How tall is Andy Lau

Andy Lau's Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

Hong Kong Actor and Singer known for Infernal Affairs, Shaolin, God of Gamblers and Chasing the Dragon. On his Official Club website, he was listed as 174cm, with a weight of 68kg.

How tall is Andy Lau
Photo by Denis Makarenko/

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Average Guess (23 Votes)
5ft 7.67in (171.9cm)
Jackie Lee said on 16/Nov/22
A good 173 cm is likely for Andy. He looks slightly shorter than Jackie Chan and taller than Donnie yen.
Steven Lee said on 30/Jul/22
@Editor Rob How tall do you think Nicholas Tse is? On google it says 175cm but on some photos he's as tall as Donnie Yen and some photos as tall as Andy Lau.
Editor Rob
Wouldn't have guessed under 5ft 8 for Tse
Steve o said on 27/Dec/20
Look 5'8 to me, same height as Jackie Chan a few years ago, who was probably 5'8 at the time
Darren Lee said on 15/May/20
I don't think there's any reason to think he is shorter than 5'8 particularly if you compare him to say Matt Damon. Asian celebrities are generally taller than average. They are less likely to 6'4, but the 5'8 to 5'10 range is normal for leading men. Heightism is a thing in Asia! I think Aaron Kwok is more 5'7...Leon Lai is easily 5'10 or 5'11
LLkw said on 30/Dec/19
Actually Felix Is correct.
Andy lau is max 1.7m, 5.7' max, my wife seen him before.

One of HK big 4, li Ming (Leon Lai) is around 1.75m, I have seen him in person.
With him standing with Andy Lau, they are indeed 2 inches apart.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Jun/19
Rob, Andy is 58 this year and did you think he was atually 5'8 1/2 peak?
Editor Rob
That might be the most I'd try to argue for him 20 years ago.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 11/Jan/19
Maybe he really is 5'8 although i previously thinking of 172cm. Kind of possible still closer to 5'8 1/2 when Lau was younger in those decades ago HK movies.
Petit said on 5/Sep/18
Hey guys, this my firts time comement Hongkong celebrities usually cheat about their heights,we southeast asia, knew it clearly
Junior Hernandez said on 8/Feb/18
Andy might just dip into 5'7.75" lowest at night.
john said on 22/Sep/17
with Jean Reno listed at 187 cm here
Click Here
MD said on 2/Jul/17

With Donnie Yen's height having been brought closer to his actual height, there can't be any way this listing for Andy's right. They are REALLY close in height from what I've seen. He can't be nearly two-inches taller than Donnie Yen.
Editor Rob
I still would put Lau taller, but yeah he might be just 1 inch taller, I think the maximum I could argue is 173, but will have a look at him again at some point.
S.J.H said on 16/Jun/17
@john said on 13/May/17

Donnie had heels and hair advantage for sure. Lau is 171cm i feel not as short as some out source rumors say from 168-170cm
john said on 13/May/17
He is same height as donnie yen who is listed 169cm here
Click Here
Click Here

Andylau's height is wrong, please change it, there is no way he is 174cm based on these pics with donnie and with matt damon
Revisionist said on 6/Feb/17
hi123456, based on that picture, he looks about 5'7," which would have been my guess.
hi123456 said on 27/Jan/17
look here with 178 cm claimed matt damon, look his footwear advantage Click Here
S.J.H said on 25/Jan/17
Not matter what.. Andy real height would always be 5'7.5 and possible 5'7.25 now
A 171cm male said on 9/Jan/17
Not a bad height to be at I'd say 174...
S.J.H said on 21/Oct/16
He have confess he was only 171.5cm thats more 5'7.5 when he young. Nowadays over age of 50 he might be just a few mm over 5'7
john said on 29/Sep/16
Andy Lau and Donnie yen looks the same height
If Donnie is listed as 169cm here, then Andy cant be 174cm

