'd be a pretty late growth spurt but not impossible), or the combine simply measures more accurately that the camps he was last measured at.

Click Here

It still makes the near 6'0" listings for Drake a bit much.
samuel said on 3/May/16
Nothing less than 6'. His stance and posture in most pics make him look shorter. And he is quite muscular
Panda said on 27/Apr/16
Come on guys we all know Drake is well over 12 feet tall (366 cm) since that's how tall he is sitting down. He looks that tall on his 'Views from the 6' album cover.

I'm joking btw. Might've not been obvious.
MD said on 8/Apr/16
Lowry is listed at both 6'0" and 6'1", though I am unable to find his measured height. More to the point, while not much is wrong with the photo (just a your typical camera tricks to limit height difference between people if wildly different heights), Drake is simply not all tall as listed. He's lucky to be a full 5'11" barefoot. Again with a measured 5'8" Tyler Ulis.

Click Here

Drake could be barefoot and Ulis in full-on boots (I think its' clear they are on level ground), and Drake still isn't almost 6'0".
HRD said on 7/Apr/16
@Shabba Drake's legs arent straight, as he has a wide stance. If you consider that drake could be the same or slightly taller than lowry
Raptishizem said on 5/Apr/16
Click Here

Kyle Lowry - Listed 6'0"
Drake - 5'11.75
DeMar Dearozan - Listed 6'7"

Ain't something wrong with the photo ?
Shabba said on 30/Mar/16
Recently appeared on a cover with Kyle Lowry of the Raptors. Lowry is his uniform and Drake is in a suit and dress shoes. Drake is also slightly closer to the camera. They appear close in height, with Lowry having a noticeable advantage. Lowry is apparently barely six feet flat.
Alex said on 11/Mar/16
5'11.75 Is fine, him and Manziel look the same height.
MD said on 8/Mar/16
With a measured 5'11.25" (which may even be closer to a morning measurement) Odell Beckham, Jr.

Click Here
scumloser said on 3/Mar/16
2 inches shorter than 6'1" Brandon Jennings both with basketball shoes on...
John said on 3/Mar/16
Identical in height to Jimmy Kimmel. 5'11.25"-5'11.5" Definitely not a full 6 feet.
MD said on 2/Mar/16
Time to get real, now. Here he is with a listed 6'0.25" Jason Sudeikis. Drake is bent a little, but he also has a footwear advantage:

Click Here
Hahah said on 28/Feb/16
He has terrible posture recently... looking like a hunchback most of the time
grizz said on 25/Feb/16
5'11 max. He was noticeably shorter (1.5-2 inches) than Taylor Swift in 2013 VMAs back in her hunchback days. A weak 6footer with Timberlands (Drake practically sleeps with them!) would be even to then-5'8.5 Taylor with stronger heels.
EzioAuditore711 said on 9/Feb/16
Closer to 5'10" than 6'2".
sfs324 said on 29/Jan/16
Drake always registers as tall-ish when he's by himself but compared to everyone else he's considerably shorter. Doesn't get dwarfed because of his physical stature though. I could buy 5'10.5 for him.
badshah said on 28/Jan/16
Drake is almost 2" shorter than cp3
MD said on 27/Jan/16
And interesting photo to discuss. Now, there is no way he's only as tall as this guy, but here is Drake on what appears to be a level floor with Tyler Ulis, a University of Kentucky basketball player consistently measured at 5'8" without shoes:

Click Here

Let's take the lean of Drake head into account, and give Ulis a major footwear advantage. Heck, let's say Ulis is in boots and Drake is barefoot. I'm sticking with my opinion that he honestly can't be over 5'11". He has a strong boot game, but there is no way he's almost 6'0" flat.
SB said on 29/Nov/15
Absolutely above average and a pretty big dude but yeah, there's plenty of pics and vids out there where you can easily see he isn't quite at that 6ft mark, nevermind 6'1. He really loves wearing timberlands boots and other large soled shoes too.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 26/Nov/15
@Sak He's obviously leaning there.
joe joe said on 21/Oct/15
Video of two chains Drake and snoop talking about their height. Drake sheepishly claims 6'1 but 2 chains says he's about 6ft. to me he looks a spot on 1m 82/1,81 guy. Click Here
MD said on 19/Oct/15
He is not over 5'11", that much is for sure. 5'10" is a bit too low, probably, but he's much closer to 5'11" than he is 6'0".
SAK said on 18/Oct/15
Click Here

He has footwear advantage next to 180cm Russell Wilson. I don't see an almost 6ft0 guy, more flat 5'11.
SAK said on 18/Oct/15
Needs a downgrade to 180cm.
Dingus said on 16/Oct/15
With 5'10 5/8 Russel Wilson. Dead even grond and thick shoes.

