How tall is Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate's Height

6ft 2 (188 cm)

American-British Internet Personality and former kickboxer, who used to get described as 190cm in fighting circles.

Andrew tate (cropped)
Lumared, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Average Guess (191 Votes)
6ft 1.67in (187.1cm)
Arch Stanton said on 28/Nov/23
Glenn will always be the Top G Okecksdee!
okecksdee said on 27/Nov/23
186cm flat for the Top G.
Mickie said on 27/Nov/23
How tall is the guy on the far right of this photo with Tristan Tate? He's actually claimed as high as 6'4" before believe it or not (as well as 6'3"). Click Here
Editor Rob
A tricky photo to really tell because Tate seems a few inches closer to the camera, which migh be adding 1-2 inches of height.
Jawilder said on 27/Nov/23
Yeah my guess is 1.5 inch between the two brothers.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Nov/23
berta, I'm sorry but there's easily 1in or more between Andrew and Tristan, not quite a full 2in though.

Click Here
Click Here

6ft2 is still an ok mark for Andrew but I agree with Rob, it's the limit and a fraction below is up for debate. But I can definitely see a case for Tristan getting 6ft3½ if Rob does eventually give him a page. Nothing below 6ft3 for him...
Arch Stanton said on 25/Nov/23
Tate calls himself the "Top G". G begs to differ and has challenged him to a fight!
berta said on 25/Nov/23
Rob would you guess him over or under 6´2? The logan photo puts him at 6´1 but in all his videos he looks at worst 6´2 and always goes in shoes that give 0,5-1 cm. I really dont aggre with average guess its clear as night and day that he is taller than guys like arnold, will smith and jim carrey even with 1-1,5 less shoes. Also he have claimed many times 6´3. This is gonna go against most guys but i have him at 189 cm and his brother 192. I dont see more than 3 cm when they bth stand tall. Tristan always walk tall and seems very happy to claim 6´4.
Editor Rob
I don't think I'd go above 6ft 2. If anything a little shy of it.
danieljames said on 20/Sep/23
Just watched one of his fights where he was listed as 1.87m
5'10.25" said on 15/Sep/23
I'd say 187 cm is a bit nearer than 188 cm, but he looked 188 cm a lot of the time so the listing is fair.
J175cm said on 10/Sep/23
Seems like he would wake up at 6’2.5” and shrink to 6’1.75 6’2 clean is fair
Abdul 5'10 said on 5/Sep/23
Arch Stanton said on 4/Sep/23
Flat velcro wig in shoe polish black hehe!! 6'3.5 for Tristan I think. I guess at least Andrew has a sense of humour and seems to be exaggerating the ultra alpha male image. Still baffles me why people fall for it and pay him money though!
SomeGuy said on 2/Sep/23
Hi Rob. How tall would you say Tate's brother looks next to Steven Seagal?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Tristan looked very similar to Seagal, who has a flat wig whilst Tristan has more volume to his hair. Not sure if footwear is identical though.
tony t. said on 27/Aug/23
Mo Vlogs is close to 5'11
Jordan87 said on 2/Jun/23
He said he was taller than Dolph Lundgren when they met. Weird b/c that would make Dolph the 6'1,5 he currently looks with ROb lol.
Aheean Rahaman said on 27/May/23
6'2" looks valid for Andrew. Have you also considered making a page for his brother, Tristan Tate? Tristan, who looks about two inches taller than Andrew, is most likely around the 6'3.5-6'4" range.
Malcolm Oliver said on 26/May/23
Tristan has slight footwear advantage, it’s almost unnoticeable but compared to Steven’s, he is gaining more from this than one would think. Even so, it seems a half inch difference as others have said

Andrew is consistently 1.5 inches shorter than his brother

Andrew 6’2
Steven 6’3
Tristan 6’3.5

If anything, I think Seagal has lost a fraction off his listing; him at peak still edges out the Tates though
5'10.25" said on 24/May/23
@Johan Tristan is at most 191 cm. Has a slightly higher heel in that photo compared to Seagal, otherwise they would be more or less the same height
Johan 185 cm said on 23/May/23
Also I would add his medical records have been leaked online...188cm, 93kg, BMI 26.
Johan 185 cm said on 23/May/23
Yes Andrew is shorter than Seagal I am not arguing that. However his brother has a side by side with Seagal ( Rob met him) and Tristan edges Seagal out. So I would say he is 192 cm and imo 4 cm taller than Andrew which brings us to 188 cm - 6'2".

One thing I have noticed is his footwear is always pretty thin. If it was thicker I could buy him being 6'1.75" or a small fraction less than that.

So to sum up, Seagal clearing 6'3" means Tristan is near 6'3.5" and his brother is not 2 inches shorter than him.
Maximum Pyrus said on 22/May/23
Why does this man look like a naked-mole rat?

He claimed 6'3 and 6'4 at times, I have a hard time believing he's even a flat 6'2 smh

Definitely closer to 6'1.5-6'1.75 range. He barely edges out Logan Paul
185vietnamese said on 22/May/23
@Johan 185 cm
In the other picture with Steven, he's clearly shorter.

@mark thompson
Yes, i watched a few vlog videos of him, he got a quite tall friend group, so he's not gonna be sticking out that much. I also watched a few videos of him in the crowd as well, he's looks taller than average in the crowd, but not huge or anything, but of course because he's in europe but still.
mark thompson said on 19/May/23
@185vietnamese thats crazy, taking the angle error into account, tate looks to be the shortest guy in that photo
Johan 185 cm said on 16/May/23
185vietnamese said on 14/May/23
He's like at least 5 inches shorter than Martyn Ford
Click Here


Seagal is still 6'3" and he doesnt look that much shorter, 6'2" is a good shout.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/May/23
Overall, I'd give him the edge over Logan Paul
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/May/23
185vietnamese said on 14/May/23
He's like at least 5 inches shorter than Martyn Ford
Click Here

But looks similar to Steven Seagal.
185vietnamese said on 14/May/23
He's like at least 5 inches shorter than Martyn Ford
Click Here
matta14 said on 12/May/23
easy 6'2 at morning
TurtleZach4 said on 8/May/23

Fully agree with you

I think Andrew on the stadiometer will hit around the 187-187.5 in the afternoon
FE 4 said on 8/May/23
@Editor Rob,

Is he still legit for "Martial Artists" category?