Click Here
Click Here
sakho said on 7/Oct/15
he's 176cm
Hypado said on 30/Sep/14
Spot On, Andy Lau is 174/175cm
MD said on 7/Apr/14
@whatever, I, too, think he's at least an inch smaller than currently listed. You do have to realize, though, that you're going to have to provide more evidence than "I have studied his height for years" to get the listing changed. Simply stating such a thing is not how you get heights lowered, here. If you can find some photographic or video evidence, then you can negoitated with Rob to bring the listing more in line with reality. Barring that, providing what you have (basically nothing) isn't going to merit a change.
whatever said on 5/Apr/14
Andy Lau is 5 ft 6.25 (168cm) barefoot at night.Rob,pls degrate him,because I have studied his height for years.Andy's claim is not true.
dawei said on 22/Feb/14
He was in Flushing, NY around 1998, when he released a new CD. His hair was blond. I am 5'8" and he is shorter than me by about 1.5-2". Look at him in movies. He wears shoes that have high lifts.
Ricky said on 15/Feb/14
Andy lau height 174 cm...i`m sure.
Pleb said on 9/Jan/14
Andy looks barely 5'7 here with 5'11.5 Daniel Wu here:

Click Here
195jerry said on 8/Nov/12
just my opinion, but i highly doubt that what he put on his website is accurate. i really think everyone fibs a teensy weensy bit for their height. i think he's 5'8.
kingpindom said on 5/Nov/11
andy lau is exactly 174 cm on the maximum height,he definitely 4-5 cm taller than stephen chow who is 170cm.
LAN Jiao said on 2/Oct/11
5"7.5 on th dote
Sky said on 20/Jan/11
@ AK Fan: Shu Qi is about 5'5"
AK Fan said on 18/Jan/11
So how tall is Shu Qi?
AK Fan said on 16/Dec/10
Anon did a good job with the photos of Aaron Kwok and Zhang Ziyi. It's clear Aaron does not make it 170cms or 5'7" for sure. From the photos it's clear Aaron should be 2-3cms taller than Zhang Ziyi. Around 5'6" should be where Aaron is. May be 166 - 168 in cms. What do you guys say?
2030 CEO said on 28/Nov/10
I saw Aaron Kwok three times in person. I am 168 cm tall with shoes on maybe close to 170cm. Aaron Kwok appear to be same height as me maybe not more than an inch taller. So I am guessing he is 171 cm with LIFT on...........
However, he appear to be taller on stage because of his proportional body. He even admit himself in an interview that he is half a head shorter than those TVB SIU SANG during his I think he stand around 165 barefoot height.
Consider the facts that 170cm will probably average height for people who born in 60s. I think that Aaron Kwok is not as short as people thought. He is probably 2 inches shorter.
Lord Chief Justice Victor said on 18/Nov/10
andy lau definitely doesnt stand at 5'8(173cm)

in my opinion n judging from pictures n movies of him standing wif others , he solidly stands at 5'7(170cm) of 170cm or more could b n most probably due to his shoes or elevator wateva u can think of tht lift his height by any means...

n yes, i do agree with those earlier comments where asian stars tend to list their height more than wat they actually stand at.
Anon said on 4/Nov/10
How about in this pic where Shu Qi looks to be in a non-heel footwear yet is the exact height as Aaron Kwok in dress shoes? Click Here
Anon said on 4/Nov/10
I definitely agree he is 5-6 in those flats.
Anonymous said on 3/Nov/10
Annon, if you look at the ground level, you can see that aaron is standing on a slightly lower ground. If Zhang ziyi is 5-4 to 5-5 on this site, Aaron kwok is somewhere around 5'6.
Anon said on 29/Oct/10
Here's the pic : Click Here
Anon said on 29/Oct/10
James, then why does Aaron Kwok look to be the same height as Zhang Ziyi?

