How tall is Andy Garcia

Andy Garcia's Height

5ft 9in (175.3 cm)

American actor best known for roles in films such as The Untouchables, Ocean's 11, The Godfather: Part III and Desperate Measures. He once commented with regard to his early auditioning days: "Change your name. How tall are you? Get lifts. Lose your Spanish accent.' Whatever. They dissect you, as if you were a product"
I point to Garcia and shout "Get that Hispanic short-arse off my set". His eyes red and watery, Andy shouts back "I'm not short. I'm average height". "Yeah" I quip "average in Lilliput".....
- Director Steven Soderbergh

How tall is Andy Garcia
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Average Guess (16 Votes)
5ft 8.75in (174.6cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Aug/17
I bet he claims 5ft11
Rising - 174 cm said on 2/Aug/17
He's looking pretty short - definitely not over 175 cm - with The Rock: Click Here
PTBA said on 18/Jul/17
Click Here
Here he is next to 5' Dafne keen. The perspective makes it hard to see but 5'9" seems perfect.
RisingForce said on 2/Jul/17
Absolutely no way is Sly as short as Wahlberg, probably not even now. Look at the pics of the 2 in golf shoes: Click Here And here are 2 more: Click Here Wahlberg always looks short. Stallone was clearly taller than Jack Nicholson in golf shoes around 2002 or 2003 while Wahlberg was about an inch shorter at the Departed premiere several years later. You can also compare the 2 to Donald Sutherland. Wahlberg is dwarfed by Donald Sutherland in The Italian Job - a movie he wore elevator shoes in - while Sly measured up much better to a much younger Donald Sutherland 14 years earlier in Lock Up. Marky Mark is 5'8" max, while Sly is still at least a solid 5'8" and at his peak, was a weak 5'9" as confirmed by ex-wife Brigitte Nielsen. Sly passed for 5'11" often enough even in those Hogan sneakers, which won't give him more than 2.5"-2.7" even with big lifts, while Wahlberg can look maybe 5'8.5" in his Timberlands. Marky Mark was also clearly shorter than Statham without the elevator shoes he wore for The Italian Job, and still pretty similar in them, while a liftless 68 year old Sly still appeared to edge out Statham.

Pitt is obviously taller than Damon. At times they look unusually close, but Brad is just about always taller, sometimes by a couple of inches, though he's probably only an inch taller barefoot, imo.

You're arguably right about Downey and Cruise, though I think Downey is more of a weak 5'8" or 172 cm while I'd estimate Cruise ay 5'7.5", which is the absolute minimum I'd guess at RDJ at, though I think you can argue Cruise as short as 171 cm.
Hijopotamus said on 2/Jul/17
Andy is taller than Antonio, barefoot.
If all Hollywood superstars had to walk the red carpet barefoot it would be a joke...I mean reality!
Brad as tall as Damon and a hair taller than Andy. Sly tiny as Mark Wahlberg and Downy Jr diminute as Cruise.
RisingForce said on 1/Jul/17
Andy is or was actually about 5'9", but Antonio is only about 5'8" and as you said, wears big heels and lifts. Granted, it wouldn't surprise me if Andy has worn lifts as well since he does seem fairly height conscious, but I've seen no proof he does.
RichardSpain said on 30/Jun/17
Very similar height than Antonio Banderas. Not more not less . The problem is Antonio wears lifts and Cuban boots.

Antonio & Andy:

Click Here

Click Here

Similar height, around 174cm to Antonio and 175cm to Andy.
Slim 181 cm said on 25/Jun/17
Strong 5' 9
Richardspain said on 1/May/17
Some articles say he is 180cm. It is false! anybody believe it!

