How tall is Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge's Height

6ft 7 (200.7 cm)

American baseball player, who plays for the New York Yankees. He has said "I’m 6-7, 275 [pounds]" and on another occasion "'I think I'm still growing, maybe. I'm 6-foot-8 now,' Judge laughed when told he looked bigger."

How tall is Aaron Judge
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6ft 6.53in (199.5cm)
Ohtani said on 4/May/23
Ohtani is 6'3
Bcodkd said on 30/Mar/23
Vmowk said on 21/Mar/23
Ohtani 6'3.5
Canson said on 10/Dec/22
@Editor Rob: I’ve seen pics of him with Brady and he’s only about 2” taller
viper said on 6/Dec/22
He only looked 6-6:with 6-4 Tom Brady
Beluga1 said on 10/Sep/22
6-7 is very believable. He looks more like 240-250 to me though, he doesn't really look that more bulky than Stanton.
Duhon said on 5/Apr/22
@JD1996 he does but he likely is indeed taller than Wilder. Factoring Aaron's hair he seems around ~1" taller than Wilder using Shaq as the baseline Click Here
JD1996 said on 4/Apr/22
Duhon he looks taller than what deontay wilder looked with shaq Imo.
Duhon said on 17/Dec/21
Judge with Shaq Click Here
viper said on 1/Sep/21
Eddie Murray still looks a good 6-2
viper said on 4/Jul/21
Weird how they now list Ken Griffey at
6-2, when he was always listed at 6-3
viper said on 30/Jun/21
Found the back of a Brooks Robinson card listing him at only 6-0.

Only seen him listed at 6-1 everywhere else
Sjane6 said on 28/Jun/21
For those who do not know, baseball has more height inflation that basketball (even before new NBA listings) and certainly more than football as height isn't as big of a deal for teams and lots of high school, college and even mlb teams never actually measure their players. Baseball heights have always had tons of shoe heights and LOTS LOTS LOTS above shoe heights. Most baseball guys just list themselves.
viper said on 16/Jun/21
Didn't realize Tatis Jr is only 6-1

Click Here.

Thought he was 6-2. Interesting
viper said on 13/Jun/21
Absolute MAX Gausman looked was 6-2

Originally listed 6-4

Click Here
viper said on 13/Jun/21
Baseball can really fudge weight too

Austin Wynn went from 6-2 215 to 6-0 190
viper said on 13/Jun/21
Jones looks 6-1 with Booker T
Canson said on 20/May/21
@Viper: Jones looked more 6’2” from the distance I had. Gausman is listed 6’3” on ESPN but 6’2 on mlb

Click Here
viper said on 18/May/21
Gausman is listed at 6-2 now

Click Here
viper said on 18/May/21
Adam Jones is 6-1

Click Here
viper said on 16/May/21
That proves how accurate I was on Gausman seeing him up close
viper said on 12/May/21
Back in the day baseball didn't mess with heights and weights like this that I can remember.
viper said on 12/May/21
Yep, very similar to Merriman
Canson said on 11/May/21
@Viper: yep. You thought similar to Merriman?
viper said on 10/May/21
I didn't realize Gausman was originally listed at 6-4
Canson said on 10/May/21
@Viper: he’s listed 6’3 now
Canson said on 9/May/21
@Viper: I do remember
viper said on 9/May/21
I see they lowered Kevin Gausman's height down to 6-2.

Canson remember I said he looked
6-1.5-6-2 up close
viper said on 15/Apr/21
Alonso was listed 6-2 in college
mande2013 said on 15/Apr/21
You may be right about Altuve being 5’4, although I would not go as low as 5’3 unless we’re prepared to believe Jeff Bagwell is no taller than 5’9. However, he does seem smaller than a proper 5’5er like N’Golo Kante.
mande2013 said on 15/Apr/21
Well DeGrom has a strong two inches on Pete Alonso who Rob thought was a strong 6’2 based on a picture with Mike Tyson: Click Here

I’m only going off that.
viper said on 14/Apr/21
Altuve is absolutely no taller than 5-4

In fact he can look as short as 5-3

Degrom taller than his listed height? Doubtful

Trout I doubt is any taller than 6-0
mande2013 said on 13/Apr/21
My guesses for some MLB stars not (yet) listed on here:

Mike Trout: 6’0.75
Mookie Betts: 5’8.75
Jose Ramirez: 5’6.75
Jacob DeGrom: 6’4.5
Francisco Lindor: 5’9.5(he’s a strong three inches shorter than Trevor Bauer, so whatever Bauer’s honest barefoot height is should give us an idea of Lindor’s stature)
Clayton Kershaw: 6’4 I guess

Jose Altuve is on the site but I’ll give him 5’4.75. He can look anywhere from 4 to 5 inches shorter than Craig Biggio depending on the photo.
viper said on 8/Apr/21
Trout and 6-1 Justin Upton.

