How tall is Andy Murray

Andy Murray's Height

6ft 2in (188 cm)

Scottish Tennis Player, Wimbledon winner. In January 2007 a Herald article mentioned "[Andy] estimates he is now 6ft 3in - two inches taller than a year ago" although for the Olympics he was listed 188cm and with a weight of 185 pounds. On his twitter he stated his height as being "187.5cms" [almost 6ft 1 and ⅞] in 2013. Fellow Brit Laura Robson mentioned "I am 5ft 11in, but because most people have seen me playing with Andy Murray, who's 6ft 2, I look quite small next to him."

How tall is Andy Murray
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Average Guess (47 Votes)
6ft 2.22in (188.5cm)
Anonymous said on 9/Sep/17
Yea the other night Philip kohlschreiber was playing Federer and John McEnroe said he was about 5'11. I've stood right next to him and he was virtually the same height as me with similar footwear (5'9-5'9.5) He's about 5'11 with chunky shoes on.
faza said on 6/Sep/17
Lopez looks taller than 6'1 in all honestly He is probably similar with Djokovic maybe 6'1.5 I think he is abover 6'1, the ATP listed height are not accurate I remember seeing Marc Gicquel down as 6'2 when he is probably around 5'11, They even list Donald Young as 6'0 I dont even think he is 5'11 barefoot either
anonymous said on 1/Sep/17
Check this interesting picture out, especially since atpworldtour now lists Feliciano Lopez at 6'1...

Click Here
anon176 said on 31/Aug/17
Andy has to be a solid 6-2 for a fair chunk of the day as he edges out David Haye by a fraction. I suppose 187.5 is right after a pm training session.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Aug/17
Really doesn't under 6ft2 at all.
Anon said on 23/Aug/17
There is no way Dimitrov is 6'3''. He never looks it. Here he is next to Kyrgios who is 6'4''

Click Here
khan 177 cm evening said on 22/Aug/17
@ Filippo

I was thinking the same thing. How do you all debate a self-given height that is as specific and honest as Andy's? Yet most people here still just HAVE to add 1-2 cm just because they can't accept it.

Andy is a legit 6'2" and falls a hair below it at his low. Djokovic is 6'1.5" at most at his low. Fed probably falls a bit short of 6'1". Nadal might hit 6'0" at his low but measures above it most of the day. There's really nothing to debate here.
Filippo said on 20/Aug/17
Funny how people fail to accept a self-proclaimed height.
The guy himself told he is 187.5, there is absolutely ZERO chance of him being taller.
Andy is BTW a very honest guy, could have well said to be 6'3 and we all would have bought if.
Peterson188cm said on 15/Aug/17
6ft2.25 (188.6cm)
Mark(5'9.5 said on 2/Aug/17
I don't see Murray falling under 6'2". I would say that his claim is more like if he had a extremely long tennis match. For regular days, he's a 188-189cm person. He can appear taller than current 'Will Ferrell' at times.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Jul/17
He looks 188-189cm more often than 187-188cm
Rory said on 20/Jul/17
Murray- 6'2
Djokovic- 6'1.75
Henman- 6'1.25
Federer- 6'1
Nadal- 6'0.25/6'0.5
Wawrinka- 6'0
anon said on 19/Jul/17
Reece and Rampage agree also, I mean the 187.5cm claim he recently said seems specific but that could also be after a long day training and he could be a tad below his usual lowest height, who knows or he said the wrong number but that is doubtful although Murray does come over like a genuine guy, I hardly doubt many guys would downplay their height but Murray probably is one of them.

I could see him being 6'2.25- 6'5 but any legit 6'2 guy with a build like Murray could look taller anyway, He has consistency always looked taller than Djokovic and most people on here don't really see Djokovic anything under 187cm a bit odd, The Mad thing is there are many 6'2 guys listed on here or generally I bet in person would look shorter than Murray.

Murray looks taller than all 6'2 listed guys on ATP, look at Lopez, Haas, Tsonga etc
Big E said on 19/Jul/17
I honestly think Andy Murray looks a lot closer to 6'3
Reece said on 19/Jul/17
@Rampage Clover.
exactly!he looks more than 3cm taller than Federer. he looks 4-5cm taller at least. and if he is 6-1.75 then Djokovic must be 6-1.
Matthew Robinson said on 18/Jul/17
The picture above - his baggy jeans make his legs look stubbier than a 6'2" guy normally has. But I believe he is fully the height he claims.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jul/17
187-188cm seems a tough sell for Murray. Pulls off 189cm convincingly and sometimes even 190cm! Really just 2cm on Tim Henman?
Tayson said on 18/Jul/17
Andy Murray

Strong 187.5cm
Height: 188cm

Novak Djokovic

Strong 186cm
Height: 186.5cm
Reece said on 18/Jul/17
If he is 6-1.75 then Djokovic is 6-1. No way that's possible. He is at least 6-2.5 and that would make more sense putting Djokovic at 6-1.75-6-2
S.J.H said on 18/Jul/17
If he say 187.5cm should get listed either both 6'1.75 or 6'2. I would go with 6'1.75 and Novak Djokovic at 6'1.5
even said on 17/Jul/17
6 foot 2 and 185 lbs
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 17/Jul/17
He's about 187 but his hair has fooled some people here into thinking he's 188+
Editor Rob: I've always thought Murray is a good yardstick, one of the few who came out with a nice specific figure.

Still, most would guess him 6ft 2-3 range if they seen him in person I'm sure.
Chris said on 16/Jul/17
I think he is near enough 6"2 his hair is a factor in making him look taller. The big guys on your destiny his 6"3 claim.
For the British guys I think
Jamie Murray 6"2.5
Kyle Edmund 6"2.25
Dom inglot 6"5.75 ( 6"6 listed at olympics)
James ward 6"2.25
Cameron norrie 6"1.5
Marcus Willis 6"2
Leon smith (captain) 5"11
Spanish said on 14/Jul/17
Andy is 187.5 but his hair make him looks 188 at least.
Djokovic 187
Federer 186
Nadal 184
wawrinka 183
Gasquet 182
Alex R said on 14/Jul/17
Could you do a page for Jamie Murray? Looks a bit taller than Andy but is booked as 190cm like his brother.
anon said on 5/Jul/17
reece and nick yes, Djokovic height seems more accurate considering he was listed as 187cm on his official webiste yrs now it just states the 188cm/80kg stats of the main atp site because they dont do 1/2 Inches on the main site, Djokovic is at worst 6'1.5 I think his 6'1.75 listing on here seems accurate he is clearly taller than Federer who must be 185-186cm not under 6'1 I doubt.

Murray said in his book many yrs ago that he and his brother grew to 6'3 and then he claimed 187.5cm on Twitter and he told Sue Barker that he was 6'3 in shoes and she guessed him taller so its clear he is a honest guy, It a strange one I wouldn't be at all surprised if Murray measured something like 6'2.25 in reality, look how he looks to people who are listed on here, Hugh Dennis is at 6'0.25 was Murray only 1.75 taller looked a good couple inches taller than him.
Reece said on 4/Jul/17
@nick. and Djokovic as 6-1.75 and Murray to 6-2. even though Murray is clearly more than 0.25 inches taller than him. Murray always edges out 6-2. If Murray is really 6-1.75 then Djokovic must be nearer 6-1 which cant be right.
nick said on 3/Jul/17
I agree with you reece , Murray looked a bit taller than David Haye and both are on here at the same height something is off
Reece said on 1/Jul/17
He could have been that when he was younger hence claiming it. If Murray is 6-1.75 then Djokovic Is no more then 6-1 and Federer more like 6 foot. That's not possible. Doesn't make sense. U have Haye as 6-2 and Murray is clearly taller than him.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 27/Jun/17
If Roger Federer is going to remain at 6'1" flat, then Andy Murray shouldn't be upgraded as there's really no more than an inch between them. He even seemed 6'2" flat in person, and nothing more whatsoever.
S.J.H said on 25/Jun/17
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8)

They add up his hair. 6'2.5 Lol
Reece said on 25/Jun/17
Because if he is 187.5cm then that makes Djokovic 185cm and their is no way Djokovic is under 6-1.75. Then that puts Nadal under 6-0 and their is no way that's possible. Murray is easily a weak 6-3
Editor Rob: the question would then be, why would Murray lie and say 187.5cm.

