How tall is Tyler The Creator

Tyler The Creator's Height

6ft 1 (185.4 cm)

Tyler Okonma is an American rapper known for songs such as Yonkers and She. In 2010 on twitter he seemed to have a dream, a wish "To Be 6'3 So F***ing Bad!" and claimed that he stood "6'1 Almost 6'2. F**K. *eats some milk*". He repeats this desire to be taller, "I F****g Hope I Hit 6'3." and in Jan 2011 mentioned "I'm 6'1 156lbs" and a month later seemed delighted: "I'm 6'2 Now!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!", but then in April doubts crept in, "I Think I Grew In The Past Couple Months. I Think I'm Officially 6'2. i Hope So."
He also mentioned his weight: "I WEIGH 198 POUNDS".

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Average Guess (90 Votes)
6ft 1.01in (185.5cm)
mark thompson said on 24/Sep/23
@7272 EDP claims 6 foot?! guess he never expected to be encountered in public or met irl until the cupcake video.
trin said on 12/Sep/23
he actually looks 186.7-187 ish how are you guys saying he's like 6'0" (183) i think he's pretty honest about his height he just rounds up
5to9 said on 31/May/23
The problem with Tyler is that he wears flat shoes 90% of the time, while the people around him wear sneakers or other high sole shoes. He looks a strong 6’1, sometimes even 6’2 whenever he stands next to someone with similar footwear. Any guess below 6’1 is a lowball
pov said on 8/May/23
He’s taller than Legit 6”1 Jim Carrey. Tyler wears flat shoes and slouches a lot, I wouldn’t rule out 187cm range
unkn0wn said on 19/Apr/23
Rob how tall does Earl Sweatshirt look next to Mike Tyson in this pic? I'd argue it's pretty close to your height difference with Mike when you met Click Here
Editor Rob
Wouldn't guess him over 5ft 8
7272 said on 16/Feb/23
EDP445 (The guy on the left) claims 6'0 but he looks about a strong 5'8 here. Click Here
mark thompson said on 7/Feb/23
in this sketch tyler seems to consistently edge out 6ft1.25 Jim carrey Click Here
their footwear is never visible so it’s not really the most damning evidence for tylers true height, just thought it was interesting.
Ben - 186cm said on 12/Jan/23
The picture with Jimmy Kimmel seals it. He’s barely taller. How he can still be listed at 6’1 and the average guess be almost bang on 6’1 is insane to me. Click Here
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 19/Aug/22
198 pounds? I doubt it, he looks skinny. Surely he'd be more like 160ish. Rob, what do you think.
MyNameis said on 18/Aug/22
@7272 Ski Mask The Slump God is definitely not 5’8”. He never looked more than an inch taller than XXXTENTACION and even looked about the same height as him in a 2017 video. Strong 5’6” range (5’6.25”-5’6.5”) is probably more accurate for him. Maybe he could be 5’6.75” at the very most. I cant judge the rest except for Earl who you might be be lowballing a bit and Anderson Paak who I don’t recall looking significantly taller than Bruno.
7272 said on 1/Aug/22
Rob, how tall does EDP445 looks next to Tyler?
Tommy Vercetti said on 24/Jun/22
This guy looks like David Alaba’s lost twin 😯
7272 said on 17/May/22
Other Rapper heights Rob should add
Aminè 179.5-181.5 (5’11)
Ski Mask The Slump God 172-174 (5’8)
Denzel Curry 173-175 (5’8.5)
Earl Sweatshirt 173.25-175.25 (5’8.6)
Anderson Paak 174.5-176.5 (5’9)
Goldlink 169-171 (5’7)