Click Here

Trout does look to be struggling with 6-0 there in the video.

Trout can look as tall as 6-1 at times.
Cbrady said on 8/Apr/21
Click Here

@ Viper and Kurtinho Off topic a bit maybe but since Trout doesnt have a page what do you make of him with Alex Rodriguez here? I was honestly a bit concerned about 6 foot for Trout watching it. Alex could be more 6-1.5 than 6-2 as well we should remember.
viper said on 6/Apr/21
He's way off on Trout.

Trout is at least 6-0

Judge looks bigger than any NFL tight end.

He's the biggest player in baseball in a while
Kurtinho said on 6/Apr/21
Cbrady - I think you should seriously question your uncles opinion if he thinks that judge looks 225.
Cbrady said on 5/Apr/21
I have an uncle that goes to yankees games a lot and he says Judge looks more in 6-6 range. I also asked him how much he thinks Judge weighs and he said 225 pounds (seems a bit light).

This same uncle also said he met Mike Trout in person and he looked 5-10.5 to him. I am really not sure about Trout's 6-2 listings at this point.
viper said on 4/Apr/21
I see Upton was listed at 6-2 when he first broke in
viper said on 4/Apr/21
Wow, mlb downgraded Justin Upton from 6-3 down to 6-1. They hardly ever do that. I thought Upton could have been 6-2.

It shows how tall a legit 6-1 can look in baseball.
Canson said on 27/Mar/21
@Viper: 🤦‍♂️ inflation lol. And Frank Ntilikina is now listed 6’4” so chances are his 6’4.5 claim was not an afternoon height. Judge didn’t have 3” on him

@Christian: that’s bad news being Titus is slouching too.
viper said on 7/Oct/20
Announcer just said he's 6-8, lol
JD1996 said on 7/Oct/20
He looks to slightly edge out Braun strowman who is 6’6.5-.75” range so nothing looks wrong with 6’7”.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Dec/19
Judge with 6'3" Titus O'neil Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 2/Oct/19
6'3.5" Jameis Winston w/ 6'7" Magic... Click Here

W/ Dellin Betances... Click Here

Aaron Judge w/ Betances... Click Here
Canson said on 5/Sep/19
@Viper: in 2006, the measurements were anywhere from 3/8 to 5/8” different from one another
Canson said on 5/Sep/19
@Viper: Senior Bowls are in the morning now a days too. I’ve seen a lot of players measure identical to their senior bowl or within 1/4” at the combine. The only one I’ve seen in the last 3-4 years measure 1/4” different was baker mayfield 6’0 5/8 vs 3/8 and that’s because he had a family issue and showed up late. Meaning his was probably around lunchtime I assume and he’s really 6’0.25” at a low
viper said on 4/Sep/19
IMO Gurley would measure 6-0 3/8 at the senior bowl.

I see it a lot where players measure 6 5/8 something at the combine down to 6 3/8 something at the senior bowl
viper said on 4/Sep/19
Judge isn't higher than 6-6.5 I'd say
Canson said on 2/Sep/19
@Sotiris: prob 6’.25 for Gurley
Sotiris Gravas said on 24/Aug/19

Maybe Gurley is 6'0.25" or 6'0" flat... That said, Judge is maybe 6'6.25" or as low as 6'6". Or maybe I'm wrong and should just give up trying to guess this guy's height, lol...
Sotiris Gravas said on 22/Aug/19
Judge w/ maybe 6'3.75" Michael Strahan (2019)... Click Here , Click Here

Strahan w/ 6'5" CC Sabathia (2019)... Click Here , Click Here

Sabathia w/ maybe 6'9.75" Giannis Antetokounmpo (2019)... Click Here
viper said on 13/Aug/19
Gurley is 6-0
Canson said on 8/Aug/19
@Viper: I don’t know. Judge actually can look the full 6’7” at times. Then he can look 6’6.5 but I doubt a flat 6’6”
Sotiris Gravas said on 8/Aug/19
Judge w/ 5'5" Danny Trejo... Click Here