I don't believe he did. Murray was asked how tall he was and said 187.5cm. If we don't accept it as truth, then he made a mistake or is lying.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 24/Jun/17
Murray admitted to being 187.5cm, so I don't get why some people are insisting he's over 6'2".
Reece said on 21/Jun/17
Del Po looks 6-7 to me. Even 6-4 3/4 Bernard Tomic looks a fair bit shorter. Del Po is clearly taller than Cillic as well. Murray is a bit over 6-2 he looks like a weak 6-3 like 6-2 1/2 or 6-2 3/4
S.J.H said on 21/Jun/17
Novak look fractionally shorter than Murray
anon said on 14/Jun/17
Good Post Belek, I agree on Safin he was likely over 6'4 probably more 6'4.5, As for Murray I think he always looks a solid 6'2
belek said on 13/Jun/17
Many people outside anglosphere are not as obsessed with height as Americans, Aussies or even brits are.. I think Juan Martin del potro could easily be 2 meters tall instead of 1.98 (6'6) he really make the guys 6'2 look quite small and he is clearly taller than solid 6'5 berdych..and slighty taller than 6'6 cilic..

I think other famous case was Marat safin.. listed as 6'4 but he was more like 6'4.5 or weak 6'5 similar to zlata ibrahimovic..

a lot of people from outside anglosphere are usually listed shorter than they are because of confusion with metric system and because those societies are not obsessed with height at all..
Nik said on 11/Jun/17
I always get the impression that he is a solid 6'2"!
Bazza said on 7/Jun/17
@mr prez - in real life there are many strong 6'2ers claiming 6'4 but there is no way on earth that he clears 190cm tops in real life.
Johnson said on 6/Jun/17
@Mr Prez 6'4... what a joke!!

Here you have 6'6 Del Potro 6'2 Murray and 5'10 Nishikori

Click Here
Mark(5'9.25 said on 6/Jun/17
Out of curiosity Rob, would you argue a fraction 'over' 6'2" or a fraction 'under' 6'2"?
Editor Rob: I'd say he didn't come out of thin air with 187.5cm, so it's a good chance tiny fraction under 6ft 2, but maybe it's a low mark and he holds 6ft 2 a fair amount of the day.
Josh said on 6/Jun/17
6'5 easy Prez :)
Mr. Prez said on 4/Jun/17
He's 6'4.
Reece said on 4/Jun/17
In that Nadal picture their is at least a good 2 inches their.Murray is near a inch taller than Djokovic always and Djokovic is looking 6-2.
Johnny said on 3/Jun/17
With David Beckham he could look at most 187 cm.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 2/Jun/17
I think Murray falls into that steel side of 6'2" more so than the wood version of 6'2".
Johnson said on 28/May/17
@Reece the pics you posted are poor.

Look at these good pics with Nadal 184.5
Click Here

With Djokovic 187.5
Click Here

Murray looks 188.5 maximum
Reece said on 27/May/17
Murray is more than a inch taller than Federer who is a solid 6-1.
Click Here
Click Here is 6-2 and Murray is a good inch taller. Djokovic is defo no less than 6-1 3/4
Murray is 190/191cm
We have no idea how many times he gets measured. i still think he going of measurements when he is younger,he may not be sure.
Johnson said on 25/May/17
@Reece I guess tennis players are measured every year. It would be strange in 2013 he is saying height of 2007... it looks not probable
Johnson said on 24/May/17
@berta I also look taller than 175 flat in pictures with people.I look solid 176 or 176.5 maximum... but I measure 175 cm. So Murray and me must be similar in the way we have good posture and when stading tall at the doctor we don't gain that extra boost... we can look even 1 cm solid taller than what we are
Reece said on 24/May/17
@Berta. that could be when he was younger. he looks like he grew. i still think he is 190cm. looks a bit taller than 6-2 Djokovic who is a good 188cm.
Reece said on 24/May/17
@Berta. that could be when he was younger. he looks like he grew. i still think he is 190cm. looks a bit taller than 6-2 Djokovic.
berta said on 23/May/17
his 187,5 cm claim is strange he looks more in the range of 188-188,5 but its only 1 cm difference really he could be his claim why lie that you are shorter.but i wouldnt guess shorter than 188 really
Reece said on 22/May/17
@James. Disagree Murray edges him out their imo
James said on 17/May/17
@Caspar Are you kidding? Lol Dimitrov looks taller than Murray in that pic.I agree with Johnson, Murray is a solid 1.88 but nothin else.
anon said on 11/May/17
Dimitrov I would imagine is in the 187cm range likely like Djokovic around a weak 6'2
Caspar said on 9/May/17
Murray edges out Dimi.Click Here
Johnson said on 8/May/17
Look at the level eye. Dimitrov 6'2 same as Murray
Kano said on 7/May/17
that picture is close. Dimi still edges him their. Remember Lopez has more hair and Grigor is holding a trophy. if u ignore hair dimitrov is still a bit taller.
Johnson said on 6/May/17
Dimitrov doesn't look taller than 188 cm Feliciano Lopez in any case shorter

Click Here
Bazza said on 5/May/17
@Greg yeah, 6'1 may be a bit low for him i'd agree, but no more than 6'2 max. He is not taller than Murray that's for sure and is certainly no 6'3.
Greg said on 5/May/17
Johnson. no way.thats a bad angle they are dropping the posture.Click Here. Dimitrov is at least 6-2 if not above.
Johnson said on 4/May/17
Grigor Dimitrov 6'3?? He is solid 6'1 my friends

Dimitrov is just slightly taller than Nadal

Click Here
Bazza said on 4/May/17
@Gregg - no way Dimitrov is 6'3, even though he claims it. 6'2 is debatable for him, i would say more Djokovic range of 187-188cm but Murray certainly seems to edge both out.
Greg said on 3/May/17
Murray claims to be 6-1 3/4 but if he is really that low then how tall is Nadal? Nadal looks a good 2 inches shorter than Murray at least. I think Murray could have been that as a teen but he grew a bit. look the same as Zverev and Grigor. i think he is 190cm.
Woodford Guy said on 3/May/17
Murray is 6ft 3, an inch taller than djokovic and looks it next to 6ft 2 guys.
Johnson said on 1/May/17
Back to back. Djokovic and Murray

Click Here
Johnson said on 30/Apr/17
Nadal (poor instance) and Murray

Click Here
bazza said on 25/Apr/17
@Johnson - there is a chance that Del Potro is over 6' 6 and by a bit.

