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Vitto said on 13/Oct/19
Rob, and do you guys think almost 5'11 (5'10 7/8) basically 180m is an ideal height for a female model to start a career in modelling?
Vitto said on 7/Oct/19
Rob, what about Italian model Vittoria Ceretti? Do you think she is 5'9? Not sure about the 5'9.25 Google gives her. Here she is with Kaia Gerber (yellow dress).
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Editor Rob
Looks like she'd be no more than 5ft 9
Vitto said on 5/Oct/19
Rob, how tall do you think British model Edie Campbell is? I like her, I think she could be added to the site however I think she is not the full 5'10 as Google says. Here she is with Cara Delevingne (the blonder one), I think she is just a bit taller and here she was past her age of growing.
What do you think?
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Editor Rob
It's not impossible she is close to that mark, I think she generally looks over 5ft 9 from what I've seen, but I haven't looked *that* much at her.
LatinMix said on 1/Oct/19
Kortagarena looks like 6'1 with the 6'2.5 Nicholas Hoult
6'0 - 6'1.5 max height for Jon Kortagarena is correct
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Jeanbabe said on 18/Aug/19
What do guys think about i-hua wu’s height (maybelline model)?
Editor Rob
Her 5ft 10 model height doesn't seem too hard to buy
al001 said on 3/Aug/19
If he does get listed, Jon Kortajarena is not 6'2.
He's more like 6'0-6'1.
With 6'0 Luke Evans:
Click Here
Click Here

With 6'1-6'1.5 Kris Wu:
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Click Here
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Jun/19
@ Matttttttthew - How very thoughtful of you to go to all that trouble! 😉👍
Matttttttttthew said on 26/Jun/19
Responding to Mary Anne's May 5, 2019 "ask" :

1-carmen kass: 5'10" flat....1.78 m ....NOT 1.79 m
2-stella tennant: 5'11 and 1/2 - 6'0" (she looks 6'0" (1.83 m) to me...)
3-natasha poly: 5'9" - 5'9.5" (she's definitely NOT 5'10" (1.78 m)....)
4-mariacarla boscono: 5'8" (often listed as 5'10" - but she's often the shortest model on the runway in any given show....)
5-freja beha erichsen: 5'10.5" - 5'11" (listed during career as 1.78....looks taller....)
6-kristen mcmenamy: a weak 5'10"
7-shalom harlow: 5'11 1/4" - 6'0"
8-caroline trentini: 6'0.5 (1.84 m) - she's NOT 5'11" - she confirmed 6'0.5" in Brazilian interviews...
9-grace elizabeth: 5'9-5'9.5"
10-vlada roslykova: 5'9.5"
11-snejana onopka: 5'9" (1.75)
12-sasha pivovarova: 5'7" - 5'7.5"
13-yasmeen ghauri: 5'10.5 (my guess....)
14-karen mulder: 5'9.5 - 5'10"
15-daniela pestova: 5'11"
16-brandi quinones: 5'9.5"
17-esther canadas: 5'8.5" (notoriously listed at 5'10" - which is laughable)
18-alexina graham: looks like a flat, even 5'11" (1.80) to me...could be 6'0"
19-hana soukupova: 6'0.5 - 6'1"
20-daria werbowy: MOST DEFINITELY 5'11" flat (1.80) - not a cm over 1.80
21-jessica stam: 5'10" - 5'10.5 (probably 1.79....)
22-raquel zimmermann: 5'10.5 (1.79) flat
23-carmen dell’orefice: listed anywhere between 5'9" and 5'11" - looks like a strong 5'10"
24-kim alexis: a weak 5'9" (1.75)
25-imaan hammam: 5'10.5" (1.79)
26-vittoria ceretti: 5'8.5 - 5'9"
27-adut akech: looks 5'9" to me....
28-liya kebede: 5'8" (same as Karen Elson...)
29-lily donaldson: 5'8" (notoriously listed at 5'10"....which is off-base....)
30-renee simonsen: 5'9.5"-5'10" (the Danes are tall...and Danish models are often prototypical fashion model height....)
MaryAnne said on 5/May/19
please add these models robs
1-carmen kass
2-stella tennant
3-natasha poly
4-mariacarla boscono
5-freja beha erichsen
6-kristen mcmenamy
7-shalom harlow
8-caroline trentinj
9-grace elizabeth
10-vlada roslykova
11-snejana onopka
12-sasha pivovarova
13-yasmeen ghauri
14-karen mulder
15-daniela pestova
16-brandi quinones
17-esther canadas
18-alexina graham
19-hana soukupova
20-daria werbowy
21-jessica stam
22-raquel zimmermann
23-carmen dell’orefice
24-kim alexis
25-imaan hammam
26-vittoria ceretti
27-adut akech
28-liya kebede
29-lily donaldson
30-renee simonsen
Oliver said on 3/Dec/18
Rob,if you have time,could you take a look at Maria Borges,Ming Xi,and Monika Jagaciak? They are famous models and worth adding to this site.
Thank you.
Bigfern194-192cm said on 22/Nov/18
Rob, Can you look into Tyson Ballou. He is widely considered the most successful male model of all time and if you look at him it would come as no surprise. Looks very tall. Listed between 6,1 and 6,2 he is consistently taller than other 6,2 listed male models and towers the 5,10-5,11 women he works with. I personally think he is in the 6,2.5-6,3.5 range.
Hijoputamos said on 17/Sep/18
Legend Scott Barnhill, anyone?
Different compcards 6ft1 186 188 6ft2...
Manuel Santiago said on 14/Sep/18
How tall would you say Rafael miller (@rafmiller) is. He’s listed as 187.
Editor Rob
If you look at him with another model Jaed who gets called 6ft 1 or 2, he doesn't seem like he'd be as tall as 187cm himself...though I've not really seen enough to say if he was 184-5
Oliver said on 19/Aug/18
Click Here
Rob,if Dr.mike is 6'3,how tall would be his partner(Jennifer Lahmers)?
Thank you.
Editor Rob
Might be somewhere in 5ft 5 range, though the grass can always throw heights off a bit.
Oliver said on 17/Aug/18
Rob,can you please take time to add Monika Jagaciak and Hana Soukuopova.
Thank you.
MaryAnne said on 13/Aug/18
Rob. i insist trish goff :) i will appreciate it
MaryAnne said on 25/Jul/18
Rob can you bring back trish goff and add more models thnx
MaryAnne said on 12/Jul/18
Rob i remember model trish goff had a page but suddenly disappeared. Can you bring her page back?
Oliver said on 8/Jul/18
Click Here
How much do you think this girl could weigh if she is 5ft 9ish?
She is listed at 51kg by her agency but that seems too low for such a tall stature.
Thanks alot.
Editor Rob
More towards 54kg than 51 I'd have thought.
gil said on 17/Apr/18
Can you add Gia Carangi and Kaia Gerber?
MaryAnne said on 24/Jan/18
Models that must be added:
1-Hana Soukupova
2-Carmen Kass
3-Mariacarla Boscono
4-Caroline Trentini
5-Caroline Winberg
6-Sasha Pivovarova
7-Daria Werbowy
8-Jessica Stam
9-Carmen Dell'orefice
10-Grace Elizabeth
11-Vittoria Ceretti
12-Liya Kebede
13-Adwoa Aboah
14-Imaan Hammam
15-Elise Crombez
16-Raquel Zimmermann
17-Freja Beha Erichsen
18-Hilary Rhoda
19-Lily Donaldson
20-Kim Alexis
MaryAnne said on 21/Jan/18
Rob, can you add Adwoa Aboah model of the 2017? she looks shorter than other models?
MaryAnne said on 17/Jan/18
Could you add Gia Carangi? She as 5'7 but listed 5'8 in that it was the minimum height for modelling.
MaryAnne said on 29/Dec/17
Any idea of 90's taller models like Shalom Harlow,Stella Tennant and Kirsty Hume? Are they 5'11 equally?
Shane said on 17/Dec/17
To Allie - Jade Parfitt is 6'1.5" (187cm) and Erin is just over 6' (184cm). Sometimes Erin appears taller but that'll just be shoes, posture and the angle of the photo but Jade is definitely taller.
Allie said on 16/Dec/17
Hi Rob! How tall do you think Hana Soukupova looking at the pics I've shown? I think she can look 6'1-1.55 but she is very close in height with German model Julia Stegner whom you have at 6'0.5.
Editor Rob: how much over 6ft I'm not sure on yet.
MaryAnne said on 13/Dec/17
Thoughts about Georgia Fowler? Is she really that short with a height that almost equals to that of Sara's?
Editor Rob: not that familiar yet with her.
Allie said on 3/Dec/17
MaryAnne - 5'9-10.
MaryAnne said on 2/Dec/17
What are your thoughts about Natasha Poly?
Allie said on 30/Nov/17
Hi Rob! Sorry to bug but I have two questions!