Trejo w/ 6'7" (not 6'9") Ike Catcher... Click Here
6'4.5" Zlatan Ibrahamovic and Cathcer... Click Here

Trejo w/ maybe 6'8" (not 6'10") Nathan Jones... Click Here

Listed 6'1" Todd Gurley w/ Judge... Click Here , Click Here

Gurley w/ 6'7.25" (listed 6'8") Calais Campbell... Click Here

W/ maybe 6'7.5" (listed 6'9", said to have grown taller) Brandon Ingram... Click Here
Ingram w/ 6'4.5" Lonzo Ball, 6'6.75" LeBron James, 6'7.5" Kyle Kuzma (2018):
Click Here
Ingram w/ maybe 6'6.75" (listed 6'8") Luke Walton and 6'11.25" Brook Lopez (2017): Click Here

W/ 6'7" Tyson Fury... Click Here

Gurley in the back w/ 6'10.25" Chris Bosh... Click Here
viper said on 17/May/19
Though I have found that site undercuts some guys. It has Tom Brady at 6-3
viper said on 17/May/19
This site lists Judge at 6-6. Click Here

Also lists Betances at 6-7
Mickie said on 16/May/19
I don't think Camera angle has that much to do why Frank Thomas looked so tall there. I think he has a small advantage from being closer to the camera, but I don't think it's that wonky. Sorry I just can't see him at 6'3".
viper said on 7/May/19
Hogan pic with Pete Rose in the 80s.
Click Here
Canson said on 5/May/19
@Viper: when was the pic taken?
viper said on 3/May/19
I don't think Betances is 6-8.

Think he's 6-7.

He doesn't look 6-8 physically at all on the mound.
viper said on 3/May/19
Canson, do you agree Hogan doesn't look as tall as 6-5 Dave Parker and 6-5 Strawberry
viper said on 3/May/19
Judge is 6-6.

I think at most maybe 6-6 and a quarter
viper said on 3/May/19
Frank Thomas is way closer to the camera.

I think Frank could be just 6-3 today.

A-rod could be under 6-2.
Canson said on 3/May/19
The picture with Jackson And Kobe is interesting. Maybe it’s in favor of Kobe because they should be around the same height unless Jackson has begun to lose some
Mickie said on 3/May/19
Frank Thomas video with Ortiz and A-Rod. Looks taler here than in Sotiris' picture. Also makes the estimate of 6'4" for Thomas and 6'2" for A-Rod look laughable. Ortiz looks an inch taller than A Rod here and Frank Thomas looks at least 2" taller than Ortiz: Click Here

Not sure what to make of their heights overall. But I would've thought from this one video there is at least 3 inches between Frank Thomas and A-Rod.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/May/19
He does look 3" taller than Conan O'brien, probably is Conan is more like 6'3.75" so Aaron is 6'6.75".
viper said on 2/May/19
Hogan doesn't look as tall as Parker and Strawberry.
Sotiris Gravas said on 1/May/19
I think I wrote "2014" for the Winfield/Rock pic instead of 2004. It obviously wasn't that date given that Michael Clarke Duncan passed away in 2012...
Sotiris Gravas said on 1/May/19
@viper Dave Winfield was listed as 6'6", but it would appear he was really 6'5" peak. Here's Winfield and Aaron Judge (2015)... Click Here (Winfield was 64 years old here.)

As for Frank Thomas, compare these pics:
Here's Dave Winfield and Frank Thomas (2012)... Click Here

W/ 6'4" Dennis Haysbert (2010)... Click Here
W/ 6'4" Cito Gaston (2010)... Click Here
W/ 6'4.5" Michael Jordan (2014)... Click Here , Click Here
W/ max 6'4.5" Giancarlo Stanton... Click Here

I'm not sure as to Thomas' peak height, but he's clearly not more than 6'4" now. Another look at Thomas w/ Ortiz and A-Rod... Click Here

Dave Winfield and 6'7" Magic Johnson (2010)... Click Here
W/ Steven Moya (listed 6'7") in 2016... Click Here
W/ Tony Clark (listed 6'7" and 6'8")... Click Here
W/ 6'6" (not 6'8") Quinton Aaron (2010)... Click Here

Winfield w/ The Rock (Michael Clarke Duncan and Bernie Mac) in 2014... Click Here

As for 6'5" Dave Parker, here he is w/ Pete Rose... Click Here , Click Here , Click Here , Click Here

As compared to Rose and 6'5" (not 6'6") Darryl Strawberry... Click Here
Rose and max 6'5" peak-height Hulk Hogan (most likely in cowboy boots)... Click Here
viper said on 29/Apr/19
Alex Bregman looks 5-8 with 6-2 A-rod. Click Here

Weird how some people think he's 5-10
viper said on 29/Apr/19
What do you think Soritis.