Google Aaron Kwok and Zhang Ziyi and you'll see.
Felix said on 28/Jun/09
Frankly, I do not believe Fong Chung Sun is 182, many friends who met him said he is 178 max
Anonymous said on 25/Jun/09
Dont know if you guys know this actor, but his name is Alex Fong Chung Sun. He is 182cm and that is a guaranteed truth. But other actors/actresses eh.... I agree with Yoyo that most of them are shorter than what they claim to be.
Tomtom said on 9/Jun/09
Can some body go home take a tape measure and pull it out until it says 5'10 (178cm) or 5'11(180cm) and put the tape against the wall, use your sense and try to realize how tall it is. I've read a lot of threads in this forum and most of them really crack me up when I see Nicholas is 175cm, Louis Koo is 181cm. And better yet, all Hong Kong TVB's actors are listed 180cm. I mean, come on, we're Asian and you think Ron Ng or Raymond Lam is as tall as Brad Pitt (180cm). Dream on people.
Felix said on 22/May/09
Gu Tian Le(Louis Koo) is definite 176-177cm, he was in prison before, with a less than 1cm prisoner slipper, he is 177!
supdude said on 19/May/09
to yoyo. Hey, thanks for the datas. However, Louis Koo always seems above 180 cm to me. I've been watching him since... forever. He's also taller than a lot of other people so i think it should be pretty accurate that he is around 5'11 :P.
Felix said on 16/May/09
I agree with yoyo, I met some of them, and many of my friend met them in person because of their job. Onlt thing I want to tell. Guan Xi Chen is 172cm,Jet Li 164.5cm
yoyo said on 4/May/09
yah BS whatever.. its from asia idol web page i found. Leung, frankly you think does most asian actor looks taller than western actor you seen?
Leung said on 30/Apr/09
95% accurate, are you joking? More like 95% BS.
Your height estimates are pathetic.
Bop said on 29/Apr/09
Where did you get the data from?
yoyo said on 29/Apr/09
here is true height(barefoot)of some famous asian celebs which i know:

Takuya Kimura 169cm,(claim as tall as 176 - 177cm)
Andy Lau 172cm,(popular to claim 174cm)
Jackie Chan 169cm,(claim 174 - 175cm)
Aaron Kwok 165cm,(claim 170cm)
Tony Leung 167cm,(claim 173cm)
Daniel Wu 182cm,(claim 186cm)
Jet Li 163cm,(claim 168cm - 170cm)
Takeshi Kaneshiro 179cm,(claim 178cm)
Jackie Zhang Xue You 170cm,(claim 178cm)
Simon Yam Tat Wah 179cm,(claim 180cm)
Nicholas Tse 169cm,(claim 174cm, but as measure 169cm in jail once.)
Edison Chan 173-174cm,(claim 179cm)
Anthony Wong 178cm,(claim 180cm)
Joe Ma Tak Chung 187cm,(claim 185cm, famous been tall in HongKong TVB career.)
Louis Koo Tin Lok 176cm,(claim 181cm)
Chris You Hong Ming 190cm(claim 186cm, Taiwan famous singer/songwriter.)

Might be 95% accurate from what i discover it.
Somebody said on 19/Apr/09
He is probably 170cm at most. My brother saw him at the airport and claims Andy is the same height as him. My brother is only 168cm so he was really really surprised. I didn't believe him at first but I have been to HK lots of times and everytime I'm there, I tower over everyone. I'm 170cm.
Felix said on 31/Mar/09
Aaron Kwok(Guo Fu Cheng) is about 165-167cm, for sure. he has 3 inches shoes (2 inches lift)! Because he is shorter than 168cm's Wu Ma. You can use google to search his comment about Guo's height!
Pat said on 25/Mar/09
hey so how tall is Aaron Kwok for sure?
Felix said on 15/Feb/09
I am the worst at height estimates because I can not see Lau is 5 cm taller than my friend! Click Here My friend height is accurrate! he is 169.6cm. It is barefoot height, no shoes, no lift! Anybody except Leung can see he is almost the same height with Lau, therefore either my friend grows 5cm after 24 or Lau is about 169cm!
Leung said on 12/Feb/09
Nobody here believes your nonsense because you are the worst at height estimates.
Felix said on 11/Feb/09
Normally Lau's shoes is 1 inches, and lift is about 1-2 inches depends on who he will stand with, it is what my friend told me! Can you explain why in early 90's Lau is so short? Because at that time there is no lift shoes!!!