1. I know Erin O'Connor and Jade Parfitt have said that they're both said they're 6'1 but sometimes each can usually look taller or shorter than the other. Is this likely because of things like posture and the fact that they're likely both so close in height?

2. Do you think Hana Soukupova looks 6'1.5?

In flats she is barley shorter than Karolina whose wearing heels that likely add 3 inches!
Click Here

Here she is in flat sandals with supposedly 6'5 Sam Talbot in sneakers, so he's probably 6'6.
Click Here

If she was standing straight I'd bet that she come up to his eyebrow level.
Click Here

With Malin Akerman whose wearing platforms!
Click Here

With Lindsay Ellingson.
Click Here

I know 6'2 is too much because she is shorter than Tiiu Kiuk who is said to be 6'2 herself. Fashion people have said she's rumored to be 6'1.5.
MaryAnne said on 22/Nov/17
yeah nick bateman needs a page asap
Jon said on 2/Sep/17
Andres Velencoso at 6'2 is often doubted, assumed to be 6'4 but he does look 6'2, maybe 6'3 next to 6'1.5" kortajarena in this pics but shoes not visible.
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If Andres is 6'4 it would extend the height range of ideal model height by an inch or two since he is one of the top male models in the world.
Vegril said on 11/Jul/17
Oh cmon height is important but height is not everything ots about looks and your persnality guys those who have short are alao can do modeling height doesnt matter if u have pasaionate no can stop u
Peter175 said on 16/Jun/17
I wish you'd make a page for Nick Bateman.

He's like the king of instagram and tons of people want to know what his height is. I think 189 range is probably the best fit. Lot taller than a guy like O'Pry
Josh said on 1/Jun/17

yeah I agree. His profile on now says "6'1". I guess he and Ballou are 6'1, but 6'2 is thought of as the best height. I think they downgrade taller guys to 6'2 and while 6'1 is thought of as "good enough", sometimes they'll upgrade those guys an inch to 6'2. I guess that's the ideal height for a male model.
Allie said on 27/May/17
The tallest I've ever seen a female model listed at was 6'1.5/187 cm. I've never actually seen anything higher unless it was like an athlete or something who was signed on where they had to tell the truth.