My opinion he was around 177cm max 178cm with footwear and solid 175cm barefoot
Nik said on 24/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

Yes it's very good that you keep lists on the celebrities you have commented on, it must interesting to know how many celebrities you have covered and it will give you a great deal of satisfaction when you reach 1,000! I am glad that you have celebheights in mind when you are watching films, and that watching films stimulates you to go on this website, guess on how tall a celeb is, discuss about the height of a celebrity, and talk about anything else of interest too!
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Apr/17
@ Nik - The reason I have lists - alphabetically, in a special little notebook bought for the purpose - is so that I can keep track of how many celebrities I have covered. This morning I totalled up 960 exactly, so just 40 more celebs and I'll have 1,000! My actual comments total far more.
I always remember who I have commented on, but if then I see the same person in another film, for example, and I notice something which has made me doubt my original guess, I go back to the person's page. I might also return to a page if I have something funny itching to get out about him or her!
The lists are kept purely for fun and satisfaction purposes!
Nik said on 21/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

As you will have seen Rob has in the last day added a photograph of Adam Garcia! Thanks for that Rob, good site management as always!

Do you make lists of the celebrities that you are discussing so you can think about what else you might say about those celebrities in the forthcoming days? I like your lightbulb Sandy! You are coming up with some good emojis, I also like to see you enclosing comments within two gold stars, and I also liked the emoji that you put somewhere in the middle of "Amazonian" when you were talking about an "Amazonian" women that you know!
Yes it will be interesting to pick out people from films, find out their heights, and make comments on those actors/ actresses!

Cheers Sandy!
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Apr/17
@ Nik - I do things like that myself when choosing who to comment on!
I go through the 'Latest Comments' page to see if I have any replies, then I reply back and then pick out any names I've seen, preferably ones with an interesting comment to spark any ideas,💡 and take it from there!
I also check out people in my films, as I've already told you! Cheers Nik!
Nik said on 19/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy! It's you mentioning about these Garcia's that has made me want to go on this page to see the comments on this particular Garcia.

Sandy Cowell said on 19/Apr/17
@ Nik - Hi! Fancy bumping into you on this page! He he he! 😉
Nik said on 18/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

Well Ithis is the same thing as what happened on the Christophet Greener page, on the 15th April Aaron Zamora asked how tall the man next to Christopher Greener was and then on the 16th April I asked how tall that same man was! I don't know whether it was me or Rob to blame! - almost certainly me!
Sandy Cowell said on 17/Apr/17
@ Rising Force - Sorry! I didn't realize you'd beaten me to it! 👍
Sandy Cowell said on 17/Apr/17
* The film is 'Internal Affairs'.
(re: comment from yesterday!
RisingForce said on 16/Apr/17
That was Internal Affairs, good film. Gere was only 5'9.5" peak himself, imo, but yeah Garcia has been in some good films such as The Untouchables and Black Rain.
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Apr/17
This man has got better with age! I saw him in a film* from the early 90's recently playing a cop - exposing Richard Gere's corrupt cop, and he still looked young and, in a way, a bit naïve. Now he looks more manly! Could it be that Mediterranean skin holds up better to age?
Anyhow, in that particur film, I thought he just topped 5ft9.5 being noticeably shorter than Gere. But even if he's down now by half-an-inch, he should take heart in the fact that he's aged well!
He can have 5ft9.
RisingForce said on 13/Apr/17
Rob, since you've downgraded many who have been compared to Garcia since this listing (Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Michael Douglas) do you think 5'9" flat might be better? I looked at him a bit and he could always look nothing over it, imo. With 5'7.5" Don Cheadle: Click Here With 5'9" Jamie Foxx: Click Here Click Here With 5'10" George Lopez: Click Here With ground advantage over 5'5.5"-5'6" Al Pacino: Click Here It wouldn't surprise me if he was a bit below 175 today, but in general, I think 175 cm is accurate. Certainly if Sharon Stone was 181 cm in big heels, Garcia still looked nothing over 178 cm in shoes.
Editor Rob: 5ft 9 on the nose may well be fair.
roy said on 19/Dec/16
Not much over 5'8 without his lifts.
Guess said on 16/Nov/16
My spouse and I were at an event in April. Many celebs had to use the walking area directly in front of us to get to and from their seats. So we had a good time with the close ups of all the celebs walking and stopping to talk to people right in front of us. I am 5'8" in flat shoes and I absolutely towered over Andy. We were stunned at how short he is. You could have knocked us over. He is very handsome.
Josh Jeffords said on 9/Oct/16
Read the description he stated no racial bias intended in average for a Latin man is 5 7 or less.
He often looks short never 5 11 that is comedy he's much shorter than 5 9 micheal Keaton easy math.
He is a good actor however often not cast right.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/May/16
Does look a strong 5ft9.