I still think Murray is at least over the 6'2 mark if not the full 6'3. he looks slightly taller than all the solid 6'2 guys he is pictured with and iv'e yet to see evidence to dispute that.
anon said on 24/Apr/17
Johnson Murray is at a footwear disadvantage in that picture, Looks like converse, Nadal has nike air max's which give a fair bit, Be Interesting if rob ever met murray in person to see how he looks, He can look to me bodywise taller than guys who get listed as 6'2 on here, He must be a legit 6'2 surely can look 6'2.5 but maybe his build makes him look taller similar to Djokovic
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 24/Apr/17
He looks about 6'2" with David Beckham:

Click Here
Johnson said on 23/Apr/17
hey guys, Murray is not over 187.5 my friends, he is just an honest guy with good posture. Here you have 6'6 Del Potro and 177.5 Nishikori

Click Here
Johnson said on 23/Apr/17
Murray, Prince Albert of Monaco and Nadal
Click Here
Mark(5'9.25 said on 19/Apr/17
Murray might just be downplaying himself with the 187.5 claim. He's pretty much the 6'2"-6'2.25" guy like Prime Connery.

I agreed with Rampage a lot of times. I'd happily agree with him once more on Murray. Its easy to mistake Murray and Connery as 6'3" people first glance.
david said on 18/Apr/17
Murray looks taller than his 187.5 claim.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Apr/17
A young Connery would easily be in the zone as Murray.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 17/Apr/17
I agree Rob. I think there would be literally 0 cm between Murray and young Connery.

i'd argue 6'2.25" for both Murray and Connery than say 6'1.75".
Mark(5'9.25 said on 15/Apr/17
Rob, out of curiosity, how would Andy Murray compare to Peak Sean Connery?
Editor Rob: I think blindfolded, Murray could beat Sean...though, Sean with a tape over his mouth could out-act Murray.

as for their height, I doubt if you seen them (well a young Sean) together you'd notice any difference.
Ollie said on 10/Apr/17
Murray a good 189-190cm. 187.5 is too low maybe he was that when younger. Djokovic is a good 6-2 and Murray is a bit taller.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Apr/17
I still struggle to see him as low as 187cm range.
Transporter said on 9/Apr/17
I have been to a Nadal match twice and their is no way he is less than 184.5 cm.look at him with Moya and Turan. Federer is a bit taller than Nada; so 6-1 good for him. Novak is 188cm and i would not be suprised if he was a bit more. Djokovic is a inch taller than Federer and has close to 2 inches on Nadal probably 1.5 at least. Weird Murray says 187.5 he cant be that low because Djokovic is 6-2 and Murray is taller.
i think Murray measured at a low or grew extra. Murray 190cm maybe?
Mark(5'9.25") said on 8/Apr/17
Solid 6'2".
Johnson said on 7/Apr/17
@Jane tennis players are supposed to be measured every year. Robert Pires also looks taller than 1.85 but his wife said clearly that he was 185 cm and not 187 or 188
Jane said on 6/Apr/17
. Novak is 6-2 he has a inch on 6-1 Federer,and 1.5 inches on 6-0.5 Nadal. So Murray looks a inch taller than Novak. Click Here. /s4xsrP. Murray is probably full out 6-3 or at least 190cm. i reckon he grew extra after without knowing. Djokovic is one of the best 6-2 examples.
anon said on 4/Apr/17
Murray could be a tad over 6'2 pretty much most agree on that, He Looks taller than every 6'2 listed guy on the ATP by 0.5- 1 inch guys like Roddick, Haas, Tsonga, Lopez etc all guys who are listed as 6'2 and might be say 6'1.5 but still I wouldn't be shocked if Murray is 6'2.5 he could be 189cm.

Murray was for sure taller than Roddick I agree Faisal and I am not convinced roddick was under 6'1.5 for example
Faisal said on 3/Apr/17
Needs an upgrade. He's as tall as Mischa Zverev and Grigor Dimitrov. And taller than Roddick. I'll go with the ATP website listing for him
Click Here
Editor Rob: in a way he's already got a 5mm upgrade from his own claim ;)
Matthew said on 2/Apr/17
Murray says he is 187.5cm. Djokovic is for sure 6-2 he has a inch on 6-1 Federer and a 1.5 inches on Nadal who is 6-0.5. Murray looks at least half a inch taller than Novak if not more. i think Murray is just under 6-3 maybe 189-190cm.
anon said on 31/Mar/17
Agree Bazza coukld be correct would be interesting to see Murray and Bellew Together I think Murray looked taller than David Haye and he had a couple inches on Hugh Dennis who is listed 6'0.5 on here, Murray looks a genuine 6'2 range guy but he claimed to Sue Barker that he is 6'3 in shoes when she guessed that he was 6'4 so he for sure seems a very honest guy.

He is very hard to peg, the previous listing of 6'2.5 could be most accurate but he was downgraded because he said 187.5cm on his Twitter, But if that is true is Djokovic really 187- 188cm he would be in the 186cm range himself, Murray is taller than Djokovic imo
bazza said on 31/Mar/17
I would say he is same as Tony Bellew... 189/190 a weakish 6' 3"
Johnson said on 20/Mar/17
If Pires is 185, Murray is 188
David said on 10/Mar/17
Murray probably gave his height from like 18.remember men grow until 21 he probably stopped measuring and grew another bit.Murray is 190cm to me.nothing under 189cm for sure.
anon said on 8/Mar/17
Murray might be one the rare guys who actually undersells himself a tad, Put it this way If you were to money down that Murray would only measure 187.5cm I would not do that with any confidence- He can Look more 189cm compared with other players and celebs tho he did and Interview with Sue Barker and said he was 6'3 in shoes so he doesn't claim that height anyway, Thats just the tennis listing in which he is billed as 190cm.

Murray is taller than Djokovic on here at 6'1.75, Looked taller than David Haye who is 6'2 on here
Danu said on 27/Feb/17
Federer is wearing shoes check the YT video. Federer has got shoes on their. Click Here Nadal is not under 184cm and Murray looks a fair bit taller. i would have Murray as anywhere from 189cm to 191cm.not a fact as i say though just my opinion.
Josh said on 27/Feb/17
Lol Danu, Murray was wearing shoes there and Roger was not! Come on man...
Johnson said on 26/Feb/17
But yes he looks over 6'2
Danu said on 26/Feb/17
Click Here seems to be more than a inch Difference. Murray looks 6,3 to me he looks more than 1 inch taller than Robert pires. i would take a strong 6,2 189-190cm but not less IMO. not saying its a fact just my opinion.
Johnson said on 25/Feb/17
@Danu @Sup Daily if Murray is 6'3 how can you explain Murray said "I am not 6'3... I am 6'3 in shoes". Or how do you you explain he has only 1 inch maximum on Robert Pires (claimed 1.85)???

Robert Pires and Andy Murray

Click Here
Danu said on 25/Feb/17
Murray is 6,3 for sure he looked a good bit taller than Federer yesterday in their picture together in Dubai. i wonder why Murray said he is 187.5. that might have been when he was younger he must be the full 6,3 now. he looks taller than 6,2 Djokovic as well.
Sup Daily said on 24/Feb/17
Click Here. Click Here after looking at these pictures. i am confident Murray is 6,3 on the dot or at least close. Nadal is at least a 184cm and Murray looks a good bit taller than him in those pictures above. Murray looks 190cm to me just under 6,3.
Murray 6,2.75 190cm
Djokovic 6,2 188cm
Federer 6,1.5 186cm
Nadal 6,0.5 184cm
Nadal 6,0.5
Reece said on 22/Feb/17
6,2.5. 2 inches on Nadal.
Johnson said on 21/Feb/17
About Kobe's wife she measured him. I guess in Pires' case she just says his real height. Anyway I think Pires look solid 186 cm. If she had said I measured him it had been different, it is not 100% trustful to measure Kobe at home with a tape
Canson said on 19/Feb/17
So Johnson why is that you believe Pires's wife saying he's 1.85 but not Kobe Bryant's wife when she says he's 6'4.75 194.945cm? It has to work both ways if you use one you must use the other. It can't always be using the height that makes someone taller just because you want them to be
Johnson said on 19/Feb/17
Robert Pires' wife said the real height of him is 1.85. If you see the video of both Murray is around 2 cm taller than Pires. No more than that. So it would be believable 187.5 cm for Murray
anon said on 16/Feb/17
I agree Reece, there is a chance Murray is 6'2.5, No way he is under 6'2 flat, Always looks a strong 6'2 guy, That's a very strong height tho 188cm.
Reece said on 12/Feb/17
Murray looks 6,2.5 189cm to me. he says he is 187.5 but that seems to short.
Djokovic-6,2 188cm
Federer-6,1.5 186cm
Nadal-6,0.5 184cm
Johnson said on 10/Feb/17
@silo7 Murray is barefoot, look at this good pic, the sneakers on the floor