If somebody have some pics that you or your friend with Lau, please post it. "Inner Lift Lau" always cheats, it is no doubt!
Anonymous said on 8/Feb/09
felix all the pics you have posted, show no signs of footwear or legs for that matter, and therefore someone can be standing on something (though i doubt it)
Click Here (relative to the pic u posted Click Here)
here's some pics showing their whole body
Click Here
Click Here
Felix said on 12/Dec/08
DO not forget his nickname in Mainland china, "Inner Lift Lau", In some video, after wearing the lift, Lau is as same as Li Ming. How do you explain that? Can you deny he is 3-4 inches shorter than Li Ming, Li is only 176-178. some pics I post is from early 90s, at that time there is no lift shoes.
I do not want to post my friend pics before, you push me! all are mobile phone taken pics
My friend is 169.6cm when he graduated at the year of 2003 at the age of 23, as
"Felix Incorrect Again" described, he grows another 2 inches after 23. Click Here
A 162-163cm 13years old kid with 168-170's Lau
Click Here
So-called 174cm Lau with 178cm Jin Chen Wu(Japanese name: Takeshi Kaneshiro) and 164.5cm(Sportsman's race booklet data) Jet Li Click Here Click Here
So called 182cm Li with real 183cm director Chen Kai Ge(middle),179 Sun Hong Lei(left 1) Click Here
So called 182cm Li with 183cm Hu Jun Click Here
So called 182cm Li with 173cm football fan and 183cm ZhiYi Fan(ex international soccer captain of China, data very accurate)Click Here
My wife met Lau 4 year ago, Lau is even 1-2 inches shorter than my 165cm's wife(8cm heel shoes), he also weared shoes. She told me, I can not believe, he is so thin and small, only about 55kg, before me, he likes a kid.
Felix Incorrect Again said on 11/Dec/08
here is a link --> Click Here
Andy Lau and Kelly Chen singing together in the year of 2000. Andy looks a few inches taller than her (and you claim her to be 170cms tall).
Felix said on 4/Dec/08
Here is a picture Andy Lau with Jet Li(164.5cm) and Jin Cheng Wu(Takeshi Kaneshiro). Andy Lau and Li did not wear lift. Jin's official height is 178cm, although he accepted he was only 176. I assume his height is 178cm, Lau is at least 3-4 inches shorter than him, therefore Lau is around 168cm, Max 170. The guy who siad I am wrong, what do you think. Because Lau always wear lift, so he looks not short!
Click Here
By the way, When I was in HK, a lot of people said I was 6 feet, but I am only 178cm. I think everybody there exaggrates their height, so 5,10 in their opinion is 6 feet!
Felix said on 3/Dec/08
Somebody does not belive me, I post more image.
Hongkong stars real height equals their claim height minus 3-7cm. Hongkong BIG Four, Andy Lau 174(168-170), Li Ming 182 (176-178), Guo Fu Cheng 171(165-166), Zhang Xue You 175(170-172).
Andy Lau is at least 3-4inches shorter than max 178cm's Li Ming, Click Here Click Here
Click Here
Fake 182cm Li Ming with Real 183cm Hu Bing who from mainland. Click Here
So if anybody insist Andy Lau is 174, I have nothing to say.
Not only Hongkong stars, all the people in South exaggrate their height because they are short. When I went to Hongkong, I(178cm) was a little taller(1-2cm) than a Hongkongnese who claims himself 6 feet.
felix said on 22/Nov/08
Kelly Chen (Chen Hui Lin) is not 173, he is only about 170! her height just fit s others fake height. If Lau is 174 I will eat my hat! Liang Yong Qi is not 176, she is shorter than her 174's ex boyfriend Zheng Yi Jiang. Lau's nickname is China main land is Inner lift Liu! therefore you will know why sometimes he is not short! He is less than 170 now, I am very sure! Most Hongkong stars exaggerate their height, such as Li Ming 182cm(178), Guo Fu Cheng 170cm(166), Stephen Chow(Zhou Xing Chi) 174cm(166-167), Zhang Bai Zhi 165cm(158), Chen Guan Xi 178cm(172), Wu Yan Zu 186cm (183)
Felix Incorrect Again said on 18/Nov/08
Dude, Andy Lau is 174 cm AT LEAST okay? The dude has starred in many movies alongside some really tall actresses (Kelly Chen (about 173cm tall) Gigi Leung (176 cm tall) and he has never appeared short in any of those films. He might have shrunk a little now since he is older, but I dun think its a lot. Young Andy = 174cm Old Andy (Now) = 172cm
Felix said on 24/Oct/08
My friend worked with Lau in Beijing before, he said he is suprised Lau is shorter than him. My friend claims he is 172cm, but I guess he is only 170cm.
Anonymous said on 29/Aug/08
Click Here just pass forward to 3 minutes 11 seconds. this is an old movie of Andy lau and tony leung standing next to each other with flat shoes, and they were about the same height or tony was even a lil taller. End of discussion.
Leung said on 27/Aug/08
174cm is right. Andy Lau has good body proportions and therefore can give the appearance of being taller in his movies.