For males, I think it was 6'5.
Km said on 15/Apr/17
Rob how tall do you think runway coach j alexander from antm is? He's listed 6'5 but I'd say he's about 6'2, 6'3.
Gandy said on 15/Apr/17
Click Here

Pietro Boselli with model Isabelle Daza who is listed at 5'7". Both are barefoot (as seen at 1:44). I'm really struggling to see Pietro Boselli at anything more than 6'0" in this video.


it's very likely he's just 186cm. I see no reason why they would downgrade somebody unless they're 6'3"+ at which point they're considered too tall to be ideal. I believe Tyson Ballou is a similar case because in some old catwalk videos he's listed as 185cm but probably got upgraded to 6'2" at some point after he rose to fame.
Jay said on 13/Apr/17
Rob here's a italian model name Eva Riccobono. She's listed at 5'10 (1.78) but looks taller about maybe 5'11 (1.80) what do you think?
Arthur John said on 15/Mar/17
@Rob What's your Guess on Simon Nessman? Henrique gives me the impression of a solid 187
Editor Rob: unfortunately don't have much knowledge on Simon.
Josh said on 12/Mar/17
Anyone have guesses on Chad White?

Listed at 6'2, but only 186 cm on

Seen inseam lengths and suit sizes at both 32 and 34 and R and L, lol.

Any chance he could be only 6'1?
Gandy said on 6/Mar/17
I think Pietro Boselli is just 6'0". After looking at him more, he rarely gives the impression of having a big height advantage over other guys like you would expect from a proper 6'1". He's hard to peg down though because of the lack of verifiable heights to compare him to.
Ademaro said on 9/Feb/17
Lucky Blue Smith is a strong 6'3
Hijopotamus said on 7/Feb/17 are right, between 5'11" and 6'2" was the requierement agencies set in principle with exceptions if you are extremely handsome or unique.
Clothes fit best if you are that height and you have to look good in the runway. For print you can be any height tho'.
Also you need the bone structure and the body. You can be the perfect height but you have wide hips or a fat looking face or a very wide neck for example.
It also depends on the designer. Vivienne Westwood likes big muscle guys and Dior shows always had super skinny androgynous guys.
TrumpEvenLiedAboutHisHeight said on 3/Feb/17
A friend of mine is 6ft3 aspiring model, really good looking but he gets rejected when they realise how tall 6ft3 actually looks like. He pretty much does everything possible to look 6ft2 in order to get work. Male models need to be between 5ft11 and 6ft2, but a lot of models add an inch or use their morning heights, which is the reason my friend gets the response that he does after agencies see him. They estimate him at 6ft4 when he doesn't even scrape that in the morning. A strong 6ft/6ft1 is ideal for this industry.
fabrizio said on 27/Jan/17
Rob what do you think of mariano di vaio?5'11'?or 6?
Editor Rob: fabrizio, certainly not above 6ft
Jellybean said on 18/Jan/17
How tall is Binx Walton?
Gandy said on 9/Jan/17
Do you think Pietro Boselli is a legit 6'1 like he's listed? He gives a 6'1 impression in everything I see him in. A 6 footer couldn't look that tall.
Hijopotamus said on 28/Dec/16
Old school supermodel Scott Barnhill's height?
6'1 for FTV but have seen 6'2 in some old comp card.
B said on 26/Dec/16
Hey Rob, how tall do you think are Binx Walton, Grace Mahary and Imaan Hammam?
Editor Rob: Binx claimed 5ft 10, not sure on other ladies.
SportsHeight said on 28/Oct/16
Rob, if this guy is a flat 6'1", how much would you say he weighs?

Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: he's not a skinny muscular guy, so it's possible 190-200 zone
Huh said on 28/Oct/16
Hey Rob, Nick Bateman is doing a meet and greet next week in NYC. I'd say that would be the best opportunity to get a picture with him.
Ko said on 2/Oct/16
Hey rob, I know this is random but how do you post pictures on here?
Editor Rob: if you have a link to an image like then you have to shorten it using or, then include short link within a comment.
Bobby said on 26/Sep/16
Andres Velencoso is 6'4, look at his pictures, he's taller than that rumoured 6'2, I am 6'2 myself. I don't think people even know what 6'2 even looks like, let alone 6'4.
Mauro said on 22/Sep/16
Rob How tall do you think simon nessman is?
Editor Rob: not seen enough of him yet to get a decent idea.
Mauro said on 22/Sep/16
Rob How tall do you think simon nessman is?
CNROM89 said on 15/Sep/16

I think Rob Evans is 6'3,5 (192 cm).
CNROM89 said on 15/Sep/16
I think Nick Bateman is 6'2 flat. With Sean O'Pry (5'11,75-6') he looks 2 inches taller,
Gandy said on 14/Sep/16
Nick Bateman is not under 6'2". In interviews and pics he towers most people and it's rare to see anybody taller than him. Sean O'pry is probably 6' flat.
SewellAnthony said on 9/Sep/16
Rob how tall do you think Simon Nessman is ? He is listed at 188cm at his agency so probably he is 185-86?
James said on 8/Sep/16
How tall does Rob Evans look here Rob?Click Here
Conradss said on 5/Sep/16
Rob how tall is Nick bateman?
Aga said on 31/Aug/16
How tall is Alexandra Agoston? She is listed at 183 cm, but she is clearly taller than Jason Dundas (183 cm).
Click Here
(she doesn't wear high heels)
Christopher said on 18/Aug/16
Rob can you add shalom harlow here.
Anon123 said on 14/Aug/16
Google says 6'3 for nick bateman but ı doubt he is over 6'2.
Leonardo said on 27/Jul/16
BAN neccesary for Spainmen
heightchecker34 said on 26/Jul/16
Rob, if you can add famous male models such as Jon Kortajarena, Noah Mills, Sean O'Pry, Tyson Ballou, Oriol Elcacho, Andres Velencoso Segura, it would mean the world to me! I have them listed at 6'1.5, 6'1.5, 6'0, 6'1, 6'1, and 6.3'5 respectively. Thank you!
Endo said on 14/Jul/16
Are Stella Maxwell and Elsa Hosk taller than Jasmine Tookes? She sometimes looks really short...
spainmen191cm said on 1/Jul/16
Rob, the male model Sebastian Sauve has claimed to be 6ft4 on his twitter, he is well known in the fashion industry and I think that he can look it! Maybe you will add him to the page?
Click Here
Editor Rob: not really seen enough of him with others to get a sense of his true height yet.
CNROM89 said on 29/Jun/16
Rob, how tall dou you think Nick Bateman?
spainmen191cm said on 2/Jun/16
Rob, how tall do you think is the male model Noah Mills? He has appeared on a couple of episodes of two brooke girls
Editor Rob: I still wasn't entirely sure on him.
James said on 1/Jun/16
How much do you reckon 188cm Nick Bateman weighs Rob? Click Here
Claims 210b lol
Editor Rob: I'd be surprised if he was much more than 190 pounds.
James said on 13/May/16
Thanks for the estimates, Rob just made a page for Francisco!
spainmen191cm said on 12/May/16
Rob estimates for this guys are
Jon Kortajarena:188cm
Francisco Lachowski:190cm