I kno he's more of an internet personality than a Kickboxer, but he's been competing in Kickboxing for 13 years (from what I've read) so it would be cool to have him added to the category IMO.
Editor Rob
Yeah he does qualify.
besolo said on 8/May/23
If you watch his and Jake Paul's video carefully from the start, you can see he was wearing flats while paul was in sneakers.
My guess is 6'1.75 inch.
Btw rob how tall do you think adin ross is?
Editor Rob
When you see Adin with J Cole, I think he's under average an inch or two.
GERAD HOKJH said on 7/May/23

Jake had a footwear advantage, and seems like Jake is busting a gut and has a slight head tilt to match Tates eyelevel, who isn’t even standing 100% straight. So at a minimum it’s closer to 2.5 inches between them.
Zaraam said on 6/May/23
Got measured at 188cm by doctors, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's 187cm, because he probably had no activity before measurement, I'll give him 6'1.75ft.
However, Tristan could be even 6'3.5ft, visibly taller than Seagal.
Giovannidagnuz said on 4/May/23
He's no more than 6'1, he's maybe 2 inches taller than Jake Paul.
QM6'1.75"QM said on 3/May/23
My first guess was 6'1.25", but he had measured at 6'2". I know someone who's similar look to Andrew and he's 186cms.
You never know how tall he really is in the evening barefeet.
Avg guess is right, probably.

Doesn't matter, he's a tall guy, but not 6'3"!!!
Ben - 6'1 said on 3/May/23
Actually Farage is 5’8.5 on here, so Tate’s looking 6’1 with him.
Ben - 6'1 said on 3/May/23
He’s at best 4.5 inches taller than Nigel Farage who’s listed 5ft9 on here. I think 6’2 is a smidge too high Rob Click Here

6’1.5 would be an accurate listing.
Discord said on 2/May/23
I agree, Tristan needs a page.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/May/23
Rob, could we give Tristan a page?

No less than 6ft3, I think a fraction over is possible the more I look. It's a certainty if Andrew stays at 6ft2 flat
Malcolm Oliver said on 28/Apr/23
Andrew 6’1.75 - 6’2.25
Tristan 6’3 - 6’3.5
Jawilder said on 28/Apr/23

Inch taller than me.
TurtleZach4 said on 27/Apr/23

Andrew looks shorter than 6'2 sometimes like many people are saying only cause of his footwear, but I do agree that he's leaning more towards 6'1 3/4 than 6'2 sometimes

As with Tristan, I think you should give him a legit 6'3 listing (6'3 1/4). I don't see him as a 6'3 1/2 guy tho but he looks like it with Steven Seagal sometimes

Andrew- Weak to flat 6'2 (187.3-188 cm)
Tristan- Solid 6'3 (191-191.5 cm)
besolo said on 26/Apr/23
Andrew-Weak 6'2
Tristan-solid 6'3(191cm)
5'10.25" said on 24/Apr/23
I'd say he's either 6'1.75" or 6'2" and Tristan 6'3" or 6'3.25".
Discord said on 24/Apr/23
Tristan Tate was listed 194 cm in his MMA fight.
viper said on 23/Apr/23
Solid 6-1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Apr/23
Can see the argument for 6ft1¾ but no less
tony t. said on 19/Apr/23
Rob, who would be taller Andrew Tate or Aaron Rodgers?
Editor Rob
I've got Tate listed taller, but 6ft 2 is the most I would go for Tate and can see how many would say by afternoon he's 6ft 1.75
Anonymous8210 said on 17/Apr/23
I think Andrew Tate is actually a solid 6’2, he was measured at 188cm barefoot for a medical checkup, and always looks about 1.5 inches shorter than Tristan Tate who has been pretty much been confirmed to be 6’3 1/2. He towered over and looked about 7 inches taller than Adin Ross who is legit 5’7 range, and is roughly an inch shorter than Steven Seagal who’s listed at 6’3 1/4.
The only reason he sometimes appears more like a weak 6’2 guy is because he often wears flat shoes and also being bald he doesn’t get to have hair make him look taller. I would say the absolute lowest he could be is 6’1 3/4, and 6’2 1/4 is also a stretch but it’s possible, so overall I would go with 6’2 for Andrew Tate.
8inch guy said on 15/Apr/23
He's the g. 6'3 guy, multimilionaire, intelligent and inspirational. We must be grateful for his impact on our lifes.
viper said on 14/Apr/23
Somewhere around 6-1.25-6-1.5 is right on the money

He was originally listed 6-1
Andrew Lawrence said on 13/Apr/23
He's not any taller than 6'1.
Gelso said on 12/Apr/23
I have seen him in Luton plenty of times, I am 6.1/2 and he looked maybe not a full inch so I would guess between 6’1.25 and 6’1.5
GERAD HOKJH said on 8/Apr/23
Britney Spears fan 2000 said on 8/Apr/23
4 inches taller than 5"10 jake paul 6"2
Johan 185 cm said on 8/Apr/23
Legit 6'2" guy
Discord said on 8/Apr/23

How that would be round up from 6'1.5 when it was explicitly listed with metric, 188 cm?
viper said on 7/Apr/23
If that medical was barefoot it could be a round up from 6-1.5

He just doesn't look a full 6-2
viper said on 7/Apr/23
Elba isn't 6-2.5, just 6-2

Nicole Kidman at the Oscars edged him out on heels on stage
Discord said on 7/Apr/23
Click Here 0:37
Editor Rob
Being maybe half inch or so taller, it would feel about similar.
Discord said on 7/Apr/23
Calfreezy thought he and Tate were same height.
Jawilder said on 5/Apr/23
Average guess seems spot on. 187 cm
Malcolm Oliver said on 5/Apr/23
I can see Andrew at the lowest 6’1.75, at the highest 6’2.25

Which means this listing hits the mark through the middle

Tristan has him by an inch and some: 6’3-6’3.5
Viktor Mavi said on 3/Apr/23
It is stated 188cm (6'2) in his recent medical records which i believe is barefoot aswell. So 190 cm with shoes on.
Discord said on 3/Apr/23
Click Here

Not sure why everyone says 6'1 when he's barely shorter than 6'2.5 Elba.
pov said on 2/Apr/23
I think he’s a solid 6”1 (186/187cmcm) never thought of him being a solid 6”2 or 6”3. But one thing is for sure… He’s Top G!
Andrew tate said on 1/Apr/23
In the face off with jake paul andrew tate appears 1inch taller of u minus Paul's hair he also looks slouched abit leaning toward jake paul where paul is up busting a gut tate also is bear foot and jake paul has around 1.5inch foot wear and maybe even a lift you never know
Discord said on 29/Mar/23
Rob, who do you think is taller one between him and peak Trump?
Editor Rob
I might go with peak Trump.
Britney Spears fan 2000 said on 26/Mar/23
He doesn't look that tall I heard he met Jake Paul and wasn't that much taller Jake Paul is shorter than ksi and ksi is 5"11 max is Jake is 5"10 I'd say he's maybe 6"1 at a push
Discord said on 26/Mar/23
Would you add him to MMA fighters? He had 3 pro and 3 amateur MMA fights, not sure if that's enough to classify however.
viper said on 25/Mar/23
I think he's 6-1 range given he was originally listed at 6-1
viper said on 25/Mar/23
Weak 6-3?