Click Here
the shredder said on 15/Oct/15
Come on 5'10? Strong 5'11 at least.
Anon said on 13/Oct/15
I'm convinced this guys only 5'10 those pictures with genuine tall people like snoop speak volumes. At max I think he's 5'10.5 please downgrade him rob.
nickkname said on 4/Oct/15
Well in these photos he doesn't look anywhere near even 5'11

Drake and Snoop

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Drake snoop and wiz khalifa
Click Here

Drake and Lebron James

Click Here

Click Here
Click Here

Rob i'd like to hear your thought on these
Editor Rob
I think with any celebrity, the more you look, the more a range they seem to appear...with Drake, you could certainly pick a bunch of photos where he looks 5ft 11, but there is ample amounts where he looks nearer 6ft.
HRD said on 17/Sep/15
Jimmy Fallon's hair in that photo can be very decieveing and make him look taller but drake look slightly taller if actually focus at the top of their heads. But I will admit he is no taller than 5'11.5 unless jimmy is really wearing lifts in his shoes
MD said on 11/Sep/15
@HRD, that pic shows closer to 5'11" than 6'0", and it's really in line with the pictures of him with 6'1" Carson Daly.
Dmax said on 11/Sep/15
So Drake is 5'11.75 barefeet and he has boots on in that photo with Jimmy Fallon who is in dress shoes and yet looks about the same height? Odd either Drakes listing is a little bit taller than his actual height or Jimmy Fallon wears lifts.
HRD said on 8/Sep/15
He's between 5'11.5-5'11.75 according to this pic with fallon
Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 8/Sep/15
Gman, that shot is at an angle that's in Johnny Manziel's favor (with him being much closer to the camera. Drake appears to be barely taller, but it's nearly impossible to tell from those shots.
Bishop said on 24/Aug/15
Yeah, sorry about that, height24.
height24 said on 21/Aug/15
@Bishop I meant morning height, like straight out of bed
Bishop said on 20/Aug/15
Oh okay haha. He could have just said his height in the morning, though.
MD said on 19/Aug/15
The 2011 New Years Eve with Carson Daly (6'1") in Times Squre this timing showing each's footwear:

Click Here

Click Here

Carson's footwear:

Click Here

Drake's footwear:

Click Here
MD said on 18/Aug/15

He's probably talking "peak" as in the tallest part of his day, not his life. lol
Bishop said on 17/Aug/15
Peak height? He's only 28.
SAK said on 15/Aug/15
180cm for Drake.
Borobridge said on 5/Aug/15
Yeah he really is dwarfed by Djokovic. He's leaning a bit but so is Djoko. And Drake always wears Timbs or sneakers with big ass heels. 181cm is fair I'd say.
6'3.75 said on 23/Jul/15
check his recent pictures at Wimbledon with Novak Djokovic, Novak has a significant height advantage even though Drake is leaning in towards him. A very interesting picture for a 6'1.75 guy to have such an advantage over a guy who is considered 6'2 and even 6'4 from the comments below, regardless of the posture differences in the picture too.
Click Here
height24 said on 19/Jul/15
Drake's peak height is probably 6ft-6.25ft IMO
Anthony said on 12/Jul/15
He's not 6ft2 lol. He's shorter as he appears.
Steveo7 said on 4/Jun/15
@MD, that photo you put up of him with beckham... Drake is taller than him in that picture by at least 0.75inch!? So a solid 6ft IMO. (Unless you include beckham's hair in which case drake is probably 0.25inch taller)
Amaze said on 31/May/15
i remember when he was listed 6'4'' i was like this guy is HUGE
Bishop said on 29/May/15
This site says he's 6'4":

Click Here

MD said on 28/May/15

He should have never been raised back up. Not a great picture, but here he is with a measured 5'11.25" (most likely a morning measurement) Odell Beckham, Jr. who plays in the NFL:

Click Here

I'm telling you, if he's anything above 5'11", it's a quarter-inch and that's it. He's not nearly 6'0" and the other evidence (particularly the photo of him with 6'1" Carson Daly where he's even likely in boots) shows that.
177-178 cm guy said on 19/May/15
5'11 and change. His music is terrible.
Matthew said on 18/May/15
Tymmo says on 18/Jan/15
can someone explain this picture to me, they are both listed 182cm on this site... Click Here


That's not a real picture, they've photoshoped Drake's head on.
Phil said on 2/Apr/15
Just saw him interviewed on TV by a guy I know for a fact is 6'1" and Drake is 5'11" at best
Bishop said on 29/Mar/15
J. Cole should have a page on here. Here are some pics to get a good idea of how tall he is.

With 5'10" Jason Derulo:
Click Here

With 6'6.25" Carmelo Anthony:
Click Here

With Jay-Z:
Click Here

Another pic with Drake:
Click Here

Looks 189 cm.
Height183 said on 26/Mar/15
Rob, Here is Drake with 6'3'' Will Ferrell from yesterday

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Don't you think he is atleast 6'0''?
Editor Rob
I don't think Will is 6ft 3 today, I believe he's now a bit shy of that...there also is a fraction difference in shoes, but he can look 6ft a chunk of time.
Height183 said on 19/Mar/15
I wouldn't call Big Aubrey 5'11'' just because of that one picture next to Carson. There are a TON of pictures and videos where he looks 6'0''. He is an inch taller than 5'11'' Trey Songz. Rob's listing is probably spot on.
MD said on 19/Mar/15
I wouldn't put him as low as 5'10", but I have to say that Kendrick Lamar is closer to 5'4" than he is 5'5". He's another guy that is using the 2" rule.
Mark said on 18/Mar/15
5'10. Here he is with 5'5 Kendrick Lamar: Click Here
b-mint1994 said on 17/Mar/15
Solid 5'11" but near 6 foot? Doubt it.
Bishop said on 14/Mar/15
I completely agree, MD. Rob's last listing of 5'11.5" was pretty much the top-end of the range for him and even that was generous. I'm not sure where he has ever looked nearer 6ft except for that time with Kimmel (who's another one that's over-listed) but with Carson Daly, Jay-Z, Russell Willson, and Durant, he looks no more than 181 cm.
MD said on 13/Mar/15
I see I'm going to have to post these again. Drake with 6'1" Carson Daly:

Click Here

Click Here

Even if Drake were to straighten up, that is two inches, at least, and Drake had a slightly footwear advantage at that event (New Years 2011). Drake is slightly above average height at the very most.
thetruth said on 12/Mar/15
He needs do be downgraded. Here's him with Jay-Z who is 6'1.5 He is 5'11.25 max
Height183 said on 3/Mar/15
Rob, how tall do you think rapper J. Cole is? strong 6'2'' range? Here he is with Drake

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob
he could be 189cm
MD said on 2/Feb/15
I'd thought I'd provide enough proof through the months and years to show he was closer to 5'11" than he is a 6'0".
truth2 said on 31/Jan/15
In my opinion he is 5ft11 at least but not a full 6ft0. More appropriate question: is he barely 180cm or more of a weak six footer (182cm).
Bluntio 6'1.5 said on 28/Jan/15
I think he's somewhere between 178cm and 181cm nothing more and nothing less, but that's my opinion and I could be wrong.

Here's a pic of him with Didier Drogba (189cm)

Click Here

He has a really bad posture on this one and we can't see their footwear, but assuming he's always in those huge nba shoes...

And here's another one with Ashley Cole (176cm)

Click Here

This pic doesn't help too much either, but maybe one of the experts can see something.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 19/Jan/15
Drake is an inch taller than Russell Wilson, and Russell Wilson was also measured at 5'11 3/8" later on.
MD said on 19/Jan/15
Drake with a measured 5'10.5" Russell Wilson:

Click Here

Click Here

I maintain that Drake is not more than 5'11", and I'm a bit surprised his height was raised.
MD said on 19/Jan/15
I mean, it seems fairly obvious Peck must be standing on something. Why does it need explaining? Clearly, there is not that much difference in height between the two.
Tymmo said on 18/Jan/15
can someone explain this picture to me, they are both listed 182cm on this site... Click Here
MD said on 7/Jan/15
Sal, that's not a listed height for Durant, it's a measured height. No, that picture shows Drake is not tall as listed, not that Durant is taller than listed.
Sal said on 5/Jan/15
And the photo with Kevin Durant is more evidence that Durant is well over 6'9". Can we get a height for Kevin Durant Rob!!!
Trent said on 5/Jan/15
6 foot. lol at who was trying to say 5 9.
Dan said on 23/Dec/14
Idk why. But Drake does not strike off as a tall guy to me. He dosen't seem tall. I'd say he's around 5'10-5'11. He used to claim 6'2 though. I've seen a lot of pictures of him with other people and he looks fairly average. But maybe it's because he slouches heavily when posing for photos.
bruh said on 21/Dec/14
I thought drake was 5'10 and I thought Nicki minaj was 5'9
FlameBoy said on 21/Dec/14
Click Here

this is what Johnny manziel was Listed as but drake looks a little bit taller what would be your guess for Johnny Looking at this Pic ?
Editor Rob
manziel is supposed to have measured 5ft 11.75
Height182 said on 18/Dec/14
@TJE: There's an inch there! Click Here

For the love of God, how can you not see it??????

It's like talking to a brick wall.
TJE said on 17/Dec/14
Are you kidding me? James and Josh has very similar hair lengths. OK Josh's MIGHT be a few mm longer but it's not enough to fool you.

Also, like I said, your pics demonstrated 0.75 at the most. I mean Trey's eye level is hardly any lower than Drake's, in fact he's looking straight at the very bottom of Drake's eyes. Idk about you but last time I checked, regualar human eyes would not measure one inch in any dimension, let alone the 2 inches height required to make your claim plausible.

A real inch difference would mean that the shorter lad would be looking more in the lower part of the nose, which is implied in my pic. Here's some more examples of a one inch difference:

Click Here
Click Here
Height182 said on 16/Dec/14
@TJE: No what I posted was an inch pal. What you posted was Joshua Jackson having longer hair.
TJE said on 14/Dec/14
That is not an inch, that's 0.75 inch at best. This is what a real 1 inch difference looks like:

Click Here

Anyway, 182 is a decent shout for Drake.
Bishop said on 11/Dec/14
I agree with MD. 5'11.5" was enough.
MD said on 6/Dec/14
With measured 6'9" Kevin Durant:

Click Here
Height182 said on 23/Nov/14
@MD: I like how you clearly ignored the first picture. Very nice. You also need to get out a measuring tape and see what an inch looks actually looks like. You also couldn't spot how Drake is slouching in the picture. Typical.
MD said on 22/Nov/14
That second picture you posted of Trey and Drake show them being nearly exactly the same height. Not even sure where you see an inch. And, yes, Trey is not 6'0" and I'm still surprised to see him listed as such. Here he is with 5'11"

Click Here

Drake, Fab, and Trey are all around the same height.
Height182 said on 20/Nov/14
6'0'' is fair for Drake. He's always had a good inch on 5'11'' listed Trey Songz Click Here Click Here