Click Here
Johnson said on 10/Feb/17
@Reece No, Kyrgios is not over 6'4. Look at him with Marin Cilic, a genuine 6'6 man
Reece said on 16/Jan/17
Rob could you do a Page on Kyrgios. he claims 6,4 but he looks at 6,5 in most pictures!
silo7 said on 13/Jan/17
have a look at the photo of him and Carl Froch on his Instagram, they look the same height basically
Chris said on 9/Jan/17
Having looked at photos of him next to friends recently he struggled to look 6"2. Looks closer to 187 and his brother maybe slightly less than 6"3 like 189/190 wasn't too much taller than me a few years back when I was only 6"0 then and with at least 1/2 inch less footwear just 3 inch taller tops but incredibly lanky . Saw Andy up close but no photo and he shorter and bulkier than you expect though still got a 6"2 impression then just recently I have my doubts.
anon said on 1/Jan/17
the 187.5cm might be his very lowest height after exercising and playing, Looks a solid 6'2 guy, Phenomenal tennis player I would class him as 188cm tbh
Mark(5'9.25") said on 30/Dec/16
I would say 6'2"-6'2.25" in a good day for Murray.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 8/Dec/16
Rob, how tall would you estimate Andy Roddick is? He's always listed as 6'2", but seems shorter than Andy Murray in about every photo. He also doesn't seem to be taller than Novak Djokovic either.
Editor Rob: Roddick has pulled off looking near 6ft 2
Mark(5'9.25 said on 27/Nov/16
He could measure shy of 6'2", but to me, it's really a rare thing for Andy Murray. Most of the time, he's pretty much 6'2". Definitely slightly above it in the morning.

Most claimed 6'2" people are sometimes really just a fraction of half an inch under it. Andy Murray with a few others are an exception.
Nik said on 25/Nov/16
Yes he certainly looks 6'2". He may or may not be fractionally under this.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 23/Nov/16
I think Andy Murray falls into the solid 6'2" range like Will Poulter and Adam Driver.

Rob, do you think Murray falls into the solid 6'2" range or the weak 6'2" range?
Mark(5'9.25 said on 22/Nov/16
Rob, would Andy Murray fall in the solid side 6'2" range or the weak side of 6'2"?
Editor Rob: from what I've seen, he can usually pass for an honest 6ft 2, but then if he measured just shy of it, that isn't unbelievable.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 17/Nov/16
With David Beckham (who isn't standing up as straight:

Click Here

I see 2 1/2" inches between them just based off of their eye level.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 17/Nov/16
With David Beckham (who isn't standing up as straight:

Click Here

I see 2 1/2" inches between them just based off of their eye level.
anon said on 16/Nov/16
Murray is a solid 6'2 guy, Bit taller than Djokovic who is 187cm, Good listing here, He already said he is 6'3 in shoes to sue barker which pretty much means he is a 6'2 guy barefoot
Chris297 said on 15/Nov/16
The more I see of him up close the more a settle for just 6"2 or even a fraction under.
dpp said on 11/Nov/16
rethink after see lot pic of him he is 188 and with haye pics maybe because of footwear advantage.
dpp said on 11/Nov/16
with 6"2 david haye Click Here
he shoul 189 if haye at 188.
haye with the rock Click Here
how he can 191listed if murray still in 6"2listed,he not even taller than haye.
Jed said on 11/Nov/16
He looks a lot more than .25 of an inch taller than Djokovic here...

Click Here
anon said on 9/Nov/16
Murray posture can be a bit poor tho most the time I see him standing, He stands in a relaxed type posture, Murray is pretty much a legit 6'2 put it this way I bet if we took a lot of 6'2 listed celebs put them next to Murray they would look shorter.

Remember Murray next to 6'3 Listed Will Ferrell, David Haye listed 6'2 on here close in height and Murray looked taller if anything, Just shows you how tall a proper 6'2 or 188cm guy is
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 6/Nov/16
With a 186-187 CM Gerard Butler:

Click Here

It's so weird that Novak Djokovic appears taller by Gerard Butler than Andy Murray appears by him.
anon said on 31/Oct/16
Grigor doesnt look taller than Murray imo, Murray is a solid 6'2 guy could even be 6'2.5 at a pus, this 187.5 must be his very low after training
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Oct/16
Rob, would 6ft1¾ be more suitable then?
Editor Rob: it could be, ideally 6ft 1 7/8th if I really was doing eights would probably be close to his afternoon range.
Chris708 said on 12/Oct/16
Dinitrov I think is 189 because he is a little bit taller than Murray. I think the big four on here are actually pretty accurate maybe a slight downgrade on federer.
Chris708 said on 12/Oct/16
Dinitrov I think is 189 because he is a little bit taller than Murray. I think the big four on here are actually pretty accurate maybe a slight downgrade on federer.
anon said on 1/Oct/16
A solid 6'2 imo
Mark said on 26/Sep/16
Rob, could Murray edge out Adam Driver and look the same with Will Poulter due to his great posture?
Editor Rob: I think with his hairstyle, Murray might look close in height to those guys, but I think he honestly did get measured in the almost 6ft 2 range.
Mark said on 19/Sep/16
Rob, Is it me or does Murray look like Andrew Harfield except much taller?
Editor Rob: a little bit
Josh said on 14/Sep/16
Mr. R, you keep making yourself look bad.

6'2 for Murray and 6'1.5 for Novak
sfdgfhjk said on 3/Sep/16
Murray is 191 cm/6.3 nothing less!will ferrell who is listed bigger than him is 2 or 3 cms smaller than Murray.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Sep/16
Del Potro can look 6'6.5 but 6'7 is pushing it, maybe out of bed he scrapes it. Murray generally looks 189 to me but I think he honestly got measured at 187.5cm.
Chris789 said on 31/Aug/16
Andy doesn't seem like he really cares too much about height and knows he is a strong 6"2.In person he has a dry sense of humour and he probably decided to cut a fraction of what a usual 6"2 is in cm to add humour because he is probably fed up of giving the same questions.
Chris789 said on 31/Aug/16
I think 189cm is likely. He is taller than Lendl who I think is still 6"2. In a older interview he said he wasn't quite 6"3 but more 189 but a solid 6"3 in shoes. His brother is a legit 6"3 in person and andy isn't much shorter. Djokovic I think is the full 6"2 sometimes he can look anywhere in 186-188 range though maybe due to posture but clearly is taller than the 6"1 guys. Del Potro is definitely nearer 6"7 he probably 2m on the dot most of the day.
TD said on 31/Aug/16
With further thought, it wouldn't at all surprise me if Andy can drop as low as 187cms. Its actually extremely difficult to measure at your very extreme low... it takes dedication to hit that mark. I would say Andy's height most likely sits roughly between 187 cm - 189.5 cm.
TD said on 31/Aug/16
Arch, agree with a lot you said. Although we shouldn't be surprised by Andy Murray's REAL height. Celebrities giving a taller height than they are is just a reflection of the real world. How often do people give the lower end of their height, very rare. If anything most people tend to misjudge their height adding on an inch or 2, sometimes 3. Sometimes its a slight round up, a deliberate lie or just sheer believe they are taller.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Aug/16
Yep, he's a good gauge to measure other celebs now, though as TD says it must really be his low, generally he looks a decent 6'2er.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Aug/16
Andy Murray you know is now one of the most important celebs we have for guessing the height of others. We all thought he was easily 6'2.5 but 187.5 is deadly honest, it's not something he would lie about. But it makes so many celebs height claims look exaggerated now!!
Mr. R said on 24/Aug/16
I've had this fight before. I stood right next to Novak and all of the tennis commentators, who see him all the time, say he is over 6-2. Murray is just over 6-3.
TD said on 23/Aug/16
187.5cms, that must be close to his rock bottom low, maybe he measured at that in the afternoon after a very hard work out session, surely he can't drop as low as 187cms...