He looks a weak 6-2 at the very most
Zack B said on 22/Mar/23
Its pretty funny how people lowball his height on here because they don’t like him.

He seems closer to about a weak 6’3 without shoes, and however much taller in shoes.

Source: I’ve met him, and watched videos of him with other people
6p1n5 said on 20/Mar/23
@discord both 6'2 at night, low 6'3 in the morning
Discord said on 18/Mar/23
Click Here

Tate next to Leon Edwards.
Ben - 186cm said on 18/Mar/23

I’m not a Logan Paul fanboy. I just think he might be closer to 6’2 than 6’1. It’s not a big deal, some of you are just pressed as hell for some reason.
Discord said on 18/Mar/23
@Ben - 186cm
Kind of hypocritical coming from Logan Paul fanboy
Harris Ahmed said on 17/Mar/23
He admitted he was 6’2-6’3 later on he says these things as exagérations he’s not serious. What is all this unnecessary Andrew Tate hate ?
Malcolm Oliver said on 17/Mar/23

Claiming 2+ inches over his actual height is the least of his delusions. Prison isn’t kind to the bigoted
Ben - 186cm said on 16/Mar/23
He claimed 6’4 in a video of him in his car ranting about how great he is. Judging by how he looked with Jake Paul I’d probably be eye to eye with this dude. 6’1.5 is the most I can buy a few hours out of bed. Delusional claim from an egotistical maniac.
Malcolm Oliver said on 9/Mar/23
Wakes up at 6’2.25, measures 6’1.75 around midday
Discord said on 9/Mar/23
Click Here
Tristan looks about 4cm taller here, do you think he is 192 cm, Rob?
Editor Rob
Could be 3cm taller
Discord said on 9/Mar/23
It was the whole physical exam that also scanned his lungs and other body parts, so i doubt it was with shoes on.
Emil said on 8/Mar/23
That 188 cm was probably taken early in the morning. Document was signed at 9:29 am.

Listing is fair enough, but I think his low is around 186-187 cm.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 8/Mar/23
P.S. But he looked like 6'1.25" around Jake Paul and that's been my guess!
QM6'1.5"QM said on 8/Mar/23
UEDO said on 4/Mar/23
@Editor Rob

Yes, agreed about it, he's 6'2" tall guy.
No less than 187 range in the evening.

6'2" for him!!
viper said on 7/Mar/23
I don't know how you can say it's a fair listing when we don't know If that was in any kind of footwear

I have my doubts he would measure 6-2 at the NFL combine.

Probably would measure around 6-1 5/8 or so
UEDO said on 4/Mar/23
@Editor Rob

Here is the official medical record. It says 188cm.
Click Here

Given how he is in prison currently and perhaps in the worst physical condition of his life, yet still got measured 188cm, I think this listing is more than fair. 6'2 for Andrew Tate.
Editor Rob
Yes it's a fair listing.
brien said on 3/Mar/23
Click Here

In this image Tristan looks almost 2 inches taller then Andrew
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/23
Berta, I think Andrew’s a guy that could fall a little under 6ft2 in the evening, like 187-187.5cm at his low and out of bed 189cm+. 6ft2 is still an ok figure for him. I think Tristan is 6ft3-3½ zone, has more than an inch on Andrew.
Discord said on 2/Mar/23
Rob, new medical of Tate has been leaked and he was officially measured at 188 cm and 93 kg.
Click Here 0:46
Editor Rob
Was it written in Romanian, as I didn't spot any stats. If true, it's not a surprise really!
jackintheboxx said on 25/Feb/23
he looks maybe 3-4 cm taller than Jake Paul. if Jake Paul is 5ft11 Andrew Tate is 6ft1 maximum.
berta said on 24/Feb/23
he looks tall but his small head may help him look taller. Didnt know who he was until this week. The average guess of 187 would be the absolute lowest i think he ever measure and at best 189. I think 6´2 is the best listing. Could he be maybe a tiny fraction over 6´2? Yeah maybe a 6´2 1/8 guy on average that measure 190 cm around 9 o clock.
viper said on 15/Feb/23
186cm is what I'd say

Not 6-2

I believe he was originally listed at 6-1
Wehrmacht180 said on 14/Feb/23
186 cm
Janez said on 24/Jan/23
@Eric W Tam probably true, the reason he could appear under 187 so much could be his flat footwear.
Eric W Tam said on 22/Jan/23
It's simple, I think Tate's 189 in the morning and 187 at night. Classic 6'2 guy. For those who seem certain he is an inch taller or maybe an inch shorter, I believe I got a simple explanation for both set of beliefs. He has a lot of night life videos so maybe that's how he looks 6'1 at times when he has shrunk into his evening height, and since he's a well built athlete he can sometimes look an inch taller than he is which makes him look as tall as a strong 6'3 at times.
5ft10guy said on 22/Jan/23
6ft2.25 for Andrew and 6ft3.5 for Tristan .Andrew looks 6ft2-6ft3 most times
Janez said on 16/Jan/23
@Malcolm Oliver interesting, the guy can look anywhere from 6 ft 1 to 6 ft 2. It is very confusing.
Malcolm Oliver said on 15/Jan/23
If Tristan is 6’3.5, Andrew is for sure 6’2. How they look next to 6’3 Seagal lends credence to this:
Click Here
Click Here

I could see the former measuring up to peak Eastwood.
Jawilder said on 13/Jan/23
Tristan is def a strong 6’3
5'11Kid said on 13/Jan/23
Tristian is definitely in the 6’3” range. 6’3.5 is my guess.
BB9 said on 13/Jan/23
I think the listing is spot on! He’s 6’2”.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jan/23
Tristan could be a strong 6ft3 actually
Ben - 186cm said on 12/Jan/23

In the picture with Logan it’s not a 4.5 inch difference, more like 3.5.