Rob, maybe will be good to add some male models to the site? Francisco Lachowski and Jon Kortajarena are well known, Jon Kortakarena appears in a film with Colin Firth
Nick said on 10/May/16
Hi Rob, Jon Kortajarena is 178-188cm, so how tall does Francisco Lachowski look next to him?Click Here
Editor Rob: he can appear a couple of cm's taller.
John said on 2/May/16
Rob, how tall do you reckon Rob Evans is here with Kellan Lutz and Zac Efron?Click Here
Editor Rob: he claims 6ft 4, but might not be quite that tall.
SportsHeight said on 1/May/16
Rob, what would you say is the general height range of the heels worn by the models in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows?

Click Here
Editor Rob: a lot of them in the group shot are quite similar, a high angle with 1cm front, so with model feet not being small, you are still talking actual height 3-3.25 zone
Dan said on 22/Apr/16
What do you reckon this height difference is Rob?Click Here
Editor Rob: near 2 inches there
spainmen191cm said on 13/Apr/16
Rob how tall do you think is the male model Sebastian Sauve? He looks quite tall
spainmen191cm said on 13/Apr/16
Rob could you add Francisco Lachowski to the page?
Kj said on 13/Apr/16
Rob how tall do you think Dutch model Rianne Ten Haken is? She's listed as 5'11 , but chic mangement has her 5'10.5 1.79.
Harvey said on 10/Apr/16
Bateman looks to be 188-189 range.
Click Here
Click Here
He claimed 6'4 on Twitter but he was wearing sneakers and I presume it was very early in the morning. What do you think Rob?
Also, would you consider giving him and Mariano di Vaio a page? They have almost 5 million followers on Instagram which is crazy.
Harvey said on 10/Apr/16
Rob, 189cm for Lucky Blue and 190cm for Francisco?Click Here
Editor Rob: those figures could be possible.
spainmen191cm said on 2/Apr/16
Hi Rob, how much do you think thath weighs the model Clement Chabernaud if he is 6ft1?
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: 160's range maybe
CNROM89 said on 30/Mar/16
Rob, what do you think about Nick Bateman height and weight? He claimed 6'4 and 210 ibs in Twitter, but I think he is 6'1,5-6'2 and 180 ibs good for him.
spainmen191cm said on 20/Mar/16
Rob, how tall do you think is the young male model Lucky Blue Smith? He is now 17 and was on the Ellen Show 10 months ago (he was 16 then) and he claimed to be 6ft3 here is the video Click Here
He also look quite skinny how much can he weigh?
Editor Rob: you can see a still Of him near Alfie Enoch, so he might be near his claim...
spainmen191cm said on 19/Mar/16
Rob how much do you think that weighs this guy if he is 6ft3?
Click Here
Editor Rob: maybe 190 range
spainmen191cm said on 19/Mar/16
Rob, how tall do you think is the male model Clement Chabernaud?
Editor Rob: not so familiar with him.
Jol said on 14/Mar/16
Rob how tall do you think Kristen Mcmenamy is? She's 5'10 but looks taller at times.
Editor Rob: I've never really looked at her, so at the moment couldn't say much.
Jol said on 14/Mar/16
On the topic of yasmeen ghauri she is actually 5'10 she looked the same height as christy turlington
spainmen191cm said on 6/Mar/16
Rob how tall do you think is the male model Marlon Teixeira? He is listed at 6ft2 but looks considerably shorter than Francisco Lachowski
Editor Rob: yeah, he's probably listed at least an inch higher than he is, possibly near 2
Jol said on 5/Mar/16
Rob can you add Stella tennant ?
Ok said on 5/Mar/16
Rob how tall do you think Irina Pantaeva is? Her height has been listed as 5'10 and 6'0 . She looks 5'9.5 .
Editor Rob: yeah I think you could safely rule out above 5ft 10, and maybe somewhere between 5ft 9 and 10, I would need to look at her a bit more.
Cora Emanuel said on 1/Mar/16
Many people said Anna Ewers is the model in the moment in fashion industry. Her agency said her height is 175 cm(5'9) but she doesn't look like that. What do you think?
Allie said on 26/Feb/16
New Angel Josephine Skriver.
Listed as both 179/5'10,5 and 180 cm.5'11. Thoughts?
Allie said on 16/Feb/16
I think Yasmeen looks 5'9-10. Can't be entirely sure just yet.
As for Stella she's like 5'7-8 max. Maybe shorter haven't looked at her much.
MaryAnne said on 15/Feb/16
I like old school fashion models. One of my favs is Yasmeen Ghauri. Is she true 5'10?
MaryAnne said on 8/Feb/16
Thoughts on Stella Maxwell?
Allie said on 27/Jan/16
I think Hana Soukupova is 6'2. No way there's only an inch between her and Kurkova and when Karlie was 18-19 and was just about done growing as she said she's been 6'1 since around 16, Karlie took a picture with Hana and Hana was still taller than her!