I can't see Drake Under 6'0'' unless Trey Songz really isn't 5'11'', which he is listed at here.
gangsta said on 21/Oct/14
This guy is near 6 foot tall, this is perfect listing for him.
Anon said on 18/Oct/14
5'10-5'11 flat. Always wears ridiculously chunky footwear which gives like 2 inches plus. Literally in every photo of this guys he's in Jordan's/boots never in normal or flattish footwear ever. Proportionally seems quite diminutive aswell definately legs on the shorter side. The pic with. Six one and a half jayz speaks volumes. As he's easily. 3 inches shorter.
King OF kings said on 11/Sep/14
181cm i see max
Richkid123 said on 10/Aug/14
He looks very similar to chris brown. This guy is very near six feet tall
Greggah Turner said on 18/Jul/14
Drake is definitely in the 5'10"-5'11" range. He was only a few inches taller than the 5'8" Serena Williams when they were in pictures.
Mitch said on 12/Jul/14
Rob, you should put up a pic of Drake and Johnny Manziel as they're friends so it'd be easy to find. Also, Manziel is a AUTHENTICALLY MEASURED 5'11 3/4" so it would help determine Drake's height.
Smady said on 13/Jun/14
Drake is 5'10" fullstop,rob lose his mind..
mike said on 10/Jun/14
looks 6ft 0 pretty much.
5ft10guy said on 3/Jun/14
Rob what made you change it to 5ft11.75 its not much of a difference from 5ft11.5 what convinced you to raise it up
Editor Rob
I think he can look near enough 6ft a lot of the time, sometimes he will look under it though.
Dmeyer said on 29/May/14
Rob how Côme he realy looks 4-5cm over kimmel while kimmel has better posture , something is off
Editor Rob
maybe it looks more than it is, plus a 1cm shoe difference?
trav said on 23/May/14
he about 6.0
WAT said on 8/May/14
He claimed about 6 foot in a video but it was like a so-so claim, he even made the hand gesture which means close to it
MD said on 14/Apr/14
Carson Daly is at least 2" taller than this guy. Now, because he stacks up so well, I see his height looks to have been boosted, when the smart thing would have simply told you to take down Kimmel. Drake is 5'11.5" at the very most.
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 11/Apr/14
Close to 2" over Kimmel who's billed here at the same height
Click Here
Dan said on 8/Apr/14
Most likely 5.07-5.08. Here he is with Kevin Ollie (listed height of 6.2 with basketball shoes which means most likely a real height of 6.005-6.01).

Click Here
Click Here
Brad said on 21/Mar/14
Weak 5-11.
habbababba said on 6/Feb/14
@Silent d 180 cm is not short
MD said on 31/Oct/13
Since my posts are gone, I'll repost these for reference.

With Taylor Swift (5'9.5") in her (very) high heels:

Click Here

With Wiz Khalifa (6'3.5"):

Click Here

With Carson Daly (6'1"):

Click Here

Click Here

The current listing is a rather accurate one. He's certainly not taller than listed.
5ft10guy said on 28/Oct/13
Rob how much taller do you think Drake is in this picture with Serena Williams?
Click Here
Editor Rob
can look near enough 6ft
MD said on 11/Oct/13

Great screen capture. I've been arguing that this guy is a flat 5'11". He's not shorter than that, but he's not 5'11.5", either.
Silent d said on 5/Oct/13
He didn't look that tall in degrassi but he was still growin. He has the body of a 180cm guy. I used to think he was 5 foot 9 because he is quite muscular and never looked like a tall guy. 182cm is about right. No way he is 188cm. Talented though.
WAT said on 24/Sep/13
Rob, there is a clip of Drake, Snoop, some other rapper filmed by Minaj where Drake says about 6 feet tall and makes that typical hand shake which implies more or less. That is basically a direct claim. Almost 6'0 then...maybe even a little shorter
randomdude3 said on 18/Sep/13
he's 5'11
look at this pic with jimmy fallon and scarlet johanson
Click Here
the height man said on 7/Sep/13
looks 5'11 by 6'2 jay z
SAK said on 5/Aug/13
Looking at some of the photos below. I do see him closer to 5f11 then 6f.