I’d say Mo vlogs is about 5’10, making Andrew look 6’1 in that particular photo.
186guy said on 10/Jan/23
@Sbd24 youre the only one who trust on Google Lol
Janez said on 10/Jan/23
@186guy if I say he is 187 and not really 188 how am I saying he is not a tall person? you can be shorter and still tall.
Emil said on 10/Jan/23

This is celebheights after all, every decimal counts 😂
sbd24 said on 10/Jan/23
@Nick92 yes and still KSI is taller. mo vlogs is 5'9 by google man....
186guy said on 9/Jan/23
Idk why the people wants to make andrew shorter, hes crearly a tall person .
Nick92 said on 9/Jan/23
@sbd24 I don’t know how you can’t see that mo vlogs is clearly slouching in that pic and ksi standing as tall as possible 🤦‍♂️
sbd24 said on 8/Jan/23
@186guy google reports his height as 5'9 so no way he is more than that lol. KSI also tends to slouch a lot.
you see in the video that I add that KSI has 3 cm on him.
and here is another picture of them: Click Here

the guy is nowhere near 5'11 he is 5'9 at best, just google it, man
186guy said on 7/Jan/23
@sbd24 theres a pictures of him with ksi where you can ser the floor AND hes like half inch taller than ksi, he tends to slouch alot u can see that un the picture of him and logan, the guys Is 5 11 not 5 9.
Nick92 said on 7/Jan/23
Would love to see Logan and Andrew face to face I really don’t know who would be taller at this point.
sbd24 said on 7/Jan/23
@186guy I found the picture you are talking about:Click Here
can't see the shoes, and also ksi is slouched there here is a video of both (at the start of the video)
Click Here

here he is with 6'1.5 listed Logan Paul Click Here
so my estimation seems correct
Gian 181cm said on 6/Jan/23
If this guy is 5'9, he's wearing sneakers and insoles to stay in the 5'11 range.
186guy said on 5/Jan/23
@sbd24 the guy with Andrew in the picture Is 5 11, he has a pic with ksi and he looks taller,so andrew looks a solid 6 2 in that picture.
Emil said on 5/Jan/23

What makes you think Tate looks 187 in the photo linked by @sbd24? Looks like a 3-inch difference at best
Editor Rob
If the other guy is near 5ft 11, then 187 range looked feasible...although if he were really 175 range, Tate wouldn't be over 6ft there.
sbd24 said on 5/Jan/23
Hi @rob
What do you think about this picture Click Here
I think the left guy is a 175 cm guy so Andrew looks much shorter that the 188 cm listed
Editor Rob
Could still be almost 187 in that photo.
Jawilder said on 3/Jan/23
A legit 6’2 I can believe
Nick92 said on 3/Jan/23
Here’s a pic on Instagram dillian whyte is also in the pic. Tristan is taller than him and standing further away from the comers. I can’t tell how close in height Andrew would be to dillian as they aren’t standing close enough . I guess dillian whyte to be 6ft2.5-6ft2.75 Click Here
Honest5'11" said on 2/Jan/23
Legit 6'2" that is 6'3" in boxing shoes.
Janez said on 2/Jan/23
@186guy I think Andrew is 187 cm (no more) and Tristan could be at most 3-4 cm taller. Tristan is about 190, maybe even 6 ft 3 flat. Where did you see he was 2 inches (5 cm) taller?
Nick92 said on 2/Jan/23
@rob Tristran based of that pic with Steven segal must be 6ft3.5 roughly sinse you said you don’t think Steven is below 6ft3 even today .
Editor Rob
He seemed to edge Seagal in the photo. It's possible he's over 6ft 3.
186guy said on 1/Jan/23
I think tristan Is 6 4 , he claim that and he looks that height, hes like 2 inches taller than andrew, AND hes taller than steven segal.
Malcolm Oliver said on 31/Dec/22
Tristan would probably measure similar to someone like The Rock or Hemsworth.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Dec/22
Rob, 6ft3 is a good shout for Tristan I reckon
Editor Rob
There seems a greater chance he's nearer 6ft 3 than Andrew is.
viper said on 29/Dec/22
Can't get over how ridiculous this guy is
Abdulrahman said on 25/Dec/22
vY said on 21/Dec/22
Scraping 6’2
Emil said on 20/Dec/22
Tate next to Sean O'Malley (Sean on the left - he and Tate looks pretty even in footwear. Maybe Sean has a few mm more)
Click Here

Sean next to Paddy Pimblett - there's probably a footwear difference, but can't see O'Malley higher than weak 5'10/strong 5'9 range.
Click Here

Isn't 6'1-6'1.5 more likely for Tate than 6'2?
Editor Rob
6ft 1.5 was the lowest I thought I could argue when looking at him in the past, but thought 6ft 2 was fair...however, the more you see of somebody, in theory the better an idea you get.
bmb said on 20/Dec/22
I do remember Andrew claimed 6ft 4 one time from a clip. For someone that might be 6ft 1.5, seems a tad bit too optimistic there.
5'11Kid said on 20/Dec/22
Tristian actually seems 6'3"-6'4" if Andrew is 6'2".
Peter 180cm said on 20/Dec/22
When exactly did he claim 6'4? Maybe he confused it with 1.90 as of a bad conversion. 1.90 is still an exaggeration though,he looks like a weak 6'2 generally.
Editor Rob
In a video he tried to claim it, but sounded unconvinced by his own claim.
Ben - 186cm said on 18/Dec/22
6’4 is a bad claim from him. I’m a little disappointed tbh. I heard him claim 6’3 once and I thought that was at least somewhat reasonable. But 6’4 is taking the piss.
F3wki said on 18/Dec/22
Hi Rob, where would you list Tristan at here on the site? Also will you add him too?
Editor Rob
Taller than Andrew, an exact figure I didn't decide on.
185vietnamese said on 18/Dec/22
Agree with @Malcolm Oliver here. I have seen video of Tristian and Andrew walking in a crowd and i would say that are not massive, like they are taller than avarage at best, so hard to spot them in a crowd but i think they are in europe which the avarage height is taller there.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Dec/22
Trista does look at least an inch taller so he probably is 6ft3. I bet Andrew bumps him up to 6ft4 so that he can legitimise his 190cm claim!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Dec/22
Luca, I’m not Rob but I reckon C-D. 6ft2 is a fair listing, worse case could drop a fraction under it in the evening. Both 6ft1 and 6ft3 are extreme
Luke Heinz said on 16/Dec/22
Weak 6’2 seems pretty solid range for tate
Peter 180cm said on 15/Dec/22
With Jake Paul he looked at most 185,but wore flat footwear and Jake definitely looks under 180 with everyone. 186-187 is the most realistic range he looks a weak 6'2. Boxing and fighting listings are always exaggerated mainly to match each athlete's armspan measurements.
Malcolm Oliver said on 14/Dec/22

Lol define “massive.” There’s a difference between looking tall and actually “towering” over everyone. Tristan isn’t even 99th percentile on the male height standard deviation, forget Andrew.