Frank Thomas was never more than 6-4.
viper said on 29/Apr/19
Dave Parker was definitely a legit 6-5.

He also could look more than just 230 pounds
Sotiris Gravas said on 23/Apr/19
Kobe Bryant and Jim Jackson, both listed 6'6"... Click Here

Jackson and Frank Thomas... Click Here

Jackson and maybe 6'2.75" Terrell Owens... Click Here

Frank Thomas and 6'10" Randy Johnson... Click Here Tim Raines (5'8" peak height) is standing on that chair.)
Sotiris Gravas said on 11/Apr/19
Dellin Betances was listed as 6'8" on the Yakees' 2014 roster, which is why he chose the number 68:
Click Here Now go back and look at the Judge/Betances pic I already posted...
Sotiris Gravas said on 8/Apr/19
Dellin Betances (listed 6'8") and Judge... Click Here

Betances, Judge and around 6'5" (not 6'6") CC Sabathia... Click Here

B and Jameis Winston (listed 6'4")... Click Here

B and a slouching 6'11" David Robinson... Click Here

Around 6'2" A-Rod and Judge... Click Here
AR and Magic... Click Here , Click Here
AR and Betances... Click Here , Click Here
AR and Robinson... Click Here

As for Derek Jeter, here he is w/ A-Rod... Click Here
Jeter and 6'2" Mark Cuban... Click Here
Canson said on 7/Apr/19
@Viper: May be Frank’s posture
viper said on 6/Apr/19
Wow, Frank barely looks 6-3 with 6-2 David Ortiz
viper said on 6/Apr/19
Maybe Judge at 6-6.5 and Frank Thomas at 6-4.

If Frank has been just 6-4 all along that would surprise me.
Canson said on 5/Apr/19
Fister looks much shorter next to him than he does on TV. I would’ve guessed him 6’6” barefoot
Canson said on 5/Apr/19
@Sotiris: that is how Ntilikina looks too is 194ish. He’s now listed at 6’6” in the NBA.

That looks more than 2” when they’re back to back.

@Viper: I never knew how tall Thomas was. But his peak is probably not far off 6’5. Maybe worst case 6’4. Jordan at 6’4.5 looks similar

Click Here
Mickie said on 5/Apr/19
Funny thing is, Frank Thoams looked really big next to A-Rod and David Ortiz in the world series coverage last year. I don't have the video of it, but they had a discussion all standing up and Thomas looked at least a good 2.5" taller than David Ortiz who looked 1" - 1.5" taller than A-Rod (who himself was listed at 6'3").
viper said on 4/Apr/19
Judge went back to back with Frank on TV and had 2 inches on him.

Did Frank shrink? I thought he easily looked a 6-5 guy physically at the plate.
Sotiris Gravas said on 4/Apr/19
Here's Judge w/ 6'4.5" Frank Nkilikina (listed 6'6") in 2017... Click Here , Click Here

Frank even admitted to being 6'4.5"... Click Here

Maybe Judge really is 6'6.5".
Sotiris Gravas said on 4/Apr/19
@Canson Here's max 6'2" (not 6'3") A-Rod w/ 6'4.25" Eli Manning (2011)... Click Here

A-Rod and David Ortiz... Click Here
A-Rod, Big Papi , and The Big Hurt (2018)... Click Here
W/ Thomas... Click Here

Thomas and Pete Rose (2016)... Click Here
6'6" Dennis Rodman and Rose... Click Here

Maybe Thomas is 6'3.5" and Judge is really 6'6.5".