Hana's so proportioned though! In pictures alone for some reason I would not guess over 6'0 flat. Also, Julia Stegner's very close in height with Karlie too. Weird though.. Doutzen looks almost as tall as her. Anyone's thoughts on Hana's height? I swear she's 6'2. Also, Tiiu claims 6'2 but gets listed as 6'0 flat so I won't be surprised. Here:

Taller than Karlie Kloss at age 18/19 and it seems Karlie was done growing:
Click Here
Click Here

At least 3 inches on Kurkova:
Click Here

And she dwarfs 173-174 Candice Swanepoel!
Click Here

Hana's at least 6'2!
SportsHeight said on 24/Jan/16
I searched through the model indexes for Ford, Elite, IMG, NEXT, and a few other agencies, and this is how the height listing statistics seemed to break down for men:

6'2" -- 30-33%
6'1" -- 25-28%
6'0" -- 10-13%
6'1.5" -- 10-13%
6'2.5" -- 7-10%
6'0.5" -- 2-5%
6'3" -- 2-5%
5'11"/5'11.5" -- 2-5%
5'10"/5'10.5" -- < 1%
6'3.5"/6'4" -- < 1%

Highest Male Listing: 6'4"
Lowest Male Listing: 5'10"
Average Male Listing: 6'1.375"
Highest Real Male Height (adding an inch or so to highest listing): ~ 6'5"
Lowest Real Male Height (subtracting an inch or so from highest listing): ~ 5'9"
Average Real Male Height (subtracting a little less than an inch from average listing): ~ 6'0.5"

I didn't go through the women as methodically, but if you applied the same statistics, it would look like this:

5'11" -- 30-33%
5'10" -- 25-28%
5'9" -- 10-13%
5'10.5" -- 10-13%
5'11.5" -- 7-10%
5'9.5" -- 2-5%
6'0" -- 2-5%
5'8"/5'8.5" -- 2-5%
5'7"/5'7.5" -- < 1%
6'0.5"/6'1" -- < 1%

Highest Female Listing: 6'1"
Lowest Female Listing: 5'7"
Average Female Listing: 5'10.375"
Highest Real Female Height: ~ 6'2"
Lowest Real Female Height: ~ 5'6"
Average Real Female Height: ~ 5'9.5"

My suspicion is that the average female listing may actually be a little shorter. Of course, these stats do not include celebrities/actors/musicians/athletes who become spokespersons for clothing brands and end up doing modeling campaigns for them in conjunction. They are very often outside of this range. This is for people whose primary, full-time occupation is runway and catalog modeling.
Allie said on 17/Jan/16
I remembered Frida G claimed to be the same height as Karlie Kloss. And Monika Jac apparently claims 5'11.
MaryAnne said on 16/Jan/16
Friends who are interested in fashion model heights could you share the height claims of models that you have seen from their interview statements or twitter accounts?
SportsHeight said on 14/Jan/16
@Allie Yes, I agree that when designers and photographers request a group of 5-11 models, they're expecting the agencies to provide them with girls that are LISTED at that height. I never said anything to the contrary. The point I was trying to make is that the image the designers and photographers have in their heads when they think of women who are "5-11" is in reality closer to 5-10 (in terms of what their true height is). That is because, as Rob acknowledged in one of my comments below, the typical discrepancy between a model's listing and their true height is around an inch. This minor fudging is engrained in the perception of height in the modeling industry, as it is in the rest of society. What it comes down to is whether you believe that people generally imagine and estimate other people's heights as being around an inch greater than what they actually are. (I do, and Rob appears to as well.) If you do, then to ascertain what the preferred actual height is in the modeling industry, you would need to subtract 0.75-1.0 inches from the preferred height listing. Of course there are exceptions, cases where the model is actually his/her listed height (if not taller), but in general I think this is the case.
Allie said on 13/Jan/16
Sportsheight, I don't think it's a matter of real height. From my limited knowledge when a designer requests a crop of 5'11 models, they go by what the agencies and agents claim that the model is as well unless the model is a fave or as they say "muse" of the designer's more then likely not gonna have a general guess of what the models real height is. So after they call the model to come to a casting that's when everything is revealed. When they try on the sample sizes it's gonna be pretty obvious if the model has lied about their height or measurements.

But alas that's your opinion and that's my breakdown on it. Designers seem to want taller nowadays. I just looked at several models who signed on with IMG and given 5'10 on google. Literally all of them are listed as 5'10.5 on IMG. Though I do think the possibility of them imagining someone shorter but not too short could come into play. In terms of proportions, designers seem to want female models with short torsos and long legs. While males it's more open I guess. As long as they're skinny and everything looks proportionate then they use them. But as it's gets taller you realize that it kind of starts to looks awkward. Like Karlie for example. Good lord her smaller torso and super long legs look to long tbh. And Toni Garrn, well she's got a long torso and her legs are obviously long but it's that long legs for her height imo. Case in point, 5'11-6'0 Lais Ribeiro somehow has a long torso and long legs and I've seen comments of people saying that while it's natural it's sometimes looks creepy. I've also seen male models who were at least 6'3-6'4 on runways and Idk. It just an inch or two but it didn't have that much an impact as say the ideal 6'2 models.