Hey Rob, if Andy Murray's 6ft 2 188cm, then what height is his brother Jamie Murray?
jon said on 20/Aug/16
Cilic was 6'5 tho at 19 he is about 6'6 too he is taller than Guys like Raonic and berdych, that pic cilic must be like 18, Isner is supposedly 6'10 if anything he looks taller than that.

Murray looks at least 188cm to me, He is taller than Novak Djokovic for sure
BSD said on 19/Aug/16
Great listing for Murray, about 187cm.
I know photos can be misleading but I think it's safe to say Del Potro looks more than an inch taller than 6 5 Raonic ( Click Here )
and also edges 6 6 listed Marin Cilic (Click Here). He looks about the same as Sam Querrey (also listed 6 6 Click Here) , who, just out if interest looks easily 5 inches shorter than 6 10 John Isner in this photo with similar footwear Click Here.

Interesting that there are a lot of 6 4+ players with very high ATP rankings, but the really dominant elite players over the past 30 years, Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, Sampras, Bjorg, Mac, (Murray) , are all shorter around 6 1, 6 2. Supposedly the extra height allows a very powerful serve which is a huge advantage over most players, but usually comes with less agility, putting them at a disadvantage against the very best.
jon said on 18/Aug/16
Murray looks at least 4 Inches taller than Laura Robson who claims 5'11 there she is more 5'10 max if Murray is a 6'2 guy- Murray is a solid example of a legit 6'2 guy similar to a guy like Ryan Reynolds I imagine, as in not under 188 with a chance of measuring a fraction over 6'2 imo.

Whenever I have seen Andy stand next to other celebs he looks tall, Looked a tad taller than David Haye, did not look smaller than Will Ferrell etc, He always looks to me a good 0.5 inch taller than Djokovic who is surely around 187cm you could call him a weak 6'2.
jon said on 16/Aug/16
Del Potro wouldn't measure anything under 6'6 not a chance, Looks a solid 6'6 guy imo same as Marin Cilic, Murray could be 188 maybe 189.

Del Potro is not listed on this site, amazing player too, shame he had bad injuries really
Arch Stanton said on 16/Aug/16
I wouldn't have thought Del Potro a 201cm 6'7 but he can certainly look 6'6.5 at times. Really quite an intimidating guy.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Aug/16
I wouldn't have though Del Potro a 210 6'7 but he can certainly look 6'6.5 at times. Really quite an intimidating guy.
Mimi said on 15/Aug/16
I agree, he cannot be any taller than 6ft 2in, Look at all the Rio Olympics photos with the medals standing next to 6ft 6in Del Potro, the latter towering above Murray.
Josh said on 15/Aug/16
Click Here Rob would you call this a 4 inch gap between Andy and Del Potro? If Murray is 6 2, I think 6 6 is the absolute lowest you could argue for DP, he also looks comfortably more than an inch taller than Raonic for my money Click Here. The
Editor Rob: yes it would be a good 4 inches I'm sure.
Flyin said on 15/Aug/16
Was thinking this height, not the commonly referred to 190. He didn't tower over 178cm Kei Nishikori in the tennis final of the Olympics.
Lucho said on 14/Aug/16
He looked 187.5 next to Juan Martin. He was easily 13 cm shorter than him
Arch Stanton said on 13/Aug/16
Click Here Looks nearer 6'7 there with 5'11.5 Azerenka though can't see footwear but it's obviously not any more than hers!
Arch Stanton said on 13/Aug/16
Rob it me or can Del Portro look more than 6'6 flat? Click Here I caught him with Nadal at the end of today's match and he really looked more than 5 and a half inches taller, towered him, looked nearer 7 inches! Looking at him at the end I thought he looked nearer 6'7! Perhaps 6'6.5 for him might be possible? I think he's definitely one of the rare proper 6'6 range guys though.
Editor Rob: I think he looks around 6ft 6, I wouldn't have guessed near 6ft 7, although I'm sure in some situations he will look 6ft 6 and change....
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Aug/16
I find it hard to buy Murray under 6ft2 flat. Looks like a 188/189cm guy more often than 187/188cm
heightchecker34 said on 31/Jul/16
A 6'2 guy... could easily wake up 6.2'5.. he has a thin frame which can fool many including me that he was 6'3. However after watching matches against 6'2 guys such as Feliciano Lopez, Fernando Verdasco, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, and Grigor Dmitrov, he measures up perfectly to them. His brother Jamie might actually be 6'3 though.
Tubbs said on 25/Jul/16
Looks a genuine 6'3".....
nick92 said on 23/Jul/16
he is definitely taller than this he edges out david haye unless david haye needs a downgrade whitch I doubt
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Jul/16
Can look near 6ft3
Arch Stanton said on 13/Jul/16
Can look a stronger 6'5 at times Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 13/Jul/16
Rob would you consider adding Milos Raonic? I suspect in a year or two he'll be one of the big four and winning Grand Slams. I got a good look at him with Murray standing for a photo at the start of the final and I thought if anything he looked nearer 6'5.5 but then at the end looked -195-6 range. I think a flat 6'5 is reasonable. Leaning a bit there and comfortably looks it Click Here The commentator said he was 216 pounds too I think, which for a tennis player is quite heavy as most of them are skinny and under 200, even the very tall ones!
Arch Stanton said on 10/Jul/16
Rob would you consider adding Milos Raonic? I think he looks a legit 6'5.
Arch Stanton said on 3/Jul/16
Rob, Lendl claims 6 ft 2 himself and says Murray is 6'3 or 6'3.5!! Click Here
Editor Rob: in sneakers he's 6ft 3, maybe Lendl is meaning that?
bob said on 3/Jul/16
But Andy Murray is taller than Will Ferrell....
Arch Stanton said on 21/Jun/16
Yes I know what you mean Rampage, his mother has a very "long" looking bone structure you'd usually only get on a tall woman.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jun/16
His parents are much shorter than I thought. The mum is maybe 5ft5 and the dad I reckon is around 5ft8 range.
Fletch said on 28/May/16
What are you thinking for Bedene?
He's listed as 6ft but look at him next to wawrinka who is a strong 6'0
Editor Rob: not really seen much of bedene yet
MD said on 15/May/16
@Rampage, that's a weird post because Rob is and you seem to be doing the opposite with your ridiculously overly-detailed estimate.
Arch Stanton said on 13/May/16
His parents are really average range Click Here His brother is also a similar height I think, either maxed out their genetic potential or there is a taller gene in there somehwere. His mother is surprisingly only about 5 ft 5 I think, she has the bone structure of a tall woman, that long sort of profile that Andy has.
Editor Rob: there may well be a benefit in playing a sport like tennis growing up, having good nutrition and lifestyle...maxing or exceeding a potential.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/May/16
"Andy Murray Height is 6ft 1⅞in (187.6425cm)"

Rob, shouldn't you give him the benefit of the doubt?
Johno said on 3/May/16
Pretty honest guy.
That guy said on 29/Mar/16
6'2 is spot on, look at this picture of him and 6'1.5 novak djokovic

Click Here
Johno said on 8/Mar/16
He can measure 6'2 so the listing is accurate.

