How tall is Jujimufu

Jujimufu's Height

5ft 10 (177.8 cm)

Jon Call is an American fitness and bodybuilding expert. On his website, he listed himself "Height 5″10 (178cm)" and in 2019 he weighs in the 230-240lb range. He also had a very 'rough' measurement Here, somewhere in 5ft 10-10.5 range.

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Average Guess (30 Votes)
5ft 10.06in (177.9cm)
bmb said on 18/Apr/23
Hey Rob. How tall does Houston Jones look here with Juji? Who has the edge here? Click Here
Editor Rob
Over an inch, but maybe not a full 2
Angle said on 16/Oct/21
Just watched that video and Erik reads out " 5'10" exactly ". Juji is wearing a baseball cap and we're not sure if he took off his shoes or not either. To add to that it's a very dodgy measurement as it was just a rough tape measurement. Best case scenario he took off his shoes and he's only getting an extra centimetre with the dodgy measurement and cap. Worst case scenario he's 5'10 exactly with shoes and a hat.

I know it's only a matter of millimetres and only height nerds like ourselves care about millimetres, but i reckon juji is more of a 177cm flat guy in the afternoon rather than a 177.8/178cm guy as listed here. Definitely wakes up at 5'10" so can't really say he's lying about his claim. Good video that.
vgno2 said on 14/Oct/21
Jujumifu got measured recently in a video (Erik Kanevsky Official) on youtube.
Keep Walking Tall Like Rop Baul said on 7/Sep/21
juji is a solid 5'10, 6'3 guy like Devon or Phillion couldn't really towered him
Luke Heinz said on 15/Dec/20
I think 5’9 7/8 would be a perfect listing for him, even 3/4 would be better than the full 5’10, I don’t think he’s quite that tall in the afternoon
Black Noir said on 3/Sep/20
Hey rob Jujimufu has a mate called Philion who’s also a fantastic youtuber I was wondering how tall u think he is? He says he’s 6’3 but seems 6’2 maybe?
Editor Rob
Looks at least 6ft 2 with Juji, but a full 6ft 3? If you've watched a lot of them together you could be in a better position to judge!

This is why a lot of people have yet to be added to the website, because I haven't seen enough of them. Sure, I could throw up 1000 new pages a month on here, but the guesses would be a lot more wilder 😆 It would be easy to do if you remain anonymous and don't give much thought to the topic 🤨
Black Noir said on 26/Aug/20
Hey rob Jujimufu has a mate called Philion who’s also a fantastic youtuber I was wondering how tall u think he is? He says he’s 6’3 but seems 6’2 maybe?
Angle said on 21/Aug/20
Oops if my last comment gets published I made a mistake. Juji just did a video with Kai green (5'8) and they seemed even most of the time with the edge going to Juji. Turns out Juji was barefoot the entire time with Kai having some decent footwear. Yeah good listing definitely a strong 5'10.
StretchDongStrong said on 31/Jan/20
Tom dwarfs him who is 6'1 at best in shoes and even that is unlikely.
Dudes 5'8, 5'9 in shoes.
I'm 5'11 in socks when I'm not squashed from lifting and get told I'm 6'1 all the time.
Tom's arm length, neck, width etc.?
No way either are any less than 2" less than what they're claiming online.
Jkiller said on 17/Jan/20
Right under 5'10, 5'9.75
NinjaWarrior0123 said on 23/Oct/19
Next to 6'4 range Devon Larratt, looks 5'10 so good listing.
Yuval said on 5/Jun/19
He often stands next to Larry Wheels(6'1) and 2 inches shorter
TheBat said on 25/May/19
I can see him in the 5'10" range as well, especially with that measurement part of one of his videos.

@James Brett

Agreed. It can be very bad for the body.
Myself said on 5/Apr/19
Hahahah, that was a good one!

At least he doesn't claim natural, to my knowledge.
James Brett said on 31/Mar/19
Dont these bodybuilders have any idea the harmful effects of juicing?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 28/Mar/19
His nickname should be changed to Juicimufu, lol.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Mar/19
@ Fisticuffs - I think everybody eats a bit of junk now and then. There's nothing wrong with all things in moderation.