Just for fun, A-Rod and 6'8" Alonzo Mourning... Click Here

Here's Conan and 6'7" Magic... Click Here Magic looks taller than the Conan/Judge pic I already posted.
Canson said on 4/Apr/19
@Sotiris: I’m not sure how tall Thomas actually was at his peak or today but he’s at least 3” shorter in the photo you posted as well as this one

Click Here
Canson said on 4/Apr/19
@Sotiris: Judge has more than 2” on Frank thomas in that pic. Now it may be distorted due to the angle
Sotiris Gravas said on 2/Apr/19
YouTube footage of Judge w/ Big Cass and Braun Strowman... Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 22/Mar/19
Here's Frank Thomas w/ Judge (2017)... Click Here Thomas obviously isn't 6'5".
Sotiris Gravas said on 13/Mar/19
I used to think he was 6'7", and pics w/ Giancarlo Stanton (listed 6'6) confused me... Suffice it to say, I now see that Stanton is 6'4" and that Judge is 6'6".

Judge and Stanton... Click Here , Click Here , Click Here

Stanton and 6'4" Michael Strahan... Click Here

Stanton an 6'2" (listed 6'3") Derek Jeter... Click Here

Jeter and 6'4.5" Michael Jordan... Click Here

Jeter and 6'4" Strahan... Click Here

Jeter and 6'3" (billed 6'6") Titus O'Neil... Click Here

Judge and 6'7.5" (not 6'8.5") Blake Griffin (poor posture)... Click Here

Judge and 6'7.5" (not 6'8") Big Cass... Click Here , Click Here ,
Click Here

Judge and 6'6" Braun Strowman... Click Here
Strowman and Cass... Click Here

Judge and 6'5" Doug Fister (listed 6'8")... Click Here

Judge and height-loss Dave Winfield (listed 6'6", but really 6'5" peak height):
Click Here

Judge and 6'3" Titus... Click Here

Judge and 6'3" Conan... Click Here

What do you guys think is his real weight?
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 23/Aug/18
Strange that some picture standing alone he can look no taller than 6'5 1/4.
viper said on 9/Jul/18
He can look 6-7 at times no doubt. I think he's just shy of it
Canson said on 17/Apr/18
I would say if he isn’t a full 6’7 at a low he’s likely that in the morning which is likely when he measured and may even be more than that. Worst case 6’6.5 at a low probably. But I Don’t see much embellishment with his height honestly. It would do little good for him.
viper said on 9/Apr/18
Stanton looks 6-4 at most with 6-2 Christian Yelich. Click Here
Canson said on 4/Mar/18
@Checker: Stanton isn’t 3” shorter than Pippen in the better pic it’s 2+. Stanton definitely isn’t 6’6” but 6’4” may be low. However I also am under the belief Pippen may be under 6’7” (based on how he looks at times). So he could be 6’6.75 and someone like Stanton may be 6’4.5. But i think a flat 6’4” is too low for him but who knows maybe he is
Anonymous said on 9/Jan/18
He stands at 6'7" exact, no more, no less.
Canson said on 7/Jan/18
It’s honestly hard to pinpoint. He can look a legit 6’7” guy at times honestly. At other times can look 6’6” range like Checker said. But baseball players heights are no less exaggerated than any other sports. I mean look at Giancarlos Stanton and CC Sabathia both are overlisted on their team’s rosters. Stanton looks 6’4 maybe 6’4-6’5 and Sabathia I once believed 6’6” looks 6’5” with guys like Carmelo Anthony who is a real 6’6er
Dean said on 4/Jan/18
No this man is really 6 foot 7. I used to watch him play all the time when he was with the RailRiders (AAA Minor league affiliate) met him twice during pre games, nice guy too.
Canson said on 1/Jan/18
@Checker: not sure on Betances. I’d say he’d edge Judge by a tad. I thought 6’7” for Judge but He can appear 6’6” range but that meaning 199/200 as opposed to a classic 6’6 or even a Strong 6’6” like Carmelo Anthony
Canson said on 1/Jan/18
@Christian: nice find! I can believe him being about my height max maybe 6’4” flat but say somewhere between 6’4-6’5. It’s rare that anyone is listed at a barefoot height. Even many of the taller players like Duncan and Nowitzki are padded a bit maybe an inch. Duncan was listed 7’0” when David Robinson played with him in order to market them as twin towers and then reduced to 6’11. He was listed 6’10 at Wake Forest and believe he’s that max barefoot no taller. As for what you said about the 195cm that’s typically correct. I was measured 194 range in college and told I was 6’4.5 at one point and listed 6’6” (was initially listed 6’5). I got a 6’4.75 once too but was either a mistake and it was in the morning I think because even in my 20s I was around 6’4.5 then too

Thinking more tbh he looks 2” or so over Jarrett Jack
checker said on 1/Jan/18
Stanton is 6'4, clearly 3 inches shorter than 6'7 Scottie Pippen. He was listed at 6'4 when he started out.