Usually 6’5+ is when you’re around this range and tower over everyone. This is where you get most NBA players, pro wrestlers, bodyguards, taller Dutch, Nordics, Scandinavians, etc.
Janez said on 13/Dec/22
@zakxd He looks tall most of the time but not massive. Or did you just see him next to Adin Ross?
zakxd said on 12/Dec/22
I don't know how people can say he looks anything under 6'3. He's massive. His brother is even bigger.
Janez said on 12/Dec/22
The average guess is very close to what he would actually measure in the afternoon - 187 guy.
Joshua1241241 said on 11/Dec/22
Probably like 6ft 2.25 in morning, I'm surprised he wasn't given a 6'1.75 listing
Manuel1988 said on 11/Dec/22
Looked 6'0 next to Jake Paul but Paul had footwear advantage yes
micky460 said on 11/Dec/22
You must be drunk. Dont share your opinions please.
The bodyguard said he's 6'3 not 6'5 idk where you hear that, and if you say that bodyguard is taller than Tristan then idk what you smoke.
186guy said on 10/Dec/22
He has 2 inches taller on jake Paul , Paul had footwear advantage, and tate still 2 inches taller , so just 6 feet for this guy its a joke.
Jawilder said on 9/Dec/22
We don’t have a “problem” lol. Tate is max 6’2. He’s nothing over
Tiemo said on 9/Dec/22
I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone here bring up the fact that in his little face off with Jake Paul (who’s only like 5’11 at most) Tate was barely taller than him. Tate is 6 ft max
Vahbarzh said on 9/Dec/22
Think he might be as short as 6.1
Malcolm Oliver said on 8/Dec/22

Adin isn’t 5’8, he was as tall as a younger Speed (who is at most 5’7ish now and probably edges him). 5’6 range, 5’6.5 max. In that picture, they’re standing some distance away, I’m sure if Adin was actually closer to Tate, he’d stack up better (and it’d look a more viable 7 inch difference).
miko said on 8/Dec/22
Tate does seem a weaker 6'2 guy but he's still around that. I think 6'1.75/6'2 is his range.

Any chance of catching him at a convention Rob? Only kidding haha.
186guy said on 8/Dec/22
The bodyguard says "about 6 5" , and andrew looked about two inches shorter, tristan look same height or a bit shorter than the bodyguard
iLogic7 said on 8/Dec/22
So we have problem. Next to Adin Ross who claims 5'8 Andrew Tate looks like giant minimum 6'3. Even if Adin is shorter and more likely to be around 171 cm range still tate looks like 190 cm aroun him. So either is Adin shorter than 170 or both Andrew and Jake Paul needs an upgrade asap.
Dillon Rice said on 7/Dec/22
@rob What do you think of this clip? Around the 15-30 second mark Tate and a bodyguard, along with his brother are comparing heights.

Click Here

Tate claims 6’4” here, but doesn’t sound sure of his claim. Bodyguard who claims 6’3” is clearly a minimum of 2 inches taller than him. Doesn’t seem more than 6’1” at times.
Editor Rob
He was a bit further away when squaring up to the big guy.
Keyten DeGraef said on 7/Dec/22
Rob I think he’s much closer to 6’1 Tristan has about 2 inches on him and Tristan is 6’3 but he claims 6’4. And tate standing next to 5’11 Jake Paul seemed to be no more than 2 inches taller than him what are your thoughts on this?
QM6'1.5"QM said on 7/Dec/22
Oh, these "right wing guys" trend, so funny, but i really like it :)
Doesn't look any mm/cm taller than me... I don't know, but anywhere 186 to 188cms barefoot in the evening is possible. Tall guy!
Def not under 6'1"flat (evening).
6'3" is a rounded up claim. He's not even this tall in the morning.

It doesn't matter to lie about your height when you solid tall at 6'1"and over!
Janez said on 7/Dec/22
Why does Tristan look at least over 2 inches taller in this video? Judging by this Tate cannot be over 6’1.5” even accounting for the fact that he wears flat shoes. Click Here
Janez said on 7/Dec/22
He just stood next to a 6’4” (claimed!) guy and looked nothing over 6’2”. I think Tate is 6’1.5” right on the money. Click Here
He looked nervous after he was pressed on his height and realised the 6’4” guy would stand next to him. If I heard it correctly despite the noise, he ended up dropping his claim to 6’2”. Interesting.
186guy said on 7/Dec/22
Yall see, hes close to a head taller than adin whos solid 5 7
celebheightsdude said on 7/Dec/22
Click Here

Rob, how tall do you think Adin Ross looks here next to Tate?
Editor Rob
In that clip I'd have went with over 5ft 7.
brien said on 6/Dec/22
How tall do you think Adin ross is? he is listed as 5'7 on google