Manelia III is on heat at the moment, but she's still too tiny for me to risk putting her through that major operation. Neutering is a far bigger process for girl cats than it is for toms.

She is crushing on Banana Junior, but he's neutered and can't give her what she wants! It doesn't stop her from pestering him though....

She first came into season at Christmas. It looks as though she will remain a tiny cat, and look like a kitten all her life. She had a rough start in life, the poor little thing.

I'm glad to hear that you're a cat lover! I'm known for being one ever since I started school. I have owned many, many cats and can't imagine life without them. Of course, I like all animals, but cats are my favourite of the whole bunch. I love big cats as well.

Lately, my diet has consisted of a great deal of fruit and milk shake meals. You could say it's pretty Spartan, but I am only a small female and wasn't meant to be big! Fellas need far more food, especially if they weight-train.

All the best to you Fisticuffs!

Sandy xxx 😊👍
Myself said on 19/Mar/19
It's kinda obvious he is on juice, dude.
Fisticuffs said on 18/Mar/19
@James Brett, yeah that does seem quite suspect. Always his weight is quite high for his height. Anything over 85 kg seems hard to achieve at that height. I'm surprised Jujimufu weighs 230/40 pounds. Kinda makes me wonder if he's juicing. Don't know if he claims Natty or not.
Fisticuffs said on 18/Mar/19
@Miss Sandy Cowell, lol nice. I would love to own a kitten too. They're my favourite animals. Can really change your mood in an instance.

I just lift weights to keep fit. Don't do much cardio unless I'm trying to lose weight.

My diet used to be quite strict but now I'm eating a bit of junk here and there. 😁
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Mar/19
@ Fisticuffs - Well, after my hip replacement, all I could do was to abide by the exercise programme that had been recommended to me by my physiotherapist The rest of the time was spent lolling about in bed watching television and eating fat-filled Oykos yogurts because I was genuinely depressed about my height-loss. Then on the first of August, we got a new kitten, Manelia III, so the television went into the lounge and I started moving about again because looking after a kitten is hard work and keeps you on the go!

When I went to visit my Dad in early November, I found that I had gone from 4ft11/5ft to 5ft1.75, and since then I have shaken off 15 and three-quarter pounds and am even a bit lighter than before my operation. All I can do though, exercise-wise, is keep moving as much as possible. I am reluctant to go out ever since I was attacked in 2005 in broad daylight on a train. I feel perfectly safe (well, safER!) going for short walks to the post box in my road at 2 and 3 in the morning, which I did about 90 minutes ago), and I do have a vibrostation which I am planning to re-introduce back into my routine gradually. I have to be careful now as I know I have thinning bones, so I make sure never to overdo anything again. I eat loads of fruit and veg, including smoothies, plus vitamin-enriched milkshakes. That's about it then! I feel so much more comfortable that I've shed that weight! I wasn't overweight as such, but I'd given up working out my BMI because I was so much shorter. I refused point blank to punch my details into my scales that I was 150cm! I wouldn't accept it! Height loss had resulted in a real feeling of having given up on working on myself, but now that I am that much taller, and have shed the weight I put on after my operation, I am far more positive and happy.

So that's what I do, or all I can do for the moment! What about you, Fisticuffs? How do you keep fit? 😁👍
James Brett 172cm said on 15/Mar/19
I know someone that claims 5ft10 (not sure if he’s really that tall) and back in 2010 he weighed no more than 141 pounds and in 2018 weighed in at 94 kg which is 14 stone 11. His job is a fitness trainer at a gym helping people achieve the body of there dreams not too mention he takes part in bodybuilding competitions.