Someone like Jackie Chan is the exact opposite, he is also 174cm but due to his stocky body and head size he is generally regarded as a short fellow.
5'10" Bobby said on 26/Aug/08
174cm seems a little short. He seems much taller than Aaron Kwok who is listed as 172cm and always wears lifts. In his film, Yesterday Once More, his character is implied as being 5'10" tall.
grandy said on 30/Jul/08
he would be 167-170, same with Tony Leung, celebrities aren't God
AA said on 17/Jul/08
My cousin used to work as an air hostess and saw him up close on one of her flights. She's 172cm and said he "looked short", around my height (which was around 168 at the time - in 1999 approx.). Most Asian celebrities embellish their heights on so-called "official" websites + wear lifts all the time when out in public. My sister went out with a minor celebrity who "officially" listed himself as 170cm in all his promotional material but he told her he was really only 164cm - and said everyone does it.
DejaVu said on 7/Feb/08
He is only 171.5 cm and I am dead sure.
Eggz said on 17/Dec/07
my parents went to his concert, and they told me that he is around the 170cm range
Law said on 5/Dec/07
I trust him he is quite tall,lau was almost 173-174 cm tall because I saw him before he is more taller than me about 2-3cm,I'm 171.5cm .he is not to short because he also taller than many actor and don't argue about his height,I trust him he didn't lie at all.
vtlee said on 10/Jun/07
he is around 5'7 i have worked with him in hk.
trueheight said on 15/Mar/07
I doubt this - his frame is similar to Tom Cruise - both with slight shoulders. My guess: 5'7.5 or 172cm is much more accurate
kene6ft3 said on 16/Sep/06
im a sinagapore here.. i ever take photo with him n he apear like only 172cm..
ppp said on 7/Aug/06
I think he admitted that he is 171.5 cm. But sometimes when I read the paper and see his picture with other stars, the shoes he wears make him look like 180 cm.........
Jack said on 25/Jul/06
Hes closer to 5'7 actually. Im 5'8 and when I met him, he was a tad shorter than me.
InTheZone said on 4/Mar/06
In a book published in Taiwan, featuring an interview with him, his height was listed as 172 CM. But that was in 1993.
Yao said on 22/Oct/05
Seen this guy in real life. Looks more around 172cm to me.

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