Terrific actor..
BH said on 19/Apr/16
I was next to Andy last week and I am a solid 5'8" wearing flats. I absolutely towered over him. He had on flat sneakers. His daughter and wife towered over him too. My spouse and I were absolutely stunned at how short he is. Still handsome though.
Greg said on 4/Jan/16
Scroll down the page to see Garcia and Ed Harris pic. Unless I'm missing something, Garcia is the same height as Ed Harris (on this site is marked at 5'9"). Who knows what's in their shoes, but I doubt Ed Harris will ever see 5'9" again (a writer I know who met him indicated his height to be closer to 5'7").
Click Here
small guy said on 23/Jun/15
Andy is average height but wears lift to make him as tall as Pitt. He is a legit 5'9er barefoot. But has good proportion which makes him seem taller.
Wrong said on 13/May/15
5''10.5-5'11" straight up. I was disappointed that he was taller than me. Both wearing bowling shoes I'm 5'10.
Dmeyer said on 22/Feb/15
Can look 5'10
cole said on 24/Sep/14
He can vary a lot, I suspect he's one to pop in a lift. Between 5'9 and 5'10.5 I'd say is what he has looked in premiere pics over the years, but I very much doubt he'd measure anything over 5'9.25 barefoot. Actually think just 5'9 flat is a good enough shout.
Brad said on 10/May/14
As listed 1 foot away. Wears big footwear to get up the height.
MD said on 1/Apr/14
He's definitely a shape-shifter, that's for sure. You can see what a real 5'11" looks like in that photo I posted below of him and Jimmy Kimmel, but he has looked taller at premieres, and such.
Arch Stanton said on 31/Mar/14

He can look near 5'11 in films too.
Brett said on 30/Mar/14
Rob, Long time :)

I saw Andy Garcia recently in Los Angeles, and I was suprised at his height... I shook his hand and he honestly looked close to 5'11", I'm pretty sure he must wear special shoes because to me it looked like his torso and leg length weren't adding up...
[Editor Rob: an inch lift and he might appear over 5ft 10 to people...I mean people are buying these lifts and elevator shoes, and some of those people will be in the showbiz world...]
MD said on 13/Feb/14
With 5'11"ish Jimmy Kimmel:

Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 11/Feb/14
Rob have you seen When a Man Loves a Woman? He had to have been wearing lifts as he looked 5 ft 11 range next to Philip Seymour Hoffman and Meg Ryan. He had easily two inches on him.
176,2Tunman said on 7/Feb/14
Hmmm,in The Untouchables, he looked rather 5'9.5-9.75 in the ending scene next to solid 6'1 Costner.Maybe a slight upgrade Rob,unless he wore a little lift?
Truedy said on 18/Aug/13
I don't believe anything I read here because who knows if these people are lying mistaken or just wrong
Arch Stanton said on 11/Jun/13
Looks between 5'9" and 5'10" in the Godfather, average height, not short.
Arch Stanton said on 11/Jun/13
The Exorcist says on 8/Dec/12
He's 4" taller than Al Pacino. That puts him at 5'9"- 5'9.5 range. The 5'9.25 listing is a good one.