Judge is described as 6'6 regularly. Hes not taller.
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 31/Dec/17
Yeah Christian, I was about to comment at the absurd average guess here. I actually thought he'd be pushing 6ft 8 for a while.
Norm said on 31/Dec/17
Judge is clearly 6 foot 7 inches EXACT! NOT 6ft 6 OR 6ft 5. Stanton is not 6ft 6 though he stands 2 inches below Judge. Where is the 6ft 6 in Judge coming from he clearly looks 6ft 7 you guys are underestimating.
@Rob what is your opinion on Judge do you think he is below 6ft 7 and what about Stanton he should be on here too.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 30/Dec/17

He's listed 195 on a French profile Click Here and 194 on another one Click Here I think it's safe to say he isn't a legit 6'5" and not even 195 either because he would've been listed 6'6" by the NBA if he was really that tall. Not sure about the 194 listing but that could be his max.
checker said on 29/Dec/17
Judge clearly looks shorter than 6'7 range Betances. And I give Betances the benefit of the doubt of maybe being 6'7.5, yet Judge still looks 6'6 with him.
Canson said on 28/Dec/17
@Christian: the only thing with Ntilikina is that he is a foreign player some have more credibility than others but I still can believe that he was upgraded a hair. But maybe not as much as your typical homegrown NBAer. He looks 6’4” range to me. I actually believe Judge to be around 6’7. Worst case he’s 200 in my opinion but maybe Checker is right
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 28/Dec/17
I have a hard time believing Judge's only 6'6" but at the same time but I also have a hard time believing Ntilikina's a legit 6'5" since vast majority of basketball players are listed with shoe heights, some of them even further than that.
Canson said on 27/Dec/17
@Checker: that looks more like 2” but no guarantee Ntilikina is really 6’5 barefoot could honestly look 6’4 range with Jack

Click Here
Canson said on 27/Dec/17
@Checker: I would’ve guessed Stanton to be 6’5 but maybe you’re right with him by pippen. I actually don’t think Scottie is even a full 6’7. Maybe peak he was but next to Jordan he looks roughly 2” taller and MJ is 6’4 range (194 range) or Horace Grant or Rodman. The most I could see Scottie is 200cm. I actually thought Judge was at least Pippen’s size 200cm (6’6.5-6’7).

The pic with Ntilkina is also good. I wondered how tall he was whether he was really 6’5” barefoot. The one thing I do know is I’ve balled with Jarrett Jack he’s a good 6’2 maybe 6’2.25. And met Melo he looks his 6’6.25 imho absolutely no less than 6’6. He’s legit 198-199. I’ve never been able to compare him with frank tho
checker said on 26/Dec/17
Judge is described as 6'6 sometimes in articles right now.
checker said on 26/Dec/17
Canson, how can he be 6'7 when he barely has 2 inches on 6'4 Stanton.

6'7 Scottie Pippen has 3 inches on 6'4 Stanton.

6'5 frank ntilikina is just an inch shorter than 6'6 Judge. Click Here
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 26/Dec/17
Funny how most people here think he's at least 6'7" yet the Average Guess is 6'6.22"
Canson said on 25/Dec/17
Well Checker is right because I’ve seen Jeter albeit not right next to him but maybe a slight distance and could clearly tell he was shorter than me. He looked 6’2”.

I also agree Sabathia is not over 6’5” now that I see him maybe even just 195 the more I see especially next to Carmelo Anthony. I can understand why he’s overlisted at 6’6” and 6’7 because of his weight. Judge looks a legit 6’7” tho not 6’8 or 6’6”.
Doqes said on 25/Dec/17
@Benaddict I don't think he is 6'7.5" but I also don't think he is 6'6" I have seen enough pictures to believe that he is past 6'6" range. I myself is a solid 6'5" and I think he would be noticeably taller than me. A little over 6'7" is a slight possibility but not 6'7.5" and also I do believe some guys "boost" their listed height. But that's not the case for every player so I agree with you on that one Benaddict. I know nothing about this Betances guy but I have just check a few pictures with him and Judge and my guess is that he is probably his listed height, 6'8"
checker said on 24/Dec/17
Im an expert on baseball heights, more so than you. LOL Where is this evidence a baseball player has ever been measured.