morning: 182
afternoon: 181
evening: 180
KROC said on 5/Aug/13
I think the listed height is fair. Funny, I had a friend who met him a couple of years ago who told me that he was 6'4! LMAO
truth179cm said on 29/Jul/13
5ft11 to 5ft11.5 evening max. 6ft during the day.
Anickaa' said on 18/Jul/13
In several groupie tales about him, they mention him as "6 feet 2 inches of a man", I met him last year, I am barely 5 feet 2 inches, i got up maybe up to his chest. He was in flats, so was I.So I bet 6'1 for this guy
TheVerve180cm said on 18/Jul/13
Jm dellapina said on 15/Jul/13
I think he's 6 0"and a half
not sure said on 2/Jul/13
Click Here here he is in sandals. He just seems so out of proportion.
Cj said on 25/Jun/13
Drake looks about 5feet 10.75 inches to be exact,doesn't look a tall guy but just about average..
5ft10guy said on 19/Jun/13
Drake claims 6ft2 three times once in a song second in a video clip in which he compares his height to snoop dogg and 2 chains both who are 6ft4 guys, third in a radio interview.Nicki manaj says Drake how tall are you? Drake says''6ft2,6ft1''he goes lower because of snoop and 2 chains being much taller. Snoop dogg says about 6ft and 2 chains says yeah about 6ft Drake then confirms with the two rappers.6ft is more towards Drake height he wore sneakers in that video with snoop. But if asked he would probably say 6f1-6ft2 like in the video
Nate said on 12/Jun/13
Rob, What happened?? what made you change your mind?? if Drake is 5'11.5 then Trey Songz is not 6 feet but 5'11 at most..Do you have evidence?
Editor Rob
looking at the comments and having a look last month, I think 182 range could be on the money
Peyman - 6ft said on 6/Jun/13
don't you think he's towering over rihanna in their MV?
5ft10guy said on 3/Jun/13
I think he's 6ft0.
teej said on 28/May/13
I have seen him with rio ferdinand also 'Buzz' he was towered and your right, he could even be 5'9!
Buzz said on 26/May/13
Drake is definetley 5'9, he stood next to manchester uniteds rio ferdinand, who is 189cm and has been measured by a laser scan barefoot and he is 189cm which is a high 6'2. And everyone knows rio is a legit 6'2 even though he can look taller as other sports men and celebs exaggerate their height. Drake was towered by rio by atleast 5 inches, drake also had a footwear advantage. Id say drakes 5'9 flat.
teej said on 25/May/13
Drake is 5'10 that is his true and honest height. And he was from listings i have seen when he was 22 it says 5'10. I doubt very much hes grown after that im 17 and 6'1 been pretty much the same height for over a year now. Drake can argubly look upto 6'2 in his videos, i honestly thought he was a 'tall' guy but from seeing him with other celebs hes average, and from a video i have seen on nicki minaj tv, nicki minaj asks him how tall he is? He says im about 6ft. He said 'about'. And moved his hand to indicate 'slightly' Which indicates he must be under 6 foot. He also stood next to snoop dogg and 2 chainz comparing their heights together, and he was towered over snoop who is a strong 6'3 had about 5 inches on him and 2 chainz who id say is a strong 6'5 towered him also. Drake seems to be concerned about his height alot, i notice he always wears huge shoes and stands straight when taking pics with tall celebs.
Drizzle said on 24/May/13
Look at this picture Click Here
Jay is supposed to be 6'2. Doesnt seem like a 2 inch difference. Drake seems to only wear boots and high top sneakers. Could be a strong candidate for having additional support in his shoes but who knows.
5ft10guy said on 12/May/13
Weak Tall but Tall
Rah 6\'0\ said on 8/Apr/13
Drake looks like the typical 5'11 and spare change in the morning
guy claming six feet from what I have seen.
H-town said on 4/Apr/13
Terrance Ross is 6'6 like Kevin Durant is 6'9.
Both were measured at that height barefoot. Ross likely has shoe adv. over Drake in that pic as well.

That said, I saw Drake over that same weekend, and he's looks much closer to 5'11 than 6'0.
ms_bri said on 6/Mar/13
drake is def atleast 6'0. i met him on saturday nite during ciaa. i was surprised at how tall he was and how attractive he is in person.
HeightFluctuates said on 24/Feb/13
Looking at that Carson Daly pic... LOL there is no way Drake is 6 foot. That is not the height difference of 1 inch, come on ROB! And why does he get listed at 6'2" - for all of those people asking. Most of Nike shoes do offer over an inch in the sole - plus cussion... rounding off, maybe around 1.5 inches. Add about another inch in hair... ok so now he has about 2.5 inches to add to his height. The guy must be around 5'11"... maybe a hair over. Now add 2.5 so he's around 6'1.5"... he rounds off to 6'2" lol... he may appear around that height but he's nowhere near it barefoot to scalp, standing straight. Drake probably doesn't know any better, his PR spokes person doesn't either, so his height is given at 6'2", only to stand next to 6'1" Daly a few years later and get ridiculed on this website... Tell the truth from day one Drake
Rah 6'0" said on 21/Feb/13
Everyone plz go on youtube and watch math hoffa vs pat slay rap battle. Drake was a special guest and he gets towered by most of the crowd. Either everyone in toronto is over six feet tall or drake wears lifts. Downgrade needed maybe. Looked 5'10" to me average height.
Tony said on 21/Feb/13
dang he looks significantly shorter than 6'6 terrence ross..
Duhon said on 17/Feb/13
Drake posing next to 6'6" measured NBA player Terrance Ross.
Conti said on 17/Feb/13
Drake looks like a solid 5'11.
BP said on 14/Jan/13
I just saw Drake at an LCBO on Yonge St. in Toronto with his crew. I basically walked right up to his crew and asked them if I could grab a pic of him, or with him and they said no. Anyway at one point I was about 2 feet away or less and Drake is SHORTER than me and I'm about 5"11.5, though I was wearing dress shoes that have a one inch heel. So Drake is between 5"11 to 6"0 but NO taller!
Peyman-6ft said on 14/Jan/13
Drake is a true 6footer
SolidSnake said on 5/Jan/13
Why is Drake listed 6'2'' sometimes?
Godred said on 21/Dec/12
@bre - He clearly isn`t.
bre said on 19/Nov/12
He's 6'2 !!!!!!
hello1234 said on 21/Oct/12
6ft looks spot on maybe a hair over. One of the tallest actors in Degrassi. He was several inches taller then both Daniel Clark and Shane Kippel.
Mattie said on 20/Sep/12
Under 6 foot, beiber is at his eye-level, maybe over.
bigcawk69 said on 9/Sep/12
im about 6'0 1/2 bare foot and 6'1 1/2 maybe 6'2 with regular vans... anyways i saw drake and even though i was kinda far from him, i could still see that was at least 3 inches taller than him... so hes about 5'11 or 5'11 1/2 but not 6'0
johnnyfive said on 30/Aug/12
I haven't met Drake but I have met Carson Daly before, back in his TRL days, and Carson is about 6'1 to 6'1 and a half. He was about a half an inch to an inch taller than me (I'm 6'0.5) Drake most definitely looks about 2 and a half inches shorter than Carson so therefore I say he's 5'11 flat, about the same height as Chris Brown.
Mimi Luvs U said on 15/Aug/12
The guy who said rihanna was 5'7... She's 5'8
jj said on 27/Jul/12
I've met him before, and he's about the same he's slightly smaller than me. I'm 6'1 :)
MD said on 9/Feb/12
Rob, can you take another look at the pictures displayed in the thread over the past few weeks? I think this is an overlisting.