Today he is but in the Godfather III he only looked about 2 inches taller than Pacino who was 5 ft 6 peak.
Shell said on 21/Apr/13
I stood next to Garcia in Vegas. I'm a 5ft 9 in woman and I was wearing flats and I was definitely taller than him. This was while they were filming the first Oceans movie. I would say Garcia is about 5ft 8in tall. Saw Matt Damon he is even shorter maybe 5ft 7in. My friends saw others from the cast and said they were shocked at how much shorter they all looked in real life.
LG69 said on 21/Mar/13
@HotTALLPixy, 5'9" is average height...not short. My friend is only 5'5", and i would consider him short for a man. Anyway, 5'9.5" for Mr.Garcia.
The Exorcist said on 8/Dec/12
He's 4" taller than Al Pacino. That puts him at 5'9"- 5'9.5 range. The 5'9.25 listing is a good one.

Click Here
Click Here
wrong said on 2/Sep/12
I bowled next to him and his family in hollyweird. He is a solid 5'10 1/2"
Little taller than me, both in bowling shoes and I'm 5'10"
HotTALLPixy said on 25/Aug/12
I'm a 5'9" woman and was hovering over Mr. Garcia when he pulled up for valet at Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim years ago. He is short!
jtm said on 21/Nov/11
that's because damon had a footwear advantage.damon at under 5'9 is very accurate.
the shredder said on 20/Nov/11
Brad , Matt Damon was not shorter then him under 5'9 is bull for both
Silent d said on 20/Nov/11
He was taller than julianna marguiles who people say is taller in real life. 176cm is about right.
Brad said on 19/Nov/11
Stood next to him. 5' 9" on the nose.
Bon_ said on 17/Nov/11
There was a guy on this page who said he met Garcia and estimated him at 5'7.5 - barefoot. I would agree with that, with good shoes he probably skyrockets to 5'9 - 5'10.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 15/Nov/11
Rob, be honest please! how tall should this guy be next to Andy Garcia?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
i just tell you he's 170, max 171 (you also said it from a pic i posted)
[Editor Rob: if the camera is high up, the person further away in this instance will have height added, so I don't know the real difference between them.]
TK said on 31/Oct/11
Saw him at a Laker game. I'm barely 5'11" and he's barely an inch shorter than me. He seems taller though because he's proportioned right and he was cool enough to realize he was in my way while standing up.
Mr. Tempus said on 18/Jul/11
5'9 is plausible, but he looks a little bit short in the pink panther 2
Ka said on 28/Jun/11
Legit 176 cm, only 1-2 cm under 178 George Lopez
LG69 said on 7/Jun/11
Andy looks 5'9". He's not short and not tall.
Brazilian Fellow said on 5/Jun/11
He doesn't look shorter than 5'10"-5'11" George Clooney in Ocean's 11. Interestingly, there's a scene where the 11 are arguing about Tess (Julia Robert's character), and Saul (Carl Reiner's character) says "She's too tall for him", referring to Garcia's character, Terry.
voiceless dental fricative said on 1/Jun/11
I think he did wear lifts early in his career. He definitely looked taller than 5'9 next to 6'1 Costner in The Untouchables.
TruebloodFan said on 20/May/11
this guy looked anything between 173cm and 177cm to me(so did Mel Gibson and Ed Harris). I'll guess in the middle. 5ft9 flat.
Spence said on 6/May/11
5'9.25 5'9.5
Legend said on 6/Jan/11
he's 5'9 people
bam said on 9/Sep/07
no shorter than 5'9
Nolifts81 said on 25/Jun/07
Kevin Bacon is not 5'10" but 5'11". That pic is not fair. Bad angles!!! I've met Andy Garcia and he is 5'10". He was exactly my height wearing very normal dress shoes. I am exactly 5'10.25 barefoot and in the evening!
Brad said on 13/May/07
Looks 5' 8" with Bacon....and Michelle looks tall next to him. Should be interesting seeing Pitt & Damon next to him in "13".
MD said on 11/May/07

Andy with 5'10" Kevin Bacon:

Click Here

Even with the odd angles, here, it's apparent he's not 5'10"
Nolifts81 said on 10/May/07
Andy Garcia is 5'10".I've met him in Milan 2 years agò.He had on normal dress shoes.5'9" is not correct.
Drew said on 7/May/07
In "Ocean's 11" a character says regarding the character of Julia Roberts: "She's too tall for him (Garcia)".