Not that anything's wrong with that height but I can see why designers don't like too tall or too long and gangling. Wow this was a long comment sorry.
SportsHeight said on 12/Jan/16
When it comes to the "ideal" height for modeling (I think using the word "perfect" is rather silly), there are two different angles to consider: a.) the "ideal" listing that agencies want to be able to put on a model's profile; and b.) the actual/real/true height that is preferred within the industry. For women, the preferred listing seems to be between 5'10"/5'10.5"/5'11" (give or take a half-inch). For men, it seems to be either 6'1.5" and 6'2" (again, give or take a half-inch). (This is going by the frequency with which you see these listing on models' profiles.) The question of what the actual preferred height is can be rather more difficult to determine. If we are to go by the assumption that models on average are roughly 0.75-1.0 inches shorter than their listed height, then it would follow that the most in-demand true heights would be in the high 5'9" to low 5'10" range for women, and in the high 6'0" to low 6'1" range for men. This is certainly a debatable point, as a number of models are actually listed under their real height, but generally I think when designers and photographers request a female model who's 5'11" or a male one who's 6'2", the image they have in their mind is usually of someone roughly an inch shorter than that.
MaryAnne said on 11/Jan/16
Rob, Is Taylor Hill 1.76 cm or 177 cm according to her own claim? I am confused with what 176 meters really is. 5'9 1/2 or 5'9.25 (as you list)?
Editor Rob: it's very close to 176.5, so if you round up 177, round down 176...
Allie said on 8/Jan/16
Rob, in this day and age do you think these are the perfect model heights? 5'11 for females and 6'2 for males give or take half an inch max.

Now I know they say 5'10 is perfect for females, but I've googled a lot of the newest runway models for Victoria's Secret and many of them who also do high fashion are listed at 5'11 on most sites but some sources may say 5'10.5 or 5'11.5. Same with male models. I've some 6'2 models listed as 6'2.5 here and maybe 6'1.5 on another but 6'2 seems to be the most consistent listing. Also, half inches seem to be hated because they also round up and down and anything a tad bit above, like 181 is rounded down to 5'11 when converted. I really wish we all just used the metric system or one system though!
Editor Rob: 5ft 10 or 11 I think and 6ft 2 range are probably the most desirable.
SportsHeight said on 6/Jan/16
Rob, obviously the accuracy of height listings is all over the place when it comes to models, both male and female. It seems they can range as much as 2.5-3 inches away from their listing in either direction. In general, however, what would you estimate is the mean/median discrepancy between listing and reality? My guess would be around an inch shorter than listed, both for men and women.
Editor Rob: yes, probably 2cm range, because some are indeed listed a bit shorter by agencies, which kind of balances those who are listed 1-2 inches taller than they really are.
MaryAnne said on 6/Jan/16
I think Caroline Trentini's height is not what she claimed. I'd give her 180-182,184-185 is too much for her.Also, Freja Beha Erichsen(one of my fav) is listed 5'10 but she gives me the impression of 5'11 flat girl(i dont know why). Another claim by Sasha Pivovarova herself she said she's 5'7 I think that fits her because on the runway Frida G. towers over her.
Allie said on 3/Jan/16
Maryanne, Isabeli's a stunner but you're right! I'm thinking 174 maybe. She only looks a tad bit shorter than Izabel and she is around 5'9 with other models. Maryanne, what's your thoughts on Caroline Trentini? She's listed as 5'11 yet in an interview, she made a very big claim! She stated that she's actually 184-185 cm tall but her agency lies and says 5'11! I don't think she over a half inch over 5'11 though. She doesn't strike me as Karlie Kloss tall or even Ana Beatriz Barros tall tbh with other models.

On the topic of models, height isn't too much of a problem unless you're a girl whose 5'5 or 6'3 or a guy whose like 6'6 or 5'8. The measurements are what the agencies care more about, well typically for females. So if you fit the mold but you're 5'8 or 6'1 then they can let the inches slide.

I've noticed though these measurements are only harsh for females. Male models seem to be much more looser. They're still trying to sell an image but it's not as strict for males as opposed to females. I think while 5'10 is preferable for female models, nowadays everyone wants their females to be 5'11. I've seen several models start off as 5'10 then magically become 5'11 overnight it seems. Even if it's clear they didn't grow.
spainmen191cm said on 30/Dec/15
Rob, a model said to me on an online chat that the minimum height required for fashion models is 182cm in males and 172cm in females, and that there is not a limit in males but he said that he had never seen a model taller than 195cm and that could be the limit, so base on that, the range for a male model could be 6ft-6ft5, he also said that 6ft2 is considered the ideal
Editor Rob: you might find it hard at over 6ft 5 to be a model so I can understand the upper limit being near 6ft 5 and the ideal being 6ft 1-2 might a common range for many of the models.

For runway I'm sure 5ft 10-11 is a preferable range for ladies.
Ricky said on 27/Dec/15
Rob,any chance bobby roache is 6ft1in range?
Editor Rob: not really seen enough of him and others to tell, but if he is, he'd be another 2 inch 'adder'.
Ricky said on 25/Dec/15 tall do you think (model bobby roache) in irrepleaceble beyonce video clip 2006?now his agency say 6ft2in.he is 17 years old on the clip.I need your comment.sory for my bad english
Editor Rob: he actually claims 6ft 3 but I'm not sure if he looks that big.
MaryAnne said on 20/Dec/15
Isabeli Fontana and Izabel Goulart? They both are listed 178-175.. I think Isabeli is shorter than 5'9, Izabel is legit 5'9.
spainmen191cm said on 20/Dec/15
Rob, this model claims to be 191cm, do you think he could be that height?
With David Gandy
Click Here
And a video of him
Click Here
Editor Rob: depends on what height we believe Gandy really is, but the guy should be close to 6ft 3
Allie said on 18/Dec/15
As for Anna Ewers, I know she's short. How short, I don't know exactly though I'm willing to bet weak 5'7 or a flat 5'7 as they list her as 5'9. Though she does look super short near the other 5'10-6'0 range models, So she could be shorter.
Allie said on 14/Dec/15
On the topic of Lais, I still don't think she's over 6 ft. She's doesn't look much taller than Behati whose listed as 5'10 and 5'11, and with other models who are listed at 5'11 she doesn't look that much taller. Example here, they're all barefoot and Bheati's is on Lais's left, in the purple (I think) with white polka dots bikini, The beach picture may not be the best because I don't about the slant. But I think she may be 181 or 182 max.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