Rory said on 25/Feb/16
I think if we were to accept Murray at 187.5, then youd have to say Djokovic is 186.5, Federer at 184.5 and Nadal at 183.5 as that looks the height difference between them all..however that does seem quite low especially for Rafa and Roger..rly Murray at 188.5 would make more sense overall.
Dicky curtis said on 19/Feb/16
personally I think andy should get 0.25 inch more. or novak 0.25 inch less.... because there is no 025. inch difference between these 2. and indeed. there seems to be an inch between roger and novak. the math seems difficult here
Rory said on 8/Feb/16
I think he can look half an inch taller than djokovic on average, sometimes a tad more, sometimes less..but something doesn't add up because Federer who's widely accepted to be a legit 6'1 always looks almost an inch shorter than Novak.
dicky curtis said on 5/Feb/16
there is 0.25 inch difference between him and novak on this site, yet when they pose together prio to a match, murray is at least 0.75 inch taller. 0.25 inch wouldn't be detectable on tv, and there was easily a detectable difference between the 2.
plus said on 9/Dec/15
I would not rule out the possibility of he being measured at 188,5 and when he replied on twitter he didn't remind if it was 187,5 or 188,5. That or he was measured after exercise
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 5/Dec/15
I recently met him, and he was about the same as Eric Bana, so 6'2".
plus said on 28/Nov/15
I think Andy Murray is 189. Jamie Murray was listed 190 cm and now he is listed 191 cm, and he is no more than 1 cm or 1.5 cm on Andy
hs2015 said on 28/Nov/15
I don't doubt that Murray was measured at 187.5cm, but I think that might be a post-training and/or evening low. Rob has David Haye at 188cm, but clearly they're not the same height:
Click Here
Click Here
Perhaps Haye is at a footwear disadvantage, but he looks about 2cm shorter than Murray.

Andy does look noticeably shorter than his brother though, who is listed at 191cm by the ATP:
Click Here
Click Here

All in all, Andy looks a solid 6'2" guy. Maybe as high as 189cm.
plus said on 31/Oct/15
Rob, why do you think Murray said he is 187,5 cm?? He look very tall sometimes like 188,5 cm, Murray is taller tan Djokovic and Djokovic is taller than Federer
[Editor Rob: he will have been likely measured at that mark]
Dan said on 10/Oct/15
6' 1.75" I think.
heelshealheight said on 3/Sep/15
Rob, you're spot on here. Have you seen the 5'8" claim for his wife? She's no way near that height-next to Andy, she's tiny even when she's wearing high heels.
Frank said on 9/Jul/15
Murray is 189 cms or 6´2".25 or 6´.2".5.
Im that height and when i saw him in a tournament , i made a photo with him. We are exact height. 189 cms without doubt
Bishop said on 7/Jul/15
Dmeyer says on 8/Jun/15
List him 6'1 7/8in
I wouldn't be that exact. I think it would creep out a few visitors.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 28/Jun/15
By 5'11ish" Matthew Perry:

Click Here

I see 2.5"-3" inches.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 27/Jun/15
In the photos of the two togethers, he's like 4 CM taller than Henrik Lundqvist iwho I thought was 186-188 CM, but he appears to be more 184 CM in photos by 6'0"-6'3" guys.
MD said on 10/Jun/15
How is that reasonable on a website where the smallest division we deal with is the quarter-inch or centimeter?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jun/15
Dmeyer says on 8/Jun/15
List him 6'1 7/8in

Actually that does seem reasonable.
Dmeyer said on 8/Jun/15
List him 6'1 7/8in
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Jun/15
Murray coming in at almost 6ft2...just bad news.
Josh said on 3/Jun/15
The thing about morning height is a large sum is lost quickly and after a few hours you are down near your low I find. This could only really matter if someone was measured like within an hour of rising (Early morning doctor app.t, or like an NBA draft measurement done shortly out of bed which I suspect with some of them)

Otherwise, one is likely to be within 1/4 of an inch of their low after just a few hours and after like 6 I think at it or within 1/8 of an inch.

So, claiming morning height is BS I think because you lose it so quickly, although it is an important thing to be aware of...Also LOL at Glenn saying he's 5'8 morning and that should count because he rises later or some nonsense (When he was probably 5'7.5 out of bed anyway LOL)

So Murray's "wiggle room" I think is like 6'1.8-6'2
Lorne??? said on 19/May/15
Most doctors seem to know about morning height; however, I think most underestimate the difference. Even people(not just doctors) who knew about morning height don't believe me when I tell them some people can vary by a full inch(and rarely, even more for people over 6 feet) but it's a shame a doctor is completely unaware if it!
Rifle said on 19/May/15
Do you think John Isner is a legit 6-10?
[Editor Rob: yeah I think he would measure it]
Andrea said on 17/May/15
Yeah, it would much more simple if we had just "one height"! You measure a mark and that's it, but most of the people don't even know about this difference! I was reading some kind of medical forum a couple of days ago, where you ask something and doctors answer your question... This guy said he read somewhere that in the morning we're all taller and the doctor said he never heard about it, he almost got angry thinking it was some kind of BS when the guy insisted he heard that thing in more than one place! I mean, a doctor wasn't aware about that!!!
[Editor Rob: keep that Doctor away from me! He'd probably put a thermometer in your ear and tell you you're about to have a heart attack!]
Andrea said on 17/May/15
Yeah, 187.5 might be his low but i doubt he got that measurement after a long match or a training session so that's likely not an absolute low! Same thing with Ibra, who might be a guy who normally measures between 194 and 195! If those two guys would met each other, would you expect a "typical" 7 cms difference, right? Also, do you think Andy might be similar to the plumber? So, 187-188 on a normal day and a smidge under 187 after a long match (after a long day of work in the plumber's case)?
[Editor Rob: morning/evening and absolute low's definitely can throw things off. But it wouldn't be wrong really to put Andy at 6ft 1.75, it is maybe his low mark though...after a tennis match he well be 187cm on the nose.

Yes Andy probably would be similar to the plumber, I'm sure both would get 188 earlier in the day.
Andrea said on 15/May/15
Rob, isn't 187.5 closer to 6'1.75? Why not listing him at that? After all, you also listed Ibra at 6'4.5 even if he got measured a fraction above that mark...
[Editor Rob:
I don't know the time Murray was measured but from what I've seen of him I think it is more likely a low mark, he can typically look around 6ft 2. 6ft 1.75 might be an absolute low.
The same with Ibra - that isn't an evening measurement, it's during a working day so he could still shrink another fraction and go below 6ft 4.5, so like Andy the 6ft 4.5 is ok I feel.]
Arch Stanton said on 11/May/15
Vibram says on 26/Nov/14
He is 187cm or 6ft1.75. He wasn't much taller than 184cm David Cameron, nor does he 'tower' 178/179cm Jimmy Carr, and doesn't look more than 1 inch over 6ft1 Tim Henman either. Click Here Click Here

Just lol AT THE 190CM CLAIMS... yeah with his trainers on perhaps.