However he has had symptoms such as severe acne breakouts on his face and asthma attacks which could point too steroid use.
Fisticuffs said on 15/Mar/19
@James Brett, exactly 5'9" in the afternoon.
Fisticuffs said on 15/Mar/19
@Miss Sandy Cowell, no problem. That's a very long distance to walk though, lol. But good on you. Staying fit is important, what do you do these days to stay fit, miss?
James Brett said on 14/Mar/19
oh yeah sorry fisticuffs forgot you already mentioned your height
James Brett said on 14/Mar/19
fistcuffs how tall are you?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Mar/19
@ James Brett - There is nothing wrong with your weight and by doing push-ups, which use a lot of energy, I'm not surprised you bulked out on the strength of them alone! As you'll obviously be aware, muscle weighs far more than body fat, and it needs calories just to maintain itself, of course, so it's a pleasing state of affairs to be nice and muscular, not by any means too light, or too heavy, but just right for how nature intended for you to be; you have given it a helping hand and achieved your body through your own hard slog, so well done! 💪😁👍
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Mar/19
@ Fisticuffs - Thank you for saying such sweet things to me! The reason I got into detailed nutrition was so that I could eat ENOUGH - and of the right things! My energy levels soared through the roof as a result, and I remember popping into my local for a glass of water (honest!) after a 21 mile walk. My mates, mainly fellas as it wasn't common for women to spend overly much time in pubs unaccompanied, (certainly not THAT loud 'n' raucous one!) found it hard to swallow that I'd walked so far because I wasn't even sweating! That's what being super-fit can do for you and I've said it before, but I'll say it once more, being fit is the best buzz in the World!

All the best to you Fisticuffs, and thanks once again!

Sandy Cowell xxx

PS I was 21 at the time.
Myself said on 14/Mar/19
He looks nowhere near legit 5'11 with Hafthor though. Also, he probably claims 5'11 only because he gets told by inflaters (or just common clueless people) that he's taller. The fact that the used to claim 5'10, aswell as the result of that measurement with angled tape (thus adding height), lead me to the conclusion that he can't be over 5'10 (5'10 1/8 max imo).
Fisticuffs said on 13/Mar/19
@Miss Sandy Cowell, It was good that you got into fitness at a young age. That was some good Info right there 👍. You seem so kind and humble. I'm sorry to hear about your bones. Take care of yourself.
Fisticuffs said on 13/Mar/19
@James Brett, enough muscle? that would depend on your goals. If you have around say, 10-15% body fat then that would be quite lean. If you have say, around 15-20 percent body fat, then you may not have as muscle muscle as you think. I'm assuming you're a bodybuilder and want to look as big as you can, like Jujimufu lol, but trust me, that physique takes years and years of hard work and dedication! I've been training for around a year and I've had my fair share of bulks and cuts (stay on a bulk for as long as you can) and I've managed to go from around 145 pounds to 155 pounds. I don't know my body fat but I do have a little extra weight on my stomach/legs so I'm guessing around 15-16%. I'm 5'9" (175 cm). I turn 24 next week. So I gained around 10 pounds and maybe only 7-8 was muscle and 3 pounds of fat. I don't look "big" but I am happier with how I look now. Good luck to you, sir 👍 hope I helped.
James Brett said on 13/Mar/19
actually sandy it wasn't that diificult too reach 162 pounds since i dont weight train as such but just stick too pushups
abcde said on 13/Mar/19
he looks like 177 cm or 178 cm
Randomdude0000 :
5'10 is barely average height nowadays amoung young people, but agree it's good height :)
I'm strong 178 cm (morning 180 cm, evening about 178.5 cm)
I would like to be a little taller (about 183 or 184 cm) but I do not complain
Pete P said on 13/Mar/19
Devon Larratt's wingspan would be difficult to measure and therefore not very accurate, because he can't extend his arms out completely, due to past injuries to the elbow areas, and very tight ligaments and tendons in those areas.
Samishere said on 12/Mar/19
Amazing he looks shorter on instagram. Maybe because he is muscular but I would not guess over 9.75 for him
Editor Rob
Physiques like his, with hair/beard sometimes can knock 1-2 inches from how others perceive you...then you meet them in person, and might get a surprise. There's a guy who lives near my Mother, who has a very big head. I was surprised the other day when I spoke to him and he was taller than myself, because from a distance you'd think he was 5ft 7!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Mar/19
@ James - You must be able to see that, with all the weight-training you are doing, 162 pounds at 172cm is a very muscular weight indeed. No doubt you look at and compare yourself to other body builders; women compare themselves to women they like all the time too, so I know exactly where your head's at! What you mustn't do is make the mistake of expecting to have the same physique as someone you particularly admire because you were born to be yourself and nobody else, and you have done very well indeed to reach the weight of 11st8 through hard slog at a height of 5ft7.75 It isn't a wise idea to aim for the impossible. You have a rigid workout programme and it has paid dividends. If you didn't bodybuild, you would be considered on the upper side of normal, but when you bulk your body out with muscle, all those rules go straight out the window!