here's a picture of him and Andrew Tate Click Here
Editor Rob
Doesn't look under 5ft 7 there.
vY said on 6/Dec/22
He is 6’1.5 or 6’2 it’s really tricky
7272 said on 6/Dec/22
Adin Ross looks 5’6.5 (wearing 3 cm AF1) next to 6’2 Tate Click Here=
Abdul-DK said on 4/Dec/22
186.2 cm.
Sink'em said on 2/Dec/22
Hey Rob, how tall would you say Tristan Tate is?
Editor Rob
Tristan has a better chance of 6ft 3 range
185vietnamese said on 1/Dec/22
@Malcolm Oliver
I used to think Tate is around 6'1.5
But seeing the pic with Bradley make me changed my mind. Bradley alway looks around weak 6'1 to 6' to me.
So i say Top G is probably really just 6'1 flat or little lower than that, kinda similar to Bradley. Another case of measured with their shoes on i guess.
186guy said on 1/Dec/22
If u wacht the video together of tate anda Bradley, tate Is solid 2 inches taller
186guy said on 30/Nov/22
Hes 6 2 , look at the pictures with Bradley Martin whos solid 6 foot , tate look over an inch taller than him, hes taller than Logan ,Logan did look similar with 6 foot Bradley Martin, tristan tate Is taller than 6 3 flat today Steven Segal, andrew just look around an inch half shorter than tristan, stop arguing this guy Is 6 2.
Spud said on 28/Nov/22
You sure he's not 6'1?
Andrea said on 28/Nov/22
Is this the picture with Warren you were talking about, Rob? Click Here Assuming that everything is equal, he does look more 6'3 than 6'2 there... Well, unless Warren is the 154cm he now seems to get listed at on Google! 😬
Editor Rob
Yeah, like I said you could argue over 6ft 2 there!
Emil said on 26/Nov/22

What I mean is that many older men have already shrunk in height, so it doesn't really make sense to compare yourself with them imo
7272 said on 25/Nov/22
I think he deserves a downgrade to 6’1.75”
Malcolm Oliver said on 24/Nov/22
Tate 6’1-6’1.5, no more no less.
Abdul-DK said on 24/Nov/22
Emil said on 22/Nov/22

I doubt there'd be any significant "average" shrinkage until you reach age groups +40.

Since I'm not even 30 yet, I compare myself to other younger men. Keep in mind that the older guys also used to be taller.

I won’t deny that old men also are tall, but most I encounter are around my height.
Abdul-DK said on 24/Nov/22
Emil said on 23/Nov/22

That's data from 2012. Nevertheless, I do believe average height for young Danish men in terms of evening height could fall close to 180 cm flat :)

I know it’s from 2012, but it only informed the average amongst young ages. I would say I believe the night height for all danish men including all age groups is 178.
Seahawksr said on 23/Nov/22
I would put him at a high 6'1 or a low 6'2. He's the same height as Bollywood Actor Abhishek Bachchan.
Tristan Tate would be about 6'3.5.
Emil said on 23/Nov/22

That's data from 2012. Nevertheless, I do believe average height for young Danish men in terms of evening height could fall close to 180 cm flat :)
Emil said on 23/Nov/22
@Ben - 186cm

Valid points.

Although I have to add that that it's data based on virtually 18-20 year olds in Denmark between 2020 till now. Its not just a sample, it's basically the entire population.

But I respect your pov
Arch Stanton said on 23/Nov/22
I can imagine this guy claiming 6 ft 4 LOL. About 6'2 is believable. It's a bit worrying that this guy is so popular. It means that people have really fallen for his image. Real alpha males don't constantly brag about their possessions. He's got the Vin Diesel look nailed (and has the height Vin wants) and seems reasonably intelligent, but comes across as a massive d-bag!
5'11Kid said on 23/Nov/22
Funny how him and Jake both inflate their height by 2 inches. Tate often claims 6’4” and Jake often claims 6’1”.
O'mari said on 22/Nov/22
🤦🏽‍♂️ 6’2 what the h ? Hes 2 inches taller than Jake Paul. 6’0. 6’0.5 max.
Emil said on 22/Nov/22

I doubt there'd be any significant "average" shrinkage until you reach age groups +40.

Since I'm not even 30 yet, I compare myself to other younger men. Keep in mind that the older guys also used to be taller.
Trey Deuce said on 22/Nov/22
6’1, 6’1.25 is a way more reasonable listing. 6’2 is being way too generous, there’s no where close to a 3 inch difference in the standoff and the shoes do not give Jake an advantage, even if they did it would be very minimal.
Ben - 186cm said on 22/Nov/22

Your one study of 18 year olds is 181.4, sure. But the majority of studies find it to be 180. Even if it were 181.5, and Tate were bang on 6’1, he would still be 3.5cm above average which can still be considered “tall”. There is no set amount above average that you have to be for “tall”. If you’re taller than the majority of men, which Tate is, then you’re tall. End of really.

If he were only like half a cm above average then I’d agree with you, but 1.5 inches is noticeable.
AB-177CM said on 22/Nov/22
Emil said on 16/Nov/22

Here's the link Click Here - go down to "Flere tal" and "Gennemsnitshøjde" then download the pdf. You'll find it there.
Everyone is measured barefoot, and since 2020 average height has been above 181.5 cm.

Yes, passport heights are inflated. We are measured against height charts with shoes on. It's not meant to be precise, it's just to give airport employees and security workers a rough estimate of the person's height


I checked it, but it only represents young guys, not an actual number for the whole male population in Denmark, and if you scroll further down, you will definitely find older males from 20-25 being shorter than the 18-19 year old guys.
Vick said on 22/Nov/22
Bad posture probably why he look 6’1 range and if not I don't really see him under 6’1.75. 6’2 is probably good for now.
Fahd said on 21/Nov/22
Hi brad you should make a video about Andrew tate real height
He said im 190 but he is not
Google claim he is 185cm 6'1
Could you make a video about him?
Duhon said on 21/Nov/22
@Boe Jiden Jake Paul is listed at 5'11" on the site now. Even then Tate is very much struggling to look 6'2" in their face off.
Abdul-DK said on 21/Nov/22
Click Here

Emil , I am sure that overall average for danish males is 177-178
simon L said on 21/Nov/22
After seeing him face to face with Jake, I would bet on Logan easily edging Tate out. Will be interesting to see Tate and Logan next to each other sometime in the near future.
Jolapizza 6'0 1/2 said on 21/Nov/22
Even 6'2, seems generous on second tought. Could be around 6'1 1/2.
Jolapizza 6'0 1/2 said on 21/Nov/22
He claims 6'3 wich is a very dubious claim. Altough, I was always surprised about the 6'1 listing on most websites wich seems quite low.
This listing is the most believable, I think. Right between both
(Billythetreesurgeon) said on 20/Nov/22
I really don’t think this dude is 6ft 2, looking at him with Jake Paul he looks to be about 185cm
Emil said on 20/Nov/22
@Alex Schoenberger

Jake is 25, he hasn't grown a mm for years now.