Alex Bregman is a good example of a 5'8 guy listed at 6'0. You can go to the LSU forums where he played college ball and people say he looked just 5'8 when they met him. Its also obvious he looks 5'8 physically at the plate.

6-3 listed Pedro Alvarez of the Orioles is no taller than 6'0. Baseball also messes with listed heights like no other. Ichiro Suzuki somehow gained 2 inches and is now listed at 5'11 when he was listed at 5'9 his whole career.

Randy Wolf was listed at 6'0, then listed at his real height of 5'10, then back up to 6'0. Miguel Cabrerra when he got more famous was bumped up from 6'2 to 6'4.
checker said on 24/Dec/17
People swore Daryl Strawberry was 6'6 when he played. Turns out he was 6'5 when he was arrested. Also admitted to Mike Tyson he was 6'5 when Tyson asked him how tall he was.

Dave Winfield was a 6'5 guy listed at 6'6.

With guys this big and tall its so easy to be off an inch especially If you are under 6'0.

The Orioles Zach Britton is just 5'11 when hes listed at 6'3. I coudlnt believe he was that short when I met him. And you can easily tell hes around 5'11 sitting near the field. Ive met former Oriole catcher Rick Dempsey. Hes no taller than 5'8 yet hes listed at 6'0.

I just found out Ubaldo Jimenez is 6'4 when I would have bet all the money in the world he was 6'5.
checker said on 24/Dec/17
Ive met many Orioles players and others. So many are as much as 3-4 inches shorter than their listed height. Never heard of any players getting measured.

A-rod is 6'1 range, always looked a little shorter than 6'2 Jeter.

Bellinger may be 6'3 but not taller.

Stanton was listed at 6'4 his first year, hes not taller than that. Hes no 6'5

Puig is 6'1, not 6'2.

Judge was always described at 6'6 earlier in his career. Hes not taller than 6'6.
Canson said on 24/Dec/17
@Hero Vito: agreed. He could also lose an inch in a day being that heavy
checker said on 23/Dec/17
Betances is described as 6'7 here. Click Here
Benaddict said on 23/Dec/17
@Free, @checker no way he is 6 foot 6 and you are off an inch on all these guys. Have you seen these guys play? Do you even collect autographs from these guys? I was on field to meet with the home team and get autographs, Judge was on the visitor team. While he was walking to take indoor batting practice I ALMOST got his autograph but it was one of those cliche things where he signs this kids ball but I was so close to him I got to see how tall he really was too. I am 5 foot 10 and 1/4 inch, and I measured at the doctors 3 months ago and I usually stand at 5 foot 11 exact with most of my shoes. When I was next to Judge he was exactly a head taller than me and he had an 9 inch head not a joke. I swear this guy is NOT 6 foot 6. He looked 6 foot 8 with the shoes he had not cleats because this was before the game. From my guess he was 6 foot 7 to 6 foot 7 and 1/2 inch. Stanton on the other hand I have met multiple times and he is a solid 6ft 5, but I have a feeling I wont be meeting him again because he got traded to the Yanks and they are extremely hard to get an autograph outside of promotional events. Best way to meet them, autograph, or in this case compare height is the way I saw Judge. That kid Bellinger is not 6 foot 2, he's 6 foot 4. I saw him play multiple times this year, next to Puig, Adrian Gonzalez both 6ft 2 guys I've met. Cody is for sure 6ft 4 but he does have horrible posture even when he is at the plate. @Hero Viro I like your theory about Sabathia shrinking, but I don't think so, met him twice, he has always been exactly 6ft 5. Guys like Alex Rodriguez is an a**hole and I have never met or tried, too many of my friends have told negative stories about meeting him but when he played he was like 6ft 2-3.

I have met pretty much every well-known player that has played at least 2 years in the bigs and I can go on and on about every player and their height. But what I really had to say is that most of these guys inflate their hate because of their height in the cleats they wear during the game. You rarely see a player say 2 inches past their real height these days, some are even measured. You guys should also do a good amount of research before making these assumptions.
Aaron zamora said on 23/Dec/17
Looks over 2 inches shorter than dellin detunces
Free said on 21/Dec/17
Bellinger looks 6-2 with 6-2 max Alex Rodriguez. Click Here

You can't compare baseball players well. They are exaggerated to extreme levels, as much as 4 inches.