In order to simply maintain your muscly frame, you are going to require infinitely more calories, and what they consist of is highly important too. Your body will need far more protein, which you'll obviously know yourself, and the finest balance of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Don't overdo things either! You haven't mentioned your age, but I am guessing you are very young/young and lead an active healthy lifestyle, as stress-free as possible.

It's a sad fact of life that young people expect so much from themselves. Ask yourself, "If I got any weightier, would I be any happier? Would I like myself more than I do today and feel more of a success?"

If you truly think the answer is "Yes, I would!" then proceed with caution. I'm not going to fob you off to a doctor or anything so basic, but being amongst like-minded people may be doing you more harm than good.

I personally think that lads like you should be provided with a professional trainer at the expense of the NHS. He would understand you and be qualified to recommend a regime that is suitable for you yourself, and nobody else. I don't know how expensive these professionals are, but one such person would be invaluable to you - and offer friendship, support and encouragement.

I can promise you that you aren't in any way too light for your height! When I started reading up on fitness and nutrition at 15-and-a-half, my endeavours were quite the opposite to yours, in that I wanted to be far too skinny. Even watching my nutrition didn't stop health problems kicking in at too early an age - by pushing a too-light body to extremes. Oh, my diet was nutritionally sound and I had unbounding energy, but now I have thinning bones and have already had a hip replacement last year at just turned 57. The only other woman I know who had one - at 3 or 4 years younger than I was - had hers as a result of overdoing her exercises to keep lean!

Our bodies are delicate machines and we must love and respect what was given to us! People of both sexes can often get a boost by growing a long mane - like Jujimufu here, or having a change in the way they dress. His wild hair is what I noticed about him before even his physicality. Different people like different things, but in order for others to warm to you, you must learn to love and respect yourself for yourself - James Brett.

I wish you luck, happiness and contentment!

All the very best for a healthy future,

Sandy Cowell 😊👍
Randomdude0000 said on 12/Mar/19

he showed himself being measured and he measured at about 5'10 .25(max)

he also has stated in the past he is 5'10, he is not 5'11, I can say I'm 6'2 does that mean I'm 6'2 most guys add an inch to their height.

the guy is a the definition of a LEGIT 5'10, taller than what most people think 5'10 really is. 5'10 is certainly a good height
James Brett said on 12/Mar/19
sandy cowell- iam 172cm and 162 pounds of muscle.

i do a lot of pushups but do you think 162 is not enough for my height?
houss said on 12/Mar/19
I asked him how tall he is on Instagram , he replied 5'11"
Matt (182cm) said on 11/Mar/19
Interesting that his wingspan is 4 inches longer than his height. I wonder what Devon Larratt's wingspan is because he has the visually longest arms to height ratio I've ever seen
Vlad_Fyodorov said on 11/Mar/19
I love this guy. Always positive vibes in his videos!
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Mar/19
Keeping a body like this takes an enormous effort! There was a young man working in the same place as I was and he was 5ft7 and 13st. When he told me he weighed 13st, I said, "That's rather a lot for a chap of your height!"

Then he took his top off and we could see where all the weight was situated - he had massive arms, and I assume legs to match, and a torso to be proud of. All the female heads turned, and one of them even said his physique was 'beautiful'!

He wasn't as big as Jujimufu, but this lad kept a part-time job down as well. Jujimufu does this for a living, which is terrific as he helps young men achieve the bodies of their dreams. What a smashing thing to do for a living! 😊👍💪

I shall go with 5ft10.25. 🦁
I dig his lion's mane as well!
Mr Rashid said on 11/Mar/19
Hmmm, I thought this guy could be a solid 5-10

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