(Rap group brockhampton)
Kevin Abstract 171.5-173.5 (5’8) he edges out Jaden Smith in every photo
Ameer Vann 189-191 (6’2) he was 6’2 on a mugshot
Joba 187-189 (6’2) Ameer edges him out
Dom 177.5-179.5 (5’10)
Bearface 169-171 (5’7)
Matt 166-168 (5’6)
Merlyn 162.5-164.5 (5’4)
Lav said on 14/May/22
6’0 3/4 seems more likely than a flat 6’1.
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 23/Mar/22
He looked taller than 6'0.5 Knoxville in new jackass film. Their footwear looked similar.Tyler probably is 6'1 or very close to it.
Ian Omom said on 16/Feb/22
Harry Styles edged this guy out (Click Here), i think him wearing heels that day would be a better chance to be true, cause this guy can look close to 6'1 with other celebs
Big jun said on 11/Jan/22
But he did lie about it though. He caimed he is 6’2. I thinks hes just a 6”1 flat
dreus23 said on 24/Dec/21
Tall and lanky dude, which is why I respect his honesty about being 6'1 because Tyler could easily have claimed 6'2 or above and probably would be able to pass as it on occassions.

However, what's interesting is that I've seen Tyler sometimes genuinely does look 6'2.

Here's a pic of Tyler and 5'8 Kanye: Click Here

6'1½ Lil Nas and Tyler: Click Here

The last image is especially interesting, because the difference in shoe heel doesn't look that big and it's arguable that Tyler might even be at a slight disadvantage looking at the ground.

Now, I've seen images where Tyler looks shorter than this next to Lil Nas and Kanye, but it's always when he's slouching or standing at uneven ground. Huh...

Also, I can't believe the comment voting 6'0 just because it's impossible for someone to be honest when claiming 6'1 lmao
recapa said on 30/Nov/21
185-185.5 before bed and 187-187.5 out of bed.
5'10 Dude said on 3/Sep/21
Tyler's height kinda confuses me. Most of the time I'd say he looks no more than 6'1. He strangely looks similar height next to Jim Carrey who is listed here at 6'1½. He seems to slouch and pose a lot in photos which definitely makes him look shorter. I feel like 5'8 Kanye holds up super well next to him though he does wear thick shoes quite often. Tyler is noticeably taller than 5'9¼ Kendall Jenner. I'll guess a solid 6'1, but I still really have no clue.
177cm said on 22/Jul/21
Looks similar to Lil Nas X in height:
Click Here
Easy E said on 13/May/21
He can look 6ft 1.5. My sis saw him in the subway, said he was pretty tall; "easily 6'1 or more" and shes about 5'11.
BETA said on 12/May/21
187.3 cm “6’1 3/4” out of bed 186.06 “6’1 1/2” by Night so he’s really not lying about being “6’2” he’s a “Round up” type of guy he can easily pass for “6’2”🕺🏽🛸💕
recapa said on 2/May/21
he can look easily the full 6ft1 next to jim carrey .he is 185-185.5cm range to me.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 13/Apr/21
He can look taller than Jim Carrey in Kidding.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 13/Apr/21
He can look taller than Jim Carrey in Kidding me.
Your life said on 24/Mar/21
I wont be surprised if he is little over 6’1 because of how he looked next a strong 6’1 jim carey
Sammy 6'5" said on 5/Feb/21
So many people think he's not even 6'1, he is easily 6'1", I would say that he is just shy of 6'2" but not quite there, probably 6'1.5"
FriedChicken said on 22/Jan/21
I think he's over 6 ft but not quite 6 ft 1.
Slim 5'11 said on 22/Sep/20
He seems near 6'2 but slightly shy of it, also jamie foxx is a lift wearer so he dont count when it comes to comparing height.
mark thompson said on 25/Jul/20
my educated guess is Tyler the creator is 5’11 5/8 and frank ocean is 5’11 1/4
al001 said on 14/Feb/20
On Tyler’s Instagram with 5’8 Kanye West and 6’1 Quentin Tarantino

Click Here

His height is weird here since he looks barely 2 inches taller than Kanye but about the same as Quentin (footwear is unknown).
GoldenIgor said on 13/Jan/20
How is frank ocean listed at 5’11”, and Tyler at 6’1”, yet they look basically identical in every video and picture?