We know Stanton is really 6-4 so you can compare him.
Free said on 21/Dec/17
I remember a guy on here meeting Sabathia and said he was 6-5.

Judge is 6-6 max though. Doesn't look taller than that with 6-4 Stanton
Hero Viro said on 20/Dec/17
@Canson Sabathia might have been a weak 6ft 6 in his prime and I know that sounds ridiculous because he is only 37 but he has weighed almost 300 pounds sometimes and working out with weight like that will likely cause you to shrink and I believed he was 6ft 5.75 peak, now 6ft 5.25.
Hero Viro said on 20/Dec/17
Click Here Here is Judge next to 6ft 4 listed Cody Bellinger that looks believable. He is also next to 6ft 6 listed Giancarlo Stanton, he might be 6ft 6 if Judge was 6ft 7.5 and here is Judge with Betances again Click Here but this one makes Betances look like a legit 6ft 8 and Judge flat 6ft 7, but I'm pretty sure Betances' shoes in this picture are thicker than Judges shoes even though it looks the other way around. Betances also has better posture in the picture.
checker said on 20/Dec/17
Judge is 6'6 max next to 6'4 Giancarlo Stanton. Click Here Really he looks more 6'5 there. I dont see Judge any taller than a weak 6'6. Possibly as low as 6'5.5.

Stanton use to be listed at 6'4, hes not taller than that. Click Here

Article this year describing Stanton at 6'4. Click Here
Canson said on 19/Dec/17
He may actually be taller than Lebron to tell you the truth
Canson said on 19/Dec/17
@Hero Viro: oh I gotcha! I thought you meant CC. But Sabathia is higher than that. I’m 6’4-6’4.5 myself and I’m pretty sure Sabathia would “clearly” edge me. At least a full inch minimum but I’d say 1.5 possibly. I’ve seen Derek Jeter from a distance and he looked 6’2 range it appeared and Sabathia looks around 6’6” looking at the two at worst maybe he’s 6’5 range but a very strong 6’5” or weak 6’6” and looks like that next to Judge too. I’d say CC is closer to 6’6 imho
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Dec/17
Not sure about 6ft8 but a little over 6ft7 possibly
Free said on 19/Dec/17
This article lists Judge at 6-6. Click Here
Free said on 19/Dec/17
Judge is 6-6, not 6-7.

He was listed at 6-6 in the minors and only looks an inch taller than 6-5 frank ntilikina. Click Here
Hero Viro said on 18/Dec/17
@Canson no I just looked him up. His name is Dellin Betances and he is listed at 6ft 8 and seeing these pictures Click Here Click Here has made me believe that Betances is possibly closer to 6ft 8 than I thought, but seeing Sabathia also in these pictures. I for sure thought 6ft 4.5 to 6ft 5, not close to 6ft 6.
Nagy said on 18/Dec/17
Rob , are you thinking of adding some handball players or not ?
Editor Rob
unfortunately I am rather unfamiliar with the world of handball.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 18/Dec/17
Looked taller than Braun Strowman who's about 6'6.5"
Chappy said on 18/Dec/17
Oh yeah Judge is on here! Big fan, hit 52 homers this season and won Home Run Derby, one hell of a player. Saw him last spring training, 6ft 8 with cleats easily. 6ft 7-7.5 is where I see Judge.
Canson said on 17/Dec/17
@Hero Viro: you’re talking about CC Sabathia. I think Judge is actually taller than Sabathia is by a little. I can buy Judge being 6’7” honestly.
Borats Chicken said on 17/Dec/17
Rob, are you thinking of adding more baseballers like Alex Rodriguez and derek jeter?
Editor Rob
well, about 3 were added this year, so that's a start...
Hero Viro said on 16/Dec/17
Ah yes this guy. Went to a Yankees game earlier this year and I noticed him warming up before the game. He was even a foot taller than one of his teammates. There was also another player who is his height on his team, I think a pitcher and I'm pretty sure he is listed as 6ft 8. Judge looked same the height when I saw them together. I think some players have been measured and recorded, while others tend to exaggerate and the person who records their height just believe it. I do think Judge is a little over 6ft 7, 6ft 7 1/4 maybe. If 6ft 7 is 200.7 cm, then I think Judge would be
a 201 cm man. Just .3cm over 6ft 7. Maybe that's a questionable guess, but I'm just giving my opinion on what I remember from when I saw him.

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