With a legitimately 6'1" Carson Daly:

Click Here

Click Here

In the full set of pictures, you can see that Drake is wearing some thick-soled gym shoes, but Carson's footwear is not visible. I'd assume he was wearing dress shoes with what he's wearing.

I'd only peg Drake at 5'11" absolutely tops.
Nee said on 14/Jan/12
I went to his concert & when he came outside I seen him he was shorter than I expected, he was about 5'10 & I walked up to Machine Gun Kelly who was at the concert too, & He was tall about 6'2" or 6'3" & Drake is about 4inches shorter than him, like in this pic Click Here
Enigma said on 21/Dec/11
here are some better pics of Drake & 6'3 Rio Ferdinand :
Click Here
Click Here

now look at 5'11 David Beckham next to Rio : Click Here

Drake looks exactly the same as David does next to Rio which would put Drake at 5'11.
Godred said on 18/Dec/11
@ashley - erm what?
Godred said on 14/Dec/11
@Alicia - Good thinking,nice to find a girl who can gauge height.
@Danielle - A - can`t see feet/ground.B - most models are also upgraded - a friend of mine recently became a model - she`s 5`9 barefoot but gets listed at 5`11. I think 6ft flat is fair for Drake,he`s nothing over though.
5'10 guy said on 13/Dec/11
almost perfect male height 6'1 hes either 6'0 or 6'0.5 tops but not over
Mr. Ballong said on 9/Dec/11
I say about 5'11.
He wears thick soles and is obvsiouly self concious about his height, hes trying to come of as taller then he is.
Danielle said on 9/Dec/11
Click Here

here a picture of model Megan Harris. she stands at 5'9 there is no way in hell Drake is 5'10 he's well over 6 ft
Alicia said on 8/Dec/11
I think this height is accurate. I have personally known him for several years and have definitely stood face to face with him. I used to see sites claiming him to be 6'2" all the time and I knew they were totally false. I'm 5'7" (but usually wear heels so I appear 5'9" or 5'10") and I give him about 6'0" - definitely not taller tho, and no shorter than 5'11" - but I believe he really does stand at 6'0" tall.
Godred said on 3/Dec/11
@mobymoby - Yep, but he doesn`t measure up to the people he`s been photo`d with.He`s barely scraping 6 ft flat.
mobymoby said on 1/Dec/11
Drake used to always be listed at 6'2...didn't he describe himself at that height?
Godred said on 26/Nov/11
@dan - I don`t trust you,he`s 6 ft flat max.
dan said on 22/Nov/11
he's nearly 6'1. trust me, i've seen him live
Sully said on 17/Oct/11
Wilson listed at 6-1, Derosa listed at 6-1, Zito listed at 6-4!

I wish it was a full body picture, but that is so off.
Yeaaaaaa said on 3/Oct/11
Rob change this listing 5'11.5 now he's 6 feet not even in the morning. Be fair
Yo Mama said on 29/Sep/11
I say he's an even 6'0 because J. Cole is 6'3 & if you look at any picture of the 2 you can tell there's a 3 inch difference.
Jay said on 14/Sep/11
Drake looks tall when he's standing by himself but beside tall people he looks average
Enigma said on 14/Sep/11
I honestly think he's 5'10.5 barefoot. He always has on those thick red wing boots.
Terryman said on 2/Sep/11
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't bet money on ferdinand being under 6ft 3.]

Rob is he underbilled then? because he is listed pretty much much everywere at 1,88-9m consistently
Editor Rob
Here's a clip of Here's Ferdinand with Jonathan Ross and Pat Stewart, I did see Stewart up close in 2009 and he looked around 5ft 8 then, that's 7 years earlier.
Seymour said on 7/Aug/11
Hmm, A Star, I just found 2 pics of Drake and Swizz beats and Drake is noticeably shorter. Maybe Swizz is taller than 5 11
A star said on 5/Aug/11
rob the height difference between drake and rio ferdinand is exactly the same difference between me 6ft to my freind who only ever claims claims 6ft2.5 and i am a legit 6ft i have been measured @the doctors and i have alot of freinds who are 6ft and are exactly the same hight as me. by what i have told you do you think my freind is most likey in the 6ft3 range other than the 6ft2 but just isint measuring accurately enough. Click Here
theguy said on 4/Aug/11
6'2'' ? give me a break shorter then 5'11 swiss beats, wayyy shorter than jay z who is in fact about 6'2.5 and him and cudi (5'9) are around the same height. people stop defending this fake 6'2'' stature
Seymour said on 30/Jul/11
Umm, you idiot. I was AGREEING with the website that he was 6 feet. I said I'm 5 11 and he does NOT look my height. I have seen him in pictures with many other celebs, and he looks a legit 6 footer. Work on your reading comprehension, bup.
harry said on 28/Jul/11
look you can't tell how tall drake is by looking at him on the tv. Seymour you dumb **** you can't just say he doesn't look your height. you are stupid as ****. If the website says he is six foot, that is probably how tall he is.
Seymour said on 28/Jul/11
You're absolutely right about baseball listings being bunk. The player in question, Tony Sipp, is clearly not a 6 footer. He looks like a weak 5 11 to me. But say Sipp is 5 10.5, from what I saw Drake is 5 11.5 at minimum.
MD said on 27/Jul/11
Just something for reference, but baseball listings are as much bunk as most sports listings. I've seen a picture of San Francisco Giant's Brian Wilson with Mark DeRossa and Barry Zito all in street clothes. Zito and Wilson are both listed as being 6'2", but in the picture, Mark DeRossa (listed at 6'0" even) is clearly taller than both of them.