Click Here
Que lo Que said on 11/Jan/20
If frank and rocky are truly sub 6 feet than tyler has to be 184cm at best
ketler said on 8/Oct/19
He does look 184 at most
Luke Kelly said on 21/Sep/19
Rob, is a downgrade arguable for Tyler? Next to Jay-Z, Kimmel and Foxx he looks 6ft max.
Editor Rob
I can see how 6ft to 6ft 0.5 is a figure he can look with a few folk.
Dante Vaz said on 13/Sep/19
He doesn't look even close to 198 pounds, though
Lil Quacky said on 15/Aug/19
Umm in the song who dat boy he looks that hes 6ft 2???
Easterwood said on 19/May/19
Above average, but not substantially tall. My guess would be about 6'.
SnerhagAip7777 said on 24/Apr/19
You have to admire him for leaving it to wanting to be 6ft3 instead of claiming 6'3 like many other men would in that position.
Dutchy said on 8/Apr/19
He exactly 6ft
yoloboy said on 21/Jul/18
Here he is next to 5'9" listed Jamie Foxx Click Here
Frost said on 8/May/18
I doubt that inch changes perspectives THAT much
Kevin said on 26/Apr/18

He's 6'0 at best. If he was actually 6'1 he wouldn't be talking about his height all the time on twitter. Legit 6'1 guys know they are tall already.
MaskDeMasque said on 8/Apr/18
From his music videos and bits of Loiter Squad i've seen, i get more of a 183-184cm impression. He doesn't really look like a 6'1 guy.
:) said on 29/Jan/18
You have to take footwear into account though. P sure jay is wearing dress shoe and Tyler is wearing converse so that’s like inch or two difference. Still he doesn’t look like a 6 ft there.
Fin said on 29/Jan/18
How has Tyler even got 6’1”? Look at this photo with Jay Z who’s so 6’1” according to this site. Regardless of posture, camera angle, all that ****: Tyler isn’t the same height as him in this photo. And judging by previous differences that you can see when he’s stood next to Rocky (who is 5’9” - looo at the video of him next to Joe La Puma on Complex Sneaker Shopping who is 5’11”) he can’t be any taller than 6’. My guess is 5’11. Click Here
Editor Rob
He could be as short as 6ft, he's not that much taller than his friend Jimmy.
Yolo21 said on 28/Jan/18
He’s shorter than JayZ who is 6’2” by a lot. Look at the recent 2018 Grammys photos with the two of them.
Raheiz said on 23/Jan/18
I definitely think he lies about his height a bit. He barely towers over anyone. I haven't seen a pic where he actually looks a 6'2 guy. He probably is 6'0-6'1. He isn't much taller than Rocky in pics. He also shorter than Trinidad James
MyNameis said on 15/Dec/17
He's no more than a weak 6'0. I've never seen a photo or video where Asap looked more than 2 inches at most shorter than Tyler, and you list Asap as a solid 5'10. Asap might actually be closer to 5'10.5 if Tyler is 6'1.
:) said on 6/Oct/17
@B I have to say tyler has an awful posture so he is losing little bit of height from that as well.
B said on 4/Oct/17
@:) Yeah I think Jimmy is wearing dress shoes and Tyler is wearing sneakers you can see them at 1:47
:) said on 1/Oct/17
@B Id think jimmy is waring a footwear and tyler is probably not. so that makes jimmy around 6'0- 6'1. Which makes tyler around 6 feet?
B said on 28/Sep/17
Shorter than Jimmy Fallon????
Click Here (4:00)
Anonymous said on 27/Sep/17
He's on the dot 6'0, and lies about his height.
If Asap Rocky is barely 180cm, how can Tyler be anywhere near 6'2?
:) said on 23/Sep/17
Better link Click Here
Trindad James (6"2) and tyler the creator.
:) said on 23/Sep/17
This is a photo of trindad james (6"2) and tyler the creator (6'1?) standing next to each other. you can scroll down to view the photo. Click Here
:) said on 4/Sep/17
i doubt hes 6 feet. my guess is 186cm.
Vittellius said on 21/Aug/17
i'd say he is 6 and earl is 5,8.5
aknawkneemoose said on 10/Jun/17
i'd say he could be over 6'1 but i think he probably isn't 6'2 lol
hi said on 9/May/17
i saw his interview with bill nye and he did not look that much taller than him explanation?
ArthurJohn said on 18/Nov/16
This guy claimed he was 6'2" in an interview, then said his biggest insecurity is his height - because he wants to be 6'3"!
Tymmo said on 18/Nov/16