How is that LOL?? Honestly I think most of the time he could pass for a legit 190cm. He has that long bone structure of a guy at least 6'3". He gets it from his mother I think who looks tough as nails and looks like she has the frame of a 5 ft 10 woman but is apparently only about 5 ft 5 or 6.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 19/Apr/15
I believe his 187.5 CM claim. If anything, he seems to be the type of guy who would claim to be 6'3" if he were 187 CM. Just because one appears to be tall on screen doesn't make them that height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Apr/15
That 187.5cm is a strange one, alright.

Rob, does that put Djokovic closer to 186cm?
[Editor Rob: I don't think there really is much between those guys, but I'm sure Murray was measured at that mark himself.

But it is no surprise, there are many fake 6ft 2er's who daren't stand next to Murray.]
pierric. said on 24/Feb/15
No Murray's height is not more 188, 187.5 seems good. Dkokovic seems only 1 cm smaller, federer 1 inch smaller, Nadal around 4 cms smaller. That's great to know a player who's very honest. That's cool to make some good comparaisons with other ones...
So Federer 185
Nadal 184
Wawrinka 183
Djokovic 186-187
Berdych 194
Raonic 192-193 (looks a bit smaller than Berdych)
Ferrer 175
Gasquet 181-182
Dimitrov 187
Fognini 178...
Tunman said on 13/Feb/15
187,5 could be his absolute lowest so 6'2 is fine.
Would be interesting if all players gave such honest claims we would have some surprises for sure
Btw since he was listed 6'2.5 for a while on this site I'm assuming Rob based his guess on other players
pierric. said on 29/Jan/15
Murray 187-188, so Federer 185, Nadal 184, Djokovic 186-187, Wawrinka 183, Berdych 194-195.
Celebheights 188 CM said on 1/Jan/15
He's the same Will Ferrell who appeared 3 CM taller than Novak Djokovic, but was shorter than 6'1.25" Roger Federer and 6'1" Cristiano Ronaldo in photos. So Andy Murray is two inches taller than Novak Djokovic then?
Vibram said on 26/Nov/14
He is 187cm or 6ft1.75. He wasn't much taller than 184cm David Cameron, nor does he 'tower' 178/179cm Jimmy Carr, and doesn't look more than 1 inch over 6ft1 Tim Henman either. Click Here Click Here

Just lol AT THE 190CM CLAIMS... yeah with his trainers on perhaps.
kevin said on 11/Nov/14
Murray Looks 6'2.5 max and 6'2 mimimum in my opinion, I think that is fair for him
chris said on 9/Nov/14
Murray has more footwear of course a previos poster did say that but Andy looked at least Inch over him how much footwear advantage do you think Murray had on Ferrell and discount that, dont forget Will Ferrell is listed at 6'3 and the lowest most would see him at is 189cm, If he is taller than Murray its barely anything at all
callum said on 8/Nov/14
187.5cm is a very honest claim then Rob and must be his absolute lowest because he even looks taller than Will Ferrell for sure he is a legit 6'2 guy, I think he must have been measured after a long day training to measure 187.5cm.

He Looks 6ft2- 6ft3 generally, be intesting if you met him in person Rob,safe to say he is clearly 6ft2
[Editor Rob: there's a noticeable footwear advantage with andy and will, but will in last 2 years has begun to look shorter, maybe he's not quite as tall as he once was.]
tim said on 7/Nov/14
Rob, Is Murray underbilling himself a little, I have seen several evidence here and It is clear he is a little bit taller than Djokovic and I think your listing for Him at 6'1.75 is spot on, He looks around 6'2 or close to it, Murray looks closer to 6'2.5, he said his height as 6'3 in shoes recently so not sure if atp measured him in shoes, I would have guessed Murray at 6'2.25- 6'2.5?
[Editor Rob: to come out with such a specific figure would suggest he's been measured at that mark before. It might be what you could say was his low height though and he's just being honest.]
lee said on 30/Oct/14
I would have always said 189 over 188 for Murray anyway, Still think he might be 6'2.5 Looks bit taller than Djokovic and Dimitrov, Dimitrov is listed 6'3 now but he is about 6'2 same as Djokovic, Murray always looks a bit taller than Novak and Novak does look like a 6'2 guy now way is he under 187cm
ray said on 28/Oct/14
Hi Rob, Have you seen the interview with Will Ferrell and Murray, Andy looks a good Inch taller, Ferrell had thinnish shoes on and Murray had his trainers on but still discounting footwear, Murray is not shorter than Ferrell and unless Will Ferrell is 6'2 max, there is a decent chance Murray is still above a flat 6'2.

I am not sure on Murray- I think he could be 6'2.5, for sure this 187.5cm must be his absolute low after long day traning because he does look taller than most guys I have seen listed in the 187-188cm range Like Novak Djokovic for example
littlesue said on 29/Sep/14
Arch I always thought she was about 5ft 7 buT watching her on Strictly I would say about 5ft 5. She certainly skinny so gives that taller appearance. Tallest woman celebs this year are Allison Hammond who is about 5ft 9 and Mrs Browns Boys wife who is about the same
Arch Stanton said on 28/Sep/14
Rob how tall would you guess Judy Murray to be? You probably wouldn't think she's worth adding, but I've seen her in the tabloids a few bit of late with the dancing show and all that. She can look as low as 5 ft 5 Click Here and as high as 5'7 range at times. She's skinny with angular features and bone structure though which can give the illusion of being taller. My initial though was that she's tallish at at least 5'7" but I think somewhere in 5'5" range might be more accurate, she's within average range I think.
[Editor Rob: actually Jenny has this strictly be fair when Pixie or Caroline where dancing I kinda paid attention, maybe not so much with Judy, but I did see the rehearsal bit with Anton and would say 5ft 5 is a good shout for her.]
James B said on 12/Sep/14
He made will Ferrell look a flat 6'1.
jordydecke said on 8/Sep/14
This is a bit of a second-hand story, but a guy at my work always has passes for Wimbledon due to family connections and he met Andy Murray. My workmate is about 6'4 and very proud of his height, he said that in roughly the same footwear there wasn't much difference between him and Murray - he estimated Murray to be around about 6'2 3/4 and possibly '6'3 at a push'.
Pool said on 23/Aug/14
Andy Murray - 188cm
Djokovic 187cm
Federer 186cm
Gomez 189cm said on 23/Aug/14
Is more tall thank Djokovic (187cm)
188cm for Andy
187.5 cm in bad day
jack said on 23/Aug/14
this should answer it:
mike said on 19/Aug/14
Andy Murray's height is 6ft 2.5in (189 cm)

6ft 2 is low for him looks nearer 6ft 3 189 is a better fit.
max said on 4/Aug/14
Murray had alive q and a recently in scotland and one of the questions was height realted and Sue Barker said What are you Andy like 6'4 and he replied I am 6'3 in shoes so his legit 6'2 claim must be about right, He must have measured 6'3 in shoes so he could be 6'2.25 or something
kevin said on 1/Aug/14
Novak is 187cm minimum, He has around an Inch on Federer if we look at wimbledon final etc lets assume Federer is 185 at worst hec could be 185- 186, Novak must be around a weak 6'2 at worst- Murray I think is close to around 6'2.5 could be 189cm I still think he is a little more than 6'2 flat.