Click Here
Seymour said on 26/Jul/11
Drake threw out the first pitch at the Indians game the other day and was clearly about an inch taller than 6' feet listed Indians pitcher Tony Sipp. I think 5 11's out of the question for him, I'm a true 5 11 and he does not look my height.
rapkid said on 24/Jul/11
thats about right, when he was standing next to colin farrell
Godred said on 2/Jul/11
@Andrew - this is a site for the sole purpose of guaging height, get over it
@Conner - Try measuring yourself again barefoot - or get a clue how to estimate someone`s height - He is clearly 6 ft max, next to the genuine 6`2 and 6`3 celebs he`s been photographed standing next to.
natnizel said on 1/Jul/11
Click Here i would say that drake's height is about 5'11.5-6'0' because in this video drake is with 6'3'-6'4' snoop dogg pause this video at 3:05 and then you will see that there is a 3-4 inch height difference between the two hip hop stars
JBJ said on 30/Jun/11
Drake is not 6'3 lmao. So Drake looked 6'3 standing next to Terrence J? I could buy 6'0 even but 6'3 is ridiculous. Look at the picture with him and Jamie Foxx. No way is he 6'3. More like 5'11. I question whether some of you have actually seen a legit 6'3 person.
connor said on 29/Jun/11
When he came to Cleveland I went to his concert and I am 6'2 and I met him outside of the concert and he definitely had 1 inch on me if not more.
Andrew said on 28/Jun/11
He is 6'3 because on the BET awards the man standing next Keri Hilson said he was 6'0. And when Nicki Minaj won the award drake was standing next to the man and he was towering him! You could see the 3 inch difference! For sure. All the people saying 6'2 is pushing it y'all are probably really short. So stop talking about people and being insecure.
Godred said on 28/Jun/11
I agree with Rob that Rio is around the 6`3 mark,he is however definately not the 6`5 he is being listed at lately, I`m seriously starting to think football players get measured in their boots.Drake is 6 ft max, might be just under.
James said on 26/Jun/11
Looked 5'11 next to Rio Ferdinand, a solid 6'2 English footballer

Click Here
Editor Rob
I wouldn't bet money on ferdinand being under 6ft 3.
marhsall said on 22/Jun/11
6'3" Snoop Dogg had 4 inches on him. he is a weak 6ft more like 181.5cm
Godred said on 19/Jun/11
@Katie - actually he isn`t.He`s 6 ft barely.Looks much shorter that the 6`2 people he has been photographed stood right next to.
Katie said on 18/Jun/11
Actually he is six foot 2.
Height person said on 17/Jun/11
I would say around 5'10" or 5'11" since he was the same height as 5'7" Rihanna in heels next to each other at a party.
Lyle said on 21/May/11
i met Drake once, got to have like a 5 minute chat, and i'm between 6'2 and 6'3, and he was only an inch or two smaller then me, so i'd give the 6'0.
jay said on 14/May/11
2x3equals6 says on 24/Apr/11
yeah I agree his about 5'11-6'0.. sompared to snoop which is 6'3.. plus he is wearing a aj3(thick sole)

Click Here

Drake goes "im like 6'1, 6'2" in that video...haha hes so full of ****, why would you openly say that when youre standing next to someone whose 6'3/6'4 and is easily towering you....drake is def no taller than 6 foot MAX
2x3equals6 said on 24/Apr/11
yeah I agree his about 5'11-6'0.. sompared to snoop which is 6'3.. plus he is wearing a aj3(thick sole)

Click Here
A star said on 20/Apr/11
@ T.Dot says on 19/Apr/11.
in that picture drake is wearing a suit, so i would assume he is wearing shoes, and kid cudi is most probably wearing thick high top trainers as he usually does. and taking away the frootwear advantage and the fact that drake was slouching i still see a 1.5inch difference. so anywhere between 5"11.5-6ft flat would be good for drake.
ifuask... said on 31/Mar/11
lifts in timbs will do magic as in 3-4 inches of magic
SAK said on 27/Mar/11
He looks more like a solid 5ft11/181cm. 6th is a little too high 4 him.
Angus said on 27/Mar/11
Rob can you please downgrade this guy. All the evidence proves that he is not 6ft. More like a strong 5'11. Change to 181cm.
Charlie said on 25/Mar/11
Drake looks 183cm max! next to a solid 6'3" Rio Ferdinand
Click Here
sprint84 said on 20/Mar/11
MD says on 2/Feb/11
I used to think that 6'0" was correct, but the more I'm seeing of him, the shorter he looks. He is on par with 5'10"ish Trey Songz. He's only been looking slightly over average, lately, and I'm talking by not more than an inch.