I could argue for 175cm, in my opinion Chance is a 178, maybe 179.

EDIT: keep in my that in the picture I provided, Chance has footwear AND camera advantage, he's a bit closer to the camera, makes him appear larger and taller, and his shoes are 1.75inch., Earl's shoes are probably 0.75inch.
Tymmo said on 18/Nov/16

I could argue for 175cm, in my opinion Chance is a 178, maybe 179.
earl said on 9/Aug/16
Earl can't be 177, that or Chance isn't 178 ( how he is listed on here)
TJE said on 9/Jun/16
Earl Sweatshirt is 5'8.5
Joseph said on 8/Jun/16
@Tymmo he's seems to be a bit of a height chameleon, but I think ur spot on with ur guess of 177.
Tymmo said on 6/Jun/16
@Joseph I'm thinking Tyler is 185 and Earl is about 177, I'll link a couple pictures for reference to Earl's height

With, 185 Tyler: Click Here

With , 168 Mac Miller: Click Here

With, 178 Mike Tyson: Click Here

With, 180 Chance the Rapper: Click Here

With, 192 Machine Gun Kelly: Click Here
Joseph said on 3/Jun/16
Not sure about what each is standing on or footwear, but how tall would u guess earl sweatshirt is? Provided Tyler is 185
Click Here
Editor Rob
in that still he could be a good 4-4.5 inch smaller, somewhere in that zone.
Randy said on 21/Apr/16
He claimed 6'5 in his song, Nightmare. He said,"I'm 6'5 about to cry." He even talks about how he got taller in that song. But yeah he is obvious not even close to 6'5, he wishes.
TJE said on 18/Apr/16
Yup, 6'0.75 for Tyler and 5'10.25 for ASAP.
xxx said on 17/Apr/16
Rob if asap rocky is max 5'10.5 should he be downgraded to 6'-6'0.5? I cant see this guy be taller than the likes of henry cavill/jon hamm?
Editor Rob
you could argue 184-5 range for Tyler
lelman said on 15/Apr/16
Just saw an interview where he said his biggest insecurity is his height. How often do you see a 6ft+ guy so worried about their stature? Absolutely nuts.
Aaron zamora said on 29/Mar/16
If Tyler is this height listed here how tall do you think ASAP rocky is? You should consider adding a page for him.
Editor Rob
5ft 10 range could be believed.
IFHY said on 24/Dec/15
He can look 6'2 sometimes too
i'd say he's 6'1.5
O said on 22/Nov/15
Rocky is listed 5'10.5 on Gòogle
AwwwYeah said on 19/Nov/15
I saw him at The Grove. He's a very immature 6'2".
Tymmo said on 21/Oct/15
@MD my take on it is that Rocky is 178cm with footwear advantage that makes him about 182cm in the video, and Tyler is 183cm with his footwear making him close to 185cm in the video...
MrTBlack said on 15/Oct/15
6'1" is definely the most he is. Not sure if under it though.
Anon said on 4/Oct/15
He looks way to close in height to rocky who's about 5'11 max (probably closer to 5'10) I would put him at 6".25 at most
TJE said on 29/Sep/15
Rocky looks 5'10.5-5'11.
MD said on 28/Sep/15