He just got upgraded to 5'11, which I think is fair enough. That makes Tate 6'1 bang on
Powerhouse said on 19/Nov/22
He’s a big height frauder, he claimed 6’3 and 6’4..I’d be surprised if he measured 6’2 in the afternoon. Comparing him to Jake Paul, Sean O’Malley, Bradley Martyn and some others I wouldn’t go any higher than 6’1.5 afternoon height for Tate. It would be interesting to see him with Logan Paul who I actually think is more likely to measure 6’2 than Tate is.
Boe Jiden said on 18/Nov/22
If Jake Paul is 5'10 like this sight has him listed as there no way in hell Andrew Tate is over 6'1 if even that
Malcolm Oliver said on 18/Nov/22
Rob, might be time for a downgrade to the average guess (or even half inch under this listing).
Emil said on 17/Nov/22
@Ben - 186 cm

Average height in Denmark is above 5'11.5.
And I don't believe Tate is above 6'1. 1.5 inches above average is not really tall in my book, but you don't need to agree.
Ben - 186cm said on 16/Nov/22

He’d be 3 inches taller than the average Danish man, so yes, he is tall in Denmark. A quick Google search will tell you average height is 180cm. Not sure why so many people like to inflate Europeans like we’re all giants, because we’re not. I’ve been all over Europe and even when I was barely 6’0 a few years ago, I was still taller than the majority of people.
Emil said on 16/Nov/22

Here's the link Click Here - go down to "Flere tal" and "Gennemsnitshøjde" then download the pdf. You'll find it there.
Everyone is measured barefoot, and since 2020 average height has been above 181.5 cm.

Yes, passport heights are inflated. We are measured against height charts with shoes on. It's not meant to be precise, it's just to give airport employees and security workers a rough estimate of the person's height
Chris Cross said on 16/Nov/22
Hey Rob,
How tall would you say is the man next to Tate
Click Here
Editor Rob
Looks over 6ft 5, I could believe he claimed 6ft 6
Honest5'11" said on 15/Nov/22
@Emil Sorry I wasn't trying to be rude - I just think that there is a lot of missinformation regarding height these days and I want things to be clear. Just frustration, nothing against you personally.
Honest5'11" said on 15/Nov/22
Andrew Tate would be considered very/extremely tall for the worldwide male population, average worldwide man height is only 170-172 cm. I'd say any height 175 cm + is on the taller side worldwide speaking.
6'2guy said on 15/Nov/22
Jake was wearing thick soled foot wear, i think Andrew is a solid 6'1.75-6'2'' but yeah his 6'3' claim is definitely off the table imo
Emil said on 14/Nov/22

It's not self reported, it's been measured - recent military conscript data. I think that pretty much speaks for itself.

What's your warrant to comment on that anyway? Have you lived there all your life like I have? At any rate, fine if you have another perspective but no need to ridicule mine.

And I've seen other photos of Tate like next to Sean O'Malley who's the same height or shorter than 5'10 Paddy Pimblett. Tate barely looks 2 inches taller than him, and they're both wearing thin footwear.

Not saying he's short though, he's still objectively speaking a big guy most places in the world, but he wouldn't be tall in Denmark or in Western European countries.
Malcolm Oliver said on 14/Nov/22
Tate has 2 inch advantage on him, but that video gives Jake a slight favorable angle (and he has footwear advantage). 2-2.5 inch difference seems right.

Most likely this listing in the morning.
a1_hsn said on 13/Nov/22
Looks more 6’1 compared to Jake
a1_hsn said on 13/Nov/22
Looks 6’1 -6’1.5 not over 6’2
Ben - 186cm said on 13/Nov/22
@5ft10 guy

Looked 2 inches in the face off, not more.
Emil said on 13/Nov/22
Jake Paul looks 4 maybe 5 cm shorter than Tate even when taking their footwear into account. Given Jake's upgrade I'd give Tate 6'1. I just don't see 6'2
Honest5'11" said on 13/Nov/22
@Emil Lol no way he's only 6'0" then he'd look barely above average, the dude is solid tall, like taller than 7 out of 10 people tall. But you're the guy claiming average in Denmark is 182 cm (self reported), instead of 179-180cm, so I'm not bothering to take you seriously, sorry.
Honest5'11" said on 13/Nov/22
Yeah either 187 cm or 188 cm. Looks tall but not massively so. The guy is a living meme.
Celreo said on 12/Nov/22
Andrew is like a minimum 6ft 1/2 to 6ft 1 3/4 max.
Dillon Rice said on 12/Nov/22
He’s 6’2” I believe from what I’ve seen. He’s claimed 6’3” and a half, 6’3” and 6’4”. Never bought him being 6’3” let alone 6’4”.
5ft10guy said on 11/Nov/22
face off versus jp he looks 2.5 inches taller BUT hes in flat shoes and JP has thick nikes no sneakers alittle more then 3 inches there
Nobleyute said on 11/Nov/22
Strong 6’1 range. 6’1.5 minimum. Had a two inch advantage on Jake Paul who was wearing some thick sneaks. Could definitely be over 6’2 in the morning.
Trey Deuce said on 11/Nov/22
I honestly can’t see how anyone has this guy at 6’2. 6’1 is being generous with the stand-off against Jake Paul. Jake also doesn’t appear to have a significant foot advantage, he has Jordan 1s on which do not give too much of a boost at all.

Look at photos of Jake next to Logan (Logan’s celebheights photo), or Jake next to Brock. There’s no way Tate is 6’2
Chriz420 said on 11/Nov/22
Jake Paul is 5’10.5 barefoot
Andrew Tate has to be 6’1.5
I was surprised how small Tate was. I expected him to tower over Jake and be much bigger in size. I guess Jake was wearing thicker shoes or wore lifts to tall as tall as Tate. Also Jake has much better posture then Tate.
vY said on 10/Nov/22
I really think he’s a bit under 6’2
Thorfinn said on 10/Nov/22
Jake has an obvious footwear advantage . Andrew might be a weaker 6’2 range like 6’1 3/4ths
Meltdown said on 10/Nov/22
I tried leaving this comment days ago before anyone else commented, but the comments were down. I see that they're up now, so I am trying again.

I think the Top G (AKA Morpheus) is the same height as Logan Paul's listing—strong 6ft 2 out of bed, but 6ft 1.5 mid-day. Ironic that he is listed 6'1" and 6'3" all over the internet, but not in the middle which seems more accurate. He seemed an inch and a half taller than 6ft Don Trump Jr, and an inch and a half shorter than 6ft 3 Myron Gaines (who has also claimed 6ft 4) from Fresh & Fit podcast.