If you're wondering what heels they're wearing, google the British Invasion VSFS segments and the Birds Of Paradise Segments on Youtube.
Also, Monika I believe only claimed 5'11, though she could be 5'10 as that's what her agencies has her now but I believe this was when she was early in her career so she may have grown, or not, as some girls have reached their adult height by as early as 13 (Nicole Kidman did say she's been 179 cm since 13 if I remember!)
MaryAnne said on 14/Dec/15
@Allie thanks!!! Do you have any ideas on Anna Ewers?
MaryAnne said on 13/Dec/15
Click Here
the picture i mentioned
Allie said on 12/Dec/15
Tough to say Mary, Ines and Daniela are in different stances, Ines' legs are farther apart but she's not really on her hip while Daniela looks like she's leaning on her hip and her legs looks a tad bent. Other pictures show that Daniela is leaning on her legs.

The thing is though MaryAnne, I've googled the other images, and if Stephane Seymour is the 5'9 she claims and was listed at, then I think Daniela may be 179 that got rounded up because Daniela does not look 2 solid inches taller than Stephanie. I think ines may be a legit 5'11, maybe a tad bit more like 181 but 6 ft is out of the question if you look at her with 5'10 Tyra Banks.. Daniela may be 179 but got rounded up.

Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if Daniela was closer like 179 cm. After all, you said Karen's old agency said she's 5'9.5 as you said, but now everywhere you go she gets listed as 5'10. It also seems to be that agencies like rounding up.
MaryAnne said on 10/Dec/15
Rob and friends could you check out this Picture and tell your ideas?
Click Here
Daniela Pestova on the very left is said to be 5'11 and looks it with other models , Ines Rivero on the very right is also listed 5'11 but she looks taller than Daniela in this Picture. So, is Daniela shorter than 5'11 or is Ines taller like 183+? By the way Stephanie is 5'9 and Karen is 5'9.5 (one of her old agencies gave her this)
MaryAnne said on 9/Dec/15
Could you add Anna Ewers please? :)))
spainmen191cm said on 6/Dec/15
Rob, when you say Francisco Lachowski is near 6ft 3 what height do you mean exactly in cm?
Editor Rob: in 190cm range
Allie said on 5/Dec/15
Thanks Rob. :). I think I can see her being a strong 182.

Another one I've always wondered is Caroline Trentini, she once said in a interview that she's actually 6'0.5/184cm tall, but her agencies always put her down at 180. I've done some examining, and tbh she doesn't come across as almost as tall as Karlie. Nor does she give an impression of being overly tall, like okay, she's tall but almost 6'1 sounds like stretching it. I'd put her at a strong 5'11 (181) or 182, as she's taller than models who claim 5'10.5 by about an inch. No more then that.
Allie said on 5/Dec/15
Actually, Oluchi's a tough one tbh, she's rumoured to be 6'1-2 in reality, and sometimes she looks it, but with some other models she clearly only looks 6 ft max.
Allie said on 4/Dec/15
Rob, there's this model from Nigeria, Oluchi, she was always listed as 6 ft tall, but I don't know, she looked tall, but examining some pics of her, for some reason I feel like she's shorter, like Ana Beatriz Barros actually looks taller than her, or how Tyra Banks was close in height with her. But in other pics she looks at least 5'11-6'0 range. I just don't think Oluchi was ever a legit 6 footer. Your opinion Rob? I doubt she's under 5'11, but the 6 ft claims always seemed off/too much for me.
Editor Rob: from a quick look I can see her being near 6ft
SportsHeight said on 3/Dec/15
Rob, doesn't it seem as if male models' neck measurements are chronically understated in order to fit industry standards? I feel like I see a lot of tall, filled-out models with similarly filled-out necks that get listed at 15/15.5". Does that seem rather small for people above 6'0", or is that normal?
Editor Rob: neck sizes is something I've not paid as much attention to. Mine is in the 15 inch range, I feel more comfortable with 15.5 inch collar though.

It would seem a strange figure to fudge though for models.
spainmen191cm said on 1/Dec/15
Rob, the model Jon Kortajarena is nowdays in top 3 of best male models, he was also in a film with Colin Firth and he look 187-188 with him he has also been described 187 in some magazines, he is quite skinny how much do you think he weighs if he is around 6ft2?
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: doubt he is over 170 pounds
sfs324 said on 1/Dec/15
Benjamin Eidem is an interesting one. He's listed as 6'1 but is nowhere near that. Many people have commented on how short he is compared to other male models. I'd be surprised if he's anything over 178cm.
spainmen191cm said on 30/Nov/15
Rob, what height do you think is the perfect one for modelling nowdays? For young models, men and women
Editor Rob: I'm not sure, but 5ft 10 and 6ft 2 might be ideal for some designers, while others may prefer slightly taller/shorter
Booty said on 30/Nov/15
@Rob how tall do you think Matthew Terry is, the model who starred in Calvin Klein's big Super Bowl commercial a couple years ago? He's listed by Ford as 6'1.5", do you think he's that tall? And how much do you think he weighed in the CK commercial?

On Ellen (includes CK ad): Click Here
Editor Rob: I think he would clear over 6ft, how much I don't know exactly.
Allie said on 28/Nov/15
@Grizz, Ah okay then.