Its strange because Andy for sure looks taller than Djokovic by at least 0.5 inch you can tell the difference so its more than 0.25 inch and is bigger than Roddick, Tsonga and all these guys must be at least 6'1.5/6'1.75 they all have at least 0.5 on Federer who most people would say is a legit 6'1.
Josh said on 12/Jul/14
Vibram, Novak is more than 185
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 12/Jul/14
That's logical, I'd go with that.
Vibram said on 6/Jul/14
Del Potro: 198cm
Murray: 188cm
Djokovic: 185cm
Federer: 184cm
Nadal: 183cm
Ferrer: 174cm
Hewitt: 178cm
Kohlschreiber: 177cm
Wawrinka: 181cm
Kei Nishikori: 176cm
Arch Stanton said on 1/Jul/14
Funny but now I know his height he looks more 6'2" on court than 6'3" LOL.. I compared him yesterday to the 6 ft 8 listed South African player Anderson and he really did look about 6 inches shorter. I think that Anderson guy is probably 6'7.5-6'8" legit.
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 25/Jun/14
@Seahawksfan 187-188 CM
187.5 cm equates to 6'1.82". He's given his exact height to the nearest millimetre. If you want to round down that's your business. Murray is definitely a 6'2" man.
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 19/Jun/14
@Seahawksfan 187-188 CM
At no point (that we know of) has he claimed 6'1.75". Also, why are you so surprised that sports height listings are inflated?
hs2014 said on 18/Jun/14
In case somebody hasn't seen it, here is a link to Andy claiming 187.5cm on Twitter: Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 16/Jun/14
It is likely actually that he got measured at around 6'3" in tennis shoes and that is why he's listed at 6 ft 3.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Jun/14
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 30/May/14
If he's 6'1.75", then Novak is no taller than 6'0.5":

Click Here

Seriously? Andy's hair is fooling you. They look extremely close in height in that shot if he really look where the top of Djok's head is and remove Andy's hair to the skull.
pjk said on 5/Jun/14
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM

He must have been measured at that height. The ATP listing is not necessarily accurate at all, some of them have been as much as 2" out from my recollection.
Balrog said on 1/Jun/14
Nadal could be a 6'0" flat, but I'm going to give him that .25 of doubt
Balrog said on 1/Jun/14
Murray: 6'2"
Nole: 6'1.5"
Federer: 6'1"
Nadal: 6'0.25"
pjk said on 29/May/14
Andy Murray is 187.5 cm. He said this himself when asked on 'askAndy twitter Q&A'. He is just under 6'2". This means some of the other top players listed heights ( atp listed ) are slight exaggerations, or including shoes. I believe Andy to be this exact height - it is what he looks and good on him for telling it like it really is. Good luck in the french open Andy.
avi said on 10/Apr/14
@Juan Z says on 1/Apr/14

where do you see an inch and half between Federer and Murray?? 6'2 flat is fine i think for Murray.
Juan Z said on 1/Apr/14
If Murray is 6´2, Then:

Djokovic 6´1.5 (186 cm)?
Federer 6´0.5 (184 cm)?
Nadal 5´11.5? (182 cm)?

In 2009 or 2010, in an argentine tv show, Del Potro said he is 197 cm (6´5.5 ft)
Balrog said on 31/Mar/14
I think I've said it before but I met Del Potro and was 5in taller than me, solid 6'6" if not 6'6.25".
Arch Stanton said on 30/Mar/14
Does actually look 6'2" flat here Click Here Del Portro has to be a legit 6'6 guy. he makes him and Roger look quite short here!
Ron said on 24/Mar/14
Huge tennis buff here..Went to Indian Wells first couple rounds. Saw all the top guys there up close..all wearing basically equal tennis shoes and I was wearing similar height Nike's that give a little over inch so easy to tell. I'm 6'1 helping even more. Murray is in fact a weak 6'2 his 187.5 sounds accurate. He looks taller cuz of a gangly limby structure even with his added muscle. Novak is over 6'1 but not 6'2. Pushing 187 probably 186.5 fully compressed but I'd give him 187 if Murray's at 188. Federers a weak 6'1. 185. 186 is too much. The diff btwn him and Novak is clearly more than between Andy and Novak. Rafa is 183. Same diff between him and Fed as between Fed and Novak...a little less than an inch.
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 22/Mar/14

187.5cm = 6' 1.8188976377952741"

This is closer to 6'1.75 than 6'2. You should put him at that.
avi said on 26/Feb/14
@anonymous says on 14/Feb/14

If Federer is 6'1.25 then Murray at 6'2 is fine. could he be 6'2.1 or .2. sure but 6'3 is out of the question as is a legit 6'2.5
avi said on 7/Feb/14
@anon says on 15/Jan/14

no hes probably a strong 6'2 you have it stuck in your head he is close to 6'3. 6'3 may have been a morning height or a bump up from 6'2.25 which is the most i think he is. if he is 6'2.5-6'2.75 Federer is 6'1.75 and he just isnt.

@ Arch Stanton
yeah he looks 6'2.5-6'3ish but next to 6'1 and change Federer he looks at best a weak 6'2.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Feb/14
That's better. Ha his face looks like thunder in that photo, must have been taken shortly after he was informed that he wasn't 6'3!!
Arch Stanton said on 1/Feb/14
Rob you may as well take away the 188cm olympics link, the page is no longer there.
[Editor Rob: I changed the link to the page for it, so it is still viewable]
Arch Stanton said on 1/Feb/14
He looks much lankier than guys like 6'2 listed Roddick and Djokovic though...
Arch Stanton said on 1/Feb/14
Amazing!!! Good grief. Whenever I see a picture or video of him he always looks more 6'3 to me. He's thin build with a long face which can add to his height and as James says at times he can really look like a 6'3.5" guy. Hang on, if he's 187.5 cm, how can Djovokic be 6'2" etc etc..?
Josh said on 24/Jan/14

Very interesting quotes there. Yeah, I figured the players just threw them out there, funny in some cases I guess the ATP just finds whatever. Maybe more players who didn't go to college (i.e. the best players in the world who are all European now just give the height themselves. Also, I guess the players have the opportunity to change at the start of each year or something because the weights sometimes change a bit, and both Murray and Nadal's listed heights went up from when they were teens (Murray 6'1 to 6'3 and Nadal 6'0 to 6'1)

Considering the fact that players seemingly often give their own height, the fact that height is probably in centimeters and there is no mention of if they were in shoes or not, measured by a doctor or not etc...I think it's impossible to draw any conclusions based on height being off by a certain amount...i.e. one player's height might be too much by an inch because they once gave their height in shoes (Murray seems like a possibility), another might only be a cm too much because they just were a little generous (Roger could be a possibility) or they could have just mistakenly or consciously boosted their height by any number of cm as many of us do.

With that said, Andy Murrays 187.5 cm answer seems pretty official and like he was telling the truth at that moment. It also fits in line with a lot of previous evidence of Djokovic being listed at 187 cm on his official site until way past the point most people stop growing (about 24), of Federer being listed at 1.85 virtually everywhere for a long time, including his official site (seemingly he upped it to 1.86 cm recently, perhaps after Rob's listing) and of Nadal being listed at 6'0 until around 20. In Nadal's case it's possible he eked out a tiny bit in the last teenage years. Likely he was pushing 6' as a teen, maybe grew a hair and then probably measured close to 1.85 or something in the morning and took that as his official listing. It sounds better and most people at the time considered 1.85 cm or 6'1 to be the ideal tennis height (Roger's height). The ideal tennis height today is much the same, it appears to be 6'0-6'2. Nadal, who is perhaps the greatest ever is 6'0.25 cm in my opinion.

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