His brother is up to possibly 1.5 inches taller than him. A weak 6ft 3.5 morning height, but closer to 6ft 3 daytime, or slightly shorter.

Since Celebheights lists height after initial loss in the morning, here would be my estimates:
Andrew is 187 cm
Tristin is 190 cm

Click Here
Click Here

Personally, I prefer the kick-boxing and anti-Matrix Tate over the trash-talking Bugatii Tate. Big Tech's commie censorship has caused him to wisely redirect his focus. He needs to read more, but is a very smart man and sees through the web of conventionally accepted lies. GOD SPEED, COBRA TATE!
iLogic7 said on 10/Nov/22
Next to 180 cm Jake Paul he looks 4 cm taller minus Jake Paul's af1 there is around 7 cm diff in height. So I think he is somewhere around 187.
Viktor abc said on 10/Nov/22
Looks like he is around 6'3 tbh, his kickboxing record says he is 190cm which is 6'2,8
I think he is a legit 189 cm, 6'2 1/2
Maahin Chowdhury said on 10/Nov/22
Drink sparkling water!

The Top G is somewhere around 6’1.75-6’2
5ft10guy said on 10/Nov/22
6f3 for this guy but 6ft2.5 most likely due to the fact his brother looks 1.5 inch taller bare minimum.
M- said on 10/Nov/22
Rob, does Tristan look 190 cm here?
Click Here
Editor Rob
In that photo they look within half inch of each other.
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 10/Nov/22
@Rob- Andrew doesn't look 6'2" with jake Paul.
See this: Click Here
What do you think?
Editor Rob
He could look a weak 6ft 2 range, accounting for his noticeably thin footwear ...and that's if I say Jake is 5ft 11 and no less.
Viktor abc said on 10/Nov/22
Looks like he is around 6'3 tbh, his kickboxing record says he is 190cm which is 6'2,8
I think he is a legit 189 cm, 6'2 1/2
james droutis said on 10/Nov/22
He’s a strong 6’1, he has bad posture and lanky figure which makes him look taller. Mike thurston has claimed himself as 5,11 multiple times in his channel and Andrew only looks to be 2 inches taller max in their video together.
Emil said on 10/Nov/22
No way in hell this guy is 6'2. Looks 6'0 next to Jake Paul, and 6'0.5 is the highest I'd go
186guy said on 10/Nov/22
He Is 6 2, just take off the footwear advantage from Jake , its a clean 8 cm difference so tate Is 6 2.
Lucianoperez said on 10/Nov/22
Rob did you see the face to face with jake paul today?he looks like a week 6'1
Janez said on 10/Nov/22
Tate looked below 6 ft 2 with Jake as well. 6’1.5” seems to be good for him.
Ben - 186cm said on 10/Nov/22
I don’t see how he can be this high when he barely looks 2 inches taller than Jake Paul Click Here

6’1.5 max
185vietnamese said on 10/Nov/22
I'm actually have seen some video of him in a crowd and he's tall but not that stand out for a 6'3 person. My guess is he is as tall as Logan. Tho i'm not even convincing Logan and Tate is 6'1.5 at their lowest day heigh, i could go for 6'1 flat guess for both of them as the absolutely lowest.
I think you should looks noticable taller than Andrew at strong 188cm, maybe Christian range, not buying his 6'4 claim of course.
185vietnamese said on 10/Nov/22
Just like my thought. He shouldn't any taller than someone like Logan.
With footwear advantage but Jake looks at least 5'11 there. Top G is definely not 6'3 and maybe shorter than this list
Click Here
185vietnamese said on 10/Nov/22
I think if He and Logan have a face off, they're gonna look similar or Logan is taller with the hair
adrianposter said on 9/Nov/22
I suppose his brother Tristan is in the 6’3 range
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 9/Nov/22
Top G
Adam Fernandes said on 9/Nov/22
I personally think Andrew looks closer to 6,3. His brother is a strong 6,4. If you look at Tate next to 6,2 listed david haye he looks an inche taller easy. Tate typically wears thin soled loafers as well. I think hes 6,2.75. Underlisted.
Thorfinn said on 9/Nov/22
Rob, Andrew’s brother Tristan claims 6’4 . Do you think that’s accurate or is he more 6’3 range ?
Editor Rob
At least 6ft 3 for him
Abdul-DK said on 9/Nov/22
Jolapizza 6'0 1/2 said on 9/Nov/22
I was always surprised to see this guy listed as only 6'1 (on some websites) and 6'3 somethimes. 190 cm seems very optimistic tough. There is not many pictures to compare his height but a 6'2 range seems likely.
Editor Rob
His instagram had a few photos with celebs, which I don't see online anywhere, but there was an interesting one in which he towered over 5ft 7 range actor Warren Brown (who ain't 5ft 9)
Janez said on 9/Nov/22
Thank you for adding him Rob, I thought I will give some more information that might indicate he is shorter because I’ve done a lot of research on the guy.

1) In a picture next to Slim (who everyone here agrees is in the strong 5’11” range) he looks only about 4 cm taller, which would make him only somewhere in the 6’1” range at best Click Here

2) In a picture next to Zuby Music (who claims 5’11”) he looks about 6 cm taller, which would again put him somewhere in the 6’1” range Click Here

3) Next to Donald Trump Jr. (who is 6 ft flat), he looked no more than 6’1” range again. His legs do not seem to be far apart enough to make any meaningful change. Click Here

The probability of being over 6’1.5” seems low to me, and I’m not biased as I actually like and respect the guy.

The only time he looked 6’2” was next to David Haye (where the picture quality and posture of Haye were both very bad) and next to Franci Grajs, who is listed as 191 cm. Click Here However even then, Tate looks over 3 cm shorter and we would have to assume Grajs’s listing is right on the money, which is unlikely.

He can look anywhere from 6’1” to 6’2”, so I think 6’1.5” is right on the money.
Kalzombieplays said on 9/Nov/22
Rob, do you think he's more strong 6'2" or weak 6'2"?
Editor Rob
He's looked both, but the stronger odds might be solid 6ft 2 range.
Zeusinator said on 9/Nov/22
6'2 and a bit, how comes nobody's commented on this yet, I see 68 votes but nobody's commented.
Editor Rob
There were no comments for 3 weeks.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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