Totally with you. I think he's maybe 5'10". 6'3" John Mayer looks like he could see over the top of Drake's head (at least a 5" difference). And 5'9"-ish Foxx is barely shorter.

You can use the basketball as a reference. It is 9.5" tall; Drake is therefore about 5'6" in that photo.
Godred said on 20/Mar/11
Kat - He looks a max 6ft, nowhere near the same height as others known to be 6`2 he has been photographed standing right next to.
Kat 4 said on 19/Mar/11
The man says he's 6ft2,he might be,he looks pretty tall,compared to Nicki Minaj who's about 5ft3
Kat 4 said on 19/Mar/11
The man says he's 6ft2,he might be,he looks pretty tall,compared to Nicki Minaj who's about 5ft3,in a new music video.
mike said on 13/Mar/11
same height as jamie foxx look at this pic

Click Here
J said on 13/Mar/11
I think drake is about 5'11.5 or 6ft. Chris brown, fabolous, and drake are all around the same height. Fabolous is just the only person that doesn't lie about his.
Candyman said on 12/Mar/11
Looks more like 5'10.5" AT BEST, next to Swizz Beats.
LG69 said on 9/Mar/11
6'0...I think not. At most, he's 5'10".
anon said on 2/Mar/11
6'2'' is absurd and 6' is seriously pushing it.
Ezio said on 23/Feb/11
Me says on 6/Feb/11
He said on an interview that he's 6'2

Yea celebrities never lie about their height ever. I say I'm 6'5, I must be.
Moke said on 16/Feb/11
with 6'3 John Mayer: Click Here
that "beard" of Mayers looks horrible though ;)
rose said on 13/Feb/11
Click Here in this video he looks about the same height, maybe a little taller than 5'8 rihanna in probably huuuge heels. let's say they give her 3/4 inches, 6 ft must be right.
gvigo said on 12/Feb/11
Rio Ferdinand is 1'93 cm
SolidSnake said on 9/Feb/11
6 foot sounds about right from what i have seen
SAK said on 8/Feb/11
@Me, do you realise most male celeb exaggerate there heights by atleast 1 or 2 inches. Cmon mate u shud know that by now.
MD said on 8/Feb/11
He said on an interview that he's 6'2
Me said on 6/Feb/11
He said on an interview that he's 6'2
Me said on 6/Feb/11
He said on an interview that he's 6'2"
MD said on 2/Feb/11
I used to think that 6'0" was correct, but the more I'm seeing of him, the shorter he looks. He is on par with 5'10"ish Trey Songz. He's only been looking slightly over average, lately, and I'm talking by not more than an inch.
Godred said on 25/Jan/11
If he`s 6`2 how come he looks MUCH shorter than the people around the 6`2/6`3 mark he`s been photographed with?
He might well have been wearing lifts at the grammys.
I maybe buy 6ft for this guy.
Anonymous said on 24/Jan/11
Drake's actually a big guy. Maybe 6 feet 2 inches. I saw him once. His build is kinda muscular/stocky though, so that makes him look a bit shorter. Also at the Grammys he was just over a head taller than his 5'2 mom. The average human head is anywhere from 9 to 11 inches long, meaning he is in the 6'2 range.
anonymous said on 18/Jan/11
just went to a concert in berlin and drake is 6'2 maybe a little taller
Anonymous said on 14/Jan/11
Click Here and rio ferdinand is 6'3' really???
Auto-Tune said on 5/Jan/11
Drake is 6'0 1/2
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/11
id say 6'0 or 6'1, in an interview, not sure the title, but its on youtube, he says "everyone thinks im short, but im not, im 6'2" or something along those lines....he seems alittle shorter than that, but i cant see him being any less then 6'0 and trying to claim 6'2, thats too much of a stretch, he def wouldve gotten called out
5'10 guy and growing said on 3/Jan/11
@ Chain zzzy i hope your not saying drake is 5'9-5'10 i was 5'8 and its short! 5'9 isnt much different but to say drake who was the tallest kid of degrassi next generation to be that short is ridicolous! Mr.Simpson the principal of the school is possible the tallest guy in the show And he looks 6'3.5 barefoot with shoes 6'4.5. d
MD said on 28/Dec/10
I'm beginning to think he's not even the listed height. I've seen him with Kid Cudi and other under six-foot celebrities and sometimes he only looks an inch or two taller than them. He doesn't have the best of posture, for sure, but I'm beginning to think he's much closer to 5'11" than 6'0".
chainzzy said on 27/Dec/10
yeaa,agree wiv american gangster he cant possibly be more then 5'9-5'10
Anonymous said on 14/Dec/10
@anon: No, he was never 6'2" to begin with.
anon said on 13/Dec/10
didnt he have surgery on his leg or sumthing, maybe he was 6'2" and still thinks he is even though he isnt
ZAQ said on 7/Dec/10
5'11 end of story, this guy is nowhere near 6, those timbs give 1.5 inch of height by the way so he'll appear 6'0 1/2 to 6'1 in shoes but he's really 5'11 barefoot
Loki said on 1/Dec/10
JA RULE is the best...... buy his album RULE YORK to help him outsell snitch 50!

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Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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