You find me a photo of a 6'0" Rocky. What you want proven is incumbent upon you to improve in the face of vast amounts of other evidence. How about this? How about that maybe Tyler is listed too tall? Shocking, right?
Thom said on 24/Sep/15
@MD so how do you explain ASAP Rocky being a inch shorter than Tyler?
MD said on 21/Sep/15

To be very clear, ASAP Rocky is not anything over the 5'10" he's most often listed. Here he is with 5'9" Pharrell Williams, and here I'm giving Pharrell a footwear advantage:

Click Here

So, A$AP might be even shorter than 5'10:, but certainly not a centimeter more.
Tymmo said on 17/Sep/15
Now that I think about it, we don't see the footwear, I think Rocky could be wearing a shoe that has an inch sole, so he'd be around 5'11''½ - 6'0''.
Tyler most likely has his classic Vans on which give about ¾ inch.
Tymmo said on 17/Sep/15
got something new to look at, here's Tyler and Rocky (A$AP) who is listed anywhere from 5'10'' to 5'11'' on the Internet, Tyler looks ½ an inch taller maybe an inch... maybe Tyler is 6'0'' ?

Click Here
Kechjellys said on 9/Aug/15
I think he is around 6.1 or 6.2
MD said on 20/Jul/15
Edit: I meant Jimmy KIMMEL. Either way, I'd like to see more pictures with this guy. He's quite a chameleon, height-wise.
MD said on 16/Jul/15
Weird, here he is with 5'11"ish Jimmy Fallon. They take these stage pics standing on level ground, so I'm not sure what's going on here. Even taking into account slouches and down-pushes and whatnot, you'd still expect him to look much taller than he does here.

Click Here
Cars said on 15/Jul/15
I met him today. I am 5'11 with dress shoes and he had a good 3 inches on me wearing low top Vans. Definitely 6'1+
Tymmo said on 11/Apr/15
In response to my last comment, I don't think he stands tall and I think Lionel does, once again 185-186cm range for Tyler (2 inches difference), they are standing on grass though
Tymmo said on 10/Apr/15
Screenshot from his new music video ''****ing Young'' that came out yesterday (Click Here)

He stand next to measured 6'3''(191cm) Lionel Boyce: Click Here

I can see 5cm difference so I would say he is 186cm
Tyler said on 5/Apr/15
I think that 186 or 187 is fairer.
Bishop said on 17/Mar/15
He tends to wear converse a lot so he could appear shorter. I would say 186 cm.
Mathew said on 4/Feb/15
Based on his comments I could see going with a 186 cm listing. I'd say he's probably just barely over 6'1".
Tymmo said on 8/Jan/15
@Frank181cm I think Frank Ocean stands 181-182cm, Click Here

he probably stands ~180cm in this pic and Tyler has about 5cm on him
Frank181cm said on 4/Jan/15
Hey rob, how tall do u think frank ocean is?
Noodle said on 27/Dec/14
Well, not really Jay. It was more down to the fact that it had never crossed my mind, and imagining him (fashion-wise, as he looks like a school boy), it wouldn't have surprised me were he shorter, like Lil Wayne, Tinchy Stryder etc.
Tymmo said on 22/Dec/14
Here with 191cm Woka Flocka Flames: Click Here
Tymmo said on 22/Dec/14
yeah I think he might be 186cm
Tymmo said on 22/Dec/14
yesss finally, you should consider adding Earl Sweatshirt as well
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Dec/14
Rob, is a little over 6ft1 possible?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't have guessed he was over 6ft 1.
Jay said on 22/Dec/14
Noodle, you really thought he was that short?
Bob said on 22/Dec/14
Looks like a weak 6'2-er to me
poorelephant said on 22/Dec/14
6'1.5? He wears flat shoes a lot as well
Noodle said on 21/Dec/14
I don't know. I kept going until about 22.

I'm surprised by his height actually, whether he has grown or not. I always thought he looked a bit weedy. 5'6" or something.

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