Anyways, in this day and age, is 5'11 and 6'2-6'3 the perfect height for models? A lot of models who are already 5'9/5'10 are getting bumped up to 5'11 or close to it (females) and as for males, well I've seen several claim 6'3 and many agencies do taper out at 6'2-6'2.5 for them.
grizz said on 27/Nov/15
@Allie,I've requested his height on that site numerous times along with a couple of other people,but with no luck
MaryAnne said on 27/Nov/15
@Allie , I think Lais is... She gives me the impression of a giant and she seems a few cms taller than Monika who might be the second tallest angels... Maria Borges who is not a VS angel was the tallest model among them this year (in my opinion)
MaryAnne said on 26/Nov/15
Anna Ewer's height is given somewhere like this :
Anna Ewers. Height 5ft 7½in, bust 32in, waist 24in, hips 34in. Waist/height ratio: 0.34
Cliff said on 26/Nov/15
Well Rob, one of the posters here on Celebheights brought this to my attention on the Emily Ratajkowski page - whom you have listed at 5ft6.
She is undoubtedly without question taller than Sara Sampaio. If the photo below is to go by, then Sara most certainly is under 5ft6 as she looks 5ft5.5 at best in this shot. Both ladies are wearing pretty much wearing the same size heel as seen clearly here. In fact, Sampaio is actually standing straighter in the photo. once we see how 5ft9-10 models tower over Sampaio, under 5ft6 is certainly possible and pretty undeniable.

Click Here
MaryAnne said on 26/Nov/15
There are so many models that I want to learn that what their actual height are.

Such as Anne Vyalitsyna, Anna Ewers,Anouck Lepere
Allie said on 25/Nov/15
Who do you guys think that s the Karlie/Karolina of the angels now? As in the tallest VS Angel out the others, as Karlie and Karolina were the tallest out all the other VS angels during their run.

Also Grizz, this is a model height general discussion. I think that should go on the height request? Also, I'd like Dominic Sherwood added. He did have to bend down a little just to kiss Taylor Swift so he'd have to be near 5'10 or above.
SportsHeight said on 25/Nov/15
Rob, what percentage of female models do you think are 6'0" and above, and what percentage of male models do you think are 6'3" and above?
Editor Rob: I actually haven't looked into that statistic much, but from general observation maybe close to 10% reach 6ft or above of 6ft 3 and over for Males.
spainmen191cm said on 24/Nov/15
Rob, can you add the models Francisco Lachowski, or Andres Velencoso to the site?
There are a lot of female models on celebheights and only a few male models...
grizz said on 22/Nov/15
So,is this the right site to ask for Sean O'Pry's height? His 6'1 claim bugged me ever since the Blank Space music video
Cliff said on 22/Nov/15
Agree with you Rob on Sara Sampaio. Perhaps she should be listed on here (eventually) as either a strong 5ft6 or a weak 5ft6.5. I doubt she's over this. She is pretty much the same size as Kate Moss.She kind of reminds me somewhat of Angelina Jolie, in that she appears tall when photographed alone. The only way you tell that she's average female height is when she stands next to other models.
spainmen191cm said on 20/Nov/15
Rob,you had said that male models tend to be quite muscular but there are also quite skinny models for example how much do you think that weighs the model Francisco Lachowski? Who you said is around 6ft2-3
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: a guy near 6ft 3 like him might weigh 170 range
Cliff said on 19/Nov/15
Hey Rob, think it's time to add Sara Sampaio?

I'm guessing she's 167-168m or possibly a strong 5ft6. "Officially" she's listed any where from 5f7.5 - 5ft8, but she's obviously under this.
She can photograph tall because she's very slim with long legs. But seeing her stand next to other models in the 5ft9-10 range, she's usually towered by them.
Editor Rob: I'd struggle to see her sub 5ft 6, at times she can look anywhere in 5ft 6-7 range but 5ft 7-8 range seems too high
Allie said on 18/Nov/15
Yeah I know what you mean. Sometimes if a model is a tad bit over say.. 5'9, or 176 cm tall, they get bumped up to 5'9.5 or get listed as a flat 5'9! Also, any model whose supposedly measured at 181 cm, becomes 5'11.5 or a flat 5'11. There's also imoerial or metric and most times agencies just give one measurment, either imperial or metric!

I also wish they'd be more truthful as in both height and measurments. I mean, wouldn't a casting director get mad if a bunch of 5'8 girls who are all either size 0 or size 10 show up at his show even though most of their modeling cards will probably bill the models, between size 2-6 and around 5'9.5!
Allie said on 18/Nov/15
Just a quick question Rob, if a fashion model were to be listed as 5'11 on several agencies, but let's say two out of her.. say 5 agencies (as they get one for different capitals if I remember), list her as 5'11.5, which would you guess her real height to be? Close 6 ft (182-183) or 5'11 range (180-181)? Cause I've seen several models listed like this and although I've haven't checked what they claim on twitter or tumblr or in an interview, I'm curious to what you think would be the more likely height range if you were to guess.
Editor Rob: some of the confusion might be in the way they take heights. One might be going with imperial, another metric. Or, maybe they just decide on a higher or lower listing! It's confusing...I keep hoping they got measured properly and listed at their truthful height.
MaryAnne said on 17/Nov/15
Thank you Rob and Allie :))) I have been busy for these days but I'll join the discussions as much as possible :)) I enjoy your site Rob so much :))
Allie said on 15/Nov/15
Yay thank you Rob! Anyways, I wouldn't guess Lais over 6'0. She's barely taller than Jac (look at the Angel Soul Cycle event) and not that much taller than Behati whose 5'10 range. Also, Jac iirc, mentioned on twitter about being 5'11 and going to concerts means being able to see so there's that.
MaryAnne said on 13/Nov/15
Hello thanks Rob for giving us the chance to discuss model's heights
Well, what do you think about new VS angels's heights?
Click Here
You can check other pictures via web... Certainly,Sara is the shortest she's no more than 5'6
Editor Rob: Taylor Hill claimed "I'm 5'9 1/2". Lais Ribeiro does look quite tall.
Not really looked at them much yet. Sara is shortish amongst models really.

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