Then on the commentary of the dvd, Matt Damon says that it was an inside joke. So probably Garcia is around Julia Robert's height.
Anonymous said on 22/Apr/07
Well I just saw Andy Garica in Las Vegas at Starbucks. I would say that he is around 5'8 tops. Not 5'9 I think his pr people added an inch. He is also rather small built. You always see him in a jacket to make him look bigger.
dmeyer said on 4/Mar/07
5'9 make sens since a friend of mine is 5'7 and am 5'11 and he told me he was half way btween us
Brad said on 8/Dec/06
5' 9" when I saw him filming in Denver some years back. I'm sure he loved his scenes with Pacino in the next Danny Ocean robbery.
antron said on 4/Oct/06
Thats Jeff Bridges Height case you were wondering
Editor Rob said on 12/Sep/06
1986 miami herald, "but he was too short -- at 5 foot 10 -- to go pro."
Height Detective said on 2/Sep/06
In a A&E biography , they mentioned that Andy was seriously on basketball ,but he has to quit since he was shorter than 5.11
Tom said on 29/Aug/06
He was standing in front of me at a Laker game with Rob Estes and Harry Hamblin. I'm about 5'11" and he was about 2 inches shorter than me when I stood up. He doesn't look short. His shoes looked normal so I wouldn't deviate much from 5'9". Hamblin and Estes on the other hand were like 5'6" or 5'7". It was shocking.
Frank2 said on 1/Jun/06
Andy's 5'9". Gere is about 5'10". Pacino is no more than 5'6". I have a good friend who's an actor and he swears pacino is 5'4" but I take that with a grain of salt.
Bobby Joe said on 8/May/06
WOW! 176cm!!! wow that makes me want to go home and measure myself in cm!!
Frank2 said on 25/Apr/06
Who's 5'5"? Garcia? Nonsense. I saw him at my car dealer's service center several times and he was two inches shorter than me and I'm 5'11". And at no time was he wearing lifts or huge shoes. Garcia is 5'9". Period!
Anonymous said on 24/Apr/06
he's quoted in a q&a in time out new york saying he's 5-5
JT said on 18/Apr/06
I've seen him in person a few times. 5'9" is a good estimate.
Frank2 said on 4/Mar/06
He's five-nine. we took our BMW's to the same dealer. Nice guy.
brazilian guy said on 15/Feb/06
looks 174 at best
dmeyer said on 8/Jan/06
also he looks the same as damon you should alest give him 5'9.5"
dmeyer said on 8/Jan/06
if you watch the movie he did with coster i met costner is around 186 cm and garcia didnt look mush shorter
brazilian guy said on 7/Jan/06
i think 174-175 is acurate for him
he is the same height as meg ryan who is listed 173
i think 174 is closer to the reality
sidewinder said on 29/Nov/05
umm, i doubt that diary is real, i think it's a joke...........

[Editor Rob: ;) yes, of course, but vaguely amusing...]
CelebHeights Editor said on 7/Jul/05
HeightDetective pointed this quote to me from Steven Soderbergh's supposed Ocean 12 diary: "I point to Garcia and shout "Get that Hispanic short-arse off my set". His eyes red and watery, Andy shouts back "I'm not short. I'm average height". "Yeah" I quip "average in Lilliput"..... (Alright so I said that to myself ten minutes later. It doesn't make it any less funny)."
Odessa said on 19/Apr/05
Andy's height should be 5 ft 11 inches. I have met him.
Hey Editor Dude said on 15/Mar/05
This is just common knowledge about taking photos usually the shorter ones sit in the front. Based on this and the photos I have seen of Matt Damon with Andy Garcia. Matt is also around 5-8 or 5-9 otherwise he would be standing in the place of Andy.

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